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  1. clfmql

    Austin's bet

    “I want all your muscles, your stamina, your metabolism, your masculine beauty, your physical potential, your athleticism.” **** A stream of warm water spurted out from the thick shower head. In the steam-filled shower booth, Austin's naked body began to be drenched in water. The tanned, healthy skin became shiny when it touched the water stream. Water cascaded down his broad shoulders and down his massive, deep muscular chest like a mountain range. It soon cleansed the eight-pack abs and moistened the massive cock and testicles between the thick legs. As Austin lazily turned back, the warm water flowed down his deep, bulging, broad muscular back, and soon his firm buttocks could feel the water. Austin enjoyed the warm, wonderful sensation for a few minutes and then took out the shower soap. His thick hands gently massaged his broad chest, brushed down his shoulders, and toned down his 20-inch biceps and deep abs. He then gently stroked his pipe-like 11-inch cock and large testicles, wiping away any traces of the night's fun. He reluctantly moved his hand from his cock to his firm, thick thighs, where his muscles were clearly visible, and rubbed them for a while. He begins to slowly brush his knees and calves, following the lines of those beautiful muscles. While enjoying his shower time, Austin thought about Ted and the 'bet' he had made. Ted was very popular as the best football player in the school, but to Austin, Ted was just a bad student who bullied Austin himself. Austin, who wanted revenge on Ted, decided to use witchcraft he had discovered in ancient books. Everything went according to Austin's plan, and as a result, Austin won the 'bet' and demanded a reward from Ted: his muscles, his physical potential, and his masculine beauty. From then on, as time passed, Ted took Austin's essence and gradually became smaller and more ordinary, and as Austin took Ted's essence little by little, he became bigger and stronger. After taking a shower, Austin returned to his room and put on a white shirt and underwear. Then suddenly, Austin stopped as he felt a huge pain in his testicles. Austin lifted his underwear and looked down to see that his testicles were writhing as if they were being squeezed. Austin finally realized that the final swap had begun. Austin had no time to react to this sudden phenomenon and just moaned and held his testicles in his hands. He felt the last of Ted's original essence being absorbed into his testicles, and it soon began to pump the last of his strength, causing his veins to pulsate throughout his body. "!!" While Austin just let out a moan, his body once again became covered in sweat and began to slowly bulge and grow. The muscles in his entire body twitched and became bigger and stronger, increasing his height to nearly 7ft. The cock and testicles he held in his hand seemed to swell and grow in size. It was too big to hold with one hand, so Austin managed to hold it with both hands. "Aaaah... yes! YES!!" Meanwhile, Austin's vision was forcibly becoming clearer, and he was getting a mild headache as more athletic knowledge flowed into his head. Even that was enough to give Austin an ecstatic feeling. In every way, Austin's body grew bigger and stronger. When Austin finally let out an orgasmic scream, the white shirt he had just been wearing was torn apart. Austin, who had been panting for a while as if after his long workout, checked out his body in amazement. Now he realized he had a muscular body of exactly the same size and shape as Ted had before his bet: biceps approaching 25 inches to prove it. Ted's biceps were the biggest in the school, they were 25 inches, and when Austin measured himself with a tape measure now, they were exactly 25 inches. Austin let out a low laugh, throwing his torn clothes on the floor, cutting off his underwear with scissors and throwing them on the bed. At this moment, a new school athlete was born who would perfectly replace Ted. What was even more pleasant was that this spell modified parts of reality so that no one would notice their changes. In this reality, Ted will always be a small, weak student, while Austin himself will be the dominant school athlete. Well, maybe he's even better than Ted in that he's sincere, humble, and kind. Austin giggled as he looked at the sweaty 7ft massive muscular body and went into the bathroom to wash up again.
  2. kurisupei

    Suck and Grow

    This is a story which I posted on the wrong section (archive). Rome is a collegiate athlete. For the last 3 years of his college life, he has been training hard and it really shows. At 22, 6'3 and 250 lbs, he has a body that rivals those big YouTubers you see online. This body of his earned him the title of team captain of the football team. Not only that, with his fair skin, thick eyebrows, and thick brown hair, he is deemed as the campus' heartthrob. One night, after training and working out with his team, Rome really had the urge to fuck someone. After cockily putting his body on display to the team in the shower room, he put on some baggy pants and a tight black tank top that showcases his thick arms and really highlights his huge chest. He decided he'll go to the bar and pick a fuck buddy for the night. After all, he could get anyone with his looks. Arriving at the club, his body alone is already enough to get him looks and turns. On his third drink, someone sat next to him. "That one's on me!", the man said. Rome looked and saw a short Asian man. The man looked young, almost like a college freshman. At around 5'5, Rome dwarfs this guy. "Aren't you a little too young to be here?", Rome asks with a smirk. "Haha I'm 21, today's actually my birthday, see?" the man replies, showing Rome his ID. "Hmm, so your name's Evan." Rome said, returning Evan's ID to him. "What do you want from me?" Rome then asks. "I always see you at the campus gym, and frankly, you really turn me on. What do you say we hit it up?" Evan says with a smile. "I don't think you can handle me." Rome replies, once again with a smirk. "Come on, you know you wanna do this. Besides, I can give you an experience of a lifetime." Evan teases, touching Rome's arms. Rome really wanted to release his load tonight, so he reluctantly agrees. Evan brings Rome to his dorm. They both take off their clothes. Rome strips down, revealing his powerful body and his 10 inch cock. Evan takes his jacket off, showing a skin tight white shirt, revealing some definition in his body. He's not big by any means, probably 135 lbs, but he's got some definition. He then removes his pants, revealing his own 4 incher. Just as he was about to take off his shirt, Rome cannot wait and pulls him to the bed and started fucking him. Evan was caught by surprise. But his moans and groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure as he sees the view while he's getting rammed. "Ugh fuck, you're so hot!" Evan said as reaches and caresses Rome's pecs. His hands explore Romes torso. "Ugh, dude you're gonna make me cum!" he replied back. Rome posed a double bicep and showed off his bulging arms to Evan. He's so big that it turned Evan on even harder. "You're so hot man- ughh! Sh-shit! Ughh!" Evan cums to the sight of Rome's flexing. Evan's cum shot up to Rome's mouth as he was moaning harder. "Ughhh fuck I'm gonna cu- UGHHH!" Rome moans and whimpers as he ejaculates into Evan's ass. Cum fills Evan after load after load is released by Rome. All while Evan continues to rub Rome's muscles. "Ugh fuck that was good" Rome pulls his cock out. Their moans die down and all that's left are their heavy breathing. "My turn..." Evan says. "What?" Rome confusely asks. “I'm gonna fuck you now, baby," Evan said while Rome licks his lips. "And I'll make sure you feel every inch of my cock." "Huh? You? What w-" Rome cockily says before getting interrupted. Evan grabbed Rome by the waist and pushed him down onto the bed, switching their position. Rome cockily chuckles, looking at Evan's 4 inch cock compared to his own 10 incher. "What are you gonna do, huh?" Rome cockily teases while flexing his muscles in front of Evan's scrawny frame. Rome's 6'3, 250 lbs frame completely dwarfs Evan's 5'5, 135 lbs. Evan ignores Rome's teases and grabbed the base of his 4 inch shaft and started pumping in and out of Rome's tight hole. The feeling of having another man's cock inside his body made him moan louder than ever before. "Fuck yeah, baby! You're so fucking hot!" Evan moaned as he continued to pound Rome's ass. "Ughhh! Dude what the fuc- ugh" Rome moans as he feels Evan's cock throbbing inside his ass. "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Evan moans as he continues to thrust his cock deep inside Rome's ass. "Ughhh shit!" Rome moans loudly as he felt Evan's cock pulsating inside his ass. "Ughhhhh! Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Evan moans as he starts to spurt his load all over Rome's insides. "Ughhh! Ughhh! Ughhh!" Rome moans as he feels Evan's cock spurting his seed inside his ass. Evan smiles, knowing a step of his plan has been enacted. After a few minutes of rest, they both got up from the bed and went for a shower together. They were still naked and their dicks were hard. They both got into the shower and began to wash each other, Rome not knowing Evan's plan. While showering, Evan kneels in front of Rome. "Okay, here goes nothing," Evan thought to himself. He grabbed Rome's dick and started sucking it like a pro. "Mmmmmm, mmmmm!" Rome moans as he feels Evan's tongue sliding along his shaft. "Oh fuck, ughh!" Rome moans as he grabs Evan's head and pushes it deeper onto his dick. "Ughhh! Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to suck Rome's cock. "Damn, you're really good at this!" Rome moans as he starts to feel his orgasm building. "Ughhh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Rome moans as he starts to shoot his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he swallows Rome's load. "Mmppphhhh!" Rome moans as he feels his cock spasm and start to spew more cum into Evan's mouth. "Fuuuck! Mmmmm!" Evan moans as he keeps swallowing Rome's load. But Evan continues to suck even harder. "Ughhh! Fuck! I'm cumming again! Okay, enough..." Rome moans as he continues to pump his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to swallow Rome's load. He continues to suck HARDER. "Man, I said enough..." Rome whimpers. But Evan sucks harder. Rome starts to feel a bit weak. "No, I said stop!" Rome whimpers. But Evan keeps sucking harder. "UGHHHHH! FUCK PLEASE! STOP!" Rome screams. "ugh I'm cumming again!" Rome yells as he shoots his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to forcefully suck Rome's load out. Rome tries to push Evan away, but to his surprise, Evan is not moved by this. He seems stronger "Mmmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to suck Rome's load out. He feels himself getting bigger and stronger. Evan starts feeling his arms and chest be filled with more mass as he swallows more of Rome's seed. "Ughhhh, dude please!" Rome cries out in pain as he feels his cock spasm and start to spew his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to swallow Rome's load. Evan feels his cock grow an inch or two, he also feels Rome's shrink in his mouth. "Ughhh! Ughhh! AAAAAAAAH!" Rome screams as he feels his cock spasm and shoot his load into Evan's throat. Evan swallows it all and stops. Evan then stands, looking Rome in the eye. Rome opens his eyes and notices how he isn't looking down at Evan that much anymore. "Fuck dude, that was hot!" Evan breaks the silence. Rome is still too stunned to speak. Rome begins looking at Evan's body, noticing how muscled Evan is. Evan then proceeds to inspect his now 8 inch cock and brags about it to Rome, "Wow, this is huge, thanks for that!". Rome looks at his own cock and sees his shrunken 6 incher, also noticing his own body. "WHAT THE FUCK?! MY COCK! M-MY BODY!"
  3. #Recording file M - 2908 "I... i can't help but moan. Orgasm... with some pain." "It happened every time my body got bigger, which then activated my orgasm more intensely. First of all, the legs." "Oh my goodness! The thin, wrinkled legs I once had were no longer there, and in their place were healthy legs with huge, muscular thighs and calves. Huge muscles work in harmony to show off each other's greatness, and snake-like veins stand out on the legs. My skin was as smooth as when I was in my 20s. No, it was much healthier and softer than my skin was in my 20s!" "This transformation wasn't just about my legs. Every time the red power essence of the young man in the bathtub flowed into my bathtub, and each time it was absorbed into my skin, my body became hotter and bigger. My chest grew and bulged, and my slim abdomen became thicker and firmer, soon revealing strong ten abs. My shoulders and back suddenly became wider and stronger, and my pale skin became healthy and smooth. My body gradually began to resemble the giant muscles of a young man. Yes, in just a moment I will be an 8 foot tall muscular bodybuilder." "And I felt my power essence flowing out of my body and into the bathtub next to me. It was blue and so fragile. Each time it was absorbed into the young man's body, the young man's body gradually became smaller. His chest, which was bigger than anyone else's, dried up and his abs disappeared. His shoulders and back narrowed, and his healthy tanned skin turned pale. The young man will soon be five feet tall, thin and frail, just like I used to be." "As you can see, we are exchanging each other's power essence. This was possible thanks to my research results. However, the unfortunate thing is that we cannot change our age. That is, my body from the neck down was young and strong, like that of a young man, but my head and face were still the same as those of a man in his 90s: a wrinkled white beard and an old face full of hair. Still, there were some good points. The healthier my body became, the more changes I noticed in my old hair and face. The wrinkles remained the same, but the tanned skin became firmer, healthier, and more attractive. My once sparse white hair has now grown voluminously, long and even shiny, covering my back. "There are no more helpless, useless old scienti-" *Crack!* *Crack!* "Ugh! Argh!" *Crack!* *Crack!* … ... "Ah… haha… I'm sorry, I suddenly got bigger again." "Okay, now I'm pretty close to 8 feet. The experiment will end in exactly 3 minutes. And I will become a perfect elder bodybuilder…" "So just a little more…"
  4. clfmql

    A little revenge

    Jake was facing his great fate. He checked the yellow bodybuilding speedo he was holding in his hand. This yellow speedo belongs to Kevin, the bodybuilder who lives next door. Last night, Jake snuck into Kevin’s house to complete the magic. At that time, Kevin was doing laundry, and Jake found a yellow Speedo among Kevin’s laundry. He secretly stole this and quickly returned home. Fortunately, Jake could smell Kevin’s body odor strongly in the speedo: the scent that, like it or not, emanated from Kevin’s genitals. It was a masculine, deep body odor that could never be removed with detergent. Jake placed Kevin’s Speedo in the large jar he had prepared ahead of time. He then filled the jar with the magic potion. After a while, light particles appeared in the potion and began to stick to the yellow speedo one by one. The next day, when Jake woke up, Speedo had absorbed most of the potion. Jake stood in front of the mirror as he waited for every last drop to be absorbed into the speedo. A 5'4", 90 lb. skinny man was in the mirror: wispy chest, skinny abdomen, thin limbs, and a plain ugly face. Jake had lived his whole life as a quiet, lonely nerd. Even now, as a college student, he had no friends. He was rarely there, he was always alone. Even his life as a college student was even worse than when he was in high school: because Kevin started bullying him. ‘Maybe I’ll have to live as a nerd from now on.’ Jake thought. Literally, if he didn’t know about the existence of the magic potion, he might have had a terrible college life, being bullied by Kevin. Kevin’s bullying firstly gave him a desire for revenge, and secondly it taught him a desire for a strong, muscular body. Kevin’s body was the most ideal and perfectly muscular body Jake had in mind. Kevin was a successful 21-year-old athlete and college student who attended the same college as Jake: a 7'3", 500 lb American football player with a huge muscular body. He had even competed in several bodybuilding competitions, and easily won first place in all of them. Naturally, this gave him sky-high popularity. Every boy and girl wanted to be with Kevin. His only flaw was his personality: kind to others, but vicious to Jake. It was just because Jake was a nerd. That was why Jake wanted revenge on Kevin, and it was also why he got a magic potion from some suspicious witch. According to the witch’s explanation, this potion has the power to swap physical traits between two men. It was simple to use. First, soak Kevin’s underwear in the potion. Once all of the potion has been absorbed into the underwear, Jake puts it on. Finally, Jake chants the magic spell, and the magic begins. This means that all of Kevin’s traits (muscles, skeleton, stamina, metabolism, DNA levels, etc.) will be transferred to Jake’s body. And this also means that all of Jake’s traits are transferred to Kevin’s body. Finally, Kevin’s speedo absorbed every last drop of the potion. Soon, just as the witch had explained, it glowed with a weak light and soon returned to normal. Jake instinctively knew that the magic was ready. Now all he has to do is wear it and chant the magic spell and the magic begins. But instead of putting it on right away, Jake made a little plan. First, he took off all his clothes and wore only Kevin’s yellow speedo and gray training pants. The speedo and pants were too much larger than Jake’s thin waist and small thigh, But he did not care. 'Soon these will fit me perfectly. Maybe it will become smaller.’ Jake grinned. He hurried out to the backyard of the house. At that time, Kevin was doing some light warm-up work-out in the backyard. He was wearing nothing except sports pants. He often worked out like this, wearing only pants. There was no shame in him. If has such a big, nice muscular body, who would feel embarrassed to expose it? Well, maybe today is different. When Jake came out to the backyard, Kevin, who was stretching, automatically turned his gaze towards Jake. Kevin immediately laughed when he saw Jake wearing too big and baggy sweatpants. “Ha! Anyone who sees you will think you’re a beggar.” Said Kevin. He flexed his biceps. “Or are you jealous of this wonderf-” “-Your favorite Speedo,” Then Jake said. Kevin immediately noticed something strange. Jake was strangely confident. “What the-” “-has disappeared yesterday, dont you?” “…How do you know that?” “Because I have it.” Jake took off his sweatpants. To be precise, he only let go of his pants. The pants slid to the floor, revealing Kevin’s yellow speedo hidden inside. Jake looked at Kevin, his hand clutching his speedo triumphantly. Kevin’s face was twisted with anger. “You little thief!” Kevin immediately jumped over the fence and charged at Jake like a bull. But Jake was a little faster. Just before Kevin’s hand touched Jake, Jake chanted a magic spell. At that moment, Kevin and Jake’s bodies seemed to stop as if time had stopped. As if paralyzed. The transformation came slowly but surely. As Kevin struggled to move, he noticed something strange. Jake didn’t look small anymore. Their height difference was obvious, so Kevin always looked down on Jake. But now there wasn’t much difference between his and Jake’s eye levels. No, the eye level has become the same. No, Jake started to look down at Kevin little by little…? 'Jake is getting bigger?’ Kevin thought. But he felt like he was missing something more essential. Then he saw his surroundings and realized what he was missing. Although it was not growing as rapidly as Jake, the surrounding scenery was also slowly growing. And through it all he could see his own arm. An arm whose massive muscles are gradually drying out. Kevin finally realized the truth. Just as Jake was getting bigger, Kevin himself was getting smaller! It was exactly as Kevin realized. Kevin’s massive muscles began to dry out quickly. His thick shoulders became as thin and narrow as Jake’s, and his chest, which was as massive as a mountain, became as flat as a dry plain. His proud arms shrank like small twigs. His perfect ten-pack abs disappeared from his abdomen and became thin. The vast back, which was wider than the door, suddenly became as thin as Jake. Both the bulky thighs and thick calves disappeared, and only weak legs remained. As his muscles shrunk, his once thick bones gradually became thinner and shorter. He shrunk to exactly the same height as Jake. Meanwhile, his huge penis, the essence and source of all his masculinity, became as small as Jake’s. Kevin was exhausted and out of breath. The fatigue was such that Kevin didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. The fatigue he felt for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Kevin’s handsome, masculine face has now become a plain, somewhat nerd-like face. Kevin flopped down in his seat. The sports pants he was wearing flowed down Kevin’s slender legs. “what…!” Kevin said. His deep baritone voice has now changed into a high-pitched voice. The star athlete and bodybuilder who once dominated college campuses has become a frail, small man like Jake. At that moment, Jake’s thin and weak muscles began to become strong and massive in an instant. His narrow, skinny shoulders became as wide and thick as Kevin’s, and a huge mountain of magnificent muscle bulged from his flat chest. The two arms, which were thin like tree branches, became thick and huge to the point of being proud. His slim abdomen became firm, and after a while, his perfect ten-pack abs were clearly revealed on his abdomen. The skinny and weak back became as wide and strong as Kevin’s. His skinny thighs became bulky, and his weak calves became strong. As his muscles grew, his thin, small bones gradually became thicker and longer. It grew exactly as tall as Kevin. Meanwhile, Jake felt a hot, tingling sensation in his groin. His testicles twitched as if they were being squeezed, then grew as large as an apple as all the essence of Kevin’s masculinity was injected into them. A thick vein rose from his testicles and connected to his cock, and in an instant, his small dick became as thick and long as Kevin’s. Jake also gasped for air. It was not because he was exhausted like Kevin, but because of the intense and ecstatic sensation he felt for the first time in his life. It was so intense that, like Kevin, Jake didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. Soon the plain, nerd-looking face was upgraded to the most manly and handsome version of Jake himself. Jake stood proudly in his place. The sweatpants no longer fit him at all, and the only thing that fit him was Kevin’s yellow Speedo. “Good…” Jake finally said. His high-pitched voice changed into a deep baritone voice. By taking everything from Kevin, the once frail and small man was reborn as a star athlete and bodybuilder who dominated the college campus. “What have you done to-?!” “Shut up.” Jake said. Kevin instinctively closed his mouth due to the overwhelming feeling of intimidation. He had never faced anyone bigger than himself. The fear and awe it brought was much more terrifying than Kevin had imagined. Meanwhile Jake lifted his arms and placed them behind his head. He looked down at Kevin with a satisfied smile. Like a predator looking down at its prey. “Thanks for donating your muscles, idiot. Now it’s time to payback.”
  5. These are stories that I personally really enjoy. It's all about muscle theft. I would like to introduce them to you. Unfortunately, the author of these novels appears to no longer be writing 1. Desperate Husbands https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/desperate-husbands.html 2. My Father's Child https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/my-fathers-child.html 3. Taking the Good https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/taking-the-good.html 4. Second Chances https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/second-chances-00.html
  6. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13a - 13b - 13c - 13d] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
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    A Donation From Big Bro

    Happy New Year, growers! Here's a new story that I wrote, probably the longest one. I took inspiration from "The Lockerroom Thief" by CockTFBoi. I hope you find this good. If this gets good reviews, I'll add pictures. I just reposted this here in the stories section since I accidentally posted it in story archive. Without further ado, here it is. A Donation From Big Bro Having been left by their father since they were kids, half-brothers Jason and Blake grew up separately. Jason, 26, the older of the two, chose to leave the house 10 years ago to try and live independently. Meanwhile Blake, 18, the younger brother, was left to grow up with his mother. Jason got a small job when he left and when he had his first pay, he invested in a gym membership. His investment obviously paid off. Seeming to have gotten some of the best genes, he grew up to be 6'2 and 260 lbs of muscle. His body, partnered with his chiseled face, tan skin, and jet black hair could really make many heads turn whenever he walks by. Blake on the other hand, chose to focus more on his studies. In fact, he just finished high school and is now an incoming college freshman. After moving in his dorm and unpacking, he lied down and scrolled on social media and that's when he saw it, his older brother's profile. He looked through Jason's photos and he was wowed by how his brother looked. At 5'5 and 130 lbs, he was nowhere near the looks of his brother. They do look alike but besides their body, Blake's wavy brown hair separates the two. Blake continued scrolling on Jason's profile and he discovered that Jason is now a personal trainer and is actually the owner of the gym near his college campus. Blake put some thought into it and decided that he wanted to turn his body around in college, he wanted to be the heartthrob of the campus. Jason was about to sleep when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked and saw that someone had messaged him. He immediately recognized the name and photo, it's his little brother and he wants to meet with him. Tomorrow morning came and Blake was nervous as he's about to meet his older brother after 10 years. He looked around and saw huge figure of a man. The man was wearing sweatpants paired with a tank top. His shoulders were wide, his arms defined, his back tapering into a V shape, his legs shaped like boulders. "J-Jason?" Blake called. The man looked behind him and down at Blake. Blake was met with the man's portruding pecs. It was Jason. "Blake? Hey little bro. Wow, you've really grown, young man!" Jason said to his brother. "I can say the same thing to you. Wow, you're huge, man!" Blake replied. "Thanks man, I've put a lotta work into this body" Jason said, flexing his biceps in front of his brother. "So why did you want to meet after all this years?" Jason followed. "I want to be built and jacked, and I think you're the one that can help me." Blake answered, touching his thin arms. "Well, I'm flattered, little man..." Jason smirks. "So, what do you say?" Blake followed up. "Let’s make you huge, lil bro!" Jason exclaimed. Jason really stayed true to his word. He began training Blake intensively. To Blake's surprise, he started gaining weight and really noticed changes happening on his body. After training for 6 months, his weight went from 130 lbs to 150. He saw his abs being visible, his chest starting to portrude, his bicep having a bump. Blake enjoyed these changes. One night after training, Jason and Blake went to the shower room, going into separate cubicles. They were both pumped after working out and Blake was really feeling his body. But Blake wanted to see how Jason looks, so he peeked into Jason's cubicle as Jason was busy showering. Blake saw Jason's wide V tapered back leading down his ass, but the biggest treat was when he saw what was at front. Jason turned, eyes closed, and Blake saw his thick, monstrous 10 inch cock. Blake immediately felt his own cock harden. Blake couldn't help it, he took a picture of his view of Jason and went back to his cubicle. The brothers finished showering. Blake put some shorts on and before he put on a shirt, he flexed a bit in front of the mirror, admiring his progress. Jason enters the room to change, with only a towel on his waist, when he sees Blake flexing. "Feels great huh? Seeing your progress in the mirror." Jason says while smiling. "Yeah but now with you beside me, damn I'm dwarfed." Blake answers. "You'll get there lil bro." Jason says while raising an arm into a bicep pose. Jason flexes his other arm, posing a double bicep. He puts them down and proceeded to flex a couple more poses. Meanwhile Blake can't help but stare at his brother, admiring his frame. Jason sees Blake staring and he smiled. "It's okay bro, you can touch." Jason says to his staring brother. Blake almost instantly reaches for his brother's pecs, feeling the size of it in his small hands. Blake can't help but let out a sigh of amazement. His hands then move to Jason's rounded shoulders, going to his biceps. "Chest is 58 inches, biceps are 24 inches." Jason proudly states, flexing them. He then raises his towel a bit. "Calves 21 inches, Thighs 30 inches" He adds. Jason feels his ego rise, with his little brother admiring his body that he put a lot of effort into. He flexes his abs while Blake rubs his hands on the rock-hard surface, feeling the crevices. Jason turns around, flexing his wide back, tapering into a V-shape. Blake touches the wall-like back of his brother. Blake feels himself getting aroused and his cock starts to harden. He almost let out a moan, but he suppressed it upon realizing. He becomes afraid his brother will see so he stopped and put his shirt on. "I need to go, I gotta pack for the winter break." Blake blurts out. "See you in two weeks, I guess?" He says. "Actually, make that a month. I'll be going out of the country to collaborate with other gym influencers" Jason answers. "Oh, okay then..." Blake says back. "Continue your workouts huh lil bro. I don't want you getting smaller when I get back." Jason cockily teases as Blake leaves. Blake gets home to his dorm, taking his shorts off and letting his hard 4 inch cock out. He takes out his phone and opens the photos he took earlier, looking at his brother’s huge body and monstrous cock. He begins stroking his cock, feeling more and more aroused as he zooms in on his big bro. "Ughhh Jason fuck" He moans. He begins touching his body sensually, making his breaths heavier. He imagines his big bro's enormous pecs, larger-than-grapefruit biceps, washboard abs. He feels himself get closer and closer. "Ughhh sh- shit" "Oh fuck uh- huge" "Ugh ughh" "oH- UGHHHNN!" With a wave of pleasure, he cums. His cum shoots everywhere. "Ughh uhh" Blake moans and breathes heavily. He then passes out. That's when he realizes, he wants Jason's size. He wants his height. He wants his body, from his strong arms, thick legs, to his heavily muscled torso. He wants all of Jason to himself. Immediately, he went looking for a way to gain what he wants to take. He searched books and the web and after three days, he found one. He got it and he was excited to make his fantasies real. But in the meantime, he followed what Jason told him and he continued his workouts extensively. He chased for growth. Finally, a month has passed. Blake was excited to see Jason again. He was thrilled to show how consistent he has been. In a month, he added about 10 lbs. Not just that, being in his teenage years, he grew an inch in height, making him 5'6 and 140 lbs. He might not be as big and lean as his brother, but he is filling out his frame quite nicely. His chest now pushes out his shirt, his abs more fuller looking, and his biceps now fit his sleeves perfectly. But beyond all of that, he was excited for his plan. He knew that in a short period of time, his biggest desire will be reality. Blake went to the gym before the sun could rise. He knew that Jason has arrived and that he would be working out. Blake was right, he saw his brother right away. Jason was even bigger than last time, making Blake want him more. "Hey Jason" Blake greeted. "Hey lil bro! Long time no see. Damn bro, you're filling out quite nicely." Jason greets back. "You're not getting any smaller either... By the way, I got us this sports drink." Blake gives his brother one. "Thanks bro, perfect timing, I'm about to start my workout." Jason takes a few sips and went on to start his workout. "Great, I'll join you then." Blake drinks his own sports drink and grins, following Jason to the weightroom. Jason starts doing push-ups for warm-up. As he approaches 30 reps, he started feeling off. He felt a strange sensation throughout his body, kinda like the feeling when having an orgasm. "Ughh- oh" Jason groans as he stops his push-ups and falls to the ground. "Hey, you okay, big bro?" Blake asked. "I'm fine, I think it's just my amount of sleep catching up on me." Jason answered unsure. "Here, drink up." Blake handed Jason's sports drink to him. Blake made sure Jason drank of all of it, grinning as he does so. "Alright then, let's help you get bigger. Let's do bench press." Jason said to Blake. "Careful with this one, lil bro" Jason loaded 155 lbs plates on the bar and spotted Blake. Blake lifted it and did 10 reps with it. "Too easy!" he said. Jason was surprised. "My turn, little man!" Jason said, loading 460 lbs on the bar. Jason lifted the bar and started repping. As he was doing so, his mind was flooded with sexual images. He started to get turned on. "Ughhh" Jason started to moan and groan with every breath everytime the bar descends. He feels his cock getting hard so he put the bar back into place. "H-hold on a little" Jason stood up, and went to the locker room to avoid Blake from seeing his hard-on. But blake already noticed it, he smirked. Jason went into the locker room, his mind all over the place. He feels so sensitive. All that's in his mind makes him wanna orgasm. Little does he know, Blake's the one behind it. Blake followed into the locker room and saw Jason. "Hey big bro, what's going on? Come on let's continue." Blake said to his brother. "Blake, oh uhm. I- I'm just..." Jason explains, trying to cover his hard-on. Blake gets closer to Jason. "Come on big bro..." Blake said, touching the tent on Jason's shorts. "Ughhhh" Jason lets out a whimper. Jason doesn't understand what he's feeling, he's not gay, but what Blake is doing is really turning him on. Blake took Jason's shirt off and started lowering Jason's shorts. "You want to help me get bigger, right?" Blake said to his brother. "Y-yes" Jason staggeringly answers. "Good, bro" Blake said as he takes Jason's shorts off, revealing Jason's hardened masculinity, growing into 11 inches. Without any warning, Blake put Jason's cock in his mouth, making him moan. Blake started sucking, working his way on Jason's cock. Jason can no longer suppress his moans. Jason feels this sinking feeling as he nears his orgasm. The pleasure was wild and he feels closer and closer as Blake moves up and down his shaft. A shudder ran down his body and his balls start churning. "Ughhhh fuuu-" Jason cums. Blake made sure to swallow every bit of it as it shoots hard into his mouth. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure. He fell into the bench behind him, eyes closed. Blake felt himself get taller, he felt his limbs extending and his view getting higher. As his body gets lengthier, the bulk he had put on disappears, his muscles adjusting into his body. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to Jason. He feels his spine shorten and retract. With that, his muscles enlarge, adjusting to his shortening frame. His pecs and arms bulged out, his legs grew thicker. "Wh-what did you do to me?" Jason said upon opening his eyes and seeing his short frame. "You helped me grow, isn't that what we wanted?" Blake answered. "Y-yes" Jason said, but he felt something was wrong. Seeing his brother's enlarged muscles made Blake more and more excited, so he proceeded to the next step. "I'm gonna get so massive with what we will be doing." He said. Blake lays Jason down the bench and grabbed his brother's still hard cock. He rode it and lowered himself onto it. Blake moved up and down, filling Jason with pleasure. Jason's cock started to spew pre-cum. Blake's body started reacting to it. He felt his body start to swell with muscle. Blake touched Jason's hard pecs and squeezed it as he bounces on his cock. Blake feels his body expand outward as he absorbs more of Jason's precum. His pecs start to form, his biceps tensing into a ball, his abs forming crevices. Jason feels Blake get heavier. "Fuck I'm gonna cum again- ohhh!" Jason finally shoots his load inside Blake. Jason's bulk slowly shrank into him. His biceps slowly thinned out, his treetrunk legs became weak, his torso got drained of its size, his chest on which Blake is grabbing on to lowered slowly from being mountains to a flat surface. "Ohhh fuck- ughh!" Blake can't help but groan as he feels his body fill up. He flexes a double bicep pose as his arms expand into mounds of rock. Meanwhile his legs got thicker and thicker, proportioning into his new height. His pecs grow into boulders, rivaling melons, he touches them and squeezes them. "Fuck, yes!" Blake exclaims as he poses his muscles. He went to the scale and measured his height and weight. "6'4 and 270 lbs, damn. Only one thing left." Blake says to himself as he gets back to Jason. Blake stands Jason up and turns him around. "Hey bro, just one last thing and we're done." Blake said to Jason's ear, caressing Jason's cock in his hand. Jason's cock immediately springs back up to life. Jason whimpers as he feels pleasure build up with Blake stroking his cock. While doing so, Blake slides his 4 incher into Jason's hole. Jason moans as intense pleasure fills hin again, but he can't cum. "You're gonna help me grow right?" Blake says. "Y-yes, anything for you ugh-" Jason answered. "Even my cock?" Blake follows up. "Yes, take it. Take my fucking cock." As pre-cum comes out of Jason's cock, Blake feels it slowly dwindle into his hand while his own cock grows and more and more enters Jason's ass. Blake starts thrusting, making Jason feel more pleasure, all as he strokes Jason's cock. Blake's cock grows and grows inside Jason, going into 12 inches. Jason's, however, retracted into Blake's hand, it shrank into 3 inches. "Ughh, please Blake... I need to cum" Jason whimpers. "Not until I do. Ughhh!" Blake cums into Jason's ass the largest he has ever cum. "Ughhh- shi- ughh!" Jason moans as he experiences being cummed in the ass for the first time. The two brothers experience their greatest orgasm, but one while experiencing his fantasy and one while experiencing loss. Jason shoots cum from his now 3 incher, moaning and passing out in the process. Blake pulls out his brother and admires his new 12 incher shooting more load on his passed out brother. He flexes on the mirror he once flexed on with his brother a month ago, but now being the superior one. "Thanks for the donation... little bro." He said as he leaves his brother in the locker room. Jason gains consciousness and snaps out of the drink's effects, realizing what had just happened.
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    A Donation From Big Bro

