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  1. rockhopper

    Nephilim 6: Father Of Us All

    Here is the sixth story in this series. Chapters one through five were originally posted on the old site and are in the Archives on this site. Click my user name to your left and select "topics" to find them and my other stories. I began this story about six years ago. I've come back to it many times, but just finished it. Disclaimer: I don't own the song "Last Night of the World" from Miss Saigon (music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, lyrics by Alain Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr.). It is a lovely song, and, in fact, is the ringtone on my phone for boyfriend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had become quite accustomed to the nomadic life. When distance and money are meaningless to you, you go wherever you want and stay however long you like. Still, it was nice to go back for a short visit to what had been my home city once upon a time. I went into what had been my favorite bar back in the day. It was a piano bar, dimly lit with a mainly older crowd. The pianist was playing lounge style. The sing-along would come later. I sat down and ordered a scotch. It was the same bartender I remembered from when I had been a regular there all those years earlier. He was now middle-aged and, though still handsome, showing some signs of wear. I, on the other hand, had not only not aged a day in the last decade or so, but, indeed, had a face and body such as I never dreamed of back then. The bartender clearly thought I looked vaguely familiar, but couldn't place me. I decided I would just let him think that. There was no reason to try to protect myself and there was also no reason to reveal myself. “It's always best to let the humans be if you can,” sounded a voice for whom I felt some recognition. I turned around and saw Primus Maximus, the first of our kind. He had manifested himself as a fortyish man, slender and wiry, with a beard and a wry smile. He looked a little different every time I had met him, but this should be of no surprise: Primus Maximus, or, has he liked to call himself, Max, was probably the most powerful of all created beings. I can do pretty much anything I want: Others, like Adam, Jake and Lars dwarf me by far. All of us together are as nothing before Max. He is the Father of Us All. Like most of my elders, he is very mysterious about his origins, but I know this much: The giants in the land—the Nephilim mentioned by the author of Genesis—includes Max and by then he was not the only one. “Max!” I gave him a hug and kiss, “How have you been?” Not long ago, I would not be so casual with him, but now that I had Transfigured one myself, I had become much more confident and comfortable. Jeremy, whom I had only a few months earlier brought into our life, was now enjoying his newfound liberty. We had agreed to meet up on a somewhat regular basis, but there was no intent on either of our parts of making anything exclusive. “Peter, you do an old man proud. It seems as if only yesterday you were that timid boy Adam had brought over. Of course, to me, the Industrial Revolution is like yesterday!” “Max, what brings you to this establishment?” “I check in on all my charges from time to time. You were with Adam at first, so I knew you wouldn't need me right away. I was glad you had him to see you through the first few years, but I knew that the attachment wouldn't last. Dear Adam has very romantic notions still. Nearly a millennium and he still hasn't lost all traces of his humanity—a very laudable quality, by the way—but it is not for our kind to have lifelong bonds.” “Why not?” I asked. Max laughed. “We are beings of eternity, my dear. The human notion of a lifelong commitment may work if you have a mere 80 years, but for us it is preposterous.” I nodded. At one time I would have disagreed. I thought Adam and I could spend forever with each other, but now I knew better. Although I would always love Adam, even when we were together, he had no expectation of exclusivity. After I understood that, I realized that the emotional bond would remain whether we were together all the time or not. “You are thinking way too much, Peter,” Max chuckled. I was embarrassed. “I'm sorry. It wasn't all that long ago that I was human.” He chuckled again. “My dear Peter, I could catalogue what I have done in my long time on this ball of mud, but it would be pointless. More than any other being on this planet, I could claim ownership of everything. Indeed, I have been a king. I have been known to history and I have been stealthily along its side. I much prefer the latter.” “I know you were looking forward to seeing this place again, Peter,” Max smiled, “but would you mind if we stepped out to take care of a few things?” “Not at all,” I smiled, knowing full well that Max wanted to greet me properly in the way of our kind. I wondered if he was the one who started it. Of course, for us, “stepping out” didn't involve going out the door. Stepping sideways would probably be a better description. In the next moment, we were out of time and space, out of sight of the other bar patrons, but an eyeblink away. Max put his hand on my cheek. “Ah, Peter!” He looked into my eyes and we kissed. As is custom for the younger partner in the congress our kind enter upon meeting, I found myself looking up at a much bigger, naked Max. In addition to making himself a giant, he had also changed his body to reflect my taste: He had a ripped physique, like a very heavily muscled fitness model. His fuzzy pecs, bouncing as I looked at them, seemed as broad as a meadow. His shoulders and arms complemented his chest perfectly. “Come!” he spoke in my mind and, on his bidding, I soared up to rest on his hand. “Peter, I must tell you, I haven't enjoyed the company of a New One as much as I do yours in centuries. Going back at least to Jacobus—Jake, as he calls himself now. Adam was always a little broody.” “Thank you,” I blushed. “Still can't take a compliment! As I said, it's not at all a bad thing to hold on to some human traits. We move among them. We must be able to interact with them.” Max closed his hand and held me to his chest, enveloping me in his presence. I briefly ceased to be an independent entity and became part of him. Soon, I was back in his hand. “Come back with me to the bar, Peter. I'd love to talk with you over a Scotch. I taught those Scotsmen well. No wonder they call it the water of life!” We were then as we had been, back in the bar. Max and I sat and talked for about an hour. I loved listening to Max's stories. He really had seen and done it all. The pianist who had been playing finished his last number. After a short pause, another pianist started his shift. He was about thirty, of average height and build. His sculpted goatee was dark, as was the hair on his head, which had a slightly receding hairline. The previous pianist had mostly just played with a little singing. This man was sang while he played with joy and enthusiasm. “Of course, my little love,” Max smiled to me, “There is a lot to be said for some mortals.” “You mean the pianist?” “Why don't you go play with him?” “Max,” I began to be a bit uncomfortable, “Even when I was human, I didn't 'play' much. Since Adam Transfigured me, I've only been with our own kind.” “And when you were human, you never thought you were attractive enough. Look at yourself, my dear. No mortal could resist you. And even if they could, if you want them, you can have them.” “Use my powers to attract him? I couldn't. I mean, I guess I could, but I wouldn't.” “All right, then, get him without using your powers.” “What?” “Even before you were Transfigured, you were adorable, even if you never understood it” “Are you going to take away my powers?” “No, silly boy. I trust you. You have the face and body you have now, but don't use any other talents you didn't already have. I'll bet you have no trouble! Now, go!” He did say “talents”, I thought. I always was a pretty good singer. Not like Jeremy, of course, but few are. Even though our kind have no need for money, I always carried a twenty dollar bill in my wallet just in case. I pulled it out and put it in the pianist's tip jar just as he was finishing a song. “Hello!” he said!. “May I take a request? “Do you know “Last Night of the World” from Miss Saigon?” “I sure do. That's a duet, though.” “You sing Chris,” I smiled. “I'll sing Kim,” He played an intro and began singing: In a place that won't let us feel. In a life where nothing seems real. I have found you. I have found you. I replied: In a world that's moving too fast. In a world where nothing can last. I will hold you. I will hold you. He smiled at me. Our lives will change when tomorrow comes. I smiled back. Tonight our hearts drown the distant drums. He nodded and continued: And we'll have music, all right, tearing the night: I swallowed and we harmonized: A song, played on a solo saxophone. A crazy sound, a lonely sound, A cry that says love goes on and on, Played on a solo saxophone. It's telling me to hold you tight And dance like it's the last night of the world. And so it began. For the rest of the evening, Mike, the handsome pianist, and I sang romantic duets from Broadway and the American Songbook. I had a great memory for song lyrics before my Transfiguration and had been in choir and chorus for many years, so I was comfortable with this, even without using my powers. Finally, his shift ended. He said he had never received that many tips in an evening and he had never enjoyed singing with anyone so much. He then asked if I wanted to go back to his place with him. The young human man inside me, newly out as gay and uncomfortable with his own appearance resurfaced and could barely believe this was happening. We left the bar together. Mike said “On a rainy night like this, we'll never get a cab.” “Really?” I asked as one stopped for us. Now that I had landed him, I felt no qualms about using my powers. When we got to Mike's apartment, we began kissing, Mike and I undid each other's shirts. He was quite impressive for a mortal. He had a decent amount of muscle under a nice blanket of hair. “Peter, I've never met anyone like you,” Mike sighed. “I don't think I ever will again.” “That's a pretty safe bet,” I smirked. “I could fall for you really fast.” And that's when it hit me. Even without using my powers, he couldn't resist me. My supernatural nature was driving him to obsession with me. Suddenly, Mike seemed frozen. And there, in Mike's apartment, was Max, standing next to me, grinning. “I told you!” “Max! Why did you tell me to do this?” “It's something all of our kind have to face sooner or later. If we get too close to humans, they can't resist. As I said, we must be able to move among them. Just don't get too close. They're drawn to us like moths to a flame.” I smiled. “I suppose I would be taking advantage of him in one way or another. I think sticking to our own kind is a good idea He sure does want me, though.” “I can fix that!” With barely a twitch of his eyebrow, Max erased that desire from Mike. Mike would remember this great evening singing duets with a mysterious man named Peter, but nothing else. Leaving Mike's place, we returned to the bar for one last drink. I said to Max “Mike may no longer want to do anything, but I...” “Not another word about it, dear one. Jake has agreed to meet us on the moon in five minutes.”
  2. Heads up! This entire story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. Here are the previous parts. [Part 1] [Part 2] Sorry for the huge delay. I rewrote this thing many times until I finally stopped and did some research on how Isaac should act. Being totally ruined for 4 years and devalued does a lot to a person. This is to really drive home that Isaac is still the same he is on the inside. You can be huge as a truck, but harsh words from long ago can still hurt you if you don't let it go. So much for sticks and stones, right? [Part 3] Bittersweet Revenge Isaac spent the rest of the day studying all he could about bodybuilding. On paper it seemed easy enough and the diagrams didn't sway Isaac's opinion. When he saw videos, however, he could see the musclemen strain to lift the weight, quickly throwing out the this is easy notion. To Isaac, it looked like they were in pain, but clearly they were taking some sort of satisfaction from the experience... Otherwise why would they keep lifting? Isaac looked down at his own body, pouting as he noticed it definitely wasn't hardened like it was a few weeks ago. The nanobots were keeping the muscle there, it's just the tone wasn't sticking due to a lack of use. Besides his body's current state, Isaac was enjoying his new life so far. The new body. The new slave. The new found revenge he could revel in anytime. Isaac had other things in store for Trent, but at the moment all he wanted to do is tone up his muscles. He figured it'd take just a few sets to get his muscle tone back thanks to the nanobots. Which in theory should effectively speed up his recovery and growth. He figured he could also have massive gains within one day. Though that day was not today, considering he spent nearly 8 hours researching everything and it was now almost midnight. He yawned and trudged off to bed, eagerly awaiting to put his new found knowledge to use tomorrow. For once, and briefly, Trent was the last thing on his mind. ********** Isaac puffed out his chest and got some sort of swagger going as he exited his car. He tried his best to imitate the giant men he seen in videos or tv, but he wasn't feeling it. He may have looked a bit offbeat, but he surely was still intimidating as he pushed open the gym's door. “Hey do y-” The gym's receptionist looked up and just stared. “I think I've never seen you before. You look kind of familiar though. I think I saw you a few weeks ago? I'm not too sure.” “That is highly improbable. I never visited this gym before and rarely leave my house. I'm here to see what this facility has to offer for a large man such as myself.” “Whooa duuuuuuuuude. New beefcake on the bloooooooock.” An obnoxious male's voice rang out, complete with annoying surfer-boy tone. He trotted over to Isaac and eyed him up and down. “Damn, if Trent didn't run off with some floozy he'd probably like to give you a beating or two. He likes to test out the big guys, but he's an alpha so he always wins. I'm Rudy by the way. Want me to give you the tour?” “Who? I'm sure I would beat whoever that is in a fight.” Isaac grinned, knowing that he could most certainly give Trent a thrashing now. “And no thanks.” “Haha, you don't know Trent though. Dude, that guy is a beaaaaast.” He scratched his head, “Uh, actually I owe my beastly bod to him too. The guy knows how to get under your skin and drive ya.” The receptionist sighed, “I know what you mean. He's a jerk but he could motivate anyone. He makes most first time clients cry. Sometimes he's just such an ass... Oh sorry, excuse my language.” Isaac was growing tired of all this Trent praise. “He can't be that good. He sounds like a jerk or bully to me.” “Um... He's more of an anti-bully. What would you even call that?” The receptionist trailed off before shaking her head. “Like, I used to be a dress size 18. Before I got married, I was bigger than my chubby boyfriend. I asked Trent to help me slim down before my wedding and he was really mean. He even made me cry on my first day with him... But I came back the next day anyway. He didn't say anything that wasn't true, after all. He somehow helped me get down to a dress size 7 and I wanted to go lower and just couldn't do it. He said 'you look fine, besides everyone has a different kinda body. Some chicks would kill to have your curves, Lana!' or something like that. Not every trainer understands people are different... He doesn't expect his male clients to look like him. He pushes them to be the best they can be. Same goes for the female clients too.” “Haha! Oh man! Could you imagine if Trent did expect chicks to look like him?” Rudy chuckled loudly to himself while Isaac continued the conversation with Lana. Isaac seemed confused, that wasn't the Trent he knew. Lana got up from behind her desk and walked over to a wall as Isaac followed. “Really now? You make him sound like a miracle worker.” “Mmmhm! I decided to quit my office job and just work here. It's more fun and I get to keep up with Trent's success wall. It's really inspiring to look at and keeps me focused, that's for sure. Trent always looked so excited when he put up a client's after shot. It was kind of cute, actually. Like a parent who hangs up their toddler's first scribble. The first time my hubby looked at it, he decided to get fit too. He's right... Here.” Lana smiled as she pointed to a man. He looked like a hairy lard ball in a before shot, and a total muscle bear in the after shot. Isaac thought it was just a ploy for Trent to get his face plastered all over the lobby's main wall, though he didn't appear in any of the pictures. Isaac scanned over the photos seeing many different people of all ages and kinds. A before and after shot told the entire story. Some would look pretty nervous and even sad that they were wearing tell-all clothing while having their pictures taken for all to see. But in the after shot, they were just as confident looking as Trent appeared to be. Isaac even found a picture of Rudy, a twiggy kid with some ambiguous gamer trunks on. Then in the next picture, it was Rudy was wearing the same trunks but was twice his original size. A ringing phone made Lana go back to her desk as Rudy walked over to Isaac. Isaac was staring intently at Rudy in the picture before looking over to see the real life version. “Like what you see, big guy?” Rudy winked, “If you think I look hot there, you should see me without clothes... I'm definitely bigger now.” “I...” Isaac was lost. Normally the guys who'd hit on him wouldn't be nearly as hunky as Rudy. A chubby or twiggy guy would walk up to Isaac, throw out a compliment, and Isaac would just roll over. Low self-esteem would do that to just about anyone. Then Isaac's mind snapped back, reminding him of his purpose. “Uh, thanks but no thanks.” Rudy frowned as he awkwardly reacted. “Heh, I was just kidding... Er, but feel free to use the gym. I have a +1 on my membership and my +1 never comes, so you may as well take his spot.” “Thanks Rudy.” Isaac nodded as he walked off to the weight room. He could feel Rudy staring at him as he walked away. Though Rudy's compliments or attraction wasn't on Isaac's mind. Trent was on his mind. The way the two talked about Trent made him seem... Well, not like the Trent he remembered. Although Isaac's mind was preoccupied, he still managed to find his way over to a machine, set the weight, and get to work. He was almost surprised when he realized what he was doing. However, a realization came over him as he finished up the first set. It was quite hard. The machine was no doubt easier to utilize than free weights, too. His chest muscles pulsed with blood, feeling firmer already just after one heavy set. He prepared himself for another set of chest flies, feeling his member join in the pulse-session with his chest. “Fuck...” Isaac heavily breathed, “So this is what it feels like.” All it took was two sets and his chest muscles were back to their default hardness. He felt like he just had amazing sex and was now enjoying the aftermath. But there was more work to do. Now he had to work the rest of his body. He grimaced as he scanned the room, feeling very lost. Even after all the research he knew he didn't belong in the gym. He wasn't this kind of guy; he wasn't made for this kind of activity. The pump was euphoric, yet it felt all wrong to him. Isaac pushed through his doubts and moved towards the dumbbells, preparing himself to do as many compound exercises as possible to firm his body up. He just wanted to finish up and go home as quickly as possible. With each set he could hear fragments of Trent's ridicule from the day before and even from years before pouring in. “Graah!” Isaac roared, which surprisingly just garnered brief attention before everyone went back to their workout. Just another big man finishing a set, no big deal. Isaac rushed to his car and ripped open the container of his experimental nutrient packed drink. His body, or more specifically his nanobots, screamed for fuel. He guzzled it down, ignoring the awful taste as he reached for another container. And then another one, and then another one, and then another one... He took a deep breath and composed himself, taking a second to fully enjoy the state he was in. Or at least try. Isaac's body was pumped, his clothes straining to cling to his bulging frame. He didn't feel sore at all, so it was just nothing but pleasure he was experiencing. It was a feeling he could easily grow to love, though Trent's voice chimed in once again. You? Join the lifting team? No amount of lifting will fix your sad life. Isaac's happiness quickly diminished. You're still that loser from high school, aren't you?[i/] Isaac gripped the steering wheel as he furiously pulled out of the parking lot, almost as if he were trying to outrun the sense of dread surrounding him. Get out of my way, you fucking waste of space! Ug, it's such a chore showing weaklings their place. Why come to school? You just get in everyone's way. A loser like you is gonna get nowhere anyway.” Don't look at me with your ugly mug. It's so sad to look at. Oh you gonna cry now? Of course you are, you whiny weak little bitch. I don't give a shit if the teacher told you to be in our group. Fuck off, gaywad! That's really fucking sad, Isaac. “Shut up!” Isaac blurted as he sped down the road, his muscles trembling with rageful power. It was nothing new to Isaac. Every time he succeeded, he heard some form of Trent's harsh voice. Even simply being outside made Trent's harsh words appear. That's why Isaac rarely left the house. Each time he heard Trent's voice, he felt even more inclined to just punch Trent square in the face again. He probably wouldn't mind killing Trent. He felt like he'd explode if he didn't hurt Trent in some way. ********** Once home, Isaac burst into his house and didn't even bother shutting the door. He stormed to Trent's room, where Trent was lying on the floor. Perhaps resting between his useless workout sessions. Isaac pounced on Trent, readying his fist to slam into Trent's skull with every inch of might he had. Trent didn't seem all that frightened, and instead, was more focused on Isaac's actual expression. “Uh... Problem, bro?” Trent cocked his eyebrow, knowing that all of this was because he got under Isaac's skin somehow. The question caused Isaac to shake even more as his fist lingered in the air. “You! I should be in control now that I am so strong. But you... Are always still there!” Isaac's fell forward, his chest now inches away from Trent's face. He was trying his best to hold himself up, but his body's trembling made things harder for him. “I thought all it'd take is this to finally get you out of my head. I'm the stronger one now! You're the pathetic loser now! But... You're still... I just don't understand it...” Trent wiggled his way out from under Isaac, and stood up expecting Isaac to do the same. Instead, Isaac collapsed on the floor entirely. Trent rolled him over on to his back to look at Isaac's face. In short, Isaac's expression summed up his life. It was a sad and anxiety ridden mess. Trent realized what that all meant, and wasn't too surprised by what his past actions have done to Isaac. All it took was a few hours outside the house to reduce Isaac to a quivering mass of muscle. “Isaac...” Trent didn't even know how to approach the situation. Still, that's never stopped him before. “I'm sorry I did this to you. Really. Just tell me what I can do to make you stop crying? I... Man, I didn't even know what I was doing back then... I was just a stupid kid taking my shitty problems out on the first guy I laid my eyes on.” Isaac just looked at the ceiling with a watery stare. Trent mounted Isaac and leaned forward in an attempt to at least get Isaac to look at him. “It feels really shitty being the guy who did this to you, ya know? Just a piece of fucking busted garbage ruining a sweet guy. A guy who was smart and people liked you... Until I made sure they didn't... Just so I could feel better... So you know what? If beating the shit out of me makes you feel better, go for it. I deserve all of this.” Isaac glanced at Trent's face before looking back at the ceiling, just to make sure it was Trent saying those things. The Trent he knew would never say those kinds of things. Like some miraculous epiphany (or common sense at this point), Isaac realized that Trent was indeed different. He was a better man who could at least own up to his mistakes. Isaac almost didn't want to believe it. A part of him wanted to vilify Trent. To keep Trent as the evil thing that ruined him from the inside-out. “Is this some attempt to get some sort of pity from me? You are practically the perfect human being, in terms of genetics. You are driven. You are strong. Everything is easy for you. Your life is anything but hard.” “Yeah, I got some of that a few years back. But every time a hot guy walks by I feel like I'm in highschool again... Fuck, even looking at you now makes me feel like garbage. A fucking useless queer. A fake man.” Trent trailed off as he looked away in disgust. He was unconsciously rubbing Isaac's upper pec, gently and in a small back-and-forth motion. Isaac noticed that Trent's mind was also plagued by something out of his control. His mind was saying no, but his body was trying very hard to say yes. “... You're... Gay?” Isaac seemed winded. “That doesn't mean you're defective, though.” “Heh... If you say so. In the 8th grade I came out to my folks. When it was all over, my mom had to work two jobs to support me and my dad totally disowned us. So I felt like shit... Just so... Worthless. So when I got to high school in a new city I tried to keep to myself, but guys there were so good looking. And they got even better every month! Then... You... Fucking hell... I couldn't stop being hard around you... It made me sick. And angry. So I hurt you.” Trent's hand stopped moving over Isaac's chest and balled up into a fist. “A part of me just wanted to confess that I was gay and just make out with you or something but. then I was afraid of how everyone would treat me if they knew I was gay. I just... Isaac, I just want to fix you, OK? You didn't deserve any of that bullshit in high school. I did this to you. So I have to help you. Just tell me what to do.” Isaac couldn't help but admire Trent's stoic expression. He essentially just laid everything out and did it without a single tear or lip quiver. Isaac reached out and put his hand over Trent's. Isaac paused for a moment, and with a sigh, he knew what he had to say. “Trent... You can start fixing this by... Switching back with me. Get up.” “Uh?” Trent scratched the back of his head in confusion. He got off of Isaac and crossed his arms. Feeling awkward for being so close to Isaac just moments ago. Isaac stood up and gestured for Trent to follow him. First he closed the front door and then made his way to the lab. Once in the lab, Isaac feverishly went to work at the computer terminal. Pulling up current stats, entering rerouting instructions, and preparing to undo the mess he caused. “I can't get rid of the version of you in my head like this. I don't know what to do. But you're not the same man. So you should just go and let me figure things out how to deal with my own problems. You have nothing to learn from this. Only I do.” “Hold up.” Trent looked at what was on the screen for a moment. “I'm the one who fucked you up. So it's my problem too. Do you think this is going to solve anything?” “Do you want to stay small? Is that it?” Isaac became annoyed that Trent was holding things up. He just wanted Trent gone before he did something he'd regret. Isaac knew he shouldn't hurt Trent anymore, but the old Isaac wanted to rip Trent to shreds. “Fuck no! But I'm not gonna go anywhere. I mean, like, you sold my place so I have to stay here.” Trent shrugged his shoulders, “That means I should help you since I'll be here anyway.” “Fine. How?” “For starters... Don't go back to your old self. Look at that, 5'6”? Why the fuck even bother?” Isaac squinted, unsure if Trent was actually trying to be a bully or not. “Bump yourself up to 5'9” at least. And your body is fine, but why not just use my lean genes... Hehe, lean genes... Uh, yeah, use my genes to beef up a bit. But without taking my muscles! I want all of those back. Don't go back to your old self. You have the power to change yourself! Change anything you want to. Er, but your original body isn't bad at all. Let's just make it clear. Your original bod was still kinda hot.” Isaac looked at the keyboard and then the screen. He didn't know where to begin. He didn't even know if he could fix himself to be happy with what he had. Isaac felt Trent's hand go over his and guide the cursor over the various sliders. Isaac's height was increased, metabolism was set to be like Trent's metabolism, then finally his penis and testicle size was altered. Isaac couldn't help but blush. “That's... Too big...” “It's an inch shorter than mine.” Trent smirked. “It.... It is?” Isaac looked down at his crotch. “That's ridiculous.” “Wooooow, you have my dick and didn't even bother playing around with it?” Trent seem legitimately insulted. “That's a fucking shame, Isaac.” “Sorry I'm not a horny animal like you are.” Isaac rolled his eyes. “Huh...” Trent continued mousing through the tabs. “If I up your testosterone, that'll fix that.” “N-no, that's too much. That's crazy!” “It's a little bit less than mine. Last I checked, anyway.” Trent laughed. “I only set it to average last time.” Isaac trailed off. “You really are a ridiculous male specimen. Almost like a hyper idealized version of a man.” “Duh.” Trent continued making slight changes, but stayed away from Isaac's head. “You can't have my muscles, but you can feel what it's like to be me. Kinda. And if you wanna bulk up, you can. I'll even help you. Then you can beat me up even though I'll be huge too. That'd feel great, right? Heheh...” Isaac tried to hold back a smile, but it happened anyway. Trent's ability to act so nicely was amusing and impressive, given the circumstances. He finalized the changes for himself and went right for Trent's profile. He moused over to Trent's stats and set everything back to factory default, so to speak. He altered a few genes though, one to stop myostatin from interfering with muscle growth. And another to boost Trent's repairing speeds so he could workout more and sleep less. “Anything you would like to change?” “Can you make me straight? That's all I care about. Can you do it?” “Trent, it's not that simple. There's many factors and allegedly multiple genes in charge of what you're attracted to. I'm sorry, I can't make you straight. I can cut your libido entirely so you don't ever have to worry about unwanted sexual thoughts.” “Nah.” Trent sighed, “I hate them, yeah, but I like jerking off too. I even like banging chicks even if it's hard for me to do it. They sure love it though. What can I say? Orgasms are fucking aweeeeesome.” “Have you ever tried to have intercourse with a male?” “Nope.” Trent shook his head. “I can't shake it, man. I get sick every time I think about another dude like that. I fucking hate this, Isaac. Me being gay has done nothing but fuck up lives. My mom's life, your life, and even mine. It just... Ug, it fucking sucks.” “I see.” Isaac was saddened by Trent's response. Isaac knew of his own inner pain, but he didn't know how bad Trent's pain was. Sure, Isaac was probably worse off now. But Isaac didn't like the idea of Trent hating himself for being gay. Isaac was gay, after all. If a man like Trent couldn't be proud to be himself, how could Isaac ever hope to be proud of himself? Then it hit him. An idea! Isaac made a few changes. Ones to eliminate Trent's response to stimuli from another male's sensual touch. It wasn't easy to do, but making the nanobots suppress Trent's natural response was still doable. In short, it was now impossible for Trent to get headaches or stomach aches by altering his body's response. He also altered the nanobots to give Trent more control over the workings of his manhood, as well as receive more pleasurable stimuli while with men he finds attractive. He felt like if Trent could be happy, maybe he could be too. These changes would ensure Trent would finally be able to be with a man, and then perhaps finally accept his sexuality. Although, Isaac didn't know if he was going too far or not. But in his mind, he already knew he went too far after changing Trent in the first place. So what's another few changes? “There. Step into the chamber. It's time to fix this mess I made.” "Our mess. We'll fix our mess, Isaac." Trent awkwardly smiled.
  3. Torched


  4. Torched


  5. momoware

    Fantasy Future Muscle Chapter 4

    Standard forewarning: violent sex scenes, birthing etc...enjoy! ______ Backstage dozen of spectators had gathered, having heard to the news, to see the lifeless corpse of the biggest, most muscular man that ever existed (for now). It was a mountain of hard flesh that elicited sighs of awe from the onlookers. There was muscle on every toe, on his elbows, even the brow of his face had developed a thick muscular cover. The display of shock and reverence was shortlived, and within moments worshippers had begun climbing onto the body and fucking every hole and crevice they could find. Giant bodybuilders, including Wyman, thrusted their dicks in between the massive pecs, under his armpits, between his fingers. It was an orgy unlike anything ever witnessed before. I made the most of this, and headed back onto the stage, that was now empty. I decided to gather as much of that muscle baby's semen as I could find before it became useless. It was easy to identify, as he had become so large after a certain point that the individual sperm cells were around two or three inches long and swam around, lost in the auditorium. High on testosterone and my own future enormity, I caught as many of these spunky, hormonal fish as I could and devoured them, as I began to feel my body undergo a big change. I woke up in my hotel room three days later. As my eyes opened, the rest of my body coursed with blood, and I attempted to control my new muscles. It wasn't easy, but I figured that my own body could only evade my control for a short time. I rolled over out of the bed and rose to my feet. The ceiling that I had called extremely high and daunting when I arrived at the President Hotel, now barely covered my head. The testosterone production process in my body had sped up dramatically, and the sheets of my bed were soaked with my jizz, and thick hair, much like that of the muscle baby I had to thank for tis new body, covered my entire being. My first task was to shave. As I entered the bathroom I saw the scales on the floor next to the doorway. They were scales without an upper limit, which was necessary as this hotel hosted the largest men on earth whenever the Mr Planet competition was in town. I remember standing on them when I first arrived, they read 415 pounds, a measurement which at the time turned me on beyond words. I now stood at 13"5, almost twice my previous height, and with great excitement I placed my huge, strong, hairy feet onto the scales. 1337 pounds. I instantly ejaculated, all over the scales, all over the bathroom floor. The flow was too great and it flooded into the bedroom, over the balcony and I would later discover a pool of my ejaculate that had poured over the edge and into the ornamental pond of the hotel's grounds. Like the muscle baby whose semen I had devoured a week before, in spite of being 8 feet in length, my cock was so heavy that it hung to the floor even when totally erect. I began to run the shaver all over the acres of furry muscle and an hour later I was cleanly shaven and ready to be worshipped. The thick, matted, sweaty hair I had just removed from all over my body now filled the bathtub, and I left it for the maid to fix, not knowing really what to do myself. 3 in the afternoon, and I received a knock at the door. I was thrilled, I had arranged a worship session that only I was in on. It was with Martin- I had anonymously invited him to my room, with the intention of him falling over at the sight of my magnificent new body. I bent down to open the door, but when I did all I could see was a gigantic foot and the start of a leg. I was speechless, clearly I had been mistaken in assuming that I was the only one to drink the muscle baby’s potent semen. "Hey Franco!" Martin's voice boomed as he greeted me. So he knew it was me, I thought, I guess he saw me in the audience, or Jean Marie told him about me, "I don't think this is going to work, we should head down to the auditorium." "Agreed!" I replied, attempting to gently burst through the wall, but instead ripping the entire fourth floor of the hotel apart. We marched side by side, two giant men looking forward to our reunion in the underground vault. We arrived down to the auditorium where one week prior we had witnessed the Mr Planet competition. The drama of the event and the damage done to the arena by the muscle baby had remained, it had actually been decided to abandon this venue and seek another one for future expositions. The spunk on the floor had evaporated and there was a crumbly crust of dead sperm all over the ground. Martin told me that in the statistics compiled after the contest, it stated that 140,000 litres of spunk had been expelled onto the stage that day. We turned on all the lights and then finally got to see each other eye to eye. He stood opposite me, truly magnificent. I don't need to describe every detail, you know what a bodybuilder looks like. I gazed in adoration at those calf muscles, that even in the competition had been magnificent, but now were totally absurd. The lower portion of his leg was twice as wide as it was long, and the muscle jutted out in several directions like a gemstone. His quads at their thickest point were three times the circumference of his slim waist, and he, like me, stood with a giant cock facing the ground. His ballsack was so heavy with balls the size of children that it touched the ground, and dragged as he walked. I was lucky as my scrotum was not loose but instead hung tight, just under my cock. Our huge, virile bodies produced testosterone at such a rate that we, just like the muscle baby responsible for our growth, were in a constant state of arousal, and whereas the muscle baby was constantly masturbated by a team of assistants, we managed just whacking it very three or four minutes. Needless to say, behind us was a river of no less than one hundred thousand litres of spunk from our half hour walk down to the auditorium. "I arranged for a friend to meet us here," Martin told me, as we walked nearer to one another and embraced, "Wyman thinks he’s coming down for a rematch. Silly little man."
  6. Yachirobi

    Life Changes

    Some quick smut I banged out today. Give it a like on my Tumblr if you're so inclined. Inspired by a photo Michael Kidd, shot by Rey Rey's Photography. He is not the character, this is fiction, you're an adult so you know the drill. Please, don't sue me. I'm poor. *** Dad wouldn’t tell me what he was up to but he was bigger. The way he filled his shorts in was obscene. He said he was just working out harder. Right. It had only been a month since mom left him and he’d grown. He been growing. He kept growing. My father got visibly larger every day. We’d worked out together before. Lifting weights was our regular father/son bonding since I was twelve. Even when I came out, we didn’t miss a session. But almost imediately after mom left, he insisted on training alone in the basement. He would’t let me down there anymore. Said it wasn’t me, just that he needed space alone. I figured he was crying down there, needed a place where he didn’t have to be “strong” when he felt weak and helpless. Then I heard the grunting through the vent. At first I thought he had a dog down there. A weird ass dog to boot. Maybe one of those mutts from Ghostbusters. Mom was allergic to dogs but dad had grown up with them. He actually got choked up talking them. He always stopped to pet dogs who came across him when he was out. But I never heard those sounds when he wasn’t down there. He’d have told me if he had a dog. None of those dogs made the sounds I heard. They were borderline sexual. That’s why I had to go down there. I needed to know what he was doing, why he had to be alone instead of spending man-time with his only child. He left the door unlocked one day while he was out. I’d been coming over mre often to check on him. Dad had said some stuff that made me worry he might hurt himself. Break-ups will cause that, especially one after thirty years of marriage. But I was glad he was out. I thought he might have found a girlfriend. And it gave me a chance to snoop. But I wasn't ready for what I found. The muscle mags were one thing. Dad was working out hardcore. Okay. Not that I ever knew he had so many. Then I saw that some of those mags had nudes. I didn't even know they still published skin mags with the Internet going strong. So my dad was gay and didn’t even bother to tell his queer as fuck only son. Terrific. And the mags were scattered everywhere. Pages were lying loose on the floor. Some were stapled to the wood paneled walls. Then there were the rags. Torn up t-shirts. Ripped pants. Jockstraps with the jock torn open. All scattered everywhere. So my dad was turning into the Incredible Hulk in the basement? No wonder mom had left. One of the shirts--a nice polo shirt I’d gotten him for his birthday, I might add--was stuck to the wall like he’d thrown it there. I saw splatter marks from the impact. That splatter? It was cum. Cum was fucking everywhere. Some of it was even fresh, scattered all over the mags and the exercise equipment. Pools of it. The smell was overwhelming. And it made me hard as a rock. I’m not even a smells guy but it turned a switch on in my brain and I couldn’t turn it off. I tried. Something about that stench made me feel manlier, like I was getting bigger and stronger just from inhaling my father's crazy-ass super loads. I took deep snorts of the stench. It made my nose buzz. It didn't even smell like cum or sweat as much as it smelled like manhood. And manhood smelled terrific! It felt terrific! I put my finger into some of the cum that he'd shot on the lifting bench and thought "fuck yeah, dad." I had a vision of him in his more powerful body pushing those weights up and down while he was rock hard and... I snapped back, sickened. I was in my childhood basement, holding my crotch in my hand while I was putting a cum coated finger into my mouth while rock hard, thinking about my own father. I got the hell out and thanked my lucky stars that Dad hadn't come home to catch me. But I was still rocking a stronger hard-on of my life for two hours, even though I tried to think about anything other than sex. Then the call came. “Abel,” dad said, “Let's go for a walk.” His voice was cold. Growly in a way that was unfamiliar. I hesitated but said yes. If he wanted to yell at me, so be it. I had some yelling to do too. When I got to the park he walk looking alpha as fuck. That had become standard but the effect never diminished. On that day, he seemed twice as manly as the day before and I hated it. On any other man that would be instant boner fuel. Thick, vascular thighs. Pumped arms. Gray beard. But he was my dad. Even gay boys don’t get hard to their own dads. I never had before. Then I caught a whiff, just a little whiff, of that freak man-smell, It might have been my imagination. Didn’t mater. I felt my dick buzz all over again. And I felt shame. “I’m not mad, Abel. I wish you hadn’t gone down there but, well...” Dad kept his eyes on me and I was the one who looked away. “That’s fucked up, Dad. That’s really... I don’t wanna know.” Sometimes we tell lies thinking they’re the truth. “You have to know now. I can’t keep it secret much longer anyway.” “Secret? What?” Just because dad wasn’t yelling didn't mean I couldn't. “Is this the shit that drove mom away?” “No. But if she hadn't left, this wouldn't have happened. I'm glad it happened too." “God damnit. Just tell me what's going on so you can get it off--" I winced. Bad word choice "--your chest." And, with even better timing, I noticed Dad's chest flaring. He'd always had a good shape to it but, for the first time, I realized my dad had pecs. Big ones. "Are you gay, Dad? Did you let me come out to you and not tell me you were gay too? Because that’s really fucked up. That’s fucking cruel. That’s...” My voice was breaking. “It’s not quite like that. I mean...” I shouted “Then what the fuck is it?” “Shut up.” If he'd slapped me with the back of his hand, it wouldn't have been as effective. “Follow me.” And I did follow, red faced and sniffling. We followed a paved trail deep into the woods, then he went off on a dirt path. I thought it was for bikes but it was too narrow and unkempt. “It happens at home sometimes. I like that. Gives me a chance to explore it on my own. But it's better here.” I screwed my face up in disgust but, before I could complain, I caught that scent again. “It’s better with the others. It’s stronger. Fuller. I dunno. I need to be with the others.” “There’s a group of you? Aw, dad. You were always warning me about internet freaks and now--” “This ain’t on the internet, Abel. And you better not tell anyone. We can’t let outsiders know.” That was when I noticed Dad's voice. It was deeper. Strained. He huffed and puffed. He put his hands on a tree and stretched out. His back... it was wider. "That smell means it's coming, son. It's coming real strong." I heard footsteps. Leaves rustling. “I’m sorry about this. But you won’t be. It’ll bring us closer together, I promise.” He punded his fist against a tree. I heard something snap. Not a branch from the men walking towards us but from his body. There was another snap. Then Iooked down at his ass. How and when my father had gotten a bubble butt, specifically a perfect bubble butt, was beyond me. And all of the sudden, as he arched his back forward, popped that ass out, cried out, and the cloth split open. I saw my father's ass crack for the first time in my life. And I smelled that superhuman man-funk erupting from his skin, stronger than what he'd left in the basement. And as my dad grunted and groaned and swelled and stretched, I saw those others come out. They were not men. Men aren’t that big. Guys spend whole paychecks on drugs and gym hours to look half as powerful. Now I know it’s a waste. They wore tatters that were wrapped around their carved-stone arms and legs. One man tore the remains of a shirt from his chest. Schwarzenegger could only dream of having a chest that big with a waist that small. I didn’t say no. Didn’t say yes either. I might have flinched or pushed a hand away once. But I walked head first into someone's someone’s hard, hairy, inhuman chest and any resistance I had went at that touch. I sank to the ground, surrounded by a set of Tom of Finland super cocks that all had a variation of my father’s freak smell. Then I found the one that wasn’t a variant. “I have to do this, Abel" he said. He pressed my head against his crotch. "I tried to fight it but I don't want to anymore. I wan’t you to be one of--” The moment he said “us.” I clamped my mouth on his cock and he growled. His voice dropped another octave. “I should have done this sooner!” the others laughed. Then they cheered. They cheered because the saw the start of my body swelling up and stretching out. I moaned because I felt stars exploding inside myself. I roared because I felt like a man. More than a man. More than an animal. When people ask me what's going on, I tell them I'm working out harder. It's true. I haven't bought new clothes yet. I don't want to. I'll do so when I'm down to my last set. Then I'll buy a new wardrobe to destroy. I've moved back in with Dad. It's easier that way. More private. More satisfying. When the urge overwhelms one of us, we both go for the ride. The house is a mess now. We fuck too much. Break too much. The neighbors are complaining. They say there's a smell coming from the house. The women don't like it. But the men? They've been poking around. Trying to see what's going on. Needing to smell what's going on. I think they'll come around soon. They might do it without us. I'm already seeing the changes on their bodies. Less fat. Less bone. More muscle. More men. They're looking alpha as fuck these days, but Dad is the real alpha. I'm second in command. We're sitting back. Watching it happen. Waiting. It won't be long. We can wait. Barely.
  7. Hey guys, welcome to my first ever, somewhat longish, growth story! *woo, yay, balloons* Been on the forums since the old one and mainly lurked, though I know a few of you from roleplays and chatting. I've started god knows how many growth stories over the last few years but this is the first one I've actually finished so I think it should go here. It has one of my all time favourite superheroes starring. Spidey's always had a soft spot in my heart and is certainly responsible for several fetishes of mine, some of which are in the story. Feel free to leave critiques and comments, they are very much appreciated. If you feel there's anything I could have done better then please let me know, and I'll keep it in mind in the future. I hope to post more stories but whether they will ever turn up is anyone's guess. And as a fair warning, the story doesn't contain any sex (wish it did but it didn't fit in), but it does contain some non-graphic masturbation. Also as a warning, though this is spoilers so read the next part only if you don't mind a slight spoiler: Anyway, please enjoy... EXPERIMENTER: SPIDER-MAN ‘Mmpf… where am I?’ That was the first thought that came to Spider-Man’s, AKA Peter Parker’s, mind when he regained consciousness. The last thing he could remember was web swinging through the city when he went to investigate a burglar alarm at a jewellery store and then everything went black. Much like wherever he was now. Even with his eyes open, there was no light and everything was in darkness. He tried to move but nothing, like his body was frozen to the spot. “Hello? Anyone home?” he called out into the black. “Ma? Pa? Creepy Axe Murderers?” “Finally, you’re awake,” said an echoing voice. Light grew from no visible source, black becoming white. As Spider-Man’s eyes adjusted to the illumination, he noted that wherever he was had no discernible floors, walls or even ceilings. Pure white just seemed to go on forever in every direction. “I like what you’ve done with the place,” he quipped. “White, white and more white. Must be a nightmare when you drop a Kleenex in here.” A man in his late-twenties with a handsome face appeared in front of Spider-Man dressed in all black, his clothes tight over his muscles and leather boots shined to perfection. “Welcome Spider-Man, I am Experimenter,” said Experimenter. “And this is my evil crib…” said Spider-Man sarcastically. “Why can’t anyone ever buy a spider dinner BEFORE they kidnap me?” Experimenter chuckled in bemusement, shaking his head. “I admire your wit, Spider-Man,” said Experimenter. “You have been most amusing to watch.” “And that’s not creepy at all,” quipped Spider-Man. “Let me guess? You’ve kidnapped me to stop me from preventing you doing your evil doing? Monologue about how you’re the one to finally stop my do-gooding ways and how your plans will succeed? Let me tell you, I’ve done this scenario more times than I can count and it always ends the same way.” “Alright then, Spider-Man, if that were true then try and stop me,” chuckled Experimenter. “What are you waiting for?” Spider-Man tried to move his body but it was still completely frozen, like his muscles were being stubborn and not listening to his brain; only his head was able to move. “Just gimme a minute,” said Spider-Man. “Finding it difficult to move?” asked Experimenter. “Try not to strain yourself, I beg you.” Spider-Man tried and tried but his body just wouldn’t respond. “Alright, maybe you got me a little,” said Spider-Man. “Congratulations!” “I’ve more than ‘got’ you, Spider-Man,” chuckled Experimenter. “You’re in my domain now.” “And where exactly is your domain? Winnipeg, Manitoba?” “Not quite,” replied Experimenter, folding his arms over his chest. “My domain exists outside of space and time, outside of reality. A pocket dimension, if you will, completely under my control. What I say goes here, including you.” “Sorry Experimenter but this isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, I have to sign the contract first and there’s no way in hell I’m doing that,” said Spider-Man. “As if you have a choice, Spider-Man,” said Experimenter. “Or should I say… Peter Parker?” With a wave of his hand, Experimenter made Peter’s mask disappear. “H-how did you know that?” gasped Peter. “I read your mind Peter,” said Experimenter. “I know every little thing about you.” “You’re an inter-dimensional telepath?” asked Peter. “Not quite; my powers are many but you could say that they are what I need them to be,” said Experimenter. “I can change and alter anything in this plane to what I see fit, in your world my power is somewhat limited so I set a trap and brought you here. You see, I am a very curious being and people like you – special people – you fascinate me.” “So what are you going to do with me?” asked Peter, scowling. Experimenter smiled ominously. “Whatever I want. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” “Terrific…” groaned Spider-Man. “First things first, that costume…” said Experimenter, summoning a chair from nowhere and sitting down with a leg crossed. “It goes.” With a wave of his hand, the iconic red and blue costume was gone and Peter was standing motionless and naked. Experimenter cocked an eyebrow at the sight whilst Peter couldn’t help but blush. “Nice,” purred Experimenter. He rubbed his crotch through his tight black clothes, which made Peter cringe. “Any other day, that might be a compliment…” said Peter. “So… what are you going to do with me?” “Well Peter, looking through your memories has given me quite a lot to consider,” Experimenter mused. “It’s fascinating how a science experiment on irradiating spiders gave you such… incredible abilities. Such a transformation… It was a definite improvement from before.” “So what, Clarissa,” said Peter. “Why don’t you explain it all, how has that got anything to do with this?” “Well you became so different with just one spider bite,” explained Experimenter. “So I’m curious to see what another one could do…” Experimenter held out his hand a familiar spider appeared and floated above the palm of his hand, scuttling its eight legs in mid air. “One spider transformed Peter Parker from skinny geek into Spider-Man, with the powers and proportionate strength of a spider,” said Experimenter. “So I wonder what another bite will do. How… proportionate will you become?” The spider began to float toward Peter and landed on his chest. Despite his immobility, he could feel it crawling over his body. Peter wanted desperately to do something, anything, to move and swipe the spider away. It crawled up his chest until it reached his neck. Peter grunted in pain as he felt it bite him, injecting its radioactive venom into his bloodstream and when it was done, the spider vanished as if it had never been there. Peter could feel his heart beating a mile a minute as the radioactive venom surged through his blood, sweat forming on his brow and dripping down his body. His chest heaved as it began to take effect, his body beginning to burn and shake. With each breath, his muscles began to swell and thicken. Pecs pushing out further and further, swelling out with thick hardening muscle. His shoulders widened, deltoids becoming bigger and rounder and his traps expanded, growing further up his neck. Veins began to push further out from under Peter’s skin, extending up his arms as his forearms began to thicken, up to his swelling biceps and triceps that jutted further and further outward. While his waist stayed trim, his lats pushed out wider and wider, forcing his arms out more as his back swelled into a thick mountainous range with a deep curvature to his lower back and giving him a v-taper bodybuilders would kill for, swollen obliques pointing down to his junk. Peter’s abs contracted and swelled, his six-pack becoming a perfect, symmetrical eight-pack. His abdominal mounds were like hills, deep cuts separating each abdominal while veins pushed out from under his tightening skin. Even in his immobile state, Peter’s thickening legs were forced out wider as his inner thighs demanded more room. His quads ballooned, each quad head visible under his taut skin with deep cuts separating each one, hamstrings swelling and glutes expanding into a huge, solid, muscular ass, jutting outward like a shelf. His calves grew out into thick, powerful diamonds of pure muscle jutting from each leg. Peter’s feet and hands grew thicker to stay in proportion, though it wasn’t the only thing. To finish off, Peter felt his genitals grow bigger. What was once fairly sizeable between his legs was now an obscenely sized soft cock and thick balls. Peter’s huge chest heaved as the growth stopped, sweat covering him head to toe; he was now truly feeling the weight of his bigger body. Experimenter stood, a huge hard cock pushing out from under his clothes, examining the fruits of his experiment. At 5’10”, Peter looked like more like Venom with the amount of muscle on his body. Experimenter ran a finder along the curve of Peter’s left pec, wiping sweat away and he sucked his finger. “Sublime,” he said, taking Peter’s pecs in his hands and squeezing them. “You were already the proportionate strength of spider. It seems it’s increased exponentially. How does it feel?” “Wrong,” spat Peter, catching his breath. Experimenter let out a loud laugh. “I’m sure you feel that way now. Perhaps if I let you explore these new… abilities, you’ll change your tune. I think you’ll find your body is not the only thing that’s changed.” Experimenter vanished and in his place, the streets of New York grew from the ground, albeit empty of people, cars and completely white. Peter felt control return to his body and he stretched himself out. His body felt different, stronger and more powerful than ever. Despite his bigger size, Peter was still incredibly flexible. His spider sense was much more powerful; Peter had much greater sensory perception of the world around him. Without even looking, Peter could feel the world around him with his spider sense. Peter jumped and was instantly surprised and the speed and height of his jump, he had nearly completely scaled over a building twenty-five storeys high. Despite having no web shooters, on instinct he touched his middle fingers to his palm and organic webbing shot out from his wrist and he began swinging through the seemingly endless streets. His speed and momentum were much greater than before Experimenter brought him here, covering a city block in half the time. Peter let go of a swing to land on a building but, not used to his faster momentum, slammed into the building and caused the wall to crack where his hands and feet pushed through. “Oops,” chuckled Peter. He raised a hand up to grip the wall and as he moved, he began pulling chunks of the wall out. “Gah, my wall-sticking ability is much stronger,” muttered Peter. “Gotta focus it down a little.” It was just like when he first got his powers, Peter had to learn and explore his body and powers once again because they had changed so much. No longer did he merely stick to walls, his adhesiveness was much greater in that he could effectively use it to destroy obstacles and be immovable when climbing. As Peter went through the city testing his new body, challenges would appear out of thin air for him. On one street an assortment of vehicles appeared and Peter took great pleasure in testing out his much greater strength. Where a car had once presented a small challenge to his previous strength, he found he could now pick these up with ease, lifting them overhead with one hand as if they weighed as much as a laptop computer. Lifting other vehicles like SUVs, buses and armoured vehicles were so easy that Peter would lift them overhead and squat a dozen reps before casting them aside, unworthy of his attention. There was even a big tank that was a little more challenging that the other vehicles, but Peter was still amazed at his strength as he lifted it above his head and dropped it to the floor, muscles flaring and veins pulsating. He even grabbed the cannon and swung the whole tank down like a hammer, smashing it into the white paving. He then swung it around and let go, sending it flying a mile down the block until it smashed into a building. The power was intoxicating. "Enjoying yourself?" asked Experimenter, who appeared before Peter. "Yeah, maybe," said Peter, grinning and inadvertently bouncing his pecs. "This power is incredible... I feel like the Hulk! But without, you know, the uncontrollable urge to SMASH!" Experimenter chuckled, folding his arms over his chest. "Perhaps another test?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow. Experimenter disappeared and in his place, several dozen men appeared, like white dolls all wielding a variety of weaponry from clubs, knives, guns and even rocket launchers. Within seconds Peter's Spider Sense went off. Where once it would warn him of danger within close proximity, it now gave him much greater perception of his environment. Everything was... slower, yet time moved normally. He could feel his opponents' every tiny movement in his mind, able to identify each individual threat, even if they weren't in his field of vision, and form a plan in his head. He shot a dozen webs from one hand, each attaching to the men with melee weapons and pulled them from their grasps whilst simultaneously flipping around and twisting his body at greater speed than before to dodge a hail of incoming bullets. Peter noticed that his equilibrium and balance were a little off as he wasn't used to bouncing around with such weight and momentum but quickly adjusted to prevent himself from slamming into the ground and leave himself open to attack. In less than a minute, Peter had disarmed and webbed up half of his opponents without taking so much as a single hit. He had a natural control over his ability to weave his new organic webbing and formed a thick dome of webs around his crouched body as his enemies shot at him, the bullets ricocheting off his shield. When their guns were empty, Peter sprung out from the web some like a cannon, taking several out by clothes-lining them and snipe-webbing a couple of others to tangle up their bodies with thick, explosive globules of web. Soon they were all defeated, webbed up and stuck to buildings and hung from streetlights. It had taken less than three minutes and Peter was in awe at his speed and agility in taking down such a large, multi-armed gang with such ease. Though his basking was short lived as his spider sense went off and he sensed that right behind him, barrelling down the street at 120 mph was a six car train merely seconds from hitting him. Peter spun on his heel, digging his feet in with all the strength of his spider-adhesiveness, putting his hands out in front of him. The train slammed into him at full speed, the ground crumbled and trenches formed as his feet went backwards, as Peter used all his strength to stop the train. His body was racked with pain but it only fuelled his will. He screamed as he pushed back, muscles flaring and bulging, the train beginning to slow as he demanded that it submit to his strength. The wheels of the train kept spinning, but they were losing the battle of wills, until finally Peter brought it to a halt. Then he started pushing back, forcing it to reverse until he was gaining momentum and running back down the street, the train feebly trying to push forwards. He dug his hands in, bending the white metal into his palms to get a good grip. He jumped, pulling the train up with him and then slammed it to the ground, watching the train crumple into a conjoined heap, lying helpless and immobile. He landed with a thud, chest heaving and muscles twitching, examining his handiwork. “So much power,” he muttered. “Look at what I’m capable of…” “Impressive, is it not?” asked Experimenter, appearing before Peter. “Yes, it is,” Peter replied. “But it is too much for one man to hold. With great power comes great responsibility and this... I feel out of control. Like, if I don't keep my body in check then the power will overwhelm me." The White City shrank away until the two men were standing in the room they began in. Experimenter cocked his head to the side and massaged Peter's deltoid soothingly. "Perhaps, then, you need a reminder of who you really are," said Experimenter. He stood to the side and waved his hand, a full length mirror appearing in front of them. Peter took in his unfamiliar naked reflection, how much different his body looked. He felt awkward, exposed and, despite his size, vulnerable. "I've seen into your memories, Peter," said Experimenter. "Even after you became Spider-Man, you have always seen yourself as the skinny geek you once were..." The reflection changed to Peter before the spider bite that transformed his life. The reflection stood wearing thick glasses, loose pants held up by a belt on his thin, awkward body with almost no muscle on his shirtless chest. Peter felt tears begin to well up in his eyes. "You don't feel strong unless you're Spider-Man, do you?" asked Experimenter. "The mask, the costume, you feel the strength and power from them but it also reminds you of the responsibility." Experimenter placed his hand on Peter's pec and the familiar red and blue costume expanded over Peter's body. Now reflected was an Olympia-sized Spider-Man, costume hugging every bulge and clinging to every separation on Peter's body. "It's more than a costume," said Peter quietly. "It's a symbol, a reminder that these powers are not for my own needs, but to help others." "Perhaps then your new strength is not such a bad thing, Peter," said Experimenter. "In your memories I have seen how you have overcome obstacles beyond your abilities by coming up with solutions to compensate for your shortcomings. But now your power is greater. You can do more to protect the people so long as you keep reminding yourself of your responsibility. You're stronger, faster, your limitations are now fewer. Isn't that better?" Peter slowly nodded, remembering the feats he had just accomplished with his greater powers. Experimenter smiled at the acknowledgement, seeing in his mind how Peter was beginning to sway. "Perhaps you need a new symbol, a new costume to reflect your greater power and responsibilities. A new reminder." Experimenter waved his hand and Peter's old costume disappeared. In its place, a new costume formed over his body. Tight black spandex covered him head to toe and like before, clung to every bulging muscle and hugged in every separation. The upper body was sleeveless, his thick deltoids protruding and showing off how powerful his body was, with a red spider emblazoned across his thick pecs and down his stomach. His arms had long black gloves where the upper hems hugged his bulging biceps, the fingertips and elbows covered in a red web design. Covering his lats and down his waist was a similar red web design that only pronounced how wide his upper body was, whilst highlighting his solid, deeply cut eight-pack. His lower half was similarly black. Along the outsides of his thighs was the red web design, which also covered over his calves. The soles of his feet were red which led up to red webs covering his toes and heels. The mask was black up to his cheeks and up to the back of his head, above there it was red with a black web design. The large lenses covering his eyes were red, shaped like the eyes on his previous costume. Peter was impressed at his new costume, turning around to see his back. There was another red spider, the upper legs stretched across his back and the lower four going down to just above his jutting glutes. "A new look for a new Spider-Man," said Experimenter, massaging his hard cock through his clothes. "A stronger, unstoppable Spider-Man." Peter grinned under his mask, flexing his muscles and watching how his body stretched the costume. He really did look powerful, he thought to himself. "Thank you," said Peter. "And I get to stay this way? No strings attached?" Experimenter grinned, but it was a darker smile. "Who said I was finished yet?" Peter found himself unable to move again. He growled, furious. "What more do you want from me!?" barked Peter. "Tsk, tsk," said Experimenter, tutting, running a finger over Peter as he walked around him in a circle. "That's no way to treat the person who so easily gave you your new powers, and could very easily take them away again. And more." Peter went silent but still scowled. He had no way of gaining any hand in this place so reluctantly remained docile. Not that he had much choice. "Now, if you promise to behave then I will let you have control over your body again,” said Experimenter. Peter said nothing but with a wave of Experimenter's hand he was on his knees. "Promise?" Experimenter asked again. Again, Peter was speechless. Experimenter sighed and with another wave of his hand, sent shockwaves of pain throughout Peter's body. Peter ground his teeth together to stop himself screaming. "Promise!" growled Experimenter. "I won't say it again." "I PROMISE!" screamed Peter and the pain stopped. "Good boy." Experimenter waved his hand and Peter was able to move. He was a little shaky but managed to get up on his feet. He was sweating profusely and ripped his mask off to get a little air. "So... there's a memory of yours I'm quite curious to revisit..." Experimenter mused, scratching his chin. "Oh yeah?" asked Peter, his voice shaking. "Which one?" Peter was feeling like hell and it was getting worse. The pain Experimenter had hit him with before must have been stronger than he thought, Peter mused. His head felt light and he like the room spinning. "What would be the fun in telling you and spoiling the surprise," said Experimenter with a sly grin. A pain greater than what Experimenter had hit Peter with shot up his sides. Peter fell to his knees, hunching over and wrapping his arms around himself, grunting loudly in pain. "M-my sides," Peter managed to choke out. "The... The pain..." Peter's body shook, the pain wouldn't stop. He gripped himself tighter, sweat pouring off his body. "What... What are you DOING TO ME!?" Experimenter just smiled, watching Peter try and fight what was happening. "Pain... The pain, it's excruciating," Peter snarled through his teeth. He suddenly felt something touch his arms through his costume and Peter's eyes bulged with fear. And then it pushed again, several things, fighting for room. He tried to stand but he was in so much pain he could barely move. Four distinct lumps under the tight spandex forced his arms away before shrinking away. Peter dared to look down at his body and he screamed at what he saw. There were four hands pushing out and going back down under his costume. "No!" he shouted. "No please! Not t-this! Must... Control... It... The pain... No... Feels like I'm being r-ripped apart. Can't... Let it... Happen. No! AHHHH!" Peter wrapped his arms back around himself but it was too late. The pain grew greater and greater, building to a head, until he couldn't stop what was coming. Four huge, muscular arms ripped through the sides of his costume, each one as big as his usual arms. Two were attached to his lats while the lower two came out from just below them above his obliques. Peter screamed in horror as he watched his extra limbs grab each other. He could feel their individual touches, feel the muscles in each new arm bulge and flex with every movement. He wanted to rip them off and they reacted to his thoughts, pulling at each other with all their strength but it just shot pain through his body. “W-why!?” gasped Peter. “Why did you do this to me?” Experimenter just shrugged. “This… this was one of the lowest points in my life,” snapped Peter. “I tried to cure myself of my powers, depressed and questioning my life, blaming them for my personal tragedies… But it only made me like this, made me more like a spider and I was lucky to be normal again. Please, I beg you, change me back!” “No,” said Experimenter. “What is more fitting? I have increased your powers exponentially, and now I have made you what you truly are. Spider-Man. A body to fit the power from whence they came. Glorious.” Experimenter waved his hand and Peter’s costume repaired itself, as well as long gloves appearing on his new limbs. “Six arms to web around the city with, four extra arms as strong as the other two, even more power to fight crime with, even more strength at your disposal.” “But I’m a freak!” growled Peter, trying to control and coordinate his extra limbs which seemed to have minds of their own. They were grabbing at his thick pecs and glutes and rubbing their hands over his body. He had to really fight to get them to stop, despite how good their touches felt. “You were already a freak, Peter,” smirked Experimenter. “You said it yourself over and over again in your memories.” Peter was having difficulty with his extra appendages, just getting them to rest at his sides was a difficult enough task. It was bad enough now that there were four more arms, their musculature left his with even less room. Peter shut his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm himself down, to clear his mind. The arms seemed to respond, falling naturally in place. When he felt calmer, he started to test their coordination. Each side would move collectively unless he gave them a command. He started with general movements, working out ways to move them individually without them getting tangled up whilst Experimenter watched gleefully. Soon Peter had enough control that he was satisfied, giving a sextuple bicep flex; six huge arms, their individual circumferences as big as Peter’s head, all bulging and stretching the hems of the tight gloves they were encased in. “You were more than prepared to live with six arms back then,” commented Experimenter, massaging his crotch. “How does it feel now?” Peter sighed, running his upper two hands through his hair as the lower four crossed themselves. “I guess… there’s no fighting it,” he admitted, defeatedly. “I guess you’ve seen in my memories that I’ll never be destined for a normal, happy life. No doubt you’ve seen my future too and made the same judgement.” “Of all my powers, Peter, foresight is not one of them,” said Experimenter. “I have empathic and some telepathic abilities. I can read your mind, read your feelings, but I cannot influence them or see beyond the present.” “Well that does kind of explain why you’ve put my mind through this much anguish from your experiments, and despite all you've done you haven’t forced me to accept these changes unwillingly,” said Peter. “Just… promise me you won’t change me from Spider-Man into some kind of Man-Spider.” “Oh goodness no,” said Experimenter. “I’ve seen that memory and I wasn’t keen myself.” Peter nodded and thought, ‘you and me both’. He raised his arms and shot six web lines, approving the result. ‘I could get used to this’. Experimenter smiled and waved his hand again, ready to begin his next experiment. Peter hadn’t noticed this, but he did notice the throaty, heavy breathing coming behind him. He turned around and once more, his eyes bulged in fear. A distorted black, liquid-like, form with holes where Its eyes and mouth should be began to stagger toward Peter. “The Symbiote!” he gasped. “You gotta be kidding me!” “There’s nowhere to run Peter,” said Experimenter, disappearing. Peter used all six arms to shoot webbing at the alien goo but It just absorbed it, growing in mass and size. He changed tactic, willing his webs to shoot explosive web balls to try and snare it, but the Symbiote once more absorbed them and grew even larger, beginning to tower over Peter. Peter turned and tried to swing away in a desperate attempt to escape but he just hit an invisible wall. He began to climb but he was met with another invisible wall. He felt several tendrils suddenly wrap themselves around him and start to pull. He used every ounce of power in his wall-sticking ability to keep from being pulled down, but the Symbiote was too strong and he was soon tumbling to the ground. More black tendrils latched onto him and Peter desperately tried to rip them off, but with each touch the Symbiote latched further onto him. It started tearing his costume off, pulling it away in chunks as the spandex material stretched until it could stretch no more under the powerful pull of the Symbiote. Peter tried to crawl away but he was being pulled back, the Symbiote tearing away the remnants of his costume and began to slither up his naked legs. ‘Got to fight it,’ he thought. ‘Got to reject it...’ It started to grip tight on his legs, overlapping tendrils consuming his legs, sending a cold wave rippling through his body. The Symbiote covered his crotch and dove into his ass crack, burying itself past his hole and deep inside him, tendrils reaching up to latch onto his arms and force them back. Peter grunted and struggled under the grasp of the encroaching Symbiote but he knew the battle was lost, yet he was still mentally rejecting the connection. It was crawling up his arms and back, consuming him. It travelled up his neck, covering his hair until it went into his mouth and covered his eyes, leaving him in darkness. Peter felt himself lose consciousness. “Wake up, Peter.” Peter awoke and realised he was now standing up. Experimenter was sat in front of him, still pawing at his crotch, watching him intently. “I don’t want this,” said Peter groggily. He felt exhausted but his energy levels were getting stronger. “The Symbiote?” asked Experimenter. “But you had such a good time with it once before.” “Yeah, until I realised it was slowly trying to kill me,” replied Peter. Once again Peter was unable to move except for his head. “I can feel it, trying to take over,” he said. “Trying to bond with me.” “Why don’t you let it?” asked Experimenter. “It will only make you stronger.” “At what cost?” retorted Peter. “My life? Should I just let it consume me like the Venom Symbiote tried to? Let it suck me dry until it kills me from exhaustion or when it’s using my body dangerously?” Experimenter stood and waved his hand, the full length mirror appearing again. In his reflection, Peter could see he was head-to-toe covered in the black Symbiote with a reddish hue where the light reflected off the shapes of his muscles, two red patches on his face where his eyes would be. It was like a smooth second skin; every muscle, every vein, every groove and separation on display like if Peter were just standing naked; except for his head which covered him like a mask and his crotch which pooled like a codpiece, giving him some dignity despite how much it bulged. He was disgusted at the sight; with his size he could almost look like Venom, his old Symbiote that then bonded with Eddie Brock. “I can feel it in my mind, banging on the door and trying to get in,” said Peter. “I won’t let it take over me. And you can’t make me.” “That I cannot,” admitted Experimenter. “Though it is a sentient being, perhaps if you were to ask it what it will do to you, you might change your mind.” “No!” Peter barked. His head was killing him, a powerful headache throbbing from the Symbiote’s attempts. ‘Let meee innn…’ he heard a throaty, breathy voice in his mind say. ‘NO!’ Peter screamed in his mind. Peter suddenly felt a movement around his stomach and a large glob began to extend from his abs, reaching up to his face and beginning to take form. Holes appeared to form eyes and a mouth. “If youuu will not ssspeak to usss in your mmmind, then weee will ssspeak to you outssside,” said the Symbiote. “Join with usss Peeeterrr.” “No, no, no, no, NO!” growled Peter. “Your kind has caused me nothing but pain, suffering and grief. I reject you! You are not welcome in my body!” “Weee know what our kinnn have done to youuu,” said the Symbiote, its eyehole moving to convey shame. “But weee are not like themmm. Weee only want to helllp youuu. Make youuu ssstronger.” “I’ve heard that story before,” said Peter, sharply. “Weee do not lie!” It screeched. “Youuu know the hissstory of my ssspecies, how we mussst bond with othersss to live. And while weee live on thhhrough othersss, we give them betterrr livesss. Make them ssstronger!” “The last symbiote I encountered nearly killed me when it was ‘living’ off of me,” growled Peter. “And then, when I rejected it, it latched onto another man like a parasite and fuelled his hatred, again trying to end my life.” “We cannot ssspeak for the actionsss of our speciesss asss a whole,” said the Symbiote. “But do nottt judge usss on their actionsss. We are not the sssame asss themmm.” “Why should I believe you?” A tendril extended from the glob before him and connected with his face. Suddenly Peter’s mind was filled with flashing images, memories of the Symbiote. The joys of a new host, the hosts’ bringing good to their worlds, their hosts’ corruption from being drunk on their own power, the Symbiote being used and forced to destroy, constant rejection from hundreds, thousands of species. Betrayal, isolation, pain, loneliness, drifting for hundreds of years alone in the cold of space, frozen in its prison-like rock form. Peter could feel himself crying. He was then shown some other hosts, ones that had used the Symbiote for good. Memories filled with joy and pleasure, great companionship and harmonious coexistence, some even sexual; but these memories were a handful, eventually parting with the host at the end of a long life bonded together before being used for evil by the next host. “Wee arrre not a tool for dessstructionnn,” said the Symbiote. “Many of our hossstsss usssed usss, defiled usss. Can you sssee how weee tried to ssstop them? They were ssstronger than usss, imprisssoned usss in their mindsss so they could ussse usss for their ssselfishhh vendettaaasss.” Peter nodded, speechless. “From the brrrief glanccce into your sssubconsciousss we can sssee you are nnnot evil at hhheart, Peeeterrr Parrrkerrr,” It said. “Yyyour will isss ssstrong, even now you arrre keeeping usss out. You would beee a powwwerfulll massster. Weee woullld not beee able to brrring youuu harm.” “I’m nobody's master,” said Peter. “And you are nobody’s slave. A symbiotic relationship is beings able to live equally, each one benefitting from the other.” “That isss all weee desire, Peeeterrr,” said the Symbiote. “Weee wish to live through yourrr bodyyy and innn returnnn, make youuu ssstronger! Weee would neverrr hhharm youuu, our life dependsss on youuu living. Making youuu ssstronger keeepsss you alive, keeepsss usss alive.” Peter sighed. “If I bond with you, if I let you in, it’ll be on a few conditions,” said Peter. “Nnname themmm.” “One, I will not refer to myself as ‘us’,” said Peter. “I am me and you are you. Two, I will host you but I will be in complete control of my own mind and body. You will not take over when I’m sleeping or make me angrier and lose control of my actions, or make me more violent. The only exception to this is if I am unconscious and I’m in danger, you can get me away somewhere that’s safe until I regain consciousness and that’s it. Three, I will not consume brains, human matter or suck out people’s life force in any way, shape or form. Four, if I change my mind about you and I want you gone, even if we are fully bonded, you will leave my body without question. Are we clear?” The Symbiote was silent for a few moments before it responded, considering Peter’s proposal. Slowly, the glob in front of Peter nodded. “Weee accepttt,” said the Symbiote. “Youuu will not have to worry about usss, weee will cooperate fullly. And weee do nottt feeed as you dessscribed. Weee only feeed off your hormonesss, adrendalinnne, tessstosssterone and endorrrphinesss.” “That’s… good to know,” said Peter. “Before we bond, can I ask what your name is?” “Name?” It asked. “Weee dooo not have a name though manyyy have referred to usss as beeeing living obeeediennnce.” “Obedience, huh?” said Peter, chuckling. “No wonder you called me your master and agreed to my conditions. Okay Obedience, I’ll let you bond with me.” Obedience withdrew back into Peter and he opened his mind. He felt power begin to surge through him like a sun rising deep inside him, spreading outward into every fibre of his being, his already incredible strength growing exponentially. The feeling of fully bonding, which he had never done with his old Symbiote, was incredible. His mind filled completely with the memories of Obedience and of his previous hosts. The histories and knowledge of thousands of individuals and species filling his mind and Peter was able to access them instantly, like Google now powered his brain. He willed the Symbiote to change into the costume Experimenter had given him, the black goo covering him morphing into his desired shape. The costume was even tighter than before, a perfect second skin that looked painted on. Peter didn’t even realise Experimenter had disappeared while he had been talking with Obedience and that the White City had grown around him. “Alright, let’s see how good I am now,” said Peter. “Six arms and a Symbiote, here we go.” He pushed off from the ground, ascending over one hundred feet in seconds from a single jump. “Whoa!” cried Peter, laughing, shooting a web. He swung so fast through the city that he was a moving blur as he travelled. His even further enhanced Spider-Sense enabled him to see for miles ahead, calculating exactly where his webs would hit for the perfect, fastest route through the city and with six web lines instead of two, he made short work of the distance. He was able to travel across the entirety of the replicated island of Manhattan within a minute. Peter swung back into the heart of the city and landed from one hundred and fifty feet in the air, down to a grouping of vehicles on the street, making them all shake from the impact. Not that Peter was fazed by such a forceful descent, his body was now so strong that the landing hadn’t hurt him in the slightest; he’d just absorbed the impact. For him, now, it was just like jumping down one step on the stairs instead of high in the air. Peter lifted every vehicle but there was no challenge, no matter the size of the vehicle. He could lift them with one hand, one finger even, and they weighed almost nothing. His already enhanced strength further enhanced by Obedience gave him so much strength that Peter didn’t know what to do with it. He even tried piling them on top of each other, webbing them up and pulling the web tight to crush them down. He could lift the pile of thirty vehicles, each of varying size and weight, with two hands though his muscles bulged only slightly when he held it up with one. ‘Perhapsss you neeed sssomethinggg more challengiiing,’ said Obedience in Peter’s head. ‘I know, but what?’ thought Peter. Peter looked around but nothing struck out to him. Not even Experimenter, his omniscient captor who could read his mind, changed his surroundings to give him a new challenge. Peter sighed; he had to find out what his new limits were, what his body was capable of. He looked up and down the street and spotted what he was looking for, his challenge. Peter walked up to a building on the street. It was standing singularly, no other buildings attached, at least twenty storeys high with masonry and statues along the top. Peter could only guess at its weight but he was pumped, he knew he had to lift that building, or at the very least try. Peter contained the building in a tight, intricate web to keep it together structurally. He piledrived his six fists into the ground around the building, digging a trench down to its foundations. Peter shot a few extra webs around the sides of the building to keep it balanced and prevent it from tipping over. He let out a long breath and flexed his huge muscles to warm them up, get them loose. He cracked his neck, psyching himself up. He knew he could do this. Peter crouched down and buried all six of his hands into the foundations, filling the holes with webbing to keep them from slipping. He let out another long breath slowly and deeply breathed back in. Peter pushed his legs to go up, grunting. They shook under the exertion, all the muscles in his body bulging insanely as he forced them to lift the building. The building groaned at being forced against the will of gravity, the foundations cracking as they were torn from the ground. Peter grunted and growled, putting all his strength into defeating his obstacle. It was taking a long time but he could feel the building slowly move upward, millimetre by millimetre. His legs bulged so much that even the Symbiote had trouble keeping together. It would suddenly split open in places and then quickly reform. ‘Got to… keep… going,’ Peter grunted in his mind. ‘Keeep goinggg Peeeterrr,’ Obedience cheered. Peter felt his strength surge through sheer force of will and he pushed up harder with his legs. They slowly began to straighten, the ground breaking beneath him making him sink a foot down but he didn’t care, he just kept going. “That’s it Peter,” said Experimenter who appeared behind him. “Show me how strong I’ve made you.” Peter growled like a wild animal, sweat pouring off his body, veins pulsing so hard they look set to burst under his paper-thin skin encased mostly in the Symbiote. Up and up and up the building went and then, with a scream of victory, Peter raised the building overhead. His chest heaved as he took fast, deep breaths, astonished at his feat. He pulled his arms out from the holes and began to shift the building over him until he was dead centre underneath it. “Are you fucking impressed?” Peter roared. Experimenter nodded. “More.” Peter didn’t need telling again, and began to squat the building. The first rep took some time but as the reps increased the faster they became. A whole building was on top of him, held up only by his six arms and huge muscular body, and it was only getting lighter as he repped deep squats. “Yes!” cried Experimenter, pawing fast at his crotch. “MORE!” Peter stopped squatting and threw the building up hundreds of feet into the sky. He shot more webs up at it to keep it together. He braced his arms up and caught it, the force pushing him five feet deep into the ground, causing a crater to form. Only his head and arms visible under the ten-inch gap. Peter forced his legs to move and he walked up and out of the crater, holding the building aloft and continued into the street. “Do you want more?” he barked at Experimenter, who nodded fervently. With the smallest of movements in his arms, Peter tore the building apart. Experimenter had finally had his release, moaning loudly as the rubble and debris fell around them, smashing into nearby buildings and causing them to crumple apart. Peter swaggered towards Experimenter as the last pieces of debris crashed into the ground, his muscles pumped to the extreme, shoulders and chest rising with raw power as he breathed. Even his cock was engorged, pumped and tenting underneath his symbiotic costume, jutting out profusely and swaying with each heavy step. “Is there anything else you were curious about, Experimenter?” Peter huffed. “Or are we done here?” Experimenter was shuddering, licking his lips. He managed to catch his breath and waved away the White City until the two of them stood in the familiar white room. “Oh Peter, you have no idea how satisfied you’ve made me,” said Experimenter. “But yes, I believe we are done. I suppose now I’ll just put you back to normal and send you home.” “Wait, what!?” exclaimed Peter. “Turn me back? After everything you put me through you’re just going to… send me back home, as if nothing happened?” “Well, yes,” said Experimenter, making his chair appear and taking a seat. “Did you really think this would be permanent?” “Well… yeah,” said Peter. “I thought that was the point. You played with me, did what you wanted to me and then… I don’t know...” ‘Pleeeassse, Peeeterrr,’ cried Obedience in his mind. ‘Don’t lettt him take usss awwway.’ “Even the Symbiote you gave me wants to stay,” pleaded Peter. “And you can’t exactly wipe our memories, you said so yourself that you cannot influence my mind.” “That is true,” said Experimenter, waving his hand again as a glass of red wine appeared. He sipped it, savouring the taste. “But then why should I let you keep these changes? What’s in it for me? It could be fun to observe you back on Earth, discontented with your existence as normal, boring Peter Parker and Spider-Man, always remembering what it was like to have more and yearn and long desperately to have it again.” “That would be just cruel,” said Peter, quietly. “And it’s not just me you would affect, but also Obedience. I’m sure you’ve seen his memories, seen what he’s been through. I’ve accepted and bonded with him now, I know I will be the perfect host for him and… and I know he’ll enhance my life greatly. If you are anything, Experimenter, it is not cruel. Curious, but you didn’t do all of this to me to be cruel.” “But what will you do now back on Earth?” asked Experimenter. “You’re bigger, more powerful and with some additional appendages; surely the world would notice? Surely the world would notice that on Peter Parker, let alone Spider-Man.” Peter was about to respond when the Symbiote covering him started to shift and move. Peter’s extra arms began to shrink down, his muscles decreasing until Peter stood in normal clothes, just as he would have looked before Experimenter took him. Experimenter looked in fascination at the change. Images quickly flashed in Peter’s head and he smiled. “Obedience tells me that Symbiotes are natural tesseracts,” Peter said, looking down at his normal look. “They can not only change the appearance of their host, but also their mass. Camouflage. While I am still big and multi-armed, what you see now is just an illusion created by the Symbiote. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise if you read my memories. You should have seen that when I had my last symbiote, I was able to carry things like my camera inside the suit without adding any extra mass.” “Fascinating…” muttered Experimenter, his soaked crotch bulging again. “Please,” said Peter, walking over to Experimenter and getting on his knees. “Let me stay this way. I know it is selfish but I know that with the changes you’ve given me, I can be more than I ever was. And, if you let me stay this way when you send me back, I promise that you can bring me back to your place anytime and do whatever you want me to.” Peter changed back to his muscular, six armed state, naked except for a pair of black briefs that hugged him perfectly. Experimenter looked Peter up and down before smiling, draining his glass. “I suppose I will allow it,” he said, rubbing his hands along Peter’s swollen traps. Peter smiled and stood up, holding out three hands to shake. Experimenter chuckled and shook the middle hand. “Thank you,” said Peter. With a wave of Experimenter’s hand, Peter was plunged into darkness. When Peter opened his eyes, he found he was on top of a building back in regular New York City. He looked down and saw his body was just as it was; thickly muscled with six arms and wearing only the briefs. He grinned, willing his new costume to cover him. Peter’s ultra-enhanced Spider Sense picked up a radio signal from the police, a robbery was in progress and the thieves had gotten away in an armoured car, officers were in pursuit. ‘Arrre you rrready, Peeeterrr?” asked Obedience in his head. ‘Yes I am,’ he replied. ‘Let’s show the world the new, improved Spider-Man.’ -- x -- Experimenter sighed contently, another satisfactory experiment. He would soon be seeing Peter Parker again, that he was sure of. He waved his hand and before him, a dozen floating screens appeared, showing different people doing various superpowered activities. Experimenter observed each one, taking in what he was seeing. “Curious…” he muttered. “Curious…” THE END…? Thanks for reading!
  8. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 30

