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  1. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  2. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13a - 13b - 13c(?)] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  3. Tranquilos, no voy a abandonar la otra historia, sino que el cuerpo me pedía una historia así para ayer xb. Está historia no va a tener encuesta aunque se agradece si dejan comentarios. Espero que les guste porque yo estaba urgente de una historia de cambio de rol más aya de músculos que si habrá (;3) solo esperen. Seguiré con esta historia cuando acabé [El resurgir de una leyenda] con poco tiempo de espera entre cada nuevo capítulo, espero ver bastantes comentarios de como se desarrollará está historia. Capitulo 1: una nueva vida Un 7 de noviembre del 2022, la pandemia se está controlando y ya muchos no se preocupan del virus, los negocios van abriendo y lss compañías vuelven a necesitar contratar mano de obra. Una de esas compañías era Dyhigh-tech una empresa que se dedica al desarrollo, diseño y construcción de nuevas tegnologias; ahí trabaja uno de nuestros protagonistas, Luis Javier García, o solo Javier para abreviar. Él era un hombre de finanzas, siempre sentado en el computador registrando las ganancias y perdida de la empresa, a dónde se dirige el dinero y así, pero no era de importancia ahora y menos en un puesto tan abajo en gestionar los sueldos de los empleados del almacén, la vida de Javier era aburrida y en decadencia, sus años de gloria como deportista acabaron cuando la futura esposa y madre de su hijo toca su puerta con un test de embarazo a sus 17 años de ambos, desde ahí hasta sus ya 35 años su vida se está yendo al desagüe, su hijo adolecente no le respeta y siempre se reviere a su padre como cerdo fracasado, aunque su esposa Nancy siempre está corrigiendo a su hijo Gabriel, ella no podía justificarlo mucho pues era verdad que a Javier lo podías disfrazar de cerdo y le quedaría el papel, siendo un hombre de pocos modales, peludo, algo descuidado y sobretodo con sobrepeso que mantenía comiendo como un cerdo. A Javier no le preocupaba mucho su futuro, estaba cómodo en un empleo que no requiere tanto esfuerzo y tener una esposa que se a conservado muy bien le sube un poco el ego, pero eso cambio con la pandemia y ahora descubrió lo alejado que estaba de si familia y que ya no se entendían como antes, antes de terminar el 2021 su esposa Nancy le dió el m documento y le pido directo sin dudar que quiere el divorcio, él extendió todo lo posible pero tenía un ultimátum para antes de la primavera del 2022. Para el colmo la compañía dónde trabaja aún siguen recortando personal y él está casi en la mira así que tiene que salir de su zona de confort y empezar a trabajar de más. Lo de su hijo ya era un caso perdido, casi que él prefería pasar el tiempo con el padre de su mejor amigo que con él. Pero las cosas iban a cambiar con la llegada de un pariente que busca una oportunidad en la ciudad, su sobrino Alexander hijo de su hermana mayor, venía a la ciudad a buscar empleo, Alexander no pudo estudiar en la universidad por falta de dinero aunque sabía que podría sacarle provecho, no aplicó para una beca por su historial académico y de mala conducta, si el chico era alguien intenso que no querías molestar, podrá parecer un alto flacucho pero sabía dar una buena pelea sin importar que le superes por varios centímetros y peso, él era rápido y no dudaba en lo que hacía. Pero ya esos tiempos de institutos quedaron atrás y el joven está dispuesto a conseguir empleo, su madre convenció a su tío Javier para que le consiga algún trabajo y también hospitalidad en la gran ciudad, Alexander no estaba cómodo con la idea, no por su tío sino por su primo Gabriel que desde niños el pequeño Gabriel era el más fastidioso e inquieto de la familia. Alexander llegó un 10 de enero a la casa de Javier quien ya lo esperaba con una habitación de huéspedes lista para él aunque demasiado cerca de la habitación de Gabriel, para suerte de Alexander el pequeño Gabriel ya se había calmado un poco y tenía videojuegos para entretenerse el mismo. Nuestro Alexander aceptó la oferta de empleo que pudo darle su tío Javier, no es que fuera realmente algo que le daría una independencia económica pero gracias al alojamiento puede ahorrar para algo más y mientras gana experiencias buscar un mejor empleo, ¿Que cuál fue el empleo? Boguedista de la misma compañía de Javier, así también se ahorra el viaje. Paso una semana y se podría decir que Alexander se está empezando a adaptar a su nueva vida en la ciudad, el trabajo era pesado si pero le daba el tiempo para al menos también intentar hacer vida, conocer sus alrededores, no era mala la experiencia fuera del trabajo y la casa de Javier, la cosa cambia dentro. Pasando una semana con la familia de su tío es imposible no enterarse de los problemas más evidentes, trató de no involucrar se pero el viaje al trabajo casi atrapado en el tráfico, dos hombres en un auto y claramente la incomodidad del silencio, era preferible hablar de algo aunque sea de los problemas en casa y del fútbol que la verdad ninguno de los dos veía pero nunca se lo dijeron al otro. Parecía que iba a ser otro viernes más en la vida de ambos pero estaban completamente equivocados, hoy tocaba unas horas extra, ambos claramente no estaban felices con ello pero ¿qué podían hacer realmente? Alexander estaba moviendo equipo de la bodega a uno de los laboratorios de las plantas bajas, algo ya parte de la rutina de mover aparatos y cosas que no entendía bien del todo, la cosa es que tuvo un pequeño descuido con una caja la cual se cayó de sus manos en un tropiezo y las piezas salieron volando por todas las direcciones, una de esas piezas llegó a impactar contra una máquina extraña la cual ahora estaba dañada por una pieza que llegó a atravesar el tablero de control de alguna manera. El joven pudo limpiar el desastre pero no sabía que hacer con esa máquina, algo apanicado por pensar que iba a perder su empleo y tener que volver al pequeño pueblo con su madre, una idea se pasó por su mente, Javier, él posiblemente sabrá que hacer tenía la esperanza que así fuera. Javier llegó con Alexander y vió claramente cuál era el problema desde que entró al laboratorio, estuvieron discutiendo que hacer unos minutos hasta que simplemente llegaron a la conclusión de que al menos no dejen ese fierro clavado ahí y que ya alguien más se de cuenta del daño. Los dos empezaron a hacer fuerza para sacar la pieza de metal que estaba más atascada ee lo que pensaban, fue en un descuido que activaron la máquina y no solo eso sino que estaban en la mira del rayo que salió antes de que lograrán quitar la pieza. Ellos solo vieron casi que un flash de luz azul que los cegó momentáneamente, la cosa es que no sabían es que esa máquina no era una cámara muy costosa, sino un cambiador de mentes y que sin querer ellos dos cambiaron de cuerpo. Alexander fue el primero en despertarse, se sentía pesado, cansado y curiosamente con hambre, estaba algo sudado y sus pies lo estaban matando, él pudo reconocer a alguien más en el suelo, fue rápido pero un escalofrío recorrió su cuerpo cuando se dió cuenta de qué era su cuerpo ahí tirado, levanto lentamente sus manos las cuales ya no eran esas manos que vieron varias peleas y con unas pocas venas marcadas, ahora eran manos grandes y gruesas pero más que nada gordas y con mucho vello que recorría desde laano hasta casi sus hombros. Corrió a un tanque metálico que funcionaba como espejo y ahí se vio mejor, tenía el pelo negro, una barba descuidada pero abundante, un casi inexistente cuello, hombros flácidos y brazos regordetes, pechos de hombre un poco colgantes, una gran barriga semi cervecera, una cadera y piernas demasiado anchas que no cabría bien en un asiento, además de llevar unos zapatos que se sentían 2 tallas más pequeños de lo que deberían, era su Tío Javier, mejor dicho él tenía el cuerpo de su tío Javier. El siguiente en despertarse fue el mismo Javier quién se extraño de verse a si mismo de espaldas, hizo caso lo mismo, miro sus manos flacas de dedos largos, venas marcadas y parecia que tenía los nudillos endurecidos, se levantó y fue al lado de su cuerpo y se vio a si mismo también, un joven alto para su anterior estatura de 1.75 m ahora tiene 1.85 m, era flaco pero no sé sentía para nada débil, su pelo ahora era castaño y no tenía mi un pelo más aya de su cabeza, podía ver si piel un poco más bronceada por dónde se asomaban de la ropa ajustada que hacía notar un poco su pecho y su cintura pequeña, unas piernas largas que terminaban en tenis sin plataforma algo grandes pero de la talla adecuada. — ¿Que fue lo que pasó? ¿Por qué estoy en tu cuerpo? — Dijo Javier a Alexander que aún estaba aturdido e incrédulo por lo que veía. — No… no lo sé. ¿Que vamos hacer ahora? ¡¿Que le diremos a tu familia?! — Expresó con preocupación y enojo Alexander. — Mira, no tengo ni la más remota idea que pasó, pero no debemos decirle a nadie, si se enteran de ésto sólo va a empeorar las cosas, ya tengo demasiadas preocupaciones como para lidiar con esto. — ¡¿Qué?! ¿Acaso quieres callarte y pretender que nada paso? — Toma de la camisa de Javier que sería su antigua camisa y lo pone contra ese mismo tanque. — ¿Se te ocurre forma de justificar ésto a alguien? Si es así te escucho, sino, no nos queda de otra que estar así y averiguar cómo volver a cambiar. Alex se queda callado un momento pensando, luego recuerda la máquina pero para su desgracia y por más que intentara, ya no encendía, al fin ese daño del fierro cobro factura y quemó los circuitos internos al usar la máquina. — No… ¡No! No puedes hacerme esto… ¡No!.... — Empieza a golpear un poco la máquina. — Hey ¡Hey! Para, no la destroces más de lo que ya está, tenemos que irnos de aquí. Aún enojado pero claramente aún cuerdo solo es un último golpe y cierra su puño con fuerza antes de sólo acentir e ir con Javier al auto. Ya en el auto se sentaron ambos adelante, solo que Javier en el cuerpo de Alex se fue al lado del conductor y Alex en el cuerpo de Javier en el del copiloto. — Mira, tanto tú cómo yo está claro que no queremos esto, ya tengo problemas en mi matrimonio, mi hijo me odia, mi empelo está en riesgo y no quiero preocuparme ahora por ésto. Pero no podemos hacer nada por ahora… — Dijo Javier apoyándose contra el respaldo y mirando al techo del coche. — Se que no se puede hacer nada… pero ¡Mierda! No quiero esta vida, lo siento pero realmente tenía planes, quería un trabajo que pagara bien pero me deje tiempo para… cosas. ¿Cómo voy a manejar tu vida? — preguntó Alexander. — Te ayudaré con éso, a manejar mi empleo y no te preocupes por mi familia, mi esposa se quiere divorciarse y mi hijo no me obedece por más que le digo que haga las cosas, por lo menos céntrate en el trabajo, porque si me corren no sé cómo podré mantenerte en casa. — más bien, que no me corran para mantenerte a ti en casa… maldición, esto va a ser un desastre. — Nos empezaremos a llamar con el nombre del otro, tú serás Javier y yo seré Alexander, trataremos de usarlos incluso cuando hablemos sobre este asunto de cambio de cuerpos, ¿Qué dices? Javier.— le extiende su mano como si se fueran a conocer por primera vez. — Pues… no hay realmente otra alternativa, Alex. — le da un apretón de manos y ambos aceptan de momento intentar vivir la vida del otro. Pero mi momento como narrador a terminado, es hora de que ellos mismos describan sus experiencias en los próximos capitulos, la nueva situación que vino a cambiar sus vidas literalmente.
  4. I want to start off by apologizing for being away for so long. I have written and re-written this chapter so many times. Never quite sure which way I wanted to take it and who I wanted the story to focus on next. Hoping to write some more chapters to this and eventually get to a conclusion in this story line. I have quite a few others I would like to get started but not until this one is done. So without further ado, I give you.... Blue Pill Part 21 Sarah headed into the showers after hearing the running water. The showers were private stalls that held a curtain at the front for privacy. Sarah pulled back the first curtain to find an empty stall. As she approached the second stall, Sarah could hear a wet slapping noise. Like the sounds of sex. She grabbed a handful of the curtain and pulled back just enough to peek inside. What she found in the private shower stall left her speechless. It was the most muscular back of a man she had ever seen. Even bigger than Chris after draining her size. He was easily as wide as the shower, his shoulders almost touching on either wall of the stall. She watched as his right arm made long back and forth motions, producing the slapping sound that had drawn her to his stall in the first place. Mesmerized by the sight of his muscles bunching and rippling across his back and triceps, Sarah had hardly noticed the man had turned and was reaching for a bottle of lube on the shelf behind him. A baritone voice filled the shower “well if you came for a show, then i’m going to need a volunteer.” The tall black man slowly turned around and Sarah watched as the water cascaded down to enormous pecs the size of dinner plates with big perky nipples. Which led to a deeply etched eight pack. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw the massive erection he was holding with his right hand. It had to be every bit of 13 inches and it was as thick as a beer can. Sarah swallowed hard, “I would be more than happy to help you out. It’s the least I could do for you since you gave me a show.” The tall behemoth reached forward and pulled back the curtain to allow Sarah entrance. Sarah slid in past the curtain and closed it behind her. Sarah turned back around and found herself eye level with the biggest pair of pecs she had ever seen. They jutted out several inches from the man's rib cage. Sarah brought a hand up and placed it on his massive upper arm. The man then flexed for her, making his arm jump up several inches as it hardened into a solid flex, causing her to stand on her tiptoes to keep ahold of the enormous bicep. “What’s your name big guy?” She asked as she leaned forward and pinched one of his nipples between her fingers. “Names Damien. Why don’t you put that mouth to work and don’t ask any more questions.” So Sarah latched onto his left nipple and gave it a playful bite. This drove the man wild. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up. He turned them around so his back was again facing the shower curtain and he rested Sarah between his colossal cock and his ripped abdominals. Damien lowered Sarah down until she felt the curve of his dick along her taint and ass crack. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard this man's dick was. Speaking of hard dicks, Sarah could feel hers pulsing away inside the bike shorts that she was still wearing. Damien took notice of the fabric flexing beneath his abs. So he reached down and grabbed both sides of the bike shorts and pulled, the shorts stood no chance of staying together. They shredded apart like they were made of paper, freeing Sarah’s six inch raging hard on. Sarah began sucking on Damien’s nipple again while she reached behind her and began stroking the head of his massive cock. Her job was getting easier as Damien began pumping out precum into her hand. Once coated, Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking all the pre-cum off and moaning as she did so. Sarah then felt a warmth surge through her and Damien could swear she felt ever so slightly heavier resting on his dick. Damien leaned Sarah’s back against the tile wall under the shower head, which was several inches from the top of her head. He brought both of his hands under each ass cheek and lifted until the head of his cock nestled and the entrance of her ass. Sarah reached up and put both her arms around Damiens thick neck for support. She then felt herself slowly being rested on top of his bulbous cock head. Sarah leaned forward and took a nipple back in her mouth and gave it a nibble. Damien moaned and she could feel his cock flex and felt a big glob of pre-cum pulse into her hole. Sarah could feel the head of Damiens cock sliding into her a bit faster now thanks to the pre. This was taking too long for Sarah’s liking so she bit down hard on Damiens nipple and brought a hand down from behind Damiens neck to twist the other. Damien threw his head back and let out a deep moan as he clenched his massive ass cheeks, driving the head of his dick right into Sarah's ass. Sarah had thought she had made Damien cum because his cock was flexing like crazy and she could feel him shooting inside of her. “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” Damien said with a smirk on his face. Sarah realized he hadn’t cum yet and that was all just pre. Sarah began to feel a warmth spreading through her body as the pre began feeding her body's growth. She watched as new veins snaked their way up her forearms and hair began sprouting up in places along her arms it had never been before. “Oh this is going to be fun.” Sarah thought. Sarah watched as Damien moved his hands under her arms and wrapped his thick fingers down on her shoulders from behind. “I can play dirty too.” Damien then began pulling Sarah down with his hands. Forcing more of his colossal dick inside of her. With each inch he was inside her Damien swore it was getting tighter. He’d never fucked anyone so tight before. Sarah could feel the dick sliding further and further into her, causing her own raging erection to push up against Damiens rock hard abs. Damien was about halfway in, he brought one of his hands around and placed it over Sarah’s mouth. He flexed his glutes, driving the rest of his dick inside of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and a long loud moan rumbled in the small shower. Damien stood there for a moment. Fighting off the urge to cum and to give Sarah a chance to adjust to his size. He could feel his cock throbbing inside, pumping tons of pre into Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel what could only be described as a small fire growing inside of her. She felt her muscles expanding ever so slightly and she could feel her cock pulsing, each pulse bringing the head of her cock slightly further up Damiens abs. At the same time, she could feel a little less pressure inside of her as Damien’s cock shrank down to match what Sarah had gained. “I can’t have him figure out what’s happening till I take more from him.” Sarah began pulling herself up the length of his dick and dropped herself back down. This sent a moan through Damiens throat as Sarah milked another load of pre out of him. Damien swore he could feel Sarah getting heavier in his arms, but he was sure it was just because he had blasted his arms with an intense workout before hitting the shower. Damien looked down at his arms and he noticed the pump he had when he entered the shower was now gone. His arms were looking somewhat flat. Still extremely massive and very impressive, but flat in his eyes. Sarah noticed Damien taking inventory of his muscles and so she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Every time Sarah came back down on Damien’s dick she got a little bigger and he got a little smaller. This was because Sarah was milking the pre right out of his dick. Damien decided to take control. He reached behind Sarah and pulled her into him forcing her against his body and began pistoning his dick in and out of her. When he did this it forced Sarah’s cock between his rock hard abs and her six pack. In this new position, he knew he had easy access to her g-spot. Sarah felt like her world was dissolving all around her as Damien pounded her G-spot with a barrage of hard hits from his flared cock head. She was seeing little white spots on the edge of her vision and there were sounds escaping her mouth that she didn’t know she could even make. Damien could feel the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm coming from Sarah, so he leaned Sarah's back against the shower wall again and gripped her cock in his hand. He began pumping her cock and fucking her with the same rhythm. Sarah couldn’t take anymore, She let out one deep long moan and clenched her ass hard onto Damiens dick. Damien continued stroking Sarah’s cock as he felt it flex in his hand. The first shot went so hard and so fast it hit the ceiling of the shower with a loud “SPLAT”. The next one landed right on Damiens face. The several that followed, painted his pecs and abs in a glaze of jizz. Damien could taste Sarah's jizz as it ran down his face and into his mouth. The taste was indescribable. It was doing something to him though, he felt his whole body tense up and his balls began to ache like he hadn’t cum in days. He knew what was about to come, he was. Damien drove his dick into Sarah one last time and threw his head back letting out a deep yell. Sarah came to her senses as she realized what was about to happen. She felt Damiens cock swell inside of her. A torrent of cum flooded her insides. Damien began sliding his cock in and out of her as if to milk out every last drop. Sarah felt like a furnace had just been ignited inside her. The heat was so intense. She began to feel her muscles swell and expand. Her cock began swelling in every direction as if she was about to erupt again. Damien, no longer able to hold her weight post orgasm, pulled Sarah up and off his dick and lowered her down till her feet rested on the tiled floor. Damien then hunched forward under the shower head with one arm rested against the wall just under the head. Sarah took this chance to make a quick escape before Damien began shrinking. She knew she was going to get quite a bit bigger, but she didn’t think she would be able to fend off Damien if he were pissed about his loss of size. She quietly pulled back the curtain while Damien was still in his post orgasmic bliss. She then closed the curtain and turned around, realizing she was completely naked. Sarah could feel herself getting bigger by the second as her body fed off Damiens cum. She could feel her lats pushing out, making her arms flare out further. The gap between her legs was filling up with muscle, making it awkward as she tried to continue walking. Sarah headed out into the locker room in search of something to wear, or maybe in search of some more muscle…. As Sarah exited the showers, the last shower curtain slid back and a man poked his head out. Seeing that she had left, the man slipped out of his shower wrapped in a towel and opened the curtain to the shower that Sarah had just left. “Looks like someone could use a hand in here…”
  5. BetweenTheLines

    Late Night Workout

    --- This is my first story, so comments are appreciated, but please be kind --- --- I'm also planning on posting some captions over on my Tumblr ---- It was after midnight and the gym was dead, but that was the way Marcus liked it. Marcus was a beast of a man, handsome, tall, and incredibly muscular. After finishing college, he had honed his naturally athletic physique into one that of an amateur bodybuilder. But that wasn’t enough for Marcus, he wanted to be truly huge, so he turned to a cocktail of chemicals to push his physique beyond his natural genetic limit. Marcus roared as he threw around huge amounts of weight, relishing in the pump that filled his muscles with blood. He couldn’t get away with such a raw display of power when the gym was full during the day, so he worked out at night when he could truly unleash. After several hours of pumping iron, Marcus faced one of the gym mirrors and admired his incredible physique. His meaty pecs heaved with each breath and his huge shoulders glistened with sweat under the gym lights. Marcus brought his swollen biceps up into a double bicep pose and watched as his peaks swelled with strength. There was another reason why Marcus liked working out alone. As he posed, his pants began to tent as he admired his own godly physique. He reached into his sweatpants and rearranged his huge cock and hefty balls. Unlike most users, he had found the perfect mix of chemicals that managed to not only boost his already naturally high testosterone production but also keep his sizable package intact. Marcus squeezed his lemon-sized nuts, sending a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout his body as clenched his powerful core. “I’m a fucking beast” he panted to the empty gym. But little did Marcus know, he wasn’t alone. Watching from the shadows was Seth, a freshman from the local college. Several weeks ago, Seth was making his way home after staying late in the computer lab. While walking past the local gym, Seth caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see a colossus of a man pumping iron with perfect form and animalistic power, his grey track pants doing little to hide the obscene bulge in his pants. Instantly, Seth was filled with a mixture of lust and loathing as he watched the raw display of power in front of him. He could practically smell the sweat that poured out of the man’s pores through the glass. Marcus was everything Seth wanted to be. Tall, muscular, handsome, the walking epitome of male masculinity. From that moment, Seth knew that he needed to take it for himself. And now, after weeks of work, tonight would be the night. As Marcus flexed, he began to feel the room get warmer. “The manager must have turned off the AC again,” said Marcus rubbing the sweat from his brow. He detected a slight smell of mint in the air but thought nothing of it. He threw a most muscular pose and watched as his huge muscles swelled in his black singlet. His singlet was drenched in so much sweat that it stuck to his body like a second skin. “Fuck, it really is hot,” Marcus cursed as he began to feel light-headed, the smell of mint growing stronger. Suddenly a wave of weakness washed over him. He found himself stumbling forwards toward the mirror before he managed to use his huge calloused hands to stop himself. He shook his head in an attempt to regain his senses as he tried to push his hulking form away from the mirror. The smell of mint flooded his senses, choking his lungs and causing his eyes to water, further clouding his mind. Suddenly he felt something slide into his pants, before feeling a small hand grip his cock. He heard a gasp as the cool hand explored the sheer size of his cock, a realisation that even in his current semi-hard state, the hand couldn’t even make it halfway around his girth. After a few moments, the hand began to run its way up and down his cocks already considerable length. Despite plenty of luck with the ladies, this had to be the most sensual thing that Marcus had ever felt. More blood pulsed through the thick veins of his cock until he was at full mast and rock hard. The hand gently pulled back his foreskin, exposing his huge mushroom head to the sweat-soaked fabric of his workout shorts and releasing a pungent smell of musk and hormones. The hand then massaged Marcus' sensitive tip, sending jolts of pleasure shooting throughout his body. “Ohhh fuck,” Marcus moaned. His muscles tensed and his back arched as he approached a toe-curling orgasm. His massive balls pulled upwards towards his body as they prepared for climax. But suddenly the feeling stopped. “Please. I’m. So. Fucking. Close,” Marcus panted as he was denied release. “What’s in it for me?” a voice Marcus didn’t recognise whispered softly. The smell of mint got stronger. “Anything. You. Want. Just. Let. Me. Cum!” Marcus moaned between waves of pleasure and pain, the veins of his cock bulging as pressure continued to build in his nuts. Seth smiled. Marcus’ consent was the final thing he needed. As he lifted the back of Marcus’ sweat-soaked singlet, the smell of salty sweat and musk filled the air. The smell of raw masculinity. He began to trace a series of runes on Marcus’ bare skin, marveling at the width of the muscle man’s back. Due to the massive difference between their heights, Seth had to get in his tiptoes to reach the giant's vast upper back to draw final runes. Marcus shuddered to Seth's touch, his back muscles twitching and flexing under the smaller man's fingers. “Soon,” Seth said to himself. Seth grabbed the waistband of Marcus’ gym shorts and with some difficulty pulled them down past his bubble butt and raging hardon. Marcus moaned as the fabric touched his sensitive cock and his mushroom head began oozing precum. Seth shucked his own pants revealing a thin, but average-length dick. With both hands, he parted Marcus’ granite-like ass cheeks. Seth pressed his dick against Marcus’ hole but was met with some resistance. He calmly reached up and pulled Marcus’ mammoth arms down to his side, before placing his palms on the back of Marcus’ significantly bigger hands. Then, as if they were his own, he guided them down to Marcus’ raging cock and began to stroke back and forth, faster and faster, Marcus’ precum and sweat lubing the length of his shaft. Even with Marcus’ saucer-like hands gripping his shaft, his swollen cock still had plenty of length to spare. The smell of mint was stronger than ever. Euphoria coursed through Marcus’ body and his cock shot out a volley of cum over the mirror in front of him. Seth felt Marcus’ defences relax. “This is it,” he whispered in Marcus’ ear, “now I ascend!”. Seth forced his cock inside Marcus’ waiting hole. Marcus fired another volley of cum as Seth pushed inch after inch into his asshole. Seth reached the point where he would have been balls deep in Marcus, but he pushed further, his groin sinking into Marcus’ muscular butt. Oblivious to what was happening, Marcus continued to ride his wave of climax, moaning as he released another spray of cum. Seth pushed further into Marcus, pushing his slender legs into Marcus’ tree trunks. His smaller size 8 feet were engulfed by Marcus’ size 14s. His torso made contact with the ridges of Marcus’ muscular back before sinking into his warm flesh. Seth pushed his small sticks into Marcus' colossal arms and his slender hands into Marcus’ larger calloused ones. He felt as if his consciousness was expanding to fill the stud's body, a rush of strength and testosterone flooding through his being. He began to feel what Marcus felt, flashes of sensation of his powerful hands on his massive cock, and the cooler breeze of the gym air on his hot, sweaty skin. Finally, as Marcus sprayed another impressive volley of cum on the gym mirror, Seth pushed his head into the middle of Marcus’ back. Everything went dark as both men closed their eyes. Seth let his consciousness envelope Marcus’, stripping it of its confidence, dominance, and animalistic drive, before pushing the pathetic remains out into the darkness. The strong smell of mint was joined by the heavy smell of musk, a cocktail of hormones hanging thick in the air alongside the smell of sweat and cum. Seth’s eyes shot open and he sprayed the last of Marcus’ essence over the gym mirror. He looked down at his pumped chest and watched it rise and fall as his heart pumped oxygen throughout his colossal form. He brought his huge hands up and flexed them into fists, marveling at the way his huge pencil-thick veins pulsed as they fed blood to his muscles. Seth felt heavy, he felt strong, he felt powerful. The sound of a door closing snapped him back to reality and he spun around and saw the janitor getting ready to clean the gym. Seth pulled up his gym shorts, turned his cap backward, and began to swagger across the gym, his cock still dripping cum into the deep grooves of his quads. As he approached the janitor with his new longer stride, he smirked, realising how much he now towered over normal men. “I left a bit of a mess, but I doubt you mind,” Seth said, noticing the raging hard-on in the janitor’s pants. “When you have as much testosterone as I do, you need to release the beast once and awhile,” Seth bragged, flexing one of his huge veiny biceps for the janitor to admire. The janitor moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers. Seth snickered and turned away from the lesser man. The janitor stammered a response to the giant, but Seth didn’t care. Seth easily pushed open the heavy gym door, feeling the cool breeze on his hot sweaty skin. He took a deep breath, inhaling his new manly scent before he disappeared into the night to begin his new life as a true alpha male.
  6. Guest

    (Un)identical twins (3)

    Sorry for the very long wait. Enjoy the final part of this story. Time seemed frozen in Jason’s room as the two heavily muscled brothers lived the moment they had been anticipating for several months. For neither it had gone as they had foreseen it. Jason had found deeper and more satisfying pleasure in dominating his grown brother than he’d ever imagined. Sure, he had enjoyed being worshipped before, during or after one of his workouts by Sam or the stares from the other guys in the shower. But his brother was now way bigger than any of the guys that had rubbed their hands allover his muscles before sucking him off or getting his cock up their ass. Brett, on the other hand, had his hopes of reclaiming his dominant spot in the family shattered the moment he laid eyes on his brother’s naked torso. The second his brother had revealed his new frame, Brett had instinctively accepted the beastly man’s alphaness. Every primal instinct in his body had automatically chased every opposition to the superior being from him. His mind had been flooded by thoughts and speculations of the insane power that the bulging, insanely large and totally shredded muscles had to possess. For some reason, the awe and fear had soon been mixed with and dominated by a strange feeling of attraction. Unknown and new feelings had whirled through his mind: he had never before been attracted to another man, not even to his bigger and 261 pounds of muscles teammate Mike. He had, off course, checked his teammates’ physiques in the gym or in the shower and complimented some on their results. And received praise in return, certainly since he’d been juicing. That had been nothing more than the usual locker room atmosphere of athletes showing respect for their efforts to build up their physique. Without any sexual afterthought attached to it. The two muscular brothers were however bound by one mutual feeling: both of them were experiencing the most powerful orgasm in their life. Brett’s mind was whirling with feelings of ecstasy as pain and pleasure traveled along his spine to explode inside his brain in a fireworks of bursts of energy. His brother’s body sent urges of need through his own body; urges even his hottest girlfriend had never made him feel. Somehow, he even enjoyed the feeling of having his 241 pound, heavily muscled body feel small next to his 327 pound, beastly brother; feeling weak in the huge man’s powerful grasp. He felt like a ragdoll against the beastly body, but somehow he also felt safe in his brother’s grasp. His mind was at peace with his position as a beta, knowing it was no use to defy the muscle beast his brother had become. His mouth hung open in a silent cry. His hand was still vigorously stroking his rock-hard 8 incher that was now leaking the remains of watery loads from his drained and aching balls. Jason was also flooded with feelings of pure bliss. His mighty orgasm felt like lightning exploding in every cell of his beastly body. The realization of eclipsing, totally dominating and reducing to an obedient beta his heavily muscled, 241 pound brother gave him more satisfaction than the process of his own growth over the past months. Sure, he had jerked off to his own, ever swelling reflection as he had posed in front of the mirror in his room. Sure, he had creamed himself feeling and exploring his ever hardening muscles. But none of these feelings compared in the least to the feeling of total and undisputed control over another athlete that dwarfed most of the guys in the gym. “YEAUGHN”, Jason roared deeply as the second wave of his all-consuming orgasm rolled over him. He pulled back his cock slightly and rammed it deep and forcefully inside his brother. ‘Oughpff”, Brett peeped. He stared at his own face in the mirror and his eyes widened as his pecs were shoved against the cum-splattered mirror and he felt his feet being lifted off the ground: he was now completely impaled in his brother’s 14 inch cock. His hand raced back and forth along his shaft, but his completely drained balls refused to spill another drop of cum. The pressure inside him intensified some more as his six-pack bloated further from the never ending blasts of hot liquid the fleshy snake kept spewing inside him. “FUCK YEAUGHN”, Jason rumbled as he felt his orgasm subside slowly. He reopened his eyes, that had been closed since his orgasm began and stared into the mirror: one third of it was covered in his brother’s spunk. He looked further down and saw the drained look on his brother’s face. Even further down, he noticed his brother’s hand still mechanically stroking his own deflating cock. He also regained control of his senses and felt the heat that had built up in the room and was hit by the strong sent of musk and sex that hung heavily in the air and filled his room. He inhaled deeply to calm his breathing and let his heartbeat slowdown. His uber-athletic body recovered within half a minute. He pumped his cock a final time inside his brother’s ass and withdrew it. His still fully hard 14 incher smacked into the brick-sized abs of his eight-pack, smearing a rope of sticky cum against the corrugated surface in the process. Brett whimpered as the fleshy snake was pulled away from his worn out ass. He shivered and felt strangely empty after having being impaled on the thick shaft. He felt the thick, hot liquid stream from his ass and slide along the back of his muscular legs. His knees buckled from exhaustion but his brother’s big paws maintained their firm grip on his hips and held him upright. Jason brought is mouth to his brother’s ear. “I’m so glad yar home, little bro. Can’t think of a better and more fun way to wake up. I even think ya enjoyed this more than me. Didn’t ya, little bro?”, he said. Brett heard a muttered “yes” escape his mouth and nodded in response. “I knew it, little bro”, Jason went on, “ya’re still stroking yar cock.” The remark made Brett look down and indeed, his hand was still stroking his now soft cock. “I…”, he began. “No need to explain, little bro”, Jason stated, “ya’re not the first to jerk off to my body. And ya won’t be the least. Clean up yar mess and get ready while I grab some breakfast.” He released his brother’s hips, pulled on a pair of boxers and strutted to the door. “Get… ready…? For what?”, Brett asked while he placed his hands against the mirror to support his worn out body. “For our workout, off course”, Jason replied, “It’s arm day, little bro. I want to see yar bigger arms in action. And don’t ya want to see my canons pump some iron?” He raised his right arm in a flex, letting his 28.5 inch arm explode into a hard, round orb. A jolt shot through Brett’s cock at the sight of his brother’s flexed arm. Anticipation filled his mind. “Clean yar mess from my mirror and put on yar workout gear, little bro”, Jason rumbled and left his brother to get some breakfast. Half an hour later, Jason and Brett arrived at the gym. Jason looking fresh and energized, Brett still feeling some fatigue after the events in his brother’s room. Jason entered the gym first, strutting over to the desk. “Yo, big guy”, Sam greeted the biggest member of the gym. “I see you brought your brother”, he added as he noticed Brett. “Geez, you look way bigger than last time too. Must be fun having top genes to build muscle”, he said as he eyed Brett’s frame. A faint grin formed on Brett’s faced at the remark. He’d always enjoyed getting complimented on his physique. It made him feel a bit like the alpha he once was. “If ya ladies are done flirting, I would like to train”, Jason stated dryly and strutted past the desk into the locker room. Jason’s remark shattered the small hint of self-esteem that had formed in Brett’s mind. Brett followed his brother. Both of them pulled off their hoodies. Only then, Brett saw both of them were wearing the exact same outfit: grey sweatpants and a black tank top. His own highlighted his heavily muscled torso while his brother’s seemed painted on his torso: Jason’s wide and heavy pecs spilled from the sides and striations were visible through the overstretched fabric across the slabs of beef on his chest; even the bricks and grooves of his eight-pack were clearly accentuated and rippled with every deep breath. “Let’s go, little bro”, Jason rumbled and exited the locker room. Brett found himself once more walking behind his beastly brother. He looked up at the wide, magnificent back covered with bulging mounds of muscle pushing into each other and capped with thick, meaty traps that supported his brother’s bullneck. His gaze travelled down along the insanely broad back to halt on the meaty ass that filled the sweatpants. Jason entered the weight area and looked around. One lonely, nicely build guy was pumping out reps on a bench. As he sat up, he looked up in Jason’s direction and nodded. Jason returned the salute and recognized the 228 pound, heavyweight wrestler he’d worked out with a few months earlier when he was about the guy’s size. His cock twitched inside his pants thinking of the guy’s hot mouth that had serviced him several times ever since he had totally outgrown him. One time he had even walked in on him and Sam making out in the locker room. Wordlessly, he had simply pulled the guys apart, dropped his pants and forced Sam to watch as he had fucked the wrestler right there. Afterward, he had tossed the guy aside and made Sam suck his still hard dick. Ever since, he had more frequently used the two lovers to satisfy his ever-present needs. “Tell me if ya need a spot, Keith”, he said as he strutted past the bench toward the rack of free weights. “Right, little bro. Let’s warm up first”, he rumbled and grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Brett stared at his massive brother, cranking out perfect and fast reps with a weight he knew he would struggle with. He followed suit with a pair of much, much lighter dumbbells. “I used those feathers too. Months ago”, Jason said without taking his eyes from the mirror. After 100 reps, he racked the weights and grabbed the heaviest dumbbells on the rack. “Let’s do this!”, he gnarled at his reflection. Brett racked his weights too and grabbed the dumbbells his brother had warmed up with. After two reps, he felt his arms starting to shake. After six reps, his biceps felt like they were on fire and he dropped the weights. “Weakling”, Jason muttered and cranked out another perfect rep. He felt his monster arms pumping up as blood flowed into his beastly biceps. After 12 perfect reps, he gently racked the weight. 30 seconds later, he grabbed the dumbbells again. “Second set, little bro. Come on!”, he commanded. Brett grabbed a lighter pair of dumbbells than the ones he had just used. On the first rep, his arms shook terribly. He got three reps before his grip faltered and the weights went down. Jason on the other hand cranked out another 11 perfect reps. “Rack yar weights while I continue”, he barked at his brother. Brett obeyed his beastly brother’s instruction and sat down on a nearby bench while he watched Jason perform two more sets of bicep curls. Every rep made the veins on his brother’s bicep swell as they feed blood into the orb of muscle. “Time for some hammer curls”, Jason said as he racked the dumbbells and strutted over to the cable station. He selected the heaviest load and casually cranked out 15 fully controlled reps. Brett selected 70% of his brother’s load and struggled to complete 6 sloppy reps. He moved aside, his face reed and breathing deeply. Jason changed the weight and did another perfect series of 15 reps. He looked over at his brother but Brett nodded ‘no’ to make clear he would skip. “Sam, get over here”, Jason bellowed. Instantly, the 185 pound guy popped up. “Get on the weight stack. Ya know it’s too light for me”, Jason said. Brett stared in disbelief as the guy placed his feet atop the weight stack and his brother pumped out 10 more perfect reps. He blinked as he saw the beastly arms pump up bigger and bigger with every rep. “I know, big guy. I asked the boss the buy heavier stacks, but you’re the only one that complains”, Sam said as he was going up and down on the rhythm of Jason’s reps. “I know ya do everything to keep me happy, Sam”, Jason growled and completed his fourth set of hammer curls. “Fuck. My biceps feel like they’re gonna bust through my skin”, he added as he dropped the rope. His left paw grabbed his right bicep as he curled his arm, making the orb of muscle swell inside his grip. “Right. Some preacher curls to wrap things up”, he said and strutted over to the preacher bench. Brett, Sam and even Keith followed the beastly Jason and formed a semicircle around the bench. Jason looked up and grinned at the three guys standing in front of him. All three of them clearly worked out: looking athletic like Sam over heavily build like Keith to thickly muscled like his brother Brett. He returned his focus on his final exercise. He grabbed the loaded bar and began curling it up and down with perfect control. Brett stared as the mountains of muscle that were his brother’s biceps swelled into round, vein-choked orbs of hard meat with each curl. He felt his cock harden inside his sweatpants. Sam and Keith had similar reactions down their pants, but were less shy. They moved over to the bench and each of them groped one of Jason’s massive biceps. Their fingers didn’t budge the hot, stony-hard muscle as their hands were too small to span the girth of the orbs. “FUARK, yeah”, Jason roared as he lowered the bar for the tenth time in his fourth sets. He stood up and threw a devastating double bicep pose. His pumped biceps, swollen with blood from the workout, jumped past the 30 inch mark as they hardened into impossibly large and perfectly round mountains crisscrossed with dark veins that outsized cannonballs. “Man, this pump’s unreal”, he added and hardened his flex some more. Around him, the three other guys were stroking their cocks through their pants. “Time for a quick shower”, Jason said and strutted past his admirers. Ten minutes later, Jason emerged from the locker room after his shower and having Keith suck him off. “Round of shakes, guys?”, he asked as he sat down at the bar next to his brother, “Brett’s buying to celebrate his return home for the summer. Aren’t ya, little bro?”. Brett nodded, not wanting to stand up to his massive brother. His pumped arms made him look even more intimidating. Back at home, Brett headed for his room but his brother’s paw grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. “Not so fast, little bro. We need to talk”, Jason said and guided his smaller brother into his own room. “Drop yar pants”, he ordered as he locked the door. “What…euh?”, Brett asked. “DROP ‘EM”, Jason bellowed deeply. Brett instinctively obeyed the command and swiftly dropped his pants. He shivered as his mind processed several scenarios, but always seemed to return to what had happened earlier that morning. He blinked as he felt a stinging sensation in the left cheek of his ass. “What…”, he began but words froze in his throat as he felt the same sensation in the right cheek of his ass. “There ya go. Ya can pull ‘em back up, little bro”, Jason said. Brett quickly pulled up his pants, happy to get off the hook without being fucked once more. He turned around to face his brother and saw him throw an empty syringe on his desk. “What did you just do?”, he asked. “Ya truly are a dumb fuck, little bro. What do ya think I did? I injected ya with a double dose of roids”, Jason replied, “I want to break the 400 pound mark before the curse runs out. It stated that at the 10th full moon the circle would be round. That gives me another three weeks to put on 80 pounds of muscle. Means I’ll have to roid yar ass to make ya put on around 40 pounds of muscle since the curse is wearing down and my growth based on yours is slowing down. Fortunately, Keith has good connections.” Brett blinked. “You’re going to make me bigger?”, he asked in disbelief. “Geez, little bro”, Jason spat back, “YES! But only to make me bigger. I’m not gonna risk my health by pumping roids into my body. But ya already did, so why not take it to the next level? Ya can thank me later for making ya bigger, little bro. The following weeks I’m gonna roid ya up with double doses. Every morning right after I’ll fuck yar ass and before we go to the gym.” The next three weeks did indeed pass as Jason had told his brother: every morning Jason would pull his 242 pound brother into his room after his parents had left for work, plunge a double dose of roids in to him and then fuck his ass before they headed over to the gym and he put him through a grueling workout. 