    Happy New Year, growers! Here's a new story that I wrote, probably the longest one. I took inspiration from "The Lockerroom Thief" by CockTFBoi. I hope you find this good. If this gets good reviews, I'll add pictures. Without further ado, here it is. A Donation From Big Bro Having been left by their father since they were kids, half-brothers Jason and Blake grew up separately. Jason, 26, the older of the two, chose to leave the house 10 years ago to try and live independently. Meanwhile Blake, 18, the younger brother, was left to grow up with his mother. Jason got a small job when he left and when he had his first pay, he invested in a gym membership. His investment obviously paid off. Seeming to have gotten some of the best genes, he grew up to be 6'2 and 260 lbs of muscle. His body, partnered with his chiseled face, tan skin, and jet black hair could really make many heads turn whenever he walks by. Blake on the other hand, chose to focus more on his studies. In fact, he just finished high school and is now an incoming college freshman. After moving in his dorm and unpacking, he lied down and scrolled on social media and that's when he saw it, his older brother's profile. He looked through Jason's photos and he was wowed by how his brother looked. At 5'5 and 130 lbs, he was nowhere near the looks of his brother. They do look alike but besides their body, Blake's wavy brown hair separates the two. Blake continued scrolling on Jason's profile and he discovered that Jason is now a personal trainer and is actually the owner of the gym near his college campus. Blake put some thought into it and decided that he wanted to turn his body around in college, he wanted to be the heartthrob of the campus. Jason was about to sleep when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked and saw that someone had messaged him. He immediately recognized the name and photo, it's his little brother and he wants to meet with him. Tomorrow morning came and Blake was nervous as he's about to meet his older brother after 10 years. He looked around and saw huge figure of a man. The man was wearing sweatpants paired with a tank top. His shoulders were wide, his arms defined, his back tapering into a V shape, his legs shaped like boulders. "J-Jason?" Blake called. The man looked behind him and down at Blake. Blake was met with the man's portruding pecs. It was Jason. "Blake? Hey little bro. Wow, you've really grown, young man!" Jason said to his brother. "I can say the same thing to you. Wow, you're huge, man!" Blake replied. "Thanks man, I've put a lotta work into this body" Jason said, flexing his biceps in front of his brother. "So why did you want to meet after all this years?" Jason followed. "I want to be built and jacked, and I think you're the one that can help me." Blake answered, touching his thin arms. "Well, I'm flattered, little man..." Jason smirks. "So, what do you say?" Blake followed up. "Let’s make you huge, lil bro!" Jason exclaimed. Jason really stayed true to his word. He began training Blake intensively. To Blake's surprise, he started gaining weight and really noticed changes happening on his body. After training for 6 months, his weight went from 130 lbs to 150. He saw his abs being visible, his chest starting to portrude, his bicep having a bump. Blake enjoyed these changes. One night after training, Jason and Blake went to the shower room, going into separate cubicles. They were both pumped after working out and Blake was really feeling his body. But Blake wanted to see how Jason looks, so he peeked into Jason's cubicle as Jason was busy showering. Blake saw Jason's wide V tapered back leading down his ass, but the biggest treat was when he saw what was at front. Jason turned, eyes closed, and Blake saw his thick, monstrous 10 inch cock. Blake immediately felt his own cock harden. Blake couldn't help it, he took a picture of his view of Jason and went back to his cubicle. The brothers finished showering. Blake put some shorts on and before he put on a shirt, he flexed a bit in front of the mirror, admiring his progress. Jason enters the room to change, with only a towel on his waist, when he sees Blake flexing. "Feels great huh? Seeing your progress in the mirror." Jason says while smiling. "Yeah but now with you beside me, damn I'm dwarfed." Blake answers. "You'll get there lil bro." Jason says while raising an arm into a bicep pose. Jason flexes his other arm, posing a double bicep. He puts them down and proceeded to flex a couple more poses. Meanwhile Blake can't help but stare at his brother, admiring his frame. Jason sees Blake staring and he smiled. "It's okay bro, you can touch." Jason says to his staring brother. Blake almost instantly reaches for his brother's pecs, feeling the size of it in his small hands. Blake can't help but let out a sigh of amazement. His hands then move to Jason's rounded shoulders, going to his biceps. "Chest is 58 inches, biceps are 24 inches." Jason proudly states, flexing them. He then raises his towel a bit. "Calves 21 inches, Thighs 30 inches" He adds. Jason feels his ego rise, with his little brother admiring his body that he put a lot of effort into. He flexes his abs while Blake rubs his hands on the rock-hard surface, feeling the crevices. Jason turns around, flexing his wide back, tapering into a V-shape. Blake touches the wall-like back of his brother. Blake feels himself getting aroused and his cock starts to harden. He almost let out a moan, but he suppressed it upon realizing. He becomes afraid his brother will see so he stopped and put his shirt on. "I need to go, I gotta pack for the winter break." Blake blurts out. "See you in two weeks, I guess?" He says. "Actually, make that a month. I'll be going out of the country to collaborate with other gym influencers" Jason answers. "Oh, okay then..." Blake says back. "Continue your workouts huh lil bro. I don't want you getting smaller when I get back." Jason cockily teases as Blake leaves. Blake gets home to his dorm, taking his shorts off and letting his hard 4 inch cock out. He takes out his phone and opens the photos he took earlier, looking at his brother’s huge body and monstrous cock. He begins stroking his cock, feeling more and more aroused as he zooms in on his big bro. "Ughhh Jason fuck" He moans. He begins touching his body sensually, making his breaths heavier. He imagines his big bro's enormous pecs, larger-than-grapefruit biceps, washboard abs. He feels himself get closer and closer. "Ughhh sh- shit" "Oh fuck uh- huge" "Ugh ughh" "oH- UGHHHNN!" With a wave of pleasure, he cums. His cum shoots everywhere. "Ughh uhh" Blake moans and breathes heavily. He then passes out. That's when he realizes, he wants Jason's size. He wants his height. He wants his body, from his strong arms, thick legs, to his heavily muscled torso. He wants all of Jason to himself. Immediately, he went looking for a way to gain what he wants to take. He searched books and the web and after three days, he found one. He got it and he was excited to make his fantasies real. But in the meantime, he followed what Jason told him and he continued his workouts extensively. He chased for growth. Finally, a month has passed. Blake was excited to see Jason again. He was thrilled to show how consistent he has been. In a month, he added about 10 lbs. Not just that, being in his teenage years, he grew an inch in height, making him 5'6 and 140 lbs. He might not be as big and lean as his brother, but he is filling out his frame quite nicely. His chest now pushes out his shirt, his abs more fuller looking, and his biceps now fit his sleeves perfectly. But beyond all of that, he was excited for his plan. He knew that in a short period of time, his biggest desire will be reality. Blake went to the gym before the sun could rise. He knew that Jason has arrived and that he would be working out. Blake was right, he saw his brother right away. Jason was even bigger than last time, making Blake want him more. "Hey Jason" Blake greeted. "Hey lil bro! Long time no see. Damn bro, you're filling out quite nicely." Jason greets back. "You're not getting any smaller either... By the way, I got us this sports drink." Blake gives his brother one. "Thanks bro, perfect timing, I'm about to start my workout." Jason takes a few sips and went on to start his workout. "Great, I'll join you then." Blake drinks his own sports drink and grins, following Jason to the weightroom. Jason starts doing push-ups for warm-up. As he approaches 30 reps, he started feeling off. He felt a strange sensation throughout his body, kinda like the feeling when having an orgasm. "Ughh- oh" Jason groans as he stops his push-ups and falls to the ground. "Hey, you okay, big bro?" Blake asked. "I'm fine, I think it's just my amount of sleep catching up on me." Jason answered unsure. "Here, drink up." Blake handed Jason's sports drink to him. Blake made sure Jason drank of all of it, grinning as he does so. "Alright then, let's help you get bigger. Let's do bench press." Jason said to Blake. "Careful with this one, lil bro" Jason loaded 155 lbs plates on the bar and spotted Blake. Blake lifted it and did 10 reps with it. "Too easy!" he said. Jason was surprised. "My turn, little man!" Jason said, loading 460 lbs on the bar. Jason lifted the bar and started repping. As he was doing so, his mind was flooded with sexual images. He started to get turned on. "Ughhh" Jason started to moan and groan with every breath everytime the bar descends. He feels his cock getting hard so he put the bar back into place. "H-hold on a little" Jason stood up, and went to the locker room to avoid Blake from seeing his hard-on. But blake already noticed it, he smirked. Jason went into the locker room, his mind all over the place. He feels so sensitive. All that's in his mind makes him wanna orgasm. Little does he know, Blake's the one behind it. Blake followed into the locker room and saw Jason. "Hey big bro, what's going on? Come on let's continue." Blake said to his brother. "Blake, oh uhm. I- I'm just..." Jason explains, trying to cover his hard-on. Blake gets closer to Jason. "Come on big bro..." Blake said, touching the tent on Jason's shorts. "Ughhhh" Jason lets out a whimper. Jason doesn't understand what he's feeling, he's not gay, but what Blake is doing is really turning him on. Blake took Jason's shirt off and started lowering Jason's shorts. "You want to help me get bigger, right?" Blake said to his brother. "Y-yes" Jason staggeringly answers. "Good, bro" Blake said as he takes Jason's shorts off, revealing Jason's hardened masculinity, growing into 11 inches. Without any warning, Blake put Jason's cock in his mouth, making him moan. Blake started sucking, working his way on Jason's cock. Jason can no longer suppress his moans. Jason feels this sinking feeling as he nears his orgasm. The pleasure was wild and he feels closer and closer as Blake moves up and down his shaft. A shudder ran down his body and his balls start churning. "Ughhhh fuuu-" Jason cums. Blake made sure to swallow every bit of it as it shoots hard into his mouth. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure. He fell into the bench behind him, eyes closed. Blake felt himself get taller, he felt his limbs extending and his view getting higher. As his body gets lengthier, the bulk he had put on disappears, his muscles adjusting into his body. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to Jason. He feels his spine shorten and retract. With that, his muscles enlarge, adjusting to his shortening frame. His pecs and arms bulged out, his legs grew thicker. "Wh-what did you do to me?" Jason said upon opening his eyes and seeing his short frame. "You helped me grow, isn't that what we wanted?" Blake answered. "Y-yes" Jason said, but he felt something was wrong. Seeing his brother's enlarged muscles made Blake more and more excited, so he proceeded to the next step. "I'm gonna get so massive with what we will be doing." He said. Blake lays Jason down the bench and grabbed his brother's still hard cock. He rode it and lowered himself onto it. Blake moved up and down, filling Jason with pleasure. Jason's cock started to spew pre-cum. Blake's body started reacting to it. He felt his body start to swell with muscle. Blake touched Jason's hard pecs and squeezed it as he bounces on his cock. Blake feels his body expand outward as he absorbs more of Jason's precum. His pecs start to form, his biceps tensing into a ball, his abs forming crevices. Jason feels Blake get heavier. "Fuck I'm gonna cum again- ohhh!" Jason finally shoots his load inside Blake. Jason's bulk slowly shrank into him. His biceps slowly thinned out, his treetrunk legs became weak, his torso got drained of its size, his chest on which Blake is grabbing on to lowered slowly from being mountains to a flat surface. "Ohhh fuck- ughh!" Blake can't help but groan as he feels his body fill up. He flexes a double bicep pose as his arms expand into mounds of rock. Meanwhile his legs got thicker and thicker, proportioning into his new height. His pecs grow into boulders, rivaling melons, he touches them and squeezes them. "Fuck, yes!" Blake exclaims as he poses his muscles. He went to the scale and measured his height and weight. "6'4 and 270 lbs, damn. Only one thing left." Blake says to himself as he gets back to Jason. Blake stands Jason up and turns him around. "Hey bro, just one last thing and we're done." Blake said to Jason's ear, caressing Jason's cock in his hand. Jason's cock immediately springs back up to life. Jason whimpers as he feels pleasure build up with Blake stroking his cock. While doing so, Blake slides his 4 incher into Jason's hole. Jason moans as intense pleasure fills hin again, but he can't cum. "You're gonna help me grow right?" Blake says. "Y-yes, anything for you ugh-" Jason answered. "Even my cock?" Blake follows up. "Yes, take it. Take my fucking cock." As pre-cum comes out of Jason's cock, Blake feels it slowly dwindle into his hand while his own cock grows and more and more enters Jason's ass. Blake starts thrusting, making Jason feel more pleasure, all as he strokes Jason's cock. Blake's cock grows and grows inside Jason, going into 12 inches. Jason's, however, retracted into Blake's hand, it shrank into 3 inches. "Ughh, please Blake... I need to cum" Jason whimpers. "Not until I do. Ughhh!" Blake cums into Jason's ass the largest he has ever cum. "Ughhh- shi- ughh!" Jason moans as he experiences being cummed in the ass for the first time. The two brothers experience their greatest orgasm, but one while experiencing his fantasy and one while experiencing loss. Jason shoots cum from his now 3 incher, moaning and passing out in the process. Blake pulls out his brother and admires his new 12 incher shooting more load on his passed out brother. He flexes on the mirror he once flexed on with his brother a month ago, but now being the superior one. "Thanks for the donation... little bro." He said as he leaves his brother in the locker room.
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    I want everything from you

    Ha! I'm a genius scientist, so I knew my experiment would be completed successfully, but I never expected it to be this perfectly beautiful. Chase's muscles, bones, stamina, metabolism, and even his genetic levels are all mine! Chase...My younger brother has everything I don't never have: giant muscles, handsome faces, tremendous power, superior alpha DNA! Just a high school student, he's already 7ft tall, a perfect muscular body, and even smart. It's made him one of the most famous star athletes in the area, including high school. He even won overwhelmingly in local bodybuilding this time. As an older brother, I've always been jealous and hate Chase. I was only 5ft tall, and my body was as thin as a branch. I was ugly and didn't get anyone's attention. Even from my parents. I wanted to be like Chase. But no matter how hard I worked out or tried to be recognized by people, I realized it was just an unachievable dream. That's why I decided to take Chase's muscles. There's only one thing that makes me better than Chase: intelligence. Even I had incredibly high intelligence. It's not surprising that I got interested in science and started researching the human body. At first, I worked on body swaps. Yeah, I wanted to be like Chase. But unfortunately, even with my high intelligence, I couldn't find a way, and I just found out that body swap are absolutely impossible. It's impossible to transfer a person's consciousness to another body in any case. So I set the direction of my research a little different. What if I transfer material, not consciousness? For example, what if I transfer Chase's massive muscles, thick bones, powerful stamina, high metabolism, superior genetic levels to my body and at the same time my small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism, inferior genetic levels to Chase's body? What if I and Chase had a one-on-one exchange of muscle-to-muscle, bone-to-bone? I've worked on it, and surprisingly found out it's possible. If it's the only problem, this one-on-one exchange has to happen in less than a nanosecond. That way, we can proceed absolutely safely. But I'm a genius scientist! It's very easy to solve that problem. Still, there was something disappointing. Another thing, this experiment did not promise a perfect body swap. Because our appearance will remain the same after the experiment. Still, there was one hope. Because our genetic levels are also swapped, my appearance will be the most idealized version of myself, while Chase's appearance will be the worst version of himself. Well, I'm very satisfied with just that. I immediately built two glass, cylindrical chamber-shaped machines in the basement. Then I tricked Chase into locking him in. And… yeah, my experiment succeeded. Can you believe that the biceps and bones in my arms are the ones that were in Chase's body just now? I mean, in cells and tissue units. I can feel it, the power and heat of it… in my massive chest, in my 10 pack abs, in my thighs and calves, even in my thick, long cock. Is this something Chase has always felt 24/7? And, yeah, not just the muscles and bones. I take Chase's stamina and metabolism. And Chase's superior genetic levels too. With this I can keep these muscles and bones very easily. It's fantastic. Plus, Best of all, as I expected, Chase's genetic levels gave me the best-looking, idealized version of myself. ..... Oh, don't you wonder where my original muscles and bones went, Chase? It's in your body now, of course. My small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism and inferior genetic levels… I don't need them anymore. I can't let them stay in my body and damage my perfection. So I dumped them all on your body. That's why I thought of a one-on-one exchange. Yes, Chase. From now on... I'm a heavyweight bodybuilder at 7ft and a college student. And you're now a 5ft skinny nerd high school student. I have finally become a real man! And you... Chase, you are nothing now.
  10. Fakmail

    Three days delivery, Part 1

    So with tumblr's new policies, Im finding it hard to find or read some of my favorite MG scinerios and stories, So I made my own here. This one was inspired by "While you were gone..." for those who recognize the simularities. Enjoy. *Also, I appear to have posted this in the wrong location earlier, I do apologize for this. ------------ Hal was a weak guy. Must have been by blood, as he worked out four times a week and consumed protein-rich foods at every occasion, yet still only amassed to about 170lbs and a flat stomach (he worked hard for that, he told himself) but he always wanted more. That all changed with his discovery of "extrazilla". ETZ was a bio-enhancement syrum sold on the black market supposedly as a rejected supersoldier steroid. It required a lot of sleuthing, untrustworthy downloads to his computer, and over four months of saving up bitcoin to finally purchase a product. " Hmmm", he questioned, "New Extrazilla Extraeme, just released today and supposedly works over twenty times as strong as the normal brand, now includes new features *wink*" . Hal smiled with this and clicked "purchase now", " Sounds like thats for me" he said smiling and leaning back in his chair. He was quickly interrupted by his roommate Mark, "Yo I need the computer when you get the chance." Hal responded with, "Yeah sure, give me another few minutes." Mark rolled his eyes and said "You got 10 douche". Mark was a dick, slightly taller than Hal and much more lucky with the genetic lottery. He weighed roughly 190 pounds and could bench 250, but what really pissed Hal off was his phallic regions. Hal felt blessed with a 6" decently sized dick, until a few weeks after moving in, when he caught a brief glimpse of Mark's monster. Hal didn't have the exact numbers but he reasoned it must have been at least 10", if not more. To top it off Mark was rich, never had to work a day as he progressed through college, and frequently brought home different sluts to fuck mercilessly in their shared room. Hal snickered to himself "soon he's going to be the guy envying me" and placed the order. Hal then continued throughout his day, went to bed, and went to work and back in his normal daily cycle for another two days. On the third day he could hardly contain himself at work. As soon as he found the confirmation the package had arrived, he took off early sprinting home to his apartment's mail box room. However, when he arrived, he found the mail box to be empty. Huh. That's strange I definitely received the email... Then a small fear rooted itself in the back of his spine. "No... " Hal dashed upstairs as quickly as he could, and entered his apartment. Inside, he confirmed his fears were well founded. On the counter were two open boxes, one from "Extrazilla" and the other from "Lab 12". As well, Mark's football friend Jake (a taller man ,dumb as rocks, roughly 250 pounds, all muscle) and his on-and-off girlfriend Halley (short, cheer squad member, issues with cocaine, smaller breasts, phat ass). "Well well well, look what we got here Jake! Hold him..." Mark said grinning mischievously. Hal tried to run but Jake caught him, held him down and tied him to a chair. "What the fuck Mark?" I yelled. "Yeah, I know that's what I said! Turns out both our packages arrived today! Imagine my surprise when I find my douchebag roommate ordered the most saught after growth elixir in the world! And you were going to use all this stuff on yourself weren't you Hal?" "Wait what was in your package?" Hal asked. "Something new and exciting from my old man's lab, it's a three piece set actually made by the same people who make your stuff, but this line is more experimental and is meant to target a different audience." Mark smirked as he said this and continued, "Unlike your selfish ass, I decided to share my spoils with my friend Jake there. We just waited around because we wanted you to watch as we bulk into fucking bodybuilders." Hal watched in horror as Mark injected himself with one of the five syringes in my package. For a minute he looked like he was going to be sick, then fell to the floor grinning evilly. "I feel it.... Oh god yes I feel it! More! More!" He screamed. As he did, his chest was rising steadily, pressing against his shirt as his already well-defined pectorals jetted out a few more centimeters. His arms went from slightly buff to outright jacked. "This is too damn slow.." He grunted angrily, thrusting a second syringe into himself. His eyes went full white as they rolled back in his head. His already jacked arms practically doubled in size as the rest of his body burst out of his clothes. He had a perfect 8-pack of abs leading down to his still 10" cock. His legs had grown larger as well launching him from about 6'1 to roughly 7ft tall. "Look at me!" Mark said "Im a fucking machine!" He proceeded to entertain himself by flexing his various muscles. From the other side of the room Jake and Halley were just as wide-eyed as Hal. Halley approached Mark and started rubbing her hands all over him. "Hmmm my big strong man's so big and sexy now" and promptly squatted down slightly to start sucking his massive cock. He grabbed her head and moaned as he rolled his head back. "Mmmmm thats good bitch, use them lips..." Jake spoke up at this point: "Hey dude, Im starting to get a little weirded out by this, so Im goin to go ahead and take my share..." He said injecting two of the syringes in at once. Like Mark, his eyes rolled back into his head as his already massive body started to expand. His shirt was gone in seconds, destroyed by his massive chest. He was certainly bigger than Mark, but he wasn't nearly as well defined, amounting to only a 6 pack and very thick legs jutting him up to about 8ft from 7ft tall. The real miracle at work though was what was between his legs. Jake was packing an absolute anaconda, well over a foot long. Hal stared at the massive man as tears rolled down his face. He had worked for that money. He found and bought that product, and now he had nothing to show for it. As Hal stared in dispair, Jake noticed as his transformation finished. "You like that lil bitch boy? That's fucking 13 inches of cock your fagot ass can't have." Hal turned his head away the best he could, only to catch a glimpse of Halley and Mark on the other side of the room. She was now fully stripped naked, with her clothes laying on the floor ripped in half. She had both of her legs bent upwards as Mark's titanic cock crammed itself inside of her. "Hey bitch boy..." Said Jake, grabbing Hal's face, "You have no idea how fucking Horny this stuff makes you." Hal shuddered and said "Oh I can scarcely imagine". And before he could object, Jake crammed his 13 inch meat into Hal's throat and began force fucking it. For a solid 20 minutes, Jake continued to cram his cock down Hal until he passed out from lack of oxygen. Hal awoke a bit later with his stomach and throath lined with a thick bitter cum. When Hal got up he found he was naked and looked over to Jake and Mark, they were both naked and standing around the table again, this time holding a package with the letter " A " Written on the side of it. It contained pills. Halley opened the bottle and took two. Mark noticed Hal had gotten up and walked over. "Damn dude, you're still alive?" Then quickly crammed one of the pills from his box into Hal's mouth. Hal spit it out in disgust not knowing what it could do to me. Mark didn't like this and picked it up off the floor. He crammed it back into Hal's mouth, this time accompanied by his fingers which pushed it down his throat. It didn't take long for the effects to take place. "Thats a little sample of Sex-zilla prototype 3.2111. Or " A" as the nerds call it. Whatever " A " is, it affects sexual organs". Hal looked down at his now reletively pathetic 6" cock, withered and flacid now making it about 3". As Hal stared at it, it did appear to grow slightly as it hardened. He felt a small dripping of electricity, or hormones, or just straight power flow out of his stomach and into his genitals. It wasn't a huge improvement, but it made Hal's meat about a half-an-inch larger. He thought everything was over, but then ended up grabbing his throat. He felt it changing somehow. And just like that the sensation was gone. "That was one pill," said Halley from the other side of the room. "Look what two gets you..." As Hal looked up he saw her standing dominantly over me touching herself. Her breasts were noticeably larger, growing from a small B cup to at least CCCs. Her ass had expanded as well, now roughly the size of a beachball. "Ive got more for you to luckly little man" she said as she popped a few more of the pills and wrapped her legs around Hal's face. Hal felt her getting bigger as she squeezed him, and although he couldn't see it, Halley's breasts now sat at a whooping FF size, and her ass smoothed and grew into a sexy little firm heart shape. After a few moments she let go and walked back to her man. Mark and Jake were messing with the rest of the "A" pills, and to Hal's horror, saw the two men each downing at least twenty pills apiece. Both of their cocks stood straight up and began to swell. Halley fell on the floor in front of them, opened her legs and said "come on boys, get in there..." Mark and jake immediately crammed their expanding junk into her in any way they could. With each thrust, the two had to pull out further and further. After a full half hour of treating Halley like a pump powered train car, she erupted with cum pouring out of everything and passed out. Jake and Mark high fived each other and admired their new manhoods. Easily each one was two feet long and seemed to breathe almost, swelling to twice the size before subsiding back to the still ridiculous length and girth. "Now for stage 3" Mark said opening box "B". Hal shuddered and tried to escape the room, only to find the door out had been barred with his own bed, much too large for him to move it. Mark approached Halley's unconscious body and injected her with a blue needle. "Now you will become my queen baby" he said. Meanwhile, Jake had approached me and kissed my ear from behind, and stabbing me with another needle from the same box. Hal became worried as he waited for the transformation to take place, but none arrived. Halley however had woken up. "Hmm..." said Mark. "Looks like you need some kind of boost to get the desired effect..." He then took the final Extrazilla serum and inserted it into Halley. She bent backward in ecstasy. She felt a new rush of power sweep over her as her breast expanded a little more and every muscle in her body became supercharged. She quickly gained a flat stomach and toned perfect legs. Soon after, her eyes went jet black as she stood there motionless. "Sorry Jake, looks like we don't have any more for you and your lesser half." Said Mark looking at Hal. Jake looked disappointed. Mark then pulled out the final box marked "C" and drank the entire glass of it. "Hey we were going to share that man!" Jake said suddenly. Mark just looked down at the three of us with intense malice in his eyes. He then stabbed Jake with another needle from box "B" as Jake looked up in horror. He froze in that state as his eyes went jet black. Mark turned to Hal and smiled "You get to watch the fun part...". Marks eyes suddenly changed to a bright green color as the effects of " C" began to take root. His already oversized cock swelled to max size again and seemed to harden to a crystal-like state. Lustfully, he bent down to Halley and picked her up, setting her on this massive cock. Upon doing so, her skin bleached. Turning paler and paler, then, as if his dick was like a straw, he sucked Halley's entire body into his own. "Fuck YES!" Mark screamed. He had grown again. "So... This is what it's like..." Mark said. "I feel everything. Her blood. Her muscles. Her thoughts. Her brain. Its all mine... We... Are one..." Hal looked in horror at this, then realized exactly what was about to happen next. Mark approached Jake from behind and inserted his cock in the same manner as he did to Halley. Just the same, Jake became more and more pale, then just absorbed into Mark's body. It took a lot longer this time, and was a much more noticeable change. Mark was now about 10 feet tall, hunching over to fit in the room. His cock was like a massive snake, and he had full control over it like a third arm as it slithered around the room. Mark flexed continuously as he stared upwards with glowing eyes. "I am smarter now..." He said to no one. "I am the strongest. The fastest. The smartest. I am the most powerful being... On this planet... Hal...." Hal was still desperately trying to escape to no avail, but stopped when Mark said his name. "Please... Please don't eat me..." He whimpered. "You? " Mark asked smirking "You really think we want you to join us? Pathetic. This subhuman waste of garbage would only weaken us. I am better than you Hal, Definitively. It is now a proven fact, deduced mathematically." To Hal this hurt his esteem as much as his sanity. Mark pulled out his phone and placed it on his dick, fusing with the charge port. After a few minutes he spoke again. "To the rest of the world, Halley and Jake have just eloped together to Paris. No one will question their disappearance. Nor will they question mine as I've removed all memory of myself from all of human record." "Where are you going?" Hal asked pathetically. "I'm going to ascend to a higher state of life. I will become a powerful god, capable of controlling the whole universe.... And you... Hal.... You're going to be my bitch." Mark then proceeded to grab Hal and flip him over before he began to fuck him. His massive cock burning a crippling pain in Hal's body. After roughly half an hour of this, a glowing spark of electricity opened like a third eye on Mark's forehead, and in a flash he was gone. Hal awoke sometime that night covered in golden cum. Somehow this healed him from his wounds that should have paralyzed him. Hal didn't know what to think. Everything was gone off the table without a trace. There was no record of anyone else ever having lived there. Eventually Hal decided to take a shower and forget the whole thing. But as he got out of the shower, written in golden cum across his wall was a message "We are everywhere Hal -Mark" Mystified and scared Hal watched as the letters continued to appear "Why don't you try to appease us with some sacrifices. How about shrimp? We are in the mood for seafood. Oh and Hal, I'd hate to find out what the Jake side of me will do to you if you don't do everything we ask. Get ready bitch." As the final letter made its self apparent to him, Hal felt a sharp and familure pain in his throat and ass. (To be continued)
  11. Guest

    (Un)identical twins (3)