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eLv1MVpxATbWSxxwiIsDaoVVz_KjQJALkH4sN5HAukU) Chapter 30: The Epic’s End Marvelous Man slowly descended towards the ground; his arms still embraced in a loving hug around the renewed imp. Digz continued to cry like a child with the feathery arms clutching the hulking bodybuilder’s jacket. There was a lingering bitter taste in his mouth, as he remembered what he said to the bone familiar minutes ago. Rather than letting Digz believe the horrible events to be a nightmare, the inspiration god slammed the truth back into the bone imp with two words. It was such a cruel thing to do, but Marvelous Man knew it was for the best. Still...that does not mean he should not console this grieving familiar. He spoke up, “I’m sorry I said that, Digz, but it’s not possible to be...innocent anymore. You need to know that you did a lot of bad things back then and even about an hour ago.” Digz looked up at Marvelous Man with tears streaming down his feathered face and snot dripping off his beak. “B-But! That wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! I-I-I’d never do all those horrible things,” he sputtered. The inspiration god nodded, “You’re right. You wouldn’t. I saw some of your memories, and I know you’re a very kind imp. And you were sick for a long time. And I can’t imagine how it must have been to be in pain like that...But I can kinda know what that’s like to be in so much pain that you hurt everybody...even the ones you care about...” “When my parents tried to cage me for what they thought was my own good, I tried to push my pain onto them. It felt really good to get that release, but I hurt them very badly...almost killed them too. It’s something I wish I could forget, and I know you want to forget too,” he continued. Gently landing on the ground with a soft patter, Marvelous Man set down the bone imp. The hulking bodybuilder then knelt down on his knees, while he reached into his black jacket’s pocket. Marvelous Man hoped his dad, Apollo, had predictably left an item he needed at this moment. He then felt the soft accessory his mind had called out to. Immediately pulling his hand back out, he held a pink, silk handkerchief. The musclebound superhero began to dab Digz’s eyes and feathery cheeks with the handkerchief; soaking up the tears. He then wiped away the snot from Digz’s nostrils and offered the bone imp to blow into it. Right after cleaning Digz, Marvelous Man placed the used handkerchief back into his pocket and pulled out a small water bottle. The musclebound superhero unscrewed the cap and held the plastic bottle in front of the sobbing familiar. He spoke softly, “Here. Drink this. It’ll help you calm down.” The bone imp grabbed the water bottle with both of his feathery arms and drank the bottle’s contents with heavy gulps. His sobs then died down, as he continued drinking the water. When there was none left in the bottle, he gave it back to Marvelous Man. Tears started to stream down his eyes again. “What’s wrong? You okay?” asked Marvelous Man. Digz whimpered, “It’s just that...That was the first thing I’ve tasted in so long. I can’t remember the last time I drank water...and...And it’s so delicious! “And now I’m realizing...I don’t hurt anymore! I don’t feel anything! I don’t feel like I’m burning anymore! I just feel the sun...and it’s so warm!” he rambled. The flickering embers of hate and anger held towards Digz in the inspiration god’s heart had now been washed away by a wave of empathy. Marvelous Man could only guess that the centuries of being incomplete had kept the bone imp incapable of eating...or even enjoying the simple things in life most living beings had taken for granted. More than anything at the moment, Marvelous Man wished he could use his power to take this pain from Digz. It was too much to watch the familiar become overcome by such little pleasure that it wept again. Marvelous Man then noticed a new glass string forming on his left pinky. Following its length, the string of inspiration extended over and connected with Digz. The inspiration god could hear the new seed he had planted in the bone imp’s heart. Marvelous Man accepted the glass string with his heart and tuned in to it. The glass string seemed to play back a thought of a realization Digz just had. Digz voice echoed, “I am finally alive again, and I’ll enjoy every second of being alive!” Marvelous Man’s mind immediately focused back into reality, as he noticed Digz running away from him. He was about to speak out when he saw where the familiar was running towards. It was the corpse of Alden; laying a small distance from the two beings. The dead body was still wrapped in the red cloak and glowing from the inspiration god’s supercharge. The Mana Stone, still lodged in the body’s chest, no longer pulsated with maddening power. In seconds, Digz arrived next to the deceased king and knelt down. The familiar wiped tears from his eyes and looked down at his former partner. He caressed his feathery arm against Alden’s glowing face, as Marvelous Man walked up next to the bone imp. “I’m sorry, Alden. I wasn’t a good imp at all to you. B-But! I’ll make it up to you! I’ll carry out all three of your promises!” said the familiar, “But you’re part of me now, aren’t you? So I won’t be truly alone. We’ll do it...together.” Digz leaned over and nuzzled the side of his white, feathery head against Alden’s forehead. A second after, he raised his head and stood up. The bone imp then turned to Marvelous Man and seemed to be looking past the hulking bodybuilder. “They’re coming to kill me, aren’t they?” he questioned. Marvelous Man turned around to where he supposed Digz was staring at. He spotted superheroes from different organizations and police officers slowly approaching; some just landing from their flight to join in with the group. Marvelous Man then turned back and saw another crowd of do-gooders encroaching closer to the two. The musclebound superhero looked down at Digz, “I’m not going to let that happen.” The familiar sighed. “Even if you could, they’d just lock me up somewhere where I’ll never see the light of day again. And then they’ll start cutting me up. Seeing what I’m made of. Because without a master to bond with, I’m not really an imp anymore...am I?” he replied. Marvelous Man got down on both of his knees; attempting to be at eye level with the bone imp. Despite the effort, the hulking bodybuilder was still a head taller than Digz and had to look down. He fired back, “Even if you aren’t, I’ll still do whatever I can to protect you! I’ve come so far to help you. I can’t let your new life end like that.” The bone imp stared up at Marvelous Man. “Even if you have to become the next Skeleton Lord to protect me? I know I can merge with your bones and give you my power,” said Digz. Marvelous Man hesitated. He felt shocked by such a proposal, while his mind tried to foresee what would happen if he accepted. Calculating the possibilities within the near future, it would most likely not be an easy life for the musclebound superhero. He answered, “Yeah, I would. If that’s what it takes to protect you, then yes. They can’t hurt you, if you bond with me.” Digz gave a soft smile. “You’re right. They wouldn’t. But that would be too selfish of me to taint your life like that, Marvelous Man,” he remarked. The bone imp continued, “If we did merge, you would be ostricized by everybody else. Nobody would trust you, and you’d probably be hunted down by the other heroes. So it was a nice thought to have for a few seconds, but no. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that to you. Not to the one I already owe my life to.” The hulking bodybuilder raised his large hands. He reached out to grab the bone imp but immediately stopped upon noticing something strange. The glass string connected to his left pinky and Digz was no longer visible. Observing Digz, the inspiration god saw that there was no glass strings connected to Digz at all. Not even the ones Digz negatively inspired were no longer existing. “Wha-Digz? Wha...What’s happening to you?!” questioned Marvelous Man. Digz smiled, “Wow, you’re really perceptive. It’s only been a few seconds, but you’ve already noticed.” The musclebound superhero stared back in bewilderment. Digz glanced down at the ground and began to rub the feathered ends of his arms together. “Yeah, when you looked away, I took the Pilgrim Cloak and left behind a clone to talk to you. So I’m still here...Just not, here here. If that makes any sense,” explained the bone imp. He continued, “I’ll find someone else that’s as worthy as you. But I promise you that we’ll meet again one day.” Marvelous Man turned his head to Alden’s deceased body. The glowing corpse no longer had the fur-lined, red cloak the bone imp referred to. The musclebound superhero remembered that the cloak was special and could mask one’s presence from supernatural and magical sight...even a god’s. By now, the bone imp could be anywhere and the inspiration god would be unable to track him with the glass strings. Marvelous Man snapped his head back towards Digz, as he heard the familiar speak again. “Can I know just one last thing? Is Marvelous Man your real name?” inquired Digz. Marvelous Man slowly responded, “Ummm, no. It’s not. My real name is actually Justice Starr. With two Rs. But, uh, you can find me on the penthouse of the Piscelemartie luxury apartments.” Digz smiled, as his body seemed to ripple like a water drop falling into a puddle. “I’ll remember that. Thanks, Justice. For, well, um, everything, heh. You believed in me and helped me, and I need to repay you for that.” he said. The bone imp continued, “I’m sorry for knocking away your golden ocarina. I know this can’t replace it, but I’m hoping it’ll be good enough until you find your ocarina. It’s something I saw from one of the musicians back at Alden’s castle. So...until we meet again...see you soon.” The bone imp turned completely white, as he began to fold into himself. In seconds, a white, woodwind instrument stood where Digz’s clone just was. Marvelous Man instantly recognized the musical device as an oboe; similar to a clarinet but the head looks like it has a small straw plugged into it. The musclebound superhero bent down and picked up the instrument. To Marvelous Man’s eye, it was designed with all the tiny details an oboe would have. He could play this device with no problem and emulate soothing notes. It was a kind gesture Digz did...but it could not cover up the sadness Marvelous Man felt for the bone imp. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Three months had passed into the winter season, and Justice was now laying on a pink beanbag. He stared up at the sky blue-colored ceiling of his therapist’s office. It felt calming to stare at it, but that is probably why such a color has been painted in a therapist’s office. The hulking bodybuilder stated, “...Annnd, yeah. He turned into an oboe, and that’s the last I saw of him. The D.A.B. came and took away the Mana Stone that was lodged into King Alden’s chest. But then the Nemesis Branch came in and took the stone. The Director was pretty pissed about that. And I think the only thing the D.A.B. was able to get was Alden’s dead body...Oh wait, that’s right. The Arkos Division took that for studying.” Justice heard a female’s voice speak back to him. “And that’s when you decided to see a therapist cause of what your friend, Gemini, said,” she said Justice looked over at the woman who concluded his story to the present. It was his therapist, Magnolia Theramin; a dark-skinned doctor that usually dressed business-casual. He nodded, “Yep. Sorry about bringing this all up again. But I kinda like talking about the whole thing once in a while, cause then I discover something new...And it sorta helps me feel a bit better.” Dr. Theramin leaned on her armchair and rested her head on a propped hand. “It’s fine, Justice. This is all at your pace. If it makes you feel better to just go over with entering the real world and fighting the Skeleton Lord, it’s fine. But let’s not dwell on the past too much. Alright?” she said. Justice smiled, “Heh, right. I’ll try to keep that in mind.” “So,” said Dr. Theramin, “Did you discover something new?” Justice sighed, “Yeah...I realized that...I really don’t know anything about Gene. Like, sure, I knew his past, but...did I really know him? Ya know? I mean, he doesn’t even know my real name...which really shows how little we understood each other. Cause the only thing we have in common is how lonely we feel.” “And I...I put him on a pedestal and thought he was all these awesome things. And even after we stopped dating, I kept seeing him as...something beyond a person. Not like with Gem, man, I knew him. Cause Gemini and I hung out every chance we got when I wasn’t working. But with Gene, we just went on a few dates and worked together...I just know that Gene likes to go to Toto’s when he’s feeling homesick,” he continued. The hulking bodybuilder stared back up at the ceiling; trying to mentally articulate the next words he would be saying. Justice spoke up, “Did you know that after work, he has sex with his dorm neighbors that are feeling the most frustrated and then locks himself in his room? He spends the rest of his free time in his room and hardly ever goes out. The Director told me that he gets swept up in so many emotions that even after calming down those around him, he still has to go back to his room to decompress. And he goes to Toto’s when it’s not enough and feeling homesick.” “And when I think about it, having the power of empathy must be pretty insane. I mean, feeling everybody’s emotions but hardly ever your own? I’d have to become a stone monster to get through the day, but he still tries to be calm and friendly with everybody. He tries his best to let the emotions flow through him, but he’s got his limits...At least, that’s what the Director tells me,” he rambled. Dr. Theramin nodded, “That reminds me, how goes it with Gene? I understand that after the Skeleton Lord incident was resolved, your relationship with him has been strained?” Justice sighed, as he could feel himself sinking deeper into the beanbag. “Still strained. We work great together as a team, but I don’t feel anything from him anymore. Like that thing I said a few seconds ago, he’s become a stone monster since I denied him the vengeance his people deserved...I don’t blame him. I’d be angry too if I was in his position,” answered the hulking bodybuilder. He continued, “I’m doing what I can to give him the space he wants, but it’s just...hard. I really want things to go back to how they were, but I get that it’s not possible. He’s my best friend and...ya know?” The therapist leaned forward and gave a gentle smile. “I’m sure he’ll come around. The best thing you can do to show your love is just give him time and let him know that you’ll be there when he’s ready to open up to you again,” she advised. Justice nodded. While it was unfortunate his friendship with Gene had become soured, he did not regret helping Digz. But it was still tough to feel the burden of isolation that the Totochtin prince heaved onto the hulking bodybuilder. He knew he could probably inspire Gene to accept him, but it would most likely backfire if the bunny demigod did not consent to the supercharge...And it would not feel morally right. The overly-muscular man forced himself to switch his mind onto something else. There was one thing Justice wished to discuss. He spoke up, “Yeah, about that. I think I’m ready to open up. I mean, not to you, cause I’m already doing that. Heh. But to someone else. Um, has he…?” Dr. Theramin picked up her phone from her pocket and began to text, while she replied. “My receptionist texted me about fifteen minutes ago, while you were going over everything that happened,” she said, “Are you sure you’re ready?” Justice opened his mouth to immediately answer her question, but it stayed in a slack position. His mind could not help but think back to everything that happened between the two and started to wonder...Is this okay? “I...I don’t know. I mean, I want to do this! But...is it really alright?” hesitated Justice. The therapist placed her phone back into her pocket. She then looked at Justice and smiled. Dr. Theramin stated, “As far as I can tell, both of you made mistakes. But you two did your best to forgive each other, move on, and form a deeper bond of understanding. And when you were at your lowest, he supported you and advised you to seek help. It sounds like a lot of growth on both your ends." A soft knock resonated from the room’s only door. The therapist slowly stood up and walked towards it. As she did so, Dr. Theramin turned her head to Justice. “Justice, what you need to remember is that after everything you’ve been through, you deserve to be loved. I know it might not seem like you should, because others weren’t so lucky. But it’s not wrong to be happy, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting to be happy and fall in love. It’s fine to choose to be happy,” she pointed out. Dr. Theramin shrugged, “And if it doesn’t work out, then oh well. It just wasn’t meant to be, but at least you experienced this relationship. And don’t forget that there will always be someone out there to love you. Just make sure to be open to them and keep looking for that one person.” Upon reaching the door, the therapist placed her hand on the door. “So. Are you ready?” she asked. Justice leaned back his head and took a deep breath through his nose. He deserved this. He shouldn’t force himself to be sad...I choose to be happy. The hulking bodybuilder opened his eyes, “Yes.” Dr. Theramin smiled, as she pulled down on the door’s handle. The door swung inwards and revealed the bulky Soulem, Gemini. The Soulem(Look up his alt names) greeted with an awkward smile and a wave of his hand. “Ummm, hi? Justice texted me and said that he needed me to be part of his session with you.” informed Gemini. The therapist nodded, “That’s correct. He has something he needs to say to you. Please come in.” As the bulky Soulem entered the office, his eyes instantly drew down to the large, muscled man sitting in a pink bean bag chair. Gemini’s mood rings flashed from white, to grey, and then sky blue. “Never thought I’d see you in one of those,” he smirked, “...Are you stuck?” Justice looked away, “Yeah...I sunk too deep this time, and I can’t roll out. This stuff is literally quicksand for heavy people.” Gemini giggled as he walked towards the overly-muscular man. Stopping in front of the trapped Justice, the bulky Soulem bent down and held out his white, rubbery hand. “Need a hand?” he offered. Justice stared at the hand, “It’s not gonna pop off when I grab it, is it?” The bulky Soulem scoffed; his face appearing unamused with the mood rings flashing green. “Not with parts this expensive,” Gemini remarked. Justice smiled and grabbed the Soulem’s hand. With some strained effort from Gemini, the hulking bodybuilder was helped out of the bean bag. Justice was grateful for the assistance, but he could not help but feel embarrassed at how his large size had become a hindrance to another mundane situation. In past sessions with his therapist, he would ask Dr. Theramin to leave the room for the overly-muscular man to process his emotions and what they talked about. It was an absolute lie to save face for what he had to do next, and Justice was not sure if the doctor had caught on. He’d spend minutes thrusting around on the bean bag chair like a flipped tortoise until he finally escaped the chair’s grasp. He would have rather opted for a chair or couch, but the furniture in the room seemed fragile and incapable of supporting his humongous mass. Lying on the ground was not an option; he was big, not ill-mannered. Justice looked down at Gemini, “Thanks for the help. So, uh, yeah. I’ve been talking it over with Dr. Theramin, and I think...No, I’m ready for the next step. And I thought it was a good idea that she kinda supervise the whole thing.” The hulking bodybuilder looked away. The logic he had when planning this was now crushed by a new realization. His heart beated rapidly, as embarrassment flushed his mind. The words began to tumble out of his mouth. “But now I’m just realizing that it was kinda stupid to do that. But, ya know, it, uh, seemed like a good idea at the time. Cause what I’m about to say next is really personal,” he rambled. Gemini’s mood ring turned white, “Oh, is this one of those sorry confessions? Cause, I know we did some stuff to each other...Though most of the shit-throwing was done on my end, but we for-” “Ummm, no. No, that’s not what this is,” interrupted Justice. The overly-muscular man’s eyes flicked repeatedly down at the carpeted ground and back to Gemini. The beating of his heart ringed in his ears, while his thoughts were rapidly echoing in his mind before multiplying to the point of becoming white noise. He stammered, “Uh, sh-should I, uh, stand or just kneel down...Ummm...Yeah. Yeah, I’m just gonna get down. That feels right.” Kneeling down onto one knee, Justice slowly grabs Gemini’s hand with soft gentleness. The hulking bodybuilder brought the Soulem’s hand in front of himself, as he stared up into his best friend’s cybernetic eyes. He could see Gemini’s mood ring flashing into multiple colors; most of them being grey. “Gem...We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And lots of misunderstandings of how relationships work and love and stuff. And like you said, we’ve been able to patch them up and our friendship is stronger now. We’re no longer able to get to that level of friendship that we once had...because now we’re above it,” he said. Justice continued, “And when my friendship with Gene was fractured, I felt so alone cause he was one of the first friends I made here in the real world. But you were there for me, Gem. You always are. You supported me through what I’m still going through, and you even supported me then when I had that crazy idea of saving King Alden and Digz. And back when I was trapped in the dome...when things were tough and I needed to focus on something to get me through...it kept coming back to you.” The hulking bodybuilder kept his eyes locked onto Gemini’s. If he looked away for even a second, the courage he had built up would instantly crumble. His hands trembled, but they held onto the Soulem’s hand even tighter. “Gem...I love you. I always did. And now I think I’m ready for a relationship. I’d like it if it could be you. So if you’re still...or ya know...If you still have some feelings for me...Will you go out with me?” he confessed. Tears began to form at the corners of the Soulem’s eyes, as his mood rings flared to rose red. Seconds passed, as Gemini stared back at Justice. He then broke into a smile. The Soulem replied, “Heh, ya know, I was just starting to get over you. Or at least, been trying to. And I was fine with just being friends. But this...This is...more than I could ever ask for.” The liquid tears streamed down Gemini’s cybernetic face. A sniffle escaped his nose, as he placed his other hand on top of Justice’s. “So yeah. Yes, I will date you. Always yes,” he replied, “But if you think about it. With how much we intimately know each other, we’ve pretty much been boyfriends this whole time. Only without the label.” A tear escaped Justice’s eye, as he felt only elation to Gemini’s reciprocation. It was all too much. With everything he had been through, it all felt like it was fitting in perfectly. All for this moment; it was worth it. Justice giggled, “Haha, yeah, you’re right. I mean, I think I’m moving pretty fast on this, but yeah. We’re pretty much boyfriends.” “Just without the sex,” added Gemini.” Justice laughed, “Yeah. That too.” The two stared back at each for a second. None of them said a word to each other, but Justice could feel what Gemini wanted to say. And then he heard it. “I love you, Justice. I love you so much,” confessed Gemini. Justice smiled, “Me too.” The Soulem leaned down and placed his lips on top of Justice’s. The hulking bodybuilder closed his eyes and kissed back. The sound of a wet kiss emanated from the two’s romantic gesture, as the they locked lips together for a couple of seconds. It felt like electricity was coursing through Justice; flexing every muscle in his body at the extreme euphoria. Justice was not sure if the feeling was due to his happiness, or because he was being electrocuted from kissing an android. But it didn’t matter. Everything was perfect. Gemini then stood up straight and lifted his hands to gesture at Justice. The overly-muscular man took notice of the movement of their clasped hands and stood up; towering over the Soulem as usual. “So…” started Gemini, “Since we have plenty of time to date...I was thinking that maybe...just for tonight...we just skip straight to the fucking? Bro?” Justice giggled, “Hehe, sure.” The hulking bodybuilder paused, as his eyes became wide. This was the exact situation he needed supervision on. Justice then looked over to Dr. Theramin. “Uhhhh, is that okay?” he inquired. The therapist shrugged, “This relationship should go at your own pace. As long as both of you are in absolute agreement and really want it. If either of you aren’t, then I suggest you take it a lot slower. Otherwise, go nuts.” “Just not here. Get a room somewhere else, cause I have other people to help today,” she continued. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice sat on the king-sized bed in his bedroom; trying to look sexy while waiting for his boyfriend to appear. He did his best to set mood: closing the curtains, dimming the lights, and setting the oil diffuser to lightly scent the air with aromas of rose and jasmine. The hulking bodybuilder made sure to flush his insides and lube his hole with the slippery lube, Unicorn Cum. The overly-muscular man felt excited...and a little scared. He was finally going to have sex and lose his virginity to the one he loves. The reality of it happening was so overwhelming, that Justice almost felt like running away. And with every passing second, he was beginning to consider it. His thoughts were then interrupted, as the door to his bedroom opened. Stepping through the doorway was his boyfriend, Gemini. The Soulem walked with a sexual swagger, as he arrived at the foot of Justice’s bed. The mood rings on Gemini’s face was a rose red, but it sometimes flickered to dark red or pink. The Soulem smiled, “Hey.” “Hey,” replied Justice. Gemini pulled at the bow’s string of his zaffre mokko fundoshi; undoing the bow and causing the fundoshi to drop towards the ground. With nothing left to cover the Soulem’s nethers, Justice could only stare at the sexual present beginning to inflate. The ball sack and shaft of Gemini’s penis was black and had the same texture as his muscular cords. The head of his dick was a rubbery white, and his penis hardened to a size and girth that could be considered slightly above average. Every bit of his succulent crotch was human shaped, but it still looked robotic. Justice finally looked up at Gemini, “...So...ummm...do we need condoms? I didn’t really think about it until just now. But I think there should be some in one of my drawers.” Gemini shrugged. “I can, if that’ll make you feel better,” he answered, “But Soulems can’t catch STDs.” “Oh...okay. Yeah, no, I mean, it’s fine. You don’t need to put one on,” said Justice. The bulky Soulem smiled and proceeded towards the bed. At the foot of bed, he slowly leaned onto the giant mattress with his knees on top. Gemini came to a halt and stared at Justice’s eyes with a calm look on his face. “Are you ready?” he said, “I’ll start slow before I get to banging your brains out.” The Soulem’s cybernetic penis twirled; spinning and emitting a noise similar to a power drill. Justice’s eyes became wide, as he saw the intimidating presentation. A small, chilling fear ran up the hulking bodybuilder’s spine. Just what in the hell was that dick capable of? Trailing his eyes back up to Gemini’s, the overly-muscular man saw his boyfriend flexing the metal eyebrows in a rapid fashion. Justice could only see the seductive attempt as exceedingly cheesy, humourous, and slightly charming at the same time. The tension in his massive body became slightly relaxed at the robotic face, as the hulking bodybuilder smiled. He replied back, “Y-yeah.” Justice looked over to his right side and grabbed a small pillow next to himself. He then placed it beneath his lower back; propping up his buttocks and crotch. The overly-muscular man lifted his thunderous legs to allow his robotic boyfriend better access. At the same time, Gemini crawled onto the king-sized bed and made his way toward his boyfriend. He could see his lover’s donut-shaped asshole, as his glowing blue tongue licked his lips. The bulky Soulem then arrived at the hulking bodybuilder’s exposed rear, and grabbed the meaty legs. Gemini aimed the white head of his dick against Justice’s lubed asshole and pressed against the plump flesh. His mood rings flashed to dark red, as he pushed his cybernetic penis into Justice. It was not an abrupt thrust, but he also did not slowly ease it in. At that moment, only the gland had entered. Justice’s eyes went wide. He could feel Gemini inside of him. But for some reason, the tip of the sexual entity in his anus felt foreign. Then...an all-too familiar feeling shot through his confusion, while panic amped up his heart rate. “Oh gosh! Get out of me!” he exclaimed. Gemini’s face flexed a confused look with mood rings at grey, “Wh-what? What’s wrong?” Justice needed to get away. He couldn’t let an accident happen right now. “I need to poop right now!” he shouted. The Soulem’s mood rings changed to white. Gemini spoke calmly, “It’s alright. You’re fine. This is completely nor-” “LET ME OUT, I’M GONNA SHIT!!!” yelled Justice. The overly-muscular man yanked his right leg from Gemini’s grasp and immediately gave a powerful kick to the bulky Soulem’s silver face. >>>>>>>>> Gemini squatted down; waiting outside next to the bathroom door. He rubbed the side of his metal face where Justice kicked and caused him to fall back. The bulky Soulem then looked up towards the doorway, as the bathroom entrance creaked open. Justice slowly stepped from out of the bathroom. He peered towards his left and right before looking down and spotting his robotic boyfriend. His eyes immediately looked away. The hulking bodybuilder admitted, “...False alarm.” Gemini nodded. “Yeah, it’s normal for first-timers to feel that kind of sensation when they get penetrated. But I didn’t think that’d happen to you,” remarked the bulky Soulem. He continued, “I mean, I’ve seen the toys you used. You abused your asshole to the point a hotdog could just fall in. So why’s my dick any different?” Justice leaned back against the bathroom doorway and sighed. He thought it over for a few seconds before speaking up. “I don’t know. I never had anybody else use my toys on me….well, when I was conscious. I pretty much blacked out when you rimmed me last time. So I guess since I never surrendered control to someone else, that’s probably why my body freaked out….Does that make sense?” he replied. Gemini stood up, “Yeah. But you freaking out is on me. I didn’t go slow enough for you.” The Soulem began to bump his fists together, while his mood rings changed to pink. “Hey...we could stop for tonight, if you want. This is all a lot for us both to take on. We could just put on a movie and cuddle,” he suggested. From Justice’s perspective, it was always cute to see the Soulem’s nervous tick. The overly-muscular man bent down and kissed his boyfriend’s metal forehead. The forehead had a metallic feel against his lips, but it was as warm as human body temperature. Justice’s lips also felt an odd sensation of the metal being slightly malleable; making the texture seem almost soft. He answered back, “No, it’s fine. I really want this.” Gemini gave a soft smile. “Alright.” he said. >>>>>>>>> The two were back on the enormous bed. Justice laid against it, and Gemini positioned over the hulking bodybuilder. Justice’s throat ran dry, while his heartbeat raced. He did want this, but it was still scary. Gemini’s mood rings became dark red, “I’ll go a lot more slowly this time, okay? Let’s just relax and have a bit of fun. I’ve got data on a whole bunch of foreplay, so there’s some things I want to try out.” Justice nodded. “Uh, sure,” he spoke. The bulky Soulem leaned down and pressed his lips against Justice’s. It started off as a soft smooch before the next kiss went deeper. Their tongues embraced one another before wrestling; not trying to dominate but rather playfully fence one another. One’s tongue would push into the other’s mouth, as the invaded tongue would coil and lightly press back until the other tongue relented seconds later. Both lovers moaned at such sexual combat, as Justice’s mouth and mind felt like they were rolling in an electric cloud that embraced and shocked their pleasure nerves. Justice became distracted for a brief second at how he did not notice it until now that Gemini’s spit tasted like strawberries. Minutes were lost on this back and forth play until Gemini broke away from the French kissing. The bulky Soulem began to kiss down the left side of Justice’s neck; nibbling and sucking at the skin with every wet smooch. The hulking bodybuilder whimpered with ecstacy at the erotic maneuver, while his body squirmed. Gemini’s kissing detoured for a moment; moving onto Justice’s left shoulder and giving it a playful bite. Justice groaned at the blissful bite. The robotic boyfriend then resumed his route trailed his kisses onto the overly-muscular man’s gargantuan pectorals. Gemini grabbed onto both bountiful pecmeats with a tight grip and flicked his glowing, blue tongue against Justice’s large nipples. He would switch over to the other nipple every few seconds and nibble to break up the predictable pattern. Justice was paralyzed with pleasure, as his toes curled at the assault. His body felt electrified at the aggressive manhandling, and his uncontrollable reaction to Gemini’s foreplay was to moan deeply. He had never experience anything like this before; the pain and pleasure becoming one and drowning his conscience into a lustful madness. Gemini then continued down Justice’s cobblestone abs; flicking his tongue like a snake every now and then. When the bulky Soulem arrived at the crotch, he parted away the hulking bodybuilder’s meaty legs. He sucked and licked the crevice between Justice’s inner thighs and groin. The overly-muscular man screamed in bliss, while his penis leaked pre-cum like a faucet. He had never been touched by anyone there, and the sensation was hard to describe. It was like being tickled. But instead of cringing with uncontrollable laughter, it was a shock of pleasure that short-circuited the lower half of his body. Seconds after, Gemini ceased further play. He sat up and watched Justice regain stamina; the heaving chest and rapid short breaths coming to a slow. The bulky Soulem then picked up a pillow and gently nudged his beefy boyfriend. He stated, “Flip over.” Justice obeyed without question; his mind suffocated in a fog of lust. His humongous body felt drained, and it seemed like a giant effort to simply roll onto his stomach. Yet, he still hungered for more carnal fornication. “Fuck…” he moaned. As he managed to turn over onto his belly, Gemini slid the pillow beneath his groin. His ass raised into the air once again from the pillow’s support, Justice’s hole twitched in anticipation of Gemini’s second act. The bulky Soulem leaned down and began to lightly lick Justice’s plump, donut-shaped hole with his glowing, blue tongue. What started as horizontal motions soon became circular rim plays. With each lick, the fat lips of the hole became wetter. Justice moaned from the interaction; a humble treble compared to what the hulking bodybuilder experienced earlier. Gemini changed tactics; plunging his glowing tongue into the moist hole. Justice’s head perked up, while a gasp escaped from the beefy boyfriend’s mouth from the surprise intrusion. Gemini’s tongue then dragged itself out before spearing right back in. The flickering effort of the blue tongue continued this movement for nearly a minute; eliciting a wet suction noise from the fat asshole’s rim. The sensation to Justice felt odd. It was another tickling feeling, but it felt comfortable. And the tongue that slid in him compared to a thick, malleable finger that easily conformed to his anus and love canal. It was a nice break from the intensity he had been experiencing; humming with satisfaction at the pleasant stimulation. Minutes passed for the patient rimming before Gemini sat up straight to switch things up. The bulky Soulem brought up his right white hand as high as he could reach and then swung it down. The rubbery hand slammed into Justice’s right butt cheek; resonating a near thunderous clap and sending ripples across the gargantuan bubble butt. The hulking bodybuilder’s legs twitched at the surprised assault, while a guttural moan bellowed out of Justice’s mouth. It was an obvious painful experience for Justice, but it was just as pleasurable. He found the feeling comparable to a strong static shock, and a tiny part of him wanted more. Gemini bent down towards Justice’s plump asshole again and extended his glowing tongue. Instead of diving his licking appendage at the moist hole, it descended onto the back of the overly-muscular man’s hairless ball sack. Another gasp escaped Justice’s mouth, while the rear entrance quivered. The bulky Soulem swirled his blue tongue on the dark-skinned sac; licking up the bits of sweat collected on there. Gemini’s face appeared as if it enjoyed the mix of Justice’s body, sweat, and tinge of manly musk. He flicked his tongue about and eventually covered the backside of the balls with his viscous, cybernetic saliva that suspiciously resembled thick and stringy lube. Gemini then slowly dragged his tongue up but stopped just before it reached the prized ass; making a brief stop at Justice’s taint. The smooth taint had a swollen appearance like a balloon had been inflated beneath the skin. He bit into the sexual fruit with a wide bite; gnawing but never breaking the skin. Justice shuttered from such beastial action. The robotic boyfriend then continued upward. Reaching Justice’s pleasure hole, Gemini’s tongue wasted no time diving in again. No expressive noise arose from the hulking bodybuilder this time; now familiar with the tickling sensation. Removing the element of predictability, Gemini did not stop at the enticing location and continued ascension. His blue tongue was dragged from out of the soft hole until they reached the top of Justice’s massive ass. The bulky Soulem waggled his tongue at the crevice top; causing the overly-muscular man to immediately feel as if he were about to urinate. Gemini pulled back once again and raised his left arm. Striking it downward, the rubbery hand slapped Justice’s left butt cheek. A booming clap echoed from the clash and caused the meaty rear to quake. Justice screamed, “Oh, FUCK!” The bulky Soulem dived down into Justice’s ass, as he extended his glowing tongue to the fullest length. Face planted between the gargantuan cheeks, he rammed his tongue directly into the plump asshole. As Justice sucked in to gasp from the sudden intrusion, Gemini began to hum. It was a hum that no human could possibly replicate with their own mouths. The intensity of this hum shared a similarity to a small, rattling engine. With such a powerful application, it vibrated Gemini’s tongue with a near-violent intensity. Justice’s ass trembled at the power; fluttering against the sides of Gemini’s face. Justice felt like his soul had been ejected into a dimension of lustful madness. He had never grasped a sensation like this in his entire life. Part of him wanted it to stop, but the other wanted it to go on forever. Minutes passed of drowning in pleasure before he was awoken by an arousing pain. The sound of thunderous slaps echoed from his buttocks. It was a magnified sound, because Justice felt the pain emanating from both of his cheeks. Gemini had struck them both, and such repetition was causing Justice’s ample bottom to feel it becoming raw from the aggression. Nearly over the edge to cumming, the spanking had brought him back. “Gah! FATHERFUCKER!!!” he shouted. Gemini leaned on top of Justice’s mountainous back and could only reach halfway up the giant man. His cybernetic dick hotdogged between his boyfriend’s humongous ass; nudging against the donut-shaped asshole with teasing humps. The bulky Soulem then slid across the back’s muscley ridges, as he dragged his wet tongue across. The hulking bodybuilder was a panting mess. Completely powerless to move; much less to speak a complete sentence. His heart pounded in his ears, and his dick was leaking precum all over his sheets and abs. It was all too much. He needed to orgasm. He needed to be filled! As Gemini arrived at the upper half of his colossal boyfriend, he placed his head on the left side of Justice’s. He gave the overly-muscular man’s left ear a quick lick and then a nibble. Justice could only mutter a small moan in response. The Soulem whispered, “So are you ready now?” “FUCK ME!” huffed Justice, “PLEASE! FUCK ME! FILL ME UP!!!” Gemini grinned, “As you wish. Now flip over.” Standing up, the bulky Soulem grabbed the hulking bodybuilder’s shoulders and guided the muscley boyfriend to turn over. Justice wordlessly complied and used what little strength he had left to switch the front of his body into facing up. His thick penis flopped about; flacid but twitching with urgency. The lower half of his back was now on top of the pillow and propped up for Gemini’s convenience. Gemini then placed his index finger on top of the fat lips of Justice’s anus. He tapped the plump parts for a second before making a swirling motion. His finger started on the rim before slowly descending inside, while he continued to twirl his digit in a counterclockwise movement. Right when the Soulem’s index finger completely sunk into the pumped asshole, Gemini looked at Justice. “Does this feel okay?” he questioned. Justice sighed in arousal, “Yeah…” The cybernetic boyfriend smiled. “Good. That’s just my finger. I’m gonna put more in to prep you. Let me know if something feels wrong,” he said. Without waiting for a reply, the bukly Soulem inserted more fingers. He slid his middle finger into the soft hole and sunk it all the way in. Gemini waited a few seconds to gauge his boyfriend’s reaction to the input, but Justice showed no negative reaction. He then slid in his ring finger...No reaction. Pinky...no reaction. The anal ring’s elasticity seemed to have no limit or even a hesitation of tightness. A devilish smile widened over Gemini’s face. He pushed his thumb in. The pumped hole had no trouble swallowing it. Justice moaned, “Oh, gosh...How many more...fingers...you gonna put in me?” “Sorry. Got curious” giggled Gemini, “I’ll try double fisting you later. Let me give you the one thing you’ve been waiting for.” Pulling his entire hand out, the stretched asshole elicited a wet slop. Gemini then wiped the lube-covered hand on the silk bedsheets before grabbing Justice’s ankles. The bulky Soulem hoisted the meaty legs onto his shoulders, as he positioned his hardened dick at the sexual entrance. The cybernetic penis carefully nudged at the wet, gaping anus; taking things slow to prevent a repeat of the first penetration. With no sign of resistance, the white head of the dick slid in. Gemini stopped further movement and looked up at Justice. He inquired, “I got the head in. Can I keep going?” Justice held up his hand, but it immediately drooped back down. With no energy left for body movement, he had to resort to attempting to speak. “Hold on...Okay. Go ahead,” he said. Gemini proceeded the penetration, but he made sure to take his time. Every few seconds, he would ask Justice about comfortability with the length he just inserted. Justice would simply to tell him to keep going. With all the carefulness the bulky Soulem was exercising, Justice became accustomed to the cybernetic dick inside of him. He was fine after Gemini’s white gland first slid in and settled in his love tunnel, but he wanted to be careful. Right when the overly-muscular man felt Gemini’s rubbery belly pressing against his balls, he instinctively knew that he had made it to the hilt. He felt full, and it felt so right. Gemini asked, “You okay?” Justiced nodded. “Yeah, now bang my brains out!” he said. Gemini grinned, “You got it, bro.” “INITIATE FINAL FORM,” he continued. Justice felt his boyfriend’s dick beginning to change. It became longer, wider...and it shapeshifted into something else? Gemini’s dick felt like it was poking in all directions! Leaning up, the hulking bodybuilder tried to see if he could observe just what was going on inside of him...And then his eyes went wide. He spotted a blue light illuminating beneath the skin of his abdomen, and there seemed to be something stirring in that spot. He could see a slight bulge poking up beneath the skin. The only way Justice could word this experience was fucked up freaky. His mind immediately snapped out of his lust fog and went into full panic mode. He exclaimed, “Wh-what the hell is that?! What the shit, man?! Are you impregnating me?! Converting me?! WHAT?!” Gemini snickered. “No, it’s not that,” he said, “I wanted my dick to get really weird, so I got a bunch of accessories to my dick when I got my upgrade.” The Soulem continued, “Basically, I can make my dick grow as big as those dildos you usually put in yourself. Though I could go bigger, heh. I can also get my dick to change its shape a bit like growing dull spikes or those pearl implants. And not to weird you out, but I can make it act prehensile.” Justice’s eyes flicked down towards his stomach. He was beginning to calm down, but he had one more concern. “I’m already weirded out. And the glowing?” he inquired. Gemini smiled, “I thought it’d fun and help set some mood lighting if I could get my dickhead to light up. Gotta say, it’s kinda sexy seeing your belly light up like that. But, ya know, I can do more than just blue if it’s making you uncomfortable.” “You want yellow?” he rambled. The blue spot shining beneath Justice’s stomach changed to yellow. Gemini continued, “I can also do green, or just, basically, any color.” The yellow was now green. “Oh! I can do a strobe or rave mode. This dick can also play songs too!” the Soulem bragged. The green now became a multitude of colors constantly flashing into other spectrums at a random sequence. At the same time, the muffled sound of techno music played in his abdomen. The heavy beats the song vibrated his innards, and it felt oddly pleasurable. As Justice opened his mouth to say something, techno music blared out of his mouth at crystal clear quality. The overly-muscular man immediately shut his mouth. He could have sworn that the music was related to some sort of desert storm, but he was frazzled by the bizarre event to be sure. Gemini’s eyes widened, “Oh! Sorry! I’ll turn it off! Didn’t know that would happen…” The vibrating music became silent in Justice’s abdomen; leaving only the rave lights to remain. The Soulem’s mood rings switched to pink. “Soooo...I guess I might have went overboard on the weird part...Do you still want to do this?” he sheepishly asked. Justice opened his mouth again and paused. A part of him still thought music might shoot out of him, but there was thankfully only silence. He replied, “I mean...that was a lot to throw on me, but...Yeah, sure. I still want to have sex with you, Gem. But gimme a heads up next time. Like, one surprise is fine, but you gotta tell me ahead of time when it’s more than one.” Gemini nodded. “Sorry. I’ll make sure to do that next time...So you ready to meet the gods?” he said. Justice tilted his head, “...Huh?” The bulky Soulem began to smile sinisterly, as he guided his boyfriend’s hands onto the handlebars on his hips. The mood rings on Gemini’s face flared to dark red. “Cause this dick is the dick that will pierce your soul into the heavens!” he declared, “Hold onto my love handles!” Justice gripped the love handles, “What do you mea-AUGHNMNGUH!!!” Gemini’s dick spinned. It drilled through Justice’s anus; constantly hitting the hulking bodybuilder’s prostate and sensitive innards with its dull spikes. His massive legs trembled, as his mind tumbled in a kaleidoscope of bliss. The bulky Soulem watched his boyfriend’s eyes rolling backwards. He then began to make humping motions. Slowly pulling out then immediately slamming his dick back into Justice. Minutes passed, as Justice tried to maintain any sort of consciousness. He kept drifting back and forth from the insane pleasure he was experience. But he then drifted back into the waking world when his body realized it could not hold back any further. The pleasure had pushed him over the edge. His dick pissed a clear liquid that sprayed all over his torso. Gemini instantly ceased any further movement and drilling. His mood rings flared to yellow. “Woah, what the hell?! Are you pissing yourself?!” he shouted. Justice gasped, “N-no. It’s n-not piss. Just seminal fluid and water.” “...I squirt whenever I have an anal orgasm. I know it looks like piss, but it’s not,” he explained. The overly-muscular man dipped his shaky fingers into the fluid before holding it up towards Gemini. He encouraged, “Look, give it a smell. It doesn’t smell like anything.” Gemini stared at the wet fingers, while his mood rings changed to purple. Seconds later the mood rings then shifted to white. He shook his head and held up his hand. “That’s okay. I just looked it up online, and you’re right. Sorry about that. I kinda never bothered looking into it, cause I was more obsessed with fucking you,” he admitted. Justice grabbed a folded towel next to himself, “That’s okay. Did you want to finish up?” The bulky Soulem smiled, as he stared at his boyfriend drying up with the towel. His mood rings shined rose red. “Sure,” he said. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beams of morning light peered through the bedroom windows. Justice’s eyes slowly opened, as he detected the scent of bacon being fried. Looking on the other side of the bed, he noticed an empty space of where his robotic boyfriend slept the previous night. Rolling out of bed, the hulking bodybuilder slowly thumped his naked self towards the kitchen. His asshole felt on fire from any slight movement he made; a reminder of his hole being destroyed by Gemini’s transforming cock. Justice gazed up at the framed photos of his family on the wall, as he passed through the doorway. The overly-muscular man wondered if he’d ever see his parents again. A slight pain panged in his heart at the thought. Things did not end so well when he last encountered his family. His mind flashed back to Sunnysville where he literally fought his family, and it felt devastating to remember the terrible things he said to his parents. He also recalled how he made Ares’ limbs explode, and the intoxicating numbness of using the Soul Venom. Justice still could not bring himself to call his family...but it seemed to be the same from his family’s end. Months had passed after the Skeleton Lord incident had been resolved, and he still had not received even a text message from them...Was this their punishment? The hulking bodybuilder shook his head. He will find the courage one day to get in touch with them again. But right now, he wanted to see the love of his life. Justice deserved to be happy. Entering the kitchen area, the overly-muscular man spotted his boyfriend in front of the gas stove. He smiled. It was a pleasant sight to see; one where Justice hoped he would see more of in the future. The bulky Soulem had his back turned; naked and frying bacon with some other delicious-smelling breakfast. Gemini hummed a tune, while he swished his hefty buttocks in the air to the rhythm he sang. Justice yawned, “Good morning.” The robotic boyfriend partially turned to the hulking bodybuilder and grinned; his mood rings flaring to a sky blue. “Morning!” greeted back Gemini, “I’m frying some eggs. You okay with the yolk intact?” The hulking bodybuilder nodded, “Sure.” Sitting himself down at the wooden dining table, he scratched his neck. Justice watched Gemini grab an egg from a nearby egg carton, crack it against the countertop, and break it open over a heated pan. The yolk gave off a sizzling noise, as it came in contact with what smelled like hot bacon grease in the pan. He then heard the Soulem speak up. “So I was thinking that if you ever made up with Gene, it’d be cool if we all had a threesome together. Or, ya know, I’m down with him just smashing you,” said Gemini. Justice’s mind drifted back for a moment to what Gene had said to him back then. He was no longer able to feel the bunny demigod’s feelings; as if Gene had become a stone-cold statue. The bridge of friendship between the two had become damaged, but not destroyed. There was still hope that things can turn around like it had with him and Gemini. The overly-muscular man cocked his head, “You sure? I don’t think you really mean that, cause I’m pretty sure you’re the jealous type.” Gemini shrugged, as he used a plastic spatula to push currents of hot bacon grease onto the egg. “Eh, I have your heart now, and that’s all that matters. I mean, sex can be a form of affection, but it’s not love...And cause I think it’s hot to see you get fucked by other guys,” he reasoned. At the same time Justice smiled at the reply, he heard a knock coming from the front door. The hulking bodybuilder did not bother to look at a clock when he made his way to the kitchen this morning, and it now dawned on him that it might already be passed ten. Justice mentioned, “I think that might be the mail. I’ll go check.” The overly-muscular man slowly made his way over to the penthouse entrance; careful to take small steps unless he wanted to feel the full pain of his aching asshole. Within the span of almost a minute to arrive at the door, Justice then pressed a button on a plastic panel next to the doorway. An image immediately appeared on the panel; displaying a camera’s view of a red-haired woman in a grey power suit standing on the other side of Justice’s door. Justice recognized the woman as the lobby manager who was usually stationed at the reception desk. Whenever packages or letters, that seem of personal importance, arrive at the Piscelemartie luxury apartments, the staff take it upon themselves to hand deliver the item to a resident. It seemed over the top for the employees to do this sort of thing in Justice’s perspective, but he appreciated the gesture. Justice unlocked the door and began to pull it open. Right in mid-swing, the hulking bodybuilder remembered that he was still bare of any clothing. He then instantly stopped the door, as it neared a quarter open. Peaking his upper body into the opening to greet the employee, Justice kept his lower body hidden behind the door. “Uh, hi, Amber. Good morning,” he awkwardly smiled. Amber gave a slight bow, “Good morning to you as well, Mr. Starr. I get the feeling that you are busy with something at the moment, so I shall be brief. I’m here to hand-deliver a letter to you that seemed of the utmost importance.” She held out a letter envelope in front of the overly-muscular man. Justice motioned his hand over to the envelope and gently grabbed it. “Thanks, Amber,” he said. The lobby manager smiled, “You’re most welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Justice returned with a smile as well, while he nodded and closed the door. With the unpleasant conversation over, the hulking bodybuilder let out a sigh. He then made his way back to the kitchen; distracted by the enticing smells. As the overly-muscular man arrived back at the kitchen and sat down in his seat at the dining table again, he looked at the white envelope grasped in his hand. It was addressed to him, but the address’ state blurred from ink smearing. The sender’s name was written as Solomon Apeloko; address’ state also blurred from ink smearing. Turning the envelope over, he noticed that the flap was closed by a wax stamp seal. The image on the seal was a tower, and the wax seal had a mixture of colors that contained: white, black, and red...Was this a calling card of who he thought this was? Peeling back the wax seal, he opened the envelope. Justice then reached his hand in and pulled out a single sheet of folded paper. The hulking bodybuilder unfolded the letter and began to read; briefly taking note of the beautiful penmanship. Justice then gently smiled. Gemini walked towards Justice and set a plate of breakfast down in front of his muscular boyfriend. His mood rings shifted to white, as he watched the overly-muscular man’s face relax with relief. “Who’s it from?” he asked. Justice looked up, “A friend.”
  9. EcchiMultiverse

