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Found 8 results

  1. PumpCulture

    The Mass of Us - part 3

    CW: FMG, muscle worship, macro muscle, extreme muscle. (read part 2) Joel was scared. He'd been scared for longer than he could remember. He hardly slept. When he did sleep, his dreams were tortured memories. He had developed shakes in his hands, itchy trigger fingers, nervous tics. He saw Clickers in every shadow, men with guns in every doorway. But over time, his fear had changed. It had evolved into repulsion, disgust, terror. He was afraid of Ellie, his own daughter, his baby girl. She would not stop growing. That nightmarish thought occurred to him on a cold Winter's day in late-January. There were only two months left. He would push Ellie until she had nothing left. He kept pushing past that until she began to beg, all the sanity draining out of her bloodshot eyes. He pushed her past even that until she was a convulsing mess, a steaming, musky, sweat-stained, breathless pile of bright red stretch marks, bubbling veins, raw sinew and muscle fibers swollen past all recognition. She stood there sobbing uncontrollably, too bloated with muscles screaming in their outright torture to even think about reaching up to cover her own reddened face, even if she actually had her hands free. Hell, her shredded, over-inflated biceps alone prevented her from even making a right angle with her elbows anymore. That was when Joel had an epiphany. It was as if the gray skies opened up and a voice said "life is pain". He had gone way past pushing her so she could be strong enough. Way past trying to shape her into the ultimate woman. She was no longer a woman. She was a weapon, a machine, a virus, infected with a never-ending, annihilating growth just like the Clickers themselves. Joel realized he was past the point of pushing her to grow. He had been pushing her to get her to stop. To break. To get her to cease her torment. But there was no stopping. This was life. She was life. They had to go on. They had no choice. The door couldn't be closed anymore. The growth couldn't be stopped. That was the day his baby girl became his nightmare. Joel's cracked voice which had trailed off came back with a vengeance, stronger and more determined: "Go on, lift! Push it up! C'mon! Like that! Don't quit! You're not weak! Fight! Fight or die trying!" She was doing squats. Under a compressed tank. Loaded with boulders strapped with chains on top. Additional boulders could be loaded from the top of the precipice and the weight could be adjusted with the help of two cranes that operated the steel wires attached to the chains, lowering or raising the whole heap. Joel had given up attempting to estimate how much weight she could lift. He simply added more weight. Every day meant more weight. Never enough. But this particular rig had had enough weight. Ellie had just crossed into triple digits for her reps, arms balancing the heft of the tank and its avalanche of boulders upon her shoulders like she was the mythical Atlas, when a wire snapped. One of the cranes began to bend in half like a plastic straw. Unable to control the amount of weight, the entire thing came down on Ellie, pushing her feet into the cracking stony ground. But she held it up, the entire weight, all by herself. The whining of rusted metal shattering, the slicing sounds of wires whipping through the icy air, chains pulling, boulders shifting, the tank groaning under the weight... all that noise nearly drowned out Ellie's screams. Joel stiffened, watching her, completely helpless. His cranes were toast. His controls were useless. He couldn't hope to help her lift it. But then, her screams turned into an animal roar and that roar turned into a violent, guttural bellow, deeper and more intense than any human Joel had ever heard before. Spittle flew from Ellie's howling mouth, dripped from her purple face and bare fangs, as the whole rig shook and her body miraculously, hideously, revoltingly, explosively responded. Joel couldn't believe his eyes. Her veins spread and seemed to multiply, a popping, undulating, throbbing mesh. With so much mass to feed, her blood and heart worked overtime, rising to the occasion to feed the swelling beast and glut every muscle past its distended, garish limit. Ellie's pulsing meat filled up every available space. (access the full story and library at patreon.com/pumpculture for just $5 a month)
  2. Newmassaddict

