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  1. lolpoooper

    Wrong Target (part 7 added 02/10/22)

    Hey there, first time poster, long time lurker. This is a gender swapped story of Deviantart's Morefriction's story Wrong Target from their HERS universe. Posted with their permission ofc. Hope you all like it. The lockdowns were ruining everything. All of Kyle's classes were online and he'd been laid off of his part-time job, so he didn't even have an excuse to leave the house anymore. He'd been stuck in the house with his freaking parents for months on end, while it seemed like everyone he ever knew was out in the real world enjoying their lives, finding boyfriends, making money, and living in their own apartments. And, Kyle thought, bitterly, getting the damned HIMS virus. OK, so he only actually knew one guy who'd gotten it—Liam Stilson, who'd apparently gotten so huge that the government was sending him checks just so he could afford food and a giant studio apartment within walking distance of where he worked. But it was everywhere. All over social media, guys his age were posting these crazy before and after pics of their HIMS virus transformations. Kyle had found it bizarre, at first, then somewhat grotesque. Their muscles were so huge and bulging that they were completely impossible to hide or really even to cover, not that most of the guys bothered. They were always out, plain for the world to see, and people were always staring at them like they were obsessed. And for Kyle, who had spent no small part of his college career avoiding the "freshman fifteen" with a religious exercise routine and frequent salads, the very idea of stuffing yourself like a total pig, so hungry that you couldn't even stop yourself from eating, was an actual nightmare. But as Kyle started seeing more of them, and he got used to seeing their absurd forms, something kind of clicked. There was one post where a guy was just walking down a crowded sidewalk. It was just a twenty second clip, taken from his perspective, which must have been nine or ten feet in the air, but Kyle had watched it countless times. It was something about the way the guy's immense shoulders swayed lazily from side to side with his slow, deliberate gait, the way that even through the camera you could just feel how huge he was; the way everyone on the street was staring at him, taking pictures of him, and all of them looking so strangely small. Suddenly, Kyle got it. He started following the original poster, then discovered a dozen other HIMS accounts to follow as well. He found the idea occupying a larger and larger space in his mind, and the idea that he could be one of those guys, that people might look at him that way, became an obsession. Especially considering that Kyle himself was only 5’11’’ in a very tall family. He wanted to know what it was like not looking up at people anymore. But Kyle wasn't going to catch HIMS like this. His parents had him washing his hands a hundred times a day, disinfecting anything and everything that came from outside the house, and he wasn't even supposed to go anywhere unless he absolutely needed to. His mother found the idea disgusting. Possibly because of her own 6’2’’ body, which she was always proud of, and which she loved. She disliked the idea of these men being so much taller than everyone else. As for his father? It seemed as if he wasn't much into the idea either. His father had spent decades of his life working on his own body. He was already fairly tall, at 6'4'', and the years spent working out in the gym were obvious in the way his immense muscles stretched his shirts and sweatpants he wore around the house even at the age of 54. Kyle thought that his dad simply might have felt he had no need to take his own body any further, and go through all the rigmarole that a HIMS infection could put him through at home and at work. His father was a successful man that had pretty much everything he wanted, and he didn’t want to disturb that. But Kyle soon found a solution. After following countless links and reading countless discussions of other men who wanted to catch the HIMS virus despite the government's restrictions, Kyle found a man selling contaminated items online, things he'd been in contact with when he'd manifested the HIMS virus symptoms. Without thinking twice, Kyle had paid the five hundred dollar asking fee, which almost completely drained his bank account. He got excited, imagining himself growing taller, stronger. He loved the idea of being even bigger and more masculine than his old man. Something he wouldn’t have thought was even possible not that long ago. When the package finally arrived Kyle was more than a little disgusted to find that it was, of all things, a dirty napkin. He was half tempted to throw it away, almost sure that he'd been the victim of what should have been a very obvious scam. But he'd waited so long and he'd fantasized about the possibility so much that he finally held the awful thing in his hands, then tentatively wiped the repulsive thing over his face and mouth, until there was no way that he hadn't been exposed to the virus. He even kept the stupid thing on his desk, intending to expose himself again on the following day, but it had disappeared after breakfast. “Got anything more to throw out up there bud? I’m taking out the trash!” He heard his father ask from downstairs. It was obvious that he had taken it while cleaning. That night, as they were watching an old movie together in the living room, Kyle and his mother heard his father’s stomach growl aggressively. He just smiled and turned to them. “Woah, sorry about that. Must have gotten hungry.” He said, patting his firm, muscular stomach. Which was odd, Kyle thought, because the three of them had just had dinner. After a while his dad got up and got himself a snack from the kitchen. He finished it and went up to get another. After he had finished that, he brought out the leftovers from that night’s dinner and started eating them, staring at the TV. “David,” Kyle’s mother asked, a growing look of concern falling across her face. “Are you alright?” “Oh, I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m just famished.” He smiled at her, and he passed his large hand through his full, thick salt and pepper hair, nervous. Kyle couldn’t help but glance at his father’s large bicep, as it twitched and curled into a firm ball as he brought up his hand to his head. Soon, his father had eaten almost everything in the fridge. His mother was starting to freak out. His father tried to reassure them that everything was fine, he wasn’t even feeling weird, it was just a weird hunger spell. Kyle didn’t want to believe it, but a part of his brain was no longer able to ignore just how tight his father’s clothes were now, so much more so than usual. How it seemed like, no matter how much he pulled his sweatpants down, the cuffs always kept rolling above his ankles, his shirt was riding up more and more. He saw his father eye the canisters of enhanced nutritional formula they had acquired through his dad’s friends as a precaution, never in a million years thinking that they'd ever use them, but feeling that it was better to have them than not. And then it began. His father stood up, and bent over. His stomach growled again, much louder than before. Kyle’s mother jolted up and went to the canisters, opening one up and helping his father drink from it. He gulped it down greedily, tens of thousands of calories sliding down his throat. Then he went for another canister, and then another. They all knew what this meant. At first, Kyle was too stunned, too utterly hurt by the cruel twist of fate to even say a word. He simply stood there, helplessly, as his father grew larger and larger, his cries of panic and dismay at having caught the virus soon muffled by the sounds of relentless, machine-like consumption. Kyle’s mother stared at her husband as he visibly expanded in the living room, his thighs and butt swelling, his pecs growing thicker and wider on his chest, his already huge arms packing on even more corded, hard muscle, and his entire frame growing five or six inches longer. They all had to face the reality of the situation. They were supposed to only get one canister of nutrients per household from the government, but his dad wrangled some of his old friends he knew had access to them into giving them a whole load of canisters, just in case. As she watched her husband gulp down the thick liquid greedily, Kyle’s mother regretted giving them all to him almost at once. They only seemed to make him hungrier, more insatiable, and he gulped down the oddly clear, gelatinous fluid like it was the most incredible thing he'd ever tasted. Her husband’s already enormous cock was also increasing at an alarming rate, although already standing fully erect as he drank, having long ago burst through his sweatpants like they were made of tissue paper, it too just kept growing longer and thicker. She realized, as he took another canister from her, that his forearms alone might have already become larger than even her thighs. She watched his engorged, enormous muscles twitch and twist as he brought the canister up to his height, his bicep curling into a ball the size of her chest. His jaw had become even sharper and more masculine, which she didn’t really know was possible for someone who was already so grizzled, handsome, and manly to begin with. She looked down at his waist. Somehow it remained narrow and tight even on his new titanic frame. Where David had once a solid six pack, now he sported an inhumanly ripped and bulging eight pack and Adonis belt. As she handed her husband yet another of the canisters of formula from the bannister of the staircase, as it was the only way she could match his height now, she was vaguely aware of her poor son screaming and crying from below, obviously distraught at watching his father go through such a horrific ordeal. David felt his son’s increasingly smaller fists pound ever more weakly against first his large, round shoulders, then the side of his growing, thickening chest as he kept gulping down more and more of the nutrients his wife just kept handing to him. His clothes tore and fell in tatters on the floor, he kept feeling the tiny fists impact his large, firm ass, then the side of his growing tree trunk thighs, until he felt the hits of anger, or fear, or whatever it was, just somewhere above his knee against his titanic quads which were already huge before, but by now must have been large enough to fit both his wife and son together to into only one. He must have passed the average 10 foot mark that HIMS men usually reached some time ago, he thought, as he kept on consuming more and more of the nutrients. It had only taken a few hours. A few hours of incredulity, then panic, and finally healthy doses of fear as Kyle's dad continued his seemingly relentless growth. But it was finally over. The three of them all stood there in the living room in awe. In the end, Kyle found himself staring up and up at his father, who had become one of the most enormous, hung, and muscular HIMS men he'd ever seen.
  2. hey guys, I used to have the penname TheEd since I lost the recovery email for that login, I'll post with this new one This story is for the ones who are into Role Reversal and Humiliation (so hot right now) Not exactly a story but a 'transcript' of a therapy session. The first part was posted at the older forum far back in 2012 (so old right now) I'll paste that first part, and I'll continue from there It is based on HarbieBoys 'Outgrown by Dad' (I hope he doesn't mind... again) And also loosely based on another continuation of the first part of my story done by ploder4
  3. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ Pastor Muscle By BBMikeNJ Inspired by the World’s Strongest Pastor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1dDSowBXYU The big pastor was taking off his vestments after his Saturday afternoon service. He could hardly wait to get on his gym gear and go hit the weights for his two-hour hardcore workout. At 320 lbs. of bulked up powerlifter muscle, he knew he was the strongest pastor in the world, but he ached for more power and size. He stripped off his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw. He even liked his big bloated powerlifter gut. It made him feel so powerful. And as far as he was concerned, his massive chest, delts and arms made the hard ball gut fit right into his build. He flexed his 22-inch arms in the mirror a couple of times before pulling on his favorite guinea tee. He picked up his gym bag and headed down to the kitchen. His son was at the kitchen table, home for the weekend from college. "Hey, son," said the pastor. "You want to go for a workout with me?" "Yeah, right," said the son, not looking up from the table. Part of the pastor was glad his son didn't want to come. The kid had grown sullen and remote since he'd been in high school. He never seemed to put much effort in anything. The other part of the pastor wanted to bond with the kid, to get him to feel the passion he felt when he broke a person best on the squat or bench. Part of him wanted to lift the kid right out of his chair and shake so sense into him. Instead, he just said, "Suit yourself," and started to head out the door. "Hey," said the boy, "I need to use the car tonight." The pastor stopped at the door and turned back. "You just got in late last night. I thought all of us would have dinner together tonight." "Yeah, well, I have plans. Maybe next time I come home." The pastor felt his blood pressure starting to rise. He dropped his gym bag to the floor. "I tell you what, boy. Why don't you wrestle me for the keys?" The kid finally looked up from the table. "What?" "You heard me. Let's go down to the mats in the basement. I'll put the keys at one end of the room. If you can get to them, you can have the car tonight." "I'm not doing that," the son said with disdain. "OK, then. No car." The pastor turned and started to leave. "Wait," said the kid. "I'll do it. It's messed up, but I'll take you on, old man." The pastor frowned, but at least he was getting a spark out of the kid. "Let's go then," he said, and went over to the basement door and headed down, with is sulking son following from behind. He clicked on the lights to a big room that had floor mats, and, against one wall, a long rack of dumbbells sat in front of a big wall mirror. He walked over to the far corner of the room, and dropped the keys onto the floor. He looked back at his son, who was leaning against the doorway. "How much you weigh now, boy?" "150," said the kid. The pastor walked over to the end of the weight rack. The last pair of dumbbells weighed 150lbs. He picked them up and started doing curls. Slow, steady curls. His son tried to hide his shock. He knew his dad was strong, but he'd never seen him doing reps with 150-lb. dumbbells. After 15 curls with each arm, the pastor dropped the weights and they hit the floor with a loud thud that shook the ground. His arms swelled bigger with every second that passed. He strode to the middle of the room and squared off his boulder-sized shoulders. "Go for the keys, boy," he said cockily. "Try and get by these," and he flexed his swollen arms up, and smirked as his peaks rose and rose. His son tried to act like he was totally uninterested, leaning against the door jam. But then, suddenly, he darted toward the left side of the room, and bolted toward the corner where the keys were. He moved surprisingly fast for a sullen 18 year old. Even more surprising was how fast his dad's arm came out and clotheslined him in the middle of his chest with his big thick forearm. The kid did a complete 360 in the air, then landed on his back on the mat, leaving him gasping for breath. His dad straddled him, his hulking mass towering over him. "This forearm could stop a tank, boy, what chance you think you got? Look at it," he said. "I've added an inch and a half of muscle to them since you left for college." The big pastor clenched his fist and rolled it, making his forearm muscles bulge out. "I'm bending 3-inch rebar with these beasts now." He looked at his forearm with admiration, knowing that they were over 17" around. Knowing because he measured them out himself every night. "I tell you what boy, I'll give you another chance. Double or nothing. I win, you have come home and work out with me every weekend." "What if I win?" asked the kid. What his dad didn't know, was that he'd been working out at college every day, trying to add some muscle mass to his lithe physique. Now he was about to find out how much progress he'd made. "Then I'll give you the car to keep as your own. In fact, I'll even give you the advantage." The pastor stepped over his son, then got down on all fours. "You take top position. If you get me on my back, the car is yours." The pastor waited on the mat like a rodeo bull as his son stood up and shook himself off. He stood over his dad and reached across him to lock his arm on his dad's left side. The pastor's broad back was so thick and wide that the kid had to lean halfway over him to reach his armpit. His dad's body felt like it was made out of lumber. "GO," said the pastor once his son locked his hold. The kid pulled and pulled and pulled on the massive powerlifter. His old man didn't budge an inch. "I said GO," the pastor said. The kid pulled with all his might, but his 150 lbs. was no match for his heavily bulked up 320 lb. strongman father. The pastor reached back and grabbed his son with one hand, lifting him into the air, then slamming him down to the mat, pinning him with one thick burly hand. The kid struggled against the powerful arm, to no effect. The pastor sat down on his son's chest, with just enough weight to hold him pinned but not crush his ribcage. "Looks like we'll be workout partners for a while," he said, hoping to use that time to whip his son into the man he wanted him to be. "Get off me, you fat fuck," said the kid. The pastor's face darkened. He stood up, but as he did so, he grabbed his son around the neck and lifted him up with him. He stood his son on his feet, then let go of his neck. "You think this is fat, boy?" the pastor said, as he rolled up the bottom of his guinea tee, exposing his 48-inch powerlifter gut. "Go ahead and punch it. This solid rock gut is harder than anything you ever felt. It gives me power beyond anything you can dream of." He jutted his ball gut out even farther. The skin stretched out tight and shiny over it. The rolled up tee rested on the top of the gut, and was pinned there by the heaving set of gorilla pecs pressing down on it. The son backed up, conflicted by his feelings of love and hate for the huge powerhouse of a man standing in front of him. Part of him wanted to jump into his arms and ask for forgiveness for being such a dickhead kid for the past couple years. But another part of him wanted to hit the guy over and over for being so pompous and superior. "Come on," said the older man, "don't be a pussy. Give me your best shot." That pretty much decided it for the boy. He had backed up as far as the weight rack. He reached behind his back and picked up a 25-lb. dumbbell. He whirled it around in front of him, and tossed it at his dad's gut. It landed square on the big thickly muscled ball, then bounced off and fell to the ground. They both looked at it as it rolled away. The pastor hadn't even budged. He reached up and grabbed the straps of his guinea tee and pulled them over his soccer ball sized delts. Then he ripped the shirt in two and tossed it off him, exposing his entire hulking torso. "That all you got?" he said to his kid as he took a step toward him. The kid reached around and grabbed the 35-lb. dumbbell. He had to use both hands to throw it. It bounced off his dad's gut with a thud. Then the pastor leaned over and picked up the weight. He put one beefy hand on each end of the dumbbell, then began to press inward. His torso bulged with thickening muscle as he pressed down on the weight. Veins popped out on his 22-inch neck, and across his chest and delts, and into his arms, feeding them with power and more power. The handle of the dumbbell began to crumple in like an accordion. The pastor pressed in on the weights until the handle was flattened to the thickness of a penny and the plates touched in the middle. He dropped the crunched up iron to the floor, and looked at himself in the mirror. He'd never looked more jacked up. Every thick brute muscle on him was ruddy and pumped. He did a most muscular pose and watched in amazement as his traps rose up behind his neck like two thick bridge cables. He felt like he had the strength of 20. "Dad," said the kid, "I don't know what happened, I just lost it...." The pastor looked at his son, then waddled over to the car keys and squatted down to pick them up. He came back over to his son, grabbed his hand, and dropped the keys into them. Sweat ran down his huge torso. "Here you go, boy. Take the car. You don't have to work out with me. I shouldn't expect you to be like me." "That's just it," said the son. "I ache to be like you, but I know I never will be." The pastor grabbed his son around the back of his neck and pulled him into his solid torso. "Don't repeat this to anyone, boy, but I was a skinnier little twerp than you are when I was your age." "No you weren't," said the kid. "Oh yeah I was. Now look at me." The pastor flexed his right arm, which had swollen to a thick gnarly 24"of peaked muscle. His son put his hands on the powerful arm. "I could never be this big," he said. "Sure you could," said the pastor. "In fact, let's see if we can get you even bigger." More to cum…