    Marvelous Man - Chapter 29

    (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R8WWx8MvIxRU8nSxn7mZH-uN57X-uUMQPnXDH8NsHvY) SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI Chapter 29: Second Win(d) The mighty muscles in Marvelous Man’s thighs bulged with godly power. Pushing off, the white bone disk beneath him shattered from the super jump. The inspiration god flew towards the Seraphim at such an incredible speed that he was already halfway there! As he soared, his illuminated body left behind a large trail of a multi-colored aurora. It looked as if he was painting the northern lights into the blackness. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked up at a large object charging towards him. It was the wheeled underling, Throne. It spun with ferocity in front of the musclebound superhero; attempting to intercept him. The inspiration god did not hesitate to confront the minion. Switching his focus to the white wheel, an image immediately popped into the hulking bodybuilder’s head. It was an animation of a mannequin attacking a giant wheel. Marvelous Man did not question the thought and immediately implemented what he saw in his mind. The musclebound superhero used his flight power to flip himself forward. Right when his head and front half faced up, Marvelous Man extended his legs to point at the Throne and crossed his muscular arms over his massive pectorals. The hulking bodybuilder then opened his meaty legs at a wide angle, while he controlled his flight power to twirl his titanic body at a blurring, counterclockwise rotation. Marvelous Man looked like a human blender; his lower body acting like blades. At the point of physical confrontation between the inspiration god and the Throne, Marvelous Man’s legs were the first to strike. His heels caught both sides of the Throne’s rim; with one pinning against the top and the other at the bottom. The bone wheel’s movements were immediately halted, and its body now became trapped in the tornado-like spin. Marvelous Man bent his knees; pulling in the enemy closer with his feet acting like the claw of a crane game. The hulking bodybuilder maneuvered the Throne against the heavy bulge in his bikini, while he slithered his thick legs in a tight constriction through the wheel’s spokes and around the rim. Using his flight power, his rotation came to an instant stop. Everything performed perfectly as the inspiration god imagined, and it was time to execute his killing blow. Reaching up to his head, Marvelous Man grabbed his golden wreath. The musclebound superhero’s desire to cut was now absolute, and he slashed at the captured Throne with his laurel. The speed of his strike was like a master samurai; swift without hint of hesitation and incomprehensible to the normal eye of when the blade hit. As his arm swiped to the other side of his body, Marvelous Man released his golden wreath to extend the attack into a combo strike. The golden projectile flew away from the two combatants before changing its direction. It curved back towards the fighters; spinning like a furious buzzsaw. Boosted by Marvelous Man’s super strength, the weaponized laurel returned back in less than a second. The golden weapon sliced through the Throne’s center; the focus point where the wheel’s bird legged-shaped spokes clasped onto each other. Sawing through with no sign of delay, the spinning laurel repeated the same process. It zoomed forward for a moment and then swerved back at the Throne. The spinning projectile targeted the back of the angelic rim and sliced through effortlessly. The inspiration god pulled back his arm and punched with all his might. He battled cried, “RAH!!!” With the major points that held the Throne together now severed, the top half of the white wheel slid off from powerful punch and flew off into the whisping blackness. Marvelous Man released his legged clamp over the bottom half of the Throne and continued onward. “Such wonder!” cheered Alden. Marvelous Man looked to his right and shouted, “AH!” Gliding next to him was the ancient king, Alden. The musclebound superhero had forgotten about the spirit; causing his eyes to bulge in surprise upon spotting Alden. He then saw the ancient king point forward. “Sheeth your nerves, for the next trial is upon us!” declared Alden. Marvelous Man turned his attention back to the Seraphim and could see it readying the next strike. The bone angel flapped its sharp, outer wings; releasing a flurry of its deadly, white feathers. The feathers aimed themselves towards Marvelous and shot towards him. In mid-flight, the feathers expanded into the shape of poles. Wanting to avoid the same outcome Marvelous Man first encountered with the rocket missile-sized poles, he dove down. Marvelous Man moved downward but slightly angled himself towards the Seraphim to make some distance progression. The barrage of poles flew overhead; completely missing the hulking bodybuilder. Seconds ticked by before Marvelous Man heard the many whistlings of the bone projectiles completely pass over. The inspiration god changed his trajectory and aimed back up towards the Seraphim. Marvelous Man then saw the Seraphim flap its sharp, outer wings again. The musclebound superhero was prepared for abrupt evasive maneuvers, but he noticed the feathers reacting differently this time. Instead of shooting off in one heavy stream, the feathers transformed and torpedoed off in a widespread attack. There was no area to retreat towards for dodging the attack, nor an object to hide behind. Marvelous Man would have no choice but to endure the wide salvo. The hulking bodybuilder immediately halted his flight. Curling up into a ball, Marvelous Man placed his large hands over the back of his head and neck in an effort to minimize damage. He was aware that his new form would immediately heal him, but he would rather take the less painful route against an unavoidable attack. The wide onslaught of the bone poles had reached him. Marvelous Man could feel the assault raining down on his back, hands, and part of his head; painful for teeth gritting but not enough to elicit a scream. The inspiration god was unsure, but it seemed like his body had gained an increased durability on top of rapid regeneration. Not a bone in him was breaking or even dislocating. Seconds later, the wide strike had ended. Marvelous Man looked over himself and noticed no bruises or lasting damage on himself. He then glanced up and saw that the Seraphim’s attack had slightly undone his progress. The inspiration god spotted his aurora trail in front of him and came to a fast conclusion that he had been thrown back by the massive assault. Marvelous Man realized being able to take a hit would not be enough to reach the Seraphim and save Digz. He would have to use his creativity to gain any sort of headway. Tracing the glass string from his wrist back towards Alden, the inspiration god looked up. He could see the spirit staring back at him with eyes full of anticipation, and an idea sprouted in his head. He called out, “Hey, King Alden! Can’t you summon your guardians to help me out? Could you please get them to distract Digz?” Alden’s eyes widened in realization. He then turned to the Seraphim and pointed his ghostly finger at the angelic monster. “Ah, yes! How careless of me!” announced the king, “To arms, my guardians!” The black essence heeded to the spirit’s call and drifted towards him. The whisping blackness then collected in front of him; swirling into four different masses. Immediately dispersing after forming, four figures were revealed. The electric tribesman, Zareb, with his magical axes. The vengeful hunter and the Skeleton Lord’s right hand man, Itzcóatl; armed with a bow. A white horse with a beautiful mane. There was also an armored knight that wielded an elegant glaive polearm. Alden commanded, “Go forth, my guardians! Crack the shell my imp hides within!” Itzcóatl drew back an arrow on his bow. “Gladly, master! I always wanted to slay that annoying bird,” he replied. All three Skeleton Lord Guardians and the horse charged forward. Even though none of them had flight abilities, according to Marvelous Man’s memory, they were able to fly through the essence-contaminated air at speeds faster than the inspiration god. They all screamed and neighed their war cries; making their statement that they were giving it their all. Marvelous Man felt hopeful about the situation; things were finally turning around. As the guardians and steed were within striking distance, they held out their weapons and proceeded to slash, shoot, and stomp. They all immediately disintegrated back into black essence. Alden confessed, “...Huh...whoops. I forgot that their souls are still tethered to Digz’s. Many pardons. That one is on me.” Marvelous Man’s mouth gaped for a moment at the whiplash of events before he snapped back to the task at hand. The musclebound superhero flew forward; leaving behind his aurora trail. He had managed to gain back the distance he had lost and was already halfway to the Seraphim. The sharp feathers on the Seraphim’s outer wings vibrated, and Marvelous Man was aware of what was to come next. The white feathers extended, while it simultaneously thickened to morph durable fists on its ends. The fist-shaped bone feathers launched volleys of themselves at the hulking bodybuilder like streams of missiles. Another idea popped into the inspiration god’s head with the same mannequin doing a maneuver one would realistically deem as idiotic. There was nothing else Marvelous Man could think of in the seconds the bone fists were about to reach him. The weird thoughts from his new form did not fail him the first time, he hoped what he had was not a beginner’s luck. He charged toward the onslaught coming towards him. Just as the missile punches were about to reach him, Marvelous Man pulled up slightly and performed a backflip. The thrust of his action lifted the hulking bodybuilder over the violent volley with just barely a thumbtack length between the two. With the dodging successful and the backflip coming to a full rotation, the musclebound superhero landed with both feet on top of the feather. Marvelous Man had his feet positioned like a surfer, and he gave a slight laugh at the absurdity of what he had done. Activating his flight power for propulsion, the inspiration god sped down the bone feather’s length like a skateboarder grinding down a stairway rail...But in his mind, it was more like a spiky, blue character in a video game he used to play. More fist-shaped feathers launched at Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero held up his beefy arms; relaxed and ready to fight. At the point of confrontation, Marvelous Man began to parry and swat away the punches by using the defensive martial arts, Aikido. He continued moving forward unhindered, as his bulky arms waved about like water. The fists then adapted to the situation by striking together in pairs of three. The power and size was beginning to overwhelm the inspiration god’s fighting style, but he had one last trick left. Manipulating his flight power, Marvelous Man strafed to the right while continuing forward propulsion. He began moving in a corkscrew motion down the feather’s length with both feet still planted on top; leaving behind a spiral aurora trail that wrapped around the bone feather. He was so close now! Only one-third of distance left to go before reaching the Seraphim! The Seraphim launched the rest of its fist-shaped feathers simultaneously at Marvelous Man. His eyes bulged at the unavoidable attack and held his arms over his face; bracing for the inevitable impact. The white punches collided into him and forced him back. Through the mass of fists, the musclebound superhero saw the Seraphim zooming farther away from him. As the white feathers reached the end of their strike zone, they halted their pushing. Marvelous Man was flung back by the finished attack and immediately tried to counter the overwhelming kinetic force by activating his flight power. His thrown trajectory slowly stabilized until his flight power managed to bring himself to a full stop seconds later. The murder of puttis that had flown in a circle like vultures dived down to Marvelous Man. They began to peck at the hulking bodybuilder with their crow-shaped skull heads; unable to pierce him but were capable of annoying him. The musclebound superhero then swatted a few away and caused the rest to retreat. The inspiration god’s frustration grew, as he saw he was sent back to where he started. Ideas continually poured into his mind, but they all would have the same result...Except for one. Marvelous Man looked up at Alden. “King Alden! I need you trap Digz in a memory. His memory! Anything you can think of. Can you do it?” he requested. The ancient king nodded, “I shall try.” Alden waved his hand up at the smoky blackness that encased the ceiling of the pocket dimension. The essence reacted to the gesture and swirled before becoming flat. The manipulated essence had a curved shape; similar to a planetarium’s interior ceiling. The voice of a small boy then echoed it. “I wish to help my father move the dead bodies to their graves,” he said. One of the puttis exclaimed, “Kenelm?!” A line of white light appeared on the center of the curved ceiling. It then expanded until it encompassed the rest of the flat ceiling. Light showered the entire area for a few seconds before dimming down. Marvelous Man could see the light now adjusting to an image of different colors and shapes. The image seemed to be interior of a wooden architecture with little room. Sunlight cascaded through a window on the left and an open doorway on the right. In front of the image was a young boy, who looked no older than twelve, staring back. He was dirty from head to toe and wore ragged peasant clothing that looked to be from the medieval ages. The boy had blond hair and blue eyes that were shaded to a nearly silver hue. He smiled an innocent grin of excitement; exposing a missing tooth amongst the rows. It became obvious to Marvelous Man that this memory was being portrayed through the past Digz’s eyes. “Wow! It really worked! My very own imp!” shouted the boy. The boy bounced on his toes and giggled for a moment before his eyes widened in realization. He stood up straight; trying to appear authoritative. He pointed at himself, “Oh, right! My name’s Kenelm. I’m your master. And you’re my imp...ummm...What should your name be...ummm…” “What kind of imp are you?” he inquired. A putti amongst its group spoke up, “I’m a bone imp.” Marvelous Man looked at the puttis and realized that they were responding to the image. The inspiration god then remembered the name Digz was sensitive to, Kenelm. If the boy’s name is Kenelm, then the young one was most likely the familiar’s first master! It seemed Alden was successful in not only playing back a memory of the bone imp’s but also entrancing the lesser monsters to quote whatever Digz had said in the past. And if that were the case, then the Seraphim should trapped in the memory as well. The musclebound superhero flew towards the Seraphim, as the image above continued to play Digz’s earliest memory. Kenelm tapped his cheek, “Ummmm...then...I’ll call you Digz! Cause you’ll help us dig graves and stuff! My father is the groundskeeper for a graveyard, and I made you to help him!” As Marvelous Man covered a fourth of a distance towards the Seraphim, the memory ended. The image in the curved ceiling faded into black, and the bone creatures awakened from the enthralling memory. The eldritch angel flapped its sharp, outer wings; releasing its usual blast of feathers. Instead of flying forward this time, the white feathers shattered to piece itself together into different creatures. Groups of thrones emerged from the assembly as well as several murders of puttis. Upon formation, the angelic monsters charged at the inspiration god. Marvelous Man immediately called out to Alden. “I need another memory! Quick!” he shouted. The black ceiling became bright again; projecting a memory from the bone imp’s past. It was the same small house Digz was birthed in, but the perspective of the past Digz was now entering the home. At the same moment the memory displayed the setting, the Seraphim’s underlings began to show hesitation in their movements. Marvelous Man was able to easily sidestep from the angelic monsters, as they became entranced to the memory. The bone lackeys then moved in such drunken motions that the hulking bodybuilder barely had to move away from the sluggish attacks. A putti spoke up, “Kenelm? Are you in here?” “Yeah, I’m here,” replied Kenelm, “Do you need something?” Digz’s vision turned to his left upon entering the house and saw his master. The young boy appeared to be a year older and was sitting in a chair. Kenelm was reading through a book within the rays of sunlight that peered through the open windows. The putti stated, “I’ve finished putting the last of the bodies to their final resting place. Your father wants you to go to the village and purchase some bread.” “Sure. In a minute. I’m almost done with this section,” said the young witch. During the playback of the memory, the inspiration god took advantage of the hypnotizing situation. Marvelous Man flew through the crowd of lesser angels; zipping about them effortlessly. None of the bone monsters were able to touch the hulking bodybuilder that soared close to them. The trail left behind by him looked like an aurora web that trapped the creatures. In seconds, the musclebound superhero arrived on the other side of the angelic mob. The Seraphim was now slightly closer to him, but Marvelous Man had to take care of one thing before he could go any further. Kenelm continued, “Magic is so amazing. Once I graduate from my apprenticeship with our neighbor witch, I’ll be able to help out father even more than ever! Maybe I could help out the village too and make us lots of money!” The putti hummed. “Maybe. But I think I’m more than enough to help your father and bring in some coin. Besides, I think he just wants you to keep running the grave business. You don’t have to help everyone just cause you can do a little magic, you know,” he remarked. Kenelm looked down at Digz, “Yeah, but I don’t help because I have to. I help cause I want to. And seeing all those dead bodies we put to rest makes me wonder...Did they have a happy life? Or at least a happy end? If I can, I’d like to help out any way I can to make sure their life was happy and their end had meaning. Because one day...that’ll be me in the ground too...” Flipping around, Marvelous Man faced the group of monsters that attempted to chase him in a drunken sway. The musclebound superhero held up his thick hands together as if it were a gun, while the bone creatures bounced into one another. Concentrating his thoughts of cutting, the inspiration god pointed his finger gun at a Throne on the far left of the angelic swarm. It was not necessary, but it felt right to do this action and for what he was about to say. “BOOMERANG SNIPE!” he roared. A whirring noise whistled in the shadowy world for a moment before a golden projectile sliced through it and came back to saw into it several more times. Completely decimated, Marvelous Man pointed his finger gun at the next monster. Despite the magical wreathe not in his grasp, it still obeyed the inspiration god’s thoughts no matter how far away it had sailed off into the whisping blackness. The lethal laurel spun through each monster’s weak points successfully; rapidly killing off every lesser angel with its buzzsaw attacks that Marvelous Man aimed his finger gun at. In seconds, only a putti was spared. It floated aimlessly amidst a graveyard debris of its brethren. The musclebound superhero then turned back to the white Seraphim and took off. In the memory, Kenelm held out his book at Digz. The inside of the pages were scribbles of magical facts and runes that were incomprehensible to inexperienced magic users like Marvelous Man. “Oh, look at this! I found something interesting,” he grinned, “Do you remember the spell I used to create you? I noticed there’s a symbol here that limits how much of my soul I can put into you. I think if I get rid of it, I can put more of my soul into you and increase your power! Wouldn’t that be amazing?” The putti commented, “...I don’t think that’s a good idea.” As the projected memory faded to black, Marvelous Man managed to fly halfway over to his objective. The inspiration god flicked his watery eyes up at the curved ceiling and then towards the Seraphim. The giant, eldritch angel began to stir; appearing to have awakened from being entranced and now taking notice of the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man then noticed its sharp, outer feathers vibrating for another punch attack. Once those feathers launched and stretched towards him, he would be sent all the way back. Starting over for a fifth time would not be acceptable, and he needed to win now by any means. “King Alden, I need you play a traumatic memory! The most saddest one you can think of!” he shouted. Alden slowly waved his hand, “My apologies, Digz. But I must.” The curved ceiling lit up with another memory; causing the Seraphim to predictably halt its movement. From the usual first-person perspective, Digz was inside the house and sitting on the edge of his master’s bed. He was busy manipulating floating skeleton hands to sew a torn cloth together. The memory showed he lacked the dexterity to complete the action with his own limbs, because his arms were white avian wings that lacked proper hands for the task. During the playback, Marvelous Man continued his journey. He hoped that this memory lasted long enough for him to reach the Seraphim. Taking a quick look back, the inspiration god spotted the last putti taking chase in a slow, dazed fashion. It seemed able to catch up to Marvelous Man but incapable of attacking. The sound of a door swinging open was immediately followed by it closing with a loud bang in the memory. Looking up, Digz’s eyes turned to the house’s door. Pinning against the closed door was his master, Kenelm; appearing slightly older this time and gasping like he had been running. The young witch’s clothes were tarnished with blood that seemed to originate around Kenelm’s stomach. The skeletal hands controlled by Digz fell onto the ground with a scattered clink. The bone imp ran up to his master. “OH MY GOSH! KENELEM, YOU’RE BLEEDING!!! WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!” screamed the putti. Kenelm gasped, “The king...just decreed all magic...illegal. Those who are...caught are...put to death. The king’s knights came and...found out about me...I got away...but...they got me good...and I don’t...feel so good.” “Um, uh, uh, um, c-come over to the bed and lie down! Y-you’ll feel better!” sputtered the putti. The young witch staggered forward in slow, small steps, while he clutched his stomach. Droplets of blood splattered onto the floor with every movement. By the third step, he lost his balance and fell forward. Digz held out feathery arms and caught Kenelm from crashing onto the wooden floor, while the putti gasped a small oomph from the catch. Kenelm wheezed, “I don’t...I don’t think a rest will help, Digz. It’s getting harder...to focus...and I feel cold...I think...I think I’m...dying.” “Wha-N-No! Please don’t say that! Please don’t say that you’re dying!” exclaimed the putti. The memory’s image became blurry; as if it were being submerged into water. Kenelm replied, “I’m sorry, but...I think I am...I don’t want to...but I think I am. And when I die...so will you.” The putti remained silent as Kenelm’s gasping slowly died down. Seconds after fully catching his breath, the young witch spoke up. “Digz, help me get to the middle, please.” he said. The putti whimpered, “O-Okay…” Marvelous Man was getting closer to the Seraphim. He only needed a few more minutes before he was within reaching distance. As the inspiration god flew, he kept his face focused on the eldritch angel but could hear everything the memory and putti said. His heart became torn; wanting to face the unfolding tragedy yet needing to press on to complete his personal mission. Marvelous Man wished he could jump right into the memory and save the two...but he was well aware that such a feat was impossible. The memory’s perspective rotated back towards facing the center of the house. Through the watery vision, image slowly drifted to the center while stopping every few seconds. As they got closer and were about to pass the post of young witch’s bed, Kenelm spoke up again. “Put me down by the bed,” he commanded, “There’s something we need to do.” The bone imp obeyed and set the young witch down; propping the boy’s back against the bed’s post. Digz then brought up his white feather arms to wipe away the water vision and managed to make most of the memory’s image to become clear again. As this happened, Marvelous Man lost the will to keep looking forward. He just had to see what happened. The musclebound superhero struggled to peek over his muscled shoulder and stare at the memory, while he continued towards the Seraphim. “I need you to help me with one last spell,” he said. Holding out his left hand, it then began to glow with mana. Kenelm traced a small circle that immediately turned into a magic circle with runic symbols inside and another circle beneath the symbols. The young witch stretched his fingers outwards for a moment; causing the magical seal to enlarge to the size of a hula hoop. Waving his left hand down to the center floor next to himself, the magic circle followed and hovered above the wooden floor. He mumbled, “Perush.” The magic seal then embedded into the planks and instantly disappeared right after. Smoke drifted up from the sizzled, wooden floor, as the ground was now scorched with the same design as the magical circle. “Spices and herbs were only needed to make your body, so I don’t think we need that. Digz, I need you to stand in the middle circle,” he muttered. The image moved towards the inner circle of the magic seal before turning around to face Kenelm. The putti replied, “Okay. Is this some sort of revenge spell or curse?” The young witch looked away. “Oh...I guess I should’ve done that instead. It’s a spell I always wanted to try, cause I changed some things,” he remarked. Digz’s eyes looked down at the magic circle; staring and rotating about to look at all the symbols. He then pointed his feathery arm and looked up at Kenelm. The putti mentioned, “Um, Kenelm? Are you sure this’ll work? There’s a lot of gaps where the symbols should probably be...Hold on, a second ago, you said something about spices and herbs were only needed to make my body. Why would you say something like that?” The putti paused for a moment, as Kenelm’s eyes became watery. “Wait, is this...the spell that made me? I remember you saying something a while back about removing some symbols and...No...No, Kenelm, you can’t! Please! You’ll die if you give me the rest of your soul!” screamed the putti. Marvelous Man knew what was to come next and looked away. He returned his focus back towards the eldritch angel. Tears streamed down Kenelm’s face, as he placed his left hand onto the pyrographed wood. The magic seal immediately lit up. He sobbed, “I don’t want to die either...But I want you to live even more! If my soul is alive, then you’ll still be alive. And if I put it in you, you should be able to live a lot longer!...A lot longer than the time I have left...” “My wish is that...you stay alive and help people...help them be happy. And also...please restore magic. It needs to be shared,” croaked Kenelm. The curved ceiling became flooded with white light before it faded to blackness; ending the memory. Throughout the entire playthrough and all the way to its conclusion, Marvelous Man gained all the ground he needed. As the Seraphim seemed to shift back into awareness, the inspiration god was only a second away from touching it. Reaching into his pocket, the musclebound superhero pullet out a paper talisman. It was the same talisman given to him by the Director and Puzzles for the purpose of separating Digz’s symbiotic merge from the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man now had a new purpose for it. He charged his hand holding the paper with mana, as he soared down at the Seraphim. The inspiration god roared, “POSSESSION EJECTION!!!” Marvelous Man slammed the paper onto the top of the Seraphim’s casket, as the talisman fed on his mana. Upon contact, the magical paper activated and caused cracks to appear beneath it. The fractures instantly spread throughout the Seraphim; causing the angel to have the same fragility as a vase covered in hairline cracks. The Seraphim immediately shattered into millions of white debris; echoing the sound of bones breaking. Marvelous Man’s eyes furiously scanned the scenery, but the blackness of the pocket dimension seemed to disguise the bone imp’s location. The spectral hand of Alden’s came into view; causing the hulking bodybuilder to briefly look up at the ancient king now floating next to him. “There!” pointed the spirit. Following Alden’s direction, Marvelous Man then spotted the corrupted imp. Digz floated motionlessly amidst the wreckage; appearing like it was underwater. The musclebound superhero wasted no time and flew towards it. Tracing a circle with the same mana-conducted hand, he filled the magic circle with thoughts of the symbols for the only spell he knew. He chanted, “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reality, gather the shattered soul. Place back what once belonged and seal into a whole. I beseech the power within the one I mend to reach for salvation. DIVINE SOUL RESTORATION!!!” Marvelous Man arrived at Digz’s location and immediately grabbed hold of the imp’s shoulder at the same time he finished his incantation. The magic seal activated with a blue glow and materialized the star that was able to absorb Digz’s essence. The whisping blackness funneled into the star in the shape of a whirlpool, as the incomplete familiar started to move. The corrupted imp slowly nudged about before its body jolted in attention. Raising its feathery left arm, the nearby floating bits of bone flew towards and collected at his feathery ends. The pieces then instantly formed into a white wand, as Digz curled his feathered extremities around it. Whipping it in front of himself, the incomplete familiar aimed it at the hulking bodybuilder. “Let! Go!” shouted Digz. The wand disintegrated into black essence; causing it to flow into Marvelous Man’s star. The musclebound superhero noticed the ghostly hand of Alden stretched out from his left side. Digz’s body seized from further movement. The corrupted imp blurted, “A-Alden?!” The ancient king gave a soft, sad smile. “Yes,” he said, “But it is time for you to stop. Let us help you.” Alden turned to Marvelous Man, “Marvelous Man, please hurry. I can feel myself drifting back, and I will not be able to provide assistance again if you fail this opportunity.” The inspiration god was aware of the situation, but he was unsure of what to do. He was pouring the same extreme amount of mana into the spell as he did last time. All he could do was wait and hope that this small circle would channel the blackness in this dimension into the tiny star seated in the center of the magical seal… A thought came over him. He had the unlimited energy to pour as much mana into a spell just like the spellcasters he supercharged for maintaining the magic dome over the ghetto. Perhaps it was not the energy needed to power spell, but the size of the spell. His thoughts then immediately recalled what the musclebound superhero had done a minute ago. During his flight towards the Seraphim, he peeked over his shoulder to watch the dying Kenelm enact a spell. Marvelous Man threw his spellcasting hand upwards while continuing to feed his mana into it. The magical circle and its star followed the motion and shot up in a curved arc. As it soared higher, the inspiration god’s aurora aura stretched out and seeped into the circle’s rim. The musclebound superhero stretched his mana-charged hand as wide as he could and hoped this would work. The magic seal reacted to the gesture and expanded; the symbols and circle width growing wider. The magical circle continued to grow until it completely encompassed the curved, black ceiling. The color of the magic seal shifted from its usual blue to the radiant ever-changing colored spectrum of Marvelous Man’s aurora. The tiny star within the spell became augmented by this effect; shining with greater intensity and enlarging to the size of a giant beach ball. The tornado effect that funnelled into the star dispersed; stillness existing in the space for only a second. The magic seal then emitted a soft hum that gave off the tone of something nearly incomprehensible that is celestial, benevolent, and...inspirational. It sounded similar to a glass harmonica in Marvelous Man’s perspective; a long, glass instrument ribbed to elicit soft sounds when given a wet touch. While the hulking bodybuilder continued to stare at the magic circle, it seemed as if the spell had become supercharged now that it was absorbing an even greater amount of unlimited mana. It was like...the spell had evolved and became a god itself. A black fleck of something wafted into the hulking bodybuilder’s vision. Then he saw a couple more float up. It was hard to determine the shape, as they seemed to resemble natural objects the would tussle into the wind. Cherry blossoms, snowflakes, leaves; each of the flakes appeared to mirror one of those three. Each passing second, more and more of the flakes fluttered up towards the bright star. It was a wondrous sight to behold, but Marvelous Man needed to see where they were originating from. Looking down, the inspiration god spotted a hole at the bottom of the pocket dimension. Sunlight peered through the opening like a focused laser. The hole then began to expand; breaking down the whisping essence and compressing them into shapes of snowflakes, petals, and leaves. As the amount of black flakes drifting up to the spell’s star increased, so did the hole’s speed of breaking down the smokey world. It was as if the spell was now uprooting the whole scenery rather than sucking it in bit by bit. The bottom of the pocket dimension completely dissolved within seconds and revealed the bottom half of a human skeleton that appeared to be standing in a cityscape. As Marvelous Man stared, he was interrupted by the spirit’s comment. “This...this is no spell. Not a wonder like this,” gasped Alden, “With such power, could this be, a miracle?” Marvelous Man looked back up at the ancient king next to him and could not seem to find the words to reply. The decay of the artificial world had reached rapid acceleration, as the entropous hole had now reached the sides. The three were practically bathed in the mass ascension of the flakes, which nearly veiled Digz and Alden from his sight for a few seconds. As the breakdown reached the upper sphere, the conversion of flakes ceased. The spell seemed to alter its absorption, since there was no longer a large mass to dissolve. The whisping essence hanging above the magical circle then drained into the star like a sponge absorbing a small puddle. With nothing left to obscure their surroundings, the blue sky revealed itself through the openings of the skeletal human torso. Marvelous Man looked around him and noticed two things. They were now floating in Skyway City’s inner city. The area appeared to be close to the Barticle Troy Mall, and the scenery showed signs of intense damage. Buildings smashed, cars on fire, and streets clawed into gapes; smoke rose from the destruction. The hulking bodybuilder spotted superheroes and police officers amidst the carnage, but he was so high up that they looked like ants. Marvelous Man then saw a couple of them were in flight at his altitude; floating a cautious distance from where the musclebound superhero hovered. The other thing he noticed was that the human-shaped, giant skeleton was not moving. It seemed to be stuck in mid-stance with its arm pulled back to ready a catastrophic swipe. It occured to Marvelous Man that he was too late to stop Digz causing disaster to the city, but at least he halted any further destruction the giant skeleton was about to commit. The magical circle then bellowed a deep, resounding ring that sounded like an old church bell. The echo nearly reached the decibel of deafening and vibrated through Marvelous Man’s overly-muscled body. It felt powerful but it was more of a comfort than domination. His ears did not feel hurt, and his soul almost seemed to...sing with that single ring. After the spell’s chime died down, a loud, bone-breaking crack reverberated around the inspiration god. A large fracture traveled throughout the giant skeleton’s body with smaller cracks branching out from the fracture. The cracks interconnected with one another to create an unquantifiable amount of fragments as big as Marvelous Man. The white fragments then began to shiver; as if it were alive and trying to break away from the gigantic skeletal mass. Marvelous Man spotted a bone fragment above him successfully free itself. The fragment immediately transformed into Digz’s black essence for a moment before shaping itself into the form of a unicorn. The majestic steed was completely black, and its mane danced like a ribbon in the air. The mystic equine stood on its hind legs for a moment, while it whinnied. Landing back on all fours, the unicorn took off into the air with a light gallop. The black creature did not fall, but it instead seemed to be running on an invisible staircase. It galloped on the air in a circular direction and began to climb up towards the magical circle’s star. The inspiration god then noticed a small amount of other fragments free themselves, transform, and follow after the first black unicorn. At the same time, the fragments at the top of the humongous skeleton transformed and stampeded down towards the star. The rate of black unicorns birthing themselves and following after its team steadily increased until every part of the skeleton, including its inner layers, charged into the star. Marvelous Man was dazzled by the spell’s ability to break down the entire monster and absorb it in a beautiful fashion. It truly was a miracle for a spell to go beyond its programming. Right after the last unicorn entered into the star, seconds ticked by with nothing happening. Marvelous Man grew worried, as he stared down at the dazed Digz. The spell still needed the last of Kenelm’s soul to completely heal the corrupted imp. And the more time that went by, the more the other superheroes and police officers would gain the courage to close in and kill Digz. The inspiration god stared up at the magic seal, “Come on...come on…” He then realized that since Digz’s original master died centuries ago in another country, it would take longer to gather particles of that soul than it was to gather the black essence. It is unknown as to where they currently are, or what they are being pulled from. Even if the spell were bigger, it would probably still need time to find it. The incomplete familiar snapped back at attention and began to struggle against Marvelous Man’s grip. “No! Let go! I’m not going to die! N-Not like this!” screamed Digz. The magical circle emitted a soft hum, as Marvelous Man tried to keep a steady grasp on the corrupted imp. The hum resembled the calm vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl; a metal bowl that provides a pleasing sound upon brushing the rim. For a moment, it seemed to calm Digz into nudging against the hulking bodybuilder’s hold. Alden spoke up, “I understand...I’m ready.” Marvelous Man looked over at Alden and elicited a small gasp. The ancient king was staring up at the star and began to dissolve with small pieces slowly breaking off of him. The bits of the spirit transformed into little balls of light that gave off a comforting glow similar to fireflies. The inspiration god traced the balls of light traveling up and then entering into the star. Marvelous Man snapped his gaze back at Alden, as his eyes widened in realization. The neverending tears that flowed down his face was now of sadness rather than overly emotional inspiration. “No...N-No! Not you! You can’t be the one to fix Digz! Don’t sacrifice yourself! Not after I just saved you!” he exclaimed. Alden gave a small smile, “Marvelous Man. I know that my otherworldly destination is not a good place. It does not take a seer to know that.” “...That is why I will do this. I can still do one last good deed before my oblivion, and that is to answer this spell’s call. I must at least try to restore some amount of my kingly honor. So please, let me have this. I do not need salvation. Instead, give me redemption,” he continued. The inspiration god gritted his teeth; trying to maintain a mask of composure. It felt like he was failing all over again...But...this time...he could actually save a life. There was no way Marvelous Man can resurrect Alden, and it made sense to use the ancient king. But...it still felt like failing. He tried to speak up, but his throat felt dry and inflamed. The hulking bodybuilder choked, “...Alright...” Alden bowed. “I am forever in your gratitude. Thank you,” he said. The spirit floated over to Digz. The incomplete familiar immediately stopped moving and seemed to stare at the ancient king, as Alden stood in front of it. He spoke gently, “Very soon, you’ll feel better, Digz. I promise. I will become part of you and will be with you forever. But before I do, three promises you must keep.” “The first is that you must keep living. Do not waste this second chance at life, because you will now be free of this pain and anger you burden yourself with. The second is that you will try to find happiness while making amends for the tragedies we caused. There will be plenty of time to right the wrongs, but never turn down the opportunities of being alive,” rambled Alden. “And third,” commanded the ancient king, “Do something nice for Marvelous Man.” Immediately after, Alden completely disintegrated into little orbs of light. The small spheres floated up into the spell’s star and was absorbed into the radiating mass. As the last ball of light entered the star, Marvelous Man noticed Digz beginning to transform. The black essence seeping out of Digz as well as his entire, broken body compressed into one long, black ribbon. The silk ribbon fluttered about in Marvelous Man’s hand; still trying to be free. Staring at the black ribbon in his grip, the inspiration god was unable to fathom why Digz and the essence kept transforming into objects that had nothing in common with each other. But he knew there was no time to dwell on that, and he knew what he had to do next. Marvelous Man released the ribbon. The black ribbon flew up into the air; dancing in swirls. It’s silky sheen shined against the sun, as it climbed higher and closer to the magical circle’s star. Upon it reaching and passing into the star, the ball of light pulsed. A halo of light rippled from the star; shattering the magic seal in the process. The bright ring continued to travel outward, as it slowly faded into nothingness. Right as the halo disappeared, the star began a slow descent. Marvelous Man then spotted something else happening to the bright sphere. It was breaking apart. From atop the star, the brightness hardened and broke off into tiny, glass-like fragments. Each piece of the falling light became bigger, as the star’s structure continued to fall apart. With the top layer broken off, the inspiration god spotted avian-like feet poking out. The shattering continued until there was nothing left; revealing a small being in a black dress. The being seemed to have white, feathery arms poking out of the sleeveless dress. Marvelous Man was unable to see who the being was, because its face was being obscured by the dress’ black hood. But more than anything, he was sure it was none other than Digz. Marvelous Man held out his arms, as the being’s slow descent drifted closer to him. The being then landed in his arms; its size no larger than a small child or imp. The hulking bodybuilder drew back the dress’ black hood, as he nestled it gently close to his bulky chest. It was a white imp that had three horns atop his head. The animal shape it resembled was a crow with a cute beak, and there was a red ribbon bow tied around the neck of the dress. The imp looked adorable in Marvelous Man’s eyes. This was Digz’s true form. Digz’s eyes slowly opened; revealing crimson red irises. The bone imp stared up at Marvelous Man’s weeping face for a moment before gazing at the scenery around him. The two said nothing, as Digz slowly turned his head back to facing the inspiration god. The bone imp spoke up, “...That wasn’t a long nightmare I dreamed?” Marvelous Man looked into the imp’s red eyes. It begged him to say no; to not put any of the guilt on the poor familiar. The musclebound hero did not want to hurt Digz, because the bone imp had been through so much. And now that the familiar was of sound mind...it felt cruel to deny Digz of any innocence. “It wasn’t,” he answered. The light in Digz’s eyes was crushed, as they widened in disbelief. His eyes became watery, and the hiccup of a soft sob like a child escaped his beak. Grabbing Marvelous Man’s black jacket, he stared up at the inspiration god. Streams of tears rapidly rolled down his face. He cried, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’msorryI’msorry!” The bone imp continued repeating the words through his sobs and rising every octave. Realization of the terrible things he had committed was reflected through his tears. Like a child’s uncontrollable cry, snot leaked from his beak’s nostrils. As he reached the point of screaming, Digz buried his face into Marvelous Man’s chest. “I’M SORRY!!!” he wailed. Marvelous Man hugged Digz.
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FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI Chapter 26: Wrath of the Al-Mi’raj - Part 1 Marvelous Man stared across at the man his team had been looking for. But now the musclebound superhero stood alone with no one to assist against the Skeleton Lord. And while Marvelous Man held great fear in his heart upon being in the presence of his enemy, he could not help but feel a newfound pity. The red cloak with white fur lining was still worn by the Skeleton Lord. However, Marvelous Man noticed how the ancient evil’s past self truly differed. The cloak was clung with patches of dust and dirt, and no longer opened to display the majesty’s royal guise. Instead, it had curtained around the entire body with the hood obscuring the face. But even without the hood, it was still hidden by the horse skull he wore as both a helmet and a mask. A passing thought in Marvelous Man’s head wondered if the king still had those bright emerald green eyes or if it had turned into a dull moss green. The Skeleton Lord spoke up, “Well, well. I am surprised that you had decided to come back, Marvelous Man. But then I suppose that’s just how heroes are. Have to hold onto that virtue of stubbornness until you’ve won the day and saved the princess. Or prince if that’s your fancy...Sadly, I no longer have either of those.” The hulking bodybuilder gulped. He knew if he attempted to take on the Skeleton Lord by his own, he would surely lose...or worse. Marvelous Man had to stall until his friends could arrive to help. He spoke slowly; carefully choosing his words and attempting to humanize his foe. “Because of the Royal Burning, right?” he replied. The ancient evil’s hood gave a slight tilt to the side, “...And how do you know about that?” The Skeleton Lord looked up. “...Oh? And he saw everything that happened?...I see,” he said. The supervillain turned back to Marvelous Man, “Did you find what you were looking for? Because I did.” Lifting a part of his red cloak, the Skeleton Lord revealed his skinny body. His skin shared the same peach color as his hands, but the body betrayed the healthy color by having only skin and bone. Alden’s skeletal frame was clothed only with simple breeches; dark brown and held up by a tattered rope belt. The belt itself seemed to be linked together by a miniature human skull that drooped on top of the groin. Marvelous Man’s eyes were then drawn to a spherical object protruding from the supervillain’s chest. It was an orb that appeared to be made from a black rock and smoothed expertly with no sign of misshape or rough edges. The stone had multiple engravings of unknown origin to the musclebound superhero, and its size compared to that of an average adult fist. It pulsed with a dull, purple light while half-embedded in the left side of the Skeleton Lord’s chest. Bulging veins collected and connected around the ball; as if it were feeding into the orb...or maybe the other way around. The muscle demigod took a step back at the horrified spectacle and gasped. It was undeniable that the Skeleton Lord attained the item Sugar Skull bartered the location of when Marvelous Man and the half-alive ghoul were in Limbo. He then clutched his hand on the D.A.B. patch attached to his black jacket’s shoulder. Activating its telepathic communication ability, the musclebound superhero broadcasted his thoughts. He hoped it would reach his teammates; despite the area being contaminated by Digz’s essence, which would interfere with both technological and magical means of communication. He called out, “Guys, the Skeleton Lord found me, and he’s got the Mana Stone too!” “Repeat, I’m with the Skeleton Lord, and he has the Mana Stone!” he said. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked at every angle he could possibly see while standing still; trying to quickly identify the new area he stood in. From what he hastily analyzed, the hulking bodybuilder had been guided by Digz’s essence to walk right into a temple. The place had been long abandoned, like every other structure in the ghetto, and had become a structure of complete disarray. The walls and marble columns were cracked; appearing so brittle it could fall apart from a single touch. What little furniture here had been tossed onto its backs, broken, or had been stolen with empty bolt slots to serve as evidence that it had once existed. Paintings of the deity the temple paid patronage to were either torn from its frames or chipped off the walls from age and vandalism to the point of being unidentifiable. There were several doorways scattered throughout the room in front of himself, but they did not appear to lead outside. He spotted a faint light casting his dim shadow from behind; most likely the entrance, but no way to confirm until he turned around. The muscle demigod continued his telepathic broadcast, “I’m in some sort of temple, and it’s really old. I’ll try to talk him down. I think I can get to him. DO NOT ENGAGE.” “...Not exactly,” hesitated the muscle demigod, “He showed me enough...Alden, did you know that it was Digz who caused the Royal Burning?” The part of the red cloak that was held up had been released. Drooping back down like a curtain, it resumed hiding Alden’s body. The Skeleton Lord exclaimed, “That’s KING ALDEN to you, hero! And do not tell me your lies! My familiar had already shown me what he had witnessed. You cannot win me over with such empty words!” Out of instinct, Marvelous Man raised his hands with open palms like the characters he had seen in movies that try to calm a person down with body language. Explaining Digz’s deceit had predictably failed, so the musclebound superhero had to reason with something else. “R-right, King Alden. King Alden, you really shouldn’t do this. I mean, aren’t you getting tired of this? We do the same thing every time. My friends and I stop you every time we find you, and then you run away. Just...when does this end? Cause when we stop you this time...you’re going to die. We’ll have to kill you...King Alden,” he said. The Skeleton Lord paused, “...And maybe it would be better that way.” “What? No!” the muscle demigod replied, “Nobody has to die today...not even you. You could run away right now and...well...I don’t-” Alden interjected, “And hide away until I turn into dust?! No, star child. I have no interest of doing that. Not after all I’ve done. This cycle is all I have, and I’ve come too far to just give up. You must kill me where I stand now or perish.” The words within Marvelous Man’s head rattled about; failing to form a coherent sentence to verbally subdue the Skeleton Lord. No matter what the musclebound superhero said, it continued to be the wrong answer. Brushing the topic of Alden’s family or Digz’s affiliation with the person known as Kenelm was definitely out of the question. There was one more thing he could try to deescalate the situation. “Look, just...let me help you, please. I can’t bring back your family, but I can help Digz. He’s not well, and I’m a healer,” he pleaded. The muscle demigod continued, “Digz is a corrupted familiar. It’s why his essence is constantly bleeding out, and why he needs so much energy. Please...King Alden. Let me help.” Alden stood still in silence for a few seconds. “...Why do you still wish to save us, star child? Has our painful past renewed your bleeding heart? Because you can cease that look of pity from your eyes!” spat the ancient evil. Marvelous Man looked down, “I don’t pity you...Well, that’s not completely true. I feel a bit sad for you, but...I’m more sad about the stuff that caused you to turn into this. You were a good person that was compassionate and surrounded by so much love...but then you became as corrupted as your bone imp.” “And well, the more I think about it...the more I realize how alike we are. I could’ve become just like you when I found out that my life was a lie...And I was going to be sucked back into that lie because it made those that I loved feel better. And I nearly killed them and probably would’ve gone on a rampage just like you,” he remarked. The hulking bodybuilder took a deep breath to relax himself. The act of admitting his true feelings made his heart tremble as well as his titanic body. He felt like his whole being was about to shatter from a single touch, but the words would not stop flooding from his mouth. Marvelous Man looked up at Alden, “But it was those same people that helped me come back from that dark place, and I apologized for what I did...And I still do. They inspired me to be a better person...just like how I inspired them to let go of me and trust that I’ll be okay. You were inspired by somebody in a dark place, and they dragged you down with them.” The muscle demigod extended his hand. “So please, let me inspire you to be better, King Alden. Let me heal Digz. He’s been in so much pain that the only way he knows how to feel better is to hurt others, and I know you’ve felt that way too. Please, King Alden...let me help,” he said. The tip of Marvelous Man’s extended hand began to glow; slowly extending itself down the digits. His eyes turned toward the glow, as he experienced a feeling he had not felt before...No, that was incorrect. It was a feeling he had felt before, but it was a dulled version compared to what he currently felt. The emotion was something he had experienced during his childhood to do nice things for his family and the town of Sunnysville. That feeling back then was like a tiny spring trickling out of the cracks of his heart compared to what he felt now; a geyser ready to explode. What he experienced felt...right. It felt like this was “him”. The state of being he was meant to be. The musclebound superhero knew this emotion had a name. Something that he had just said that described it completely. But there was no time to dwell on this discovery. King Alden hesitated, “...Can you...fix my pain as well?” The muscle demigod smiled, as he started to walk towards the Skeleton Lord. His heart became elated at this positive response. Seeing the very person defined as an absolute evil show such a change towards redemption caused the feeling and glowing to increase. The glowing in his hand continued down his arm. As it became more visible, the glowing took on a peculiar shape. It shined like Marvelous Man’s usual illumination or Supercharge, but it had a different color and slightly whisped like his Soul Venom. “Not exactly. I can make your spirit stronger. And it’ll help you come to terms with the pain, so you can heal on your own. Just take my hand, and I can help”, he calmly said. As the hulking bodybuilder came closer, the Skeleton Lord leaned back. Alden slowly extended his right hand. The skinny arm trembled; causing the limb to almost look like a peach-colored blur. Fully extended, it was only a few steps away from making contact with Marvelous Man’s. “And please,” requested Alden, “Help Digz. He’s all I have.” A spider leg made of bone lashed out from beneath the Skeleton Lord’s cloak. The boney limb slashed at Marvelous Man’s hand; swatting away the glowing palm. The musclebound superhero immediately halted from moving any further. “Digz! What are you doing?!” he exclaimed. Hurried little thumps echoed, as a white rabbit bounded underneath Marvelous Man. Passing between the massive legs of the hulking bodybuilder, the bunny leapt forward. The rabbit then twirled in the air; turning to have its feet facing the Skeleton Lord. The rabbit instantly dropped its guise and shapeshifted into the Totochtin prince, Gene Lightfoot. Gene kicked with both legs; impacting against Alden. The Skeleton Lord tumbled backward, while more spider-like limbs ejected out from under the red cloak. The bone legs quickly landed on the floor before skidding to a halt; catching the king from landing violently on the ground. With the surprise attack complete, the rabbit superhero fell towards the temple ground with his face looking at it. His arms instantly positioned in front of himself; bracing for the flat collision. Landing with a suppressed bam, Gene rolled to his left until he was on his back. The bunny demigod swept his leg in a counterclockwise motion, while he lifted his body up. With his feet landing on the ground, it gripped the floor. The Totochtin prince pushed up; springing his body upright and situated back into fighting position. Marvelous Man spoke up, “Gene? W-wait, let me help him! I almost got through!” Gene kept his eyes focused on the Skeleton Lord, as he opened a pouch on his utility belt. His fingerless gloves then began to glow with a red runic symbol. “You almost did, but he has rejected the help. I have allowed you time for your compassion, but it has expired. I will now commence the end to this monster,” he stated. The muscle demigod could feel rage and hate with a hint of sadness radiating into him. Realizing that Gene had unknowingly broadcasted such emotions, the memory of what the Totochtin prince had requested from Digz popped into his mind. The hulking bodybuilder inquired, “...You saw terrible things, didn’t you? From that question you gave to Digz about wanting to know if the Skeleton Lord was...ya know, the culprit to your people’s hiding away thing.” Gene nodded. “Please stand back. I will not be requesting the assistance, nor do I wish for you to be caught in the battle. If you find the Sugar Skull, do not let him do the intervening. There will be no need to do the supercharging to me,” he commanded. Marvelous Man obeyed; taking several steps back until his own back pressed against the temple’s wall. The musclebound superhero wanted to calm his friend down, but the seething rage he felt terrified him. It was a possibility that if he tried to stop the Totochtin prince, the rabbit superhero would have resorted to violence. But Marvelous Man knew he would only take part in the fight to heal his teammate and nothing else. Gene raised his left hand into the air, “Alumeir! Armor bathed in the blood of my enemies, I invoke the wrath of the Al-Mi’raj!” The silver balls shot out from Gene’s pouch and flew above the Totochtin prince. Forming a circle row, the shining spheres began to spin at an intense speed. The projectiles changed into a blur as its color shifted to a crimson red. The crimson material immediately dispersed; rocketing in a curved arc towards the bunny demigod. As the red objects collided into Gene, the searing sound and sight of steam instantly arouse from the rabbit demigod’s flesh. The buildup of sudden steam completely enveloped the Totochtin prince for a second before it instantly parted as if a gust exploded within. Gene stood in shining crimson-colored armor; decorating certain parts of his body. His shin and feet were armored in a set of greaves that resembled the claws of a humanoid dragon, and a spike stood on top of each of his achilles tendon. The kneecaps were covered in a smooth, crimson metal layer. The stripe across his right thigh and his crotch area, along with the waistband, were now shaded in the same red as his armor. His knuckles were encased in the red metal, and his forearms were now covered in crimson vambraces. The rabbit superhero’s elbows were armed with a red spike, and a sharp plate of chest armor covered his chest and shoulders. And on the top of his head was a crimson metal headband with a swirling unicorn horn sticking out of it. It was an armor that screamed of purpose for only attack with barely any regard for defense. “Please give Gemini my thanks,” he said. The spidery legs made of bone adjusted themselves to allow the Skeleton Lord to lean upwards and face his attacker. “Totochtin,” said Alden, “I was wondering when I would see you again. I promised that the next time we met I would ask you a very important question that could save your race. Do you remember?” Gene replied, “I remember.” The Skeleton Lord sighed, as he stood up straight. “I suppose it is pointless to ask now, since it is obvious where you stand. But I might as well keep to my word,” he said. Alden asked, “Will you join me, Totochtin? Become mine. Let me drink your lust energy, and I will spare your people. The Totochtin race can flourish once again and would have no need to hide from me.” The Totochtin prince’s reply was instant with no sign of hesitation. “The answer is no, Skeleton Lord. Instead, I will bring just for my kind. On behalf of the Totochtin race, I sentence you to death,” answered Gene. Marvelous Man felt it was peculiar to see the Skeleton Lord suddenly change mood. It appeared as if Alden had resigned to just being a villain. The Skeleton Lord sighed, “I have been alive too long to hear that phrase one too many. Pray tell, what is your name then Totochtin? Perhaps the potential threat your kind had will come to fruition now. But if not, I want your death to be somewhat memorable to me.” The Totochtin prince crouched himself into his fighting stance. “I am the Totochtin known as the Gene Lightfoot. Prince of the Lightfoot tribe. Combat specialty: the hand-to-hand,” he announced. In one instant motion, Gene shrunk into his rabbit form and rocketed towards the ancient king in less than a second. It was all one crimson blur that left the Skeleton Lord with no time to defend against the bullet-like speed. At the moment of impact, the bunny demigod pushed himself off of Alden and landed on the temple floor with his back faced towards the enemy. Gene did not take a moment to stop and continued to follow the motion by turning a sharp left while running. As he faced the Skeleton Lord, the bunny demigod shifted back into a crimson blur that fired off at his enemy. During the brief moment Gene had landed and turned around, Marvelous Man swore he saw crimson-colored armor plates on Gene’s rabbit form. But the Totochtin prince did not stay still long enough for the musclebound superhero to confirm. The Skeleton Lord’s boney spider legs struggled to stabilize their master, as the ancient king was flung backwards from the blow. And just as his body was situated upright, the rabbit collided into his chest before bouncing off again. Alden was thrown back again, but he skidded to a halt faster than before. By the time Gene was scurrying for a third strike, the Skeleton Lord had already recovered. As the rabbit faced him and torpedoed towards him in a crimson blur, the ancient king lashed with a pair of his white spider limbs. The Skeleton Lord had correctly timed his counter, as the boned arachnid legs slammed against the nearly invisible attack. The bone appendages then immediately broke off after the successful counterattack. Gene was propelled back towards the temple floor by Alden’s swat and bounced on the ground. He then tumbled onto the floor for a moment before recovering himself on his feet and clawing into the ground for an immediate stop. The bunny demigod ceased movement with his eyes locked onto the enemy; his nose twitched with rapid intensity. The muscle demigod confirmed his thought, as he looked at Gene. The armor the Totochtin prince donned on was able to morph into an armor that was made to suit a rabbit rather than shift into nothingness when Gene changed shape. The bunny feet had the same armored claws as the bunny demigod’s human form, and it had dug into the flooring to assist Gene’s braking. The back and hide had multiple crimson-colored armor plates linked together to supposedly prevent any inhibited mobility from the defense it provided. The plating also had blades sticking out from the sides; most definitely for injuring someone that was not completely fortunate enough to dodge Gene’s rabbit tackle or would try to harm the rabbit superhero. Atop Gene’s rabbit head was a crimson helmet that held the same twirled unicorn horn and what is most likely the common form of attack Gene would use in the rabbit form. Marvelous Man then noticed claw marks razed across the floor from Gene’s landing as well as the bunny demigod’s leaps. He judged, by the deep incisions on the temple flooring, that the Totochtin prince had used super strength. The markings had similarities to when the hulking bodybuilder would use his own super strength to perform super jumps. When combined with Gene’s lightning reflex and light body weight, the rabbit superhero would have no trouble shifting one’s body to flip and land feet first. The Skeleton Lord wheezed with difficulty. He clutched at his chest, while the sound of porcelain breaking echoed from his chest. Chips of white bone smeared with blood then sprinkled from the cloak to the ground with tiny tinkling sounds. He coughed, “It appears my chest plate was not enough to stop your attack. I’ll remember to make it thicker.” Spreading from the toes up to his head in an instant motion, the Skeleton Lord became enveloped in a white cocoon of calcified bone. The cocoon then expanded; growing to a size slightly taller than Gene Lightfoot. As the encasing reached its tall proportion, it took shape. The body morphed to mimic the muscular cords of a human body; bare of any skin. His head shifted into the shape of a crow skull, while three short horns sprouted on top. The eye sockets on his head glowed white within and focused on Gene. The Skeleton Lord bowed while spreading his arms out like a gentleman. As he bent forward, Alden revealed an exact replica of himself standing behind. The copy turned left and walked over to stand next to the original. At the same time, a second copy revealed itself from behind the first one by turning to the right. The Skeleton Lord then stood up straight, as each one held out their choice of weaponry. The left copy armed itself with a set of short-handed axes; the same kind enchanted with electricity and wielded by the Skeleton Lord guardian, Zareb. The right copy was equipped with the guardian knight’s glaive polearm. In the original Skeleton Lord’s right hand, grasped between the middle and index finger, was a white wand. Marvelous Man’s eye shot wide open. He quickly grasped the magical D.A.B. patch on his jacket’s shoulder. He hoped at such close distance that his ally could hear the telepathic message. “Gene, watch out for that wand!” he thought, “It can stretch out and hit you!” Reverting back into the human form, Gene charged towards the Skeleton Lord’s left copy. The left duplicate had taken notice and responded by clanging his axes together. The runes carved into the axes glowed a bluish hue, while electricity began to discharge from the weapons. At the same time the left copy was readying his attack, the original Skeleton Lord and the right clone moved away. The original used his spider leg bones to crawl up a column, while the right copy took a step away from the left duplicate. The left copy then swung his short-handed axes from both sides; causing lighting to shoot out towards the Totochtin prince. Gene continued to run towards the electrical arc without any sign of uncertainty. Upon reaching collision point with the bunny demigod, the bolt then changed its direction. The lightning bolt angled itself further up; funneling itself into the tip of Gene’s unicorn horn. From Marvelous Man’s perspective, it was as if the horn acted as a lightning rod. With both fighters within striking distance, the left copy made the first move. He lunged forward with all eight of the spider legs sticking from his back. As the pointy ends of the bony limbs dove towards the rabbit superhero, Gene vanished. But it was the complete opposite if one had the spectator’s view like Marvelous Man had. The muscle demigod saw Gene had shifted into the rabbit form; shrinking underneath the copy’s attack. The armored bunny scampered unharmed towards the duplicate, who only stood two hops away. Upon reaching the foe in a second, Gene morphed to his human form. In one instant motion, Gene rose from the ground during the change. He held out his fist above himself, as he continued to ascend at blinding speed. The crimson-knuckled fist then uppercutted the underside of the clone’s chin. Gene shifted his body; twisting his rising motion into a spiral. In slow motion, the increased intensity of the uppercut resulted in cracks branching from the area of impact. The cracks crawled over the crow-shaped skull with smaller cracks spreading from the larger ones and weaving into the others. It even stretched far enough to reach the tip of the beak. As Gene flew above the foe, his fist effortlessly pierced through the skull. The duplicate’s crow skull shattered in every direction; littering the air and floor with bone chips and dust. The rabbit superhero twirled in the air before gracefully landing with his back turned to the beheaded left copy. A hollow thump echoed behind Gene, as the decapitated foe fell backwards. Marvelous Man drew a sharp breath, while his heart skipped a beat. His body could not react fast enough at the sight he was about to witness. By the time he would have channeled energy into his badge to communicate, the tragedy in front of him will have already occurred. The muscle demigod wondered why did he watch Gene rather than having kept an eye on the environment. A black blade dove into Gene’s left side. With the rabbit superhero distracted, the Skeleton Lord’s right copy attacked with deadly silence before Gene had time to notice and react. As it pushed into the bunny demigod, Gene had become instantly...displaced. It was as if the bunny demigod was standing in front of a mirror. The Totochtin prince divided into two exact copies of himself; dividing out of harm’s way. The Gene clones were faced back to back with just enough space between each other for the incoming harm to pass by without a scratch. With no flesh to stab, the right copy’s weapon sailed between the two rabbit superheroes’ ample buttocks. The black blade no longer posing a harm towards them, the two grabbed hold of the pole with only one hand. The Left Gene with his right, and the Right Gene with his left. The Totochtin prince duo then leapt upwards; twirling towards the Skeleton Lord copy and raising a leg in the process. Once fully elevated above the pole, their lifted legs swung in unison at the enemy’s crow-shaped skull head. The crimson-armored legs collided on both sides of the crow head simultaneously; resulting in the same incalculable fractures as the other beheaded duplicate. The cracks stemming from both sides of collision reached out and interweaved with each other. A heavy crunch resounded from the skull before it splintered in dust and tiny bone debris. With nothing else in the way, the armored legs crashed into each other...but there was no sign of clashing against one another. The crimson claw feet had instead merged; becoming one armored right foot. As the rest of Gene’s twin bodies collided with each other, they fused into one. By the time the bunny demigods landed, they stood as one Gene Lightfoot. A memory in Marvelous Man’s mind flashed back to the fight between the Director and Gilgamesh. There was a spell Director Skye used when Gilgamesh swung a sword at the master witch. The Director called it a space fracture spell that temporarily divided an offending object to miss its target. He remembered the master witch saying that the spell should not be used on living beings...which Gene completely was. Glaive polearm still in hand, the rabbit superhero twirled it until it was positioned like a javelin throw. Gene looked up at an empty ceiling; his eyes and twitching ears scanning for the original Skeleton Lord. A second later, the Totochtin prince’s eyes and ears locked on at a certain area above himself. He then chucked the weapon, which immediately dissolved into whisping, black essence. The Skeleton Lord’s voice echoed, “Do you really think I would involve myself in repeating the same counter? That is one repetition I refuse to be trapped in.” Marvelous Man still could not see Alden, yet he could hear roughly where the voice originated from. The musclebound superhero then came to the conclusion, that the Skeleton Lord was borrowing the power of invisibility from another guardian. The Aztec man that has yet to appear with his bow and arrow, Itzcóatl. Gene hopped backwards with urgency. Immediately after, the spot he stood in ruptured with a muffled stabbing sound. The area had been gouged with an invisible weapon; leaving behind a small hole that resembled a bullet hole. The Totochtin prince then began to twirl; spinning, bowing, and leaping about like a ballerina. Every movement Gene made would then cause puffs of tiny debris from the flooring to emerge immediately after. It almost seemed as if he were performing a dance, were it not for the ballistic-like holes appearing on the floor. It took no brain power at all for Marvelous Man to understand the situation. It was obvious that the Skeleton Lord was using the bone wand to attack. Alden tried to extend the weapon and stab Gene, but the bunny demigod would hear it in time and gracefully dodge it. Gene suddenly changed his pace, as the appearance of the holes became more rapidly. The holes also seemed to multiply. Two at a time it would show up and soon was followed by three. The rabbit superhero’s smooth skin began to show signs of damage; shallow slices and nicks against his exposed arms and the sides of his abdomen. Even his pants started to have ripped seams. Marvelous Man’s mind was beginning to understand the pattern of this attack. Most likely, with the help of the Mana Stone, the Skeleton Lord was creating multiple wands to float around and attack from different angles. The Totochtin prince was fast, but he could only handle so much with Alden’s wands attacking. And with the attacks so minor, the crimson armor’s defense mechanism was not activating. The muscle demigod hypothesized that only fatal or highly damaging blows would cause Gene to divide out of harmful assault’s direction. The rabbit superhero then ceased movement. The look of stonewall determination solidified in his eyes before it shut. Gene raised arms; angling them in different directions. Immediately after, sparks burst from the crimson vambraces on his forearms. Pieces of a narrow, white spike materialized; flying away from the exact point the sparks emerged from the vambraces. It appeared as if the pieces were bone that broke off from the wand and bounced off the crimson armor. Gene swiftly rearranged his arms in a different angle; causing the same effect. The bunny demigod had instantly found another countermeasure to the invisible attack, and it made Marvelous Man’s heart sing with hope. The dance began again. Waving his arms and legs about, Gene had successfully countered the unseeable barrage by using the armor on his limbs to block. Every motion he performed made him look like a living firework, while the floor became littered with broken pieces of the bone wands. As Marvelous Man watched the rhythmic performance, his ears caught a low growling sound. He then turned to the noise he began to hear; directing his attention towards Gene’s recently defeated foes. Looking over at the Skeleton Lord’s decapitated copies, he noticed that the bone corpses had stirred. The bodies had shattered into multiple pieces and rapidly moved about. He could see some of the pieces had rebuilt itself into a wolf skull; as well as most of its body. A sense of urgency flooded him, as the muscle demigod tightly gripped his badge. “Gene! The Skeleton Lord is doing something to his copies. I think they’re reforming into something different!” he mentally spoke. The rabbit superhero quickly opened his eyes and crouched down before launching himself in the air. He sailed backwards; initiating a backflip in the process. At that same instance, the area he had squatted on was immediately filled with holes. As he landed on his feet spaces away from the Skeleton Lord’s invisible attack zone, Gene spotted a fully built wolf skeleton lunging at him. The bone wolf had its jaws gaped wide open like a crocodiles. Its teeth seemed larger than a normal canine’s, and every fang looked sharp and ready to slice through flesh. The size of itself nearly matched Gene’s height, and its eyes held the same glowing white orbs within its sockets. Shrinking down to rabbit form, the bunny demigod scampered underneath the bone wolf that sailed over him. As he fully crossed beneath the humongous canine, he shapeshifted back to his human form. At the same time, the bone wolf snapped its jaws at air before landing on the ground and skidding its body to turn around. Another ravenous snarl echoed in front of the rabbit superhero, while Gene transformed. A second fully-formed bone wolf leaped at the Totochtin prince with the same vicious teeth ready to tear him asunder. Eyebrows furrowed, Gene reached out with both hands. His left hand caught the snout, while his right grabbed the lower jaw. The crimson claw armor on his feet dug into the ground; unrelenting to the force of catching such a large and fast object. The bunny demigod slammed the wolf’s maw shut with several of its teeth cracking and shattering from the super strength. The skeletal minion whimpered, as it hung limply in Gene’s grip. Gene bellowed a scream of exertion, while he lifted the captured canine by its jaws. The wolf that had missed the rabbit superhero charged at Gene again. Its mouth opened wide to snap at the Totochtin prince’s exposed lower back. In one motion during the lift, the bunny demigod shifted his feet to help turn his entire body to face the first canine attacker. Skeleton wolf still in hand and raised into the air, Gene slammed it down at the other wolf. The ground beneath the charging canine fractured and slightly caved in, as the bone wolves were forcibly collided into one another and then into the floor. Both skeleton creatures gave off a sharp cry from the harsh impact. The wolf that had been bludgeoned by the captured wolf was splayed nearly flat into the ground. The bone wolves were visibly defeated, but Gene’s arms flexed again for one more attack. Gene raised the bone wolf trapped in his grip by the snout. He then whirled the skeletal minion in a downward circular motion as if he were playing gold. The captured wolf collided with the downed canine; launching it into the temple wall. At the same time, the rabbit superhero released his superhuman grip on the wolf he had turned into improvised weaponry and sent it crashing into the other. The two bone wolves rammed into each other again and against the wall; causing the temple’s wall to immediately crumble. Dim daylight bled through the gaping hole with a size large enough for two Marvelous Mans to step through at the same time. Upon seeing the two bone wolves tumble into the outside, the bunny demigod shapeshifted into his armored rabbit form. Marvelous Man watched his teammate scurry over the hole to the outside and realized the battlegrounds has now changed. The hulking bodybuilder then turned towards the temple’s open entrance stationed behind himself made his way to the grayed outside. The armored rabbit’s head twitched in multiple directions, as he landed in the open area. Whisping darkness blanketed the entire ground and throughout the rest of the visible vicinity. It was impossible to distinguish if Gene was on a road or a concrete area for passersby to walk on. Only the business buildings and stores could be seen above the essence-ridden field, but they were only visible within a certain distance before the black smoke in the air devoured them into obscurity. The blackness on the ground had a depth that rose up to half of the bunny’s size; nearly swallowing the morphed demigod. Shapeshifting back to his human form, the Totochtin prince ran towards the center of the opened area. The high-piercing screech of a horse echoed from the temple’s hole, as Gene reached the center point. He then immediately spun his body to face the whinnying threat. The sound of heavy horse gallops reverberated from the hole, while Gene crouched into fighting position. A giant figure burst through the hole; causing the gaping wound on the building to widen further. The dim light that barely illuminated the captured ghetto revealed the Skeleton Lord in a new form. The upper body still had the same bone armor with a horned crow skull head and spider legs attached to the back, but it was now rooted into the neck of a white horse. Armed with his guardian’s glaive polearm, Alden had become the mythical centaur. The Skeleton Lord continued to charge forward with the hooves rumbling like thunder. Gene darted toward the ancient king; his body huddled close to the ground like a swift ninja. The space between the two rapidly shortened with the fighters only seconds away from contact against each other. The bunny demigod jumped. His arms positioned to deliver a devastating punch, while the Skeleton Lord raised the glaive with both hands into the air to prepare a deadly swing. At that same moment, Marvelous Man appeared from around the corner of the temple in time to see the released violence. The pool of whisping essence beneath Gene erupted, as an object breached to the surface. The object reached out to the Totochtin prince; grasping the crimson-armored ankle. Its white grip around the metal began to bubble as if it were being boiled. Revealing itself to be a skeleton arm; birthed from the lagoon of darkness to only hinder the rabbit superhero. The skeleton arm yanked on the leg; successfully upsetting Gene’s balance to fall forward with arms flailing about. As the bunny demigod was pulled towards the ground, the centaur unleashed his attack. The ornate polearm was brought over the Skeleton Lord’s right side and swung in a counterclockwise motion. With such a motion, the glaive’s black blade sliced upwards at a diagonal angle to the left. It almost seemed to glimmer, as it approached Gene’s throat. Blade against neck, the crimson armor activated the defense mechanism. The Totochtin prince divided again. The ornamental glaive cleaved through only emptiness, as the division repositioned Gene in midair. Two Totochtins appeared, and the distance between the two were wider in order to dodge the blade. With the space fracture spell activated, the Genes’ leg were no longer in the skeletal grasp. During the fall, the bunny demigods’ fates had splintered. The left clone had transformed into his armored rabbit body and landed with a small thump. As for the right clone, his left shoulder collided with the Skeleton Lord’s horse half. The division was enough to avoid the attack, but it did not compensate for the centaur’s wide mass that charged towards them. The impact caused Right Gene’s body to momentarily twirl uncontrollably until his body faced the opposite direction and the ancient king passing through unopposed to any lightweight obstacles. As Right Gene fell face first into the whisping blackness with a muffled whump, the left clone twitched his head towards his fallen copy. Reverting back to human form, Left Gene ran over to his clone. While he did so, Alden had slowed down to a simple trot and turned to face the rabbit superhero clones. Left Gene squatted down; extending a hand to the other that began to slowly get up. Before the left could help, the space between both clones collapsed. The Genes were slammed together and merged. The result from such suddenness resulted in a lone Totochtin prince standing at the exact point of the fusion. He then winced in pain, as the bunny demigod placed his right hand over his left arm. The centaur ceased further movement; appearing to observe the injury that has yet to be seen on the rabbit superhero. Gene then released the hold over his arm and turned to resume the battle with his enemy. At the same time, the eyes of Marvelous Man and Alden’s widened. The Skeleton Lord’s glinted with curiosity, while the hulking bodybuilder’s were filled with fraught. Colors of yellow and purplish red bled within the Totochtin prince’s perfect skin to form a wide bruise on top of Gene’s left bicep. Marvelous Man’s tried to wrack his brain with any sort of explanation, but it only came out as questions. Were the Gene clones forcibly combined because of a time limit or because of injury? Are the injuries to the clones transferred back to the original or is there a side effect that takes a toll on the body with more than one division within a certain time frame? How much mana does it take to create these divisions and for how long could Gene keep it up? And what of the Skeleton Lord? The muscle demigod’s gaze shifted over to Alden. The anxiety in his heart began to climb at the thought of Gene’s safety now compromised. He wanted to intervene and assist in the fight as usual...But he had to let his friend fight it out until the situation became life-threatening. The centaur held out his glaive with the black blade pointing up at the blanketed sky. Slowly, he banged the bottom of the polearm against the black miasma-covered ground three times. Each time the weapon rapped against the hidden concrete came with a thunderous boom that bellowed throughout the ghetto. Upon the last bang, neither combatants moved. Seconds painstakingly passed, as the two stared at each other with intensity during the standoff. A ravenous screech emanated from a nearby building. Marvelous Man looked towards where he heard the noise and spotted an office building. One of the windows belonging to the structure shattered, while a large object passed through it. Landing with a slump into the pool of whisping darkness, the object immediately began to move and push itself up. The muscle demigod instantly recognized what it was. Oozing. Festering. A corpse raised from the dead and in servitude of the Skeleton Lord; carrying the bloody runes painted on them by their master. A cold shiver ran down the hulking bodybuilder’s spine, as his mind flashed back to the memories of dead bodies during his kidnapping and their reanimation within the escape through Limbo. With the passing weeks since Marvelous Man last saw them, it had become more bone than decomposing flesh. The field of Digz’s essence extended a black tendril to the animated corpse. Slithering up the zombie’s leg, it swiftly encompassed the rotting entirety. The dark tentacle then stretched and solidified into black equipment. Its body became adorned with medieval armor, and its hands equipped with a sword and axe. Fear rose within Marvelous man, as he knew what was expected to come next. More windows shattered from the building, and more of Alden’s zombies came pouring out. The echoes of shattered glass began to spread; undead springing from other buildings. The musclebound superhero lost count of how many of the rotting servants were heeding to their master’s call. But it was enough for him to guess that the ancient king had the size of a small army at the beckoning. Standing amidst a crowd of the undead, he had no choice but to activate his flight ability. Marvelous Man flew upwards enough to be out of the zombies’ striking range before looking down at the spectacle about to commence. The corpse mob charged towards Gene. With blood-curdling screams, they raised their weapons in the air. It would be only seconds before the death that circled around the bunny demigod would close in. But the Totochtin prince showed no sign of fear, nor could Marvelous Man feel Gene emanating that emotion. Shapeshifting back to his rabbit form, Gene torpedoed off in a crimson blur. The armored bunny pulverized through a row of the Skeleton Lord’s zombies. As he landed, he swiveled his body and aimed in a new direction at the undead horde. Gene pushed off with his super strength again; leaving behind another line of decimated rot. As the armored rabbit landed again, a group of skeleton arms shot out from the pool of whisping essence. The arms surrounded the bunny demigod from every direction and proceeded to wrap themselves around Gene without hesitation. The skeletal limbs boiled at the touch but were immediately layered with another set of bone arms before they were brittle enough for the rabbit superhero to break through. Gene attempted to struggle from the bondage, but only his head shook. His body could not move under the layers of limbs that held him down and had constantly replaced itself with fresher bones before the ones beneath weakened. With the bunny demigod bounded onto the ground, the armed zombies attacked. The animated corpses with swords thrust their weapons towards Gene’s exposed rabbit face. Dividing out of the blade’s way, the bunny clones appeared on the outer sides of the bone huddle that had restrained him. Black swords and axes swung down at clone’s faces at that same moment; causing Gene to divide again into a set of four. Before the corpse soldiers could strike for a third time, the Totochtin princes retaliated. Each one attacked in a different way; rather than in unison. One transformed into his human form and unleashed an uppercut. Another charged forward to create another row of obliterated undead. The third shapeshifted and parried off the dark weapons with his crimson vambraces. And the last also morphed but rolled away from the confrontation. A second later, the clones of Gene were pulled back together by an unseen force. The collision and emerging of the original Totochton prince in human form took place behind the huddle of bone arms. As a new set of bruises bled onto his right arm, he leaned forward and coughed into his hand. The zombie army made no attempt to attack at this moment of vulnerability as if they were heeding their master’s command. The Skeleton Lord made no movement; only watching what would happen next. The bunny demigod wiped his mouth with his hand. He then flicked the hand he coughed into at the ground. Flecks of blood could be seen; flung from his hand and into the pool of blackness. Marvelous Man wanted to be shocked at the cost of using space fracture magic on one’s self, but he spotted something stirring out the corner of his eye. Looking over towards the rubble caused by Gene creating a giant hole in the temple wall, he saw the bone wolves lying amidst it. The bone wolves had shattered once again and were piecing themselves together into something different. They were combining into one large creature; taking on lizard-like features. He grabbed his D.A.B. patch for telepathy, “Gene, he’s doing something to those bone wolves you beat! They’re becoming something big...really big…” The Skeleton Lord slammed the back-end of his glaive onto the ground; reverberating the ominous boom. “Come, Leviathan!” he shouted. The reformatted skeleton creature arose to Alden’s summoning call. Fully complete, it stood as large as the enormous fuel trucks Marvelous Man had seen in action films. It was not like its previous incarnations that were hollow with simple skeleton constructs. The massive monster was made of bone, but the construct’s physical appearance mimicked an organic being to a lifelike degree. Its armor-like scales molded around muscles that pulsed underneath. The Leviathan had the head of a dragon that drooled Digz’s black essence; cascading seamlessly into the pool of whisping darkness. Its lengthy body had a serpent-like shape with a long, wide tail that was perfect for swatting or swimming. The legs beneath its gargantuan body was a set of four; bulky, clawed, and hunched ready to pounce. The Leviathan roared; booming louder than any thunder. The vibrations of such a detonative resonance shook the scenery like a miniature earthquake. Most windows in the surrounding buildings that were not already broken had now shattered, while the rest shivered violently. Gene held down his white rabbit ears against the blast. Marvelous Man could not hold his own against the sonic, as he was briefly pushed back by such bellowing pressure. Marvelous Man reflected on this moment. The capabilities the Skeleton Lord had shown with just one Mana Stone was terrifying. He easily reformatted skeletal pieces into new structures while fighting the agile Gene Lightfoot and did it within seconds. His imagination for using his bones seemed to be unlimited now. If he were to attain the second Mana Stone, he truly would become a god-like being.
  11. "Je vous laisse, mon ami!" "WHAT!, after everything we have we went through together Pierre? I don’t understand what you want me to do. I was going to propose to you at Christmas. You are going to just give up on us without a second thought? I don’t even care that you slept with Gustav, you mean so much to me." “Winston, I just can’t get past the fact that you look…..uhhhh so…..small. I want to be with a partner that can not only make me happy on the inside, but also looks great on the outside.” “I do workout Pierre, you know this. You used to complement me so much on my athletic physique. What happened?” “Gustav est passé mon ami. He fulfills my insatiable desire for muscle. If you were just……uhhhh…..how do you say……bigger, I would be much more satisfied.” Winston continues to look at Pierre dumbfounded and wonders why he would be thinking this way since they seemed to be so happy. Before he can get another word out though, Pierre waves goodbye to him and turns around to get into his car. The stunned thinner young man stands in silence as his eyes well up with tears. They stream down his face as he watches his former lover drive down the road and beyond the mountain outside the city in the distance. To take Pierre off his mind, he walks a few thousand feet down the sidewalk before he stumbles upon a park that is located just on the edge of the city. He enters the passageway and notices an impressively built water fountain about a quarter mile ahead from where he is standing and walks towards it. Halfway there, he can hear several clanging sounds as the sky rains with piles of shiny gold coins. When he leans down to examine some of them, several pelt him in the head and knock him down unconscious. He awakens several minutes later and realizes that the entire path to the water fountain is made of these coins. He hears a voice in the background and wonders if it is his imagination. He speaks loudly. “Hello? Who are you?” There is no answer. He takes a few more steps and notices that some of the coins are loose on the ground and can be picked up. After examining a handful of them, one of them glows a bright green color which immediately catches his eye. He grins as he drops the rest of them and continues to stare at it. The voice returns again which makes him snap out of his trance. “What the? WHO ARE YOU!?” The voice laughs before saying, “Lad, I think you know what you are supposed to do with that lucky coin, am I right?” He looks at it again and then walks the rest of the path to stand directly in front of the fountain. He closes his eyes before flipping it up into the air. As he does this, time slows to a crawl as he watches in amazement when the coin hits the water at half the speed. The splash is so intense that it forms a tidal wave and lands directly on top of him. He yells in fright as it drowns him before draining into the ground. As he comes to again, he looks up and sees a rainbow appear from just over the mountain as it ends directly in front of the fountain just a few feet away from him. A strange looking machine follows it down as it stops at the bottom. A small muscular man dressed in a green outfit with a black belt and a color coordinated hat jumps down and immediately walks over to punch him in the right leg. “OW! What the fuck man? Damn, you are a strong little man. And kind of…..” The small man stops him before he can get another thought out. “Don’t say it mate, I know what you are thinking. You think I am attractive because I have these muscles.” *he points to his biceps and flexes them as they stretch the fabric on his jacket* “Now, I want you to come with me back to my home world Winston so we can get this moving along.” Winston looks thoroughly confused and has no idea what he is talking about as he looks down at him. “Huh? What? I don’t know what you are talking about little man? What did I do?” The little man punches him in the crotch and shakes his head in disbelief as he stands there with his hands on his hips. “Lad, why do you have to be so naïve. You made a wish when you threw that coin into this here fountain behind me. I am here to help you fulfill that wish, but you have to come with me to complete a quest in order for it to come true.” Winston looks on in a stupor as the little man physically picks him and slams him onto the machine he rode on. He gets in on the other side of it as it begins to move. The shocked human has trouble getting any words out as he attempts to comprehend how a man that probably weighs about 50 pounds could carry a guy that is three times his body weight without any resistance whatsoever. “Shhh…..don’t even say anything mate. Let me introduce myself, I am Padraig, leader of the Emerald guild. In case you haven’t noticed, we be muscled LOL.” *he flexes again as the machine moves up the rainbow towards the mountain* “But seriously Winston, you said in your mind as you threw that coin that you wished to become the man that Pierre wanted you to be. This is your chance to show him that you indeed can and will.” Once they get to the other side of the rainbow and over the mountain, Padraig and Winston get off the machine and start walking towards the village located just to their right. The surprised human stops for a few seconds as the little man turns to look up at him. He puts his big right hand on his forehead and sighs before he speaks again. “Winston, I know that this is all a bit of a shock to you, but there is only a small amount of time to complete your quest. Before you begin however, I want you to meet your guide through your adventure.” As they walk through the village, another little muscular man approaches them and stops just far enough away to where he catches the eye of the much taller human. Paddy stops him in his tracks and stands next to Winston before he starts to smile knowing what he must be thinking. He then walks over to the other little man and puts his hand on his beefy shoulder. “Aye there Ioan, glad you could come and participate in the quest that has been selected for you. This here is Winston, he made a wish in the fountain on Earth and is now here to fulfill his destiny.” The remarkably good-looking small man looks up at him and makes a few gestures like he wants Winston to pick him up. When the surprised human attempts to do so, he figures out that the man is a lot heavier than he looks. After a few more failed attempts, Paddy intervenes and leads them both over to a table so they can talk briefly. “Ioan will be with you through this quest Winston. Actually, he will be a part of the quest as well. His fate will be in your hands as a result of a set of questions that will be asked as you make your way through the tundra that is just beyond the gates of this village.” Paddy points in the direction of the tundra and leans over the table to whisper something into Ioan’s ear. The little man looks a tad bit concerned as he turns to look up at Winston and then looks at Padraig again. The elder muscleman gives him a look that suggests that he must go through with whatever he told him or else there will be consequences. After about twenty seconds, Ioan gets up from the table and walks towards the gates before opening them and disappearing into the landscape. Winston is a bit confused as to what just occurred and wonders what this will entail. “I don’t understand what this man has to do with me, but for some reason I feel like I have some connection to him. Is this partly because of the quest that I have to complete with him?” Paddy smiles before he gets up from the table and motions for Winston to do the same. He then leads the human over to the gates and walks through them. They stop after a few hundred feet of entering the tundra before the little man stops. He turns to look up at Winston once more. “Okay lad, this is where I must leave you so you can fulfill your destiny. The tundra will be jarring at first, but once you reach the crossroads, you will know what to do next.” A large sack appears in front of Winston which surprises him. “Take that with you laddy, it has enough supplies in it to sustain you for however long you are here. I wish you luck and I will see you soon.” The little muscleman turns to walk back through the gates as they close behind him and he vanishes. After pausing for a few seconds after picking up the velvet bag, Winston immediately starts walking again across the barren wasteland. The cooler temperatures make him stop after trekking for a few minutes as he opens the bag up and pulls out a heavy coat from within. He briefly wonders how this could be inside of it but figures that it is some kind of magic and continues to walk ahead. For what seems like hours, Winston eventually reaches the area that Padraig spoke of. A huge cave appears from out of nowhere which briefly concerns him. He goes inside and manages to find enough kindling in his bag to make a fire. He then makes a bed out of some fabric and goes to sleep for the night as the sun disappears behind the mountain that is just above the village in the distance. When he awakens the next morning, he is greeted by the small man he saw leave from back in the village. He is not wearing a top as his hairy muscular chest is just inches away from Winston’s face. The muscular man’s deep masculine voice stuns the much taller human as he sits up. “Good morning sir, I wondered if you might find this place. I am supposed to ask you a question which has two possible answers. Whichever answer you choose will decide what happens next.” He helps Winston up from the ground so he can look up at him as he talks. The man’s nicely groomed reddish brown beard and green eyes are not what he was expecting to see when he woke up for the day, but is pleasantly surprised. They take a few steps outside the cave and turn back around to look at it. Ioan proceeds to ask Winston the question. “Which one of your parents do you miss the most Winston? This question must be answered truthfully or your quest will end here.” Winston is stunned by the question right off the bat and puts his arms above his head. He had no idea that this would even come up and immediately looks down at Ioan. “WHAT!? What kind of question is that? What does this have to do with my wish at the fountain? Did Padraig tell you to ask me this question?” Ioan puts his hand out as Winston takes his hands off his head to hold the little man’s. He looks up at the human and has a relatively neutral look on his face. “This is just part of the process Winston and I am sorry. I was summoned to be your guide and I have been put in charge of the questions that have to be asked. This actually does pertain to your wish indirectly and is meant to help you cope with what happened to you in the past.” After a moment of self-reflection, it dawns on Winston that he is going to be asked three questions that will pertain to his past, what is happening in the present, and what may or may not happen in the future to him. He grips Ioan’s hand as hard as the little man is now gripping his. “I…..I can’t go back Ioan. They both meant so much to me. I mean…..why?” Ioan walks forward, still holding Winston’s hand, and pulls him further into the cave with him. After taking about fifty steps down into the dark corridor, it changes into two emergency room doors. They stop just a few feet in front of them as Ioan looks up to talk to Winston again. “This is where you must answer the question Winston. Your parents are both here. Talk to them face-to-face one last time. This will help you move on since this has been lurking in your mind for a great deal of time. I will wait in the lobby for when you return so that we can move on to the next question. You will be fine mate, I promise.” Ioan lets go of Winston’s hand as they enter into the waiting area of the hospital. The little hairy muscleman stands there as numerous medical personnel move around him not noticing either one of them are even there. The scared taller young man tries not to lose his composure as he takes a deep breath and walks down the hospital corridor towards one of the recovery rooms on the right. He stops walking when he glances inside one of the rooms and sees both his father and mother lying in beds side by side hooked up to machines. He slowly enters the room and walks between them to turn back and forth to look at them with heavy eyes. He can’t get any words out as he gets on his knees beside his mother to hold her hand and lightly weep. She moves her hand as she turns to look at him. “Winston…..I am so glad that you made it here. Ronnie and I didn’t know if you would get here in time or not…..I can’t seem to remember much…..I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and that I will always be in your heart. I also wanted to tell you that I am fine with who you are so don’t worry about it anymore, okay?” Winston tries to keep from crying but can’t hold back the tears that are welling up. They stream down his face as his mother begins to struggle with her breathing. Before he can say anything to her, she loses consciousness and flat lines. His father Ronnie starts to grunt behind him as he tries to get up to see if his wife is okay or not. Multiple nurses come flooding into the room as they try to restrain him as others try to revive her. Winston’s dad is finally put in restraints as the incredibly muscular middle-aged man winces feeling his body hurting from the catastrophic injuries he sustained in the car accident. The extremely sad young man quickly moves over to the other side of his father’s bed where there is no medical personnel and grasps his dad’s bloodied hand. He is amazed that he never noticed how powerful his dad was before as he looks at all the huge veins cascade from his forearms all the way up his arms and directly into his father’s head. Ronnie looks over at his son and is very distraught. He squeezes Winston’s hand tightly as he pulls him in to hug him. The stunned young man bawls as his dad holds him against his chest. After a few seconds, he lets go of Winston and the sad young man gets down on his knees again to talk to his father. Ronnie tenses his muscles a few times since the pain is so excruciating and looks at his son’s eyes before he speaks. “Look at you Win, you have really grown up since I last saw you. It seems like yesterday that you were just barely walking…..actually it has been that long hasn’t it?” Ronnie pauses for a few moments before he reaches over to grab Winston’s arm to squeeze it. “I am a bit surprised though that you haven’t started growing muscles like your old man here. I want you to be big and strong so you can handle things in case you need to protect yourself or possibly the love of your life perhaps.” He tenses his chest and arms again to show Winston that he stayed in shape all the way up to the accident. He then smiles at him before he speaks again. “I may not have ever heard that you were gay son, but just know that I am okay with it. I’m not sure how your mother would feel about it, but I love you more than you will ever know.” He puts his arms out again to embrace his son and pulls him in to hold him one last time. The power radiating from him dissipates as Winston feels his dad fading away as the machines beep before he flat lines as well. The nurses that were trying to revive his mother move over to Ronnie and begin doing CPR on him as they push Winston out of the way. The young man falls onto the ground and yells in agony as he witnesses both of his parents die in front of him. After a few seconds he feels a small hand move up against his shoulder. He looks up and sees that it is Ioan who joins him on the floor to comfort him. “I didn’t say it would be easy mate, but you were here to see them one last time. I know it hurts a lot, but this will help you heal. *gets up and reaches his hand out to pull Winston up off the ground* Come on, it is time to move on to the next question. We will have to leave this place first though.” Winston stops sobbing and leaves the room only to turn back around to look in at them one last time. Ioan grasps his hand and starts pulling him away towards the front of the ER lobby. They walk through the doors as it vanishes behind them. The young man turns and is stunned by what just happened. Ioan takes him back to where he was staying at in the cave and has him sit down. “Rest for a few minutes Winston and eat something. This was a difficult situation I know. Think on it if you need to and I will return to go to the next question.” Winston spends a few minutes sitting there before he gets up to find Ioan standing just outside the cave. The little muscleman is quite surprised that he is already there. “Wow, are you sure you want to move on so quickly. This next question is going to be a bit tough as well. Why do you think your boyfriend left you? This question must be answered with a truthful answer or your quest ends here.” Winston thinks that he knows the answer to this question but before he says a word, Ioan shakes his head no. “Hold on Winston. I don’t think that you were told the whole story from Pierre. It is time to go back into the cave again and find out what the answer is okay?” The two men walk back in and proceed down the cave corridor again. They stop moving forward when a balcony appears in front of them with a beautiful lake in the background. There are numerous boats on the lake and it appears that there is some party going on. Winston seems a bit confused by the whole scenario before he hears Pierre’s voice off to the side. It sounds like he is moaning quite loudly and is having sex with someone. He then hears multiple voices and rushes onto the balcony before going into a side door into what he thinks is a beach house. Ioan stands outside and looks on as Winston finds Pierre sandwiched between three heavily muscled men. His ex-boyfriend is being fucked by one of them as the two others take turns fucking his mouth with their huge rods. None of them are Gustav though since Winston would recognize him immediately. His blood pressure rises as he confronts his ex. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS PIERRE!? You told me you were with Gustav, why would you lie to me?” Pierre immediately shoves the guy that is inside him off and jumps to his feet. He is completely soaked in sweat as he tries to compose himself. The three muscle monsters begin to move towards Winston, but Pierre tells them to stop. “Oh mon gawd mon ami! What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you to show up so soon after we broke up. Gustav? Uhhh…..well I was going to go see him after taking a few days off, you know? *seems really confused* Uhhhh, how did you find this place? I don’t think we ever came here when we were dating did we?” The three musclemen move down to the lake and find an open area to lie on the ground. Pierre notices that they are going there without him as he tries to move past Winston. The angry American grabs his French lover on the arm and grips it tightly. “I want answers Pierre, what are you doing with these guys? Were you doing this shit when we were together?” The athletic Frenchman pauses for a few seconds and sighs. “Winston, I have needs. I need to satisfy these needs by going all in with it. Originally, it was just one, but it has grown quite a bit since then and now I have three awesome sluts that make me feel alive. *pulls Winston’s hand off his arm* Maintenant, si vous pouvez me excuser mon ami, I need to go join my friends so we can finish what we started when you got here.” The nude Frenchman rushes out the side door and down to the lakeshore as the three huge hulks begin to mess around with each other again. Winston walks out slowly and looks over the balcony as he watches his ex-boyfriend get ravaged by each one of them as he yells in ecstasy feeling his body getting thrashed by each one of them. Ioan climbs up onto the bannister of the balcony and sits beside where Winston has decided to wait for him. The irritated human looks over and shakes his head. “How the hell did I not know about this Ioan? This isn’t the guy I knew. He never once let on that he was into this kind of thing.” Ioan reaches over and pats him on the back. “Mate, these kinds of things happen more than you realize. What he is doing with those men right now is a fantasy for quite a few muscle lovers. Of course, not every man is as reckless as he is.” The little man points down at the orgy as Pierre yells in French as one of the men pumps him full of cum. The two others pump their cocks as the Frenchman licks the precum off both of them. They both grunt as they shoot two massive rivers of cum all over his face and chest. He takes turns gobbling down the huge poles as they continue to spurt into his mouth. His appetite for their muscular bodies is so great that he makes himself cum without ever touching his cock. The volcano splashes all over his chest and legs as one of the men grabs a hold of his rod and grips it tightly. When he lets go, his cock continues to shoot huge ropes all over himself. At this point, Winston is quite disgusted and gets down off the bannister and turns to leave. Ioan follows behind as they walk back through the cave as the beach house disappears behind them. The young man sits down again and puts his head in his hands. Ioan stands above him to speak. “That was supposed to be tough mate. This was meant to show you that he is not who you thought he was.” “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Our last conversation was about me being muscular. He said I wasn’t his type. Do you know if he is really dating Gustav or not?” Ioan grins and shakes his head yes. Winston is stunned that he is actually with him and wonders if he should ever tell him about Pierre’s secret. The little man doesn’t offer much of an answer to that thought. “When you are ready Winston, we can move on to the last question.” The story will conclude next week. Check out a previous installment in this series: Rainbow: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2429-the-little-man-and-the-rainbow/
  12. alwaysmyway

