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  1. kurisupei

    Siphoning Stepbro's Hot Bod

    Nick and Brandon are stepbrothers. The two brothers never really bonded with each other due to their differences in basically everything, not just their environment. Nick is the older brother, 24 years old, 6'3 tall, and 250 lbs. Brandon is the younger one, 18 years old, 5'4 tall, and 120 lbs. Nick always acts cockily around his younger brother. He would always bully and beat Brandon. Although Brandon is turned on by his brother’s size, he wishes he can be of equal match to him at the very least. One night, after working out, Nick saw himself at a mirror in his own room. He admired his pump. He flexed and worshipped his body and it gave him pleasure. He rubbed his pecs that were the size of melons. He moved his hands to his perfect washboard abs. He flexed both his arms which were bigger than grapefruits. He continued to touch himself. The feeling felt so good that he slipped his hand in his shorts and started caressing his cock, he started moaning and breathing heavily while his other hand touches his big body. Brandon heard his brother moan and sneakily peeked at the door. He secretly watched his brother pleasure himself and it turned him on. He continued to watch as Nick moaned louder and harder. He was getting close to cumming. Brandon could not help but feel aroused seeing his brother masturbating. He wanted to do something to his brother. He decided to take action. When Nick is finally asleep, Brandon went to his brother’s room and took off all Nick's clothes. He then proceeded to grab his brother’s body. He started with grabbing his brother's huge biceps and flexing them. He moved to his chest and grabbed his brother's washboard abs. Then he reached down and grabbed his small cock. It was about 4 inches long. He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked it. After a few minutes, he noticed Nick's tight asshole and noticed that he is sleeping heavily. He put his cock in his brother's ass and started thrusting into him. After a couple of minutes, he felt his brother wake up. He felt his brother’s massive cock start to get hard. Brandon started moaning and pumping harder in his brother. His orgasm started to build up inside him. When Brandon was nearing release and was moaning hard, Nick woke up. As Nick opened his eyes and saw what was happening, Brandon busted his load inside Nick. "Ughhh! Fuck yes!" Brandon shot several loads of cum deep in his brother's ass, not knowing Nick is now awake. Nick grunted as he felt his brother's hot jizz filling his hole. Brandon then pulled out his cock and shot another load of cum on Nick's face. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Nick is enraged. He grabs Brandon and starts beating him. "You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Nick grabs his brother and pushes him against the wall. Nick begins beating his brother up until he feels a weird sensation inside him. His body seems to be reacting to his brother’s cum. Nick becomes dizzy for a split second and he looks back at Brandon. Nick then notices he is not looking down at Brandon as much as before. “What the fuck?" Nick utters in confusion. Nick sees his body has shrunken. He is still big but he is no longer the giant he was before. He is now about 5'10 and 200 lbs. Nick didn't realize his cock is hardening, but Brandon did. Busy contemplating what just happened, Nick didn't notice Brandon kneeling in front of him and started sucking his massive cock. "Uhh, oh fuck!" Nick moaned. Brandon had been dreaming about this moment for years. He always wanted to suck his brother's cock. He never got the chance to do so because Nick always humiliated him. Now that he finally gets the opportunity, he takes advantage of it. Brandon continues to suck his brother's cock while touching Nick's hot body. Nick was in heaven. The feeling of having Brandon's mouth around his cock is indescribable. He felt so much pleasure that his knees weakened and he lied down. Brandon sucked harder. “Oh god, Brandon, stop." Brandon kept sucking his brother's cock. He then reaches under Nick's body and gropes his huge balls. Brandon started sucking his brother's dick faster. He could tell Nick was close to cumming. He wanted to make sure he shoots a lot of sperm in his brother's mouth. Nick was getting closer to orgasm. "Shshhit! Ughh ohh ughhh"He moaned loudly and started shooting his load in Brandon's mouth. Brandon swallowed every drop of his brother's cum, while sucking harder. Change started to gradually happen to both of them. Nick's cock was shrinking and getting smaller. Brandon's body was growing bigger and stronger. He feels his pecs growing bigger and juicier as he squeezes Nick's shrinking ones. While still sucking hard on Nick's cock, he poses a double bicep. Brandon's cock grows longer and thicker as he feels Nick's cock shrink in his mouth. He feel his limbs lengthen as he grows taller. At this point, the 24 year old Nick is about 5'5 tall and 170 lbs, he