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  1. BiteApple

    Beyond a Man: Hudson's Growth

    Beyond a Man Chapter I Hudson was your typical highschool jock. Played football, quarterback, and engaged in all of the typical jock activities. Since highschool started he had managed to bulk up due to the immense volume of testosterone he was producing. Broader shoulders, thicker pecs and a six-pack. Not too shabby. Not Mr Olympia, but who cared? It was on his way home one night after a long hard training session, taking a shortcut through a suspicious alleyway and had suddenly blacked out. He woke up, head throbbing, strapped down to a ice-black chair, shirtless. He struggled against his restraints, but to no avail and took a look around his surroundings. He was in a stark metal room, void of any decor, except for a large plane mirror in front of him. He could see himself perfectly in it. Suddenly, a voice rang out through hidden speakers. "Hello, Hudson. We have been watching you." "Who are you? What did you do to me?" "We simply… took you for a little ride to our facility. See, we're a little known branch of the army, set on creating the perfect super soldier. Strong, resilient, obedient and… hung. We've selected you as our… newest recruit." "This is crazy! What about my parents?" "Your parents have long since forgotten you, thanks to our little memory wipe program. And as for your teammates and friends, the wipe isn't powerful enough to erase all their memories, so we disguised your absence as an 'unexpected trip'." "Get me out of here! Please!" "No can do… you can't avoid the inevitable, Hudson. Preparing to administer Alpha Serum #1" A robotic hand slipped out of a silent panel in the ceiling, grasping a syringe filled with a mysterious green liquid. It lowered onto Hudson's right shoulder, and plunged in, filling his veins with its swirling contents. Immediately, Hudson yelled out in pain. It was unimaginable. His whole arm was cramping and it was spreading, until his whole body was writhing in agony. "Just let it in, Hudson. Resisting will only make this all the more painful". "Ugh! Stop! What are you doing to me…" he reached, as he felt his shoulders begin to broaden. "Fuck…" he moaned. This was starting to feel… good. His biceps bulged and flexed into writhing mounds of muscle mass, his triceps extending into enormous wheels of pure power. His forearms morphed into god-like extensions, rippling with veins as his hands quadrupled in size. "Stop! This is wrong! This is… ugh! Ngh! Uh…" he moaned, as he felt his traps push against his thickening neck. "Shit… I'm getting huge! Ugh! FUCK! I can't! I don't want to… nghH…". His pecs pegan to balloon out as they began to fill with muscle, rounding out into hard, solid mounds of manliness. His midsection tightened as his six pack bulked into a shredded eight pack, obliques ripping up to his expanding lats. "No! I want.. I want more… this feels good. Mmpf… so much muscle… so much power… becoming… ngh… a man!" Hudson moaned, his growth accelerating with each word. "Yes Hudson! Give in to the power! Give in to the lust! Become what you were always meant to be!". Hudson roared, as his abdomened formed a bulging v-shape, veins winding their way to his crotch, which was hard as a rock. His thighs were next, ballooning out with unbelievable definition. They were like solid hams, tree trunks even, hard and writhing with man power. His calves, carved into muscular diamond shapes, flexed as his feet ripped out of his socks. His shorts didn't last long either, as they were torn to shreds by his massive thighs and growing ass. Hudson roared. He was a bulging, masculine mass of muscle, ready to dominate, ready to… what? This wasn't like him. "No! Stop! Release me!" he pleaded. "Ah… so there's still a bit of you still in there. We'll see about that. Administor Alpha Serum #2: Nipple Enhancement and Mind Control. Two vials, filled with a purple liquid, lowered onto his erect nipples, now pointing up due to his massive chest. They plunged into the sensitive meat. Hudson moaned in pain and pleasure as the contents were injected deep within him. Almost at once, he began to grow again. "Some mind control that was… hah… ugh… mmpf! Ngh! So manly… must resist… must become a super-soldier. Fuck! So big… so huge… look at my shoulders… so broad and manly… like a fucking boulde- ngh! More…". He began to flex his massive arms, forcing them to swell and grow even more. Soon, they burst through the restraints and he started to tease his nipples. Huge, immense waves of pure sensual pleasure rocketed their way through his young, buff body. Looking up over his massive pec shelf, he could see them begin to swell. Bigger… thicker and juicier. The areola expanding to the size of coins, then saucers, his nipples became so much more sensitive as his flicked and rubbed them with his new huge fingers. "Looks like you need some help there, son" the voice echoed. Two robotic arms with cups on them came out of the chair and attached themselves to his nips. They began to suck and apply pleasure, flicking and rubbing them. Hudson moaned. "Fuck! Ngh… so good… more… more growth!" He began to flex his now free, and massive arms, enjoying how they swelled to incredible proportions. He was becoming a true man. A sudden wave of growth washed through him. Every muscle exploded with size and power, bulking and swelling to unimaginable size. "Good… Hudson, you're doing so well. I think you're ready for the final treatment. Get him Alpha Serum #3: Hormonal Multiplier." A robotic arm once again appeared. Hudson saw the mysterious milky-white liquid inside and flexed his body. Instantly, he blew up with even more bulk and burst out of his restraints. He snatched up the syringe and ripped open his tight black boxers and pulled out his erect cock, plunging the needle deep inside his piss slit. He roared in pain. He pushed the contents in, making sure none was left in the tube before crushing it with his massive paws. He continued to roar as his cock began to throb. Soon, his moans of pain turned to pleasure as he began to laugh. His cock was growing. Bigger, thicker, girthier, it inched as it swelled to 11 inches… 15 inches… 18 inches! It was a throbbing, muscular pole of veins and sexy lust. His balls began to throb as they began to excrete mass amounts of testosterone. Hudson could feel it, pumping though his body. "Yes! Yes! Ngh! YES!" he moaned, his voice deepening into a manly growl. "FUCK! My voice! YEA, I'm a real MAN now! MORE GROWTH! MAKE ME INTO A GOD!" His armpits began to fill with musky pubic hair as they began to sweat a delicious scent. He bent over to sniff them. Immediately he went into horny overdrive and grabbed his huge, thick cock and began to jack off. "So big… so manly… becoming a soldier… yes… YES! MORE! ARGH!!" A thick pubic bush began to sprout around his crotch, as his orange sized balls started to fill with his man jizz. He could feel it, sloshing around inside. So much. So manly. So big. He stood up, flexing his huge biceps, feeling his massive shoulders, working his thick, musky cock. He