    When You Get Big: Repost Full Story

    I'm not sure where this went, so I've reposted the whole story here again. Chapter 1 - Copier Repair Dale was bored. Sitting in his office he glanced down at the clock. It was barely noon. He tossed the empty food container and drained the rest of his protein shake. He placed the empty container down and surveyed the ungodly network of veins crisscrossing his exposed forearms. Tensing his wrist slightly, he marvelled as even more veins appeared on the surface of his nearly-transparent skin. Dale felt his cock twitch in his skin-tight pants as he stood up. Positioning himself in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, he could see his silhouette reflected back. His proportions were becoming truly inhuman. Traps rose to obscene heights above mammoth shoulders. He flared his massive lats and felt the already tight fabric of his dress shirt strain to contain their incredible size. He stared at the dramatic taper from his super wide back and shoulders to a minuscule waist. Dale’s thick, powerful arms couldn’t lower past a 45 degree angle. That thought alone made his cock twitch again. He couldn’t see his legs very well in the reflection but glancing down and savoured how they stretched the tight fabric even without flexing. The heavy fabric couldn’t even disguise the thick veins running up and down their surface. Dale made a mental note as he opened the office door that he should hang a tall mirror on the back of door. Waddling down the hall and like always; Dale felt a number of eyes following his every step. He was definitely an anomaly in this office. The majority of employees were women who he suspected fantasied about him when they fucked their partners at night. The few men that did work here were nothing that special, doubtful there was a single one that had ever stepped into a gym. Those that have worked here long enough were “used” to seeing Dale lumbering around the halls. The newer employees just stared in awe and shock when they saw him coming. As un-arousing as they all were; Dale had to admit their reactions made him feel pretty great. Dale turned the corner and saw that someone was repairing the copier. With his back to him, Dale could see he was a pretty beefy guy. He wore a polo shirt that was stretched tight across is broad back and wide shoulders. His waist looked pretty small and his ass was round and tight. Dale stopped walking and continued to admire his decent body. When he reached to grab a wrench Dale noticed his arm was thick and very well defined. Dale licked his lips and approached. Dale placed his meaty hand on the guy’s shoulder and grabbed the wretch. “Here; let me get that for you.” The guy stood up and turned to face Dale. Instantly his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Dale smiled and handed him the wretch. A trembling hand took it. “Th-thanks” he stuttered as his eyes darted from Dale’s pecs, arms, face, everywhere. No matter how often this happens, Dale never tired of the reactions people have when they see him for the first time. It was affirmation that he was becoming what he always dreamed of becoming; a freak of nature. But Dale wanted much more. He wanted to redefine what a normal human could look like. His sole goal in life was to become the biggest, freakiest beast to walk the earth. Dale took a step back to allow the copy repair man to take in his whole body. Even fully clothed he was a monster. Standing 5’10” he was an inch shorter than the copier guy but easily outweighed him by close to one hundred pounds. Dale didn’t even have to flex to completely dwarf the relatively large man. Dale weighed himself at 280lbs this morning with a shocking 4% body fat. Those numbers mean nothing to him though; his weight was always increasing and he was determined to have 1% body fat soon. “Wow” the man finally said “you are HUGE!” he stammered. “Ya think? I guess some might say that but I think I’m still pretty small.” Dale said with a smile. Partly joking because he knew he was bigger than most but also being serious because in his mind; he was tiny. The guy didn’t know how to respond, he was still staring at Dale’s massive form. Wanting to give give him a little show but not wanting to destroy his clothes, Dale glanced down at his left forearm and started to flex. Instantly; it expanded in size. If it was the size of a bowling pin before it morphed into a football. Thick, rope-like veins erupted over every exposed inch of skin. He twisted his wrist and deep striations appeared. The guy recoiled backwards, slamming into the copier. He cupped a hand over his gapping mouth. Behind his hand he muttered “gross!” Dale stepped closer. “Gross? Dude; you have no idea what gross is.” The guy’s eyes welled up and a look of terror came over his face. “Follow me” Dale said in a stern voice and headed to the nearby washroom. Too terrified not to obey, he followed. Dale locked the door and turned to face the copier guy. “Gross? It’s funny that guys like you always say that but I can see that growing bulge in your pants. What do you weigh? 175lb?” “182lb” he stammered. “Close enough. I know when you’re working out you wish you could get as big as me but I know you never will. You know why? Because you can’t endure what it takes to get this massive. You don’t want people staring at you, calling you names, you can’t take the painful workouts, you get distracted by other thing in life but deep down you dream you could be half as big as me. Do you have any clue what I sacrifice to get this huge and ripped? Half of one of my workouts would reduce you to a quivering pile on the floor. I eat more in the morning than you do all week. I inject so many chemicals into my body you’d loose your mind. I stopped caring what people think of me years ago. In fact; I get off when people think I’m gross. I CRAVE those reactions. It means all my hard work is paying off. I want people to FEAR me. I want the earth to quake when I walk down the street. You think this is big? This is nothing compared to what I will be!” The more animated Dale became the tighter his clothes felt. He stared at the wide-eyed kid and started to unbutton his shirt. He exposed the ridiculously deep split between his massive pecs. Once unbuttoned, he parted the shirt and the guy gasped. Dale turned around and lowered his arms. “Peel it off” he ordered. Dale felt his trembling hands pulling the shirt off. When it hit resistance from his pumped arms the guy had to pull harder. Finally it fell to the floor and Dale squared his shoulders and the guy audibly gagged at the sight of his un-flexed, inhumanly massive back. Dale balled his fists and placed them on his hips. He felt a wave of tensed muscles move up his back. He could not see the muscle flex but his astounding muscle control allowed him to flex each overly developed muscle group with sniper-like precession. Dale felt his traps graze the back of neck and he slowly started to spread his lats. He could hear whimpers behind him as he continued to spread his back muscles. It would not have been a surprise if the guy passed out at the sight; it would not have been the first time that had happened, but Dale was pleased when he felt hands touch his warm skin. “So fucking huge!” he said. “Fuck yeah! Feel all that muscle? Feel all those ridges and valleys?” “Mmmmmm” was all he could muster. Dale relaxed the flex and turned to face him. His hands instantly started to grope Dale’s melon-sized pecs which he started to bounce and flex. More thick veins started to crisscross his paper-thin skin. “You ever feel such power? This chest is 56” of pure muscle.” Dale stepped away and unbuttoned his pants. The kid licked his lips as they started to be pulled down. Dale gave him as little smile as his inhumanly developed legs started to appear. The guy’s face was a combination of terror and horror. “You think you’ve seen huge quads before but you have no idea what truly freaky legs look like.” Dale said as his pants puddled on the floor. He stepped out of them and stood up straight, placed his hands on his hips and started to flex. Each 32” quad erupted. The copier guy couldn’t handle it. The sight of Dale’s massive quads covered in a network of disgustingly swollen veins and some of the deepest striations in the world sent the kid over the edge. His whole body started to shake and a dark wet spot appeared on the front of his pants. “Fuck yeah! I made you cum without even touching yourself!” Dale grabbed his right arm and pulled him close. “Worship every freaky inch of this body.” Dale leaned forward and started to hit a most muscular pose. He caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror and even he was taken aback. Instantly Dale’s whole body morphed into something barely human. There wasn’t an inch of him that wasn’t a veiny mass of muscle. Each muscle group expanded to unheard of proportions. If he was standing on a bodybuilding stage the contest would be over. The poor guy didn’t know where to start. His hands grabbed one of Dale’s 22” biceps, cupped a massive pec, rubbed the deep cobblestone of his abs and tried to kneed the dense muscles of his quads. The guy’s knees finally gave out and he knelt on the floor. Dale extended his left leg and his enormous calf was inched from his face. He grabbed hold and Dale marvelled at how small his hands looked as the couldn’t come close to reaching around the huge muscle. “24 inch calves!” Dale said loudly and proud. “24!” was all he could mumble. “Look up” Dale commanded. As he lifted his head Dale flexed harder. His whole body was trembling. Dale watched his already pumped body expand to truly grotesque size. His cock started to leak pre-cum at the sight. When he couldn’t flex any longer; Dale reached down and hoisted the kid off the ground in one fluid motion. He pushed the guy into the bathroom counter and pulled his pants down. Without a moment of hesitation, Dale slammed his rock hard cock into the guy’s waiting ass. He let out a whimper and closed his eyes. “NO, watch my massive body fuck you senseless.” Dale commanded. The reflection in the mirror made Dale even harder. He looked twice as huge as the copier guy. The difference was almost comical. Feeling more blood rush into his cock; Dale started to deliver forceful thrusts to the kid’s ass. He was so amped up the guy was being lifting a few inches off the floor. Dale smiled as he noticed how easily he manhandled the thickly built guy. Four more thrusts and Dale turned the guy’s body to face himself. Dale stifled a loud bellow as ropes of thick cum started to coat the kid’s entire upper body. Dale came for close to 45 seconds and when he was done the guy was drenched. Dale looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled. He would have to wait awhile before my clothes would fit him again. Dale looked at the kid and told him to clean up and get out. Dale exited the bathroom ten minutes later and the copier guy was long gone. Dale envisioned him pulled over on the side of the road jacking off to memories of his bloated body. Glanced at his watch Dale realized it was time for lunch and felt like he wanted to feast like a king.
  3. PumpCulture

    The Mass of Us - part 2 (TEASER)