21 days later, Brett came home to an empty house: his parents had left that morning for their yearly vacation and wouldn’t be home for another month; his brother had left for the gym 10 minutes earlier. Brett had spent the night over at an old buddy from his football team in high school to avoid the daily ass-fuck by his now freakishly big brother. He had waited in his car a few houses down the street from his own until his brother had driven off. He parked his car in the deserted driveway and quickly disappeared inside the house. He knew he had until half the afternoon before his brother would return from the gym after his training, action with Sam and Keith in the locker room and having the two guys buy him dinner. He went upstairs to his room, tossed his phone and sweater on the bed before heading over to his brother’s room. He stopped before the shut door of his brother’s room. In his mind the possibility to go search for answers grew stronger fought with the voice warning him for serious danger if his brother would catch him inside his room. On the other hand, it could well be his only chance to break the curse before it would be complete that night. His hand shook as he reached for the doorknob. His mouth went dry as he turned the nob and the door opened gently. He quickly entered his brother’s room, getting hit by the manly scent of musk, sweat and cum that hung heavily in the air and closed the door behind him. His gaze scanned the room, stopping briefly at the ropes of cum still sliding down slowly on the mirror toward the puddle formed on the carpet at its base. He turned his attention to the fully stacked book closet and began searching the shelves. 10 minutes later, Brett went through the top shelf and felt frustration well up inside him as he hadn’t found anything. A part of him knew it had been too good to be true. He turned away from the book closet and stepped over to the adjacent desk. He pulled out the drawer on the left, but found nothing. His hand reached for the other drawer and puled. The handle resisted. “Why would you keep this drawer locked, bro?”, he said to himself and pulled with all his might. The lock succumbed quickly to his new strength and the drawer opened with the sound of shattering wood. “Bingo”, he said with a grin as he saw the old book. He grabbed it, shut the drawer again and began going through the book. He didn’t understand a word of the ancient text in Latin. Luckily for him, his brother had noted the translation of most passages in pencil next to the text. Feed on power… Transfer… fluids = cum… use on Brett… The last remark made anger well up inside Brett. “So, this is the curse he used on me”, he growled and read on to find a solution. The dust inside the book flew up as he went through it and he sneezed. He pulled out his handkerchief and blew his nose to clear out the dust before putting it back inside his pocket and continuing his discovery of the book. Curse complete… 10th full moon… Lasting results… Grow huge on Brett’s efforts??? Brett blinked as he read the remark. He shook his head at the proof that his nerdy brother had grown huge at his dispense. He went on and a annotation by his brother on a page a little further caught his attention. Restore… Healing curse… Take back ill-earned gains… Definitive… Brett’s mind, way slower than his brother’s, put the pieces together and a smirk formed on his face. “That’s it!”, he said to himself. He quickly read through the translation his brother had made. “I need some of his body fluids… fluids”, he said to himself when the solution popped up in his mind. He returned a few pages and his finger tapped on a comment: fluids = cum. He turned around and looked at the cum-drenched mirror. “Luckily I wasn’t here this morning and he blew his load to his reflection”, he said. He stepped over to the mirror, pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped a nice amount of the sticky cum from the mirror. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Brett nearly dropped the book and his handkerchief. He waited a few seconds, but the bell rang again. He quickly put his handkerchief inside the book and went over to his own room. As he entered, his phone rang. “Hello?”, he asked. “Dude, it’s me, Mike. I’m at your house. Are you in?” “At my house?”, Brett repeated. “Yeah. I was around to visit my cousin Keith. Stayed at his place tonight but he’s off to the gym now. So, are you at home?”, Mike said. “Sure”, Bret replied, “come round the back. Backdoor’s open. I’m in my room. Second door on the left at the top of the stairs.” “See ya in a sec”, Mike said and ended the call. At the gym, Sam and Keith were in the locker room waiting for Jason to arrive. The now huge man had texted them to come over and not keep him waiting. They gasped sharply as Jason entered. Jason ducked and rotated his torso to come sideways through the door. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts that now served him as boxers: no regular pair of boxers would fit around his quads anymore. His new body was a breathtaking sight: he could no longer be called huge or beastly, he had evolved into a massive mountain of muscle. Despite the fading power of the curse he had managed to gain another whopping 85 pounds of muscle and had grown 7 extra inches taller: he now stood an towering 7’5 feet tall for a hulking 412 pounds of ripped and striated muscle. The extra height made his insanely, hulkingly muscled body maintain its aestheticly perfect proportions. His calves jutted backward like thick diamonds at the back of his legs; his quads made his kneecaps look comically small and dwarfed the tree in their backyard by the massive size of the wide, deeply grooved, corded muscles that stretched the shorts to the max; his eight-pack was a collection of cobblestone-sized blocks of muscle, separated by canyons and decorated down the center with a dark treasure trail that disappeared down his shorts; the top half of the eight-pack was obscured by the shadow of his monumental pecs; they were an insanely thick, protruding rack of heavy muscle that proudly defied the pull of gravity; each pecs had the size of a watermelon shoved underneath the paper-thin skin; the surface of the extremely wide slabs of concrete-hard beef was crossed with striations and small veins; the pecs protruded so far from his chest that his nipples pointed straight down to the floor and were not visible from the front; the massive mounds rippled with every breath he took; a thick vein snaked at the top of the pecs like a small river and ran further onto his shoulders where it branched off in several smaller veins; the hard line of his shoulders was twice as large than a doorframe and capped with delts the size of basketballs; each separate head of the muscle was visible through the stretched skin pulled tight around the orbs of meat; the wide line was capped with a pair of intimidatingly thick traps that supported his bull-sized neck; his heavily muscled shoulders formed the support of his amazing arms hanging relaxed at his sides; his arms had amassed another 8 inches and now measured 36.5 inches flexed; when flexed his biceps exploded into spheres of rock-hard muscle that dwarfed bowling balls and were choked in a network of crisscrossed veins that fed the mighty muscles; his triceps then hung like vicious horseshoes at the bottom of his arms; they had more mass on their own than most guys entire upper arm; now his arms hung relaxed at his sides, looking like hams ready to burst through the satin-like, paper-thin skin; his forearms were covered with thick cords that ran along their entire length and were thicker than most men’s legs; inside his shorts his now dormant cock had grown to accommodate to his new body: fully hard it stretched to an insanely long 18 inches and its girth outsized most guys’ forearms; even flaccid its size prevented him from wearing boxers. Sam and Keith gulped as Jason swaggered over towards them and seemed to swell with every step he took. A simultaneous jolt shot through their cocks. “Ready for some action, runts?”, Jason rumbled in a voice that filled the room like thunder as he stopped a few feet from the two athletes and stared down on them. Sam and Keith gawked at the protruding rack of heavy muscle, crossed with striations that was at their eyelevel. Even though they saw Jason shirtless and naked every day, they simply couldn’t fathom the unreal size he had grown into. The shadow cast by Jason’s monstrous body put them completely in the dark and the guy was wider than both of them standing next to each other. They looked straight at the insanely deep canyon between the two slabs of pecs. It looked deep enough to conceal an entire hand. Striations rippled against the paper-thin skin as the globes of pecs rose on the rhythm of the muscle freak’s breathing. “My dumbass brother wasn’t home this morning. Couldn’t fill his ass with my cum. I’m so fucking horny right now”, Jason stated, “Ever since my brother made me huge it feels like there’s pure testosterone coursing through my veins. Fuark.” He looked at his reflection in the large mirror and bounced his chest in an insane display of striations and veins. Keith’s gaze was drawn downwards by a stirring motion. He blinked in disbelief as he saw Jason’s package beginning to form a larger and larger bulge at the front of his shorts. Within seconds the purple head peeped outside as it pushed the waistband away from the giant’s tight waist. “Got over here, wimp”, Jason growled at Keith. Back at home, Brett put the book inside his desk as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The sound of the opening door made him turn around to face his former team captain. “Mike”, he said with a grin and looked at the athlete standing in the doorway. “You look a bit smaller than I remember”, he added. “Had an injury. Couldn’t train the last two months”, Mike replied without taking his eyes from his former teammate. “Down to around 238 right now”, he added. “What the fuck have you done to yourself?”, he asked while he scanned how Brett’s heavy torso stretched his shirt to the max. “I’ve grown a bit”, Brett replied matter-of-factly. He still had to look up at the half-a-foot taller athlete, but there was no doubt about who was the bigger man. Brett pulled off his shirt and heard Mike gasped at the sight of his bare upper body. Brett was now heavier than he had ever been. He had put on another 42 pounds in just 3 weeks from the massive doses of roids his brother had injected into his ass. He was now weighing an intimidating 284 pounds. Every muscle on his body was unmistakably fuller and larger: his delts had grown into perfectly rounded cannonballs that capped the broad line formed by his wide shoulders; the width of his shoulder girdle made the sides of his prominent delts brush the doorframe as he went through it; his arms had put on another 3.5 inches, making them an impressive 24.5 inches fully flexed; his pecs had amassed more beef and now protruded further from his chest; even his quads were bigger and more muscular. Overall, he looked intimidatingly muscled after his forced cycle. Despite his superior size, it was clear he had been roiding heavily: his head somehow looked a bit too small for his new size; his skin had an oily shine and looked greasy; his back was marred with severe acne; his six-pack was a protruding, bloated muscle-gut and his nipples were swollen. To top things off, his balls seemed a bit smaller and ached when he blew his load. “How big…”, Mike asked while scanning the heavily muscled body in front of him. “284 fucking pounds”, Brett interrupted him. He bounced his pecs to emphasize his weight. It had been a long time since he had felt the superior man inside this house. He raised his right arm and flexed it. His bicep exploded into a vein-choked, round orb of hard muscle as his arm reached it’s 24.5 inches. Mike blinked at the incredible sight. “Like what you see, pretty boy?”, Brett asked and raised his other arm to complete his double bicep pose. It took Mike’s mind a few seconds to process to huge guy’s remark as he was still taking in the sight of the devastating double bicep pose. “Cat got your tongue, pretty boy? This is what a real man looks like”, Brett stated coldly and threw a most muscular. Mike instinctively took a step backwards as he thickly muscled torso exploded in a display of hard muscle. He knew he couldn’t let Brett feel any of his doubt. He still had his height advantage and stretched himself to gaze down on the shorter man. “You’re big. But that’s just over-roided muscle full of water. Feel some real strength, freak”, Mike growled and launched himself at his former teammate. In a blink his fist collided with the bloated muscle-gut. Brett let out a muttered sound of surprise as he felt the fist hit his abs. He barely felt the punches the other athlete launched against his abs. He pulled back his own fist, making his right bicep harden into its 24.5 inches in the process, and threw it against the star quarterback’s tight six-pack. “Buough”, Mike groaned as the fist collided with his abs and he felt them give in slightly under the violent punch. He didn’t have any time to react as a second punch hit him just as hard in the same spot and brook through his defenses. He folded double from the impact and a third blow made him collapse to the floor. Brett felt his cock harden inside his pants as he looked down on the beaten jock: he had just taken down the once dominant man on campus with just three blows. Mike tried catching his breath, his abs sending painful stabs through his body with every breath he took. A hand grabbed his neck and he felt himself being lifted up. His legs fell rubbery and the tight grab on his neck kept him upright as he was forced to look straight into Brett’s eyes. “I have 45 pounds of mass on you”, Brett said, “And still you’re so dumb to take me on?”. As Brett spoke, Mike summoned his strength and threw another punch at the huge man’s face. Brett easily fended off the weak punch and then launched another blow into the six-pack that felt like jelly as his fist busted through it. “Buoughnf”, Mike grunted as the sledgehammer-like fist sank deep into his stomach. Brett’s mind was filled with the feeling of finally dominating another man physically. And then, like a dam breaking under pressure, the months of frustration of being the beta next to his freakish brother flooded his mind. His fist began pounding into the battered stomach of the star quarterback. Mike could only let out incoherent, painfilled sounds as his body took the beating. He didn’t even have any strength left to try and put up a defense: his muscular arms dangled at his sides. Brett felt all-powerful as he kept slamming his fist into the once dominant athlete on his team. His dick was fully hard, forming a prominent bulge inside his sweatpants. He smacked his fist into the 238 pound man’s face, bruising his eye and then splitting the man’s lip. He felt some blood drip onto his fist and inhaled heavily as he felt the testosterone and adrenaline rush through him. He kept grabbing the star quarterback’s neck with his left paw while his right paw yanked down his own sweatpants and boxers to reveal his rock-hard 8 incher that smacked hard into his bloated roid-gut. Mike saw the meaty cock through his swollen eye. He knew what was going to happen, but was powerless to resist. Brett shoved his cock inside the fallen quarterback’s mouth, easily forcing the battered man in place and returned his attention to the book. “Let’s get this over with first. I’ll deal with you later”, he said and pulled his handkerchief from his pants. He opened the book on the right passage and read it out loud: “Let the body of he who’s fluids shall cover this page surrender to this curse. Let it discard its ill-earned mass and return to the way it was!”. He quickly grabbed the hanky and rub it along the page, smearing the liquid onto the book. In the gym, Jason’s vision went dark for just a split second. He felt a strange wave of weakness go through his body and he stumbled backwards, his wide back colliding against the tilled wall. He raised his right paw to his head, making his insanely large bicep ball up in the process, and closed his eyes. At the same time, his cock sprang to full hardness and ripped away the shorts. The 18 inch anaconda pointed straight at Keith. Keith took two steps and kneeled before the 412 pound muscle god. He took the thick head and the top of the large shaft inside his mouth. Instantly, Jason began to cum uncontrollably. Keith gulped down one huge blast after the other, feeling the liquid heat slide into his stomach. Somehow the heat seemed to spread inside him. “He’s… he’s shrinking”, Sam said in disbelief as he saw Jason’s muscles get flatter. Keith’s mind processed the remark while he gulped down a fifth blast. He looked up and noticed that the shadow cast by the still impressive, yet clearly smaller rack of pecs didn’t obscure most of the diminishing eight-pack anymore. The quads beneath his hands also felt less hard. His stomach was starting to feel bloated as another shot of cum was blasted down his throat. The cock he was sucking didn’t stretch his mouth as much anymore and felt less deep inside his throat. Jason still had his eyes closed as the powerful orgasm flooded his body. Sam blinked as the giant was now clearly getting smaller: it seemed like Jason’s muscles were melting away from his body. A tearing sound tore his gaze from the hulking muscle-freak to the wrestler sucking him off. “Dude. You’re getting bigger”, he muttered as he saw Keith’s muscles rip through his tight shirt. Keith’s mind processed Sam’s remark. He sucked down harder on the diminishing cock that kept spewing load after load of cum into him. A feeling like a good pump now filled every muscle on his body. He felt pain spread through his body as his muscles began reaching their limit. He began feeling sick as his overbloated stomach protested against more forced feeding. He motioned Sam to come over. Sam immediately got the wrestler’s hint and moved in. The growing wrestler released the still impressive, yet way smaller cock. A blast hit Sam straight in the face as he kneeled down in front of the over a 100 pounds lighter muscle freak. He immediately placed his mouth over the spewing cock and felt the heat spread through his body. The slowly swelling Keith lay down atop the bench in the locker room as he felt his muscle grow and harden further. He felt his clothes get tighter and tighter. Sam grabbed hold with all his might of the deflating quads and sucked the shrinking cock relentlessly. He felt the heat fill his body as if he was getting a solid pump from a long workout. Back at home, a similar darkness overtook Brett’s vision and the next moment his cock began cumming deep inside the quarterback’s throat. Mike gulped down the sticky spunk and felt the heat spread through his body. It was as if his muscles were regaining their lost strength. Brett groaned in pleasure as the sucking on his dick got harder. Unlike Keith, Sam didn’t grow slowly: his body exploded in size as he drank down the energizing cum. His clothes exploded into shreds as his muscles ballooned upward and outward with more mass. He looked up and the once freakishly large Jason was now looking below average. Jason felt his orgasm ware off and sank down along the wall in darkness. “Fuck yeah!”, Sam roared as he saw his new physique in the mirror. He had grown from a 185 well-muscled jock into a 335 pound, superheavyweight bodybuilder. Every muscle on his body looked ripped and pumped. His grown cock throbbed and slapped against the center of his eight-pack. “Looking good, man.” Sam turned around and saw Keith walking toward him: the guy looked like his exact copy. “Man, we’re the same size”, he said excitedly and flexed and impressive arm that bulged into a hard orb of power. Keith copied his pose grinningly, revealing an equally impressive bicep. “Fuck me”, Keith whispered as he leaned in and kissed his lover deeply. A faint grunt made Sam look aside and turn his attention to the shrunken Jason. Jason blinked as his mind tried to figure out what had happened. The large room looked strangely familiar. Before he could get up, a Greek god hoisted him up. He felt his feet leave the floor as he stared at the heavily-muscled body in front of him. Sam grinned at the runt in his grasp. The months of abuse he and Keith had had to take from the once beastly Jason popped up in his mind. “Get lost and never bother us again. If you ever set foot back in this gym, I’ll break every bone in your body. Got it, runt?”, he boomed aggressively. Jason nodded in defeat. He knew he was no match for this muscle beast. “I’ve got nothing to wear”, he peeped in his boyish voice. Sam dropped the frail runt, strutted over to a locker and ripped off the door. “There, some kid-sized clothes”, he said and tossed them onto the emaciated figure. Jason got dressed quickly and headed over to the door. He turned around a final time to see the two 335 pound, muscle beasts in action: Keith was lying atop the large bench in the center of the locker room and Sam was fucking him relentlessly while they kept kissing and groping each other’s muscles. Jason hurried over to his car to get home. Back at home, Mike gulped down the last blast from Brett’s cock. He felt the energy soaring through his grown body. Somehow, he had gained 72 pounds of muscle. Brett felt somewhat dizzy as he shoved the quarterback from his cock. A look of terror filled his eyes as the other athlete rose to his full height and he assessed the guy’s new size. “How…”, he muttered in choc. “Don’t know. And don’t care”, Mike boomed in response. “Oh and I owe ya this”, he added and smacked his fist into the 100 pound lighter guy’s abs. Brett crashed backwards to the floor as the 310 pound quarterback’s fist smacked into his six-pack and busted right through it. “See ya around, little guy. Can’t wait to see what this body can do in the gym”, Mike rumbled and strutted away from the room. 10 minutes later, Jason arrived home and stormed into his room. He went through his desk frantically to get the book and see what had gone wrong. He froze when a strong hand landed atop his bony shoulder. “A word, little bro?”. Jason shivered as he recognized his brother’s voice and turned around slowly. He gulped as he stood before the 212 pound, muscular jock. His own meager, 155 pound body was obscured by his brother’s frame. “Guess you’re only technically the bigger brother again”, Brett said as he grinned down smugly into his weak brother’s eyes, “Time for some payback, LITTLE BRO”. Jason saw his brother smacked his right fist into his left paw and shuddered, realizing that the bill for his months of dominating his brother was going to be heavy…
  7. Hey y’all! Sorry; I have been really uninspired by my other story, college supplemented, but I have what I want to do plotted out! I just need to write it. In the meantime, here’s a story heavily inspired by a roleplay I have been doing with @MidwesternMuscle. With no further ado: here it is! Tyler sets the boxes down, wiping the sweat off his forehead with his tank top, revealing his ripped abs, covered by a light coating of body hair, his body bigger and more masculine than ever his senior year, ready to kill it as the biggest man on the football team, the star. “Sheesh little bro, how much more stuff do you have?” Kyle, Tyler’s younger step brother, emerges from his room, having been unpacking into their apartment. He’s extremely sweaty too, although he hasn’t been doing the grunt labor he set his brother to, bringing up all of his stuff. “Hey Ty, just because I like to be at home a little more than you doesn’t mean I can’t have nice things! Thanks for being careful with my computer tower! I got it back up and running!” Kyle says, proudly. “Hey, how about you help me finish unloading the car, instead of fuckin’ around on your computer!” Tyler jokes, lightly punching Kyle in the arm. “Ow!” Kyle says, rubbing his arm. “That smarts man! You’re a lot bigger than me, try and be a little more careful! Ever since you hit that growth spurt after last year; you haven’t really known your strength!” “Haha... yeah... sorry bro!” Tyler scratches behind his head, slightly embarrassed to have hurt his brother with such a small punch. He had grown quite a bit in the past year, having spurted up 4 inches to 6’6, plus a solid 50 pounds of muscle, all the way to a VERY big 260. Tyler was almost too big for a lot of even his new clothes, not to mention downstairs, which had packed a few inches extra as well, much to the pleasure of his girlfriend Sally. “Kyle.. that growth spurt... Umm.. Nevermind! I think I can grab that last load!” Kyle peels off his sweat stained tank top, revealing his perfectly chiseled, while still humongous, upper torso, heading out the door. “I really need to hit the gym this year...” Kyle thinks to himself, being literally dwarfed by his brother everywhere he goes, especially this first year at college, he didn’t want to just walk in the huge footsteps of his brother; he wanted to make a name for himself. Sure, that would be hard, being only 5’7, and literally half his brother’s weight, at a very slim 130. He’s tried to put on weight in the past, but he just hasn’t been able to, no matter how much he ate. His genes are just too different from his brother, having been adopted at a young age. Kyle wouldn’t lie, he was incredibly jealous of his brother, and how his size seemed to lend him a certain gravity, which just attracted anyone he wanted, especially since his new growth spurt this last year, pushing him into true giant status. Tyler interrupts Kyle’s train of thought, busting in with one arm loaded with assorted dorm items, a lamp, an ironing board, and the other with a box tucked under. “This is the last of it! But I’m not gonna help you unpack, I’ve done enough already! Plus I want to save enough energy for the gym tonight... and for Sally!” Tyler winks at Kyle, thrusting against the air, his package obvious and bulging against the small shorts he is wearing. “She loves when I come straight to her place after the gym, she’s a real size queen, she’s loved it ever since I hit my growth spurt.” Kyle sighs, notably closing off, frustrated at the reminder of just how big his brother is. “What’s going on?” Tyler says, concerned for his brother, but bounces his manly pecs as soon as Kyle looks up, which would be funny, if they weren’t so impressive. “Nothing!” Kyle says, biting, but immediately softens up when he sees his brother is actually concerned. “I just... I wish I could be as big as you! But.. every time I get in the gym I... well... I just feel too small to try anything, and everyone.. even the women are bigger than me. It’s embarrassing to struggle with even the smallest weights!” “I know buddy... You told me that on the phone last year when you were starting off at the gym. Actually... I was going to wait for this, but maybe this can help get you started.” Tyler reaches up in the nearby coat closet, pulling down a box, rummaging through it until he finds a device. “You remember my roommate last year? Paul?” “Yeah.. I think so? You told me he was a whiz.” “Yeah, he definitely was. A strange guy, for sure. But, he was working all year on this device.” Tyler waves the remote in the air, indicating what he was talking about. “He had been working on it with this guy, also a nerd, but I remember he had been having a tough time keeping his friend in line, the guy picked up the gym and caught the bug, Yknow? Anyways. He finished it... and... Well, let’s say his friends gains didn’t go to waste. At all.” Tyler laughs, feeling half guilty, although he knew just what an asshole Paul’s partner had been to him. “But yeah. That growth spurt... it wasn’t all me, although it did kickstart a second puberty of sorts. It was mostly Paul using me as his little experiment, alongside his partner.” “Wait... What are you telling me, Ty?” Kyle says, shocked by the ride his brother has been taking him on. “Are you saying that Paul... Stole size... from his workout partner and gave it to you?” “That’s exactly what I’m saying bro! And, honestly, he gave me some size everywhere, if you know what I mean.” Ty says, palming his crotch, obviously boning up slightly at the memory of his growth. “But.. I’m telling you all this because I thought I might give you a little gift to get you started, make a name for yourself here.” “What?!” Kyle is shocked, immediately moved out of his sulking mood, standing up and looking up into Tyler’s eyes. “You’re going to give me some size?” “Just a bit! To get you jump started here with your workouts, maybe keep you from feeling too embarrassed at the gym. Plus, I’m gonna need it back before our first game! I can’t wait to dominate at this size!” Tyler flexes his 20 inch bicep, gargantuan in front of Kyle’s eyes. “But yeah, I figured I could give you a solid fifteen pounds of muscle, then once you get those beginner gains, we can transfer it back.” “Oh my god...” Kyle mutters, tears almost welling into his eyes. “Thank you so much bro!!! You don’t know how much this means to me... I have been trying so hard...” “Hey! Don’t tear up bro! Enjoy it! Plus... I don’t know! You might find some surprises along the way! But I’m gonna want that back too!” Tyler winks, booting up the remote, pointing it at Kyle, while a green light emits, scanning Kyle’s entire body. “Ok... you ready? 3...2...1..” Tyler presses go, after inputting the changes, 15 lbs of muscle, 2 inches of height, 1 inch off his cock, and a decent amount of testosterone production transfers through the device, out of him, and into Kyle. The sensation is strange on his body, almost like a reverse pump, as the world around him seems to grow, although still quite small to his now 6’4 frame. He looks down at his pecs, which were once the size of half-beach balls, but now look slightly deflated, although he would wager he’s still the biggest guy on the football team. He rubs his hand along his abs, still hard to the touch, although less body hair, his body seemingly having regressed from the thick hair he has previously to a more light coating, something honestly easier to maintain and manage. Meanwhile, Kyle is having the opposite experience, his too-large shirt starting to tighten up on him everywhere, the shoulders, arms, chest, everywhere! While standing he looks around, the table nearby shifting below him, almost like he would need to reach down a little bit to pick things up from the table, rather than having the table waist-height to him. He looks at himself in a nearby mirror and realizes his face is sharpening up, losing the little bit of body fat his 18 year old body was holding onto, becoming slightly more handsome, his hair growing out slightly on his head, and his face gaining a slight shadow, maybe necessitating more than a weekly shave now! He lifts his shirt up, revealing more than just his smooth stomach, now covered with ridges, outlining a solid 6 pack on his formerly shapeless body. “Ty... this... is incredible!!!” Kyle says, finally, after looking himself over for a solid five minutes. “I know it is man! It feels great to grow. Now, the rest you’ll experience might not be so instantaneous, but you need to keep it up in the gym. Want to hit the gym with me tomorrow?” “Fuck yeah!” Kyle’s confidence significantly increased, “Maybe you can keep my form in check? So I can actually make progress?” “Hell yeah bro, form is really important. You can’t make the gains if you’re not doing it right!” Tyler flexes his biceps again, now 19 inches, still impressive, but not nearly the size they were just a few minutes ago. “Let’s hit it up in the morning, I have plans this evening. Be sure to take some progress pics, so you can keep yourself motivated. If you really want, I would transfer that size back, just press this undo button, then you can take a pic, then send it right back! Easy beginner gains progress pics in just an hour!” Tyler says, laughing. “But first you enjoy this size, and clean up around here!” Tyler laughs, changing into some of his older clothes, so he can maintain the tightness he likes, and so sally might not notice and bitch at him right away. She wouldn’t understand what he’s doing for his brother... Kyle nods, as Tyler heads out the door in his new outfit. He immediately strips naked, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, feeling up his whole body, getting hard as he feels his new muscles up, noting his hard pecs, which have more definition than just the flat chest he had gotten used to. He looks down, stroking his cock. “Huh?! I guess Tyler was more generous than I thought!” Kyle thinks to himself, as he notices his increased size, cumming a massive amount onto the mirror. As he cleans it up, he looks at himself, and knows that he will want to track this journey. He gets rid of the mess, then grabs his phone and the remote, hitting the undo button just like Tyler had instructed him to do. As he does so, he watches his body in the mirror, shriveling down to the unathletic nerd he had looked at for years. He snaps a few pics in the buff, his body thin and unnoteworthy. In the meantime, Tyler is working out at the gym, trying to gauge his new maxes, still better than last semester, but nowhere near what he was pumping out this summer. As he racks the Barbell, having concluded another set of chest presses, he feels that same electric feeling. “Huh... I guess Kyle is taking those progress pictures now!” Tyler gets up quickly, leaving his stuff behind and heading to the private locker room right off from the weight floor, locking the door behind him. He strips off his tank top and shorts, watching as his body swells up, back to his former godly size, his pecs ballooning outward, his abs bulging forward, increasing in definition, and his quads bulging out, pushing against one another. “Fuck.... this is so hot...” Tyler mumbles to himself, watching his body go from massive to gargantuan, all in a matter of seconds. Kyle, meanwhile, is fidgeting with the device, figuring out how to put that size back on. As he scrolls through the options, a thought hits him. “How about I give myself a little bit more. I mean, Tyler won’t miss it... plus I’ll give it back later.” Kyle moved the sliders up slightly, now taking 3 inches in height, 2 inches of cock, the same amount of testosterone, and 20 lbs of muscle. He hits enter. *To be continued!*
  8. My best friend was always quite a weakling-he was really tall, 6 foot 5, but never weighed more than 165lbs Until he made some changes... I think it all started some years ago. He just turned 16. At this time My body was already quite well developed. My arms were at 15.75 inches, my legs were big and I had some abs and noticeable pecs. That was when I started working out. I often picked on my friend and fun wrestled him as he had no chance against me (I was 6 feet tall- almost 6 inches shorter than him but weighed 170lbs). It was so funny to see him trying to get out of a headscissor or a headlock by using all his strenght. He someday told me not to humiliate him any longer because he’d feel extremely sad and weak... So when he turned 17 he started hitting the gym too. His first half year transformation was insane! He put on 33lbs! From 165 to 198 lbs. His arms swell like nothing I had ever seen, he probably had 13inch arms but now they were at 15.75! (Mine were 17in at this time.) His legs started to show some muscles and his pecs were already as big as mine. He started to show some abs too. So today, 3.5 years later he’s 20 and took going to the gym quite serious - primarily because he wanted to become a better Football player. We ALWAYS went to the gym together but he gained much faster than I did. He pretty soon was able to deadlift 440lbs several times and benchpress 330lbs once. His legs are at 30inches and his chest at 47inches circumference. His arms don’t look like arms anymore- they passed the 19 inch mark as mine rested only at 18. His abs were fucking ripped and his bulging obliques formed an awesome V-line. He weighed 245lbs and had bulging abs. Just imagine that. People were afraid of him, for example when we went out partying and someone was in his way, they immediately apologised. Also tons of girls felt up his arms and pecs as he bounced them well visible under his tshirt in the middle of the dance floor. One day we were at our flat in the city and had some friends over. We were all quite drunk and made fun of each other. I somehow said something stupid about him. He stood up and “fun wrestled” me. But what was fun for him was hell for me. He grabbed my arms, wrapped them around me, threw me onto the couch, sat down on me, wrapped only one of his huge hands around my throat and said:,, Never disrespect me again in front of everyone else” I was shocked. He was fucking strong. Not even I could have finished him that fast three years ago. He could have killed me in less than 15 seconds if he wanted to... As everyone left he came to me. I thought he’d say sorry or something but instead he just said:,, Now I’m the stronger one of us -,,SHRIMP“! The FAR stronger one! It’s my time to humiliate you now!” I was shook. At that point I was really afraid of him, towering in front of me with his huge muscles. I just said ok, and took some steps away from him, turned around and started going to my room. When he just silently said:,,Now is the time to humiliate YOU...” I turned around and saw how he took off his shirt, uncovering his huuuge pecs and ripped abs. I could almost see the blood rushing through the veins on his chest and arms. I was really afraid at this moment. He threw his shirt to me. “Smell it!” “No, why should i?”, I said “Because I am the alpha now! Sooner or later you’ll smell on it!” He ran to me, grabbed my neck from behind and rubbed his shirt into my face. “But why just smell my shirt, if you could smell... ME!” He turned me around and flexed his arm. “Kiss this biceps.” I just looked at him. “KISS IT!” He pushed my head against his peak and flexed it intermittently. He dragged my head from his biceps over his armpit to his pecs and gave me a bearhug. “Stop! You’re hurting me!” I screamed. He just laughed:,, Hahaha! So what?! That’s not even 50% of my strenght!” He tightened the bearhug even more and bounced his meaty, massive, naked pecs into my face. I got really hard and just hoped that he didn’t notice. My trousers were quite loose and that’s when he noticed. “What have we got here? Lil’ omega boy is aroused by some real steel muscles overpowering him?”, he said as he let go of the bearhug. He dropped me onto the couch. He had me in a headlock immediately. He wrapped his huge biceps around my... my.... mouth?! He really was playing with me... as I wanted to bite his biceps he flexed it, laughed and said: ,,Watch out for your teeth, weakling!” He wrapped his arms around my neck now- totally cutting off my air supply. The only thing that didn’t make me pass out was the fact that he flexed and bounced his 19 inch bicepspeak intermittently. But as he stopped I had to tap. He totally let go of me. I was stunned. It could have been that easy?! His arms were almost half way back at him as he wrapped them around y neck again, layed on my back and said:,, Only weaklings tap...” and he made me pass out. I woke up again. All I saw were his massive calves because he put me in a headscissor while I was knocked out. First thing I noticed were all those veins running down his super hairless tree trunk legs. Wait. What was that? He only took off his shirt before?! And he wore a long blue Jean just before he sent me to sleep... Does that mean that he’s... naked...? ,,Ah, so you’re back, twink! Now you get to feel how it is to be totally humiliated.After tensing his massive quads a few times he somehow turned me around so that now my neck was just a bit above his knee I was facing towards his... cock. I could see his massive, vascular 30inch tree trunk legs. But what impressed me at least as much as his muscles was that cock. It was limp, but really thick and already quite long. It was waaay bigger than mine... actually I‘ve never seen such a massive prick, not even in porn He shove it up my throat and I felt it growing in my mouth.... It filled out the whole space in my mouth as it grew bigger and bigger. It was crazy how big it actually was. Because of his massive tree tunk legs and his overall massive frame his dick was much bigger than it seemed. It already almost filled out my mouth as it was limp. But as it got hard I felt it growing down my throat. Inch by inch. I tried to bend my head backwards but his huge quads were in my way. I gagged and nearly suffocated again because I didn’t know what cut off my airway more, his leg muscles which he flexed all the time or his giant cock... As he got fully erected he started talking to me:,, So, lil weakling! U remember when u were the stronger one of us? Those times are over now and will never come back again! I am the alpha now! No, I’m more than alpha... I’m a god!” He grabbed my hair and moved my head, so that I was giving him a blowjob right now. ,,Well twink, just accept it, I am way stronger than you are.” He started moving his hips. ,,I could easily break you into pieces, just look at my arms, man! They are way bigger than yours! Hmm, if I am a muscle god, u should also treat me like one!” He took my left hand and laid it onto his pec. He started bouncing it. After a while he slid my hand over his rock hard abs. Up and down, up and down with his cock still deep down in my throat. I could feel all his masculinity rush through his cock and his pulse beating in those massive muscles. He then loosened the legscissors and slowly moved my head back from his cock. It looked like it never wanted to end. He pulled out and pulled out, i was really amazed that all that fit inside my mouth. It must have been at least 9inches long... I was totally out of breath as he got up to kneel in front of me on the couch. It was so impressive... he started flexing all his muscles. He did a double biceps pose, flexed his rocky abs, bounced his pecs, tensed his traps. Totally naked. ,,Don’t you get it?!”, he shouted at me as he again reached out for my neck and pulled my face to his chest. He rubbed my face all over those gorgeous pecs and abs. ,,You are my little bitch by now! You are supposed to do everything I command you! I mean, you could try to resist but in the end there’s nothing you could do against me...!”, he said. ,,You should clean up my muscles. Too bad I didn’t sweat by wrestling with u... guess I’d have to work out with you now to get started.” He commanded me to get naked too. He then told me to get on his shoulders to do some pullups. My cock was rock hard all the time and pressing against his lower back. As he went down to do some pushups he told me to get on his back. I did so. He started pushing. It still seemed very easy for him. And then I noticed something. I was in the perfect position to get him in a headlock. Should I really dare to do this? It the only way I could show him that I’m not that weak as he says. I slowly moved my arm under his throat, pulled it back to me And locked it with my other arm. I had him. I had this muscle monster in a real headlock- HIS throat against MY biceps. But what was that? Quite unimpressed he just stood up and started running backwards into the wall. He really bumped me in quite hard but I still had him. I could feel him loose his breath and he started to panic a bit. Now he took together all his left over strength and bowed over, throwing me over his head with my back hitting the floor. Fuck. I probably gonna be dead now. He stood up from his kneeling position and what I saw was frightening. His legs and arms as well as his lower abs and chest were totally covered in veins. They were bulging on his totally pumped muscles. He was breathing very hard and heavy. ,,You really shouldn’t have done that! You know what I gotta do now!!!”, he said really angry. He ran over to me, just like a fucking tank, his pecs were jumping with every step. His massive limp dick was bouncing too. He punched me in my stomach making me go to the ground. Then he wrapped his 19inch arms around my neck, adjusted them a bit an flexed them. I was really afraid that he was going to kill me now... I tapped but passed out again... I came back... I wasn’t dead?! I opened my eyes and saw him towering over me. His massive 30inch legs, his huge cock, those swelling ripped abs, his crazy arms and everything was still covered in those thick veins. He truly looked like an animal. ,,I don’t know why you don’t get it weakling! I am the alpha now, I’m almost twice your size, you stand no chance against me!!”, he said. He wrapped both his big muscular long fingers around my neck and lifted me up with his bare hands- choking me at the same time. I was some inches above the ground, just so that my eyes were on the same level as his. He stared into my eyes like a wild beast right before breaking the neck of it’s prey. In a matter of no time he dropped me and held me in a bearhug. I could feel his massive chest and ripped abs on my limp and weakened body... My cock grew rock hard and pressed against his upper quad. ,,U like that?!”, he said as he squeezed me harder. I wanted to say something but I just wasn’t able anymore. I had no air, no strength and was totally done... ,,Awww, lil boy is so exhausted he can’t speak no more... HAHAHAH WHAT A WEAKLING!”, he screamed and tightened the bearhug even more. I felt his monster cock grow bigger and bigger too-pressing against my (much less ripped) abs. He made me pass out again... I wasn’t even aware that a bearhug could make you pass out... As I regained my consciousness I found myself still in his arms. ,,It’s so easy to overpower you. Guess how easy it would be to kill you! But then I’d have nobody to worship my muscles. Well except all those girls...”, he said. He dropped me on the floor and I was amazed by what I saw... A ripped monster with huge bulging muscles all covered in veins - jerking a huge cock... ,,I sweat just a little, twink. But enough for you to clean me up.” He hit a double biceps pose and made me stand up. I didn’t have enough energy to ask or even just say something anymore. I got his point. He was so submissive... I should have done all this three years ago with him... Back when I was able to do that... ,,LICK THEM!”, he said flexing his biceps. I did so. And I loved it. The salty taste of his testosterone loaded sweat. The form of his arms with all those veins... I cleaned his hole body. From his armpit to his massive chest. He bounced it so his pecs would jump a few inches what made it hard to keep my tongue on his skin. I caught a lot of “underboob sweat”. He grabbed my head and lead it around while I licked his washboard abs. I knew that it’s not gonna be enough for him... he pressed me downwards even more. Now my mouth was at those big balls. They smelled really manly. He didn’t even have to command me. I sucked up all his sweat and started swallowing his massive prick. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he ever received... I felt up his muscles with my hands. As I run my fingers down his abs with one hand and worshipped the inside of his huge thighs he came. ,,Mhhhhh... Now you know your place. I don’t allow you to spit it out! Eat it- it’s extra protein for you!” I really loved his taste. I chewed on it and I hope that his testosterone loaded load will give me a boost in strength... I’ll probably suck him off more often, perhaps I’m gonna become as big as him some day....