sniffed his man pits, filled with a forest of jet black hair. He ran his hand down his abs and chest, ripping off a cup to REALLY play with his nipples. He got up from the chair and stood in front of the mirror to admire what he had become. "Ngh… so big… so huge. Muscle… muscle… MUSCLE!" he roared. He was close now. Every inch of his huge man body was edging him closer. "Yes Hudson!", the voice chorused, "become what you were always meant to be! Become beyond a man! Transform into a soldier! You are no longer a puny little jock! You are a monster, fucking, manly beheamouth! CUM Hudson! Seal your new destiny with your muscle cum!" Hudson let out a rippling, manly roar, in his deep sexy voice that tore though the room. He moaned, as his dick throbbed harder and grew bigger. He could feel the torrent of cum burst out. Thick, smelly white ropes of man-cum rocketed out of his sex pole. "Ngh! Fuck! Take it! So manly! Cumming! Mmpf!" he growled. His cock spewed so much cum. It was so forceful it bounced off the mirror and onto his ripped body and pooled onto the floor as a pool of white man-milk. He growled as he finished off. Looking in the mirror, he flexed his now muscular body, admiring the shape of his torso, his now manlier features. His broad shoulders, powerful pecs, ripped abs and his dripping, wet cock. Suddenly, he heard a door open. "Well done, Hudson. Welcome to the brotherhood." To be continued in Chapter II
  2. Here we follow the transformation of Subject 0, from an average guy to a sublime soldier. I am not the best illustrator and I’m aware of that, but I want to use the best of my abilities to, step by step, portray this transformation, one that is repeated throughout my stories. I will start here and continue on the comments. 1-Infection: On this stage the transformation sets in, the pain is excruciating, the muscles grow slow, most of the action is held on the blood, where the formula spreads and reproduces itself, indeed infecting the whole body;
  3. He was minding his own business. Private Roger, just finished his meal, and was preparing to retire to his dormitory. Crossing a path, he was struck by some drops of rain, I better hurry inside, he thought. Arriving at his destination, and about to take off his uniform, it happened. He didn’t know, then, but it weren’t drops of rain who have fallen into him. Something special was spilled in his skin, and it triggered something massive. He started to contort in pain, and with his arms pending, he shouted in pain. It was happening. No turning back. Roger felt a terrible feeling in his guts, and desperately prayed to be spared from whatever was going on with his body. With tears in his eyes, he started to grow. Growing faster by the minute, Roger wanted it all to be over, but his transformation was only beginning. His uniform, who fitted him very well, already started to tighten around him, his muscles were growing, he couldn’t notice, as he was focused in the pain that his body was immersed in. As he screamed, his voice started to get deeper. The change on his tone was but one small change on the metamorphosis happening in him. His uniform was tearing apart now, revealing more and more of his ever more muscular body. He was covered in sweat, and the artificial lights were being reflected on his skin. His pectoralis got thicker, stronger, more robust, more incredibly powerful as seconds ran by, and his abs were thickening also, deep ravines between each one, at the end, this strong piece of muscle got fully exposed. And as he got more muscular, with ever thicker, ever more muscular arms and shoulders, tearing his clothes apart, something internal was happening. He started to feel a strange sort of pleasure with the pain. Strange and in massive waves. His cock awoke and was now expanding fast, tearing through his already shredded trousers. He tried to keep himself together, but his face was deformed by pain, and also by pleasure, he groaned and roared, uncertain what to feel, as his manhood dropped precum on the floor. After waves of strong transformation, it momentarily stopped. He could see the changes in his body more attentively now. He saw his dogtags glued to his left chest by a thick cover of sweat, with a strong smell of testosterone. He saw his pec ravines, his nips pending down in such a powerful, even sexual way. He saw his face, remodeled, a deep strong jaw he had, all his muscles developed to the max. His arms, so big, so veiny, so elegant yet so brute. His shoulders, that were now pressing his equally thick neck, competing for space, his abs, his legs, his... cock, yes, even his fucking cock was developed to levels he only dreamt of. ”Fuck. Roger is... I mean... I’m huge.” Before he could think, his strong sexual urges spoke louder, and he had to relieve himself. He played with his cock, caressing the exposed helmet, the body of it, hard as stone, his sensitive veins about to blow up. He played with his whole body, caressing himself, licking the sweat, touching his strong nips, so big, so beautiful, so sensitive! His whole body was a machine of pleasure, and he fucking loved it, was the only thing he could think about. Finally, after this frenzy, he came, jets and jets of cum hit the walls, the ceiling, formed gooey puddles on the floor. It seemed like things were done for him. But they weren’t. Claiming the strength of the Gods to himself, he teared what was left of his uniform and stroke his dick even further. As he was embedded by pleasure, his changes deepened. He got horns in his head, that got passed his skull. He got strong spikes of bone going through his back. His eyes turned red and black, and his voice devolved to a growl. Grunting, roaring, begging for more. The creature once known as Roger was ready to claim his place with the Gods. And still, he could only say in the end. ”Fuck. Roger so Big.”
  4. Trent considered himself to be an average guy. At his 26 years old, he wouldn’t expect much else to happen in his life for some time. He was a gifted gardener and worked diligently on his craft. One day, getting to bed after a day of work, he saw something that drew his attention. By his desk, there was a dog tag, that wasn't there before. That ornament was so unlike him, he thought, yet he looked to it, and, in curiosity, picked the iron necklace, analyzed it with his careful hands, and in the end decided to adorn himself with it, he passed the dog tag through his head and let the cold metal land on his neck and chest. Then, he went to sleep. That was his intention when he laid in bed. But destiny had other plans for that man. After a while of nothingness, suddenly his whole body shuddered, he squirmed and groaned of pain. He endured this for a while, until finally woke up on an urge to get rid of it, the poor man had no idea where it did come from, was washed by sweat, with his clothes glued by his body with it. He had to shower, no way returning to sleep on such way, so he carefully took off everything and went on straight to get it done. But as he distractedly glazed on the mirror, he noticed himself... or was something of his head... He appeared