    Demon Brand Jeans

    It's Halloween night, 2009, and I'm in the car with my brother Erik heading for a last-minute costume run. He was nice enough to take me along to his yearly frat Halloween party, and I figure it would be a good time to get to know everyone… the idea of being in a fraternity (and being able to attend these wild parties I hear so much about) is definitely an appealing one. We're pretty good brothers, though I'm kind of tired of being the "little bro" since I'm only an inch shorter than him. He's 20, 6'5 and 160 pounds, not too athletic but he's got SOMETHING on his bones. I'm 18, 6'4, and 135 pounds… meat? Not so much; but I'm working on it. Erik turns to me with a smirk on his face. "Shawn, this party is a big deal, even to my frat brothers. So try not to be too much of a dork, okay?" I roll my eyes as he tousles my blonde hair, only a bit longer and a shade lighter than his own. He pulls into the parking lot, a rather abandoned place, a very small building with a homemade sign of 'Costumes' visible, the door wide open. "Not many choices the day of Halloween, but I heard this place has a ton of choices." Erik says as he gets unbuckled. "Looks pretty decrepit to me." I say with my arms crossed. I know there aren't many options tonight, but still… the place looks like I should have been condemned a long time ago. "Looks are deceiving, bro." Erik reassures as he gets out of the car. "Besides, what sort of costumes do you think we need?" I unbuckle my seatbelt and open the door of the car. "Not sure, I guess we have to see what they have left." He got out of the car and moved inside, gasping softly, the small building was far larger than it looked, rows upon rows of costumes everywhere, all in individual plastic zipper bags. "Wow, we sure lucked out Shawny." He says enthusiastically as he stares, wide-eyed, at the warehouse before him. "Shawny... ugh." I roll my eyes a bit as I follow him inside only to raise my eyebrows at the sheer size of the place. It's like a costume Costco. "Whoah… this place is packed! It's like people don't even know it exists…" I turn to my side, expecting to see Erik next to me… only to realize he's already darted off looking for costumes. I sigh a bit before approaching the beginning of what were many racks to come, and start looking through. "Animals… no thanks… cartoon characters… no…" I mutter to myself as I look through the various directional signs pointing to the different sections of the store. "Hmm… ERIK!? FIND ANYTHING?!" I yell aloud, my voice bouncing around the walls of the eerily quiet warehouse. It's like we're the only ones here… then again, it's Halloween. People do this stuff in advance. "Nope." Erik whispers into my ear… I jump and turn around, Erik naturally laughing his ass off. "Son of a bitch, Erik!" I yell as I give him a punch on the arm. He knows I'm spooked far too easily. "Isn't this place amazing? It's a fucking emporium…" Erik says excitedly. "I don't know what I'm gonna get… I could spend hours here." "Gentlemen." A soft voice behind us says. Our faces turn to confused looks and we turn around to see an elderly man, maybe a little over five feet and in a top hat, tux, and tails, looking at us. "Find what you're looking for?" He says kindly. Erik speaks up, a little confused. "Oh, uh… there are so many choices, we can't really decide which costume to get. What do you recommend?" "It's hard to decide for you, sir, but I will suggest something we just got in." The old man heads into the back room behind a red velvet curtain. Erik leans against the counter as I look around the warehouse, admiring the selection. Soon enough, the old man returns with two packages. "These are Demon Brand Jeans. They're the perfect costume for men looking to turn heads at parties." The man says as he places the two packs on the counter. "Demons?" I say as I look down at the packages, one with a ripped model wearing nothing but destroyed jeans with purple skin, a forked tail, jagged wings, and black horns underneath long purple hair, and the other a near match except for aqua instead of purple. "But, how are these costumes? They just look like tattered jeans." I ask. "Why, it's the night of spirits and spectacle, sir. Use your imagination!" He exclaims. "And it being All Hallows Eve, I'll offer you two for the price of one." I look at the price tag… only 20 bucks. Erik turns to me and I look up at him and shrug. Erik turns to the man. "Sure, why not." Erik says as he pulls out his wallet and pulls out a fifty. He places it on the counter. "I don't want you to lose any money on the sale." He says with a smile. The old man smiles back and pulls out a bag. "Because of your generosity, come back any time within the next month and I'll happily let you take any costume of your choosing." He places the two packs in the bag and hands it to Erik. "But it'll be after Halloween?" I ask. "Well, you're never too old to dress up. Now, if you'll excuse me I must go back to organizing. Have a good night, and Happy Halloween to you both. Enjoy the costumes." And with that, he disappears back into the back room. "That's pretty nice, bro. Might just take him up on the offer. Let's head home and try these on." Erik heads out of the warehouse to the car, and we head to his apartment. We get home and head up the stairs, bag in hand. Erik unlocks the door and takes his jeans from the bag. "We don't have much time, five minutes to try on, ask for opinions, let me in to change and then we've gotta go." Erik sits down on the couch with his jeans on his lap. I take the bag into the bedroom and lock it before tossing the pack on the bed. I strip down to my boxers and open the pack, a slight sulfuric scent rising from the jeans. I pull them out and inspect them… blue wave patters weaved into the knees, neon blue stitching in the pockets… pretty neat for just a costume. I'd wear these regularly if they weren't so huge looking. I pull them up my legs and fasten the buckle… damn these are baggy. And made for the way more-endowed… Suddenly, my eyes change from their murky green color to a dazzling sapphire. "What the hell..." I mutter as I get closer to the mirror, trying to figure out if it's a trick of the mind, when I feel a strange surge go through my body… like a chill up my spine, but much more pleasant. I feel a bit bloated and look down… only to see my muscles beginning to rise. Suddenly, what feels like a massive blow to my chest knocks me backwards into a wall as I grunt loudly and try to situate myself up against one of the walls, my pecs pumping full of muscle, becoming square and firm as a deep crevice forms between them. I stretch up, gaining height, my torso feeling like it's ripping and contorting. I look down to see my small ridges beginning to stretch the skin of my stomach, veins suddenly bulging and snaking over them, and my eyes go wide. "What..." I say between deep breaths as I look to see my scrawny right arm begin to fill out, pulsing and lengthening as expands, a deep tingling sensation taking over as it begins to become defined, my biceps pushing out and stretching my skin. I turn to my left arm and catch the same thing happening before looking to the mirror with a horrified face. "My god…" I say aloud before looking down to see obliques framing my brick-like abs, no longer a six-pack but now an eight, my legs shaking as mass begins to build up on my thighs. I shudder as I see the previously unseen bulge in my jeans expand outward and fills the space in my crotch, my quads inflating quickly, crushing my crotch and becoming thick as an oak. My calves shape into deep, perfect diamonds, my lats widening and thickening like a solid wall of muscle and my lower back tapers into a beautiful V. I feel my legs becoming powerful like an athlete's legs... powerful like the demon on the package's legs... and I bring my hand up, trailing my powerful thighs and thick abs, between my firm pecs up to my shoulders and then over my right arm, hard biceps and forearms feeling like they're going to burst from my skin. I feel a bulge in the back of my jeans and reach back to feel a forked tail rip through my boxers and pop out of the provided hole. It slowly lengthens and swishes around behind me as two small bumps form on my forehead. I bring my hands to them just as they begin to lengthen out, forcing out of my skull and curving upward… "Horns…" I say in an unfamiliar voice, a booming, deep, and powerful voice one might hear from a demon. My hair darkens to a midnight blue and grows out, framing my face, as I feel my solid horns, the surface feeling an awful lot like volcanic rock. I suddenly hunch forward in pain as jagged wings burst from my back and outstretch behind me. I straighten myself up as my face squares off and becomes more rugged and masculine; my eyebrows arching and becoming more devilish as I suddenly sprout a goatee. I steady myself against the wall as the tingling seems to go away, and I stare in awe of my reflection. No longer was I a scrawny 18-year old guy… I was a seven foot-tall aqua-skinned muscle-bound demon! I rush to the bedroom door and exclaim "Erik!" as I open the door. Erik screams as he sees me. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!" He yells as he backs away from me towards the wall. "It's me! Shawn!" "What? Shawn?" Erik asks as he steadies himself up. He slowly approaches me. "What happened?" "It was the jeans, bro! They turned me into a demon! Feel this!" I say as I turn to him and flex my right arm, my bicep bulging out to bodybuilder proportions. Erik cautiously reaches forward and touches it. I flex it a little more for him, and he pulls his arm away and steps back with a confused look. "It... feels real..." "I think it is real, Erik... all of it..." "So... what... that costume like... changed you or something? Shawn... that's fucking crazy..." "It did! I fucking swear! Go put on yours!" "Alright..." Erik says as he grabs his jeans from the table. "Yeah, try it on… I think that these costumes are more than just outfits." Erik heads to the bedroom and goes to shut the door, and I stop him. "Uhm…" Erik motions for me to move. "I want to watch. I wanna see if it happens to you." "Okay, I guess…" Erik shrugs and begins to take off his clothes. Soon enough, he's down to his boxers. "We're brothers, it shouldn't be weird." I say with a reassuring smile, and I hand him the costume pack. "Alright… well… here we go, I guess…" Erik says, looking a bit nervous as he opens the pack and pulls out the jeans; nearly identical to mine sans purple coloring instead of blue. "They smell like sulfer…" Erik says, cautiously. "Don't worry, bro… just put them on." Erik carefully slips on the jeans and buckles them up. "They're huge, man…" he says as he turns to the mirror. I stand next to him with my hand on his shoulder. Sure enough, his eyes immediately shift from dark brown to the light purple color. He blinks in disbelief as I step away. "If you start to feel-" And with a loud grunt, Erik doubles over onto the floor. "Pain." Here it comes. "Just wait it out, alright?" I say as I move back a bit farther. He's gonna need a little space. Erik grunts a bit before sitting down on the floor, his legs stretched out, panting. He scoots to the wall as his stomach begins to reshape, tightening and flexing as his chest barrels out. His shoulders shift as they begin to bulk up, his arms following suit as his skin becomes tight and vascular, his biceps expanding and shifting between breaths. Erik shuts his eyes as his legs begin to tense, and they too begin to expand and contort as they fill out. His thighs begin to stretch, striations appearing on his skin, his quads and calves beginning to grow as well. He throws his head back, knocking his head on the wall, and grunts again as his hands grow thicker and more masculine. I inch closer to him and look down to his crunched stomach thickening and shifting as abs force their way out, his back reshaping and the V shape beginning to form, and I reach over to help him up. He grabs my hand tightly and I pull him up, his eyes still shut. His face reshapes, becoming more angular and strong as a tail similar to mine forces itself out of the jeans, and he doubles forward as wings burst from his back. His hair lengthens and turns a dark purple as horns curve their way out of his skull. He thrusts forward as his change finishes, a large bulge filling the crotch of his jeans. He opens his eyes and lets out a long, furious gasp as a goatee forms on his chin. "My god, Shawn…" He says with a far deeper and more booming voice. "What… happened?" His eyes dart from mirror to body, back and forth, as if he couldn't believe what had happened. Can't say I wasn't there at one point too. "You're a demon man… we both are. Go ahead, flex." I motion for him to flex his arms. Erik nervously looks to the mirror and lifts his right arm up before putting it in a flex… and his bicep becomes mountainous. "Holy shit dude!" I say excitedly as I go in for a closer look. Erik brings his left arm to the same position and seems transfixed… he just keeps in the position, mesmerized. "You know, you've got other changes too, man." I say as I point to his stomach. Almost instinctively, he reaches down and traces each abdominal, his face still shocked. He brings his hand to his powerful chest, far bigger than mine, and grabs his right pec before letting go, almost in shock. "Cool, right?" I say with a smile as I motion for him to stretch his wings. He smiles and his wings stretch out to full length. "Fucking amazing, bro! We're fucking huge!" Erik does a muscleman pose and it looks like something's gonna pop… he's fucking RIPPED. "My god, dude… this is amazing. I mean… we're unrecognizable…" I say as I stretch my own wings out cautiously. "I can't believe this is real. I don't know how it's real…" "I know! I don't even know how it happened… I mean, is it like, magic or something? And that guy apparently really liked us too. I mean … maybe he was like… a wizard of something." Erik stretches himself out a bit and relaxes against the wall. "I don't know… but whatever he was, we need to thank him more. We've got some badass Halloween costumes." I say with a smile. "But… it's time to head out. Should we stay like this? Or just change when we get there?" I head back towards the room with a smile, my wings returning back to my body. "Let's go as normal for now, okay?" Erik says as I close the door. "Meet me at the car with the costumes." "Got it." I say as I carefully thread my tail through the hole in my jeans and then pull them down and kick them away. I catch a glimpse at my massive package before I begin to change back, my muscles deflating and contracting back into my body, my wings, horns, and tail receding back in. I stretch as I shrink down to my normal height, my body once again returning to normal as my skin turns back to my previous golden white, the bulge in my boxers sadly shrinking. My hair lightens back up to blond and my goatee recedes, and once again I'm back to normal. I fold up the jeans and place them back in the pack, toss the pack in a bag before getting back into my normal clothes. I grab the bag and head back out to the car, a wide grin on my face… tonight's definitely gonna be one to remember. My god was it. Not a single person believed it when we told them it was us. We were the center of attention… all eyes, from the women to the guys, were on us. And everyone's faces when we stretched out our demon wings? Priceless. We partied for hours before heading home, around 2 in the morning, and we poured ourselves into bed without even changing out of our demonwear. My eyes open to a vast amount of sunlight peaking in from the windows in the guest bedroom. "Shit, man…" I say groggily, my voice booming even when tired. I reach over and grab my phone to check the time… 9:30 in the morning, early enough. I stretch a bit and hunch up against the headboard, my wings sliding behind my back, and I stretch out my arms before looking down… and there it is. Two feet long, as thick as a can, covered in pulsing veins, and barbed at the end… the most spectacular and bizarre case of morning wood I think anyone could see. It popped out of my boxers' fly and snaked its way out of my jeans. I smile, get myself up, and walk to the mirror and admire my rock-hard member. I reach over to my massive aqua endowment and touch the bulbous mushroom head, and I shudder as a drop of amber liquid forms on the tip. "Fuck yes…" I say quietly as a devilish grin appears on my face. I hunch over a bit and grab the shaft, the droplet of amber pre rolling down the side as more forms on the tip, and I slowly begin to massage my cock. I begin to grunt and moan as my free hand joins in, and the massaging slowly turns into furious jacking as I masturbate, the wet sound of my hands slipping down the pre-coated shaft filling the air between moans. I throw my head back and shut my eyes as I feel a deep pressure build in my balls, and I jack harder and harder as the pressure keeps building and building, until I feel seed rush up my shaft and roar with approval as a thick load of hot golden yellow semen spews from my cock and hits the mirror with a loud splat. I keep furiously jacking as I shoot more and more, steam rising from my demonic essence, a semen and sulfur-infused scent filling the air. My grunts and moans become quieter and quieter as my releases slow, and I collapse back onto the wall, exhausted. I open my eyes and gaze at my cock, still pulsing and throbbing as cum dribbles down the sides, and suddenly a knock on my door is heard. Shit, it's Erik… Well… it's a part of growing up, and I was seriously pent up. I heft myself off of the wall, my erection bobbing as droplets of cum fling from the head to the floor, and I open the door. "Oh…" a completely naked Erik says as he stares at my member. "Oh…" I say back as I notice his own cock is at attention salute, not barbed like mine but sharp and pointed at the tip, yellow liquid flowing from the slit. Erik sniffs the air and looks beside me to the floor, a large yellow glob of semen quite apparent, and he looks back to me. "You too?" He asks. "Wait…" I say, a puzzled look on my face. "You jacked too?" "Three times and I still can't get it down." "Holy shit dude…" I say as I move aside for Erik to come in. He walks in, his own cock bobbing as he approaches and sits down on the bed. His rock hard member reaches up his abs to the middle of his pecs. "Come here… we have a problem." Erik says as he pats the bed. I walk over and sit next to him. "What's up?" I ask. "I can't change back." Erik says as he looks down to his throbbing prick, precum still slowly trickling down the shaft. My face turns confused when I realize Erik's naked… he should have shifted back by now. "Oh my god… what do we do? How do we fix it?" "I don't know…" Erik looks back up at me. "But I think I have an idea." "What?" I ask as I shift a little on the bed. "I think…" Erik once again looks down. "You think what?" "I think we need to have sex." My eyes go wide. "What?" I say in disbelief. "Something's just telling me we have to. I mean, how else do we get rid of these?" Erik suddenly grabs his cock and another trickle of precum rolls down his shaft. I stare at my own massive prick and then back at him. "Uh… how are we going to work this then? Who's gonna… you know… take it?" Erik thinks for a bit and then lies down on the bed with a loud sigh. "You're my little brother… it wouldn't be fair for you to take it." "Really?" I say as I shuffle back a bit, next to him. "You sure?" "Yeah. But you'll owe me big." Erik says as he looks up at me, a defeated look on his face. I turn to see his stiff rod sticking straight in the air, glistening with pre, and I look back at him. Thoughts begin to enter my head as a grin appears on my face. "What's up, Shawn?" Erik asks. I scoot myself up a bit and sit on my knees on the bed. I look straight down at Erik's cock with a grin. "Shawn…" I turn to him with an evil smile. "We'll be even after this…" I turn back to his cock and open my mouth. I move closer and start licking the engorged head of Erik's cock, the taste of his seed causing my entire body to shiver… it tastes incredible… "Shawn? What the hell are you doing?" Erik hunches himself up on the bed slightly. Sensing him getting uncomfortable, I plunge my mouth onto his cock. He lets out a loud moan and lies back down, his body beginning to writhe. I massage his cock with my lips, tracing the head with my tongue as I begin to suck his rock-hard cock, his juices beginning to flow more and more. Erik grips the bed and moans louder as I begin to massage the exposed shaft with my hands, trying to take a bit more of his rigid length. I begin thrusting my own stiff prick across his cobblestone stomach when suddenly, Erik shakes and starts moaning "Fuck… yes… fuck… yes..." I feel his member tense in my mouth and brace myself as he bucks his hips, and a thick load of hot demon seed spews into my mouth, filling it. I swallow as fast as I can go, load after load shooting into my throat, dripping down his shaft as I continue, the taste driving me wild as thrust onto his stomach, pre covering his abs, when I feel my own flesh tense and I buck my own hips as a load of my own spews across his abs onto his chest. Erik moans and grunts as he releases more and more, our loads nearly matching in size, before we both begin to slow. I disgorge myself from his cock before he's done, small spurts of cum still being delivered, and I massage the rest of my own essence out onto his chest. Erik looks up at me, breathing heavily, and mouths a "thank you". I smile at him… we're still brothers after all. Our deposits slow to a light trickle, and I collapse onto the bed next to Erik. He turns his head and looks at me before turning himself over and rubbing his ass over my cock. I smile and rut into him a bit before easing my way in, the sound of our bodies slipping over eachother becoming prevalent as I enter him and begin thrusting into his tight asshole. Erik bucks and moans as I penetrate him, going in and out, somehow not tearing him up with my spiked cock, and I grab his shaft from behind and begin to jerk it. Erik's moans become louder as I grunt with each thrust, and I reach down with my free hand and pull of my jeans. Erik lets out a roar as he shoots his wad at a nearby wall, and I shudder as I rip my boxers off and toss them to the floor, pressure building in my prick, becoming more and more intense, my grunts becoming louder and louder… I grab on Erik's cock hard as I open my eyes and let out another roar as I spill into him, the feeling of my own warmth filling his ass causing me to thrust harder, yellow seed dripping down his ass onto the bed. I keep thrusting, Erik continues to spasm with each load, and suddenly… the world goes black. I lose consciousness, and gasp before I'm out cold. I gasp for air as I suddenly return to consciousness, coughing on the sulfuric smell in the air, and I see that I'm still deep inside of a sleeping Erik… only now, we're both human… yellow demon seed covers our bodies, the bed, and spots on the walls and floor. I pull myself out of Erik's ass, my cock beginning to harden as I do so, and I fall back onto the bed. I lie back with a confused look on my face. For some reason, the thought of me fucking my older brother isn't as important as the fact that having sex was what turned us human again. "Morning, bro…" I hear from a strained voice beside me. Erik flips himself over next to me, and my cock thankfully softens. I remain silent. For a brief moment, the world just seems to stop. Us two, sitting in bed, naked, covered in our own demonic essence yet perfectly human. "So I guess we need to talk." Erik breaks the silence. "Yeah…" I say, a slight quiver in my voice. "Take a shower, get dressed... and then come to the living room." Erik says as he gets up, stretches a bit, and hops off of the bed. I hear his bedroom door close, and I get up and head to the shower. I quickly wash myself off and grab a pair of boxers and a T-shirt before heading out to the front room. Erik's sitting on the couch, clad in the same. I sit on the opposite side of the coffee table, on the armchair. "So… some morning, I guess…" Erik says with a face that looks like he's expecting an apology. "I'm so sorry…" I sit myself up in the chair. "I mean… I fucking violated you, and things were so different and so wrong and I'm just so so sorry…" Erik remains silent for a few seconds before sitting himself up on the couch. "It's okay, I guess." Erik say with a slight shrug." "Okay?" I ask, tilting my head in disbelief. "OKAY? Are you serious?" "Shawn, calm down…" "I won't fucking calm down, Erik! I fucking FUCKED you this morning! I fucking sucked you off, we had sex, did all sorts of shit, you say it's OKAY?" "Last I checked, you weren't on the RECEIVING END OF IT, SHAWN!" Erik yells back. I cross my arms and sit back in the chair. "We weren't ourselves, we did things we shouldn't have, and it's bad. But no one knows, no one saw, and I guess it'll be okay." Erik get up and walks over to me. "Let's just… clean up the mess, and then we'll deal with the jeans, okay?" Erik heads back to my bedroom and I hear a sink turn on. I get up and walk in as he starts cleaning off the mirror, looking over to me with a smirk as he does so. "Sorry about that…" I say, embarrassed. "I had to get off..." "I did too. There are the same stains on my mirror. We'll get to that later, though… grab the wet vac from the closet and start getting the floors, I'll be done with this in a minute." Erik motions me away, and I head out and start cleaning up the rest of our mess. About four hours later, the apartment is as clean as it was beforehand. The stains are gone from the carpet, the bathrooms are both spotless, the mattress is cleaned, the bedspreads are freshly washed, and the walls are free of all spots. I grab the remains of my boxers and toss them in the garbage just as Erik walks in with a bag of freshly-washed pillows. "Grab your jeans and meet me in the living room." He says as he tosses the pillows on my bed and walks out. I gather up my costumes and grab my demon jeans and head to the living room. Erik's standing in front of the coffee table with his jeans spread over it. I place my jeans next to his. "So now what do we do?" I ask. "Well, we can do a few things." He turns to me. "We can get trash them, we can burn them, we can return them…" Erik pauses. "Yeah, and?" I ask. "Or… we can learn how to be clean and keep them around." I turn to Erik and see his face… it's completely serious. "What?" "Shawn…" Erik turns to me. "I'm going to be completely honest, okay bro? That was the best sex I've ever been a part of. Hands down. You're fucking amazing, and I've never had a better suck from a girl or a guy before." I just look at him with a confused stare. "I'm going to guess you enjoyed it too, considering how loud you were." He smiles a bit. I don't acknowledge the joke. "I propose we keep these around for a while, you're here for a week, and we use them whenever you're here. It can be all the time or just when we're bedding eachother." Erik walks away from the coffee table and into his bedroom. He walks out with a small Dixie cup, and shows it to me… there's a glob of yellow demon cum sitting on the bottom. "You were too amazing this morning for me to just drop into the garbage." Erik puts the cup on the table, and sticks two fingers in. He scoops up a bit of cum on each, and offers a finger to me before bringing the other to his mouth. "You know it was amazing, Shawn. And I really want to be with you like this." I look at Erik's finger longingly, and without even thinking… I open my mouth and lick the semen off of his finger. Erik licks the semen off of the other finger before pulling down his boxers, revealing a growing erection, and grabbing the demon jeans. I back away a bit as he slips them on, and he shudders as his skin begins to turn purple. His entire body shifts and contorts as it returns to demon form, his pecs and abs expanding… I begin rubbing my crotch as I become erect… his calves and quads thickening, his shoulders and arms readjusting to make room for the muscle… his hardon stretches and thickens as the tip sharpens, the purple color spreading, and a tail bursts from the top of his ass. He grabs his cock and gives it a jerk as jagged wings burst from his back and horns curve out from his skull. He offers me a hand and says "Ready, Shawn?" In his familiar booming demonic voice. I drop my boxers, revealing my respectable hard-on, and Erik suddenly gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth. I shudder and look to the demon jeans, when Erik grabs the jeans and gives them to me. I carefully slide them on as Erik gets to work, and I buckle them just as I feel pressure building in my cock. I tap him on the head and he disgorges as I begin to change, my entire body expanding, muscles stretching and bones cracking, my cock growing spikes out of the side as it begins to turn aqua, and I orgasm. A stream of normal white cum shoots out of my transforming cock, followed by another, this time more powerful. Another one, this time with an amber color, follows in increasing intensity, then one slightly darker, and as horns burst from my head and wings barrel out of my back, a load of thick yellow demonic seed hits the wall across from me as I roar with pleasure. Erik runs to the wall and licks my essence off clean before we run to the bedroom. After a day of sucking, fondling, fucking, and changing from demon to human and back, we lie back in bed together during the early hours of the morning, rubbing our human erections together. "Aren't you glad I'm here for the week?" I ask Erik as I play with his cock. Erik pulls my demon jeans on the bed and back up my legs. He tugs at my cock as it starts to turn blue. I feel the changes ripple through me again, and Erik smiles. "Hell yes."
  13. My Weekend JOB part two by F_R_Eaky Dedicated to so many artists, writers, etc. that inspire. PART ONE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6983-my-weekend-job-part-one/ Joshua went to take a shower in the hotel room, but became lost in thought looking at himself in the mirror. His crotch was just up over the counter top now. He looked down at his feet to see their new size and comparison to the floor tiles. He stood and marveled in the shower to see where the shower head now came to on him and how he could look over the shower curtain rod with just a slight tilt of his head or a raise onto his toes. "I'm six foot four....six foot four!" He said to himself over and over again. He rubbed his hands up and down his body to wash it and felt how he had not only grown, but lost all his unhealthy weight. Like his friend, Brent, he too had grown taller and achieved the build of a swimmer. As his hand went further down though he suddenly had a very shocking revelation. "OH MY GAWD!" "You alright, Josh?" Cried Brent from the other side of the bathroom door. "Ye....ye...yeah." stammered Joshua. "You just discovered your third leg, didn't you?" "WHAT?" Said Joshua, realizing the implication Brent was making. He turned off the shower, threw open the curtain, grabbed a towel and stepped outside to see Brent sitting on the bed, laptop open, watching a growth video, and his cock was enormous. Joshua was so taken back that he dropped his towel. Brent looked up and over to him and then smiled. "You look about the same soft as I did - nine inches" Joshua looked up to Brent's face, who just took a ruler from his side and tossed it to Josh. "It's fully erect now and is twelve inches exactly. Can you believe that? Twelve inches. We're some of the largest hung men on Earth." Joshua felt his cock rise up and bob, the new length and girth of his cock fought against its rising and made a compromise by simply sticking straight out. Sitting down on the bed, Joshua began to watch the videos Brent had pulled up and suddenly Brent began to stroke Joshua's cock. The sudden jolt of pleasure was so powerful, it made Joshua convulse a little and his toes and fingers curl. "OH GAWD!" "I know.... they're soooo sensitive now. and I think our balls have increased in size too." Joshua reached his hand out and made contact with Brent's magnificent member and began to stroke it. This in turn made Brent begin to contort and curl his digits inward as well. The two watched more videos and stroked until they couldn't stroke anymore and blew two very large loads into towels. After a second shower, Brent presented Joshua with some of his clothes and a pair of size sixteen sneakers. Joshua was nearly ready and raring to go again, an erection trying to happen once more as the idea of wearing Brent's clothes and them fitting turned him on very much. "I kind of figured yours weren't going to fit too well anymore and you needed something to drive home in." Joshua thanked Brent for the clothes, and the two packed their things and said goodbye to one another. Joshua almost didn't make it home without blowing a load. He had to get used to the fact that he was tall. In some hallways and some older gas stations and convenient stores on the way home, he had to duck signs or watch the door frames as they were much lower than the modern standard average. Getting used to walking with longer strides and his large size sixteen feet and their shoes was also a challenge, not to mention he now had to put his driver's seat much farther back than it used to be. ***************************************************************************** * It had been about a month since Joshua had spent a weekend with Brent, as per usual. Normally between his schedule or Brent's schedule, plus the fact of how far apart the two of them lived from each other, the two could only meet about every three or four months or so. But oh, what an exhausting month it had been. Although Joshua enjoyed his new height, his larger feet, his slimmer build, and his larger cock, and enjoyed them immensely, they created a few problems. The first was Joshua's friend, Lawrence, Larry. How on earth would he, could he explain a seven inch growth spurt plus a several pound weight loss or change over the course of a weekend? He had to dodge Larry over and over again, for him not to see Joshua, until Joshua could come up with an explanation. Not only that, but none of Joshua's clothes fit him, so he couldn't make an appearance at work or even in the mall or parks, not until he could buy some clothes. And that didn't come easy. Although only being six foot four inches tall, there were still many things on the normal rack that didn't fit well on Joshua's body. That didn't even take into account that Joshua had to start learning to "wear" his soft cock down one pants leg or the other as it all wrapped or balled up upon his larger testicles simply created too large of a bulge. At any rate, there were some clothes, especially the shoes, he would have to buy either custom made or at much higher prices due to there being a much more limited supply of them. He called in sick for two days, feigning the flu, and went on a shopping spree the best his savings could allow. Then he came in early and left late every day so as not to have coworkers see him too much standing so much taller than he used to. When it did come time for him to have to walk to a meeting with a group of people he would hunch so his new height wasn't quite as noticeable. He also had to think cold shower thoughts whenever he did have to go walking around the office because he noticed how many more people he stood taller than or that most of the people he thought were really tall in the office, were at best just as tall as he is now. But Joshua also decided to help his financial situation out a little bit. Thinking about how expensive it was to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, not to mention that the mattress on the bed seemed a little short as well, he wondered how on earth he was going to earn all the extra money he needed. The answer came to him as he passed by an old costume shop window in the heart of his city's "old towne." They had as one of the displays an old eighties style wrestling outfit, but had combined it with a Mexican style wrestling mask. He went in a bought a couple of wrestling masks and then went to sports store to buy some wrestling trunks. Once he was back at home, he created an account on CAM4 under the name, Clyde S'dale, and listed himself as a behind the scenes wrestler lithe but toned build, 76" x 8-13" plus 12". At first things were a little slow, but once everyone got a glance at the size of the bulge in his trunks and the unveiling of his cock, the rise of his cock to erection, men and women began to flock to his page like moths to a flame. And of course many wanted to see him jack off or self suck his cock, and Joshua was all too turned on and willing to do just that, but made those acts private so as to have folks pay for the privilege to see that. He moved on to or added other muscle or cock cam sites and it didn't take him long to earn a decent amount of money. But the buying of new clothes, some new pieces of furniture, and nearly nightly jack off sessions, sometimes multiple, was making Joshua exhausted. Then one night Joshua received a phone call from Brent. "Hey Josh, how you doin'?" "Hey Brent, doin' well. You?" "Doin' okay. Whatchu doin' now?" "Not much." "Really... not been growing? Not been getting big?" "Oh yeah! Constantly, man. You know me. Hardly a day goes by I don't dream of getting huge, muscular, and hung." "Still? Even now, when you're six foot four and hung like a bull?" "Oh maaaaaaan. Even more so now. I can't believe we both grew. To have our fantasy kind of come true like that. It's such a turn on. Hmmmmm fuck...." "Getting hard now, just thinking about it?" "Yeah....aaaw gotta get these jeans off and set my cock free..." "I understand. I still can't believe how big our cocks got. How meaty and hefty they feel." "And still so rock hard and throbbing." "Yeah.... and we just want them to get bigger." "Ooooh yes.... bigger.....biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiiii gerrrrrrrrr..." "No... we can't get into it.... not right now." Joshua stopped speaking or moaning rather, but silently kept playing with huge, engorged cock as he listened. "I need to meet up with you again, and I think you need to meet up with me again. We need to hang together because we rock, we understand each other, and now understand what a well endowed man needs." "Awwww man... I agree...." And Brent told him a hotel he had booked, the city it was located in, and arranged for him to meet the following weekend. After hanging up, Joshua imagine how much fun the weekend would be, what happened the last time they met up, and about growing hulk sized. It didn't take him long before he was spraying a supreme sized load from his natural hose. ***************************************************************************** After knocking on room 1709's door and greeting Brent after he opened it, Joshua walked into two surprises for the weekend. The first was that this room wasn't a room. It was a couple of rooms that contained a living area, a dining nook, the bedroom area, and a bathroom. Brent explained that both of them being tall men now, he decided to use up his hotel points to get some accommodations that were just under the presidential suite level. He also did this because of the second surprise. "Whoa! You're right, Brent, he did grow." Joshua turned the corner to find two other net buddies he made: Darien and Andrixos. Darien was a 6' 1", balding blond man, blue eyed, with a slightly stocky and hairy body. Andrixos was 6' 4", average build that was pretty smooth, green eyes and thick mop of sun-kissed brunette hair. These two were also fond of the same fetish Brent and Joshua liked, again some slight variations in hose they fantasized about things, but still the general outcome was the same: bigger, taller, stronger, more hung men. "Sorry to surprise you like this, Joshua, but I had to tell someone what happened. I was visiting with Darien a couple of weekends ago and he at first didn't really believe my story until he noticed my new shoes and that they were definitely bigger than size twelves." "Not to mention the fact that once you took them off, I could tell your feet filled those shoes and filled them well." Said Darien. "Anyway, I told them about our little growth and of course explained the greatest changes happened to you. They went to looking at your Facebook page and saw your pics of you standing next to your tall friends, one whom I remember you telling me was six foot three inches tall. They decided to have a major weekend and see for themselves what you looked like now." The trio stood there looking at Joshua as he looked back at them and thought for a minute. Finally, Joshua relaxed his stance and placing his laptop case on the dining table announced... "Cool... .... I've had to hide the changes from all my coworkers and my friends. I mean, how does one describe a seven inch growth spurt, not to mention a five and half inch one down there, over the course of just a weekend? It's nice to be able to tell someone and talk about it." With that the four of them changed into more casual and comfortable clothes, pulled out laptops, and began to watch and talk all about the growth that happened and the growth they'd love to see. Towards the end of the night, or very early in the morning, they decided to wind down the first night of their growth fest and retire of the evening. "So really, you guys were just jacking off to some videos, you released, and the next morning you woke up changed?" asked Andrixos. "Yeah," said Joshua. "Just like we had hundreds of times before with those particular videos we showed you earlier this evening." "Well, we don't feel any different? Do you two feel different or like changes are going on?" "No" said Brent, "But there was one thing we had done differently, by accident that we normally didn't." "What was that?" "We came on each other." Joshua blushed as he spoke, "actually we accidentally blew into each other's mouths." "You sure it was accidental?" said Andrixos as he gave Josh and Brent a smile. "It was." said Brent. "He helped me climax and I herky-jerked and wound up pointing my cock his direction upon my release. To be polite, I helped him get off and aimed it at myself, so he didn't feel like I was just shooting at him for fun." Brent then got up off the bed he and Joshua were lying on top of and went to go use the bathroom, at which point Andrixos got up off the other bed he and Darien were on and took Brent's spot. "Whatchu watching over here?" Andrixos asked Joshua as he reclined across the bed. "Oh, it a series of morph videos. The artist takes these video clips of bodybuilders and after a certain point he has them blow up in size and then everyone takes photos of them. Sometimes they blow up twice from two different normal poses, or he blows them up twice, bodybuilder to super human to inhumane." "Oh yeah, I like those videos." Said Brent as he came back, and reaching for his laptop, grabbed it and sat on the other bed next to Darien. He threw a chord end over to Joshua. "Here, let's sync up so we can easily see what you're playing over there, over here." Joshua plugged the chord into his lap top, clicked on some things, and soon whatever he was playing on his laptop, Brent was viewing on his. [...(crowd grasps, the sound of slightly heavy footfalls as a bodybuilder takes the stage....) ] "Oh I like this, that's Alexey Lusekov. He is so fuckin' thick!" said Brent. [... (Alexey makes his way center of the stage, raises his arms to do a frontal lat and chest spread.) pow pa-pow pa-pow pow pow pa-pow.... errrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRT! (Alexey blows up to twice his size... the crowd ooo's and ahhh's even louder and more and more photos are taken) .... pow pa-pow pow pow pow pa-pow pa-pow pow pow pow...] Darien leans over to see Brent's screen better. "You like Alexey cause he's all thick and swole, you like him now that he's even.....bigger!?" "Hmmmmmmmm oooh yeah....." Andrixos leans over and queries Joshua. "How 'bout you, Josh? You like Alexey?" "Ooooh yeah... I like Alexey. He's so fuckin' thick and dense, full and hard, yet defined...." "And now that he's even bigger?" "Uhhhhmmmm yeah.... love that...such power..." [....(Alexey turns and does a side chest shot. The crowd ooh's and awes when he suddenly breaks it and then goes back into it and then swells even bigger.) ... errrrrrRRRRRRRT HURRR! POW PA-POW PA-POW PA-POW POW POW POW....] "You like it when they swell, don'cha, Joshua? " "huh huh....oooh yeah....muscle's poppin' getting fuller..." "How 'bout you, Brent?" "Yes.... Those big full muscles just getting... huh...huh.... larger and thicker... Oh look... huh... Joshua, it's Lee Priest. You love Lee Priest. ..." "Oh yeah.... huh huh...loved him for ages..." [ (Lee steps up in front of machines in the weight room. His arms are hanging so far out to his sides because his lats and upper arms are so thick. He stands there and straightens his posture.) eeerrrrrRRRRRT! (suddenly his shoulders and back broaden even incredibly wider, his arms become a little fuller and so does his waist line, even though it looks tight under his white tank top. He flexes his arms a little bit. The scene repeats only this time it's slower...) HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!] "You like that don't you, Brent. Getting bigger... Stronger...." "Yeah... more muscular... harder....denser..." "Come on, big boy.... don't let Lee outgrow you..." "Yeah...huh huh...huh....huh.....getting so pumped up." "You like it too, right, Joshua?" Said Andrixos as he placed his hands on Joshua's shoulders. "huh ... huh....yeah.... growing bigger...denser... stronger... fuller....huh huh huh..." "And Lee's not goin' to outgrow you. Why you're a full foot taller than him, maybe more. You can't outgrow him... you're doing it now aren't you...ERRRRRRT!" "OOOH FUCK! YES! Growing...." [(Scene changes to Lee now doing shoulder shrugs... in the middle of which he suddenly grows) eeerrRRRRRRT! (the scene again repeats itself in a slower fashion as the hunky Lee Priest begins, slower this time to work out those shoulders and then grow...) HUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!] "You're swelling right there with him, aren'tchu, Brent big boy?" "UUUH... yes...growing...huh huh...swelling....huh....ballooning...." "Come on, big man....grow... GROW! You a wussy? I SAID GROW!" "HUhh BIGGER! huh huh huh....stronger....denser....harder...thicker! huh hhu hhuh...." "You're not gonna let Brent and Lee out grow you are you?" "NO! NO! Getting bigger! huh huh huh more swole! Fuller! STRONGER!" "Must be hard for you to stroke that cock... it's so much longer and thicker than it was before." "HUH HUH huh huh huh huh huh yeah....oooh soooo... huh huh big....the sensations! Ooooh." "Look here comes Phil Heath to the stage. He's gonna swell and outgrow you." [ "He said he wanted the word massive to be used amongst the other words that I commonly used to describe..." (Phil Heath does a double bi and then....) HUUH! (Instantly he doubles in massive size and the crowd gasps and cheers).....] "No... NO.... huh huh huh huh our growing him!" "And your cock is growing even longer and thicker too..." "OOOOOoooooohh OH! YEAH! huh huh huh huh huh .....gettting soooo bi-HIG! huh huh huh..." "You're growin' too, aren'tcha big boy. Gonna become a real man?" "Yes....huh huh..." "Yeah?" "Yes...bigger...huh...STRONGER!..... DENSER!.... huh huh huh huh..." "Why don't you show me how you can grow...." At that moment, Andrixos and Darien each grabbed either Joshua's or Brent's cock. One hand grabbing the head and squeezing it hard while rubbing the thumb up over the head and the slit, while the other hand pulled long, firm, and slow down the shaft. "AUUUUUUUUUUGH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" "AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" The sensation of this blow was so strong, both Joshua and Brent convulsed, shook, spasmed, as they blew their load and then passed out. Andrixos and Darien both took the shots into them and then proceeded to jack off to the rest of the videos, falling asleep after they came. ***************************************************************************** The next morning, three of the buddies awoke to the sound of one of them screaming. "HOLY SHIT!" The three sat up in the beds they were laying on and looked towards the bathroom door. Andrixos, slowly peeked around the corner towards his three friends and saw them all breathlessly sitting up, awake, on the beds. "Sorry, guys....didn't mean to wake you..." "Well, what surprised or scared you?" Asked Brent. "oooh..." stated Darien.... "I think....oooooh..... I know....." Everyone looked at Darien.... the sheets over his lap began to shift and move, rise, and a pillar like formation began to rise up and cause the fabric to tent. It began to sway and bobble a little, then suddenly there was a snap, like the sound of an elastic band pulling taught against skin after being pulled and stretched too far. Joshua shot a glace over to Andrixos. "I take it you're now a member of the foot long club, too?" Andrixos, shrugged and stepped out of the bathroom, revealing that his member was tenting his underwear to maximum capacity. "You seemed to have slimmed down just a titch and toned up as well." "Alright, Darien," said Brent, "Stand up..." "What?" "Get out of bed and stand up." "But uhmmmm...." "We're jack off buddies, we've seen each other before, and the two of us have been walking around with a ruler in our pants now for a month. You're not going to surprise or scare us." Slowly Darien stood up, and then walked over to Andrixos, whom he was now just as tall as. "Ok to make it official," said Joshua, "Go attempt to put your shoes on and see if they fit." The shoes didn't fit of course, both of them now wearing size sixteens. After the initial shock wore off the four men began to talk and discuss how great it was all of them being tall, slim and trim, and hung. Brent and Joshua pulled out some extra pairs of shoes and gave them to Andrixos and Darien, while Andrixos loaned some clothes to Darien to wear and then the four of them all went out to grab some breakfast. The four of them had a hard time keeping their cocks deflated, and smiles from spreading across their lips, because all of them being slim and six foot four inches tall, had folks asking obvious questions such as "Was there a basketball tournament in town?" or "Is there a meeting of International Tall People Clubs nearby." They had fun knowing they were making quite a sizeable impression on most folks, even though they did run into other men who were slightly to quite a bit taller, and many who were larger built. Still it surprised them that at "only" a "mere" six foot four how many men they were taller than. They spent the late morning doing some clothes and shoe shopping for Andrixos and Darien, taking a couple of pictures in garages showing how they stood as tall or almost as tall as the height restriction for occupancy. They returned to the hotel room around noon and got things unpacked and sorted, placed things they bought for lunch and dinner on the table, and slowly began to just be seated in various spots of the suit. Finally Andrixos spoke up. "Ok... I have to know, is anyone else's horniness factor up like a thousand points? I mean, I don't know about you. It was already hard getting used to having to snake my cock down my pants leg, but the rubbing that was going on, the people asking if we were parts of sports team, talking about how big and huge we were, made me want to nearly blow several times." "Yeah..." laughed Joshua. "...It does take some getting used to, but you don't really get over it. I mean, that cock is just....THERE! There's no other way to say it, and it's going to get moved and rubbed regardless." "So, how did you two...get used to it? Control it?" "How else?" said Brent as he flipped open his lap top. "We jack off." The guys proceeded to have another waking session... and then another....and another.... before actually stopping and having lunch properly. They talked about the changes in their lives between the height difference experienced by Joshua, to the new shoes needed by everyone, they moved on to some politics, favorite movies and t.v. shows, guys they thought were hot, and other things. After dinner though, they began to stroke their individual mighty meat and think about bodybuilders, strength, growing, and being hung. A few hours and several bathroom towels later, it was late into the evening again. They were set for one last load to blow and feeling of euphoria. Andrixos had called up a 3D animation, still , video on his computer.... [ (sound of hard rock playing, while a man in an olive pull over complains....) "My head! What is happening?" (He suddenly holds his stomach) "My stomach. I'm gonna.... Whaaaa!" (Suddenly the man collapses to his butt on the ground....) "Pain gone. So...horny..." (his cock suddenly inflates, but then his body becomes just as rigid...) "uh....grrr.... I can't move! ... ... ... My voice! That's not me! It's too deep..."] "Ooooh yeah.... " cried Joshua. "Get a real man's voice... deep...low....make a chest rumble when you speak..." "hmmmmm" "oooooh" "oh, yeah...." Called out his three friends. [ "What is going on? Why is this happening to me? .... .... ... What the fuck?" (Suddenly the man's chest begins to inflate, thickening, widening, barreling out with muscle.) "Grow....Grroowww Bigger. Make me bigger!"] "Yeah... grow bigger, boy... get massive like us!" called out Darien. "Bigger....'' "Stronger..." "Denser...." [ (The man stands up and then begins to arch his back.... his muscles begin to inflate filling his clothes up to their maximum capacity.) ] "Getting bigger!" called out Brent "Stronger..." "Fuller..." "Swole...." "Harder...." "Denser...." "Thicker...." "Bulging...." [(suddenly the man begins to get taller too. His pants hem riding up his shins. His shirt hem riding up his abs. His sleeves travelling up his arms. All while his muscles continue to grow and pull and stretch on his clothes....] "More massive.... huh huh ....." cried out Andrixos. "Peaks, cuts, definition....huh huh huh ...." "Bigger muscle bellies...huh huh ...denser....huh huh...muscle fibers....." "Fuller...talller...stronger....bigger....massive...huh huh huh huh ...." [ (suddenly the man's balls inflate, his dick grows longer and thicker, bursting his fly wide open. The camera backs up for all to see the man has torn his shirt wide open down the front with just his burgeoning chest, while the sleeves have been shredded by his arms...) "FUCKIN' HUGE GROWIN' FUCKIN' HUGE!!"] "Cock getting huh huh huh larger..." "Balls getting bigger....huh huh huh huh" "More cum huh huh huh swirling round and round huh huh huh inside..." "Nads producing more huh huh hormones..." "Making us grow even bigger...huh huh huh " "fuller...huh huh......LARGER!...." "Which causes them huh huh huh to gro-OW bi-HIGGER! HUH HUH HUH" [(the man now stands nude, almost in a crab or most muscular pose, the whole world to see his giant and immense height, muscular, and cock size...) "PUMP ME, MOTHER FUCKER" (His cock rises even larger to the occasion...) "OH YEAH, I'M GONNA BLOW!"] "BLOW HUH HUH OOOH AND HUH HUH GROW!" "BIGGER! HUHU HUH HUH" "STRONGER! HUH HUH HUH HOOOOO-OH!" "BROA HUH HUH HUH BROA HUH HUH BROA-DER! ER!" "TALLER! HUH HUH MUCH MORE HUH HUH TALLER!" "MORE HUNG! HUH HUH HUH HORSE HUNG!" "EVERYONE HUH HUH HUH IS GETTING SO SMALL COMPAIRED HUH HUH TO US HUHU HUH...." "NO MAN IS OUR MATCH! HUH HUH HUH HUH" "WE ARE MUS HUH HUH HU HUH HUH MUSCLE HUH GAWDS!" [ (The man begins to spew his load of hot seamen everywhere his body, cock, and balls still inflating and growing as his blowing.) "C'MON FUCKER KEEP GROWING!... .... ...GAWD! OH MY FUCKIN' GAWD! (He continues to swell and blow....)] "YES! BIGGER! STRONGER! HUH HU H HUH AIIII OOH! GAWD! I...IIIIII" Joshua bucks and humps the air as he goes into orgasmic spasms. His hand jerking towards his right. "OOOOOOOH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!" Brent sees Joshua's involuntary motion, but goes into orgasm as he tries to roll to his right to avoid the cum shot. Instead he rolls to the right, but his head jerks back to the left, his mouth receiving the first full blast from Joshua's skin cannon. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AUH AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" Darien goes into orgasm, leaning forward and screaming not aware of the trajectory Brent has just sent his load into. It makes its mark right into Darien's open scream, who then jerks back on its taste sending his spunk to the right. "YESSSS YESSSSS! GROWING BIGGER AND BIGGER! HUH HUH HUH WHOO! WHOOO'S A MUSCLE HUH HUH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!" Andrixos scoots down the bed, his head collapsing into the pillow that would've received Darien's volley, but now it makes contact with Andrixos' mouth. His body convulses and twists to the left, and he has an orgasmic release that at first is all release of tension and then suddenly tightens so fast and hard, it cause his body to convulse to the left and thrust his pelvis up high. Creating an arc of spoo that goes soaring over Darien, Brent, and into panting lips of Joshua who's attempting to recover from a most powerful release. Swallowing, coughing, the four gasp and spit and swallow, trying to regain their composure and senses. Attempting to get feeling back into their feet and hands, allowing their fingers and toes to uncurl. Shivering, shaking, they pass out into a horny oblivion. ***************************************************************************** * During the night, the four men have hot and fevered dreams. Each one in their own fashion sees his self continuing to grow, to pack on muscle, to become more hung, their bodies becoming ultimate paragons of towering strength, power, and virility. All other men a small compared to them and they are shrinking by the minute. These men are becoming gods....TITANS! The same one who woke everyone yesterday will wake everyone again. He has dreamed that he has grown so big and so powerful, his pinky tow alone covers a metropolis of millions of people and their sky scrapers. A blimp too small for his eyes attempts to show him pictures of the people crowding around, rubbing, and jacking off on his feet, worshipping him madly. His cock springs into action soaring up and Up and UP! Such a massive meat monster it is it dwarfs the Empire State building by two, three, four times its size! He strokes as he pops his other arm's bicep and bounces his pecs, laughing lightly at how like fleas humankind has become to him. Suddenly he releases a load that cascades down in a deadly torrent. The first shot alone floods the city. The second takes the support or foundations out of building causing them to collapse. The third volley causes his sperm to spread out and empty into the sea or travel across plains.... Suddenly he is awake. His cock is still spewing. He tries to clear his head, knowing that the sensation is wrong due to the dream. Yet, he knows... he knows he's spewing more spoo than he did just the night before. Now... he must pee. Wincing in pain as he pulls back the sheet. He can feel the dried cum that became glue from last night, binding his skin and the sheet as one. He can still feel his cock giving up more spunk as it pools on the mattress a bit. He stumbles and fumbles his way to the bathroom, stooping a little because of how tired he is. He points his cock at the toilet and urinates, then flushes. He thinks to himself, "I should go ahead and shower, get this dried spunk off of me." It is mere moments after the shower is turned on that he yelps out in horror. His three buddies again sit up in bed and turn their attention to the bathroom. Andrixos comes to run out the door when suddenly... WHAM! His head meets the door frame. Crumpling to the floor, Andrixos nearly loses consciousness, and remains in a haphazard seated position. "Did... did... I just see that right. Standing all the way, straight up.... did....did Andrixos just bang his head on the door frame?" "Yes, Joshua, you did." Said Darien and he flung the sheets off to stand and go check on his friend." "Good lord! " cried out Brent. "Darien! Look at yourself... you're.... you're... kind of built!" "So are you!" "So are we all." said Joshua. "We're all that mildly athletic to soccer player kind of build. You know just before you begin to look like a personal trainer." Darien gave a hand out to Andrixos. "Easy does it... tilt your head forward before you come through...." "Good....night... look how his leg muscles bunch and pop as he stands....oh my gawd....." "Look at how you, Joshua, rise a tent pole in the middle of the bed!" Sure enough from seeing how built and tall they were now, Joshua had begun to develop a chub. This was eventually done, willingly or no, by Brent and Darien as well. As Brent reached over and pulled the sheet off of Joshua... he let out a yelp of fear and then began to hold and strangle his penis as though he had a monster. "My gawd! This thing is like a foot and a half long now!" "And judging by the door frame," said Brent. "We're all now six foot - ten inches tall." The four sat or stood there in silence, in the room, staring at one another.
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 18

