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  1. This story will contain some themes of incest. Please do not continue if that is disturbing to you. Chapter 1: I was driving up to my Uncle Ryan's house. At age 35 he was my dad's younger brother. I hadn't seen him in years, in fact, it was before Covid lockdowns. He lived in the opposite end of the state and often missed events due to his intense work schedule or from Covid outbreaks. He was my favorite family member growing up. Ryan was always the life of the family and I had missed not seeing him the past couple years. But now I was coming to live with him for a while. I was granted a partial scholarship to a university only a few minutes walk from Ryan's house. My uncle graciously opened his home to me so that I wouldn't have to take out loans. I eventually got to his house, pulled into his driveway and stepped out of my car to open my hatch. It was hot and humid in the early August sun. As soon as the trunk slid open I heard, in a deep resounding voice, "Hey Andrew! How's my favorite nephew doing!" I turned around and it was my Uncle Ryan. He was an extremely handsome man with a thick head of graying hair that was cut high and tight. Ryan also had a very short and trimmed beard that nicely accentuated some of the rounder features of his face. He was a taller man standing at 6'0" only a couple inches taller than myself. He kinda had a bloated stomach and love handles poking through his shirt, although his arms were bulky with a good bit of muscle, despite not having a ton of definition. He began to hug me tightly with a large layer of fat between us two. Uncle Ryan wasn't always like this. Growing up he really got into bodybuilding in high school and college and really packed on a lot of solid muscle. Family trips to the beach were always a treat when I got to see him without his shirt. Every year he grew more as his physique improved. His body was absolutely magnetic to me at the time and didn't understand. Growing up I jacked off to the thought of Ryan flexing his muscles for me, letting me feel him up. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Ryan helped me to realize that I was gay. On top of that, he inspired me to pursue my own fitness goals. Since I graduated high school I had taken a year to work and save money, then a couple more years going to community college. All the while I signed up for a gym membership and dove into bodybuilding. I wasn't massive but at 5'10" and 170 pounds I felt that my body was quite respectable - at least that's what the sexual attention I got from men seemed to indicate. It was somewhat deflating to see Ryan hadn't been able to keep up with it. Being only 22 I was excited about how much room I had left to grow. "I'm so glad you made it Andrew! I'm excited to have somebody come stay with me for a while. Now, why don't I help you get your stuff into the house." Ryan said to me. I replied, "Sure, that'd be great. I didn't pack much since I knew you would have most of the furniture. I just brought clothes, electronics, and personal items." We both gathered the luggage and went inside his fairly large sized 3 Bed, 3 Bath home. Ryan lead me into a room that was fairly empty - only a bed, a dresser, a night stand, and a desk and chair - that had an in-suit bath attached to it. "Here's where you'll be staying, Andrew. Please, make yourself at home. You're going to be living here for the next few years, so no need to act like a stranger. All my Wi-Fi and streaming passwords are on the fridge." "Hey, thanks Uncle Ryan again for letting me stay here with you. You don't understand how much this means to me!" "No worries, man. I love having you over. Now I am going to go to the store to get stuff to make meals for the week. Do you need me to get you anything?" "I think I should be fine, Uncle Ryan. I just need to spend sometime putting away all my stuff and getting settled, but thanks." "Alright, sounds good. I will leave you to it then! I am running some other errands so I will be back in a couple hours." After Ryan had left to go the store, I really began to unpack all of my belongings. I hung my shirts up in the closet, put my other clothes away in the dresser. I also brought with me my supplements that I had been taking and protein powder. Looking the the bag I found a huge box of hundreds of little packets of powder that I had bought from a mutual acquaintance. They are supposed to be stirred into water to drink. He swore up and down that they're perfect for losing fat and gaining muscle fast. This dude was huge and he came with a good recommendation. I had bought them last week and had been using them but they didn't quite seem to be working all that well for me. It was disappointing to say the least, especially because of how expensive the box was. I gathered all of it and put it on the kitchen island to ask Ryan where I could store them when he got home. I went to Ryan's massive living room and sat down on the comfortable sectional couch and turned on the television. It was so nice to be out of my parents house for a while, even if it was my uncle's house. I suddenly was filled with excitement for this new chapter in my life - I'm finally getting out of my hometown! [...] "Hey Andrew! Dinners ready!" Ryan called out from the kitchen. I came out of my room to join him there. I saw that he had already set the table and made me a plate - it was grilled chicken and sautéed vegetables. Simple, yet it looked absolutely fabulous. I sat down at the table with Ryan and we began digging in. "I saw all those supplements you had on the kitchen table, Andrew. Looks like you're really getting into bodybuilding. Look at how big those arms are!" He said taking a glance at my biceps that were showing ever so slightly through my shirt sleeves. I blushed ever so slightly and replied saying,"That means a lot coming from you, Uncle Ryan. You know you were the one that inspired me to get into working out?" "Really now?" Andrew replied with a surprised tone in his voice, "Well, it's somewhat of a shame that I haven't kept up with it these past few years. Work has really taken over my life since covid began. I am hiring some new people to take off a lot of stuff off my plate but now I have really just lost the motivation to keep it up. I even have a garage full of gym equipment that I don't use anymore. Maybe you can put it to good use?" "I'd be glad to!" I said, I was going to look for a place to workout but now I don't even have to step out of the house. "Great, now excuse me. I gotta use the restroom. I'll be right back." Ryan got out of his chair and walked to the hallway bathroom and shut the door. Across from me I could see his food and a large glass of water. I looked over to my supplements on the counter. I got up and walked over to them and grabbed some of the powder that dissolves in water. The powder wasn't doing much for me but maybe it would help Ryan to at least feel more energized. I ripped off the top and poured it into his water. Frankly, I don't think he'd notice. The powder really doesn't have much of a taste to it and it dissolves quickly. I heard him flush and begin to wash his hands. I hurriedly threw away the packet and sat back down at my seat. Ryan almost immediately opened the door and came back in to the kitchen. He sat down and took a big gulp of water, sitting his glass down. He made no mention of the water or any odd taste or smell. Both of us sat at the table and caught up for hours and hours. It was so enjoyable to spend time with Uncle Ryan again. He was personable and carried great conversation. Having started dinner at 6:30 it was nearly 10:00 by the time we had to call it quits. Ryan had to go to work tomorrow - it was going to be a dreaded Monday. My classes won't start for another week or so, so I just made plans to explore the town and campus a little bit. I helped him to clean up - I noticed he drank all of his water. I don't know how much of it would help but I was intent to keep slipping him some every day I could. [...] The next morning I got up about 6:30 to go workout in the garage. Before getting there I hear a loud grunting sound. I opened the door and there it was Uncle Ryan curling some heavy weights in front of a mirror he'd hung up on the wall. He was wearing a gray shirt that was large on him and absolutely soaked with sweat. His hair was a messed and matted down with tons of sweat. I couldn't tell if it was the workout but here certainly looked pumped and slimmer than he did yesterday. He saw me come in, as he placed the weights back on a rack and sat down on a bench. He turned my way, "Good morning, Andrew. Sorry I'm taking up your time in here. I just woke up this morning and felt this desire to pump a little iron, something I hadn't felt in a while." "Oh, that's no problem Uncle Ryan. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we worked out together. I think it'd be a good motivation tool. Do you need me to get you some water?" "That would be great, Andrew. I have a big bottle of water in the fridge I carry with me throughout the day. I usually fill it up before I go to bed. Could your bring that to me," he replied between huffs of trying to get some air. I went inside to the kitchen to get his water. Of course, I picked up another packet and put it in there. I could sense it was working well for my uncle. I took him his water as he began to slowly down it. I absolutely knew that both he and I were in store for some great times ahead.