    CW: FMG, muscle worship, f/f. Thick white suds and streams of cold water ran down Ellie’s gargantuan body, steam rising up from her overheated muscles in the dim fluorescent light of the butcher’s kitchen. The abandoned facility was the largest room with running water that they could find. Ignoring the vicious meat hooks still hanging in rows along the ceiling became a necessity. It might seem like a cruel space, but it was the only space big enough to bathe Ellie in, except for the freezing lake a mile down the mountain. Ellie hadn’t used a shower since she was 16. Far too cramped. At age 17, she was already too wide for most doors. Now, at age 18, Dina had to hose her down and use a brush and a sponge at the end of poles in order to scrub off the sweat and mud from her bruised and stretch-mark-scarred skin. Dina daren’t stick her hands between the deep crevices of those freakishly bloated muscles. The bones of her fingers might snap with an involuntary flex. Ellie couldn’t always control what her body did. But Dina didn’t mind. Sure, things were different now… When Joel had first introduced the idea of getting stronger in order to survive -- We’re put here on this godforsaken Earth to survive, at all costs, he would say -- the idea of putting on some muscle seemed novel, if not hilarious. Ellie was nowhere close to muscular four years ago and none of them could’ve imagined how much weight she continued to gain. Rapidly. If anything, the rate at which she packed on more mass had increased over the years, not diminished. At first, Ellie and Dina, girlfriends, teased each other about the differences in their weight. Dina always thought the new definition and toning was attractive. Then Ellie’s mind began to change, growing more obsessed as her body grew larger. At some point, Dina began wondering where it would stop as it became apparent that Ellie’s body was responding better than anticipated, but that was long before it spiraled out of control. Now Dina was bathing her like she was cattle. At first, baths were fun and new, even as Ellie’s muscles became frighteningly, alarmingly extreme. They played with the water, shot each other with the hose, and giggled, sometimes wrestled. Now? The air was thick with vapor and humiliation. They didn’t laugh. They didn’t even talk. They were disconnected, clinically so. Dina assumed the role of the nurse. Ellie was the patient. They didn’t look each other in the eye. Dina could tell that it bothered Ellie to have to be washed like an animal, like a semi truck, but she couldn’t find it in herself to comfort her. All there was was the writhing muscular barricade of the body her girlfriend was trapped in. Sometimes Joel talked about Ellie’s miracle, the thought of a cure residing in her genes, how maybe it was her genes that turned her into… this. Next spring, he estimated she would outgrow the butcher’s kitchen. He talked about designing a shower system for her with the bulldozer and a water tower. Joel talked about a lot of things. Mostly survival. Being prepared. He was disconnected in his own way. When he looked at Ellie, she felt like he was looking at someone else, either at somebody from his past who she reminded him of... or somebody he was trying to shape her into. Ellie, staring at the puddles on the cement floor, raised one of her colossal arms. Even a task as simple as that had become difficult, nevermind properly bathing herself without assistance. Dina adjusted the gray strap of her tank top while she waited, bravely enduring the creaking noise of Ellie’s bones hefting all that weight, and the tightening sounds of Ellie’s muscles contracting and stretching. She grabbed hold of one of the big stainless steel hooks, lightly. Ellie’s bicep, the size of a couch cushion, grazed across the side of her cheek, brushing an errant strand of her brown hair over her cute, freckled face. For a moment, Ellie’s green eyes looked up at Dina and their gaze met. Only for a moment. Ellie looked down at the floor again as Dina got to work scrubbing her girlfriend’s armpit. Shame but acceptance. Survive, at all costs... (access the full story at patreon.com/pumpculture)
  4. CW: muscle growth. Four years since she'd met Joel. Four years in isolation together. In four years, the old man had shaped her, molded her, redefined her into a survivor. Their world was harsh, she had to be harsher. Ellie struggled to catch her breath, leaning against the tiled wall, staring at her reflection in the shattered spiderweb of the restroom mirror. A survivor... The hardness of her eyes betrayed the gentle youth of her face, still the face of a young girl, although she had blossomed into a woman. The contrast couldn't be starker. All of the ugliness, death, and violence she had witnessed in her short life left stains behind her bright green irises. In two more years, she would turn twenty, but her gaze indicated a memory older than her pouting lips, rounded cheeks, light eyelashes, and cute nose appeared. And yet that wasn't Ellie's only contradiction. There was the first thing anybody noticed: her over-pumped, bloated, rugged, hideously muscular body. Joel had taken the freckled teen and turned her into a battleship of a woman. Heavy drops of her sweat dripped from the rivulets slithering between her muscles, falling and tapping on top of the sink beneath her like bullets. Her green eyes took in her impossible physique and she suddenly wondered how this had happened, how she could have transformed her pain into agony into power. Her body ached constantly. It felt almost as if her bones were being pulled apart as her once thin body continued to pack on more and more mass. When would it stop? When would the torturous workouts end? When could she stop pushing for more? Every day she told herself it was enough. Every day she relished breaking new records. Her eyes ravished the grotesque, quivering ribbons of her pecs, so hopelessly muscular that they ensured she would never have the soft luxurious breasts of a woman... and she nearly sobbed over the ugly vascularity, the rope-thick veins bunching over every inch of her barely clothed chest, her old striped shirt torn to appropriate shreds over her muscles that were in just about the same state. The worn out threads looked as if they were being forced apart by her heaving chest, so incredibly jacked that their sick vascularity shook with awful tremors with her every movement. If not for the mirror, and the gift of leaning forward, she could hardly see past those twin boulders stuck on her chest, each pectoral fighting for space with nowhere to go but outward. She had worked them so hard over the years that each pec was wider across than her shoulders were when she was younger... (access the full story and the entire library at patreon.com/pumpculture)
  5. OliverX

    Growing in the dark

    A story I wrote many, many years ago. Slightly edited I post it again, as it is the prequel of the story ‘Darkgreen pills’. The basement of the university of Eldros de Rimbara, a dark and silent place no student or teacher preferred to be. They got easily lost in the maze-like network of corridors which had been taken over by bugs, mice and dust over the years. In the past, this was the place where different faculties had there labs, but during the first modernization new laboratories where build at the higher floors of the building, leaving the rooms in the basement empty and forgotten. Only a few small lamps shone a dim light into the large room and the only sound was that of bubbling liquids in all the colors of the rainbow. In the center of the room, surrounded by a dozen desks, stood a large mirror and blackboard full of complicated calculations. In front of it sat Donny at the largest desk. He was looking at one of his test tubes. The student examined the boiling, blue liquid the test tube contained with excitement. Would this be the mixture he had been working on for so long? From the day he found and claimed this ‘secret’ lab in the basement of his university he had been working on a biochemical serum to make his body bigger and stronger, so he could beat his brother someday. His brother, who has dominated him since he was a child, a bodybuilding fanatic, impressing others with his body and his strength. The pride of the family. As his brother was gifted with a strong body, so was Donny gifted with an excellent intelligence. Only twenty one and already a fourth year student. ‘Ah, the mixture should be ready by now’, Donny thought delighted. A bit nervous he took the test tube, put out the fire underneath it and turned to the blackboard, re-reading his calculations. ‘It should be perfect!’ Donny smiled as he looked at the last mouse in a tiny cage on a corner of his desk. ‘Well let’s hope this one works,’ he said to himself. ‘I’m not in the mood to run through the corridors to catch mice again.’ Donny took a needle, filled it with the blue liquid in the test tube and injected it in the mouse’s body. Nothing happened. Focused he examined the mouse. It moved a bit and ate some of his food. Suddenly the mouse didn’t move anymore. Angrily Donny washed his hands at the rusty sink. It was time to go home now. His parents waited for him with dinner. And of course his brother would be there, teasing him from the moment he walked through the door. Donny shivered at the idea. One last look at the blackboard. ‘The first thing tomorrow when college is finished is catching some mice! Hey, what’s that? That calculation is wrong. Of course it didn’t work!’ Donny grabbed a calculator from his desk and made one of the calculations again, discovering what he did wrong the first time. He looked at his watch. ‘Hmmm... Will be too late for dinner if I finish this. But when it works...’ With shaking hands the test tube was placed in a holder and Donny added some other liquids to it, until the liquid in the test tube turned dark green. He took a needle and filled it with some of the green liquid. ‘The mice are gone now’, the student thought. ‘No time to catch others.’ Full of doubt cause of the risks, he injected the liquid into his arm. His heartbeat rose when he became fully aware of what he just did. ‘What if this go wrong? I haven’t created an antidote.’ Suddenly he felt a stitch in his arm and just a few seconds later his whole body was burning. A terrible pain in his stomach made him fall on the cold floor. His breathing became heavier. He looked into the great mirror next to him and in awe he saw his arms getting more ripped. When he looked better he concluded that his arms were not getting more ripped, but that the muscles in it became bigger. His shirt became fuller and tighter, as a pumped up balloon. Donny screamed when he felt his jeans getting too tight around his legs. His skin was burning and his body felt big and heavy. With loud pops the buttons of his jeans gave way and the fabric ripped. Eventually his body even grew out of his shirt, revealing a body as big as a professional bodybuilder. The growth stopped and slowly Donny started moving his limbs. After a while he tried to get up. He laughed when he saw his new, bloated body in the mirror. He flexed his pecs and his arms which were forced outwards a bit due to his lats. His abs were nicely defined and his legs where thick and round. He walked to the scales next to the large mirror. ‘286.6 pounds’, he screamed. ‘That’s better than the skinny 143 pounds I weighed before.’ ‘Now I can go home,’ Donny thought. ‘I believe I’m bigger than my brother.’ He smiled. ‘He’ll probably catch in with me over a few years, but it’s good for now.’ He looked at the blackboard and laughed again. ‘I’ve done it.’ Then he saw the test tube which was still filled with 2/3th of the dark green mixture. ‘Why should I wait till my brother grows bigger than me’, Donny thought and fetched another needle. Again he injected himself with some of the green stuff. This time his body really, really hurt and screaming he fell to the ground. Donny closed his eyes and concentrated on anything else but the pain. Again he felt his body growing and breathing became heavier. His traps grew over his ears, making his head look very small. The shoulders grew big and meaty, making his upper torso twice as wide as his waist. His chest was pressed outwards, making his thick neck invisible. Even his nipples became larger, stretched with his skin. His arms pumped themselves up with every second. The football sized biceps and twice as large triceps were forced out by lats which didn’t only grow to the side, but also to the front. Donny felt his body going up in the air as his huge back ballooned out under him. He screamed again. His skin was so tight now you could hear it stretching. His calves where like pillows, raising his feet in the air. He couldn’t bend his legs, there just was to little space between the hams and his calves. Veins became visible, providing the growing muscles with blood, to pump them even more. The growth stopped and Donny had to lay there for a few hours before he could move again. He sighted and moaned trying to get up. After a few failed attempts he finally managed to get his huge, bloated body from the floor. Taking deep breaths he waddled to the mirror, which was to small now to show his whole body. Donny was in shock. He was so HUGE. But it in seconds shock turned in excitement. He tried to flex his veiny biceps, which failed. They were so enormous there was no space left to bend his arms correctly. The boy looked over his hugely swollen chest and saw the size of his nipples. He saw that his chest was so hugely overgrown they covered his upper two abs. The other abs looked like stone bricks. He had to put his feet as wide as he could to create space for his legs. He slowly turned around, cause he found it difficult to find balance with this new, heavy body and carefully he walked to the scales. Donny looked down to see what the scales had to say, but could only see his wide and thick chest. He used the reflection in the mirror showing 510 pounds. ‘Yeah baby,’ Donny said. ‘This is what muscle is meant to be.’ He smiled when he saw the last bit of the green substance. He got another needle and used his right hand to fill it up with the mixture. Another problem occurred. He couldn’t bend his arms far enough to inject the stuff. After a few minutes of thinking the student put the needle on his desk, with the sting side up and injected the liquid in his enormous right triceps by pressing his arm downwards. Again Donny fell on the floor while his body grew. Clouds filled the young students mind while his body blew up. He screamed. ‘Something goes wrong here,’ Donny thought. ‘I’m going to get too big!’ His body grew like mad. The already bloated chest grew before the boy’s head. The two legs pressing the feet even wider from each other. With raw shocks his back pumped up, lifting the screaming guy higher from the ground. His chest was so big and heavy now, he could hardly breath, and still the growth continued. His arms getting bigger and bigger. Biceps the size of beach balls were pressed outwards by the ever growing lats. Some of the veins popped. Also Donny’s shoulders grew. Wider and wider, pushing some desks away. A lamp fell on the floor, leaving the young boy growing in the dark.
  6. OliverX