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OusqXuu_0KVzTlvVXsHdaYyqEm87JNuWHQUy71lLuxM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, & MAXIM All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OusqXuu_0KVzTlvVXsHdaYyqEm87JNuWHQUy71lLuxM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, & MAXIM Chapter 18: Reunion Two days had passed since Gemini visited Justice’s hometown, Sunnysville. During that period, the two only met during debriefings at the D.A.B. headquarters regarding Gilgamesh’s interrogations and fieldwork. It was always an awkward tension Justice could feel between himself and Gemini. And it seemed to increase whenever Gene talked to him in Gemini’s presence. He wished he had the answers to resolve the situation, but the crossroad of choosing “the one” had been difficult. It came to a point when he questioned if he even loved Gemini or Gene and was not just lusting after them. Thankfully, the past few days had been a helpful distraction. Currently transformed and located inside of the Barticle Troy Mall, Marvelous Man twirled into the air. The musclebound superhero activated his flight power to stay airborne for a few seconds; dodging a bolt of lightning crackling into the ground where he once stood. The floor splintered into fragments that briefly flew into the air. In retaliation to the electrical attack, Marvelous Man threw his golden wreath at the caster. The golden wreath whistled in the air, as it whirled itself towards the attacker. The assailant knocked it away with his weapons; a pair of short-handed axes with magical runes etched on them. Spurts of electricity arced through the axes, while the etched runes glowed a soft blue. Upon failure of striking the assailant, the wreath sailed back to Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man caught the projectile and stared down at the foe. The magical axe wielder was a man who looked to be about as young as eighteen. His skin had a pigmentation so dark, it was nearly black. And his body had a trim muscle tone that bulked at his back and thighs like an Olympic wrestler. The young man wore a hunter green loincloth with two leather belts. The brown belts crossed over each other in an x-pattern and sagged at his hips . It had a loop on each side as a means of acting as the short-handed axes holsters as well. Adorned on his shins and forearms were bracers made of zebra pelt, and his footwear consisted of simple, brown sandals. The young man shouted, “Come down and fight me, coward! Or is your fear of a Skeleton Lord guardian that great?” The Skeleton Lord guardian clanged his magical axes together, while he glanced about. The etched runes on the enchanted weaponry glowed a brighter intensity of soft blue light. Electrical discharge dances around the axes with more frequency, as the weapons’ blades vibrated from the loud clash. “Your so-called heroes are afraid of Zareb the-...where is everybody?” he said. The Barticle Troy Mall was completely empty; emphasized by Zareb’s comment reverberating the vacant building. Other than the Skeleton Lord guardian, the only people on the first floor with him were Marvelous Man and Octomentist. Zareb’s eyes shifted about in search of a supposed audience. Marvelous Man called out with his thoughts, “Gene, he’s figured out we got everybody evacuated. I think he’s gonna make a break for it. Is it ready yet?” “We require a few more seconds, Marvelous Man. Gemini is applying the final parts,” telepathically replied Gene. The electrical tribesman glared up at Marvelous Man before looking down at Octomentist. The female superhero, draped in her red kung fu gown, held all eight of her cybernetic arms up in a battle-ready position. Zareb flexed a confused eyebrow while seeing Octomentist transform her golden arm into a golden tendril. Octomentist then whipped her golden tentacle-like arm in an underhanded motion. The tendril darted towards Zareb; moving downwards before curving up the moment it got close to touching the ground. Upon reaching its target, the golden tentacle coiled around the electrified axe in the supervillain’s left hand. the tendril tightened, as Octomentist immediately placed one of her chrome-plated arms on her transformed Gold Arm. Any electricity emanating from the magical axe traveled down the conductive golden limb; only to be absorbed by the prosthetic superhero’s Lightning Arm. Zareb tugged and chopped at the golden tendril with no success. Seeing the Skeleton Lord guardian momentarily distracted, Marvelous Man flew towards the villain for an opportune surprise attack. As the musclebound superhero raised his legs for a dive kick, he instantly realized he reacted in the wrong way. He could see it all unfold in slow motion. Zareb released his caught axe, while simultaneously waving his other electrified axe in an upwards motion. An arc of magical lightning released from both axes and reached out to one another. Upon connection, the tethered axe reacted by leaping towards Octomentist. It spun like a buzz saw; wrestling away from the golden tendril’s bind. The magical axe zipped past Marvelous Man, as it drew closer to the eight-armed superhero. Releasing her Lightning Arm’s clasp over the Gold Arm, Octomentist raised her chrome arm in attempt to block. The tendril form of the Gold Arm retreated back; trying to reshape itself into a more defensive attire. The speed of the whirling axe was far greater than the Gold Arm’s shapeshifting and collided with the superhero’s Lightning Arm with a loud clang. The chrome arm had saved her twice at the same time, as it had immediately absorbed the axe’s extra discharge it gave off. The impact of the enemy’s weapon threw Octomentist backward; causing her to land on her back. As for the axe, it pierced into the ground next to her head. Marvelous Man was distracted by the commotion and miscalculated his diving kick. His legs pounded into the ground only a finger’s length away from the Skeleton Lord guardian. Tremors from the error travelled up his legs; making it momentarily feel as if his overly-muscular limbs had stepped onto a sword’s blade until it rammed into the hilt. The vibrations and shattered flooring caused Zareb to stumble back and nearly lose balance. Distracted by the blundered attack, the electrical arc connecting the two magical axes lost focus and completely severed. Zareb spat, “Cursed wretch.” The Skeleton Lord guardian turned around and proceeded to flee towards the mall’s exit. Marvelous Man activated his flight powers; his legs too shaky from the impact to do an on-foot pursuit. At the same time, Octomentist stood up. Her face looked unamused, as she sharply exhaled through her nostrils. The disk in her right shoulder socket rotated her set of chrome-plated right arms, until it located the correct cybernetic limb. She then placed the chrome arm, that was known to Marvelous Man as the Gravity Arm, on her chest and activated it. A dark aura emitted from the arm; causing Octomentist to become weightless. Leaping forward before the nulled gravity completely took over, she aimed another cybernetic arm behind her. The arm was none other than her Air Arm and activated to jet a stream of compressed air out of her palm. Octomentist reacted at the same time by assuming her body in a more aerodynamic position through leaning forward. “Gene!” shouted Marvelous Man’s thoughts. Fairuza telepathically replied, “It’ll be up in 3-2-1-!” As Zareb was about to pass a row of columns, a paper-thin wall of rainbow-like light materialized between the white columns. The electrical tribesman collided into the flimsy sheet of light as if it were a solid wall. His face and body looked as if he had smooshed up against a glass panel. “Magical barrier successful. Subject is now contained. Well done, you two!” said Fairuza. Marvelous Man flew towards the trapped Zareb, but was cut off by Octomentist. With the Air Arm providing propulsion, the eight-armed superhero zipped past Marvelous Man before he could accelerate. Octomentist crashed into Zareb’s back in less than a second and tumbled to the floor. The electric tribesman slid down to the floor after the sudden compression; momentarily knocking the air out of his lungs. Zareb then pushed himself up, while using his axe as a prop. At the same time, Octomentist deactivated the Gravity Arm and Air Arm; ending the martial artist’s ability to fly. The prosthetic superhero then braced for landing and rolled herself back onto her feet. With all eight arms flexing into an intimidating pose, she was back to being battle ready. As Marvelous Man began to catch up to the two fighters, Zareb held out his axe. The magical weapon shot out its bolt of lightning in an attempt to reconnect to its fallen twin. Sailing past the two superheroes without interference, the electric bolt bonded with the axe stuck into the ground. The Skeleton Lord guardian then pulled back the electrified axe in his hand; signaling the other one to react. The musclebound superhero turned to watch the magical axe yanked itself from the floor and flew back to its twin. It began its usual spinning motion; slicing through the air at such a rate that the blade blurred. While flying back to Zareb, the electrified weapon slightly altered its course. The axe flew a wide distance around Marvelous Man; keeping outside of the hulking bodybuilder’s reach. It then began to curve itself towards Octomentist’s exposed back, and Marvelous Man was helpless to stop it in time. Marvelous Man screamed, “NO!!!” The Skeleton Lord guardian grinned ravenously, as the mystical axed was nearly an arm’s length away from murderously grinding into Octomentist’s back. The eight-armed superhero took a step forward and immediately spun around in a counterclockwise motion. Reaching out with her Lightning Arm, she perfectly timed her revolution and grabbed the electrified axe by the handle. As she completed a full rotation, she swung the magical weapon into Zareb’s right shoulder. The electric tribesman sank to the floor once again with the electrical current between the axes cutting off. “Daughter of blight!” he cursed. Dropping the magical axe in his hand, Zareb flinched in pain. The Skeleton Lord guardian rose a shaky hand towards his axe-embedded shoulder, as the blue light emanating from his enchanted weapons died. Streams of blood slowly seeped from the wound; drifting down the midnight skin. Octomentist huffed, “Shut up. It’s only a flesh wound. Just be glad I didn’t decide to hit your arteries after trying to pull that boomerang shit on me.” The prosthetic superhero turned to look at Marvelous Man. “Hey, Naked Justice. Before you patch him up, let me just do one more thing,” she requested. While twisting her waist back towards the wounded Skeleton Lord guardian, Octomentist formed her hands into a fist. She struck Zareb with four chrome-plated right hooks with each attacking different areas of the enemy’s left side: the temple, ear, cheek, and jaw. Upon quadruple impact, the electrical tribesman slumped face first onto the ground and into unconsciousness. Octomentist shook her right hands, “Okay, now you can do it.” Marvelous Man silently hovered over to the unconscious Zareb and landed next to the foe. He commanded the light within himself to flow to his hands in preparation for healing. The light within him obeyed and began illuminating the bodybuilder’s meaty hands. Placing one hand next to the wound, Marvelous Man placed his other on the magical axe’s handle. The musclebound superhero took a breath to brace himself for what he would do next and began to feed his light. He recalled the happy memories of Papa Ares giving him ice cream and cookies for breakfast the day after Ares caused him to dislocate his knee. Pulling out the weapon with a quick yank, Marvelous Man commanded his light to begin healing. The light complied and extended itself over the wound. Seconds ticked by as the wound slowly sealed itself up, and the bloody stream came to a gradual stop. With the job done, the hulking bodybuilder deactivated his power and stood up. “He’s stablized for now. I didn’t heal his concussion, because I’m pretty sure he’d wake up before we could contain him,” he reported. Marvelous Man called out with his thoughts, “Gene, can you turn off the barrier? We got the guardian.” “I acknowledge,” telepathically replied Gene. The translucent barrier began to dissipate, while Octomentist fished her chrome hand into her belt pouch. Pulling it out a second later, her hand revealed a flat device within its grasp. The eight-armed hero then pressed a button on the gadget’s center and tossed it onto the unconscious Zareb. Upon landing, the device beeped before fastening itself on the back of the Skeleton Lord guardian. The machine began to leak metallic threads that lengthened and coiled about the enemy. Footsteps from beyond the pillars could be heard, as the expanding threads had completely mummified the enemy. Once bundled up, the device emitting the metallic threads beeped again and emitted a dark glow similar to Octomentist’s Gravity Arm. The bounded being then floated off the ground and hovered at the same level as Marvelous Man’s knees. Octomentist smiled, “Thanks for the assist, Naked Justice. It’s always interesting when I’m teaming up with you. Gotta say that you are just a magnet for weird. Well, see ya.” As she began to leave, one of her chrome arms reached out to grab the levitating perpetrator. She silently dragged the detained subject behind her, while the echoing footsteps grew closer. A thought crossed Marvelous Man’s mind. “Oh, hey. I think we need him. He’s related to the Skeleton Lord case that you helped us with last time...well, him and the knight your team caught yesterday,” spoke up Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero thought back to yesterday’s ordeal. Marvelous Man and his team received an order to investigate a new supervillain that had appeared in the city. It was a man in an overly-decorated knight armor wielding a glaive polearm with designs similar to the weapon used by the Skeleton Lord. The supervillain proclaimed its loyalty to the Skeleton Lord while attacking civilians. There were no fatalities, but many were injured with sliced wounds. When Marvelous Man and the others arrived at the scene, the knight had already been defeated by Octomentist and was being transported back to the Arkos Division headquarters. Octomentist stopped, “Big man, I’d like to help you out, but I can’t. Arkos Division needs the wins it can get if we want to get some more funding.” “Oh, please! Arkos Division has their finger in nearly every technological pie. I know they can recoup any loss of funding the Nemesis Branch steals,” said a male electronic voice. The two superheroes turned their heads to spot Gemini and Gene walking towards them. The Soulem was now garbed with a few more accessories for field duty; a pair of red-framed glasses and a brown messenger bag with the D.A.B. logo printed on it. Gene frowned, “And to reiterate Marvelous Man’s statement, we need him. The D.A.B. and the Skyway City police need that guardian for questioning in regards to his relations to the Skeleton Lord.” “And the police can question him when they get their subpoena. But for now, he’ll be kept at our headquarters where we can keep him safely contained,” coldly replied Octomentist. Gemini’s mood rings transformed to orange. He rolled his eyes, “Let’s not dive into that bullshit, alright? You guys can only handle all the sci-fi stuff. Every time you guys tried to put the supernatural or magical shit in your prisons, it would pretty much literally blow up in your faces. I should know. I’ve witnessed it a couple times.” The Soulem pointed his white, rubbery finger at the encased perpetrator. “He’s a magical being, okay? We really need him. You can poke and prod the knight all you want, but this one stays with us. Or did you not notice the lightning bolts coming out of him?” stated Gemini. Octomentist snapped her fingers, “Thanks for reminding me. I gotta confiscate those axes. Huh…” As the eight-armed superhero moved to search for the magical axes, she paused. The others looked to where she gazed and spotted the rune-etched weapons already disintegrating into the usual black smoke the Skeleton Lord used for forming weaponry. The axes had already decayed halfway; any attempt to preserve them would be a fruitless endeavor. “Well that takes care of that,” she shrugged, “Look, I was the first on the scene here, and that gives Arkos first dibs. I can’t deny you guys from visiting him, since the D.A.B. is involved with the police this time. But that doesn’t mean I can hand him over. If you don’t like the rules, take it up with a congressman.” Marvelous Man could hear Fairuza speaking into his head. “Unfortunately, she’s right. We’re going to have to let her go with this one,” reported Fairuza. The men said nothing. Marvelous Man could not argue at all, since he had no idea what the rules and bureaucracy surrounding the situation were. With nobody to question Octomentist, the prosthetic superhero left with the bounded suspect in tow. Marvelous Man consoled, “At least we saved the day.” “Yeah, but one of our leads got taken away,” complained Gemini. Gene crossed his arms, “Marvelous Man is correct. What is important is that we saved the day and mitigated any further disaster to the fellow civilians of the grand shopping mall. We still have the Gilgamesh locked in our headquarters, and he is by far the worst of the three.” “Yeah, I guess so,” sighed Gemini. Gene frowned, “However, I do feel the worries at how easily these recent victories were achieved without the help of higher ranked individuals. If their purpose was to strike fear into the common man of Skyway City, they did not try hard enough.” “I am also bothered that there might be another guardian biding their time to appear again. I will immediately return to headquarters and review our previous encounter with the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man, perhaps you should see if any of the evacuated civilians need any medical attention,” he continued. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yeah, sure. I can do that.” The bunny demigod turned to Gemini. “Gemini, I believe you can help us by requesting the police to submit the subpoena for visitation rights. We must question the other two guardians the Arkos Division have incarcerated at their headquarters,” suggested Gene. Gemini looked away, “That’s not what I’m here for, but whatever. You’re apparently the boss, I guess.” Marvelous Man glared down at the Soulem, as Gene frowned. “Because you are new, I will excuse your rudeness for now. Be advised that you should be kinder to your teammates, and you WILL respect a man of the royal Totochtin lineage. Do you understand?” stated the Totochtin prince. The musclebound superhero could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise, as the noticeable tension between Gene and Gemini grew. It was a conflict between the two men he loved, but he could not bring himself to decide on a side to pick. The Soulem’s digital eyes dueled with the bunny demigod’s for a moment before flicking away. Gemini sighed, “Fine.” The Totochtin prince did not reply to the bulky Soulem’s impolite response and proceeded towards the mall’s exit. The hulking bodybuilder and his Soulem friend said nothing and continued to watch Gene leave. The sound of Gene’s footsteps echoed heavily in the empty mall. Once it seemed that the rabbit superhero had left the building, Marvelous Man turned his gaze back towards Gemini. The embarrassment Marvelous Man felt towards Gemini’s remarks was now replaced with anger. The color on Gemini’s mood rings had returned back to white, as the Soulem looked up at Marvelous Man. “THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” roared Marvelous Man. The husky Soulem slightly cringed, as his mood rings had flashed to yellow. His eyes narrowed in surprise to Marvelous Man’s outburst; as if Gemini were a deer caught in the headlights. He hesitated, “Wh-what? I’m not his robot butler. He can ride my dick for all I care. Besides, he should be respecting me. I’m the one that drew the symbols incantating a barrier. All he did was use his energy as a power source.” “Don’t act like that’s what this is about! I’m okay with you shitting all over me. I deserve some of that. But not Gene, alright? You don’t get treat him like that,” said Marvelous Man. Gemini fired back, “He doesn’t treat you right either! You’re just another conquest for him. I don’t get how you can still love him. I’m the better choice!” Marvelous Man stared down at Gemini in bewilderment. He opened his perfect lips before pausing. He could feel another emotional tirade bubbling up along with his eyes becoming flushed with tears, but he did not want anybody to witness it. Remembering his D.A.B. shoulder patch kept him telepathically connected to his other team members, he slid his jacket off. As his black leather jacket hit the ground, the bitter taste of his true feelings came tumbling out. “...What happened to you, Gem? You got that new body, and it changed you for the worst. You’re so mean and selfish now whenever you don’t get your way...What happened to my friend, Gem?” he teared. He continued, “I thought...I thought I could make this work. I get that you’re dealing with new emotions and stuff. So I thought that I just wait it out a bit for you to come to your senses, and then we’d figure out this...complicated stuff. But you’re being a dickasaurus rex, man.” “Wha-no! Don’t say that…” said Gemini. Marvelous Man snapped, “But you are! How can I know that you’re right for me when you keep pressuring me to choose you. You kept talking about trying to understand me a couple days ago, but I don’t think you really get me. It’s hard for me to choose...But I think you’ve made it easier for me.” Gemini could only gape at Marvelous Man’s lecture, as his mood rings shifted to blue. Marvelous Man looked at the ground before turning away from Gemini. The musclebound superhero headed further into the mall; trying to get further away from Gemini seeing tears ready to stream down. “Justice…” whimpered Gemini. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thumping his colossal body around a couple more corners, Marvelous Man began to slow down. He felt he had put enough distance between himself and the Soulem and started to look for a place to sit. Spotting a wooden bench a small distance away, he lumbered towards it. The hulking bodybuilder sat himself down on the bench and hugged himself. Marvelous Man wiped his cheeks; removing the streams of tears moving down his face. He felt so many sensations when saying how he felt about Gemini. It felt toxic and blocky. His mouth was feeling wet and bloated, while his throat felt lumpy and dry. Marvelous Man told himself he needed to calm down. He reasoned that the people outside of the mall might need his healing powers, and heroes don’t have time to cry when people need help. A voice spoke behind him, “Hey, slag. Been a while.” Marvelous Man froze. It was a familiar voice that he had not heard in a while. It was deep, male voice that carried a stereotypical cockneyed accent. It was a voice that came from none other than his first and humiliating encounter with a supervillain. Spring up from the bench, Marvelous Man quickly spun around. He glared at the last person he expected to see today. He confirmed, “PB&J Gang…” “Yeah, that’s us. I see you’re trying topless style this time,” smiled the peanut butter villain. Marvelous Man took another look at the sandwich spread foe. The first time they met each other, the PB&J Gang were five sentient creatures that would fuse into one being. The leader of the gang was a round, rectangular being made of peanut butter. Its underlings were four gelatin beings that took the color and flavor of different fruit jams: Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, and Raspberry. They were currently combined with the leader as the torso and head, and the jam-like followers taking the form of the limbs. With the peanut butter leader being the head, his face was fully formed to look like a carved jack-o-lantern with a soft yellow light glowing within. It also had small horns pointing out of its head; dull but still menacing to viewers. Yet, there was something odd about the PB&J Gang that Marvelous Man noticed. Marvelous Man inquired, “Hey, wasn’t there five of you?” The peanut butter leader frowned. It was obvious to anybody that the combined version of the PB&J Gang appeared to be incomplete. They had the legs, but there was an arm-shaped jelly limb missing from the merged person. “Yeah, Strawberry’s been taken...And it’s why I’m here,” he sighed, “I really didn’t want it to be like this, but...I don’t got a choice in the matter if I want him back...Really sorry about this, mate.” Holding up his grape-flavored jelly arm, the PB&J Gang clenched his only fist. The gelatin being then motioned his fist to open as if it were trying to mimic an explosion. The sandwich spread supervillain said nothing as seconds ticked by. Marvelous Man took up a fighting stance, “What’re you…?” A gurgling noise echoed from the bodybuilder’s stomach. Marvelous Man could feel something beginning to build up inside of himself. It felt like he had just eaten a light lunch. But then it started to change; feeling the light lunch become a full meal. The pressure in his stomach increased to the point of overeating pain starting to develop. Marvelous Man hunched over to grab his abdomen. “Ack! Wha-what did you do to my stomach?!” he gasped. The PB&J Gang slowly walked towards him. His face was not exhibiting any pleasure at his actions. He explained, “Do you remember when we first met, mate? My crew and I were having our jollies robbing the bank, and you showed up trying to be all big and impressive. I graped your face, and you swallowed some of it. Now luckily, you never bothered to get yourself checked. Which made tracking all the easier.” “And funny thing about our biology, we can force ourselves to grow. So we never get digested. All this time, you had a piece of us in you, ya slag. We’re like that myth about gum staying in you for seven years. Only we can do it forever. And what you’re feeling right now, that’s us growing way faster than you can digest,” continued the PB&J Gang. Marvelous Man’s stomach groaned louder, as the hulking bodybuilder could feel his belly start to expand. His own abdomen was beginning to slightly swell against his arm. Marvelous Man then felt a sensation of something coming up his throat like acid reflux. He could taste grape jelly in his mouth. The musclebound superhero shouted, “...!!!” Marvelous Man stood there shocked before trying to scream for Gemini. Nothing he tried to yell was being vocalized; as if someone pressed the mute button on his voice box. The bodybuilder gripped his throat, as he realized the inside of it was still coated in grape jelly. Now standing only a step away the muscle demigod, the PB&J Gang thrusted an underhanded punch at Marvelous Man’s swollen belly. A surge of purple gelatin erupted from Marvelous Man’s mouth, as the overly-muscular bodybuilder fell to the ground. He laid there; crippled in pain. “Can’t let you call out your friends, Naked Justice. At least not yet. When I get Strawberry back, then you can call out to your friends with your spells or communicators or whatever. I’m beggin’ ya. Just play along for now,” said the PB&J Gang. Marvelous Man’s eyes widened with renewed hope. He thought as hard as he could to mentally call out for his teammates. Realization hit immediately upon realizing that he left his jacket on the other side of the mall. It was the only thing that carried the D.A.B. magical communicator patch. The only solution to that problem would be to clasp his golden bracelets together, transform into Justice, and then switch back to being Marvelous Man with a new black leather jacket equipped. It was a risk that could work...if it was not for his transformation being voice activated. Hope crashed into the pits of his jelly-filled stomach with full comprehension that there was no way out of this situation. The PB&J Gang enlarged their purple gelatin hand big enough to pick up an adult human. Wrapping his wet fingers around Marvelous Man’s hulking body, they only managed to grip half of the giant anatomy. The sandwich spread being lifted the muscle demigod before laying the front side of the bodybuilder onto his peanut butter back. The overly-meaty limbs of Marvelous Man sunk into the peanut butter substance like quicksand. Marvelous Man panicked and tried to thrash about; fearing complete engulfment and suffocation. As he tried to struggle, it only increased the pain in his stretched stomach. The overstuffed belly had limited his movements and caused his mighty arms and legs to be incapable of budging effectively within the thick entity. In a last ditch effort, the muscle demigod activated his flight power. He managed to gain some lift, but the peanut butter back reacted to the escape attempt by flexing. Clenching down, the smooth peanut butter surface had transformed into a muscular back filled with deep valleys and large cords that any muscle enthusiast would be jealous of. Marvelous Man was being pulled down once again; feeling like light unable to escape the immense gravity of a black hole. The PB&J Gang sighed, “Settle down, mate! I’m not trying to kill ya. Just trying to keep you from escaping. I need you alive anyways if I want to make the trade.” Marvelous Man ceased his movement. There was something interesting about what the PB&J Gang had been trying to tell him. He wondered who was holding their friend at ransom. With his body relaxed, Marvelous Man slid deeper into muscular, peanut butter back. The sinking finally came to a halt; just as the bodybuilder’s inflated gut was pressing into the muscled backside and the connecting joints were about to be immersed. The muscle demigod was glad that he was no longer being merged into the supervillain. But the situation was now incredibly uncomfortable due to his overstuffed stomach. Locked into place with the PB&J’s hard, muscular back pressed heavily against his belly, it felt like he was being punched at an excruciatingly slow pace. “Oh, right. I guess I better tell you who’s making me do this,” mentioned the PB&J Gang, “It’s that new guy that’s been on the telly for a bit. You and the D.A.B. have been fighting him. Calls himself the Skeleton Lord.” Marvelous Man’s eyes grew wide again. The sandwich spread supervillain continued, “Yeah, he’s one fucker I don’t want to tangle with again. The crew and I didn’t know it was him when we tried to prank him. Thought he was some homeless guy. Turns out he’s got that weird power with that black smoke and making bones just shoot out of him. He was able to do other stuff that I never seen anybody else do, but I don’t even know how to describe it.” “...But the one thing that’s got me proper scared is that he said he knows how to kill us for good. And I can tell that he is a man that doesn’t see the point of lying. I ain’t taking that chance with my own kin,” he finished. Marvelous Man’s heartbeat pounded at a rapid pace. The Skeleton Lord had a motive but kept doing things with no decipherable pattern to it. Marvelous Man thought back to what Gene had said about the previous guardians being too easy. If there was a fourth guardian or any sort of intelligence he could gather about the Skeleton Lord, this might be his only chance. The PB&J Gang turned to the mall’s alternate exit, but then paused. He scratched his chin, “Now that I said all that out loud...it’s probably better if your friends find you faster...I’ll just leave a trail. They should be smart enough to figure it out. Plenty of cameras here to spot us anyways.” The sandwich spread supervillain resumed marching towards the alternate exit while leaving behind a gelatin footprint with every step. Marvelous Man felt a drop of renewed hope that everything would work out. He could also feel that the growing grape jelly within him had reached his intestines and were inflating to max capacity. The bodybuilder was glad he had practiced with extreme-sized sex toys, as his body was accustomed to feeling full in the bowels and being extraneously stretched there. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After being transported outside the mall, Marvelous Man was snuck into the sewers through a large manhole. The muscle demigod obliged to the PB&J Gang’s request and illuminated himself to light their way. He lost track of the many turns his sticky captor made, and he was at a loss of what part of the city he was in. Time seemed to drone on, as the nasty stench within the sewers faded from Marvelous Man’s senses. While being carried to the Skeleton Lord’s location, the hulking bodybuilder endured the PB&J Gang’s ramblings on the many mischievous adventures the gelatin supervillain had. Every now and then, the PB&J Gang would go back to how they met the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man eventually managed to put the small tidbits of information together and came at a conclusion. The PB&J Gang had stumbled upon the Skeleton Lord huddled underneath a highway overpass by a drainage system. They attempted to steal the Skeleton Lord’s cloak out of sheer dickery. The ancient evil did not find this action humorous and retaliated. The Skeleton Lord had been feeding on the rats in the area and was able to sever the Strawberry arm from the combined PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord held Strawberry at ransom and had them do two things. The first was to find an area full of misfits that would never attempt to contact any police or superheroes and use it as a new hiding place for the Skeleton Lord. And the second was to bring Marvelous Man to the new hiding place. With the end of the journey seemingly near, Marvelous Man noticed the PB&J Gang turning towards a metal door and not another tunnel. The sandwich spread being pushed open the door to reveal another tunnel. Upon crossing over to the new area, Marvelous Man considered they were no longer in the sewers. A stale breeze flowed past muscle demigod, as he observed a set of metal tracks lined across the tunnel. The PB&J Gang then walked down the dimly lit tunnel before turning into a clearing. Marvelous Man gasped at the familiar surroundings. The clearing was a concrete dome stained in splatters of dark red. Lined against the walls were rubles of the makeshift homes destroyed by Marvelous Man’s encounter with the Skeleton Lord. Lines were beginning to connect in the musclebound superhero’s head, yet no solid conclusion could be found. The Skeleton Lord’s new hideout was somewhere in the ghettos outside of the Ridgemont subway station. But for what purpose would the Skeleton Lord come back to the area the supervillain was discovered at? The gelatin being continued moving through the clearing and up the stairs. Upon breaking through the subway entrance, daylight casted itself on the two. The buildings before them were just as Marvelous Man remembered them; forgotten architectures rotten and gored of most of their interior. The PB&J Gang wandered further into the ghetto, as Marvelous Man kept watch for any suspicious activity. Chunks of time passed, as the supervillain meandered through the many bend and turning into different streets. The PB&J Gang finally came to a halt, as the gelatin being looked at the structure in front of the two. It was a two-story townhouse that was hidden behind the alley of two boarded stores. It barely had any blue paint left on its ruined husk, and whatever windows that were not broken had cracked panes. The air surrounding the structure not only carried the scent of a dead home but also its residents. “Brace yourself, mate. It’s really ugly in there. The sods been feeding but hasn’t dealt with disposing the scraps...you’ll see what I mean,” said the PB&J Gang. The sandwich spread supervillain twisted the knob and pushed forward. As it fully opened, Marvelous Man could only see blackness inside without any signs of light or electricity. The stench of decaying flesh and wood increased, as the PB&J Gang entered the townhouse. Marvelous Man could no longer handle the foul odor and began to lower his face closer to the peanut butter back. The hulking bodybuilder was slightly alleviated by the gelatinous being’s peanut butter scent mixing in with the rotting stink. Activating his illuminating powers, Marvelous Man’s light carved through the darkness to reveal the source of the death stench. The muscle demigod spotted corpses of humans and transpecies propped against the walls and flurries of flies buzzing about. As his captor moved through the house to a set of stairs at the end of the hall, Marvelous Man could see that the dead had different times of death. Some had recently died with colors still flushed on their skin, and others were past rigor mortis and had begun to bloat and leak rotting fluids. The PB&J Gang muttered, “And this is why you don’t do drugs or let supernatural things into your body.” Marvelous Man looked at the limbs of the corpses they passed by, while his captor proceed up a staircase. He observed syringe injection scars and crudely-made magical seal tattoos on the forearms. There were also runic designs painted in red on the skin; some cracked but still recent. A memory of what the PB&J Gang told him earlier about the Skeleton Lord’s first ransom demand lit up in his mind. “Find an area full of misfits that would never attempt to contact any police or superheroes and use it as a new hiding place for the Skeleton Lord”. The musclebound superhero had seen enough crime dramas to figure out this townhouse’s recent purpose before becoming the Skeleton Lord’s new hideout. Reaching the top of the steps, the PB&J Gang now stood in the hallway of the second floor. There were three doors; one on the left and right side and one at the end of the hallway. The doors on the sides of the hallway were open, but the door at the end remained closed. Realizing the Skeleton Lord is most likely behind that door, Marvelous Man’s heart rate began to escalate. It dawned on the musclebound superhero that this was his last window of opportunity to escape. Every instinct in Marvelous Man told him to run, but his resolve was stronger. The muscle demigod remained still, as his captor carried him through the hallway. The PB&J Gang’s pace was slow and seemed to drone on for eternity. Yet it was only the span of seconds before reaching the end of the hallway. Placing a grape jelly hand on the knob, the PB&J Gang slowly opened the door with a low creak. The noise of cartoon sound effects softly echoed in the air. The walls and ceiling were covered in the same whisping black smoke the Skeleton Lord expels. Barely cutting through the darkness was the dim orange light of a lit candle; resting on the ground. Marvelous Man could see a molded mattress nearly turning black and lying dangerously close to the flaming candle. There was also a human-like figure slightly depressing into it; dressed only in a red cloak with a bulging hood. Marvelous Man’s breathe ceased, as he came to a realization of who it was. The Skeleton Lord did not pay the two any attention upon entering his room. He appeared enamored with a smartphone in his hand; the screen’s light shining against the red hood. As he swiped his peach-pigmented index finger across the phone’s screen, the device played another soundbyte of cartoon noises and kids cheering. Seconds continued to pass, while the PB&J Gang stood there. “...H-hey, boss? I brought him,” spoke the PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord’s boney finger paused in midair, as the robed man looked up. Even with the phone’s light shining into his hood, darkness continued to obscure his face. The Skeleton Lord then laid his device onto the moldy mattress before standing up. He spoke, “My apologies. I was distracted by the glass tablet. The technology here is much intriguing. It really feels like yesterday for me when the common man rode on horses and not those self-driven chariots.” “But I digress, one should always knock before they enter. It is, after all, quite rude to barge into one’s room. Especially with royalty, such as I,” continued the Skeleton Lord. The PB&J bowed, “Uh, er, r-right. Sorry...my lord.” “That’s better,” replied the Skeleton Lord, “And even better is that you accomplished all that I tasked you with. You faired completely better than my other three guardians.” He sighed, “And I hear that in these times it is the third that is supposedly the charm. Though perhaps the fourth will fair better. Well, since I am in a most excellent mood, how would you like to be my fifth guardian?” Marvelous Man swallowed. This confirmed what Gene Lightfoot had been guessing. There was a fourth guardian ready to be let loose. The only problem was that he was not sure which one it was. The muscle demigod remembered in the previous fight with the Skeleton Lord, the supervillain was armed with a scythe sword and shield, a glaive polearm, and a pair of short-handed axes. The fourth weapon the Skeleton Lord used was probably used briefly before being disarmed and never registering in the heroes’ heads. “Please, m-my lord...I appreciate the offer. I really do...But...I just want my friend back, please,” declined the PB&J Gang. The Skeleton Lord scratched his chin, “Hmmm...I’d normally kill you where you stand after you slapped away my most gracious offer...BUT! We did have a deal. And a king must always honor their word. Besides, I could always find you again whenever I please.” “Allow me to secure the cargo first, and then I shall release your compatriot into your care,” he stated. The Skeleton Lord waved his hand. The whisping darkness covering the walls and ceiling stirred, as tentacles of the same material sprouted from it. The black tendrils reached out and ensnared Marvelous Man’s massive body. The ceiling tentacle cupped underneath the massive pecs, as the corner wall tentacles looped around the thunderous thighs and grappled over the mountainous shoulders and hairless armpits. Once secured around the colossal bodybuilder, the whisping tendrils pulled. The muscular peanut butter back trapping Marvelous Man showed no resistance; releasing the muscle demigod without a sound or any peanut butter residuals on the meaty limbs. After lifting the musclebound captive out of the PB&J Gang, the tentacles around the shoulders and thighs began to retreat back into the smoky walls. The wall tendrils that were returning to their dark source loosened their grasp; only to gently slide down the overly-muscular extremities. As the tentacles that traveled down Marvelous Man’s legs, it then encountered the leather black boots the musclebound superhero wore. Without any signs of resistance, the whisping black tentacles effortlessly stripped the footwear from the muscle demigod’s milk chocolate skin. The wall tendrils then reasserted their grip around Marvelous Man’s wrists and ankles, as the leather boots fell to the wooden floor with a dull thunk. The only thing left now clothing the hulking bodybuilder was the golden wreath and bracelets and the American Flag battle bikini. The ceiling tentacle, wrapped underneath the watermelon-sized pectorals, rotated Marvelous Man; situating the muscle demigod to face front towards the ceiling. It then dragged the muscle demigod to the center of the room and hanged the bodybuilder superhero at the Skeleton Lord’s waist level. The ceiling tendril released its hold over Marvelous Man’s torso and completely returned into the ceiling’s darkness, while the wall tentacles retreated further into the wall corners. With the wrists and ankles still restrained by the wall tentacles, the gargantuan limbs were pulled along with. Fearing his ligaments would be torn off, Marvelous Man attempted to struggle. His heavy body wiggled about, but he came to an eventual still seconds later. Right when his body parts were stretched at the maximum, uncomfortable point of feeling his joints dislocate, the tentacles ceased their retreat. Marvelous Man was suspended in a spread eagle position; his limbs bounded with no room to bend. The Skeleton Lord held a finger up to his unseen chin; appearing to plot something nasty if Marvelous Man could see his face. The ancient evil waved his hand and the wall tentacles reacted. The black tendrils attached to the hulking bodybuilder’s legs began to move sideways, while pulling the meaty legs further away from each other. Marvelous Man was confused at such an action, but it then became apparent as to what the supervillain was trying to do. The Skeleton Lord was trying to test the muscle demigod’s limberness just for sadistical fun. His overly-muscular legs easily spread apart but came to a thankful halt once Marvelous Man’s limbs were positioned into a perfect split. The Skeleton Lord must have realized any further could do severe harm to the musclebound superhero and ceased the whisping, dark tentacles movement. “Hmmm, impressive,” the Skeleton Lord murmured, “I would not expect a gargantuan star child to have an acrobat’s flexibility.” Marvelous Man’s frustration and fear increased, as he was tossed from one helpless state to the next. He wished he had Gene’s ability to turn this frightful situation into a sexy one. The musclebound superhero consoled himself that he could still turn the tables by activating his illumination power as a means of escaping the Skeleton Lord’s dark elements. The Skeleton Lord mentioned, “Ah, yes. I had almost forgotten about your illuminating abilities. You may not have your golden ocarina in hand, but I would be a fool to not take the precaution.” The man cloaked in red snapped his fingers. The whisping, dark tentacles shattered, as it revealed underneath its layer solid bindings made of bone. The lingering hope Marvelous Man had once again sunk back into his jelly-filled stomach. The only thing the superhero’s light could do now was reveal what specific white shade the bones probably had. “And with my requirement fulfilled...” announced the Skeleton Lord. Waving his boney hand into the air, the Skeleton Lord caused the whisping darkness in the ceiling to stir once again. A noise similar to thunder lightly rumbled, as an object fell from it. The object fell in front the PB&J Gang and crashed with a wet splat. Marvelous Man barely had time to glimpse at it, but it appeared to be a sort of gel-like substance. The PB&J Gang squatted, “...Strawberry? That you?” The object lunged at the sandwich spread being’s left shoulder; springing like an alien blob. Upon contact, the gelatin creature shapeshifted into a left arm that fitted perfectly into the peanut butter shoulder. The PB&J Gang petted the new arm. “It’s alright, love. You’re safe with us now,” he said. The PB&J Gang looked up at Marvelous Man, as he began to back away. Even though Marvelous Man could only see the gelatinous being from an upside-down perspective, the musclebound superhero could still see the frown and sadness in his eyes. He waved at the bodybuilder, “Well...I’ll let myself out. Have a nice chat, Marvelous Man.” The PB&J Gang then fell to the floor; shapeshifting into a large puddle of mixed jelly flavors and peanut butter. The shapeless mass immediately flung itself out of the room and out of Marvelous Man’s sight. With the only “ally” Marvelous Man had in Skeleton Lord’s presence gone, he slowly turned his focus back to the ancient evil. The panic in his heart had risen again. “Ah, that’s right. I had not been given the pleasure of learning your name...or the Totochtin’s for that matter. So the star child has been entitled the Marvelous Man?” hummed the Skeleton Lord. As the muscle demigod swallowed in nervousness, he realized something. The grape jelly coating the inside of his throat had receded back into his bloated belly. And the overeating pain he had been feeling during the transportation capture had also faded; he no longer had his overfilled stomach literally weighing him down. Even though Marvelous Man had been bounded and stretched without room to wiggle, he still had some sliver of chance to escape from the Skeleton Lord’s clutches. Marvelous Man answered, “Yeah...it’s what I call myself.” The Skeleton Lord walked around Marvelous Man; tracing his fingers against the rippled, muscular mass. The hulking bodybuilder shivered from the ancient evil’s touch. It felt cold and dry, and the fingers gracing upon the smooth skin tickled Marvelous Man’s nerves. And every time it seemed the supervillain’s body was about to collide with one of the bone fixtures attached to the musclebound superhero and the wall, he simply phased through it like a ghost. It was as if his own bone powers could not affect him in any negative aspect. “Hmm, such a vague name. It’s as if you are trying to convince yourself that you’re special,” he commented, “Ah, but that is not an implied insult towards you! Merely, that if someone other than you had chosen to inherit such a name, they would be such a pathetic being.” As the ancient evil rounded himself in front of Marvelous Man’s head, he stopped. The Skeleton Lord reached out with his skinny fingers and placed them upon the muscle demigod’s golden laurel wreath. He lifted the Olympian ornament from Marvelous Man’s temples with gracious ease. The Skeleton Lord held it up to his face, as he glided his fingers upon the wreath’s smooth and sharp edges. “But you...you carry it quite well. You are special. You are marvelous. You are not the strongest fighter in your party. No, your party members have made that point quite clear. YOU are the most important member. You are the healer. You help your comrades continue to fight with renewed vigor. And you assist them in areas they are weak in and unknowingly push me to my limits. I can never use my common bag of tricks with you around. Without you, they could never hope to contend with me,” he continued. Even with the Skeleton Lord so close, Marvelous Man could still not see the supervillain’s face. The bulky horse skull bulging underneath the red hood seemed to be casting its own shadow to mask any facial features. The muscle demigod did not dare use his illumination ability; for fear of angering the Skeleton Lord and most likely resulting in a quick death. Marvelous Man questioned, “And that’s why you had me kidnapped?” The Skeleton Lord tossed the golden wreath to the side of the room; curiosity apparently sated. The laurel ornament clanged onto the ground outside of Marvelous Man’s visuals. He slid a hand back into his red robe. “Mm, well, no. I wanted the Totochtin. But when that pathetic sap creature bargained for your capture instead and saying how easy it would be for them, I took the chance. Getting rid of you would make things flow much more easily. To think that all those legions of wizards and priests, and it was you that hindered me the most,” answered the Skeleton Lord. No matter what, the only thing the Skeleton Lord obsessed over other than the world’s destruction was Gene Lightfoot. Marvelous Man was aware of how after their first encounter, the Skeleton Lord seemed to have a soft spot for the Totochtin prince and never used lethal harm on Gene. He still could not figure out if it was due to Gene’s power or libido that caused such reaction. He shuddered, “So you’re going to kill me?” The Skeleton Lord cackled in a high pitched shriek. With no room to flinch, Marvelous Man could only react to the shrill noise by flexing his meaty pectorals. “I will admit, the idea did cross my mind. But no, I will not kill you. You have a mighty body that seems to mend itself. Even after Gilgamesh crushed your hand into an unusable lump. Itzcóatl made sure to report that after witnessing your other encounters with my guardians,” said the Skeleton Lord. He continued, “My intention with you is to use you as a wellspring of power for me to draw upon. Tell me, has your generation created a device for such empowering circumstances? Or do things like the glass tablet still need mana or soulbindings?” “...You mean a battery?” said Marvelous Man. The Skeleton Lord mused, “Battery?...Battery, battery, battery...a funny name, but it also sounds simple. Yes, you shall serve as my battery. I am still not at my fullest of forms and require more energy. I might not be able to attain lust energy from you, but there are other ways I can obtain what I need from you.” He knelt down to Marvelous Man’s ear; his breath spraying a putrid warmness. Marvelous Man’s head bent away in a futile attempt to keep any sort of distance between the supervillain. The musclebound superhero could sense the disgusting lips almost touching. “And while I would love to, su-su-su-su, sip on your fear, fear energy is but a droplet. And when my name was known to all living, I drank oceans,” slurped the Skeleton Lord. Standing straight up, the Skeleton Lord walked towards Marvelous Man’s burly arm. His exposed hand dragged across the muscle demigod’s shoulder, while his withdrawn hand came out of the red cloak with a curved knife crafted of bone. He declared, “Let’s start with your blood.” Marvelous Man’s eyes went wide, as he struggled. With his extremities bounded, the hulking bodybuilder could only sway his hips about in a feeble attempt to move away. The only thing that moved from the squirming was the bulge in his thin, battle bikini; lewdly flopping around. He knew now was not the right time to escape, but he did not want to be cut. Lowering the bone knife, the Skeleton Lord dragged the blade across Marvelous Man’s inner forearm. The overly-muscular superhero closed his eyes and winced; bracing for pain. As the knife slid down the forearm, it could only press into the skin without actually breaking it. The Skeleton Lord held up the bone knife for a closer examination upon discovering the failed incision. Marvelous Man slowly opened his eyes; wondering if the deed had been done. He expected it to really hurt, but it felt like he was being cut with a child’s plastic butter knife. Looking over at the supposed cut, he then breathed a sigh of relief. “It appears that without Gilgamesh’s strength, I cannot pierce through your baby-soft skin. Though I should not be surprised, since I failed to impale you the first time we met,” sighed the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked with confusion, “I’m...sorry?” The muscle demigod was not sure how to take the Skeleton Lord’s comment. It could be worded as a compliment, but the supervillain said it with a disappointed tone. And with Marvelous Man’s innate sense to help people, he could not help but offer an apology. “It’s alright. Though I do appreciate you being a good sport about this,” said the Skeleton Lord, “I’m afraid with your constitution, turning your blood into energy is out of the question. And you would most likely be resistant to flesh absorption magic. Alas, I suppose we will have to resort to the backup plan.” Marvelous Man held his breath. He desperately hoped the backup plan did not involve killing him. What the hulking bodybuilder did hope for was just being raped by tentacles and milked for lust energy like Gene probably would have been if kidnapped first. At this current point, Marvelous Man wished for anything but death. “And that entails having your life energy drained. You’ll barely be able to wiggle a finger, but you will still live and be stuck here as my battery,” explained the supervillain. The Skeleton Lord looked away, “I am sure he will survive. We perfected it on...what did they call themselves? Drug addicts? He can heal himself. It will be fine.” Marvelous Man glanced at where the ancient evil was staring at but saw nothing. The musclebound superhero now felt uneasy. The Skeleton Lord was already crazy for trying to destroy the world, but it became more apparent of how mentally unstable the supervillain really was. “Itzcóatl!” called the Skeleton Lord. A man’s voice immediately responded. Marvelous Man could not see him but knew the stranger came from behind the Skeleton Lord. He replied, “Yes, my lord.” “Bring me the bowl,” commanded the ancient evil. Turning his attention back to Marvelous Man, the Skeleton Lord resumed turning the muscle demigod into a living battery. The Skeleton Lord walked towards the hulking bodybuilder’s waist while dragging his unarmed hand over the valleys of muscle. Marvelous Man shuttered from the cold, tickling sensation. As the ancient evil reached the bodybuilder’s waist, he crept his molesting hand across the cobblestone abs and underneath the American flag bikini. The Skeleton Lord then grabbed the battle bikini’s side and yanked it up. With the bone knife still in his other hand, he held it underneath the gripped elastic fabric. The Skeleton Lord tugged the blade back with a quick jerk. The threads of the bikini showed no resistant; cleanly cut through by the bone knife with a quick ripping sound. With one part of it cut, the supervillain reached over to the other side of the bikini to repeat the procedure. The result was the same, as the Skeleton Lord began to peel away the sliced battle bikini in a almost ceremonious fashion. The last remnants of Marvelous Man’s clothing fell to the floor without making a sound; leaving the musclebound superhero exposed with his super package drooping in the air. Marvelous Man would feel humiliated if he were not used to having his clothes destroyed. The actual humiliation he had been feeling was being captured and helpless to the Skeleton Lord’s desires. The supervillain chuckled, “I thought it was possible you were stuffing your briefs, but I have been proven wrong. This is surely another reason if anyone else were to inherit your name as the Marvelous Man, hehe. Most impressive as a display of manhood...but I highly doubt you could sow your seed into a woman with a club such as that. And with a man of your stature, the babe would surely kill her in childbirth.” “Thanks...I guess,” said Marvelous Man. The muscle demigod felt at a loss for what to do. The Skeleton Lord’s actions felt confusing and terrifying. Struggling to prioritize, Marvelous Man tried to focus on what needed to be done. He needed more information for Gene and the D.A.B., and he needed to escape. There was no way he could fight the Skeleton Lord on his own. Unless...he tried to poison the Skeleton Lord with his own dark ability. He could keep the ancient evil incapacitated by reactivating every wound the Skeleton Lord had. It may be damaging to the superhero’s psyche, but it was the only thing he could think of. But with Marvelous Man’s current predicament, the supervillain would instantly see it and kill without hesitation. The Skeleton Lord might not be able to pierce his skin, but the supervillain might be able to do other things to kill him without damaging hulking bodybuilder’s epidermis. The most probable time to strike would have to be right when the draining begins. The only problem to the breakout rides upon the Skeleton Lord’s assistant being in the presence of the energy drain. The unseen man might have an ability to stop or kill the musclebound superhero. Marvelous Man figured that would have to wait until the opportunity arises. The overly-muscular superhero spotted something materializing next to the Skeleton Lord. The figment had transformed into a man with skin shaded as dark as mocha. His clothing was simple: a loincloth with a knot formed at the front and a hoodless cloak. Both fabrics were colored in red and outlined with teal. The colored apparel reminded Marvelous Man of the Aztec paintings of its people illustrated in the high school textbooks. Adorned on his head was a wooden headdress mask carved to look like a snake. In his hands, he carried a blue kitchen bowl. He spoke, “I have brought the bowl, my lord.” “Wonderful,” said the Skeleton Lord. The bone knife the ancient evil wielded dissolved into a whisping darkness before dissipating into nothingness. Turning to the Aztec-like man, the Skeleton Lord dipped his index and middle finger into the bowl. The supervillain stood there for a second before swiveling his body back towards Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man could see the dipped fingers coated in a red liquid, as the Skeleton Lord began applying the substance. It appeared that the supervillain was drawing something on him. Feeling that he was now on good relations with the supervillain, the musclebound superhero figured now was a good time to begin the interrogation. He gathered the courage to speak up, while the Skeleton Lord was busy finger-painting his massive body. He started, “So...is he your fourth guardian?” “Itzcóatl? Yes, he is. He is the vengeful hunter and my most loyal guardian. The other three joined me out of fear, honor-bound, and misguided whimsy that became shame. But Itzcóatl joined me for the sake of bloodlust,” clarified the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man felt it was a good start. This could be useful for Gene and the Demonic Authority Bureau to know, but it might not be enough to devise a countermeasure. He had to press on for more information; especially with the guardian’s ability to reappear anywhere. He questioned, “So what can he do? Teleport?” “It would be a godsend if he could. But alas, no. It is a tad more basic for a hunter like him,” hummed the Skeleton Lord. It did not seem like Marvelous Man would get anymore answers regarding Itzcóatl. If he persisted, the Skeleton Lord might lose his good favor. It was time to change topic. The hulking bodybuilder inquired, “Oh...what are you painting on me?” “I suppose it would not hurt me to tell you. I am scribing runes on you to act as a sort of...safeguard. When there is only the last drop of your life energy in you, this will activate and protect you. I do not wish for you to die an early death, after all,” said the Skeleton Lord. He looked away, “Yes, I’m sure I’m doing it right. The last few survived before we ended their miserable existence.” Marvelous Man thought back to what the Skeleton Lord said earlier. The supervillain managed to perfect something by the implication of testing it on the drug addicts. His thoughts then turned to the corpses downstairs. All the dead bodies seemed to show signs of drug abuse and probable supernatural magic for hallucinogenic purposes. There was also the recent runic designs painted onto their skin. Had they been guinea pigs for perfecting the runic safeguard? “Uh, okay. So how are you doing that bone stuff and all of this? I don’t see you using spells or magic circles. So how do you do it?” asked Marvelous Man. The Skeleton Lord moved towards Marvelous Man’s head and began to apply the red substance on the superhero’s face. The scent of the liquid paint became apparent to the muscle demigod, while the ancient evil drew runic symbols. It smelled like iron; a pungent odor that caused Marvelous Man to instantly recognize what the red paint truly was. Just like in the abandoned subway, it was blood. The supervillain replied, “That. Is a secret.” Marvelous Man was not sure how much time he had left before the preparations for his energy drain were complete. He could feel the blood on his upper body and face still wet on his skin. The hulking bodybuilder began to feel frustrated, as the Skeleton Lord moved towards his legs. None of the answers he could get did not give a direct answer towards a weakness or an element the D.A.B. could use to their advantage. Once Marvelous Man escapes, the ancient evil will flee to another location and become impossible to find. “Then...what destroyed your purpose? That’s what you said to me last time, right? What caused you to want to...turn the world into ash?” he said. The Skeleton Lord froze. Slowly turning to stare at Marvelous Man, the musclebound superhero felt a fearful chill coursing through. He hissed, “Do you think you could save me? That by trying to understand me, I will weep seas of tears and change my ways? Hmmm?” A tentacle grew from the ceiling of whisping darkness and lashed out. It coiled around Marvelous Man’s neck; strangling with the crushing strength of a python. The hulking bodybuilder tried gasping for air but could only gurgle. “All those priests and shamans that came alone in an attempt to consult me...saying the same thing. And I told them all the same thing. I. DO. NOT. CARE. I refuse to accept any change! I refuse to let my family go! I do not care that my power perverts the cycle of life and death! I was happy when everything stayed the same!...I wasn’t alone,” he shouted. The Skeleton Lord continued, “Time magic is impossible. No god, devil, or otherworldly would accept my requests. And you so-called heroes. You heroes were the cause of everything to fall apart! Always chasing and killing anything to bring glory to your name! You all made me like this! You destroyed my world! My happiness! My family!!! So that is why my purpose was destroyed! That is why I will destroy all existence!” Marvelous Man continued to struggle for breath, while his bounded body shook. He could hear his heartbeat throbbing in his head. The world felt like it was being enveloped by the Skeleton Lord’s darkness. “...My lord,” said Itzcóatl. Seconds past before the smoky tentacle relented. The tendril retreated back into the darkness covering the ceiling, while releasing its grip from around Marvelous Man’s throat. The hulking bodybuilding coughed; flooding his lungs with as much air as he could. The Skeleton Lord turned back to the overly-muscular legs and resumed painting runic symbols. The supervillain cleared his throat, “My apologies. My...passions carried me away.” Marvelous Man did not dare speak again after regaining the his breath. He allowed the Skeleton Lord to carry on painting in silence for the next few minutes, as the musclebound superhero started his escape plan. Marvelous Man closed his eyes; focusing on his fear of death, his helplessness without anybody to save him, and the hatred he wanted to feel towards the Skeleton Lord. He could feel the poison within him stirring. It wanted to feed on the negativity and hurt those who hurt the muscle demigod. After the painting was completed a minute later, the Skeleton Lord walked over to Marvelous Man’s head. He placed his bony fingers around the bodybuilder’s cranium; gripping the head gently. The Skeleton Lord slowly exhaled, as the fourth guardian placed the bowl of blood on the ground. A green aura began to glow from the Skeleton Lord’s hands and vibrate against Marvelous Man’s skull. Seeing the light, the musclebound superhero figured the draining had begun. Now was the moment to strike! Marvelous Man commanded the blackness within him to strike. The poison obliged and fed the harbored negativity. His head glowed its own dark, whisping aura; whispering its dark secrets in a hushed voice. Upon contacting the Skeleton Lord’s glowing hands, it analyzed the ancient evil’s medical history. Whatever element was helping the Skeleton Lord to be easily mended after suffering obliterating attacks had now disappeared. He was now lethally vulnerable. Mortal. The history of the supervillain’s injuries was endless. Many times did it receive deathly blows and reactivating those old wounds would instantly kill the Skeleton Lord to the extent of being atomized. There was also mental trauma, but few had healed or remained repressed. Something else caught Marvelous Man’s attention. Within the Skeleton Lord, there existed two more beings. One was a horse, but it seemed to be anchored to the equine skull bulging underneath the supervillain’s red hood. The other seemed broken at a first glance, but a continued look at it revealed it was incomplete. The strange entity seemed to have the quality of a familiar imp but it was still different. The musclebound superhero needed the poison to analyze it more; it was an odd curiosity. Marvelous Man then felt a tingling sensation in his head; similar to a pins and needles tingling whenever there was low blood circulation. The musclebound superhero cursed at his error. He had been distracted for too long that his energy was already being drained. Marvelous Man commanded the poison to reactivate all of the Skeleton Lord’s old wounds. The muscle demigod felt no response from the blackness; only the increasing tingling sensation traveling down his neck. A terrible realization hit the hulking bodybuilder. The poison he sent out had been absorbed into energy for the Skeleton Lord. As a last ditch effort, Marvelous Man commanded the light within himself to shine as bright as it could. He could feel the pins and needles tingling now encompassed his humongous pectorals, while the light obeyed. The light glowed, but it too had become affected by the supervillain’s energy drain. Its brightness was less intense than the room’s candlelight. The muscle demigod’s illumination could only keep lit for a few seconds before being absorbed; fueling the Skeleton Lord even further. With his last window of opportunity shut before him, Marvelous Man felt at loss of what to do now. It became harder to breathe, as his meaty chest was now paralyzed and can no longer heave or flex. The draining process has currently spread the tingling sensation over his abdomen; shallowing the bodybuilder’s breathing even further. The muscle demigod’s body gave off one last act of reflexive defiance against the energy drain. It engorged its sexual muscle with as much blood as it could. The defiant penis throbbed with life; straining to reach the ceiling and flexing its large veins hidden underneath the skin. As the energy drain passed over the rebellious erection, it could only momentarily stand proud before crumbling and losing all vigor to the Skeleton Lord’s hideous action. It would now only take seconds before the hulking bodybuilder’s overly-muscular legs to be taken over. Marvelous man’s thighs flexed wildly in a sad attempt to shake off the drain’s progress, until the paralyzing effect had fully struck. “I had expected your giant body to have double or perhaps triple the amount of energy a common man would have,” spoke the Skeleton Lord, “But you...you have so much more. I had expected a rich well and have found a lake. I wonder if the legendary Mana Stones had this much power in them?” Marvelous Man could not reply even if he had wanted to. His vocal cords had long been overcomed by the nefarious energy drain, and the pins and needles sensation had now reached his toes. The mighty superhero was now completely powerless. Too weak to move any muscle, and the dwindling hope of being rescued had been buried. “Rejoice, hero. For I will not have to prey on any miscreants outside of this city’s security for sustenance. I only need you for energy. Be happy at your newfound purpose, my Mana Stone. My battery,” taunted the Skeleton Lord. The hulking bodybuilder stared up at his captor; trying to catch a glimpse at the Skeleton Lord’s face. The ancient evil still had the red hood casting a shadow and shielding any sort of facial recognition. Marvelous Man tried to feel furious at how he could never see the supervillain’s true face, but his senses began to skew. The room felt like it had started to spin, while his mind felt dizzy. His vision began to blacken; just like when he was strangled. Sweat perspired all over the muscle demigod’s body, while his skin had taken on a clammy texture. The painted runes began to glow a dim red light that slowly grew in intensity. Marvelous Man struggled a final thought before losing consciousness. He prayed, “Papa, mom, dad...I’m sorry. I failed. I’m so scared...I don’t want to die here.” Next Chapter
  15. SO yeah, I dunno what really inspired this, I've seen a lot in the news about transitioning peoples and I guess I just kinda had this idea, and it REALLY wanted to come out. This is chapter one of a memoir from Rebecca, better known as Bronson. (Female to Male Transformation so it's not for everyone!) Ever since I was 5 I'd known I was different. It's not something that's easy to talk about, I learned that quickly, you can only insist for so long that daddy's lil girl is more of a momma's boy before the "That's sweet honeys" turn into "She'll grow out of it" into finally "Please try to be normal". That's a good one...normal. What IS normal? what's normal for me is that little petite Rebecca is really a Bronson. I know they say how hard it is to pick a name for a child, and I think my parents took months deliberating between Jessica and Rebecca but my real name, it came to me when I was 8 or 9 and in just a heartbeat. Watching Magnificent Seven, and Death Wish and a dozen other movies with my father, I couldn't get enough of them! The action, the machismo, the dripping testosterone! It was such a relief from the constant Rainbow Brights and Carebears my mom would subject me to. My dad would sit me down beside him, and I'd eagerly stare as he told me stories, how he MET Charles Bronson once, and even though the man was under 5'10 he TOWERED like a giant over his costars! That man was my idol, I wanted to BE him, the "man's Man" my dad would call him, the greatest action hero of all time! I told my dad I made the mistake of telling him how badly I wanted to BE Bronson when I grew up...the movies stopped then. A bad influence he said. I just..that hurt a lot...I still would sneak away with the movies at night and watch them, mimicking his walk, his attitude everything. It's all I ever wanted! BUT I learned to hide it, all that. I mean in my ROOM i was me. Safe to paint mascara over my chin and cheeks, to wear my father's stolen clothes, and workout with weights I'd bought with months of babysitting money, but OUTSIDE I was Becky, petite, chatty and whimsy like Audrey Hepburn down to the short pixie cut hair (That was my little rebellion, not that it went ENTIRELY unnoticed by my dad) And those weights, god I remember them fondly, little 10lb free weights that I could barely lift with both hands, but over time I slowly built my muscle up, but always careful, anytime I'd see even a hint of a bicep I'd feel the most intense elation, picturing the broad rippling muscle swelling and flexing across my manly frame, but then I'd immediately chicken out and stop it altogether for a few months, I couldn't risk my parents, especially my dad, finding out I'd been working out. I didn't need another lecture on what I needed to do to be "beautiful". Then came the internet. GOD that was amazing, a relief I'd never known, I was not a freak, there were hundreds like me, and even better there..there are things little Rebecca could take to become the manly Bronson he knew he was inside! Testosterone and hormone supplements the works! I was 18 when I first sat in front of the cheap online Chinese pharmacy, staring at the poorly translated "TESTOSTERONE FOR BIG GROWTHS MEN FROM WOMEN" and I bought it. I bought the bottle, my mouth dry, my heart pounding. I felt so many things, a tinge of guilt for doing this without telling anyone, a bit of regret at spending $200, some worry that I'd just wasted all that on some stupid placebo but most of all I felt HAPPY. This was the first step I'd made towards being the real me and I wanted it SO badly! I'd almost forgotten about it, when I got a package 5 months later! My mother calling "Becky sweetheart! there's something for you! Is it a college thing?" she asked, and I figured it was another acceptance letter, but as I got downstairs I saw the Chinese lettering on the package and RUSHED away with it, without so much as a seconds notice or part of an explanation! Slamming my door, ignoring the world I tore away the wrapper just to find a clear pill bottle with a broken childproof top, and a SINGLE red pill that looked every bit the part of a Tylenol. I fell to the floor, folding up into myself tears streaking my makeup as I stood up I could see the mess I'd made of myself, I popped the pill in spite and fell to the bed, practically clawing the makeup from my face. Laying there, ignoring my parent's calls for dinner it just..it wasn't FAIR! I felt so angry so sad and then angrier for feeling sad! My emotions rushing all over the place I was getting so hot all over as I'd literally cried myself out of tears. "It's not FAIR I just..I wanted..I wanted to be ME! to be BRONSON" I let out a sigh feeling my heart skipping a beat, fluttering in my chest as I instantly felt like throwing up, a punch hitting me right from the base of my groin to my stomach! I thought for certain I'd poisoned myself on that waste of money pill and sat up to get help only to fall back against the bedding my body was on FIRE! I couldn't move a single muscle! Then I felt something..god something I'd never felt before but have enjoyed a LOT since then, it was a burning right at the base of my groin! my hands unable to move, pinned to the bed by this constant non stop spasm I barely managed to lift my head up from the pillow and stared at..at SOMETHING... That pressure was pulsing through my clit as I watched it throbbing, and tenting up my skirt, I could see in the mirror across from my bed that my cotton panties were stretching! My legs and arms and chest were starting to itch all over, furiously so as the growing pressure got even worse! And not only that there was something growing against the inside of my thighs but I just couldn't see it clearly with the skirt but that wasn't going to be obscuring my view for long! My hips snapped back as I felt the painful cracking and snapping of them, slowly growing out of place and re-positioning themselves, my legs lurching longer across the bed as I could make out the thin coat of hair that had just grown over them, despite shaving just last night! I let out a moan as my chest ached so deeply, the bones of my ribs popping out of place, the sound both intense and sickening, but I couldn't stop! and it was only making that growing pressure resonate throughout my body! I watched my breasts slowly flatten the perky mounds growing firmer by the second, swelling outwards I could see the fatty orbs slowly melt into these striated peaks! the itching spreading across them as the hairs slowly grew thicker and right up the base of my neck! The sound of ripping clothing was drowning out my slight whimpers, my head hit the back wall as my tiny double bed was quickly getting FAR too small for me! my little cute summer's dress stretched so thin and tight across my body my arms were forced upwards by growing lats, the v of my torso getting more pronounced with each moment. Another loud SNAP and my panties were slingshot right across the room and I stared at it...for the first time.. my cock. It was..god it was incredible. My mind just blank, staring at it as I slowly gained control of my legs, one last growth spurt as my abs heaved thick enough to burst out of that tiny cotton dress I was left naked on the bed, staring in awe. I reached with my arms just to watch them throb through their last bout of growth, the smooth delicate hands growing thicker and more powerful as the veins coursed up and down my hairy muscled forearms, my bulging biceps swelling bigger than softballs I felt..god I felt like ME for the first time in my life! I stood up, my legs wobbling, my thick muscled thighs squeezing together but also against my balls which..god that was surreal I let out a yelp as they did so, and almost jumped from how DEEP my voice sounded! I stared at my face, my jaw finally set in place again after having popped out of socket getting forced flatter and squarer. I looked..I looked beautiful. THIS was beautiful! THIS was me! Walking took some getting used to, I was so distracted, watching my cock bob and sway, all god..9 inches maybe? I hefted my balls, feeling no evidence of my former self I tried on my dad's shirt, feeling it so TIGHT across my body I had to be as big as he was I thought, measuring myself close to 6ft tall, my muscle looking like one of those guys in the gym who would offer to help me lift some of those heavy weights I was eyeing..god I felt so INCREDIBLE, my cock, and it was MY COCK throbbing up against my abs as I fell back onto my bed with a THUD Slowly stroking myself I repeated over and over, feeling so perfectly content and at peace, hearing my deep voice resonate through my tiny room "I am BRONSON. I am BRONSON I. AM. BRONSON." I grunted, the feeling of my first male orgasm my first REAL orgasm was incredible and lasted for MINUTES I must have sprayed all over the room! watching myself hose the wall behind me down in what looked like CUPS of cum! spraying all over my thick pecs, I worked it into the hairy vein covered skin just loving the feel of my BODY! I came so hard and so long I passed out, my cock still spurting as everything seemed to fade to black! My dad woke me up with a kiss on the head, and I sat up fast enough to almost break his nose! "Dad! What..wait.." I stuttered, confused, staring at his big shirt draped over my thin little frame, he just smiled at me, oblivious to my confusion or dismay. "Sorry sweetheart, I'd have woken you up but you were out pretty hard! There was a pretty big mess in here too, we think a pipe broke in the ceiling or something? your roof was just dripping something fierce!" he smiled as I just tried not to cry... Don't worry though, that was just the first of MANY times to cum...and things get a WHOLE lot BIGGER before they're through...
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FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 17: The Cobwebs of Sunnysville “Wait, that’s it?” frowned Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah.” “Just walk on through?” inquired Gemini. Justice answered back, “Yeah...I thought you said this was dimensional magic. You know how it works, right?” “Well, yeah, point A to point A2 instantly, but what we’re about to do is teleportation magic. Point A to point B...Assuming that…Sunnysville is in this realm...right?” hesitated Gemini. The Soulem stared into the closet that had the silver key in it. With it finally opened, Gemini was able to look at where the destination of the magical closet led to. His eyes laid upon the drab, white interior walls of the CashIThere loan office; the building that held the entrance and exit to Sunnysville. “Why does the other side look like the inside of a sad office building?” he questioned. Justice explained, “Well, my parents didn’t want me to accidentally find the door that led outside of Sunnysville to this apartment. So they hid it inside of a loan shark office, cause it’d be the last place I’d ever want to explore. But even if I did find it, I still needed the key to get through it. So I’m not sure why they hid it…” “Not so much the sharpest tools in the shed, huh?” remarked Gemini. The bodybuilder thought back to the childhood he had with his parents in Sunnysville. He remembered how they loved to overkill with dramatics, which caused them to overthink certain issues. The thought of his tenth birthday sprung to his mind. He wanted a bike, they gave him a motorcycle. Papa Ares included a helmet and joint pads for safety. Reflecting back on that event, Justice was now glad he was too small to get up on that motorcycle. He loved his parents dearly, but none of them are gods pertaining to intellectual features. His father, Apollo, might have been the exception for his deity over medicine and art, but his brightness was not the kind that helps one understand math problems. As for Ares, using weapons and a passion for violent outcomes does not at all require a brain cell. Justice’s mother, Aphrodite, causes the lower body to do the thinking; a skill she can pull off even in sweatpants and a moth-eaten t-shirt. Justice smiled, “I mean...huh...now that I think about it, they overspecialize so much in their areas that they have almost no foresight...and maybe common sense. I guess that’s what happens when wisdom isn’t their defining characteristic, heh.” “Same could be said about you,” sassed Gemini, “Welp, let’s head into town then. Lead the way in, slave. Now mush!” Gemini jostles the Dragon Pearls™ cord as if he were cracking a whip or the reins of a dog sled. Justice sighed, as he rolled his eyes and smirked. He wanted to tell Gemini to quit it, but the third wish would remain active until the Dragon Pearls™ were completely out of his bowels. Instead of feeling frustrated, his heart palpitated at the excitement of showing Sunnysville to his friend. The musclebound slave grabbed the silver key from the closet door; not wanting to be accidentally trapped on the other side when they closed the portal door. With no pocket to place the keys in, Justice kept it within his grasp. Strolling through the door with his ankle bells ringing, the hulking bodybuilder led the bulky Soulem through the dimensional doorway. It felt weird to walk into another world in such a casual manner and arrive in an area that was completely dull and empty. As Gemini closed the door behind them, the Soulem shivered. “Whoah,” said the Soulem. Justice looked back, “What’s wrong?” “I just got cut off from the wifi. Can’t access the cloud or anything. It feels weird to not have information at my fingertips. I’ve only felt like this during the few minutes I was first activated and when I transitioned to my new body,” answered Gemini. Justice asked, “Umm, do you want the password for the city wifi here?” “I’d very much like that. Thanks,” replied Gemini. Justice spoke, “It’s ‘flamingchariot’. One word, all lowercase.” He continued thumping his musclebound body through the empty hallway; echoing the jingling ankle bells on his gold-plated slave ankle cuffs. The two walked towards the end of the hallway and came to face with a door. Opening it, Justice strode through and arrived in the lobby. It looked the same as when he first came to this loan office. A place that reflected broken dreams and false hopes. A place that had metal bars on the windows, old black gum grouped with mysterious stains on the dark blue carpet, and the aged fluorescent bulbs with moths circling about it like sharks. Justice figured such a scenery would be the picture definition of shithole. Heading to the lobby’s counter, he spotted the miserable-looking clerk. She sat behind the white counter, reading a magazine with a lit cigarette in hand. The unkempt woman looked up at Justice; her hair still messy enough to serve as a bird’s nest and her coke-bottle glasses completely cracked. Upon eye contact through the counter’s bullet hole-riddled glass divider, she took a long puff of her cigarette. She exhaled in a deep, cracked voice, “Fuck off. Can I help you?” Justice flexed his eyebrow at the absurdity. He had forgotten how crass the clerk was. Saying nothing, the bodybuilder placed the silver key on the counter. Gemini stared at the messy clerk, while his mood rings switched to the color orange. “Well, aren’t you such a ray of sunshine cunt,” commented Gemini. As Justice turned away, the unkempt woman went back to reading her magazine. The bodybuilder smiled at Gemini’s remark; feeling happy that his friend came to defend him. He then remembered that his friend was defending him from a fake being who could only say one thing. Gemini frowned, “Mmhmm. Better check that attitude of yours next time.” “It’s fine, Gem. Let’s just go,” said Justice. The bodybuilder continued making his way towards the entrance with the Soulem following behind him. Pushing open the door, Justice strode outside. He looked about himself and noticed how odd it was that the location of a loan office was dark even during the day. Gemini huffed, “What a bitch. You don’t have to take that, you know.” “I know, but it’s okay. I think she was put there to keep me away from the portal if I ever got curious,” replied Justice. The Soulem remarked, “Then I dunno why she’s still got that attitude if you’re already using the portal. Then again, if I looked at her, I’d stop giving a shit about what I say to people too.” “It’s just how she is,” said Justice. The musclebound slave looked up at the sign of the CashIThere loan office. A few of the dull, yellow neon letters were still burnt out that made it seem like it was displaying “shIThere”. Justice smirked at the lit sign; causing Gemini to follow the bodybuilder’s gaze and transforming the mood rings to a shade of light blue. Apollo tried his very best to make the scene in front of Justice unapproachable yet a tad comedic. Gemini smiled, “Heh, shit here.” “Yeah. Or shit there,” spoke Justice. Gemini giggled, “Well, it’s definitely shit.” “It is,” said Justice, “Come on, I gotta show you the rest of Sunnysville. It definitely looks better than this.” “Let’s hope,” grinned Gemini. As the two began their walk again, Gemini looked down. The Soulem stared at the bodybuilder slave’s globular buttocks. It was inflated with so much muscle and fat, that it wobbled like two giant water balloons with every step Justice took. Gemini’s digital white eyes lingered on the glutes for a moment before descending onto the Dragon Pearls™ sticking out of the bodybuilder’s pumped anus. The color of his mood rings changed to black, as his eyes drifted to the three exposed orange orbs. Gemini would have to issue five more commands before the entire sex toy can be taken out of Justice’s rectum. The Soulem ordered, “I wish you couldn’t stop preeing!” Gemini yanked the cord that was attached to the silver ring on his finger. The fourth crystal ball exited the slave’s virgin hole with a loud, wet plop. Justice gasped, “GAH! FATHERFUCKER!!!” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Upon leaving the dark zone that held the CashIThere office, the two were immediately embraced by the sunlight Justice was familiar with. The duo continued their walk upon the sidewalk, while they took in the sights. Justice’s dark skin could feel the warm rays of the bright sun, and the cool breeze gracing against it. Another normal day in Sunnysville where the temperature was perfect, and it only rained on Mondays. “Gotta say, the weather here is kinda tropical. It feels nice,” mentioned Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah. It’s always perfect here.” The bodybuilder stopped in his tracks, as he felt the Dragon Pearls™ inside of him tug like an anal leash. Looking behind himself, Justice spotted Gemini gazing at the property on their right. “Guessing that’s Sunnysville’s high school?” pointed Gemini. The overly-muscular slave followed to where the Soulem indicated. Next to the two was an open football field, yet the Soulem finger was not aimed there. Across the sporty landscape was a large grade-school campus. The architecture stood three stories high and was made up of three buildings interconnected with one another. Planted next to the education facility was a large sign colored in yellow and orange. Printed on the sign in giant letters was, “Sunnysville School. Proud home of the Flaming Chariots”. Underneath the words was the school’s mascot; a being made out of wooden wheels with eyes covering the outer rims. The wheeled abomination was also embalmed in fire. Justice answered, “Yeah. But it’s also my middle and elementary school. It’s a small town, so all the schools got made into one big building.” “Huh. So how’d an angelic Throne get turned into a mascot? I get why it can be called a chariot, but it’s just inaccurate,” inquired Gemini. Justice explained, “A long time ago, I entered in a school contest for redesigning the flaming chariot mascot. And since I was playing this one game that had a whole bunch of mythological characters in it that you can summon, I found Throne in it and got the idea to use it for the contest. I ended up winning, and that’s how it became our school mascot.” The Soulem looked up at Justice; his mood rings now becoming gray. “Huh? But you didn’t you say you were homeschooled?” said Gemini. The sound of a school bell rang in the air, as Justice was about to reply. Students then poured out of campus building; heading to their respective homes. Justice spoke, “Come on. Let’s go. I want to get out of here before Greggory shows up.” The Soulem followed Justice’s lead, as they resumed their walk. The sidewalk the two walked on drew closer to the school before coming upon a split that one led towards the school and the other leading to a street crosswalk. “Who’s Greggory?” he asked. Justice sighed, “A childhood best friend I would hang out with from time to time. We did stuff together but never really talked.” “And he’s still in high school?” questioned Gemini. The bodybuilder replied, “He never graduated.” Greggory was another thing from Justice’s past he did not want to think about. Another android from Sunnysville that was incapable of socializing. He was another object in Sunnysville that Justice thought was a person. The moment Justice decided as a child that they were best friends, it was a role Greggory never stopped playing. It was another role Justice was trapped in. As Justice began to set foot on the crosswalk, he heard a young boy’s voice calling out to him. “Hey, buddy! Let’s hang out!” shouted the boy. The musclebound slave muttered, “Shit.” Looking down the concrete sidewalk leading towards the school, Justice spotted a young boy in a simple white t-shirt and jeans running towards him. The boy looked to be about the age of a high school teenager and waved at him while running at a speed faster than any normal child could possibly run. The child’s running pattern was almost like a machine running at top acceleration and was unhindered by the hefty backpack attached to the school boy’s back. “Holy hell, he can run. I’m guessing that’s Greggory,” commented Gemini. The teenager reached the massive bodybuilder in seconds. He immediately stopped exactly one step away from Justice and looked up at overly-muscular slave. The child showed no sign of exhaustion, and no sweat could be seen running down his white skin. The school boy smiled, “Hey, Justice, buddy. Let’s hang out. We can go to the mall and play at the arcade.” Every part of Justice wanted to talk to Greggory; as if he were reacting to a muscle memory. But he knew that it would just be taking part in a lie. Justice willed himself to ignore the teenager and look back at Gemini. He knew that as long as he did not make eye contact or say its name, the android would not respond to whatever he said. “J-Just ignore him. He’ll probably go away if we keep walking,” he said. Gemini frowned, “What? No. That’s rude, dude. He’s your childhood best friend.” “I don’t want to,” gritted Justice. Gemini commanded, “I wish you’d talk to him!” The Soulem yanked on the Dragon Pearls™. Another orange orb popped out of Justice’s wet rectum with a loud plop. The musclebound slave bent forward, as his muscles seized. He could feel his insides feel more vacant, while the pleasures of having his hole stretched electrified his hulking body. The bodybuilder’s bulge twitched, and its wet spot began to drip manly fluid at an increased rate. “NGH!...Hi, Greggory,” compelled Justice. Greggory chatted, “So you want to hang out?” “Maybe next time,” answered Justice. Greggory smiled, “Okay. Catch you later then. I’m gonna head home and eat my veggies before doing my homework and telling my parents that I love them.” The fake best friend turned robotically towards the crosswalk and took off. It continued to run at the same charging speed when it first approached Justice. “That’s an odd thing to say. What is he, a Saturday morning cartoon character for five year olds?” remarked the Soulem, “And I’m kinda surprised he never looked at me once. He just had laser-eye focus on you with those creepy blue doll eyes of his.” Justice muttered, “I guess…” “I’m kinda more surprised that he didn’t say anything about what you’re wearing. Or even that you’re leaking pre. Seriously, you’re leaving behind a snail trail with your own goo,” said Gemini. The musclebound slave did his best to ignore his situation but was still completely aware of the predicament. The silver spandex pouch with the golden letters “IT” printed on was nearly soaked. Over the span of time it took to walk from the loan office to the Sunnysville school, the wet blotch on Justice’s sexual package had grown far enough to reach the golden cock ring. The pre-ejaculate that had gathered at the tip like a dewdrop had now dripped every few seconds like a leaky faucet. Whatever strands or drops of pre that did not collide with Justice’s enormous thighs or feet would leave trails of large, raindrop-sized liquids on the sidewalk. Justice reasoned, “He only notices when I say yes or no, or when we do something together.” “Weird,” frowned Gemini. The bodybuilder huffed, “So, is there anything else you’re gonna force me to do, Master? Cause I’d like to show you my old home.” Upon hearing the comment, Gemini’s mood ring changed to black. “Ohhhh. I like the sound of that,” cooed the Soulem. Gemini ordered, “I wish that you’d address me as Master, and that your name and pronouns are changed to Slave.” The husky Soulem yanked his hand back as if he were starting up a lawn mower. Slave’s donut-shaped hole emitted a squishy plop, while the sixth ball of the Dragon Pearl™ toy came out of it. Slave moaned at lower octave, as the bodybuilder lurched backwards. Slave’s spandex-encased pouch twitched; increasing the rate of precum drops to resemble a faucet partially turned on. “That’s two wishes!” Slave grunted. Master shrugged, “The Dragon Pearls™ beg to differ. I guess conjunctions are a loophole, since they combine two sentences into one.” The hulking bodybuilder turned to Master and squinted down at the Soulem. “...Slave hate you so much,” frowned Slave. Master grinned, “Hey, at least I didn’t use that for my eighth wish. That would’ve really fucked you over, since the last one is permanent.” Slave rolled his eyes before turning around to face the crosswalk. Part of him did enjoy being controlled by Master, but it was still humiliating. Slave knew that telling the Soulem how the slave felt would arouse the Soulem even further. “Just don’t wish for something that would make Slave’s life difficult. Slave don’t want it to affect Slave’s ability to fight,” said the bodybuilder. As the two crossed the road, Master’s mood ring returned to white. He inquired, “Oh, yeah. That reminds me. Where did you get that name from? Marvelous Man, I mean.” “Slave’s parents kept saying they wanted to make Slave a marvelous hero. It stuck to Slave, and Slave thought it described Marvelous Man’s powers perfectly. And since Sl-...Marvelous Man found out that he is not as super as he thought he was, being marvelous is fine,” explained Slave. Master smiled, “Ah, looks like you found a loophole in my wish, heh. So what is your rank? Well, Marvelous Man’s rank.” “Rank-D. But it’s fine. Marvelous Man has accepted it. He might not be the best fighter, but he can be the best supporter. He likes it now, because he is more useful in other ways that other supers can’t,” said Slave. Master nodded, “That’s cool. Being able to heal is very rare. That kind of ability really helps cut corners on healthcare funding for all our heroes. Probably won’t be long until the Nemesis Branch tries to recruit you. It’s pretty much the golden ticket of superpowers.” “They kinda already did. But they told Marvelous Man to come back to them when he becomes a C-Rank,” mentioned Slave, “So if healing superpowers help cutting costs, are magical healers in demand?” Master sighed, “Eh, not really. Healing magic is rarely picked up as a magical profession unless you live in a low-income area. Why learn how to incantate a complicated spell on the battlefield when a soldier with basic first aid can bandage themselves up or use Arkos Division’s medical gel or whatever cure-all brand they’ve invented.” “So why not make healing potions or magic beans or something?” questioned Slave. Master exclaimed, “Ha! Only the D.A.B. bothers to keep up that practice. Ignoring the time it takes to make it, it can get pretty costly getting the materials and energy from the arcane practitioners to mass produce it for lots of people. Once again, why bother going through all that when you can science the problem with a bunch of machines with a handful of scientists and engineers.” With the way Master framed the usefulness of magic, why bother even having it in the first place? Slave knew if magic is truly outdated, then the Demonic Authority Bureau would have died out a long time ago. Slave wanted to believe that there is some reason magic is bothered to still be used. “You’re kinda making it seem like magic is…ya know, obsolete,” commented Slave. Master replied, “It does. But there are some things that magic can do, that science can’t. Kinda like you.” “Plus, magic is still used a lot in the middle and low-income areas. Ironically, it’s cheaper for them to use it than to try to purchase medicine or whatever. Some have been able to improvise with whatever they got around the house, and the magical researchers have been losing their shit over that,” continued Master, “There’s also a current rise in witches with the high schoolers and younger kids, cause magic is trending as the cool new thing to do.” Slave thought it seemed like such an odd thing for children to get into. As Slave thought about the only witch the massive bodybuilder met so far, Director Skye, Slave realized something. The reason why minors would become witches is more than likely because of the fluffy, impish perk that came with it. “Slave has a rough idea of why they would probably become witches,” said Slave. Master spoke, “Hm. Hey, do you think you could ask Puzzles more about it? I heard that he’s pissed about all those kids summoning their own familiars, and I want to know why. I thought he’d have liked to see more imps running amongst the populace or something.” “Sure, Slave guess,” said the slave. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The two continued their walk around town, as Slave explained the locations. All the stores were still functional but had thick layers of dust covering the shelves and displays. Only the objects the androids were programmed to interact with were the only clean ones. Master had made efforts to talk to the robots, but they continued to ignore his existence. Slave made the effort to distract the Soulem, but Master’s mood ring would eventually flicker back and forth with purple and orange. The Soulem stated, “So it only rains here on Mondays.” “Yeah,” nodded Slave. Master frowned, “That’s weird.” “I mean, it was weirder to Slave that it rains whenever in Skyway City,” said Slave. Gemini paused, “...That’s how it works anywhere in the world.” Slave did not reply, as Master looked up at the clear, blue sky. “Ya know, I’d ask if there’s some weather magic happening, but there’s something else permeating in this whole town. It’s like...magic but not magic. And it smells like rain too,” spoke the Soulem. Slave flexed an eyebrow, “You can smell magic?” Master tapped the tip of his large, silver nose, as his mood rings transformed to the color gold. “Yeppers. I had my nose modified to smell not just the normal stuff. It picks up on magic’s unique frequencies, and then my brain translates it into scent. So things like curses would smell like rotting meat to me,” explained Gemini. Slave grinned, “That’s probably the third most surprising thing about you today.” “Oh? Was the first my sexy new body?” flirted the Soulem. Slave giggled, “That was actually the second. Slave knew you’d eventually get a new body, but Slave did not think it would be so sexy.” “It was actually finding out that you were Chinese,” recanted the bodybuilder. Master’s mood ring color transitioned to gray. “Huh?” he said. Slave reasoned, “The Director said your last name is Master, right?...You know what Slave mean. Isn’t it Chinese?” As the best friends turned into a culdesac neighborhood, the color of Master’s mood ring became white. “Ohhhhh. Yeah, my dad is Chinese-American, so I identify as that too. Especially when my dad brought me back to China for a family get-together for the Chinese New Years. But nobody has ever questioned that, even though my last name is Yin,” answered Gemini. Master inquired, “So I’m guessing you’re a mixed race or just pure black?” “Slave mean...Slave think Slave Greek even though Slave black,” shrugged Slave. Looking ahead, Slave spotted a structure he spent a better part of his life in. Slave noticed the painted colors fade with age, as the hulking bodybuilder drew closer. It was a three-story house that was painted in coats of red, pink, and yellow. Any other person would have seen it as a life-sized dollhouse with no coordinated colors. Slave pointed, “That’s Slave’s home.” “Huh...not as luxurious compared to your apartment. Do any of your parents still live here? Cause your house...has not been well-maintained,” remarked Master. The two arrived in front of aged house, as Slave placed a hand on the old white picket fence stationed in front of Slave’s old home. Slave could feel splinters ready to prick his skin; a sign of being weathered down without any recent history of repair. Looking down, Slave saw the grass grown to shin-engulfing heights with spiky weeds poking out. Seeing such sights reminded Slave of old lady Judy’s lawn. It must have been a jungle by now. Slave then also spotted a trail created by the greenery being beaten down many times; leading from the old, wooden gate to the house’s front door. Slave frowned, “No. They left when Slave did.” “Hello there, neighbor!” said a man. Glancing up, Slave spotted an anthropomorphic moose standing in the lawn next door. The moose was dressed in khakis and a sweater with glasses. It stood there doing its usual routine every afternoon; watering the lawn. Slave could feel the old habit taking over. Slave waved, “Hi, Mister Wilson.” “Lovely weather, isn’t it. So swell,” spoke James. Slave nodded, “Yeah, it is.” The hulking bodybuilder turned to the gate and opened it. Leading Slave’s friend onto the grassy path, Slave could hear the Soulem call to Slave. “Wait, that’s a transpecies! You said you didn’t know they existed! There’s one right over there! Your next door neighbor!” accused Master. “He’s not transpecies,” said Slave, “He’s not even a real person.” The Soulem huffed, “What does tha-GAH!” Slave spun around upon hearing Master scream. The Soulem was hunched over; attempting to balance itself from what he just tripped on. “I’m okay...the hell did I trip on?” said Master. Slave gazed down at the object protruding onto the path. Slave could see a flat tire with rusted spokes. Squatting down with the wet spandex package touching the beaten grass, the massive bodybuilder parted the grown grass. The slave replied, “It’s...Slave’s bike.” Master looked at the object. The golden cruiser Slave once rode was now covered in rust. Parts of it, including the handles, had broken off some time ago and had become lost in the sea of grass. Slave left it on the lawn the same day the hulking bodybuilder left Sunnysville after discovering the new powers. Slave wondered how much time passes in Sunnysville. “Geeze, it’s rusted all over and broken into bits. How long did you leave it out?” said the Soulem. Slave answered, “A couple months ago. Right before Slave moved to Skyway City.” “Dude, just what the hell is going on. Nobody here acknowledges my existence, the store interiors are covered in dust, and your old house is the only one that looks like nobody has been in for years. And, my gosh, I can’t even connect to the cloud or usual servers. I’m only finding tidbits of history and current events. There’s not even a year available on the internet calendar! I’m wracking my mind thinking you used to be part of some cult, or you’re from another dimension, or if this is some weird playground kind of deal. You just...You need to tell me now, bro,” said Master. Slave could see the stress and confusion in Master’s eyes. The pain in Slave’s heart upon seeing it felt like a hundred knives stabbing into it. The musclebound bodybuilder tried to carefully ease the Soulem into Sunnysville and its culture, but it was obviously not enough. Slave knew what Slave had to do. The bodybuilder started, “Slave…” “Okay, I’m no longer entertained by this. I wish my previous wish was nulled. Speak normally,” commanded Gemini. The Soulem walked past the slave, as he pulled on the cord of the Dragon Pearls™. The seventh orange ball plopped out of Justice’s hole with a soft, wet noise. Justice groaned from the stretching pleasure, and an increased vacancy within the bodybuilder’s bowels. The glistening pre-ejaculate gushed with an increased flow from his wet, spandex package onto the grassy path. Gemini spoke, “Now c’mon. What’s really up with Sunnysville and all the people and stuff.” Justice paused. He tried to think of the best way to explain it all, but nothing came to mind that sounded acceptable. The musclebound man took a breath and braced himself for the anger Gemini would most likely react to. “Sunnysville...isn’t a real place. It exists in a...I guess you’d call a pocket dimension? And like I told you earlier and before we came here, none of the people here are real,” explained Justice. Gemini frowned, “I thought you were being a total edgelord. Like, because nobody got how you felt and stuff, that they didn’t seem like real people. Or they just seemed happy and well-adjusted all the time.” Justice shook his head, as Gemini’s mood rings transformed to purple. “Naw. They’re all just androids that Hephaestus made. But he did such a rush job making them, that they don’t have any social programming in them. They’re like NPCs. They only say one thing or only say or do something different if you say the right thing. If you don’t follow the script, they freak out. Let me show you,” he replied. Gemini inquired, “Wait, do you mean a guy named Hephaestus or the actual god of fire and blacksmith?” Justice ignored his friend and turned to face his next door neighbor. “Hey, Mr. Wilson,” he called. The moose replied, “Hello there, Justice.” “This is my best friend, Gemini.” pointed Justice. James Wilson immediately reacted like old lady Judy upon hearing Justice speak off-script. His eyes went wide and gazed through Justice. Justice knew the person was not real, but it still hurt the bodybuilder to see it happen. Justice felt the old guilt of hurting a Sunnysville resident when not playing the specific role. The moose spoke, “INPUT CANNOT BE DESIGNATED. DIRECTORY NOT FOUND.” Gemini’s mouth gaped open, as he saw the anthro moose reply. “...Holy shit,” he said. Justice nodded, “Yeah, and I think they only recognize me and my parents as people. I guess that shows how little time Hephaestus had when making all the townsfolk here.” “Oh, and about that other question you asked, it’s the actual god,” he replied. Gemini paused, “Oh.” Justice attempted to give eye contact with his Soulem friend. Filled with so much awkward feelings, it resulted in him staring at the grass. The musclebound bodybuilder clenched his hands, as he forced himself to continue talking. “Yeah...I’m...actually a demigod...or something close to that, I guess. I’m the child of Ares, Aphrodite, and Apollo, and they created me to be a superhero to represent them. And the reason why all three of them got together to make me was to increase my chances of survival, since supervillains are as powerful as them now,” he explained. Gemini spoke up, “That’s...pretty cool. So what does that have to do with you living in Sunnysville?” “A lot, from what my parents told me. It turns out that people who are born with more than one...divinity, I think you’d call it, are pretty powerful. But they have a tendency to become...psychotic and have a short life expectancy,” said Justice. Gemini noted, “And you have three…” “Yep. Three gods that gave me a sliver of their essence to give me life. I mean, I shouldn’t be alive right now. My parents guessed that one of the outcomes would be me literally exploding,” nodded Justice. He continued, “But since I didn’t, that just meant that I would probably go crazy and try killing everyone. So they put me in this pocket dimension and watched over me for over twenty years. The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet, but who knows. I somehow turned out right, and that’s why they let me out.” “Sooo…” hesitated Gemini. Justice interrupted, “What’s kept me stable? I think that it’s cause the essences I was given canceled each other to a weakened point that limited my powers. Kinda why Gilgamesh was stronger than me. But I like to think that it’s cause my parents loved me and tried their best to raise me right. There’s a lot of factors, but I just know that I’m unique and still alive.” “...Shit,” said Gemini. Justice sighed, “Yeah.” “Being here with only your family to actually socialize with and the rest of this world being fake, and you didn’t even know it...Must’ve really fucked you up,” commented Gemini. Justice looked up at the sky, “Especially with nothing ever changing, I guess it did. If it wasn’t for our friendship at stake to distract me, I’d probably be freaking out about your new body. I know I would’ve had a meltdown.” The bodybuilder slowly drew in a long breath; his pectorals lifting upwards. He then let out a quiet exhale, as he remembered something else. The musclebound slave mentioned, “Hm, ya know, I didn’t even know superheroes or magic existed. I just thought they were comic book stuff.” Gemini stared up at his friend with his mouth agape once again. The husky Soulem threw his hands up in intense bewilderment. “...Why?!” questioned Gemini, “It defeats the very purpose of making you into a superhero! Unless...they weren’t trying to inspire you to leave.” Justice shrugged, “Who knows. I’ve forgiven them for what they did to me. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to be angry and destroy everything here. But...They were just doing what they thought was right. They didn’t know any better. And I still love them. It might’ve been lonely here, but at least they were always with me. Plus...I’m also afraid I might never come back if I go off the deep end.” “And it makes no sense when I say this that...I hate this place, but I still love it here. It’s predictable here. Familiar. No fights. No stores suddenly closing. And nobody is changing. I can still remember some happy memories here, and all the good times I tried to create...I never realized how suffocating it is to live here,” he continued. Gemini inquired, “Well...did you ever come back here when the real world got too much to handle?” Justice thought back to all the times he laid in bed; staring at the silver key. How every time he passed his closet, the temptation of magically using it would eat at him. But every time it did, all he had to do was think back to his experiences in the real world. All the new friends he was able to make, and all the new things he was able to try. “This is actually the first time I’ve been back, since I came to the real world. It was always so tempting to come back here whenever I was upset at something. But deep down...I knew that if I ever came back here, I’d probably stay here for good. And if it wasn’t for you, Gem, I’d also stop being Justice,” replied the bodybuilder. Gemini cupped his chin, “...Yeah, I guess compared to how Marvelous Man is a blank book, you could be whatever you wanted.” “Pretty much. Anyway, let’s head inside. I’m kinda hoping my family have some leftover cookie cake slices in the fridge,” said Justice. Gemini sighed, “Okay.” Heading to the front door, the Soulem placed his hand on the knob. Gemini swung it open without hesitation, while the color of his mood rings changed to green. The husky Soulem immediately recoiled; clutching at his mouth and nose. “Oh my gosh! What the hell is that smell?!” he choked. As Justice began to lumber over to his friend, he was hit with a foul stench. It smelled like mold and rotting fruit. The musclebound bodybuilder staggered back from the vomit-inducing scent. He dared to peek at the entryway and spotted small objects covering most of the ground. Some of the objects were mashed into the ground, while others were still round. One thing Justice was certain was that they were all engulfed by fungus. He coughed, “I think those are Mr. Wilson’s muffins.” Gemini clamped his hand back onto the doorknob and pulled with abrupt force. The door slammed shut; closing off the waft of disgusting odor. “Why the fuck is your house hoarded up with his muffins?!” gasped the Soulem. Justice panted, “He...leaves them in my house...every Friday. But since…-” “Yeah, I get it. Nobody was around to eat them and they got this bad...Does this dimension exist out of time or something?” interrupted Gemini. With the nasty stench out of his lungs, Justice was able to stand up straight. He tried to remember what his family said to him about Sunnysville. The bodybuilder recalled, “I think so. My dad said this place is like a hyperbolic time chamber.” Gemini turned to the overly-muscular slave, as his mood rings became purple. “So, like, ‘a year in here is a day out there’ sort of thing?” he surmised. Justice shrugged, “I guess. That was the best answer they could give me.” “Wow...they really treated you like a tv dinner. Just stuck you in here and set it to nuke. Presto-chango, they now have their superhero ready to fit in with the modern times,” commented Gemini. The Soulem motioned his hands as if he were performing a magic trick. He fluttered his hands about to express a flashy explosion. The herculean slave giggled, “Yeah, I think that’s how it was when it started out. But I know that my mom for sure stopped thinking about that the moment I was born. Probably my dad too. I remembered that he told me that I was the most perfect baby he’s ever seen. Which is the biggest compliment, since he’s...hehe, a pretty big narcissist. And for Papa-” “I’m guessing that’s Ares?” said Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah. He kinda put me on a spartan regimen where I was constantly exercising every day and was taught about war tactics. But when he pushed me too hard and caused my knee to dislocate when I was nine...I think that was when he realized I was his kid and not a soldier. Since then, he’d spoil me and train me at my pace.” “But that’s when my dad, Apollo, had to become the strict parent. He’d try to teach me about discipline of the self when performing art or bodybuilding and tried to teach me values by putting me in the boy scouts.” he continued. The Soulem laughed, “Pfff, hah! Boyscouts?!...Actually that does make some sense about you. Such a damn gentleman all the time.” The musclebound bodybuilder smiled. It felt relieving to talk to someone about his life, and it was with someone he trusted. He did not expect Gemini to take everything so well, but it was nice to see his friend still accepted him. With such a secret no longer a burden, a calming euphoria washed over Justice. A thought crossed his mind that if he was trapped in Sunnysville with Gemini, he’d be alright with such a predicament. “It’s all I know,” shrugged Justice. Gemini looked up at his friend, while his mood ring color became sky blue. He smiled, “Welp, we can’t go in there. Anywhere else you want to show me?” “Hmmm...wanna go to the beach?” suggested Justice. Gemini nodded, “Sure, I’m game for that.” The hulking slave took lead; heading towards the beach with Gemini holding onto his anal leash. Justice thought it was nice to be the one who knew things instead of feeling like a cultural imbecile. “It’s too bad we couldn’t go inside, so I could show you my room. My walls are racked with bodybuilding trophies and all my martial art belts and stuff. Got some classic video games too,” he mused. Gemini teased, “I bet you had a race car bed too.” “I actually do. King-sized and with a waterbed mattress,” grinned Justice. Gemini remarked, “...That’s awesome.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sky had started to take on an orange hue, as the sun began to set. Seagulls could be heard cawing; mixing with the sound of clear, blue waves crashing onto the sand. At this time, the fake people always playing on the beach were packing up to go. On the black boardwalk, a level above the sand, the two were leaving an ice cream cart with delights in their hands. Both of them carried a waffle ice cream cone with a large scoop of strawberry cheesecake flavor. As the best friend duos licked and bit into their treats, they settled onto the edge of the boardwalk. “Oh my gosh. This is so weird!” exclaimed Gemini, “Not the ice cream. It’s so fucking delicious. But even though this is my first ice cream, I get, like...a nostalgic feel from it. It’s both a new and reminiscent feeling I’m getting from eating this.” Justice watched his friend’s black tongue lap at the ice cream and its cheesecake chunk contents. He could not help but be confused at what he was seeing. “So I know this is going to be really obvious when I say this, since I ordered for you. But you can eat now?” he asked. The Soulem shrugged, “Yeah. I have an organic converter in me that burns food into energy. That way, it’s the first reserves I’ll use up, so I won’t have to plug in that often. Plus, it’s pretty therapeutic for Soulems. Helps us take part in the social interaction of human meal time, and it feels really nice to chew and taste.” “Oh...does that mean you poop now too?” said Justice. Gemini smiled, “Nnnnope! Unless, it’s a fetish thing, I don’t got that porthole installed. And cause I’m one-hundred percent top. But yeah, my organic converter creates no waste other than a vapor exhaust.” Justice flexed an eyebrow in confusion, while licking his ice cream. “Meaning?” he said. The bulky Soulem held up his white finger to signal his unavailability to give a verbal answer at that moment. Having finished all of the ice cream exposed above the cone, Gemini began to bite into the waffle cone. He rapidly bit into the cone and chewed his mouthful contents; finishing the sweet snack in seconds. After swallowing the last of it, Gemini paused. A second later, he emitted a loud belch. The Soulem smiled, while flexing his eyebrows several times. He held up his hand to display his face; signifying the answer to Justice’s question. The bodybuilder grinned, “Hehe, that’s cool.” “Not as cool as you,” replied Gemini. The Soulem’s eyes went wide and immediately looked away. His mood ring color had now flashed to pink, as Gemini stared intensely on the ocean in front of the two. He swallowed, “I just wanted to say...I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting like a sexual predator. And that I got angry at you. I get it now. The ignorance and stuff.” Gemini formed a fist with both hands and began to lightly pound them together. “And...I need to come clean about something else. My upgrade was supposed to be a surprise for you, because...I wanted to tell you something...That...you were what caused my awakening,” he admitted. Justice continued to bite into his ice cream at a slow pace. He could feel his heartbeat rise, but he did not want to confirm to himself what his trepidation was about. The Soulem continued, “And as you know, awakenings for a Soulem can happen from experiencing lust or love or other complex emotions. And after you were showing off your silver thong, I felt a thirst...B-basically, I was horny. But...later, after I realized what I went through...I still couldn’t get you out of my head.” “I felt this need to...be...with you. It wasn’t about sex anymore. For the first time, I actually felt lonely not living with you and having to go back to the D.A.B. to recharge and stuff. And I wanted to do more with you. To...hear you laugh. To see you smile. To hold you when you cry...To hold your hand and feel the very atoms and heartbeat of you...I realized that...that…” he hesitated. The husky Soulem stopped bouncing his fists together and gripped the edge of the pavement. Gemini slowly turned his face to Justice with the mood rings emitting a rose red color. A clear lubricant began to collect on the edges of the Soulem’s digital eyes. He confessed, “I love you.” Blood thumped in a deafening rhythm in Justice’s head. He could feel his manhood inflating and straining against the spandex that encased it. He felt happy...then scared...then something else. A spring of different emotions converging at once overwhelmed the bodybuilder’s psyche. Without realizing it, his body reacted to the sudden emotional stress. Justice scrambled to stand up; dropping the ice cream in the process. Taking a leap forward, he attempted to sprint as fast as his musclebound body could move. As he managed to take two steps forward, the Dragon Pearls™ magically bound to his pumped anus yanked on the ring attached to Gemini’s finger. The Soulem was immediately dragged across the ground. “OW. OW. OWWW!!!” cried Gemini. A second after being pulled onto the pavement, the silver ring came off of Gemini’s digit. The overly-muscular slave instantly froze in place; stuck in a running pose. The bulky Soulem pushed himself up and stomped towards the inanimate Justice. Gemini’s mood ring transformed to orange. He shouted, “Fatherf-BITCH, DID YOU JUST TRY TO BOLT ON ME?!” “I’m sorry,” whimpered Justice, “...I didn’t know what to do, and I just freaked out...it’s what I do when I’m really mad or stressed. If I was Marvelous Man, I could’ve handled it better...” Gemini exclaimed, “Maybe just say that you’re not into me?! I mean, it sure as shit would’ve hurt a lot less than being pulled across the pavement! Which, by the way, not cool, bro!” Justice remained silent, as the Soulem finally caught up to the musclebound slave seconds later. Gemini walked around Justice and stationed himself in front of the hulking bodybuilder. Justice could not look his friend in the eye and remained staring at his mammoth pecshelf. “...I couldn’t say that to you...because...that’s not how I feel. Being here with you...I felt...happy. I didn’t feel trapped. And you tried your best to understand me. It’s...one of the reasons I like about you...You’re an ass for being honest all the time, but you listen to me. You actually want to know me other than how much I can lift or if I’m a top. I feel like we have a lot of similarities, and it’s nice to know that I don’t feel like an outcast when I’m with you,” said Justice. Gemini huffed, “Thennn, why not just take it slow, and we, ya know, date.” The hulking bodybuilder wanted to immediately say yes. His voice began to rise in agreement, but the image of Gene Lightfoot instantly materialized in his mind. His heart felt torn. He wanted to be with Gemini, but he was giving his work partner a chance at love. The idea of keeping such a fact secret from the Soulem popped up. But doing such a thing would eat at Justice’s conscious for the rest of his life. “I would...but...I’m already dating Gene,” answered Justice. The Soulem frowned, “Wait...that illiterate bunny man? Fffff-of course you would. Who wouldn’t with all that erotic emotion he is literally emitting.” “Hey! Don’t say that about him! Of course he can read, and that’s not why I’m seeing him,” spat Justice. Gemini pointed at his head, “Uh, no he can’t. Those rabbit ears of his only translates oral language. Anything wrote down is chicken scratch to him. I should know, I was the one who was told to set the language on his electronic scroll to his native language. But surprise, surprise. A country that is closed off to outsiders, and its language that isn’t widespread, isn’t available on any digital format.” Justice thought back to all the times Gene did not or refused the opportunity to read. There was the time the bunny demigod did not use their personal scroll to review information sent by Fairuza. Then there was the first date the two had. The rabbit superhero looked perplexed by the English menu at the Toto’s restaurant and decided to order whatever Marvelous Man chose. At the art museum, Gene asked Marvelous Man to read the placards out loud...Even though it added up, Justice felt it was still not a nice thing for Gemini to say. The hulking bodybuilder looked at Gemini. Realizing his friend was a robot, Justice figured there should have been more than one way to fix the language issue with Gene’s digital scroll. “But…” said Justice, “Can’t you just modify-” “I’m not that kind of Soulem, dammit! I don’t have the mind of a computer programmer, and I can’t ‘ghost’ myself into the coding! Just-fuck. Getting off track. Just...why? Why are you into him if it’s supposedly not for sex?!” shouted Gemini. The overly-muscular slave thought back to the personal interactions with the bunny demigod. Gene was a super strong superhero that had an abundance of beautiful physical features. But the rabbit superhero never let his powers inflate his ego and approached everything with gentleness when it did not involve lewd practices. He always seemed calm and happy but never hid his sad and pained side whenever he interacted with Marvelous Man. The only times he was truly angry was upon witnessing any injustice. He was a model superhero in Justice’s eyes: flawed, empowered, and kind. Justice explained, “He’s...a nice guy. He cares about the people nobody wants to pay attention to. And he’s really strong too. But I also understand his pain. That he has to be here to find better things in life, but nothing ever feels like it can be a second home. He might seem shallow, cause he likes sex...a lot. But he’s much deeper than that. People don’t care to know more about him once they get what they want from him...which is banging him. We’re different in a lot of ways, but we’re able to share our frustrations together.” “I’m sorry, Gemini. I didn’t think of you in a romantic way until now, cause...I was just happy with the way things are. But…” he continued. Gemini proposed, “Then date both of us. I’m...I can do a polyamorous thing. I mean, you got a big enough bed to fit all of us and stuff.” It sounded like a perfect fantasy in Justice’s mind. His giant memory-foam mattress with all three laying naked on it. He’d be sandwiched in between his two lovers with Gene on his right and Gemini on his left and holding both their hands. The threesomes they would have would be legendary, and he would be able to share his love with both of them. But whenever he would give Gene attention, he would feel those mood rings burning into his back with a radioactive green. “It wouldn’t work out. I know you’d get jealous. Wouldn’t be right if I put you through that,” sighed Justice. He requested, “Just...just give me two weeks. By then, I’ll have it figured out.” Gemini paused. His eyes darted left and rights, as if he were mulling over what Justice had asked of him. “Did he even say he loved you? Or at least like you?” questioned the Soulem. The hulking bodybuilder thought back to all of his interactions with Gene Lightfoot. The only reason the bunny demigod went out on a date with Justice, was because Gene thought it would be fun. They shared tender moments together, and the Totochtin prince said he was on the same best friend level as Director Doug. And the kiss the two had...was it really only Justice that enjoyed it? He hesitated, “I mean...we ha-” “Answer the question, Justice. Yes or no?” interjected Gemini. Justice paused, “...no.” The Soulem huffed, as he turned around. Back facing Justice, Gemini crossed his arms. His body lightly swayed about for a few seconds before facing back to Justice. The Soulem’s face showed resignation, while throwing his arms up in an exaggerated fashion. “Fine. Whatever. Have your two weeks. But don’t expect me to be surprised, if I’m not as receptive to when you finally come around. I’m only agreeing to this, cause I love you,” he said. Justice dryly swallowed, “I’m sorry. I really am. This is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with this…with love and the complex stuff, I mean.” “Yeah, yeah. Join the club. Let’s just go now. I’ve learned your origin story, so let’s get out of this town simulator.” frowned Gemini. Justice’s eyes darted about, “Ummm, I’d like to, but I kinda need you to...ya know.” “Oh...right,” said Gemini. Walking around the petrified, musclebound slave, Gemini stopped behind Justice’s basketball-sized glutes. The bulky Soulem leaned down and reached underneath the perfectly round buttocks. He grabbed an orange sphere that was dangling outside of the bodybuilder’s donut-shaped hole and stood up. He commanded, “I wish...that you couldn’t remove a tattoo I put on you.” Justice looked over his shoulder. “Huh?” said Justice, “That’s a weird thing to-GYAH!!!” Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 14