  2. Guest

    Uncle H - The Day

    Uncle H - The Day Oh god… look how HUGEEEEEE he is!! Way bigger than last Summer for sure! How can someone his age be this MASSIVE? Look at the size of his muscles! Every detail of his body, including that giant manhood inside his posers, is BULGING. I’m trapped inside again, seeing my hulking uncle workout. Is all he does 24/7, down here at his basement gym… - What do you think kid? The angle is right? – asks my herculean uncle hitting another massive double bicep pose I swear he knows about me… He must! Maybe he found my stash of cum covered muscle mags or maybe the way I just drool over his muscles everytime he flexes. I can see it in his eyes when he gives me that cocky little smirk after he catches me salivating over his powerful body. - Oh yeah!! Your uncle is growing again… - Oh god… - Yes… You like it don’t you? You think I’m big enough yet? - I… I think you are one of the most muscular man I ever seen! - One of?? …. Take a look at this! He hits pose after pose, his muscles bursting, my boner throbbing, that evil grin he gives me. He knows that I am a little faggot who want's nothing more than worship his huge mature muscles and have that big fat cock stuffed tight in my ass. He's been doing this for years, since first time my parents sent me to his house for some Summer Holidays. For the past years he's been exposing his hulking muscled body in front of me every chance he gets in not just super tight clothing but in briefs and posing trunks. Boning up and flexing as hard as he can, just waiting for me to lose control! My parents think it’s a good idea for me to stay with my uncle every Summer, away from the noisy city, embracing the Countryside… But oh god, they have no idea what’s going on… Even now while he's doing his bodybuilding routine, looking over every now and then to see and snicker at my expression. I know he's about to say it, he taunts me like this every time - Your uncle's getting pretty freaky isn't he? Before I can even speak he flexes his gigantic arms up in the air again, armpits so deep, making me drool like a dog over those 2 huge 24 inch plus biceps. - Oh yeah, look at me !! 72yo and HUGE like a BULL!! - Uncle H !! You are… you are a HULK!! - You bet I am kid. So no, i´m not one of the biggest man you ever seen. I am the biggest man!! And at my age? Nobody compares!! NOBODY!!! He's just standing there holding the pose and snickering hysterically. I know he sees my raging hard on. He starts pumping his arms over and over, getting really into it, really letting himself get turned on by his own massive size. I look down and see his cock boning up faster and faster, throbbing massively inside his posers. I don't think anyone loves their own muscles more like he does, he is always boning up over them, he can't get enough of them! He doesn’t stop getting bigger and bigger, torturing me more and more. He'll soon become the ultimate muscle freak, my ultimate wet dream, I don't know how much longer I can take this… - At this rate I will never stop competing! I just keep getting bigger and BIGGER with age!! Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!! GGGRRRRrrrrrrrrrr… His posers are freaky tight now, his body is so freaky and massive, dripping with so much power. Oh god please stop, my cock... its jerking itself inside my pants, Its only a matter of time before… - "Ugnnn" Oh fuck I'm cumming… I'm fucking creaming myself over my hulking uncle right in front of him!! I quickly cover the front of my jeans with my hands before the wet spot forms, but I can hear his growing laugh. I turn to see him hitting a most muscular pose, looking really fucking huge, bigger than I have ever seen him before. His cock is throbbing rock hard now, spewing so much precum inside his now almost destroyed posers! Shit he must be horny, he never took it this far before!! His posers are gonna explode with his monster horse cock and aching testicles which look like fucking softballs. I suddenly see my monstrous uncle hit another pose, those mammoth veiny pecs of his heaving wider and thicker, almost like they were growing. My uncle laughed at my jaw dropping reaction and raised his arms up into the air before hitting another mind blowing pose. With a loud explosion of sound his posers blew apart unleashing his monstrous fat anaconda for me to see. Oh fuck is HUGE, no, bigger than HUGE!! I've never seen someone so wide, freakishly packed with muscle and hung before!! How was my 72yo uncle doing this!! Oh god no… its happening again, I can't control myself, he's just so FREAKYYYY… - "UGnnn" This time I can't hold it and began to moan, neck thrown back, body shuttering, there was no hiding it this time. My bucking hips pushed my hands off my crotch letting uncle H look upon my throbbing boyhood, creating a giant second wet spot on my jeans. I heard uncle's laughter grow in volume, deepen in pitch… - Whats the matter? All This muscle turning you into a little faggot!!? Haha… finally… Oh fuck I knew it, he's totally doing this on purpose!! My Mind was racing with fearful confusion as to what he was planning when he began to haul his overly muscled arms up into the air, slowly going into a massive pose again!! His two biceps pumped bigger than his head, roped in so many veins!! Shit look at those forearms, I just wanna lick them. Fuck he's starting to shake now, he's really holding the pose, gritting his teeth, bulging with more muscles then I ever thought possible! Shit, why isn't he stopping?? he's starting to shake even faster now... God, looks like he's getting bigger, FUCKKKKKK! My hulking uncle wasn't just flexing anymore he was forcing himself to GROW. His legs !! Oh God his quads looked wider than my waist, covered in veins, packed with so much fucking muscle!! And his ever growing cock! Shit it was a fucking monster, looking almost as thick as my forearm, throbbing and precumming like crazy!! Uncle H just laughed and flexed his cock harder. He now stood there completely naked getting even more veiny and pumped by the second. He flexed his arms once again and grinned at his herculean size, looking back over at me, emanating a deep and booming groan from his mouth. - MMmmmm Yeah! I've been waiting for this moment for ever you bastard… I gotta admit, I thought you would give in much sooner but I guess you like em REAL FREAKY don't ya? You are perfect... With you I can go to EXTREME… - Oh god… I froze up with fear but with so much more lust… my eye's widening bigger than they ever have before, looking at the beastly muscled god before me. He flexed again and again, each time stronger than the last. - So… How freaky pumped you want me to get before you completely lose it again? I'll Keep pumping, pumping until all you can think about is worshipping my massive hulking muscular body !! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but all I could do was shake looking up at the shocking hulking figure coming towards me. He finally stopped only inches away from me with that gorgeous manly face. He then reached out closer and set me down in front of him and continued to flex, the smell on him was intoxicating. The view was even more arousing, I was standing less than an inch away from the biggest, most muscled, most powerful legs I have ever seen. I could see the finger sized veins pumping against the smooth solid skin. The enormous ball sack hung against the top of the thighs, connected to a cock that was now at least 10 inches long. I couldn't take it any longer, he was right, I couldn’t stop myself from giving in. I wrapped my arms around one of his pumped trunk sized legs and began kissing and licking the huge slabs of muscle. Fuck it tasted so good, it was so fucking warm, his manly smell filled my nose. I took off all my clothes and threw them to the floor. I then pressed my small body and my tiny dripping boner against his giant leg. The feeling of all that muscle pressed against me was pure bliss. I slowly made my way towards his giant sweaty ball sack, watching a river of precum flow down the middle of them from his erect shaft. Fuck, each of his testicles were the size of basketballs now. I couldn't help but hold onto one and began to lick it, along with some of his warm man juice. Thrusting my neck up into the air I looked up at the god above me. I couldn't see my uncle's face, all I saw was a huge muscled torso towering over me, bursting with immense power. I stood amazed only for a second but then immediately went back to worshipping his giant sized body, licking every inch with my tongue. I could barely reach around his legs, they were so HUGEEEEEEE - My feet, taste my huge powerful muscle feet SLAVE! Uncle H pushed me to the floor near his enormous size 14 muscle feet and I start licking them not wanting to disobey him, wanting to please him in every way possible. I started with the toes, one by one. My god, never I seen such wide and long feet, the powerful smell, the veins, the SIZE!! - Fucking huge muscle feet to carry my herculean body!! - Mmmmm, they taste so good… Oh god! I massaged his monster feet over and over again. They were huge, just like all his body. I lifted them off the floor and I rubbed my fingers over the hard callused bottoms of his feet, feet that could lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight. I licked them more and more, his huge size 14 feet that were twice as wide as mine and thick with muscle and veins. I was groaning with pleasure as I ravished his huge feet and his monster legs. I then grabbed the huge thighs actually feeling them bulge against my hands licking the calves which were bigger than my own thigh. I heard the giant snicker with his boomy voice actually feeling it tremble through his body. - YES! WORSHIP ME, WORSHIP YOUR BEASTLY UNCLE!! Huncle H slowly laid down on top of the floor and spread his legs nice and wide, balls dropping to the ground. He was nothing more than a colossal mountain of muscle with an even more freaky horse fat cock. I had to actually climb up onto his hulking legs and crawl up onto his huge sweaty torso. His cock was now almost touching his hulking pecs. I had never seen anything so huge before!! Wanting to taste his precum some more, I crawled to where the giant piss hole was. My uncle groaned a little as I wrapped my hands around the enormous throbbing head, pushing my entire face into his penis hole. I started to slurp and suck. Fuck, it was so warm and sweet, there was nothing else like it! God I was so fucking tiny compared to him. - Keep going Slave, drink my roided muscle juice… His voice bellowed in my ears… I couldn't disobey him. I pulled his cock again and started to slurp and suck again. - Fuck yeah kid, nice job. Now lets hulkout my body EVEN MORE!! Even more!! … He stood up, moved to underneath a huge Olympic bar loaded with 8 huge plates and grabbed it. He took a few deep breaths and pushed up. With a creaking of metal my giant uncle pumped out ten reps slowly, his pecs expanding larger with each thrust. The bar heaved up and down, creaking with the force of my uncle's power as he lifted the tons of metal into the air. I was so turned on I thought I'd cum again at any moment. I started stroking my hard dick again while I watched the muscle freak pump himself even larger, even stronger. He grunted louder as his growing pecs exploded more, huge mountains of rock hard, pulsing muscle. Finally, after 50 reps he let the bar down and stood up. He looked down over the massive muscle, flexing it and feeling it. - Come here boy, feel this pump!! I moved toward him and put my hands over his pecs which twitched and pulsed with power. I squeezed the hard pecs and uncle groaned throwing his head back showing his massive neck and traps. He tightened his fists and his biceps and shoulders bulged huge and striated. - Uncle H! OMG you're so fucking huge - I screamed I ran my hands over his mass feeling every muscle and grinding my hard dick into his monster thigh again. He loved my attention and tightened the muscles that I touched. - I am the biggest hulk this world has ever seen!! - Yes you are! The most gigantic muscle freak in this world !! - Mmmmm… now you will feel my longest muscle deep inside you… I moved towards him and he thrust his huge veiny cock between my thighs. I felt the thickness of it as he pushed forward. - Im gonna lift you on my big dong! His cock felt like a hot metal bar, it was hard as steel. I allowed my weight to press it down, but it barely moved. Then he flexed his massive dick and grinned. I was lifted up and down, over and over by his huge muscle dick! He struck a double biceps pose and I held on as he continued to flex his huge dick between my legs. My own cock was throbbing against his thick, rock-hard 8 pack abs and my hands explored his huge muscles, hulking pecs, traps like mountains, shoulders as broad as a house, neck like a bull. - RIDE THIS FUCKIN MUSCLE COCK! FEEL WHAT A REAL MAN'S LIKE! YEAH! - Yeah! Show me how freaky you are uncle H!! We necked and he held me straddled on his dick for a couple of minutes. I moved back and forth over his now 12 inch long prick and he groaned in pleasure as I jacked his dick between my thighs. Soon I could feel my cock ready to shoot again. - Please hit a double bicep uncle H! I'm gonna shoot… He held up his arms in a massive double biceps pose and I grabbed those hulking peaks!! Without touching myself, I squeezed those monsters and shot another huge hot load over his freaky monster muscles. - Fuck yeah kid, those balls will dry after all those loads! Now smear that cum all over my monster biceps! I rubbed the hot jism over his massive peaks and he thrust harder between my legs, his eyes fixed on my hands