    Sorry for the very long wait. Enjoy the final part of this story. Time seemed frozen in Jason’s room as the two heavily muscled brothers lived the moment they had been anticipating for several months. For neither it had gone as they had foreseen it. Jason had found deeper and more satisfying pleasure in dominating his grown brother than he’d ever imagined. Sure, he had enjoyed being worshipped before, during or after one of his workouts by Sam or the stares from the other guys in the shower. But his brother was now way bigger than any of the guys that had rubbed their hands allover his muscles before sucking him off or getting his cock up their ass. Brett, on the other hand, had his hopes of reclaiming his dominant spot in the family shattered the moment he laid eyes on his brother’s naked torso. The second his brother had revealed his new frame, Brett had instinctively accepted the beastly man’s alphaness. Every primal instinct in his body had automatically chased every opposition to the superior being from him. His mind had been flooded by thoughts and speculations of the insane power that the bulging, insanely large and totally shredded muscles had to possess. For some reason, the awe and fear had soon been mixed with and dominated by a strange feeling of attraction. Unknown and new feelings had whirled through his mind: he had never before been attracted to another man, not even to his bigger and 261 pounds of muscles teammate Mike. He had, off course, checked his teammates’ physiques in the gym or in the shower and complimented some on their results. And received praise in return, certainly since he’d been juicing. That had been nothing more than the usual locker room atmosphere of athletes showing respect for their efforts to build up their physique. Without any sexual afterthought attached to it. The two muscular brothers were however bound by one mutual feeling: both of them were experiencing the most powerful orgasm in their life. Brett’s mind was whirling with feelings of ecstasy as pain and pleasure traveled along his spine to explode inside his brain in a fireworks of bursts of energy. His brother’s body sent urges of need through his own body; urges even his hottest girlfriend had never made him feel. Somehow, he even enjoyed the feeling of having his 241 pound, heavily muscled body feel small next to his 327 pound, beastly brother; feeling weak in the huge man’s powerful grasp. He felt like a ragdoll against the beastly body, but somehow he also felt safe in his brother’s grasp. His mind was at peace with his position as a beta, knowing it was no use to defy the muscle beast his brother had become. His mouth hung open in a silent cry. His hand was still vigorously stroking his rock-hard 8 incher that was now leaking the remains of watery loads from his drained and aching balls. Jason was also flooded with feelings of pure bliss. His mighty orgasm felt like lightning exploding in every cell of his beastly body. The realization of eclipsing, totally dominating and reducing to an obedient beta his heavily muscled, 241 pound brother gave him more satisfaction than the process of his own growth over the past months. Sure, he had jerked off to his own, ever swelling reflection as he had posed in front of the mirror in his room. Sure, he had creamed himself feeling and exploring his ever hardening muscles. But none of these feelings compared in the least to the feeling of total and undisputed control over another athlete that dwarfed most of the guys in the gym. “YEAUGHN”, Jason roared deeply as the second wave of his all-consuming orgasm rolled over him. He pulled back his cock slightly and rammed it deep and forcefully inside his brother. ‘Oughpff”, Brett peeped. He stared at his own face in the mirror and his eyes widened as his pecs were shoved against the cum-splattered mirror and he felt his feet being lifted off the ground: he was now completely impaled in his brother’s 14 inch cock. His hand raced back and forth along his shaft, but his completely drained balls refused to spill another drop of cum. The pressure inside him intensified some more as his six-pack bloated further from the never ending blasts of hot liquid the fleshy snake kept spewing inside him. “FUCK YEAUGHN”, Jason rumbled as he felt his orgasm subside slowly. He reopened his eyes, that had been closed since his orgasm began and stared into the mirror: one third of it was covered in his brother’s spunk. He looked further down and saw the drained look on his brother’s face. Even further down, he noticed his brother’s hand still mechanically stroking his own deflating cock. He also regained control of his senses and felt the heat that had built up in the room and was hit by the strong sent of musk and sex that hung heavily in the air and filled his room. He inhaled deeply to calm his breathing and let his heartbeat slowdown. His uber-athletic body recovered within half a minute. He pumped his cock a final time inside his brother’s ass and withdrew it. His still fully hard 14 incher smacked into the brick-sized abs of his eight-pack, smearing a rope of sticky cum against the corrugated surface in the process. Brett whimpered as the fleshy snake was pulled away from his worn out ass. He shivered and felt strangely empty after having being impaled on the thick shaft. He felt the thick, hot liquid stream from his ass and slide along the back of his muscular legs. His knees buckled from exhaustion but his brother’s big paws maintained their firm grip on his hips and held him upright. Jason brought is mouth to his brother’s ear. “I’m so glad yar home, little bro. Can’t think of a better and more fun way to wake up. I even think ya enjoyed this more than me. Didn’t ya, little bro?”, he said. Brett heard a muttered “yes” escape his mouth and nodded in response. “I knew it, little bro”, Jason went on, “ya’re still stroking yar cock.” The remark made Brett look down and indeed, his hand was still stroking his now soft cock. “I…”, he began. “No need to explain, little bro”, Jason stated, “ya’re not the first to jerk off to my body. And ya won’t be the least. Clean up yar mess and get ready while I grab some breakfast.” He released his brother’s hips, pulled on a pair of boxers and strutted to the door. “Get… ready…? For what?”, Brett asked while he placed his hands against the mirror to support his worn out body. “For our workout, off course”, Jason replied, “It’s arm day, little bro. I want to see yar bigger arms in action. And don’t ya want to see my canons pump some iron?” He raised his right arm in a flex, letting his 28.5 inch arm explode into a hard, round orb. A jolt shot through Brett’s cock at the sight of his brother’s flexed arm. Anticipation filled his mind. “Clean yar mess from my mirror and put on yar workout gear, little bro”, Jason rumbled and left his brother to get some breakfast. Half an hour later, Jason and Brett arrived at the gym. Jason looking fresh and energized, Brett still feeling some fatigue after the events in his brother’s room. Jason entered the gym first, strutting over to the desk. “Yo, big guy”, Sam greeted the biggest member of the gym. “I see you brought your brother”, he added as he noticed Brett. “Geez, you look way bigger than last time too. Must be fun having top genes to build muscle”, he said as he eyed Brett’s frame. A faint grin formed on Brett’s faced at the remark. He’d always enjoyed getting complimented on his physique. It made him feel a bit like the alpha he once was. “If ya ladies are done flirting, I would like to train”, Jason stated dryly and strutted past the desk into the locker room. Jason’s remark shattered the small hint of self-esteem that had formed in Brett’s mind. Brett followed his brother. Both of them pulled off their hoodies. Only then, Brett saw both of them were wearing the exact same outfit: grey sweatpants and a black tank top. His own highlighted his heavily muscled torso while his brother’s seemed painted on his torso: Jason’s wide and heavy pecs spilled from the sides and striations were visible through the overstretched fabric across the slabs of beef on his chest; even the bricks and grooves of his eight-pack were clearly accentuated and rippled with every deep breath. “Let’s go, little bro”, Jason rumbled and exited the locker room. Brett found himself once more walking behind his beastly brother. He looked up at the wide, magnificent back covered with bulging mounds of muscle pushing into each other and capped with thick, meaty traps that supported his brother’s bullneck. His gaze travelled down along the insanely broad back to halt on the meaty ass that filled the sweatpants. Jason entered the weight area and looked around. One lonely, nicely build guy was pumping out reps on a bench. As he sat up, he looked up in Jason’s direction and nodded. Jason returned the salute and recognized the 228 pound, heavyweight wrestler he’d worked out with a few months earlier when he was about the guy’s size. His cock twitched inside his pants thinking of the guy’s hot mouth that had serviced him several times ever since he had totally outgrown him. One time he had even walked in on him and Sam making out in the locker room. Wordlessly, he had simply pulled the guys apart, dropped his pants and forced Sam to watch as he had fucked the wrestler right there. Afterward, he had tossed the guy aside and made Sam suck his still hard dick. Ever since, he had more frequently used the two lovers to satisfy his ever-present needs. “Tell me if ya need a spot, Keith”, he said as he strutted past the bench toward the rack of free weights. “Right, little bro. Let’s warm up first”, he rumbled and grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Brett stared at his massive brother, cranking out perfect and fast reps with a weight he knew he would struggle with. He followed suit with a pair of much, much lighter dumbbells. “I used those feathers too. Months ago”, Jason said without taking his eyes from the mirror. After 100 reps, he racked the weights and grabbed the heaviest dumbbells on the rack. “Let’s do this!”, he gnarled at his reflection. Brett racked his weights too and grabbed the dumbbells his brother had warmed up with. After two reps, he felt his arms starting to shake. After six reps, his biceps felt like they were on fire and he dropped the weights. “Weakling”, Jason muttered and cranked out another perfect rep. He felt his monster arms pumping up as blood flowed into his beastly biceps. After 12 perfect reps, he gently racked the weight. 30 seconds later, he grabbed the dumbbells again. “Second set, little bro. Come on!”, he commanded. Brett grabbed a lighter pair of dumbbells than the ones he had just used. On the first rep, his arms shook terribly. He got three reps before his grip faltered and the weights went down. Jason on the other hand cranked out another 11 perfect reps. “Rack yar weights while I continue”, he barked at his brother. Brett obeyed his beastly brother’s instruction and sat down on a nearby bench while he watched Jason perform two more sets of bicep curls. Every rep made the veins on his brother’s bicep swell as they feed blood into the orb of muscle. “Time for some hammer curls”, Jason said as he racked the dumbbells and strutted over to the cable station. He selected the heaviest load and casually cranked out 15 fully controlled reps. Brett selected 70% of his brother’s load and struggled to complete 6 sloppy reps. He moved aside, his face reed and breathing deeply. Jason changed the weight and did another perfect series of 15 reps. He looked over at his brother but Brett nodded ‘no’ to make clear he would skip. “Sam, get over here”, Jason bellowed. Instantly, the 185 pound guy popped up. “Get on the weight stack. Ya know it’s too light for me”, Jason said. Brett stared in disbelief as the guy placed his feet atop the weight stack and his brother pumped out 10 more perfect reps. He blinked as he saw the beastly arms pump up bigger and bigger with every rep. “I know, big guy. I asked the boss the buy heavier stacks, but you’re the only one that complains”, Sam said as he was going up and down on the rhythm of Jason’s reps. “I know ya do everything to keep me happy, Sam”, Jason growled and completed his fourth set of hammer curls. “Fuck. My biceps feel like they’re gonna bust through my skin”, he added as he dropped the rope. His left paw grabbed his right bicep as he curled his arm, making the orb of muscle swell inside his grip. “Right. Some preacher curls to wrap things up”, he said and strutted over to the preacher bench. Brett, Sam and even Keith followed the beastly Jason and formed a semicircle around the bench. Jason looked up and grinned at the three guys standing in front of him. All three of them clearly worked out: looking athletic like Sam over heavily build like Keith to thickly muscled like his brother Brett. He returned his focus on his final exercise. He grabbed the loaded bar and began curling it up and down with perfect control. Brett stared as the mountains of muscle that were his brother’s biceps swelled into round, vein-choked orbs of hard meat with each curl. He felt his cock harden inside his sweatpants. Sam and Keith had similar reactions down their pants, but were less shy. They moved over to the bench and each of them groped one of Jason’s massive biceps. Their fingers didn’t budge the hot, stony-hard muscle as their hands were too small to span the girth of the orbs. “FUARK, yeah”, Jason roared as he lowered the bar for the tenth time in his fourth sets. He stood up and threw a devastating double bicep pose. His pumped biceps, swollen with blood from the workout, jumped past the 30 inch mark as they hardened into impossibly large and perfectly round mountains crisscrossed with dark veins that outsized cannonballs. “Man, this pump’s unreal”, he added and hardened his flex some more. Around him, the three other guys were stroking their cocks through their pants. “Time for a quick shower”, Jason said and strutted past his admirers. Ten minutes later, Jason emerged from the locker room after his shower and having Keith suck him off. “Round of shakes, guys?”, he asked as he sat down at the bar next to his brother, “Brett’s buying to celebrate his return home for the summer. Aren’t ya, little bro?”. Brett nodded, not wanting to stand up to his massive brother. His pumped arms made him look even more intimidating. Back at home, Brett headed for his room but his brother’s paw grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. “Not so fast, little bro. We need to talk”, Jason said and guided his smaller brother into his own room. “Drop yar pants”, he ordered as he locked the door. “What…euh?”, Brett asked. “DROP ‘EM”, Jason bellowed deeply. Brett instinctively obeyed the command and swiftly dropped his pants. He shivered as his mind processed several scenarios, but always seemed to return to what had happened earlier that morning. He blinked as he felt a stinging sensation in the left cheek of his ass. “What…”, he began but words froze in his throat as he felt the same sensation in the right cheek of his ass. “There ya go. Ya can pull ‘em back up, little bro”, Jason said. Brett quickly pulled up his pants, happy to get off the hook without being fucked once more. He turned around to face his brother and saw him throw an empty syringe on his desk. “What did you just do?”, he asked. “Ya truly are a dumb fuck, little bro. What do ya think I did? I injected ya with a double dose of roids”, Jason replied, “I want to break the 400 pound mark before the curse runs out. It stated that at the 10th full moon the circle would be round. That gives me another three weeks to put on 80 pounds of muscle. Means I’ll have to roid yar ass to make ya put on around 40 pounds of muscle since the curse is wearing down and my growth based on yours is slowing down. Fortunately, Keith has good connections.” Brett blinked. “You’re going to make me bigger?”, he asked in disbelief. “Geez, little bro”, Jason spat back, “YES! But only to make me bigger. I’m not gonna risk my health by pumping roids into my body. But ya already did, so why not take it to the next level? Ya can thank me later for making ya bigger, little bro. The following weeks I’m gonna roid ya up with double doses. Every morning right after I’ll fuck yar ass and before we go to the gym.” The next three weeks did indeed pass as Jason had told his brother: every morning Jason would pull his 242 pound brother into his room after his parents had left for work, plunge a double dose of roids in to him and then fuck his ass before they headed over to the gym and he put him through a grueling workout. 21 days later, Brett came home to an empty house: his parents had left that morning for their yearly vacation and wouldn’t be home for another month; his brother had left for the gym 10 minutes earlier. Brett had spent the night over at an old buddy from his football team in high school to avoid the daily ass-fuck by his now freakishly big brother. He had waited in his car a few houses down the street from his own until his brother had driven off. He parked his car in the deserted driveway and quickly disappeared inside the house. He knew he had until half the afternoon before his brother would return from the gym after his training, action with Sam and Keith in the locker room and having the two guys buy him dinner. He went upstairs to his room, tossed his phone and sweater on the bed before heading over to his brother’s room. He stopped before the shut door of his brother’s room. In his mind the possibility to go search for answers grew stronger fought with the voice warning him for serious danger if his brother would catch him inside his room. On the other hand, it could well be his only chance to break the curse before it would be complete that night. His hand shook as he reached for the doorknob. His mouth went dry as he turned the nob and the door opened gently. He quickly entered his brother’s room, getting hit by the manly scent of musk, sweat and cum that hung heavily in the air and closed the door behind him. His gaze scanned the room, stopping briefly at the ropes of cum still sliding down slowly on the mirror toward the puddle formed on the carpet at its base. He turned his attention to the fully stacked book closet and began searching the shelves. 10 minutes later, Brett went through the top shelf and felt frustration well up inside him as he hadn’t found anything. A part of him knew it had been too good to be true. He turned away from the book closet and stepped over to the adjacent desk. He pulled out the drawer on the left, but found nothing. His hand reached for the other drawer and puled. The handle resisted. “Why would you keep this drawer locked, bro?”, he said to himself and pulled with all his might. The lock succumbed quickly to his new strength and the drawer opened with the sound of shattering wood. “Bingo”, he said with a grin as he saw the old book. He grabbed it, shut the drawer again and began going through the book. He didn’t understand a word of the ancient text in Latin. Luckily for him, his brother had noted the translation of most passages in pencil next to the text. Feed on power… Transfer… fluids = cum… use on Brett… The last remark made anger well up inside Brett. “So, this is the curse he used on me”, he growled and read on to find a solution. The dust inside the book flew up as he went through it and he sneezed. He pulled out his handkerchief and blew his nose to clear out the dust before putting it back inside his pocket and continuing his discovery of the book. Curse complete… 10th full moon… Lasting results… Grow huge on Brett’s efforts??? Brett blinked as he read the remark. He shook his head at the proof that his nerdy brother had grown huge at his dispense. He went on and a annotation by his brother on a page a little further caught his attention. Restore… Healing curse… Take back ill-earned gains… Definitive… Brett’s mind, way slower than his brother’s, put the pieces together and a smirk formed on his face. “That’s it!”, he said to himself. He quickly read through the translation his brother had made. “I need some of his body fluids… fluids”, he said to himself when the solution popped up in his mind. He returned a few pages and his finger tapped on a comment: fluids = cum. He turned around and looked at the cum-drenched mirror. “Luckily I wasn’t here this morning and he blew his load to his reflection”, he said. He stepped over to the mirror, pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped a nice amount of the sticky cum from the mirror. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Brett nearly dropped the book and his handkerchief. He waited a few seconds, but the bell rang again. He quickly put his handkerchief inside the book and went over to his own room. As he entered, his phone rang. “Hello?”, he asked. “Dude, it’s me, Mike. I’m at your house. Are you in?” “At my house?”, Brett repeated. “Yeah. I was around to visit my cousin Keith. Stayed at his place tonight but he’s off to the gym now. So, are you at home?”, Mike said. “Sure”, Bret replied, “come round the back. Backdoor’s open. I’m in my room. Second door on the left at the top of the stairs.” “See ya in a sec”, Mike said and ended the call. At the gym, Sam and Keith were in the locker room waiting for Jason to arrive. The now huge man had texted them to come over and not keep him waiting. They gasped sharply as Jason entered. Jason ducked and rotated his torso to come sideways through the door. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts that now served him as boxers: no regular pair of boxers would fit around his quads anymore. His new body was a breathtaking sight: he could no longer be called huge or beastly, he had evolved into a massive mountain of muscle. Despite the fading power of the curse he had managed to gain another whopping 85 pounds of muscle and had grown 7 extra inches taller: he now stood an towering 7’5 feet tall for a hulking 412 pounds of ripped and striated muscle. The extra height made his insanely, hulkingly muscled body maintain its aestheticly perfect proportions. His calves jutted backward like thick diamonds at the back of his legs; his quads made his kneecaps look comically small and dwarfed the tree in their backyard by the massive size of the wide, deeply grooved, corded muscles that stretched the shorts to the max; his eight-pack was a collection of cobblestone-sized blocks of muscle, separated by canyons and decorated down the center with a dark treasure trail that disappeared down his shorts; the top half of the eight-pack was obscured by the shadow of his monumental pecs; they were an insanely thick, protruding rack of heavy muscle that proudly defied the pull of gravity; each pecs had the size of a watermelon shoved underneath the paper-thin skin; the surface of the extremely wide slabs of concrete-hard beef was crossed with striations and small veins; the pecs protruded so far from his chest that his nipples pointed straight down to the floor and were not visible from the front; the massive mounds rippled with every breath he took; a thick vein snaked at the top of the pecs like a small river and ran further onto his shoulders where it branched off in several smaller veins; the hard line of his shoulders was twice as large than a doorframe and capped with delts the size of basketballs; each separate head of the muscle was visible through the stretched skin pulled tight around the orbs of meat; the wide line was capped with a pair of intimidatingly thick traps that supported his bull-sized neck; his heavily muscled shoulders formed the support of his amazing arms hanging relaxed at his sides; his arms had amassed another 8 inches and now measured 36.5 inches flexed; when flexed his biceps exploded into spheres of rock-hard muscle that dwarfed bowling balls and were choked in a network of crisscrossed veins that fed the mighty muscles; his triceps then hung like vicious horseshoes at the bottom of his arms; they had more mass on their own than most guys entire upper arm; now his arms hung relaxed at his sides, looking like hams ready to burst through the satin-like, paper-thin skin; his forearms were covered with thick cords that ran along their entire length and were thicker than most men’s legs; inside his shorts his now dormant cock had grown to accommodate to his new body: fully hard it stretched to an insanely long 18 inches and its girth outsized most guys’ forearms; even flaccid its size prevented him from wearing boxers. Sam and Keith gulped as Jason swaggered over towards them and seemed to swell with every step he took. A simultaneous jolt shot through their cocks. “Ready for some action, runts?”, Jason rumbled in a voice that filled the room like thunder as he stopped a few feet from the two athletes and stared down on them. Sam and Keith gawked at the protruding rack of heavy muscle, crossed with striations that was at their eyelevel. Even though they saw Jason shirtless and naked every day, they simply couldn’t fathom the unreal size he had grown into. The shadow cast by Jason’s monstrous body put them completely in the dark and the guy was wider than both of them standing next to each other. They looked straight at the insanely deep canyon between the two slabs of pecs. It looked deep enough to conceal an entire hand. Striations rippled against the paper-thin skin as the globes of pecs rose on the rhythm of the muscle freak’s breathing. “My dumbass brother wasn’t home this morning. Couldn’t fill his ass with my cum. I’m so fucking horny right now”, Jason stated, “Ever since my brother made me huge it feels like there’s pure testosterone coursing through my veins. Fuark.” He looked at his reflection in the large mirror and bounced his chest in an insane display of striations and veins. Keith’s gaze was drawn downwards by a stirring motion. He blinked in disbelief as he saw Jason’s package beginning to form a larger and larger bulge at the front of his shorts. Within seconds the purple head peeped outside as it pushed the waistband away from the giant’s tight waist. “Got over here, wimp”, Jason growled at Keith. Back at home, Brett put the book inside his desk as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The sound of the opening door made him turn around to face his former team captain. “Mike”, he said with a grin and looked at the athlete standing in the doorway. “You look a bit smaller than I remember”, he added. “Had an injury. Couldn’t train the last two months”, Mike replied without taking his eyes from his former teammate. “Down to around 238 right now”, he added. “What the fuck have you done to yourself?”, he asked while he scanned how Brett’s heavy torso stretched his shirt to the max. “I’ve grown a bit”, Brett replied matter-of-factly. He still had to look up at the half-a-foot taller athlete, but there was no doubt about who was the bigger man. Brett pulled off his shirt and heard Mike gasped at the sight of his bare upper body. Brett was now heavier than he had ever been. He had put on another 42 pounds in just 3 weeks from the massive doses of roids his brother had injected into his ass. He was now weighing an intimidating 284 pounds. Every muscle on his body was unmistakably fuller and larger: his delts had grown into perfectly rounded cannonballs that capped the broad line formed by his wide shoulders; the width of his shoulder girdle made the sides of his prominent delts brush the doorframe as he went through it; his arms had put on another 3.5 inches, making them an impressive 24.5 inches fully flexed; his pecs had amassed more beef and now protruded further from his chest; even his quads were bigger and more muscular. Overall, he looked intimidatingly muscled after his forced cycle. Despite his superior size, it was clear he had been roiding heavily: his head somehow looked a bit too small for his new size; his skin had an oily shine and looked greasy; his back was marred with severe acne; his six-pack was a protruding, bloated muscle-gut and his nipples were swollen. To top things off, his balls seemed a bit smaller and ached when he blew his load. “How big…”, Mike asked while scanning the heavily muscled body in front of him. “284 fucking pounds”, Brett interrupted him. He bounced his pecs to emphasize his weight. It had been a long time since he had felt the superior man inside this house. He raised his right arm and flexed it. His bicep exploded into a vein-choked, round orb of hard muscle as his arm reached it’s 24.5 inches. Mike blinked at the incredible sight. “Like what you see, pretty boy?”, Brett asked and raised his other arm to complete his double bicep pose. It took Mike’s mind a few seconds to process to huge guy’s remark as he was still taking in the sight of the devastating double bicep pose. “Cat got your tongue, pretty boy? This is what a real man looks like”, Brett stated coldly and threw a most muscular. Mike instinctively took a step backwards as he thickly muscled torso exploded in a display of hard muscle. He knew he couldn’t let Brett feel any of his doubt. He still had his height advantage and stretched himself to gaze down on the shorter man. “You’re big. But that’s just over-roided muscle full of water. Feel some real strength, freak”, Mike growled and launched himself at his former teammate. In a blink his fist collided with the bloated muscle-gut. Brett let out a muttered sound of surprise as he felt the fist hit his abs. He barely felt the punches the other athlete launched against his abs. He pulled back his own fist, making his right bicep harden into its 24.5 inches in the process, and threw it against the star quarterback’s tight six-pack. “Buough”, Mike groaned as the fist collided with his abs and he felt them give in slightly under the violent punch. He didn’t have any time to react as a second punch hit him just as hard in the same spot and brook through his defenses. He folded double from the impact and a third blow made him collapse to the floor. Brett felt his cock harden inside his pants as he looked down on the beaten jock: he had just taken down the once dominant man on campus with just three blows. Mike tried catching his breath, his abs sending painful stabs through his body with every breath he took. A hand grabbed his neck and he felt himself being lifted up. His legs fell rubbery and the tight grab on his neck kept him upright as he was forced to look straight into Brett’s eyes. “I have 45 pounds of mass on you”, Brett said, “And still you’re so dumb to take me on?”. As Brett spoke, Mike summoned his strength and threw another punch at the huge man’s face. Brett easily fended off the weak punch and then launched another blow into the six-pack that felt like jelly as his fist busted through it. “Buoughnf”, Mike grunted as the sledgehammer-like fist sank deep into his stomach. Brett’s mind was filled with the feeling of finally dominating another man physically. And then, like a dam breaking under pressure, the months of frustration of being the beta next to his freakish brother flooded his mind. His fist began pounding into the battered stomach of the star quarterback. Mike could only let out incoherent, painfilled sounds as his body took the beating. He didn’t even have any strength left to try and put up a defense: his muscular arms dangled at his sides. Brett felt all-powerful as he kept slamming his fist into the once dominant athlete on his team. His dick was fully hard, forming a prominent bulge inside his sweatpants. He smacked his fist into the 238 pound man’s face, bruising his eye and then splitting the man’s lip. He felt some blood drip onto his fist and inhaled heavily as he felt the testosterone and adrenaline rush through him. He kept grabbing the star quarterback’s neck with his left paw while his right paw yanked down his own sweatpants and boxers to reveal his rock-hard 8 incher that smacked hard into his bloated roid-gut. Mike saw the meaty cock through his swollen eye. He knew what was going to happen, but was powerless to resist. Brett shoved his cock inside the fallen quarterback’s mouth, easily forcing the battered man in place and returned his attention to the book. “Let’s get this over with first. I’ll deal with you later”, he said and pulled his handkerchief from his pants. He opened the book on the right passage and read it out loud: “Let the body of he who’s fluids shall cover this page surrender to this curse. Let it discard its ill-earned mass and return to the way it was!”. He quickly grabbed the hanky and rub it along the page, smearing the liquid onto the book. In the gym, Jason’s vision went dark for just a split second. He felt a strange wave of weakness go through his body and he stumbled backwards, his wide back colliding against the tilled wall. He raised his right paw to his head, making his insanely large bicep ball up in the process, and closed his eyes. At the same time, his cock sprang to full hardness and ripped away the shorts. The 18 inch anaconda pointed straight at Keith. Keith took two steps and kneeled before the 412 pound muscle god. He took the thick head and the top of the large shaft inside his mouth. Instantly, Jason began to cum uncontrollably. Keith gulped down one huge blast after the other, feeling the liquid heat slide into his stomach. Somehow the heat seemed to spread inside him. “He’s… he’s shrinking”, Sam said in disbelief as he saw Jason’s muscles get flatter. Keith’s mind processed the remark while he gulped down a fifth blast. He looked up and noticed that the shadow cast by the still impressive, yet clearly smaller rack of pecs didn’t obscure most of the diminishing eight-pack anymore. The quads beneath his hands also felt less hard. His stomach was starting to feel bloated as another shot of cum was blasted down his throat. The cock he was sucking didn’t stretch his mouth as much anymore and felt less deep inside his throat. Jason still had his eyes closed as the powerful orgasm flooded his body. Sam blinked as the giant was now clearly getting smaller: it seemed like Jason’s muscles were melting away from his body. A tearing sound tore his gaze from the hulking muscle-freak to the wrestler sucking him off. “Dude. You’re getting bigger”, he muttered as he saw Keith’s muscles rip through his tight shirt. Keith’s mind processed Sam’s remark. He sucked down harder on the diminishing cock that kept spewing load after load of cum into him. A feeling like a good pump now filled every muscle on his body. He felt pain spread through his body as his muscles began reaching their limit. He began feeling sick as his overbloated stomach protested against more forced feeding. He motioned Sam to come over. Sam immediately got the wrestler’s hint and moved in. The growing wrestler released the still impressive, yet way smaller cock. A blast hit Sam straight in the face as he kneeled down in front of the over a 100 pounds lighter muscle freak. He immediately placed his mouth over the spewing cock and felt the heat spread through his body. The slowly swelling Keith lay down atop the bench in the locker room as he felt his muscle grow and harden further. He felt his clothes get tighter and tighter. Sam grabbed hold with all his might of the deflating quads and sucked the shrinking cock relentlessly. He felt the heat fill his body as if he was getting a solid pump from a long workout. Back at home, a similar darkness overtook Brett’s vision and the next moment his cock began cumming deep inside the quarterback’s throat. Mike gulped down the sticky spunk and felt the heat spread through his body. It was as if his muscles were regaining their lost strength. Brett groaned in pleasure as the sucking on his dick got harder. Unlike Keith, Sam didn’t grow slowly: his body exploded in size as he drank down the energizing cum. His clothes exploded into shreds as his muscles ballooned upward and outward with more mass. He looked up and the once freakishly large Jason was now looking below average. Jason felt his orgasm ware off and sank down along the wall in darkness. “Fuck yeah!”, Sam roared as he saw his new physique in the mirror. He had grown from a 185 well-muscled jock into a 335 pound, superheavyweight bodybuilder. Every muscle on his body looked ripped and pumped. His grown cock throbbed and slapped against the center of his eight-pack. “Looking good, man.” Sam turned around and saw Keith walking toward him: the guy looked like his exact copy. “Man, we’re the same size”, he said excitedly and flexed and impressive arm that bulged into a hard orb of power. Keith copied his pose grinningly, revealing an equally impressive bicep. “Fuck me”, Keith whispered as he leaned in and kissed his lover deeply. A faint grunt made Sam look aside and turn his attention to the shrunken Jason. Jason blinked as his mind tried to figure out what had happened. The large room looked strangely familiar. Before he could get up, a Greek god hoisted him up. He felt his feet leave the floor as he stared at the heavily-muscled body in front of him. Sam grinned at the runt in his grasp. The months of abuse he and Keith had had to take from the once beastly Jason popped up in his mind. “Get lost and never bother us again. If you ever set foot back in this gym, I’ll break every bone in your body. Got it, runt?”, he boomed aggressively. Jason nodded in defeat. He knew he was no match for this muscle beast. “I’ve got nothing to wear”, he peeped in his boyish voice. Sam dropped the frail runt, strutted over to a locker and ripped off the door. “There, some kid-sized clothes”, he said and tossed them onto the emaciated figure. Jason got dressed quickly and headed over to the door. He turned around a final time to see the two 335 pound, muscle beasts in action: Keith was lying atop the large bench in the center of the locker room and Sam was fucking him relentlessly while they kept kissing and groping each other’s muscles. Jason hurried over to his car to get home. Back at home, Mike gulped down the last blast from Brett’s cock. He felt the energy soaring through his grown body. Somehow, he had gained 72 pounds of muscle. Brett felt somewhat dizzy as he shoved the quarterback from his cock. A look of terror filled his eyes as the other athlete rose to his full height and he assessed the guy’s new size. “How…”, he muttered in choc. “Don’t know. And don’t care”, Mike boomed in response. “Oh and I owe ya this”, he added and smacked his fist into the 100 pound lighter guy’s abs. Brett crashed backwards to the floor as the 310 pound quarterback’s fist smacked into his six-pack and busted right through it. “See ya around, little guy. Can’t wait to see what this body can do in the gym”, Mike rumbled and strutted away from the room. 10 minutes later, Jason arrived home and stormed into his room. He went through his desk frantically to get the book and see what had gone wrong. He froze when a strong hand landed atop his bony shoulder. “A word, little bro?”. Jason shivered as he recognized his brother’s voice and turned around slowly. He gulped as he stood before the 212 pound, muscular jock. His own meager, 155 pound body was obscured by his brother’s frame. “Guess you’re only technically the bigger brother again”, Brett said as he grinned down smugly into his weak brother’s eyes, “Time for some payback, LITTLE BRO”. Jason saw his brother smacked his right fist into his left paw and shuddered, realizing that the bill for his months of dominating his brother was going to be heavy…