  4. Artizek

    My Dad the Hulk

    Longtime reader, first time posting. PART ONE Growing up, I never questioned how my Dad was so immense. I just always remember him being huge. Even in my earliest memories he was a veritable mountain. I know kids tend to exaggerate, but my Dad was absolutely massive. In our family album, he towers over everyone else. He doesn’t have his full beard yet, just some stubble on his lantern jaw. His chest hair isn’t the bear’s pelt it would later become. In the photo, we’ve moved into our house and dad is just in a stringer tank top. The photo’s just a grainy, yellowed polaroid, but still I can see the uncompromising mass in his arms, his bicep bigger than mom’s head, a finger-thick vein running down the middle, his forearms like Christmas hams. And there I am, a toddler perched on his broad shoulder. He’s got a hand on my hip to hold me there and it’s practically the size of my whole torso. Dad is 23 in the photo but already pushing 300 lbs. I’m ashamed to say I never remember him being this...small. All my memories of him are great. For his colossal size and strength, he was a caring and doting dad. His rumbling baritone was comforting instead of frightening, and he never raised his voice to Mom and I. He was quick to smile and laughed easily. Though he had a full-time job and spent most of his free time in his gym, he always found the opportunity to play with me. He’d help me build a fort in the woods and then take up the entire thing with his tremendous body. He’d read me adventure stories while I drifted to sleep on his broad chest. In one of my favorite games he’d pretend to be a bear. Snarling, he’d go shirtless, his chest and forearms covered in brown hair, and chase me about the house on all fours. I’d hit him on the head, which somehow tamed the bear, and then I’d ride on his back until bedtime. It was my favorite game until I discovered The Incredible Hulk. Dad went along as I painted my room green, covered it in posters, bought all the toys, and even talked Dad into painting himself green for my Hulk-themed birthday party. His only condition was that he’d keep his beard. I still remember a friend’s little sister crying as Dad lumbered over, gave a most muscular pose, and growled. I really can’t blame her. I was 8, so at 29, Dad must have been 6’7” and 450 lbs. His chest could stop a car and his arms resembled great knotted ropes like those used on ships. Dad’s neck was bullish and even when fully relaxed, I could spot a vein popping from it. As a kid, I just assumed all dads were gigantic. Didn’t all dads devour 20,000 calories a day? Didn’t all dads have to buy new clothes twice a year to accommodate their swelling muscles? Most of Dad’s friends were powerfully built muscle men (I would later learn he slept with half of them). I just thought that’s what men looked like. I remember going to a friend’s house and meeting my best friend’s dad, a thin wisp of a man, whom I mistook for an older brother. It blew my mind. Meanwhile, the friends I invited over were always awestruck at my dad’s sheer size and strength, something I took for granted. There were moments of jealousy as my friends flocked to him instead of me, but I soon realized I could show my dad off like a new toy. Five fifth-graders would dangle from his one extended arm. They’d ask him to crush watermelons or burst out of a shirt and he’d happily oblige. Most of the town knew my Dad (there were only a few thousand people and how could you miss a man of his stature?), but it wasn’t long before every boy in my school was talking about him like an action hero or football star. I admit I made a lot of friends that year. I did notice certain things, but I didn’t realize how strange they were until years later. For example, once a year Dad would disappear into a black van and be gone for a week. Mom always said he went to the hospital, but the men in black suits and sunglasses who ushered him into the van never looked like doctors to me. When Dad returned he would always, always be bigger and over the next few weeks he would fill out even more. He’d arrive on the doorstep with a big smile, his tank top and jeans reduced to ribbons, his toes poking out of his socks, his sneakers gone. At 10, I remembered Mom screaming in shock once she saw him. He was a few inches taller and his shoulders wider. He must have packed on over a hundred pounds. His delts, triceps, and traps looked like huge bags of flour. Freakish biceps pressed into his pecs, which were now the size of couch cushions. His quads were as big around as the trees in our yard, and his calves were bigger around than most men’s waists. Seeing him grow every year was second only to Christmas for me, but I’d have to wait before he showed me his gains. The day he came home I’d always have to go play in the yard or at a friend’s house. That was “mom and dad” time. “Mom and dad” time was right after I went to school, most days at noon when Dad would come home on his lunch break, and then at night. My parents weren’t particularly strict, but this was the one thing they couldn’t bend on. I was not to be in the house. Even at 10, I didn’t know what they did. I had my hunches, of course. Kids on the bus talked about it. It was some kind of wrestling. Now Mom was a powerhouse in her own right. She wasn’t a bodybuilder herself but she’d played rugby and volleyball in college. A friend called Mom “stacked,” which I think meant she lifted weights. In any case, she could keep up with Dad, or at least she did at first. Knowing what I know now, I can’t begin to imagine how they did the deed. I’d seen him getting out of the shower before he wrapped the towel around himself. Everything was proportionate: that is to say beyond human proportions. Maybe it was great at first. They did make me after all. I’d see her feel his arms and the look they gave each other was something I couldn’t describe at the time, but as he grew and grew and grew, it must have become too much. He needed release more often. Dad always made noises during those times, the same noises he made while working out, but over the years they became louder and more animalistic until my windows began to rattle and I thought we were having a small earthquake. One day I saw him pulling their giant bed frame to a dumpster. It was in pieces. So was a dresser and a nightstand. Things fell apart when I was 15. We’d moved to an enormous new house with vaulted ceilings, castle-sized doors, a huge yard, five refrigerators, a pool, and a basement that Dad would convert to a gym. As a teenager, I never wondered where the money came from to buy it all. I wouldn’t find out for years. Dad and I loved the place but Mom could only force a smile when I showed her how Dad wouldn’t have to duck to get through the door anymore. They started eating and sleeping in separate rooms. When Mom picked me up from school and explained her and Dad were getting a divorce, I was disappointed but not shocked. I didn’t blame her back then and still don’t. She didn’t expect her husband to triple in size. She hadn’t signed up for this. At that point, Dad was a goddamn behemoth: 7’4” and 900 lbs. His shoulders were four feet wide but the way his arms stuck out, his triceps pushed that to five feet. He started measuring his biceps in three digits, and it was a miracle he could even bend his arm. Even relaxed, those biceps resembled beach balls. One day, Dad accidentally tore the door off his truck. I remember him standing there dumbfounded, holding it as if it were lighter than a sheet of styrofoam. It took him less than a week to landscape our yard. He ripped a dead maple tree out of the earth like it was a weed, and he rolled boulders across the yard like soccer balls. How could a woman sleep with a man that powerful four or five times a day? Believe it or not, I think there was a lot Dad held back. Because once she left, his growth went into overdrive. Maybe “hospital” injections were more potent or maybe Dad had given himself permission to go all in? Whatever the reason, he quit his job as a construction foreman and devoted himself to growth. Every day a whole car full of groceries was delivered to our doorstep. Whey powders and supplements filled an entire wall of our walk-in pantry. No gym was enough of a challenge, so he had to build his own. A dozen construction buddies helped him weld a series of machines that looked like medieval torture devices: the benches were as wide as a double mattress, the weights went up to 15,000 lbs. They had to reinforce the house’s foundation. Even then finishing a set could make the ground rumble. Half a block away a car alarm would go off. Dad channeled all his sadness and frustration from the divorce into working out. He smiled less and hardly went into town, but he still participated in my life as best he could. He was ecstatic when the high school football team picked me as linebacker. Even now I chuckle at the memory of this 7 ½ foot colossus, shirtless and painted in our school colors, cheering me on at our games. I’d have friends over to the pool and half the talk centered on how gargantuan my Dad had become, especially a crotch that practically hung to his knees. “Your Dad could sit in his bedroom and fuck a chick in China,” and all that sort of thing. I laughed it off, trying to hide how conflicted I felt. Truly, I loved my Dad. I admired him and he was a great friend. But ever since puberty, something felt wrong. Friends would pass around copies of Hustler or pull up porn on their phones, but it never did much for me. While I used to stare in awe at my Dad’s column-like legs and the contours of his teardrop quads, I now cleared my throat and forced myself to look away from his dense, rotund glutes as he walked by. He’d lean over to check my homework and I’d seize up as his bare chest caressed the back of my head. Our playful wrestling came to a halt. We had the best gym imaginable downstairs but I always exercised at school, afraid the sight of my hulking beast of a dad, all pumped and sweaty would make me spray my gym shorts. We hung out less and less. I’m sure Dad assumed I was being an aloof teenager or perhaps still hung up on the divorce. We never said anything, but he gave me the space I needed. I couldn’t help but worry I was breaking his heart. Of course, I was growing, too. Looking in my bathroom’s full length mirror, I could see the beginning of my Dad’s thick jaw. I was 6’0” and 190 lbs with a stocky, muscular build. I was bulking, so the outline of summer abs had vanished, but that was fine. I was after mass. I had pubic hair but nothing on my chest or jaw. I was huge for a high school junior, but I longed for real growth. I wanted to be a leviathan like Dad. He went through so many tank tops, it was easy to take one without him noticing. The damn thing could have been a tent on me. It hadn’t been washed and some nights I would drape it over myself, breathing in Dad’s musk, imagining my naked body hulking out enough to fill the shirt, maybe even tear it. There were other guys I fancied in school. Being on the football and wrestling teams, I got to see all the biggest men working out, stripping down, washing themselves. We all jerked off together, never thinking anything of it. I don’t want to come across as vain, but because I was big for my age I got a lot of attention. Behind the bleachers, the quarterback and I sucked each other off after practice. During wrestling season, everyone was popping boners. After pinning a particularly strong guy, I realized I was raging hard. So was he. He was leaking through his lycra. Luckily the coach was distracted. We drove to my opponent’s house that night and repeated a version of our match. After watching people rub my Dad’s bulging muscles, it was strange to have someone do the same for me. Especially, since I was a toothpick next to him. In the midst of passion, my wrestler friend moaned how big my cock was. It was only ten inches, I thought. I’m ashamed to say I always thought of Dad during sex. My friends were hot, but I was always comparing their anatomy to Dad’s. It’s not fair, I know, but I couldn’t help it. When I finished on my wrestler friend’s chest, I imagined it was Dad’s mountainous pecs. I pictured them shredding out of his tank top, the striations dancing in each lobe, a forest of dark hair trapping the sweat, and the saucer-sized nipples pointing at his feet. Then I imagined my dick disappearing in his cleavage. I spent whole days locked in my room just beating off over and over, Dad’s old tank top pressed to my nostrils. I pictured him lifting the entire house, his cock rock hard as he crushed his truck into a ball of shrapnel no bigger than my head. Things only got worse after that year’s injection. With no wife to come home to, he spent a week with his construction buddies. No one will admit where the orgy took place, but we didn’t have to look far. No one was buying the “industrial accident” at a work site out of town. The explanation kept changing for how all those steel beams were bent, how entire concrete walls were leveled, and how half the surrounding trees were felled like in a hurricane. These were hundred year oaks, too. The place had a pungent ocean smell for days. Afterward, all the biggest, brawniest men in town were walking funny, though each and every one of them feigned ignorance. That whole week I couldn’t stop theorizing how much he’d grown. Each growth spurt was bigger than the last. Two hundred pounds? Three hundred? Maybe a few inches of height? The anticipation was unbearable. I felt like a little boy counting down the days before a trip to Disneyland. Bigger and bigger shipments of food had arrived in his absence and I’d spend hours putting it away. I was hoisting half sides of beef in our walk-in freezer when a knock came at the front door. I hesitated when I saw it rattle. This door was ten feet tall, six wide, and nearly a foot thick. Mom and I struggled to open and close it. From the way it shook, there must have been a battering ram on the opposite side. I opened it and couldn’t believe what I saw. A set of hairy deep-cut abs stared me in the face. I had to look up to see Dad’s colossal chest. Wider than a car, it bulged two feet over those abs. I could have buried an arm between those pecs. They rose and fell with his breath. His saucer-sized nipples were all but lost in the dense pelt of hair that now coated his stomach and shoulders. I say shoulders, but those delts were more like wrecking balls. His freakish arms hung at 45 degree angles, pushed out by lats that nearly started at his waist. Dad’s biceps were just as big as his delts, bigger even. They pushed into his pecs, fighting for space. A brachial vein thicker than my wrist snaked down the middle of his guns, and even relaxed, each head was prominent. His hairy forearms were two feet across at the widest point, covered in a lattice of veins. His hands put the Incredible Hulk’s to shame. They radiated strength. I could see them ripping train engines apart. Dad’s bare feet were just as immense, the soles caked in dirt from walking through fields and woods. It was a miracle there weren’t cracks in the front step. His calves should have been called bulls. I’m certain they were wider than a probodybuilder’s quads. Oh yes, quads. Dad’s were outlandishly developed, but I couldn’t appreciate them because they were so damn big they pushed forward his monstrous manhood and that’s where all my focus went. Look, I knew my Dad was hung, but this was something else entirely. Had they used a gamma ray on this crotch? A stretched and tattered jockstrap struggled to contain a mass that hung to his knees. Pumpkin-sized balls peeked from the open sides of the jock, so heavy they tugged the underwear down and exposed the base of Dad’s penis, itself obscured in a jungle of pubes. Alarmed, dumbstruck, and horny beyond belief, I looked up at Dad’s face and realized it too had changed. His neck had pretty much been swallowed up by his traps, though I could spot some tendons like steel cables. Stubble covered the majority of it. Dad’s hair was longer, shaggier, and though his beard was full, I could see his jaw had grown wider, bulkier. His cheekbones were more pronounced, too, not a ridiculous amount, but enough to give him a brutal, hypermasculine look. Though when he smiled, he still retained that friendly and loving demeanor. Always the gentle giant. “What’d’ya think, kiddo?” his bass boomed, deep and gravelly.