  9. “MATT…MATT…MATT…MATT” Matt raised his arms in triumph, savoring the chants of the crowd. He had just pinned his opponent. At 5’8 and weighing 182 pounds of almost entirely muscle, he was one of the star wrestlers of Orchid University. Sure, there where bigger guys on the team and on campus, but his dazzling looks only added to his charisma. He flexed his right arm, making his hefty 16 inch bicep harden and waved a final time to the crowd. He sat down on the bench and felt two strong pats on his shoulders. He looked behind him and grinned at his best friends. “Well done, bro”, Mike said. “Helluva match”, Mitch added. Mike was the star quarterback and was 6’3 and weighed 233 pounds. He was a full-blown, all-American stud. His blond hair, icy blue eyes and hard muscles had earned him the nickname ‘Thor’. Mitch was the fullback and measured 6 feet sharp for 212 pounds. The three of them had been friends ever since they had met in the university gym in their freshman year. Now, as seniors, they spent most of their time together: training, drinking, getting the hottest cheerleaders and some studying. “BLOB!” The three star athletes looked back to the mat and saw Blake, one of the heavyweight wrestlers, moving to the center. The guy weighed 267 pounds but his fat jiggled below his singlet as he walked. “BLOB…BLOB…BLOB…BLOB” The crowd chanted his nickname and the three buddies joined in. Blake’s face reddened with anger and shame as his nickname rolled through the crowd. “I’m gonna get cleaned up”, Matt said, “No interest in seeing blob jiggle his fat ass. Ya guys up for a bite?” Mike and Mitch nodded with a grin. “Come on over to my place”, Mike said. He was the only one that lived off campus, having done some modelling jobs that granted him a certain flow of money. Blake looked at the bench and saw Matt getting up to leave. Even though their coach always wanted everyone to watch every single match of the team, he let Matt simply walk by. Blake also noticed the other two star athletes leaving their place. This distraction was enough to get him pinned: looking at the three stars of Orchid University had made him miss the start of his own match, giving his opponent an opportunity for an easy and quick win. Protesting he hadn’t been ready didn’t help; he’d lost the match and saw his victory streak coming to a sudden end. He left the mat in a foul mood, ignoring the crowd chanting his nickname as he strode out of the hall. A few days later, Mitch was walking back to his dorm room. Late at night, after his second workout of the day, the hallways were completely deserted. He rounded a corner when he walked into someone. He retreated a bit and looked at the other guy. “Geez. Watch where ya’re going, Blob”, he said angrily at the heavyweight wrestler. “What did you call me?”, Blake spat back. His foul mood after his upset defeat still hadn’t wore down completely. “Blob”, Mitch replied. Before Mitch could react, Blake’s fist slammed into his abs, pounding the air from his body. “Umpff”, he groaned half in pain, half in surprise as he folded double from the impact. “What the fuck, dude”, he yelled and looked up at the wrestler. As the other athlete looked up, Blake made a fist and smacked it into the guy’s face, braking his nose. “Aughnpf”, Mitch let out as he heard and felt his nose brake. He felt the wrestler grab the front of his shirt, hold him up a bit higher and then the guy’s fist hit his face again. And again. And again. And again. The blows hit his face relentlessly. He could already feel his face swelling in several places and could hardly see the wrestler through his nearly-shut eyes. His vision began going dark and he was on the brink of passing out as he felt the hand release his shirt and he slumped down to the floor. “I’ve had it with you guys calling me ‘Blob’ these past years”, Blake shouted angrily at the whining jock at his feet. He grabbed Mitch’s collar, hoisted him up onto his shoulder and walked back to his dorm room. Mitch grunted in pain as his body was tossed atop the bed in Blake’s room. He looked aside as he heard the fatso going through one of the drawers, fetching something. The popping sound of a bottle opening and then the rattling sound of pills being tossed out made him blink. He tried getting up, but Blake turned around and moved surprisingly fast toward him. A strong paw placed itself atop his chest and pinned him down onto the bed. The other paw was placed onto his mouth and he felt a pill being pried in between his lips. “Swallow”, Blake ordered harshly. Mitch tried nodding ‘no’, but the paw held his agonizing face in place. Since he couldn’t breathe through his broken nose, he was forced to swallow the pill. The paw remained on his mouth several more seconds and then it was gone. He inhaled deeply to fill his burning lungs. “What… did you gave me?”, he asked, looking up at the grinning fatso next to the bed. “Some recipe my uncle sent me. Something the Russian army is working on. Very experimental”, Blake replied. “What…”, Mitch began, but stopped talking as Blake took off his clothes, leaving him lying naked atop the bed. “Works faster than I thought”, Blake said. Mitch felt a bit dizzy as a strange feeling of weakness spread through his body. His mouth fell open in disbelief as he saw his own muscles shrink before his eyes: his entire body was getting thinner and shorter. Only his cock and balls responded differently: his balls began swelling, quickly doubling in size and his cock got harder and longer than ever before. “What’s happening to me?”, he asked weakly in a more higher-pitched voice. His balls felt like they were on fire as he felt the pressure build up inside them. Blake didn’t reply. He simply kneeled at the end of the bed and took the impossibly large cock into his mouth. His tongue played with it a bit and almost instantly he was rewarded with the first of a series of blasts. Energy coursed through his body as he gulped down more and more cum. Mitch on the other side felt weaker and weaker with every passing second and every blast that escaped his diminishing cock. After what seemed like an eternity, Blake swallowed the last, now meager and watery load from the pathetic cock and stood back up. He stared down at the one intimidatingly looking, 212 pound fullback that now looked like a very, very slender swimmer. Mitch looked up at the wrestler that didn’t look any different under his baggy clothes. The only thing that had changed was the fact that the guy seemed to radiate confidence. “Where’s yar phone?”, Blake barked. Mitch shuddered from the deep voice. “In my pants”, he muttered weakly. “What have you done to me, Blake? Give me back my muscle. I can’t go around looking like 12 year old”, he added. Blake ignored the whining, got the guy’s phone and sent a text message. “Ya got what ya deserve. Bullying me for the past three years”, Blake said while he tied the shrunken fullback to the bed. “Hey”, Mitch yelled as the wrestler crushed his phone in his right paw. He quickly shut up as the huge man glared down on him. “Time for another visit”, Blake said, turned off the lights and locked his door as he left the room. A grin formed on his face as he felt his body change during his walk. The jiggly motion of the layers of fat around his stomach seemed to get calmer with every step he took. He could also still feel the energy surging through him. He shoved open the doors of the wrestle hall and entered. “Blob?” Blake stared at his teammate Matt standing in the center of the wrestle matt. “What are you doing here? Where’s Mitch?”, Matt asked quizzically. “Already took care of him. You’re up next”, Blake replied. “If you hurt Mitch, I’ll swear I’ll make you regret the day you were born”, Matt spat back. “Bring it on, wuss”, Blake simply answered. Matt charged at the bigger man. He knew he was 80 pounds lighter than Blake, but the thought that this guy had hurt his buddy fueled his anger. He drove his shoulder into the other guy’s stomach, while wrapping his arms tightly around Blake’s waist. Blake exhaled with a grunt, more in surprise then in pain from the sudden attack. Past the surprise, he easily withstood the smaller guy's assault. He took a more wide stance, turning his body into an immobile object. He grinned as he felt the useless efforts of the smaller wrestler against his own heavier body. Matt grunted as he upped his efforts to shove back his fat teammate. He flexed his strong legs, summoning as much of strength as he could, but it felt like trying to push back a tree. Blake placed his paws on the smaller guy's shoulders and pushed. His triceps hardened as he slowly put more pressure on Matt. Matt's knees buckled a bit. He felt the paws push down atop his shoulders and shifted his force to resist the attack. His muscular legs shook as the pressure increased. He felt his strength waning and began going down. He felt his hands beginning to slide down along Blake’s waist as his knees buckled more. His hands clawed at the fabric of the fat guy’s shirt, ripping it off as his knees gave out and he crashed down. “There’s yar place, wuss: at my feet”, Blake growled as he looked down on his teammate. Matt looked up. His eyes widened in complete disbelief and a surprised gasp escaped his mouth as he stared at Blake’s torso. A few days earlier, he had seen the guy change in the locker room. Layers of fat had then covered most of his stomach and chest. Not any more: all of his fat had somehow vanished to be replaced with hard, ripped muscle. Blake’s gut was still somewhat protruding from his waist, but it consisted of six large, brick-like abs, separated by deep valleys. Atop his six-pack, his formerly jiggly man-boobs had transformed into two orbs of muscle; huge, hard and protruding from his chest, with striations shooting across their surface with every breath Blake took. Matt could only stare in shocked disbelief at Blake’s freakishly built body. Blake looked down at him and laughed. “Mirin the view, wuss?”, he barked. Matt just swallowed. He saw a large paw reaching down for him and then warning sirens went off in his brain: he knew he was in serious trouble now. The paw grabbed his shirt and lifted him up. Another paw then grabbed his leg and he was hoisted up horizontally in the air. Blake lifted the small wrestler above his head like a barbell and began doing shoulder presses. “Fucking light weight”, he rumbled and kept cranking out reps, his shoulders filling with a nice pump as he pressed his teammate up and down. "Put.. me down… please", Matt pleaded. He felt like a ragdoll in the huge man's grasp. "Ya're the boss", Blake boomed and tossed the wrestler away. He launched the small guy to the center of the mat and took two long strides to get to him. Before Matt could react, a large paw fell over his face, covering his mouth and nose. He felt something being pushed in between his lips. The lack of oxygen made him begin to feel lightheaded. He tried tugging at the thick forearm to get the paw from his face, but it was no use. Instinctively, he swallowed the pill down. A few seconds later, the paw was removed from his face and he inhaled deeply. Blake didn’t lose a second: he ripped open his teammate’s jeans and pushed down his boxers to release the guy’s already swelling cock. Like earlier with Mitch, Matt’s muscles quickly collapsed into themselves and were somehow transferred into his now obscenely long and thick cock that throbbed angrily as it swelled further and further. Blake looked at the now insanely massive cock, and stuck his mouth over the head. Almost immediately, his teammate exploded into his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could, making sure to get every last drop. As the blasts wore down, he grabbed the now tiny balls and crushed them together, squeezing out the very last drop of cum. He pulled his lips from his emaciated teammate’s tiny cock. He stood up, looked down on the boyish wrestler and rumbled: "Time to grow some more!". He tossed his fallen teammate atop his shoulder, returned to his room to get the defeated Mitch and dropped the two boyish looking guys off at campus security, claiming that two underaged high school kids had tried breaking into the university gym. The next day Mike didn’t see his buddies around campus. They didn’t respond to his texts either. Not knowing what to think of it, he sat through classes and decided to get another workout in late that evening. He always enjoyed the empty gym. Two hours later, close to midnight, he stripped off his now sweat-drenched workout gear and went into the shower zone. He let the hot water cascaded down onto his heavily muscled physique. A watery fog began to fill the shower zone. “Mike”. The low, husky voice surprised Mike. He thought he was alone this late. He turned around to face the room but didn't see anyone. He blinked as he saw a big silhouette moving in his direction through the fog. "Who's there?", he said out loud and unafraid being one of the biggest guys in school. He gasped as the silhouette stepped from the fog and he recognized the guy. "Blo… her Blake?", he said in surprise. The silhouette took another step and emerged from the fog. Mike stared as Blake appeared in plain sight. The guy had somehow turned into a hulking mass of muscle. His muscle gut was a protruding eight-pack of cobblestone-sized, grooved abs; his pecs looked like two half watermelons shoved under his skin that was stretched tight across the mass of striated meat; his shoulders were freakishly wide bowling balls capped with thick traps; his arms hung relaxed like hams at his sides; his quads were two strong pillars of corded muscle that obscured his knees and flowed into his thick calves. “How…”, he let out. Blake didn’t respond. He closed the distance between them and shoved his hard pecs into Mike's muscular chest. The force made Mike stumble backward against the tilled wall. Before he could move, Blake pushed his chest against his and pinned him against the wall. He was trapped between the tilled wall and the wall of muscle Blake had become. He gulped again as he realized he had to look up into Blake's eyes. "What the fuck, man?", he let out as loud as possible and reached for the behemoth's shoulders that were half again as wide than his own to shove him aside. Blake noticed the move and grabbed the other guy's wrists, overpowering him easily and pushing his arms against the wall. "Ya're no match for me, Mike", he barked and pushed his chest harder into the meaty pecs, "Yar fucking pretty boy looks mean nothing next to a real man’s muscle. Feel it!". He began flexing his pecs, making them dig into the other guy's chest. Mike felt his strong pecs being pushed together painfully. "Ughn", he groaned in pain. He flexed his own chest in defense. Blake felt some resistance as the other guy tried to defend himself. He hardened his flex some more. Mike felt the pressure against his chest decrease a bit as he flexed his own pecs. A second later he gasped painfully again as Blake's massive pecs crammed his pecs together painfully. He gave up his resistance and felt the protruding rack of hard muscle overpower his own strong chest completely. He saw striations and veins exploded across the behemoth's protruding, thick chest. His mind just couldn’t fathom the sheer strength Blake must have possessed. "Yeagh", Blake grunted as he felt his pecs crushing Mike's protruding chest. "Pretty boys are no match for real men", he said. He felt his dick starting to inflate as he dominated the star quarterback. He released Mike's wrists as the guy's resistance faded completely. He raised his right arm and flexed it. Mike's eyes widened in disbelief as they were drawn to the massive orb of hard muscle that exploded atop the behemoth's arm. The thick, perfectly round bicep had to be at least 26 inches of vein-infested meat pushing against the paper-thin skin. He gulped once more as Blake hardened his flex further and the beastly bicep stretched his skin to the max. “Mirin my muscle, pretty boy?", Blake growled and took a step back. Mike inhaled deeply as the pressure against his chest disappeared when the other guy broke contact. He just stared as the massive Blake threw a most muscular. He didn't know where to look first as muscles exploded into a display of hard, striated and vein-choked meat across the guy's beastly body. His eyes were drawn down to the movement between the massive quads in front of him: the beastly wrestler’s cock was hardening to an evenly intimidating size. Blake moved in incomprehensively fast for a man his size. He grabbed hold of Mike's meaty shoulders and span the athlete around, making him face the wall. Without hesitation, he rammed his now fully engorged 10 incher into the muscular ass. "Aghn", Mike groaned in pain as the meaty snake broke through his defenses and invaded him. His hands clawed at the tilled wall and his back arched as pain mixed with pleasure. Spasms shot through the muscle of his ass that clamped around the searing hot shaft. Blake rumbled a low, guttural sound as the tight ass clenched around his cock. He lowered his paws and placed them on Mike's hips. He began pumping his cock hard in and out of the clenching ass. "Yeaughn", he growled into the athlete's ear. Mike’s mouth hung open in a soundless scream as his ass sent out jolts of stabbing pain. To his own horror, his own cock was getting harder and harder with every passing second. Within half a minute, his 8 incher was at full mast. His own fully erect cock bounced in the air on the rhythm of the assfucking he was receiving. The shower zone echoed with the sounds of the deepening breaths, Blake’s deep, animalistic grunts and the sound of flashy slaps on the violent rhythm that Blake’s cock was driven in and out of Mike’s ass. Blake withdrew his cock completely from the ass and with one hard motion, rammed it back inside. "FUCK YEAUGHN", he bellowed in a deafening roar as his balls exploded. Mike's eyes widened as he was lifted to his toes and the snake began filling him with liquid heat. "Ughn", he grunted as his own cock exploded against the tilled wall. His own 8 incher blasted out 7 loads before his orgasm cooled down. His legs shook from exhaustion but the paws grabbing his hips held him upright. Blake felt the other athlete shudder as he cummed against the tilled wall. Even after Mike had climaxed, he blasted several big loads into the now insanely tight ass dripping with his cum before his own orgasm wore off. He withdrew his cock from the other athlete, a large flow of cum leaking from the guy's ravaged ass as the 10 incher left it. He released his grip on the 230 pound guy's hips and let him fall down to the floor. He noticed the wads of cum sliding down on the tilled wall and looked down into Mike's eyes. "Ya came from being fucked up the ass, pretty boy?", he barked with a grin and left. Mike stared at the insanely wide, muscle-covered back as the behemoth abandoned him in the shower zone. Blake returned to his dorm room with a large grin. He had just reduced the biggest stud, the most popular man on campus to his bitch. More ideas of completely dominating the guy before draining his muscles popped up in his mind. The next day, Blake put on a skin-tight, sleeveless shirt that highlighted the intimidating mass of muscle on his torso as did his jeans with his legs. He walked into the hallway and went straight to Stacy, the top cheerleader and Mike's girlfriend. He looked her in the eye and playfully bounced his chest. "How about dating a real man?", he asked and kissed her on the mouth. Her hands roamed his heavily muscled arms during the kiss, that ended her relation with Mike on the spot. Mike avoided the shower zone altogether those days: he made sure to train when everyone was gone and then rushed back to his apartment to shower and avoid Blake. He had managed to avoid the huge Blake for two days and began feeling more relaxed. It was a strange feeling for him: he was still among the biggest, most muscular guys on campus but he kept glancing over his shoulder every time he walked around campus. Two days later, late at night, Mike was finishing up a grueling chest workout. He was cranking out reps on the bench press. He racked the weight and sat op atop the bench. He gulped as he saw Blake standing at the next machine, casually pumping his forearms up and down. He stared in pure awe at the bulging mammoth biceps Blake grinned at the reaction and rubbed his right bicep. He stared directly into Mike’s eyes as he flexed his right bicep under his own touch. He noticed the loaded bench and moved in. He shoved Mike aside, sending the 100 pound lighter athlete stumbling down to the floor, and pulled off his shirt own shirt. He grabbed hold of the bar and began curling it with perfect control. Mike turned around on his bed and his eyes widened as the shirtless behemoth cranked out rep after rep. His eyes roamed the muscle-crammed torso crossed with hard lines and veins that fed the huge muscles. His mouth went dry as he zoomed in on the bulging biceps that curled the bar. Without blinking or taking his eyes from the monster arms he slowly got up from the bed and walked toward the curling behemoth. Blake didn't bother to look aside, his entire attention was on his own massive biceps. "Feels so fucking awesome", he grunted between his teeth as the pump began spreading through his biceps. "Fuck, Blake. You're curling 250 pounds", he said in disbelief. A grin formed on Blake's face as he heard the awe in the other guy's voice. "250? Thought it felt a bit light", he said and curled the bar up for another perfectly controlled rep. In the meantime Mike had almost closed the distance separating him from the 330 pound freak. He took a final, slow step and stopped a few inches from his beastly wrestler. His eyes drank in the sight of the perfectly round orbs of meat covered in a web of veins that swelled beneath the paper-thin skin as they curled the bar. His painfully hard dick throbbed inside his pants as he cautiously reached for the insanely huge biceps. He felt the heath emanating from the meaty muscles as his fingers closed in on them. A shiver went through his 233 pound body as his right hand made contact with the monster bicep. Blake looked aside as he felt the touch on his arm. An evil grin formed on his face as he saw the awe in the smaller guy's eyes while he touched the granite-like orbs. He made sure to flex his biceps at the top of each rep, making the rock-hard orbs pry open Mike’s hand. “Wow”, Mike muttered in sheer awe as the perfectly round orb of steely meat forced his strong fingers apart. His put his right hand on his own thick and strong quad to compare the hardness of his heavily muscled quad to the monster bicep. His fingers slightly dug into his own flexed quad while the insanely massive bicep easily withstood his pressure. “Fuck, Blake. Your bicep is harder than my quads. Fuck, I can’t even dent your arm”, he uttered in disbelief and lustfully. He let his left hand grope the 25 inch bicep while his right hand unzipped his pants, phished his achingly hard dick from his boxers and began stroking the 8 inch long shaft. Blake looked aside and grinned as he noticed the 230 pound muscular athlete beating off as the guy touched his working bicep. “Yeah”, he grunted as he kept curling the bar and further inflating his arms, “Jerking off while ya feel a real man’s bicep. 26 fucking inches of hard, vein-infested muscle! Have ya ever touched an arm this massive, pretty boy?”. Mike’s mind couldn’t process his gigantic wrestler’s remark: it was trying to process the massiveness, hardness and strength of the monster bicep in his touch. His right hand stroked his painfully hard cock with increasing speed. Blake’s evil grin only got wider as his remark remained unanswered. He saw the look of utter amazement and lust on the 100 pound smaller man’s face and some drool leaking from his mouth. He felt his own dick come to life inside his pants as it began inflating with blood. The burning sensation of a good pump began spreading in his swelling biceps. Mike’s breathing got faster as he was now stroking his 8 incher vigorously without taking his eyes from the monster arm he was groping. The massive bicep felt ready to burst through the paper-thin skin. “Fuck, man. Ya’re not even trying to dent my bicep”, Blake said while he cranked out another, yet slower rep and felt the burning sensation in his biceps starting to get painful. “Don’t grope my arm like a wuss. Grab it like a real man and try to dig in my fucking muscle. NOW!”, he boomed. Mike shuddered as the behemoth’s deep voice filled his room. Automatically, he obeyed the 100 pound of muscle heavier man and closed his left hand powerfully around the meaty bicep while his right hand went in overdrive stroking his 8 incher. He summoned every ounce of force in his own heavily muscled, 233 pound body. His fingers turned white as the full force of his vice-like grip bore down on the bicep. Blake felt the pressure increase around his bicep as he lowered the bar until his arms were fully extended. Even in its weakest position, his bicep withstood the grip that would have snapped a normal guy’s arm. “Can’t ya do any better, boy?”, he sneered. Mike’s heavily muscled body shook from the effort as he summoned more power and clamped his paw tighter around the bicep. His eyes widened in disbelief and drool dripped from his opened mouth as Blake began curling the bar up. The monster bicep in his grueling grasp began balling up and slowly began pushing his fingers apart. “No…uh…”, he grunted as he scraped together his last strength to resist the hardening mound. His fingers slid open further and further as the bicep hardened into the pumped, concrete-like orb it was. After a final struggle, his grip faltered and the steely mound broke through completely. “Fughn”, he roared as the realization of Blake’s superior strength filled his mind and orgasm exploded through his mighty body. His 8 incher jerked violently in his right paw as it spewed load after load of sticky cum that splattered atop the nearby bench of the leg curl machine. Blake pulled his arm from the smaller man’s touch and re-racked the bar. He turned his attention back to his 233 pound wrestler and noticed the final load drip from the guy’s cock. He slowly stepped toward the heavily breathing muscular man. “Yo, Mike. Check this out”, he said. Mike stared as the behemoth brought up his right arm and held it mere inches from his face. He inhaled deeply as the thick forearm covered with corded muscle began rising up slowly. His eyes instantly shot to the upper arm where the beastly bicep began its journey upwards and outwards. The pumped, beastly large orb of steely meat swelled into a perfectly round sphere choked in a web of veins pushed up against the paper-thin skin. “Fuck, yeah”, Blake groaned and tightened his flex. Mike’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as the pumped, beastly bicep swelled to 27 inches of pure muscle. He would have sworn he could hear the behemoth’s skin stretch around the orb of rock-hard beef. “Ughn”, he grunted and felt his cock dribble another watery load of cum. By now, Blake’s cock was fully hard inside his pants. He didn’t waste any time: he grabbed the 100 pound lighter quarterback, tossed him atop the cum-drenched bench and yanked away his pants. He pulled down his own jeans, letting his rock-hard 10 incher smack into his eight-pack. “Blake…”, Mike began but any other sound died in his throat as the behemoth’s thick cock was rammed violently inside his ass. “Ughnf”, he grunted and grabbed the sides of the bench to steady himself against the violence of the thrusts. Blake drove his 10 incher fully inside the tight, muscular ass, grabbed the 233 pound athlete’s hair and pulled the man’s head back. He brought his mouth to the guy’s ear. “Too weak to dent my mighty arms, boy”, he groaned, “Jerking off while ya felt my arms and blowing yar load as ya see me flex. Ya’re a weak, fucking beta. Good to serve as my cum dump, boy”. He released the athlete’s hair, grabbed the man’s muscular waist and began pounding the meaty ass with full force. The force of the thrusts got more violent and Mike felt the bench shudder beneath his muscular body. The cum atop the bench mixed with the sweat on his pecs to form a sticky mess. “Ughnf”, he grunted, half in pain half in ecstasy. He flexed his mighty legs to steady himself but even his fully flexed, heavily muscled quads that held the power of three normal men couldn’t withstand the superhuman force produced by Blake’s monster body. Blake felt the muscular ass tighten around his rock-hard 10 incher as the 233 pound athlete flexed his thick quads. “Ow yeaugh”, he groaned as the increased pressure around his cock sent what felt like an electric discharge through his massive body. He upped the pace and force of his thrusts as more ecstatic pleasure amassed in his brain. “Ughnpf”, Mike grunted once more. His 8 incher smacked painfully against the bench as his heavily muscled body rocked back and forth under the increasingly violent thrusts of the 330 pound muscle beast. Blake felt his balls churn and withdrew his cock from Mike. His paws released the muscular athlete’s waist, grabbed the edge of the bench and he rammed his fully engorged 10 incher hard into the meaty ass, burying it deep inside the 233 pound athlete. “YEAUGHNNNN!!!!!”, he bellowed in a deafening roar that rattled the window as the mightiest orgasm he’d ever felt flooded his body and his lemon-sized balls blasted out the first of a series of loads. “Aughn”, Mike cried out in pain as the muscle beast’s cock slammed inside him and destroyed his clenched defenses. The deafening roar of lust filled the room, hit his ears painfully and vibrated down his own body. His eyes widened as he was lifted to his toes by the beastly wrestler’s cock that began filling him with liquid heat. His own cock leaked a meager load that slid along his shaft while he felt his insides being stuffed with a tsunami of cum. “YEAUGhn”, Blake boomed again as a second wave of orgasm flooded his body. The thought of completely dominating the once star of the team and having reduced a 233 pound athlete to his bitch made him feel more alpha than ever. He grabbed the other athlete’s waist again, withdrew his cock half from the tight, muscular ass and rammed it back in with full force as his 10 incher began shooting out a second round of hefty loads. Mike could only grasp the bench for support. “AUGHN”, he groaned out loud in pain as the fleshy snake was violently rammed deep into him. He felt the muscle beast’s pubes brush against his ass while the thick cock twitched inside him, lifted him back up to his toes and began spewing more spunk into him. “So…ughn…fucking…ughn…tight… Yeaughn”, Blake moaned deeply as sweat trickled along the deep grooves separating the huge mounds of muscle on his torso. He grabbed the waist of the 233 pound athlete firmly as the second, even powerfuller wave of orgasm exploded in full force allover his beastly body. Mike felt the paws digging into his muscular waist. His mind couldn’t fathom the strength of the beastly wrestler. Black dots began dancing before his eyes and he felt his heartbeat pound inside his ears while the fleshy snake kept filling him with more liquid heat. “YEAUGHN”, Blake roared as his 10 incher spewed its final load and he brought up his arms to showcase his magnificent biceps once more. Mike grunted weakly as the wrestler’s cock twitched a final time inside him. His chest heaved intensely on the rhythm of his heavy breathing; he felt worn out like after a long workout. He stared in front of him at their reflection in the mirror, blinking in awe as the behemoth went into a double bicep pose that screamed raw masculinity and pure power. Blake too was breathing heavily but not nearly as deep as the 100 pound lighter quarterback. Within half a minute his body felt recovered after the intense fucking. He grabbed Mike’s hair and pulled the guy up as he bowed forward himself to bring his mouth the other athlete’s ear. “Finally know yar place, pretty boy?”, he growled. Mike grunted a faint ‘yes’ in response. “Yar tight ass is mine now”, Blake went on, “Time for my date with Stacey. See ya around later, pretty boy.” Mike crashed back down atop his cum-drenched bench as the paw released his hair. He groaned as the 10 inch cock was pulled from his worn out ass. He heard Blake pull on his pants, put on his shirt and then his heavy footsteps echoed through the otherwise deserted gym. The following days, Mike avoided getting to campus. He stayed in his apartment and went to a gym on the other side of town: he didn’t want to bump into Blake. Blake on the other hand felt like he was walking on air: he was now the undisputed stud on campus. He could get any girl, or even guy, he wanted and felt like he ruled the place. He had reduced the spots where Mike felt dominant to almost zero. He did feel a bit angry not seeing Mike on campus, but knew he would soon have another step in his domination of the stud quarterback. By the end of the week, Mike felt better and returned for football practice. The few days of rest had done miracles: he simply owned the football field during practice. He dominated the field unlike anyone else. As the coach ended practice, he decided to stay behind and run some extra drills. An hour later, he felt pumped beyond anything and called it a day. He felt sweat rolling down the mounds of muscle on his broad back and over his muscular pecs down along the grooves of his six-pack. He placed his right hand onto the goalpost for support and took a few deep breaths to calm down his breathing. He somehow got the feeling of being watched and turned around. A massive guy was slowly walking across the field in his direction. There was no doubt about the man’s identity: there wasn’t a second man on campus that big. The man radiated confidence and the air around him seemed to be filled with an aura of raw strength. Mike watched the behemoth walk over toward him until the large shadow fell over him. As usual standing this close to the wrestler’s insane bulk, he gulped as he stared up into Blake’s grinning face. ”What’s up, Blake?”, he asked, trying to sound as casually as possible while he felt shivers of fair and even some lust for the guy’s beastly body pull his stomach together. “Great hustle on practice. Saw ya bust over the others. Ya were on fire out there”, Blake said appreciatively. Mike felt his cheeks turn warm underneath his helmet from the compliment. “Thanks”, he replied. “Nothing beats dominating smaller guys, eh”, Blake went on, “Some of them even dropped the ball when ya came near. Big guys don’t have to take shit from smaller guys. Only natural. And ya’re at the top of the food chain here.” Mike relaxed. The beastly wrestler apparently only wanted to talk. And he did feel good out here: the football field was the only place left on campus where he truly dominated. All the other places where he had once dominated, had been claimed by Blake: the shower, where other guys would eye him up after practice; the gym, where the weights he used and his stamina put others to shame. “Off course, ya’re still below me on the food chain”, Blake added while he looked around the football field. “Don’t think I ever dominated on this field. Time to change that. Blow me, pretty boy”, he said. “And ditch this”, he added as he ripped off Mike’s helmet. Mike blinked at the remark. He saw the huge man unzip his jeans. Instinctively, he kneeled as he felt the heavy paw land atop his own muscular shoulder. As soon as his knees were on the ground, he looked straight at the pulsing 10 incher sticking out the opened jeans. He quickly opened his lips as the wrestler rammed his cock inside his mouth. “Umpf yeah”, Blake grunted as the wet, hot mouth engulfed his dick. He felt his cock hit the back of his teammate’s throat. He ignored the quarterback’s gagging sounds, grabbed the side of the athlete’s head and began thrusting his 10 incher in and out of the guy’s throat and mouth. Mike Gagged every time the thick cockhead hit his throat. He placed his hands atop the huge wrestler’s thick quads to ease the force, but his entire muscular torso rocked back and forth on the rhythm imposed to him. “FUARKUGHN”, Blake roared and his deep voice rumbled across the football field like thunder. He grabbed the quarterback’s head firmly at the back and let his cock blast out its loads while his balls exploded. Mike creamed his own pants when the behemoth’s scream vibrated strongly inside his own body. He continued feeling the hot, thick cream being blast down his throat. He felt the hot liquid leak from his nose as his mouth was quickly overstuffed. “FUarkughn”, Blake roared as his final load disappeared down the quarterback’s throat. He inhaled deeply to calm down his heartbeat and catch his breath after the intense orgasm. Half a minute later his extremely fit body had recovered. He shoved the other athlete from his 10 incher, put his cock back inside his boxers, zipped up his pants and looked down grinningly on the 233 pound quarterback.. Mike fell backwards onto the grass when he was shoved away from the hard, hefty cock. He whipped the remains of cum from his lips while he looked up at the beastly wrester. He saw the man grin down on him. “I won this filed now”, Blake barked, “Get lost, pretty boy. Before I decide to fuck ya right here under the goal post!”. Mike rushed to his feet, snatched his helmet from the grass and ran for it, chased by the behemoth’s deep laughter. Mike made it to the safety of his apartment and slumped down onto his couch. He must have sat there for several hours when someone knocked on the door. He got up and opened the door. He took a step back instinctively as he looked up into the huge wrestler’s grinning eyes. “B….Blake?”, he let out incredulously. Blake didn’t respond. He shoved the muscular quarterback aside and entered, turning slightly sideways to get through the opened door. “Nice place ya have”, he said appreciatively as he walked into the living room. “What… what do you want, Blake?”, Mike asked after closing the door and following the behemoth into the living room. “That’s no way to treat a guest. Why don’t ya offer me a drink, pretty boy?”, Blake reacted. Mike quickly went into his kitchen, grabbed a coke from the fridge and returned to the living room. “Got you a coke”, he said and handed the can to his unexpected and unwelcome guest. Blake grabbed the coke from Mike's hand. He brought the can up to his mouth, making sure to make his right bicep swell more than needed, and downed the drink in three gulps. He noticed Mike's gaze being drawn to the orb of muscle atop his arm. He crushed the empty can in his paw and casually rubbed his right bicep. He then proceeded to bouncing his pecs separately beneath his shirt. Mike stared at the masses of muscle dancing beneath the shirt. The rhythm had something mesmerizing. He blinked when the 100 pound heavier wrestler took off his shirt and bounced his now naked pecs a few more times before hardening them in an intimidating flex. He gulped when the behemoth closed the distance between them almost completely, stopping mere inches from him. Even though he was still fully geared up after practice, the half-naked Blake dwarfed him completely. His own wide shoulders, even wider with the pads capping them, came still only halfway Blake’s insanely broad and perfectly round shoulders. The wrestler’s chest was a thick shelf of swollen muscle protruding proudly from his torso even further than his own muscular chest covered with the body cushion inside his equipment. “Thinking how I outsize ya?”, Blake asked. “How…”, Mike asked wondering how the beastly man had read his mind. “Come on, pretty boy. Ya’re practically drooling over my size”, Blake said laughingly, “Can’t blame ya, though. 330 pounds of pure muscle waiting for worship. Ya just can’t wait to feel my hard muscle, can ya?”. Mike gulped at the remark. Part of him still hated Blake for taking his alphaness but the dominant part of him just craved to feel the massive muscles the guy had grown. Blake noticed the look on the 100 pound lighter man. He closed the last distance between them and took the heavily muscled quarterback in a bearhug. Mike grunted in surprise as the anaconda-sized arms wrapped themselves around his torso and pulled him into the wrestler’s massive, hard torso. “Agphf”, he grunted as the embrace tightened around him. He felt his football gear resisting the pressure. Seconds later, cracking sounds were hearable as the hard equipment lost its battle against the beastly muscles. His dick sprang to full hardness inside his pants as he realized that the beastly wrestler was simply and effortlessly crushing his football gear. “Ya’re enjoying this, aren’t ya pretty boy?”, Blake asked as he noticed the look in Mike’ eyes. He tightened his hold some more. “Aughn”, Mike grunted as his felt the 26 inch biceps dig into his flanks through the now destroyed football gear. His face was shoved into the thickly protruding pecs. By instinct, his tongue explored the deep cleavage between the half watermelon-sized muscles, liking the salty-tasting muscle. Blake exhaled sharply in surprise as he felt the hot tongue lick the inside of his pecs. He tightened his hold a final time before releasing the 233 pound athlete from his grasp. Mike stumbled backwards down to the floor. He didn’t move as the beastly wrestler grabbed the front of his shirt, lifted him up and ripped away his football gear to expose him completely. His rock-hard 8 incher left nothing to the imagination. He blinked as he was tossed atop his couch and Blake stripped off his own pants and boxers before he strutted over to him. The next morning Mike awoke groggily. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and inhaled deeply. Immediately, the powerful scent of musk, cum and sweat hit his nostrils. The air in his room was still heavily filled with the stench of sex. Images of last night popped up in his mind: Blake fucking the living daylights out of him and feeling like he was nothing but a ragdoll inside the huge man’s grasp. The beastly wrestler had first fucked him on the couch, then on the table in the kitchen before dragging him into the bedroom. The last thing he remembered was passing out as Blake fucked him a sixth time. He turned around, his overused ass sending a mild sensation of pain to his mind, and scanned the deserted room. There was no sight of the 100 pound heavier wrestler and he fell relieved. He got up and went over to the bathroom to get the shower he needed since football practice the day before. He stared at his reflection in the lengthy mirror that covered the entire left wall of his bathroom: his face looked as worn out as he felt. “Ah. Ya’re awake.” Mike blinked when the deep voice rumbled into the bathroom. A few seconds later, he saw the behemoth wrestler appear behind him in the mirror. The difference between them was unfathomable. His own, heavily muscled, 233 pound body made him look like a professional NFL player: intimidating, carrying the muscle of two ordinary men and plain strong. Despite all the big, hard muscle on his body, he looked average standing before Blake: the 330 pound, behemoth wrestler made him look like a high school football player standing in front of an elite Mr. Olympia winner. Before he could react, Blake’s right paw was placed on his face and he felt something being pushed inside his mouth in between his lips. The paw prevented him from breathing and he was forced to swallow the pill. A few seconds later, the paw released his face and he gulped in a deep breath of fresh air. “What… what did you gave me?”, he asked. Blake, an evil grin on his lips, replied casually: “I took yar friends and drained their muscles. Then, I took over every place where ya were the dominant man. Time for the final part: make yar muscles mine. Check it, Thor: yar muscles are already disappearing.” Mike stared in disbelief and horror at his reflection: the hard lines separating the mounds of muscle on his body were indeed getting softer as his muscles seemed to reel in on themselves. His strong legs felt weaker with every passing second. His beard seemed to get lighter and he would have sworn he saw his chest hair and his treasure trail vanishing right before his eyes. He blinked as he saw his 8 incher throbbing stubbornly hard in front of him. His cock was harder than ever; it even hurt as it pulsed larger. Blake noticed the quarterback starting to get unstable. He span the softening athlete around and kneeled in front of him. Mike let the behemoth wrestler take action without any reaction: he felt totally spent and even had trouble staying upright. Two strong paws grabbed his hips and he felt more stable being held up by the 330 pound man. “Aughn”, he groaned as the wrestler’s mouth took in his now 11 inch cock. Blake took the huge cock in his mouth and sucked. Almost instantly, he was rewarded with the first blast of cum that disappeared down his hungry throat. He kept sucking with al his might, making sure to gulp down every drip of cum from the shrinking cock. When the violence of the blasts subsided, he reached up und crushed the now tiny balls with his left paw, forcing out the very last essence of the depleted quarterback’s manhood. He let go off the passed out Mike and stood up, staring at his own reflection when he felt the effect of the cum on his body: unlike the last two times, his muscles hardened almost instantly. He felt like a tsunami of energy flooded every cell of his body and was forcing his already huge muscles to grow even more. He groped the swelling masses of muscle atop his chest, before his paw slid down to follow the contours of his hardening eight-pack. The pure intoxication of growing into the biggest man alive whirled through his mind. Mike blinked a few times as his sight slowly returns. He felt weaker than ever. The floor felt cold against his now small back. He recognized the floor as his own bathroom. He looked up and his mouth fell open in disbelief. In front of him stood the most massive being he’d ever seen. “B…Blake?”, he muttered in a weak, high-pitched voice. Blake heard the faint mumble and turned away from his reflection to the destroyed quarterback. Pure shock filled Mike’s eyes as he looked up at the new Blake. The wrestler’s had transformed from a muscular behemoth in a total muscle monster, an inhuman mass of hulking, rock-hard muscle. Every protruding mound of muscle seemed to fight for space on Blake’s body threatening to split open his paper-thin and was crisscrossed with veins that throbbed with power. Mike’s mind tried to process the new reality and the impossible size of the wrestler’s muscle mass. Blake's pecs had grown from half watermelon-sized slabs into orbs the size of an entire watermelon shoved in each pec, protruding so far from his chest that his nipples weren’t even visible and the top half of his eight-pack consisting of cobblestone-sized abs were totally obscured. The canyon in between his pecs was deep enough to conceal an entire hand. His thighs looked as broad as they were long, crammed with rock-hard, deeply striated muscle and crisscrossed with a network of veins. His arms were formidable masses of muscle that almost look larger than his relatively tight, eight-pack waist. His awesome V-taper from his waist up to his wider-than-a-doorframe shoulder girdle, capped with perfectly round, basketball-sized delts was simply unreal. His neck was capped with gargantuan traps. Blake grinned down on the now fallen stud of the football team. “Look at me, Mike”, he rumbled in his thunder-like voice, “Look at my body! Look at my huge muscles! Ya made me a muscle monster!”. He started lifting both of his arms straight out to his sides and then slowly raised them up into a double biceps pose. The intimidating muscles in his arms hardened and his biceps began to rise. “Look at how huge my biceps are”, he boomed as the huge muscles continued rising higher and higher. “So fucking big”, he let out in a trance as he watched his own biceps grew harder and harder and rise higher and higher in the mirror. More veins bulged all over the huge mounds as they kept swelling upward and outward. “Oh, FUARK!”, he grunted as he pulled his fists in and flexed his arms completely. His biceps looked like bowling balls crammed under his super tight, paper-thin skin. The perfectly formed mountains of muscle stretched his skin to the breaking point. Mike was overcome with the terrifying sight. His reduced 4 inch cock throbbed hard in between his stick-like legs as he stared up at the muscle monster’s arms. Blake smiled at his own reflection. “Look at my arms! So fuarking huge!”, he said to his reflection. His left arm went down as he reached for his flexed right arm. “Like touching a rock. A hot rock”, he let out as his thick fingers test the resistance of the 40 inch, rock-hard orb. The feeling of his own monster biceps was too much for him: on the spot his throbbing 14 inch cock exploded and spewed its load against the mirror. Mike could only stare at the scene: the muscle monster getting off on his own size. His mind urged him to get away, but before he could move he saw Blake’s gaze transfixed on him in the mirror. He gulped, knowing he was at the mercy of the muscle monster he had just helped to create. The once fat wrestler certainly wasn't a blob any more...
  10. NewGuy71

    Late Night at the Gym

    Hey guys. This story was co-written with NovelAI's Sigurd model, using the new Custom AI Module feature wherein I basically fed the AI trainer ~600KBs of muscle theft stories and this was the result. Late Night at the Gym It's late and you're working out in a mostly empty gym. The only other people around are the night staff, but it's mostly a skeleton crew. You prefer the quiet, however, as opposed to working out while the gym is crowded and full of jocks and fratboys. You're not some scared weakling, but you're not a big guy either. You've been working out at this gym for a year already, and you've yet to put on any real muscle or size. You're starting to wonder if maybe you're just destined to be a small Asian twink forever. You're finishing up your workout when you spot one of the personal trainers, Tyler, walking up to you. The handsome blond towers over you at 6' 4", and his tight muscle tee and gym shorts leave little to the imagination. His muscular 240-pound body is the product of years of hard work, and you've always wanted a body as ripped and sculpted as his. Tyler grins as he approaches, "Hey, little man. Working hard, tonight?" Despite his intimidating size, the bodybuilder has always been helpful and friendly towards you. Probably because you've fooled around together in the locker room more than once after a late-night workout. You eye the outline of the obvious semi in the bigger man's gym shorts. "Yeah, but it looks like someone wants a workout of a different kind..." "Oh yeah? Well, if you're up for it." His biceps bulge as he crosses his arms with a smirk. You can't help but stare at the huge muscles flexing beneath the thin fabric of his shirt. Your cock twitches inside your sweatpants as you imagine burying your face in those massive pecs, worshipping them with your tongue. It doesn't take long before you find yourself sitting in Tyler's lap in the empty locker room, doing just that. Both of you had stripped off your shirts, and the muscular blond sat on the bench with his arms behind his head as you proceeded lick at the exposed muscle before you. You licked the sweat off the handsome bodybuilder's impressive pecs, swirling your tongue around his nipples. He moans softly into the air as you suckle at his fat buds, running your hands all over him. You press against his chest, feeling how much larger and thicker he is compared to you. How could anyone possibly resist this hulking titan? A thick, heady musk billows out of the blond's exposed pits. You inhale deeply, drinking in the scent of masculine arousal until it becomes too intense for you to bear. You break away from his torso and kneel between his legs, licking eagerly at the pungent treasure trail leading down to his groin. He lifts himself off the bench as you pull of his shorts. You moan lustily as you bury your nose deep in the dense patch of hair surrounding his shaft. His manly scent is even thicker now, and you run your hand along his impressive length. Not only was Tyler blessed with good looks and great muscle building genetics, but unlike most bodybuilders he had a great cock too. At 10.5 inches of thick, white manmeat, it was a wonder how the blond was so humble. You wrap your lips tightly around the big tip, sucking it greedily into your mouth. You bob up and down slowly, savoring every inch of his magnificent tool as you give him a blowjob. "Fuck! Corey, you're gonna make me cum!" The muscular blonde grabs the back of your head and starts fucking your throat. You stare up at the heaving bodybuilder as you deepthroat him. Thankfully, you don't have a gag reflex, and he slides in and out of your tight throat with ease. You watch in awe, Tyler's impressive physique on full display. From his handsome, chiseled face to his large traps and wide, cannonball shoulders... from his massive pecs to his broad lats and amazing eight pack abs... from his bulging biceps and tree trunk thighs... Tyler has everything you've ever wanted. A strange, burning desire pools in your guts as you worship the bigger man's cock. You want his size, his power, his muscle... more than anything. A stray thought passes through your mind, 'If you want it so badly, why don't you just take it?' Tyler groans, a strange weakness passing through his body as he continues to enjoy his blowjob. "Mmmh, fuck yeah, little man. I'm about ready to bust my nut." You gaze hungrily at the huge slab of meat jutting out from Tyler's crotch, your own dick twitching in your pants. You can feel the heat rising in your body, the fire spreading throughout your veins as you imagine the giant manhood inside you. No... not inside you... on your own body, as if you were the one with the huge cock instead... You start to pant, drool running down your chin as you continue to suckle at the thick, veiny shaft. "Uhhhnnngh, mmmmm," you moan around his throbbing prick. The blond groans as a second wave of weakness passes through him. It feels like something is leaving his body, pooling in his balls as he prepares to cum down your throat. "Ahhhhh, fuck yeah, little man." Tyler's eyes roll back into his head as he cums in your mouth. He pumps his hips, thrusting his massive cock hard and fast into your face until he can't hold on any longer. With a final grunt, the blond hilted globs of hot, thick semen explode out of his huge, throbbing tool. You guzzle down his cum, enjoying the way Tyler's thick seed slides down your throat. It feels strangely warmer than usual. You glance upward and stare with shock as you watch the massive bodybuilder start to shrink before your eyes. Tyler, lost in the throes of orgasm, starts losing height and muscle as he continues to cum into your mouth. An odd warm sensation fills your muscles, and you suddenly realize you're growing! You're getting bigger and stronger by the moment. You look up at Tyler, who continues to lose pound after pound of muscle as he seemingly cums his size and power into your hungry gullet. In mere moments, the blond looks more like a fitness model than a huge bodybuilder. Conversely, your skinny body has bulked up considerably as you slowly gain Tyler's lost height and muscle. As his orgasm peters out, you pull your lips off his cock, staring down at the once enormous tool that belonged to your idol. His cock is still above average, but far cry from the massive tool it was once. Your dick is still rock solid, and you let out a low moan of lust as you stroke it through your sweatpants. You gasp as you realize how much bigger it feels. The blond personal trainer collapses onto the bench beside you and passes out with a sigh. You stare at the still impressive man lying on the bench. You realize that you've somehow managed to steal some of his size by drinking his cum. You can hardly believe it. You stare the newly grown muscles on your formerly skinny body. You're not massive by any means, but you look like you've been working out regularly for years. You sit up and reach out a hand towards Tyler's chest. The muscular man moans softly as your fingers wrap around his pecs, squeezing them roughly. Even your hands are bigger, covering more of the diminished bodybuilder's pecs with ease. A hardness presses against your stomach, and you look down to see Tyler's still hard now 7-incher. Could you steal even more muscle if you sucked his cock again? Your mind races as you imagine growing even bigger and stronger. You lick your lips hungrily as you imagine the size and power you could gain if you sucked Tyler's cock. The thought of having more muscle, strength, and size than most men is enough to make your cock twitch. It's too late to stop yourself. You've already started to suck on Tyler's big, fat prick. It's still pretty thick, but it fills your mouth much more easily than before! You gulp down the first few inches of Tyler's manhood, missing the way his meaty pole stretched out your mouth. You can't help but run your tongue all over the length of the rod, savoring its salty flavor as you take the rest of his manhood into your throat and start sucking. The unconscious blond moans, even in his sleep, as you tease him closer and closer to orgasm. "Mmmhnnn, fuck yeah, little man. That's a good cock sucker." Tyler's voice sounds muffled as he mumbles to himself. He groans and thrusts his hips, fucking your mouth and throat. "Oh, god, I'm gonna cum!" You can't resist the urge any longer. You want his size, his power, his muscle, everything! You need his cum! As his cock swells in your mouth and he cums down your throat, you feel your own body start to grow. It's not just your muscles. Your cock grows as well, stretching out, gaining inch after inch of length and girth. You can't get enough. You keep on swallowing his cum, filling your belly with the thick load. You pump your growing cock as you drain the personal trainer of his size. Tyler's thick semen spills into your throat. He thrusts his hips, pumping hot cum into your mouth and down your gullet even as his continues to lose size. His muscles wither away as he shrinks to the size of a young athlete. The once impressive cock still cumming down your throat is down to about 4 inches, and continues to lose size and girth along with his balls. On the other hand, as more and more cum fills your stomach, your body keeps on growing. Your arms and legs swell with new muscle, and pecs start to jut out from your chest. You groan as your spine stretches upward, giving you more height, and your shoulders broaden. Your lats become so wide they give you a pronounced V-body shape, and your biceps bulge to the point that your forearms are nearly as big around as your upper arm. Your abs also stretch outwards, becoming defined and chiseled, as your glutes, quads, and calves grow. Soon, Tyler looks less like a young athlete and closer to a young boy as you siphon the last vestiges of size, muscle, and masculinity from the former bodybuilder. Your growth slows as the blond's ejaculation peters off. His dick becomes flaccid, his muscles shriveling up and disappearing as you continue to drink down every drop of cum that remains inside him. "Ahhhhh... ahhh, fuck," you moan, staring at the now soft 1-inch cock between your lips. You can't believe how much bigger and stronger you've gotten by stealing Tyler's size. You rush to a mirror to check out your new muscles. They're incredible! You stare in the mirror, admiring yourself. What you see isn't your usual skinny frame anymore. The bodybuilder's musculature has given you a truly massive physique! Not only are your pecs and arms bigger, everything about you is huge! You can't help but let your eyes linger on your cock. It's still rock hard, and seems even bigger than Tyler's original 10.5-inch dick. Your cock feels like it's made of steel, and the veins and blood vessels seem to be bursting out of your member. You stroke yourself slowly, watching in awe as you jack your monster cock. It's easily twice as long as what you had before. Your balls feel swollen, your testicles huge, and your scrotum hangs heavy on your shaft. You've never felt more powerful or virile. You freeze as you hear a quiet, high-pitched moan behind you. Turning around, you spot at the emaciated form of your former idol as he lies passed out on the bench. He's a shell of his former self, shivering in the cool air of the locker room. A gnawing sense of guilt fills your gut. Tyler didn't deserve this. He was always kind, not only to you but to everyone who came to the gym. The blond was always willing to help, to support you, to motivate others and help you get better. He deserved better than this. You turn back to the mirror to gaze upon your incredible form. You place a hand on the mirror as you trace your impressive muscles with your eyes. It was everything you ever wanted, but you couldn't keep it. You didn't want it, if it meant doing this to Tyler. You had to give him back everything you stole from him. You grip your thick, veiny cock as you strode over to the bench where Tyler lay unconscious. You press the fat head of your cock between his lips. A strange weakness filled you as something seems to gather in your balls. "I'm going to make everything right, Tyler. Don't worry." you murmur as you start to cum into the sleeping blond's mouth. Even unconscious, Tyler seems to naturally gulp down all the cum with ease. You watch with relief as his skinny form started to grow, even as you began to lose your own size. "Fuck yeah, take it all back!" you groan as you continue to cum. You pump your hips, fucking your thick, veined meat into Tyler's open mouth. His tongue laps at your shaft as he swallows your load. Soon, the blond regains more and more of his impressive physique as he grows to the size of a young athlete, then a fitness model. Your cock shrinks along with your body as you empty more and more of your balls inside Tyler's mouth. Eventually, the handsome personal trainer was once again at his original huge size. Every single inch of height and pound of muscle restored to his massive frame as you shake the last of the cum from your softening cock. Once again, you were nothing more than a scrawny twink. But at least Tyler wouldn't have to suffer. You dress as the blond continues to slumber on the bench, but when you turn to leave you find yourself pinned to the lockers by a massive wall of muscle. You look up into the smirking face of Phil. The huge black man was a pro bodybuilder, and at 6'6" and 270 pounds of muscle, he was even bigger than Tyler! His attitude was pretty shitty though. Unlike Tyler, the hulking bodybuilder was mean, aggressive, and totally full of himself. "Well, lookie here..." he grunted in his deep, bass voice. "A couple of faggots having some fun? How about you service a real man, boy?" He steps back and forces your head down to his crotch where a massive footlong cock pokes out the leg of his gym shorts. You resist at first, but then realize this is a golden opportunity. The man was huge bully. An arrogant waste of space that didn't deserve his size or muscles. Why not take them for yourself? Reluctantly, you pull down Phil's red gym shorts, revealing his huge 12" horsecock. It was massive! You'd never taken a dick that size down your throat before, but before you could even think about it, the massive bodybuilder forces his incredible schlong into your mouth and down your throat. For the first time in forever, you actually choke on a dick as your throat tries to stretch to accommodate the oversized member. The huge cock stretches your mouth wide, filling your cheeks as the tip feels like it reaches all the way down to your stomach. You gag as he starts to fuck your mouth with his monster tool, his big balls bouncing off your chin. He grabs your head, forcing you deeper onto the shaft of his cock as you struggle to breathe through the thick, fat cockhead stretching out your esophagus and pressing against your lungs. You try to pull away from him but he's too strong. He holds you firmly as he thrusts into your mouth into a series of powerful strokes, fucking your face. You can barely breath around the enormous cock buried so far down your gullet. But then... you start to feel a familiar desire swirling inside you. Meanwhile, Phil pauses for a moment as a surge of weakness pulses through him, but the big man doesn't stop fucking your throat. He ignores the odd feeling of something leaving his body and making its way to his huge balls as he gets closer to shooting his load. "Mmmhnnn, yeah, take my load, boy!" Phil groans, burying all 12 inches of his fat prick down your throat. You feel a warmth start to fill you and you realize the huge bodybuilder is cumming directly into your stomach! You're overwhelmed with the thick, hot spunk as it fills up your belly. You hear a groan behind you and realize Tyler is waking up. "W-what the? Phil! What the hell are you doing?! Stop-" The blond tries to intervene, but pauses when he sees Phil slowly start to shrink. "Oh my god," the blond moans as he watches the biggest man in the gym start to lose size and mass. "What's happening to him?" Tyler asks in shock as the black bodybuilder continues to unload. He glances at you, and his eyes widen when he realizes that not only is Phil shrinking, but you're somehow growing... Phil's cock shrinks as well. His thick member and balls shrivel as his massive frame starts to wither. The once imposing black man is now approaching Tyler's size and continues to shrink further. 'Is... is Corey... stealing Phil's size?!' Tyler though incredulously once he realized where Phil's lost mass was going. You moan around the shrinking cock in your mouth as you start to grow again. Your arms and legs swell as your chest bulks up with new muscle. Every pound of muscle, every inch of height and cock the black bodybuilder loses is transferred to you. Your clothes grow tight, then with a loud ripping sound you shred your torn clothes as your new muscles burst through them. "Ahhhhh! Fuck!" Phil cries out as he continues to shrink. His muscles soften as his bones shorten. Soon, the former pro bodybuilder starts to look more like a college freshman as you continue to drain his masculinity. Eventually, Phil is reduced to 5' tall skinny twink as you finish absorbing the last of his testosterone and manhood. He collapses to the floor, unconscious. "Holy shit, that was intense..." Tyler murmurs, his own cock rock hard and leaking from the sight he just witnessed. He looks at you, a bit stunned as you stand up and up and up. With the height you've stolen from Phil, you're now even taller than the blond personal trainer. He stares with a flushed expression on his face. You're about to explain when you feel a hand caress your cheek. "Incredible..." Tyler breathes in awe. "You're fucking huge! You're the biggest Asian guy I've ever seen, Corey!" The big man strokes your muscular body, admiring the sheer size and strength that you've gained. "Yeah, I guess I am." You say softly, looking down at your still naked idol. "Do... do you like it?" Tyler seems to think for a moment. He smiles and nods his head as he reaches out to grip your massive cock. It's so thick! He can't believe how much bigger and thicker your member has become. "I'm not sure what to call you anymore," Tyler says, stroking your enormous cock slowly. "You're so big..." "Well..." you begin, unsure of yourself, "How about... boyfriend? I really, really like you, Tyler." You smile, letting him know that you're serious. The blond bodybuilder blushes, but he can't help but nod his agreement. He strokes your huge cock, marveling at the length and thickness of it. "So, um, mind if I try out this monstercock between your legs?" Tyler asks with a nervous laugh. "Sounds good to me!" you chuckle. You cross your arms, showing off your impressive, massive physique as you step closer to the blond. His eyes go wide as he takes in your immense size, but then his blush returns. You grab him by the shoulders and push him down onto the bench, forcing your cock into the handsome young man's mouth. "You're so fucking huge!" Tyler moans around your shaft, but he doesn't resist as you start to fuck his throat. The blond boy eagerly swallows every inch of your veiny dick as he moans in pleasure. "Oh yeah," you groan as you enjoy the tightness of his throat around you cock. Eventually, the blond pulls off and turns to brace himself against the locker as he presents his ass to you. He's a little smaller than you are now, but he's still a big guy in his own right. "Fuck, you're beautiful, Tyler!" you gasp as you position your cock at the entrance to his asshole. The blond grunts as you slowly push through his sphincter. "Mmmmmmhnnn! Fuck yes, Corey... Oh god! That's amazing!" the blond moans as he feels your cock stretching his insides. Slowly, you press inch after inch into the bodybuilder's hot hole until you're buried balls deep in the man's ass. "Holy shit! I didn't realize you were so fucking big!" Tyler cries, amazed as you start to pump your cock in and out of his stretched anus. "I am now," you chuckle as you reach down and squeeze the tight buns of your new lover. You stroke his hair lovingly, loving the way he responds to your touch. "That's it, baby!" the muscular blonde cries as you thrust harder and faster into his ass. "Faster! Fuck my hole with that big cock!" You obey the request, pounding his perfect musclebutt hard and fast. Your body is covered in sweat and you pant heavily. Tyler is enjoying the massive cock stretching his hole when you suddenly pull out. He tries to protest, but the handsome personal trainer yelps as you spin him around and lift the bodybuilder into your arms. He wraps his legs around your waist and his arms encircle your neck as you position your oversized cock at his hole and slide back in. "Oh fuck!" Tyler groans once he realizes what's happening. "I... I can't believe you're strong enough to pick me up and f-fuck me midair... that's so hot!" He laughs, looking over your shoulder as you slam your hips forward. You grunt with each impact. You bury your thick meat into the muscular 240-pound bodybuilder, using his own weight to force him to take every inch of your cock. "OH GOD! FUCK! YESSSS!" Tyler screams as he cums, shooting a huge load all over the two of you. It's impossible to miss the spurts of cum flying everywhere as you continue to plow his tight asshole. "You're... you're gonna make me cum too!" You pant, as his inner passage rhythmically massages your huge cock. "I'm going to shoot my load, Tyler! I'm so close!" The blond bodybuilder moans as he watches you explode inside him. He's never felt such pleasure from sex before. It makes him wonder if he could ever be satisfied by another man. He looks down at you only to realize you're shrinking. "W-wait! Corey! Something's happening!" he protests until he realizes that he's growing alongside your diminishing form. You grunt as you pour load after load of size and muscle into the handsome blond. "Giving you... ugh... what you deserve, Tyler. You need to be... bigger!" The growing personal trainer holds on tight, still impaled on your now shrinking cock. Eventually, your legs give out and you collapse onto the bench with Tyler in your lap, unable to handle the growing man's increasing weight. The two of you pant as you finish cumming in Tyler's ass, the muscle transfer ending as well. After a moment, the blond asks, "What... what did you do, Corey?" "I transferred some of Phil's size and muscle to you," you say, smiling as you feel the last traces of your orgasm subside. Tyler blinks at you, before he slowly pulls himself off your softening cock. He stares at his body in awe. From what you can tell, the blond is now even bigger than Phil was. You probably gave him 40, maybe 50 pounds of muscle, in addition to a bit of height and cock size. He turns to inspect himself in the mirror. Each muscle is bulkier and more swole than it's ever been before! The blond's arms are thicker, his shoulders wider, and his legs are massive. He runs his hands over the bulging muscles of his shoulders and chest. "Holy shit!" Tyler exclaims, looking at the reflection in the mirror. "Is that a ten pack?!" he says as he traces the deep grooves and rows of his abdominal muscles. "Yeah, I guess so," you chuckle, checking out your new physique yourself. You're now about 6'3" and 220 pounds. Still impressive and more than you've ever hoped for. "I'm fucking huge!" Tyler chuckles. "But why? Why didn't you just keep all this size for yourself." He turns to look you in the eye. "Oh..." you say as you start to blush. You rub the back of your head awkwardly as you reply, "Well, I just really like it when you're the bigger guy, Tyler. You'll always be the bigger man to me." Tyler's eyes soften and he wraps his arms around you. He presses his lips against yours and kisses you gently. Your cock stirs at the feeling of his body against yours. The two of you break apart and Tyler stares down at you with lust in his eyes. "How about we take this back to my place?" You start to nod when you pause. "Uh, sure. But I think I'll need to borrow some clothes. I don't think my old ones will fit now, huh?" you admit. "Oh, they definitely won't!" Tyler agrees with a laugh.