  12. Brent was massive. He stood six feet six inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. Maybe 400 pounds, it'd been a while since he checked. At 22 years old, he was an unequivocal monster. He wore a tight white t-shirt that showed off every muscle in his body, the material looking ready to tear should he even move his torso an inch. His shorts were as large as you could find, and were still too small. They cut off just above his knee, showing promise of muscled, marble thighs underneath. His calves were diamond shaped, flexing with every step he took. He had just gotten into town and found a gym down the street. The gym fell quiet when Brent walked in. No one could take their eyes off him. Brent smiled, enjoying the shocked reaction of the crowd. His face was handsome, dark with a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. His neck was huge and you could see it was all muscle. Quiet murmurs filled the room as they took in the sight of the new visitor. His arms were the biggest any of them had ever seen. His forearms were bigger than most men's upper arms, huge bulging forearms covered with fibers and veins. His legs were thick, so densely packed with muscle he almost had to spread them apart to walk. He was so big, so muscular, so dominant looking. He strode up to the front desk. "Sir? Do you need a..." The receptionist started to speak, before being silenced by a glance from the newcomer. The receptionist whimpered as he involuntarily came in his pants. With a shaky arm, he opened the gate for Brent. "Thanks dude," Brent smiled and winked, giving a quick flex of his arm for the receptionist, who audibly moaned. Brent chuckled as he walked in. Brent headed for a free machine and set it to the max weight. He was delighted to find plenty of weight on the machine, he might actually get a pump. He felt the eyes of everyone in the room on him as he easily cranked out a set. Then another. They were all astounded by the weight he was lifting. No one had managed the maximum weight of the machine. After a few more sets, Brent looked around the gym for the next biggest guy compared to himself. He spotted a similarly built musclehead taking quick, furtive glances at him through a mirror in the corner of the room as he headed to the bench press. "Perfect." Brent thought to himself. He got up off of the weight machine and ambled over. Scott loved being the center of attention at the gym. He had the body for it too; over 6 feet tall, 300+ lbs of ripped mucle that was always competition-ready. Every day the guys in the gym would request something from him - to worship is huge muscles, to suck or be fucked by his giant cock. He enjoyed being told to flex this way or that, to sway his hips until his cock got hard, to dump his load into another willing admirer. He was their sex idol, their fantasy. Just the thought of that turned him on like nothing else. So to see this newcomer drawing everyone away had Scott fuming inside. "Who did this asshole think he was, just barging in here?" Scott thought to himself. "And how the fuck was he so huge?" "Must be roids," he thought to himself, shaking off the feeling of envy. He tried to focus on his workout, moving from the leg press to the bench. All the while Scott watched the new bodybuilder in the mirror. His muscles were enormous. He was taller, harder, hotter. Scott hated him. When Brent saw Scott looking at him, he smiled and gave a small wave. Scott frowned and turned away, loading up the bar with extra plates. He sat down and got underneath it, adjusting his grip when a shadow came over him. "Need a spotter?" Brent approached Scott, grabbing hold of the bar and looking down at the large man towering over him. Scott looked up at the newcomer, but found his view was obstructed by Brent's gym shorts, which were so filled with cock that they jutted out from his body, even though he was completely flaccid. "What the..." the muscleman had to blink his eyes to register what he was seeing. When it clicked, he shuddered, feeling a warm sensation in his loins. That couldn't be right though. This guy was the enemy. It must just have been the surprise. "I guess," Scott grunted, not taking his eyes off that clear-as-day outline of cock. It was as though the man were naked, but his skin was a dark blue nylon color. Did he see it twitch? That couldn't be real, could it? Brent noticed the man checking him out, but he kept his cool, smiling to himself. "Well, you going to start or what?" Scott shook his head to snap out of his trance and grabbed hold of the bar, bringing it down. His eyes never moved, and he never realized his mouth was open, breathing heavily as he lifted the bar, brought it down, and lifted again. Brent smiled wider as he felt himself starting to get a semi. Every slight move of his legs stimulated him. He squeezed his muscled thighs together slowly, massaging his balls with his hard legs. He noticed the poor guy starting to get aroused. Brent licked his lips as he watched Scott's shorts tent, raising up. "Not bad," he thought to himself. He guessed the man was packing nine, maybe ten inches. This was going to be fun. Beneath him, Scott couldn't help but stare upwards, the weights feeling like feathers as his mind focued on a much bigger issue. The shorts strained to contain the massive bulge inside them. He never thought there could be a dick so big. It must be twice his size! With every breath the man took, he could smell the heavy musk coming from the massive man, it was intoxicating. He couldn't help himself. He needed more. He placed the bar back on the rack and then wrapped his hands around Brent's waist, grabbing his ass and pulling himself closer to the man, stuffing his face up in between Brent's legs. Onlookers gasped as they heard Scott moan, his cock threatening to tear through his shorts as his face was buried between Brent's legs. "Holy fuck dude," Brent said with a laugh, "Did I do that?" He waited until Scott had let go of him before stepping back. Scott was in a daze, unsure of what had just come over him. "I'm Brent." The muscleman extended his hand. "Scott." he heard himself say, still dizzy, still rock hard. He felt Brent's massive arm reach down and pull him to his feet, a large wet spot spreading across the front of his shorts. "Let's go get you cleaned up," Brent said, as he pointed the two of them to the showers. The crowd eyed Scott enviously as they walked past. The buff pair entered the conveniently empty locker room to undress. Brent could tell Scott was still in a trance, his eyes lazily gazing over every inch of his body. Brent grinned as he pulled off his shirt and slid his shorts down, kicking them off his legs, cock swinging between his thighs. "Liking what you see?" He said with a devilish smirk, posing a bit and flexing a bicep. He put his hands on his hips and stood proudly, his foot long softie stirring mildly as it swelled a little. Brent swayed his hips, making his semi slap against his muscled thighs, growing a little bigger and harder with every swing. Scott's eyes followed it, hypnotized. His tongue rolled out of his mouth and the wet spot on his tented gym shorts started growing, his pre leaking through the cloth. "Aw yeah dude, check this out," Brent grinned at the stupefied look on the man's face. He put his hands behind his head, flexing his towering biceps and crunching his ripped stomach. His cock grew and grew, pointing forwards, then swinging up his muscled body. Finally it slid between his thick pecs and stopped growing - 18 inches of thick, throbbing, cock. Brent turned his head to lick a bicep slowly and sensually with his tongue, lightly thrusting the air so that his huge dick lightly slapped against his chest, trails of precum stretching between his cock and pecs. Scott was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the huge musclegod show off. He squeezed and rubbed his bulge through his shorts, which were growing wetter and tighter as they stretched to accommodate his 10 inch member. "Fuck, dude..." he moaned. He reached into his shorts and started stroking himself, the nylon eventually slipping off and falling between his ankles, his large pole in hands. As much as he wanted to supress it, the sight and smell of that crazily built muscle freak-god-beast was too much for him to comprehend. The look on his face was not lost to Brent, who locked eyes with him and smiled, showing off his perfect teeth. Scott began to cum, his orgasm suddenly exploding from his raging hardon. Brent simply smirked and gave his pecs an awesome power-flex. Scott moaned at the sight of all that muscle exploding and bulging and swelling off that beefy flexed chest. The muscle god had too much power over him, and even the simplest of flexes sent him over the edge. His body was acting on its own, his hips continuing to jerk in the throes of a ferocious orgasm, thrusting his cock into the air. "Fuck..." Scott said, coming down off of his orgasm. "You're huge! How do you do it?" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Been going at it for a few years. Gotta make sure that you eat right too. Feel free to feel, if you want." His musk filled Scott's senses with his pure male scent as Scott stood up to feel Brent's body. He'd never seen anyone so huge, so ripped, or so hung. Scott couldn't help himself, his hands moving on autopilot as they rubbed Brent's golden skin. First the biceps and the forearms, and then the shoulders. Brent groaned audibly as Scott caressed the rippling shoulder muscles and stroked his hard nipples. He flexed and pumped every muscle of his upper body, enjoying the feeling of Scott's fingers as they traced every groove and crevice of his chest. Brad gently held the back of Scott's head, looking deep into his eyes. "How about we take this somewhere more private?" "Wanna go back to my place?" Scott heard himself say. "Please, I'm only a few blocks away." An unfamiliar tremor in his voice surprised him, so used to being the dominant voice in the gym. Brent chuckled. "Yeah sure dude, let's go." He licked his lips. Scott was hot, huge, and falling for him fast. Perfect. They took a quick shower together, threw on some shorts, and headed out the door. The two groped and kissed each other as they walked to Scott's house, their arousals increasing with every step. The thought that someone as hot as Brent was into him made Scott swoon. He felt like he was floating, his lust overtaking him. It wasn't long until they made it to Scott's place, throwing the door open and rushing to the bedroom. Brent and Scott kept making out as they fell on to Scott's bed. "You like muscles, really freaky huge muscles?" Brent growled. "Yes, I do," Scott answered. "Do you want this body? You know you do. You'd give your soul to be like me, wouldn't you?" Brent taunted. "Yes, yes, I'd do anything." Scott had begun to stammer. Brent smiled. "Show me." Brent said. Scott slid down the bed to Brent's feet. Reaching around the backs of Brent's legs, Scott grabbed his huge calves. Brent was so hot. His muscles felt like steel columns covered in satin. Scott licked his way up Brent's tree-trunk quads, so unbelievably big, so thick, so deeply cut and shredded. "Oooh yeah, that's it, baby, worship this muscle beast!" Brent groaned, encouraging him. Scott made his way back up between his legs, his cock leaking pre as it traced over his quads and thighs. He licked the underside of Brent's massive cock, tracing the length all the way up to the tip. "Yeah - fucking bones me being so fucking big." Brent grinned and flexed his pecs. "Fucking bones me a lot." Scott rubbed all over Brent's body as he flexed one body part after another. He wedged himself underneath Brent's monster to worship his abs, gently kissing each smooth brick. He couldn't believe that a human could be so hard and muscular. "Oh my god, Brent....." Scott moaned. "Shit, man! Look at you! You want it so bad?" Brent seized the back of Scott's head and forced his mouth on to the massive tower he called a dick. "Yeah, suck that huge fuckin' dick, man!" Throwing all caution to the winds Scott shoved as much of that fuck-pole as far down his throat as it would go. His head was spinning; Brent's musk and muscles were intoxicating. He needed more. Scott went to town on that fat, pulsing, insistent dong, while jerking on his own like there was no tomorrow. "Mmmmm - nice mouth, dude...........aww fuck yeah!" Brent held Scott's head in place as he began thrusting his cock down his throat. Scott wrapped his arms around Brent's waist, holding on for dear life. "Aww fuck, look at you dude!! You're gonna make me cum right here! Uh uhh hhnnn..." Brent moaned as he climaxed, blasting his load straight into Scott's stomach. Scott choked as he felt the hot liquid flooding into him, rising up and spraying out of his nostrils as Brent overloaded his stomach with jizz. Scott saw stars, his vision starting to go black before Brent mercifully pulled his head off his still spurting cock, spraying Scott point-blank in the face with jet after jet. After drenching Scott's face, Brent slowed down, letting go of his head as his cock fell back onto his pecs with a thud. Scott fell onto the bed, rolling onto his back and coughing up cum as he tried to catch his breath. "Holy....shit..." Scott gasped. He panted heavily, wiping the thick cum off of his face. Both of them were covered in cum, and puddles of white were all over the bed. At some point during Brent's orgasm, Scott had cum again, his comparably smaller load soaking the bed beneath him. "Mmm you got a hot mouth dude," Brent said, pulling Scott up the bed. He leaned over and gave Scott a cum-covered kiss. Scott felt a twinge of pride at the compliment. "Fucking love being this huge," Brent said, lazily stroking his still leaking cock. He raised an arm up by his head and kissed his head-sized bicep. "Fucking look at you, man.....aww fuck....." Scott groaned, stroking his own cock as he watched Brent's self worship. Brent looked over and smiled. "You're fucking hot too dude," Brent said, staring into Scott's eyes. "Fucking beautiful muscles dude, gets me so hard." Brent rolled onto his side to face Scott and kissed him again. Scott moaned into Brent's mouth as the two made out. Brent's hands traveled all over Scott's cum-coated body, fondling his prize-winning muscles. Scott was in heaven. Brent rolled on top of Scott, pinning him beneath his immense body weight, grinding his massive length against his Scott's throbbing drooling member. The massive musclegod's cock slid up Scott's chest, pre running like a continuous sprung tap onto his ripped chest. They frotted, grinding Scott's sizeable member against the larger man's monolithic shaft. "Unf... big body... and big cock to boot..." Brent moaned as he sank his weight down onto Scott. He gripped the other man's impressive cock in one hand. "What's this, 10 inches? So fucking hot dude." The grinding of hips and length on length made Scott shiver and shudder, small whimpers escaping him as he rubbed against the massive bodybuilder over him. He pushed back against the larger man's weight, but Brent seemed even stronger and heavier than his massive built frame suggested, something supernatural in that strength made him flicker in fear. Brent's cock throbbed in Scott's face, shiny with pre. "Mmm... I'm gonna really, really enjoy this." Brent said, looking Scott straight in the eyes as he aimed his throbbing meat towards Scott's ass. "Wait, Brent, mmmph.....oh my god....." Scott tried to clench his ass as he realized what was going to happen, even though he knew he was helpless to resist. Secretly, he wanted it. "Relax." Brent commanded as he pressed in. The larger man's cock pressed heavily against Scott's ass. He had a moment of pain and gritted his teeth, his own dick throbbing again as he did his best to relax. Scott cried out and his body squirmed as he was forced to accommodate the 18-inch monster meat. "..I...can't....take..it..." Scott whimpered. "Aw fuck man, fucking look at me.......you got this, bro. Take that huge muscle dick, dude!" Brent pulled his cock out slowly and completely. Then again, he slowly jammed it up Scott's ass. With one hand, Brent held Scott's writsts together above his head, pinning them to the bed. With his other hand, Brent traced over his chest and nipples, lowering to his dribbling cock, teasing him gently as he shoved over a foot of himself inside with a powerful thrust. Scott cried out in pain and pleasure, the contrast of the two stimulations mixed together blurred them thoroughly in his mind from the combined overwhelming sensory input. The obvious outline of cock raised his skin as Brent pushed further and further into his guts. Scott took deep breaths as Brent slowly slid his huge length in and out, his huge balls slapping against the firm ass cheeks, until finally, he was all the way in. Scott felt Brent's cockhead was throbbing deep inside him, right up against his racing heart. Brent's eyes closed for a moment as he took a slow deep breath, taking in the taste and scent of the handsome bodybuilder beneath him and himself. His eyes opened, flashing with fire. The pace of the thrusts he launched into could only be described as "race horse worthy". From just behind the head back to base, Brent fucked Scott with blinding speed that knocked the air from Scott's lungs and made his bones shake. His ass clenched every time that cock slammed home into him, his own length tensing and splattering pre over his chest, his own need building again for release. "AAghh! Fuck! Jesus, yes I’m your…Ughh!...slut! Aaaaa! Yes, I’m your bitch! Ughh! Fuck Me! Aaghh! Fuck Me Deep! Ughhh! Pound me! Aghhh! Slam that cock in me! Ughhh!!” Loud squelches punctuated the space between his screams. Scott's ass was overflowing with Brent's pre, it sounded like he was churning butter. Suddenly, Brent hilted himself fully and grunted. "Ahh...ugh...Fuck - uh - fuck mEEEEEEEEEEE!" Scott screamed even louder as Brent bred him, powerwashing his insides with semen. He felt his body lift up from the bed as Brent clenched his ass, held aloft only by Brent's exploding cock. Scott erupted as well, painting Brent's chest and chin with his load as he felt himself swell with Brent's load. Jet after jet filled him, until Scott could swear that he felt it rising up his throat. Before cum could spray out of his mouth though, Brent relaxed. Scott gently fell back onto the bed as Brent laid back down. The muscleman panted and laid his incredible weight atop Scott, resting after the sheer intensity of their rut, every muscle in his body on fire. Scott could hardly breathe but he lowered his legs from Brent's shoulders as he came down from his climax. Brent got up onto his knees, pulling his massive cock out of Scott's battered hole. Scott felt a strange emptiness as Brent uncorked himself, his mind still reeling from the intense pounding he just received. Through blurred vision he looked up at Brent, who was smiling down at him. His cock was still rock hard and throbbing. "Ready to go again?" Brent chuckled. Scott tried to shuffle away, but he was too winded. With ease and the strength obvious from his musculature, Brent lifted Scott in the air and lowered him onto his massive pillar of stone, and flexed his cock, making Scott rise and fall as he slid onto the thickening pillar. With each throb and each thrust, the warmth and sensation inside him made Scott nearly faint and his head fell backwards onto Brent's shoulders. Across the room, he watched in the full-sized mirror as his huge body was used like a sex doll by the giant musclegod. He saw his perfect abs distend as Brent's massive invader stretched him out from the inside. Their bodies shined from the sweat and cum covering them. It was a total sensory overload. As he felt Brent inside him and the groans of pleasure from the larger man, Scott shot a load across the room. "Aww FUCK man. All this big fucking muscle and dick making you cum, man? Awwwww FUCK YEAH, man! You like it, dude?" Brent grunted. "Aww Brent......can't stop cumming....uhhh....ugggggg....Aww FUCK me, man!" Scott cried out. His cock stayed hard after cumming, throbbing painfully as Brent continued to use his body. The pain and the ecstasy was so great he fainted as he felt Brent's massive arms wrap around his chest, his dick spurting a weak load as Brent fucked him dry. He woke again as the thrusting of Brent's pelvis made him jerk forward. "...please..." Scott begged desparately. Brent's pounding was destroying any sense of stamina he had and his body couldn't take much more. "Kinda hard to hear what you're saying when you keep cummin', man.......you want my big fucking muscle dick, dude? Is that what you're saying?" Brent was unstoppable. Even after flooding Scott repeatedly, his massive 18-inch cannon never softened or ran out of cum. Scott moaned, shocked and turned on as Brent thrust inch after inch of dick into his ass, continuing a relentless cycle of sex. He continued to fade in and out of consciousness as the other muscleman used him in a variety of positions, enjoying his size and strength. After several hours of vigorous fucking, Scott passed out again, face down on his bed. Brent had been pile driving his pillar into Scott when he fell silent and his form went limp. Brent fucked between his kicking legs…his ass still convulsing and squeezing Brent's dick even after being knocked out. Brent fucked his unconscious body for a few more minutes until he finally pulled out, a loud liquid ‘Splort’ of thick gooey cum pouring out Scott's gaping asshole onto the bed. Brent looked down at Scott with a smirk. "Mmm... you got a great body AND great ass, Scott." he sighed in satisfaction. The other man placed his hands on Scott's wide back, rubbing circles into the thick muscles. Almost in afterthought, Brent flipped Scott over on his back. He wasn’t breathing. Scott wasn't the only thing that Brent had ruined. Scott lay on his back on a mattress that was now a gooey swamp of semen, the headboard smashed into the wall behind it. Scott's face was splattered and coated in white; his ripped chest was coated with cum. His legs were spread wide, a steady flow of thick jizz oozed from between them. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself dude," Brent said, sliding his still leaking cock through the pool of cum on Scott's chest. "Mmm...I've worked up an appetite," he said, mostly to himself as he laid down on top of Scott, engulfing the unconscious bodybuilder under a mountain of muscle. Scott's head was nestled between Brent's pecs, cutting off his airflow. He muttered some words under his breath and his massive form began to glow. Slowly, Scott began to disappear underneath Brent. Brent groaned as he wrapped his arms around Scott's broad shoulders, pulling him in tightly. Scott's head squeezed between Brent's huge pecs, sinking deeper and deeper into the glowing cleavage. His body sank deeper and deeper into the larger muscle beast's form, until it had sunk beneath the surface of Brent's skin and disappeared completely, leaving behind nothing between Brent and the bed. "Yeah, you're mine now, buddy." He closed his eyes and smiled. It was starting. "Oh, fuck...!" Brent moaned as he began to assimilate the other man. He rolled over and began to massage his glowing muscles. He stretched and flexed as his body adjusted to the extra weight inside him. "Fuck... fuck... fuck!" He shouted as pure ecstasy flooded his body. Scott was bigger than any of his previous victims, and just the thought of his new gains had him rock hard and throbbing. The bodybuilder's nutrients were converted into his frame, adding mass to Brent's powerful body. Brent felt his entire body tense as his arms bulged, veins spreading out over his biceps and down his forearms. The muscleman's shoulders stretched wider, his legs and limbs thickened and lengthened as pure power surged across his body, his thick virile scent growing more masculine, his muscles aching as they swelled with new strength, reinforced by the others who had met their end inside him. His thighs grew even larger, pushing apart from each other as he bulked out further, veins popping over his lower body. The curves of his body became more pronounced as his muscles inflated with strength and power. His body lengthened to accomodate the new mass, nearing 7 feet. Finally, the monolithic length between his legs thickened and lengthened further, throbbing and pulsing as it pointed skyward, inch after inch forming anew. He moaned as he felt his heavy nuts swell along with his cock and body. "Fuck!" Brent grunted as his new body suddenly convulsed, his goliath cock blasting rope after rope of thick bodybuilder cum all over the ceiling above of him, spraying back down onto the bed, the floor, and his writhing body. The entire room was being covered in a thick layer of his spunk. He grabbed his monster cock with both hands, humping the air violently as shot after shot erupted from his now 24-inch obelisk. It took several minutes for Brent's orgasm to die down, his cock finally flopping back onto his pecs, not quite reaching a flaccid state. Brent took a deep breath, his great pecs expanding outward before relaxing as he exhaled. His chest and balls weren't moving without him flexing them on their own. His body no longer glowed from within, his skin back to a perfect golden tan. Once he caught his breath, Brent growled deeply, the deep bass in his voice vibrating through the room. "Fuck..." He said, "That might be one of my top five growths." After a few moments, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Beautiful. His body glistened, rivers of white running down his body. His cock hung perfectly horizontally to the ground, a two-foot long missile throbbing lightly to his heartbeat, a thick rope of shiny precum drooling onto the floor. "Damn! Look at me now!" Brent roared as he examined the added mass he had stolen and claimed as his own. Every muscle on him looked as though it had been inflated half again as big by some powerful bicycle pump. The skin appeared almost ready to tear under the strain of all that was swelling underneath it! He flexed an arm, moaning lightly in pleasure at the feeling of the strong muscle bunching up, throbbing with power and strength. He stroked his cock with his other hand, letting out a loud grunt as another shot of pre splashed onto his bicep. The muscle grew even taller at this feeling of pleasure, a thick vein forming and throbbing, seemingly ready to burst from the skin. He rubbed the cum into the soccer ball-sized arm, licking it off with the tip of his tongue as he cock continued to lurch and spew all over his perfect body. "Goddamn fucking muscle god!" he grunted, flexing his arms in a double bicep pose. The peak slammed into his fists, veins running all over them, the muscles each the size of a man's head. He kissed each peak lovingly, admiring the perfect split of his bi's. Brent ran his hands over the rest of the body, enjoying the feel of his freshly pumped muscles under his fingers. "Mmm fucking massive pecs!" he growled as he groped the thick mounds of muscle. His pecs stood out from his chest now nearly nine inches, even though his waist barely thickened. The muscle god pinched one of his nipples roughly with a soft moan. "Mmf... feels so fucking good..." With a flex, his arm-sized cock wedged itself between his pecs, making Brent moan as he involuntarily squeezed his cockhead with his chest. He slid his cock up and down his pec cleavage, leaning over to kiss his leaking cockhead as he brought a hand down to his eight-pack abs and stroked the hard, toned muscle, slipping his fingers between the deep grooves and valleys. Brent ran his hands over his massive chest, feeling up towards his wide shoulders and around his thick traps. He crossed his hands behind his head and flexed, every muscle threatening to tear through his skin as it was stretched to its limit. "Aw fuck yeah..." He hit pose after pose, admiring the view of his muscles from all angles. He ran his hands down his wet body, tweaking his nipples, toying with his abs, feeling his arms and flexing over and over again in different poses. He made his quads bulge with muscle, his abs crunch with power, his arms twitch and throb from the straight of flexing. All the while his cock was thumping on his chest, hard as a rock, begging for attention, leaking an endless river of pre. "Yeah....UUHHHHHH," he moaned as he flexed. "So fucking hot. AWW, FUUUCK!" The pleasure was becoming too great. He leaned forward, bending his neck and head just enough to shove his cockhead inside, gagging already on the massive amounts of pre flooding his mouth. Cum and spit drooled down his lips and onto his chest, separating into different streams as the liquids traced down his abs. He took as much as he could, fondling his balls his one hand and squeezing his base with the other. He could feel himself getting close. He popped his head off his cock and moaned, rubbing his hands up and down the massive, swollen shaft. His cock turned a deep shade of red, a plethora of veins popping out and throbbing against the sleep flesh. His cock was simply ready to explode. And then he let go. "FUUUUCK! YES! YES!!!!" he roared as his orgasm overtook him. Rope after rope of seed shot out, splattering the ceiling, the mirror, and himself. His cock lurched and throbbed with every shot, thumping on his chest after each wad. He writhed and continued to roar and moan, running his hands down his soaked body, up his powerful cock. His orgasm wasn't even showing signs of letting up after two full minutes. Finally, with one final thrust into the air, Brent's last shot of cum shot right into his open mouth, which he gulped down greedily. He breathed heavily, pecs heaving, his body wet as though he had just come out of a bath. His cock softened, spurting its last weak wads of cum. Brent flexed his biceps again with his palms behind his head, letting them brush against his cheeks, his tongue roaming all over them, licking the cum off, tracing the veins with his tongue. He smirked cockily into the mirror. "Thanks for the meal, Scott. I'll make sure to put it to good use." He headed out the door, in search of his next gym.
  13. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  14. tester26