  5. Hola, el día de hoy les traigo una nueva historia, esta historia la llevo haciendo por unos meses y finalmente la terminé justo en el mes del padre, y creo que será perfecto mostrarla en esta fecha. Con esto también aviso que la historia tendrá incesto y cosas por el estilo. Así que comenzamos. _________________________________________ Defendiendonos de los Bullies. Hola, mi nombre es Lucas y junto a mi hermano David nos caracterizamos por ser unos cerebritos, somos de los chicos más inteligentes de toda la universidad, hemos ganado muchos premios y reconocimientos por esta misma razón. Aunque no todo es color de rosa, primero que nada nuestros padres están separados, vivimos con nuestro padre, pero este siempre está en el trabajo, se podría decir que al final de todo nos llevamos bien, aunque nos gustaría pasar más tiempo juntos. Segundo y lo peor de todo, en la universidad algunos nos ven como unos héroes gracias a que tenemos muchos premios por nuestra inteligencia, pero hay un grupo en nuestra clase que nos hace la vida imposible, los atletas de la clase, siempre están molestandonos porque somos unos nerds y porque son más fuertes que nosotros, también llegan a molestar a personas de otras clases, son demasiado fastidiosos, y además al contrario de nosotros, solo pasan las materias por ser buenos en los deportes y nos parece de lo más injusto, y no es que estemos en mal estado físico o que no comamos sano, pero ellos llevan todo al otro nivel, algunos incluso se inyectan esteroides y no podemos competir contra eso. Cada día nos sentíamos más artos de esta situación, cada vez queríamos obtener venganza por todo lo que nos hacían, así que decidimos planear algo, para que todo esto acabara; así que estuvimos todo un mes trabajando en nuestro plan para por fin vengarnos. Todo el mes estuvimos creando un suero que transformaría el cuerpo de un hombre con pobre estado físico a uno de una bestia musculosa, esto solamente si se bebe el suero completo, pero nosotros nos dividiremos el suero en dos, que no nos convertirá en unas bestias pero si nos dará un buen cuerpo de atletas para defendernos, además que no queremos que ninguno se vuelva un niardental musculoso y que afecte nuestra hermandad, jajá. ¿Somos muy inteligentes, verdad? !Lo pensamos en todo! O eso creíamos... Todo esto comienza un día miércoles, en la tarde, el suero estaba casi completo, lo único que faltaba era que llegara el ingrediente que hará que todo funcione "La testosterona Maximun" es un suplemento demasiado escaso y muy caro, tuvimos suerte de encontrar uno, posiblemente nunca volvamos a encontrar otro jamás, estábamos anciosos para que el cartero viniera de una buena vez y nos lo trajera. -.Uff... Ya falta muy poco David, estoy rastreando el paquete y vendrá en 3 minutos. *Dije entusiasmado* -. Ay, hermano, parece que he estado esperando años, pensar que muy pronto podremos vengarnos de los estúpidos deportistas del salón, y del odioso de Brendan, por culpa de él los demás comenzaron a molestarnos. *Decía David, mientras se acostaba en su cama, cansado por el trabajo* -. No dudes que no lo haremos, todo esto terminará muy pronto, esto no nos ayudará solamente para vengarnos, ya verás como conseguiremos muchas citas con esto, jejé, finalmente dejaré de ser un virgen, jajajá. -. Oye, es verdad, no puedo esperar a tener un cuerpo tan genial, jejé. *Ding Dong* -. Oye, creo que ya vino, vamos baja rápido! *Decía David entusiasmado* -. Ya voy, esperame. *Dije mientras trataba de ponerme las pantuflas* Bajé con mi hermano las escaleras, lo más rápido que pude, recibimos dos paquetes en lugar de Uno. Luego nos fuimos a la cocina para ver de que se trataban. -. Oye que es el otro paquete? *Dije intrigado* -. A ver, *Decía David mientras lo abría* Oh, es una cámara, aquí dice que para Jonnhatan Johnson, Oh, es para papá! Era de la que tanto hablaba. -. Oh, ya, bueno, hay que abrir el otro paquete. -. Sí, ahora voy. Abrí el paquete que era para nosotros y saqué la caja con la testosterona maximun. -. Huh, es más pequeño de lo que pensé, se nota que hay pocas variante de estas en el mundo, jejé. *Dije mientras observaba el pequeño tubo con la sustancia* -. En las instrucciones dice que luego de vertirlo a la mezcla se tiene que dejar por un día en el congelador para que haga efecto. *Decía David con la hoja de instrucciones* -. Muy bien vamos a traer los sueros y a vertir este bebé *Dije entusiasmado* Subimos y bajamos ya con los dos sueros y los medidores y preparamos todo para vertir la testosterona al suero. -. Muy bien Lucas, asegúrate y la cantidad sea la misma. *Decía David algo nervioso* -. Lo sé, haz silencio David, yo sé que hay que hacer... *Decía mientras vertía la testosterona en dos tubos con medición, tenía que verter justo la cantidad necesaria, con un poco de nervios logré vertir la misma cantidad en los dos tubos de ensayo, lo único que quedaba era verterlo a los sueros* Muy bien hermano, llegó la hora, toma tu tubo, vamos a veter y esperar a que se enfríen para tener nuestros cuerpos deseados. -. Sí, hay que hacerlo Lucas *Decía David emocionado* Vertimos los dos tubos con la testosterona a los sueros que estaban dentro de dos botellas de una tal soda llamada "Ultra Cola", para que nuestro padre no sospeche y piense que estamos haciendo droga o algo así. -. Muy bien, todo listo. -. ¿Crees que papá pensará que son drogas como la otra vez? jajá *Dijo David* -. Lo dudo jajajá, no creo que las vaya a tirar, fue buena idea camuflarlas por bebidas. Muy bien, son las 2:00pm, así que mañana luego de ir a la universidad a las 4:00pm podremos beber los sueros. -. Espero y no duela, no quiero que papá se asuste con nuestros gritos, ya sabes lo estricto que es. -. Meh, no creo que nos haga nada, lo vamos a dejar fascinado cuando vea en lo que nos convertimos. Ahora estaría bien pasar el rato jugando videojuegos, para que el tiempo avance rápido. -. Me parece buena idea *Dijo David corriendo hacia la sala* El tiempo pasó y nos estuvimos horas jugando, hasta que llegó papá. Papá es un contador, se caracteriza por ser algo bajito, bastante delgado y también es calvo, esto por el estrés que le causa su trabajo, él es un hombre algo enojado y estricto, aunque la verdad solo es así por su mismo estrés, no le tomamos mucha importancia cuando nos regaña la verdad, ya que aunque sea estricto, es gracias a su cuerpo que no impone mucho, a veces se preocupa mucho por nosotros y no puede entender que ya no somos unos niños, aunque a veces sea molesto lo queremos y le tenemos aprecio, ya que es el único papá que tenemos. -. Aghh... Hola chicos, ya llegué, hoy tuve un día muy duro... *Dijo papá mientras entraba y se sentaba en el sofá cansado de su trabajo* -. Hola pá. (Dijimos ambos) -. Aghh... Chicos pueden pedir una pizza? Hoy no tengo ganas de cocinar. *Decía papá mientras bostezaba* -. Claro... *Dije yo* (Como si cocinar a alguna vez, siempre ordenamos comida) Pedí la pizza y papá comenzó a hablarnos de su día. -. No van a creer esto, recuerdan el nuevo puesto de trabajo que me habían prometido? Pues resulta que se lo dieron al presumido de mi compañero, ¡el que lleva menos tiempo que yo! Es increíble, llevo 10 años allí y le dan a otro el puesto que me merezco solo porque el otro tiene carisma y se ve bien, pero lo que importa es el intelecto, de seguro no tiene idea de como se hacen los inventarios, vaya día de mierda... *Decía mi padre con enojo* -. Oh, que mal... *Dije sin ponerle demasiada atención a lo que decía, ya que no era raro que se quejara al venir del trabajo* -. Por cierto, no llegó nada para mi hoy? *Preguntó mi padre* -. Ah, sí, es la cámara de la que tanto hablabas. *Dije mientras le daba su paquete* -. Genial! Finalmente podré hacer las fotos tan geniales, me hice una cuenta de Twitter solo para esto. -. Te hiciste un Twitter? Y qué vas a publicar ahí? *Preguntó David* -. Publicaré fotos sobre insectos y plantas. *Decía mi papá emocionado* -. En serio? Pero eso es aburrido... *Dije con un poco de decepción en mi voz* -. No es aburrido, solo esperen a ver las fotos que voy a publicar, es verdad, deberían comenzar a seguirme ya, vamos entren a Twitter y siganme, les comparto el link de mi perfil. *Decía mi papá entusiasmado* -. No lo sé papá, yo- -. Vamos por favor, solo háganlo, ya verán que luego, tendré muchos seguidores y querrán seguirme, vamos solo háganlo, ya! *Decía mi padre con un tono ya molesto* -. Agh, vamos hermano, solo hagamoslo, sino va estar toda la noche molestando con esto. *Me dijo David* -. Está bien, pá. -. Genial, jajá, recuerden activar las notificaciones para ver todas mis publicaciones. -. Ok... Entramos a nuestros Twitter y le dimos follow a nuestro padre para no volverlo a escuchar a hablar de esto. El tiempo pasó y la pizza vino, comimos mientras papá no se daba cuenta de nada, debido a que se había quedado dormido en su sillón favorito, así que solo comimos mi hermano y yo y no fuimos a dormir. A la mañana siguiente, nos levantamos ansiosos, sabíamos que el día había llegado pero aún teníamos que esperar unas horas más para poder llevar a cabo nuestro plan. -. Hoy es el día David, por fin tendremos lo que tanto deseábamos. *Dije mientras me preparaba para ir a la universidad* -. No puedo esperar, ayer el día pasó muy lento para mi, creo que no podré concentrarme en clase. Terminamos de prepararnos y nos fuimos junto a nuestro padre, papá nos dejó en la universidad y luego condujo hacia su apestoso trabajo. Las clases pasaron como cualquier otro día, Brendan y sus amigos molestaban como siempre y nosotros solo deseábamos que el tiempo pasara más rápido para poder darle su merecido. Luego de una ardua jornada de clases en la universidad, por fin habían terminado, estábamos a punto de irnos a la casa, hasta que el director nos llamó por medio del alta voz a su oficina. -. Agh, qué querrá el director ahora? Tenemos prisa... *Dije con decepción* -. Oh, ya recuerdo, creo que es por lo del proyecto que presentamos la semana pasada, de seguro y nos dará otro premio. *Dijo David para aclararme* -. Agh... Pero eso dura mucho tiempo, encima habla super lento... *Dije quejandome* -. Nooo... Pero por qué justo hoy!? *Dijo David decepcionado* Al final no tuvimos de otra que quedarnos e ir a que el director nos felicitarla con su extenso discurso y su aburrida voz. Ya eran las 4:30 y mi padre ese día salió temprano así que había llegado a casa mucho antes que nosotros. -. Hola, ya llegué... Chicos...? Dónde están? Quizá no han llegado, quizá y les volvieron a dar otro premio, esos chicos si me llenan de orgullo, jejé, ojalá y me tomarán más en serio... Pero bueno. *Dijo mi papá mientras iba a la cocina a buscar que comer* Mi papá estaba cansado como siempre, a pesar de incluso haber llegado más temprano de lo normal. -. Agh... Vamos a ver que hay en el refrigerador... hoy tuve otro día de mierda, no almorcé por hacer ese inventario, y aún así no le pareció suficiente al jefe; pero si que le gustó la presentación del estúpido presumido de mi compañero, como lo odio... Oh, al parecer hay pizza de la de ayer... También quisiera algo para beber, veamos que hay por acá. *Dijo mi padre cuando abrió la parte del congelador donde teníamos los dos sueros* Oh, los chicos compraron de las sodas que les pedí "Ultra Cola" ¡Son de mis favoritas! Aunque tienen un color diferente... Será un nuevo sabor? Oh, bueno, nuevo o no de seguro que estará bueno, voy a tomar una... Aunque pensándolo mejor, me voy a tomar las dos, tengo muchas ganas de algo frío. *Dijo mi padre que iba felizmente con las "sodas" y su pedazo de pizza hacia la sala para ver televisión mientras comía y bebía las dos "sodas"* Uff, esto sabe muy fuerte, pero la verdad es que está muy bueno, me las voy a terminar en nada, jajá. *Dijo mi padre mientras bebía el contenido entero de la primera botella y comenzaba a abrir la segunda con emoción* Mientras tanto nosotros seguíamos en la escuela escuchando el discurso aún del director, y luego de dos largas horas de charlas, premios y aburridos discursos finalmente pudimos salir de ese infierno. -. Dios, qué horas son ya? *Preguntó David* -. Son las 6:47pm, si corremos de seguro llegamos a las 7:20pm, el suero debe haber estado listo hace horas. *Dije mientras aumentaba el ritmo de mi paso al caminar* -. Ok vamos. Corrimos lo más rápido que pudimos hacía nuestra casa, con logramos llegar, aunque sin mucho aliento, al abrir la puerta unos ruidos de objetos rompiéndose y un quejido de un golpe que provenía de una voz profunda nos llamó mucho la atención, al parecer este venía de la cocina. -. Oye... Qué habrá sido eso? *Pregunté asustado* -. No lo sé... Pero mira, son las cosas de papá *Dijo David mientras apuntaba a su maletín en la entrada* De seguro es él. -. Estás seguro? Porque el quejido sonó de una voz más gruesa que la de él. *Dije un poco confundido* será mejor ir a ver... Intrigados y temerosos decidimos ir a ver, al pasar en frente de la sala nos encontramos con la televisión encendida, deducimos que nuestro padre la había dejado así, así que no nos preocupamos demasiado y seguimos caminando hacia la cocina, de donde los ruidos provenían... Llegamos justo