to be somewhat more muscular. Probably was a sign of madness, he did look good with the dogtag though, he looked so manly. And in a jokingly way, started to flex and hit his chest like an ape, feeling masculine, feeling like a mighty soldier. He then remembered of the shower, and went to it. Was pleasant, to feel the water run free through his chest, abdomen, liquid going softly through his dog tags, that he was still wearing. He then dried up, got new clothes. As he was reaching bed, he fell on the ground on his knees. The pain returned stronger, he roared out of pain and suffering, and extended his arms. Something extraordinary began to happen, he started to grow, slowly, but steadily. His cries of pain echoed, as his body grew in size, and in muscle. That man started to become more and more muscular on a painful and slow proccess, was still roaring of pain, crying and begging for mercy. He had no idea what was happening to him. His shirt slowly started to get tighter, as his body was reformulating, the shirt being squeezed by the ever stronger body, with his expanding muscles claiming space. He only got a clue of what was going on when it started to rip apart. ”Oh shit, I’m growing” Tearing apart, the shirt was, revealing his widening chest, that was getting broader and harder at every passing minute. “This... muscles... shit, gah... I’m... growing!" Ripping apart, revealing more of his pecs. It was a glorious view. His dogtag was glued to his left chest now with sweat, that had a very intense smell, it was thick and was covering all his body. "UGH!" He emited a primal sound now. His body was transforming, in slow motion, the shirt was reduced to nothing, revealing his abs that were carefully being sculpted, carefully, but looking more savage and glorious at each passing moment, it was like he was turning to Herakles from ancient Greece, he thought, and it was a turning point for his mind. As his transformation slowed a bit, he muttered to himself, without realizing that his voice too was changing, becoming deeper and thicker. "How ... can... this be? I am... changing... transforming! I never wanted this!... GRAH!.. Ugh... I am getting muscular, stronger... look at my chest, this is unreal! I... want it... to... stop!" The savage transforming kept going. The pain was there, but he started to feel pleasure with it, as something good was being liberated in him, a rage, deep down him, he always wanted this, just never admited to himself! He wanted to be a muscular man! Yes! A powerful man! Yes! A beast! A.... a God! Inside his head, his changes became dramatic, thoughts of war, glory, being naked slaying his enemies as he needed no shield or armor, he was his own armour, like a mighty cyclops, he wanted to work out in the boiling sun, work like cattle that he was becoming, he wanted to punch, serve, act, plow land just to test his new force that was flooding him like a tsunami, he noticed something else, he wanted to fuck. He wanted to masturbate, and to masturbate his fellow soldiers, exchange powers, his life is war now, war and glory, invaded his mind, making him become a beast inside and out. "GROAR" "ROAR" RAAAHH" "UGH UGAH!" He was bellowing while transforming! "UH UH" He couldn’t talk anymore. His mind was being transformed, reformed. As the flood become stronger, he rose up stronger than his transformation, and with his powerful arms in the air, he screamed. "I AM TRANSFORMING! I AM BECOMING A SAVAGE SOLDIER! A HERO! TREMBLE BEFORE ME! All of this... is being provided by this dogtag, it freed me! Saved my soul! YES! UGAH! my mind is rushing, and the animal inside of me is growing! I am both man and animal, primitive force and... something more is coming! I CAN FEEL IT! MIGHTY GODS, TRANSFORM ME, I EMBRACE YOU METAMORPHOSIS, I RENOUNCE TO MY HUMAN FORM... I BECOME A HERO! TRANSFORM ME! MAKE ME A MONSTER, MAKE ME A PREHISTORIC BEAST!" Now, his body was covered in flames, his whole being was being molden with his new glorious form, roaring, growling, and now crying out of joy and enthusiasm. His clothes long gone, naked, his cock was hard and growing with his body, his balls growing too, his arms and legs getting thicker and thicker, his hair fell down until he was with a tamed short buzzcut. Everything was coming together, the beast within, the soldier he was, gardener no more, being shaped to fit a true sublime soldier that he was primed to be, and to celebrate that, in flames, his skin was being covered in boiling hot metal, that was erupting from his own body, specially from his cock. As his sexual desire grew beyond measure, and while everything else described was happening, gallons and gallons of precum and then cum came out of his nips and cock and his semen became metal that was covering his body now. Stronger and stronger, he was on the last part of his change. This was inside and out, he was turning into a machine beast, his organs were melting down inside his body and were being reconstructed, his heart was washed in metal, new organs produced the nutrients his newly body desperately needed, his eyes became unrecognizable, becoming like the ones of insects, Horns erupted from his head and shoulders, his so much hardened shoulders. Tattoos were starting to erupt in his new skin, and in the end, he growled, on the most unhuman and glorious voice ever to be listened by the ear. "IT IS DONE! I AM THE SUBLIME SOLDIER NOW, PRIMED TO SERVE MANKIND! I RENOUNCE MY HUMAN CONDITION TO BECOME THE SUBLIME SOLDIER, THE DOGTAG GLORIFIES ME, I AM THE REBORN IMAGE OF ZEUS, BUT I AM SERVANT, I CHOOSE TO FIGHT FOR MANKIND, TO SERVE! IN EXCHANGE MANKIND WILL ACCEPT ME! I RENOUNCE CLOTHING, NOTHING IS WORTHY OF HIDING MY GLORIOUS IMAGE! I AM A FREAK, A BEAST, THE MONSTER. Even if I never see a battle, this is my purpose now! Trent! How you evolved! Rejoice with your new life!" Saying that, he looked at his new body, his extraordinary extremely hardened chest, hard as stone, his 8 abs amazingly being exposed, with every vein carved inside them, veins that don't transport blood anymore, but transparent liquid known as the elixir. He could transform every mortal he saw as worthy now, just by letting the liquid rush through their skin. He had a primal urge to spread his seed, but he knew he had to contain himself, and should always astrive to master the art he was now equiped for perfecting: the art of war. His shoulders, hardened and with the powerful horns, were glorious, his dogtag, the special dogtag, pending on his chests, the chain flowing through his chest and thick neck and shoulders like a river. His arms, capable of so much now, of erecting monuments of stone and marble. He was the hero now, the sublime soldier, and he aspired for glory. He looked around his house, he didn't need any of the things he needed before, a job, his job was to serve and fight, food, his body was providing the food, even breath became unecessary, he was almighty. he had a powerful mind, that he controled. He was the sublime soldier. He left the house. And went to present himself to the authorities. He was ready for his new life as the beast.