    Dark green pills

    Grinning, Tony and Marlon sat side by side on the couch in Tony's small studio in the center of the Eldros de Rimbara metropolis. They were discussing their latest adventure in the new game "The Road Back" a multiplayer shooter. Their scrawny bodies squirmed with laughter as Tony remembered how his game character had shot another player off the server. It turned out to have been a rather comical moment. Due to the always tropical heat on the island of Pardisos de Rimbara, he only wore shorts. Marlon was not wearing much more. With a smooth swing, he placed his thick feet on the coffee table and lazily stretched his black body. He banged his bald head against the wall behind the couch with a thump. "Au!" His thick lips grimaced painfully, and a small tear of shock slid from his dark eyes, which looked Asian through his high cheekbones. Tony got up and walked lanky to the narrow kitchen to get a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator. His white, smooth body shone with sweat. He was not made for this heat and was happy that air conditioning would finally be installed in his studio next week. He rubbed the sweat from his face, which was much narrower than Marlon's wide face, and immediately stroked his blond, sticking hair. With his light eyes he looked at the black guy on his couch. "Those feet are getting bigger every time I see them, aren't they?" he asked, looking back at the light colored soles as he walked back to the sofa. "No, your nipples are getting smaller," was the response. Tony indeed had large, puffy nipples that were like pink patches on his skinny chest. The boys laughed at their comments. The doorbell rang and tensed with excitement they placed their glass of coke on the coffee table. Tony looked at Marlon with a smile, getting up to open the front door. They both knew what would be delivered today and hoped it would happen now. Today was Tony's 18th birthday and 18 was a magical number on the island. It was determined by law that you were allowed to place orders on somnix.com from the age of 18 and this was exactly what Tony had done this morning upon waking up. Marlon had been super excited when he heard what his best friend had done. He had to wait another year before he was allowed to place orders there. He had just turned 17 last month. "It's in," Tony said, beaming and placed a small cardboard box on the coffee table. Marlon watched with interest as the package was hastily torn open, until there was nothing left but a small plastic bag filled with two large, green pills and a printed note. "Thank you for your purchase ..." Tony began to read. Roughly the note was pulled out of his hands by Marlon, then he walked to the kitchen. "Just open that bag," he said impatiently, filling two glasses with tap water. Marlon was right. What interested him in that welcome note? He had already gone through all the specifications of the product on the website several times. From the moment he accidentally saw the pills, when his older brother was surfing the site, he had his sights set on it. And now, two years later, he was finally able to try them out himself. He opened the bag with a sharp jerk and took out the two dark green pills. "They look like suppositories," Marlon said, putting a glass of water in front of Tony. "Are you sure you have to swallow them and they shouldn't go in the ass?" Tony laughed. "I'm sure, otherwise I wouldn't have invited you. You don't think I'm going to stuff such a pill between those fat, black buttocks of yours? " "These are not fat buttocks," said Marlon, protesting. "They call this a bubble butt." However, he knew very well that his bulging buttocks were larger than average and was very proud of it. He turned his bottom to Tony and hopped up and down. His shorts moved violently with the heaving movements of the fat butt that was inside. Marlon stopped hopping when Tony gave him a green pill. The boys excitedly tried to swallow their pill, which was not easy. The pill was so big that it stayed on the back of their tongue. Almost all the water in their glass was needed to flush it. As Marlon stared at the coffee table on the sofa, waiting for what was going to happen, Tony nervously moved up and down between the sofa and the kitchen. "I feel something," he said suddenly when he was in the kitchen. Marlon felt it too. A strange rumble in his stomach. Tony rubbed his belly. He felt his abs bulge under his skin. "It works!" he screamed. "With me too!" Marlon screamed back. Tony was bent by the contracting abs, as his chest started to grow. Like two airbags that inflated, they got bigger and bigger. His arms were pushed away by his chest muscles and when his biceps started to bulge, he could no longer touch his navel between his ever-growing abs. Marlon lay back on the couch to give his body plenty of room to grow. Tony looked startled at the black body on the couch. It looked like a big balloon that just got bigger. He didn't look much different himself. His shoulders grew so fast that he was afraid of getting stuck in the narrow kitchen. He got out with difficulty. His thickening legs had less and less space to move freely along one another. The shorts were tighter with every second. His heart raged and he gasped as his head was pushed forward by the growing trapezium. Marlon struggled to get off the couch. His growing buttocks needed more room. But he lost his balance due to the size of his growing legs and relapsed. He landed on the bench with a crash. Crack! The bench broke in two with loud creaking and he tumbled back awkwardly. He would have bumped his head hard against the wall, although his over-pumped back broke the fall. His thick traps and almost as thick neck kept his head in place. He heard Tony scream, but couldn’t see him. He could no longer look over his chest. Tony felt sore skin around his pecs. Although the rest of his body had stopped growing, his chest continued to pump. "I explode!" He cried. Marlon did not respond. He, too, felt strong pain shoots. In his legs and especially in his ass. He groaned loudly. Suddenly the pain disappeared. Except for the boys' panting, the studio was quiet. "Are you okay?" asked Tony after a while. " "Yes," sounded from behind two bloated pecs on the ground between the broken bench parts. Slowly Marlon moved his thick arms and tried to get up. "Help me out," he said. "I can't get up anymore." Tony slowly walked to the "struggling" Marlon. After every step he had to regain his balance so as not to fall. The size of his legs had ripped his shorts, and he tried not to tighten his immense chest muscles for fear of tearing out of his skin. Puffing with exertion, he reached Marlon, who in turn gasped from all the attempts to get up again. His shorts were completely gone. Not surprising, seeing that his legs were much thicker than Tony's. Fortunately, he wore a light purple thong, which still covered his noble parts. "Sorry about your couch," Marlon said as Tony leaned forward to help him up. His bulging abs got in the way. Because of the size of his chest and biceps, Tony struggled to get his hands close enough to each other to grab Marlon by the arm and pull him up. "My whole body hurts," he wailed. Marlon did not respond, but looked at his friend, who was standing there like a tightly stretched bouncy castle. His round shoulders made his head look small, and his arms which spread away from his body were much thicker than the shoulders. He stood in front of him wide-legged, as the hams pushed each other away. Marlon was shocked to see the two huge pecs, which bulged prominently under his neck and cast a shadow over the seen abs. The top two were hiding behind the pecs. "Those nipples really don't get any smaller," Marlon said, looking at the two pink patches that looked painfully tense. They were no longer puffy and shined in sweat. Tony, in turn, looked at the huge black body in front of him. Marlon's face seemed less wide because of the width of his shoulders, and he too kept his arms wide away from his body because of their size. His chest was not as big and bulging as Tony's. Instead… Tony stepped back to get a better look, almost losing his balance. He stared wide-eyed at Marlon's huge, veined legs. If he didn't know better, he would have thought they were too full of air. The muscles bulged far over his knees, and his hamstrings pushed his feet even further apart than his. "That was cool!" Marlon called suddenly, and the boys started laughing loudly, their massive muscular bodies bulging in all directions. Marlon slowly staggered into the kitchen, almost pushing Tony away. They were able to catch each other just in time before they fell. "So!" shouted Tony when Marlon passed by him and looked at his wide back. "That ass!" It immediately became clear to him that much of Marlon's muscle growth had gone not only to his legs, but also to his butt, which moved vigorously with every step he took. The fragments of what was once his shorts hung from the deep crack. "Are they beautiful?" Marlon asked curiously after finding out that he could no longer look over his pumped back to see his own buttocks. The idea of hopping up and down had been a bad one. He immediately felt that he would lose his balance, so he didn’t. "They’re like two beach balls," Tony replied, pulling the rags of shorts out of the butt crack. "And I found your shorts. Oh… and your skin is torn I see. " With a sore face, he looked at a small tear in the right buttock. Marlon didn't care. He staggered on to the kitchen to pour a glass of water. The "growth" had made him thirsty, but upon arrival it became apparent that he could no longer fit in the kitchen. He was too wide. Transversal was also impossible, his big ass bulged outwards too much to fit. "I have to get a bigger room," said Tony, after pouring a glass of water for Marlon. His legs and butt were less big and his huge chest had just fit between the counter and the cupboards above. Since it was impossible to look over his pecs to see what lay on the floor in front of him, he needed directions from Marlon to find the scales, which were on the floor in a corner of the kitchen. He had pushed the thing out of the kitchen with his feet. The boys burst out laughing. What a situation! "398lbs," Marlon shouted enthusiastically, while Tony stood on the scales with one foot. The other dangled next to it in the air. It was no longer possible to get both feet on the scales, his legs no longer allowed. He stepped off the scales, smiling, to make way for Marlon. "407lbs," said Tony. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon getting used to their new bodies. And a new sofa was bought via the internet. "When are we going to take another one," Marlon said suddenly when the sun went down and it was time to go home. Tony smiled.
  7. Bahamut6sic6