a la entrada de esta, estaba a oscuras, pero se podía ver un poco lo que pasaba ahí, con valor entramos para ver que era lo que provocaba esos ruidos y esperábamos aliviarnos al encontrar a nuestro padre como siempre, haciendo cualquier cosa; pero al entrar nos encontramos con una sorpresa que nunca podríamos eliminar de nuestra memoria. Al entrar vimos como una montaña de músculos desnuda estaba en frente nuestro, luciendo su musculosa espalda y su enorme culo, se encontraba tratando de reparar un jarrón que de seguro había roto con su inmensidad. Estábamos atónitos, no sabíamos que decir, mi hermano y yo nos mirábamos y temblabamos del miedo por no saber quien era ese gigante, hasta que este se dio la vuelta, percatandose de nuestra presencia. -. Eh? ¡Hasta que al fin llegan! ¡Los estuve esperando chicos! *Decía el gigante algo molesto* -. T-tú q-quién eres?... *Dije mientras mi hermano me tomaba del brazo* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo! Su papá Jonathan! *Dijo el gigante tratando de acercarse a nosotros* -. No... Nuestro padre no es así... El es pequeño, bajo y calvo y no tiene una voz tan profunda... Vete de aquí o llamaremos a la policía *Dijo mi hermano con voz temerosa* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo, en serio! Por qué no me creen!? *Decía el gigante mientras cada vez se acercaba mas* -. No detente, no te acerques, v-vete de aquí ahora. -. Como es que no entienden, vengan acá les mostraré. * Dijo el gigante que comenzó a avalanzarse más rápido hacia nosotros* -. AAAAAHH!! CORREEE!! *Grité a mi hermano* Corrimos hasta el segundo nivel, pero aún podíamos escuchar al gigante persiguendonos y parece que nos estaba alcanzando por muy rápido que corrieramos, así que nos decidimos meter al baño, entramos y nos metimos a la regadera y cerramos la cortina, esperando a que no nos encontrara. Tratábamos de contener la respiración para que no nos encontrara y calmarnos un poco. -. Crees que nos encontrará, en verdad será papá? *Susurraba mi hermano* -. Shhh... Nos va a escuchar. *Dije para callarlo* Escuchábamos sus pasos, se acercaban hacia nosotros, sentíamos que nos iba a encontrar, pero de repente al parecer paró, pensábamos que había entrado a otra habitación. -. Ya se fue? *Susurro David* -. Creo que sí... *Susurré* -. No, estoy aquí. *Dijo la bestia musculosa que nos había encontrado* -. AAAAHHHH!! *Gritamos ambos* -. Esperen, esperen, shhh... Ya les dije que soy yo, su padre *Dijo el enorme hombre de voz porfunda* -. Papá... En serio eres tú...? *Preguntó David* -. Sí, solo que creo que me transformé en esta bestia. *Dijo mi "papá" confundido* La verdad no lo podíamos creer tampoco, se veía espectacular, como un héroe espartano en la vida real, incluso su cabello había crecido otra vez y tenía mas pelo en otras partes, al contrario que antes. -. Papá... Cómo? Cuándo? Por qué? *Preguntó David con confusión* -. No tengo idea, solo vine, comí una pizza, vi televisión y me tomé dos sodas, solamente, luego de eso mi cuerpo comenzó a doler y comencé a crecer y ahora estoy así... *Dijo mi padre viendo su enorme bícep* -. Espera, espera; dices que bebiste unas sodas? Qué sodas específicamente? -. Dos ultra colas que estaban en el refrigerador, son mis favoritas... Intercambiamos miradas con mi hermano y decidimos salir corriendo a la sala. -. Ey! A donde van con tanta prisa!? *Dijo mi padre con su profunda y nueva voz* Llegamos a la sala y vimos las dos botellas completamente vacías. -. No queda nada, ni siquiera una gota... No puede ser... *Decía mientras trataba de sacar una gota de las botella y beberla pero era imposible* -. Esto no puede estar pasando, como es que no dejo nada!? -. Ya les dije, son de mis favoritas *Dijo mi padre que iba entrando a la sala* pero me podrían decir que eran esas sodas y porqué eran tan importantes? -. Esas botellas eran un suero experimental que estábamos creando, no se suponía que tu lo bebieras, se suponía que nosotros tomaríamos cada uno y tendríamos cuerpos de atletas, pero ahora tu te tomaste los dos y te convertiste en más que un atleta, sino que en una bestia. *Dije frustrado* -. Pero qué!? Iban a tomarse esos sueros sin siquiera haberlos probado primero? Que irresponsables, no lo puedo creer. *Dijo mi padre con algo de enojo* -. Bueno sí, pero ahora no podremos por tu culpa! *Dijo mi hermano gritando* -. Mi culpa!? Pero si ustedes saben que esa es la bebida que siempre tomo yo! -. Claro que no! *Grité a mi padre* -. Claro que sí, y hace dos días les dije que pasarán comprando de esas sodas porque son mis favoritas, siempre hablo de ellas; pero parece que ustedes nunca me hacen caso o me prestan atención. *Decía mi gigante padre decepcionado* -. En serio...?, espera sí recuerdo que nos dijiste... *Dije sorprendido* -. Es verdad, de hecho creo que tomamos las botellas que papá ya se había bebido... *Dijo mi hermano percatandose de todo* -. Bueno, ¡pero eso no te da el derecho de tomarte algo así porque sí! *Dije a mi padre para hacerle entender* -. Por qué no hacen más y ya!? *Preguntaba enojado mi padre. -. Ese suero tenía una sustancia única, no podemos pedir otra, así que sigue siendo tu culpa! *Gritó mi hermano* -. Que!? Encima me siguen culpando!? Pues lo siento, pero estas son las consecuencias de sus actos por no escucharme! -. El problema es que tu nunca te diste a respetar, ¡se nota que no nos enseñaste bien! *Grité* -. Sí, sí hubieras sido mejor padre antes esto no estaría pasando! *Gritó David* De repente podría ver una cara de enojo que nunca había visto antes en mi padre nunca, solo con ver esa expresión nos detuvimos con los gritos y comenzamos a temblar del temor que nos causaba, mi padre comenzó a apretar fuerte los puños de repente y levantó el su sillón favorito y lo lanzó contra la pared rompiendolo completamente. -. AAAAAAAAAGGGHH YA CALLENSEEEEE!!! SE ACABÓ, ES HORA DE QUE USTEDES SEPAN ALGO DE DISCIPLINA! COMO ES POSIBLE QUE MIS HIJOS ME DIGAN ESO? *Gritaba fuertemente mi padre con su profunda voz mientras nos veía con sus ojos llenos de furia* -. L-lo siento papá, por favor n-nos hagas daño, por favor *Decía yo con casi lágrimas en los ojos* -. Sí, papá perdón *Dijo mi hermano arrodillandose* lo lamento... -. Yo... Agh... Olvidenlo, ya todo pasó, no hay nada que podamos hacer, lo siento, siento gritarles, pero más les vale no volverme a hacer enojar, okey? -. S-sí *Dijimos ambos* -. Muy bien, creo que podemos tranquilizarnos un poco, jajá. *Dijo mi padre para tranquilizarnos, aunque luego su cara se convirtió en una de preocupación* Mierda! Mañana tengo una presentación importante, y no tengo nada que ponerme, mi ropa quedó destrozada después de transformarme en esto, necesito ropa ya! Al oír esas palabras apenas no estábamos dando cuenta del enorme pedazo de carne que papá tenía entre las piernas, era muy enorme. -. Es verdad papá, taparte por favor *Dije tratando de cubrirme los ojos, pero imposible no dejar de ver* -. Ah! Es verdad! N-no me miren chicos, v-vayan a traerme una toalla. Fui con mi hermano y le trajimos la toalla más grande que teníamos en la casa, aunque aún así le quedaba corta gracias a su enorme estatura, pero al menos no estaba mostrando su enorme verga todo el rato. -. Muy bien chicos, necesito que vayamos al centro comercial, ahora! Vamos suban al carro! -. Pero papá, no puedes ir en toalla, no te dejarán! -. Lo sé, necesito que ustedes me compren la ropa, un traje y corbata, de lo más grande que tengan, también unas cuantas camisas, pantalones y... -Y...? *Pregunté* -. Ropa interior, que no tengo nada que ponerme abajo, pero eso sí, necesito que todo sea grande, no puedo ir tan apretado a mi presentación de mañana. *Decía preocupado mi padre* -. Papá no sé si debamos- -. No les estoy preguntando, les estoy diciendo que vamos a ir, ¡AHORA! Al escuchar ese "ahora" de mi papá decidimos entrar al auto con mi padre, teniendo cuidado de que nadie nos vea en el vecindario. Entramos rápido y mi padre condujo hasta el centro comercial, llegamos allí y nos dijo que se quedaría a esperar en el auto. -. Recuerden, ropa grande, okey? *Gritaba nuestro padre desde su auto que le quedaba pequeño ahora* -. Okey! *Gritamos nosotros mientras íbamos a la entrada* -. Espero y esos chicos encuentren lo que necesito *Se decía mi padre asimismo, mientras veía como un auto se estacionaba al lado de él* En el auto había otro chico, parece que de otra universidad e intercambiaron miradas se saludaron y se sonrieron el uno al otro. Mientras tanto nosotros entrábamos y salíamos de muchas tiendas, tratando de encontrar ropa para mi papá, con algo de complicación al final encontramos lo necesario, solo faltaba la ropa interior, cosa que nos daba mucha vergüenza ya que ni siquiera era para nosotros, pero aún así lo logramos, pagamos por todo y salimos hacia el estacionamiento, este último estaba casi vacío, ya eran las nueve de la noche, y estaba algo oscuro, pero aún podíamos ver el auto de papá así que fuimos hacia donde estaba, pero mientras más nos acercabamos ruidos extraños se comenzaron a escuchar, ruidos y murmullos que solo escuchaba en videos explícitos de internet. -. Sí... Así... Que rico lo haces... Casi no te cabe... Que rico... Mmm... Nos acercamos al auto y nos escondimos detrás para ver que era ese ruido, cuando nos percatamos de que era nuestro padre, él estaba con otro hombre y este último le estaba dando satisfacción por medio de una mamada a su enorme verga, estábamos muy sorprendidos al ver ese acto y decidimos evitar que esto continuará en algo más intenso. -. Sí... Vamos... Apresúrate... En cualquier momento van a venir mis hijos... *Decía mi padre con su gran trozo siendo lamido por la boca de otro hombre* -. Qué!? Papá qué rayos haces!? *exclamé para evitar que siguieran* -. ¡Mierda, vete de aquí ya, corre! *Dijo mi padre mientras apartaba al hombre y lo hacía ir a su respectivo auto* mierda... Chicos puedo explicarlo... jejé... -. En serio!? En un estacionamiento!? Ten un poco de decencia papá, ¡eso no se hace! *Decía David que intentaba no ver su enorme verga parada* -. Lo siento sí, el chico vino comenzamos a hablar, yo estaba desnudo y las cosas surgieron, ya, es algo normal, saben? He estado muy caliente últimamente. -. Sí, pero por favor no lo vuelvas a hacer acá, imagínate si alguien lo hubiera visto, no puede ser... *Dije decepcionado* Sabes qué mejor hagamos como que esto nunca pasó, ok? Toma, acá está la ropa, vamonos a casa ya. -. Genial gracias lindos, uff, sí compraron calzoncillos de los buenos *Dijo mi padre mientras veía su ropa interior nueva* -. Sí, sí ya guárdalos y vamonos. Salimos del estacionamiento, mientras íbamos en camino no podíamos dejar de ver la verga parada de papá mientras este conducía. -. Este... Papá... Podrías hacer algo con eso... *Dijo David con un poco de vergüenza* -. Ah, mierda! Lo siento chicos jajá... Pero no creo que se me baje hasta que me venga, pasenme la toalla para taparlo jajá... Con algo de vergüenza se la puse encima de su enorme tranca, la verdad es que sentía mucha envidia de lo grande que lo tenía ahora, quería tenerla así también yo, y de seguro mi hermano también. Llegamos a casa y mi padre fue corriendo hacia al baño, haciendo lo que mi hermano y yo ya sabíamos que era, y la verdad es que papá no era muy silencioso al darse placer, daba muchos gemidos, y esos gemidos se convertían un gruñidos y sinceramente nos exitaban, incluso una erección se hizo presenten en mi y mi hermano no era la excepción. -. Oye tú- *Dijo mi hermano antes de que lo interrumpiera* -. No lo menciones... *Dije avergonzado* -. AGHH UFF SIII... *Gritaba mi padre que de seguro se acababa de venir* -. Mierda, solo lo está haciendo peor. -. Mejor vamonos ya a dormir... Decidimos ir a la cama, aun con la erección, pero como sea logramos dormir; nuestro padre era una bestia musculosa ahora, y nos preguntábamos si esto sería así todo lo que resta de nuestras vidas. Al día siguiente nos levantamos temprano y ocurrió algo fuera de lo normal, nuestro padre estaba despierto, ya listo para salir, y no sólo eso, también se encontraba haciendo el desayuno, algo que no había hecho nunca, por lo general, lo hacía mi madre y desde que se separaron comemos siempre afuera. -. Papá!? Qué haces despierto!? *Pregunté intrigado* -. No ves? Estoy haciendo el desayuno, estoy viendo un tutorial en YouTube de como hacer un desayuno balanceado para nosotros, jejé. *Dijo con una sonrisa* -. Wow, nunca pensé a papá decir algo así *Dijo David* Nos sentamos en la mesa, esperando a que papá terminara y luego nos sirvió el desayuno, que tenía un aspecto realmente bueno. -. Wow, esto se ve realmente bien, Pá. -. ¡Y sabe realmente bien! *exclamó mi hermano mientras comía un bocado* -. Sabía que les gustaría, mis lindos. Comimos el delicioso desayuno de papá, este último se sirvió dos veces para poder llenarse y luego fue a sentarse un rato en el sofá a ver televisión, mientras tomaba un café, también estaba luciendo su nueva conjunto de ropa que le quedaba muy bien. -. Jé, chicos, creo que tenemos que comprar un nuevo sillón, rompí mi favorito ayer, iré luego del trabajo. *Dijo mi padre quien procedió a tomar un poco de café* Sin