    Brent hits the showers

    "Looking good dude." "You too, babe!" The two bodybuilders chuckled a bit as they both continued to work on their leg presses. They loved showing off their bulging legs, each of them clad only in a skintight pair of compression shorts. Balancing their legs out on each of them was a nice, rounded ass that bounced with every step they took, and with every press they did. Dustin and Chase noticed that they were getting several stares from the other gym patrons. They reveled at the attention, as they walked through the gym to other machines. Chase headed over to a bench, pressing at least six hundred pounds, while Henry switched to free weights, taking slow reps on a pair of dumbbells. The two bodybuilders could see the hunger in their mate's eyes as they worked out, feeling the burn in their muscles as they sweated and panted hard, pushing their bodies harder and harder. Dustin gave a smile and a wink over to Chase, admiring the sweat forming over his glistening skin as his arms bulged and flexed. Each flex accented his muscles beautifully as veins popped out of his arms. He could feel his erection starting to form, pressing out against his gym shorts as he watched his man grunt and flex, veins popping up over his body. "Looks like you need some help, dude." Dustin said with a smirk, noticing Chase's growing arousal. "I can say the same for you." Chase said, noting that Dustin was having the same reaction watching his pecs flex and bulge as he continued to methodically work the pair of dumbbells in his grasp. It was like watching a roadmap form on the man's arms as his biceps and triceps flexed and bulged, causing Dustin to lick his lips. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Dustin whispered into his partner's ear. "Head to the shower and fuck? Yes." Chase whispered back. It wouldn't be the first time that their workout sessions devolved into steaming passion, and knowing each other, it would certainly not be their last. The two bodybuilders headed towards the locker room in the back before heading to the shower facilities in the gym. The buff pair could hear one of the showers running as they entered the otherwise empty locker room area to undress, but didn't give it a second thought. The wet gym shorts were placed in their locker, although that moisture wasn't entirely caused by sweat, as their growing and drooling arousals proved otherwise once they were free to the world. The pair flexed a bit once they were exposed to the world, admiring the progress the other was making before heading into the shower room. Their ripped bodies looked practically identical, their big dicks grew as they flexed; Chase licked his lips as he stroked his 12-inch long, wrist thick cock. Dustin smiled, his 10-incher already fully at attention. A thin veil of steam covered the room as hot water flowed out freely. Chase pressed Dustin back against the tiled wall, reaching up to squeeze and grip against the huge pecs of the muscle man. The lovers were mashed against each other, taking up at least two stalls. Chase was practically on top of Dustin, mouths connected and sliding along each other. Their groans grew louder as Chase pressed their hips together, squeezing their throbbing dicks between them. The impressive lengths slid against each other, already leaking precum down to the floor. Dustin gripped and squeezed Chase's bulging pectorals as they slid down the wall. He grunted while they groped each other, tongues never leaving each other's mouths. Suddenly, Chase paused in their lustful smooching and blinked, looking to Dustin again and then swiveling his head with a grunt. They had heard the showers running as they entered the locker room, but now that sound had stopped and the steam cleared. Now they saw him. Towering over the two bodybuilders was a giant, at least seven feet tall. His back faced the stalls in which Dustin and Chase were partially obscured by the steam. Every inch of him bulged with unbridled power. His thighs had to be bigger then their own, with a powerful pair of legs that held up that mighty form. Dustin and Chase couldn't see his face over the giant's massive pecs, but their cocks both immediately twitched and spurted a jet of pre. "Jeez..." Chase whispered, looking up and down at the beefy male in the shower, "Are you seeing this?!" It seemed like the man hadn't noticed that he had company in the showers as he continued to clean up, water glistening off of his skin as he turned slightly, letting the bodybuilders see more of his massive form. The first thing that they noticed was that the giant they were spying on was hung like a horse. His cock had to be over a foot long, even while flaccid, and thick as a beer can. They tried not to drool before they saw the perfect eight-pack of abs he was sporting, at which point they gave up trying. Just the sight of watching this muscular god was clouding their mind and judgment. "Holy fuck..." Chase said, wiping his mouth to remove some of the drool. Both of their cocks throbbed between them, threatening to erupt at any moment. In that moment, Chase and Dustin wanted nothing more than to service and worship the man in front of them. "Liking what you see?" the man said with a devilish smirk, looking down at the two of them. The two men suddenly froze up as they looked into the eyes of the giant. He wasn't just buff, but handsome as well, his body bulging with a bevy of perfectly defined muscles and shining so spectacularly from the shower. Chase was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the big man show off. Dustin, however, was a bit more worried. "You're not upset that we were spying and ogling you?" He said, not realizing that he was unconsciously stroking his dick. "Heh, not at all." He said, "Won't be the first time, won't be the last. Though from the looks of things, you guys pretty well built yourself. Name's Brent." Brent extended one of his beefy arms and helped lift Chase off of Dustin, who hurriedly got to his feet as well. "Why don't I help you out? Hell, you two look like you're about to pop just by looking at me." Brent chuckled, eyeing their impressive erections. The two men went wide-eyed as they were invited to join him. Brent flexed his pecs at them as they made their way towards him. The free show was removing all inhibitions from Chase and Dustin's lust-addled minds. "Fuck..." Chase said, Brent's musk starting to fill both men's senses with his pure male scent, "You're so fucking huge!" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Feel free to feel, if you want." The two didn't need a second invitation. Chase reached up and grabbed at Brent's arm as he flexed it, feeling the rock-solid mass. Brent guided his hand onto his pecs and tensed, trapping it there as the muscle exploded with size. “Fuuuuuuck you’re amazing... Fucking pecs so big, so solid...” All Chase could focus on was the hardness of Brent's body - even without flexing, it was like trying to push into a brick wall, there wasn’t a single millimeter of give. Chase put both hands on just one of those pecs and tried to make a dent. His blush deepened as Brent smiled and flexed, easily pushing back. Dustin, however, had something else in mind and grabbed Brent's cock, giving it a squeeze as well, only to gasp when he couldn't! That flaccid cock was hard as a rock, and only getting harder as he felt it pulse and throb between his digits. "Mmmmm...." Brent said, lightly flexing his shaft, Dustin stroking the massive piece of man meat getting harder and fatter in his grasp. The men's own throbbing erections were ignored as they felt compelled to get Brent as hard as he could. The muscle monster had his hands at the back of his head now, biceps so fantastically awesome swelling at either side of his face as Brent began thrusting his hips between the two bodybuilders. Thick, writhing veins throbbed across the surface as Brent's monstrous endowment grew and bulged! Like a beast awakening from a long hibernation, Brent's enormous prick surged upwards, the frighteningly massive head of his cock doubling in size as it was filled with pure power. They started to grind their shafts against Brent's, feeling the massive stud's heat under their manhoods. They could actually feel the muscle god's heart beating through his throbbing cock as it reached it's full 20-inch length. Dustin traced his fingers along the throbbing veins before he started to tease at Brent's urethra, gazing in awe at the fist-sized knob. Chase wrapped his hand around the base of the massive shaft; his thumb and fingers could stretch not more much than half of the way around Brent's girth. The penis was as hard as stone and incredibly hot to the touch. Chase tried to wiggle it. It was too hard. He couldn't move it off center even slightly! Apart from its shocking length and girth, a complex grid of thick veins that webbed the entire length and breadth of Brent's cock. Beneath, each grapefruit-sized teste was riddled with so many veins the sight of them rising and falling against Brent's crotch as it pumped raw testosterone into his muscles caused Chase to audibly moan. "Heh, you guys are eager to go, aren't you?" Brent said as the two bodybuilders started to work on his massive cock. He moaned out as their skilled fingers traced his throbbing veins as they worked his shaft masterfully. "Fff....Fuck!" Brent moaned, "You two are turning me on so much." The compliment from the muscle god seemed to give them energy as they picked up the pace, making sure every centimeter of his arousal was licked, stroked, or rubbed. And in return, they were rewarded with a fountain of pre pouring from him, as well as their own throbbing dicks. Dustin went to work sucking on Brent's head and glans while Chase gripped the shaft in both hands, squeezed tight, and started jerking slowly, swiveling his hands around the shaft as he went up and down. Spit and precum oozed from between Dustin's lips, providing Chase with plenty of lubrication, plus extra to leak down to Brent's heavy balls. Brent sighed and put his heads behind his head, leaning back on the tiled wall and closing his eyes as the two pleasured him. "Aw yeah..." he moaned, shoving a few inches of meat further into Dustin's throat, who was accommodating more and more of Brent's member. After a while of this, Chase stopped stroking Brent's shaft and straddled it, his cock leaking on the muscled god's chest. Brent smiled as Chase leaned in for a kiss. The two made out lustfully while Dustin continued to milk Brent, who was enjoying it more and more as he could feel the impending orgasm. Chase thrust against Brent's body, smearing him with copious amounts of precum and rubbing it in to the man's pecs, licking it up afterwards. Brent brought his arms on either side of Chase and tensed his muscles, making his chest pop out. Chase groaned and buried his face in there, licking, kissing, worshipping the powerful stud. "Flex for me. Show me those huge muscles," Chase begged between kisses. Brent grinned, bringing his arms to either side of him and flexing his biceps. Chase's mouth went from Brent's chest to an arm, licking and kissing the mountain of muscle. Dustin stopped his blow job and joined in, his lips and tongue liberally exploring Brent's body. Chase dismounted, standing on the opposite side of Brent as Dustin. Dustin stopped his worshipping and brought his lips instead to Chase's. The two made out hungrily, their bodies sandwiching Brent's enormous cock, precum leaking liberally from all three of them. All three men rubbed themselves against each other, Chase and Dustin each having a hand stroke Brent's mammoth cock, while Brent squeezed their glutes. It was when Brent felt the two bodybuilders start to move in unison that he felt this orgasm starting to rise. Both of them began grinding their shafts against his balls before moving lower and licking on the underside of his shaft, Brent couldn't take it any longer and the two men felt the gargantuan cock between them grow even larger. "FUUUUUUCK!" the stud roared, his hips bucking up, thrusting into Chase and Dustin's hands as they jerked him. Cum rocketed out like a firehose, dousing the three of them in thick, creamy seed. Dustin put his face in the stream to get a taste, only to be knocked away by Chase, who tried putting his whole mouth over the hose that was Brent's cock. Dustin tackled him to the ground, licking the cum off his lover's abs in earnest, who began to moan and shoot his own cum from his ten inch cock, adding to the mess. Meanwhile Brent's cock thumped against his body as his cum rained down on them, the walls, and the ceiling. Chase and Dustin stood and raced to grab for Brent's spurting cock, but Chase beat Dustin. He took it in both hands, pumping it feverishly and aiming it at Dustin, who was unprepared for the blast of hot spunk hitting him. The bodybuilder slipped and fell, moaning loudly as he was rained on, rubbing the spunk into his muscled body, arcing his back and writhing on the ground, his own cock exploding in an uncontrollable orgasm. Dustin sat up and licked Brent's erupting cock with Chase, until eventually the storm subsided. Brent's cock continued to throb, short spurts of cum dribbling down its length. He panted heavily, chest rising and falling as he looked down on his two worshippers. "Jesus CHRIST!" Dustin gasped after a few moments panting from all parties. "Oh fuck, I've never cum so hard." Chase groaned as he sat up. Neither man had ever been so turned on in their lives. The smell of cum and sweat filled the shower with an intoxicating musk that drove them wild. "Fuck that was great guys!" Brent said with a sly grin. Both Chase and Dustin stared at Brent in awe, both thoroughly hosed in cum from Brent's monstrous load. Despite their own incredible sexuality, the bodybuilders stared at Brent like some great god. Both of their impressive dicks grew hard again as their assholes twitched anxiously, not knowing if Brent's beast would tear them apart but too turned on to resist trying. "So, who wants to go first?" Brent said with a sultry look in his eyes. Dustin and Chase looked up in shock, still trying to catch their breaths. "Oh never mind that, I'll fuck both your brains out anyways. You! Now." Brent said, pointing at Chase. He merely nodded in agreement, quickly bending over, and propping up his ass. Brent drove his still wet and throbbing 18-inch cock in. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brent's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into a sleeve for his cock. Despite his enormous size, the head slid in with relative ease, and had Chase pissing precum immediately. Dustin stood up and stuck his tongue into Brent's willing mouth. Brent groaned as he slowly stuffed every inch of his cock into Chase's bowels. Dustin lifted his partner up by the shoulder's until he was eye-level with his cock. Chase grabbed the hard member and easily throated it. Chase groaned as he felt Brent stretch him, a thick bulge obviously visible even through his perfect six-pack. Both Brent and Dustin bottomed out at the same time. Chase was in bliss feeling thick cocks fill him from both ends. His own erection spilled pre out at a steady rate. Brent was the first to pull back. He left only the tip in before slowly thrusting forward again. As the giant thrust in, Dustin began his slow pull out. Slowly but steadily they increased the speed of this rhythm. The back and forth of the group caused Chase's cock to swing up and down, coating the man's chest in clear fluid. Chase used his free hand to rub it in all over his torso. Above him, Dustin and Brent leaned toward each other. Their lips met in another passionate kiss. Brent's thrusts became more urgent. He pushed forward quicker and harder as both Dustin and Chase were forced to hold on to each other for the ride. After several minutes of relentless pounding, Chase cried out around Dustin's cock, his big dick erupting with shot after shot of cum. His moans and clenches caused Dustin and Brent to erupt as well. After a several shots down Chase's throat, Dustin slipped his cock from his man's mouth, spraying down Chase's face. Meanwhile Brent growled as he pressed his spurting cock into the deepest, hottest depths of Chase's muscular body and let himself release. His ejaculation was nearly as copious as the first, and Chase moaned at the spreading, intense heat of all that semen flooding into his belly. They stayed locked together, dripping with sweat, for a further minute or more, before Brent pulled back and his cock slid from Chase with a wet schlorp that was followed immediately by a thick, white creampie pouring from his ass. Chase's legs buckled as Brent let go and he dropped to the ground, his body shaking from the intensity of the fuck. The sight of Brent fucking his lover and overloading him with cum had Dustin was hard as a rock despite having just orgasmed. He turned around, rubbing his firm ass on Brent's cum-covered erection, hotdogging it between his cheeks. Brent grinned, letting his huge member slap Dustin's back, the throbbing cockhead leaking precum all over it. Brent reared his hips back, lining his cock up with the eager hole in front of him, and slid forward, popping inside. Dustin cried out in pleasure, his cock swelling and spurting a huge wad of pre in front of him. Brent sensually thrust into Dustin, bringing his hips way back and slowly pushing them forward again, making his hot ass clench and flex. "Yeah..." he moaned, grabbing onto Dustin's waist and hammering into him. Chase crawled towards the two musclemen and impaled himself on Dustin's throbbing cock. Each thrust caused more cum to spurt out of his stretched hole, both Dustin and Chase were overwhelmed by their new partner. All three studs moaned loudly, bodies rocking back and forth as one fucked the other. Dustin's eyes started to flicker. "Oh, fuck..." he groaned, getting close, overwhelmed by the pleasure attacking him from front and behind. His cock throbbed heavily, and soon he was emptying his load into Chase, who in turn shot his load in front of him, thumping against his chest with every massive spurt. Brent growled and pulled Dustin further back onto his cock, causing Dustin's spurting cock to slide out of Chase. He lifted Dustin above him, sliding him up and down his cock like a sex toy, load after load of cum spraying in front of him. "Oh FUCK!!" Dustin howled, loving how he was being used. Brent snarled and thrust his hips upwards, slamming into Dustin, his muscled arms flexing hard, veins emerging all over them. Dustin was grunted with each thrust, his cock having already spent its load, now shooting blanks. His abs crunched as he was pushed down onto Brent's throbbing member, his mouth open and drooling. "Here it comes," Brent grunted. His cock expanded and blasted Dustin's innards with white hot cum. "Oh fuck..." Dustin groaned, eyes closing, head rolling back. "Oh fuck..." His ass overflowed with jizz, his abs bloating as Brent filled him up. Chase laid under the two of them, letting the excess cum cover his muscles. He moaned and rubbed the cum into his body, smiling with pleasure. "Fuck..." he whispered, eyes closed. Minutes passed as Brent came, each stream of cum slowly becoming smaller than the last one, until finally he uncorked himself, Dustin's ass literally a waterfall of cum. He let Dustin drop to the floor, eyes glazed over and tongue hanging out. "You aren't human, I've never been fucked like that in my life." Chase groans out. "Me either, fuck my cock has never been this raw." Dustin added. "Oh I'm just getting started." Brent chuckled. He stroked his still erect cock, leaning over to give it a kiss. "And I know you guys have a lot more to give." For the first time, Dustin and Chase shuddered, staring at the insatiable muscleman with his 20-inch monster. They gave each other panicked looks, realizing neither had any strength left to fight for flee. At the same time, their minds were still clouded with lust. Their dicks remarkably hardened once again, the promise of more mindbreaking sex too much to resist. For the next half hour, Brent alternated between fucking and sucking the two bodybuilders, driving them each to states of ecstasy. The three of them swapped positions and locations, moving from the showers, to the lockers, to the benches. Pools of cum spread across the floors, marking wherever they fucked. They went from one orgasm to another, not leaving any time to recover. Dustin moaned as he finished his fourth orgasm while held aloft by Brent's cock. Meanwhile Chase had passed out after cumming three more times, the man's dick so raw that it glowed red. Chase woke up spread out across a bench and looked glassily up at the ceiling, unthinking. He had never been so thoroughly fucked. He lay in a growing puddle of semen, unresponsive to stimuli. Every so often, a new burst of hot spunk would pour from his ass, pooling onto the bench and the floor below. As his spent body recovered slowly, He had the impression of action going on around him, but nothing concrete. Body parts were moving in a haze, disembodied voices cried out half-audible epithets. The scent of sweat and sex was heavy in the room, adding a perfumed density to the proceedings. Gradually, his blurry vision coalesced into the image of Dustin being held in a full-nelson by Brent, having his asshole stretched by his monster cock while his legs were pinned back nearly behind his head. The two studs were facing a full-length mirror, the sight of their sweat and cum-covered muscles flexing and bulging as they fucked adding to their pleasure. That Dustin's dick was engorged and spraying cum was evidence of how much he was enjoying the brutal sex. He even craned his head back to suck on Brent's tongue when he offered it, crying out eventually as Brent unloaded what sounded like a gallon of cum up his ass. This time, Brent split his load between Dustin's depths and his face, lifting Dustin off of his pillar and holding him up by the head to cover his features, marking him. Dustin's body was trembling and fucked-out, his legs bow-legged and shaking as Brent rubbed his spurting cockhead on his face. Sperm was leaking from his ass in heavy, degrading creampie - his nose, cheeks, and chin were plastered with semen. Still, there was a contented smile on his face. When Brent's orgasm finally ended, he let go of Dustin, who stumbled backwards, leaning against the mirror to stay upright. The two caught their breath as they stared into each other's eyes. Chase felt a pang of jealousy as he saw the lust in Dustin's eyes. Brent smiled and wrapped his arms around Dustin. The two hugged tightly, Dustin's impressive body seemingly engulfed by the larger man. Dustin gasped as the massive muscles wrapped around him, causing him to squirm beneath the pressure. Brent held him so tightly that he could hardly move from beneath it. Chase rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Were the two of them glowing? "Mmm... you're going to make some great mass for me, dude," the gigantic stud growled in Dustin's ear as he squeezed tighter. Dustin let out a muffled yelp as his head was gripped by the huge mountains. He heard the deep rumbles and the heavy strains of those mounds while he was pulled forward. He jerked and tried to pull backward, pressing a foot against the wall before he was drawn harder. There was no escaping the huge, masculine Venus fly trap. Chase watched in horror as Dustin sank into Brent's body. He tried to call out, to get up, but he was still too worn out. His arms and legs slipped helplessly in the pool of cum as he tried to back away. "Yes... give it all to me..." Brent growled as he tensed, bringing his huge arms inwards. Every squirm sent shocks of pleasure through him while his muscles bulged and rippled, flaring even bigger in front of him. Every inch that sank in caused another few inches of mass to grow throughout the musclegod's torso. Brent practically drooled from the feel ing of the growth moving through his entire body. He could feel the mass adding quickly. Dustin's form was sinking even faster while Brent tensed around him. All of his senses were being overloaded by the gigantic man and the masculine scent meshing into his nostrils. He squirmed, feeling his body becoming numb. Brent growled deeply and pressed against the man's back a bit more. Every push sent a new wave of growth through Brent's entire body, causing him to groan out and snarl in bliss. With a firm, finalizing flex, Brent's gigantic body absorbed the man completely, sealing him off from the outside world. He squeezed his monstrous pecs as they throbbed and bulged, veins pushing to the surface of his flesh while the growth continued. All of the mass that Dustin had was slowly added to his own. Drunk on the power surging within his new muscles, Brent growled in delight as his phenomenally powerful abdominal muscles crunched and flexed with more power. His arms bloated and bulged, inflating like huge, heavy balloons. They were kept apart from the growing mounds of pectoral muscle, pushing against his chin. His chest bounced and throbbed as he rolled his massive shoulders. Between his legs, his powerfully massive endowment thickened monstrously and lengthened, inching further up his chest. Veins pushed up along the massive length, bulging along the surface while the growth rippled along it. Twenty inches became twenty-eight inches of solid cock, capped with an enormous mushroom head. Brent's penis was fucking bestial, throbbing and eager for release. "Mmnh... yeah..." he growled loudly as he watched himself grow in the mirror. He panted and gripped his cock while it splattered pre over his body, grinding upward between his pecs. Nearly eight feet tall and bulging with more muscle than any man had the right to have, the too-huge muscle-beast laughed as he flexed. Chase lay on the ground, frozen in terror. “Mmm, Dustin's muscles look good on me, don’t you think?” Brent flexed an arm and turned to Chase with a malicious grin. "All mine now...." Realizing that Brent knew he had awoken caused Chase to snap into action. He leapt to his feet and charged at Brent. “You son of a bitch!” Chase immediately went to throw a punch, aiming it at Brent's stomach, but Brent simply laughed as the fist bounced off his abs. For the next few seconds he watched as Chase tried his best to hurt him, throwing punches and kicks all over his body, even attempting to tackle him. Nothing worked - the muscle god stood there, jacked up and seemingly invincible, and when Chase tired of throwing shots Brent gathered him up in a bearhug. "N-no..." Chase yelled weakly in response, squirming against the huge arm that pinned him against the enormous pectoral muscle. He huffed and whimpered louder, feeling that arm engulfing him more, shoving him along the crook while taking in the growing scent as the heat increased. "Yes. Worship me. Feel my power." Brent whispered with his deep, powerful growl that radiated through the room. "Feel all this mass Dustin gave me." "Fuck....you..." Chase grunted while he tried to pull away, gripping his arms around the forearm as it bulked and bulged with so much strength and size that he couldn't reach all the way around it. At the same time, he felt himself harden as he pushed against the cords of muscle, feeling them tense and bulge out beneath his touch. "That's it dude...you can't help yourself around your god...fuck I feel your boyfriend filling my balls...gonna churn him up into cum..." he continued while squeezing and tensing his arm to make it bloat even wider. Chase's face was redder than ever, trying to fight himself and Brent. He whimpered as he felt his strength disappear against that forearm that held him tight to Brent's chest. Brent flexed his massive cock, trapped between the two of them, sending a spurt of pre onto Chase's face. "I wanna hear it, Chase..." Brent growled deeply, "Tell me that you can't resist me..." Chase's eyes widened as he heard the command, squirming against the huge muscleman's grasp. His resolve faltered, Brent's musk and muscles overtaking his brain. "Can't... help myself around you," Chase sobbed while he started moving his hips, humping that huge chest tensing beneath him. He needed to worship every inch of the muscle god. Dustin was a forgotten memory, his sense of survival long gone. He shoved his dick against Brent's monster rod while precum gushed from the two of them like a water fountain. His hands moved up and down Brent's back, massaging the rippling mass. "Can't resist you... Gotta... worship every... bulge..." Chase groaned out as he slid his dick between Brent's cobblestone abs, feeling it squeeze his sensitive flesh while it throbbed harder and heavier. Brent chuckled in satisfaction and released him. Chase fell to his knees. The bodybuilder looked so small compared to the grown Brent. He prostrated himself at the muscle-god's feet, hugging and kissing at his ankles. He looked up, eyes huge, and shuddered with lust as he realized how massive, how powerful, how absolutely enormous Brent was. The stud smiled down at Chase and put his hands on his hips. Chase leaned forward, kissing his way over Brent's calves and thighs, one leg at a time. He left no muscle un-fondled as he worshiped his god, unable to stop himself from babbling his adoration. Brent pointed his massive cock to Chase's face. “Kiss it,” Brent instructed. Chase's mind was a haze, a fuzz of sexual stimuli. But his body obeyed. His hands tried to encircle Brent's monster cock. With one hand it wasn’t even close. With two, he was barely able to encircle his shaft. The scent of sweat and sex and cum was growing even stronger. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Brent's cockhead. He extended his tongue and it slid into Brent's slick glans. Chase groaned. He used one hand to stroke Brent's cock as he kissed it, and reached under with the other, taking a hand and gripping his balls, letting those big, churning nuts pour over his palm. They were heavy, and seemed to thrum with power as he hefted them. "Feel that bitch?" Brent asked menacingly. "Feel my big nuts getting heavier? The last bits of your boyfriend are gonna be a nice big load of cum for you." Chase was too far gone to react to Brent's taunts. He let Brent smear his face with pre and force his mouth onto Brent's beast. His jaw creaked. That musky, monster cockhead stretched his lips open, flattened his tongue down, and burrowed to the back of his mouth. Nasty glottal noises came from his throat and his eyes went wide, tears pooling in them. Spit and throat slime first leaked, then splattered from the corners of his mouth and down his chin. Brent fucked Chase's face for a few minutes, never managing to force more than half of his 28-incher down Chase's throat. Finally, sensing his partner was rapidly losing consciousness, he pulled out and let Chase catch his breath. "Your mass... your musk, it's too much," Chase gasped, as he leaned against Brent's crotch, trying to catch his breath. "Oh, my god!" he cried out as he came without touching himself, spraying jets of jizz on to Brent's thighs. Brent groaned in appreciation, his cock throbbing over Chase's shoulder. Brent bent his legs and crouched down a little, placing his towering penis between Chase's thick quads. Instinctively, Chase began to flex his quads, giving Brent an erotic massage. Brent straightened his legs and he lifted Chase off the floor with his steel-strong cock. Chase gasped as Brent lifted him up, supporting him only with his dick as it stuck out behind Chase's glutes. Brent wrapped his arms around Chase and pulled him in for a kiss. Chase nearly went into convulsions as Brent's tongue penetrated his mouth. They ran their hands up and down each other's muscular bodies. "I'm going fuck you now," Brent growled, excitement growing, "and pump what's left of your boyfriend up your ass." Brent lifted Chase up until his the massive tip of his cock pushed up between the bodybuilder's legs. Slowly, he pushed the grapefruit-sized head against Chase's hole. It looked like there was no way this thing could fit inside. Chase shuddered nervously, knowing he was powerless to stop what was to come. Brent held his cock still and allowed his precum to lubricate the opening. He stared into Chase's eyes. His mighty hands steadily held the stud's legs apart as he waited for the hole to open and welcome him in. "Oh no please! That monster is gigantic, you can't!" Chase begged, knowing it was futile. His heart raced. He took a deep breath and nodded quickly. Brent impaled him in one swift move. Almost instantly, electricity raced through Chase's body. He yowled out loud, but soon was panting and gasping, his ass clenching around the meat that was spreading and stretching him apart. Brent pulled him down hard, watching as his gut distended, stretching around his immense length. Chase could feel his organs being pushed aside as Brent's massive dick filled him up. "Want more?" Brent said to Chase, though the tone of his voice made it clear he was going to get more no matter what Chase said. "Please....fuck....oh fuck..." Chase panted, unable to process anything beyond the massive invader inside him. Brent slammed into Chase's ass again, shoving more of his arm-sized dick into the bodybuilder. Chase's body was forced to stretch and expand around it, bulging his abs upward while spreading him wider and wider. His own dick was throbbing upward, slapping against his own abs as it bounced from the stimulation. Hot pre was oozing from his cockslit, soaking his chest as Brent plunged his 28-inch monster deeper into him. The bulge in Chase's gut was expanding and pushing upward, further stretching his body. Cum squirted back out around the thick member as it surged inside the twitching male. "Fuck...you might rip me apart!" Chase said. He wasn't sure how he was taking such a gigantic length, but it felt too good to ponder for more than a few moments. His waist bulged with the shape of that cock, steadily pushing up through his waist and belly. Squirming, he tried his best to push back, moaning out in bliss. Right at that moment, Brent slammed his muscular hips forward and completely hilted the bodybuilder. His heavy nuts slammed into Chase's ass, and Chase's own nuts bounced against Brent's abs. Brent and Chase roared out, the latter's cock immediately erupting and spraying jizz all over the two of them. His eyes were rolled back in utter euphoria as sensations he never could have imagined coursed through his body. "I'm... yours. You're so big... I can't feel anything but your huge cock..." Chase groaned, gurgling as a bit of precum dribbled from his lips. He choked and coughed a bit as the salty liquid rose up through his throat. There was a tearing sound as Chase's guts were rearranged by the 28 inch, arm-thick monster. Brent lifted Chase's right leg and corkscrewed him around his cock so that he was facing away from him and wrapped his arms and legs up in a full nelson. Brent walked over to the mirror and began pounding Chase up against the glass. For fifteen nonstop minutes, Brent hammered Chase into the wall, until Chase was seeing stars. Then Chase felt the most profound throbbing sensation in his chest as Brent's cock stretched him further. Brent groaned loudly as he came. "Fuuuuuck!" he yelled. His dick jerked violently inside Chase's abdomen and began to explode with cum. Chase's eyes grew wide. The pain and pleasure of Brent's ejaculations became more intense with each successive blast of cum. Chase began to cum again as Brent's load flowed out of his mouth and ass. Finally, Brent was done. He lowered the two of them to the ground, slowly pulling himself out of Chase. As the tip of his cock popped out of Chase's gaped ass, a huge burst of semen gushed out, drenching his legs and the floor. Chase fell into a quivering mess on the floor, his brain short circuited from the overwhelming stimulation. He felt himself being flipped over, his back on the floor and Brent kneeling on top of him. The weight of Brent's body forced Chase's swollen abdomen flat in a deluge of jizz. He couldn’t see his own legs, and he couldn’t feel them either. “Feel.” The command was irresistible, and Chase leaned upwards to feel just one of those biceps, running his fingers along the cords of muscle rippling underneath the smooth skin, feeling the curvature and how it shifted his fingers apart with just the slightest flex. He leaned further forward and pressed his face into those pecs again, letting the hardness shape the soft tissues of his face. “Are you ready to be part of this massive body?” Brent asked through his heavy breathing. The exhausted bodybuilder hesitated before he seemed to make his choice, "I want...no I NEED to be yours...please...please add me to your body and use my mass for yourself." Chase shoved his face between Brent's massive pecs, his face turning deep red. Brent chuckled and immediately flexed them, causing Chase's nose to sink between them. The shameless begging drove the musclegod insane with lust, he decided to graciously grant his request and make it as slow and intimate as possible. The worshipper let out a loud, whimpering moan as he pushed upwards, grinding himself against them while Brent flexed and tensed his huge chest. Brent savored Chase's muscular body. In long teasing strokes, the massive stud used his tongue to trace Chase's neck, then delts, then made his way slowly down his chest. He flickered over the other man's nipples, biting at them. Brent's hands held Chase down by the wrists at one end, pinning him with his hips at the other. He leant in and kissed Chase slowly and deeply, tongue shoving slowly into the other man's mouth. They smiled at each other as they began to glow. Chase was silent, only biting his lower lip while he stared at the huge man. Brent enveloped Chase in his huge mass, his throbbing cock sliding between Chase's legs and up his back. Chase took in a deep breath, intoxicated by the masculine musk surrounding him. This time, Chase knew what was happening, a delighted groaning moan and whimper escaping him as the process began. "This...was what was always meant to happen...what I always wanted to happen...I never knew until now what my purpose truly was but this is it...fuel for a greater male...a god...thank..you...for..everything...sir." Chase felt himself weaken. "Yes... you are mine.. Make me bigger," the huge man rumbled as he brought a hand along the back of the Chase's head. Without another word, that huge hand pulled it forward. Chase's head easily sank between the mountains of muscle, tugging him slowly deeper into Brent's body. Brent gave a deep moan that vibrated through the entirety of Chase's body. Deeper Chase sank, his shoulders and chest sinking in. Brent tensed and flexed, pulling more of Chase forward, thighs now starting to disappear into his great mountains. Brent grinned and let his body work. The man's legs were engulfed by his enormous thighs and quads. He let go of Chase's arms, letting them drift back to his sides as he trailed his fingers along Chase's wide back. He reached around and rubbed his godly pillar of cock, feeling it bulge as Chase's mass began to flow into it. He took a heavy breath and rolled his shoulders, causing his mountainous pectorals to bounce a bit. Giving one last kiss to the top of the head of his prey, Chase sank away into the musclegod, disappearing into the mammoth mounds of muscle. After the deed was done, Brent panted roughly. A warmth spread through his body as his heart pulsed hard. Brent bounced his pecs, already feeling them grow as Chase turned into more muscle for his powerful body. The musclegod threw his head back and let out a deep groan that got progressively deeper while his muscles glowed. His arms expanded, tensing up as veins laced from his shoulders all the way down to his wrists. His biceps inflated like balloons, gurgling and creaking as Brent roared with delight, until they were nearly twice the size of the giant's own head. Brent growled as his arms swelled - they were so huge they wouldn't be able to rest straight down by his side. For a brief moment, Brent doubled over, his chest suddenly feeling like it was trying to pull itself apart. His massive pectorals started to swell in rapid convulsions, his chest pushing up against his chin and preventing him from looking downwards. Those manly muscles pulsed and ached, and it was all Brent could do not to grab and squeeze them, his pecs so enormous they nearly hid his face from view. Across his body, curves were becoming more pronounced, valleys becoming deeper between each massive muscle. Between his legs, his groin pulsed and fattened, filling more space between his huge thighs. He gripped his massive cock tightly and stroked slowly, growling to himself while it spread his thickening digits, getting longer and wider, unable to close his hand around even half of it. He watched it grow and extend before his eyes, gushing precum like a geyser. He groaned and brought his arms up to flex, his gigantic biceps squeezing his head as he did. He turned his head to take a whiff of his own intense musk and climaxed, sending blasts of seed spraying twenty feet across the room. Brent's body thickened, his lats swelling up rapidly to match his pecs, the musclegod's body quickly growing wider and taller it had been before, although his waist didn't change at all. Because of that, it made him look even more exaggeratedly muscular, his overgrown body flexing and throbbing as it grew. His back muscles grew so defined and cut that as he flexed and breathed in deeply it made the Grand Canyon look small in comparison. His legs widened more and more, his calves growing so huge that they pushed each other apart and fought for space, more veins lacing down to his ankles as his thighs grew to match. As Brent grew and grew, he felt himself up compulsively, groping himself utter abandon. The musclegod ground his now 3-foot long monster cock between the mirror and his chest, wringing climax after climax until he was literally coated from head to toe in his own boiling spunk. Finally, the glow faded and his growth slowed, veins receding as his lust-clouded brain cleared. His monster cock softened, hanging down past his knees, drooling onto the floor. Standing back from the drenched mirror, the grinning Brent surveyed his handiwork, nearly overwhelmed by the unbridled might that surged through his veins. He now stood over eight feet tall and at least five feet wide, save for the fact neither his arms nor his legs could hang straight down anymore. His freaky quads were fucking mountains, shredded and rippling and so overdeveloped every fucking muscle was roiling like cables under his skin. They were so huge in fact, that even with his stance adjusted so wide the two masses were still grinding against each other, the slightest of movements causing the muscles to bulge magnificently. Lifting up his incredible arms, Brent flexed them as hard as he could, not caring that he had lost some flexibility since the beginnings of his growth when he realized just how jacked they had become. His growth had pushed him to the absolute limit. His veins throbbed whenever he flexed, every fucking muscle group swelling with power at the slightest of whims. It would be a few days before his body condensed his new gains, compressing the power into mounds of muscles as hard as granite. He estimated he'd shrink down to maybe seven and a half feet tall, four feet wide, enough to regain his flexibility. Until then, Brent would enjoy his overpumped body, reveling in the power coursing through him. Brent smirked and growled monstrously. “All mine…” he whispered with a deep snort and a heavy growl, rubbing his pecs once more before he relaxed, closing his eyes and rumbling heavily. "Guess I gotta hit the showers again..."
  15. kurisupei

    Siphoning Stepbro's Hot Bod

    Nick and Brandon are stepbrothers. The two brothers never really bonded with each other due to their differences in basically everything, not just their environment. Nick is the older brother, 24 years old, 6'3 tall, and 250 lbs. Brandon is the younger one, 18 years old, 5'4 tall, and 120 lbs. Nick always acts cockily around his younger brother. He would always bully and beat Brandon. Although Brandon is turned on by his brother’s size, he wishes he can be of equal match to him at the very least. One night, after working out, Nick saw himself at a mirror in his own room. He admired his pump. He flexed and worshipped his body and it gave him pleasure. He rubbed his pecs that were the size of melons. He moved his hands to his perfect washboard abs. He flexed both his arms which were bigger than grapefruits. He continued to touch himself. The feeling felt so good that he slipped his hand in his shorts and started caressing his cock, he started moaning and breathing heavily while his other hand touches his big body. Brandon heard his brother moan and sneakily peeked at the door. He secretly watched his brother pleasure himself and it turned him on. He continued to watch as Nick moaned louder and harder. He was getting close to cumming. Brandon could not help but feel aroused seeing his brother masturbating. He wanted to do something to his brother. He decided to take action. When Nick is finally asleep, Brandon went to his brother’s room and took off all Nick's clothes. He then proceeded to grab his brother’s body. He started with grabbing his brother's huge biceps and flexing them. He moved to his chest and grabbed his brother's washboard abs. Then he reached down and grabbed his small cock. It was about 4 inches long. He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked it. After a few minutes, he noticed Nick's tight asshole and noticed that he is sleeping heavily. He put his cock in his brother's ass and started thrusting into him. After a couple of minutes, he felt his brother wake up. He felt his brother’s massive cock start to get hard. Brandon started moaning and pumping harder in his brother. His orgasm started to build up inside him. When Brandon was nearing release and was moaning hard, Nick woke up. As Nick opened his eyes and saw what was happening, Brandon busted his load inside Nick. "Ughhh! Fuck yes!" Brandon shot several loads of cum deep in his brother's ass, not knowing Nick is now awake. Nick grunted as he felt his brother's hot jizz filling his hole. Brandon then pulled out his cock and shot another load of cum on Nick's face. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Nick is enraged. He grabs Brandon and starts beating him. "You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Nick grabs his brother and pushes him against the wall. Nick begins beating his brother up until he feels a weird sensation inside him. His body seems to be reacting to his brother’s cum. Nick becomes dizzy for a split second and he looks back at Brandon. Nick then notices he is not looking down at Brandon as much as before. “What the fuck?" Nick utters in confusion. Nick sees his body has shrunken. He is still big but he is no longer the giant he was before. He is now about 5'10 and 200 lbs. Nick didn't realize his cock is hardening, but Brandon did. Busy contemplating what just happened, Nick didn't notice Brandon kneeling in front of him and started sucking his massive cock. "Uhh, oh fuck!" Nick moaned. Brandon had been dreaming about this moment for years. He always wanted to suck his brother's cock. He never got the chance to do so because Nick always humiliated him. Now that he finally gets the opportunity, he takes advantage of it. Brandon continues to suck his brother's cock while touching Nick's hot body. Nick was in heaven. The feeling of having Brandon's mouth around his cock is indescribable. He felt so much pleasure that his knees weakened and he lied down. Brandon sucked harder. “Oh god, Brandon, stop." Brandon kept sucking his brother's cock. He then reaches under Nick's body and gropes his huge balls. Brandon started sucking his brother's dick faster. He could tell Nick was close to cumming. He wanted to make sure he shoots a lot of sperm in his brother's mouth. Nick was getting closer to orgasm. "Shshhit! Ughh ohh ughhh"He moaned loudly and started shooting his load in Brandon's mouth. Brandon swallowed every drop of his brother's cum, while sucking harder. Change started to gradually happen to both of them. Nick's cock was shrinking and getting smaller. Brandon's body was growing bigger and stronger. He feels his pecs growing bigger and juicier as he squeezes Nick's shrinking ones. While still sucking hard on Nick's cock, he poses a double bicep. Brandon's cock grows longer and thicker as he feels Nick's cock shrink in his mouth. He feel his limbs lengthen as he grows taller. At this point, the 24 year old Nick is about 5'5 tall and 170 lbs, he still has the muscle mass of a model, but not big as before. The 18 year old Brandon, on the other hand, is now about 6'2 and 250 lbs. Nick's cock shrunk from 10 inches to 4 inches and the opposite happened to Brandon. Nick had begged him to stop, but Brandon didn't. "Can you still beat me up, little guy?!" Brandon exclaimed. Brandon swallows and he stood up, looking at both his and his brother's bodies. He comes to the mirror and worships himself, like he saw Nick do earlier. He cums on the mirror. "Fuck that's hot! I get why you like doing that now." Brandon says. Nick stares in disbelief. "But you know what would be hotter? If I were bigger. I see you have more size I can take, I want it." Brandon says, glancing back at Nick. Brandon starts to rub and suck on Nick's now smaller body. "No please, no more, I'm too small now, please!" Nick protests and attempts to fight back but Brandon is stronger. Brandon begins squeezing every muscle he can feel. Nick feels his limbs retracting as he gets shorter. His muscles start to condense in his smaller frame. He is now about 5'3 while Brandon grows into a towering 6'4. Brandon then proceeds to knead his now thicker muscles. As he squeezes his Nick's juicy chest, it slowly transfers onto him. He works his way around his other muscles, taking it all, leaving but a faint outline of abs. Brandon checks out his body now, he is now bigger than Nick ever was. As Brandon was distracted by his own body, Nick feels a build up of pleasure churning inside him and his cock started to harden from seeing how big Brandon got. Nick started stroking his 4 incher and he started moaning. Nick's moans got Brandon's attention which made him look at Nick. "I'm gonna need that as well to complete the look." Brandon said. As Nick was about to cum, Brandon placed his hand on Nick's cock. Nick's cock began to dwindle in size while Brandon's grew into a full 12 inches. "Ughh oh fuck uh" when Nick's cock had shrunken into a little nub, he finally cums on Brandon's hand. Brandon licks his palm and smears the cum on his face, making his face more chiseled. "That's better, thanks for the donation, little bro." Brandon tells his emaciated brother as he leaves the room.
  16. Julian had always been the envy of his classmates with his toned physique and chiseled abs. He was proud of the countless hours he spent in the gym perfecting his body. Julian has brown eyes, thick eyebrows, dark curly hair, and he's tall at 6'1. Julian was feeling confident as he walked into his physics class on the first day of the semester. He had been working extra hard all summer to get his body in top shape, and he was excited to show off his impressive muscles. As he took a seat in the front row, he noticed a new student sitting a few rows back. "Hey there" James said to Julian, taking him by surprise. "Hi, you must be James, nice to meet you!" Julian replied, looking down at his shoulder level. "You're really quite the big guy huh?" James said as he notices and touches Julian's arms, while Julian blushed and laughed. James is an innocent looking student with blue eyes, messy brown hair, he smaller than Julian, standing at only 5'6, he looked skinny. They seem to be getting along in their first interaction, however, Julian has a weird feeling towards him that he can't seem to shake off. Over the next few weeks, Julian noticed that something strange was happening. Every time he saw James, he felt like he was losing muscle mass. At first, he didn't think much of it, but as the weeks went by, he started to feel weaker and smaller. He could see his once impressive washboard abs disappearing, and his biceps were no longer as defined as they used to be. Julian tried to convince himself that he was imagining things, but every time he looked at James, he felt like he was shrinking. Every day, Julian couldn't help but notice that James seemed to be getting more muscular while he was getting smaller. Julian tried to ignore it, he would often bounce his pecs and flex his biceps, telling himself that he was still in good shape. But every time he saw James, he couldn't help but feel a sense of envy. From that moment on, Julian became obsessed with James' muscles. "What's your secret" he thinks as he would watch him in class and at the gym, admiring his strength and power. But the more he watched, the more he realized that he was losing his own strength and power. He started to avoid James as much as possible, but even when they weren't in the same room, Julian could feel his muscles getting smaller. One day, Julian couldn't take it anymore. He confronted James after class and accused him of stealing his muscles. "What? Is this a joke? Hahaha!" James just laughed and flexed his biceps, which looked bigger and more defined than ever. "I just discovered the fun in working out. Do you wanna come with me to the gym?" James approached Julian and asked him if he wanted to work out together. "Su-sure thing, I guess" Julian nervously accepted the offer, hoping that he could finally get his strength back. As they started lifting weights, Julian couldn't help but admire James' impressive muscles. James was lifting heavier weights than Julian, and his biceps were bulging with every rep. "Ugh yeah! I can feel the pump!" Julian bounced his pecs and flexed his muscles in front of James, he was convinced that he was still the biggest and strongest guy in the room. But as James flexed his own muscles, Julian couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy and jealousy. James' muscles were bigger and more defined than ever before, and Julian couldn't help but feel like he was shrinking in comparison. "Wow, ughhn" Julian whimpered as he felt a surge of excitement at the sight of James' muscles. He couldn't resist touching them. He whimpered in ecstasy as he touched James' bigger body and muscles, feeling the power and strength that he had lost prior. "Your body is one of the hottest I've seen" James admired Julian's body and touched it, Julian started to feel a glimmer of hope. Maybe he wasn't as small as he thought he was. Maybe he still had some muscle left in him. As James touched Julian's now smaller body, he couldn't help but admire the way it looked in his hands. He could feel every crevice and contour of Julian's muscles, even though they were much smaller than before. "I feel so hot" Julian flexed as James continued to admire him, feeling good about himself for the first time in weeks. For a moment, Julian felt like he was still bigger than James. He flexed every muscle he had left, trying to prove to himself that he still had some strength and power left in him. But as he flexed, he could feel his remaining muscles and height being stolen away. "What's happening to me- ughhh!" Julian began to panic as he watched his once-impressive muscles shrink before his very eyes. His biceps were no longer bulging, his abs were no longer defined, and his chest was no longer juicy. "Ugh please no, stop, ughh" He whimpered louder and louder as James rubbed his body, stealing away what little strength he had left. Finally, Julian had reached orgasm and cums all his size away. Julian felt ecstatic and defeated all at the same time, unable to resist the power of James' muscles. His tall body fell weak on James's arms. James continued to feel Julian's "muscles," enjoying the sensation of power and strength that he was able to extract from them. He admired Julian's body, taking in every inch of it, even though it was much smaller than before. "Ugh fuck this is so hot" James couldn't help but let out a whimper of desire. He was addicted to the feeling of power and strength that he got from Julian's body, and he couldn't resist the temptation to take even more. Julian whimpered as James touched him, feeling a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. He knew that he was no longer the big, strong bodybuilder that he used to be, but he couldn't resist the temptation to flex his remaining muscles for James. James noticed Julian's cock hardening so he took it out of Julian's shorts. Julian lets out a moan, overwhelmed with the pleasure he's feeling. James puts Julian's 7 inch cock in his mouth, giving him the blowjob of his life. "Ugh James please, I'm gonna cum" Julian mutters but James goes faster. Julian moans as he is overwhelmed until he finally cums. James made sure to swallow everything Julian releases. As he does, Julian's body contracts, his limbs shortening. The opposite happens to James as he seemingly grows taller. James stands up and props Julian against a wall, Julian was now the shorter of the two, facing James's chest. James faces Julian to the opposite direction and inserts his 4 inch cock into Julian's ass. He starts pounding Julian hard while rubbing Julian's 7 incher. "I'm gonna have to take this too" James whispers to Julian's ear as he jacks off Julian's member. They moan and moan until they are almost at climax. "Please, just let me cum" Julian begs. "Not until I do!" James objects. As James thrusts harder and harder, he feels his dick growing while Julian's shrinks. Finally, James reaches orgasm and cums into Julian's hole. He pulls out and Julian falls on the ground, but James is to busy admiring his new 8 incher to notice. All that Julian was able to do was whimper as his shrunken cock uncontrollably cums and he watches James walk away. "Thanks for the time... and the bonuses. See you in class, I guess" James says as he puts on Julian's clothes which are now a little tight on him and leaves. In the end, Julian was left with nothing. He was a shell of his former self, a once-powerful heartthrob of an athlete reduced to a mere shadow of his former self. James, on the other hand, was bigger and stronger than ever before, his muscles bulging with power and strength. Julian knew that he had lost the battle for strength and power. But even as he felt defeated, he couldn't help but feel a strange sense of pleasure and desire at the thought of James' huge, powerful muscles.
  17. kurisupei