spreading the cum into his mega pumped cannons. Then he set me off his MONSTER dick - Time to play with your virgin hole kid!! I didn't know what terrified me more. The fact that my uncle was about to fuck me with his monster cock or the fact that he was actually greatly turned on by all this. - You fucking want this so bad, don't you? - my uncle asked - Yes sir!! You are a GOD, a muscle GOD!! Uncle´s massive body was glistening with sweat, his rippling abs were stacked like eight bricks in his stomach. My eyes were drawn down beyond that to the monster cock throbbing between his massive thighs. - It will not be easy, but I will take care of you… We didn’t need a bed, the gym floor was perfect. I reached up and ran my hands on uncle's abs again, my small fingers tracing over the thick grooves between each muscle. - Yeah… – uncle H breathed, his dick precuming even more My hands ran down his abs until i reached the base of his enormous dick - Go ahead. Touch it again. - he grunted, trusting his hips forward. I slowly wrapped my hands around his monster cock, shocked by the incredible size. Not only was it more than a foot long monster, it was freaky thick as well! - Yeah, you like that monster dick? – Uncle H brought one of his gargantuan arms up to his face and started kissing and licking the rock solid peak, grunting in pleasure the entire time. While my uncle was worshiping one arm, i started stroking that bull, causing him to gasp in pleasure. - You love this muscle beast, don't you? And this muscle beast needs to FUCK !!! – uncle H stated, throwing my legs up and exposing my ass. - Please huge hulk, You're so huge… - THE BIGGEST! - he slicked his fingers up with his precum and shoved a thick one inside of my ass I gasped loudly, taken by surprise at the sudden intrusion. The muscle beast looked at me and slipped another finger in, causing me to gasp again. I had never done anything like this with a real man, let alone with the most herculean beast of this world. But the two thick muscle fingers reaching inside me felt incredible, and even though the voice in my head was begging for it to end, my body was craving something even bigger inside. - You ready to be fucked by the ALPHA MUSCLE GOD? – uncle H groaned, rubbing the thick head against my tight opening. I was terrified of what uncle's cock would do to my virgin ass, but i wanted it so bad… - Yes sir! - And I want you to see my hulking body flex as I wreck you! He looked down and gave me a sexy smirk before pushing the head of his cock inside. I cried out loudly, as he pressed his giant muscled body on top of me. After he let me adjust to the blunt head, he slid more in slowly. I buried my face between my uncle´s hulking pecs as my ass was stretched painfully by such a large piece of meat. - OH GODDDDDD, It's so HUGEEEEEE - i screamed - Just like the rest of me! – uncle H boasted, pressing more of his weight into me. His colossal chest was as broad as my shoulders, meaning that the rest of his body completely engulfed my much smaller frame. I couldn't help but moan and wimper pathetically while my herculean uncle continued to stretch out my hole - YEAHHHHH!! BIGGERRRRRR!! And I will grow even more!! He reached for a pair of dumbbells on the floor and started curling them. The biceps bulged and lengthened as he curled them. His shoulders expanded even more and veins started pumping blood faster, getting thick as his muscles blew out of proportion. He gritted his teeth and pumped out 20 reps, grunting with each lift, his monster cock growing even freakier inside me… - You see!! You see THIS kid !!! Im a MUSCLE GODDDDDD - Mmmmmm, pleaseeeeeeee uncle H!! Its too much for me !!! - YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, LOOK AT MY MUSCLES! OVER 26 INCH BICEPS!! - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My hulking naked uncle was totally possessed by POWER. His pecs expanding, his biceps growing larger and harder, his big forearms bulging, his thick quads getting immense… - GOTTA GET FREAKY FOR YOU !! He hefted the dumbbells up and down even faster, muscles bulging, growing, getting freakier and bigger. Then he stopped, his lats spread way out at his sides, freakish, pumped globes of biceps, heaving shoulders, thick hard neck, veins steaming under the man flesh. Sweat poured off his hulking body, dripping all over me… - Oh GOD!! I cant take it… much longer… - FEEL MY COCK GROW INSIDE YOU AS I HIT THIS MASSIVE MOST MUSCULAR POSE!! CUMMMMMM!! GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… The beast flexed again and his monster, thick manhood lifted my whole body! Then my uncle raised an arm and brought his bicep next to his head, running his tongue all over it, worshipping his own colossal body, as I stand there in the air, impaled by that unhuman pulsing shaft… - Pleaseeeeee uncle H… IM GONNAAAAAAA… !! - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I could hardly breathe… The pain was intense and my uncle was just a MUSCLE ANIMAL now - FUCK YEAH KID!! SEE? IM TOO MUCH FOR YOU!! - Im sorry… im… I cant, I … you will kill me!! On the floor again, he forced his entire cock inside my asshole. Tears began flowing down my face, I was in pain with uncle's monster cock all the way up my ass. He didn't stop there, he continue to pound my ass plugging his cock in and out of my asshole. He continue to fuck me for about 10 more minutes. After a while, I started to relax, and then, I really began to enjoy the fuck. I turn to my uncle, and ask him to go all the way out of my asshole and to shove his cock all the way back in again - YOU SURE YOU ARE READY? - He smiled - WRECK ME SIR!! As soon as I said that, the hulking beast started fucking me like if I was the last piece of ass in the world! Sweat start dripping off his face and hulking bulging chest. I was jacking myself off again while this herculean god fucks and pulverize my ass. When I felt he was about to cum, I squeeze my ass really tight against his bull shaft, and he exploded and shot waves of thick roided cum up my asshole. - Fuck YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Within seconds, I started to squirm and scream out as he kept fucking me while I shot my load all over his chest and white beard. - I love you uncle H!! - I love you too kid. And this is just the beginning…
  3. musclemonkey

    Mommy Muscle Growth (Part 2 Added 10/31)