decir nada, decidimos ir a prepararnos para la universidad, la verdad no queríamos recordar el ataque de furia que tuvo nuestro padre la noche anterior. Terminamos de prepararnos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, nos dejó y luego se dirijió a su trabajo, con una sonrisa confiada, en el camino a nuestro salón estuvimos hablando un poco de nuestro nuevo padre. -. Uff... La verdad es que sigo enojado con papá, no puede ser que esto nos pasó a nosotros, y ahora tenemos que seguir aguantando al estúpido Brendan *Dije decepcionado* -. Agh, no me lo recuerdes, debimos haber sido más precavidos, creí que lo habíamos, pensado en todo... Pero debes admitir, que papá se ve muy bien. *Dijo mi hermano con un poco de sonrojo en su cara* -. Lo sé, su trasero se ve enorme y esos pantalones con los que iba hoy en la mañana eran ajustados, se veía muy sexy, imaginar que podríamos haber tenido un cuerpo sexy, pero bueno, al parecer tendremos que vivir con esto desde ahora *Exclamé con tristeza* Entramos a clase, pasamos el resto del día pensando en lo que pasará cuando lleguemos a casa a ver otra vez a papá, pensábamos en cómo iba a ser nuestra vida de ahora en adelante, terminamos la jornada y salimos del campus de la universidad para subirnos al autobús, en el trayecto nos pusimos a ver nuestros celulares para distraernos, casi llegábamos a nuestra casa, cuando mi hermano recibió una notificación de la cuenta de Twitter de mi padre, que había pasado de llamarse "Jonathan Nature" a "JonathanSex78". -. Qué!? Qué clase nombre es este!? *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba el celular con la notificación de una nueva foto subida* -. Cambió de nombre, pero por qué ese nombre!? Dale a la publicación, vamos a ver... *Dije intrigado* Al entrar a la publicación por medio de la notificación nos encontramos con algo que nunca creímos que nuestro padre sería capaz de hacer, la foto publicada era algo que realmente nos impactó. Se trataba ni más ni menos de una foto del culo de mi padre completamente desnudo, exponiendo junto a este su enorme espalda y sus piernas abiertas, era increíble, como ver la espalda y las nalgas de un dios Griego. -. ¿¡Pero qué verga!? Esa foto... Estas viendo lo mismo que yo...? *Dije sin poder creerlo* -. S-sí, ¿cómo? ¿Por qué se tomaría una foto así? *Dijo mi hermano con preocupación* -. No tengo idea... Hace cuanto subió esa foto? -. Hace dos horas y... Dios! Ya tiene cincuenta mil likes, esto es increíble! -. Qué!? Te imaginas cuantas personas la vieron ya!? Debemos hablar seriamente con él. Al llegar a nuestra parada, decidimos correr hacia nuestra casa, abrimos lo más rápido que podíamos y entramos, buscamos a nuestro padre y lo encontramos viendo una película mientras comía palomitas y afortunadamente estaba con ropa, bueno, con una musculosa y unos shorts que casi no dejaban nada a la imaginación. -. Papá, ¡debemos hablar seriamente! -. Eh? Hola chicos, qué pasa? -. Papá que clase de foto es esta!? *Exclamó mi hermano que le mostraba la foto que había publicado* -. Ah... Bueno... Pues, quería probar la nueva cámara y me tomé una nueva foto, solo fue eso. -. Solo fue eso!? Tú digiste que la cuenta era para fotografíar plantas en insectos! *Exclamé furioso* -. Miren, se que dije que era para eso, pero me di cuenta que nadie quiere ver eso, lo que la gente quiere ver son cosas como esa foto, acaso no ves la cantidad de likes que tengo? Y es mi primera publicación! Chicos, me estoy volviendo conocido, esto es algo que siempre quise... -. Sí, pero no debería ser de esta manera... -. A ver, entiendo su preocupación de que me tome fotos así, parezco un cualquiera que solo quiere atención gracias a su cuerpo, pero esto es lo que soy y me hace feliz, además no se me ve la cara para nada, no deberían preocuparse. -. Bueno, puede que tengas razón pero no es bueno que lo hagas, es vergonzoso que tu papá se exhiba así... -. Agh, miren ya estuvo, miles de personas vieron mi culo, mejor cambiemos de tema. Les quiero decir que mi presentación fue todo un éxito, les gustó tanto que al final sí me van a dar el puesto que me había prometido, después de tanto tiempo trabajando allí, finalmente lo conseguí, la gente no dejaba de verme, les encantaba escucharme, nunca había sido así en mi vida, y todo gracias a este cuerpazo jajá. -. Vaya, felicidades pá, esos significa que ganarás más, no? -. Así es pequeñín, su papá va a traer más dinero para sus pequeñitos *Dijo mi padre mientras nos acaraciaba la cabeza a ambos* -. Ok... *Dije un poco molesto por su acto anterior* deberías dejar de hacernos así, ya no somos unos niños... -. Lo sé, pero sin mis pequeñitos. -. Bueno, aunque antes tú eras incluso más pequeño que nosotros *Dijo David un poco molesto* -. Sí, pero eso fue antes de convertirme en esta bestia, les digo que cada día que pasa amo más este cuerpo y pensar que al principio estaba algo enojado jajá, me ha traído tanta alegría a la vida. -. Sí, se nota, eres incluso más feliz y empalagoso que antes. -. Es porque los quiero hijitos. -. Sí... Gracias... Luego de esa charla decidimos irnos a nuestra habitación a hacer tarea, mientras dejamos a nuestro padre viendo televisión. Luego de un rato decidimos ir a dormir, al estar en la cama, me propuse a echarle un último vistazo a la foto de papá. -. Dios, no puede ser, se ve tan rico... Ufff *Dije mientras una erección aparecía entre mis pantalones* pensar que esta en esta misma casa me exita mucho más... Bueno ya! Debo dejar de pensar en él, no es correcto, es mi papá. Apagué mi celular y decidí dormirme por una buena vez. Al día siguiente nos levantamos y fuimos a la cocina, ese día nadie tenía que ir a trabajar o a estudiar, así que bajamos sin preocupaciones, al entrar a la cocina el desayuno estaba listo y nos encontramos a mi padre realizando actividades que nunca había hecho antes, se encontraba limpiando la casa. -. Wow, papá, estás limpiando? *Dije mientras me sentaba para comer* -. Increíble *Exclamó David* -. Sí, jajá, les digo que este cuerpo me permite hacer muchas cosas, cosas que no podía hacer porque me cansaba mucho *Decía mi padre mientras levantaba el estante de libros de su lugar con mucha facilidad para poder limpiar debajo de el* Terminamos de desayunar mientras veíamos a nuestro padre limpiar como loco la casa, luego de eso decidimos ir a nuestro cuarto a jugar videojuegos un poco. -. Oye, al final del día no está tan mal esto de papá. *Dije mientras trataba de pasar este nivel con mi hermano* -. Sí, finalmente hace más cosas que ir a trabajar, comer, dormir y quejarse de todo, creo que no está mal después de todo. *Decía mi hermano* Jugamos por horas, hasta que llegó la hora de almorzar, fuimos y la comida estaba servida igual que en la mañana, pero mi padre no estaba por ningún lado, aunque no le dimos mucha importancia, terminamos de comer y nos quedamos viendo un rato el celular, hasta que otra notificación llegó a nuestros celulares, y como temíamos se trataba de la cuenta de nuestro padre otra vez. -. Oye, es papá... *Dije preocupado* -. Oh, no... Qué será esta vez... Entramos a la publicación, pensando que no podríamos encontrar algo más peor que lo de ayer, pero al parecer nos equivocamos. La publicación se trataba de nuestro padre otra vez, esta vez en video, mostrando su cara y dandose satisfacción asimismo, gimiendo como loco. No lo podíamos creer, había mostrado su enorme tranca a todo el internet, junto a su hermosa cara gimiendo y tocando los pezones de sus enormes pechos. El video mostraba los últimos segundos de su paja, hasta que explotó todo su semen. -. NO PUEDE SER! PERO QUE LE PASA!? *Exclamé enojado* -. Espera, de hace cuanto es el video? *Dijo mi hermano asustado* QUÉ HACE 10 SEGUNDOS!? Cruzamos miradas entre mi hermano y yo y decidimos ir a su habitación corriendo, al entrar lo encontramos lamiendo su calzoncillo lleno de semen. -. Papá! Pero qué haces!? *Dije furioso* -. Por qué publicaste esto, dijiste no lo harías más! *Dijo mi hermano que le mostró el video* -. A ver chicos, lo siento, se que dije eso, pero no pude evitarlo, la gente me pedía más y más, yo tenía que darles. -. Pero no tienes que publicar esas cosas! Encima sale tu rostro! Qué pasaría si los vecinos se enteran!? -. Acaso me importa? Soy un hombre de 48 años que ahora tiene un cuerpo de dioses, la gente me alava, y si los vecinos me ven de seguro lo harían. *Dijo mi padre tratando de convencernos* -. Esto ha ido demasiado lejos papá, no puedo creer que lo hicieras. *Dije furioso* -. Que decepción y vergüenza, pá. *Dijo mi hermano que también se encontraba en llamas por lo furioso que estaba* -. Ya callense, ustedes solo están celosos de mi increíble cuerpo, solo porque no fueron lo suficientemente inteligentes para esconder sus sueros de mi, están celosos de que yo, su viejo, consiga más likes en mis publicaciones *Dijo mi padre enojado* -. Ugh, no puede ser, pá, esto debe parar ya! -. Y qué vas a hacer? No creo que con tu cuerpo de débilucho puedas hacerme algo nunca, já. *Dijo mi padre burlándose de nosotros* -. Ugh... Ya verás... Nos fuimos con mi hermano hacia nuestra habitación, a pensar en algo para acabar con esto. -. Ugh, se ha convertido en un cabeza hueca, es increíble que tengamos a alguien como Brendan viviendo en nuestra casa. -. Lo sé, es un fastidio... Oye, mira *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba su pantalla de computadora* ¡Es un succionado de testosterona! Aquí dice que esto quita cualquier tipo de testosterona artificial, da igual su potencia, es perfecto y está barato! -. Genial, cuantas unidades hay? -. A ver, busco... Solo hay uno, y es el que vimos... mierda. -. No todo está perdido, cuantas personas están viendo la publicación? -. Al parecer solo nosotros, genial! Muy bien, hay que comprarlo, aquí dice que viene a las 9 de la mañana, el día de mañana, qué bien! -. Lo dudo, jajá, uff, finalmente podremos volver a tener a nuestro bajito y calvo padre como antes *Exclamé contento* oye, por cierto como funciona eso? -. A ver, aquí dice que tienes que acostar al sujeto y aplicar los succionadores a sus pezones y pene, y esperar a que succione la testosterona por completo. -. Uff, pero como convenceremos a papá de hacer eso? -. A ver... Aquí, compraremos inyecciones tranquilizantes para osos, lo inyectamos sin que se de cuenta y le succionamos la testosterona! -. Genial, no puedo esperar para mañana! Contentos con nuestro descubrimiento, pasamos el día jugando videojuegos. Llegó la noche y la hora de dormir, ni siquiera bajamos a cenar por el enfado que teníamos, aunque yo sí salí al baño y llevé mis audífonos, no podía evitar ver el video de mi padre y no masturbarme, me exitaba mucho, así que decidí hacerme una paja con el video de mi padre, quizá estaba mal, pero era inevitable. Al regreso del baño, me encontré a mi hermano, en la puerta del baño con celular y audífonos también queriendo entrar y hacer lo que yo también hice, pero tampoco hicimos comentarios al respecto. El día domingo y esperado por nosotros llegó, el día en que nuestro padre regresaría por fin. -. Despierta Lucas! Ya es hora *Exclamó mi hermano* en una hora viene el repartidor! -. Genial, vamos, bajemos a comer algo. Bajamos a la cocina, al entrar, nos percatamos que el desayuno ya estaba hecho, lo comimos aunque aún siguiéramos enojados con él, el tiempo pasó y por fin llegó lo que esperábamos. Abrimos la puerta y recibimos los paquetes, sacamos todo y lo preparamos en la sala. -. Ok, este es el plan, tú le inyectas a papá cuando baje las escaleras, lo llevamos a la sala y le sacamos la testosterona, ok? *Dije mientras le daba la inyección a mi hermano* -. Ok... Pero uhh... Papá hoy nos dio fresa con cremas para el desayuno... Y eso... Nos da ganas de ir al baño... *Dijo mi hermano mientras se tocaba el estómago* -. Mierda, corre al baño! *Dije mientras corría hacia al baño más cercano y dejaba el papel donde anote el plan* Mientras tanto mi papá bajó las escaleras, buscandonos. -. Chicos? Ya se levantaron? Quería disculparme por lo que les dije ayer... No fue muy bueno de mi parte... Oigan, están en casa? *Dijo mi padre que nos buscaba en la cocina* Mientras nuestro padre nos hablaba, este se topó con la nota y los instrumentos que dejé en la mesa. -. Qué!? "Plan para volver a hacer a papá el cascarrabias calvo que era antes"? Ellos quieren volverme a hacer como antes!? Ugh, cómo se atreven!? Encima que me vengo a disculparme! *Dijo mi padre que veía el succionador* acaso con esto quieren sacarme el suero!? Pues no se los voy a permitir... Mientras tanto nosotros regresamos del baño y fuimos a la cocina para tomar los instrumentos, pero nos llevamos la sorpresa de que el succionador no estaba. -. Espera qué!? Dónde está el succionador!? *Dije con preocupación* -. Lo dejé aquí antes de irnos al baño. *Dijo mi hermano preocupado* De repente escuchamos un ruido de algo rompiéndose en la sala, corrimos para ver que era, no sin antes que David tomara la inyección por si acaso; al entrar a la sala vimos como mi padre destruía el succionador, lo estaba haciendo añicos. -. No! Papá detente! -. AGHH!! QUÉ CREYERON QUE NO ME IBA A DAR CUENTA!? NO VAN A