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    (Un)even rivals (9)

    Nine Three days had gone since Jeremy had taken the beating from Ted. His heavily muscled, 265 pound body felt better with every passing hour; his recuperation working overtime to repair the damage. He actually felt capable of getting up from the mattress for the first time since his confrontation with the teen beast. A faint sound made him look aside and he saw his smaller former rival, now trainer awake. Chris opened his eyes and looked straight at the huge bodybuilder on the mattress next to his. A faint smile highlighted the muscle god's face and he asked: "How do you feel today, Jeremy?". "Way better, man. My body has nearly recovered", Jeremy replied and sat up. "Is it true that you stole my muscles?", Chris asked as he got up, walked over to the other mattress and sat down, facing the 100 pound heavier man. Jeremy stared down to avoid his former rival's gaze. "I… ehm…", he mumbled. "Is it?", Chris asked again as he put his hand under the muscle god's chin and gently lifted up his head to make eye contact. "Yes", Jeremy muttered ashamed. "Why?", Chris inquired. "I… I was tired of coming in second behind you. I mean, you're a year younger than me and still outclassed me during our competitions. I tried bulking up but lacked the vascularity to even face you in the final. Roids weren't an option. I found a website about voodoo, with a spell to realize my greatest desire: grow freaking huge. You were the only one that stood between me and dominating the sport…", Jeremy told. "And what about my cousin?", Chris interjected. "I needed some body fluid for the spell. Your cousin wanted to get back on you and needed a clean urine sample to get his gym membership. So we made a deal: he would get me a sweat drenched shirt of you and I would hand him one of my urine samples.", Jeremy continued. "That's why he wanted to arm wrestle. And why he stretched the struggle on purpose", Chris shouted in his higher pitched voice. Jeremy nodded. "You know what happened then: I used the spell and grew huge on your size. I even gain muscle more easily from my workouts now." "You probably stole my good genetics too", Chris added, "I always hated working out, but my muscles responded insanely fast. I only train twice a week and got this body. Well, not this one, but you know what I mean". "Can you forgive me, Chris?", Jeremy asked softly. "Off course, man. I no longer have to work out any more. And your body looks way better than mine ever did. Drives me mad just to look at you", Chris said and kissed the muscle god on his lips. The kiss surprised Jeremy, but he instinctively returned it, making his strong tongue snake into the smaller guy's mouth. He put his hands underneath his lover's ass to lift him up but felt the small guy shiver. "What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you", he said as he broke the kiss. "I know", Chris replied, "It's my cousin. He's been raping my ass the past days. He made me chose between him beating you up every day or dominating me." "You let him rape you just to protect me? He's 200 pounds heavier than you. I'll protect you from now on", Jeremy said and took his smaller lover gently in his arms in a protective reflex. "Would you dare to take him on again?", Chris asked and let his frail hands roam the thick muscles of the wide torso he was pressed against. "I wouldn't stand a chance, but to protect you, yes", Jeremy said, enjoying the feeling of his muscles being groped. "And what if we would even the odds a bit?", Chris stated and wormed himself free from his bigger lover's hold. "How?", Jeremy asked and watched the smaller guy walk over to his own mattress. "My cousin left the papers with your voodoo stuff in here to make me see how you stole my muscles", Chris said as he took the papers from underneath his mattress, "but he forgot to take out the page with the spell on it. I've read and reread the entire text. As I get it, the spell is still active in me but apparently your current size is what you want to be". "I don't want to take any more muscle from you. Not after everything you did for me", Jeremy replied abruptly. "Not what's left of my muscle, I like my current size too. Not having to bother to go to the gym anymore", Chris stated, "But I could use the spell to take tom's muscle and pass them to you through me." "Why not your cousin's muscles? I'ld be freaking massive!", Jeremy asked. "He's too big to control him during the transfer. He would beat you up before you could match him. You're already bigger than Tom so you can easily dominate him. Then you'll be big enough to take on my cousin", Chris said. "Off to the gym", Ted boomed in his deep baritone voice. He roughly pulled Tom's head from his cock and shoved the 205 pound bodybuilder away. He got dressed and strutted out off the bathroom. Tom waited to get up from the tilled floor until he heard the door slam shut and the beastly teen's car race off. He wiped the sticky remnants of the teen beast's orgasm from his face and wrapped a towel around his muscular waist. He walked through the hallway on his way to grab some breakfast when the small Chris emerged from his room. "You have to see this, man", Chris said to the 40 pounds heavier bodybuilder and went back in his room. "What?", Tom asked and stepped inside. "ME!", Jeremy boomed and grabbed the bodybuilder's wrists. Tom struggled with all his might but his opponent outsized him by 60 pounds of pure muscle. He tried resisting but the bigger god head-butted him and he crashed down. "Put him on the bed", Chris said to his huge lover. Jeremy did as he was told and swiftly tossed the knocked out bodybuilder atop his mattress. "Now strip", Chris said. He pulled away Tom's towel and took off his own clothes. He looked at how the nude Tom eclipsed him completely. He looked up and stared at the naked, muscular perfection as Jeremy stood next to the bed and dwarfed the other bodybuilder. "Go stand at the end of the mattress", he said to Jeremy as he laid down and put his head against the naked Tom. Jeremy moved as instructed and looked down on the two smaller men lying on the mattress, his dick plump at the thought of growing even bigger. "What are you waiting for, big guy? Get your cock in me. I want to feel you grow massive", Chris said. Jeremy blinked at the remark but noticed the determined look in his smaller lover's eyes. He slowly sat down on his knees at the end of the mattress and pulled the smaller guy toward him. He gently eased his now fully hard 7 incher inside his lover without removing his gaze from the smaller guy's blue eyes. "Fuck ", Chris grunted in pleasure as he felt the huge bodybuilder's pubes brush against his ass. His back arched up in sheer bliss and he fell back down, his head touching the knocked out Tom's torso. "Ready to grow beastly?", he asked and looked into his already huge lover's eyes. Jeremy nodded, his lust as strong as his smaller lover's one. "Here we go", Chris said, " Gargak Profundis atque venerabilis, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku! Translatio vigoris mei et essentiae meae, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku!". A surge of power shot through his 159 pound body as a wave of hotness flowed from the knocked out bodybuilder into him. At the same time a coldish weakness formed in his stomach and a draining feeling formed in his ass. "Yeah", Jeremy grunted as he felt a jolt of hotness tingle along his rock-hard 7 incher and flow into him. The feeling spread across his 265 pound physique. He closed his eyes and threw back his head in pleasure. The mixed feelings of warmth and cold, strength and weakness whirled through Chris. His lust for turning his lover into beastly perfection intensified the spell and he felt the power flowing from his ass into the throbbing cock inside him. Jeremy's eyes were still closed in pleasure as he felt a warm pump flow from his rock-hard 7 incher into his stomach and spreading across his thickly muscled frame. "Mugh", he groaned as he felt his steely muscles harden all over his godly body. . His body surged with growth, powered by Tom's muscles and Chris' desire to make him colossal. Chris' eyes widened in lust and admiration as he stared at the unbelievably hot scene unfolding in front of him: his huge lover evolved into sheer, colossal muscular perfection. Veins exploded across the growing masses of hard, meaty muscles as the 265 pound bodybuilder swelled beyond huge. His already broad shoulders doubled in width as his delts turned into cannonballs; his meaty pecs tripled in size, forming half-watermelon-sized slabs of beef that made his nipples point straight down and formed a rack that obscured half of his developing six-pack; his six-pack evolved accordingly and his abs grew into cobblestone-sized, hard bricks and turned into an armor-hard eight-pack; his 22 inch arms ballooned to 35 inches in mere seconds, turning his thick arms into meaty hams hanging at his sides; his heavily muscled quads that were positioned beside Chris' torso, thickened into tree-sized pillars of muscle and pushed into the smaller guy's sides. Chris' legs, wrapped around his swelling lover's torso, were pushed open as the strong lower back broadened and overpowered them. His ass, stretched tight around the growing cock deep inside it, was pulled up as the huge bodybuilder also grew in height. The sight and feeling of his heavily muscled lover growing in front and inside of him was too much for Chris. His own throbbing 7 incher twitched and smacked against the corrugated landscape that was the beastly eight-pack. "Jeremy!", he yelled out in lust as he exploded against the cobblestone-sized abs, his meager load squirting into the deep ridges between the thick, hard muscles. Jeremy opened his eyes as he felt the liquid rub against his stomach and heard his former rival groan his name. He gazed down and noted how childishly small His lover looked next to him. A grin spread across his face as an idea crossed his mind. "Wrap your legs around me. tight", he rumbled in his deepened baritone. The muscle god's deep voice vibrated in Chris' body and made him blow another load against the steely eight-pack. Instinctively, he did as he was told and tightened his legs around the marble-like hard torso. Jeremy felt the legs tighten against his more-than-hard lower back. He then stood up in a swift motion, his tree-sized quads flexing in the process. With his ham-like arms hanging at his sides, he supported the small guy's weight with his rock-hard cock. The pleasure combined with the look of utter reverence in the small guy's eyes sent him over the edge. He grabbed hold of his lover with his right paw, covering half his torso as his cock exploded hard and violently inside the tight ass. He saw his lover's stomach bloat as load after load of his thick spunk blasted in him. After ten heavy shots, his orgasm cooled down and he slowly pulled the small guy from his cock. His eyes widened as inch after inch of thick, meaty cock appeared from the frail ass. "Like it? I thought your cock should match your colossal muscle. So I adapted the spell a bit", Chris said with a grin and let his hands roam the stony mass of the muscle god's 35 inch right arm. Jeremy simply stared at his now 15 incher that protruded proudly in front of his majestic body. "Yeah! Huge like Ted!", he boomed in his deepened voice and put his lover gently down on the mattress. "But way better looking. Your proportions are perfect. Seems like you grew taller to match your new size", Chris said in utter amazement. Unlike his bulky looking cousin, Jeremy still maintained his perfect symmetry, looking like a colossal, yet capable-of-swift-movements athlete. Jeremy simply looked contest ready: his paper-thin skin was wrapped tightly around his bulging muscles; striations were visible on every mound of hard beef even though he stood fully relaxed. Jeremy threw a few poses to showcase his new physique, his skin stretching to accommodate the new girth of his massive, vein-decorated muscles. "Fuck! Look at my bi's! Boulders of beef!, he said as he raised his arms in a double bicep pose, making the meaty mounds swell into their now 35 inches. He lowered his arms and bounced his pecs. The protruding rack of muscles danced atop his chest, striations and veins undulating across the half watermelons crammed under his stretched skin. He shook his tree-sized left leg, making the incredible mass of his quads role from left to right, and flexed it: deep canyons exploded aside the thick heads of muscle fed by veins snaking over them. His slowly deflating, still half-hard cock jolted and smacked against the steely hard leg. "Thanks man", he said as he relaxed his leg and looked down at his small lover on the mattress, "you made my bigger beyond my wildest dreams. Even after I stole your size. How can I ever repay you?". He gently grabbed hold of the smaller guy's armpits and lifted him off the mattress. "We'll figure something out, big guy", Chris said, enjoying the feeling of being hoisted up by the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. He wrapped his arm around the muscle god, or tried to. His huge lover's back was so wide that his arms didn't make it past the massive, cannonball-sized delts: his frail hands grabbed the meaty mass of the rear delt, unable to dent the hard surface. He leaned into the massive body, the protruding rack of pecs pleasurably pressing against his own weak chest, and kissed the muscle god's lips. Jeremy returned his smaller lover's kiss. He wrapped one anaconda-like arm gently around the 159 pound guy to support him, his free paw grabbed the back of the guy's head and pulled him in; at the same time, his tongue invaded his lover's mouth. Chris was overwhelmed with pleasure and his cock raced back to hardness between his own softened abs and the concrete-like eight-pack. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the muscle god kept kissing him. He tapped the rear delts with all his might to make clear he was in need of air. Jeremy grumbled at the soft tickles of his small lover against his shoulders. He opened his eyes and noticed the dark red color of the guy's face, realizing he was suffocating. He broke the kiss. Chris inhaled deeply as he let his body rest against the hot, hard surface of the now colossal Jeremy. The sound of the back door slam shut signaled Ted's return. "Yo, Tom!", the beastly teen boomed as he tossed his gym bag on the floor. "Where ya hidding, ya runt?", he yelled as he took a gallon of milk from the fridge, mixed it with an insane amount of protein powder and gulped down the impossibly large drink in three long gulps. "My cousin's bony ass will have to do", he said to himself and strutted out off the kitchen. The sound of the heavy footsteps slowly climbing the stairs vibrated through the house as the teen beast went up. Chris jumped up on his mattress as the door of his room was ripped open violently. He instinctively crawled back against the wall as his massive cousin swaggered inside. A smug grin formed on Ted's lips at his weak cousin's reaction and at the look of fear in his eyes. He slowly walked toward the mattress against the furthest wall of the room. His cock twitched in anticipation inside his boxers. Despite having jerked three times in the shower after his workout, he was ready for another round. "STOP TIGHT THERE!" A deep, booming command filled the room, rolled against the walls and rattled the windows. Ted turned around in surprise. The grin disappeared from his face as a huge man worked his way through the door. "Who the fuck…?", he asked without taking his eyes off the colossal bodybuilder. "Don't you recognize me?", Jeremy asked and stood still just inside the room, "I did get a little bigger since our last meeting". He clenched his right fist, making his forearm ripple with strength as its corded muscles tensed and his upper arm harden in the process. Ted's eyes glistened as he recognized Jeremy. He scanned the massive muscles on the guy's bare torso and noticed he was wearing a pair of his sweatpants that were nicely filled out by his legs. "Let's ditch this", Jeremy said and moved toward the teen beast with one long stride. He grabbed the guy's shirt and tore if off his beastly body in a swift motion, exposing the other giant's torso. Standing 6 feet tall, Ted had to look up to look in the now massive Jeremy's eyes. He took an instinctive step backward. Chris stared at the two giant's. At 6'5, Jeremy towered above his cousin, but the beastly teen's muscles looked bigger on his more compact frame. Coming direct from the gym, his cousin's shoulders and arms were still pumped. "No longer the biggest stud", Jeremy said to Ted and bounced his pecs as he spoke, "Let's go and don't bother us ever again!". Ted looked at the half watermelons dance atop the other giant's chest. He closed his right paw in a fist, pulled back his massive arm and slammed it with all his might into the deeply grooved eight-pack in front of him. Jeremy blinked in surprise: the sledgehammer-like fist had hit his cobblestone-sized abs at full force with a loud smack but the punch had bounced off the steely hard surface without even denting it. "That all you got?", he asked mockingly and returned the favor. Ted couldn't believe that his devastating blow hadn't done any damage. Before he could react, the other giant slammed his own fist into his six-pack. He grunted faintly as he felt his strong abs give in slightly. He threw another punch against the eight-pack, but Jeremy clenched his abs just in time, making the punch bounce off once more. Jeremy saw the look of disbelieve on the beastly teen's face and hit the guy's six-pack a second time. This time his fist encountered a fully flexed brick-like wall, not giving in the slightest. Ted didn't give the huge bodybuilder any time to pull back his thick arm: he grabbed hold of the guy's massive shoulders and pulled him down. Chris saw the two giants slump down and continue their fight on the floor. It was a pile of heaving, sweaty muscle that rolled back and forth, paws locked into each other and straining as the two muscle gods fought for dominance. Ted somehow ended up on top and threw a hard punch in Jeremy's face, bruising his left cheek as the bodybuilder turned his head to avoid the punch. Ted grabbed hold of Jeremy's clawing arms and pushed them down to the floor behind the guy's head. "Not so tough after all", he grunted as he tried to bring down the massive arms completely. Jeremy fought back and managed to block the teen beast's advance. His tree-sized arms shook with effort against the inhumane strength of his opponent. He suddenly gave in and pulled with all his force, making the beastly teen lose his balance and fall forward over him. Ted rolled over the other giant and quickly jumped back on his feet. He turned around and saw Jeremy charge at him. He braced his 367 pound body for the impact but the momentum of the bodybuilder's 365 pound body threw him backward against the wall. The wall cracked with a loud sound and in a cloud of dust, the two giants knocked through it and crashed into the master bedroom. Ted blinked his eyes in mild pain: his back ached a bit from breaking through the wall. He looked around and a hard punch slammed into his six-pack. "Ugh", he grunted as some air was forced out of him and his abs dented in. "Get up!", Jeremy groaned as he withdrew his fist and took a step back. Ted stared up at his colossal opponent. He closed his paw around a thick, wooden beam between the debris from the wall. He sprang up and smacked the beam hard against the massive Jeremy's protruding chest, shattering it to shreds as it made contact with the slabs of muscle. "ugh", Jeremy grunted in surprise and pain at the impact. He stumbled back a bit, more in surprise than in pain. Ted moved in and punched the huge bodybuilder's lower back, hitting him in the kidneys. "Ugh", Jeremy groaned a bit louder and sank down on one knee as a second sucker punch hit him in the kidneys. He felt the beastly teen's hands pass underneath his armpits to take him in a full nelson. He leaned forward, pulling the teen beast off balance. Ted released his grip to regain his balance and his opponent was up in a flash. He reached for the massive Jeremy but the guy made the same move and their hands locked together. Chris didn't dare to move. He followed the fight by the sounds coming from the other room. He knew the two giants would crush him, even by accident, if he got in their way. Jeremy and Ted stood fighting to get the upper hand, their huge anaconda-sized arms straining and bulging from the effort and their hands moving back and forth. Ted threw everything he got into the fight, but the other muscle god did the same. Their faces were red from the effort, their chests heaving and their mounds of muscles pumped with blood. Ted felt his strength fading slightly: he'd worn out his muscles in the gym earlier. His legs started to shake slightly as he summoned more power to stand his ground. Jeremy noticed the hardening strain on the beastly teen's face and felt the faint quiver go through the guy's 35 inch arms. He suddenly stopped pushing. Ted was taken by surprise by the other muscle god's maneuver: he lost his balance and fell forward, smacking into the massive torso in front of him. Jeremy had anticipated this and unlocked his hands from the other bodybuilder's. He wrapped his arms around the beastly teen's torso and applied a bone crushing bear hug. Ted squirmed in the vice-like grasp. He clenched his fist to make his arms swell and harden. He summoned every ounce of strength and managed to loosen the hold. Jeremy felt his hands slide apart as the beastly teen squirmed and flexed in his grasp. The 367 pound guy's power couldn't be denied and he had to release his bear hug. Ted inhaled deeply to refill his lungs with oxygen. He didn't allow his opponent to recover: he quickly wrapped his own 35 inch arms around the bodybuilder's torso and pressed with all his remaining strength. "Ugh", Jeremy grunted more in surprise than pain. Despite the beastly teen's efforts, his own muscles withstood the attack. He could even feel the 367 pound guy's power wear off. "YEAH!", he roared deeply as he broke free from the hold and shoved the teen beast back hard. Ted was caught by surprise as he was overpowered for the first time in years. "No", he blurted in disbelief and fell backward. It felt like juvy all over again: for an instant he was once again the wimpy, skinny boy being picked on by the bigger guys. Jeremy moved in: het grabbed the beastly teen's sweatpants and lifted the 367 pound guy up. "Now leave us alone!", he roared and threw the teen beast through the door, sending him crashing into the bathroom. He felt all powerful after taking down his colossal opponent and began flexing his superb physique in the large mirrors against the furthest wall. Ted shook his head and blinked his eyes. He was lying in the middle of the bathroom along with the contents of the cupboard he'd knocked down when he flew in. He noticed a familiar, black, little box amidst the heap. He opened it with shaking hands and 6 doses of the new designer steroids he was on, rolled in his paw. He grabbed an empty syringe and filled it with three doses. He lowered his skintight sweatpants and overstuffed boxers and injected the thick fluid in his left testicle. He repeated the process for his right testicle. A rush of warmth, energy and adrenaline radiated from his balls into his body. He pulled his boxers and pants back up and got up. He turned around and saw the other colossal bodybuilder flexing in the lengthy mirror inside the master bedroom. Jeremy ogled his majestic physique in the mirror: he couldn't wait to get on stage and crush his puny competitors. He couldn't even call them 'rivals': he would outclass them in every way possible. He closed his eyes as feelings of dominance and victory filled his mind. A hard blow on his lower back made him come back to reality. A second one knocked the wind from him and made him slump down on one knee. In the mirror he saw Ted standing there. "Didn't have enough?", he asked as he got up. Two heavy punches on his upper back made him sink back down. Ted saw the look of pain on the massive Jeremy's face and stepped back, motioning him to get up. Jeremy got up and turned to face the beastly teen. He moved in and once more, their hands locked into each other to fight for dominance. His 35 inch arms bulged and shook as he pushed with all his might. His pumped muscles started to burn from the earlier fight. Ted 's equally meaty arms shivered also but he could feel the designer steroid doing its work: the massive dose injected into his balls was forcing them to produce testosterone beyond human levels. He felt his arms pulse with power as the tremendous amount of testosterone began releasing into his bloodstream. Jeremy felt fatigue and cramp spreading slowly across his bulging arms. He would swear that the beastly teen's resistance was stronger than before he'd beaten the guy and seemed to get stronger with every passing second. Ted saw the increased strain on his huge opponent's face and felt the mild, but now steady shiver go through the 365 pound bodybuilder's massive arms. More energy flowed into his own anaconda-like arms with every surge of testosterone his balls released into his bloodstream. He felt his own strength increasing and the resistance in his grasp grow weaker and weaker. Jeremy couldn't prevent the shaking of his mighty arms: fatigue and cramps tormented his bulging biceps and corded forearms. Sweat was rolling from his forehead over his cheeks from the effort. He flexed his tree-sized quads, his legs hardening into an impressive sight, to summon every bit of strength left inside him. Ted felt the increased power of his opponent against his grasp, but his freshly energized and continually fed arms repelled the attack. Jeremy's entire body was starting to tremble as he fought with everything he had against the beastly teen. He suddenly stopped pushing and pulled to throw the teen beast off balance. Ted's colossal body didn't budge an inch as the 365 pound bodybuilder tried pulling him in. Jeremy knew he was in trouble as his maneuver failed: spasms and cramps shot through his body as he felt his strength waning further and further. "My turn", Ted said in a somehow deeper voice and yanked at his opponent's hands. Jeremy instantly lost his balance and smacked against the rock-hard torso of the teen beast. His head shot back and he groaned in pain as the beastly teen's meaty arms closed around his own hyper-muscled torso. Ted didn't flex his arms or clench them together: he simply held the 365 pound bodybuilder in his steely grasp. By now, the testosterone was flowing rapidly into his muscles, making them swell and harden. Jeremy tried squirming free, but his fatigued muscles protested. He knew he had to let them recover and pretended he passed out to fool his opponent. He felt the steely grasp tighten and harden with every passing second. He inhaled deeply and made his move. He summoned every ounce of strength he could scrape together in his 365 pound body and squirmed with everything he had. Ted felt the massive Jeremy's resistance, but it was no use: it felt feeble and didn't budge his hardening arms a bit. The testosterone coursing through his body and now flooding his muscles had totally refreshed his energy levels. The time Jeremy had taken to make his own muscles recover, Ted had grown 20 pounds heavier. Jeremy opened his eyes and a look of pure horror filled his face: the beastly teen that held him tightly secured in his grasp was clearly growing. He tried resisting, but his own majestic body didn't move an inch inside the vice-like hold. An evil grin spread across Ted's lips at the look on the huge bodybuilder's face. It felt like the guy was getting lighter and lighter in his grasp, but he knew it was his own body that grew beastlier with every passing second. His once 35 inch arms were rounding the 40 inch mark as he felt his growth slowdown. His body now matched Jeremy's exactly in height, but he outsized the 365 pound muscle god by 50 pounds of pure, hard muscle. Jeremy howled in pain as the teen beast hardened his biceps and made the stony boulders dig into his own heavily muscled flanks. "Let's end this once and for all", Ted growled in an insanely deep baritone that rattled the windows and hardened his flex. Jeremy flexed with all his remaining might to withstand the crushing power but it was no use: he passed out as his ribs gave in with a sickening, cracking sound. "Yeah!", Ted boomed as he crushed the 365 pound bodybuilder's ribs. He pulled back his right arm, made a huge fist and smacked it hard into the muscle god's face. The stony fist sank deep into the once epitome of male beauty and now bloody mess that was Jeremy's face. "NO!" The weak cry made the beyond colossal Ted turn around. He saw his puny cousin standing in the opening of the shattered wall. He tossed the now lifeless Jeremy hard on the floor and moved toward his childish-looking cousin. "Ya're next!"… The end?
  12. I sighed as the hot water cascaded down on my muscular body. I always enjoyed the feeling of the hot water running along my pumped muscles after a grueling workout. I had worked hard over summer to get my body ready for the upcoming football season: Orchid University would be proud of its quarterback in my senior year. I was eager to get back to campus to show off my grown body: at 6 feet sharp and weighing 228 pounds of mostly muscle as I kept my bodyfat percentage around 12%,I was one of the best looking athletes on campus. Round shoulders, strong pecs, bulging arms, thick legs… the image of wet dreams. I turned off the shower, dried myself and wrapped the towel around my tight waist. I headed back to the locker room of the town gym I had set several records in over summer. I froze in my tracks as I rounded the corner from the shower zone. On the other side of the locker room the most massive man I'd ever seen was standing in front of the mirror. The man's broad back, wider than a door, was crammed with mounds of muscle that flowed into each other. His relatively tight waist combined with his wide shoulders gave him an awesome v-taper. His meaty ass jutted out hard and defined above his heavily muscled glutes. His calves seemed like diamonds pressed against the tight skin. He brought up his arms and threw a devastating double bicep pose. The muscle in his back tensed during the movement and then his biceps exploded upwards atop his thick arms where the outlines of his meaty triceps were carved in. "WOW", I muttered while I inhaled sharply. The sound caught the man's attention. He lowered his arms and turned around to face me. My eyes widened in disbelief as I recognized my neighbor Tristan. My mind tried to process the image as he came into plain view. Just a week ago we had similar physiques. But not any more: I still had the heavily muscled look of a quarterback but Tristan looked like an elite superheavyweight bodybuilder ready to compete. I didn't know where to look first: muscles seemed to fight for space with other muscles on his beastly torso. His wide pecs looked like half watermelons jutting from his chest, covered in veins and striations. His perfectly round, cannonball-sized shoulders capped his physique. His meaty arms, thick and intimidating although fully relaxed, hung at his sides. My gaze travelled down along the centerline of the cobblestones that formed his eight-pack. I glanced further down and noticed the hefty snake dangling between his tree-sized quads. There was no doubt who was the bigger man now, everywhere. A snicker made me look back up. I noticed the smug look on his face as he caught me staring at his cock. "Looking good", I said in a reflex. "Not good, great", Tristan corrected me in a husky, low bass. He raised his right arm and flexed it. The bicep once more exploded upward and outward in size and girth, forming a round orb of meat. Veins snaked along the steely ball as it surpassed 20 inches easily and rose to its full size of 23.5 inches. "Yeah", he grunted. My eyes followed the flexing bicep, getting wider as the muscle hardened to its intimidating size. I felt a tingle go through my dick that was getting plump beneath the towel as I couldn't tear my eyes off the muscular mound. I followed the downward movement of the thick arm as he relaxed his pose. My mouth fell open as Tristan threw a most muscular pose. The meaty orbs of muscle exploded along his wide torso, veins and striations being pushed up against the thin skin stretched to its limits by the hard muscle underneath. I didn't know where to look first: his torso was a display of sheer masculine power. His bulging biceps fought against the protruding mounds atop his chest; his cobblestone-sized abs sprang into a hard, corrugated eight-pack crisscrossed with deep grooves; his round delts turned into a striated mass of muscle and his triceps jutted widely from the back of his arms. My dick was getting plumper by the second and reached half-hardness as my eyes darted around the incredible spectacle. Tristan noted the look in my eyes. A leer formed on his face as he hardened his flex some more. He relaxed his pose and stepped toward me. He closed the distance in two long strides, standing mere inches from me. I gulped as I realized just how big he had become. Up close he looked even more intimidating: his wide shoulders began where my muscled ones ended. His v-taper looked unreal as thick muscle jutted from his insanely wide frame in all directions. My gaze traveled back up along his mighty torso and I noticed I had to look up to stare him in the eye: he was now a full head taller than me. I could feel the heat emanating from his heavy muscles. Somehow my neighbor had transformed from a 5’9, 195 pound, lacrosse player into a total muscle god. Where I used to outsize him slightly, he now dwarfed me completely in height and size. Before I could react, his left paw grabbed my throat and lifted me. My hands clutched at the meaty forearm while my feet left the ground. I coughed and my face began turning red as he supported my heavy body with his left arm. I couldn't fathom the superhuman strength he now had to possess as flashes of the nearly similar scene a week earlier shot through my mind; only then, the roles had been inversed and I hadn’t managed to lift him off the ground. He had defied my in a bar and I had been ready to knock him down, but his body had proven too heavy for me to lift him. I had then shoved him aside. Tristan grinned malevolently at my feeble attempts to get free: the thick cords of muscle on his forearm easily withstood the attacks and didn't budge. "Last week ya tried doing the same thing to me but ya couldn’t even lift my much lighter body. Remember it, Mikey?", he growled while he lifted me a bit higher. I hated it when people used the diminutive form of my name. No one had called me Mickey since I was a kid. Mike or even M. was the way everyone addressed me for years now. I tried reacting but only managed to choke out something inaudible. I struggled against his iron grip and tugged once more at his beefy forearm, but he was way too strong for me. My attempts got weaker as I began lacking air. My hands didn’t dent his forearm, not even slightly. I gasped for air and my face felt like it was on fire. I was trapped against the cold tilled wall and his superhuman grip. “Man, ya can’t even dent my forearm. I managed to do that to you with my weaker body last week”, Tristan grunted grinningly and tightened his grip around my throat some more. My feet dangled in the air and my hands clawed at his forearms. I coughed as black dots began dancing before my eyes by the lack of oxygen. I summoned my last strength and tried kicking him away. My muscular legs didn’t react to the command of my brain and only managed to rip away the towel from my waist, exposing me completely. Tristan looked down at the movement and an even wider grin spread on his face. “Turned on from being dominated, he Mickey”, he growled. I followed his gaze down and noticed my more-than-half-hard cock. “Like a runt in my grasp”, Tristan groaned and raised his free right arm in a flex to highlight his dominance. My eyes shot to the large ball of hard muscle that exploded atop his arm. The perfectly round, 23.5 inch orb of steely flesh stretched his skin to the max as it pushed a web of veins to the surface. A muttered ‘wow’ escaped my mouth along with some coughs for air. I felt another rush of unexpected heat shoot to my groin. My cock jolted as it plumped further toward full hardness. “Lusting after my muscles, little man?”, Tristan asked boomingly. “Can’t blame ya”, he added, “I’m a total muscle beast”. I crashed down to the tilled floor as Tristan’s strong paw finally released my throat. I lay in a heap at his feet as I took deep breaths to fill my burning lungs with oxygen. My ordeal was far from over. Mere seconds later, one of Tristan’s paws grabbed my hair and lifted me up. I peeped in pain and my hands reached for his wrist as he lifted me further until I was sitting on my knees. In front of my face was the thickest cock I had ever seen. I was well-endowed myself with a 9 incher that filled my hand when fully erect. His cock clearly dwarfed mine as did his muscles with mine: his cock had to be 9 inches in girth and easily surpassed the 10 inch mark in length; the plum-sized head pointed straight at me as a throb went through the thick, vein-coiled shaft. “14 inches fully hard”, Tristan said, “Told ya I’m the biggest man on campus in every department.” I didn’t have time to process his remark. His paw grabbed the back of my head and shoved me onto his cock. I blinked as my nose hit the bottom row of his eight-pack hard. Tears sprang to my eyes from the impact. I gagged as the plum-sized head of his cock invaded my throat. I grabbed his mighty quads for support, awe racing through my mind as I felt the concrete-like hardness of the tree-trunk-sized pillars of muscle. The scent of musky sweat emanating from his pubes filled my nose. “Ugh, yeah”, Tristan grunted while his right paw roamed across his thick chest. I chased the amazement for his monster legs from my mind and tried getting away. I summoned the remaining strength in my muscular arms and pushed with all my might against the tree-trunk-sized quads. My efforts were futile: my body didn’t move an inch. Tristan felt the pushing motion against his mighty quads. He didn’t even have to tighten his hold on the head of his once intimidating neighbor to keep me in place. “Fughnck”, he groaned, “My arm’s stronger than yar weak body”. I felt my fully hard cock jolt at the huge man’s remark and the thought that Tristan’s left arm overpowered my entire body filled my mind. Then, my head began moving up and down his lengthy cock as his paw moved me back and forth along his rock-hard shaft. One moment I was gasping for air as the plum-sized cockhead moved toward the back of my lips, the next I was gagging as it slammed against the back of my throat. “Mughn, fuck yeah”, Tristan rumbled. The excitement of feeling his own massive muscles combined with the feeling of totally dominating the man that used to outsize him. He speeded up the rhythm of moving my head along his cock. I heard his breathing speed up and his rumbles getting deeper and more excited. I gazed up to look at his face but my vision was blocked by the bottom of the meaty pecs that protruded from his chest. I saw his deeply grooved eight-pack ripple with strength on the rhythm of his fastening breathing. My left hand released his insanely thickly muscled quad and grabbed my painfully hard 9 incher. I realized I was jerking off while being face-fucked by the largest man I had ever seen. Tristan felt his lemon-sized balls churn and pushed my face hard along his cock. I muttered a weak painful shriek as my nose slammed hard into his lowest, cobblestone-sized abs. The next moment my eyes widened as I felt the plum-sized cockhead pulse inside my throat and his mighty cock spasm inside my completely filled mouth. “YEAUGHN!!!!” Tristan’s deafening roar rumbled like thunder through the locker room and further on into the shower zone, echoing against the tilled walls and vibrated deep inside my own muscular body. I saw the cobblestones of his deeply grooved eight-pack harden unlike anything I’d ever seen before as his orgasm exploded through his mighty body. I gagged as his cock blasted a first, huge load of thick cum deep down my throat. A second, third, fourth and fifth load followed quickly as his lemon-sized balls kept firing out more and more spunk. I felt my own cock jerk wildly in my hand as I came too. My own moan died in my throat as his plum-sized cockhead rushed out another blast. Tristan’s right arm released his own fantastic chest as he placed his paw against the wall for support. “YEAUghn”, he roared once more as the orgasm set his entire majestic frame on fire. His body rocked from the force of his blasts, making his muscles explode with striations. I marveled at the display of striated, granite-hard muscles just inches from my eyes and felt another jolt shoot through my deflating cock. The cock inside my throat kept spewing jizz beyond my capacity to ingest. I got trouble breathing as his thick juice began dripping from my nose. I felt more of it leak from the corner of my mouth stretched around his meaty snake. Just before I would pass out, the huge man pulled back my head and freed me from his cock. Only to make it spew a final load onto my face. Tristan released my head and inhaled deeply as I sank down against the tilled wall. Three deep breaths were enough to calm his breathing and come back to reality. I stared up at his mighty, muscle-crammed back as my now giant neighbor strutted away toward his locker, got dressed and left me. I didn’t know just how long I laid on the floor before I got up slowly. I cleaned the dried remains of Tristan’s final blast from my face, shoulders and chest, got dressed myself and returned home. The following day I returned to the gym feeling somewhat uneasy. I felt like I was 14 years old again, arriving for the first time at the gym. Even though I was now a good 80 pounds of muscle heavier then at that point, the familiar feeling of alphaness I always enjoyed walking into a gym, wasn’t there. My legs even quivered a bit when I entered the locker room to get changed. I felt my muscles relax slightly when I found the locker room deserted. The familiar feeling did return as I felt a hot pump spreading through my delts after the first set. Then, a grunt from the other side of the gym got my attention. Tristan was lying atop one of the benches, doing bench presses. The very heavily loaded bar moved up and down over his pecs that filled his yellow tank top to the max. “Yeaugh”, he groaned. There were only a couple of guys around the gym, but all of them were clearly watching the muscle god train. I got in a few glances in between my own exercises. I went over to the lateral raise-machine. I began my first set and in the middle of it, I noticed Tristan walking over in my direction. My heartbeat shot up instantly as he swaggered toward me. He was looking at his phone and hadn’t noticed me just yet. His head shot up from his phone when some guy approached him. The guy looked like a dwarf next to Tristan. I sighed as he followed the other guy and began giving him some pointers. I stared at his wide, v-tapered back: his lats spilled out the sides of his tank top. The word ‘monsta’ ran down the center of the back of his tank top. Fitting, I thought as I began the final set of my workout. I ended my training, enjoying the nice pump in my delts. I looked around and noticed Tristan doing cable flyes in the opposite part of the gym. His reflection in the mirror showed off how his pumped pecs bulged beneath the sweat-choked fabric of his now overstretched tank top. I gulped down the last bit of my shake as I looked away and made it over to the locker room. “Nice pump, man”, a guy said who left the locker room as I entered. A bit of pride shot through me and I nodded in response. I did look good with pumped shoulders my reflection told me. I stripped and made my way over into the shower zone. I was about to turn on the shower when a large shadow fell over me. I turned around and stared at the largest pecs I’d ever seen. Tristan’s chest was pumped beyond belief and the muscle seemed ready to burst through his paper-thin skin; stretchmarks were visible at the edge of the broads slabs of muscle and veins coiled atop them over his shoulders. “Enjoyed watching me train?”, Tristan asked. “Huh?”, I mutter in reply and slowly tore my gaze away from his monster chest to look up into his eyes. “Come on, Mickey”, he said, “Every guy in the gym was staring at me. I saw ya looking every time ya could. Why not? I’m a total muscle god”. He flexed his pecs to emphasize his words. I inhaled sharply as the half-watermelon-sized slabs of beef exploded in a display of striations and veins. I felt my cock getting hotter as blood flowed to it. A grin formed on Tristan’s lips. “Right”, he said as he relaxed his chest, “Ya know what to do”. His gaze travelled down. I followed his gaze and saw his cock starting to harden between his tree-sized quads. My gaze shot back up. “No, please Tristan”, I pleaded, “I don’t want to suck you off again. Please, man”. A saw a hint of anger shoot through Tristan’s eyes. My legs quivered as I thought of what this muscle god could do if he got angry. “Just let me shower in peace, man. I’ll buy you a shake when we’re done”, I added. “Ya don’t want to suck me off?”, Tristan asked, “Okay. Fine with me”. I inhaled in relief, surprised how easy the muscle god accepted me standing my ground. “Turn around”, Tristan said with a smirk on his face. The command left no room for discussion. I did as I was told. I felt the heat from his monster body as he closed the distance between us and stood straight behind me. I shivered as the thick head of his large cock smacked against my meaty ass. My mind urged me to flee as it realized what was about to happen. My legs refused to obey the command. “Tristan, please. I…”, I muttered. Words died in my throat as the thick cockhead pushed itself between the cheeks of my ass. Tristan placed his hands next to my head on the wall. I stared at the massive arms mere inches from my face. I couldn’t believe just how huge and hard they looked. “Miring my arms, Mickey?”, Tristan said, “Go ahead. Lick ‘em. And as you do I’ll shove my cock so far up yar ass, you’re gonna swear ya feel it in yar throat.” I would have laughed at that remark normally, but the new size of Tristan in every department just made his remark empty of humor. I turned my head to his right arm and let my tongue traced the contours of the thick veins that snaked across the massive bicep. As I explored more of the bicep, I felt his cock entering my meaty ass. “Yeah”, Tristan groaned and pushed his cock in even further. A moan of lust and pain escaped my mouth. I’d never had a cock inside me before, but Tristan’s massive snake was the center of my entire world. He began to pump in and out. He fucked my like a freight train. He was a total muscle monster, his strength unfathomable. Inhuman. Beyond human. Every time he pushed himself completely inside me, I was lifted to my toes. Finally, I gave up trying to stand and my legs went limp. I fell Tristan’s paws grab my waist and pick me up. The next moment my feet left the floor and I grabbed his thick forearms for support as I rocked on the rhythm of his fucking. His thrusts got longer, deeper, harder. I let go of his meaty forearms and began jerking my own rock-hard cock. My right hand stroking along my 9 incher as I was fucked by the muscle beast Tristan had become. Tristan’s breathing got faster and I felt his body heat rising against my back. His grunts were getting deeper and more guttural, more lust-filled. Then, with one more deep thrust Tristan buried his 14 incher deep inside me. “Upf”, I grunted as the fleshy snake invaded me deep and hard. My eyes widened as his cock seemed to swell a bit bigger deep inside me. “YEEAAUUGHNNN” Tristan’s thundering roar was accompanied by a tidal wave of cum that splattered deep inside me. The liquid heat filled my intestines, bloated my six-pack and dripped along my legs as it spilled from my overfilled ass. The amount of cum was unseizable. I felt my own cock spasm in my hand and my balls churned painfully as they too blasted out their load. Way less big that the ones that kept shooting up my ass. His paws clamped around my waist painfully, easily overpowering and compressing my six-pack. I even felt his mighty pecs flex against my back as he came. “FUARK”, Tristan roared as the final blast shot from his cock and the orgasm dissipated from his beastly body. I shuddered against his beastly torso as a final, watery load leaked from my cock. I felt exhausted and humiliated beyond anything I’d ever felt: like the day before, I had blown my load being fucked by this muscle god. Tristan must have felt me shudder against his rock-hard torso. He pulled me from his cock, making a flow of cum pour from my ass. He turned me around and lifted me higher, easily holding me at his eyelevel. “Jerking while I fuck yar ass, eh Mickey?”, he said grinningly, “Seems like ya like my body even more than I do. See ya tomorrow, Mickey”. I felt my feet make contact with the floor as he put me down. My quads quivered from exhaustion and I crashed down as my knees gave out. The week went on like that. No matter the moment I chose to go train, Tristan always was there in the gym. After every workout, he either made me suck him or fucked my ass. On Friday he even made me suck him first and then went on to fuck my ass relentlessly. It took me an hour to recover enough to drag myself from the shower to the locker room and return home. On Saturday he wasn’t around the gym for the first time that week. I took the opportunity to get a good workout in. After my shower, I went over to the front desk and began asking the trainer about Tristan’s new size. The guy didn’t know much either. I thanked him and turned around to smack into Tristan’s muscle-crammed torso. “Interested in my growth, Mickey?”, Tristan asked as I stepped back. Before I could react, his paw landed atop my shoulder. “I’ll tell ya. Come on over to my place”, Tristan said as he led me out the gym into his car. “It’s quite simple, actually”, Tristan said as he drove off, “Two weeks ago my grandpa died. He left me this special necklace with a shiny crystal. It’s a family heritage from centuries ago. It has the power to transfer someone muscles into another person.” I blinked in disbelief at his words. “I know”, Tristan went on as he noticed my reaction, “Sounds too crazy to be true. But my grandpa was the tallest and biggest guy of our family.” “There we are”, he added and he parked his car in front of his house. I followed him inside as we went up to his room. “See that picture”, he said while pointing at a muscular guy in a wrestling singlet, “That’s my cousin. Biggest guy in the family after my grandpa. He came over to take the necklace from me. As I struggled to hold him off, the crystal began lighting up and I felt stronger with every passing second. After like five minutes, all his muscles had drained into me. He’s a total wimp now. And I’m a freaking muscle god.” He went into a most muscular to emphasize his point and the hardening muscles on his torso ripped his skin-tight shirt to shreds. “Don’t I look so much better than he did?”, he asked and hardened his flex some more. I nodded in response. My mouth totally dry from the breathtaking display of muscular perfection. “Why…why are you telling me this?”, I asked after clearing my throat. “Can’t ya guess, Mickey?”, Tristan replied smugly. Horror filled my eyes as my mind put two and two together. “You’re… you’re going to take my muscles too?”, I asked in panic. “Nope”, Tristan answered, “I kinda like this size. Huge, but not too huge to make me slow. Just above 300 pounds is enough. Come on in, Logan”. I looked aside as a smaller, yet still muscular guy entered. I recognized Logan, the 160 pound teammate of Tristan on the lacrosse team. I followed Logan’s movements as he went up toward Tristan and kissed him on the mouth. “We’ve been fuck buddies all year”, Tristan said as he returned his gaze to me, “But I’ve gotten too big for Logan now. But that won’t last.”. I followed Tristan’s movements now: he opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled something out. I saw a strange necklace with a shiny crystal. He took it carefully and handed it to Logan who was taking off his shirt. “Ya know what to do, L”, Tristan said and stepped back. I looked up and saw Logan move toward me. Before I could move, his hands grabbed hold of my armpits. Warning sirens went off in my head as a wave of dizziness and heavy fatigue went through my limbs. “Ow yeah. I feel it”, Logan groaned in between his teeth. I saw pearls of sweat appear atop his body as the veins across his muscles grew bigger. I saw his shoulders, chest and arms swell and harden in front of me as if he was getting a solid pump after a workout. Then, he threw back his head and roared “FUCK” as his growth accelerated: his torso seemed to exploded outwards. My own body felt heavier and heavier from exhaustion even though it was getting lighter with every passing second. My mind was an empty, dark hole void off any thought. Even the urge of running away had somehow dissipated from my head. “FUACK YEAH”, Logan groaned. Logan’s grunt made me look back at him. The man holding me broke the 220 pound mark as I sank below 175 pounds. My feet left the ground as his heightening body took me along upwards. I saw the swelling veins snaking along his thickening arms as his biceps and triceps gathered more mass. His widening shoulders now eclipsed me completely, hiding me from view. “Keep growing, man. Ya’re getting so hot”, Tristan said watching the scene unfold before him. I saw Logan look directly in my eyes. The absolute hunger for more size filled his gaze. His beefening up pecs rippled with every breath he took, swelling and thickening into a protruding shelf of rock-hard muscle. I felt his growing paws cover more and more of my diminishing torso as he rounded the 240 pound mark and I melted below 155 pounds. A tearing sound tore my gaze down. My eyes scanned the hard ridges of his now eight-pack and saw his jeans starting to rip under the pressure of his swelling quads. “FUARK!”, Logan roared as he sucked the last strength from me and dropped my body on the floor where I sank down in darkness. Slowly, I came back to reality. I blinked a few times to steady my vision only to have my mouth fall open. At the other side of the room Logan was standing in front of a large mirror inspecting his new physique. Logan, now an intimidating 260 pounds, had morphed from a lacrosse player into an elite superheavyweight bodybuilder. Every muscle rippled atop his body. He was an impressive sight to behold. I saw his arms move up and his biceps exploded in size as he threw a double bicep pose. I inhaled sharply. Logan’s head turned away from the mirror in my direction. “Get over here!”, he boomed. I rushed to get up and move over to him. Mu now stick-like quads quivering as they supported my strongly diminished weight. I felt the heat radiating from Logan’s intimidatingly large frame as I got closer to him. I caught a glimpse of my own reflection: an emaciated, 128 pound, frail, boyish guy stared back at me. Every trace of muscle had vanished from my once large body. Even my abs didn’t have the skinny guy four-pack, but were a totally flat surface without even the slightest hint of separation. I couldn’t even remember when I had looked this small and weak. “No so tough any more, he”, Logan said and stepped back into view of the mirror. My body seemed to get even more pathetic as the reflection of the muscle-crammed Logan popped up next to me. I looked like a pre-pubescent boy standing next to a competition-ready bodybuilder. His upper arms looked thicker than my quads as they hung relaxed at his sides. The span of his shoulders was at least three times as wide as mine. He must also have drained some of my height as I was looking directly at his juicy pecs. Instinctively I knew what to do and kneeled in front of Logan. I opened my lips and let his 11 incher enter my mouth. I began licking and sucking him while my hands tested the hardness of his meaty ass. “Mmmm, yeah”, Logan groaned as his paws tested the hefty mass of his new pecs. Within seconds, I felt his cock go even more rigid in my mouth: the excitement of his growth, combined with the groping of his own muscles and my hot mouth servicing his cock pushed Logan over the edge. With a beastly roar he began pumping his seed down my throat. I gulped it down, my experience of sucking off Tristan that week came in handy while my own hand was stroking my 4 incher. After what seemed like an eternity, the cock stopped spewing its hot juices and withdrew from my mouth. “Started without me, eh?”. The deep, thundering voice rumbled through the room. I looked at the door and saw Tristan enter. Tristan walked up to Logan and made him look kinda average: he was half a foot taller and a whopping 40 pounds of pure muscle heavier than Logan. If Logan had the looks of a competition-ready superheavyweight bodybuilder, Tristan looked like he could eat the guy for breakfast. Tristan grabbed Logan’s armpit, lifted him up and tossed him atop his bed. I stared up from the floor as Tristan swaggered by toward the bed. “Ya’re lucky, Mickey: ya’re about to see the muscle fuck of the century”, Tristan growled down to me before turning his attention on Logan. I saw Tristan kneel atop the bed, grab Logan’s feet and pull open his legs. Tristan placed the heavily muscled legs atop his freakishly wide shoulders, placed his paws atop Logan’s round, cannonball-sized delts and entered the guy’s ass. I heard Logan scream, a scream that rattled the window, as the 14 incher penetrated his clenched defenses. “I used to dwarf those guys. Intimidate them just by standing close to them”, I thought as their lust-filled moans hit my ears and my hand pumped my hard cock. I had been tossed down the scale of dominance: from the alpha quarterback I had been reduced to the emaciated, beta-boy turned on by the sight of a muscle freak fucking a muscle god. I didn’t know if I had to weep for what I had lost or be happy I had a front row seat for this show…