still has the muscle mass of a model, but not big as before. The 18 year old Brandon, on the other hand, is now about 6'2 and 250 lbs. Nick's cock shrunk from 10 inches to 4 inches and the opposite happened to Brandon. Nick had begged him to stop, but Brandon didn't. "Can you still beat me up, little guy?!" Brandon exclaimed. Brandon swallows and he stood up, looking at both his and his brother's bodies. He comes to the mirror and worships himself, like he saw Nick do earlier. He cums on the mirror. "Fuck that's hot! I get why you like doing that now." Brandon says. Nick stares in disbelief. "But you know what would be hotter? If I were bigger. I see you have more size I can take, I want it." Brandon says, glancing back at Nick. Brandon starts to rub and suck on Nick's now smaller body. "No please, no more, I'm too small now, please!" Nick protests and attempts to fight back but Brandon is stronger. Brandon begins squeezing every muscle he can feel. Nick feels his limbs retracting as he gets shorter. His muscles start to condense in his smaller frame. He is now about 5'3 while Brandon grows into a towering 6'4. Brandon then proceeds to knead his now thicker muscles. As he squeezes his Nick's juicy chest, it slowly transfers onto him. He works his way around his other muscles, taking it all, leaving but a faint outline of abs. Brandon checks out his body now, he is now bigger than Nick ever was. As Brandon was distracted by his own body, Nick feels a build up of pleasure churning inside him and his cock started to harden from seeing how big Brandon got. Nick started stroking his 4 incher and he started moaning. Nick's moans got Brandon's attention which made him look at Nick. "I'm gonna need that as well to complete the look." Brandon said. As Nick was about to cum, Brandon placed his hand on Nick's cock. Nick's cock began to dwindle in size while Brandon's grew into a full 12 inches. "Ughh oh fuck uh" when Nick's cock had shrunken into a little nub, he finally cums on Brandon's hand. Brandon licks his palm and smears the cum on his face, making his face more chiseled. "That's better, thanks for the donation, little bro." Brandon tells his emaciated brother as he leaves the room.
  2. kurisupei

    The True King of Aesthetics

    — This is a fictional video transcription of a vlog interaction between Jeff Seid and David Laid — (The camera starts rolling, panning at Jeff who is filming in his house) Jeff Seid: What's up guys, Jeff Seid here and today I have a special guest with me. You guys have been asking for it and we're finally making it happen. That's right, I'm here with David Laid and we're gonna do a physique comparison. David Laid: What's up guys, David Laid here. I'm excited to be here with Jeff and compare our physiques. Jeff Seid: So, just to give you guys an idea, I'm 6'0 and currently weighing in at around 230 pounds. I've been training for over 10 years now and I think my physique speaks for itself. David Laid: And I'm 6'2 and currently weighing in at around 205 pounds. I've been training for about 6 years and I'm always striving to improve. Jeff Seid: Alright, let's get into it. David, why don't you show us what you're working with? (David proceeds to do a series of poses, showing off his muscular physique) Jeff Seid: (nodding) Nice, nice. You definitely have some impressive size and definition there. David Laid: Thanks man, I appreciate it. Alright Jeff, let's see what you got. (Jeff proceeds to do a series of poses, showcasing his massive muscles) David Laid: (impressed) Wow, your size and definition is insane. Your muscles are so thick and dense. Jeff Seid: (smiling) Thanks man, I put a lot of hard work and dedication into my training. David Laid: (nodding) Yeah, I can tell. You have some serious muscle mass, especially in your upper body. Jeff Seid: (laughing) Yeah, I've been called a walking tank before. David Laid: (laughs) I can see why. (Jeff and David continue to compare their physiques, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses) Jeff Seid: (noticing David's admiration) Hey man, are you alright? You seem a little distracted. David Laid: (shakes his head) Oh, sorry. It's just...I can't help but be mesmerized by your muscles, Jeff. They're so big and strong. Jeff Seid: (surprised) Uh, thanks man. I appreciate the compliment. David Laid: (rubbing Jeff's bicep) I mean, just look at this muscle. It's so thick and hard. Jeff Seid: (confused) Uh, what are you doing, man? David Laid: (admiring Jeff's arm) I'm just admiring your muscle, Jeff. It's so impressive. Jeff Seid: (starts to enjoy it) Oh...okay. Well, thanks man. I mean, I do work hard for these muscles. (David continues to rub and admire every muscle on Jeff's body, from his thick neck down to his treetrunk-like legs) Jeff Seid: (starts to get turned on) Uh...what's going on, man? Why are you doing this? David Laid: (continues to worship Jeff's muscles) I just can't help myself, Jeff. Your muscles are so amazing. I need to touch them, feel them. (Jeff's words slowly turn into muffled