CAMBIAR LA BESTIA QUE YA SOY!! Mi padre estaba furioso, tenía la misma cara que tenía la vez que rompió su sillón favorito, estábamos asustados otra vez. -. No papá, e-esto es un mal entendido-*Dije antes de ser interrumpido por este* -. Ya cállate!! No creas que soy un estúpido! Ustedes merecen un buen castigo de una buena vez por todas. *Dijo mi padre que se acercaba a mi* -. Oye papá, espera n-no... *Dije mientras mi papá me tenía acorralado y luego recordé la inyección que David tenía* David! Inyectalo! -. QUÉ!? *Gritó mi padre* De repente David salió detrás de mí padre e inyectó el tranquilizante. -. Mierda...AGGH!.. *Expresó mi padre que había sido inyectado* Pero fue en vano, el tranquilizante no le hizo nada. -. Ustedes creen que van a detener a un titan como yo!? Ustedes no necesitan un simple castigo!! Ustedes necesitan más que eso, ustedes necesitan un poco de verga, hijos de puta. -. E-espera, papá sueltanos, a dónde nos llevas? *Exclamabamos ambos* Mi padre nos tomó y nos puso sobre sus hombros, nos dirijió hacia su cuarto, donde con sus palabras, ya sabíamos que era lo que nos iba a hacer. -. Papá, espera, qué haces? D-detente. -. Callense cabrones, ¡dejen de hablar¡ *Dijo mi padre furioso* A ver pendejos, pónganse de rodillas. -. P-pero... -. DE RODILLAS! Sin ninguna otra opción nos pusimos de rodillas ante la semejante bestia que era mi padre, que posteriormente bajó sus shorts junto a sus calzoncillos y liberó a su enorme trozo que colgaba entre sus piernas. -. Comiencen a chupar pendejos... QUE COMIENCEN YA! Intercambiamos miradas otra vez mi hermano y yo, sabíamos que debíamos hacerlo y que en el fondo deseábamos esto, así que comenzamos a lamer su enorme verga, nuestras lenguas se cruzaban, nunca había sentido la necesidad de besar a mi hermano, pero si lo habíamos pensado unas cuantas veces, pero esta vez la verga de mi papá hacía que esto sucediera, se notaba que deseábamos a nuestro papá, se notaba que nos pajeabamos con sus fotos, este último lo sabía, comenzamos a turnarnos para llenar de nuestra saliba la enorme tranca de papá. -. Mierda cabrones, ustedes no saben hacer mamadas, dejen que les ayude. Posteriormente papá nos tomó de la cabeza e intercambiaba con cada uno de nosotros para chuparsela entera o hasta donde nuestra garganta nos lo permitiera. -. Que rica boquita tienen, uff que rico...ahora vamos con lo más rico, subanse a la cama pendejos. Papá nos tomó del cuello de nuestras camisas y nos aventó bruscamente a su cama estábamos acostados esperando su siguiente acción de la que nos hacíamos una idea de lo que sería y de repente comenzó a romper nuestros pantalones y ropa interior, quedamos al descubierto, solo con nuestras camisas para posteriormente comenzar a besarnos, sentíamos un calor profundo, al tocar la lengua de papá con nuestras propias lenguas, se sentía estupendo, podía olfatear su olor a macho cada vez que se acercaba a mi para besarme, me encantaba. Luego de unos apasionados besos papá nos empujó, nos dió la vuelta y nos dejó de espaldas. A ver putos, levanten ese culo rico, ya llegó la verga que tanto esperaban. Hicimos lo que papá nos ordenaba y posteriormente papá escupió dos dedos de cada mano y comenzó a frotarlos por nuestros agujeros, sentíamos cosquilleos al sentirlos y aunque eran solo dos dedos, estos no eran pequeños, eran de la mano de esta bestia sexual que ahora es mi padre. Luego de un poco de roces comenzó a introducir lentamente sus dedos en nuestros anos. -. Ayyy... P-papá... S-somos vírgenes aún, ten cuidado... *Dije entre gemidos* -. Papá... N-nunca hemos hecho esto... *Decía David entre gemidos también* -. Descuiden, tienen suerte de que yo sea el que los desvirgue cabrones, yo creo que ya están listos. Papá nos volvió a dar la vuelta y nos dejó con nuestros culos levantados para poder apreciar a ese macho dándonos toda su hombría, dió un escupitajo a su verga para poder lubricarla y comenzó a masturbarse un poco, papá tenía otro tipo de mirada que nunca había visto antes, no era de enojo ni de otro tipo, esta mirada era la de una bestia sexual, como la de un depredador a su presa y se notaba que nosotros éramos las presas de papá. -. A ver putos, quien va primero... *Decía mi papá con su verga en mano* yo creo que tú David jajá. Papá tomó a David lo abrió y comenzó a meterle su enorme tranca, David se retorcía por el dolor y el placer que le causaba esto y yo no tenía otra opción más que masturbarme viéndolos. -. Uff que apretadito David, te estan temblando las piernas, UFFF... SIIIII... QUE RICO.... *Gemia mi padre con cada metida de pene que este le daba a mi hermano* -. Aaaaaghhh!!! Papá... Duele.... Aghh... -. Cállate cabrón!! Aguantame pendejo... Papá se follaba a David muy bruscamente y antes de venirse sacó su verga, me vio a los ojos y me jaló hacia a él. -. Ahora tú turno puto, prepárate para sentir a tu papá el macho a toda potencia. Papá tomó su tranca y le la introdujo en mi agujero, sentí algo que nunca había sentido en mi vida, una mezcla de satisfacción y dolor, me exitaban mucho que mi padre me estuviera cogiendo ahorita. -. Estas apretado más que tu hermano, ... QUÉ RICO JAJA! AGHHH UFFFF, no cabron... Agh... Me vas a hacer venir. -. Ayy... Papá... Uff... C-con cuidado... Agggh! -. Jajá, callate, Agh, di que te gusta mi verga puto! -. Me gusta tu verga... AGHHH!! -. Gime, dime papi y gime perra... DIOS QUE DELICIOSO ESTÁS... -. AGHHH... p-papi... Papi... UFFFF... Papá siguió así por un rato, mientras mi hermano se masturbaba acostado aún gracias a la cogida que le había dado papá y nos estaba viendo, luego de un buen rato de metida de verga, noté que finalmente papá se iba a venir gracias a su expresión, así que sacó su verga y se puso frente a nosotros, nos juntó y pidió que abrieramos la boca. -. AGHHH ME VENGO PUTOS ABRAN BIEN LA BOCA... AGGHHH... UFFFF... TRAGENSELO. Chorros de semen salían de la verga de mi padre y caían en nuestra boca, cara y camisa, nos dejó empapados, pero nos sentíamos muy complacidos por tener ese momento de placer con la bestia. Luego de la gran venida de nuestro padre, este último cayó a la cama rendido luego de habernos dado toda su leche, nos abrazaba a los dos, uno en cada brazo, podía oler toda su hombría, toda su testosterona, se sentía fenomenal. -. Uff... Eso... Eso fue muy bueno jajá... *Decía mi padre algo exhausto* siento haberles hecho esto chicos... Creo que esta vez me pasé, pero la verdad estaba enojado y también tenía muchas ganas de coger, no había cogido con nadie aún y ustedes estaban aquí, así que sucedió, pero igual lo siento mis lindos. -. Descuida papá... *Dije con demasiado cansancio* nos encantó, la verdad... Nos exitaban verte, saber que teníamos una bestia musculosa, nos volvía locos. -. Sí... Estuvo fantástico, y perdona también por hacerte enojar... *Dijo mi hermano que casi yacía en la cama* -. No, no se disculpen chicos, de seguro los asuste, eh? -. Sí... Pá, pensaba que nos ibas a golpear o algo. *Dijo mi hermano* -. No, nunca los golpearía, ustedes son lo que más amo en la vida, al contrario, quiero protegerlos.... Es solo que... Siempre he querido que algo bueno me pasara estos últimos años... *Dijo mi padre con tono serio* -. A qué te refieres? *Pregunté* -. Bueno, desde que soy niño , nunca tuve una vida escolar buena, a diferencia de ustedes nunca fui el inteligente ni me daban premios, nunca fui bueno en nada y los chicos se burlaban de mi y duró así hasta la universidad, y siempre fue porque era un débilucho, luego de acabar la universidad pensé que todo terminaría, pero en mis trabajos era igual, daba igual que tuviera muchos estudios, la gente se aprovechaba de mi; cuando conocí a su madre pensé que mejoraría pero conoció a un hombre mejor que yo y nos dejó, y tuve que trabajar arduamente en la empresa por 10 años para que no les faltara nada y nunca me ascendían, pensé que así sería toda mi vida, 48 años iguales, hasta que me convertí en esta bestia todo me ha ido mejor, la gente me nota gracias a mis publicaciones, quiere estar conmigo, me presta atención, todo me va bien, como siempre quise y hoy cuando me enteré que querían regresarme a mi cuerpo original, entré en pánico y me enojé mucho... No quiero regresar a ser el insignificante que era antes, me gusta ser la bestia que soy ahora, y me disculpo por si no les gusta, pero a mi me encanta ser así... Luego de escuchar sobre el triste pasado de mi padre, crucé miradas con mi hermano y sabíamos que el se merecía esto, que merecía tener este cuerpo más que nosotros, nosotros solo queríamos darles una lección a los bullies de la universidad que eran las primeras personas en hacernos sentir mal por ser inteligentes, pero papá sufrió toda su vida estudiantil y laboral, nosotros por lo menos siempre seremos reconocidos por nuestra inteligencia, sabíamos que deberíamos dejarlo disfrutar lo que no pudo disfrutar en su vida. -. Papá, no te preocupes... Entendemos... Disfruta de tu cuerpo... *Dijo mi hermano David mientras sobaba el brazote de papá* -. Sí, pá... Pero ten cuidado, ok? Tú también eres importante para nosotros... *Dije para posteriormente besar el brazo de papá* -. Gracias mis chicos, los amo, les juro que los voy a proteger, denle un beso a su viejo! Vamos!... Eh... Chicos...? Papá hablaba mientras nosotros nos habíamos quedado dormidos, este último solo sonrió y se quedó a dormir con nosotros, nos pasamos la tarde así, hasta 6 de la tarde, cuando papá nos hiso una cena exquisita, comimos, nos bañamos y decidimos irnos a dormir, dormíamos como bebés abrazado de nuestro padre. Al siguiente día nos despertamos, cambiamos, desayunamos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, llegando a esta se encontraba Brendan, nuestro bravucón de siempre. -. Ugh... Brendan está ahí... Mierda... *Dije enojado* -. No sé si debíamos entrar a la escuela. *Dijo mi hermano asustado* Brendan se encontraba molestando a un chico de otra clase, parecía que iba a golpearlo ahora, no creíamos que algo lo pudiera salvar. -. Quién es él? *Preguntó papá* -. Él es el bullie de la escuela... El molesta a todos los chicos más débiles que él... Él es la razón por la que queríamos tener un mejor cuerpo... Queríamos que dejara de molestarnos, porque está en nuestra clase y siempre nos molesta... -. Enserio!? Bueno... Pues va a aprender que no debe meterse con ustedes y con nadie, es hora de darle una lección a ese estúpido. *Dijo mi padre con mucha seriedad, para posteriormente salir y azotar la puerta del auto* Papá se veía enojado, salimos detrás de él para ver que iba a ser, llegó y se acercó a Brendan y comenzó a hablarle. -. Hey! Quién te crees que eres!? *Preguntó furioso mi padre* -. Usted quien es- Ou... *Dijo Brendan mientras se daba la vuelta viendo la inmensidad de nuestro papá* -. Soy el que te va a mostrar a respetar, jajá. *Dijo mi padre, con tono burlón* Posteriormente papá lo tomó entre sus brazos y comenzó a sobar bruscamente su cabeza con sus nudillos, se notaba que incomodaba mucho a Brendan, pero ese solo era el principio, papá prosiguió a sentarse en una banca y le bajó los pantalones y comenzó a nalguear lo fuertemente en frente de todos. Todos los chicos de la universidad comenzaron a burlarse de él, Brendan solo pedía parar a cada rato, pero papá no sé veía que quería parar. -. Quieres que pare? Pues bueno, voy a parar pero no me voy a ir sin hacerte...¡UN CALZONCHINO! *Dijo papá riendose* Papa subió a Brendan a un árbol y lo dejó colgando de sus calzoncillos ahí, todos nos reíamos, estábamos tan felices que alguien le diera su merecido al fin, papá solo nos guiñó el ojo, estábamos tan felices. -. Wow papá, gracias, estuviste increíble *Dije entusiasmado* -. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti *Dijo mi hermano feliz* -. Gracias campeones, recuerden que nadie los va a molestar mientras yo esté con ustedes; ahora vayan a estudiar, los veo luego. La campana sonó y todos entramos a clase, luego de habernos reído de Brendan que seguía colgado por un tiempo, luego la rama se rompió y calló sobre un charco, se notaba que había aprendido la lección y se fue a casa, las clases terminaron así que también nos fuimos a casa, donde papá nos esperaba con otra cena riquísima y que sabíamos que no era la última. El tiempo pasó y papá comenzó a ir al gimnasio para mantenerse y expandir más su fuerza, su barba también crecía, y no solo eso, fue ascendido nuevamente a jefe de contabilidad, le estaba yendo muy bien. Nosotros comenzamos a ir al gimnasio con él, obviamente nos tomará mucho o quizá nunca lleguemos a estar como él, pero nos ha servido mucho, hay gente que quiere salir con nosotros. La verdad es que nos está yendo muy bien a todos y nunca nos habíamos sentido más unidos con mi padre, no nos arrepentiremos de su cambio nunca más, y pensar que todo esto comenzó por querer defendernos de los bullies y terminó con nuestra familia más unida. Fin. ___________________________________________ Y así termina la historia, espero y les haya gustado y disculpen si encuentran algunos errores ya que es la más larga que he hecho hasta el momento , ya estoy planeando otras historias, aunque quizá sean más cortas que está. Gracias por leer.