    Post Workout

    The sun hung high in the midday sky baking the land with its unyielding rays. The heat causing all those who lived in the cities and suburbs to take shelter inside their air-conditioned homes or office buildings. When someone, human or fur, ventured out under the cruel sun's rays they stuck as close as possible to the shadows of the buildings to try and keep as cool as possible. The heatwave had gone unbroken for the past week and there seemed to be no signs of relief on the horizon. All in all, everyone was miserable and longing for a break from the intense heat. Everyone that is except one. Almost fifty miles away one creature was enjoying the heat for all he was worth. His smooth darkly tanned skin soaked up the rays like a man dying of thirst. The sheen of sweat that coated him reflected the light slightly making him almost shine like a beacon. Every inch of his body rock hard and packed with muscle that bulged and bounced with every movement he made. If any had been around to see him they would no doubt be left in pure awe at his sheer size and bulky stature. Though his muscles wouldn't be the only aspect of his physical form that would leave them unable to believe what their eyes were seeing. Standing at an incredible fifty feet high Riley was one of the few human macros around and of them one of only a handful that took an active role in shaping his impressive body. Whereas other giants were more than happy to let their height be the only impressive thing about them. Riley took extra pleasure in keeping up a constant workout routine in order to make his massive body as bulging with muscle as possible. This was achieved by many different ways, primary of which was his pension for carrying increasingly massive boulders and when in a city bench pressing a building or two. But his favorite part of bulking up was the source of his protein. As the giant human grunted hard lifting the massive chunk of rock above his head for the hundredth time, he tossed the rock with a mighty grunt sending it crashing down on top of an old abandoned farmhouse. The structure didn't even get the chance to explode in a cloud of rubble, the entire building was instantly and completely flattened by the sheer size of the rock dropped on top of it. Letting out a loud moan of pleasure as his muscles screamed their relief at finally having dropped the weight, Riley began his post-workout stretching to ease his cramped and tired muscles. His body covered from head to toe with sweat that dropped from him and fell on the ground like a musky rank rain. The giant's callous hands ran over his body, basking in the feel of his own mighty form. Each muscle harder than steel and bulging in a way that would make any bodybuilder envious. Few things in life gave Riley more pleasure than worshiping his own body, a fact made clear by his massive cock swelling and growing harder the more he rubbed and touched himself. In no time at all the tanned member stood proud and fully erect. Thicker than a truck and longer than a plane the massive head covered by a thick foreskin pulled back just enough to show the pre dampened opening. His sack hung low in the high heat, each ball the size of a house and storing several hundred gallons worth of hot potent seed. Wrapping one of his rough hands around the shaft Riley gave his pride and joy a few slow firm strokes watching mesmerized as the muscles of his arm bunched up then relaxed with the action. As his breathing grew deeper and more intense Riley had to force himself to stop stroking his shaft. Despite his desperate need to cum and flood the land around him in his seed he knew that it wouldn't be fully satisfying. There was a very important element missing if he was going to fully enjoy himself and get the relief he wanted. After a few more stretches and a few times of slapping his cock against the palm of his hand just to get him extra horned up, the macro human began to stomp his away from his impromptu workout area and towards the city on the distant horizon. Each step he took covering several miles and sending small tremors through the ground. Riley paid no attention to where he out his feet or what was in his way. Though he did pay enough attention to knock over any of the large metal towers the puny insects used to communicate with one another. An unnecessary act but with that lose the bugs would panic more and that was just extra fun for him. Even at his incredible size, it took Riley almost twenty minutes to approach the city, to his interest he couldn't hear the screams of terror or fear that usually signaled his arrival. As he got closer he couldn't even see swarms of frightened tinies scrambling in the streets to get away. Riley pondered this for a moment wondering why he wasn't being met with the usual fanfare that signaled his arrival at a city. It wasn't until a bright beam of sunlight reflected off a building's windows and directly into his eyes that he realized the reason. Despite him enjoying the heat and it has a much-lessened effect on him at his size he was still mildly hot. If that was the case then the smaller folk would definitely be feeling the heat and trying to stay inside and avoid it at all costs. A grin spread over Riley's face, that was okay he knew exactly how to get the bugs out of their hiding spots and he would take great pleasure in the act. With deliberate steps, the giant began to stomp his way closer to the city. The now increased vibrations caused the small cars and trucks to jump and rock encouraging their alarms to begin wailing. Riley knew that would partly get some attention but if he really wanted a swarm of the pathetic creatures to come swarming out into the streets he would need a bit more. Once he was close to one of the buildings, brick and stone structure that came up to Riley's knee, the giant pulled his foot back and with great force kicked it hard enough to shatter it to bits. Debre flew in all directions as the building exploded with the force of a bomb blast. Rubble pelted the street and hit against other buildings, mixed in with the wood and stone was a few bodies. Or rather chunks of them, the force of the kick along with the shrapnel had shredded any living creature to bits. Riley's cock gave a heavy throb and a thick drop of pre-gathered at the opening of his cock. Only the tip of his foreskin kept the pearl from falling to the ground below. Now the screams began, they were few and faint at first but soon they grew into a fever pitch that was like music to Riley's ears. Finding another building about the same size as the first the giant placed one of his feet on the roof and began to slowly increase the pressure. Loud cracking filled the air as the roof slowly began to cave in, his sensitive ears could pick up the panicked screams coming from inside the building. Just before his foot came down all the way and flattened the building a small crowd of tiny weaklings came flooding out of the front. Chuckling as several of them stopped to gape up at him Riley lifted one of his arms up and flexed making his already bulging muscles stand out even more. A thick vein running over the boulder of his bicep pulsed and throbbed in time with his hard and now fully leaking cock. The thick string of pre that fell from his cock head landed on the street and the splatter of it caused several of the bugs to fall over and get trapped like a bee in honey. Now that the ground had a steady swarm of the little fuckers Riley knew he could have his real fun. Lifting his foot again he swung it over the densest portion of the crowd. Wiggling his toes for a moment Riley brought his foot down carefully until he could feel the crowd wiggling and struggling under his sole. Carefully he began to increase the pressure more and more. It took less than a second for him to feel bones beginning to break and the resulting crunch as a few were flattened under his heel sent a shiver of pure lustful pleasure through his mighty body. Finally, when he pressed his foot flat over the squirming bodies they popped with a wet squish. A flow of thick sticky blood pushed its way up between his toes and around the outside of his foot. Twisting his foot Riley really ground the bugs into the crumbling street. The act causing the others to increase their screaming and their pathetic scrambling. This was the part he loved most and he took several long minutes to bask in his pleasure. Bending down the giant mass of muscle scooped up a dozen of the tiny fuckers in one hand. They screamed and tried to jump free but Riley kept them all cupped in his palm. Bringing the handful up to his hard cock he gripped his shaft and gasped having to grab hold of a taller building to help support him as the wiggling and thrashing sensation against his cock rushed through him. Carefully at first, he began to stroke up and down his length, the mass in his hand adding an extra layer of pleasure to his masturbation. Soon though he grew too eager and gripped his cock harder popping each of the wiggling