  5. Trio

    Reborn a soldier

    I walked towards the chamber, I had to trust my instincts to keep on going forward, as I walked I could hear my shoes tapping on the floor of steel. ... Suddenly, when I moved to a certain point on that dark room, the lights turned on, revealing a grey room filled with desks and gadgets, I was surprised I could move without bumping into them. I kept on moving, then suddenly I stopped, as an object caught my attention, a dogtag, soaked in some gooey liquid was above one of the desks, almost falling on the floor, it was silver and had an engraving in it saying: Ξαναγεννιέμαι στρατιώτης Είμαι μυς Ζω για να προστατέψω I could tell it was greek, though I couldn't say the meaning of those words. My curiosity got the best of me, I caught it by its small ball chain, and started studying it more closely, I kept on walking, but now slowly, as I analyzed what I had in my hands. The object was light and captivating, at least for me. In the end, I decided to keep it, passed the chains through my head and carefully put the dogtag inside my clothes. I started to feel a tingly feel, started in my hands, that had some of that gooey liquid present on the dogtag, and then it spread towards my chest. I kept on going, but I started to feel worse and worse. I ignored the burn in my body as I could, as I wanted to keep exploring that desert lab. Then I saw a chamber, in the corner. I walked towards the chamber, I had to trust my instincts to keep on going forward, as I walked I could hear my shoes tapping on the floor of steel. I saw it was large enough for a couple of men to be there one next to the other, but overall nothing than a weird elevator, so I thought, and as I started to move outside it, the doors closed. I was surprised, and then a gooey liquid started to rain above me, covering me into it, what a stinging substance, I started to panic and cried for help, but none was around, none came. My skin burned and the liquid started to flood the place, I was desperate, crying for help, and as I did, more and more of the substance poured above me, quickly inundating the chamber. Before I realized, I was floating in the middle of the chamber. My body was absorbing the liquid, and I screamed in pain as I tried to understand what was happening. Slowly, I realized I was growing taller, not only that, but I could feel my clothes tightening across my body. "How could this be?" I thought as I stopped screaming, even if the pain was still overwhelming. My body grew, my muscles expanded, slowly first, then faster and more aggressively. I felt my chest inflating, my pectoral becoming wide and robust. My screams started to thicken and becoming deeper, I could sense my abs growing inside me, carving its ways into the surface, aggressively and sharply. I could see the progress as my shirt finally started to gave in, revealing more and more of my strong pecs, with each nipple further and further away from each other, I was growing wide, my abs were expanding fast now, my scream was a roar now, and I felt pleasure in the pain, more and more. Not only my shirt, my pants also gave in, starting to reveal my strong legs, thicker and with every single muscle being sculpted into it, my trousers also gave in, revealing that my... my penis was growing too, it was thicker and bigger, and was hard. I could taste my pre-cum mixed within the substance. The smell was overwhelming, and more and more came from my body, I was transforming. And it didn't end there, as I was naked, exposed, with my arms standing beside me, my strong muscular arms, my shoulders, my heroic shoulders, wide and robust, that could sustain so much weight. As I was naked, exposed, I was rushed with a urge to fuck, I had to stroke, I was turning into a monster, and the thought of it invaded my mind, washing away every other thought I had before, I was a soldier, I was a big, thick, muscular, wide soldier, and I felt the urgent need to release my newfound power, I grabbed my cock with my strong veiny hands and violently masturbated, with a strong vigor, the pleasure was blinding, I was moaning and bellowing and roaring, my gutural noise was transforming me even further, I stroke furiously, as my abs grew wider, my nipples were wide apart from each other as my pecs were huge, and the dogtag was there, shining in my chest, feeling my strong heart beating, its sound mixing it with everything else. The dogtag was there beside my body, glued by the musk, the musk that mixed with the formula, that mixed with the pre-cum. I reached the peak of my existence and I came in so strong jets that the chamber started to break down, the cum started a different reaction within me, it was the missing link for my departure to the human race. I grew even thicker and wider, stronger and now my skin was mixing itself with the formula, with my own musk, with my cum. It was solidifying around me, becoming my shield, my new skin, I could feel every cell of my body boiling, and the formula washed away my blood, replacing it. My hair was no more, a strong cover of horns was in its place, I was roaring in octaves so low I wondered if anyone could actually hear me if they could. Not only roaring, but letting my pleasure escape through my words. "Fuck, I fuck, uhhhh, transform me, transform me more, me want more" My older being was lost. I was a creature beyond this world now, my pecs insanely wide and muscular, my thick abs, impenetrable. My strong cock was mutated beyong recognition, evolving beyond my control, not that I wanted to control it, I wanted to unleash my new power. I was transforming, stronger and stronger, and I want more. The liquid was no more, my body had absorbed it all, I opened my way out the chamber with my bare muscular hands, and as I did, again I jerked off, it was the only thing I could do, the only thing I wanted to do. I was reborn a soldier, a voracious one. I am reborn a soldier. I am muscle. I live to protect.
  6. Trio

    Dr. Atomic

    My scientist friend was working on a secret project, and it only came to light shortly after he died, in mysterious circumstances. It was revealed to me in a note he left me, where he begged me to be who he couldn’t. The note didn’t say much, besides his plead, and a single instruction: to put the dogtag attached to the note. So I did, and so it began. My body was covered in thick metal as I screamed until the heavy cocoon hid my body from the world. I knew something massive was happening to me, for the sake of my diseased brother I didn’t want to fight it, but Fought I did, until I couldn’t, Immobilized I was. Even covered from head to toe, I was awaken the whole process, and I could experience it, the transformation. The acid metal corroded my lab coat, my shirt, my pants and trousers, until I was fully exposed, only the dogtag that started it all still pended beside me. I started to grow, slowly and massively, my muscles were developing, much was necessary to transform me into a beast, and yet this was happening, my pecs expanded and I felt my bones breaking, reassembling, changing, thickening, just like my hard muscles. My flat abdomen was utterly changed, the muscles strengthened inside me, the skin fighting to keep up with my new form. My legs grew tight in the cocoon as they transformed into colossus of meat and power, my bones reassembled and changed as my mind was bathed with thoughts and feelings I never experienced before. This transformation was changing my core. My scientific knowledge, my culture, my previous passions, all gave away to strengthen, duty, glory, war. Be a good soldier, transform for the sake of your brother in arms. Flex your arms and punch with vigor! Roar the BattleCry, and so I did, and as I did, again and again, my cocoon changed, and started to fuse into my body officially. My skin was gone, my bare muscles were in contact with the metal that now was my new cover, my natural armory. My hair was gone, and through my skull the iron merged into my bones, changing them deeply, causing me to grow powerful horns, my new symbol of virility. My cock grew beyond any natural proportion and his power as the spreader of my seed, my blood, grew. When It finished, the previously rough metal was now smooth as part of my being. I weighted tons and felt the strength of the gods above. My chest was wide, muscular, raw, my nipples pending down, dripping my seed through them, showing how much I’ve changed. My abs were powerful and I felt my new anatomy with my wide, powerful hands. I had the shoulders of the gods now, capable of supporting great weight, ability I was eager to test, as I’d like to carry those petty men in my new powerful back now. To be their eternal servant. Their bull. I had the horns, had the strength, had the vigor. I was deeply and truly changed. A different kind of testosterone flew through my veins, and I had to explore my manhood. I played with my giant cock, so hard it was, so sensitive. It was dripping precum already, as I caressed gently the powerful instrument of pleasure. I slowly roared as my movements became less kind, until finally I was fucking myself and groaning with indescribable pleasure. And then I came, jets and jets of silver came from my body, product of my powers. Sealing the pact, finally making clear I was beyond a man now. I was Dr. Atomic.