  6. Happy Holidays from ABSMAN420! Based on Aardvark's LIFE STORE series, here's a classic absman story I found on the shelf and dusted off for you for Christmas! Enjoy a family-themed holiday muscle growth story! “Dad?!? I’m HOME!” He emerged from the upstairs bedroom, wearing only a pair of cotton pajama bottoms and a black baseball cap with the gold Iowa Hawkeyes logo on the front. Barely in his forties, he was densely muscled with the kind of powerful neck that betrayed all wrestlers. Every inch the coach, every inch the man who’d devoted his life to a sport, he’d wrestled since sixth grade, made varsity in ninth, high school national champion soon thereafter, recruited by Iowa, collegiate nationals champion his junior and senior years, now head coach at the junior college that prepped talent for UI, and first in line for the assistant’s position at the big school. He looked down on me from the top of the balcony and in his gravelly voice said, “Oh, I see Loser U is finally on Christmas break. Wait, what do you liberals call it? WINTER break, right?” He chuckled hoarsely at his own joke, running a hand over his bare, muscular torso. Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t react to his bait – the whole bus ride halfway across the country, I’d promised myself over and over – immediately I was defensive. “Dad… not everybody celebrates Christmas.” “Oh, Jesus, Brian! It was a joke – a freakin’ joke!” He descended the stairs as he bitched, his big muscles bouncing as he plodded down. “That’s the problem with you east coast intellectuals, you’re too freakin’ good for everything! Sometimes I wish your little Liberal U HAD a wrestling team – it’d be fun to come in there and kick their ass!” At the base of the stairs, we faced each other – at five-nine, we were the same height and structure, but he easily had me by forty pounds of muscle. He just seemed taller than me by the way he carried himself, by his confidence and posture, inflated by his ego. We didn’t hug. He only hugged his wrestlers – and then only when they won – never his son. No, he held his hand out for me to shake. And naturally, he seemed disappointed by the firmness of my grip. “So c’mon in and see the place,” he said, leading the way into the house. I followed, eye-level with his massive traps. This little off-campus, post-divorce house of his was a testament to his life as a single man and wrestler. A shrine, almost. Trophies and medals and photographs everywhere, posters and playbills from various events and contests, equipment and gear stashed here and there, a mishmash of obsession – maybe Mom had been right. The whole place was a disaster. Torn apart, laundry discarded, dirty dishes in stacks, this was clearly not the work of one man. He obviously had his wrestlers over often – the gigantic sectional sofa looked well-worn and comfortable beneath its wrinkled throw, and there was no belittling the entertainment center and the nearly wall-sized plasma TV. What college-aged guy wouldn’t like that? One of the coffee tables had been awkwardly cleared and a small, fake Christmas tree blinked merrily away, despite being decorated with a couple of dirty socks and someone’s jockstrap covering the face of the angel on top. Underneath was a single wrapped present, about the size of a shirt box. “That’s for you,” Dad said, handing it to me. “Well, really, it’s for BOTH of us, but, uh… I think you’ll get more out of it… initially. Open it.” “Isn’t it a little early for…?” “What?” he said impatiently – he wasn’t used to being questioned, some things never change. “It’s Christmas Eve, the sun’s almost down. What the fuck? Let’s start your homecoming right.” I’d never seen that much sentiment out of my father, so I sat awkwardly on the sofa arm and opened his gift, tearing through the paper and opening the box. “What is this…?” I asked under my breath as I looked inside. It was the strangest thing – he’d given me a singlet, an old Iowa singlet, black with gold piping and the word “IOWA” spelled across one leg, the Hawkeye logo emblazoned on the center front, where it would be directly over the heart when worn. It wasn’t even a NEW singlet. Beat up and flaking, stretched at the seams, as if the guy who’d worn it had been way too big for it – it was certainly too big for me, scarecrow that I am. Also a jockstrap in the same condition. Well-worn, stretched elastic, there was no mistaking that this jock had been worn by someone with monstrous genitalia, the cotton pouch was so distended. It may have been laundered clean, but it was still someone’s used jockstrap. He’d given me someone’s used jockstrap for Christmas. Was this his idea of a joke? He wasn’t laughing – rather, he had an anticipatory smile on his face. “Okay, now before you say something that pisses me off,” he said, sitting on the coffee table before me, pushing some dishes out of the way so he could, “let me explain it.” I made a fist and comfortably fit it in the pouch of the jock. “Absolutely,” I said. “I’d love to hear your explanation for THIS.” “Okay,” he said, nodding slightly. “But first, go put that stuff on.” “What?” “I bought it for you, Brian. Put it on.” He said that with a “coach” attitude, a man who wasn’t used to being questioned. “But…” He held up his hand for me to stop. “But nothing. Put it on. It’ll be like your Christmas present to me. Your old man wants to see you in a Hawkeyes uniform just once before he dies, okay? Indulge me?” “You’re not gonna die, are you?” “Just put the fucking thing on!” And so, in the filthy bathroom just off the kitchen, I shucked my clothes and put on the outfit Dad had given me for Christmas. The jockstrap didn’t even come close to fitting – or at least, that’s what I suspected. I’d only ever worn a jockstrap one time before that, and it’d given me a rash. Just a little too big in the waist, so that it fell and settled on my hip bones, and to make the pouch fit I’d need a balled-up pair of socks, or a grapefruit. The singlet was just as bad. Though its elasticity was better, it was still clearly two sizes too large. With my boney bod, I might as well have been a wire hanger for the way it hung on me from the shoulders. I looked ridiculous. Comical. Embarrassing. How could my Dad and I differ that much? When I went back to the living room, the smile on his face was the largest I’d ever seen on him – especially directed at me. A shark spying his evening meal. “This thing is huge on me,” I said, embarrassed by his scrutiny, humiliated by his gaze. “Yeah,” he said, like it was an unimportant detail. He reached down and adjusted his package beneath his sweats. “Is this one of your old ones?” I asked. “No,” he said quietly. “Mine would probably fit you, though you still wouldn’t fill it out as well.” He winked to indicate he was teasing – I let it go. “No, that there must’ve belonged to one of the big boys – maybe Gunter, or Johnny No-Neck.” “Well, where did you get it? Why are you giving it to me?” “First things first,” he said, standing. There was no hiding his dick as it pushed out against the loose cotton sweats he wore. Was seeing me in this singlet giving my Dad a hard-on? Ignoring it, and my unmistakable reaction to it, he reached in his pocket, pushing his big half-log to the side to retrieve a small plastic pouch. He tossed it to me. Naturally, I fumbled it instead of catching it smoothly. “Take those,” he said, crossing his hands before his package, lightly holding himself and tickling his dick with a finger. “Take those, then we’ll talk. I’ll explain everything.” It was a small, plastic pouch about the size of a business card, two pills inside. Stapled to it, a typed paper label reading, “WRESTLING MATT, 20, 215lb class, Coach’s Favorite.” “What is this?” “Take ‘em,” Dad said – I think he WAS playing with himself. “You need some water or something?” He picked a half-full bottle from the table and held it out to me. “But, what…?” He spoke sharply, inflating his ribcage and bristling his muscle. “Brian,” he said, “just do what I say. Don’t make me MAKE you take them.” And so I dry-swallowed them – but they must’ve been gel-coated, because they went down easy -- one tasted slightly metallic. “Thank you,” he said in a lighter tone. “Now sit down and I’ll tell you what this is all about.” When I plopped myself back on the arm of the sofa, my hands crossed before my crotch, he continued, hurrying through the exposition. “I was in the city not long ago on a tourney, staying at a hotel in this weird little neighborhood on the east side. I was coming back after practice, walking down this street with all these little shops and shit and I pass by this vintage clothing store. There’s a singlet in the window – catches my eye – an old-school Iowa lo-cut singlet, like we wore in the eighties, when I was there. “Anyway, I go inside, and the Man who owns the store, a little dumpy fag with this kind of know-it-all attitude sees me checkin’ out the singlet and the first thing out of his mouth – not ‘hello’, not ‘how are you?’, not ‘welcome to my store’ – no, he says, ‘Your son’s a disappointment to you. You wish he’d found the passion for wrestling that you have.’ “And what was I gonna do, Brian? It’s true. And it caught me off-guard. So, instead of questioning how he knew it, or what business of his it was, I nodded and said, ‘Yeah…’ “Because, it IS a disappointment to me, Brian. It breaks my heart that you don’t like wrestling – since before you were born, it was my dream to raise a little wrestler and be your coach.” It was so weird to hear my Dad talking like this – it was almost too much. I was feeling a little light-headed, so I slid down onto the seat of the sofa and leaned back against the soft material, my hands still covering my crotch. “I’m sorry, Dad,” I said, near tears. “I wish I could’ve been the son you wanted.” Dad smiled and barked a laugh. “That’s what HE said,” he said, “the Man at the shop. He said it was possible for me to have the son I’d always wanted. He said I could BUY that – I didn’t have to wish it, I could buy it – and he had just the thing!” “What?” I asked – I WAS feeling dizzy, clouded. I was having trouble keeping up with the narrative. I felt like I had just taken cold medicine or something. “So we’re in the back of his shop where the cash register and stuff is and we go to this filing cabinet. He tells me that this place is called THE LIFE STORE – the clothing thing is just a front – and through some unexplainable combination of alchemy and nano-technology or something, he’s able to craft complete new lives for people. He sells new lives! “Okay, NOW I think he’s crazy and I’m just indulging him. I really just want to buy the singlet and get the hell out of there, right? And he pulls out this thick file marked ‘ATHLETES,’ and it’s full of biographies and profiles of all these different jocks and all these different sports. He’s humming as he sorts through them. There’s only a few wrestlers – what a shock, right? – when he pulls one out and says, ‘This is it!’” It was still hard to follow what my Dad was talking about, but I realized that I wasn’t sick, wasn’t dizzy – no, just the opposite. I was starting to feel a buzz, like the coming wave that rides you up to drug-induced ecstasy. I was feeling kind of good. I was even starting to get a hard-on. I could feel it growing beneath the loose jockstrap. Instead of being embarrassed by it, however, I briefly thought, “Well, so does DAD…” before I dismissed it. Fuck it, let it get hard – it felt good. Besides, Dad wasn’t trying to hide his. “It was a helluva profile,” Dad continued, watching me curiously. “And I loved how the guy’s name was a pun – Wrestling Matt.” He chuckled. “Oh, Brian, you’re gonna love being him.” “What?” I asked, almost fully hard. “What do you mean?” “I’m turning you into him, into the son I’ve always wanted. I bought the profile from the Life Store and I’m turning you into Wrestling Matt, a twenty year old, two-hundred fifteen pound, cocky, nationally-ranked super-jock whose only desire is to please his coach and be like his dad, obsessed with wrestling and training hard at the gym. He loves it, he loves Iowa, he loves his teammates, he loves his jock life, and he owes it all to his Dad, his coach, and he loves to show his gratitude.” He touched his dick again and dreamily added, “It’s gonna be fuckin’ awesome to have him around instead of you....” “But… how…?” Dad shrugged, his big traps flexing and falling. “I don’t know. The Man tried to explain it to me but it didn’t make any sense. Who fuckin’ cares HOW it works? All that matters is that it does.” He looked me up and down quickly, taking his measure, then said, “And it’s obvious that’s something’s happening to you. Stand up.” I obeyed him so quickly that it surprised me. I didn’t even pause to consider any other options. He commanded and I obeyed, just like that – and it felt good to please my coach… I mean, my Dad. “You’re already bigger,” he said. “How do you feel, Matt?” Weakly, I said, “It’s Brian…” A stern look crossed his face – he didn’t like being contradicted. (How could you be Coach’s Favorite if you questioned an order, Brian?) Dad got up in my face and growled. “It’s whatever I say it is… Matt. Answer the question.” Again, without even waiting for him to finish the order, I obeyed it – and that gave me such pleasure. “I feel kind of weird,” I said, tingling, “but good. I can feel my body getting… I don’t know, THICKER almost. Inside and out. Stronger.” And before I could stop myself, I said, “But it’s nothing compared to how good it feels when I obey an order from you.” There was triumph in his smirk, even though he hadn’t won, yet. It kind of pissed me off that he thought I’d be so easy to defeat – I was starting to feel kind of aggressive, kind of angry. Masculine. I was rock hard now, and even the jockstrap wasn’t able to contain me. Turn me into some kind of super-jock, will he? Fuck, when I’m two-hundred fifteen pounds I’ll show him. I orgasmed then, facing off with my Dad. I grunted and moaned as I shot, breaking eye-contact with him – a big, wet stain immediately spreading on the singlet, but still I didn’t stop. I wasn’t even embarrassed by it – no, I fuckin’ LOVED it! It felt so GOOD! “Yeah,” Dad growled. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about…” “Fuck!” I screamed as the orgasm subsided, a few vain left-over spurts feebly making their way out of my still-hard cock. I felt so vibrant – so STRONG. “Where’s… a fuckin’… MIRROR?” I said, my voice gaining a rough edge it had never had before. That was certainly the first time I’d used the “F”-word in front of my coach… I mean, my Dad. He seemed to be taking it okay, though. He had a huge smile on his face as he led me to the full-length mirror at the end of the hallway. A light shone done from directly above where we were standing, making for kind of dramatic lighting as I saw what had begun happening to me. Mirrors had never been my friends – they always showed my flaws, my weaknesses. I would avoid my reflection as much as I could. But standing here with my Dad, I looked in the mirror and saw a whole different me. And since my dad was reflected accurately, then I must have been, too. I didn’t see the skinny, weak, loser I had always been. No, I saw a developing athlete instead, with a strong muscular base that seemed to be growing before my eyes. Damn, I looked good in this singlet, tight as it was becoming – like it was MADE for me. Made for my body. Made to show off my muscle, my power – my very generous cock. I never thought I could be so hot. So incredible. Maybe I wouldn’t mind being this Wrestling Matt after all… “Flex,” Coach said, looking at my reflection rather than me. I instantly obeyed, throwing up a double-bis, and my erection instantly returned. Look how fucking big I was getting! I went from pose to pose, Coach showing me the ones I didn’t really know – most muscular, side chest – my musculature improving and growing the more I flexed. Look at my traps, my neck – years of neck bridges showed as I flexed. “Let’s see the abs,” Coach said, putting his hands behind his own head and flexing his – no wonder he stressed core-training as much as he did. His abs were incredible, dense, thick and separated by deep, oxen-plowed grooves. I quickly pulled the straps of my singlet down, eager to see what mine looked like next to his. I wasn’t disappointed. All the hours we’d spent training together – the nearly obsessive nature of it – had clearly paid off. I remember it used to drive Mom fuckin’ crazy. No wonder she and Dad split up – she couldn’t understand men who had our priorities. My abs were actually better than Dad’s… I mean, than my Coach’s. He was thicker through the middle than me – a little middle-aged spread, I’d joke with him when I really wanted to piss him off – my waist was almost two inches smaller than the old man and my tiny little hips gave me a “V” much more sever than his. “Hard not to be envious, isn’t it?” I asked in my gravelly new voice as we fought for mirror space. Coach barked out a “Fuck you” and cocked his fist like he was gonna punch me. “Go ahead, old man,” I said, smirking, running a hand over my eight-pack. “Give it your best shot.” As soon as his fist came in contact with my muscle, I orgasmed again, this time so powerful, it brought me to my knees. My big cock just kept pumping out the jizz, soaking the material and dripping down my leg. I fuckin’ LOVED it! When I could control myself again, there on my knees in the hallway, I looked over at Coach, standing there with a triumphant smirk on his face – God damn, I loved him! After all, I owed him fucking EVERYTHING – he made me into the man I was today. He’d trained me all my life to be the best I could be – to be like HIM. His big hard dick fought the confines of his loose sweats, and as the Coach’s Favorite, I knew what my job was. Without waiting for his order or his guidance, I reached over, untied the waistband, and pulled out his thick, nine-incher. Damn, I may’ve had better abs, but I had nothing on Coach’s hot, hot cock. “You gonna stare at it,” he asked, “or are you gonna do something with it?” “Just give me the order, Coach.” That smirk – that cocky fuckin’ smirk – the one I’d inherited. Yeah, fucker, just watch what your favorite can do. Feel my talented mouth. “Suck my cock, Matt,” he said, slapping it against my face. The rush of pleasure I felt when I took it in my mouth caused me to cum again. Seeing our reflections in the mirror, this hulking college wrestler blowing his Coach, their muscle flexing, their faces locked in ecstasy, made it even hotter. I knew just what to do, just how to tickle, just when to deep-throat, and when he orgasmed, filling my mouth with his salty-sweet jism, choking me with its volume, I knew with certainty that was why I’d been created. And I’d never be satisfied. “Isn’t this better than being some pansy-ass performing arts major at Liberal U, Brian?” he asked as he leaned against the wall and I licked him clean. “What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked as I ran my tongue down the length of his impressive shaft. “My name is Matt. Don’t you remember, or did it take all the blood from your brain to fill this big dick of yours? I go to Iowa, like my dad before me. I’m on a wrestling scholarship that you helped me earn, and for which....” I kissed the head of his cock and slipped it back into his sweats. “…I will be forever grateful.” “Excellent,” he said, patting me on the head. “Let’s go hit the mats, then, Matt. I want to see what you learned at Iowa this semester.” It was our best Christmas ever – we could train, eat, and fuck without Mom breathing down our necks. Coach and I trudged through the snow to the Athletic Building on campus, opened up the wrestling room, turned up the heat, and grappled the night away. We started in our Iowa singlets, which was hot enough, then we stripped down to jocks and finally rolled naked together, sweaty. muscular and masculine. He was a tough bitch and I still couldn’t take him – but he took me, often and ferociously. Quite literally, too. He took me right there on the wrestling mats, fucking me the way a man uses his favorite sex toy, the same way he had for years. I loved it so much. As team captain, I always had my pick of the other wrestler’s tight little asses, but rarely had to give up my own – that’s how often I lost. But man, Coach could always do me, and do me right. He could fuck me hard on the soft mats and I always wanted more. I may’ve even shouted “I love you!” as he came inside me – I don’t remember, I was so lost in ecstasy. So lost in gratitude. I was Wrestling Matt, the Coach’s Favorite, a two-hundred fifteen pound state champion and fuck machine. And I loved it. Afterwards, I licked the mats clean and joined my Coach in the shower. END
  7. Trio


    “What have you turn me into, son” said Zeus, in the arms of Saturn, recovering from the mast session. ”We are more than father and son now, Zeus. Deeper bonds connect us. We are brother in arms, no longer humans. I transformed you into a God.” ”Years of research have come to this, son.” ”It was time well spent, but I missed you, dad” ”I missed you too, son.” The new brother in arms embrace each other again, and as they embraced, they realize even further how their bodies were transformed. ”I did a good job, didn’t I, Zeus? For your body is the embodiment of what it is to be a true Man. Your abs are as deep as the canyons surrounding the colony, your chest, so vigorous and powerful” “I like your tattoo, where did you get it?” ”I never had it before, it was another gift from the change, father.” They observed each other, Saturn was emotional and proud to have transformed his father, his new brother. Zeus was thankful and loved his new monstrous being. The need to feel each other invaded their minds, Saturn touched Zeus’s pecs, feeling his strong Modified heart beating. Then he played around with his dog tag, pending on his chest. Zeus touched Saturn’s shoulders, feeling them with proud. Saturn then flexed for his brother, making him even harder. ”You are a magnificent creature, son.” ”You made me like this, and in return I have remade you, father” They were uncontrollably touching each other, flexing and bellowing and soon, father and son were masturbating each other, with vigor. “Fuck” said Zeus “I fucking love you, brother” ”Your need for cumming grew with the transformation, brother, you need this” ”You deserve something too” ”I can feel the need to spread our gift” said Saturn, while caressing the cock of Zeus delicately, They were having the most filled with pleasure moment of their lives. When they came, they softly roared. ”Oh Fuck, growl” After a long and fulfilling masturbation session, they were seen by Geoffrey, a confused Geoffrey. ”What is going on here? Who are both of you?” ”Ah, Geoffrey, welcome” ...