bodies like grapes. A thick layer of blood and gore coated his shaft and rained down onto those left running around his feet. The loud squishing that came from him jerking off with the blood quickly faded as the blood began to thin and dry out. Riley didn't mind, it just meant he wouldn't blow his load too soon. As he moved further and deeper into the city Riley continues to smash buildings and insuring a never-ending stream of little bugs were constantly swarming around his feet. Each step he took signaled the end of another dozen or so lives. From time to time the giant would scoop up another handful of them and grind them against his hard cock though he soon had to stop since more than once he grew too close to climax and ended up flooding a whole street with his pre that shot out of his cock like missiles. Those that got caught up in the thick goo were either quickly drowned or slowly died from the heat of the bodily fluid. One of Riley's favorite things to do with the bugs, however, was to slowly crush them between his massive bulging muscles. Bending down the giant human picked up two or three at a time and carefully places them in the crease of his elbow between his massive bicep and thick and knotted forearm. He then very slowly flexed his arm until he felt them beginning to break then he would stop. After a small pause, he would begin to flex once again until he heard the crunch and snap of bones. He'd then stop again and listen to their pathetic cries and watch as they flopped about with blood oozing from their mouth, eyes, and ears. Then in one quick motion, he would flex fully splattering their meat soup bodies and rubbing the gore over his muscles. After doing the with both arms he would repeat the process with his massive pecs. Stuffing a dozen into the gap between each muscle of his chest and slowly crushing them into a paste that would run down and over his washboard abs. Within a half-hour of his rampage starting a good portion of Riley's body was coated in wet and drying blood. Placing his hands on his chest the massive male squeezed his pecs several times before running his large rough hands over his body smearing the blood all over himself. Small shivers of pleasure shook his body as he basked in the sensation of the blood coating and cooling on his hot skin. Bits of meat hanging from different places on his body. Entrails and other bloody organs catching in the cracks and crevasses of his muscles hanging like grotesque decorations. Once his initial fun subsided the macro would then begin to partake of his favorite source of protein. Scooping up handfuls of the little bugs Riley held them up above his gaping mouth and let them all free fall into his mouth. Most would land directly on his tongue, but some would miss and bounced off his face, shoulders, and chest only to tumble the fifty feet down to splat wetly on the ground. Once his mouth was full Riley would close his jaws and begin to noisily chew his meal. Blood oozing from the corners of his lips and soaking his stubble rough cheeks and chin. A mighty gulp would send the mess down his gulley and into his stomach where the acids would instantly begin to dissolve any who might have been able to avoid his tombstone like teeth. On some mouthfuls, though the giant wouldn't chew, the feeling of a massive ball of melting bodies wiggling and thrashing around in his gut was such an intense and erotic feeling he couldn't avoid swallowing a few mouthfuls down whole. On those times he would stop his rampage and have to grip the base of his shaft squeezing it hard until the thrashing in his stomach stopped. After a few handfuls the streets had nearly emptied the residents either having been swallowed down or trampled on. Licking his bloody lips Riley didn't worry. He knew the city was far from empty. Approaching one of the buildings he peeked inside and saw to his delight crowds of the little fuckers huddled inside cowering in fear. Standing up straight Riley pressed his messy and bloody cock head against the building and with a hard shove pushed his cock through the glass, wood, and concrete. He shoved in until he was balls deep and his massive sac was pressed up against the outside wall of the building. Grabbing hold of the structure Riley began to rock and thrust his hips grinding his cock in and out of the building. As his pleasure grew the greater his thrusting became. For a time he lost himself to the sensation and it wasn't until the building began to crumble and collapse that he stopped his thrusting and watched the building fall. None of those who had been inside the building had survived the collapse and Riley could see their twisted and mangled bodies half-buried in the rubble. Chuckling deeply to himself Riley slapped his rock hard cock several times knocking the rubble off his shaft. The concussion from the slaps causing the windows in the buildings near him to shatter or fracture. The act made him think of a wolf he used to know who could shatter windows and sometimes cause the little fuckers heads to pop just from the sound of his howl alone. His musing was interrupted by a sudden explosion and a slight sting in the middle of his back. Turning around annoyed Riley saw a series of tanks lining up in the street behind him. Rows and rows of soldiers flanked each tank, their green pattern uniforms making them look even more like bugs. Riley turned to face a small force clearly trying to protect the city. His gore coated body gleaming in the hot sun and he spread his arms wide giving the troops a clear target to shoot at. There was a small pause before the tanks began to fire and the soldiers dropped to their knees and started to fire their tiny guns. Riley just stood there with his arms spread wide. The majority of the tanks blasts his large chest and popped in small clouds of dust and debris. Riley couldn't help but laugh as the whole thing felt more like mosquito bites rather than an actual attack. After almost five minutes the explosions and gunfire halted. Making a big show of it Riley brushed his hands over his chest and abs knocking away the rockets and bullets that had gotten stuck in his thick skin. His cock was as hard as ever, if not more so. Looking down at the group of soldiers he could see the shiver of fear rush through them like wind through a cornfield. Moving forward the giant grabbed one of the tanks in both hands and crushed it into a ball as easily as a can. Once that was done, he dropped the ball on top of another thank causing it's wheels to blow out and a thick cloud of black smoke to billow up from it. The soldiers yelled and screamed as they started trying to run away. Taking a few short minutes to crush the remaining tanks under his foot he then turned his attention to the fleeing soldiers. It took Riley only a few minutes to block off their escape routes and to corral them all into one densely packed crowd. He used the rubble from the buildings and thanks to creating a small enclosed pin for the soldiers who stood cowering in his shadow. With a wicked grin on his face, Riley crouched over them, his massive cock and low hanging balls dangling over their heads. Adjusting his position the giant lowered himself down until his cock was submerged in the middle of the huddled crowd. Without pause, he began to grind and hump into the crowd. The screams of fear quickly turned into ones of pain as the collection of tiny humans and furs were crushed and ground into a bloody meaty soup from the giant's cock and balls alone. His pre-mixing with the gore causing the mess to be slippery and slicker than before. The street under his cock cracked and shattered as he put more force behind his thrusting and it took every ounce of Riley's self-control to keep from blowing his load. For a time he laid there panting heavily as his excitement slowly faded down to a more reasonable level. Pushing himself up he took in a deep breath enjoying the smell that came with his deviating rampage. Looking down at what was left of the soldiers Riley laughed seeing a massive indent vaguely in the shape of his large cock and balls. Streaks of blood and meat coated the broken and crumbled street. With the exception of a random body part here and there, there was hardly anything recognizable of the soldiers. The blood and pre began to pool into the deep divot he had made in the street and the sight amused him greatly. Once his composure was back in place Riley stood and went back to what he had been doing before the sad excuse for an armed force showed up. More buildings fell to his rampage and once again the streets were filled with the tiny bugs. As he watched the crowds flee an idea came to the macro, one he enjoyed very much. Moving closer to the center of the city Riley found a good and mostly clear area. The buildings that were there easily flattened out under his feet or found themselves ripped up by the foundation and hurled dozens of yards away crashing into other buildings. Moving to the center of the area Riley lifted one of