    Mommy Muscle Growth Episode One - “Power Corrupts” Part 1 ***************************** Authors Note: for all the “geektofreek” fans out there. an attempt at a FMG version. ***************************** My best friend, Brian, called me before the big game. “Getting stoned with everyone... Where you at, bud?” He asked repeatedly. But even I couldn’t tell him what was going on that night. “Yeah, dude. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” I lied with a small gulp. Because you see the real truth was, I had already made much bigger plans that night... “Oh god, Mom... it’s 18 inches!” Weeping with utter amazement as I feasted upon, what must have been, one of the worlds biggest female biceps. “Ohh yeah!” Mom, groaned with excitement. With a cute giggle I might add. Pumping up and down this entirely massive bowling ball of womanly strength. Right up against the measuring tape. Right up against my own shrinking two hands. “It feels like I’m still growing too!” She exclaimed. Having curiously consumed over half of Dads muscle growth pills last night. Making us both take pause to watch her peaking arm muscle rumble even bigger with each flex. “18.1... 18.2... 18.3...” Mom, announced out loud. Pumping both her arms over and over and over. Not stopping until they reached 18.5 inces! “Jesus, Mom! Pretty soon you’ll be just as big as, Dad!” I just had to say it. Making a lightbulb go off in her head from the look of things. “Oh god, could you just imagine it...” Mom, said lustfully. Looking down at her already massive mommy physique with a smirk. The idea was crazy, unthinkable. I mean, Dad, really was this big muscle guy. With these colossal 23-inch arms. 30-inch thighs. The biggest door wide backside you could ever conceive on a man. Yet that still didn’t want to seem to stop her. “The growth would have to be tremendous...” As, Mom, giggled a bit. Shamelessly fantasizing. Almost as if I wasn’t even there. “More muscle then ever before achieved by another woman...” She continued. Feeling up her two blimp-sized power breast. The fat diamond cut muscle-nips. Playfully lifting up her shirt up. Making my drop my jaw drop to the floor. As she rubbed her pretty pink painted nails all over these silky smooth monster looking abs. A full fucking 12-pack! With this deep cut v-line. “Not just bigger then all the woman, but MOST of the MEN too!” She still continued. So unbelievably power drunk. “I had no idea you wanted to be SO BIG, Mom!” The whole situation made me gasp for breath. “Well of course...” Mom giggled a bit. “What girl doesn’t want to be Queen!?” She, said with a lustful groan. Eventually reaching down to the bottom of her ready-to-burst gym shorts. Peeling them up chiseled layers of strength like some slow strip tease. Devilishly chuckling as she revealed the most massive mommy muscle thighs on the planet. “A muscle queen?” I weeped under my breath. Making my knees just tremble and shake. *RIIPPP* *RIIIPPPPPPPP* And then that’s when the unthinkable began to happen. “Oh god, Mom... Your clothes...” ****************************** LMK what you guys think of Part 1 by commenting below. Hope you enjoyed.
  4. Chapter 2: Old friend, new poblems. Nothing, there happend nothing. But Thomas still looked at the mouth of the pistol. 'Enough.': a voice said. Almost the biggest person Thomas ever was grapped the person at his neck. 'Let me go.': a voice said. Thomas heard it was a woman. 'It was just a joke.' 'I don't like deathly jokes. Your going with me.' Thomas looked to the man holding the woman. He was like 8 feet, packing with the most ammount of muscles he ever witnessed. Thomas asked himself why the hell he didn't see the person before. The guy was sticking out of any other person. He wouldn't clearly see the face, accourding the room was all dark and only lighten by laser lights. 'Try to avoid problems sir.': the man say, carrying the woman away. Thoms runs after them, catching them up in the bright lighten hallway. 'Wait!' The man turned himself and looked to Thomas. When Thomas looked to the man, it was like some put on a projector in his head. Places and events about his childhood flashed in front of his eyes. He saw a face, face really close to him. With eyes like green emerald, just like the man in font of him. 'No way.': Thomas tough 'That's impossible.' The man had some strange look on his face, like he was shocked to. He tried to look professional again. 'I...I had to go.' The man walked threw a door and was gone. Thomas stoot in the hallway for a couple of minutes. Did he just saw? It couldn't be. Without thinking, Thomas leave the party and walked to his hotelroom. His toughts were spinnin like crazy, trying to understand what he saw. Did he just saw, Justin? His childhood friend, who gave him his first kiss? The same Justin who told him: Fuck off. And leave for America. It couldn't be. First off al Thomas never heard Justin or his family returned. And also, this guy was freaking big. He was like a wet dream. He shoulder were so wide, his pecs were like meaty slabs, stapped to his chest, he had biceps like there were basket balls pumped under his skin. And his face, so sqaure, roughed by a beard. It just couldn't. By the time Thomas had put his head on the cussion, he had convinsed himself it wasn't Justin. Just someone why was strongly looking at him. But, there was this little voice, back in head saying: 'You reconise his eyes. Nobody is having eyes like Justin.' Thomas was happy he could focus on other things when he got back home. He decided to take a study. He wanted to become a laywer. The last year, the news about the überman had spraid threw the world. But, the strange thing was it only happend in the USA, in non other country there were there weren't any singals about these man. Thomas already had give up the hope he maybe, secretly become one. Now he hoped he would complete his study and leaving to America to fight for the überman rights there. Thomas liked it to be back on school, he love all of the knowledge. He soon reallise how he actually missed school. It was arround his Autumn he got a call fom his father, out of sudden. His father and he barely called, even Thomas still remember his prommise. 'Hey dad.': Thomas said, while looking into a big law book, try to find an answer for a poblem on his homework. 'What's up?' 'Alright, I think.' 'You sound worried. Something happen?' 'Well, you could say that. We're actually very worried.' 'Something happen to one of you?' 'Well... yes?' Thoms put the book away. 'Is one of you in the hospital?' 'Well, he did just leave it...' '"He"?' Thomas tough. That could be only be one person. 'Is something happen to Cederick?' 'Well. euh... No...yes.... I don't know. It's all out of sudden. We don't know what to do.' 'What happen?' 'It's hard to tell. But I know your into that kind of stuff, so we tough you maybe know about it?' 'Kind of stuff? Is Cederick become out gay? Why is he in the hospital then? Did he get a Soa?' 'Well.. no. Actually, that's partly the problem.' 'Your very vauge.' 'Maybe you just need to come and see it yourself.' 'I'm comming directly.' 'I would pick you up at the station.' Thomas left all his stuff were it was, picked his wallet, phone and keys and run to the train station. It was just 90 minutes later when Thomas run to the car of his father, sitting in the passenger seat. His father dircetly started to drive. 