    BTW, sorry for the wait!!! All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WCUVSwMSYy9c23IDW3ayIhGadFWCfIkHqDuIhrFTU0w) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter BTW, sorry for the wait!!! All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WCUVSwMSYy9c23IDW3ayIhGadFWCfIkHqDuIhrFTU0w) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 14: Bunny Date Part 2 The heavy thuds of Marvelous Man’s loafers and light steps of Gene Lightfoot’s running shoes echoed in a white hallway. After an interesting lunch at Toto’s, Marvelous Man had one last area for the date that he was sure would work: a viewing of the many paintings and installations at the Skyway City art museum. Like the Skyway City mall, the art museum was much bigger than Sunnysville. There was also the perk of most of the paintings and other artworks not being Apollo self-portraits from the very god himself. The rabbit demigod stopped in his tracks and turned towards a painting that caught his eye. Posing with a thoughtful gesture, the action was immediately betrayed by his radiating of confused emotions. “Such intricacy,” commented Gene. Marvelous Man tilted his head, while his brows furrowed. The two were staring at a blank canvas. The musclebound hero then took a closer look at it and corrected himself. It was painted in white; technically a “painting”. Looking down at the placard next to the “painting”, the canvas descripted, “White Oblivion of the Fractured Mind: A contemporary piece that reflects the artist’s perception of how people are crushed by the ever-ensuing modern stresses caused by technology and new social standards.”. Marvelous Man could feel anger stir within himself. He criticized, “It’s pretentious garbage. It’s literally a canvas painted white. It’s so pointless. And the description about how all this white reflects modern stresses is such bullshit.” “Thank goodness,” sighed Gene, “I feared that I did not ‘get it’.” Marvelous Man frowned, “Let’s just...go to another section that’s not so contemporary.” As the dating duo continued their walk, the Totochtin prince smiled. “I did not expect you to be so passionate about art,” giggled Gene. Marvelous Man blushed, “My dad taught me about all kinds of art: Graphical, musical, acting, etcetera. It helps that I’ve got a talent in those things too. But...yeah. I just think that art needs to elicit emotions other than confusion, disgust, or buyer's remorse. And the thoughts that run through your head shouldn’t be, ‘This is art?’. Sure, it could make it memorable, but the feeling is always temporary. Not like true art.” “I can agree to that,” nodded Gene. While wandering further into the museum, the daters’ eyes scanned the paintings and sculptures they passed by. They appeared well made but unremarkable; nothing worth talking about or staring at for more than two seconds. A good portion of them were simple shapes or realistic fruits. Marvelous Man halted his touring upon spotting something peculiar. He turned towards the art piece that caught his attention and began to give it a better inspection. It was a painting depicting a sort of ceremony between two men standing next to each other. One of the men had an olive skin tone and was dressed in a white toga with traditional Greco-Roman accessories. The other man was of Asian descent and was garbed in what appeared to be a traditional, red Chinese wedding outfit for grooms. In between the men was a large two-handed sword wielded by both men simultaneously. Both of them held the sword with one hand, while their free hands brandished a shield styled by their cultural backgrounds. Rabbit ears twitching, Gene stopped in his tracks. He appeared to have realized his date was no longer following him and turned around. Following back to where Marvelous Man was standing, he stood next to the musclebound superhero and examined the painting. The Totochtin prince remarked, “Ah, this is the marriage ceremony the outside world obsesses over correct?” “I guess. But I’ve never seen a style like this before,” shrugged Marvelous Man. Gene pointed, “What does the plaque say?” Looking down at where the bunny demigod pointed his finger at, Marvelous Man spotted the exhibit description label next to the painting. He then read the passage out loud for Gene to hear. “Union: An oil painting depicting a new marriage style gaining popularity in the U.S. known as a mixed culture wedding. The betrothed wear clothing and shield that reflects their cultural or ethnical background as a way to honor where they come from. By lifting a two-handed sword together with one hand, it symbolizes their unity and love to combat any harm or misfortune,” he read. Marvelous Man looked back at the painting, “That’s actually really beautiful. I wonder what a wedding is like in your homeland.” Gene looked up at Marvelous Man. “Oh. I am sorry to tell you this, but we Totochtins do not have the marriage rituals. Such marital unions do not exist in our country,” stated Gene. Marvelous Man stares down at Gene, “Why not?” The Totochtin prince was silent for a few seconds. His eyes gleamed the struggle of trying to put together words to exposit something that can only be felt. “Our tribes believe in a more...mutual love that is shared with every person. It is in a way like the polyamorous love. We all support each other and never feel alone or unloved. It is why we are so open with the sexual intercourse. It is both affection and an enjoyable activity to take part in,” explained Gene. He continued, “But we do have what we consider ‘favorites’. A person we would be deeply saddened by their absence and feel great joy by existing in the same room with them. Though such things are not long term. Eventually, they will lose interest and go their separate ways without any of the heartbreak. It is somewhat like your culture’s monogamy, but we Totochtin can have more than one favorite. Though having more than one can be uncommon.” Marvelous Man said nothing as he was stunned by Gene’s “traditional values”. The rabbit superhero turned his attention back to the marital painting and said nothing for a few seconds. Gene smiled, “I do find it fascinating. To choose a person with the intent to stay with them until the very end. As they say in your culture, ‘Til death do us part’.” “What’s wrong with that?” frowned Marvelous Man. From all the explanations and how Gene found marriage to be “fascinating”, Marvelous Man felt that Gene might be subtly mocking the sanctity of matrimony. As if his people’s way was superior. Marvelous Man could see Gene’s face becoming neutral. The bunny demigod replied, “I apologize if my remark sounded like the slander. Sometimes, what I say does not translate well enough to provide the context. But I do find marriage to be...interesting. It seems to only serve the purpose of insuring one is not lonely during their existence. Even when amongst their own kind, you people can still feel rejected.” Marvelous Man paused for a moment; trying to find the right words to say. “The world is a big place. Your...Totochtin race might feel whole because it's small and everybody can easily fit in somewhere like a...thirty piece puzzle box,” sighed Marvelous Man, “But outside of your small country, the world...it’s more like an infinity puzzle where almost nothing fits, cause all the pieces are from different puzzles. Not everybody is like you where they can have everything and just easily fit in together with everybody else. Sometimes...just being able to fit with at least one piece. To be part of that one thing can be enough against the infinity we can’t fit into.” “...That is very chaotic,” murmured Gene. Marvelous Man shrugged, “I guess so.” The two continued onward with the tour in silence. Every few seconds, the two would stop at an art piece and absorb the scenery for a moment before moving on. As the dating duo passed a sculpture of a nude Totochtin demigod posed sensually, a thought occurred to Marvelous Man. “Can I ask you something personal? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Umm...you said you weren’t originally stationed to this region. What’d you mean by that?” requested Marvelous Man. Gene hummed, “Hmmm, well. My pilgrimage took place in Africa a few years ago. During that time, Doug was visiting Africa’s D.A.B. when the village I was visiting was plagued by a demon. I was careless and was captured by the demon and his possessed villagers. My gratitude came when Doug and his teammates freed me, and we vanquished the demon together.” “After the event, I finished my pilgrimage and returned home. Doug followed me and had the misfortune of being captured by my tribe. He convinced me to join the D.A.B., and I convinced the other tribe’s new prince to come with. We explored the world together and learned many things. But after a year, the other Totochtin princes wished to return home. I still desired to learn more of the world and the unique qualities one cannot find in my country. So I decided to stay with Doug, here, in Skyway City,” continued the rabbit superhero. Marvelous Man nodded his head as the two continued to walk. He spotted a canvas ahead that confused him. From his current perspective, the far away oil painting was full of black and white scribbles with no coherent design to it. The muscular superhero spoke up, “That reminds me. Did you hear anything back yet from the D.A.B. about the Skeleton Lord?” Gene shook his head. “I have not. They cannot find any answers on who or what the Skeleton Lord is. They cannot even find his whereabouts. All I know so far is a partial motive,” replied the Totochtin prince. Marvelous Man questioned, “And what’s that?” “You asked the Skeleton Lord what the point of doing all those terrible things was. He said to you, ‘When one has the power of a god and their purpose has turned to ash, the only thing one can do is burn the world itself.’. From there, I can ascertain he truly was powerful. Or he himself perceived himself as powerful as a god. But something happened to him. Something destroyed his purpose, and he is now vexed enough to destroy the world,” stated Gene. As the two passed in front of the scribble painting, Marvelous Man finally saw its true form. It was scribbles of not just black and white against a grey canvas, but also other colors included. The erratic strokes amalgamated into stick-like and skeletal figures being chained down to unseen depths. Thin, yellow halos encircled the figures’ heads while emanating a pink aura with pink flowers. Though such bright colors and details could be easily overlooked when the chaotic strokes that form absolutely nothing embraces the whole canvas. Marvelous Man frowned, “So you think he used to be a good guy?” “Or perhaps he was neutral,” answered Gene. The pair soon stopped to look at a pastel painting of the mountains. The rabbit superhero’s white bunny ears twitched, as he turned around. Looking across from himself, Gene spotted a bulky security guard staring at him. The man had hungry eyes and lewdly grabbed his crotch. The Totochtin prince licked his lips while nodding. As the security guard walked towards to the restroom next to himself, Gene smirked. He spoke up, “I am feeling sexually famished. I will regroup with you shortly after I have sated it with the security man.” Marvelous Man turned to watch Gene make his way to the museum’s bathroom. He could feel the bunny demigod emanating lustful emotions. “Oh...okay,” he replied. After watching Gene disappear into the men’s restroom, Marvelous Man then heard a camera shutter click. His eyes instantly stung as his vision saw only white for a few seconds. He blinked several times while looking down towards where he felt the source of the flash came from. Eyes adjusting back to normal, he saw the two people he least expected to show up. These two were the ones he most certainly did not want to see at the moment. Marvelous Man frowned, “Mom, Dad, what are you two doing here?! And where have you been?” Standing steps away from Marvelous Man was his mother holding a digital camera. As a goddess of love, Aphrodite was beautiful no matter what she wore. Even if all she wore was unsexy mom clothes. She always made the clothes beautiful; never the other way around. As for Marvelous Man’s dad, Apollo would be the god of vogue if not for his other deity powers and responsibilities. He struck a pose one would find in a glamorous fighting manga: arms twisting at angles around his torso, his toned leg muscles extended like he were about to do warm-up leg stretches. To embellish himself even further in his flamboyant style, he sported a golden viking helmet with a white tuxedo and golden-rimmed, non-prescription glasses. “I could sense your love, sugarplum. I just had to see my baby boy on his first date!” smiled Aphrodite. Apollo chimed in, “Yes, we were so curious about this Gene boy, that we just had to watch. You got great tastes. He’s a prince, beautiful, and hypersexual. Almost as if you’re dating me.” Marvelous Man’s eyes went wide, as he felt his stomach lurch. Bits of bile ejected into his mouth. Was he really having a Freudian moment where he was dating someone that had an overabundance of characteristics like his father? “Ohmygosh. Please stop talking…” he gasped. Aphrodite grinned, “Well, he’s still a great catch, honey. And don’t worry, Gene only has similar features to your father. He’s got none of Apollo’s jawbreaker center.” “Bitch, please. It is a glittery, gooey center of bitchiness at the very least,” sassed Apollo. What his mother said did not make Marvelous Man feel any better. But the first part of what she said stirred his curiosity. Marvelous Man asked, “Hey, mom. Since you’re the goddess of love and all...Are you...Are you able to see if Gene and I are meant to be? Is he my one true love?” Aphrodite gently grasped his son’s hands and looked up into his eyes. She smiled with sincerity. “I can’t tell you that, sugarplum. It will only ruin the moment whether I say yes or no. Just enjoy your time with him and never regret it,” she answered. Marvelous Man sighed, “Okay...Uh, hey. Do you know anything about the Skeleton Lord? I figured you might’ve heard of him, since both of you are gods and kinda immortal. He’s able to raise the dead and has these skeleton powers.” The goddess of love looked at Apollo. “Skeleton Lord?” she said. Apollo pursed his lips; thinking as seconds ticked by. He snapped his fingers, “Oh, right! Yeah, we know nothing about him. Just word of mouth that he was some guy wreaking havoc on the other side of the world, yadda-yadda. But he never stepped a foot in Greece. Sooo, wasn’t in our jurisdiction and wasn’t our problem.” Marvelous Man’s heart dropped. He was hoping that they knew more, but it was a dead end as well. At the very least, they were able to confirm his existence from ancient times...Which brought up another question. “By the way, where’s Papa?” he asked. Aphrodite smiled and rolled her eyes, “Oh, he decided to stay behind. You know how passionate he can get about you, honey. Doesn’t want to end up intimidating your date and causing the love of your life to flee in fear of a war god. Besides, he says that he’s satisfied just watching your battles. Marvelous Man’s mother paused. “It’s funny though. The only time he’s bragged about your encounters was with the PB&J gang. He’s been quiet since,” she frowned. The musclebound superhero felt thankful Ares did not tell his other parents about the Skeleton Lord encounters. Aphrodite could be a bit too coddling and overprotective. Whereas, Apollo would run his mouth; overembellishing the truth and causing Marvelous Man’s mother to freak out even more. It was surprising to know that Ares did not try to talk to Marvelous Man at all. Papa is the worst of the three when reacting to any misfortunate events that crosses their son. He must have been scratching his scars like a mad man; creating newer scar tissue over the old ones. Apollo tapped Aphrodite’s shoulder, “Oh, we have to bounce. Our little hero’s date just finished getting railed.” “Okay,” sighed Aphrodite, “Good luck on the rest of your date, sugarplum.” The two gods waved at Marvelous Man before walking off and disappearing around the corner of another gallery. Though the meeting was very brief, Marvelous Man enjoyed it. It was nostalgic, and he wished he had more time to talk to them. But that would have to be for another time. Turning towards the bathroom, Marvelous Man spotted Gene exiting. He saw Gene smile as the bunny demigod walked towards him. “I am sated for now. Let us resume the tour,” said Gene. Marvelous Man watched Gene take the lead. He enjoyed watching the bunny demigod’s naked, ample bottom bounce. The musclebound hero then smirked upon seeing semen leak from Gene’s buttocks and trail down the rabbit superhero’s sinew legs. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After the museum viewing, the date began to come to a close. There was one last thing the two had to do before Gene was escorted back to the D.A.B. Marvelous Man cradled Gene in his arms as they flew to their destination and landed in front of an abandoned subway station that resided in a run-down neighborhood. It was the Ridgemont subway station of where they had the second encounter with the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man felt guilt twinge within him; remembering how he failed to save the homeless community that dwelled within the subway. Released from Marvelous Man’s grasp, Gene landed on his feet. He then surveyed the area before speaking. Gene stated, “We can perform the send-off here. We do not have to do it at the exact spot. The ritual only has to be close enough for the spirits to notice it.” “Oh, okay,” nodded Marvelous Man. Gene asked, “Did you bring the toys?” “Yeah! I hand-carved them like you asked. But how come you wanted thirty?” questioned Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero reached into his pockets and pulled out a wooden, hand-carved rabbit in each hand. Any craft that involves art was no problem for Marvelous Man to handle. Placing the wooden rabbit toys on the ground, he then repeated the process. This went on for several minutes until he had a pile of thirty rabbits. During which, Gene replied back. The Totochtin prince explained, “Because I wanted to make sure there was enough for each victim that died here at the hands of the Skeleton Lord. Did you remember the lighter you were supposed to bring as well?” Diving into his pocket, the musclebound superhero took out a kitchen blowtorch used to caramelize creme brulee. Marvelous Man sheepishly smiled, as he handed the device to Gene. “Are you okay with a caramelizer? It’s the only thing I could find around my apartment,” said Marvelous Man. Gene analyzed the device before pulling its trigger. A small, blue flame erupted from the lighter’s tip. Gene nodded, “It will do. Before we begin, could you please provide music with your harmonica? I request something somber.” Marvelous Man delved into his pocket again to reveal a his golden harmonica, Duskbringer. Pressing the instrument against his lips, he gently blew into it. The musically-gifted hero picked up speed while blowing different notes and began to play the sad tune Gene asked for. Squatting down with his lengthy meatus and red tie loincloth drooping against the ground, Gene positioned himself in front of the wooden bunny pile. The Totochtin prince pressed the caramelizer’s trigger; causing its blue flame to emit. Aiming the lighter, Gene contacted the flame against the hand-carved toy sitting at the edge of the pile. The toy lightly hissed, as the flame took effect and began its devour over the wooden rabbit. The bunny demigod repeated the process on the other toys at the edge of the pile. Once completed, Gene stood up and stared down at the inflamed toys. The red fire continued its spread from the edge of the toys to the ones residing in the inner pile and on top. The crackles of the fire’s light sparkled against Gene’s red-tinted aviator sunglasses. Once the pile was completely covered in flames and converted into a small bonfire, Gene clasped his hands together. “Oh lost souls. The unfortunate hand of death has claimed you,” chanted Gene, “But it does not mean your existence ends here. Come to the fire of my burnt offerings. For each of you, I give you a toy.” The Totochtin prince continued, “Let it remind you that you were all once children. Let the memories of childhood come back and transform you back into your nerelongful ways. Become the child you once were and let the burdens of your previous life fall away from you. Go now. Fly back to your gods and let your flesh be the soil for new life. You will not be forgotten. And the strong shall fight on for you and our god’s honor.” Seconds past after Gene’s speech ended, while Marvelous Man continued to play. A strong gust of wind blew out of the subway station’s empty entrance; bits of leaves and garbage flew with the current. The wind then breezed into the small fire of toy offerings. Rather than gusting past the tiny bonfire, it changed its flow straight upwards. The smoke and flames became ensnared by the swirling, narrow vortex; spiraling up like a tornado inferno. The flaming vortex continued for a few moments before the wind eventually died down to a whisper flowing out of the abandoned subway. When the last wisp of air escaped into the spiraling vortex, the thin tornado dispersed as well as its flames. Ceasing his harmonica play, Marvelous Man watched the wondrous miracle before he looked down at the burned offerings. He spotted cold charcoal instead of burning cinders left over from the spiritual event. He then saw Gene squat down again at the pile. The Totochtin prince scooped up bits of the cool charcoal. He rolled it in his hand before crushing it between his fingertips. Standing back up, Gene turned towards Marvelous Man. The bunny demigod then extended his arm out to reach up to Marvelous Man’s face. Using his charcoal-covered fingers, he then marked the muscular hero’s forehead. “While it might have been luck or our extraordinary strength that ensured our survival, we must do our part to spread our greatness and assist the greatness of others to flourish,” said Gene. After marking his partner, Gene proceeded to mark his own forehead. He smiled, “The ritual is now complete. We may head home whenever you are ready.” Marvelous Man silently nodded and scooped up the rabbit superhero. With Gene cradled securely in his bulging, muscular arms, the bulky superhero flew up into the air. Gene remarked, “You know...I had taken part of the funeral ritual so many times for my tribe’s elderly, but had not given it a passing thought. But now that I have performed the send-off for the souls who died the unjust death...I see it from a new perspective. Those words actually have meaning.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nightfall began its approach, as the two said not a word during the flight. Marvelous Man was entranced by the event and was silently processing on what Gene had said to the fallen souls. Approaching the Demon Affairs Bureau building, the musclebound superhero began his descent. Marvelous Man touched the ground in front of the building seconds later and relinquished his grip of Gene. The Totochtin prince stood without help and turned to look up at Marvelous Man. “Much gratitude for the transport and assisting me with the send-off ritual. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness,” bowed Gene, “I believe this is where we part the ways for the night.” Marvelous Man looked a way for a moment and bit his lip. He clenched his hands with all his might for a berserker’s rage of courage. “C-can I...kiss you? If that’s okay with you,” he requested. Gene hummed, “...Yes, I do believe this is part of the dating custom wherein both people kiss each other. And your outside world media also dictates that this would sometimes lead to the intense sexual intercourse…” The bunny demigod paused for a few more seconds; his eyes reflecting intense thinking. “Would it be alright if we did not? It is not part of my people’s custom to kiss, and it seems like such an unsanitary thing to do,” he proposed. Marvelous Man’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. It sounded like insanity. A sexual carnivore demigod believes kissing is an unsanitary idea?! His thoughts became verbal, “Aren’t you the type that sucks on the dick that just fucked you?! That’s even more unsanitary!” Marvelous Man instantly covered his mouth. He stared back at Gene with a shocked expression. Gene became surprised as well and looked away; his face showing a musing over what his date had just said. Seconds after, Gene looked back up at Marvelous Man. “I believe the expression I am meant to say here is ‘Touche’,” smirked Gene. Taking a slow breath, Marvelous Man gently placed his hands on Gene’s shoulders. He pulled his date forward with featherweight force and leaned down. Lips pursed and carefully aligned with each other, the muscular hero closed his eyes before contact. It was a soft peck. Embraced against each other for seconds, but it never went further. Gene’s lips felt like soft pillows, and his scent was a mix of honeysuckle and earth. This was enough for Marvelous Man to feel connected. To feel like a real person, and not some character stuck in a kid-friendly sitcom or comic book. His blood was rushing; pounding in both his head and his manhood. After everything he had been through, this brief moment made it all felt worth it. Releasing his delicate grasp and romantic embrace from Gene, Marvelous Man then realized he had stopped breathing during that kiss. He took a deep breath through his nostrils, and stood up straight. With adrenaline and high emotions wreaking havoc his body, it took all of the muscle hero’s will to not tremble and fall apart right after. The romantic giant then looked down at his date; beaming with love-struck excitement. His first kiss was everything he thought it would be. He grinned, “So...how was that?” Gene looked up in thought and bobbed his head left and right a few times. “Mmmm...It was cute,” he hummed. Next Chapter
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    Steroids? Please...