    The True King of Aesthetics

    — This is a fictional video transcription of a vlog interaction between Jeff Seid and David Laid — (The camera starts rolling, panning at Jeff who is filming in his house) Jeff Seid: What's up guys, Jeff Seid here and today I have a special guest with me. You guys have been asking for it and we're finally making it happen. That's right, I'm here with David Laid and we're gonna do a physique comparison. David Laid: What's up guys, David Laid here. I'm excited to be here with Jeff and compare our physiques. Jeff Seid: So, just to give you guys an idea, I'm 6'0 and currently weighing in at around 230 pounds. I've been training for over 10 years now and I think my physique speaks for itself. David Laid: And I'm 6'2 and currently weighing in at around 205 pounds. I've been training for about 6 years and I'm always striving to improve. Jeff Seid: Alright, let's get into it. David, why don't you show us what you're working with? (David proceeds to do a series of poses, showing off his muscular physique) Jeff Seid: (nodding) Nice, nice. You definitely have some impressive size and definition there. David Laid: Thanks man, I appreciate it. Alright Jeff, let's see what you got. (Jeff proceeds to do a series of poses, showcasing his massive muscles) David Laid: (impressed) Wow, your size and definition is insane. Your muscles are so thick and dense. Jeff Seid: (smiling) Thanks man, I put a lot of hard work and dedication into my training. David Laid: (nodding) Yeah, I can tell. You have some serious muscle mass, especially in your upper body. Jeff Seid: (laughing) Yeah, I've been called a walking tank before. David Laid: (laughs) I can see why. (Jeff and David continue to compare their physiques, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses) Jeff Seid: (noticing David's admiration) Hey man, are you alright? You seem a little distracted. David Laid: (shakes his head) Oh, sorry. It's just...I can't help but be mesmerized by your muscles, Jeff. They're so big and strong. Jeff Seid: (surprised) Uh, thanks man. I appreciate the compliment. David Laid: (rubbing Jeff's bicep) I mean, just look at this muscle. It's so thick and hard. Jeff Seid: (confused) Uh, what are you doing, man? David Laid: (admiring Jeff's arm) I'm just admiring your muscle, Jeff. It's so impressive. Jeff Seid: (starts to enjoy it) Oh...okay. Well, thanks man. I mean, I do work hard for these muscles. (David continues to rub and admire every muscle on Jeff's body, from his thick neck down to his treetrunk-like legs) Jeff Seid: (starts to get turned on) Uh...what's going on, man? Why are you doing this? David Laid: (continues to worship Jeff's muscles) I just can't help myself, Jeff. Your muscles are so amazing. I need to touch them, feel them. (Jeff's words slowly turn into muffled moans as David admires his muscles) Jeff Seid: (breathless) Oh...oh man. That feels...so good. David Laid: (smiling) I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jeff. (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff getting more and more turned on by the minute) Jeff Seid: (moaning) Oh...oh man. Your touch...it's driving me crazy. David Laid: (smiling) Your muscles are just so amazing. I can't help but worship them. (Jeff's body is now covered in a sheen of sweat, his muscles bulging and flexing with every touch) Jeff Seid: (panting) Oh...oh man. You're...you're making me so hard right now. David Laid: (grinning) Yeah, I can see that. Your muscles are definitely responding to my touch. Doesn’t that just wanna make you cum? (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff now completely lost in the moment) Jeff Seid: (gasping) Oh...oh man. I can't...I can't hold back anymore. David Laid: (smiling, whispering on Jeff's ear) Go ahead, Jeff. Let it all out. (Jeff finally reaches climax, his body shaking with pleasure as he lets out a loud moan) David Laid: That's right, cum it all out. It's all for me Jeff Seid: Ughh. What do you mean? (David continues to rub Jeff's muscles, starting with his pecs) David Laid: Your pecs are so tender. Ughhh! (As David rubs Jeff's pecs, his own pecs start to grow. But Jeff doesn’t realize that his pecs are shrinking) Jeff Seid: (Touching David's pecs) Fuck you're so hot! (Jeff notices David's pecs growing as he touches them, making him look at his own smaller pecs) Jeff Seid: Ughhh what's happening to me? Stop! David Laid: (Whispering on Jeff's ear) I'm taking my place as the most aesthetic. Jeff Seid: (Trying to pull away but he's too overwhelmed by the pleasure he's feeling) Ughh, let go! (David grabs Jeff's arms while Jeff grabs his in an attempt to push him away) David Laid: (Squeezing Jeff's biceps) Your arms are huge, man, I can't resist them! I can't wait to flex them as my own. (Jeff continues to push away David's arms but little does he know that touching him makes the theft faster) Jeff Seid: Please, my muscles are so small- ughh- David Laid: (Moving his hands onto Jeff's legs and shoulders) No, not yet. I need more! Jeff Seid: Ughhh! Oh fuck! (Jeff feels intense pleasure, his muscles still shrinking) David Laid: (Moving onto hugging Jeff tight) I want more, ugh! Jeff Seid: (Feeling the warmth of David's body and overwhelmed with pleasure) Please I- ugh! M-my bod-ughhh! (Jeff is filled with more and more pleasure while David grows into 285 pounds. Before Jeff was crushed, David let's go of his now average and limp 150 pound body. David looks at the mirror and flexes while Jeff stands shakily.) David Laid: (Flexing) That’s a bit too big. I need some balance in proportions. 6'6 would look good on me, don't you think? (David grabs Jeff by the neck. Jeff tries to struggle but he is once again filled with immense pleasure) Jeff Seid: UGhhh! Fuck ughhh! (David's limbs start to get longer, he grows taller and taller. Jeff starts to get lifted off the ground. Jeff's limbs start to shorten and his muscles start to compact, making it look like he still has a bit of muscle definition.) David Laid: (Putting Jeff down) That's better, I'd take your remaining size but I guess I still have some humanity in me so I won't. Besides, 5'8 looks good on you, you can still model for a living. Jeff Seid: (Filled with so much pleasure that he can't think) Please, David-ugh! Just let me cum again! David Laid: (Rubbing Jeff's throbbing cock) Will you give me anything if I let you cum? Jeff Seid: Fuuc- ugh! Yes, take what you want- ughhh! (David continues to rub Jeff's 9 inch cock and grapefruit-like balls while pressing his own 6 incher on Jeff's ass. As more and more pleasure builds up, they both moan and start to breathe heavily. ) David Laid: (feeling his cock and balls grow) Oh, fuck this feels good! Jeff Seid: Ughh shit ughh! I need to cum! David Laid: Not until I do! (David's cock grows into a 12 incher and his balls grow as they fill with cum. The opposite happens to Jeff as his once 9 inch cock shrinks into 3 inches and his balls shrink as well. More pleasure builds up until David can't take it anymore and cums.) David Laid: (Ejaculating large amounts of cum into Jeff's ass) Ugghhh! Take it all in! Fuck this is so hot! Jeff Seid: (Also ejaculating dribbles of cum out of his 3 incher) Ohh fuuuck! Ughhh! Ughh! Yeahh! (Their orgasm dies down and Jeff faints after he cums, still whimpering and moaning. David inspects his new body and flexes while touching himself. He looks at Jeff on the floor, almost feeling bad. David Laid: (panting, laughing) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jeff. Your muscles are just too amazing to resist. Maybe in another life, we can both exist as muscle gods, just not in this one. Thanks for the donation (The video cuts with David Laid walking away after putting tight clothes on)
  18. Guest

    The muscle app (final part)

    Four Assistant coach Mr. Blake heard the door of his desk shut behind the massive gymnast and he slowly got up, his arms trembling as they supported his weight. More cum flowed from his ravaged ass and dripped along his legs. He pulled up his boxers and pants and wiped the stains of his own cum from the front of his desk. He'd somehow had to come up with a way of getting back Tyler's muscle from the hulking freshman. He needed to act fast to get a star player out on the field for the upcoming match. He inhaled deeply as his mind tried to find a solution. The next morning assistant coach Mr. Blake was setting up workout routines for the team when a faint knock made him look at the door. "Yes", he said. Tyler opened the door. "Can I come in?", he asked. He entered as the assistant coach motioned him to sit down. "I spoke with Chad yesterday", he peeped, "I wanted to make him give back my muscles". "How did it go?", assistant coach Mr. Blake replied. "Well…", Tyler mumbled. His face turned beet red as he relived the scene of sucking off the huge man. His pencil dick jolted in his pants as his mind filled with the image of the muscular perfection Chad had grown into. "He …eum… well… he wouldn't listen", he mumbled. "Thought so", the coach answered and ignored the red glow on the fallen football player's cheeks. "Did you already speak to him?", Tyler asked. Now it was the assistant coach's turn to blush. "Hum", he said and cleared his throat as he moved in his chair, his worn out ass sending shots of pain through him in response to remind him of the encounter with Chad. "I… tried", he added, "but he didn't listen either. I tried convincing him to give your muscle back but he refused. He didn't even wanted to join the team and put his muscle to use". "His muscle?", Tyler peeped angrily, "My muscle! I will go to the dean. He will force Chad to give back my muscle!". "No!", assistant coach Mr. Blake let out loudly, "That's a very bad idea. Think how the dean will react when you tell him someone stole your muscles. He will probably think you're on drugs. You will get expelled". "I will show him pictures of me. And of Chad", Tyler said. "You will have to admit you stole Chad's muscles first", the assistant coach replied, "Besides I'll lose my job if you reveal that I experimented on students. Then you will never have a chance to get your muscles back." The harsh reality of Mr. Blake's words hailed down on Tyler. Tears welled up in the diminished athlete's eyes. His mind frantically trying to find a way to get back his former size. "Tom", he peeped suddenly. "What about Tom?", assistant coach Mr. Blake answered. "He's my best friend", Tyler spat out rapidly, "If we tell him what happened, he'll help." "How could he help?", assistant coach Mr. Blake asked doubtfully. "He's among the biggest guys on campus. He could easily beat up Chad. Then we could force him to give back my muscles", Tyler said with a grin. "I don't know", assistant coach Mr. Blake replied, "Chad's a few pounds heavier than Tom now". "If we take him by surprise, Tom can take him. I'm sure of it", Tyler stated. The more assistant coach Mr. Blake let the idea run through his mind, the more he liked it. It wasn't a nice solution, but it was their only chance. He did remember the statement of the head coach that not winning the title this year would cost him his job. He nodded slowly as he accepted the plan. "Text Tom to come to my office asap", he said to the now smiling Tyler. Chad opened the door of his room and stared down on his two neighbors. "What's up, boys?", he asked. Keith and Paul took a step backward instinctively. The two freshmen were totally intimidated by the hulking, bare-chested gymnast that filled the opening completely. "We brought ya something", Keith said and handed a bag to Chad. "Saw it and thought it would suit ya", Paul added. Chad took the bag, opened it and pulled a tank top from it. A smug grin formed on his face as he recognized the Captain America logo. "Come on in", he said and stepped back in his room. Keith and Paul entered. They stared at the hulking man who put on the tank top. "Hope it fits. Biggest size we could find", Keith stated. "Bit tight", Chad rumbled and let his meaty muscle stretch the skintight fabric. "Fuck. You would dwarf the actual Captain America", Paul said in total awe, "How big are your arms?". "Not sure", Chad replied, "Haven't measured them recently. Ya boys wanna check them? There's a tape in my desk". Keith and Paul rushed over to the desk, nearly pulling out the top drawer as they practically fought for the tape. "Easy there, boys", Chad said laughingly, "there's enough of me for both of ya". Paul snatched the tape from Keith's grasp and stepped up to the massive man. His heart pounding nervously as he stood in front of the hulking gymnast. "Seems like you won", Chad rumbled and held out his right arm. Paul's hand shook with anticipation as he placed the tape atop the meaty arm. His fingers roamed the bulk of the stretched, yet rounded bicep. Keith eagerly joined in, letting his fingers follow the thick vein at the side of the bicep. "Thought ya wanted to measure my arm", Chad said smugly as the two freshmen worshipped his stretched arm. He slowly raised his forearm, making his bicep mound upward in the process. Keith and Paul marveled as the steely meat under their fingers hardened and rose upward and outward. Paul clumsily dropped the tape as the perfectly round orb of beefy muscle flexed into its full size. He and Keith stared in disbelief at the ball of striated, vein-crossed muscle. "Well. Measure it!", Chad barked at the frozen freshmen. Paul retrieved the tape and wrapped it around the insanely muscled arm. He pulled it tight and his eyes widened as he read off the number. "24 inches", he muttered and joined Keith in his touching of the hot, stone-hard ball of muscle. "Fuck yeah", Chad roared, "Ever felt an arm this big and hard, boys?". He hardened his flex some more. Keith and Paul couldn't believe the hardness of the bicep under their touch. No matter how they tried, they couldn't dent the surface. Instead the muscle pried open their hands as it hardened even more. Their cocks had hardened fully in their pants just from touching the statue-like bicep. Chad enjoyed having his arm worshipped beyond anything he'd ever felt. The thought of making everyone he met lust after him sent a jolt through his own cock. "Mmhm", he groaned as Paul's hands slid under his tank top and explored the ridges of his mighty eight-pack while Keith kept feeling his bicep. Suddenly the door of the room flew open and Tom stood in the doorway. He'd come to the assistant coach's office right away when he'd gotten Tyler's text earlier. He'd listened with a perplexed look on his face to the incredible story Mr. Blake had told him. If the runty Tyler hadn't been standing next to the assistant coach, he would have never believed the story. "We'll make him give back your muscle. No one messes with my friends", he'd yelled as he'd stormed out of the assistant coach's office. "I hope I'm not interrupting the fags", he spat out sarcastically as he entered the room. Keith and Paul retreated against the furthest wall when they saw the angry look on the team captain's face. They knew they didn't stand a chance against the way bigger man. Chad just looked back at Tom, taking in the man's size. "You stole Tyler's muscle. Give them back. NOW!", Tom shouted angrily. "Okay. Okay", Chad pleaded, "I'll give it back. Please don't hurt me". He noticed Tyler and assistant coach Mr. Blake also entering behind Tom. "Really?", Tom asked incredulously, taking aback by the lack of resistance. "Off course not, dumbass", Chad barked in response, "You didn't really think I would give up my muscles?". "Have it your way then", Tom replied and smacked his right fist into the palm of his left hand, "I'm gonna enjoy this". "Careful, Tom", Tyler peeped as he drank in the sight of Chad's muscles stretching the tank top. Tom sized up the other big man and noted he was a few inches taller than the guy. "Don't worry, man. Short guys always look bigger than they are", he said to comfort his friend. He took a step toward his opponent. Chad didn't wait for the huge football player's first move. With an unexpected agility for a man his size he jumped forward. He pulled back his right fist, his thick bicep balling up in the process, and launched it against the athlete's stomach. Tom didn't even have time to blink. One moment he saw the hulking gymnast standing at the end of his bed, the next the guy's fist collided with his abs. The punch felt like a wrecking ball as it hit him. It blasted through the defenses of his muscle gut, busted his abs and pushed the wind out of him. He bent over by the force of the impact. He inhaled deeply to fill his lungs again while his eyes darted up to see the second punch coming. The steely fist hit his muscle gut again and sank deep into the battered abs. He folded double completely as pain exploded from his agonizing stomach through his entire body. Black dots danced before his eyes as the air was once more knocked out of him. He didn't even see the third punch coming. He just felt the impact as the fist hit the bottom of his chin. The force of the blow sent him stumbling backwards until his wide back fell against the wall. He wrapped an arm around his agonizing stomach in protection and raised his other arm in defense while he tried to catch his breath. He couldn't believe the huge gymnast had nearly taken him out with just three blows. His mind urged him to get away, but his legs didn't respond. He looked up into the hulking man's eyes. Chad saw the hint of panic in the big athlete's eyes and swiftly moved in. He threw another punch in the red stomach. Tom folded double as steely fist destroyed his abs and excruciating pain exploded through his body. The moment he bent over, he felt a large paw grab his throat. His hands clutched at the meaty forearm while he felt his body being lifted up. The next moment his feet left the ground, the room seemed to spin around and he was slammed down hard. He yelped in pain as his back collided with the hard floor. Assistant coach Mr. Blake stepped in but a nod of Chad made Paul and Keith each grab one of his arms. He tried to resist but the two athletes held him secured. Chad looked down in triumph on the beaten athlete. He felt all-powerful having taken down the star football player. An idea formed in his mind. "Tyler", he barked at the runty boy, "Bring me the device and the electrodes". Tyler jumped up at the command and went over to the assistant coach. He fished the device and the electrodes from Mr. Blake's pocket and turned around to give them to Chad. In the meantime Chad had ripped off Tom's clothes and tossed the bulky athlete atop his bed. He was stripping off his own boxers as Tyler came standing next to him. "Who looks better?", he asked laughingly and took the device from the boy. Tyler's eyes shot from the nude Tom atop the bed to the equally nude Chad standing at the end of it. His friend was a big, bulky guy but Chad's insanely ripped muscles made him actually look somehow fat. Chad placed an electrode on the top of Tom's meaty pecs and the other one on the same place on his own protruding chest. He tossed the device to Paul who caught it in his left hand while still holding onto the assistant coach's arm with his right hand. "Switch it on", he barked to the smaller freshman while he kneeled at the end of the bed and placed his paws atop the thick pecs. Paul did as he was told and the device in his hand peeped, displaying "Transfer engaged!". Tom wiggled in the bed but the huge gymnast firm grip on his pecs held him down. He didn't know what was happening. He blinked as he thought what was a spark shot from his chest and disappeared into the electrode on the other huge man's chest. "Fuck yeah", Chad growled as the sparks shot into him and formed a steady flow of energy feeding his already huge muscles. The battered athlete on the bed didn't have enough strength left to resist his theft. He dug his hands firmly into the already softer pecs to increase the flow of power. "You're so full of power!", he moaned in pleasure as the warmth spread through his 248 pound body. Tom didn't capture what was going on. His mind was still trying to comprehend how the huge gymnast had taken him out so quickly. When he finally realized that the other athlete was taking his muscles, he tried fighting back but his defenses were simply too weak. "Please Chad. No", he pleaded in vain. He looked at the guy's face and saw a look of pure hunger in the icy blue eyes. Chad, now growing past the 270 pound mark, enjoyed the intoxicating feeling. He saw the fight in the football player's eyes, the fight to keep his muscles from melting away from his body. He looked at the body in his grasp atop the bed and noticed that the curly hairs were retreating into the ever softening pecs he held tightly. "MORE", he growled and dug his fingers into the pecs. The flow of power doubled temporally and decreased back after a couple of seconds. "FUARK", he roared the moment the increased jolt of power hit his body. A wave of energy surged through his body and every muscle hardened and increased in size. The other guy's in the room stared like moths to a flame to the swelling and widening back of the kneeling gymnast. The assistant coach wasn't even resisting the two freshmen anymore. Tom's body, a bulky 243 pounds just minutes ago, dove below the 200 pound mark as the sparks kept shooting from his chest. He kept fighting against the drain but his resistance was completely overpowered by the growing gymnast. He had an incredible sight on the swelling body in front of him but he didn't feel the slightest awe. All he wanted was get away and save his muscles from being taken. Chad was closing in on the 300 pound barrier, every muscle on his body inflating steadily. Hard, striated mass pushed up the veins against his ever tightening skin. "I'm getting so HUGE", he bellowed as he looked down at his growing pecs. The shelf of meat now protruded several inches from his chest. "Give it ALL", he bellowed in his unstopping lust for size. His fingers now totally overpowered the once might pecs beneath them and dug deeper into them. "YEAH", he groaned as the flow of sparks feeding him increased some more. Tyler felt sorry for his best friend but his gaze was fixed on the growing mounds of meat flowing into each other on the broadening back of the kneeling gymnast. He could also see the hulking man's thick triceps inflating bigger and bigger at the sides of his mighty arms. Further down, the kneeling gymnast meaty ass got meatier and meatier with every passing second. His own dick was fully hard in his pants again. Paul and Keith had released assistant coach Mr. Blake's arms and were also staring in pure awe at the growth of the hulking freshman. Mr. Blake didn't think about running away or rushing in to free his star player. Like the others, he could only stare at the incredible scene. Tom looked past the hulking gymnast at his friend Tyler and assistant coach Mr. Blake. "Help me", he pleaded and closed his eyes as fatigue and exhaustion began spreading through his weakening body. A good minute later he reopened his eyes to implore help again. He blinked in disbelief: the time he had closed his eyes, the gymnast had grown taller and wider and now totally blocked his view from the rest of the room. Chad stared down at the body in his grasp: the once 243 pound star football player now looked like bulky wrestler as his body sank below 180 pounds. The curly hairs that used to cover Tom's meaty pecs had retreated completely in the now flabby chest. Chad threw back his head in ecstasy and let the energy whirl around inside his beastly body. He broke past the 315 pound mark as the energy found its way into this ever growing muscles. Tom realized he wouldn't get any help. He summoned his force to get away from the beastly freshman feeding on his size. He moved his arms up and grabbed the wrists to tear the paws away from his chest. When he placed his hands onto the hot wrists, he noticed he couldn't close his grip around the freshman's thick wrists. He pulled with all his remaining might but it felt like he was trying to rip a tree from the ground with his bare hands. He look back up, past the further protruding rack of pecs to the face of the beastly gymnast. Chad felt the weak tugs on his wrists and slowly turned his head down. He looked down at his paws and saw the frail hands grabbing onto his wrists. A smirk formed on his lips at the sight of the hands that looked comically small compared to his own forearms covered with thick cords of meaty muscle. His gaze travelled along the diminishing torso in his grasp: the bulky star athlete atop the bed now looked like a swimmer as definition and beef kept being sucked from him. Unlike with Tyler earlier, he didn't notice the look of lust in Tom's eyes: the guy was still trying to fight back against the drain. Tom stared back into the icy blue eyes of the now truly huge freshman. He kept pulling at the wrists but the strong forearms didn't budge. His own body now sank under 165 pounds while the gymnast grew past the 330 mark. He knew he was no match for the biggest man he'd ever seen. He felt more fatigue spreading through his weakening body. "Chad", he peeped weakly, "Chad. Let me go… Please. Keep the muscle… but let me… have the muscle… I still have… please". Chad didn't take his eyes from Tom's. He saw the pleading look as the guy in his grasp realized that his resistance was useless. His own body was now more than twice the size of the fallen star athlete. He felt his mighty muscles push against his paper-thin skin as the striated and vein covered mounds amassed more size. His fingers felt the soft mass of the flabby tits beneath them. "More", he rumbled in his deepened bass and dug his fingers hard into the jelly-like pecs, forcing more sparks from the flattening chest into his own hulking pecs. Tom took in the craving for size in the icy blue eyes staring down on him. He knew nothing would the beastly freshman from taking anything he wanted. He could feel the wrists in his grasp thickening further as the corded muscles etching along the beefy forearms kept swelling. He looked down on his own body and was confronted with the new reality: he was now 90 pounds lighter than minutes earlier and the layer of fat that gave him his bulky appearance now made him look more like a fatso. Tyler couldn't see his best friend anymore as the ever widening back of the kneeling gymnast hid the captain of the football team from his sight. His cock was leaking precum in his briefs at the sight of the majestic back he was facing. His left hand reached down his pants and stroked his 3 incher instinctively. A beeping sound made Paul look down at the device in his hand. "Subject reaching natural limits", he read from the screen. He stepped up to the kneeling gymnast. "Hm, Chad", he said nervously as he stood next to the massive freshman, "You're maxing out." Chad heard the remark but only noted the remaining mass in the diminished athlete on the bed. "MORE", he rumbled and concentrated on draining every ounce of muscle into his body. Tom's exhausted resistance crumbled under the increased theft and the last muscles in his body rushed into his chest, converged into pure energy and blasted through the electrode. "FUARK", Chad roared as the flow of energy tripled in size and struck him like lightning. He felt and heard his skin stretch as his mighty muscles ballooned bigger with more mass all at once. "Overload", the device in Paul's hand displayed and it exploded. The excess power circling around the electrode on Chad's chest shot into the device. "Ughn", Paul groaned as the energy shot in to his body. His shirt ripped under the sudden growth of his body. He stumbled backward by the impact. Everyone in the room went silent as Chad stood up and rose to his full height. His insanely broad back was covered with meaty mounds of muscle that fought for room, his beefy ass looked like someone had shoved two volleyballs underneath his skin, his titanic triceps formed massive horseshoes of hard muscle at the back of his lengthy arms. They all inhaled deeply as the colossal freshman turned around to face them. "Fuck ya guys are small", Chad laughed out as he stared down. His deep bass rumbled like thunder through the room, a mighty sound fitted for a 7'2, 368 pound muscle god. Every muscle on Chad's body jutted out from his frame, round and full. His incredible wide shoulders, that gave him an intimidating v-taper, were capped with delts the size of small pumpkins: every head of the striated muscles was clearly visible against his skin; his monstrous pecs were the size of half watermelons, jutting out nearly a foot from his chest, the hard mounds of striated beef defied the pull of gravity and obscured the top of his abs, his nipples pointed down to the floor; his majestic stomach were a landscape of deep grooves separating eight cobblestone-sized abs that rippled on the rhythm of the beastly man's breathing; his astonishing arms hung meaty hams at his sides, the long, rounded, hard yet fully relaxed biceps were crisscrossed with a web of veins and seemed ready to exploded through the paper-thin skin; his tree-sized quads formed two strong pillars of massive muscle, every head of the quadriceps clearly defined; his calves jutted out like beefy diamonds at the back of his legs; between the thick quads a long, meaty snake dangled atop a pairs of egg-sized balls. Atop the beastly body, supported by mounding, beefy traps Chad's face had followed his body's transformation: his rounded, boyish looks had been replaced by a strong, square jaw line covered with a coarse five o clock beard. The air around the beastly freshman seemed to ripple as masculinity oozed from him. "FUARK YEAH!", Chad boomed as he raised his arms into a double bicep pose. His biceps exploded upward and outward, hardening into pineapple-sized orbs of hard beef covered in veins. His skin stretched as the arms reached their new, 31 inch size. The others in the room creamed their pants at the display of pure muscular perfection. "You grew too", Chad said as he lowered his arms and looked down on Paul. He swiftly ripped away the remnants of the guy's destroyed shirt, then proceeded with is pants and boxers. "Nice, man" he said as he took in the new size of the 6'2, 205 pound freshman. Paul shivered. Despite being the second most muscular man in the room, he looked like a twig standing next to beastly muscle god. He instinctively kneeled in front of the man and took his plump cock in to his mouth. "We're gonna have an awesome year", Chad growled as he grabbed the back of the guy's head and let him suck his cock.
  19. Tim and Josh had just finished their workout and were changing in the gym locker room. Tim had been working out for months, trying to bulk up and impress Josh, who was always the biggest and strongest guy in the gym. But Josh seemed to barely notice him, always focused on his own workout and his own physique. As Tim approached Josh, his heart was pounding in his chest. He had been rehearsing what he wanted to say for weeks, but now that the moment was here, he was suddenly nervous. "Josh, I need to tell you something," Tim said, his voice barely above a whisper. Josh looked up from his locker, surprised by Tim's sudden seriousness. "What's up, man?" he asked. Tim took a deep breath and said, "I...I have feelings for you, Josh. I've had them for a long time now, and I just couldn't keep them bottled up anymore." Josh's face turned red with shock and confusion. He tried to back away, but Tim was too quick. He lunged at Josh, wrapping his arms around him and pressing his body against Josh's. Josh struggled, but Tim was surprisingly strong. He seemed to have a new power coursing through his body, and it was growing with each passing moment. As Josh tried to pull away, he suddenly felt a strange sensation. He looked down and saw that his legs were merging with Tim's. He tried to scream, but his mouth was pressed against Tim's chest. He could feel his own muscles shrinking as Tim's grew bigger and more defined. Tim's body was now towering over him, twice his original size, with Josh's body parts sticking out of him like a grotesque Siamese twin. Tim reveled in his newfound power, feeling each muscle in his body grow bigger and stronger. He could feel Josh's body parts merging with his own, becoming a permanent part of him. He felt a rush of pleasure as each muscle fiber expanded, filling him with a sense of power and dominance. As Josh disappeared completely into Tim's body, Tim let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. He was now a completely different person, a giant among men, with Josh's body parts as a constant reminder of his newfound power. He flexed his biceps, feeling the power coursing through his veins. Tim felt a rush of energy coursing through his veins. He could feel the power of Josh's muscles, merged with his own, pulsing through his body. Tim had never felt so strong, so powerful, so alive. He reached up and touched his biceps, feeling the hard muscle under his skin. It was a sensation he had never experienced before. As he explored his new body, Tim realized that he had become a completely different person. The body he had been working so hard to build before seemed small and weak compared to the massive, muscular form he now possessed. He flexed his arms, watching the bulging muscles ripple under his skin. He felt a sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that he had accomplished something that few others could ever hope to achieve. He took a deep breath and tightened his chest muscles, feeling them bulge and contract under his skin. Then, he let them loose, bouncing his pecs up and down. It was a sensation he had never experienced before, the feeling of his muscles moving on their own accord. He laughed in delight, feeling like he was in control of his body in a way he had never been before. As he continued to bounce his pecs, he realized that he was drawing attention from the other guys in the locker room. They were staring at him, some with envy and others with admiration. Tim felt a sense of pride in himself, knowing that he had accomplished something that few others could ever hope to achieve. He bounced his pecs a few more times, enjoying the sensation of his muscles moving under his skin. Then, he relaxed, feeling a sense of satisfaction and contentment. He knew that he was now a different person, someone who could take on the world and win But it wasn't just the size and strength of his muscles that made Tim feel good. It was the sense of power and dominance that came with them. For so long, he had been the small, weak guy that no one paid attention to. But now, he was a giant among men, with the body to match. He knew that he could take on anyone and win, that no one would dare to challenge him. As he stood there, admiring his new body, Tim felt a sense of euphoria wash over him. He was no longer the same person he had been before. He had been reborn as something new, something better.He was no longer the small, weak guy he had been before. He was now a force to be reckoned with, and he knew that no one would ever be able to stand in his way. And he knew that he would never go back to being the small, weak guy he had once been.
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    The locker room loser