  7. I am transforming, it begins, my clothes are ripping apart, my body is being exposed, my pectorals are violently exposed, a dog tag is pending in my chest. I am embracing this change, I transform. My arms are expanding and becoming immensely powerful, my shoulders are broader and ever more defined, the chain of the dogtag is being stretched, as my back broadened. My abs, the 6 plates of stone become steel, and I feel them with my hands, as my body is remade. I am remade. I transform, the testosterone flows on my body freely, I feel my fucking cock growing fast, throbbing pre-cum, it is erect, and I delicately play with it with my ever changing hands, roaring with the pleasure that the gestures bring me. My heart beats strongly, and my muscles expand. I transform, I am remade, my mind is dominated by war, duty, but also the hormones make me a sex beast. I play with my cock, delicately caressing it as it grows with the rest of my fucking body. I transform, I am remade, I swear to fight for the sake of my brother in arms, I swear to destroy my enemies with my bare, muscular hands. My ever growing hands. I am naked, hard and strong, a God is born, a soldier ready to serve. I no longer play with my cock, as my instincts overwhelm me, I grab the meat with my both hands and I stroke fast, I grunt and bellow, almost forgetting how to talk, lost the track of my thoughts, I cant express myself with words, I just stroke, grunt, roar, explore my body, feel every inch of the monster I became. I transform, and as I do I am reformed. I transform. My glorious muscles covered in cum and sweat, the strong scent of testo in the air, the dogtag washed by the sweat. My whole being washed. I am reborn.
  8. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 5

    Before we begin with the chapter 5 of this saga, some observations: This is the most complex chapter and it might bore some readers, if you are here for the muscle growth, I suggest you advance to the end of the chapter. This saga is coming to an end soon, one more episode or two and it shall be completed. I hope you like it. What happened shocked the scientists. There was something they were missing on the equation of the pattern of behavior of those creatures, none could have predicted they would do something like this to one of them. Later that day, they gathered to discuss the issue, how to proceed next. Everyone was in eager of saying something on the matter, so the environment was an agitated one. "Clearly there is a threat, they claimed Noah!" "Is that a threat or a breach in our security? How could we let him go to meet Anthony?" "We had no idea that this could happen, it is not our fault! And we needed their sample, how are we going to proceed with our studies?" "There is simply no precedent to what happened today, in history. We also have to discuss if a crime was committed" "They did not killed Noah, they just... changed him. It was no crime. The formula is within their system, and they have the means to spread it as they please. This formula, is the one we've been looking for, one capable of turning humans into supersoldiers, this was precisely what happened, Noah transformed into one of them. It's a landmark. They should not be punished, but cherished! Noah is the future of warfare!" "With this speech, we should've sent you to them, Alfred, not Noah" "It would've been an honor. But on regarding what we should do, we have some options: Either we continue with the study as it is, or we integrate them into the army of the colony, and send them to train with the soldiers on the barracks, see how they would interact with the others." "No, we can't let this happen to our soldiers!" "And why not? It is not our intention for now to produce legions of supermen, but if it happens, I say that is a pleasant side effect" "If we'd consider doing that, we would have to contact our superiors, this is supposed to be a secret experiment!" "We will just integrate them into this legion for now, in the future, it is to be hoped, we'll be able to open up about the project" They kept on discussing what to do, and while this happened, the would be soldiers were still receiving Noah, now Enok, as one of their own. He was proud of his new power, his new muscles, his new body, his new lust. He was, for the third time, masturbating and wasn't slowing down on his need, his new brother in arms let him enjoy his new life while exercising and flexing for each other. After a while, Enok spoke: "I received a blessing from you, Anthony, and for that I'm grateful, brother" "Call me Zeus, Anthony is dead, buried deep within my mind" "Zeus, king of the Olimpus, very suitable name" "We have the need and desire to spread the seed within all. If it was in my power to decide, all of you would have been transformed, but me and my brothers need to contain ourselves, our life is only beginning, we will have plenty of opportunities to do so”. A day passed and they still were in the grey room, their new home, preparing for a war they never seen before, but as their minds reprogrammed, they were knowledgeable about it. Two days passed, and then a third one. After this time of silence between them and the scientists, the declaration: “Sublime Soldiers, hear that: you are to be integrated to the legion of this present barracks and to the army of this colony. You will be reallocated to the dormitories effective immediately. Follow the path that will be presented. End of transmission.” The door of the grey area opened, and even if no human came to show them the way, they knew what to do. Going to the end of the corridor, they went to the elevator of the facility, and returning to the surface, they were put in another truck, being transported to the barracks that was close to the complex. The regular soldiers of the barracks were told that new special recruits were to be received by them. Most of them were clueless on the project, and received the sublimes with awe. Both the scientists and the government knew their actions were a gamble, and not sure how to proceed, the sublimes were told to adapt to their new place and to integrate with the regulars. Their routine was straightforward, with them skipping feeding time though, and being put physical activities more intense than the others, something, specially Saturn, greatly enjoyed. Even with their sexual drive, their desire to spread their seed, their sense of duty was stronger, and their routine was purely martial. Their self control was huge. The soldiers of the colony were more of public workers than actual fighters, the colony took their defenses seriously, but wars were not common. Even so, they were put to physical activities, tests of strength, agility and so on, most of the soldiers had a good physique, specially one, on this barracks. Known as Brick, he was proud of his body that he acquired with much discipline and hard extra workout sessions. An exemplary soldier, was the biggest in the barracks prior to the arrival of the sublimes. He was like a brother to their comrades, but he saw with disdain their new colleagues. Considering them unworthy, he let his opinion be known to every recruit around him, while he’d flex his huge biceps in defiance. His insolence put the sublimes’s self control to the test, one of them, Enok, was particularly enraged by his attitude. Over the days, the tension was clear, until it explode. Brick mocked Enok, and him, at his limit, gave him a punch, before anyone could know, they were furiously in physical confrontation. Enok, even if transformed and incredibly powerful, was finding Brick, the human, to be a worthy foe, as he was incredibly strong and his muscles were impressive. He knew of Brick’s disgust for them, so he quickly thought of the perfect revenge. As the sublimes and the regulars tried to separate the both before the authorities could arrive, Enok’s natural needles, coming from his nipples and penis, were ready, and they promptly perforated Brick on his pecs and scrotum. “Now you will become what you hate, transform, transform, transform!” Brick tried to keep fighting Enok, but soon the pains in his body made impossible for him to do so, it all happened quickly. After the frensy, everyone gathered around Brick and watched him contort on the floor. He was already changing, his big muscles were in the process of becoming legendary, his pecs expanding, his abs being sculpted beyond comprehension, his clothes tearing apart and his screams turning to roars, his dogtag was dangling as he felt humiliated, he did his best to keep defiant, but his mind was at war. He resisted the transformation as much as he could, he was fighting against it, and the tragic thing is, the more he fought, the more his body changed, he observed with tears of anger in his eyes as his skin boiled and became steal, his dogtag integrated into his body, his bones were deeply changing and tall horns came from his skull. His mind resisted the reprogramming as it could, but his body was enjoying the experience and he was cumming in front of everyone, his cum getting dangerously closer to the other men. His cum that was being infected with the formula, and that could transform anyone. He roared and bellowed, cursing the changes and cursing the sublimes. As he became a God and changed beyond measure, he became a Sublime too. His cum finally touched a couple of soldiers around him, and even one scientist that came to experience the change got touched by it too. A legion of supermen was about to be born, a pleasant side effect, like Alfred said.