    I paced impatiently outside my local gym, bag in hand, checking my phone every couple of minutes. I was waiting for my workout partner, Brian, to turn up and he was really late. I’d been waiting over an hour, dropping him the odd text to ask him where he was but he hadn’t replied. It was really starting to annoy me now. He had been missing for the last two weeks and when he had finally gotten in touch with me, he agreed to come to the gym with me today. I decided that I would give him another ten minutes and then I would start my workout without him. I’d met Brian a little over a year ago at this very gym. We had both joined at the same time and taken the same induction class. He was in his early thirties and I in my early twenties, both trying to get fitter and we had bonded over our lack of experience in the gym and quickly began to work out together. Brian wanted to build muscle, a dream of his since he was a kid, whereas I just wanted to be healthier and trimmer, get more guys to notice me. We bonded outside the gym, wing manning for each other at bars and hanging out at weekends; we became really good, close friends. But two weeks ago, as I had just gotten in from a business trip and raring to go the gym, he texted me that he wasn’t feeling well. After nagging and nagging him by text (he wouldn’t answer my calls at all) to see if he was better, he finally agreed to meet me at the gym. His ten minutes were up and I huffed my way inside to change. I was pissed off that he couldn’t have even said he couldn’t make it and made a note to go to his apartment after my workout. As I was putting my gym bag in a locker, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was this huge bodybuilder staring down at me. I was by no means short at 5’11 but this guy was huge. At least 7’ tall and body so packed with muscle that I was surprised he could even move, his skin so tight over his humongous muscles that every vein on his body was pressing out like a den of snakes. I hated that look, personally. I couldn’t see the appeal; I liked guys with a little muscle but skinny. “Uh… can I help you?” I asked, shutting my locker. “Hey Si, it’s me,” he said in an incredibly deep voice. “Do I know you?” I asked, confused. “Yeah you do; it’s me, Brian.” I had to do a double take. I looked at the face and I could just about see Brian’s features there. Though they were different. Bolder, angular, rich with masculinity; I couldn’t believe this giant was Brian. Brian was only 5’9” and his voice had never been deep like that. “This is a joke, right?” I asked, nervously. “He’s playing a game or something.” He lifted up his tank top, exposing his powerful washboard abs to reveal a tattoo across his stomach, distorted by his bulging muscles. “Kerry”, it said, just under his navel. I knew that tattoo well, Brian had told me he’d gotten in in memory of a girlfriend who had died in a car crash when he was in college. The same lettering, same coloured ink; there was no mistaking it. I gasp, putting my hand over my mouth. “Brian!?” I gaped. “W-what happened to you?” “Don’t know what you mean, Si,” said Brian, dropping his tank. “Just been working out, you know how it is.” “B-but you… you’re… How?” I spluttered, unable to pull on of the thousands of questions running through my head cohesively to my mouth. “Look, Si, I came here to let you know I won’t be working out with you anymore,” said Brian, putting two huge hands on my tiny in comparison shoulders. “I think we’re on different levels and… Fuck, I hate saying this… but you’ll only hold me back man. I gotta really put my all into it and I can’t just sit around while you do your cardio shit. To be honest, I don’t think we can see each other either. I’m spending all my time either working or lifting, I just don’t have time.” I blinked back tears. “I don’t understand… You’re different! What did you do?” “I know it’s a hard thing to swallow,” he said, ignoring my question. “But I’m sure you’ll find someone else to workout with.” The locker room door opened and a head popped in, locking eyes at me and Brian. I recognised them instantly, it was Andrej Wozniak, the biggest meathead in the gym. He was 7’, blond haired, blue eyed, with a thick German accent who loved showing off and strutting around like he owned the place. “Hey, Bri!” Andrej called. “The guys are waitin’. Leave the loser and get your ass out here.” “Bri?” I asked, indignantly. “You hate being called Bri. How do you know him?” “He my friend, Si,” said Brian. “He’s really helped me with my gains. Sorry dude, I catch you later.” Brian turned and left the locker room, having to turn slightly to get through the door because of his wide shoulders. My mind was awash with confusion and anger. Brian hadn’t even been a fraction of the size a couple of weeks ago, and he’d somehow grown taller as well. Brian was hiding something and Andrej was involved, I knew it. Andrej had a posse of similarly sized meathead, all tall and built like a fortress and Brian had joined their ranks. As I did my workout, I kept staring and them, glaring deeply. They were laughing and lifting heavy amounts of weight, dropping the barbells down with an almighty thud that would make everyone jump. Brian was even acting differently around them, no longer shy and quiet. He was bold, rude and loud, a total transformation. When I was done I went up to the Rick in the manager’s office. Rick owned the gym and was a fair man, very patient with new guys and knew everyone by name. He was once a bodybuilder though he never made it to pro level, but he kept in great shape still. “Hey, Simon, how can I help you?” asked Rick, leaning back in his chair. “Not cancelling your membership I hope?” “No, I actually wanted to ask you something,” I said. “What do you know about Andrej?” “Ah, Andrej…” sighed Rick. “Listen, Simon; it’s best not to get involved with him. I know he’s an ass but he pays well in membership and as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, I don’t bother him.” “I think he’s doing roids or something…” I said. “I mean, look at him! And his little group. There must be something going on there.” “If he is, it’s not under this roof I can assure you,” said Rick, sternly. “Believe me, I’ve had cops rooting in here, warrants and all, searching his stuff but they never found anything. I know a guy down at the precinct and he said Andrej has had his apartment searched, his car, everything and nothing turned up. He’s even had every drug test under the sun done on him and he’s clean. Whatever he’s doing, ain’t no one who knows what it is.” “But he’s got Brian on whatever it is,” I protested. “You have to be able to do something.” “That new guy with him is Brian?” asked Rick in amazement, leaning his head to look out the door. “Look, Simon, just forget it. Whatever he’s doing, I don’t care. As long as they pay their fees and stay out of trouble, there ain’t nothing I can do to kick him out unless I want a lawsuit. And I hate lawyers so just let it be.” I sighed and nodded, crestfallen. I went home and I tried to get it out of my mind, Brian and Andrej, but I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I flipped open my laptop and Googled Andrej. It brought up a bunch of websites about an artist with a slightly different name so I tried refining my search. I couldn’t find any pictures, records or even mentions of this guy anywhere; it was like he didn’t exist. And knowing the internet, if I couldn’t find someone like Andrej wasn’t anywhere online then it was because he didn’t want to be found. The next night I sat in my car outside the gym, waiting. I’d decided to confront Andrej, demand to know how he’d changed Brian. I could only think it was unwillingly as Brian had never shown any kind of fondness for the man. It got later and later until it was almost midnight when the gym was closing when he finally came out, covered in sweat. I got out my car and walked towards him as Andrej headed to his big red Hummer. “Excuse me,” I said as I got near him. “I wanna talk to you!” “Well, if it isn’t little Simon,” chuckled Andrej. “What do you want?” “What the hell did you do to Brian?” I demanded, staring him right in the eyes. I had to crane my neck up as Andrej stood at 6’11, a foot taller than me. “What drugs did you put him on?” “Drugs!?” Andrej guffawed. “I don’t do drugs, dude. What makes you think I had anything to do with Brian getting big anyway?” “Well he sure as hell wouldn’t have approached you,” I snapped. “There is no way Brian would have done anything willing like that.” “Aww, this is adorable,” laughed Andrej, crossing his huge arms across his thick chest. “Brain said you had a crush on him. Are you jealous he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore?” “What?” I exclaimed. “I’ve never had a crush on Brian. I’ve known he’s straight since we first met. And anyway, stop changing the subject! What have you given him? I know the police are after you from selling roids so what did you give him?” “You really don’t get it do you,” Andrej sneered. “I didn’t give him any drugs. In fact, Brian came to me asking for some help and I helped him. He’s living his dream and he is happy. And he is happy without you slowing him down and getting in the way. Now piss off.” “No!” I shouted. “I will find out what you did to him if it’s the last thing I do!” Andrej suddenly grabbed me by the shirt and effortless pulled me up off my feet and powerfully slammed me down onto the hood of his Hummer. I cried out in pain and he leant right up in my face. “Now you listen here, little man,” Andrej snarled. “If you come near me again, I will beat your puny little body into dust. If you even speak to me again I will break your fucking legs AND if I find out you’ve been following me, asking questions about me or if you even look at me the wrong way, I will make your life fucking hell. Is that clear?” Before I could respond he pulled me off his Hummer and I landed on a heap on the ground. He spat on me before getting in and driving away. I grunted in pain as I got up, hobbling to my car. The next morning, my body ached like I had been put through a trash compactor. I took a couple of days off work to recover, faking that I had gotten the flu, while my bruises healed. Andrej had really done one on me but I didn’t spend my time in bed licking my wounds. So what if Andrej had threatened me, I had to know the truth about what was going on. I called on my old college roommate who was adept at hacking his way into most things. I told him I was looking for information on Andrej and to be very discreet. Within a day, the only records he found was a mailing address, drivers license, car registration and a bank account. I looked through the bank details thoroughly. Money was regularly coming in at amounts that wouldn’t cause suspicion to the casual eye but then massive amounts would be withdrawn in person. Andrej had quite a lot on savings but the records only went back a couple of years so I couldn’t get really deep. I asked my friend to search for police records and he said he hadn’t been able to find any. I found that strange as Rick had said Andrej was being investigated, so there had to have been some kind of record. My friend tried again, trying everywhere he could think of but he still couldn’t bring anything up. I scowled in frustration; Andrej was definitely good at hiding. I assumed he must be paying off someone at the police department to remove any digital records at least, probably paper ones too. A week had gone by since I’d confronted Andrej and I only had a mailing address to go on. I drove to the address but it lead me to an abandoned warehouse in the old docks and the gate was locked with a chain, barbed wire lining the top so there was no way I was getting in. I was determined to find something so that night, I dressed in all black and parked down the street from the gym. I waited until Andrej came out and got into his Hummer, waiting until he had driven down the street before I began tailing him. I knew I was acting crazy but I just had to know what had happened to Brian, what Andrej had gotten him involved in. I had to stop him. Andrej drove through the city, stopping at a drugstore briefly before he hit the road again. He wasn’t driving anywhere near to the warehouse in his name and instead came up to an apartment building. He got out and pushed the door buzzer. A woman poked her head out of one of the windows and grinned when she saw Andrej. She was a total bimbo; fake blonde hair, clearly fake breasts and a terribly bright orange tan. When she came downstairs, she was wearing nothing but dental floss that passed for a bra and panties and Andrej pulled her in his arms, forcefully kissing her. They went upstairs and I waited for him to come back down, but when it hit 2am I knew to call it a night and headed home. I spent another week trying to find something, anything about Andrej but all my leads went cold. Even my hacker friend told me to just give up and forget about it. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t let it go. I decided to take a little break to clear my head, rethink everything. I bought a bottle of wine and cooked myself a good meal to just chill. It was a Friday so I thought I may as well enjoy myself for one night. I was surprised by a knock on the door at almost 10pm. My apartment building had been hit with a series of break-ins over the past year so I always kept the chain on and had a peephole installed. Through the peephole I could see Brian waiting outside. I opened the door on the chain. “Yes?” I asked. “What do you want?” “Look, Simon, I came over to apologise,” said Brian. “Can I come in?” I unlocked the door and Brian walked in, turning his body so his shoulders would fit. I put the chain back on and walked over to the kitchen. “Look, I’m really sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately,” said Brian apologetically. “I’ve been a total ass to you and it wasn’t fair. You know that’s not me and I just hope we can still be friends?” I sighed, folding my arms. “Will you tell me everything that’s happened to you if I say yes?” I asked. “I promise, just please tell me you accept my apology,” begged Brian. He walked towards me, putting his hands on my shoulders, gently squeezing. “I’ll do anything, I mean it. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re my best friend.” He looked so incredibly sincere, it was cute. Big muscles or not, he was putting on the puppy dog eyes and I couldn’t help but shake my head. “Of course I forgive you,” I said. “I’m glad you came to me, I really missed hanging out with you. But you have tell me everything you know about Andrej. I think he’s running some kind of illegal steroid ring and he somehow managed to get you hooked. What did he do to you?” “It’s kinda fuzzy, but I’ll tell you what I remember,” he said, clearing his throat. “Hey, you don’t have any bottled water do you? I left mine in my car and I’m still a little parched. Cardio day.” I nodded in understanding and turned round to open the fridge. As I was reaching for a bottled water, I felt Brian’s thick arm wrap around my chest tightly to hold me down and a rag get pressed against my mouth. I tried to fight but Brian was so strong and my arms were pressed to my sides. I tried to scream but they were muffled by the rag. I could smell something strong, chemically, on the rag and my head was starting to grow light. My breathing slowed, eyes drooping, body growing limp and the world around me faded to black. I wasn’t sure how long I was out for but a sudden wave of cold snapped me awake, gasping as ice cold water dripped down my body. My eyes opened and Andrej was standing in front of me, dropping a bucket to the floor. He smirked, folding his arms over his chest, his pecs pulling at the straps of his tank top. My wrists and ankles were tied to the arms of a wide, steel chair that seemed to engulf me due to its size. I was wearing the clothes I’d had on back at my apartment but they were now soaked. “Rise and shine, little man,” sneered Andrej. I struggled against my restraints but they wouldn’t budge, shivering from the cold water. I had no clue where I was, the only light source was above me and the rest of the room was in darkness. It had to be big room as our voices echoed slightly like in a hall. Or a warehouse. “There’s no use, you’re too weak to break free,” said Andrej. “I told you I would make your life hell if you didn’t stop coming after me, little man.” “You can’t just kidnap someone!” I shouted. “Let me go!” “Oh yes, I’ll let you go so you can run to the authorities?” retorted Andrej. “Do I look stupid to you?” “Yeah,” I growled. I doubled over as Andrej punched my gut with the force of a jackhammer. I screamed in pain, seeing stars, the wind knocked out of me. Andrej spat on my face and grinned down at me. “You think because a man has big muscles, it mean’s he’s stupid, eh?” asked Andrej. “You think men like me are just mindless hulks huh? If that is the case, then you’re the stupid one. Did you not think I knew you were following me? Trying to find out information on me? Tammy saw you sat in your car watching me when I went over to fuck her the other night. I watched you out her window, waiting for me. So I check CCTV for my warehouse and there you were, poking your nose in where it didn’t belong. I had friends hack your computer and I found out about your little hacker friend. I had him taken care of, he shouldn’t be walking anytime soon.” “What did you do to him!?” I screeched, stomach throbbing. “Oh nothing really, just broke all his things and then my guys broke him,” chuckled Andrej. “So, I had Bri bring you here tonight because you needed to be dealt with.” I gulped, fear finally setting in. “D-deal with me?” I stuttered. “Yes, little man,” said Andrej. “I do not like people snooping. Snoopers only lead to problems. I would know, when I was growing up there were a lot of them. “You see, my family came from the Soviet Union but I was born in East Germany during the Cold War. My father was a chemical engineer and he used to develop the steroids they gave to children at sports academies to build supermenschen; the biggest, strongest athletes. The steroids they had been using caused many ill-effects so my father was tasked with creating the ultimate steroid. He never got to complete his work however as the Berlin Wall fell and the Eastern regime crumbled. I was ten years old when some of his former subjects came and executed him, but before he died he managed to hide his research. “When I grew up, I managed to find his research encoded in some of his old medical journals purely by chance. I finished his formulas and created the compound. I must say, the results were profound.” Andrej flexed his huge bicep, thick veins throbbing over his mountainous peak. “So… you are dealing steroids,” I said. “That’s what you gave Brian, wasn’t it?” Andrej laughed and ripped off his tank top, exposing his muscular upper body; his wide shoulders, wing-like lats, jutting pecs, perfect 8-pack abs and tight waist without an ounce of fat anywhere, just vascular perfection. “Steroids?” retorted Andrej. “Please… What my father and I developed is no steroid. It’s not even remotely similar. What we created is the nectar of gods. Increased mass, strength, speed, durability, hormone production; undetectable and permanent. The perfect combination of chemical compounds, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, super concentrated proteins, testosterone, collagen and various other hormones. Only a few have ever been able to taste what that feels like. Like Bri.” “So you forced him to take it?” I asked. “Oh no, he asked for it,” said Andrej. “You were gone and he was in the gym, lifting. He comes up to me and asks how I got so big, telling me that no matter what he did he couldn’t gain mass, that it was his dream to be huge like me and he envied me. I told him I could help for a fee and he paid up, now he is perfect.” “I wouldn’t call that perfection,” I sneered. “You all look like freaks.” Andrej smiled and it freaked me out. He walked into the darkness and the lights came on, a machine whirring loudly nearby. I could see what looked like a water pump which had five clear plastic pipes that went into five sealed 55-gallon oil drums. There was another longer pipe attached to the pump that was hanging on the wall with a black rubber fitting on the end with elastic straps. Andrej grabbed this and walked back over to me, still smiling. “It’s funny that you call me a freak now,” said Andrej. “But just you wait little man. Now, open wide.” Andrej forced my mouth open with one hand. He was too strong for me to stop him, no matter how much I tried to bite down. He inserted the black rubber end of the pipe into my throat and I felt it go deep down my throat, forcing me to breath through my nose, a thick flap preventing me from swallowing it further. Andrej placed the straps over my head and slapped my cheek lightly, before walking over to the pump. “We’ll see who is the freak now, eh?” he smirked. Andrej flipped a switch on the pump and a beige-coloured liquid started to get drawn from the barrels. I desperately fought against my restraints, panic rising as the liquid travelled further up the clear pipe. I screamed as it was nearing me, futilely trying anything to make this stop. I felt the liquid start to pour from the hose into my stomach. It was warm and runny like milk though I couldn’t taste it. My stomach started to feel bloated and very full quickly. I looked down and I could see my belly starting to look swollen as it was filling to capacity. I hoped Andrej would shut the pump off but he didn’t and I watched in horror as my stomach started growing bigger and bigger. I could hear it churn and gurgle loudly as it couldn’t process the liquid quick enough, completely overloaded. My clothes were growing tighter on my body as I expanded and I could feel my belt start to dig in painfully. The leather grew tighter and tighter until it snapped clean off, the button flying off my jeans. With my stomach so full, I could feel the liquid start to compact throughout my body. My arms and legs grew flabby and fuller, chest sagging, face getting heavy. I looked like I was growing fat but it was just the liquid trying to find space in my body. I felt soft but so heavy and pain shot across my skin as stretch marks began to form. My clothes were being torn off by my growing size until I was naked and my body began to sweat profusely. The pumping just wouldn’t stop and nor was my body. 275 gallons of this liquid would be pumped inside me. I would either keep going until it was all inside me or I would die. My bones ached at the pressure of the immense weight on my frame. Soon the last drops of the beige liquid were forced into me and Andrej pulled the hose from my mouth. I let out a series of loud burps which made Andrej laugh. I felt so heavy, there was so much soft mass on my face I couldn’t close my mouth or move my head, neck engulfed in pudginess. My body looked so big I probably could have won the world record for fattest man alive. I was breathing so laboriously, my throat choked and lungs having to draw more air in to keep my heart beating. “What… have you… done… to me?” I huffed. Andrej undid my hands and my arms fell to my sides, making my body jiggle. I tried to raise them but I just couldn’t. They were so heavy and full of liquid that my bones and muscles were no match. “I’ve given you a choice,” said Andrej, grabbing one of my man tits and squeezing it like it was silly putty. “Either you swear not to tell anyone about me and to pay me all your money for the rest of your life to get the enzyme that breaks down the compound inside you; or you refuse and eventually you’ll die. I’ve never pumped so much into someone but by the looks of you, either your liver or kidneys will give out if your heart doesn’t first. I don’t expect you’ll be still living in the next hour, unless a miracle happens and you manage to metabolise all of it.” I gulped, my heavy breathing getting faster. Andrej had turned me into a time bomb ready to blow and I couldn’t think. I tried to stand but there was no strength in my legs to force me up, I was immobile. I had no way out except to submit to Andrej or die. “So, what will it be?” asked Andrej. I hung my head and sighed in defeat. “You win…” I said. “I won’t tell anyone about you. You can have my money, whatever you want. Please… I don’t want to die.” Andrej sneered, triumphant. “You’re mine now,” he said. “You’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you. Everything you own is now mine.” He pulled a clipboard from a nearby table and put a pen in my swollen hand. It was a contract. I only got the briefest glance but it was an agreement that he would control all my assets or else I would have to submit to a penalty. I dreaded to think what that could be but I managed to move my hand enough to sign my name on the dotted line. Andrej reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial with a green liquid inside. He forced my head back and poured it down my throat. I hungrily drank every drop, my only chance of living. Within an instant the mass began to shrink, like my skin was squeezing it all down to a vacuum. I moaned as the liquid began to bubble heavy beneath my skin, making it jiggle and shake. I let out a loud belch and my body began deflating back to its old size, thankfully with no excess, saggy skin. I noticed my body still felt very heavy like my body was no longer flesh but stone. My crotch started to throb and my cock started getting hard. I looked down and with every throb that emanated from deep in my balls and up my shaft, it grew to its full state. And then kept going. I was used to seeing my cock at its normal six-inch state but it started getting longer and thicker. Seven, eight, nine, ten inches and still growing, still getting thicker, thick droplets of precum leaking down the length. It felt so good, I had never felt so aroused in my entire life and it was infectious, warmth spreading through my body. My cock finally stopped growing and it was a monster. Fifteen and a half inches long, ten inches in circumference, thick veins along the shaft to the throbbing, glistening head. I went to touch it but another strong wave of arousal hit me as my balls began to churn and swell, forcing my legs wide. When they stopped swelling, my balls were the size of oranges hanging low and proud between my legs, their weight and size pulling my sac tight. I could barely speak, let alone breathe. My mind was lost in the powerful sensations emanating through me. My arousal was so strong, it overwhelmed the pain wracking my body at that moment as I started to grow taller. The bones in my legs broke and reformed loudly as they grew longer, spine elongating, shoulders widening to accommodate my lengthening arms. My hands and feet became bigger to match, big bony paws and elongated feet to support my new height. My ribcage expanded as my internal organs were scaled up to match my size. I finally topped off at seven foot three with size eighteen feet, muscles so small on my frame that I looked anorexic, bones and veins visible under my smooth skin. I felt my face begin to contort as my skull changed shape. Cheekbones getting higher, fuller, stronger; my jaw squaring out with a prominent, strong chin. The skin smoothed out, all wrinkles and blemishes fading away, no longer greasy or dry but a perfect balance. My hair went floof as my curls became wavy and then perfectly straight, the light brown growing darker until it was blacker than night, eyebrows perfectly shaped and thick. My throat bulged and my Adams apple grew bigger, my moans growing deeper, bassier, huskier; I could feel my larynx vibrate harder in my throat. “Oh man,” I said, voice much, much deeper. “Feels so good…” “The best is yet to come,” said Andrej. I felt a swelling all over my, bringing more heat to my arousal, as my muscles began their work, popping out huge from my stick-like body. Calves exploding out into huge cannonballs, quads and hams quickly engulfing the room between my legs until they became powerful buttresses of muscle, forcing my leg spread wider and my balls upward. I pulled at the metal restrains on my thin ankles and pulled them clean off, allowing me to comfortably spread my powerful legs out. Each leg was thicker than my waist at forty two inches a piece. My glutes were next, exploding into two powerful globes of solid muscle, jutting so far that if I stood, you could rest a pint on each one without them falling off. My waist grew a little bigger but only to support my body, growing from twenty eight to thirty six inches. But compared to my bony shoulders, it still looked tiny. My obliques swelled up from my crotch serving to highlight my cock more. My abs popped into ten powerful bulges with deep separations. It was no roid guy either, it was a solid diamond wall of muscle. My serratus muscles grew over my rib cage, thick cords of muscle only helping to highlight my abs. My lats spread outward as they grew into broad, powerful wings; the beginnings of the bodybuilder’s cobra head and forming a wide v-taper for my expanding body. They forced my arms out, even with my broad shoulders, demanding so much room. My back expanded to support my growing upper body forming a deep curve of my spine. No longer flat lands, my back was a bulging range of mountainous muscle, helping to make me even wider. My pecs exploded from my chest as they went from flat to thick and juicy slaps of muscle. Their size was phenomenal, a gap so deep that my old hand could have fit in their deep canyon. My pecs had such a weight to them as if two halves of a rock had been inserted under my skin, raw power bulging profusely. My nipples were well below their horizon, obscuring my view below, but I grabbed them in my fingers. They were bigger, pointed down and outward with juicy nubs that felt good to play with. My forearms swelled into big clubs of meat, every thick cord of twitching muscle visible with snake-like veins wrapped over them from my huge hands. My biceps blew up like two cannonballs, huge veins hugging along the ridges of their high, split peaks. So big that, even when resting, the huge balls of solid muscle looked flexed. My triceps blew outwards like giant horseshoes any stallions would be envious of. My arms were two cannons of pure muscle and strength; I could feel their power from the tips of my fingers right up to my shoulders, every flex and bulge from the tiniest movement just showed their raw power off. My deltoids expanded like two basketballs, finishing off my insane width. The huge heads of my delts bulged profusely, each one demanding room on my shoulder. My traps began to rise up my thickening neck, consuming it, reaching almost up to my ears. My traps were now two bulging, throbbing masses that just completed my new muscular size. And finally, my skin began to tighten even more over my huge muscles. Every fibre, every cut and separation, every thick veins became even more pronounced over my body. Not a single hair remained on my body, I was now completely smooth and vascular; my body fat had to be 1%, almost none. My skin darkened into a perfect tan, which only highlighted my muscles better, perfectly complimenting my darker hair. I felt my growth began to level out and I stretched my new body out, feeling the new muscles bulge for the first time. I felt them, cock throbbing and completely slicked up with precum, moaning at how hard and powerful they felt. “Feels good, right?” asked Andrej. “I feel so… strong,” I said. “You are man now, real man,” chuckled Andrej. “You stink like one too. Sweat, musk, cum. That is how a real man smells.” “Fuck yeah!” I shout. I stand up to my full 7’3” and flex, taking in my stink. “So fucking big,” I muttered. “So fucking strong.” I look over at Andrej and smirk. He’s smaller than me, both in height and muscle, and I know he is beneath me. I grab the chair I was restrained in, made from pure steel and ripped it from the ground, throwing it across the warehouse. Andrej didn’t flinch for a second, he just laughed. “I think we need to renegotiate my contract,” I said. “I think you should be serving me, little man.” Andrej shook his head and pulled his phone out from his sweatpants pocket. He tapped the screen and I doubled over as pain exploded from all over my body. It only lasted one second but I was on all fours at his feet, shaking heavily and my stomach felt like it was about to heave. Andrej crouched down in front of me and slapped me hard on the back. “You are stupider than you look, Si,” said Andrej. “You don’t think I planned for this? You don’t think I anticipated your arrogance? In the enzyme that activated the nectar contained a number of nanobots that are clustered in your nervous system. I can make you yield from anywhere in the world and unless you want to tear your body apart, there’s nothing you can do to remove them. Plus, without me, the nectar will eventually wear off. Unless you drink my renewal protein mix everyday, you’ll waste away into nothing.” “S-so that’s why you guys were always drinking protein shakes,” I hissed, the aftereffects of the pain dissipating. “You are mine, Si,” reiterated Andrej. “Just accept it and you’ll be happy.” “What are you going to do with me now then?” I asked. “I’ve signed your fucking contract, you changed me permanently, I’ll die without you; what’s your endgame?” “Now you go about your normal life,” said Andrej. “But you can’t go back to your old job, it’ll be too suspicious. I have a job all lined up for you, you will interview and get it. I’ve done my research on you, it’ll well within your abilities and soon you’ll be fast-tracking promotions, making me more money. Your body is pumping out pheromones like no tomorrow, people will find you attractive; they’ll want to do anything for you. Aside from that, you and my men will compete globally for bodybuilding titles. That will bring you fame, sponsorships, more money and I’ll will manage this work until the world is begging for your secret. Then I can make more supermenschen, men desperate to be big, strong and powerful. Every single one under my control.” “So that’s all this is about, money?” I scowled. “Why don’t you just rob a bank?” “And be a criminal!?” retorted Andrej. “No, no, no. Even the best criminals eventually get brought to justice. No, it must be done legitimately. Then no one can stop me.” I sighed, getting up off the floor. My cock was still rock hard and leaking, desperate for release. I grabbed it in my hand and jerked. Andre chuckled at the sight. “You’ll notice you’ll feel horny almost all the time,” said Andrej. “You’ll learn to control it, to channel it. Your appetite will increase too but eat as much as you want, your metabolism is so powerful that it will digest everything completely, leaving very little waste and fuel it back into your body without getting fat. Your body is now the ultimate machine, pure power.” I flexed my muscles, watching them bulge and swell, completely under my control. Rock-fucking-solid. I could feel the strength emanating from deep inside, throbbing and pulsing within every sinew. “Big man now, huh Si?” said a familiar voice. I looked up and saw Brian was standing next to Andrej and he was looking bigger than ever, his workout gear covered in sweat. Fuck he looked so hot, my cock ached just looking at him. “You have the power, take what you want,” said Andrej. I smirked. I took one heavy step after another towards Brian, my cock bobbing with each step and slapping against my abs. I grabbed Brian’s tank and ripped it off like paper, exposing his powerful chest. He was big, but I was bigger. Brian just stood there speechless as I tore off his sweats and jockstrap. His cock was soft but big. But I was bigger. “I’m gonna fuck you,” I said, pressing my chest against Brian, staring down at him. “I don’t give a shit if you’re not gay. Your ass is mine.” “Yes, Si,” said Brian. Within seconds I had Brian facedown on the floor, balls deep in his ass, slamming fifteen huge inches deep in his ass. Brian was growling and moaning under me, wriggling and struggling hard but I was stronger. He was no damn match for me and I had to show him who was the strongest. I slammed in so hard that the concrete floor cracked beneath us. “That’s it,” said Andrej approvingly. “My big boys. Make me proud.” I never felt so invigorated in my life. For hours I fucked Bri’s tight muscle ass, unloading my seed one after the other, huge cupful’s of cum with each orgasm. Bri’s cock more than kept up, shooting a heavy load with mine. We were lying in a pool of our cum that had leaked out his ass and shot from his cock, our muscles covered in our sticky juices. I pulled out and Bri slumped, exhausted; but I was still hard, throbbing, craving. I walked up to Andrej who had watch us fuck, a big smile on his face. “More?” he asked. “More!” I growled. Andrej sent a message on his phone and through the door came his whole posse. I grinned, my cock squirting precum up my chest as the band of muscled men walked towards me. “That’s more like it.” -- Hope you enjoyed Comments appreciated as always!
  19. rienzope