his large feet and brought it down with all his might onto the concrete of the street. The material crumbled easily and shattered into bits. Again and again, he stomped the area creating a massive crater several feet deep. Dropping to his knees Riley began to scoop out the loose dirt and clutter creating a large hole in the ground. The act was slightly difficult due to his massive cock constantly getting in the way as it hung straight out from his blood-soaked crotch. Even so, he still managed to dig out a deep enough depression for what he has in mind. Smirking he stood back up and began scooping up handfuls of the little bugs and dumping them into the pit. The first few handfuls fell to their deaths since he didn't bother being gentle when putting them in the pit. The third and fourth though survived but he was sure they had several broken bones from the height of the fall. Beyond that, though the rest of the handfuls Riley dropped in seemed to land without much trouble judging by the way they got back up and tried to scramble up the walls of the pit. Thankfully the dirt was now too loose and shifting that every time they tried they'd fall back down. When the pit was half full of wiggling crying bodies Riley decided that it was good enough for his idea. Next came a slightly harder task. Looking around the giant spotted a few of the extra-long busses the bugs liked to use to get around. Picking them up Riley peeked inside but to his annoyance each one was empty. Bus after bus he picked up and looked at was completely deserted of passengers a fact that greatly angered the macro human. It wasn't until he happened to turn at the right moment and saw one of the busses quickly driving away that he struck gold. Despite the speed, the bus had been traveling at it only took a moment for Riley to stomp over and pick it up in one hand. Lifting it up to his eyes he looked inside and saw to his delight it was positively packed full of the little fuckers. A mixture of smooth-skinned humans and furs all huddled together in fear. They screamed in terror as he smiled at them, his bloody lips and teeth cracked in gore taking up their whole window view. Carrying the bus back to where the crater was Riley sank down to his knees, his legs spread wide around the outer lip of the hole and his hard leaking cock and balls dangling over the mangled ball of bodies. Adjusting his grip on the bus so it was standing straight up, Riley chuckled as the action caused a series of panicked screams to erupt from the inside. Working his tongue around the inside of his mouth for a few minutes the giant raised the front of the bus up to his lips and very carefully let a thick glob of his drool fall from his mouth and onto the windshield. It was tinted slightly red thanks to the blood that still coated his tongue. Using his free hand Riley smeared the spit over the front and sides of the bus costing it liberally in the slime. Once satisfied he reached behind himself and used his spit-soaked fingers to tease and toying with his pale puckered hole. Groaning loudly as his thick rough fingers sank a few inches into his ass Riley bit his lips and shivered. A thick stream of pre leaking from his cock and landing directly on top of the pile of bodies in the pit. Once he felt loose enough Riley placed the front of the spit-lubed bus at the opening of his ass. Relaxing as much as he could and pushing out so his ass hole opened wide Riley began to slowly push the bus full of little fuckers inside him. The screams grew to a fever pitch as the front of the bus crunched and bent slightly but thankfully that was all the damage the bus took at the moment. The massive vehicle turned sex toy sank inch after inch deep inside Riley's ass sending shivers of pleasure through him. The crowd trapped inside screamed and scrambled over one another, making the whole thing shake and vibrate in a perfect imitation of a vibrator. Once the bus sank in up to the back wheel Riley began to pull it back out just as slowly as it had sunk in. He only pulled it out a few feet before sinking it back in again. Again and again, he repeated the process pushing the bus in then pulling it out. All the while his free hand ran up and down the length of his thick cock the foreskin pulling back to show off his gleaming cock head. The hole filled up a quarter of the way with his pre and any of those at the bottom who hadn't died from the fall or been crushed by the weight of the other bodies on top quickly drowned in the thick syrup. Finally unable to fight the urge anymore Riley pushed the bus back into his hole until he felt the back wheels. Then using his pointer and middle finger he pushed the last few feet of the bus deep into his musky tight hole. Arching his back as the bus sank in and pressed right on his prostate Riley fell forward bracing himself up so he didn't fall fully onto the ground. The new position forced his cock deep into the mound of struggling screaming bodies. He felt several of them pop blood smearing over his cock head and shaft. Now fully lost in his lust the mountain of a man began to hump and grind his massive cock in and out of the wet pile of bodies. Each thrust causing bones to break or body parts to rip from their sockets. A constant stream of pre continued to fill the pit drowning more and more of the pathetic occupants. Likewise, each thrust or clench forced the bus to wedge itself deeper and deeper into Riley's mighty muscular ass. The constant pulsing and clenching of his internal muscles causing the tube of metal to compress more and more around the screaming bodies inside. The heat in his cock and balls continued to grow hotter and hotter and Riley knew that at any moment he would blow. He tried to hold off for as long as possible, his massive mountain of a body gleamed with fresh sweat as his hips rocked back and forth. Just as he was sure he couldn't hold on any longer, the bus buried deep inside his ass collapsed completely. The crunch of metal and bones followed by the flood of blood and gore from the destroyed bodies was the final button to be pressed. His floodgates opened wide and the tidal wave of hot cum that had been bubbling in his balls for days finally burst forth. It traveled up his shaft and erupted from his cock head in jets as powerful as a rocket to space. The screams from the hole quickly faded away to struggling gurgling cries as the thick hot cum filled the hole quickly. Each throbbing pulse of his cock pushed another dozen gallons of cum up his shaft and into the hole. His climax lasted for minutes though to Riley it felt like days. His whole body shook and shivered as if he had just spent a whole day running at top speed. When he began to come down from his orgasmic high he collapsed to the side. His muscled arms shaking and unable to hold his weight for a time. His still rock hard cock pulled free from the mess of cum and blood. The whole shaft was coated in the mixture along with a few bodies that clung to it due to the sticky mixture. Panting heavily Riley watched his cock continue to spurt and leak his seed down into the hole. A lazy smile spread over his face as he watched the tangle of bodies struggling to swim to the surface. A few made it but the thickness of the load kept them from staying there for long. When they would try to wipe their faces free of the suffocating slime they would instantly begin to sink again. The heat of the load was so intense that many of them had been instantly cooked alive by it. The ones who survived were in so much shock that they didn't seem to register the fact that large bits of their skin and muscle had been melted away. Riley continued to lay there and watch the show, his cock growing softer and softer though never fully deflating. Finally, after roughly ten minutes, all signs of life in the cum filled out were gone. All that remained was a slowly dissolving mass of broken and mutilated bodies sinking to the bottom. The heavy smell of blood, death and hot cum filled the air and Riley couldn't help but breathe deeply of the smell. It soothed and relaxed him to the point his eyelids began to droop lower and lower. Yawning loudly he figured, where he was at the moment was as good a spot as any to rest for the evening. Stretching out, his muscles cried in protest at the movement and he couldn't help but laugh. The rest would give his muscles a chance to recover both from the workout and the post-workout fun. When he woke up he would find a lake or something to wash himself off in. With the sun high in the sky and the heat soaking into his darkly tanned body, Riley began to doze off a content smile on his face. The city around him nothing but an empty ruined ghost town just like so many others he had visited before. — I commissioned this story from a friend named, smounged1989 over on FA, about a month ago and I gotta say this turned out better then expected, don’t know if you guys would like a sequel to this or not? Maybe another bodybuilder/power lifter you have in mind?
  8. Astromuscle