    Inspired by a story I've read recently, a short story found its way from my pen to this board. Enjoy! Keith strutted into the deserted gym next to Orchid University. He loved working out late at night, jumping to whatever exercise he felt doing and not having to wait at any of the machines. Not that other guys made him wait. His 6'3 and 242 pound frame not only earned him success on the football field, it also intimidated anyone that got in his way. Not to mention the attention of the girls… He continued past the deserted counter and entered the locker room. He put his bag on a bench and began getting out his shake and towel. "Hi, Keith". The faint voice made Keith turn around and he stared down at the skinny guy that had just entered. He recognized Tyrone, some skinny freshman who worked in the gym. He nodded and returned to his stuff. "What are you training tonight?", the little guy asked, "Or just a quick workout for football?". Great. A talker, just what I need. Why do guys that wanna talk don't go to bars?, Keith thought as he tried to ignore the guy. "Not in a mood to talk? Focused on training, he?", Tyrone went on. Keith turned to face the guy with an annoyed look on his face. He noticed how the shirt hung like a tent on the freshman's pathetic body and how his shorts covered his legs almost completely. He unzipped his hoody and took it off, revealing his heavily muscled torso highlighted by his skintight tank top. Tyrone gulped at the sight of the round shoulders that stuck out like bowling balls to support the thick arms. A smug grin formed on Keith's face at the small guy's reaction. "Training builds muscle. Ya should try it", he said and casually bounced his pecs. "Tough guy, he", Tyrone replied, "Want to test your strength?". He motioned to a weird machine placed at the end of the row of lockers. It was some old-looking grip strength tester. It had an electronic display in the center and below there were four metal handles. "Ya want to go up against me? In a test of strength?", Keith asked laughingly and throw a double bicep pose. His meaty arms swelled to their 20 inches of muscle covered with some fat. "Just for fun", Tyrone said without taking his eyes from the orbs atop the large guy's arms as he moved to the machine. Keith shook his head incredulously and stepped over to the machine, completely dwarfing the freshman. They both grabbed hold of two handles. "Who's the alpha and who's the beta?" The display read off as it sprang to life. "I'll go first", Tyrone said and squeezed the handles with all his might. His 120 body shook and his face turned red from the effort. "POWERHOUSE", the display said. Keith followed. He gripped the handles firmly and clenched his thick fist, his body barely feeling the effort. "POWERHOUSE", the display said, "TIE!" "Seems like were matched", Tyrone peeped, "Let's try again". He repeated his earlier movement, getting another 'POWERHOUSE' reading. Keith couldn't believe this pathetic guy was matching his power. His competitive nature took over and he pressed the handles again. "MUSCLE MAN", the display showed, "Advantage to player one! Next round!". "Not so tough after all, it seems", Tyrone said and continued the game to get another "POWERHOUSE" reading. "What the fuck?!", Keith boomed, "This game is rigged". He summoned his strength, his knuckles turning white as he grabbed the handles. "MANLY", the display showed. Black dots danced shortly before Keith's eyes and a shiver traveled down his spine as he read off the text. "How…", he began and the other words died in his throat as he looked down at his body. His torso no longer strained his tank top. The fabric now sat more loosely around his somehow diminished muscles. He didn't stand out like the heavily muscled guy he used to be, but looked more like someone who worked out regularly. He glanced aside and noticed the other change: the once skinny Tyrone was now filling out the shirt that hung on him like a tent minutes earlier. The guy could now easily pass for a model. "My turn again", Tyrone said in a deepened voice. "No. I give", Keith said and tried releasing the handles but his paws seemed somehow fused to them. "We have to continue the game until there's an alpha", Tyrone said and applied his strength to the handles. "POWERHOUSE!", the display said. Keith gulped as he saw a jolt shoot through the freshman's body. He reluctantly copied his opponent's grab, noticing how the handles seemed to resist. He stared in disbelief at the display as it read "Mr. PUNY". Tyrone looked aside and saw more mass disappear from the football player's body. Their bodies were pretty evenly matched now. "Oh yeah", he grunted as he felt the energy flowing through the handles into his growing body. He grabbed the handles again, now easily pressing into the metal. "POWERHOUSE!!" "Why are there exclamation marks on it?", Keith asked in his weakened voice while he saw another jolt of growth shoot through the now pumped up fitness model-sized freshman that began looking bigger than him. "There's more power in my body now", Tyrone replied in a baritone voice, "your turn". "Do I have to?", Keith muttered. "DO IT!", Tyrone boomed. Keith shook and instinctively obeyed the bigger man. His body shook with effort and his face turned beat red. "WEAKLING" Keith felt another wave of weakness dance through him. His once skintight tank top now hung loosely from his diminished frame. He felt his sweatpants slide down along his thinning legs. He looked down and saw that he had lost every ounce of muscle he'd ever gained. The movement next to him caught his eye. Tyrone saw the mass siphon away from the football player's body and pass through the machine into him. His formerly baggy shirt now clung to his beefed up torso: his swelling pecs pulled the fabric forward while his thickening back pushed the fabric backward and his broadening lats put more and more tension on the seams. The sleeves that used to cover most of his arms didn't even cover his upper arms anymore: his widening shoulders pulled the fabric up to showcase his meaty arms. His baggy shorts now came only halfway on his thick quads. Keith gulped as he had to look up to catch the freshman's eye. The guy now looked like an amateur heavyweight bodybuilder. "Please", he pleaded in an unfamiliar higher voice, "no more. I can't get smaller". Tyrone just smirked and effortlessly tightened his grip around the metal handles, making the machine shake from his force. "POWERHOUSE!!!!!" Keith blinked in disbelief at the display. He refused to look aside as the shadow of the freshman grew and he heard the tearing sound of the ripping fabric. He knew he had no other option than to continue the game. He grunted as he summoned every ounce of force in his weakened body. The handles seemed to resist his grip. "PATHETIC" The letters on the display appeared to turn blurry and a wave of fatigue flowed through Keith. He could feel more size escaped his body and his boxers that used to showcase his meaty ass and lengthy cock fell to the ground. "CALCULATING SCORE", the display showed, "Player two… = BETA BOY!" Keith fell the last ounce of masculinity vanish from him. He felt his balls shrivel to the size of small marbles and pull closer to his body. His cock, once his 10 inches of pride followed this lead: it shrunk to a pencil-thin 2 incher. A ringing sound made him look back at the machine. "Player one", the display said, "… = TOTAL ALPHA!!!!!" "YEAUGH", Tyrone groaned as a final, yet very powerful surge shot through his huge frame. His tight, already ripped shirt exploded into shreds as his huge muscles grew to another level of thickness. A loud snapping sound followed as his shorts and boxers gave in under the pressure of his thickening waist. His head shot up as more height was added to his frame. He grunted as he felt the energy shot into his groin. His balls swelled to the size of lemons and sank lower in between his meaty quads and his 7 incher amassed girth and length, snaking further down against his leg. Without looking at the drained football player, he swaggered over to the mirror on the other side of the locker room. He ripped away the last remains of his destroyed shirt and stared at his nude reflection. "FUARK", Tyrone bellowed, his eyes widening in disbelief at the image of perfection staring back at him. He scanned every inch of his now beastly physique before beginning to explore his new body. His paws groped the protruding rack that hung from his chest, clawing at the hard meat of the half watermelon-sized pecs and testing the weight of meaty slabs; they slid down onto a stony eight-pack made of cobblestones separated by deep grooves. He licked his lips while taking in the size of his perfectly round shoulders that outsized bowling balls and the insane size of the monster arms that hung from them: the muscle on his upper arms twitched underneath the paper-thin skin and seemed ready to explode from it; his lower arms were crisscrossed with cable-sized cords of muscle. His lower body was just as impressive: his quads rivaled young trees in size; they were jam-packed with hard beef that eclipsed his kneecaps; his calves were bigger than most guys quads. He was about to grope the lengthy snake as a faint movement caught his attention. Keith had ignored the giant freshman, knowing he was no match for the guy now. While Tyrone went to inspect his new physique in front of the mirror, the diminished athlete made his move. He slowly released the handles he was still groping, pulled up his now baggy boxers and equally large sweatpants and kept his hand on them to prevent them from falling off again. He cautiously stepped to the door, making sure not to attract the freshman's attention. He grabbed the door handle and tried pushing it down. The door didn't move. He tried again, applying more force this time. "I locked it earlier when I came in". The deep rumbling bass filled the locker room like thunder and vibrated down Keith's weak body. His hand was frozen to the door handle. He heard the heavy footsteps and the large shadow grew on the door as the giant freshman came to him. A paw grabbed his armpit and dragged him in front of the mirror. He glanced up at his reflection and gasped: the ridiculously large clothes hung from his emaciated body and made him look like a kid who had put on his bigger brother's clothes. He peeped as the paw ripped away the clothes and exposed him completely. Tears welled up in his eyes: he looked like a weak boy instead off the hulking athlete he had been minutes earlier. Every trace of muscle that had once highlighted his physique, was gone. The layer of fat that used to give him a bulky appearance now made him look pudgy ad childlike. The beefy football player that dominated the team had been replaced by a meager boyish figure. He couldn't even remember having ever been this small. His 5'1, 105 pound body made him weak and puny by any standard. "Turn around!" The booming command made Keith jump up and he quickly did as he was told. He looked straight at the top row of the most deeply grooved set of abs he'd ever seen. He tilted his head up to stare at the face and instinctively took a step backward as his mind processed the size of the beastly freshman in front of him. The now 6'6, 330 pound Tyrone dwarfed him unlike anything he'd ever done to other guys. His own 242 pound body had been bulky and massive, but the giant freshman didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him: deep grooves, striations and veins edged along the hulking mass of his hard muscles that pushed against his skin. His square face, shadowed by a five o'clock beard sat atop an insanely thick neck that flowed into a broad line capped with boulder-like shoulders. Striations were visible through the thin skin stretched across the perfectly round delts. A thick vein snaked over the shoulders down on the ham-sized arms and branched off in dozens of smaller veins to feed the huge biceps at the front and the thick triceps that jutted out from the back. The beastly freshman outsized even elite superheavyweight bodybuilders. He looked like an anatomy chart that had come to live and was perfectly proportioned, except for his arms that seemed just a tad too big. Masculinity seemed to ooze from him and hang in the air like electricity around his hulking frame. Tyrone moved in front of the mirror and threw a most muscular. "FUARK", he roared as his muscles exploded in a symphony of harness, striations and veins across his body, "seems like there's a Tyrex in town". The faint 'wow' made him turn his attention back to the former athlete next to him. A smug grin formed on his face as he noted the awe in the frail guy's eyes. "Yo Keith", he said and brought his right arm up in front of his torso and flexed it, 'BADABOOM". Keith's eyes widened while the bicep in front of him exploded in size. The orb of hard meat sprang upward and outward into a pineapple-sized muscle choked in veins. The bicep swelled and hardened some more as the beastly freshman tightened his flex fully, stopping just below 30 inches of pure muscle. The sight of the massive arm hardening inches from his face made Keith's cock race to hardness and spew out a small, watery load that dribbled from the 2 incher. Tyrone noticed the fallen athlete's reaction and felt a jolt go through his own cock while he realized he totally dominated the small guy. He relaxed his right arm, placed his paw atop the guy's bony shoulder and pushed him down. Keith was forced to his knees by the paw that covered his shoulder, upper arm and half of his flat chest. He looked forward and stared straight at the fleshy snake that was lengthening along the thick quad and began rising upward. Within seconds the 14 inch cock was at full length, veins running along the thick shaft and the purple red head pointed directly at his face. He looked up but he couldn't see the freshman's face: the protruding rack of pecs hide it from his view. "Please…", he pleaded but a large paw grabbed the back of his head and the snake was rammed into his mouth. Tyrone grinned as he felt the small guy's hand tug at his right arm that held his head in place. His thick forearms easily withstood the tugging. He pushed more of his cock into the hot mouth. Keith gagged as 10 inches of the fleshy snake filled his mouth. He ceased his clawing and placed his frail hands atop the beastly quads for support as the beastly freshman began pumping in and out his mouth. His vision was filled with the cobblestone-sized abs that flexed on the rhythm of the thrusts. "YEAUGHN", Tyrone roared as ecstasy exploded through his 330 pound body. His lemon-sized balls drew tight and began releasing their thick load into the fallen athlete's mouth. Keith quickly gulped down the first huge load, a second one filling his mouth seconds later. He sucked down as much of the sticky spunk as fast as he could, but the hefty balls kept blasting out loads. Cum began flowing from the corners of his mouth and even from his nose. His vision began going dark by the lack of oxygen. After 10 loads, the snake withdrew from his mouth and blasted a final load onto his face, coating it with liquid heat. The paw released his head and he slumped down to the floor. Tyrone turned his gaze back to his reflection in the mirror. He flexed his left arm, smirking as the huge muscle exploded into a massive orb of vein-covered beef. He would have sworn he heard his skin stretch tight as the monster bicep swelled to its new size. He went over to Keith's gym bag and grabbed his hoody. He ripped off the sleeves and put it on. The zipper could only close over his eight-pack, his pecs protruded so far from his chest that it was impossible to get the zipper up any further. He grabbed a pair of baggy sweatpants from another locker and pulled them on: they fight like a second skin over his gargantuan legs. He threw a final look on the emaciated senior lying on the floor and left.
  21. Thefty

    An Adverse Reaction (Part 1)