  8. Trio

    Anídeos: Chapter 3

    “Who are you both? I ask again” Geoffrey was more confused than anything else, seeing both very muscular naked men, the embodiment of masculinity, in front of him. ”I should call for Dr. Anthony” ”No need, Geoffrey. I am Dr. Anthony. Or I used to be, I was reborn as Zeus a bit ago, your brother, Grant, was somehow transformed, and he gifted me his new powers.” Geoffrey was listening, even if he couldn’t understand. ”You are not Dr. Anthony... dad? This is... impossible” ”It used to be, son, but years of research have brought its fruits. The world will never be the same. Our world will never be the same. Me and the scientists have been working for the development of the serum for years, and it is a success! Not only one specimen, but a whole family!” ”No, this cant be! How did you both... I am too tired for this”. ”Not for long, brother. Our family is torn apart, we don’t share the same DNA anymore. But you can change this. Join us, brother, join us and be transformed.” ”I am too tired to deal with this, I’m leaving for a walk” He was reaching again for the door, but as he was walking outside of the lab, Zeus pressed a button, and the door was shut down. ”We need to discuss this in depth, son. You can’t turn your back on your family, your future brother in arms! You shall transform” ”No, I won’t, whatever is happening here, I am not taking part of this.” “Brother, you already are, you are stepping in our seed, which is everywhere on this lab. It will break through your shoes and enter in contact to your skin, transforming you. You can go the slow way, or let me offer you my gift” ”I am fine with my shoes, thank you” But the shoes were being eroded, and as he made another step, he slipped on the lake of cum on the lab, and fell on the floor. The cum entered in contact with his skin, causing a massive amount of pain, he screamed. ”GAH! This burns!” ”It is happening, brace yourself, you are about to turn into a sublime soldier” ”GAH! No! What... is... happening to me?” As his face and hands were covered in cum, his transformation was happening. He got into his knees and cried for help, but father and son were roaring with every cry. His body was growing, the thin angelical body of Geoffrey was metamorphosing. His abs came to life, so did his chest, his heart was beating strongly and he was still crying as his shirt was being torn apart by his growing muscles. ”GRAAAAAAAAAAAH” he shouted a deep gutural roar as his hair was burning with the cum in it, the cum covered his whole body, head to toe, passing through his nose and mouth, his eyes were burning as well, being remade. Zeus and Saturn watched with pride their new creation, the birth of the new brother in arms. ”So you are my father” said Geoffrey with a thick deep voice, still transforming, “Grant, whatever happened to you, fuck, this is good” ”You are turning into a God, embrace it” ”Roar, ROAR!” The transforming Geoffrey bellowed. His skin was being reformed, his muscles were at the height of his power, being transformed into a huge machine of war. His shoulders alone could sustain the whole world, his abs going as deep down to his cock as they could. And his fucking cock, stretching thick and powerful, reducing to nothing what was left of his shorts. ”I...... am... remade! How is this possible?” Geoffrey couldnt believe it yet. His whole body was covered in his new metalic skin, he was feeling a pleasure he never felt, and still, he couldn’t believe it 100%. He roared and bellowed as he was discovering his new body, touching himself and masturbating, cumming and passing his cum through his body. He was even stronger and more vigorous than Saturn. This was the birth of Apolo. Soon, his family greeted him, after he finished his pleasurable moment. ”We are one now. You joined us, the family is reunited”. The three roared, and proceeded to explore each other’s bodies in celebration. The soldiers were here, stronger than any scientist could ever dreamt of. Life would never be the same, neither for the new Men, neither for anyone else. But for now, pleasure reigned supreme in the house of Anthony.
  9. Yachirobi

    Life Changes

    Some quick smut I banged out today. Give it a like on my Tumblr if you're so inclined. Inspired by a photo Michael Kidd, shot by Rey Rey's Photography. He is not the character, this is fiction, you're an adult so you know the drill. Please, don't sue me. I'm poor. *** Dad wouldn’t tell me what he was up to but he was bigger. The way he filled his shorts in was obscene. He said he was just working out harder. Right. It had only been a month since mom left him and he’d grown. He been growing. He kept growing. My father got visibly larger every day. We’d worked out together before. Lifting weights was our regular father/son bonding since I was twelve. Even when I came out, we didn’t miss a session. But almost imediately after mom left, he insisted on training alone in the basement. He would’t let me down there anymore. Said it wasn’t me, just that he needed space alone. I figured he was crying down there, needed a place where he didn’t have to be “strong” when he felt weak and helpless. Then I heard the grunting through the vent. At first I thought he had a dog down there. A weird ass dog to boot. Maybe one of those mutts from Ghostbusters. Mom was allergic to dogs but dad had grown up with them. He actually got choked up talking them. He always stopped to pet dogs who came across him when he was out. But I never heard those sounds when he wasn’t down there. He’d have told me if he had a dog. None of those dogs made the sounds I heard. They were borderline sexual. That’s why I had to go down there. I needed to know what he was doing, why he had to be alone instead of spending man-time with his only child. He left the door unlocked one day while he was out. I’d been coming over mre often to check on him. Dad had said some stuff that made me worry he might hurt himself. Break-ups will cause that, especially one after thirty years of marriage. But I was glad he was out. I thought he might have found a girlfriend. And it gave me a chance to snoop. But I wasn't ready for what I found. The muscle mags were one thing. Dad was working out hardcore. Okay. Not that I ever knew he had so many. Then I saw that some of those mags had nudes. I didn't even know they still published skin mags with the Internet going strong. So my dad was gay and didn’t even bother to tell his queer as fuck only son. Terrific. And the mags were scattered everywhere. Pages were lying loose on the floor. Some were stapled to the wood paneled walls. Then there were the rags. Torn up t-shirts. Ripped pants. Jockstraps with the jock torn open. All scattered everywhere. So my dad was turning into the Incredible Hulk in the basement? No wonder mom had left. One of the shirts--a nice polo shirt I’d gotten him for his birthday, I might add--was stuck to the wall like he’d thrown it there. I saw splatter marks from the impact. That splatter? It was cum. Cum was fucking everywhere. Some of it was even fresh, scattered all over the mags and the exercise equipment. Pools of it. The smell was overwhelming. And it made me hard as a rock. I’m not even a smells guy but it turned a switch on in my brain and I couldn’t turn it off. I tried. Something about that stench made me feel manlier, like I was getting bigger and stronger just from inhaling my father's crazy-ass super loads. I took deep snorts of the stench. It made my nose buzz. It didn't even smell like cum or sweat as much as it smelled like manhood. And manhood smelled terrific! It felt terrific! I put my finger into some of the cum that he'd shot on the lifting bench and thought "fuck yeah, dad." I had a vision of him in his more powerful body pushing those weights up and down while he was rock hard and... I snapped back, sickened. I was in my childhood basement, holding my crotch in my hand while I was putting a cum coated finger into my mouth while rock hard, thinking about my own father. I got the hell out and thanked my lucky stars that Dad hadn't come home to catch me. But I was still rocking a stronger hard-on of my life for two hours, even though I tried to think about anything other than sex. Then the call came. “Abel,” dad said, “Let's go for a walk.” His voice was cold. Growly in a way that was unfamiliar. I hesitated but said yes. If he wanted to yell at me, so be it. I had some yelling to do too. When I got to the park he walk looking alpha as fuck. That had become standard but the effect never diminished. On that day, he seemed twice as manly as the day before and I hated it. On any other man that would be instant boner fuel. Thick, vascular thighs. Pumped arms. Gray beard. But he was my dad. Even gay boys don’t get hard to their own dads. I never had before. Then I caught a whiff, just a little whiff, of that freak man-smell, It might have been my imagination. Didn’t mater. I felt my dick buzz all over again. And I felt shame. “I’m not mad, Abel. I wish you hadn’t gone down there but, well...” Dad kept his eyes on me and I was the one who looked away. “That’s fucked up, Dad. That’s really... I don’t wanna know.” Sometimes we tell lies thinking they’re the truth. “You have to know now. I can’t keep it secret much longer anyway.” “Secret? What?” Just because dad wasn’t yelling didn't mean I couldn't. “Is this the shit that drove mom away?” “No. But if she hadn't left, this wouldn't have happened. I'm glad it happened too." “God damnit. Just tell me what's going on so you can get it off--" I winced. Bad word choice "--your chest." And, with even better timing, I noticed Dad's chest flaring. He'd always had a good shape to it but, for the first time, I realized my dad had pecs. Big ones. "Are you gay, Dad? Did you let me come out to you and not tell me you were gay too? Because that’s really fucked up. That’s fucking cruel. That’s...” My voice was breaking. “It’s not quite like that. I mean...” I shouted “Then what the fuck is it?” “Shut up.” If he'd slapped me with the back of his hand, it wouldn't have been as effective. “Follow me.” And I did follow, red faced and sniffling. We followed a paved trail deep into the woods, then he went off on a dirt path. I thought it was for bikes but it was too narrow and unkempt. “It happens at home sometimes. I like that. Gives me a chance to explore it on my own. But it's better here.” I screwed my face up in disgust but, before I could complain, I caught that scent again. “It’s better with the others. It’s stronger. Fuller. I dunno. I need to be with the others.” “There’s a group of you? Aw, dad. You were always warning me about internet freaks and now--” “This ain’t on the internet, Abel. And you better not tell anyone. We can’t let outsiders know.” That was when I noticed Dad's voice. It was deeper. Strained. He huffed and puffed. He put his hands on a tree and stretched out. His back... it was wider. "That smell means it's coming, son. It's coming real strong." I heard footsteps. Leaves rustling. “I’m sorry about this. But you won’t be. It’ll bring us closer together, I promise.” He punded his fist against a tree. I heard something snap. Not a branch from the men walking towards us but from his body. There was another snap. Then Iooked down at his ass. How and when my father had gotten a bubble butt, specifically a perfect bubble butt, was beyond me. And all of the sudden, as he arched his back forward, popped that ass out, cried out, and the cloth split open. I saw my father's ass crack for the first time in my life. And I smelled that superhuman man-funk erupting from his skin, stronger than what he'd left in the basement. And as my dad grunted and groaned and swelled and stretched, I saw those others come out. They were not men. Men aren’t that big. Guys spend whole paychecks on drugs and gym hours to look half as powerful. Now I know it’s a waste. They wore tatters that were wrapped around their carved-stone arms and legs. One man tore the remains of a shirt from his chest. Schwarzenegger could only dream of having a chest that big with a waist that small. I didn’t say no. Didn’t say yes either. I might have flinched or pushed a hand away once. But I walked head first into someone's someone’s hard, hairy, inhuman chest and any resistance I had went at that touch. I sank to the ground, surrounded by a set of Tom of Finland super cocks that all had a variation of my father’s freak smell. Then I found the one that wasn’t a variant. “I have to do this, Abel" he said. He pressed my head against his crotch. "I tried to fight it but I don't want to anymore. I wan’t you to be one of--” The moment he said “us.” I clamped my mouth on his cock and he growled. His voice dropped another octave. “I should have done this sooner!” the others laughed. Then they cheered. They cheered because the saw the start of my body swelling up and stretching out. I moaned because I felt stars exploding inside myself. I roared because I felt like a man. More than a man. More than an animal. When people ask me what's going on, I tell them I'm working out harder. It's true. I haven't bought new clothes yet. I don't want to. I'll do so when I'm down to my last set. Then I'll buy a new wardrobe to destroy. I've moved back in with Dad. It's easier that way. More private. More satisfying. When the urge overwhelms one of us, we both go for the ride. The house is a mess now. We fuck too much. Break too much. The neighbors are complaining. They say there's a smell coming from the house. The women don't like it. But the men? They've been poking around. Trying to see what's going on. Needing to smell what's going on. I think they'll come around soon. They might do it without us. I'm already seeing the changes on their bodies. Less fat. Less bone. More muscle. More men. They're looking alpha as fuck these days, but Dad is the real alpha. I'm second in command. We're sitting back. Watching it happen. Waiting. It won't be long. We can wait. Barely.
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