    A Catalyst

    Astromuscle: Not to sound like every other writer here but I have never done anything like this before but I have had this idea in my head for awhile and I wanted everyone else to be able to enjoy it. There is a bit of set up first, but I promise a lot of growth in the later chapters. As a skeptic, I never believed that 2 people were destined for each other. But you know what people say, hindsight is 20-20. My entire life I looked on people at a distance. Muscles were always a turn on for me (the bigger the better naturally) but I was always self conscious about what I looked like. At 5' 9" most people were taller than me, and my body was nothing to be desired, fat but not even fat enough to satisfy a fetish. Nothing about me was sexually desirable, so off to the side I stood, looking on at the muscle bulls who come and go in my life. One day I finally worked up the nerve to go to a gay bar. Far out of my element, I would have been pissing myself nervous, if it weren't for the distraction sitting at the bar. And what a distraction he was. I couldn't tell exactly how tall he was but damn he sat head and shoulders above the rest... while sitting. His shoulders were covered by a sweater but even through there you could see great mounds that made volleyballs to shame. My eyes started to move down, but I was disappointed that my view was blocked by a swarm of people all trying to talk to this man. In fact, now out of my stupor he did look rather overwhelmed. Wide eyed and looking from person to person he couldn't keep up with the onslaught of people who were becoming less and less subtle in their interest and more and more touchy. I couldn't tell you if it was the kindness of seeing someone struggling, or jealousy at how forward these guys (who I couldn't help but notice were all more attractive than me... FML) but I decided I needed to take action. I made a beeline for the door to the kitchen, as I did so I unbuttoned my nicer shirt, revealing a plain white T-shirt underneath. Looking now, I might have been able to see my nipples through it, it wasn't noticeable though so I moved on. It was a Friday night so the bartenders didn't even notice me slip into the back. Inside the door was a hallway, with a cordless phone mounted on the wall. Moving cautiously forward I saw the kitchen with cooks preparing appetizers. Just in front of me in the entrance to the kitchen a dirty apron hung on a hook. Before I overstayed my welcome I swiped the apron, tied it around my waist and grabbed the phone on my way out. As I came out I walked up to one of the less daring men who got pushed out of the mosh-pit that formed around the mystery muscle man. "hey man, what is that guy's name?" It took a sec for the man to tear his eyes away and notice me. In a entranced, yet slightly annoyed voice he whispered, "Damian." I walked away then before he could ask me anything from there on. I walked behind the bar, around a bartender, bumping him and quickly got to in front of Damian. "Are you Damian?", I said from the only direction not swarming with gay men... well except for me know I guess... He didn't seem to hear me among the swarm so I shouted at the top of my lungs "PHONE CALL FOR DAMIAN!" That got his attention. He reached for the phone with an arm with a forearm bigger than his already large hands. I managed to focus for long enough to pull the phone away and point to the kitchen door. "IT WILL BE QUIETER THERE!" At this point my plan payed off, for in that moment the behemoth had relief in his eyes as he stood up and excused himself from the sea of men. As he stood I could finally get a bead on his height. Where sitting people came up to his shoulders, now they only came up to his mid pec. My eyes were about level with where I would have to imagine his nips were, why did he have to where that sweater? Why did he have to wear anything?... Once we were both in the back we stood in the hallway between the kitchen and the bar, I handed him the phone which he put up to his ear and tried to talk into for a solid 5 seconds before he looked at it for another couple seconds, and then weighed me in his mind. Before he could form his own conclusion for better or for worse I interjected, "You looked as if you were having difficulty out there, thought you might like a bit of relief." With that I took a snapshot in my mind (that was going to come in handy later tonight in my room) and turned to go. I didn't realize how dwarfed I would be, I didn't deserve to be in his presence, so it was time for me to make my exit. Before I could leave though, a paw of a hand held half of my body in place. SERIOUSLY, thumb on my upper back and fingers extending over my chest, was this guy for real?! "Thank you" a guttural voice said. My mind could only come up with the analogy of Morgan Freeman's Voice, if his balls dropped one or two more times. I might have been able to respond or appreciate the sentiment if every ounce of my being wasn't focused on trying not to go hard. The hand holding me came off and I turned around. Looking shyly away Damian looked like he had more to say but the words weren't coming out... Could he be nervous? Do muscle beasts like him get nervous? I so wanted to hear what he had to say, unfortunately that was the point we were interrupted by the bartender I had bumped. "Excuse me but you both need to leave. You don't even work here!" And with that we found both of ourselves out on the curb. I offered to buy the man a cab because it was my fault he got kicked out, but he insisted on doing the reverse, it turned out he didn't want to be there in the first place, he just really wanted to meet some people "and I think I did" he said. With that he asked for my number and I gave it to him. Is that all it takes? I had literally never been in this situation! And with this man to end all men. I was so excited I didn't even notice both our cabs roll up. I was in wonderland. He told me he would call me up sometime for a date and hopped into his cab, with some difficulty... God he was huge. Finally once the spell wore off, assisted by the honking horn of the cab driver, I climbed into my own cab and went home. The cab ride was quieter than usual and it wasn't until I got out that I realized that I had a raging boner the whole time. There was no need to put it to waste though, so I went inside and had myself an amazing night.
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