'What happen?': Thomas asked again, when he see the worried face on his father's face. 'Try not to freak out. We don't know how it happen. The doctors said it is something genetical. We try to find some help, but nobody here know about it. It seems like to be an American thing.' 'American thing?' 'Yes, they said it started all there. But they don't have the experts here. And well, like I said. You have followed that subject.' Thomas started to suspect something, but he didn't want to price his luck to early. His father parked his car and they walked to the garden. His stepmother was at the garden table, looking to his little sister playing with a man his age. Wait? Man? He looked better. The man who was as long as he was but far more buff was his little, 12 year younger brother Chederick. His little sister was holding a soccer ball between her feet, trying to pas him. 'This time I would get pass you ': she said, laughing. 'Not as long as I'm here.': Chederick said, also laughing. His voice was still the one of a child, but he got some deeps into it. 'Thomas!': his stepmother. 'Thank god your here. We didn't know who we could ask in such a short time.' He was still staring at his little brother, who was headbumping a heigh ball from his little sister. 'Fuck!': he couldn't hold himself saying it. He had dreamed of the moment he would meet an überman. But he never expect it be his little brother. He just know how his father and stepmother feel. He had heard stories about other parents of überman. His brother and sister looked up. 'Thomas!': Chederick yelled. The two run to him and Chederick wrapped his arms arround his chest and pulled him in the most sudden and suprising bear hug he ever got. After he took the time to gave his sister a hug, Chederick smiled to him and said. 'Hehe. Now I can pick you up. You always did that to me, now I can return the favour.' If his buff body didn't surprised him already, his way of speaking did. He spoke like a full grown man. If it wasn't his brother he would try to take his changes with the guy. But, that were worries for another time, he first must talk to the parents. 'C...could you two please go inside.': Thomas asked, try not to let his voice drip of upcoming lust. 'I want to talk with Dad for a moment.' His little sister got inside directly but his brother look to him. 'Awww, come one. I'm as big as you are now. You alwasy told me we would talk about everything open and honest if I was grown up. More grow up I couldn't get.' He laughed and flexes his pecs. Thomas bite his lip, the fucker knew how to flex already. This was going to be harder then he tought. But he wouldn't be a law student if he didn't had some sharp answers for himself. 'I know. But some growing up isn't all about height, it's also about age. So, play with you sister and show you a big boy.' 'Okay.': he said and walked inside. Thomas sat down with his father and put his head in his hands. 'I expected everything but this.' 'Well, you have followed that news, right?: his father asked. 'Yes... but it's very strange to witness it yourself for the first time.' 'We don't know what to do.': his stepmother said. 'We tried to came in contact with other people who have experience with it, but they were all in America.' 'That wouldn't be a problem, I can gave you some contact of people. The real problem is.... well. America have it all figure out. But this is the sec... first time I've seen it here in Europe. I don't know what the laws are for überman here. But I'm scared there aren't any laws at all. The rest of the world is still finding out what happen, and how.' 'We have read that to.': Thomas' father said. 'It's getting harder by the day. We don't know what to do. He eats like a bear and is almost out of all his clothes. It's cost loads of money and meanwhile Stacy isn't getting the attention she need. Lucky Chederick can keep her busy sometimes.' 'I can try to contact some people. I hope I can find a way to give this some good handles.' 'We hope for it.' Thomas' father said. 'It's so hard.' 'Let me... call somebody. I hope he pick up.' Thomas took his phone and called a number he remembered even better then his own. It took some time, but then it was picked up. 'Peter speaking.': a deep voice said. If his own brother hadn't gave him a boner already, the voice of the person did. He heard some moaming and grunting on the background, leaving nothing to the fantasy about what happen. 'Hello. Before you hang up, you don't know me. But I need you help. If it can be, as soon as possible.' 'Tell me son. Wait, let me guess, you just discover your an Überman. I'm surprised, this is an Europerian number right? Guess the time had come.' The man laughed, try to break the ice with the joke. Thomas try to concentrate on what he wanted to say, even if the sex sounds make him horny as fuck. 'Well, your partly right. But its't not me. It's someone near me' 'Ah.' Peter said. 'That make a whole difference. Let me tell you one thing first. There is nothing strange about it. Let that be clear.' 'I know what. I follow you for some time.... Could you please go someone else, those noices are distracing me.' Peter laughed. 'If you want.' Thomas heard the voices fading away and the sound of a door. 'Well, tell me son.' There was another reason Thomas told the man to leave the room.He wanted to gave the phone to his dad and the noises of studs having sex was not a very good first impression. Thomas took the time to tell the story about his little brother. 'Hehe, your pretty lucky little fella.': Peter said. Thomas could hear he was jerking of. 'For gods sake.': he tough. 'Stop that.' 'One of our man just returned to Europe. Maybe you can ty to contact him. He would been a much bigger help in this moment then I am.' Peter laughed, Thomas got the joke, but he wasn't in the mood. Peter gave Thomas a number he write down. 'Could you call the parents while I call him? And please, no funny sounds.' Thomas gulped for a moment. 'They already got it hard enough when I came out of the closet.' Thomas gave the number of his fathers phone to Peter and pushed the off button. Thomas told his father and his stephmother about Peter, that he had set up an organisation to help überman. He said they had to talk to Peter while he called the Europian man. His father agreed and Thoms reallise he did because he surely didn't know what to do otherwise. He hoped that Peter kept his word and don't make his father fears even worse. While his father talked to Peter, Thomas called the number. The moment the person on the other end of the line spoke his first sence, Thomas foze. He reconised the voice, from the disco. But it was the words the person say that make him get a rush of emotions and feelings go threw his body. 'Justin speakig.'