  9. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 4

    Zeus, formerly known as Anthony, contacted his former fellow scientists, telling them about the experiment. All of them were shocked by this discovery: that a formula was developed capable of transforming humans into powerful war machines, what happened to Genesis, happened to one of them, to their whole family. They were transported to the main barracks of the colony in secrecy, in a regular truck to not raise any eyebrows from the public, hidden deep in the cargo, everyone was oriented to deal with everything “business as usual”, as Saturn, Apolo and Zeus were transferred to the place they were going to be in fact studied by the other scientists. They were stored in a huge grey room, containing only two beds and a bathroom, on the underground of the facility. They soon made the place their home. Saturn quickly transformed one of them into weight to lift, leaving them three with a single bed, which was never used. They had a highly active routine, and as brother-in-arms, the atmosphere around them was of fellowship. The physical demonstrations of force were abundant, with constant fights between them, specially between Saturn and Zeus, but they were friendly ones, and it would usually end up with both hugging and, at moments, even masturbating each other. Their appetite for physical activities were endless, doing each one many sit ups and pushups, posing and flexing for each other, feeling each other constantly, checking every muscle. The place had a distinct smell of testosterone, and masturbation sessions were frequent, highlighting their need for spreading the seed, something the scientists did not interpret too well, they were still grasping at their discovery. They didn’t mind being watched, in fact they enjoyed it, flexing as well for the scientists. It was hard to control their instincts and to think that only a thick wall separated them from people they could spread their seed into. They distracted themselves with exercising and feeling each other, the scientists were failing to consider this, and would think that they would just enjoy doing those activities. This would cost them dearly. A couple of days after they were in the facility, a scientist, named Noah, was sent there to collect data from the soldiers. He went gladly to the lion’s den. Arriving there, a dialogue happened between them: Good day, gentlemen, I’m here to collect sample for our studies, it should not take too long. Noah, It is good to see you, my former colleague. You must be… I am Zeus, but you used to know me as Anthony. Anthony! Even with the names, it is hard to recognize you! Look at the monster you became, our savior! They kept on talking as Noah collected samples from them, what should be painful for regular humans was not at all for Zeus, Apolo and Saturn. After that was taken care of, Noah kept on talking with former Anthony. He did not realize that Apolo and Saturn went to the door and crossed their muscular arms, waiting, standing guard. When Noah went to the door, he asked for them to move, which they did not. Come on, Gentlemen! I have a very busy day, it was good to meet our saviors but I must be going. You see, doctor. It is so good to catch up with you, that I have a gift to give you. How come? Nodding his head to his brothers, Zeus embraced Noah, attitude that puzzled the scientists, on the embrace, soon Apolo and Saturn joined them. What happened next happened fast. Start. With those words, needles dropping with the seed came from Zeus’s nipples, and from his cock, quickly going inside Noah’s body, he screamed in pain. The same happened with Apolo and Saturn. The scientists outside knew something was wrong and became concerned. What are they doing? Stop! Quick, soar the alarm! Take from our seed, Noah, and become our brother! What… is… happening You shall transform. Noah fell on the floor and trembled after the “saviors” let him go. The Scientists debated on what to do. No one wanted to go face the monsters, and from the lack of options, they decided to sit and watch. Doors were closed, Noah was abandoned at his own fate. Noah started to transform, he became taller and his muscles came to life, his pecs emerged from his clothes, ripping them apart, as did his abs, his coat also ripped with his growing biceps and triceps, of his becoming powerful arm. His shoulders arose like mountains, and his now thick neck struggled to keep itself relevant between them, every muscle of his back came to life, and he roared in such a way the walls trembled. The scientists observed in awe as one of their fellow colleagues became a sublime soldier. In his mind, Noah went from pain to confusion, from confusion to anger and betrayal, and from that to absolute pleasure. His mind was invaded by thoughts of war, physical struggle, and a huge sexual lust surged in them, in a way that made him roar laughs of pleasure just thinking about pleasing their fellow brother-in-arms. Between the grunts of primitive communication, he managed to say, with a very deep voice: I’m… one of you… transform! TRANSFORM! RAAAAAAAAAAAH His nipples became huge and a couple more arose. He was deeply being modified. His skin became covered in metallic scales, his eyes were transformed, his whole body crumbled in lust and rage. MORTALS SHALL REVERE THE DAY THAT ENOK WAS BORN! The transformation ended, and immediately Noah, now Enok, immediately grabbed his thick huge cock and started stroking. Oh Fuck, ROAR. He masturbated vigorously, he stroke and squeezed his huge balls with the other hand. When he came, Zeus licked the head and the others hit their ape-like chests with vigor, crying Augh! Brothers, receive me as one of you. We receive you, Enok, welcome to the family. The scientists could only observe. They were complexly clueless.