  13. Heads up! This story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 1] Bittersweet Revenge We've all heard it before. Jock harasses nerd because the jock feels he's over-entitled, nerd's high school life is ruined, nerd seeks revenge. Normally we'd cheer on the nerd and the jock would get what he deserves. Sadly, that's in a planned out fictional movie. In reality, going too far is easier than holding back. Our jock in this story, Trent Felds, luckily learned that abusing his might was not the right thing. It felt right to him, it made him happy, but it was wrong to everyone around him. He retained his arrogance and intense attitude, finding that he wasn't happy unless he was dominating something or someone. So he became a workout instructor and personal trainer. He could yell, degrade, or outshine all he wanted. Though the ends oddly justified the means, since he would better someone's health and life. All those who participated in his classes or were his client had amazing results. Even after the degrading, their confidence was sky high since they were clearly no longer fat slobs or lazy losers thanks to all the exercising and dieting. Soon he became California's most recommend trainer, even getting calls from celebrities. He felt like a God among men thanks to being heavily desired for one reason or another. Not to mention he looked like one too. Trent was a handsome man, but far from the sense of a modern day male model. He wasn't about perfect hair, a fit streamline body, or a somewhat delicate face. He was all about raw power. Masculinity at its finest. Trent's body was strong and viciously cut, winning him many bodybuilder competitions ever since he started officially competing at the age of 18. Now with several awards sitting on his shelf, he can safely say no one will win as long as he's alive. He stood at 6'0”, weighing in at 259.1 pounds with 4.2% body fat... Yes, he's that accurate with it. His sandy blond hair was kept short and styled in a I don't care, I woke up like this manner. His eyes were light brown, used mostly for glaring or looking down on others. Most also assume he couldn't find clothes that fit, since his current wardrobe consists of clothing that clings to his body and is prone to ripping if it's a few months old. In short, he was still an arrogant behemoth, but now he was conscious enough to know bullying to get what he wanted is not OK. In fact, he was feeling very guilty since he ruined poor Isaac's life. Speaking of Isaac, as you may have guessed, he's the nerd of this story! His high school life conditioned him to be an extreme introvert; focusing on studying and loner activities. In a way the bully helped fuel Isaac's mind since it forced Isaac to be alone with his thoughts. Isaac always had ideas and wanted to put them to the test, studying whatever he'd need to do so. It should be no surprise that he turned out to be an accomplished scientist. Although he was a nerd and Trent made him feel like the ugliest thing on the planet, he wasn't that bad to look at. Sure he was skinny and 5'6”, but he was fit enough to lift his lab equipment. His face was on the feminine side and his long hair was pulled back in a ponytail since he had very little time to maintain himself. His hair was a boring brown and his eyes were a lifeless green as Trent would describe it. His vision was abysmal, but thanks to technological advances, his glasses didn't appear too thick. For the mean time he worked with robots used for medical purposes, big hunks of machinery that helped fill Isaac's wallet with some serious cash. As for Isaac's personal scientific contribution, he only had one thing to give: nanonbots. Not just any little artificial specks of science, but amazing and nearly miraculous... Specks of science. The nanobots could rewrite genes, effectively reversing fatal genetic disorders and even prolonging one's lifespan greatly. They could even transfer genes and revitilize cells, which would make plastic surgery inefficient. They acted like viruses, attaching to territorial cells that would convince other cells to fall in line. They could even force the body to produce stem cells and repair or remake entire organs, although, a heavy amount of rest and nutrients were needed to do so. The sad part about this is, Isaac did not globalize them. Thanks to the American government's interest, he would be forced to relinquish everything he has to make them widespread. Isaac would be set for life and would still be in charge to some degree, but he would not be able to physically have them or make them in his home. He needed them to carry out karmic justice. The whole reason he spent years developing them were just for one thing. Not to help others. But to hurt someone. To get his plan in motion, he found out where his target was and moved there without a second thought. The next step was to engage his former bully. Apparently Isaac's form of karma was on his side for the time being, as the dumb behemoth was surprisingly the one to reach out to Isaac first. A few knocks echoed throughout Isaac's home, causing Isaac some great frustration as he tried to concentrate on his computer screen. The knocks grew louder and his patience grew thinner. Although it was only 9 knocks total so far, he had enough. “Fine! I'm coming!” The scientist got up from his computer, becoming flustered as he made his way to the door. He ripped the door open with the fiercest look on his face, only to instantly grow pale and slink back. A large man stood before him. The man's body wasn't familiar to Isaac, but his face sure was. “Isaac?” Trent asked, his voice seeming deeper than Isaac recalled. “Yes, I am Isaac...” He wasn't prepared to meet Trent. Not yet, anyway. “What-” “Shut up for a minute. I'm here to apologize for being a jerk.” Trent ironically said in a jerk-like fashion. “So... Yeah, I'm sorry dude.” “That's it?” Isaac squinted as Trent nodded. “I don't wanna be your friend or anything, so yeah that's it. All I need to know is if we're cool now.” Isaac's inner voice screamed: ARE WE COOL NOW? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH? AND THEN YOU STAND THERE AS IF YOU JUST DID A GREAT DEED! YOU...YOU... Isaac remained calm even though his insides were aflame. “Yes, I forgive you. Thanks Trent. That means a lot to me.” “Haha, yeah, I know, I'm a totally cool person now. No more bullying for me!” The big moron grinned. Then he bent down in a patronizing way to be eye level with Isaac. There was an awkward pause before he spoke again. “Wow bro, you need some fitness in your life. I'm an awesome person trainer now. And an even awesomer bodybuilder. I could help you look less wimpy if you want. Maybe fit enough to get a fuck buddy or something.” Isaac held back any retorts, knowing exactly what to say to hook Trent. “Sure, that would be great. And you said you're a bodybuilder? Wow! That is very awesome, Trent. How's your progress with that?” The meathead couldn't resist talking about himself, so of course he bought in and divulged just the right amount of information. “It's great! I'm pushing close to 260 pounds but I feel like I've been stuck in the 250's forever. I'm actually 259.1 pounds now. I should probably start taking roids to fuel these bad boys. I don't wanna get bitch tits though. I like my pecs the way they are.” Trent threw both his arms up for a double bicep pose and went into a most muscular pose. His shirt let out audible strains of protest. “Heh, poor shirt, it can't even contain all this powerful sexiness.” Isaac was impressed that Trent grew so big without the usage of steroids. He hated to admit it, but Isaac knew it was because Trent was most likely the perfect male specimen. “Hm, steroids can be bad for you depending on how your body reacts... Nanobots aren't. I've developed some very advanced nanobots that could help push you past 260 with ease. Heck, it could even shoot you up to 300! You'd be really helping me out with my research as well. So it'd be a win-win situation for the both of us.” Trent naively bought into every word Isaac said. “Sign. Me. Up! Fuck yeah! I'll help you. I'll help the ever loving shit outta ya!” “Thanks again, Trent. It'd only take about 30 to 60 minutes to get the test started. Are you free now?” The muscleman nearly jumped for joy as he enthusiastically nodded. “Great, come inside and let's get started.” ********** Isaac had set everything up for his beautiful revenge. Trent stood naked in a large cylindrical chamber grinning like the oblivious moron he was. Isaac simply pushed a few buttons and the cylinder's door closed. “So, Trent. This is how it works.” A large tube shot down from the top of the cylinder, planting itself into the sides of Trent's neck, pecs, abs, biceps, shoulders, quads, and even his cock. Another set of tubes shot out and attached themselves to various parts of his body, covering him from head to toe. The bodybuilder yet out a yelp of pain before going into a trance like state. “These nanonbots will flow into your muscles and... Other bits. They will remove your muscle fibers piece by piece, and travel to my body. The muscle will then be mine. I also decided to get some of your genes because, as you said in high school, you're the world's most perfect man and I'm not. I figured I'd also give you my allegedly horrible genes. You know, so we aren't too genetically similar. That would just be sooooo weird.” Isaac smiled as he walked over to a smaller chamber across from the bodybuilder. He could see the horror in Trent's eyes, but the nanobots were suppressing his nervous system so he couldn't act on his fear. As Isaac removed his clothing and entered the tube. “Activate Transferal Program, also initiate Project Oblivion.” Tubes shot down from the top of the tube and attached themselves to Isaac's body. The anticipation of growing made Isaac giddy. “Finally! Justice will be served.” The nanobots went to work, chipping away at Trent's muscle mass and moving it from Trent to Isaac. The transferal from Trent to Isaac would take over a minute, but Isaac at least got to witness Trent violently shrink. The muscleman's once taught skin wrinkled as the muscle was pulled out from under it. His traps and delts softened and shrunk, exposing a portion of his neck that hadn't seen the light of day for years. His shoulders were now rounded and moving inward as his chest's massive width diminished. The pec shelf he once had quickly fell, leaving droopy skin over his chest where his impressive pecs once were. He no longer had cobblestone abs and there wasn't a trace of them to be found on his narrowing stomach. His sculpted obliques vanished, making the portion from his chest to his waist a straight drop. His arms, once thick and veiny pythons of power, were now pathetic garden snakes. All he could do was look down as his noodle like arms barely responded to his commands. His muscles were so weak, he didn't even know if his arms could move anymore. Down below his enormous quads were chipped away to nothingness, leaving two bony legs. Legs that would make others wonder how the man could even stand. Between his legs, his pride and joy were reduced to embarrassment and sadness. Even a prepubescent boy would laugh at its size. Isaac made sure to over-shrink them to crush Trent's ego to dust for good. Trent stood there, quaking in pain and horror as he was reduced to a 6'0” blob of droopy skin and bones. Ah, but not for long. Even his height was changing, causing him to cry out as his bones broke apart, making him shorter with every audible crack. “No...” Trent could only moan in a higher pitched voice as his nightmares were finally realized. The nanobots did do him a favor though. They took away his masculine features and made him resemble a wimpy boy so his body would match his face. The nanobots also tightened up his skin as the tubes pulled away. The small openings in his skin quickly healed, but Trent could still feel the lingering pain of losing his years of hard work. “Did you like that?” Isaac smirked, his voice somewhat deeper. “Good! Because the nanobots will eat every single fraction of muscle you try to gain. You'll look like that forever. Aren't you glad?” Trent's eyes glazed over with anger as the chamber opened and he fell out. He collapsed on the floor, looking up at Isaac as the second phase of Isaac's revenge had already begun. Isaac's facial features were bolder, and he was growing taller. Isaac winced in slight discomfort as the nanobots stretched out his skeletal frame. Even his cock appeared fuller, with a pair of testicles to match. Then came the main part of the phase. The best part for Isaac. He could feel the other nanobots flowing into him, placing the muscle building blocks they stole from Trent into Isaac's body. Isaac's torso widened as his shoulders seemingly raised upwards and sideways as they squared off. His small hunch disappeared as his growing lats, delts, and other muscles all worked to greatly correct his posture. He lost about half of his neck under his muscle, if not more. Moving his head from side to side felt slightly strained, but it also felt amazing for some reason. Isaac's pecs pushed outward, stretching his skin as they blew up like balloons. Isaac massaged his chest, groping his growing mounds of muscle mass. He felt his nipple slide from the center down to the bottom of his chest. He could no longer put his fingers between his chest muscles either. “Nice!” Isaac's deep voice echoed from within the tube. His pecs pushed against the chamber's glass, causing him to back up. Isaac's arms pulsed and raged, going from a flat desert to a vast mountain range. He desperately wanted to flex, but found room in the tube was scarce. His biceps rounded out with power, lines emerging as his muscles grew. “Veins. Ha.” Isaac muttered, looking at the pulsing lines of vascularity grow in number and thickness. His forearms felt heavier, and his hands were definitely tougher and larger. His protruding abdominal muscles and obliques were dangerously cut, forming the coveted curvatures all bodybuilders aspired to. The classic V tapper from a titanic upper torso down to a classically narrow waistline. Isaac had to shuffle around in the chamber, realizing he was running out of space now. He wish he had time to build a bigger chamber before Trent arrived. Isaac's quads were now pushing against each other, causing the growing man severe discomfort. “Aaarg! My junk!” Isaac growled. He tried to widen his stance to accommodate room for his package, only to find it was still a tight fit. “Stop growing...” He moaned, yet his quads said no as they grew more. He grunted and groaned, having mixed feelings about what was happening. “It's... Only temporary...” He grunted once more as he dealt with the severe discomfort. Either way he was happy to have such powerful tree trunks holding him up. “And ah, the roots...” Isaac mused as he flexed his calf. He couldn't see them, but they were indeed beautifully shaped, putting most melons to shame in terms of size. His ankles were equally beautiful, not an ounce of fat to be found anywhere around them or his newly grown feet. “I feel like I could crush cinder blocks with these!” The tubes detached from Isaac and the gargantuan nerd evacuated the cylinder as it were on fire. He shook out his legs and dipped down a bit, in attempts to alleviate the pressure from his manhood. “Damn, that barely went as planned. I didn't know you had such huge legs, Trent.” Trent stared like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Isaac grinned and flexed his arms. Finally glad to see them at their full glory. He could feel the weight of his new body. It was foreign to him, but he enjoyed it as he got used to it. He walked over to Trent, trying to find a walk that worked just right for his new body. He may have been a giant now, but he still had the mannerisms of his old self. Regardless, he forcibly pulled Trent up by the back of his neck with ease. “Ow-ow-ouch!” Trent yelped, his voice now hilarious high pitched. “Stop! Stop now you fucking crazy bastard!” “No thanks, little man.” Isaac laughed as he threw Trent on the ground. Trent tried to get up to his feet, but was met with great force as a foot slammed down on to his back. Trent yelped again, growling as Isaac applied and removed weight from the scrawny boy's back. “Squish, squish, squish. This is fun. Oh, hey, by the way... While we were having fun, I had some awesome programs running. Just a little something created by a genius like me.” Isaac kicked Trent in the side to roll him over, placing his foot on the poor guy's chest and stomach. Trent clawed at the giant's calf, gritting his teeth as he withstood the intense pressure. “Genius? You're a fucking psycho! Get the fuck off of me!” Trent's attempts to fight back were amusing, but Isaac stopped it all by applying a bit more pressure. “Anyway, you're kind of poor now. Thanks for the money. Oh, and you eloped with an exotic woman to an equally exotic land. Who knows when you'll be back. I made sure to tell your coworkers and clients so they wouldn't wonder about you too much.” “I'll... I'll get the cops here! They'll-” Another kick stopped Trent from babbling. His sides, back, and front were bruised and tender. “You are really dumb. You have no money. No one will look for you. You don't even look like yourself. You're a tiny, pathetic, useless, and powerless pile of failure. Do you really want to leave my home looking the way you do?” Isaac grabbed Trent and forced him to his feet. He carried him to the nearest mirror, making sure to grip Trent really hard. Isaac stood Trent up in front of the mirror as if he were a doll, and fiercely gripped his shoulders to keep him in place.. Trent cringed as he tried to fight the pain. Trent could only stare at his new image. His eyes darted from his head to his feet. His mind just couldn't register it. The lightness he felt in his muscles and bones, the fact the ceiling was farther away, and his narrow body... It just didn't add up. He knew he had shrunk, but this was the first time he seen everything at the same time. His gaze fell down to the floor, disgusted by what he saw. Isaac just laughed, “This is really way more better than I though it'd be. So, Trent, ready to be my little slave? I got a lot of cleaning to do around here... The cleaning stuff is in the closet to your left. I guess I'll buy a little racing car bed for you too. But tonight you can just sleep on the floor. Or better yet, you can sleep in the garbage can where you belong. Look on the plus side, you get to live here and get fed if I remember to leave food out for you.” Trent's fists clenched and he spun around, a spark of fire igniting in his eyes. “You're still a fucking nerd. You're still a loser. So you know what? No. I'm not going to listen to a piece of shit like you! You're dead! I'll just sli-” “Ah, but if you kill me then you'll never get these back.” Isaac imitated Trent's poses from earlier. Although his form wasn't the best, it got the point across. Two mounds of massive bicep muscle taunted Trent, while beautifully flexed pecs added insult to injury. “If you're a good boy, I might just give you some things back as a reward. I won't give your muscle back or your height since you don't need it... But maybe I'll make it so you can actually get an erection. At least this way you can have something to entertain yourself since you'll be stuck here. Forever. Alone.” “We'll fucking see!” Trent barked. Isaac's patience was wearing thin. He thought the bully's ego would be obliterated by now. It wasn't. It was intact and in full swing. “You can beat me all you like, but I'm tough. I'm not a wimpy little bitch like you. You're not going to get me to do a single fucking thing!” A twisted smirk crossed Isaac's lips. “I was hoping you'd like to do this the hard way.”
  14. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  15. Guest

    Symbiotic Bonding Part 07

    Merry Fucking Christmas! Enjoy guys! Previous Parts: -Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 - Part 07 While You Were Sleeping Matt sat down on his bed, lying back and rolling onto his side so he could have a great view of Andrew from across the room as he slept. He watched Andrew’s newly-built chest rise and fall as he breathed in deeply, pulling in oxygen into his now much larger chest, before letting it all out. Matt heard Andrew muttering under his breath. Words that were hard to make out, but they began to make him quiver with desire for reasons he did not understand. He continued to watch his smaller brother slumber, Andrew’s new body partially illuminated under the dim moonlight coming in through the window. It was just enough for Matt to see the curves of his twins new muscles. Andrew murmur’s in his sleep again, having an amazing dream from what Matt was noticing as he watched a new curve being arising. The part of the sheet over Andrew’s larger dick began to rise. Matt paused, not sure what to do next, but Andrew shifts in his sleep, kicking off part of the sheet, letting his new, big phallus spring free. Matt’s throat catches as he watches its silhouette wave back and forth, several inches off of his slumbering bro. His own dick stiffening, urging him towards the swinging metronome of Andrew’s penis. Andrew’s snores were loud, and very deep. He continued to toss and turn on his bed, getting into a more comfortable position, his arm going behind his head, exposing his deep murky pit. The exposure sending a bit of odor wafting out over his area of the room as it began to get stronger the longer it was out in the fresh air, moving towards Matt’s side of the room. His other hand went down to his larger, kiwi sized balls, as be scratched and pulled at them slightly. “Wa….e….” he mumbled. ‘….nt…m…” the words were low but commanding even in his sleep daze. Each time they began to get clearer and clearer. “Want me….” Matt finally hears the two words, loud and clear. Even though it was still almost a mutter under Andrew’s breath, Matt was able to understand those two words perfectly. He pushed aside his sheets, tossing his legs over the edge, and treading the several meters to his brother’s bed. Matt looks down at Andrew, noting how the dim moonlight highlights the strong, masculine body of his growing twin. His own cock throbs, and as he watches Andrew sleep he notices his brother’s does as well. As Andrew rolls over to his side, Matt decides to join him in bed, His legs at Andrew’s head, and vice-versa as they get into a 69 position. Matt looks straight ahead towards Andrew’s cock, gently scooting towards it, eager to have it push between his lips, into his mouth, and down his throat, but he needs to make sure not to wake his twin. The words mutter again “Want Me,” much clearer now from him being this close. Matt can’t take it any longer, scooting forward quickly until he feels his smaller twins dick brush against his lips. Matt opens wide, engulfing the head, sucking it into his mouth, while his own cockhead presses against Andrew’s own, opened, sleeping lips. Pre begins to leak out from Matt’s cock onto Andrew’s lips. In Andrew’s sleep state, he licks his slightly slick lips, feeling his bro’s cock leave a good amount of pre on them. His moth opens, his tongue running along the upper part of Matt’s cock as his lips close around the head and Andrew begins to nurse on the tip like a child suckling a teat. Matt moan’s from the pleasure, scooting even closer to try and get more and more of his shaft into Andrew’s mouth, as he feels it hit the back wall, slowly forcing the head into Andrew’s throat. This causes Andrew to moan, feeling more aroused in his sleep state, his hand going toward the back of his brother’s head, rubbing his hair as he begins to stir a bit. Matt purr’s with joy as he is getting attention from his Twin. He doesn’t care if he’s asleep. He know’s Andrew does not want this to continue to happen, but this reassurance is all Matt needs to keep going. He relaxes his throat, opening it up more so he can swallow more of Andrew’s cock, pushing his lips further down the shaft. He wants his bro’s precious seed, so he makes his tongue dance against the underside of Andrew’s tool, feeling the bumps and ridges of the veins, teasing it as best as he can. Andrew’s throat muscles continue to open and close over the head of Matt’s cock. Matt begins to let out soft, muffled moans of pleasure as his balls start to ache, eager to unleash a bountiful seed. But the thing inside of Matt, the living Symbiote, won’t allow it yet. It prevents him from release, and starts to produce more and more cum, making Matt’s balls begin to fill with more and more cream. Matt is hopeless, able only to do his best to work over Andrew’s cock while Andrew’s sleeping daze returns the favor. Andrew’s sleepiness begins to wear off as his eyes begin to slowly open, his brain waking up. The first thing he sees are two large, swelling testicles pressed against his face, before he notices the cock lodged down his throat… “Mmmmmm mmmmmm” Andrew tries to protest, knowing this is going to not go so well for Matt as his own cock was buried deep into his brother’s throat as well. His cock was uncontrollably hard, there was no way he was going to escape this. Andrew tris pulling away, but Matt’s hands grab onto his thighs and hold him in place, as Matt flips Andrew onto his back. Matt’s still larger then him and has plenty of skills from all the sports he played through the years that Andrew never did. “Mmmmmm….” Andrew protests again, but Matt just doubles his efforts, sucking even harder and faster. Matt was desperate for his brother’s cum, wanting so very much to please Andrew. Wanting just as much to make his twin bigger, stronger, sexier. As Andrew struggled beneath him, Matt drives his dick deep into Andrew’s mouth, until his balls are resting against Andrew’s nose; his wispy pubes tickling Andrew’s chin. Matt let’s out a soft grunt as his cock explodes, sending a large load of cum rocketing down Andrew’s throat. As it hits, Andrew kicks, his body spasming as another inch is added to his height, bringing him to six feet tall, just like Matt. His body swells, more and more muscle added to his frame as he reaches a whopping 215lbs, just five pounds shy of Matt’s own still impressive 220lbs. And his cock, lurching forward in Matt’s mouth as it gains another ½ inch, reaching finally a solid 8, thickening slightly in his mouth, pushing further down his throat. Matt lets out a low moan as he continues so suck, turned on incredibly by this new growth spurt. Andrew gets even hornier with this new flood of testosterone going through his body, causing his own cock to grow even harder. As Matt began to lift himself away after he did what he felt needed to be done, to grow Andrew to Twin like proportions, Andrew’s hands latch onto Matt’s head and thrusts his cock upward to sink his cock all the way up into Matt’s throat. Matt’s cock no longer in Andrew’s mouth. “This is what you wanted?” Matt tries to push Andrew’s body back onto the bed. “I’m sorry bro… Mph… but it’s… my turn…” He thrusts his cock all the way up and Matt continues to struggle. “My turn… to… Uhnn…” His eyes closing as a mighty blast of hot seed fires out from Andrew’s cock and forces its way into Matt’s stomach. “to… protect you.” All Matt can do is swallow or he would probably drown from how much cum was erupting out of his twin’s cock. He begins to feel like he’s weakening, getting smaller, but even though these physical attributes are changing he can only think of how much he truly needs to be wanted now by Andrew. Matt grips onto Andrew’s muscular thighs, feeling them tense up under him as he continues to shoot. All Matt does is welcome every last drop. Andrew also feel’s his brother getting smaller around him, as he drops to 5’11”. Matt’s cock reeling back into his body as it sucks into a slightly above average 7 inches, nowhere close to his whopping original 10. His weight reaching 205lbs. Andrew finally rolls Matt’s body off of him and onto the bed. Panting, his body covering with as much sweat, even covered with fur, his body looked like an oiled up bodybuilder. “What did you do?” “You wanted me to want you. And I did. I wanted you. I still do. I want you so bad, Andrew!” Matt reaches up, his fingers gently brushing against one of Andrew’s furry pecs, feeling how it’s slightly larger than before, slightly thicker. “And I love what my cum does to you. How it makes you bigger. Stronger. Fuck, you’re HOT, Andrew. You know that, right?” Matt moves his thumb and index finger to the nipple on the pec he was rubbing and begins to roll it between his fingers. Is it any surprise that I want you?” Andrew moans in pleasure from Matt’s touch. He pulls his twin closer towards him, lifting him up in his arms, as he stands up and walks towards the full length mirror, Matt’s posing mirror, the one that he would always admire himself in. Andrew places him down, right in front of him. Matt having to look slightly up now, but not by much, as Andrew turns him towards his reflection. Matt can now see who is clearly the larger one in absolutely every aspect now. “Do you see this Matthew?” Matt hated that name. He hasn’t been called that since he was 12. It was the name his parent’s would also use to scold him as a child. “Look what you’ve done. I told you to stop… There is no going back from now on…” Matt looks down at his feet for a moment, then back up at Andrew. He blushes, seeming a bit shy. Certainly not like the confident jock who used to strut around campus like he owned it. “Are you really mad at me, Andrew? I – I thought you wanted this. You can’t be feeling bad, can you?” Matt reaches over and traces his fingers along his brother’s abs, tracing each separation between each block of muscle. “Don’t you feel bigger, stronger, more capable? Ready to take on the world?” Matt moved around Andrew’s larger frame, behind his bro. His smaller body now completely hidden behind Andrew’s reflected image in the mirror. “Don’t you want to be as much of a man as you can be?” Matt asked, his voice distant, as he leaned against Andrew’s strong, broad, muscular back. Andrew feels Matt’s arms wrap around his waist from behind as he relaxes a bit. “I think I’m gonna need a shower. I can’t sleep now…” Andrew turns around to face Matt, placing a hand gently on his brother’s chin. “Everything will be ok, I guess,” He smiles into his eyes. “Just gonna be some adjustments were gonna need to get used to.” Andrew bends down, bringing his lips to Matt’s, kissing him, before heading off to the shower, leaving them both to contemplate. Matt watches Andrew’s strong glutes rising and falling with each step as he leaves the room. His lats curving to meet his beefy shoulders, traps trying to reach up and swallow his neck. He flopped back onto his bed, a huge grin on his face. You’re big now, and hot. But you could be so much more… To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 08: Make A Man Out of You
  16. Dragonmaw

    Muscle thief on the loose

    Hi. Just wanted to be the first besides you to post story here lol. First post here, sorry if it's bad. So, this story takes place in the same location, but there are a couple new characters. (Theresa) "Hello Theresa." A small woman behind her desk beamed at the taller woman who entered the room. "Hi, I got to say, I got a call back from a job application, but I don't remember applying for a job?" Theresa blushed. "Of course, my memory is rather forgetful lately." "That's okay. You didn't. One of my contacts recommended you and reading your file, I see you have talents that could really be useful in my field." Corinne filed through a stack of papers as if she hadn't already read it all. "Are there any medical problems you may have that we're not aware of?" she asked. Theresa shook her head, then thought again. "Actually there is one thing. It seems like my skin has been overly sensitive lately? I don't know. It's weird. It's probably nothing." Corinne smiled. "On the contrary. It's why I called you here." She opened up a drawer in her desk and pulled out three rather old pieces of--what, flesh? Yikes. "Now, I'm sure you don't live under a rock and know about the erm-muscle pandemic that's been going around." Theresa smiled and nodded. "Well, I have a theory, that if correct, can be very advantageous in purging this plague." Theresa's smile dropped. "Purge?" Corinne's face turned serious. "Of course. These people are murderers, they're subhuman, they're horrifying. Act on instinct. Animals. All of them." Theresa sighed. Not all of them, she thought, thinking of her late husband. Corinne moved the human flesh onto the desk in front of Theresa. "Can you tell me which of these three late people used to be muscle freaks?" Theresa's hand recoiled in disgust. "These were human? I don't know what's happening but this is a giant red flag and I don't feel very comfortable here." Corinne sighed. "I'm prepared to pay you 1000 dollars per day you work." Theresa's eyes widened. "You know, all of a sudden I'm colorblind to that red flag! How odd." she fingered at the flesh, feeling revolted. As she touched the second set of skin, she recoiled as if she had been zapped. Corinne gleamed. "Well, my theory is correct. You, Theresa, have a very rare special ability, one that has an intense reaction against any muscle thieves you may come across. Now, you can go back to your old life and feel zapped whenever a muscle thief touches your skin, or you can use it to your advantage, and help me by hunt them down." "How do I do that?" "Well, all you need to do is shake hands with someone and you know whether they're a muscle fre--muscle thief or not. That is a very incredible ability in this day and age, especially working with me." Corinne sighed. "Of course, my contacts can find most of them. But there will be some muscle thieves off the radar, and you, my friend, are the way I can find those other thieves." Corinne started folding up the papers and stacking them neatly. "We'll meet in two days again. I'll text you the location." Theresa didn't bother to ask how she knew her phone number. Theresa was very unnerved by Corinne, but then again, what choice did she have? It felt so bad to get zapped, and she had gotten much thinner over the past few weeks. When Theresa left the room, Corinne picked up her phone. Pressed 10 numbers. The phone picked up immediately. "Hi, Joe" "Enough small talk. What do you want?" "Coordinates?" "Gavin's at Victor's house. You know the place. It looks like he'll stay there for a while." Corinne nodded. Then, after realizing nodding does nothing when on the phone, she said "Alright. I'm going there now. Theresa should be on my side now." "We'll see." Joe hung up the phone first. Corinne pulled out another thing from her drawer. A gun. Making sure it was loaded, she prepared for the journey. She was going to Victor's house to shoot Gavin. Only this time, she won't miss. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's pretty late when I'm typing this lol.
  17. Let me know what you think. Kinda dark but these kinda things turn me on. Part 1: Nice knowin’ ya, Josh Sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned. Or, that’s how it felt to a severe degree to Stephen. Stephen had lost the love of his life to cancer a year before, and now had no remaining family with whom to stay in touch. He and his friends had drifted apart ever since his boyfriend’s death, and Stephen had fallen deeper and deeper into despair. Stephen had turned to food and sex to cope with his boyfriend’s death, gradually packing on the pounds until it was harder and harder to find a hot guy to fool around with. He was about 5’10” and now 200 pounds, and virtually none of it muscle. He felt like his life would never look up, and was ready to join his boyfriend in the afterlife. That is, until his roommate brought home someone that would change his life. His roommate Josh was the lust object of every gay guy within a 100 mile radius. He was 6’1” and thickly muscled everywhere. Josh had sandy blonde that he wore messy and had shining, bright blue eyes. His waist was an impossible 28 inches with a 45 inch chest and 20 inch biceps. He was probably only 5% body fat, too, Stephen guessed, and topped out at 240 pounds. Josh was a personal trainer despite having a masters in chemistry because he loved spending so much time in the gym, and the worst part was, he was the nicest guy you could possibly meet. He helped as much as he could with Stephen getting through his mourning, but Stephen generally just turned him away. Josh, as it were, also happened to be a bit of a sex pig. He had a dungeon room set up downstairs and a leather sling that he could lay in to get fucked hard as he considered himself the bottom of all bottoms. He was also a competitive bodybuilder and had won some local competitions, but that wasn’t his favorite thing to do. He loved giving himself to well hung tops. If only he knew how he’d be giving himself soon. Stephen heard the door slam shut that fateful night and two different voices moaning through kisses. He made a habit of always checking out Josh’s tricks since they were always so hot and it gave him good masturbation material for later. He grabbed an empty glass from his nightstand and walked out of his bedroom pretending to go get a glass of water. As he walked out into the kitchen, he saw Josh there with a guy perhaps 3 inches taller than him. They were already naked from the waist up with Josh’s bulging biceps and triceps straining as they groped the new guy’s chest. When Stephen’s eyes focused on the new guy, his heart skipped a beat. He had to be 300 pounds easy, with jet black hair and red eyes that must have been color contacts. His skin was about as tanned as Josh’s and they both looked like bronzed Greek gods. His 8 pack abs glistened in the moonlight from the window and his pecs danced as he frenched Josh’s mouth deeply. He was easily the most handsome man Stephen had ever met in his life. His biceps were nearly twice the size of Josh’s and as Stephen walked into the kitchen his gaze turned to him. “Hi,” he smirked as Josh went to town on his nipples and armpits, licking and biting along as he went. “Uh….hi. Don’t mind me, just getting some water.” Stephen fumbled with the knobs on the kitchen sink and then poured some water into his glass and turned to walk out. “Oh hi Stephen, I didn’t even see you there! Look who I met at the adult book store!” Josh chirped. “I’ll see you in the morning!” “Sure, have fun.” Stephen continued walking away, when a thought forced its way into his mind. If you want your life to have purpose, follow us downstairs and watch. He realized he was just standing in the doorway to the kitchen as the two hunks continued making out behind him. He shook his head and returned to his bedroom. In the kitchen, Josh continued grabbing new guy’s ass through his tight jeans. Josh was down to his soccer shorts that he had worn for easy access to the book store. As Josh massaged the guy’s ass, he moved his other hand to his shorts and pulled them down and kicked off his sneakers, revealing a leather jockstrap underneath. “Daddy like,” the new guy purred. His voice was incredibly masculine and deep and simply being around him had Josh intoxicated. Josh reached for his belt buckle and unsnapped it and pulled down his pants, and with quick motion took off the guys boots and pulled his boxer briefs off and threw them to the floor. Josh gasped when he was done this at what stood before him. Not only was the new guy insanely muscled on top, but he clearly did not forget leg day, ever. His thighs looked like they were cut from granite and his bubble ass rivaled Josh’s. And then Josh focused on his favorite thing: the 10 inches and still growing because it was still soft dick in front of him. Josh felt a hand on the back of his head, and he knew what he had to do. Josh opened his mouth as wide as possible and engulfed the huge, perfect dick in his mouth. Not his favorite place for a dick to get stuck, but it would do for now until it found his way up his ass. He felt the cock grow as it went down his throat and he continued sucking as if there was no tomorrow, because for Josh, there wasn’t. Josh had never been this horny and never had this much pleasure in his life. “Ahhh fuck, first cum of the night!” The new guy bellowed as he pumped load after load deep down into Josh’s gullet. Josh kept sucking every last drop out of this perfect dick and when his orgasm was over, which felt like it last over 10 minutes, Josh disengaged. “Ready to fuck my tight hole with that dick?” Josh asked while stroking his own 6” cock. “Hell yea,” the new guy said. And with that, they headed downstairs to Josh’s dungeon. Stephen heard them walking downstairs. Why did I feel like I should watch this? He heard some light laughing and the sound of Josh getting into his harness. It would be kind of hot to see two bodybuilders plowing each other, Stephen thought. And with that, as if he had lost all conscious thought, he stood up and made his way for the staircase and grabbed a spot on the stairs where he couldn’t be seen but offered a perfect view of the action. The new guy was eating Josh’s ass, rimming with abandon. Josh was going wild and bucking himself up and down on the guy’s face. “YEAH, BITCH! EAT THAT FUCKIN’ HOLE!” Josh was definitely a bossy bottom. The new guy smirked. “Are you ready to give yourself to me?” The new guy asked. “Oh yeah baby, take me. Take whatever you want from me. Own my ass!” Josh stammered. With that, the new guy stood up and shoved his 14 inch, thick as a baseball bat dick into Josh’s ass. At 3 inches in, he encountered some resistance. “Oh shit that’s big.” Josh muttered. “Oh, I guess you aren’t ready for me then…” the new guy trailed off. “Fuck no, I want it.” Josh wrapped his thick, muscular legs around the new guy’s waist, poured more lube on his cock, and forced it more into him. “Good fuck toy.” The new guy murmured as he shoved more of his impossibly huge dick into Josh. As 9 inches in, Josh spontaneously orgasmed all over his perfect, pumped chest and six pack abs without ever touching his cock. The new guy grabbed up the cum and used it as lube to force more of his cock into Josh. Once he was fully in at 14 inches, Josh orgasmed again without touching himself, shooting surprisingly more cum this time than the first and hitting himself in the face. Once he was fully in, the new guy began withdrawing his cock and reinserting it with fury. He fucked Josh like Josh had never been fucked before. Josh flexed and squirmed while this humungous, god-like cock was inside him and every few minutes Josh would climax again and shoot more and more cum each time. “Yeah, flex those muscles bitch!” The new guy roared as he plowed Josh’s ass. Josh hit a double biceps pose as he was lying in the sling and then hit a most muscular and started bouncing his pecs as hard and fast as he could which caused him to achieve another orgasm, this one landing on his pecs and flying this way and that as he continued bouncing them. After what seemed like hours, the new guy achieved a thunderous orgasm that lasted at least a half hour. Josh felt load after hot load pumping into him and the warmth spread throughout his body. He had never felt this good before in his life and he didn’t want the feeling to end. “I’m hungry.” The new guy muttered after his orgasm ended.” “How about you eat me out?” Josh winked and breathed heavily. “Sounds like a good idea.” Stephen wasn’t sure in the red lights of the dungeon, but it looked like there was a huge dickhead inside Josh’s right bicep just under the skin. Josh felt more waves of pleasure run through him and could still feel the huge dick inside him, writhing about. He loved that he could feel every movement of it inside him. His right hand and bicep began to feel extra pleasurable, almost as if his arm was having an orgasm. It felt amazing. Stephen was frozen, unable to move. He would have gasped, but he couldn’t get any air into his lungs. Where the head of that impossibly huge cock had been on Josh’s bicep had been, was now nearly nothing. Josh’s perfect bicep had disappeared nearly instantly. Stephen watched as the flesh underneath Josh’s right hand melted leaving only skin. Where Josh’s right arm had been, there was now only skin. The process continued with the dick squirming over to Josh’s left arm and draining all the hard-earned muscle and bone there. Josh’s arms hung from his body, or what was left of his arms, nearly touching the floor. With that, the new guy’s dick made it’s way for Josh’s right leg, and once finished there, moved to his left leg. Stephen watched in horror as Josh’s calves seemed to deflate followed by his quads and hamstrings, leaving just soft, mushy skin behind. Josh just lay in the sling, babbling like a fool and cumming rivers during this whole ordeal. Josh’s bubble butt was next to go, and Stephen watched as those two perfect globes shrank and was stunned as the new guy’s ass became even more voluptuous. It was at this time that Josh seemed to come around. “HOLY FUCK! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!??! Oh my God, what is happening to me?!?!” “I’m eating you inside out, just like you asked. You asked me to take you. Don’t you want to feel as good as you felt earlier forever?” He came once more into Josh’s hole. “Oh god yes, take my whole fucking body. Take it all you fucking stud!” Josh howled. Josh’s perfect midsection deflated and Stephen could see the guy’s cock sticking out from where Josh’s perfect asschecks used to be, working almost like a septic pump in reverse, sucking all of Josh’s essence up into him. Josh bounced his pecs and taunted the guy. “Take them! Take them!” Josh’s chest deflated and the new guy bounced his newly enhanced pecs as Josh came again. All that remained of Josh was his head and the skin from the rest of his body. The skin seemed to slowly turn on itself and flooded into the new guy, which seemed to make his cock grow as well, and soon, all that was left was Josh’s handsome face and head attached to the guy’s dickhead. “Beg me to take you.” “Please sir, take me. I am yours forever.” Josh smiled happily as cum poured out of his mouth and with that last feeling of pleasure, his brain and everything he had ever been flooded into the new guy. Inside the new guy, he felt Josh’s soul burning and then join the eternal flame of those before him that joined to fuel the new guy and make him who he is. Josh was no more, but the new guy glanced in the mirror at the gift’s Josh had given him. His muscles bulged and grew a few inches. He flexed in front of the mirror and came all over his own image, shooting buckets of cum all over the mirror. The mirror began to melt and smolder underneath his cum. He then turned his attention to Stephen. “Stephen, how would you like to have this gift, and give men the ultimate pleasure while becoming a sex god yourself?