  5. LorneLyon

    Family secrets: Talk

    It was like half an hour after the boys arrived at the farm and saw their father and Grandfather all bulked up. On the side of that, Robert and Tyrone were surprised to see the handsome, buff boys. Their were sitting in the kitchen, drinking some tea. They hadn’t spoken a word for like 10 minutes. None of the four handsome men knows what to say. They all had expected anything but this. Robert knew it would be a lot harder to get the boys into the little beds he had made up. On the other hand, he was secretly happy. Maybe it would be easier to let all of them use the fourth-person bed. Tyrone was the most confused of all. He always had loved his boys. And knew he now even love them more. Colin was only staring at his cup. All kinds of toughs were flouting threw his head. Horny, happy, sad and confused. Fred only most use all of his willpower not to dive into his grandfather and dad. When another ten minutes were passed, Fred was the one who said something. He had to. ’Dad, I must… do something.’ Robert and Tyrone looked up. ’What is it boy?’: Tyrone asked, happy someone talked. Fred picked his milking cups. ’Hope your okay with the fact I must empty myself.’ Robert looked to the cups. ’What…. Actually happened?’ Fred sight, happy someone finally ask. ’Can I first…?’ Robert nodded: ‘Yes, of course. Your health is important.’ Fred confirmed the cups. It was the first time, since he came back from campus, Colin didn’t suck him. But he didn’t want to force things. It felled a bit unreal when the cups were around his chest. Robert and Tyrone were looking how Fred empties themselves. Robert felled his boner against his leg. Colin was still looking to his glass. Because it was to silence Fred started to tell about his life in college. He skipped the part about his life with Colin, to save him. He doesn’t want his father and grandfather to think bad about Colin. ’But, why does Colin also looks so buff?’: Robert ask. He realize Fred try to protect Colin, he wasn’t stupid. ’Well, my milk must be held cool. I think I swapped the real and the muscle milk one day. Then Colin starts to growth. It wasn’t his fault. My milk just had a big effect on him. I write my teachers at college a letter to ask what to do. They say we must wait till the milk is out of his system.’ Tyrone looked first to Fred and then to Colin. ’Colin… is that true? You can tell the truth boy, we are family.’ Everyone in the room looked to Colin, who still didn’t look back. ’I…. I can’t tell.’: Colin whispered. ‘It’s a secret.’ Colin suddenly feel like a little boy who couldn’t tell his brother has a girlfriend. Tyrone puts a hand on that of Colin. ‘Boy, please tell us. It would make us easier to help you.’ Colin started shaking from all the pressure. He was total confused. Suddenly he stood right, his cup fell on the ground, and he runs upstairs. Fred pulled the cups from his pecs and followed him. Tyrone wanted to go to, but Robert holds him. ’No, it’s better for them to be alone, so they can talk.’ ’But.. why didn’t he wanted to tell us?’ ’Because he’s confused. I thing all of the things, specially the growth, is confusing him emotionally. He wanted to tell us, but he doesn’t know what he want by himself. I think a part of him was okay with the growth, but a part of him was scarred. I saw how he looked into the mirror on the hallway. I think it was the first time he really realize he had changed. And when he saw us, the growth thing, his life… He started to become scared, of himself, of us and of the future.’ ’He’s scared of us? Why? We are his family.’ ’Yes, but he saw us in a total different way. We must let him know we are still who we are.’ ’How? He doesn’t recognize us anymore.’ ’Maybe he recognize some things of the past. We must let him see what we have shared. Let’s start with something easy.’ ’Like what?’ ’Let us think a bit, and till then. Let the boys find their own way.’ While Robert and Tyrone talked. Colin was laying on his bed, crying. Fred was sitting in the chair next to the bed. It hurted him to saw his love and brother that hurt. ’Bro… are you okay?’: he asked softly. ’I…I don’t know. When I saw Dad and Grand dad… I just was feeling... lost. What would our classmates think?’ ’But… we had talked about that. You could come with me, to my campus.’ ’And hide myself always. I just wanted to be normal again.’ Fred stroke his brothers hair. ‘Little brother. I can feel your paint. I was scared to at the beginning. But I was surrounded with people who understand and take care of me. And now, I want to do the same to you. I want to protect you from everyone who is bad to you.’ ’I just don’t want to be a freak.’ ’You aren’t a freak. You great and handsome. People will be at your feets.’ ’I don’t want people at my feets. I want people respect me for who I’m and not because I give them a boner.’ Fred still stroked his brother’s head. He don’t know what to say anymore. It was clear his brother became scared. But he also know his brother should be laugh when he saw the benefits. He sight and stood up. ’I’m going to talk to dad and grandpa. Are you coming soon?’ He only hear the crying. He sight again and leave the room. In the kitchen, his father and grandfather has popped open a bottle of wine. It was clear they also don’t know what to do. Fred sits in another chair. Without asking, Robert pour another glass of wine and gives it to Fred. Fred takes a big gulp and told what happened upstairs. Robert told what happened in the kitchen and what their idea was. ’Well, maybe it would help. Got any idea’s?’ ’A couple. But we don’t know what to do first.’ Note of the writher: You can decide what to do next. With what kind of memories their going to cheer up Colin. I give 3 choices and the most votes wins. 1. They give a little BBQ party. 2. They takes Colin for a walk around the lake in the most left behind part of Robert’s farm. 3. They gonna watch a movie together.