  10. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 3

    “Who are you both? I ask again” Geoffrey was more confused than anything else, seeing both very muscular naked men, the embodiment of masculinity, in front of him. ”I should call for Dr. Anthony” ”No need, Geoffrey. I am Dr. Anthony. Or I used to be, I was reborn as Zeus a bit ago, your brother, Grant, was somehow transformed, and he gifted me his new powers.” Geoffrey was listening, even if he couldn’t understand. ”You are not Dr. Anthony... dad? This is... impossible” ”It used to be, son, but years of research have brought its fruits. The world will never be the same. Our world will never be the same. Me and the scientists have been working for the development of the serum for years, and it is a success! Not only one specimen, but a whole family!” ”No, this cant be! How did you both... I am too tired for this”. ”Not for long, brother. Our family is torn apart, we don’t share the same DNA anymore. But you can change this. Join us, brother, join us and be transformed.” ”I am too tired to deal with this, I’m leaving for a walk” He was reaching again for the door, but as he was walking outside of the lab, Zeus pressed a button, and the door was shut down. ”We need to discuss this in depth, son. You can’t turn your back on your family, your future brother in arms! You shall transform” ”No, I won’t, whatever is happening here, I am not taking part of this.” “Brother, you already are, you are stepping in our seed, which is everywhere on this lab. It will break through your shoes and enter in contact to your skin, transforming you. You can go the slow way, or let me offer you my gift” ”I am fine with my shoes, thank you” But the shoes were being eroded, and as he made another step, he slipped on the lake of cum on the lab, and fell on the floor. The cum entered in contact with his skin, causing a massive amount of pain, he screamed. ”GAH! This burns!” ”It is happening, brace yourself, you are about to turn into a sublime soldier” ”GAH! No! What... is... happening to me?” As his face and hands were covered in cum, his transformation was happening. He got into his knees and cried for help, but father and son were roaring with every cry. His body was growing, the thin angelical body of Geoffrey was metamorphosing. His abs came to life, so did his chest, his heart was beating strongly and he was still crying as his shirt was being torn apart by his growing muscles. ”GRAAAAAAAAAAAH” he shouted a deep gutural roar as his hair was burning with the cum in it, the cum covered his whole body, head to toe, passing through his nose and mouth, his eyes were burning as well, being remade. Zeus and Saturn watched with pride their new creation, the birth of the new brother in arms. ”So you are my father” said Geoffrey with a thick deep voice, still transforming, “Grant, whatever happened to you, fuck, this is good” ”You are turning into a God, embrace it” ”Roar, ROAR!” The transforming Geoffrey bellowed. His skin was being reformed, his muscles were at the height of his power, being transformed into a huge machine of war. His shoulders alone could sustain the whole world, his abs going as deep down to his cock as they could. And his fucking cock, stretching thick and powerful, reducing to nothing what was left of his shorts. ”I...... am... remade! How is this possible?” Geoffrey couldnt believe it yet. His whole body was covered in his new metalic skin, he was feeling a pleasure he never felt, and still, he couldn’t believe it 100%. He roared and bellowed as he was discovering his new body, touching himself and masturbating, cumming and passing his cum through his body. He was even stronger and more vigorous than Saturn. This was the birth of Apolo. Soon, his family greeted him, after he finished his pleasurable moment. ”We are one now. You joined us, the family is reunited”. The three roared, and proceeded to explore each other’s bodies in celebration. The soldiers were here, stronger than any scientist could ever dreamt of. Life would never be the same, neither for the new Men, neither for anyone else. But for now, pleasure reigned supreme in the house of Anthony.
  11. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 2

    His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father". "WHO ARE YOU?" "I am your son, Grant, or I used to be Grant, I'm not sure of my new name, now, I can't possibly go as Grant after this change, this metamorphosis. Thank you, Father, you did this to me, and I, in return, will transform you" "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" "I must spread my seed, and you are bond to become my father and brother. I will transform you and you will become like me, only then can we become a family again. Only then can we be as equals. This research project is over, is a success, we will have long years to catch up, and this will be a new beginning, prepare yourself." Anthony first instinct was to run, and run he did, but Grant was faster. Grabbing his father, he gave him a hug, as if prepping his father for the upcoming transformation. Grant roared and siringes came from his nipples and into the body of Anthony. Much to his horror, the cock of Grant also injected his seed on Anthony's scrotum. It was painful and Anthony felt many things at once, as betrayal, confusion, anger, disgust. He wanted this to be over. It was a long minute, after that, Grant released his father, and said "It is done, you shall transform" And he did, Anthony couldn't handle the pain and went on his knees, crying, begging for mercy, asking why this was happening to him, Grant observed proudly. "You will enjoy this. Embrace your new being, father, you and I will be one!" The muscles of the man came to life, his pecs inflated, becoming like balls of so big, so strong, so powerful, so did his abs, every single ab enhanced and sculpted in a raw masculine way. He was roaring now, feeling pain, and resisting the pleasure. "FEEL THIS, FATHER, BECOME A GOD, EMBRACE THE TRANSFORMATION" The muscles of the man were a wonder to behold, his clothes were ripping now, slowly revealing an extremely powerful body, even more powerful than of his son. He was roaring, resisting as he could, but he knew it was a lost battle. His dogtag was revealed in the change, was hidden beneath his disappearing clothes, ripping sheets covering his powerful muscles. "YOU SEE THIS TAG, ANTHONY YOU ALWAYS WANTED THIS, EMBRACE, BECOME ONE WITH YOUR SON, WE ARE BROTHERS" "AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! UHHHH UGAH!!!!!!!!!!! I AM BEING REFORMED, I CANT RESIST ANY LONGER" "YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED" "I WILL BE TRANSFORMED, SON" "DONT CALL ME SON, WE ARE NOT FATHER AND SON ANY LONGER, WE ARE SUBLIME SOLDIERS! CALL ME SATURN" "I WILL BE ZEUS" "YOU WILL BE REMADE" "I WILL BE REMADE" By each passing sentence, the voice of Anthony became octaves low. "YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE" "I WILL IMPROVE MY PERFORMANCE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY" "TRANSFORMATION, I DEPOSIT MY LIFE IN YOU, CHANGE ME, I WANT MORE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY" "I SHALL TRANSFORM" "YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER" "I AM A SUBLIME SOLDIER, AND I AM ZEUS, UGAH!" "YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED" "I KICK MY CHEST WITH PRIDE, AND I EMBRACE YOU, SATURN" "YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "I WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION" "I EMBRACE IT WITH PASSION" "YOU WILL ROAR" "GROOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLL" "ROOOOOAAAARRR" He tried to resist but he could not, and Anthony turned into Zeus. The transformation was over, and former father and son first bumped their chests in salutation, then hugged each other. They were reunited. Saturn knew Zeus had to release himself, so he dedicated of turning this into a rite of passage for his former father. Grabbing his huge cock, he masturbated his father with vigor, as he roared almost breathless, when he came, he licked his father seed, feeling stronger with every gulp.