  18. I threw a final gaze at my shirtless reflection in the mirror: at 5’8 and a good 195 pounds of mostly muscle my body was a fine sight. I had spent countless hours in the gym, building myself up for wrestling and at 21 I was one of the top wrestlers of Orchid University. I bounced my protruding pecs and smirked at the sight. I turned away from the large mirror in my bedroom and went down to the kitchen to grab a beer before heading outside the luxurious villa of my dad. I walked over to the pool and rounded the corner of the pool house when I bumped into a guy. Some beer spilled from the bottle. I looked down and saw the frail son of our gardener who had recently begun assisting his dad, lying on his back on the ground, the impact of my body had knocked him straight down. "Watch it, Pedro", I said, "you made me spill my beer". "Sorry, senor Kyle", he peeped in reply, "My name is Marcel, senor Kyle." "Get up, Pedro", I said and emphasized the 'Pedro', "My dad doesn't pay you to lay around." He extended a hand while he looked up into my eyes with his brown eyes. I ignored his hand and brushed by him to the pool. At the pool I laid down on one of the lounge chairs aligned next to the water to get some tan. As I was about to lay down, our gardener's son showed up from behind the pool house. "Yo Pedro", I yelled. I chuckled when I saw the lanky guy jump up. I motioned him to come over. "It's Marcel, senor Kyle", Marcel replied while he came over to me. His eyes scanned my muscular torso and he continued chewing on whatever it was he always had in his mouth. "Listen up, Pedro", I continued, "Ya better focus on yar job. Yesterday there were some leaves floating around in the pool. My father pays ya good money to make sure it's totally clean. Got it, Pedro?". To emphasize my point I flexed my torso to intimidate the 5'4, 120 pound guy. Marcel stepped back instinctively and nodded. "Si, senor Kyle. I'll get to it right away." "Don't disturb me while I catch some sun", I growled as I turned away and laid down on one of the pool chairs. I scratched my left pec, enjoying the meaty mound and noticed the lanky guy taking glances while he cleaned the pool. I pretended not to notice him and casually explored my other pec and then the ridges of my six-pack. I never missed an occasion to show off my physique. Nothing excited me more. I felt a tingle of excitement go through my cock in my shorts. "I got all the leaves, senor Kyle. The pool is perfectly clean again like you asked. I'll go to the roses now", Marcel said as he walked by me. I ignored him and my thoughts went to the upcoming wrestling matches I had left before I dozed off in the sun. The next day I was swimming for my usual morning cardio. Half an hour later I swam to the edge of the pool and got out, my triceps flexing in the process. "Need your towel, senor Kyle?", Marcel asked as he looked at me from his work on the nearby hedge. I nodded and followed him with my gaze as he quickly walked over to my towel: his t-shirt hung loosely on his small frame and made him look more like a 15 year old than his 19 years. I had never seen him work without his t-shirt. Probably to hide his pathetic body. "Your towel, senor Kyle", Marcel said and offered me the towel while he took in my torso. I grabbed the towel and looked down into his brown eyes. Those sparkling eyes combined with his dark-brown hair, eternal smile on his boyish face with his mild Latino-tan did give him some charm. Some could find him cute, I guess, I thought, but cute is no match for muscular. "Huh?", I muttered as I was pulled from my thoughts. "I asked if you needed something else, senor Kyle", Marcel repeated while his eyes darted around my body. "I'm cool, Pedro", I said while I put the towel on my head and dried my hair. I saw the scrawny guy's eyes lock on to my arms. If he wants a show he'll get one, I thought and I intensified the rubbing motion. My biceps and triceps bulged and flexed in the process, showing off their 17 inches of meat. His eyes widened at the display of my physical superiority and I saw his cheeks working as he chewed fiercely. "What are you always chewing on, Pedro?", I asked as I began rubbing the towel across my muscular chest. "Some special herbs, senor Kyle. And my name is Marcel. You have an impressive physique, senor Kyle", Marcel replied without taking his eyes from my arms. I felt my dick harden inside my swim shorts from the attention. My narcissism was at full force. I didn't want to sport wood in front of the scrawny guy. "Back to work, Pedro", I said and strutted past him to the pool house. I heard him say "It's Marcel, senor Kyle", as I entered the pool house to shower. The next day I left for college for my final months as a junior. A few weeks later I returned home for the summer holiday. As usual my dad was off for some business trip with his secretary to Europe and that left me in charge of the house. The next day the temperatures shot through the roof and I decided to spent my day around the pool. I grabbed a quick breakfast, got back to my room to put on my swim shorts and went out. I rounded the corner of the pool house and bumped into something. The impact and surprise made me stumble backward. I lost my balance and fell down to the ground on my ass. I blinked in surprise and looked at the obstacle. A big muscular man looked down on me. "I'm so sorry, senor Kyle. I didn't see you", the muscular man said. "Pedro?", I said in disbelief as I stared up at the man towering over me. I grabbed the hand he extended and swiftly got back up on my feet as he pulled me up. My eyes followed his now mighty bicep as it balled up in the process pushing up several veins against his skin. "It's Marcel, senor Kyle", Marcel replied in his now deep voice and looked into my eyes. "Sorry, Marcel", I said quickly and my mind wondered why I had just apologized, I had never apologized to anyone before. My eyes shot from his arm to his torso. I gulped as I realized that his t-shirt-stretching shoulders were visibly broader and rounder than my own muscular delts. Fuck, he's wider than me, I thought. My eyes went to his face and I gulped once more as I realized he was looking slightly down into my eyes. Fuck fuck, he's also taller than me, I thought. "Are you okay, senor Kyle? I hope I didn't hurt you", Marcel asked. "Euhm… no no no. I'm fine, Pe... euhr… Marcel", I replied as I tried processing this new reality. "Ok. I'll carry on with my work then, senor Kyle", Marcel said and brushed past me toward the pool area. I moved aside to let the muscular man pass, another first in my life. "Right, carry on", I said with no authority whatsoever to his broad back. Confused and while my mind went in overdrive, I continued my way to the pool area as well. I got to the side of the pool and saw Marcel going through the supply closet at the pool house. I walked over to the pool chairs, placed my towel on one of the chairs and put on my sunglasses. I laid down and saw Marcel taking out a net to clean the pool. I watched every movement he made from behind my sunglasses, him standing at the opposite side of the pool gave me an excellent view. I noticed how his t-shirt stretched tight across his now thick torso. His broad, round shoulders pulled the fabric tight against the protruding shelf formed by his meaty pecs. I could even see the outlines of his abs through the stretched material. His upper arms filled the sleeves of this t-shirt to the max. His biceps and triceps twitched, bulged and flexed as he phished the leaves from the pool. The muscles in his thick forearms tensed into hard cables as he moved back and forth. His jeans snugly hugged his meaty ass and bulky legs. Every of his calm movements emphasized the aura of pure power surrounding him. He suddenly looked up in my direction and smiled. I was happy my sunglasses hid my eyes. "My work's done, senor Kyle. See you tomorrow", Marcel said as he put the net away and disappeared behind the pool house. "Wait, Marcel", I yelled and sat up in my chair. "Yes, senor Kyle", Marcel replied and reappeared from behind the pool house. "Care for a drink, Marcel?", I asked. "I don't know, senor Kyle. I have to go check on my parents. And I'm all sweaty and smelling like the fertilizer", Marcel answered. "Come on, Marcel. You worked all day in this heat. You must be thirsty", I pleaded. Am I begging him to stay?, I wondered in my head. "Well, okay then if you insist, senor Kyle", he said with his characteristic smile. I returned his smile as he moved toward me. "I'll fetch us some beers", I stated and stood up and quickly stepped into the pool house. I returned outside and saw Marcel standing under the large umbrella. His shirt clung to his torso from the sweat, revealing the lines of his six-pack His meaty arms were folded across his protruding chest. His pose oozed masculinity. "Here you go, Marcel", I said and handed him the bottle. "Gracias, senor Kyle", he replied and took a long gulp. I watched his bicep swell as he brought the bottle to his mouth. His Adam's apple jumped up and down as he drank. A mixture of sweat and fertilizer hit my nostrils. It reminded me of the locker room filled with sweaty athletes: a musky odor of raw masculinity. "Are you not thirsty, senor Kyle?", he asked while he lowered the bottle and held it in front of his stomach. His mighty pecs bulged underneath his tight shirt from the movement. Striations were visible through the sweat-soaked fabric. I looked up into his brown eyes and followed his gaze to my bottle. "Oh, yes, off course", I blurted and took a sip from my beer. "You really do a good job, Marcel. I'll mention it to my dad", I said to keep some conversation going. Am I really giving him compliments like a schoolgirl?, I thought but I quickly chased the thought and took a nervous sip from my beer. "Thank you, senor Kyle. I appreciate it", he replied and smiled again. He took another long gulp from his beer and handed me back the empty bottle. "Thank you for the drink. I'll see you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, senor Kyle", he said and left. I stared at his broad back. I heard his van drive off and disappeared into the house, my mind still filled with the images of his shirt-stretching torso and his scent left in my nose. Monday morning 8 a.m. and it was already around 82° Fahrenheit. I dove into the pool for my morning cardio. The water felt just right as I swam through it. A good 45 minutes later, I swam to the edge and got out. I rubbed the water from my eyes and shook my head. "Need your towel, senor Kyle?". The deep voice made me turn around. I saw Marcel standing at the hedge, watering the palm trees. He wasn't wearing his shirt for the first time ever in my garden. I stared at his naked torso. His pecs hung relaxed like two armor plates atop his chest, his abs were a deeply grooved six-pack, his upper arms were orbs of strong meat crisscrossed with veins and the cords of muscle lay thickly across his lower arms. His body rivaled that of passionate athletes. To top it off, his natural tan from his Latino origin highlighted his muscles even more. Marcel didn't wait for my answer. He went to the chair where I had left my towel, grabbed it and walked over to me. I saw him coming closer, his muscular body seeming to get bigger with every step he made in my direction. Marcel stopped a few feet from me, respecting my personal space and handed me the towel. I noticed the movement from the corner of my eye but my gaze was still glued in disbelief to his torso. I estimated him to be 6' and weighing around 220 pounds, which made him a good 25 pounds bigger than me. My gazed traveled along the hard lines of the muscles on his torso. Up close, he looked even more impressive. "Huh?", I muttered as I was pulled back to reality. "Your towel, senor Kyle", Marcel said and offered me the towel again. "Oh, right. Thank you, Marcel", I said as I took the towel and looked up into his brown eyes. Those sparkling eyes combined with his dark-brown hair, eternal smile on his still boyish face combined with his fitness model-like body made him a true Adonis. I couldn't believe how the lanky guy had grown huge between spring break and the start of summer. Fuck, he's gone from a cute boyish guy to a muscular stud, I thought. "Huh?", I muttered again in less than a minute. "I asked if you needed something else, senor Kyle", Marcel repeated while his eyes darted around my body. His gaze made me somewhat uncomfortable. I actually felt small next to him. I quickly draped the towel over my shoulders to hide most of my body. "Are you okay, senor Kyle? You're very quiet. If you need nothing else I'll get back to work", Marcel said and turned away. "Oh… eum… Marcel", I said to his wide back. He turned his head back to me. "Yes, senor Kyle?", he asked. "Well… eum… You have an impressive physique… eum… I mean…", I blurted out. Did I just compliment a dude on his body?, shot through my head. "Thank you, senor Kyle. Your body looks good too", Marcel replied and shot me another one of his killer smiles before turning back to his work. I felt my face go warm and my dick harden inside my swim shorts from the attention. Did I just blush because he gave me a compliment?, I thought as I retreated into the pool house to have a long cold shower. Half an hour later, the cold water and some good jerking off had cooled me down. I put on a pair of board shorts and went outside the pool house. I looked around and saw no one. I installed myself on a pool chair and dozed off in the sun. "Senor Kyle?" The deep voice pulled me from my sleep. I put away my sunglasses as a large shadow covered me. "Yes, … euh Marcel?", I asked while I blinked my eyes a few times and looked up at the man towering over me. Nothing in his attitude gave of the slightest hint of aggression or cockiness but his standing position made him the dominant figure. "I hope I didn't scare you, senor Kyle. My work is done. Do you have another job left for me?", Marcel asked casually. My mind didn't process his question as I stared at his torso that shined from the sweat. I followed the rivulets of sweat that trickled over his protruding chest down into the grooves of his six-pack. "What?", I blurted out and stood up not wanting to feel smaller by having the muscular man towering over me. I brought my right arm in front of my body and pretending to scratch my elbow with my left hand. I flexed my right bicep. My 17 inch gun swelled into a strong ball of muscle. "I asked if there is something else you want me to do, senor Kyle. Anything at all?", Marcel repeated while his gaze traveled to my bicep. I grinned smugly as I saw him look at my flexed right arm. Gotcha, I thought. My grin froze on my face and melted away as the big gardener copied my pose and my gaze was torn to his arm: his bicep swelled into an even bigger, rounder orb. It clearly outsized my arm and my eyes widened as the ball of meat hardened further and veins were pushed up against his paper-thin skin. Oh crap, I thought as I blinked in disbelief at the perfectly round orb. "Is it okay for you if I leave now, senor Kyle?, Marcel asked. I relaxed my arm and nodded, my mouth no longer in a grin but hanging slightly open as my mind processed the fact that the formerly lanky boy now had arms that outsized mine. Instead of feeling more dominant after my usual flex to intimidate, I felt even smaller next to the muscular stud. "See you tomorrow, senor Kyle", Marcel said and treated me to another of his killer smiles as he left. I stared at the mounds of muscle on his wide back as he stepped away. That night my mind kept filling with the image of Marcel's new body and his flexed bicep. "How the hell did he grow big this fast?", I asked myself. I ended up falling asleep late into the night. I awoke groggily. My hand reached for my morning wood. As usual my 7 incher pointed up proudly. I grabbed the hot shaft, put my hand around it and squeezed to test its hardness. "Uh, yeah" I grunted as my hand began pumping my cock while my other hand roamed across the muscle on my chest. Within seconds I was panting and my cock erupted in a series of white bursts that splattered against my chest and six-pack. I showered quickly and returned to my room to put my swim shorts on. I looked outside my window and saw Marcel working at the pool. He looked up in my direction and raised his hand to greet me. I returned his salute and went down to grab some breakfast first. An idea formed in my mind as I gulped down my breakfast shake and saw Marcel walking around the pool. I carefully went outside, making sure I wasn’t noticed and went into the pool house where Marcel had left his bag. I looked behind me before opening his bag and going through its content. “Bingo”, I said to myself as I pulled out a small, plastic bottle marked “Fuerza” with the image of a thickly muscled arm. I carefully screwed it open and sniffed: the familiar smell of Marcel’s breath invaded my nostrils. I looked inside the bottle and saw pieces of some dried herbs. I recalled having read some websites on muscle building herbs. I quickly grabbed out a large piece and put it in my mouth as I placed the bottle back in Marcel’s bag. I walked out the pool house, chewing on the herb and felt a hot tingling sensation spreading through my body. My cock began hardening in my swim shorts at the thought of my new size. I gulped down the herb and made it to the pool as I felt my body growing hotter and a pump-like sensation spreading through my muscles. I suddenly felt a bit dizzy and had to grab onto the large umbrella for support. “Senor Kyle! Are you okay?”. I heard Marcel’s deep voice and the next second his large shadow fell over me as he rushed over next to me. I turned to face him and nearly fell over. I felt his strong arms grab me for support. “I’m dizzy”, I said as I leaned into his torso to stop the world from spinning. “Let’s get you into your room, senor Kyle”, Marcel said as he scooped me up in his arms, held me against his torso and carried me off inside. I leaned into his thick chest, my left arm hanging onto his muscular neck, while my hand casually groped the hard mass of his thick traps. My cock kept hardening inside my swim shorts, forming a prominent tent. I let him put me down atop my bed. “Did you take some of the herbs from my bag, senor Kyle?”, Marcel asked. I nodded. “I smell it in your breath. You shouldn’t have done that, senor Kyle”, Marcel added. “I…wanted to grow bigger…Like you”, I mumbled. “Those herbs only work if you have Latino-blood, senor Kyle”, Marcel replied, “For you it doesn’t work like it does for me.” “What…will…it do…to me?”, I asked weakly as I felt the heat in my body concentrate itself in my cock. I closed my eyes as a feeling of total exhaustion spread through me. Marcel didn’t reply, but I felt him pull off my swim shorts. I opened my eyes and looked down at my body. A feeling of total terror went through me: my muscles seemed to have vanished and my cock stood defiantly erect at twice its normal size. “What…?”, I mumbled and looked up at Marcel standing before my bed. I saw tears in his eyes. “With Latino-blood these herbs make you more muscular. Like they did with me. If you don’t have Latino-blood, they have the opposite effect. Why did you do that, Senor Kyle? You will lose you beautiful body”, Marcel let out with a clear tone of regret in his deep voice. The dizziness prevented me from thinking straight and I felt more heath gathering in my cock that was now pulsing angrily between my shrunken legs. “I’m so sorry, senor Kyle”, I heard the shirtless Marcel whisper as he kneeled before my bed and moved toward my cock. “Ughn yeah”, I groaned as his hot mouth closed around the top of my cock. My body writhed in extasy as his tongue traced along the veins snaking along my unusually thick shaft. My diminished four-pack flexed as my back shot up from the bed. “Keep still, senor Kyle”, Marcel said gently as his strong hands grabbed my shoulders and carefully pushed me back down. “I’m really sorry, senor Kyle. I didn’t wanted this to happen”, I heard Marcel say before he moved back in on my cock and began to suck the top part of my now insanely long dick. “YEAUGHNARGH”, I roared as I exploded down his mouth. I felt all the heat from my body flow into my cock and then shoot out of it. The tongue whirling around my shaft seemed to get stronger as I felt it budge my rock-hard cock. I also felt his mouth sink deeper onto my dick. More loads than ever before shot from me into the hot mouth as I kept cumming. I felt the fatigue intensify as more energy was blasted from me. My sight got more blurry as I felt the sheets shift against my back. I looked up at Marcel going down on my cock between my legs and could have sworn that his traps were mounding upward and that his shoulders were getting wider and rounder. Not…seeing…things…clear, I thought before a final blast shot from my cock and darkness engulfed me as I passed out. I blinked a few times to steady my vision. A feeling of disorientation swirled through my head. I scanned the familiar, yet strangely large room before I recognized it as my own bedroom. Images of my shrinking form and the big Marcel sucking onto my impossibly large cock passed incoherently through my mind. I looked down at my body and reality came crashing down on me: it wasn’t some nightmare, the emaciated body attached to my head was real! I saw a lanky arm explore my flat, bony chest that showed off my ribs. I sat up atop the bed and stared at the mirror at the opposite wall: the reflection of my 5’2, 110 pound, boyish frame expressed the new reality. I blinked again, hoping in vain that my fatigued mind played some kind of trick with me. The same image appeared in the mirror. I got up weakly, my head spinning a bit and my thin legs shaking. “AH. You’re awake, senor Kyle.” The deep, rumbling voice vibrated through my body. I turned around and stopped breathing involuntarily. A perfectly sculpted muscle god of a man entered my room sideways. “…M…Marcel?”, I asked incredulously as I recognized the deep bass and the familiar look in the god’s eyes. I didn’t know where to look first: his diamond-shaped calves jutted thickly out the back of his shins,; his tree-trunk-sized quads, the different heads of the muscle clearly outlined by deep canyons as the tear-drop-shape nearly obscured his kneecaps, rubbed against each other; a hefty, yet fully soft cock dangled a pair of lemon-sized balls; the distinct abs, each the size of a cobblestone, of his rock-hard eight-pack rippled with every deep breath he took; his pecs, looking like half-watermelons stuffed underneath his paper-thin, tanned skin, protruded proudly from his chest and easily withstood the pull from gravity as they made his prominent nipples point down to the floor; his cannonball-sized delts, perfectly round and the three heads distinctly visible fully symmetrical proportioned, capped the insanely broad line of his shoulders; those boulder-like shoulders supported his leg-sized arms that hung relaxed, yet intimidatingly large, hard and vein-infested at his sides; his traps mounded upwards fiercely, giving him a bull-neck; his face screamed masculinity, yet had maintained some of his boyish charm; his Latino-tan highlighted his superb form even more. My head began spinning harder as my mind tried processing this new reality. “I…I….”, I muttered. “Senor Kyle!”, Marcel rumbled and moved with a speed unlikely for someone his size. I felt his strong arms grab me, scooping me up and holding me against my concrete-hard torso. I heard my bed creak in protest as his 305 pound body sat down on its end. I felt him sit me down atop his quads, the thick legs pushing my own, bony ones outwards. I felt my feet dangle in the air as he grabbed my armpits, his paws engulfing my entire torso. “How do you feel, senor Kyle?”, Marcel asked as he looked down into my eyes. “Weak”, I muttered in response as I placed my hands atop his insanely large pecs. The masses of rock-hard muscle made my hands look comically small atop them. I kneaded them, but marble would have been softer as the muscle didn’t budge under my touch. “I’m so sorry, senor Kyle. I didn’t want this to happen to you”, Marcel spoke. I ignored his words. His biceps had caught my eye and my attention went fully to them. “Flex your arm, Marcel”, I asked pleadingly. A smile formed on my lips as the muscle god complied. My mouth went dry as his upper arm exploded into a mountain of muscle that rose to a full 30 inches of vein-choked meat. My tiny hands shot to the orb of power: even together they couldn’t span the entire girth of his sole bicep, more than half of his upper arm was still uncovered. My hands fell away as he relaxed his hold and placed his index finger under my chin to make my face him. “Why did you take those herbs, senor Kyle? You lost your beautiful muscles. I will never forgive myself you got small because of me. I didn’t want this. Really”, Marcel said with a clear hint of sadness in his deep voice. I placed my finger on his lips to make him stop speaking. I then moved in and placed my lips atop his and kissed him. My first kiss with a man, but it sent electric shivers down my spine. I let my tongue enter his mouth as I deepened our kiss. My hands roamed the mounds of hard meat atop his upper back. And then, he returned the kiss. His anaconda-like arms wrapped themselves around me as he pulled me in against his concrete-hard torso. His tongue overpowered mine and quickly invaded my mouth. In between us, I felt his cock harden. I was on the verge of passing out as he finally broke our kiss and looked down into my eyes. I felt his now rock-hard cock press into my stomach and pecs. “You’re not mad, senor Kyle?”, Marcel asked in disbelief. “You’re so fucking hot, Marcel. Fuck me”, I said as I nibbled his ear. A grin formed on his face as he began lifting me upwards to position me atop his cock. I screamed in pain and lust as he invaded me very softly. Mu fist smacked into his meaty traps, bouncing off the muscle. “More”, I grunted into his ear. So he did, he kept lowering me further until his entire 14 incher was inside me. My own, fully hard 3 incher was trapped inside the deep grooves of his eight-pack as he wrapped his arms around in and pulled my against him. The feeling of being in a hot cocoon of protective muscle filled my mind and sent me ever the edge: my cock sprayed its meager load against his eight-pack. I felt myself slip away in darkness as he began filling me with bursts of hot liquid.
  19. Chapter one is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7118-with-a-little-help-from-magic-chapter-one/ With a little help from magic Chapter Two Twelfth Night came and went. Spring semester began. Aram hadn’t seen John for a couple of weeks. During Christmas Break, Aram’s family had went to another city, to spend Christmas with relatives. In order to use the holidays for something useful, Aram had brought books from the public library with him, and he had spent Christmas reading a voluminous handbook on anatomy and a monograph on constitutional matters. The books went far beyond what he was expected to read, from his teachers point of view, but Aram wanted to quench his insatiable thirst for more knowledge, and it wouldn’t hurt his grades for sure. It had been a fascinating experience to follow John’s development during autumn and beginning of winter. It was rather common that beginners at the gym got initial results pretty quick, when their bodies adjusted to something entirely new and unfamiliar, but John’s results went far beyond what could be expected of that usual effect. At the Halloween party he had been lean and defined, but during November and December he had began to fill out and approaching a heavier build. One of the trainers had demanded John to hand in a urine sample, since the gym didn’t tolerate steroid abuse among its members, but it came back negative. Concerning exercise, Aram was slightly disappointed with himself. He hadn’t improved his results at all in October and November. In December he couldn’t any longer lift the weights he was used to. He had got a bad cold then, and guessed that it could have something to do with it, but there was also a nagging suspicion back in his head, that his decreased ability could have something to do with Madame Cremorna – that is, if what she did really worked. His scientifically-inclined mind was of two thoughts when it came to the highly eccentric lady in the shop. He missed Emma. They had been an item for years, and life was suddenly missing someone he had begun to take for granted. He missed her warm presence, the scent of her hair and the funny way she giggled. Just as he thought about her, she happened to coincidentally pass by, on the way to her locker. ’Hey, Emma! How was Christmas?’ She looked surprised. Unusually surprised. ’Aram? Nice of you to ask. It was good, but nothing special. And you?’ She looked at him differently than he was used to. The situation felt odd. ’The thing we talked about in the end of the semester. There is no way for you to reconsider?’ ’Talked about? Reconsider? I am not sure that I understand exactly what you are talking about?’ ’About…’ Then it struck him, that he could remember two different strings of events – two different pasts existing simultaneously, side by side. In one of the pasts he and Emma had never been a couple. He felt strange. ’Do you feel okey?’ ’Yes, just a little bit dizzy. Thank you. See you at math class.’ ’Don’t exercise too much. I think it is so sweet of John to teach you how to exercise at the gym, but you have to take it easy in the beginning.’ * * * John had been able to indulge in two workouts a day during Christmas holidays, and the gym had been unusually sparsely visited during these weeks. He had eaten traditional Christmas dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but then returned to his highly well-planned eating plan. He had risen early the first day of the spring semester, and executed a cardio workout at the gym before school day. When he arrived to his locker he heard Peter’s voice on the other side the row of lockers: ’Oi! Swotter! I’m talking to you!’ ’Right. Now his gaze is penetrating lockers as well.’, John thought for himself, and braced himself for the upcoming troubles, but Peter went on, talking on the other side the row. What was going on? John followed the row, and peeked around the corner. Peter, Anderson and two of their friends stood in a semi-circle around Aram, tugging his laptop. ’What the hell are you doing?’, John shouted. Peter and his friends turned around. ’Oh, hello John. Don’t worry. We are just having some fun with Swotter here. Not your business.’ A feeling of unreality lowered itself over the scene. ’Not my business? After all the hell you have given me?’ ’What are you talking about? Only a fool would mess with you, meathead.’ ’Uh. That may be right, but it doesn’t change what you did just a few months ago, does it?’ ’What the hell are you talking about? We were friends in the hockey team once, if you don’t remember? Why would I roughhouse you?’ The feeling of unreality became more intense. John’s facial expression must have been weird, since Peter loosened his grip around Aram’s jacket, and nodded to his friends to leave, quickly following them. As they left the place, John could hear Anderson say: ’Did you see his face? I don’t know what he is on, but I hadn’t dared to stay in the case he got into roid rage, would you?’ * * * When John bought his winter jacket last winter, it had been considerably too large, but since he was still growing, he had expected it to fit better this winter, and anyhow it was useful to wear a jacket that would permit him to wear a warm jersey. December had been rather mild, and the snow that fell several times had melted away. After Twelfth night the weather had changed, a lot of snow had fallen, and it was now minus ten Centigrades. When he was on his way to the gym this morning, he had found that his jacket was too small, despite it had fit perfectly days before, and his jeans were too short. A lot of weird stuff was going on. His unkept hair had changed into a style with shaved sides and the remaining hair kept in thin braids covering the top of the head. Aram hadn’t believed his eyes when he saw John earlier in the day. It was the first time in his life – as he remembered the past – someone had tried to bully him, and he appreciated John’s help. John’s growth during autumn had been fast, but still within the limits of his physical constitution. It was different now. During the holidays John had grown at least a decimetre in height, and his bones must have restructured themselves. His chest and his shoulders were broader, and his hips and waist were narrower. Although Carl didn’t workout together with John and Aram every time, he had promised to accompany them at the gym today. Carl arrived with melting snow flakes on his black bomber jacket, and it took him some time to untie the shoestrings of his shiny black boots. He began to change into sportswear. John looked good in sportswear. The T-shirt was snug, but the drawstring cotton trousers were baggy enough to hide his obviously big legs somewhat. They all trained legs today, ending the workout with heavy weights in the calf rise machine. ’I feel a little bit strange, today.’, said Aram when they had returned to the locker room. ’Uhuh.’, answered John. ’I have felt strange, too.’, and tried to relieve himself from the sweatdrenched T-shirt. With a ripping sound he involuntarily happened to tear it into pieces instead. ’O shit!’, John exclaimed, distracted from the thought of any strangeness. ’It was the second time this week. I must buy larger training clothes.’ Aram stared at John. It was no surprise that John was muscular now, but the shape of John’s naked torso went far beyond what Aram had expected. Carl stared as well on the perfect traps and shoulders of John. On the perfect roundness of John’s pecs. On the valley between the pecs, continuing in a valley between his abs. Although Aram was the only one of them who knew the words for obliques, iliac furrow and serratus, Carl stared on them just as much as Aram, if not more. Carl sat down on a bench, but immediately changed his mind and left for the loo. When they were alone, Aram could manage to have a word with John. ’It must sound crazy, but it feels like reality is changing.’, said Aram. ’That’s exactly how I feel it. So it’s not only me?’, answered John. In low voices, so that Carl wouldn’t hear their discussion from the bathroom, they discussed their experiences. It turned out that they both remembered last semester – and actually their entire lives before that – in the same way: John had been short, shy, scrawny and interested in wildlife. Aram had been extremely fit, confident and brawny. John had been teaching Aram most of their schoolwork subjects during autumn. But both of them could also remember another, more dimly and vaguely recollected, past, in which John had always been built and interested in sports, Aram always had been thin and achieving good grades, and John had began to teach Aram about exercise. It seemed like the rest of the school only remembered the reality the two of them regarded as less real. They didn’t manage to continue this trail of thoughts. Carl returned from the loo, and interrupted. ’My jacket is suddenly too small. I have to buy a new one in a size that allows me to grow.’, John told them. ’Then I know the perfect store for you.’, answered Carl, and looked at his watch. ’If we hurry, we will get there in time before it close.’ They got on the tram. It was full of people on their way home from work, and the floor was wet of melting snow. John was freezing, since his jacket was too small, and he was only wearing a tight t-shirt, which felt too snug. Some people couldn’t avoid staring. John felt of two minds about this. It was a new experience. They left the tram. ’Is it far from here? I’m freezing.’ ’Who wouldn’t freeze in this weather? Although you have the look of a hard fucker who could endure anything. You know that?’ John felt flattered and embarrassed, but it didn’t change the outdoors temperature. They took left into a cobblestone-paved alley, and soon found the shop John had mentioned. It was still open. Posters for bands, mainly punk rock bands, covered the black painted walls. A clock on the wall looked like the symbol for the British Royal Air Force. From the ceiling hung the symbol of London Underground. When John viewed the room, several styles of clothes hung from rackets or were displayed on shelves, ranging from stylish overcoats and expensive lamb’s wool jerseys to the sort of provocative clothes Emelie used to wear. ’Just tell me if you need any help’, said the shop owner, who sat behind the counter with earphones plugged into his ears. ’It’s fine. I know where to look.’, answered Carl. And so he did. ’You said you need something wide, with room to let you grow. Why haven’t you considered an Alpha bomber jacket like mine?’ ’Oh. Eh. I don’t listen to your music.’ ’Lots of people use bombers nowadays, even the bloody hipsters. You have always dressed like you are shy of yourself, and I haven’t understood why. Which colour do you like?’ ’Uh. Blue.’ Carl handed him a bomber jacket in a metallic blue colour. John tried it on. It felt comfortable, and although it had lot of room for results from the gym, it didn’t look too large. John watched his own reflection in the mirror. The jacket suited him. ’It was perhaps not a bad idea after all. Do they have wide trousers as well?’ ’Most jeans are too skinny for your legs. I would suggest army style cargo trousers.’ ’Don’t you think that would look silly? Or angry? Or nazi?’ ’Last time I checked, a lot of my anti-racist friends wore cargo trousers. It’s not like the 90’s any more. Here, try this pair with city camo. But, of course, you need a pair of boots to match.’ Carl began to evaluate the shelves with boots. John found a pair of boots he liked. He observed himself in the mirror. Although covering his body, his new style accentuated his new physique, and he looked intimidating, in a way he never had before. It felt unreal and like he was doing something forbidden, but it also felt good. John payed for his new winter clothes, and they left the shop. It had began to snow again. His new jacket kept him warm. * * * Emelie sat in the school cafeteria steaming of anger. Her glass of water lay before her, its content running over the table. She tried to stop it with napkins. ’Emelie? What’s happening?’ It was Aram. Absentmindedly he used his two used napkins to stop the water from staining Emelies dress or the floor. ’Oh, sorry for the mess. I just talked to Emma.’ ’Emma? What has happened to her. She’s nice.’ Aram uncomfortably remembered Emma from another reality. Her scent. Her laugh. Sex with her. Her sense of humour. ’Emma has got a new boyfriend, and we quarrelled.’ Aram felt a short sting of jealousy, and quickly realised that he had no reason to – in this reality. ’A new boyfriend? Who?’ Emelie had the expression of an elderly aunt in an acerbic mood when she answered: ’Anderson.’ * * * It was his eating day, he tried to convince himself, when he was on his way home from an evening out with Carl and his friends. It had become a lot of comparatively cheap and unhealthy pub food and several pints of beer. The SHARPS were a friendly bunch, but had tested him initially with a rude sense of humour. John soon fell into the jargon. It was very unpretentious. The winter night was cold. Snow covered the grassy slopes, and frost glimmered from the stairs of stone up to the council-flat neighbourhood. ’It was good, Carl. I want to do it again.’ ’Workouts are good, and I admire your discipline with food – I could never manage to follow rules like that – but you got to have fun now and then, aren’t you?’ John followed Carl home. Carl’s parents had went to bed. Trying to be silent, but laughing loudly, the lads their boots and jackets in the passage, and then went to Carl’s room. ’And as I said before, there’s no hurry to become a skinhead even if you were interested. I hate poseurs just as much as the other lads.’ ’Poseurs?’ ’Yes. Idiots full of themselves, who one day decides to come in from nowhere and adopt the skinhead surface with no content. They usually care nothing about the music, and a few months later they go after another fad. They come in several flavours: There’s the racist idiots, who know nothing about skins before ’82 or about SHARP, and there’s the hipsters, and there’s the gays.’ ’The gays?’ John blushed somewhat, and tried to not blush. ’Believe it or not. Some gays think that we are hot, so they try to look like us.’ John expressed some noncommittal noises. ’Which is rather flattering in a sense, but I don’t want a fifty year old daddy panting me in my neck, if you know what I say. Understand me correct: I am all for LGB rights – I’m a leftie for God’s sake – and I am not against some skins happening to be gay. What people do in their beds is their own business. I just want people to enter the scene out of the right motives. If you hate ska or oi!, can’t take a punch, and lack a sense of style, you don’t belong. Any upper class twat can shave his head, but he will not get what skinhead is about. Nor will the idiots who only want a pretext to pick a fight. They are just poseurs, all of them. And the boneheads have no flair for style: Have you ever seen a bonehead wearing a crombie coat? And they prefer threadbare WP t-shirts before a perfect Ben Sherman.’ * * * ’You will never believe what happened during lunchtime today.’, John told Carl while they helped the melocore club moving the large loud-speakers. ’No? What happened?’, Carl asked. ’Peter asked me if he could join me training at the gym.’ ’You are kidding me. Peter is a racist wanker. I suppose you told him to go to hell.’ ’No. At first, I couldn’t believe it was happening, but he seemed to be honest about it, and it sounded like he didn’t want to hang around Anderson anymore.’ ’What if it is just a trick?’ ’I don’t know. Perhaps this could let us put some pressure on him to stop behaving like an idiot.’ ’It’s easy for you to say, John. You have never been bullied. I have seen what Peter is capable of, and it’s not pretty. For Aram’s sake, you should say no.’ The discussion was interrupted, when Simon entered the room. He gave some directions. The room was soon ready for a concert. ’I hope you stand by our agreement?’, Carl said to Simon. ’We help you with this, and your club will pay for an oi! and ska themed Saturday in two months.’ ’Yes. Yes, of course. That’s the deal. Why do you repeat yourself all the time?’, answered Simon. * * * Aram’s mother didn’t approve of his new look. He was slowly untying the green shoelaces of his boots, when she asked: ’John, you have always been a nice boy. Why, of a sudden, do you look like a nazi?’ ’Sorry Mrs A., but I don’t look like nazi.’ ’That jacket and those boots. I have heard about nazis who look like that.’ ’He’s right, mom’, Aram interrupted. ’There’s a lot of anti-racists who sport that look, nowadays.’ Mrs A. looked slightly confused. ’Back when I was in your age, only nazis looked like that.’ ’The nazis were probably the visible ones, back then. But the roots of skinhead culture goes further back, before the split between racists and anti-racists within the culture. It was originally about Jamaican music. Oi! music was added in the 70’s. The split between racist skins and anti-racist skins took place in 1982. The racist skins are seldom seen anymore, at least in this country. The far right guys went on to wear ties and suits or became rockers or were assimilated by the casuals. Actually, I don’t understand why the far right guys tried to nick a culture about Jamaican music to begin with. And by the way, I’m not a skinhead yet, anyhow. I’ve got hair.’ 'If you call that hair.' Aram’s mother still didn’t look like she knew what to believe, but began putting dishes on the table. ’I’m glad that you help Aram with exercise. He only read books before.’ ’Mum!’, Aram protested indignantly. John recognized the situation too well: What is it with parents who behave like you still are fourteen or something? John continued to chat politely with Aram’s mother, while they ate a salad of parsley and fried breadcrumbs, chicken, chickpea sauce, and olives. After the meal Aram and John went into Aram’s room. It looked different from what John could remember. The posters of hockey players had disappeared. A novena candle similar to John’s own stood in the window. Aram had two bookshelves from IKEA, filled with books about natural science, mostly about biology and medicine. John watched the books confused. He could remember how he once had been able to understand the content of books like these, but he also became acutely aware of that he wasn’t able to digest their content anymore. The world felt weird, like it changed around him. ’Aram, I need to talk to you.’, John said. ’Same here. Carl is always present when we meet at the gym, so I haven’t got any opportunity. Not since our homework Tuesdays ended.’ ’Homework Tuesdays? You do remember them? No one else seem to remember, and no one else seem to remember that you once were almost as big as I am now.’ ’So you remember, too? It sounded like you did at the gym a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure.’ ’You will probably not believe me, but it feels like I have lived in two different realities, and now only the better reality is left. It feel so good that the other reality has disappeared.’ ’You seem to like it?’ ’Do you remember the same other reality as I do?’ ’I believe so, but I am not sure. Why do you ask?’ ’There was not much to like in the other reality, so of course I prefer this one. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that.’ ’Oh.’ ’Oh, what?’ Aram’s eyes and eyebrows expressed several feelings, exactly what wasn’t easy to interpret. ’Oh… The thing I liked with the other reality, was my success at the gym and in martial arts.’ ’Yes. I admit that that detail must have been good for you. For you. For me that other reality was hell. Whatever is happening, it is for the better.’ ’I’m glad to hear that. Eh. Uh…’ ’What are you trying to say?’ ’John. I love science. I want to dedicate my life to science, but there seem to be some things that are beyond scientific explanations.’ ’Perhaps there are. I haven’t thought much about it, but generally people would call me a sceptic.’ ’But you can’t explain away what’s happening to us. You know that it is real?’ ’It could have been me becoming mentally ill, but not if the same thing happens to both of us independently.’ ’Precisely. I can’t expect you to believe me, but I think… Eh. Uh. Ehrm…’ Aram rose from the chair before his computer, and reached the window. ’This novena candle. And yours. I bought them from a crazy lady… No, she wasn’t crazy. She was very sane, but very odd. She claimed that you and I could have our highest wishes come true through these, but at a cost.’ ’A cost?’ ’It seems like I became a perfect science student, but losing my muscles, while you became a poorer science student, when you achieved all that muscle.’ John felt suddenly aroused. He had packed on a lot of beef. It felt good, so much better than being like he was before. But losing his skills in biology was the price to pay? To hell with biology. The feel of these… He put his right hand on his left pec and squeezed. It felt good. He rose from the bed, standing before Aram with his full height. ’Are you angry at me?’ John hugged him. Aram could feel the presence of John’s muscular physique pressed against him. Aram could also feel that John’s dick was stiff, which made him uncomfortable. ’Angry? Why should I be angry with you? You have given me a gift. You could have asked first, but then I could have refused it as a bad joke, so probably you couldn’t have asked before. I love how reality has turned out to be.’ Aram looked relieved. ’Oh, another thing. Peter want to join us at the gym, but I wanted to ask you first.’ * * * Chapter three is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7668-with-a-little-help-from-magic-chapter-three/