    Hey guys, my first story on the forum, hope you enjoy, will post up a part 2 shortly. “Sam… SAM, GET IN HERE!” I hadn’t realised that I been instinctively cowering when his voice boomed across our flat. My friends first pointed it out when my hulking roommate invited himself out for drinks with us. It did come as a bit of a surprise to me when they told me this, mainly because Nick had never actually hit me or even threatened to, it’s just that I felt, like somehow, Nick could just bend my will. One of my closest friends at the time said I shouldn’t cower, like a puppy, but stand up to him. I could hear the strain in Nick’s voice though and I hurried into his bedroom. The sight and smell assaulting my senses as I entered; the smell of man went right up my nose in the first inhalation. It was sweat, stale sex, rich testosterone and damp, a kind of damp that you can only find in a student rugby players bedroom. It made my cock kick in its loose, thin, cotton sweats. Then of course, there was Nick, dressed only in a pair of boxers, with his weight bench sat upright, holding one of his 45kilo dumbells in both hands and grinning devilishy at me. “Dude, shoulder press… hand me the other 45!” his dark brows and long but spiked hair giving him a wolfish look. Dodging an empty takeaway carton, a discarded jock, a heap of college notes and at least one used condom, I picked my way to the dumbbell. The smell intensified as I got nearer to him. “Come on man, gotta get this done before Jen gets here” he grunted. I bent down, carefully raising the heavy dead weight. I hefted it over to Nick’s waiting hand as he got into position. I licked my lips as his biceps bulged as he flexed his arm into position. Both his thick pecs flattened out and his delts swelled freakishly, choked with veins from a pump. “Stand back” he ordered. I would like to say I watched, to say that I spotted him, but Nick was a tornado of male energy. A guttural roar emanating from his chest as he flexed the weight soaring toward the ceiling, his form disturbingly accurate. As his arms reached the maximum height, the clink of the dumbbells and the exposure of his forestry of pit hair, made my organ start to pulse in my shorts. As he went for more reps, so the smell escaping from his pits intensified over and over. The room filled with his scent. Looking back, I think that is one of the things that made me capitulate to Nicks demands as my flatmate. As the grunting continued, his shoulders and arms steadily bulging bigger from the pump, I quietly left the room wordlessly. I crept back to my smaller bedroom, put my hand gently on the top of my strictly average, rigid member, and felt it fire off into my pants. My legs weakening, I sank to the floor. My own varsity swimmers physique, feeling childlike compared to Nick’s hulking body. Soon, Nick’s girlfriend would be here, and I would be listening to them go at it for a few hours. I realised that I should probably try and get some sleep before it all kicks off. After cleaning up my own mess I walked down to the kitchen for a pre-bed snack, as I did, I thought about how Nick and I started off fairly evenly matched, how we were actually good mates who moved into this small, penthouse flat, off campus together. The weight set, the benches, bars, all bought with combined part time job salaries of both me and Nick. Now I barely get to use it. As I walked into the kitchen, I noticed his array of proteins adorning the top of the fridge. Is that all it took to make him bigger than me? Irritable, I escaped back to my room, snack in hand. I woke with a start. The all too familiar, rhythmical banging of Nick’s headboard against his wall had woken me. I decided against languishing in bed, getting a semi from the image of Nick’s powerful body fucking Jenna, his fitness-model cover girl. I skulked off to the kitchen and started making pancakes. Down the corridor of the tiny flat, I could hear Nick step up his rhythm and the grunting got louder. “He’s close…” I thought, before immediately regretting it, as I felt my cock thicken. I poured the milk into the blender and turned it on, which nicely drowned out the noise of Nick’s big finish. As I waited for the mixture to thicken, I again glanced up at the top of the refrigerator. Nick was reasonably busy, so I reached up and pulled down the white looking container. I had listened to Nick extol the virtues to protein, and pre-workout and whatever happened to be flavour of the month at the time. But this… this I didn’t know about. Which was out of character for Nick. I looked over the label, it was plain white with black text. Plenty of scientific writing, this was clearly not something picked up off the supermarket shelves. I couldn’t really argue with the results though. Nick had been getting bigger and bigger, much stronger too, all in the last few weeks his progress seemed to have jumped. But he wasn’t just getting bigger, he was getting leaner too. Most of all, Nick was getting bullish, ordering me around, demanding stuff, doing whatever he liked with little consideration, his new strengthened frame easily backing up his command of me. As that last thought lingered in my head I decided I should try some of the shake. Quickly, not wanting to get caught by Nick, I spooned two tablespoons of powder into a protein shaker and quickly poured water in on top. As I was shaking it, excited to see if I could catch up to Nick, I realised the sound of the blender had been masking the sound from Nick’s room. I reached and clicked the blender off and the swirling pancake batter came to a stop. I could hear the sound of my own breathing, and feel the beating of my heart inside my chest. But nothing else, Nick was clearly finished with his girlfriend. I had to get the stolen protein shake back onto the shelf before Nick came into the kitchen. I hefted the white tub into my hands and raised it above my head. “Dude… you made me a post-fuck shake!” I, almost froze at the sound of Nick’s voice, but managed to get the tub back on top of the fridge. My heart pounding at the thought of being discovered, sinking to the level of deception to try and catch up with Nick’s recent gains. As I turned to face Nick a further reality dawned. Stood there, semi hard, straining his boxers, a wet spot visible, his thick muscular topless torso, hard and glistening with sweat from his recent exertion. Nick’s look was not truly one of thanks. He observed me from underneath his thick dark brow, his bulging muscle giving him a menacing look. “Thanks for making it for me, but next time, don’t… it’s special stuff, only designed for me…” Nick almost growled through gritted teeth. “Tomorrow… you…me… college gym… chest day…” Nick continued between big gulps from my protein shaker. Thumping me on the chest with a meaty paw. I said nothing, as I watched the behemouth, swig the luminous orange coloured shake, small droplets escaping as Nick guzzled greedily, landing hapharzardly on his bulging pectoral muscle. “OK!?” Nick yelled, eyes narrowing, before belching loudly. “Yeah, sure Nick, sounds good” Nick eyed me for a few more seconds, turned on his heel and bounced off back to his room. I quickly retreated to bed, the pancake mixture left languishing in the blender. Tomorrow would be a heavy one. The next morning, I was awoken by the deafening bangs on my bedroom door. My head raised from my pillow to find my unimpressive dick had been erect and oozing all night, probably as a consequence of the thought of a gym visit with Nick. This crush had come out of nowhere, but it seemed to be growing stronger the bigger Nick seemed to grow. I dragged myself to the kitchen; Nick was already there, his tight muscle tank straining to hold back his bulging chest. “Time you got up lazy…” grinned Nick “Ready to go?” I croaked “What do you think little man?” he grunted, pulling a crab pose bursting with ripped muscle. As we walked to the campus gym, across the very quiet and expansive campus, the cold bit into my skin, but Nick seemed not to notice. Somehow, the elements only sought to make Nick even more brutally masculine and dominating. Reaching the gym, we headed straight for the weights section, deserted except for a lone American football player grunting softly between reps of squats. I did my level best not to stare at Nick, but mostly failed. His deep golden tan and his coarse dark hair gave him a wealthy exotic appearance, even as he began to warm up his veins pulsed and distended as his a gentle swell began in his muscles. “Chest today…” Nick said visibly bouncing ready to exercise. I berated myself for once again not suggesting a different body part. I only ended up working chest and sometimes shoulders because these are the exercises that Nick wanted a spotter for. I loaded up the bar precariously with extra 20kilo plates just for Nick. Trying his best to ignore me, Nick swung himself down on the bench and got into position in order to begin the workout. In this position, I was rewarded with the vision of the swell and heave of Nick’s chest. Nick on the other hand, would have had to settle for my crotch disturbingly close to his head. “Ready?” Nick grunted, and grabbed the bar, not really giving me time to react. As it transpired I was not immediately required. The new 20 kilo plates seemed like only an extra 5 to Nick’s mounding chest. He couldn’t help himself but smirk as the weight, no doubt felt lighter and easier to manage, than expected. I watched as Nick revelled in the all too familiar sensation in his chest, the pump soared through him, his triceps bulging as his chest bloating from the impact of the weights resistance. Again he pressed it up with ease, his big python plumping down the taught rugby shorts. This had quite literally meant, that whatever he was taking, maybe that new shake, had made him even stronger since last week. “woah dude… this is insane…” I said quietly murmuring watching the spectacle unfold. I watched on, Nick’s chest bulging and swelling as he grinningly pressed the weight, seemingly with growing ease. His arms didn’t shake and his form didn’t falter. His triceps flared, the veins distending along his arms giving him a look of sheer unstoppable power. He racked the weight without any help from me. When it was my turn, plates came off and I got into position, my head now close to Nick’s obscene bulge in his sweats. Not only did it look big, but this close, I could smell the incredible scent of the contents of his jock and it make the usual feelings bubble to the surface. I did my usual workout, my pecs fraught with effort and arms struggling with my usual weight, I watched Nick spot me, as my arms shook with almost half the weight he used, I looked up to him grinning down at me. This gave me the strength to finish my last few reps, but still, it served only to highlight the growing disparity in our muscle strength. The rest of the workout, I was feeling increasingly unhappy seeing Nick blow through all of his maxes and continuing to set new personal bests. I watched, uncomfortably as he nailed every chest exercise with greater than ever strength, amazed as he seemed to cope with anything thrown at him. I was so envious of his success, I figured I had to make a drastic change in my life or I’d get left behind. As I watched Nick strip for the shower, a common ritual after our workouts, that actually, maybe I needed to even the score. Later that night, Nick was out of the flat on a romantic date with his girlfriend. So I sneaked into his room while he was away. If Nick was taking this experimental supplement, there had to be some physical proof, letters, brochures, consent forms; there just had to be something to give me a clue. I needed to get on the trial. As I picked my way through Nick’s room, I found a cryptic letter from the andrology department of our university, now, SCU wasn’t exactly known for its research but, clearly, they were getting something right. However, before I had chance to read the information, I heard the familiar rattle of keys outside of the flat door, in a panic, I threw the letters back into the draw and slammed the draw shut, however in doing so, the cupboard rocked backwards then forwards. I looked upwards, in time to see the contents of one of Nick’s used condoms flow back out of the untied end and splash onto my forearm. I didn’t have time to react; I just bolted from Nick’s room out into the corridor and ran straight for my room. As I closed my door, I could hear Nick and Jenna come home and begin some post-date “activities”. My breathing calmed and my pulse slowed. My attention was drawn to the burning sensation on my right arm; I looked down to see the bright red streak across my supinated arm. I kept looking at it, it was red, and glowing, but there was seemingly no evidence of the disgusting contents of the used rubber. I was feeling hot all over, not just from the burning sensation on my arm, my clothes didn’t feel right on me. In the privacy of my own room, I shucked my clothes and went over to the mirror. I felt a spasm in my gut, then, suddenly, an intense warm glow spread through my body. I looked at myself in the mirror, my pecs hardened, abs tightened. I looked on in amasement, feeling sheer power tear through my body. My traps seemed to thicken, my delts pushed out from shoulders, giving them a fuller, rounded look. I was even convinced I was taller. I felt my legs precipitously thicken, I watched the inner head of the quadriceps surge into view, which only happened when I flexed, and yet, I wasn’t flexing. I looked up at my face, for the first time since I started college, I felt that I looked handsome and healthy. A grin unconsciously spread across my face. I had no idea how this happened, but I absolutely loved it. I posed for a little while longer. Feeling the bulge and play of my newly developed musculature, the heady experience of being taller, if only a fraction… Best of all the sensation that I must have a semi, except my cock was fully flaccid. I gyrated my hips watching the new piece of meat bounce around. It got hard easily and I wrapped my hand around it. My legs nearly gave way as my cock began firing round after round across the room, ribbons of pure white spunk blasted out and still my cock bounced in front of me, as if to fire again. I tucked the raging pole back into my strained boxers and glanced in the mirror. “Fuck yeah” I grunted, trying to flex my abs. Only, I’d never sworn into the mirror before… or actually… in many years. My stomach growled so I went to the kitchen dressed only my boxers. The bulge still present as I walked, for the first time, it seemed to bounce up and down gently as I walked along. I got into the kitchen, surprised to find Nick there, sat alone at the table, also dressed only in his boxers. He looked pale, and not in his usually arrogant vigour. The pale palour even made him look a little less masculine than normal. “You ok bro?” I said, sounding surprisingly manly. “Yeah, yeah, just had a bit of a funny turn…” Said Nick cryptically. The next morning, I woke up for the gym. I casually wrapped my hand around a raging morning erection, the cock, seemed bigger and stronger than I ever remembered. I brushed my hands up my thinner waist, across my flat stomach to the new shallow contours on my chest from my thickened pectorals. My hand found its way to the alarm clock, but it seemed I had awakened before my alarm clock, before Nick had the chance to wake me. I felt incredible after last night’s dramatic turn of events. Not only mentally but physically. I could feel energy just seem to stream out of me, I was ready to lift. The thoughts of stealing Nick’s new experimental protein shake could not be further from my mind at the moment, as a night’s sleep and deliberation had led me to the conclusion it was probablyresponsible for the effects of his potent spunk. I dressed, in front of the mirror, looking at my new body. I smiled as I quickly gave my arms a flex and my fresh, new biceps jumped up in my arms, now slightly less egg like, now definitely more fusiform in their appearance. Quietly dressing and walking out into the corridor, there was no Nick waiting with an annoyed glare, so I made for the kitchen. Nick’s half eaten breakfast was still on the table as he was filling up his protein shaker. “Y.. you’re up?” he croaked. I looked at him, he looked sleepy and tired. He rubbed his eyes and kept blinking at me. He was haphazardly dressed and his hair matted down to his head from the sweat of his night time activities with Jenna. “Are you ok dude?” “Err, just feeling a bit rough.” He answered, still staring at me. “Dude… did… you look like you, *ahem*, you’ve been making progress in the gym…” He continued, still staring at my chest. “Yeah, I think you might be right dude.” I replied, desperately avoiding the urge to show off my chest by flexing in front of Nick. He prepared his shake and we headed out. In the car, as we drove, I could feel Nick’s eyes stealing odd glances at me. I began to regret wearing the sleeveless top as I wasn’t sure if he was actually paying attention to the road. I could feel my balls tingle at the thought of a workout, I couldn’t wait to test my new muscle and I couldn’t wait to show Nick that I was capable of catching him up. As we arrived at the gym, he turned to me before we exited the car. “How did you do it dude?” “Do what Nick?” “How did you get bigger, we only worked out together yesterday, and now, you’re bigger… how?” “Nick, are you ok? I’m the same, just been working out hard.” “Dude, seriously?” “You’re delusional, now drop it” I growled with an uncharacteristic aggressive tone in my voice. Nick clearly got the message and promptly stopped asking questions, but his dark stare intensified. In the gym, Nick’s chest workout was woeful, his lifts were slightly down, he grunted and flailed with his usual weight and made much use of me as spotter. Clearly this bothered him, because he was getting progressively sharp in his statements as the hour wore on. When he had first removed his hooded jumper, he looked sick and, almost smaller. I however, was having a great workout, I loved the feeling of my chest bulging outward, the stretch of the fabric against it, the surge of the feeling of power and pride throughout me, setting new strength goals, took all my focus not to get rock hard. Whilst this was going on Nick, eyed me jealously. I could feel his cold dark eyes burning into me as he reluctantly spotted me for a new personal best. Before we could hit the showers, Nick insisted we do a flat bench press. I felt this was more of an exercise to prove a point instead of the training value of adding in another heavy set, complex lift at the end of the workout. As I pressed the weight up, I felt my body burn with exertion, I felt amazing. I added almost 10kg to my previous bench from yesterday, even with exhausted pectoral muscles from the previous hour workout. Nick racked up his usual weight, and through much straining and gritting of teeth and of course, some help from his loyal spotter, was able to do a few reps at his usual weight. As he racked the weight, it was clear the point he was trying to make, had not been as clearly illustrated as he had hoped. As he stared at me I obliviously fondled my swollen chest muscle. “What?” I asked “Nothing, lets hit the showers…” he said grinning for the first time today. Nick’s mood seemed to improve here as we entered the changing room. As he rather quickly undressed, I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming. “Coming to shower?” he asked, grinning at me, as he intentionally groped his thick, soft cock, though wanting me to believe it as a mere adjustment for comfort. I undressed at the normal speed, grabbed my towel and followed him into the shower. As I walked in, I watched him slowly lather soap into his thick musculature. His soft cock, swinging gently back and forth as his arms worked above him. I turned my head, to glance at his cock, figuring the water must be colder than usual, as it seemed a fraction smaller than usual. As I got myself under a shower head, I looked over at him again. He was looking at me, but our eyes didn’t meet, he was looking downward at my groin. “Dude, come on, you took some of my protein didn’t you?” he said unexpectedly “Look, Nick, I didn’t…” “Listen, I told you to stay away from it.” He grunted, his eyes looking cruel with a darker hue. I glanced down at me, across my now swollen pecs, my flattered stomach, to my soft cock, I then glanced over at him. His cock looked back to its old size if not bigger, as our eyes met. I realised, that his cock was thickening. Never before had I seen Nick like this, his skin flushing, his cock becoming increasingly aroused. “You uh… need a hand there bud?” I snickered. Within a second he was on me, his powerful hands grabbing both my shoulders. When they wouldn’t yield he dragged me, hanging onto my smaller frame, causing us to collapse to the floor. I struggled against the huge bulk of his weight on top of me. A leg each side of my chest, he positioned himself on top of my pectorals, his big, thick cock growing up and outwards towards my face. His cock brushed my lips. “Is this what you wanted? Stealing glances at me all the time? Well, how does it feel now? Enjoying?” He grunted, thrusting his hips forward at the upward inflection of each question. He took hold of his long, engorging rod and smacked my lips with it. “Please st-“ before I could finished speaking, the salty, musky flavour of Nick’s thick member exploded forth as he sunk the head into my open mouth. His powerful thighs extended on top of me as more of the colossally large pole slid into my mouth. I tried to speak, but the organ took up all of my mouth, I tried to remove myself, but his huge legs pinned me. As he held himself up with one of his mighty arms, another steadied my head as he began driving the mammoth shaft in and out of my mouth. As he began pumping, I could feel a familiar burning throughout my limbs that I felt the other night after getting his cum on my arm. I could feel the precum drip down my throat, rather than fight this, I knew to let it happen, I would reach my goals, and Nick, total unknowingly, would help me. If I hadn’t had his huge rod in my mouth, I’m not sure I could hold back the grin I would have had on my face. I felt trapped as his mammoth legs pinned me, as he pumped himself into my face. I had to focus on breathing, but I could feel his pre already start to work on me, the power swelling within me like a tide. Nick was absorbed in sating his carnal urge, I brought my arms up around his muscular waist, I watched as the veins snaked and squirmed their way to the surface of my biceps, muscle fibres thickening, the individual muscles becoming visible in my forearms. I felt great, I wanted this, I urged it to happen. He grunted above, clearly enjoying himself, just as the effects of his pre began to slacken, I felt his hips increase speed an intensity. As his orgasm ripped through him, I could feel his seed fire into the back of my throat again and again. Greedily, as best that I was able, I sucked down as much as I could handle, gleefully knowing it would be my flatmates undoing. He grunted once again and then withdraw his mighty organ from my slickened mouth, shook the last remnants of his pure white spunk onto my chest. “You tell anyone about this… and I’ll end you…” His powerful body swaggered off back to the changing room, but yet as I watched him leave, I thought I could see a little less definition in his expansive back. As I lay there on the shower floor, I felt the seed I had just swallowed get to work on me. Slowly it burned in my guts, filling me with ever increasing power. I knew then, his act had given me strength beyond anything I could have achieved in a year of gym visits. I felt my ass thicken, broaden and push me up from the floor, I felt less of the floor as my back broadened and dense muscle moved in to cushion the bone. I jumped up, my stronger powerful legs growing at a pace. I glanced down to see my pecs swell, my flat stomach, flatten even more, the first hints of my abdominals erupt from beneath the skin. I grabbed onto the shower bar as more power bolted through my body. I felt the room lower as my entire body lengthened. My mouth let out an involuntary grown as my neck muscles bulged, reaching my arms up to explore my thickening neck, my new, stronger biceps bulged with power. I raced into the locker room, but I was alone, Nick had long since left, I looked into the mirror and didn’t realise the new, taller, stronger and all round more masculine Sam staring back. I pulled a double bicep pose, amazed at the sheer size and power contained within my arms, I’m not sure the average person on the street would consider them big, but I was on my way. They had to be 15 inches around, I estimated. Best of all, the familiar hardening of my cock, had a most unfamiliar quality to it. Looking down, my erection strained the now tighter swimmer trunks, the bolder individual leg muscles fought the elastic. I as I slipped down, the apparently looser waist band, I was more than happy to see my usually unimpressive erection, looked super hard, but also both longer and thicker. My bigger balls pulsed below it, urging me to lift, urged me to fight and to persue. I resisted however, and redressed myself and made for home, I had a plan. (to be continued)
  22. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  23. Tranquilos, no voy a abandonar la otra historia, sino que el cuerpo me pedía una historia así para ayer xb. Está historia no va a tener encuesta aunque se agradece si dejan comentarios. Espero que les guste porque yo estaba urgente de una historia de cambio de rol más aya de músculos que si habrá (;3) solo esperen. Seguiré con esta historia cuando acabé [El resurgir de una leyenda] con poco tiempo de espera entre cada nuevo capítulo, espero ver bastantes comentarios de como se desarrollará está historia. Capitulo 1: una nueva vida Un 7 de noviembre del 2022, la pandemia se está controlando y ya muchos no se preocupan del virus, los negocios van abriendo y lss compañías vuelven a necesitar contratar mano de obra. Una de esas compañías era Dyhigh-tech una empresa que se dedica al desarrollo, diseño y construcción de nuevas tegnologias; ahí trabaja uno de nuestros protagonistas, Luis Javier García, o solo Javier para abreviar. Él era un hombre de finanzas, siempre sentado en el computador registrando las ganancias y perdida de la empresa, a dónde se dirige el dinero y así, pero no era de importancia ahora y menos en un puesto tan abajo en gestionar los sueldos de los empleados del almacén, la vida de Javier era aburrida y en decadencia, sus años de gloria como deportista acabaron cuando la futura esposa y madre de su hijo toca su puerta con un test de embarazo a sus 17 años de ambos, desde ahí hasta sus ya 35 años su vida se está yendo al desagüe, su hijo adolecente no le respeta y siempre se reviere a su padre como cerdo fracasado, aunque su esposa Nancy siempre está corrigiendo a su hijo Gabriel, ella no podía justificarlo mucho pues era verdad que a Javier lo podías disfrazar de cerdo y le quedaría el papel, siendo un hombre de pocos modales, peludo, algo descuidado y sobretodo con sobrepeso que mantenía comiendo como un cerdo. A Javier no le preocupaba mucho su futuro, estaba cómodo en un empleo que no requiere tanto esfuerzo y tener una esposa que se a conservado muy bien le sube un poco el ego, pero eso cambio con la pandemia y ahora descubrió lo alejado que estaba de si familia y que ya no se entendían como antes, antes de terminar el 2021 su esposa Nancy le dió el m documento y le pido directo sin dudar que quiere el divorcio, él extendió todo lo posible pero tenía un ultimátum para antes de la primavera del 2022. Para el colmo la compañía dónde trabaja aún siguen recortando personal y él está casi en la mira así que tiene que salir de su zona de confort y empezar a trabajar de más. Lo de su hijo ya era un caso perdido, casi que él prefería pasar el tiempo con el padre de su mejor amigo que con él. Pero las cosas iban a cambiar con la llegada de un pariente que busca una oportunidad en la ciudad, su sobrino Alexander hijo de su hermana mayor, venía a la ciudad a buscar empleo, Alexander no pudo estudiar en la universidad por falta de dinero aunque sabía que podría sacarle provecho, no aplicó para una beca por su historial académico y de mala conducta, si el chico era alguien intenso que no querías molestar, podrá parecer un alto flacucho pero sabía dar una buena pelea sin importar que le superes por varios centímetros y peso, él era rápido y no dudaba en lo que hacía. Pero ya esos tiempos de institutos quedaron atrás y el joven está dispuesto a conseguir empleo, su madre convenció a su tío Javier para que le consiga algún trabajo y también hospitalidad en la gran ciudad, Alexander no estaba cómodo con la idea, no por su tío sino por su primo Gabriel que desde niños el pequeño Gabriel era el más fastidioso e inquieto de la familia. Alexander llegó un 10 de enero a la casa de Javier quien ya lo esperaba con una habitación de huéspedes lista para él aunque demasiado cerca de la habitación de Gabriel, para suerte de Alexander el pequeño Gabriel ya se había calmado un poco y tenía videojuegos para entretenerse el mismo. Nuestro Alexander aceptó la oferta de empleo que pudo darle su tío Javier, no es que fuera realmente algo que le daría una independencia económica pero gracias al alojamiento puede ahorrar para algo más y mientras gana experiencias buscar un mejor empleo, ¿Que cuál fue el empleo? Boguedista de la misma compañía de Javier, así también se ahorra el viaje. Paso una semana y se podría decir que Alexander se está empezando a adaptar a su nueva vida en la ciudad, el trabajo era pesado si pero le daba el tiempo para al menos también intentar hacer vida, conocer sus alrededores, no era mala la experiencia fuera del trabajo y la casa de Javier, la cosa cambia dentro. Pasando una semana con la familia de su tío es imposible no enterarse de los problemas más evidentes, trató de no involucrar se pero el viaje al trabajo casi atrapado en el tráfico, dos hombres en un auto y claramente la incomodidad del silencio, era preferible hablar de algo aunque sea de los problemas en casa y del fútbol que la verdad ninguno de los dos veía pero nunca se lo dijeron al otro. Parecía que iba a ser otro viernes más en la vida de ambos pero estaban completamente equivocados, hoy tocaba unas horas extra, ambos claramente no estaban felices con ello pero ¿qué podían hacer realmente? Alexander estaba moviendo equipo de la bodega a uno de los laboratorios de las plantas bajas, algo ya parte de la rutina de mover aparatos y cosas que no entendía bien del todo, la cosa es que tuvo un pequeño descuido con una caja la cual se cayó de sus manos en un tropiezo y las piezas salieron volando por todas las direcciones, una de esas piezas llegó a impactar contra una máquina extraña la cual ahora estaba dañada por una pieza que llegó a atravesar el tablero de control de alguna manera. El joven pudo limpiar el desastre pero no sabía que hacer con esa máquina, algo apanicado por pensar que iba a perder su empleo y tener que volver al pequeño pueblo con su madre, una idea se pasó por su mente, Javier, él posiblemente sabrá que hacer tenía la esperanza que así fuera. Javier llegó con Alexander y vió claramente cuál era el problema desde que entró al laboratorio, estuvieron discutiendo que hacer unos minutos hasta que simplemente llegaron a la conclusión de que al menos no dejen ese fierro clavado ahí y que ya alguien más se de cuenta del daño. Los dos empezaron a hacer fuerza para sacar la pieza de metal que estaba más atascada ee lo que pensaban, fue en un descuido que activaron la máquina y no solo eso sino que estaban en la mira del rayo que salió antes de que lograrán quitar la pieza. Ellos solo vieron casi que un flash de luz azul que los cegó momentáneamente, la cosa es que no sabían es que esa máquina no era una cámara muy costosa, sino un cambiador de mentes y que sin querer ellos dos cambiaron de cuerpo. Alexander fue el primero en despertarse, se sentía pesado, cansado y curiosamente con hambre, estaba algo sudado y sus pies lo estaban matando, él pudo reconocer a alguien más en el suelo, fue rápido pero un escalofrío recorrió su cuerpo cuando se dió cuenta de qué era su cuerpo ahí tirado, levanto lentamente sus manos las cuales ya no eran esas manos que vieron varias peleas y con unas pocas venas marcadas, ahora eran manos grandes y gruesas pero más que nada gordas y con mucho vello que recorría desde laano hasta casi sus hombros. Corrió a un tanque metálico que funcionaba como espejo y ahí se vio mejor, tenía el pelo negro, una barba descuidada pero abundante, un casi inexistente cuello, hombros flácidos y brazos regordetes, pechos de hombre un poco colgantes, una gran barriga semi cervecera, una cadera y piernas demasiado anchas que no cabría bien en un asiento, además de llevar unos zapatos que se sentían 2 tallas más pequeños de lo que deberían, era su Tío Javier, mejor dicho él tenía el cuerpo de su tío Javier. El siguiente en despertarse fue el mismo Javier quién se extraño de verse a si mismo de espaldas, hizo caso lo mismo, miro sus manos flacas de dedos largos, venas marcadas y parecia que tenía los nudillos endurecidos, se levantó y fue al lado de su cuerpo y se vio a si mismo también, un joven alto para su anterior estatura de 1.75 m ahora tiene 1.85 m, era flaco pero no sé sentía para nada débil, su pelo ahora era castaño y no tenía mi un pelo más aya de su cabeza, podía ver si piel un poco más bronceada por dónde se asomaban de la ropa ajustada que hacía notar un poco su pecho y su cintura pequeña, unas piernas largas que terminaban en tenis sin plataforma algo grandes pero de la talla adecuada. — ¿Que fue lo que pasó? ¿Por qué estoy en tu cuerpo? — Dijo Javier a Alexander que aún estaba aturdido e incrédulo por lo que veía. — No… no lo sé. ¿Que vamos hacer ahora? ¡¿Que le diremos a tu familia?! — Expresó con preocupación y enojo Alexander. — Mira, no tengo ni la más remota idea que pasó, pero no debemos decirle a nadie, si se enteran de ésto sólo va a empeorar las cosas, ya tengo demasiadas preocupaciones como para lidiar con esto. — ¡¿Qué?! ¿Acaso quieres callarte y pretender que nada paso? — Toma de la camisa de Javier que sería su antigua camisa y lo pone contra ese mismo tanque. — ¿Se te ocurre forma de justificar ésto a alguien? Si es así te escucho, sino, no nos queda de otra que estar así y averiguar cómo volver a cambiar. Alex se queda callado un momento pensando, luego recuerda la máquina pero para su desgracia y por más que intentara, ya no encendía, al fin ese daño del fierro cobro factura y quemó los circuitos internos al usar la máquina. — No… ¡No! No puedes hacerme esto… ¡No!.... — Empieza a golpear un poco la máquina. — Hey ¡Hey! Para, no la destroces más de lo que ya está, tenemos que irnos de aquí. Aún enojado pero claramente aún cuerdo solo es un último golpe y cierra su puño con fuerza antes de sólo acentir e ir con Javier al auto. Ya en el auto se sentaron ambos adelante, solo que Javier en el cuerpo de Alex se fue al lado del conductor y Alex en el cuerpo de Javier en el del copiloto. — Mira, tanto tú cómo yo está claro que no queremos esto, ya tengo problemas en mi matrimonio, mi hijo me odia, mi empelo está en riesgo y no quiero preocuparme ahora por ésto. Pero no podemos hacer nada por ahora… — Dijo Javier apoyándose contra el respaldo y mirando al techo del coche. — Se que no se puede hacer nada… pero ¡Mierda! No quiero esta vida, lo siento pero realmente tenía planes, quería un trabajo que pagara bien pero me deje tiempo para… cosas. ¿Cómo voy a manejar tu vida? — preguntó Alexander. — Te ayudaré con éso, a manejar mi empleo y no te preocupes por mi familia, mi esposa se quiere divorciarse y mi hijo no me obedece por más que le digo que haga las cosas, por lo menos céntrate en el trabajo, porque si me corren no sé cómo podré mantenerte en casa. — más bien, que no me corran para mantenerte a ti en casa… maldición, esto va a ser un desastre. — Nos empezaremos a llamar con el nombre del otro, tú serás Javier y yo seré Alexander, trataremos de usarlos incluso cuando hablemos sobre este asunto de cambio de cuerpos, ¿Qué dices? Javier.— le extiende su mano como si se fueran a conocer por primera vez. — Pues… no hay realmente otra alternativa, Alex. — le da un apretón de manos y ambos aceptan de momento intentar vivir la vida del otro. Pero mi momento como narrador a terminado, es hora de que ellos mismos describan sus experiencias en los próximos capitulos, la nueva situación que vino a cambiar sus vidas literalmente.
  24. I want to start off by apologizing for being away for so long. I have written and re-written this chapter so many times. Never quite sure which way I wanted to take it and who I wanted the story to focus on next. Hoping to write some more chapters to this and eventually get to a conclusion in this story line. I have quite a few others I would like to get started but not until this one is done. So without further ado, I give you.... Blue Pill Part 21 Sarah headed into the showers after hearing the running water. The showers were private stalls that held a curtain at the front for privacy. Sarah pulled back the first curtain to find an empty stall. As she approached the second stall, Sarah could hear a wet slapping noise. Like the sounds of sex. She grabbed a handful of the curtain and pulled back just enough to peek inside. What she found in the private shower stall left her speechless. It was the most muscular back of a man she had ever seen. Even bigger than Chris after draining her size. He was easily as wide as the shower, his shoulders almost touching on either wall of the stall. She watched as his right arm made long back and forth motions, producing the slapping sound that had drawn her to his stall in the first place. Mesmerized by the sight of his muscles bunching and rippling across his back and triceps, Sarah had hardly noticed the man had turned and was reaching for a bottle of lube on the shelf behind him. A baritone voice filled the shower “well if you came for a show, then i’m going to need a volunteer.” The tall black man slowly turned around and Sarah watched as the water cascaded down to enormous pecs the size of dinner plates with big perky nipples. Which led to a deeply etched eight pack. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw the massive erection he was holding with his right hand. It had to be every bit of 13 inches and it was as thick as a beer can. Sarah swallowed hard, “I would be more than happy to help you out. It’s the least I could do for you since you gave me a show.” The tall behemoth reached forward and pulled back the curtain to allow Sarah entrance. Sarah slid in past the curtain and closed it behind her. Sarah turned back around and found herself eye level with the biggest pair of pecs she had ever seen. They jutted out several inches from the man's rib cage. Sarah brought a hand up and placed it on his massive upper arm. The man then flexed for her, making his arm jump up several inches as it hardened into a solid flex, causing her to stand on her tiptoes to keep ahold of the enormous bicep. “What’s your name big guy?” She asked as she leaned forward and pinched one of his nipples between her fingers. “Names Damien. Why don’t you put that mouth to work and don’t ask any more questions.” So Sarah latched onto his left nipple and gave it a playful bite. This drove the man wild. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up. He turned them around so his back was again facing the shower curtain and he rested Sarah between his colossal cock and his ripped abdominals. Damien lowered Sarah down until she felt the curve of his dick along her taint and ass crack. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard this man's dick was. Speaking of hard dicks, Sarah could feel hers pulsing away inside the bike shorts that she was still wearing. Damien took notice of the fabric flexing beneath his abs. So he reached down and grabbed both sides of the bike shorts and pulled, the shorts stood no chance of staying together. They shredded apart like they were made of paper, freeing Sarah’s six inch raging hard on. Sarah began sucking on Damien’s nipple again while she reached behind her and began stroking the head of his massive cock. Her job was getting easier as Damien began pumping out precum into her hand. Once coated, Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking all the pre-cum off and moaning as she did so. Sarah then felt a warmth surge through her and Damien could swear she felt ever so slightly heavier resting on his dick. Damien leaned Sarah’s back against the tile wall under the shower head, which was several inches from the top of her head. He brought both of his hands under each ass cheek and lifted until the head of his cock nestled and the entrance of her ass. Sarah reached up and put both her arms around Damiens thick neck for support. She then felt herself slowly being rested on top of his bulbous cock head. Sarah leaned forward and took a nipple back in her mouth and gave it a nibble. Damien moaned and she could feel his cock flex and felt a big glob of pre-cum pulse into her hole. Sarah could feel the head of Damiens cock sliding into her a bit faster now thanks to the pre. This was taking too long for Sarah’s liking so she bit down hard on Damiens nipple and brought a hand down from behind Damiens neck to twist the other. Damien threw his head back and let out a deep moan as he clenched his massive ass cheeks, driving the head of his dick right into Sarah's ass. Sarah had thought she had made Damien cum because his cock was flexing like crazy and she could feel him shooting inside of her. “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” Damien said with a smirk on his face. Sarah realized he hadn’t cum yet and that was all just pre. Sarah began to feel a warmth spreading through her body as the pre began feeding her body's growth. She watched as new veins snaked their way up her forearms and hair began sprouting up in places along her arms it had never been before. “Oh this is going to be fun.” Sarah thought. Sarah watched as Damien moved his hands under her arms and wrapped his thick fingers down on her shoulders from behind. “I can play dirty too.” Damien then began pulling Sarah down with his hands. Forcing more of his colossal dick inside of her. With each inch he was inside her Damien swore it was getting tighter. He’d never fucked anyone so tight before. Sarah could feel the dick sliding further and further into her, causing her own raging erection to push up against Damiens rock hard abs. Damien was about halfway in, he brought one of his hands around and placed it over Sarah’s mouth. He flexed his glutes, driving the rest of his dick inside of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and a long loud moan rumbled in the small shower. Damien stood there for a moment. Fighting off the urge to cum and to give Sarah a chance to adjust to his size. He could feel his cock throbbing inside, pumping tons of pre into Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel what could only be described as a small fire growing inside of her. She felt her muscles expanding ever so slightly and she could feel her cock pulsing, each pulse bringing the head of her cock slightly further up Damiens abs. At the same time, she could feel a little less pressure inside of her as Damien’s cock shrank down to match what Sarah had gained. “I can’t have him figure out what’s happening till I take more from him.” Sarah began pulling herself up the length of his dick and dropped herself back down. This sent a moan through Damiens throat as Sarah milked another load of pre out of him. Damien swore he could feel Sarah getting heavier in his arms, but he was sure it was just because he had blasted his arms with an intense workout before hitting the shower. Damien looked down at his arms and he noticed the pump he had when he entered the shower was now gone. His arms were looking somewhat flat. Still extremely massive and very impressive, but flat in his eyes. Sarah noticed Damien taking inventory of his muscles and so she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Every time Sarah came back down on Damien’s dick she got a little bigger and he got a little smaller. This was because Sarah was milking the pre right out of his dick. Damien decided to take control. He reached behind Sarah and pulled her into him forcing her against his body and began pistoning his dick in and out of her. When he did this it forced Sarah’s cock between his rock hard abs and her six pack. In this new position, he knew he had easy access to her g-spot. Sarah felt like her world was dissolving all around her as Damien pounded her G-spot with a barrage of hard hits from his flared cock head. She was seeing little white spots on the edge of her vision and there were sounds escaping her mouth that she didn’t know she could even make. Damien could feel the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm coming from Sarah, so he leaned Sarah's back against the shower wall again and gripped her cock in his hand. He began pumping her cock and fucking her with the same rhythm. Sarah couldn’t take anymore, She let out one deep long moan and clenched her ass hard onto Damiens dick. Damien continued stroking Sarah’s cock as he felt it flex in his hand. The first shot went so hard and so fast it hit the ceiling of the shower with a loud “SPLAT”. The next one landed right on Damiens face. The several that followed, painted his pecs and abs in a glaze of jizz. Damien could taste Sarah's jizz as it ran down his face and into his mouth. The taste was indescribable. It was doing something to him though, he felt his whole body tense up and his balls began to ache like he hadn’t cum in days. He knew what was about to come, he was. Damien drove his dick into Sarah one last time and threw his head back letting out a deep yell. Sarah came to her senses as she realized what was about to happen. She felt Damiens cock swell inside of her. A torrent of cum flooded her insides. Damien began sliding his cock in and out of her as if to milk out every last drop. Sarah felt like a furnace had just been ignited inside her. The heat was so intense. She began to feel her muscles swell and expand. Her cock began swelling in every direction as if she was about to erupt again. Damien, no longer able to hold her weight post orgasm, pulled Sarah up and off his dick and lowered her down till her feet rested on the tiled floor. Damien then hunched forward under the shower head with one arm rested against the wall just under the head. Sarah took this chance to make a quick escape before Damien began shrinking. She knew she was going to get quite a bit bigger, but she didn’t think she would be able to fend off Damien if he were pissed about his loss of size. She quietly pulled back the curtain while Damien was still in his post orgasmic bliss. She then closed the curtain and turned around, realizing she was completely naked. Sarah could feel herself getting bigger by the second as her body fed off Damiens cum. She could feel her lats pushing out, making her arms flare out further. The gap between her legs was filling up with muscle, making it awkward as she tried to continue walking. Sarah headed out into the locker room in search of something to wear, or maybe in search of some more muscle…. As Sarah exited the showers, the last shower curtain slid back and a man poked his head out. Seeing that she had left, the man slipped out of his shower wrapped in a towel and opened the curtain to the shower that Sarah had just left. “Looks like someone could use a hand in here…”
  25. BetweenTheLines

    Late Night Workout

    --- This is my first story, so comments are appreciated, but please be kind --- --- I'm also planning on posting some captions over on my Tumblr ---- It was after midnight and the gym was dead, but that was the way Marcus liked it. Marcus was a beast of a man, handsome, tall, and incredibly muscular. After finishing college, he had honed his naturally athletic physique into one that of an amateur bodybuilder. But that wasn’t enough for Marcus, he wanted to be truly huge, so he turned to a cocktail of chemicals to push his physique beyond his natural genetic limit. Marcus roared as he threw around huge amounts of weight, relishing in the pump that filled his muscles with blood. He couldn’t get away with such a raw display of power when the gym was full during the day, so he worked out at night when he could truly unleash. After several hours of pumping iron, Marcus faced one of the gym mirrors and admired his incredible physique. His meaty pecs heaved with each breath and his huge shoulders glistened with sweat under the gym lights. Marcus brought his swollen biceps up into a double bicep pose and watched as his peaks swelled with strength. There was another reason why Marcus liked working out alone. As he posed, his pants began to tent as he admired his own godly physique. He reached into his sweatpants and rearranged his huge cock and hefty balls. Unlike most users, he had found the perfect mix of chemicals that managed to not only boost his already naturally high testosterone production but also keep his sizable package intact. Marcus squeezed his lemon-sized nuts, sending a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout his body as clenched his powerful core. “I’m a fucking beast” he panted to the empty gym. But little did Marcus know, he wasn’t alone. Watching from the shadows was Seth, a freshman from the local college. Several weeks ago, Seth was making his way home after staying late in the computer lab. While walking past the local gym, Seth caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see a colossus of a man pumping iron with perfect form and animalistic power, his grey track pants doing little to hide the obscene bulge in his pants. Instantly, Seth was filled with a mixture of lust and loathing as he watched the raw display of power in front of him. He could practically smell the sweat that poured out of the man’s pores through the glass. Marcus was everything Seth wanted to be. Tall, muscular, handsome, the walking epitome of male masculinity. From that moment, Seth knew that he needed to take it for himself. And now, after weeks of work, tonight would be the night. As Marcus flexed, he began to feel the room get warmer. “The manager must have turned off the AC again,” said Marcus rubbing the sweat from his brow. He detected a slight smell of mint in the air but thought nothing of it. He threw a most muscular pose and watched as his huge muscles swelled in his black singlet. His singlet was drenched in so much sweat that it stuck to his body like a second skin. “Fuck, it really is hot,” Marcus cursed as he began to feel light-headed, the smell of mint growing stronger. Suddenly a wave of weakness washed over him. He found himself stumbling forwards toward the mirror before he managed to use his huge calloused hands to stop himself. He shook his head in an attempt to regain his senses as he tried to push his hulking form away from the mirror. The smell of mint flooded his senses, choking his lungs and causing his eyes to water, further clouding his mind. Suddenly he felt something slide into his pants, before feeling a small hand grip his cock. He heard a gasp as the cool hand explored the sheer size of his cock, a realisation that even in his current semi-hard state, the hand couldn’t even make it halfway around his girth. After a few moments, the hand began to run its way up and down his cocks already considerable length. Despite plenty of luck with the ladies, this had to be the most sensual thing that Marcus had ever felt. More blood pulsed through the thick veins of his cock until he was at full mast and rock hard. The hand gently pulled back his foreskin, exposing his huge mushroom head to the sweat-soaked fabric of his workout shorts and releasing a pungent smell of musk and hormones. The hand then massaged Marcus' sensitive tip, sending jolts of pleasure shooting throughout his body. “Ohhh fuck,” Marcus moaned. His muscles tensed and his back arched as he approached a toe-curling orgasm. His massive balls pulled upwards towards his body as they prepared for climax. But suddenly the feeling stopped. “Please. I’m. So. Fucking. Close,” Marcus panted as he was denied release. “What’s in it for me?” a voice Marcus didn’t recognise whispered softly. The smell of mint got stronger. “Anything. You. Want. Just. Let. Me. Cum!” Marcus moaned between waves of pleasure and pain, the veins of his cock bulging as pressure continued to build in his nuts. Seth smiled. Marcus’ consent was the final thing he needed. As he lifted the back of Marcus’ sweat-soaked singlet, the smell of salty sweat and musk filled the air. The smell of raw masculinity. He began to trace a series of runes on Marcus’ bare skin, marveling at the width of the muscle man’s back. Due to the massive difference between their heights, Seth had to get in his tiptoes to reach the giant's vast upper back to draw final runes. Marcus shuddered to Seth's touch, his back muscles twitching and flexing under the smaller man's fingers. “Soon,” Seth said to himself. Seth grabbed the waistband of Marcus’ gym shorts and with some difficulty pulled them down past his bubble butt and raging hardon. Marcus moaned as the fabric touched his sensitive cock and his mushroom head began oozing precum. Seth shucked his own pants revealing a thin, but average-length dick. With both hands, he parted Marcus’ granite-like ass cheeks. Seth pressed his dick against Marcus’ hole but was met with some resistance. He calmly reached up and pulled Marcus’ mammoth arms down to his side, before placing his palms on the back of Marcus’ significantly bigger hands. Then, as if they were his own, he guided them down to Marcus’ raging cock and began to stroke back and forth, faster and faster, Marcus’ precum and sweat lubing the length of his shaft. Even with Marcus’ saucer-like hands gripping his shaft, his swollen cock still had plenty of length to spare. The smell of mint was stronger than ever. Euphoria coursed through Marcus’ body and his cock shot out a volley of cum over the mirror in front of him. Seth felt Marcus’ defences relax. “This is it,” he whispered in Marcus’ ear, “now I ascend!”. Seth forced his cock inside Marcus’ waiting hole. Marcus fired another volley of cum as Seth pushed inch after inch into his asshole. Seth reached the point where he would have been balls deep in Marcus, but he pushed further, his groin sinking into Marcus’ muscular butt. Oblivious to what was happening, Marcus continued to ride his wave of climax, moaning as he released another spray of cum. Seth pushed further into Marcus, pushing his slender legs into Marcus’ tree trunks. His smaller size 8 feet were engulfed by Marcus’ size 14s. His torso made contact with the ridges of Marcus’ muscular back before sinking into his warm flesh. Seth pushed his small sticks into Marcus' colossal arms and his slender hands into Marcus’ larger calloused ones. He felt as if his consciousness was expanding to fill the stud's body, a rush of strength and testosterone flooding through his being. He began to feel what Marcus felt, flashes of sensation of his powerful hands on his massive cock, and the cooler breeze of the gym air on his hot, sweaty skin. Finally, as Marcus sprayed another impressive volley of cum on the gym mirror, Seth pushed his head into the middle of Marcus’ back. Everything went dark as both men closed their eyes. Seth let his consciousness envelope Marcus’, stripping it of its confidence, dominance, and animalistic drive, before pushing the pathetic remains out into the darkness. The strong smell of mint was joined by the heavy smell of musk, a cocktail of hormones hanging thick in the air alongside the smell of sweat and cum. Seth’s eyes shot open and he sprayed the last of Marcus’ essence over the gym mirror. He looked down at his pumped chest and watched it rise and fall as his heart pumped oxygen throughout his colossal form. He brought his huge hands up and flexed them into fists, marveling at the way his huge pencil-thick veins pulsed as they fed blood to his muscles. Seth felt heavy, he felt strong, he felt powerful. The sound of a door closing snapped him back to reality and he spun around and saw the janitor getting ready to clean the gym. Seth pulled up his gym shorts, turned his cap backward, and began to swagger across the gym, his cock still dripping cum into the deep grooves of his quads. As he approached the janitor with his new longer stride, he smirked, realising how much he now towered over normal men. “I left a bit of a mess, but I doubt you mind,” Seth said, noticing the raging hard-on in the janitor’s pants. “When you have as much testosterone as I do, you need to release the beast once and awhile,” Seth bragged, flexing one of his huge veiny biceps for the janitor to admire. The janitor moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers. Seth snickered and turned away from the lesser man. The janitor stammered a response to the giant, but Seth didn’t care. Seth easily pushed open the heavy gym door, feeling the cool breeze on his hot sweaty skin. He took a deep breath, inhaling his new manly scent before he disappeared into the night to begin his new life as a true alpha male.
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