moans as David admires his muscles) Jeff Seid: (breathless) Oh...oh man. That feels...so good. David Laid: (smiling) I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jeff. (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff getting more and more turned on by the minute) Jeff Seid: (moaning) Oh...oh man. Your touch...it's driving me crazy. David Laid: (smiling) Your muscles are just so amazing. I can't help but worship them. (Jeff's body is now covered in a sheen of sweat, his muscles bulging and flexing with every touch) Jeff Seid: (panting) Oh...oh man. You're...you're making me so hard right now. David Laid: (grinning) Yeah, I can see that. Your muscles are definitely responding to my touch. Doesn’t that just wanna make you cum? (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff now completely lost in the moment) Jeff Seid: (gasping) Oh...oh man. I can't...I can't hold back anymore. David Laid: (smiling, whispering on Jeff's ear) Go ahead, Jeff. Let it all out. (Jeff finally reaches climax, his body shaking with pleasure as he lets out a loud moan) David Laid: That's right, cum it all out. It's all for me Jeff Seid: Ughh. What do you mean? (David continues to rub Jeff's muscles, starting with his pecs) David Laid: Your pecs are so tender. Ughhh! (As David rubs Jeff's pecs, his own pecs start to grow. But Jeff doesn’t realize that his pecs are shrinking) Jeff Seid: (Touching David's pecs) Fuck you're so hot! (Jeff notices David's pecs growing as he touches them, making him look at his own smaller pecs) Jeff Seid: Ughhh what's happening to me? Stop! David Laid: (Whispering on Jeff's ear) I'm taking my place as the most aesthetic. Jeff Seid: (Trying to pull away but he's too overwhelmed by the pleasure he's feeling) Ughh, let go! (David grabs Jeff's arms while Jeff grabs his in an attempt to push him away) David Laid: (Squeezing Jeff's biceps) Your arms are huge, man, I can't resist them! I can't wait to flex them as my own. (Jeff continues to push away David's arms but little does he know that touching him makes the theft faster) Jeff Seid: Please, my muscles are so small- ughh- David Laid: (Moving his hands onto Jeff's legs and shoulders) No, not yet. I need more! Jeff Seid: Ughhh! Oh fuck! (Jeff feels intense pleasure, his muscles still shrinking) David Laid: (Moving onto hugging Jeff tight) I want more, ugh! Jeff Seid: (Feeling the warmth of David's body and overwhelmed with pleasure) Please I- ugh! M-my bod-ughhh! (Jeff is filled with more and more pleasure while David grows into 285 pounds. Before Jeff was crushed, David let's go of his now average and limp 150 pound body. David looks at the mirror and flexes while Jeff stands shakily.) David Laid: (Flexing) That’s a bit too big. I need some balance in proportions. 6'6 would look good on me, don't you think? (David grabs Jeff by the neck. Jeff tries to struggle but he is once again filled with immense pleasure) Jeff Seid: UGhhh! Fuck ughhh! (David's limbs start to get longer, he grows taller and taller. Jeff starts to get lifted off the ground. Jeff's limbs start to shorten and his muscles start to compact, making it look like he still has a bit of muscle definition.) David Laid: (Putting Jeff down) That's better, I'd take your remaining size but I guess I still have some humanity in me so I won't. Besides, 5'8 looks good on you, you can still model for a living. Jeff Seid: (Filled with so much pleasure that he can't think) Please, David-ugh! Just let me cum again! David Laid: (Rubbing Jeff's throbbing cock) Will you give me anything if I let you cum? Jeff Seid: Fuuc- ugh! Yes, take what you want- ughhh! (David continues to rub Jeff's 9 inch cock and grapefruit-like balls while pressing his own 6 incher on Jeff's ass. As more and more pleasure builds up, they both moan and start to breathe heavily. ) David Laid: (feeling his cock and balls grow) Oh, fuck this feels good! Jeff Seid: Ughh shit ughh! I need to cum! David Laid: Not until I do! (David's cock grows into a 12 incher and his balls grow as they fill with cum. The opposite happens to Jeff as his once 9 inch cock shrinks into 3 inches and his balls shrink as well. More pleasure builds up until David can't take it anymore and cums.) David Laid: (Ejaculating large amounts of cum into Jeff's ass) Ugghhh! Take it all in! Fuck this is so hot! Jeff Seid: (Also ejaculating dribbles of cum out of his 3 incher) Ohh fuuuck! Ughhh! Ughh! Yeahh! (Their orgasm dies down and Jeff faints after he cums, still whimpering and moaning. David inspects his new body and flexes while touching himself. He looks at Jeff on the floor, almost feeling bad. David Laid: (panting, laughing) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jeff. Your muscles are just too amazing to resist. Maybe in another life, we can both exist as muscle gods, just not in this one. Thanks for the donation (The video cuts with David Laid walking away after putting tight clothes on)
  3. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
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