  20. Preface Dear muscledrain, You wanted a magic switch of brains and brawn. I could have chosen to make the protagonist a black-metal kid called Moonsorrow Bloodpain, who invoked Cthulhu,* or something similar, to facilitate the magic, but then both himself and his recently muscular friend would eventually have been eaten by unnamable and eldritch primordial spacegods* of the elder days, and – as I understood your story idea – you expected something slightly more feelgood than that. But which sort of magic would be feelgood? Classical gods from Greece and Rome transforming mortal men is a story idea already used several times over at Metabods (Dionysus and Mars, if I remember correctly), so that idea was already taken. It then struck me, that some people out there IRL believe in a sort of magic Moonsorrow Bloodpain definitely would shun: Hoodoo – which is a mix of native Congolese religion, Protestantism, Dutch folklore, Catholicism (since the 1960’s) and slight traces of renaissance esotericism. It would probably be feelgood enough. But then another dilemma emerged: Which red-blooded, sports obsessed young male in a predominantly Agnostic environment would get the idea to even ask an eccentric and mysterious hoodoo lady for help? I then realised that bodybuilding and martial arts are very popular among young Syriac men, and that they – however laddish they are indeed – often have an honest respect for the saints. I have also observed that a lot of MMA fighters like to wear rosaries. Some of my former neighbours are Syriacs – very nice and friendly people with a flair for making good food. This is the way one of the protagonists was invented. I want to thank sithspawn, CardiMuscleman, mrk78, yourself, and some others for very valuable linguistic and stylistic advice. To write in a foreign language is full of potential errors. Any remaining errors are my own fault. Just as Northern Americans (and I don’t mean Canadians and Bahamians at the moment) let their Muscle Growth Stories take place in the US (or in a fictitious country identical to the US when it comes to educational system and cultural patterns, such as sports scholarships, pompoms, American football and resident colleges), I will, as a Swede, let the following story occur in a fictitious country with an educational system and cultural patterns indistinguishable from the Swedish ones: an academic year consisting of two semesters (not three terms), no school uniforms, pupils/students living at home with their parents at least until the age of 19, mixed social backgrounds at many (but not all) schools, and Agnostics observing Christian holidays. The difference between working class and middle class is probably more subtle and fluid over here than in other parts of the world – at least that was my impression on vacation in UK and Italy. The city in the story is, however, a city that never was. It will be futile, if any other Scandinavians reading this will try to figure out exactly where the story takes place: Everywhere and nowhere. The spelling of surnames have been anglicised. That wasn’t, however, necessary with the first names, which could pass for many nationalities just as they are. Comics readers: Look out for the easter egg. I hope you will have fun! Addenda * Long after writing this introduction, I actually wrote a horror story about Lovecraftesque forgotten eldritch primordial spacegods, called Professor Schnackenburg's mistake. With a little help from magic Chapter One The cold wind pushed the red and yellow leaves over the schoolyard with a rustling sound. The sky was steel-grey and unforgiving. Inside the brick-building housing the sixth-form school, lockers were clattering, and the sound of many voices blended into a tiresome murmur. Feet swiftly hurried to lecture rooms. John had put his rucksack in his locker, and was taking his chemistry book out, when he heard a disturbingly familiar voice behind him: ’Isn’t it Swotter? Oi! Swotter, I’m speaking to you!’ The eighteen-year-old closed the locker, and tried to look in another direction. Sometimes it worked. ’Look at me, when I’m talking to you!’ A hand on his shoulder. A foot behind his heel. Suddenly, John found himself on the floor and the chemistry book a few metres to the left, between another row of lockers. It was Peter and his friends. As usual. Peter and his little crowd of followers had made primary school, secondary school and the initial two years of sixth form a living hell for John, and there was no sign that anything would change, until John left for university in another city and Peter’s gang left school, most likely in order to face unemployment. Peter put his black cowboy boot on John’s chest. Like his chums, Peter had enthusiastically embraced the 50’s revival when it became fashionable, and they all tried really hard to look like exaggerated stereotypes of 50’s rockers. Most of them wore black leather jackets, unbleached denim jeans, and white T-shirts or plaid shirts, and they had put some gunk in their hair and combed it in a 1950’s style. Unlike some of his friends, Peter hadn’t been able to afford a leather jacket, so he wore a cheap denim jacket instead, and had sewn a Confederate flag on it, in the belief that ’that was very rock’n’roll’. ’Is that an army jersey, Swotter? Considering joining the forces?’ John felt embarrassed. If he kept silent, it would just go on. If he answered, the result would be identical. ’It is a hunter’s jersey.’ ’We didn’t know you were hunting! Did we, lads?’ ’I don’t, but I take photographs of rare birds. The jersey protects from cold weather.’ ’Scared of blood, I see. It wouldn’t be a good idea to join the army then? Would it, Swotter?’ ’I said it isn’t an army jersey. Ouch!’ Peter had moved his boot to John’s Adam’s apple. ’Listen very carefully. If I were you, I wouldn’t insult our brave boys in green by wearing that jersey, whatever you call it. Now take it off!’ ’But… Ouch!’ Peter increased the pressure on John’s Adam’s apple, then removed his foot, and came closer to John, sitting in a squatting position. Peter grabbed John’s jersey, and minuscule stains of spit rained on John’s face when Peter shouted. ’Now, you little pansy, you take that jersey off – either putting it in the cafeteria dust-bin or giving it to Anderson here. He deserves it better than you. Isn’t that right Anderson?’ Anderson, a blond football player, about the same height as John, but considerably more athletic, had been a henchman of Peter for years. He had a smug grin on his face. ’And what do you think you are doing, you friggin’ racist?’ Peter and his friends had to turn around. John rose from the floor, dusted away spots of sand from his clothes, and looked for his chemistry book. The newcomer who had spoken was Simon, the tall leftie intellectual from the other science class. Peter leered at him. It seemed that he had met Simon before. ’Don’t meddle, Simon. This isn’t your concern.’ ’Sure it is. Yesterday, you and your gang bullied Aram’s little brother and neighbour. But after what I can see today, you like to bully anyone, regardless of origin. Ridiculous greasers!’ John adjusted his eyeglasses, and now saw that Simon wasn’t alone. He had brought Aram, the brawny Syriac hockey guy, and Carl, the anti-racist skinhead, with him. Although Peter and his friends outnumbered Simon and his friends with five to three, Peter sized up his opponents a few seconds. Although not very muscular (but rather on the slim side), Simon was tall, and it was well-known at the school that he had practiced kung-fu, before his deep commitment in the Anarchist Student Society, Amnesty International, the local melocore club (and a handful of other associations) had limited the time available on exercise. Two years ago, Simon and John had served together in the Student Council, and John had appreciated Simon’s wit. Carl was shorter than Simon, but taller than Aram. He spent some time at the gym, but not as strictly and devotedly as Aram obviously did. His shaved head gave him an aggressive demeanour, and that impression was enhanced by the gauge in his earlobe, his snug fitting maroon polo shirt, the blue braces that contrasted well against the maroon background, the bleached jeans, and the extremely well-polished, heavy and steel-capped boots on his feet. His black Alpha bomber jacket was covered with patches and pins: ’Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice’, ’The Oppressed’, ’The Burial’, ’Operation Ivy’, ’FC St. Pauli’. He oozed of angry adolescent masculinity. Aram was of average height, but more broad-shouldered than any of the young men. He had an innately muscular constitution, and had been in good shape already during his time in the hockey team. When he left secondary school, and began his sixth form education, he had left the hockey team in order to take up martial arts of some sort, and also joined a gym. He now looked like a bodybuilder without any body fat, and moved like a tiger: A very broad shouldered tiger. During their entire time at school, Aram had always been so absorbed by exercise, that he never noticed if bullying occurred somewhere around him. If Aram had begun to spend time with a decent guy like Simon, it was probably a step in the right direction. After eyeing his opponents, Peter ordered his crowd to leave. ’Everything alright now?’, Simon asked. ’Yes. Thank you for helping me.’ ’To be honest, it was just a coincidence, but I am glad that we could be of assistance. Aram here is beginning to develop a social conscience by hanging with me and Carl, aren’t you?’ Aram mumbled something, and looked down into the floor. ’I’m late to the student newspaper meeting. Later.’ Simon disappeared around a corner. Carl had to leave his bomber jacket in his locker, and was on his way to a math lesson, but Aram was scheduled for the same chemistry class as John. They were late. ’You both know that late arrival will affect your grades. It will perhaps not concern you very much, John, but in your case, Aram, I would be worried.’ It was Mr. Gustavson, the chemistry teacher, known for his sardonic personality, and secretly nicknamed ’Snape’ among the students. ’As I said before you arrived, you have to team up in pairs and study how a primitive form of plastic is produced. It is a very simple example of how polymers behave.’ ’It seems like we have to lab together, today’, John said shyly. Aram didn’t speak very much while he assisted John, but, despite their late arrival, they were the first among the students to achieve a nice cylinder of plastic in a test tube in the end of the lesson. That gave Aram an idea. * * * It had been a few days earlier, during the Sunday church lunch at the Orthodox church of St. James’. ’Ameen. Moryo nqabel qurbonokh, wlan n’adar bashlawothokh.’ The last prayer in the extremely ancient Aramaic-speaking Christian liturgy ended, and the congregation left the room, kissing the Gospel Book at the entrance, and receiving pieces of non-consecrated bread. There were old ladies in mantillas, old men in their three-piece Sunday best, lots of parents with children, a dark-eyed and doe-eyed girl’s choir in choir dress, and a bunch of young men slightly younger or older than Aram. The last group was the most noisy one, and the lads were joking and playing with each other. Most of them wore jeans, expensive jerseys and shirts, but a few of the oldest ones wore suits, and some of the younger ones were dressed in tracksuit pants and hoodies. Most of them were dark haired and wore a lot of hair gel, but some were buzzcut, and two of them were redheaded. Many of them wore sturdy golden chains around their necks, from which crucifixes or the Syriac nationalist symbol of a feathered archer hang. Some of the attendees immediately left the parking lot, but most stayed inside for the Sunday church lunch. A buffet was prepared: Bulgur mixed with roasted noodles, tabbouleh – a salad of parsley, couscous, tomatoes, onions, garlic, mint leaves, lemon and olive oil – and several smaller bowls filled with falafel, dolma, chickpea sauce and eggplant sauce. Aram sat down with his mother, his uncle and his aunt. His mother was putting her folded mantilla in her purse, now when she no longer stood inside the consecrated room. ’Listen Aram’, uncle Benjamin began, ’there is a thing your mother and I have been talking about.’ Uh, uh. Now it comes again. Aram felt tired of this. His uncle meant well, but it felt like he was picking on him. ’Before your father died, I promised him, that I would help you become a doctor, just like your father and your grandfather. We have talked about this before: You have to achieve better grades, otherwise you will not be able to study medicine.’ A steel grey lady in her sixties approached the table. Mother and aunt Layla rose, gathered around her, and began to discuss with her in the old language. Aram wasn’t good at the old language. He was born in the new country, and spoke its language without any accent. ’Your mother and I are worried about you. The medical trade is a family tradition, but your grades have not been good the last years.’ ’But you are not a doctor. You own a grocery shop.’ ’This discussion is not about me, young man, but about you. If you begin medical studies, I promise to help you financially, but if you don’t, you can’t expect any money from me for university.’ * * * It was a day later. Aram and his girlfriend Emma entered the room for the history lesson. ’Hi, Emelie!’, Emma shouted, and claimed a chair close to her friend Emelie. Emma and Emelie didn’t at all have the same preferences when it came to style, but were friends anyhow. Emma was a blonde young woman with black high rise slim fit jeans and a yellow top which revealed some of her cleavage. Her shoes were yellow Converse. Emelie, on the other side, had dyed her hair black, and wore a black dress with a lot of lace. Around Emelie’s neck hang several pendants of different sorts: A cross, a star of David and a pentagram. She didn’t discriminate between religions, but it was also possible that she didn’t care very much for what the symbols signified to other people. Aram looked around, and when he found that the chair close to John was empty, he sat down beside John. ’Hello again. Do you mind if i sit here?’ They both unpacked their laptops, and had to end their chat, since their history teacher, Mr. Johanson, had begun to talk. Mr. Johanson was one of the oldest teachers at the school, and didn’t have many years left until retirement. He always wore black jeans, a sleeveless pullover and a tweed jacket. Unlike the younger male teachers, who dressed less strictly, he always had a tie knit around his neck. His hair was white and slightly receding. ’The world events of the 20th century, would probably had been very different, if World War One hadn’t occurred. The stern conditions of the peace treaty of 1919, caused many Germans and Austrians to feel disproportionally and unjustly punished, and that prepared the way for Hitler and the Second World War. For the British Empire, the end of the war initiated the slow devolvement of the empire: The Irish Free State was declared in 1922, and in 1931 dominions – such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, South Africa and the Irish Free State – were defined as ’completely self-governing’. Some sorts of constitutional reforms would probably have occurred in Russia anyhow, but not necessarily in the revolutionary Bolshevik way it now did: Don’t forget that the February Revolution in 1917 was about limiting the power of the Czar constitutionally, and preparing the way for free elections, general suffrage and civil liberties. The Bolsheviks didn’t grab the political power until October, and would probably not have reached the necessary level of initial popular support, if the Russian people hadn’t been exhausted by three years of warfare. The war also caused USA to change the way it behaved in international politics. During the 19th century the Monroe doctrine had isolated the US from international politics, but – with the exception of the Philippine-American War about a decade before World War One – the US had until then avoided entanglement in any conflict far beyond its own borders. From a certain point of view, the Philippine-American War and World War One, became templates for what later happened in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The history of the 20th century is impossible to understand without World War One as the background. When we now begin to look closer…’ John felt good sitting so close to the big and warm lump of muscles. John hadn’t thought much about it before, but became now aware of the warm brown colour of Aram’s eyes, like brown gemstones reflecting a golden light. Aram emitted a nice scent of some sort of anti-perspirant, but probably not an expensive one. The presence of Aram made him feel comforted and protected. Aram had never or seldom preferred to sit beside John before, so this was something new. The lesson had ended. ’John, you are really smart. Would you possibly help me with homework? I want to get better test results, and who better than you?’ ’We could have begun this years ago, if you just had asked. Which day would be best for you? I often go by bus to Willow Lake in Thursdays. Wildlife photography, you know. And I suppose you exercise very often. Which day would be best for you?’ They agreed to keep Tuesdays open for study together. Emma approached them. ’You must hear this, Aram! Emelie has found such a cute shop with books and magic candles and stuff, and I could probably have my horoscope done. Isn’t it amazing? You must follow me and Emelie to that shop after school!’ * * * The following afternoon, Emelie, Emma and Aram got on the tram, and went to a picturesque part of the city Aram seldom visited. They left the tram at a stop just outside a Neo-gothic church building called Holy Trinity, and then followed a narrow and meandering, cobblestone paved alley on their way to the shop Emelie had mentioned. The houses were small and old here, but some of them seemed to have been restored recently, as an effect of ongoing gentrification. Withered roses and dark green ivy covered some of the exteriors. They passed by a tailor’s shop, a vegetarian restaurant, a dentist’s clinic and a former – now closed – bicycle workshop. A few of the buildings seemed to have been turned into homes very recently – which was easily recognised through the fresh plaster in yellow, lavender or dove blue colours, but other buildings were still shabby, some of them derelict. ’Here it is.’, Emelie announced. Aram got a first impression of the shop. He had definitely not seen it before. Grey stairs of stone led downwards to a door under street level. Two rather small shop-windows before his knees announced: Madame Cremorna. Books. Herbs. Readings. It felt a little bit spooky, but Emelie enthusiastically led them downstairs, and opened the door. A bell tinkled. The first thing that he noticed was the scent. The fragrance of many sorts of herbs and incenses mixed with each other. He felt awkward again. This wasn’t the sort of place a masculine guy like himself was expected to frequent. Wasn’t there something slightly feminine or gay about this scent? He considered to leave immediately, but that could make Emma mad at him. He didn’t want that. The second thing he noticed was the broad mix of things in the room. This was not just a book shop. The books were there, for sure – he saw a rotating stand with them: How To Earn Money By Positive Thinking. The Dolphins Speak: Telepathic Messages From Our Cousins In The Sea. The New Age Of The Flying Saucers. It could have been an ordinary New Age shop, but he could also see tin boxes with herbs, packets of soap or dry foodstuff with Spanish labels, shelves with incense sticks and small jars with the sort of incense grains he was able to recognise from church. His association to church was increased, when he found shelves carrying a large number of glass encased novena candles with stickers depicting saints. Some of them he could recognise, but, with his family background, he was more familiar with Eastern saints than Western, and the identity of some Western saints on the candles were undecipherable. The cash register stood upon a glass desk. Inside the desk he could see decks of cards in many shapes. He hadn’t seen any cards like these before. ’How do you play poker with these?’, he asked Emelie. ’They are not for poker, stupid.’, she answered, ’They are divination decks, for reading the future’. ’I am not sure I believe in that.’, Aram replied. Just now he wasn’t sure exactly what he believed. There was an eerie feeling in the shop. He wanted to get out. ’You are free to believe in anything you want. We are all responsible for how we use our freedom, and it is unwise to go against your own conscience.’ The alto voice vibrated with a rich timbre. It belonged to a woman in her early sixties. She had probably looked good during her younger days, and she obviously still cared about her appearance. Her hair was black, without any traces of silver in it yet, and she was dressed in a rust-coloured dress and a dark grey vest of wool. Around her neck hang a tin pendant depicting a very complicated geometrical pattern. In her younger days, she could have been a hippie. ’I’m sorry lady, but I can’t believe in telepathic dolphins and flying saucers.’ Aram waved in the direction of the rotating book stand. ’To be honest, I am not at all impressed by these books myself, but some of my customers ask for them, so I sell them. It pays the rent.’ There was a slight, possibly American-English, accent when she spoke, but very faint. ’So you don’t believe in the supernatural, yourself?’ ’Oh. I do! But that depends on what you call supernatural. If you mean telepathic dolphins, saucers, physical trolls or god-kings inside a hollow Earth, I do not believe in the supernatural.’ Emelie was studying the card decks inside the glass desk, but Emma stood by Aram’s side, hugging his arm. ’You are into sports, I suppose?’, the shop keeper asked him. ’Aram was a hockey player for many years.’, Emma answered proudly. ’And now I work out and practice martial arts.’, Aram continued. ’Then the psychology of sport can’t be unknown for you.’, Madame Cremorna said, ’And you surely must have experienced, how your own mind affects your physical achievements?’ ’Well. Yes. But that’s not supernatural.’ ’It is anyhow a part of scientific reality which borders to the supernatural – that is, supernatural in the sense I use the word.’ Aram was on his way to answer, but the shop keeper continued: ’And you belong perhaps to the Assyrian Church?’ Aram smiled: ’Close enough, but you were wrong there: I belong to the Syriac Orthodox Church. The Assyrians are our cousins.’ ’And you believe in God? And in angels? And in saints?’ ’Well. Yes, I do.’ ’The supernatural I believe in is about God, about angels, about saints, but also about sports psychology. It is admittedly not a complete description of what I do – far from it – but it seems like we are able to agree about a major part of it, anyhow.’ She was silent a few seconds. ’And what are you looking for? Books? Devotionals? Cards? A horoscope? Or do you want me to use magic for some purpose?’ ’We are just looking. Emelie told us about your shop, and it is just adorable’, Emma answered, ’but it looks much more Catholic than the other New Age shop on the other side the canal.’ Madame Cremorna smiled. ’It’s perhaps because it is not a New Age shop. Not in the general sense. It is inspired by botanicas of the sort common in Florida, where I grew up. We had a lot of Cubans and Puertoricans there.’ ’Have you lived in this part of the world for a long time?’ ’Quite a long time. Yes. My former boyfriend thought it was a good idea to move to Northern Europe a few years before the end of the Vietnam War.’ Emma continued to chat with the shop keeper for several minutes. Emelie still looked at the decks. Aram began to wander around in the shop. A square diagram with twenty-three arcane symbols hang on a wall. Bookshelves contained titles such as Three Books on Occult Philosophy, The Enchiridion, Selected prayers by Allan Kardec, and The Long-Lost Friend. A burgundy-coloured curtain covered door opening to an inner room. Curiously, Aram peeked inside. Several small tables were pushed up against the walls, covered with cloths in different colours. Candles were lit, scented in several different ways. The air was sweet and heavy. ’Uh oh. The inner sanctum is only open for some customers.’, Madame Cremorna said, where she stood behind his back. Aram blushed. ’I didn’t mean to do something wrong. Sorry, lady.’ When they left the shop, Emelie brought a recently bought tarot deck, and Emma carried a folder with her personal horoscope. * * * It was two days later. The bell tinkled in the usual way, when the door to the shop opened and closed. ’And what do you want, young man?’, she asked. ’I haven’t done well in my exams. I want to be sure my grades are good when I finish Sixth Form.’, Aram said. ’And when is that? If I hadn’t first met you with that young gothic girl and her friend, I would have guessed that you were older than a Sixth Form student.’ She eyed him knowingly. ’The last semester ends in June next year.’ Her face expressed mixed emotions: Pity, astonishment and a slight amount of aunt-like cunningness. ’Magic works normally through natural means, and natural means works slowly. A lesser working could have been enough, if you had asked me a year ago, and backed the magic up with real effort in class. But now, with just eight months…’ She didn’t end her sentence. There was a sad expression in Aram’s eyes, reminiscent of a very large, but very young and sad, puppy. The element of pity in Madame Cremorna’s eyes became more prominent. ’Let us discuss natural means first. You would probably learn more, if you do homework together with someone in your class, who’s got a talent for study.’ ’I already do.’ Aram told Madame Cremorna all about John. ’You have got a good new friend in him. Be nice to him.’, Madame Cremorna said. ’Homework with John helps, but not enough, and not fast enough. And I wish I could make mother and my uncle proud. But if you can’t help me…’ ’If something of what I do works, it is not because I have helped you, but because God has answered the prayers of several beings. Some call it magic, but ultimately all things and events comes from The Supreme Being anyhow. The ways and the means and the chains of events may vary, however. Or so is the way I see it.’ ’But you said, that I should have asked a year ago?’ ’I said, that a lesser working could have been enough then. With only eight months until graduation, I have to do a greater working, but only if you are ready to pay the price.’ ’I don’t own very much, but…’ ’I don’t talk about money. I talk about the willingness to choose talent for study before anything else. Wait. Don’t say anything yet. I will give you a reading.’ ’A reading?’ ’Just relax.’ She opened a purple bag of velvet, laid a pack of cards on the table, and mumbled a prayer. Aram couldn’t hear the words. She let him shuffle the cards, and then put three cards on the table cloth. The first card depicted a knight in armour, sitting on a horse. The second card depicted an old man with a beard, clothed in some sort of mediaeval brown gown, holding a staff with a snake – similar to the symbol sometimes used by hospitals and chemists – and holding a lantern in the other hand. By his feet lay a scythe and a hourglass. Far away, the presence of an owl could be distantly hinted at. The third card depicted a young man in renaissance clothes, carrying a round plate, smaller than a shield, but larger than a coin. From his bag a scroll and a quill pen peeked out. ’Hmm…’ Madame Cremorna didn’t say much for a while. Suddenly, she gathered all the cards into the deck again, and began shuffling. She laid the deck on the cloth, and pushed it over the table. ’Here. Shuffle, and think intensely about your friend John.’ Aram did what he was told to do, and gave her the deck again. ’That was all for today. Come back tomorrow afternoon, and I will tell you if I have found a way to help you.’ Aram felt a little bit disappointed. It had been stupid of him to come here, to begin with. He shrugged and left. When he had left, Madame Cremorna again lay three cards on the table. She was rather surprised to find the knight and the squire from the last reading come up again, but this time with reversed places: The squire with the plate to the left, and the knight with a sword to the right. The card in the middle was not the same. Where the card with the old bearded man had laid a few minutes ago, now lay a card depicting a half naked and extremely muscular man clothed in the skin rug of a lion. He had left his heavy club on the ground, and was breaking a stone pillar in two halves. Madame Cremorna remained almost expressionless, but one of her eyebrows twitched. She had got an idea. When Aram returned the next afternoon, he expected bad news. The shop keeper seemed, however, to be in a good mood, although perhaps mixed with an amount of harshness. She put two class encased candles on the desk. ’You are young. I will not let you pay the full price I charge an adult with full time salary. But you must be aware of the consequences of your request. Are you willing to let your friend become less talented, while you increase your own study results?’ ’Isn’t that black magic?’ Aram felt a chill on his back. He would probably not have asked for this, to begin with. ’I never accept black workings. I accept grey ones, however. Most human wishes rests in the grey area. The born-again nonconformist who prays to God for promotion at work, the churchman praying for a happy marriage, the white light Neo-pagan sending away a spell for fair weather at the picnic – all their wishes are tainted by a certain amount of selfishness. And so is yours. All of them are mixed with good intentions. And so is yours.’ ’But I can’t rob John of his intelligence. It is not fair.’ ’That depends. A greater working will affect reality on a deeper plane. In a sense, you will have switched – or better, mixed – destinies with each other. I have tried to conjure good destines over both of you, but you will still have to pay the price of tampering with destinies.’ ’Not my soul?’, Aram asked bleakly. ’Then I refuse.’ ’No, not your soul. I do not dabble in diabolism. Actually, I have fought against the minions of darkness on several occasions. But a greater working, affecting the threads of destiny, will take its toll from the one who ordered it, quite soon after the commencement. We are all responsible for our actions. Do you really want a talent for study?’ The question hung in the air for a moment. It cannot have been for a longer time than a second or two, but for Aram it felt like time stood still, like if a gigantic pendulum in an ancient clockwork was swinging over his head. It was still time to thank her for her willingness to help, but refuse to go further. ’Yes. I really want it. Just be sure that John will be happy.’ ’No-one can be one hundred percent sure, but I have reason to believe that he will enjoy the turn of events that will unfold, as well.’ ’Ooo-key? Well, then I suppose there will be no problem? What are the candles for?’ She pointed at one of the candles. It had a card on it, depicting a man in a bishop’s mitre, writing on parchment with a quill. He was surrounded by bookshelves. ’This is St. Isidore of Seville. You will take this home, and burn it nine consecutive Wednesdays until it is all burned away. St. Isidore wrote one of the first encyclopaedias in the world, and was recently designated the patron saint of internet.’ She pointed at the other candle. The card on it depicted a broad shouldered and bearded giant carrying the infant Jesus on his shoulder. ’This is St. Christopher. In the legend he was a giant who converted to Christianity. In reality, we don’t know very much about him, but the moral of the legend is edifying anyhow.’ ’What am I supposed to do with that candle?’ ’Give it to your friend John. If he don’t want to burn it every day or night, let him burn it whenever he likes. Tuesdays would be good, however.’ * * * It was Tuesday again. According to their new habit, John was helping Aram to study. ’And what am I supposed to do with this?’, John asked, curiously holding the glass encased prayer candle. ’You know that I am an Agnostic, don’t you?’ ’Some people burn it because they like how it looks or because they like the scent. It is just one month left until Advent, isn’t it?’ Shall I tell him about it? Aram thought intensely, and felt divided. To tell him the truth. But if he became angry and refused to help anymore at study time together? John was helpful. It would be awful if something terrible happened to him. But Madame Cremorna had said that he would enjoy what was happening, whatever that was. ’But isn’t it a little bit girlish, don’t you think?’ ’Not among my relatives. It is quite common that lads wear saint pendants, for instance.’ ’Yes. Now when you mention it, I have seen some of your martial art friends wearing rosaries, and I can’t accuse them for being girlish.’ The tension disappeared when Aram began to laugh. ’No, you can’t. At least not if you don’t take into account the time they spend in the bathroom, but so do I.’ ’Well, just as a sign of my gratitude for your gesture…’ John lit the candle, and then changed the subject. ’I have been thinking’, John said, ’about exercise.’ Aram was relieved that the subject had changed: ’What about exercise? You may be good at integral calculus and derivate – I have problem understanding what the bloody words mean – but I know a lot about exercise. Ask whatever you wish.’ ’To be honest: I think it is rather – ehrm.’ John’s cheeks and ears became more red than usual. ’I mean, I think it is cool to have muscles, even if it is hard to admit.’ ’It is not something to be shy about, little buddy. Many men like to be beefy. I guess most men would like to be built, even if not everyone like to admit it. Could you imagine Snape lifting weights?’ It was not only Aram’s joke about the acerbic chemistry teacher, but also his facial expression, which helped John to explode with laughter. It also shattered John’s embarrassment. ’Could you teach me how to work out at the gym, if I help you with homework?’ ’Fair enough. I sometimes feel stupid with you. At the gym I will be the teacher.’ Aram proudly flexed his right biceps, and felt cocky when he saw how John’s eyes involuntarily became wider. ’You like what you see?’ John suddenly looked shy again. Aram felt protective. John was so short and thin. ’Want to feel that bicep? Don’t be afraid. I’m not teasing you. It is fun for me to show my results.’ Shyly, John laid his palm over Aram’s biceps, and pressed carefully. ’Harder!’, Aram encouraged. John pressed harder. Aram’s biceps was of the size and density of a croquet-ball, and it rested on a really big triceps. John felt awkward again. His dick was growing and hardening. He sat down on the bed, and hoped that Aram hadn’t noticed. ’Which gym would be good for me?’ ’Why don’t you follow me to the one I workout at?’ ’Aren’t there a lot of big guys there? And doesn’t Peter and his crew hang out there?’ ’Peter is lazy at the gym, and I haven’t seen any of his friends there. Anderson is preoccupied with football, and the others spend their time with driving lessons, booze and grass. They aren’t very healthy, if you ask me. And I will be with you there. If Peter mess with you, I will have a serious conversation with him. He better stay away. The big guys at the gym are alright. Some of them like to give advice. Carl would probably join us at some times.’ * * * John stood before the desk at the gym, and felt shy. A very fit, but not gigantic, trainer manned the desk, dressed in a snug red T-shirt with the gym’s logotype on its chest. ’I’m waiting for a friend.’, John explained apologetically. He peeked into a folder about prices, and found a one-year membership mandatory. In September next year, he would most probably study at university in another city, and the last two months of a one-year membership would be wasted. Aram came in through the door, and began discussing membership and prices with the trainer and John, and, as a result, John got a deal, which meant, that he only had to pay for ten months. They entered the locker room, changed clothes, and Aram began to introduce John to the machines and weightroom. ’For anyone experienced, free weights are more important than machines. For a beginner, machines may have a purpose, especially for avoiding injuries. Look, for instance, on this one…’ One and a half hour later, John laid on the floor in the locker room. He had Aram’s towel under his head, and rested his legs on a bench, in order to let blood return to his head. He dripped of sweat, and felt nauseous. Aram returned from the loo with a paper towel dipped in cold water, and laid it on John’s forehead. ’I am sorry little buddy. I didn’t know where your limits were. I didn’t mean to exhaust you that much the first time.’ ’It’s not your fault. How could you know?’ * * * John and Aram had developed a habit of visiting Carl’s family on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Carl often spent Fridays and Saturdays with a bunch of SHARPs from the other side of the city, but Sundays were an opportunity for them to meet outside the gym and watch films together in Carl’s room. They all sat on Carl’s bed, with their backs against the wall. They had watched ’Captain America’ and ’Elysium’, and were now halfway into the Dwayne Johnson version of ’Hercules’. ’Look at all that muscle!’, Carl exclaimed impressed, for the third time during the evening. Aram poked him with his elbow: ’Do you know how gay you sound, Carl?’ ’Who you calling gay?’, Carl answered, and threw himself over Aram, playfully and boisterously tickling him. John bounced up in the air before landing back on the bedspread, but Aram and Carl fell to the floor, laughing and wrestling. It ended with Aram sitting on Carl’s back, holding his arm at an uncomfortable angle. * * * ’Grandmother arrives tomorrow. Will you eat dinner with the entire family?’, John’s mother – who worked with care of aged people – asked him the day before Halloween. ’I will stay home on All Saints, but Emelie has invited me to a Halloween party tomorrow night.’, John answered. ’I’m glad that you leave home more often, nowadays. But you know what grandmother will say.’ ’That borrowings of ghosts and pumpkins from the Americans will commercialise and destroy any decorous celebration of All Saints.’ John and his mother looked silently at each other with giddy looks, and both said in unison: ’What would grandfather say, if he had been alive?’ They laughed. John’s grandmother was not a particularly religious person, and, just as most of their relatives, she unreflectedly mixed Agnosticism with Lutheran Christianity, but she was fond of family traditions, and decorated her home zealously at Advent, Christmas, Easter, May Day and Midsummer, just as she had done as a young Mum in the 1960’s, and she enthusiastically invited friends and relatives to annual crayfish-parties and fermented-herring-dinners when summer turned into autumn. The recent introduction of masquerades at Halloween hadn’t found any approval from the old lady, since she thought that such merriment would distract from the solemn commemoration of the departed. She had decorated her own parents’ tomb today, before travelling to her only daughter and her family. Unlike most persons of her grandchildrens’ generation, his grandmother celebrated her nameday, and since her name was Inga-Birgitta, she celebrated both the seventh and the twenty-fifth of October. While Aram, Carl and John lived in council flats in grey five-storied concrete buildings built in the 1970’s (and Peter lived in a council flat from the late 1950s), Simon, Emma and Emelie lived in a residential garden suburb nearby, where hedges and fences kept one-family houses of mixed age (some of them as old as the 1920’s) apart. A very busy road marked the border between the two areas, but narrow asphalt-coated paths, for bicycles and pedestrians, ran in graffiti-painted tunnels under the road at two different points, connecting these two areas. John met Aram and Carl close to the nearby tunnel. John was dressed in a black suit he had bought half a year ago, when he attended the Confirmation of a cousin. John had put white theatre grease-paint in his face, and fastened vampire teeth on his eye-teeth. ’Greetings, children of the night!’ Aram and Carl smiled. Carl was dressed in camo trousers, but wore the same boots as usual. He was dressed in a black NATO jersey and some sort of combat harness. ’What is that supposed to mean, besides a soldier in general?’ ’Don’t you see? I’m G.I. Joe!’ ’I didn’t watch that film.’ ’You didn’t? It’s awesome! Let’s watch it on Sunday!’ Aram was green painted in his face, and dressed in a thick woolen overcoat. ’And you? That isn’t obvious… unless…’ Aram opened his coat. He didn’t wear any shirt, despite the cold autumnal weather. His entire torso was painted in bright green, and his trousers were purple. ’That’s hilarious! The Hulk! And it is convincing, too.’ ’You are much better than me with words, but I thank you for the compliments.’ ’Than I am’, John absentmindedly corrected Aram. The night was cold and filled with mist, but they found Emelie’s house without any problems. The house was full of very young adults, and it turned out that Emelie’s parents attended a dinner somewhere else that evening. The night went on rather well. The punchbowl probably contained something persons of their age weren’t officially supposed to drink for another two years, but, since the girls in Emelie’s circle of friends were well-behaved, and since most of the boys didn’t want to spoil the hard earned results of their physical exercise, utterly few of them drank too much. Emelie wasn’t known for having patience with fools, and had planned her guest list carefully, weeding out known drunkards. Parties with her classmates and parallel classes were otherwise known to be rather wet. Emelie had succeeded in her attempt to look like Morticia Adams. Emma was clothed in a furry pink rabbit suit, and only her face was visible. Several of the girls were dressed for an ordinary party, and qualified for a masquerade just by wearing pointy witches’ hats. John wasn’t the only vampire among the young men. A few of the guest looked like characters from animes or computer games. Emma seemed disappointed of Emelie’s choice of music: ’Emelie! Now we have listened to Fields of the Nephilim for half an hour. Don’t you have any tunes by Justin Bieber or One Direction?’ ’Are you kidding? Personally, I think it would spoil the Halloween mood, but if you wish to log into your own Spotify account, you are welcome to do so. You know where the computer is, but don’t expect me to tolerate your unbearable music for very long.’ On his way home, John felt awkward and slightly flattered. One of the lightbulbs had broken, and Emelie suffered from dizziness. She had asked John for help. When he stood at a chair, changing the lightbulb, his shirt had left the inside of his trousers and revealed his belly. Emelie had began to giggle nervously, and called after Emma. John didn’t understand why, and felt insulted. ’Please, John. Show us your abs again.’ ’My abs? What are you talking about? You know that I don’t…’ Giggling, Emelie had pinched the shirt fabric and revealed his abs again. His abs? He didn’t… He DID? ’Cool’, Emma said. ’Exercise suits you.’ * * * An Advent wreath stood on the kitchen table, burning with two lit candles and two unlit ones. It was dark outside the window, and, since the first snow had melted away, there was nothing to lighten the winter night up. John stood at a kitchen desk, taking notes of how much various foodstuffs weighed. That would simplify the composition of gym friendly recipes in the future. His mother entered the kitchen, and began to heat a small amount of mulled wine on the electric stove. ’I received phone calls from your chemistry teacher and your biology teacher today. Your physics teacher called yesterday.’ ’Yes?’ ’They are worried about you. Since you started two and a half year ago, they have regarded you as very talented in natural science, but recently your results have deteriorated. They wanted me to talk to you about it.’ ’Nothing is wrong. I just performed unusually bad in a couple of tests the last weeks.’ The mulled wine had reached a desired temperature. She poured some of the content in a mug. ’Do you want some? It is the soft drink version, so you don’t have to worry. It’s cold outside, so I needed something to drive away the chill in my bones.’ ’No, thanks. I avoid sugar as well.’ ’John, I don’t disapprove that you exercise. It seems to be healthy for you, and I am happy that you have a lot more friends now than you had before. But don’t you think you take it a little too far? Why don’t you play floorball or badminton, or jog or swim, or any other more normal sport? It can’t be good for you, to be so obsessed with what you eat. Are you going to eat like that way during Christmas as well? What will grandmother say?’ ’What would grandfather say, if he had been alive?’ ’This is not something to joke about. I’m afraid that your exercise will affect your school results. And I have read about body dysmorphia and eating disorders in the newspapers. Don’t you understand that I am worried about you? What will happen to your plans to become a physician, a biochemist or a physicist, if you let exercise distract you from studies?’ ’YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!’, John shouted, left the kitchen, took his training bag and closed the door with a bang. His teenage anger went rampant through his mind and body: Thoughts going in a loop, his emotions boiling, his blood pressure pounding, his body temperature steaming. He loosened the wooly scarf and opened the closed zipper of his large jacket. The staff had left the gym, and the doors were closed, but members were given a key tag that unlocked the door at night. The scent of steel corroding under the influence of sweat. The scent of rubber mats. Furiously, he worked out in the almost empty gym: Only two or three other members exercised this late. It felt much better afterwards. The machines, the barbells, the dumbbells: They had helped him to release his irritation, and he now felt calm, content and harmonious. Freshly showered. Meanwhile he had been indoors at the gym, the temperature had dropped, and it had began to snow. The chill had some bite. On his way home, he unexpectedly met Carl, who was on his way home from something else: It had something to do with music. They talked. About parents and other things. Carl. Reliable Carl: Hard as nails, incredibly funny, and a kind friend to his friends. ’Ah. Come here, mate. It will be better tomorrow.’ They exchanged a hug. A brotherly hug. A rather long brotherly hug. Carl’s polo shirt was warm of his body heat. Carl’s glistening, black synthetic bomber jacket was cold of the winter temperatures. The scents from their different anti-perspirants mixed in the cool night air. A brotherly hug. Carl patted John at the back. ’It will probably be better tomorrow.’ * * * Emma sat in her sofa. Aram sat in the same armchair he had sat so many times before. A lit Advent star hung in the window, and spread a soft glow in the living room. From windows on the other side the street other electric Advent stars shone back. Emma was finishing her explanation: ’It isn’t you, it is me. I am not able to appreciate what you speak about. I miss the old Aram from when we first met: My teddy bear. My kind puppy with hockey butt. I am not interested in nuclear science, new medicines or what’s going on in parts of the world I don’t even know where they are. We have nothing in common anymore, if we ever had. I’m sorry. I like you as a friend, but …’ Her lip began to tremble. Aram hug her sadly, carefully and more softly than usual. ’I’m sorry, but I suppose that I understand…’ * * * Madame Cremorna had closed her shop at 7 p.m. as usual. Since the supermarkets kept open until 9 or 10 p.m. she had lots of time to buy the food and Christmas decorations necessary. She returned to her shop, in order to do some work. Supernatural work. She lived in an old-fashioned flat upstairs, which she had bought several years ago, before the prices had begun to rise ridiculously. Her phone rang. ’Madame Cremorna. … O hello Stephen! How is life in New York? I don’t even know what time it is in your time zone. … It is? … Aha. … A disturbance? … Oh, yes, I am up to a major working, but it is far from world-shattering, you know. Professional secrecy, so I can’t say anything, but I can assure you that it is just about the private life of two persons and their surroundings. It is not like I am about to open a gate for Dormammu or Nergal, if you know my drift. … Not funny? I see. … You are? London? Why? … But what brings you and John to this corner of the world? … No? You are kidding? … Yes, of course. Do you have any dietary restrictions before that working? … No. … No, it is no problem at all: I have a lot of vegetarian Christmas dishes. … Pardon? … No, it doesn’t surprise me that John isn’t picky. If he would like it, I could probably find a christmas pudding and a turkey for him God knows where, but you have to know that the locals prefer ham, meatballs, cabbage and vanilla rice pudding at this time of the year. And herring. Lots of herring. Remind me to put an ash tray in my living room while you stay. … Oh yes. … No, no problem at all. Take care, and give me a call when you think you will stop by.’ She hang up and washed her hands, first in running water and a non-perfumed soap, then in Florida Water. She sprinkled herself with holy water, went before her private shrine and lit both the altar candles and the incense. The air in the room felt thicker now, and the room felt connected to the rest of the world and to the unseen aspects of reality. Her highly trained senses could feel the presence of God, of spirits of many sorts, and of unseen subtle influences stretching themselves out from the room as a cobweb of spiritual light. ’Almighty and everlasting God, who harkened to the prayers of Moses in the wilderness, when he, assisted of Aaron and Hur, prayed for victory against the Amalekites, hear me…’ After a long prayer she stretched her hands out over fragments of candle wax she had removed from a candle, in order to fill it with scented oil. ’O God of my fathers, and Lord of Mercy, who hast made all things with thy word, and ordained man through thy wisdom, that he should have dominion over the creatures which thou hast made, and order the world according to equity and righteousness, and execute judgment with an upright heart: Give me wisdom, that sitteth by thy throne; and reject me not from among thy children…’ Then she did the same to fragments from another candle: ’It is God, that girdeth me with strength of war: and maketh my way perfect. He maketh my feet like harts’ feet: and setteth me up on high. He teacheth mine hands to fight: and mine arms shall break even a bow of steel…’ She had repeated this for weeks now. Divine Spirit was answering. The wheels of the invisible and incomprehensible world machinery turned, and unseen chains of causes and effects slowly turned the former reality into something slightly, slightly different. * * * Chapter two is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7140-with-a-little-help-from-magic-chapter-two/
  21. Chapter eight is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13595-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-eight/ Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Nine Jack could still sense the faint voice of Cody’s thoughts and feelings somewhere back in his mind, while he strode through the streets, returning to the Archaeology Department. He had a vague feeling, that something wasn’t entirely aright, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Confidently, but absent-mindedly, he strode through the streets between the alabaster spired and jade domed buildings, and torches burned to lit the streets. A gigantic egg or two floated in the air, close to the full moon, and he could hear the sound of wooly mammoths trumpting somewhere in a distance. A giraffe from the Zoo was slowly burning, without being consumed. An elderly, bearded man, with the look of a homeless man, had taken off his shoes on the pavement, and kneeled in front of the giraffe. Ivy was crawling over the facade of a Tesco, and brownies wearing red, knitted wool-caps seemed to be busy with stocktaking inside. A faint glow inside a antiquities shop revealed that someone worked late: It seemed to be a man in an old-fashioned middle-eastern traditional costume, and he levitated about a deci metre above the floor, while he was polishing an oil-lamp. A ghostly light fell on the pavement from the stained glass of St. Congar's Anglican-Episcopal Cathedral, and he could hear an otherworldly music from the entrance, but he didn't stop to find out the source of this strange singing. In the corner of his eye, he could see a tree stride by, in the direction of the monument in memory of native inhabitants of the country. On the roof of the Indian Cultural Centre, a blue man was playing the flute in a haunting tone. The stone tiles and the asphalt coating of the pavement had broken up at many places, and the trees had grown surprisingly big already: gnarled and winding trees usually become only after many years. A mud-hut with straw-roof emerged out of the earth, and cracked the pavement, as it replaced a night-open convenience store. When he reached the Archaeology Department, the war-god wasn't there, but the old, white-haired, bespectacled man was. Jack towered over the older man, and his naked chest emitted heat in the cold and moist nocturnal air. The voice of the older man trembled in the presence of Jack: "Kortoth-Gnaah and most of the men went to the harbour." "The harbour? Do you know why?" The older man's facial expression changed: "So you are not entirely connected to his thoughts?" "To a certain degree. Now when you mention it, I feel some sort of silent homing signal from the direction of the harbour. But why?" "The Sea Goddess is held hostage, or so he says. Kortoth-Gnaah. I didn't know about her until he asked about her." "Why didn't he change you, too?" The expression of the older man became inscrutable. Perhaps disappointed. "I don't know." For a second or two, Jack entertained the idea to absorb the Professor, but some strange tingling in his head adviced against it, so he dropped the idea. "Who is holding her hostage?" "After using The Book of Eibon, with my help, strange enough, he told me, that she is held hostage by the World Serpent." Jack shuddered. He could feel Cody shudder inside him at the words 'the World Serpent'. A bad omen. A forgotten memory. A dark space lurking in the back of his head, something he ought to know, but didn't. For some reason, he didn't want to ask anything more. Without a word, he left the Archaeology Department and walked in the direction of the harbour. * * * "Absorb them!" Their god commanded it. Lucien could feel the scent of saltwater, seaweed and petrol. The dockworkers were taken by surprise, when the odd-looking crowd of men, in what seemed like an unusually successful and impressing fantasy-cosplay, surrounded them in the harbour. The dockworkers were quite impressive to be modern men: Well-trained and used to heavy lifting, dressed in sturdy nylon jackets and trousers in rough fabrics suitable for their type of work. A few mariners had sprung to their assistance, when a fight seemed to be breaking out, but it had instead turned into a night-mare for the dockworkers and the mariners. The men of the war-god had devoured the modern men by their touch. Lucien could see Chad embrace an impressive dockworker, and he had grabbed another one at his bull-neck, and felt the other man's strength seep into his own. A scream was on its way to arise in the other man's mouth and eyes, but when it was close to erupt, the other man didn't exist any longer, and Lucien's muscles looked even more impressive than before. He could sense an echo of the other man's scream inside his head, and he then felt a pleasant wave of appreciation, when the fragments of the other man relished in what he had become a part of. * * * Jack could see fellow housecarls arrive on the scene at the same time as himself. Their brothers who had followed the war-god to the docklands, had found suitable men to unite with in the harbour, but those who had haunted other parts of the city, had also found suitable prey. The were all much bigger now. * * * "Now! Unite! Unite with me!" The brutal physiques of Lucien and Chad watched each other. They saw their brothers in arms fuse with each other into ever taller composite titans. Lucien felt his cock throb inside his leather codpiece, when Chad watched him lovingly. Then they both approached each other, a hungry glint awakening in their eyes. They embraced each other: Warm, strong arms around wide backs and reliable shoulders. Titanic warriors hugging each others, the leather-clad, steel-hard crotches rubbing each other throbbingly. The could feel the now familiar fusion happen. They kissed each other, and then the mind of both fell out into nothingness and love and desire. A being emerged out of their embrace. It looked like Lucien, and it looked like Chad, and it had the minds of both, and of all the men they had absorbed. * * * There was something ecstatic and something of abandon to it. Jack fused with the other men. The roars of pleasure and power of the men he had fused with echoed in his mind, and he could feel Cody's part of him take especial pleasure in it: "Oh, wow. Bro! Yeah, let us absorb all that attitude and brawn and testo and... OH. YES. JACK. TOGETHER. ALL OF US.!" * * * A few minutes later only three men stood on the pier, watching the sea, and listening to the waves: Kortoth-Gnaah, the man who had been Jack and the man who had been Chad and Lucien. "It's time. Unite with me." Jack and Chad-Lucien took a few steps, touched the chest of their war-god, and, with them, all the men who had experienced the transformation granted by Korthoth-Gnaah fused with the source of their power. So did all the men they had supernaturally devoured during this strange and otherworldly night. A roar emerged. The war-god himself was unflinching in every situation, but the men, whose bodies now built the embodiment of Anghra-Lemur's warrior-god, and whose minds were now drowning in the mind of their war-god, roared in a masculine frenzy none of them had thought possible. The primal and unspeakable power, the instincts, the revelling and ravishment forced the combined minds of almost hundred men to roar, and the last remnants of the person, who once had been Brock MacGurgan, was consumed by the power of Korthoth-Gnaah. Now, the war-god roared, too, but, this time, it was a battle-cry: "I abjure thee, Crawler in the Dark. I abjure thee, Slitherer of stygian depths! I conjure thee, thou Who Gnawest on the Roots of the World Tree! Come, face thy foe! Come meet me again, after Aeons of truce! Come let thy hostage free, thou Foul Defiler! Come forth, Old god of darkness and the Abyss!" The litany of Chaos went on, and on. And something answered the call. Out of the cosmic depths, a Being groped and clawed, crawled and merged. The blabbering and fragmenting minds of mortal men could feel their own fear mix with the courage of the warrior-god, and, as far as they any longer retained any ability to think, they sensed how their enemy rose from the Depths. The strength and the power, the heat of anger and the nobility of courage, primordial instincts and the call of duty pulsated in the veins and the muscles and the mind of Korthoth-Gnaah, and he prepared to meet The Old Snake, The Worm that Gnaws, the dragon out of the cold spaces, the reptile of Nothingness, the embodiment of Chaos. It had been Vritra in the east and Leviathan in the west, but it was older than those names. It had been Tiamat, Iluyanka and Apophis, Veles and Jormungandr, but names are young, and the Old gods were before all the names and words and languages of men. But Korthoth-Gnaah didn't fear, and the mortal minds, that now were going out and emptying themselves into the warrior-god, could feel that the power of St. Michael and Indra was their's, and the strength of Marduk, Tarhuntas and Re-Harachte, and the might of Perun and Thor. The fire of Helios burned in their chest, and the brawn of Cuchulainn was their's. Chronos was ready to topple Ophion anew, and Jupiter readied himself to face Typhon. Apollo braced himself to confront Python, and Hercules would burn the Hydra anew. And yet, all these names and legends were faint echoes of the perpetual and aeonic struggle between the Old gods who existed in unsung ages, before men strode Hyperborea and the Polaric continent: Between Kortoth-Gnaah and The World Serpent. It had happened in the past, and it would happen again, when the stars were right. And now they were.