  12. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 1

    PREFACE: He was just getting out of his teenage years, but still was on his youth, Grant. Was young and had a delicate face. His life on the planet was an average one. Most people are homeschooled in this new world, so was he, and he grow to be quite the smart kid. Of course, with the father he had, the scientist, a brilliant one. But he didn't know much about his father's work. Anthony worked in the military facility of the Colony, there was much to be done. The human soldiers were powerless on this new environment, and the sooner the leaders of such colony realized that, they decided that only genetic engineering could save them from the hostile alien fauna, the miasma, and the other colonies. For many years, the project was based on creating enhanced humans from scratch. Since they were babies raised to be special soldiers, with special abilities. Anthony was from day 1 involved in the project, so he settled in the military district with his family. It was an irony that Grant and his brother grew on such environment, they could be further from soldiers, his father didn't want them to go on his direction, neither his mother, neither Both of them, dedicated to knowledge and culture from the Old Earth. Such was life for them. First the scientists tried to raised the would-be-enhanced-soldiers, but that turn to be extremely expensive for the colony, only 3 specimen survived the childhood, and neither of the 3, with their strong free will, wanted to go on the military path. This was not a dictadorship, so the enhanced humans grew to be scholars such as their "parents", the scientists. Then they decided to harvest them like crops, the enhanced humans, to skip childhood and teenage years, straight to mature soldiers ready to serve. This was more successful, though still incredibly expensive, and that didn't bare many fruits, something was missing, Anthony knew that. After many trials, for him, an idea started itching his mind, a dangerous one: to turn regular humans into super soldiers, sublime ones, even. He brought the idea to the council, and it was vividly debated. But even if it was being considered, something was missing: how to transform one into such creature, flawlessly? Genesis was the missing link. When Anthony heard of the story of the creature that came to visit its old base, that claimed to be the soldier once known as Topher, but that suffered such a transformation it became unrecognizably powerful, more than a man, a God, he had to go there and study the creature. Anthony quickly traveled to the location and talked to him, to Genesis. They had a revealing conversation, where Genesis told him that he was blessed by the planet on such way he was forever changed. The more they talked, the more Anthony gathered information, and a plasma sample from the God amongst them. It was revolutionary. The missing link provided the scientists with precious information for their studies, everything was held in secrecy, with key scientists being the head of teams of research. Anthony was one of them, his house became a secret lab, while Grant and his Brother lived there, the mother was gone at this point, she unfortunately was deceased at this moment in time. Anthony dealt with the grief by focusing even further on the studies. Thanks to his dedication, everything was advancing very fast, and by each passing week a milestone was reached. At one point, one prototype, a very delicate and secret machine, was brought into Anthony's lab, and entrusted to him. This is where this should end. But it's now that the story begins. CHAPTER 1 Life shifted for Grant when his mother died and his father became further and further invested into the secret project. Anthony became increasingly alienated from his family. Grant and his brother, a younger version of him, called Geoffrey, were friends, but they missed their father. Once upon a time they were allowed to visit the lab and even to study there, a couple of years have passed and that was not the case any longer. Grant and Geoffrey missed their father. They were living under the same roof, but they barely could see each other. The situation was weird, and became unsuferable for Grant, who decided to investigate why such secrecy, even if his brother Geoff told him not to put his finger on stuff that could be potentially dangerous, Grant didn't listen to him. One day, for whatever reason, his father had to leave the laboratory, and forgot to close the doors. He wasn't expecting what happened next. As soon as Grant discovered that, he knew this was his chance to start investigating, he went to the lab and saw how things changed there, it was a darker place, packed with papers and formulas that he didn't want to touch, of course. Too much information for him at the same time. Then he saw it, the machine. It was glowing a blue light, and it consisted of a very heavy cilinder of the size of a grown man, it was begging to be analised closer, Grant, still studying the papers, went for the machine, he put the papers on the bureau closer and entered in it, studying it. He didn't know, slowly, the doors of the machine were shut, and he was trapped. He was a calm guy and didn't panic, but he tried to break free, and he could not, he could do little, anyway, as soon as the doors were closed, a voice said "specimen detected, starting process". More curious than scared, his scientist side were at a hundred miles now, he observed as the chamber was filled with a very thick liquid. He was properly dressed, but when the substance reached his skin, it hurt like hell and he screamed. Now his scientist side was shut down, and he started to scream for help, beg for mercy, and to cry of panic, the liquid was rising slowly, and the process was agonizing for Grant, as he slowly observed the chamber being filled with the liquid and he skin burning with it. It was like the hair of his body was on fire with the contact with the liquid. When he was fully covered, Grant was convinced he was doomed, he was preparing to die. But he didn't die, even if it was still burning, he noticed, once the chamber was filled with the liquid, that he could breathe in the substance. Also, he couldn't see the exterior surroundings any longer, being like in front of a huge mirror. He could see himself and his clothes floating, and started to notice that his clothes were starting to dissolve, very slowly. It was like the machine was trying to convince him to be calm. Then it happened. A strong voice filled the chamber and a text was displayed on the "mirror", the voice said as it follows, over and over, louder and louder: YOU ARE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED YOU EAGERLY ACCEPT THE CONDITIONING YOU WILL BE REMADE YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION YOU WILL ROAR ... Meanwhile, electric shocks stroke Grant over and over and he transformed, too much information at the same time, he screamed in pain, in anger, in reject to every sentence the voice said, and he was being transformed, he felt pain as his muscles came to life, his weak body was slowly but surely replaced with the body of a monster. His pecs inflated vigorously, becoming enhanced by every minute, they became strong, large, imposing, defined, sculpted, and so did his abs, all 6, no, 8, no, 10 abs came to life, begging to come out of his skin, his burning skin, he smelled flesh as he was reformed, all of his body was enhanced by the transformation, his arms became huge and powerful, like the arms of the strongest soldier, his shoulders came to life too, becoming rigid and gigantic, his neck had to fight to survive on this environment, being swallowed by its pecs and shoulders. His face became enhanced, his delicate completion was no more, being replaced by a strong chin, powerful nose, vibrating eyes, square jaws. His hair did burn, and was reduced to a buzzcut, a very rudimentary one. Even his penis grew, because his production of testosterone was dramatically increased in order to sustain such body. His clothes were gone, he was a powerful machine of war now, in everything but his mind, as he refused to let the program in. But to his surprise, it was not his instinct who capitulated to the transformation, but his intelect, he thought: I am transformed. I am remade, I am no longer Grant, whether I like it or not. Look at my body, this is not what I wanted, but it's a gift from my father nonetheless. Look at my body, wow, look at the abs, at the pecs, at the arms, at the biceps! I'm not even flexing! Fuck, yes, fuck, I am a soldier now, I can swear all that I want. I feel... free! Look at my fucking cock, look at my fucking manhood! My balls, they tremble with sperm, my seed, ready to be released. I will spread the seed, since there is no way I can resist this change, it is done, forever, engraved, I shall embrace it with passion! In order to maximize my performance I should be an obedient soldier, I should be proud to be enhanced! Yes, this is my destiny, this is who I am now! I accept you, transformation, turn me into the beast I'm destined to become! And I will transform others too, I have the power to do so. The transformation ended, the liquid was absorbed by his body and a new strong skin was formed, covering his body like a soft blanket. The chamber was opened, and he roared in satisfaction, and not being able to contain himself anymore, he grabbed his cock and slowly masturbated, masturbated like he never had done in his life, he was free to do whatever he desired. He was thinking only of his new body and his vigor, his horniness, he was transformed, he masturbated, and then he came, gush after gush of cum came out of his cock, covering his body and the lab, the gush was strong, and the cum was thick and silver, he roared and licked the cum, as if believing that would enhance his new powers. His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father".
  13. demon577

    the military base of education

    hello before starting this story, I want to say that I am French I do not speak English so I use google translate. In this story, he can have all the same horrible things. Except that no one can die (they are invincible but can be crushed or hurt but after it takes shape) french version: story interactive: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2206985-the-military-base-of-education/
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