  6. LorneLyon

    Family secrets: Strugling

    The first week of summer vacation was a wave of love for Colin and Fred. They sleeped with each other in they parents bed, they walk around in their bodybuilder boxers and Fred fed Colin every morning after breakfast a bit of his milk. Colin enjoyed it very much, and the two could see the results. Colin arms where 30 inches now, his chest 60, his calves 25. With a high of 6,5. The two had become real lovers and enjoyed every moment they could kiss, hold and or just fuck each other. Where people had yelled at them on the beginning they now hold their mouth shut. And they boys knew why, their size and manly voices has given them respect. But, they don’t know they must try reaching things with their muscles. The must try it with care, knowledge and experience. Colin sometimes has tough about how it must go when they should be back at campus. Fred has told him he would like that the two go together to the muscle campus. But Colin knew he should miss his friends. But, when Fred was smiling to him again, he and all his worries melted. It was the begin of the second week of summer when Fred came back with the groceries. Colin was in the garden, enjoying the pool, naked of course. When all of the groceries where putt away, Fred undress himself to and walked to the pool. His feets in the pool and reading the mail for that day. It where letters for his parents, some magazines and a letter in a handwriting Fred knew. He ripped open the letter and start to write it to his brother, who was laying against his feets. ’Hello boys, Here’s your grandfather speaking. I hope everything is going al right into the big city. Here on the farm everything is going well, I still can handle all the work. However, I got some help. I hope you boys want to visit on 05-07 and meet the one who help me. He knows you very well and has some tings to tell you. One other thing. I discover I like being some more naked all around, so if you don’t want, wear as less clothes as you want. And don’t be scared if you see me, I have changed a lot. I hope to see you soon. Greetings, Grandpa.’ Fred looked to his brother. ’Well, that sounds nice. He want us to come tomorrow. What you think?’ ’I think we must do it, and let them see how much we have changed.’ Colin flexed his biceps. ’You look fabulous, my boy.’ The two boys kisses. The next day, on the farm. Tyrone and Robert wake early, like always. Tyrone looked to his father, laying next to him in the big bed. The two kiss and stood up. They dress in their favorite overall, without underwear. And while Tyrone feed the animals, Robert maked an amazing breakfast. During the breakfast Tyrone started to Robert about the letter. ’Thanks that, for writing that letter. I wouldn’t came out of words at my own.’ Robert stroked the hard nipples of Tyrone and smiled. ’That is what lovers do for each other. And I so hope the boys would understand our love.’ ’I think a little bit love in this time is good for them.’ Robert take a sip of his tea and think about one special door, who was locked for as long Tyrone was at the farm. Behind the door was a basement. Filled with the best and heaviest bodybuilder equipment exist. Robert had used it to became big, and now want to share it with his son and his boys. The reason he haven’t show it to Tyrone was that there was something else in the basement. A bed. And not any kind of bed, but a bed for 4 persons. After the first time he had sex with his son, he knows this is what he wants. Loving his family. And he want the boys love him. But, he know he had to take it slow, maybe the boys would become scared. Maybe they are going to hate him and their father for being in love. Robert knew it would be heavy to convince the boys. He don’t even knew if their okay with gay love. ‘Son?’: Robert ask. ’Hmm, yeah baby.’ ’I was thinking about the boys.’ ’Me to, they would be here in an hour.’ ’I know. But I was thinking about how we’re gone bring to them that we’re in love.’ ’Yeah, that would be a hard moment.’ Robert put his hand on that of Tyrone, and looked into his eyes. ’Maybe…maybe…. Dawm it’s so hard to say this. I think it’s better that we’re not sleeping together till the boys are okay with us.’ Robert whispered the last thing, not looking to his son and lover. Tyrone stroked Robert’s hand, being silence for a moment. The big, thick grey hairs of Robert were handing down in front of his face. Suddenly, Tyrone saw Robert was crying. Tyrone stood up and wrapped his arms around his father. His father lay his head against Tyrone thick and soft muscle chest. ’It’s… so hard.’: Robert says stuttering. ‘First I lose my wife, who has given me you, my beautiful son. But you came back, and let me feel loved again. And now… maybe we’re going to lose the boys. Because we are a bunch of stupid fuckers.’ Tyrone strokes his father’s shoulder softly. ’Shhh, you never going to lose me or the boys. I bet they would be happy for us. They good boys. Maybe it’s hard to swallow first. But, with a little bit of time, they should accept it. When they see we love each other really.’ Robert looked up and slowly kiss his son on the lips. They kiss for a good five minutes. ’Thanks love. I feel better. I…just must go threw it.’ ’Come on, let’s prepare for there visit. I should move my stuff for a short time.’ ’I should make there rooms ready.’ Robert walked to the stairs, to make the rooms ready for the boys. Tyrone clear out the kitchen and then goes to the room where he and Robert has made so much love. To pack his stuff and move it to his old room. While the older mans where busy making everything ready, Colin and Fred where riding across the town close to their father’s farm. They know they where early, so they decide to stop at a local restaurant and eat something. It was early, and a little fog was hanging just above the street. The waiter who was taking their order was young and handsome. Like with everyone who was meet them, his eyes became big when he saw the big, young couple. He had made a little surprise when he came back with the coffee for the two. On his tray was balancing a big ice coupe. Made with three kinds of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream. ’My boss is always happy to see hard working man at his restaurant. Most of the young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves. So, this one is on the house.’ He placed the big bowl between the boys and walked to another table. The boys smiled to each other and started eating the treat. Fred had discover that they could eat what they want, as long as they stay drinking the chest milk, there should be no fat. The boys finish there meal, paid and driving the last meter to the farm. When they got the farm into sigh, the two saw two man’s next to the street. Both big and muscular. The two smiled to each other. ’Looks like grandpa got some handsome workers’: Fred said. ’Nice.’: Colin smile ‘Hope they would be in for a good fuck.’ The two parked there car and step out. The two mans walked to the boys and smiled. ’Welcome.’: the older man with the grey hair say. ‘Happy to have you here.’ For a moment, the boys didn’t know what to say. They recognize the voice, but it couldn’t be. Colin saw a parked car and bumped Fred into his shoulder. He point to the car. Fred’s mouth fell open and he looked to the other man. ’D…dad?’
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