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    Muscle thief on the loose

    Hey so I kind of wanted to start a story with you guys, I like the premise of the continuous story, but I find that people never seem to add to them. So here is my message to all of you readers. I am going to start a story here akin to the "Thief among us" thread already here (but different characters and such). If you are reading it, try contributing. I challenge you! You don't have to ever have written before, or even be "good at writing" (I make constant spelling mistakes, don't edit because I hate it, and I am no author. I literally just started writing, and enjoy that I can give in my way to this forum for everything it's given me. Basically trust me, a lot of us aren't "good at writing") My story (which will be the post underneath this one) will outline a character. YOU CAN START A WHOLE NEW STORY IN THIS WORLD. Don't like the characters I made but like the premise, or is no one hitting your kink? Start it! Worried you might ruin where someone is going with something? Fuck them! If they wanted it to go somewhere specific they should have written more. Post away! Maybe try not to change an established characters specific set of powers (if a person clearly didn't steal hair, they shouldn't suddenly start to). If someone took your story somewhere you weren't expecting don't put it down, use it to go somewhere new. I am setting up a world, use it to do what you will. (Sorry, was getting frustrated that everyone seemed to ask for new stories here, but the point is to write them) Premise: Something has happened and suddenly there are people (not necessarily everyone) who can steal others muscle through skin to skin contact. At the time I am starting, it is new and not well known, but I would love to see the world develop to a point where people are distrustful of skin to skin contact. Some people may seem to steal other things like hair or sexual drive or something, but muscle is the base I am giving. Between 2 Thievers, the stronger will will drain the weaker, it is a mental challenge but bigger guys who are more in tune with their massive size will have a strong advantage (a tiny guy won't drain a 200 ft giant, unless he lets him, but the bigger guy is not always going to be able to protect themselves). Otherwise, have fun!
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    The muscle frat (8)

    Eight The next morning Tristan was wolfing down his breakfast when Mark walked into the kitchen. "Ready for some training, T.?", the wrestler asked as he sat down in front of the huge teen and dug into a big bowl of cereal. "Can't wait to toss your frail body around", Tristan replied with a grin and shrugged his shoulders, making striations explode across his wide, perfectly round delts. Mark took in the display of male dominance and emptied his bowl. "I'll grab my gear and meet ya in the locker room", he said and got up. In the locker room, Brad was getting ready for his morning workout. He'd just put on his workout gear when he heard the door open. "Hi, Brad" Brad turned around and saw Mark, the heavyweight wrestle champ entering. "'sup", he replied. "In for some practice", Mark said as he went to his locker and put his bag in front of it while he unlocked it. "Who's the victim?", Brad asked as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and locked his locker. "Oh", Mark began but was cut off by the opening door. "Ya're already here", Tristan said as he entered and saw the heavyweight wrestler. "Bro?", he asked as he noticed his older brother in the center of the room. Brad stared in horror at his massive brother who seemed to fill the entire locker room with his presence. "You guys are brothers?", Mark let out incredulously. "Yeah. He's 3 years older than me. But you wouldn't say", Tristan said smugly and stepped up to his brother. Brad gulped as his younger brother towered over him. "I guess I have the good genes. Don't ya agree, bro?", Tristan said playfully and put his right paw atop his brother's bare shoulder. A hint of disappointment flickered in his eyes as no tingling sensation brook out. "Mind if I pass and get to the gym?", Brad said as deeply as possible. "Good idea, bro. You need to grow a bit to be a real man", Tristan replied and put some pressure on his brother's muscular shoulder. Brad felt his brother's fingers dig into his delts and his knees buckled a bit from the force. He summoned every ounce of strength not to sink to the ground. "Don't want to disturb you ladies but I'ld like to get some practice in", Mark said. "Catch ya later, bro", Tristan said to Brad as he let go of his shoulder and turned to the wrestler. Brad headed over into the gym for his morning workout, hurrying to get away from his brother. "You have a singlet, T.?", Mark asked while he grabbed his customized blue singlet from his locker. "Nope", Tristan stated, "why don't we wrestle in our boxers?". He took off his hoodie and pulled off his shirt. "Fine", Mark replied and put his singlet back inside his locker and stripped down to his boxers. He turned aside and gulped as he noticed how the beastly teen outsized him in every department. "Still want to go through with this?", Tristan asked mockingly while he compared their bodies: Mark's 220 pound frame was filled with thick muscles but also carried a certain amount of fat that gave him a bulky look; his own 300 pound body was a living anatomy chart with insanely ripped muscles that rippled with every breath he took. "Let's do this", Mark said and led the teen beast over into the wrestle hall. Tristan followed the heavyweight wrestle champ and stopped in the center of the mat as instructed. He looked at his 220 pound training partner who faced him from a few feet away. He nodded as Mark explained the basic rules. "Ready, T.?", Mark asked as he took a defensive position. "Bring it on, little guy", Tristan replied. He was surprised by the swift attack of his opponent and felt the guy's hand grabbing his neck before he could react. He braced his thick legs for support and his right paw grabbed the champ's neck while his left hand interlocked with the guy's left hand. Mark instantly felt the beastly teen's incredible force and flexed his heavily muscled quads to withstand the counterattack. His strong left arm was being pushed back by his opponent's 30 inch arm. He jumped backward to free himself and took a few deep breaths to control his breathing. "What have I gotten myself into?", he thought as he kept his gaze on his huge opponent. "Running away?", Tristan asked as the champ retreated. He moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark anticipated the attack and dove under the paws that reached for him. He found himself inches from the teen beast and wrapped his 22 inch arms around the guy's torso in a bear hug. "Trapped?", he asked playfully and hardened his grip, veins exploding along his arms. "Ugh", Tristan let out in surprise as the strong arms hardened around his torso. "Guess again", he replied and lifted his thick arms up to easily break the grasp. Mark stumbled back in disbelief: until now, no one had ever broken free from his bear hug. He held up his hands in a defensive motion and thought about his next move. "My turn", Tristan growled and moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark followed his huge opponent's moves, he knew he didn't stand a chance if the beastly teen could grab him. So he took a step back with every step the 300 pound Tristan made in his direction. As he turned in circles to maintain the distance, Mark felt his own breathing slow down and he also noted from the heaving of his opponent's protruding chest that Tristan wasn't used to training. "Tired, big guy?", he asked tauntingly. Tristan let out a low, vibrating grunt in response. "Quit dancing around and fight", he barked and moved in. Mark saw the teen beast slight lower his arms as he stepped toward him and made his move: he dodged the paws and moved swiftly behind his 300 pound opponent, his arms reaching underneath the perfectly round, cannonball-sized shoulders as his big hands reached for the back of the thickly muscled neck. "What the ...", Tristan said, surprised by the heavyweight wrestler's sudden move. Mark's hands joined together and he locked them hard, securing his full nelson atop the thick traps. "Gotcha", he said into the teen beast's ear. Tristan shrugged his shoulders, making his traps mound upward and budging against the hands locked behind his neck. He felt the grasp giving away against his meaty traps and repeated the process. Striations exploded across his wide shoulders as he shrugged them once more. Mark felt his grip being pushed apart and used every trick he'd learned over the past years, holding onto the beastly teen's neck with everything he got left. A wave of euphoria went through him as he managed to maintain his full nelson. His cock hardened a bit from the friction against the muscular lower back. "No fucking way", Tristan groaned as he tried getting free. He tried reaching for the heavyweight wrestler, but his 30 inch arms couldn't free him like before. No matter what he tried, his opponent refused to let go and was wearing him out. He felt the cock harden against his back, sending a responsive jolt through his own flaccid member as he slowly sank to his knees. "You give?", Mark asked in between fast breaths without releasing his hold. "I… yeah", Tristan replied. Instantly the arms let go of his neck and he laid down on his back on the mat, inhaling deeply to control his breathing. "Who's the champ?", Mark yelled and threw a double bicep pose. Excitement and adrenaline rushed through his body as he realized he'd just taken down an 80 pound heavier opponent. Tristan looked up at the heavyweight wrestler, noticing how his muscles glistened with sweat and the growing bulge inside the guy's boxers. He placed his hands aside his body and sat up, his thick triceps flexing in the process. "Congrats, man", he said, "I really thought I could take ya". "Yar strength is unreal, I felt it from the start. My experience handed me the win. If ya learn the moves, ya'll be unstoppable", Mark replied. His gaze travelled down to the growing bulge in the beastly teen's boxers. "Let's hit the showers", he said and extended his hand to help his 300 pound opponent get up. Tristan grabbed the hand and got up. He looked down into the 6 feet champ's eyes and before he could react, the guy kissed him on the lips. "What…", Tristan said as he broke the kiss. "I… ehr… sorry", Mark muttered as he looked up into the beastly teen's dark brown eyes, his heart pounding in chest as he realized the guy towered over him in height and width. "Tristan, I…", he began. "We both want this", Tristan said, grabbed the back of the heavyweight wrestler's head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Mark's eyes widened in surprise as his 220 pound body was pulled against the 300 pound beast and the tongue invaded his mouth. He returned the kiss and let his big hands roam the mounds of muscle that flowed into each other across the insanely wide back. The teen's thick pecs pushed into his own heavy chest and one of the guy's paws cupped his muscular ass. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the beast kept kissing him. Tristan finally broke the kiss and took in a deep breath, making his protruding pecs dig into the harden against the wrestler's muscular ones. He felt his own dick grow to full hardness between their heavily muscled bodies along the 220 pound guy's rock-hard cock. "Fuck me", Mark moaned in pleasure as his hands grabbed the beefy biceps and tested the hardness of the beasty teen's relaxed arms. "I…", Tristan muttered and began blushing. "You're a virgin, aren’t ya?", Mark asked as he noted the shy reaction of the huge guy. Tristan nodded. "I mean… I had blowjobs before but never really", he rattled on and clenched his fists to make his bicep harden under the heavyweight wrestler's touch. Mark's rock-hard cock jolted in his boxers as the steely biceps pried open his hands. "You're cute when you blush, T.", he said, "And no worries: I've never been fucked before. We'll take things slowly". He ripped away his own boxers and did the same with the teen beast's boxers. Both their rock-hard cocks smacking against their abs as they were freed from their fabric prison. He kissed the 300 pound Tristan on the lips again and slowly leaned back, letting the teen beast gently lead him down on the wrestle mat. Tristan carefully laid the heavyweight wrestler with his back on the mat. He placed his knees aside his legs, positioned his elbows next to the guy's heavily muscled torso and kissed him once more as he was leaning over him. Their rock-hard cocks brushing against each other, sending shivers of bliss through their bodies. "Common, fuck me", Mark whispered in the teen's ear while he gently bit the earlobe and rubbed the hot surface of the thick pecs that hung over him. "Mhm", Tristan mounded and positioned the fat head of his 14 inch cock against the meaty ass of the heavyweight wrestler. "Here we go", he said as he very slowly drove his cock in between the ass cheeks. Mark's muscular back arched up from the mat as the thick head pushed passed his ass cheeks and slowly brushed against his hole. His hole clenched in anticipation. Tristan gently pushed further and let the head of his 14 incher enter the 220 pound athlete. "Umpf", Mark grunted in pleasure as the searing hot pole pushed past his defenses and invaded him teasingly slowly. His back arched further off the mat and his arms wrapped around the heavily muscled torso leaning over him, trapping his own rock-hard 10 incher between his bulky six-pack and the teen's ripped eight-pack. Tristan placed his paws against the wrestler's back and kept driving his lengthy snake inside him. Pleasure flowed through his 300 pound body as the tight ass engulfed his cock like a fleshy glove. Lightning bolt-like flashes crackled in Mark's vision as the 14 incher was completely inside him and the pubes of the teen beast's brushed his muscular ass. He felt like a ragdoll in the grasp of the hulking man and loved it: his cock was throbbing against the deeply grooved eight-pack while his hands groped the hard mass on the guy's broad back. Tristan began pumping his cock back and forth inside the clenching ass; slowly at first but faster and deeper as he seemed to gain more confidence. "UGHN", he bellowed as his balls exploded and his cock blasted a first load into the heavyweight wrestler. A spark of energy shot from the bottom of Mark's spine up into his head, exploding into a firework of white light as the beastly teen filled him with his seed. His own 10 incher exploded between their muscular bodies, covering their pecs and abs in his sticky juices. Tristan's orgasm lasted seven long, big blasts before wearing off. He gently withdrew from the 220 pound athlete and laid down next to him, his chest heaving from the orgasm. "Best sex I've ever had", Mark said and ruffled the 80 pound heavier guy's hair. He smiled as the beastly teen blushed once again. "Let's shower", he said and got up.
  24. Part Three (of Three): Black By: Jman250 Archive Link: http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/23533-p1.html Aaron stood with his back towards Robert and me, looking down at his truly massive frame. He left us there to watch him, discarded and used, for what seemed like hours. “Fuck, this is amazing.” His voice was so deep. It made me shiver when I thought about what he had become -- what I had allowed him to become. He had positioned himself in front of my inadequate mirror, rising several inches above its seven-foot frame, admiring himself thoroughly. Each immense muscle group fascinated him as he rubbed and explored his new body. I watched each fiber on his expansive back flex and bulge with round hard balls of muscle, more than I knew could exist. They each rolled and contracted as he moved his arms in an exploration of his body. He stood fixated on his image. Nothing of the mirror was visible from my view on the ground; his mountainous back blocked my view. Even so, with what I could see I was in awe. He brought his arms into a double bicep, making his back even wider as his shoulders pushed upward and outward. He flexed both arms, causing peaks to form so large they would dwarf a basketball. “Fuckin’ A,” he was lost in his own admiration. His ass clenched and unclenched as he watched himself, causing those huge globes to bunch up higher than I thought possible, supported by legs that were, in a word, epic. Aaron’s legs had always been his best feature. What had started as thick, meaty thighs now looked more like thick, knotted tree trunks. His overly large feet, that had obviously grown to keep up with his evolved height, stood just wider than the massive expanse of his back, his stance pushed apart by those inhuman thighs. His calves were long and hard, covered in veins. They had taken on a truly impressive teardrop shape that pushed out so far they seemed to defy gravity. I just stared. He had become massive and I was to blame. My now much smaller cock ached at the sight. For an eternity, we watched, Robert and I. I didn’t dare move from my spot; I didn’t want to lose sight of the body Aaron now possessed. And yet, I knew his size should be mine. At length, Aaron turned around. I nearly came at what I saw standing before me. His expansive back turned to reveal globe like pecs the size of beach balls rising and falling with his breath, with two perfectly shape nipples forced to point down. His abs reminded me of cobbled sidewalks, row after row clenching with deep cuts and valleys. Somehow, his waist had remained comparatively small. And to complete the picture, a mesmerizingly long and thick phallus extended straight out from atop melon-sized balls. Aaron grinned down at us. “Pretty damn impressive,” he said, the deepness of his voice sending another shiver down my spine. “All this from the two of you.” He watched us from our prone position. I didn’t dare to move. “Robert,” Aaron continued, startling him by his address, “go get the box out of my room. ” My eyes went instantly wide. What more could he take from us? After a moment of hesitation Robert managed to find his feet and got up to fulfill Aaron’s request, his own two-inch cock at attention. He had no idea what had caused his new situation, and I had no way to warn him about the mysterious box. He seemed to move awkwardly, unfamiliar of his new smaller stature. As he left the room, Aaron looked me over. “Looks like I’m the big man again,” he said, flexing his cock, causing it to bob up and down. Dozens of memories flooded my brain, memories of how much Aaron liked to show off his cock. Before his growth, he had an impressive eight inches. I thought back to the first time I saw it. Even back then, he made sure I knew whom the bigger man was. I thought back to morning showers interrupted by his sudden entrance, and to him strutting about the common area before bed butt naked. “Thought you could out-size me, huh?” He flexed an arm, causing my own cock to jump. “So tell me, little man, where’d you get that box?” I didn’t know what to respond. I had no answer for him. “I found it,” was the only thing I could think of to say. “Found it, huh?” he didn’t believe me. “Come on, who gave it to you?” He flexed an impressive arm. “Where’d they get it?” He tensed his awesome eight-pack. “I got all this size from somewhere,” he emphasized his point by bouncing his pecs. “Fuck you, Aaron, you already stole what you wanted.” I was feeling bold. “You can tell me.” He flashed a grin, grabbed his cock and pointed it towards me. “No.” We never really got along, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. “Pretty stupid of you to leaving it laying around for me to find.” “My door was locked.” “Eh, whatever,” he shrugged his big, round shoulders. They glanced his ears. “I’ll find out where you got it. When I do, there’ll be more of this!” He raised his arms into a solid flex once more and my mouth went dry. I thought back to those last moments in the gym with Adam. Adam must have felt so helpless. He must have felt like I was feeling right then. No, I wouldn’t tell Aaron anything, even that I had no idea where the gods forsaken box had came from. Robert stammered back into the room. He looked unsure of, well, pretty much everything, like he was still in a daze. He must have retained some sense of togetherness though, because he came in following his charge, carrying the oak box between his hands. “Robert, don’t ...” I tried to stop things from going any further, but Aaron would have none of my interference. In a split second and with a quick swipe, the box had been transferred. Aaron’s desire showed on his face -- the same desire I felt when I betrayed Adam. “Let’s go,” Aaron commanded. “Go where?” “Where else? The gym.” Aaron opened the box to pull out its precious contents. As he handed it back to Robert, I could see the inside was pitch black. He left the note unread. Aaron held something in his hand and gazed at it longingly. Without a moment’s delay, he popped it in his mouth and swallowed. Just like that, my hopes of fixing the score were gone. ---- Soon after, we arrived at the school gym. It was late and only the most dedicated gym-goers were still there. Robert and I had been told to get dressed. I avoided going anywhere within range of Aaron’s touch, which was difficult given his size. Aaron had usurped Adam’s old posers, the bright green posers I had borrowed earlier that day. They were stretched past their limits. His enormous thighs ripped the basket slightly as he pulled them on. Good thing too, because without the rip his package wouldn’t have fit. Even so, his massive cock and balls strained the material, their weight pushing the cloth away from his body. The rear fabric was nowhere to be seen -- it bunched together and hid, pulling tightly between the two globes that made up his glutes. Every eye fixated on us as we entered. How could they not be? A massive seven-foot plus behemoth with two tiny runts like us? As we advanced, the four guys still working out stopped what they were doing to watch. They ranged from track athlete to bodybuilder, and Aaron transfixed them all. His body was the envy of everyone. He had a glow about him, something desirous. “Let’s see how strong I am,” he said to nobody in particular. He walked to the preacher bench, already loaded by one of the larger guys, and sat down. The guy nearest, wearing a red tank, gloves and sweats, started to protest. “I’ve got one more set.” “Oh. Sorry,” replied Aaron as he started to lift the weight. There must have been two hundred pounds on the bar, and Aaron banged out ten reps without breaking a sweat. “Too light anyways. You mind adding more?” The guy in the red tank looked shocked. When he didn’t move, Aaron got up and loaded two more forty-fives on each side. “No way.” The red tang guy folded his arms, covering his sizable chest, bunching his pecs considerably; he didn’t seem amused. Aaron ignored him and started to lift. His first two reps went fine, but by the fifth and sixth, Aaron was noticeably fatigued. He got up looking annoyed. “I’m impressed!” His attitude took on a quick change. “Thanks,” Aaron did a quick flex. He looked huge. “Mind helping me out a bit?” “Sure, with what?” the guy looked flattered. “Can I borrow your gloves?” The guy in the red tank looked a bit confused, but seemed to think it was alright. He started undoing his gloves and moved to hand them to Aaron. As he handed them over, Aaron grabbed his hand. Robert and I just watched. There was no point warning him, he wouldn’t believe us. Besides, Aaron must have him under his influence by now. They stood there for a moment, grasping hands. The guy made no attempt to free himself, he just stood there, happy to be of service. I knew Aaron was growing. The smile on his face told me everything. It was happing so slowly that the only sign was the slow shrinking of the other guy. Once I noticed it though, there was no mistaking Aaron’s growth. His arms had expanded a good half-inch within moments, and just kept going. After a short while, Aaron let go. “Thanks.” He took the gloves and proceeded to sit down once again. This time there was no hesitation. He finished ten reps in a heartbeat and, just for good measure, did a few more. “Wow,” the red tank guy was surely impressed. I could see a sizeable bulge forming down one leg of his sweat pants. By this time, two other of the larger men had come over to watch, with the smallest guy in the gym disappearing into locker rooms. I wanted to leave -- I couldn’t watch him take hard work and time from innocent people. These men had no idea why they were so enchanted with this huge Adonis. But I had no place to go. Aaron had commanded me to come, so I was stuck. Next, Aaron found a bench. “Load it up,” he instructed to those around him. Only the guy in the red tank moved, but in a short time the bench press was loaded with 540 pounds, all the available large plates in the immediate area. I looked at Aaron’s shirtless torso. His massive, beach ball sized pecs would surely have no problem lifting that. Two of the larger men moved to spot him, but Aaron protested, “No need guys, I got it.” He got into position and started to push. At first I thought I saw him shake, but he must have been getting his balance because he quickly pushed out eight reps. “Add more.” This time, all three onlookers were inspired to help. They each went in search of more weight. The guy in a baggy green shirt and shorts came back first, loading up each side with forty-five more pounds. Aaron struggled with his first rep. It was clear he wouldn’t make it to eight. His big chest shook through the next few lifts. After four reps he threw the weight back onto the rack with a deafening *bang*. “Fuck! Not strong enough.” In a fluid motion he reached over his head to the guy in green and grabbed his legs. It happened much faster this time. I could see his whole body expand outward. Everything expanded quickly: pecs jutting farther from his body, the crevice deepening between them; neck thickening; thighs bulging, pushed farther apart on the bench; feet expanding. The tight confounds of his posers started to rip more and Aaron must not have wanted to burst out just yet, because he let go of the guy’s (now slightly smaller) legs. Just as he prepared himself for another few reps, the other guys appeared carrying a plate each. They slide one on each end and looked expectantly at Aaron. He was happy to oblige. My jaw dropped at the sight of Aaron pushing out four solid more reps. “I feel pumped!” he shot up and bounced his chest. His pecs looked gigantic as they flexed, making him look truly unstoppable. And he wasn’t done yet. He walked to the leg press machine, his posse following step. Two of the guys were painfully hard, and the other, dressed all in black, looked to be impressed by the show. They were all pretty big and that made me shudder at how big Aaron would become with those three offering what they had. Plate after plate got loaded onto the machine until there was no more room for more, definitely past its max. The machine creaked slightly as Aaron reclined back on the pads. He started to push. One, two, three reps without issue. I’ve always thought legs were Aaron’s best feature. The machine was really starting to groan at the weight as he pushed out a fourth, fifth, and sixth rep. “Aargh!” Aaron let out a yell at the weight, but still he continued. Seven, eight, nine! Then something unexpected happened. Something inside the machine snapped and one of the bars supporting the massive amount of weight fell! The weight crashed to the ground. Aaron, obviously surprised by the sudden change in weight, pushed too hard and crashed the footrest against the frame, cracking it into two. “Fuckin’ A!” Aaron let out a roar of laughter at his feat of strength! He could overpower the machine, and he could get bigger. Robert and I moved back in fear! For the first time since any of this started, I was afraid of what Aaron was becoming. Two of the men stood mesmerized but the third started to stumble backwards to escape. Within seconds Aaron leapt from the broken machine to grab hold of the man in black before he could escape. He would have more! He wrapped his arm around the man’s torso and pulled off his shirt. Though he was no bodybuilder, this guy was definitely well sculpted. Aaron pulled him into an embrace and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of energy coursing through his body. The sight was amazing and horrifying all at once. Aaron’s growth seemed to accelerate with each passing moment. Within seconds, the confines of Adam’s green posers burst apart, freeing Aaron’s monstrous manhood to press against his captive’s thighs. It started to grow hard as it dangled there. I watched it fill with blood, pushing its way between the man’s sculpted legs. With each beat of Aaron’s heart it rose higher, until at last it stood straight out with a foot of cock jutting out behind the man’s ass. Aaron moaned as his growth continued. He reached down and grabbed hold of the smaller man’s gym pants and pulled in two directions. Aaron’s biceps swelled larger as he tore the pants into strips, revealing the man’s average size cock straining in his underwear. Opening his eyes, Aaron looked down at the shrinking man. He pulled at his underwear until those too split into pieces and he pulled the man in closer, pressing his slightly dwindled cock between their torsos. All fear had vanished from the man’s face -- it was replaced with pure ecstasy. Aaron grew outward in all directions! His back was growing wider, more balls of tight muscle formed. His glutes pushing up higher and expanding outward. His legs were thickening. And he was beginning to inch upward. The man straddling his dick moved higher and higher off the ground. Aaron leaned back slightly, causing his obliques and ten-pack abs to tighten into a magnificent display. He let go of the now much smaller man supporting him with his cock and torso, and brought his arms into a stunning double bicep. His peaks flexed so large I thought they might burst through the skin! “Strip and come feel my size,” he instructed to those standing watch. Robert and I stood rooted to the spot. His voice was several octaves deeper than it had been an hour before, but I did not feel compelled. We watched as the two other men, one in green and one in red began to remove their clothing. I glanced at the box in Robert’s hands as the scene in front of me unfolded. One of the guys removed his green baggy shirt to reveal tight, hard muscles. He looked to be about Robert’s size, or his old size before Aaron took all his strength. His cock was bigger than mine, and thick. It stood hard at attention just below his belly button. The man in red was a sight to behold. His pecs bunched and bounced as he removed his shirt, revealing a solid cobblestone of eight-pack abs. And when he removed his sweats, I gasped out loud. Aaron’s cock was gigantic already, but with what this guy had to add, it would become something entirely unthinkable. His already hard cock sprung free and bobbed above his abs, nested just below his round pecs. They both moved forward and began grabbing hold of Aaron’s behemoth body. One walked around and began stroking Aaron’s expanding cock, still half supporting and pushing the first man’s thighs farther apart. Aaron let out a moan that could be heard for miles. I watched, unable to move, as his growth redoubled! His head was inching upward as his cock pushed outward. His balls were already bigger than melons, and they rested against his redwood thighs, visibly churning. “We have to get him off!” I whispered to Robert. “That will stop the growth, if he cums!” He just gawked. He look terrified beyond belief, petrified beyond movement. I ran forward and began stroking and licking as best I knew how. Aaron let out a deep moan. His voice was so deep it almost threw me off guard, but I continued with my task. I looked up as Aaron grew higher and wider still. I could feel my mind begin to cloud. Aaron looked Godly. Surely, the Gods would find a place for him amongst them. No! I had to finish! The mass of muscle in front of me was amazing. Three muscular men, all feeding Aaron. His arms expanded larger, growing larger than my waist! His calves were inflated like balloons! I felt myself tremble, tremble for joy. I was giving Aaron more muscle, more size than I had ever known. It felt, in a word, orgasmic! Then without warning, I came. My mind cleared and I let go, falling to the ground. Without realizing it, I had been lifted off the ground. He must have passed fifteen feet tall! His cock was now thicker than my leg! “Can’t. Cum. Won’t. Cum. Not. Until. More.” A titan voice boomed from above me. It sounded like pure sex. He looked down, his shoulders totally engulfing his neck, and smiled an evil and knowing smile. I backed away and stumbled into Robert, who was now surprisingly taller than me. My plan had failed. The smallest of the three fell off Aaron onto the ground, spent. He blinked dazedly and gazed up at the magnificent creature he had helped to create. He looked small and weak, but retained a look of health, just like Robert and me. Both men left were caressing Aaron’s legs and balls. As I watched, his dick began to tilt upward. Every day that I’d seen it Aaron’s dick had pointed straight out, but he was becoming so muscular and massive that his dick was no exception. It rose slowly, angling first to forty-five degrees, then stopped when it pointed straight up. It obscured the middle of his ten-pack abs, that stretching longer as he grew. It reached past his exercise ball-sized pecs. The pulsing head came to a rest right below just his chin. “Aargh!!” Aaron let out another massive moan that shook me to my core! The second man collapsed the floor, drained of his strength. As Aaron felt his growth ebb, he reached for the last man standing. He had started out the largest and still looked like a sports athlete, his dick still hard and hovering slightly above his belly button. Aaron’s growth had plenty left on which to feed. The first man down must have been awaken by this late exchange because he scrambled to his feet and ran for the door, still buck-naked. Aaron, so lost in the energy still feeding his body, had no care of the fallen people below. Then something happened that I did not expect. As the smallest of the men ran out the door, he ran *smack* into Adam. My heart dropped as I looked at the kid I loved. He surveyed the scene with his mouth wide, tilting his head back to fully see the true titan Aaron had become. His height had increasing several feet below the twenty foot ceiling, but he was still expanding, taking every ounce of muscle the last man had to offer. Adam swooped in, grabbing me by the arm. I couldn’t leave, it would take too much for me to leave. I had to stay. But Adam gave me no choice. As Adam dragged me from my place, I reached for Robert. Reluctantly, the two of us were pulled to safety before Aaron could finish. To this day, I have no idea what became of Aaron. He appears in my nightmares as if he still wants to feed from what little strength I have left. Adam says we’re healthy. We can get something back, if we work hard. I believe him. I have to believe him. We didn’t go far, but we’re safe. Robert never comes out of his room. He never got over that first encounter. He keeps the box by his bed with its note: “Run and grow.” Adam says he’ll recover too. I believe him. I explained everything to them both once we had all recovered enough to talk. ---- One morning, Robert rolled over in his bed, his tiny frame getting comfortable on his twin mattress as the sunlight streamed through the blinds. As he opened his eyes, he glanced at his nightstand like every morning before. This time, though, something about the box caught his eye. He uncovered it and looked inside. There, surrounded by a brilliant shade of purple, were four odd somethings. And a note: “Eat and grow.” - End -
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    The locker room loser

    Inspired by a story I've read recently, a short story found its way from my pen to this board. Enjoy! Keith strutted into the deserted gym next to Orchid University. He loved working out late at night, jumping to whatever exercise he felt doing and not having to wait at any of the machines. Not that other guys made him wait. His 6'3 and 242 pound frame not only earned him success on the football field, it also intimidated anyone that got in his way. Not to mention the attention of the girls… He continued past the deserted counter and entered the locker room. He put his bag on a bench and began getting out his shake and towel. "Hi, Keith". The faint voice made Keith turn around and he stared down at the skinny guy that had just entered. He recognized Tyrone, some skinny freshman who worked in the gym. He nodded and returned to his stuff. "What are you training tonight?", the little guy asked, "Or just a quick workout for football?". Great. A talker, just what I need. Why do guys that wanna talk don't go to bars?, Keith thought as he tried to ignore the guy. "Not in a mood to talk? Focused on training, he?", Tyrone went on. Keith turned to face the guy with an annoyed look on his face. He noticed how the shirt hung like a tent on the freshman's pathetic body and how his shorts covered his legs almost completely. He unzipped his hoody and took it off, revealing his heavily muscled torso highlighted by his skintight tank top. Tyrone gulped at the sight of the round shoulders that stuck out like bowling balls to support the thick arms. A smug grin formed on Keith's face at the small guy's reaction. "Training builds muscle. Ya should try it", he said and casually bounced his pecs. "Tough guy, he", Tyrone replied, "Want to test your strength?". He motioned to a weird machine placed at the end of the row of lockers. It was some old-looking grip strength tester. It had an electronic display in the center and below there were four metal handles. "Ya want to go up against me? In a test of strength?", Keith asked laughingly and throw a double bicep pose. His meaty arms swelled to their 20 inches of muscle covered with some fat. "Just for fun", Tyrone said without taking his eyes from the orbs atop the large guy's arms as he moved to the machine. Keith shook his head incredulously and stepped over to the machine, completely dwarfing the freshman. They both grabbed hold of two handles. "Who's the alpha and who's the beta?" The display read off as it sprang to life. "I'll go first", Tyrone said and squeezed the handles with all his might. His 120 body shook and his face turned red from the effort. "POWERHOUSE", the display said. Keith followed. He gripped the handles firmly and clenched his thick fist, his body barely feeling the effort. "POWERHOUSE", the display said, "TIE!" "Seems like were matched", Tyrone peeped, "Let's try again". He repeated his earlier movement, getting another 'POWERHOUSE' reading. Keith couldn't believe this pathetic guy was matching his power. His competitive nature took over and he pressed the handles again. "MUSCLE MAN", the display showed, "Advantage to player one! Next round!". "Not so tough after all, it seems", Tyrone said and continued the game to get another "POWERHOUSE" reading. "What the fuck?!", Keith boomed, "This game is rigged". He summoned his strength, his knuckles turning white as he grabbed the handles. "MANLY", the display showed. Black dots danced shortly before Keith's eyes and a shiver traveled down his spine as he read off the text. "How…", he began and the other words died in his throat as he looked down at his body. His torso no longer strained his tank top. The fabric now sat more loosely around his somehow diminished muscles. He didn't stand out like the heavily muscled guy he used to be, but looked more like someone who worked out regularly. He glanced aside and noticed the other change: the once skinny Tyrone was now filling out the shirt that hung on him like a tent minutes earlier. The guy could now easily pass for a model. "My turn again", Tyrone said in a deepened voice. "No. I give", Keith said and tried releasing the handles but his paws seemed somehow fused to them. "We have to continue the game until there's an alpha", Tyrone said and applied his strength to the handles. "POWERHOUSE!", the display said. Keith gulped as he saw a jolt shoot through the freshman's body. He reluctantly copied his opponent's grab, noticing how the handles seemed to resist. He stared in disbelief at the display as it read "Mr. PUNY". Tyrone looked aside and saw more mass disappear from the football player's body. Their bodies were pretty evenly matched now. "Oh yeah", he grunted as he felt the energy flowing through the handles into his growing body. He grabbed the handles again, now easily pressing into the metal. "POWERHOUSE!!" "Why are there exclamation marks on it?", Keith asked in his weakened voice while he saw another jolt of growth shoot through the now pumped up fitness model-sized freshman that began looking bigger than him. "There's more power in my body now", Tyrone replied in a baritone voice, "your turn". "Do I have to?", Keith muttered. "DO IT!", Tyrone boomed. Keith shook and instinctively obeyed the bigger man. His body shook with effort and his face turned beat red. "WEAKLING" Keith felt another wave of weakness dance through him. His once skintight tank top now hung loosely from his diminished frame. He felt his sweatpants slide down along his thinning legs. He looked down and saw that he had lost every ounce of muscle he'd ever gained. The movement next to him caught his eye. Tyrone saw the mass siphon away from the football player's body and pass through the machine into him. His formerly baggy shirt now clung to his beefed up torso: his swelling pecs pulled the fabric forward while his thickening back pushed the fabric backward and his broadening lats put more and more tension on the seams. The sleeves that used to cover most of his arms didn't even cover his upper arms anymore: his widening shoulders pulled the fabric up to showcase his meaty arms. His baggy shorts now came only halfway on his thick quads. Keith gulped as he had to look up to catch the freshman's eye. The guy now looked like an amateur heavyweight bodybuilder. "Please", he pleaded in an unfamiliar higher voice, "no more. I can't get smaller". Tyrone just smirked and effortlessly tightened his grip around the metal handles, making the machine shake from his force. "POWERHOUSE!!!!!" Keith blinked in disbelief at the display. He refused to look aside as the shadow of the freshman grew and he heard the tearing sound of the ripping fabric. He knew he had no other option than to continue the game. He grunted as he summoned every ounce of force in his weakened body. The handles seemed to resist his grip. "PATHETIC" The letters on the display appeared to turn blurry and a wave of fatigue flowed through Keith. He could feel more size escaped his body and his boxers that used to showcase his meaty ass and lengthy cock fell to the ground. "CALCULATING SCORE", the display showed, "Player two… = BETA BOY!" Keith fell the last ounce of masculinity vanish from him. He felt his balls shrivel to the size of small marbles and pull closer to his body. His cock, once his 10 inches of pride followed this lead: it shrunk to a pencil-thin 2 incher. A ringing sound made him look back at the machine. "Player one", the display said, "… = TOTAL ALPHA!!!!!" "YEAUGH", Tyrone groaned as a final, yet very powerful surge shot through his huge frame. His tight, already ripped shirt exploded into shreds as his huge muscles grew to another level of thickness. A loud snapping sound followed as his shorts and boxers gave in under the pressure of his thickening waist. His head shot up as more height was added to his frame. He grunted as he felt the energy shot into his groin. His balls swelled to the size of lemons and sank lower in between his meaty quads and his 7 incher amassed girth and length, snaking further down against his leg. Without looking at the drained football player, he swaggered over to the mirror on the other side of the locker room. He ripped away the last remains of his destroyed shirt and stared at his nude reflection. "FUARK", Tyrone bellowed, his eyes widening in disbelief at the image of perfection staring back at him. He scanned every inch of his now beastly physique before beginning to explore his new body. His paws groped the protruding rack that hung from his chest, clawing at the hard meat of the half watermelon-sized pecs and testing the weight of meaty slabs; they slid down onto a stony eight-pack made of cobblestones separated by deep grooves. He licked his lips while taking in the size of his perfectly round shoulders that outsized bowling balls and the insane size of the monster arms that hung from them: the muscle on his upper arms twitched underneath the paper-thin skin and seemed ready to explode from it; his lower arms were crisscrossed with cable-sized cords of muscle. His lower body was just as impressive: his quads rivaled young trees in size; they were jam-packed with hard beef that eclipsed his kneecaps; his calves were bigger than most guys quads. He was about to grope the lengthy snake as a faint movement caught his attention. Keith had ignored the giant freshman, knowing he was no match for the guy now. While Tyrone went to inspect his new physique in front of the mirror, the diminished athlete made his move. He slowly released the handles he was still groping, pulled up his now baggy boxers and equally large sweatpants and kept his hand on them to prevent them from falling off again. He cautiously stepped to the door, making sure not to attract the freshman's attention. He grabbed the door handle and tried pushing it down. The door didn't move. He tried again, applying more force this time. "I locked it earlier when I came in". The deep rumbling bass filled the locker room like thunder and vibrated down Keith's weak body. His hand was frozen to the door handle. He heard the heavy footsteps and the large shadow grew on the door as the giant freshman came to him. A paw grabbed his armpit and dragged him in front of the mirror. He glanced up at his reflection and gasped: the ridiculously large clothes hung from his emaciated body and made him look like a kid who had put on his bigger brother's clothes. He peeped as the paw ripped away the clothes and exposed him completely. Tears welled up in his eyes: he looked like a weak boy instead off the hulking athlete he had been minutes earlier. Every trace of muscle that had once highlighted his physique, was gone. The layer of fat that used to give him a bulky appearance now made him look pudgy ad childlike. The beefy football player that dominated the team had been replaced by a meager boyish figure. He couldn't even remember having ever been this small. His 5'1, 105 pound body made him weak and puny by any standard. "Turn around!" The booming command made Keith jump up and he quickly did as he was told. He looked straight at the top row of the most deeply grooved set of abs he'd ever seen. He tilted his head up to stare at the face and instinctively took a step backward as his mind processed the size of the beastly freshman in front of him. The now 6'6, 330 pound Tyrone dwarfed him unlike anything he'd ever done to other guys. His own 242 pound body had been bulky and massive, but the giant freshman didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him: deep grooves, striations and veins edged along the hulking mass of his hard muscles that pushed against his skin. His square face, shadowed by a five o'clock beard sat atop an insanely thick neck that flowed into a broad line capped with boulder-like shoulders. Striations were visible through the thin skin stretched across the perfectly round delts. A thick vein snaked over the shoulders down on the ham-sized arms and branched off in dozens of smaller veins to feed the huge biceps at the front and the thick triceps that jutted out from the back. The beastly freshman outsized even elite superheavyweight bodybuilders. He looked like an anatomy chart that had come to live and was perfectly proportioned, except for his arms that seemed just a tad too big. Masculinity seemed to ooze from him and hang in the air like electricity around his hulking frame. Tyrone moved in front of the mirror and threw a most muscular. "FUARK", he roared as his muscles exploded in a symphony of harness, striations and veins across his body, "seems like there's a Tyrex in town". The faint 'wow' made him turn his attention back to the former athlete next to him. A smug grin formed on his face as he noted the awe in the frail guy's eyes. "Yo Keith", he said and brought his right arm up in front of his torso and flexed it, 'BADABOOM". Keith's eyes widened while the bicep in front of him exploded in size. The orb of hard meat sprang upward and outward into a pineapple-sized muscle choked in veins. The bicep swelled and hardened some more as the beastly freshman tightened his flex fully, stopping just below 30 inches of pure muscle. The sight of the massive arm hardening inches from his face made Keith's cock race to hardness and spew out a small, watery load that dribbled from the 2 incher. Tyrone noticed the fallen athlete's reaction and felt a jolt go through his own cock while he realized he totally dominated the small guy. He relaxed his right arm, placed his paw atop the guy's bony shoulder and pushed him down. Keith was forced to his knees by the paw that covered his shoulder, upper arm and half of his flat chest. He looked forward and stared straight at the fleshy snake that was lengthening along the thick quad and began rising upward. Within seconds the 14 inch cock was at full length, veins running along the thick shaft and the purple red head pointed directly at his face. He looked up but he couldn't see the freshman's face: the protruding rack of pecs hide it from his view. "Please…", he pleaded but a large paw grabbed the back of his head and the snake was rammed into his mouth. Tyrone grinned as he felt the small guy's hand tug at his right arm that held his head in place. His thick forearms easily withstood the tugging. He pushed more of his cock into the hot mouth. Keith gagged as 10 inches of the fleshy snake filled his mouth. He ceased his clawing and placed his frail hands atop the beastly quads for support as the beastly freshman began pumping in and out his mouth. His vision was filled with the cobblestone-sized abs that flexed on the rhythm of the thrusts. "YEAUGHN", Tyrone roared as ecstasy exploded through his 330 pound body. His lemon-sized balls drew tight and began releasing their thick load into the fallen athlete's mouth. Keith quickly gulped down the first huge load, a second one filling his mouth seconds later. He sucked down as much of the sticky spunk as fast as he could, but the hefty balls kept blasting out loads. Cum began flowing from the corners of his mouth and even from his nose. His vision began going dark by the lack of oxygen. After 10 loads, the snake withdrew from his mouth and blasted a final load onto his face, coating it with liquid heat. The paw released his head and he slumped down to the floor. Tyrone turned his gaze back to his reflection in the mirror. He flexed his left arm, smirking as the huge muscle exploded into a massive orb of vein-covered beef. He would have sworn he heard his skin stretch tight as the monster bicep swelled to its new size. He went over to Keith's gym bag and grabbed his hoody. He ripped off the sleeves and put it on. The zipper could only close over his eight-pack, his pecs protruded so far from his chest that it was impossible to get the zipper up any further. He grabbed a pair of baggy sweatpants from another locker and pulled them on: they fight like a second skin over his gargantuan legs. He threw a final look on the emaciated senior lying on the floor and left.
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