    New Kindle Book

    There's a new book on Amazon.com about muscle growth "Journeys are unpredictable. Not the ones planned on your smart phone. The ones you lay out for your life. The ones measured in years rather than miles. Those can be longer and take you further than you can imagine, especially if they are fueled by ambition. Because ambition strives. At first for goals... until it reaches them. Then for more... because it’s insatiable. Harry Zane was led off the stage by the Feds after winning the biggest title in bodybuilding. He's about to travel to another world. A place where physical development is religion, more is not enough, and genetic engineering is unfettered. And he’s about to learn that what we seek is usually not what we seek."
  20. Varg

    An Alpha And His Beta

    Part 1 I'm a bodybuilder, and like all bodybuilders, I decided to have an abnormal life. I took my body to the furthest point, broke down any barriers, and pushed even further until there was no going back. I was 72 inches tall (6 feet tall), weighing in at 218 pounds of muscle when I was cutting and 245ish pounds when I was bulking. Right now it's summer, so of course I've got my trimmed look for the season. Except trimmed was too delicate of a way to put it. I was ripped, cut, chiseled, and overall amazing. My body fat must have been 6% at the most. My muscles just jumped off my smoothly waxed body, which would cause some hard problems for people who saw me. Vascularity wasn't for everyone, so I didn't expect everyone to fawn over my body. Most people did, though. I loved the attention. I was 22 and considered a bodybuilding prodigy. Some say I use steroids because people are jealous. Some say it's synthonol because all young people are lazy. Some say it's because of photo editing because I'm vain. Some say it's due to me being half black because racism is still a thing. It's none of that, just my genes. Thanks to my genes, I also have the perfect skin color to just make the muscles POP off my body without a ton of oil or exact lighting. Saying I'm blessed would be an understatement. Men were envious of me, my good looks, my body, my voice, my demeanor, my everything. Sure I was arrogant and tough; I came off as a brute to most. Though that's just me and what I am. I'm an alpha at heart. My boyfriend had an abnormal life too, minus the choice factor. He loved me with all his heart and he was my beta. I was here to protect him, love him, and take care of him if he ever needed anything. In return he just makes me happy; so very, very happy. We were together, so to speak, since he was 11 and I was 12. After he hit the end of puberty, something changed in him. Like a light went out in the room, but it was hard to tell since there were other lights on too. Each full moon it felt like the lights were growing dimmer and I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was failing him as his alpha. “Hey Pup, wake up.” I drew the curtains on both sides of the bedroom. “Noooo. . .” He groaned as he rolled under the sheets. I could see his short yet messy bunch of light strawberry blond hair stick out from under the sheets. “Don't make me come under there. You know what'll happen if I do.” I playfully teased as I leaned on his side of the bed. He pulled the covers entirely over his head. “Look, Rett, I know you hate it. . . But you have to get up. I'll make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'll make you all the things you like, Puppy.” “Don't call me Puppy. How would you like it if I called you Chocolate Drop or M&M?” “As long as you let me melt in your mouth and not your hand, I wouldn't care my darling little Woof-Woof.” I got on top of him and put half of my weight on him, kissing the side of his face through the sheets. “Pffhah-Shut up, Roman!” I managed to make him laugh a little. Though I knew he didn't feel up for laughing since it sounded so strained. I usually called him some sort of dog-related cutesy name to test his mood. If he didn't complain then he was happy. After he did get up, he seemed lethargic and depressed the entire day. I prepared meals for the week, so he just sat around in the kitchen. When I was working out he was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling instead of working out with me. And after dinner I read a book about different workout methods while he sat next to me without cuddling up to me. He was in nothing but his shorts, and the air conditioning had to be making him feel chilly. His pale skin seemed even paler than usual, even with the added color of his sparse reddish-blond hair over his body. It was like he was just there and didn't want to even touch me, even if it meant he wouldn't be cold. I wrapped my arm around him and he didn't even budge. “It's been 10 years since we've had to do this. I wish I could make it better for you.” I kissed him on the forehead. “Unless you can change me from being a-” An alarm went off and his saddened state quickly turned to panic. I looked at my phone and it was actually 8:12, meaning the clock was off by a lot. Things were dire, but I didn't want to tell Everett. “8pm. . . It's 8pm!” “OK, come on, we still have some time.” I examined his expression and realized we didn't have nearly enough time. His sharp teeth were getting sharper and his turquoise eyes flickered between being gentle and fierce. I picked him up in my arms and took him down to the basement. Then I placed him on the floor in the corner, away from the cellar windows. I reluctantly pulled the silver chains around him, tying him tightly to the house's cement foundation. “I. . . Everett, we don't have to do this.” “Yes we do, Roman. He might hurt you. I don't want. . . Alpha, I-” He tried speaking, but a gruff sound cut him off. “Just go now. Don't look at me. . ." “Beta, relax.” I gave him a peck on the lips. I hated doing this to him. I hated to hear him growl and struggle while I sat on the couch upstairs. Everett nodded, but his eyes switched. There was a different man or creature in the driver's seat. What little control Everett had, he used it to yell at me. Something he rarely did unless it was playful. “Go! Just get out of here!” Everett grunted as eerie black lines snaked their way from his chest to the rest of his body. He barked and growled as the lines grew in number, thickness, and length. His teeth were now entirely pointed, and his nails were growing longer and darker. I was always interested in his transformation from a toned 5'8” cutie to something hairy and hulking. His face pushed out as his skin went from sparsely hairy to shag-rug in a matter of seconds. He arched his back as his chest swelled outward, his growls becoming deeper and gruffer. His arms lengthened, as did his back and legs. Although they weren't normal human proportions, his arms being longer and his legs being shorter than a normal human of his size. Meanwhile his musculature was drastically changing. Even with the dense strawberry blond fur covering his body, I could tell where his muscles began and ended. Each muscle group beautifully redefining themselves on his strange frame. His shoulders swelled larger than any bodybuilder's I knew, with his chest broadening so much thanks to his larger lats and of course his heavier pecs. His arm grew so big that it seemed like it'd be impossible for them to move. His traps made his neck disappear, and a slight hunch was forming since he was so top heavy. His growls were now feral, his eyes now staring directly at me with pride and ferocity. His shorts managed to stay on, though only enough to cover his pelvic region. His tail was poking out from the top of his shorts, while the legs where entirely torn. Everett' quads made sure to tear away at his shorts' legs, ballooning so far outward that the beast had sit with his legs in a V shape. His feet were no longer dainty, and instead, were large, long, and hairy with sharp nails at the end. He snapped at me and growled even louder. I knelt down so I was eye level, just a few inches away from his range of motion. I've seen Everett's beast form when he was younger, when he looked more like a wolf pup than a beast. Though now I had the chance to see the matured version of his beastly side. It's where half of his personality came from. In other words, this was half of the man I loved. . . In a form that he'd describe as monstrous. He still had the same beautiful turquoise eyes, but they seemed so intense. I yelled to put him back in his place. “Shut the fuck up!” Sure enough he did and his ears fell down. He looked more like a harmless puppy. I touched my nose to his like when we were kids and his ears popped back up as his tail wagged uncontrollably. Everett didn't want me spending time with his feral side. He didn't want me even seeing it just so he can pretend it doesn't exist. The beastly side of Everett seemed lonely and sad, probably due to years of being locked away in a cellar the halfway through puberty. But now he was bigger and possibly more dangerous. Despite popular belief, werewolves can transform whenever. It's just that when they do, they give in to their feral nature for a set amount of time. They essentially fall asleep as their other half takes over. “Heh, you still see me as your Alpha, don't you?” I rubbed his head. “You're so much bigger than me too.” Everett looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and patted the space next to him. He just wanted company. Everett always told me to just walk away and leave him alone, but I never really asked why. I thought it was because his wolf form would be dangerous, but he didn't seem that way. He whimpered as his puppy-dog eyes intensified. I couldn't not say yes. I sighed and sat down next to him, he leaned over and placed most of his weight on me. Thankfully I was a bodybuilder, so at least he didn't crush me. “You love me as much as the other you does, don't you?” He rubbed his head against mine as a way to say yes. “I don't get why Everett hates you.” He shrugged his shoulders and turned away to look towards the cellar window. Staring at the beams of moonlight shining on to the basement floor. He whimpered more and turned my way. Again, with the big-eyed look. I reached for a flashlight and put it in my pocket. “Now I see why. He knew I couldn't say no to that face. OK. . . I'll let you out. BUT! Only if you let me accompany you. I don't want you getting into trouble, understand?” The beast eagerly nodded and I got rid of the chains. He crawled around on all fours, individually shaking his legs and. . . Arms, legs, leg-arms? After that he stood up. I felt like I was looking up at a tall skyscraper, even though he was only 6 inches taller than me, perhaps 10. It was hard to tell, but his head was almost touching the ceiling even though he was slightly hunched over. I looked down to see the shorts still intact, finding it funny that it looked like a dog was wearing underwear. Though his body looked human-shaped, even if his arms and legs were slightly different proportion wise. He just looked wolf-y from the neck up along with his furry hands and feet. So he was 75% extremely hairy human and 25% wolf-thing. I unlocked the cellar door and opened it, yet Everett didn't budge. “Come on.” I gently said, as I held my hand out to him. He approached me and looked out the cellar door and then down at my hand. He was actually afraid, maybe because he hasn't been outdoors for about a decade. The way the moonlight reflected off his fur looked amazing. He almost looked white with tones of red, orange, and pink. “I'll be right here with you. I'll keep you safe.” He placed his hand in mine, carefully wrapping his larger hand around mine so his nails wouldn't scratch me. Everett' hand felt softer than I thought it would. Even in this gigantic beast form, he was still my gentle beta. I walked up the stairs and lead him to the outside world. He stared at the back yard and the dense forest beyond it. Then he looked down at me. I whipped out the flashlight and lead him towards the forest until we were deep inside. He let go of my hand and ran around a few trees. He sniffed a tree and licked it, his face contorting into a grossed-out expression. That's what he gets for being curious. I laughed and approached him. I pet him behind his ears and I could see his tail wagging back and forth. He did the same to me, letting his furry hands run along my head. He let out a strange noise, like he was confused. “Oh yeah, last time you saw me was 10 years ago when you were just a small pup. . . I got rid of my pony tail since then. So it looks like you're the only one with a tail now.” I heard him laugh, or at least I thought he was laughing. Then he lunged at me, playfully of course. He pinned me down, but I fought back. He grunted a few times as he realized I was strong in my own right. Sure he was stronger, but I was actually able to fight him off a bit. I used his oddly portioned weight against him and flipped him on to his back. He yelped and went limp, allowing me to pin him down to the ground without any effort. This was the playful Everett I knew. I never understood why Everett hated this part of himself. My hands ran over the beast's body and his breathing became strained. His chest, stomach, and even his arms felt oddly human. Sure it was all covered in fur, but the proportions and hardness reminded me of my fellow bodybuilders. Just. . . Bigger. Everett let out a soft sigh, and looked at me. I didn't have the flashlight, but the intense moonlight was enough for me to see him clearly. It reminded me of the look Everett gave me the first time we had sex. Nervous, excited, scared, but most of all he was happy. I backed off a bit, because I don't think I was ready to have any intense relations with this form of Everett. He shouldn't even be having thoughts of having sex with a human, not in his beast form anyway. Then it clicked. An idea that might help both sides of Everett in the long run. “Everett.” His ears perked up when I said his name. “Or Werewolf Everett. Whatever. I can't babysit you. You have to go out and do what you want tonight without me, this is your only night you can be free to do whatever. Yes you're my beta, and yes I love you very much. . . But you're a beast right now. A wild and humongous beast with a different set of needs. You need to hunt. You need to be free without me tying you down.” Everett reached out and put his hand behind my back. He pulled me down towards him until I was snuggled up against his powerful chest. It was obvious he didn't want me to leave him. “It's OK, Beta. Just promise me you won't hurt anybody and that you'll be safe. I don't care if you eat a stupid cat or whatever. . . Er, just don't bring anything home.” He hugged me tighter and whimpered. “Come on Rett. . . Look at you. You're powerful and intimidating. Nothing can hurt you out here. You don't need me to stay safe.” He nuzzled me and whimpered some more. I took the hint that he wanted to be tied down by me, as if he didn't even realize it was a bad thing. “Don't worry, Beta. I'll be home when you get there.” I got off of him, allowing him to stand up. I picked up the flashlight and made my way back to the house. He called out to me, but I kept walking. The beta-nature in him couldn't refuse my order, but he didn't want to go without me. Everett had to go get everything out of his system and me being there wouldn't help him do that. If anything, it would just stifle half of his own personal growth. It actually hurt to hear him bark and whimper, and the fainter the sounds, the more it hurt. I was his Alpha. I had to do what was right for him even if it didn't feel right at the moment. Finally I was back at the cellar door and I couldn't hear him at all.
  21. Hey guys, me again. Bit of a long chapter but a lot certainly happens. Enjoy, comment and all that stuff. Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapters Seven and Eight Chapter Nine Hard Mountain - Chapter Ten: The forest at the base had been uneventful and the incline up began to increase. I'd managed to find a trail that seemed to lead upwards. When I reached a clearing I would plant a stick in the ground to measure time. It was getting into the afternoon now and the sun was still very warm. My feet were aching, I kept standing on stones and my blisters were only getting worse. The slightly mossy brush disappeared once I'd left the forest so I was walking on mostly dirt and rocks. The path wound left and right, growing steeper and steeper. My legs burned but I kept going; if I stopped now then I would never get going again. Eventually the path began to level out and stopped as I reached the mouth of a cave. I couldn't see anywhere else to go except inside, the side of the mountain was very steep so without proper equipment there was no way up. I entered the cave and it was pitch black, I held my hand next to the wall to guide me forward. There were no forks in the road but it wound left and right. I had no perception of time in the darkness and I was going forward very slowly so I didn't stumble. I started to shiver as the temperature dropped the further in I walked. Occasionally I'd jump as an ice-cold drop of water hit me from above, blind as to its source in the darkness. I had no clue how high the cave was but I never came across any stalactites to bash my head into. A dim light started to come into view as I edged around a corner and the path started to illuminate the closer I got. I came out into a larger cave with a pool of water in the middle, much like the one I had visited with Jack and Danny. There was a large opening above where the light of the early evening sun shone through, casting a reddish glow around the cave. On the other side of the pool was a set of stone steps that looked like they had been carved into the rock face that led upwards and, I guessed, outside. The shore of the pool where I stood only stretched about twelve foot by six and the cave walls were smooth so there was only one way forward, through the water. I dipped a toe in and remarked at how warm the water felt. I waded in and the water never went higher than my waist. It was certainly refreshing after walking in the freezing cold for so long and the bed was smooth underfoot. As I reached the middle I felt a gust of wind start to swirl around me, and the water started to ripple a few feet in front of me. A pale, sickly-looking and hairless figure in a hospital gown rose up from the water. I recognised him instantly and my throat choked up. The hollowed out eyes and gaunt, sallow face staring at me with sorrow, pain and disappointment. I tried to turn back but something had stuck my feet to the bed of the pool and I was failing to hold back my tears. The figure was stumbling towards me, the water splashing with each of its laborious steps. I was crying, sobbing loudly, trying to look anywhere but at him. “No!” I screamed. “No! You aren’t real! YOU’RE NOT HIM!” “I am,” he said. “Please… Sammy…” “NO!” I cried. “Make it stop… make it stop…” “Why do you hate me, Sammy?” he asked. “Why do you hate your father?” “BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T STRONG ENOUGH!” I screamed, blood boiling and my face growing red with an explosive rage. “YOU GAVE UP! YOU FUCKING GAVE UP! YOU SAID YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE STRONG BUT YOU WEREN’T! YOU LIED TO ME! You… you… Why did you leave me?” The figure never answered, it fell face first into the water and the haunting sound of a flat heart monitor echoed in the cave. I ran to the figure and pulled them into my arms. “No, no, no, no, no,” I whispered. “Don’t go, keep fighting Dad. Please!” I felt like I was six years old all over again, back in the hospital the day he died. We were both pulled under the water, but I found myself back in my house. “Hey!” said a familiar voice. “I’m home!” “DADDY!” said another familiar voice. A young boy of about three ran past me as a man entered the room. I felt my throat close up as I remembered where this was. Reaching down to pick up the boy was a broad shouldered, muscular man in a fire fighters uniform. The man was my father, before he was sick. He was thick chested, wide-shouldered, strong-armed and had a handsome, scruffy face. The younger version of me was in his arms, almost strangling him as I hugged him as tight a young kid could. “Did you save lotsa people?” I asked. “Not today, but I did help a cat that got stuck up a tree,” said Dad. “Yay!” I cheered, kissing him on the cheek. “Would you save me if I was stuck up a tree?” My Dad chuckled. “Of course, I’ll always get you out of trouble Sammy.” My Mom came in and Dad put me down, pulling Mom in close as his hands rested on her waist, kissing her gently. “I missed you, honey,” said Dad. “I missed you too,” said Mom, stroking his chest. “Sam made up another story today.” “Another one?” Dad chuckled. “We’re gonna have to start writing them down.” I smiled, my cheeks wet with tears. This was the father I remembered. Loving, caring, strong. The scene faded as I started telling my dad my story about a rabbit that had lost its ears. I then found myself in my backyard. The younger me was lying on the ground with a kid’s tricycle on top of me. “Heeeeelp!” I cried. “Help! Will nobody save me!?” “I’ll save you!” said a deep, confident voice from behind a tree. Out popped my Dad wearing a tablecloth as a cape and some speedos over his jeans. He stuck his arms out on front of him and jogged in a zigzag around the garden before stopping at my younger self. “Looks like you need a hand!” said Dad. My younger self pretended to gasp with relief. “SUPERDAD!” My Dad took hold of the tricycle and he pretended it was very heavy. He grunted with fake exertion as he slowly lifted it up and over his head. He put it down on the floor and crouched. “Are you injured citizen?” asked Dad. “Yes, SuperDad,” I said, feigning injury. “The evil Barbie stuck me with a jelly-legs poison and I can’t walk. The only cure is ice-cream!” “Ice cream, eh?” said Dad. “Well I’ll take you to my hideout and I’ll cure you of the evil Barbie’s poison!” He lifted me up under his arm and ran around the garden in circles. My Mom and sister had been watching and giggling from the patio where they had been gardening. “I want ice-cream too!” said my sister. My Dad ran up and grabbed her in the other arm, spinning us all in a circle until he finally ran into the house. My mom shook her head and I followed her as she walked inside. My Dad had put us on the kitchen counter and he was pulling ice cream out of the freezer. He popped the lid and got three spoons out and we all began spooning it in our mouths, my Dad eating huge mouthfuls and making us laugh. The scene began to fade again until I was in a hallway in a hospital. My younger self, about six now, was sitting on a bench with my sister, waiting. My parents came out of a door looking like the world had ended. My Mom had clearly been crying and my Dad was slimmer, not quite as muscular; his hair was missing in patches on his head and he was incredibly pale. We ran to them when we saw them and my Dad crouched down and pulled us into a tight hug. “Daddy, are you gonna be okay?” my sister asked. My Dad looked like he was about to speak but he didn’t, he just held us tighter. “Of course Daddy’s gonna be okay!” I said. “Daddy is real strong, he’s never lets anything beat him, right Daddy?” My Dad smiled. At the time I took it for a happy smile. But now that I was watching the memory again, now that I was older, I recognised it as a lie. He knew the truth but he didn’t want to scare us, to let us down. No, it was a smile that said: “it’s not okay, it’s not going to be fine, I’m going to die.” “Daddy’s gonna keep fighting until he gets better,” he said. “And you two are what keep me strong. Sammy, Gemma; you have to be good to your Mommy and help her out lots, okay? Daddy might get a little weak, I might have to go to the hospital more and I might not always be able to play but if you’re good kids for Mommy then it’ll make me stronger, okay? Promise me?” “Daddy, are you going to die?” my sister asked. My Dad froze again, my Mom bit back a sob above us, but he saved face with another smile. “No, sweetie,” said Dad. “So long as you’re good, Daddy will be strong and I’ll… I’ll get better in no time. So no fighting, no bothering Mom or making messes; you both have to promise me, okay?” “We promise,” my sister and I said in unison. My Dad began to tear up and pulled us in as tight as he could. The scene disappeared and I was in a different part of the hospital standing behind my younger self, my sister and Mom as we walked down the hallway. My sister was holding a “get well soon” balloon and flowers, while I was carrying a handmade book with an illustration on the front in crayon. A doctor stepped out of a door and noticed us approaching. I recognised that doctor, as he would later become my Stepfather. “Can we see Daddy?” I asked. “In a minute honey, let me talk to the doctor first,” Mom said. We waited patiently as the doctor pulled Mom aside. They spoke in hushed voices that even I couldn’t hear but Mom hung her head and the doctor put a hand on her shoulder sympathetically. We walked into the room and my younger self ran out almost instantly, dropping the book on the floor. In the hospital bed was the same figure that had appeared in the water, my father after month and months of very intensive chemotherapy. As I remembered, he’d been staying at the hospital for a month and hadn’t been home which was why we had visited. Mom ran after my younger self and grabbed me. “Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Don’t you want to see Daddy? He wants to see you.” “THAT’S NOT DADDY!” I screamed. “MY DADDY IS BIG AND STRONG AND HE’S A SUPERHERO! HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THAT! WHERE’S MY DADDY! I WANT MY DADDY!” “Daddy’s a little weak right now,” said Mom. “He’s not very well.” “NO! DADDY IS NEVER WEAK! HE TOLD ME HE WAS STRONG AND HE PROMISED HE WOULD BE STRONG FOREVER!” My younger self began to cry and so did Mom. She hugged me tight and I continued to beg for my Dad, the one I remembered and not the sick man lying in the hospital bed. I suddenly felt my body being pulled back, the hallway getting further away from me but I wanted to stay. I emerged from the water, gasping for air. I was back in the cave on Hard Mountain, alone in the pool. I began to cry, really cry. I was crying for the father I had hated for so long because he had died of cancer, a childish hatred that he hadn’t kept his promise to be strong and let it take his life. I cried for the memories I had shut away out of that childish hatred of him, the replacement of my grief, the years of repressing all happy thoughts and memories I’d had of him. I cried at my own self-hatred because I had refused to see him after that last memory, even when he was moments from death. I had never said goodbye, I sat outside in the hallway, even when the haunting sound of the heart monitor going flat was all I could hear above the sorrow of my family. I stood up from the pool. In my heart I wanted to drown myself, let the water consume me. I could do it right here and now and no one would know, not even Jack and Danny, until it was too late. I wanted to, so badly; the temptation and the water were so inviting. But I knew I couldn’t. I had to be strong and keep going, keep climbing Hard Mountain as they had told me, or else I would die anyway. I walked to the other side, wiping my face clear and taking the stone steps slowly. Up and up and up they led until I was at the end, coming out onto the mountain. -- Chapter Eleven: The higher you climb, the harder it gets...
  22. Varg

    Adding On Mass

    Part 1 Being a demon means a lot of things. For me, it meant no sleep and no eating, or rather, I don't need those. If you've ever been up for 2 days in a row, I'm sure you know what it's like. Now imagine being awake for 24 years. I had to do something with myself, so I worked out. Just things that used my body, like yoga or push ups. My body wasn't large, but it was perfectly chiseled. I didn't have any fat, so my muscles were insanely defined and vascular. I was 5'10 and weighed 170 pounds; I was proud of those 170 pounds. My face was classically handsome, manly with a touch of prettiness. My black hair was permanently stuck in bed-head mode, but in a cute and not messy way. My eyes were red and my skin was lightly tanned. It was obvious I was a demon, yet humans were attracted to me anyway. They're such shallow creatures. “So you'll give me 2 years of your life force if I give you 4 inches on your cock?” I sighed. To be fair, 2 year of one's life force wasn't even a big deal for a young man, since humans slowly regain it over time unless they're old. I was actually tired of growing dicks, since that's all I ever did. I only worked with men, so I should have seen it coming. No pun intended. “Yes! Please!” The desperate jock pleaded. “Drop 'em.” I ordered and the jock obeyed. I rubbed his cock for a few seconds and he instantly grew hard. I had that effect on men. I didn't have to touch them to grow them, but I wanted it to be enjoyable for me too. Even ones that were allegedly straight such as the dumb jock I was rubbing would enjoy being touched by me. He was 4.7 inches long. “You asked for 4 inches in length only. Now, see, if I were an asshole I'd only give you 4 inches in length. You'd have a sad pencil dick. But I'm a nice guy, so I'll just switch your contract to something that includes girth. I'll also round up. For the same price, of course.” “Oh shit.” He awkwardly smile. “You're right!” I worked my magic and let his cock grow in my hands. I liked the feeling and I'm sure he did too. His cock extended with each pulse, growing thicker and longer. I couldn't even wrap my hand around his shaft after a few seconds, and soon, he was the proud owner of a 9 inch long cock with a respectable girth of 7.7 inches. He looked at his cock and his eyes lit up like a kid seeing a pile of presents. He grabbed it with both hands and moaned, noticing it was more sensitive than before too. What can I say? I liked being generous to the guys who fed me. “Thanks Adrian. Really! Thanks!” He looked at me and then back at his cock. “I gotta go take care of some business now. . . Thanks again, man!” The jock ran off and left me alone in the locker room. He wouldn't tell any of his teammates about me or his enhancements. It was illegal for demons to even use their contract magic. But I was in college now, which is the time when people really notice their shortcomings. So if they had to break a law to get their shortcomings removed, they'd sure as hell do it before they start their adult lives. “It's illegal for demons to use their contract magic, you know.” A voice called out. I turned around to see it was a scrawny and tall nerd. I thought I locked the lockerroom door, but I guess I didn't lock them both. “Yeah I know. But the life force supplements are gross. Besides, I like helping guys who give me stuff.” I could fix it so he wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not that type of demon. I poked his nose to bother him instead. “I could give you stuff if you want, little nerd-boy.” “No thanks. And my name's not 'little nerd-boy' it's Rex!” “Rex? What a masculine name for such a feminine man.” I put my hand up his shirt and over his abs. I used my other hand to grope his arm. “Ah, you've been working out. Your muscles are aching from an intense workout, aren't they? I could help you get bigger.” “No way! It's illegal and demons just screw over humans anyway.” “I'm sorry you think that way. Anyway, are you sure? Contract magic calls for you to give something to me. So you'll be giving me the memory you have of you witnessing what I did to that large man. Though that's useless to you, so this transaction is basically free.” He stared at me for a few minutes. Nobody, not even disciplined demons or law abiding humans, could resist something that was essentially free. He looked down at his body and used his hands to feel the patheticness of his wiry arms and over his flat chest. He sounded defeated, but still hesitent to give in. “I've been trying really hard to do it myself. I want to. . .” “I know. I could feel it.” I smiled, admiring the determination he had. Instead of just giving in he tried to hold back. He wanted to do it himself. So I helped push him along,“You put in all the effort and your return rate is non-existent. It's because you're 6 feet tall and your genes are geared towards making you lean. You put in more effort than your average bodybuilder and you've got nothing to show for it. I want your effort to mean something. You'll still have to maintain your muscles, and you've surely earned what I would be giving to you.” “I. . .” He looked away and tried to fight it, but he gave in. They all do eventually, though most of them give in instantly. “I'll take it.” “OK. Good.” I snapped my fingers and his clothes disappeared. He was shocked and his expression just made me laugh. I rubbed my hands over his body. His chest, stomach, legs, and arms were all covered with sparce mats of blond hair. I had to admit, the scrawny guy wasn't so scrawny. His body felt immensely hard, and I couldn't help but wonder how much harder I could make his body. Rex grunted as his chest swelled, turning his flat pecs into something more respectable. When he'd wear a shirt, you'd be able to tell the man has some chest muscles. He rolled his shoulders as he felt them widen along with his lats. His traps popped up too, signifying that – yes – he does have some form of neck muscles. His quads quvered and grew thicker. His muscles only grew slightly, but a raised bump is more noticeable than a ditch. Not to mention, it looked like his skin barely stretched with his body, making his veins visible. I might have added about 15 pounds of muscle, perhaps 18. I don't know, I was lost in the new sensation. I actually never grew a man's muscles before, believe it or not. It felt amazing for both of us, I think. “There, all done.” I snapped my fingers and his clothes reappeared on his body. Rex's once properly fitting attire was now tight, showing off his newly grown muscles. “I. . . Thank you. This feels so amazing!” His voice was slightly deeper now, but still on the andrognyous side of the spectrum. Yeah, OK, I went a little overboard. I decided to boost his testosterone too. “If you want more, you're going to have to give me something.” I smirked as I swirled my finger around his chest. I reached into his pocket and took out his phone, putting my number and name on his contact list. I handed it back to him and made sure to flash him my most professional of smiles. He looked at his phone and then back at me. “Add?” “I prefer that over Adrian. It sounds cooler and it's pretty accurate. I like to add things on to men.” I laughed and he let out a few chuckles too. I was smitten with that nerd and I didn't even know why. He's cute, sure, but he's not the kind of guy I would get hard over. “What if I call you for something other than business?” Rex was trying to be cute, but I knew better. It's always business with humans. They just want things. I cocked my eyebrow, “Well, find out by giving it a try sometime."
  23. michaellinn

    Devil Inside

    Okay so this is really my first attempt at writing a story, it just poured out of my vivid imagination in an afternoon, I'm pretty sure it's not great but I figured I'd share anyway. Enjoy .. I hope. -- Hi my name is Eli and I’m a freak.. Yeah I know it sounds like something out of an AA meeting, that was probably a very bad way to start out what is essentially a journal but I’m not much of a writer, and I need to get this down while my head’s still clear. I’m 26, Male, Australian and up until an hour ago, my clothes still fit. Though I should probably start from the beginning.. I was always fascinated by big guys, as far back as I can remember, which is a pretty vivid memory of a Firemans calendar my mum got at the Royal Adelaide show, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. I looked pretty normal, not exactly slim, slight gut, average face, I was never going to turn heads and it didn’t bother me, I did well in school, opted out of year twelve of high school for an apprenticeship and settled into a nice quiet life as a chef, actually quiet is not the word, most chefs are borderline insane, I was the exception, Sorry memories are starting to get muddled and I’m getting off topic again. I finished up my apprenticeship a good year ago and continued on at the restaurant in Rundall Mall until about a month ago when I got an offer from my new boss, sou chef at The Green, god I was excited, I could hardly focus on my work almost lost a finger in my carelessness. Things started to get strange though the night of my going away party, the rest of the kitchen staff threw me a party a party on my day off after the dinner service, gave me new knives, a green apron, one of those comically large chef hats, we don’t actually wear them, and I don’t know where Alyssa found it to be honest. Then there was Davids gift, thirty-eight centimetres of the strangest, black Dildo I had ever seen. Yeah they all knew I was into men, they liked to joke and I didn’t mind, hell I liked to give back from time to time, David was childish, he loved to play gay chicken, leaning in for a kiss, he stopped though, after I grabbed him, bent him over and stuck my tongue down his throat. I guess the toy was his last hurray, everyone laughed I turned red and proceeded to get completely shit faced. The rest of the night was a blur,, I don’t actually remember much after that.. The next morning was quite possibly my worst, packing my last bags as I packed my new gear and that .. thing, I was already late for check in, but the roads were mercifully clear, made my flight with a comfortable margin and had to sleep all the way to Hobart. It was weird, waking up I felt fine, which made no sense, I was sure the hangover would kill me in my sleep but I couldn’t have been better. Grabbing my bag I was quick to find a taxi, settling into the back seat, I closed my eyes again only to snap them open a moment later. I leaned forwards a bit, pulling my sunglasses down, “Sorry, did you say something? I drifted off there,” I asked the driver, he looked up at the mirror and said, “nah Mate, yer hearin’ things,” I blinked, I could have sworn I heard a voice, it was deep, it was smooth, like a velvet glove soaked in honey massaging my eardrums, sorry only way I could describe it. Dropped at the front door of my new, modest little flat, a good twenty minutes from my new career, I headed up to the elevator, glancing down to check my pockets for my key, my head snapped back up, catching a glimpse of something red in the stainless steel doors of the elevator and the sound of my name, It had to be the booze, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk the previous night, I told myself, if only to stop my heart from racing as the chime rang and the doors opened. Thankfully nothing else happened, I took a shower got changed, went over to work to get a look at the new kitchen and the head chef I’d be taking orders from, Collin. He was a nice guy, seemed very down to earth little bit of pudge like me though he was considerably older. Anyway I headed home after a long talk, foregoing the usual Taxi in favor of walking, I needed the exercise and I needed to learn the streets, Google Maps is great by the way. I was tired when I got back, understandably so, given that i’d opted to run, not a full sprint, but good pace, sweat was dripping off me as I leaned over in the lobby, waiting for the Lift before I felt a large, rough hand slap my ass so hard I toppled face forwards into the open elevator and heard a loud booming cackle echoing around the empty entrance hall. I don’t think I’ve ever mashed a close door button so hard or so fast, panic setting in, I sprinted for my Door when the Lift opened again, fumbling with my key I eventually got the door open and slammed it behind me, sinking to the floor, leaning to the right a bit, my sore left cheek.. It took a few minutes but I started to get up, my hands shaking, I had to find something to do, looking at my bags, they were still full and zipped, “A distraction!” I thought as I tried to bury what had happened, Turned the Tv on for some noise as I went about, trying to calm my racing heart with menial tasks. Bottom of the first bag and there it was again, the joke gift i’d paid no mind to, picking it up, I peered through the solid plastic tube, taking my time to examine it, noting the thick, realistic veins running it’s length, the slight upward bo to it’s shape, fake fleshy spines crowning the oddly shaped glands that tapered to a point, where the hell did David find this thing, I couldn’t help but twist the top off and reach in, curling my lightly moist palms around it, I bit my lip, it felt like leather, who ever made it got the texture just right, rubbing my thumb up and down the bulging urethra, “damn, how much did this fucking thing cost him?!?” I questioned, starting to wonder just how it would feel if I… I stopped and blinked, looking to the glass sliding door to the balcony, then back down, There was something I was worried about … No it couldn’t have been that important if I forgot about it, new state, don’t know anyone, just the social isolation messing with me, my usually pretty logical mind reasoned. I was Standing in the shower, my head leaned back as the hot water poured down, a ritual I’d gotten into, starting in high school, scrubbing the day off me, then I… I don’t really recall, it’s getting harder to think as I watch my left forearm ripple with every reach of the finger to tap keys. OH yes, I can skip that part, crossing into my room I just had to stare at it, my lips starting to curve up, tip of my tongue sliding across them as I stared at the dong, lying across my clean sheets, I was salivating as I stepped forwards, sinking to my knees in front of it, I could hear that voice again, that smooth baritone gently tonguing my Cochlea as i reached for the toy, immediately enveloping it with my lips, lubing it with my saliva, heh it’s funny now that I look back, I’d never used my mouth for that before, but a voice in the back of my mind was screaming at me to do it. Pressing it into my throat, I immediately gagged and pulled it back, coughing as thick wads of spit slid down it’s impressive length, I was painfully hard just staring at it. “Do it, DO IT!” the disembodied voice shouted as I leaned forwards, spreading my knees apart, steadying the thick dildo with one hand before, plunging down, without a moment of hesitation. In hindsight this was a terrible idea, the pointed tip alone nearly made me scream, the pain was almost unbearable but then it stopped, everything stopped, the sound of Master Chef in the living room. “Aww, such a good little boy, ride my dick just right and I’ll give you something special..” It was that voice again, the fear welling up inside, I could feel rough hands on my hips as I started to sink further, it was pure terror as the toy twitched, IT TWITCHED INSIDE OF ME! the leathery skin shifting as the veins pulsed with … something, you couldn’t call it blood, it was just a toy right?? Haha, I really was panicking then, more than ever, what ever it was I was riding, it sure as hell wasn’t some ordinary toy, it was something straight out of hell and it’s master had a hold of me, pulling me down, those fleshy spikes scraping against my insides in such and exquisite manner, it was starting to move on it’s on, driven forwards into me by phantom hips, I could feel the burning flesh against my cheeks, heavy balls swinging and the breath, like a furnace blasting at the back of my neck. In moments it was all over, the beast reared back, slamming forwards, the leathery black dick swelled, my bed lurched forwards, hitting the wall as my body was flooded with magma, the burning was like nothing i’d ever felt, and i’d grabbed a metal pan handle that had been in the oven for an hour. Gone, the hands, the hips, the inferno against my neck, the now limp dong slid free of my stretched hole, followed by a the demons, glowing, yellow seed, every drip scorched the hardwood floors as my sphincter tightened.. nothing can really describe the pain I felt as I flopped back on the floor, the monsters voice returning, as nothing but a cackle, echoing in my head as my hands clutched at my stomach. I was sweating again, every muscle in my body tightening, my back arching as the extra fat seemed to melt away, the beads of sweat on my skin flashing to steam as I writhed on the floor, muscles endlessly tearing and knitting themselves back together, thicker than ever. My shoulders grew broader, traps, I had traps now, thick cannon ball shoulders, biceps and triceps that had tripled in size, my normally smooth white skin marbled with throbbing veins while he cooed in my ear, and to this moment, I cannot tell you what it said, all I remember was my chest on fire as my pecs grew out over a rippling eight pack before I finally passed out. When I finally came around, I was not the person who arrived in Tasmania the day before, I was lying face down, slowly pushing myself, muscles rippling as I looked up at the mirror door to the wardrobe, I WAS HUGE! my pecs were rounded, creating a shelf, I was shocked just to have pecs let alone ones that angled my nipples to the floor. They cast a shadow over the biggest six pack I’d ever seen, the rolling hills that made up each column of muscle were divided by a wide and deep trench. The next thing to grab my eyes were my quads, I’d always been straight up and down before by now their sheer size seemed to force my feet wider apart. Then my eyes fixed on my cock, it was at least a foot in length and easily a foot in length, maybe more, I still haven’t gotten around to measuring up. My fingers curled around the shaft, pleasure surging up my spine as I did, slapping the thick head against my thigh and then I heard his voice in the back of my head again, “Not my finest work … maybe you’d like to go for another ride kiddo..” I had to stop, well, almost, just long enough to write this down, I’m sitting on the floor with a chromebook trying to type while the urge to go again builds, I think this is enough for now, HE is getting impatient.
  24. Hey guys! It's Musclehintz here. I was recently browsing the archives and came across a phenomenal story called "Desperate Husbands." It turned out to be one of the best mg stories I've read in a long time! It's a muscle theft story, but I still recommend trying it out even if that's not your genre of choice because it's really good. I'm reposting it simply because I believe it is so amazing it must be shared: if the original author, Clarence, does not want me to post this, I will gladly take it down. I DO NOT CLAIM CREDIT FOR ANY PART OF THIS STORY Desperate Husbands By Clarence591 Ryan was banging his wife, Sara, with everything he had. Unfortunately for Sara that wasn’t very much. As he pounded away, she got more stimulation from his pelvis smashing into her than from his thin, three inch penis. She didn’t say anything even though it was more painful than pleasurable. Sara regretted having suggested he use a strap-on penis extender she bought from the adult store this morning. She didn’t mean to hurt his fragile male ego, but she couldn’t pretend anymore. Ryan and Sara were high school sweethearts who married right after graduation. Ryan was the star quarterback with a tall, muscular physique. Sara was the head cheerleader with a pretty face and large breasts. He still was attractive, even with twenty extra pounds of fat around his waist. Sara kept her hourglass figure even after having two children. She had never been with another man, so she thought for the last nine years their sex was average. She never understood what other women were talking about when it came to orgasms. She thought sex was supposed to be pleasurable for the man, not the woman. But after Diego, she knew what she had been missing. Ryan finally came and rolled off of Sara. “How was that?” he asked proud of himself. “Great honey. You should get some sleep, I know you have a big meeting tomorrow”, Sara replied hoping he would drift off soon. Sara waited for Ryan’s usual snoring to start. She took the sex toy with her into the bathroom and shut the door. She inserted it into her and thought of Diego, a wave of pleasure took over her body. She had multiple orgasms, biting her tongue to not wake her husband in the next room. Finally satisfied, she returned to bed and slept soundly for the rest of the evening. ------------------------------------------------------ Two floors up in the same high-rise condo building, Brittany was trying to get her husband to try a new position. “Come on, Bill. It could be fun. The pills are still working and it would be a shame to waste that nice hard-on of yours.” “I don’t think I can. We did it once like we usually do. The pills will wear-off soon, and I don’t think my heart can take any more. Just doing it in the missionary position twice a month is tough on me, you know that sugar dumpling”, Bill replied after taking a deep breath from the oxygen tank beside his bed. Brittany left the bedroom and went into the den to get a drink. She poured herself a bourdon and drank it down. She regretted marrying her husband two years ago, even though she only did it for his money. She never expected the retired army kernel to live this long in his physical condition. Bill was 48 years old but had the heart of a man in his 80s. He still looked like a tough solider though. His head was covered by thick silver hair cut short in a military style. Years of physical training were evident in his broad shoulders and flat stomach. However, the years of sun exposure took its toll on his skin. It looked dry and leathery hanging loosely on his frame. Old acne scars and age spots detracted from his very handsome face. Brittany had needs that her husband’s poor health prevented him from fulfilling. The 21 year old beauty pageant winner had an incredible sex drive. She found only one man that could outlast her in the bedroom. She had a third drink and closed her eyes thinking of Diego. She passed out on the couch with a smile on her rosebud lips. ------------------------------------------------------ “I want you to take me, Harold. Carry me in your arms, throw me on the bed and take me. Hold my arms down, force my legs apart and just fuck the hell out of me”, Katrina tried to explain again what she wanted her husband to do. Their condo was right above Brittany and Bill’s place. The two 23 year old newlyweds moved in only 4 months ago. Katrina stood at 5’ 10” with an incredible athletic body. She was 5 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than her husband. She had been a top amateur tennis player back in Russiawhen she was younger. When the government stopped sponsoring upcoming athletes, Katrina had to find another way to support herself and her family. Harold fell in love with her the moment he saw her picture in the bride catalog. Harold fantasized about being dominated by a stronger woman. But Katrina needed the same thing from her man. Harold looked at his beautiful blonde wife wanting to please her. He quickly walked up to her and tried sweeping her off her feet. His bone thin physique didn’t have the strength to lift her fit body. He struggled for several minutes before giving up. “Sorry, my little kitty cat, I just can’t do it.” “It’s okay. At least you tried” Katrina picked up her tiny husband and threw him onto the bed; his thick glasses falling off as he landed. Katrina crawled into bed disappointed. While she took her usual position on top of him, she grabbed Harold’s thigh and closed her eyes. She pretended she was caressing Diego’s thick forearm, turned on by the power of his magnificent body. ---------------------------------------------------- The weight on the machine was 480 pounds. He forced the second set of six reps before his huge pectoral muscles failed. His whole body was pumped after finishing his routine, each muscle filled with blood stretching his smooth skin tighter. He stood up and walked to the mirror. He slipped off his gym shorts, exposing every inch of his 6’ 2” body except his huge cock and balls covered by the greatly extended pouch of a g-string bikini. He knew he was incredible. His diet was on track and his was ripped to the bone. There were only two days until the competition and he never looked better. Last year when he finished second and lost the chance to get his pro card, he was furious. All the competitors and the audience knew he was robbed. The judges thought he was too young and hadn’t paid his dues to deserve the card; regardless that he had the best build. He promised to come back bigger than ever. He kept his promise and added 30 more pounds to his already impressive 265 physique. He was what every heavyweight bodybuilder wanted to look like and he accomplished it at the early age of 24. That’s the reason he took this job at the fancy condo complex managing the health club. He knew he didn’t need a job to get money, not with is looks. But now he got paid for working out and earned extra money by servicing all the rich-bitch housewives in the building. He could pump his muscles and hump as many women as he wanted without having to leave the building. Plus the ocean front location in Miami’s SouthBeach was the place to be. He went through his posing routine turning himself on in the process. His cock started to expand pushing the bikini farther away from his body. He pushed the flimsy garment under his balls and wrapped his huge hands around his favorite body part. Both his hands had room to get a firm grip on his 10” cock. He took his eyes off the reflection of his sculpted body to look at his handsome face. He pushed his dark, wavy hair away to reveal his large masculine features. His perfectly symmetrical almond shaped eyes were framed exquisitely by thick eyebrows. The dark brown irises made the whites of his eyes look brighter. His nose was large but absolutely straight and narrow. His sensual full lips covered dazzling white teeth. His flawless skin, naturally tan in color due to his Spanish heritage, clung tightly to his strong chin, squared jaw line and high cheekbones. He couldn’t believe how sexy he looked. No wonder he could have any woman, or man, he wanted. “I’ve got the face of an angel, the body of a god, and the cock of a horse. Diego, you’re one fucking perfect stud” he said aloud to himself. He couldn’t hold back his ecstasy any longer and shot his load unto the mirror. Diego wiped the mirror off with a towel and squeezed the last bit of spunk from his shrinking cock. He pulled the lime green bikini back over his cock and arranged his package the best he could. Its size and weight pulled the top of the pouch away from his flat, tight waist. He smiled at his reflection still in awe of his own body. It was time to give the residents a thrill. He turned toward the pool and walked out onto the deck. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan, Bill and Harold were playing their usual Sunday afternoon poker game out by the pool. The men all worked for the same aerospace engineering company. Ryan was in sales,Harold in engineering, and Bill used his military connections to lobby for the company at the pentagon. Their wives were a few feet away relaxing in lounge chairs discussing the best places to shop. When suddenly they stopped talking, in fact the whole pool became silent. The men looked at their wives and followed their stares to the opposite side of the pool. Diego had arrived. Diego’ muscles were still pumped from his workout and his cock semi-hard from jerking off. He knew all eyes were on him so he flexed every muscle in his body. As he stepped into the sunlight his body glowed with masculinity. He dove into the pool and did about ten quick laps to stretch out his bloated muscles. After he cooled down he looked around and saw the buildings most beautiful residents sitting nearby. He swam over to them and pulled himself at of the water. He stood in front of them, pushing his wet hair back away from his face; the excess water running down the hard ridges of his body. He knew just what buttons to push to bring the women to orgasm. Already each woman’s heart was racing, their breathing quickened as they started to rub their legs together. Diego saw Sara staring at his glorious manhood encased in the lime green bikini. He ran his hands over it, then adjusted the bikini’s strings that hugged his slim hips, making his heavy package bounce up and down. Sara moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on her own bikini bottom. “Aren’t you tired after swimming all those laps?” asked Brittany seductively. “Are you kidding? I’m a young athletic man at his physical peak. I’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner. I can keep going for hours and hours” Diego replied back slowly in a deep baritone voice. As Diego spoke Brittany ran her hands over her upper thighs and pelvis. She stared at the water running down Diego’ silky smooth skin pulled taut over his hulking pectoral muscles. His chest heaved slowly up and down as he breathed normally. It was true; he wasn’t out of breath in the least. Diego flexed his pecs, her body shuttered and she came right then. Diego thought two down and one to go. He focused his attention on Katrina, who was on the verge of ecstasy already. The men had been watching Diego’s interaction with their wives; each man sadly aware that they could never compete with someone like him. Ryan and Bill felt totally emasculated by the bronzed god before them. Harold couldn’t control his jealousy and put himself between his new wife and Diego. Harold hoped that Diego wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses. Diego towered over Harold. “Get out of the way, little boy. You’re blocking the beautiful lady’s view” Diego said as he put his huge hand on Harold’s sunken chest and grabbed onto his shirt. He easily lifted Harold off the ground with one arm, his bicep bulging even more with the effort.Katrina eyes widened and her breathing became louder. Diego noticed her reaction and started to do one arm curls using her husband as the weight. Diego then grabbed onto Harold’s pants at the waistband with his free hand. Harold’s body was now parallel to the ground. With one quick move, Diego lifted her husband over his head and started to do shoulder presses demonstrating his abundant strength. Katrina shrieked out loud as her hand went to her crotch. She tried to hide the juices that soaked her bathing suit. Diego threw Harold into the pool and put his hands on his hips and turned to the other men still sitting at the table. “Just think I was able to satisfy your wives without having to touch them. Something you losers can’t do while sharing the same bed.” Diego laughed out loud and walked back to the gym. All eyes followed his broad back and powerful ass until he was gone. The women all covered themselves with towels and ran back to their condos to change, without saying a word to their husbands. Harold returned to the table dripping wet. He sat down and looked at the other men. “Why didn’t you do something to help me?” Harold asked Ryan. “What was I supposed to do? He does this kind of thing all the time. He was having a little fun.” Ryan saw by Harold’s face he didn’t think it was fun. “I’m sorry, but he’s fucking huge, everywhere, even the two of us couldn’t beat him.” Ryan said ashamed of his behavior. “What are we going to do? I’m tired of that guy making me feel inferior and he’s getting more arrogant every week. We have to talk to the building manager again. What he did today was way over the top. That freak is going to take our wives from us, if he hasn’t already” Harold asked while drying off his glasses. “I know he’s been doing my wife for the past several months” Bill said while looking down at the table. “What? Are you sure?” Harold asked Bill. “Yes, I hired a detective and he gave me photographs” Bill answered while looking at Harold. “Wow, I’m sorry.” Ryan said, “What are you planning to do?” “I plan on getting revenge like a good soldier should. I’ve got a strategic plan all worked out. I had hoped the two of you would help me. I had this whole speech to convince you; but after that display, I don’t think I need to anymore. We can defeat the enemy if we work together men” Bill said as if talking to his troops in the field. Bill explained his plan. He was stationed in the Philippines for more than ten years. During that time he saw things that amazed him. Magic was real to the natives and Bill eventually believed in it too. He helped many locals during his time there, sometimes bending the law. He contacted his old friends and called in a few favors. Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, ornate wooden box. He removed the top of the box and exposed the contents; four necklaces consisting of a small crystal hanging from a simple gold chain. Bill put one around his neck and asked the other two men to do the same. “These have the power to transfer physical characteristics from one person to another. You can take anything from anyone or give anything to anyone wearing a matching necklace. But there are rules. First, the person must put the necklace on willingly. Second, we get to make just one request together but individually we get three. You must exchange one thing, take one thing and give one thing to the other person for the magic to work. Do you understand?” The others nodded. “How do we get him to put the necklace on willingly?” asked Ryan. “A man like that loves to get gifts in honor of his beauty. I’m sure if he got a piece of jewelry from a secret admirer he would put it on.” Bill said with a sly grin. “Do you really think this piece of cheap jewelry is magical” Harold asked. His years of studying science made the whole idea very implausible. “If it does work, do we really want to ruin a man’s life?” Ryan inquired. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. My detective took a lot of pictures when he was on the case. My wife wasn’t the only one bedded by Diego.” “Sara?” asked Ryan. Bill nodded yes. “Katrina?” asked Harold. Bill nodded again. Both men weren’t really shocked, they had suspected it. “I thought about doing something when I first got sick, but I didn’t feel it was right to make someone else suffer for your problems. But now I see things differently. That man deserves to be taken down a few notches. Let’s see how he treats people when he’s not so perfect.” Bill said with hatred in his eyes. ------------------------------------------------------- Diego came out of the shower room and walked into his office. As he put on a pair of skin tight spandex shorts he saw a small box sitting on his desk. He picked it up and read the note, “A small token to show my appreciation of your incredible body. I hope you’ll let me worship you later today. Your secret admirer”. Diego took the necklace out of the box and went to the mirror to put it on. The 22 inch chain hung closely around to thick neck. Diego admired the crystal and how it laid perfectly between his two enormous pecs. He heard the gym door open and turned to seeBill, Ryan and Harold enter. “What do you losers want?” Diego said as he turned back to the mirror to adjust his hair. “We want to give you a chance to apologize for your behavior today at the pool” Harold said nervously. “Apologize for what? For being a strong, sexy man that women lust after? Or for making you look like the pathetic men you are, no wait, I think pathetic males would be a better description, because you don’t have the right stuff to be called men.” Diego said turning away from the mirror and crossing his arms over his chest. “Why don’t you leave our wives alone? You can have any woman you want”, Ryan said feeling even more envious of the bulge in Diego’ shorts. “I tell you what. It took some guts for you to come here. I respect you males for confronting me and trying to protect your wives honor. But I respect strength more. So if any of you can curl this bar just once, I’ll leave this place and never bother you or your wives again.” Diego said as he walked over to a bench holding a bar with 350 pounds of weight on it. He picked it up and curled it ten times with ease. He put the bar back and stepped aside. “You go Ryan, you’re obviously the strongest of us” Harold said aloud. Ryan approached the bar and put his hands around it. It had been a long time since he worked out, but he knew it was a lot of weight. He tried lifting it, putting every effort into it. His biceps flexed, but he couldn’t budge it. “Too bad. But I’m in a generous mood today. I’ll let all three of you try it together” Diego said with grin. The other two men approached the weight standing on each side of Ryan. Ryan counted to three and all tried to lift. The bar rattled around a bit, but the three husbands couldn’t lift it out of the rack. “I guess that means I’m stronger than the three of you combined. Wow that must make you feel like even bigger losers than when you arrived.” Diego gloated. “Enough of these games, we gave him a chance to apologize. Let’s do what we came here to do” Harold said as he removed his shirt. The other two men also removed their shirts. Diego saw that all three had similar necklaces to the one he now wore. “Don’t tell me you males are my secret admirers. I mean I humiliate you time and time again, and yet you are still attracted to me. Sometimes even I am surprised by the sexual power of this body. So what is it going to be, are you guys going to take turns giving me blow jobs.” Diego looked at the men waiting for them to say something. “Well, I know none of you can pump my ass, because you’re too short, you’re too old, and you’re too small.” Diego said looking at Harold, Bill, and Ryan respectively. “Hey, egomaniac, that’s not why we gave you that necklace.” Harold said smugly. “Then it must be a thank you gift, to show your appreciation for me satisfying your wives because you are unable to do it yourselves. How thoughtful and it wasn’t easy. I mean your wives are some demanding bitches. Take Brittany for instance” Diego said as he walked up to Bill. “She likes to fuck like a rabbit. I have to get it up 3 or 4 times a night and keep it up for hours. She likes to try all kinds of positions too. It’s a real workout. Luckily I can manage that without taking a single blue pill.” Diego moved from Bill to Harold. “The athletic Katrina, she likes things rough. She actually gets off on a little pain mixed with the sex. She loves my powerful muscles more than I do. She can’t keep her hands off me when we’re together, constantly demanding me to flex for her.”Harold’s face was red with anger as Diego turned to Ryan. “Poor Sara is the saddest case of all. Your wife is so easy for me to please. I just have to lay there on my back. She plays with my cock when it’s soft enthralled by its size. But when I’m rock hard, she mounts me and thoroughly enjoys its length and girth inside of her. I reach spots in her that you never will. She doesn’t seem to care about the rest of me, just my huge cock. I don’t have to do anything, she does all the work. That woman has been so deprived for so many years.” Diego turned his back on the three men and went to the mirror again. “You can’t blame them really. I mean look at me. Every fiber of their being is attracted to my superiority. A woman wants to be with the tallest, strongest, healthiest, best looking man around. It’s the survival of the fittest, passing the best genes on to the next generation and all that stuff. They can’t fight millions of years of evolution. Their lust for me is unavoidable and perfectly natural. I’m sure you inferior males understand”. “Now” said Harold. The three men grasped onto their necklaces and said in unison “strength” while staring at Diego; each man taking one third of his strength. Diego felt dizzy for a moment, his body felt heavy and out of his control. Each of the husbands felt a rush of power surging through their bodies. They knew that the necklaces had worked. “Now asshole let’s try this test again” said Harold, picking up another bar with 200 pounds on it from the floor. Harold curled it easily three times. “If you can’t do that, than you have to leave.” “You’re the stupid asshole. I just curled 350, 200 isn’t going to be a problem.” Diego said while walking towards Harold, wobbling a bit as he moved. He just didn’t feel right. Harold just smiled at him. Diego bent down wrapping his huge hands around the bar and quickly tried to stand up, but couldn’t. He tried again but couldn’t budge the lightweight. He let go of the bar and facedHarold. “This is some kind of trick, this doesn’t count. And you better be careful who you call asshole, little boy”. Bill walked over to the bar and easily lifted it from the ground, “It’s no trick, it’s quite light actually”. Bill then gave the bar to Diego who wrapped his hands around it again. Bill let go and Diego’s upper body was pulled down to the floor by the weight. “What the fuck is going on here?” Diego said backing away from the men frightened by his sudden lack of strength. “Oh, we’re just getting started asshole”, Harold moved forward to keep close to Diego. Diego threw a punch at Harold’s gut and watched as it bounced off him. Horrified, Diego looked at Harold’s grinning face and threw another punch putting the power of his entire massive body into it. It too bounced off Harold doing no damage. Harold then punched Diego in his armored stomach. Diego never felt such pain; he bent forward hugging his gut, lowering his face to Harold’s level. Harold took the opportunity and slammed his fist into Diego’s jaw, sending Diego to the floor. Diego had never been so frightened in his life, what was happening to him. Why didn’t his huge muscles protect him like they always have in the past? He sat on his ass and pushed himself away from Harolduntil his back was up against the wall. Harold came at him again with Bill joining him. Each man grabbed onto one of Diego’s thick arms and pulled him to his feet. They moved there hands to his muscular chest and held him up against the wall. Each man then took turns pounding their other hand into Diego’s stomach; venting all their built up anger and resentment onto the muscle man. Diego grabbed onto each of the smaller man’s wrist and tried to loosen their grip on him, but he couldn’t budge them. Tears started to run down his face from the punishment his stomach was taking. Diego didn’t know what was happening. His eight-pack had absorbed punches easily from men twice the size of these guys before. But now even when he flexed his brick like abs, they weren’t strong enough to deflect the blows. Bill got tired and had to let go. Harold couldn’t hold Diego’s heavy body by himself and Diego fell back to the floor. He rolled into a ball holding his stomach in agony. “God I never felt so powerful, me beating up this incredible muscle god. I used to be so intimidated by his buff body, but now I’m stronger than him. All his huge muscles are useless against my strength. I am so horny, I can’t control myself.” Harold rubbed his hardened cock through his shorts. Come on Ryan, we agreed you would go first. Hurry I want to get to my turn“, Haroldsaid loudly. Diego stopped rocking on the floor and got up onto his knees, still holding his bruised abs. He tried to understand what the men were talking about. Ryan grabbed hold of his necklace and looked at Diego, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle and I give you 30 pounds of fat.” Ryan let go of the necklace and saw Diego’s attention move from his stomach to his groin. Everyone watched as the huge bulge in Diego’s shorts started to shrink. The material became loose around his crotch stretched by his former impressive package. “No, No, No. Stop it. What’s happening to me?” Diego screamed as his pulled his shorts away from his waist to see his pride & joy shriveling away. His waist started to increase asRyan’s body fat transferred to Diego. Soon the opening was filled with fat blocking his view of his crotch. The shorts were stretched to this maximum size and became uncomfortably tight around his waist. Diego then noticed his muscles were shrinking. Ryan felt another incredible rush of energy as he grabbed onto his manhood. It continued to grow without getting hard, its length and girth more than tripled in size along with his balls. He saw his love handles and beer gut disappear and his body filled out with larger muscles. He walked to the mirror and was shocked by the man he saw. He had a better physique now than when he played football in college. His cock was huge and thick, he never felt so masculine and confident. He started to get aroused and didn’t care who saw him. “My turn” said Bill, still trying to catch his breath, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular system, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle and I give you my complexion”. Bill was no longer out of breath or felt any chest pain. He felt light as air. His posture improved as his muscles grew larger and stronger. His acne scars and age spots disappeared. His skin became soft, moist and tight all over his greatly improved body. He jumped onto the dip station and pumped his body weight 30 times. He ran over to the pull up bar and easily did 20 pull ups. He hit the floor and did 20 pushups, clapping his hands between each one, in record time. He felt so energized. He ran to the mirror next to Ryan and laughed. He wasn’t out of breath and he glowed with good health. He looked better than he did 30 years ago. His white hair against his perfect skin with its natural tan color looked incredibly sexy. He ran his hand over the rest of his fit, muscular physique. He too became aroused. “Finally, my turn” said Harold. “No please, I can’t take anymore. You’ll kill me.” Diego begged Harold. “We’ll see about that” Harold replied as he grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 80 pounds of muscle and I give you my poor eyesight.” Harold’s body immediately began to expand. His shorts ripped along the seam as his thighs and ass grew. Harold went to the mirror to see his changes happen. Suddenly everything went blurry; he then realized he was still wearing his coke-bottle glasses. He removed them and everything was in sharp focus again. He watched as he grew taller than Bill and Ryan. His body became more muscular by the second. He felt virile and powerful for the first time in his life. He had the body of the men he admired on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. In fact all three of the husbands could appear on the cover now. Each man was tall, handsome, muscular and flawlessly fit. As he stood there naked, his cock became hard like the other men. All the men were horny as hell from the burst of testosterone rushing through their perfect bodies. The men started to feel up each other, caressing the hard muscles and harder cocks. The love fest was interrupted by loud sobbing in the corner. The men’s attention was drawn to the pathetic creature on the floor. Harold went over and picked up the former hunk. “Leave me alone, leave me alone. Stop, be careful, I feel so weak.” Diego protested while being carried by Harold. Harold put Diego in front of the mirror. “I’m blind, I can’t see anything.” Diego screamed between sobs. Harold took his old glasses on put this on Diego. “No, look what you’ve done to me. I used to be a god but now I’m a hideous monster. Why, why, why, why?” The husbands looked at the former bodybuilder. He now was several inches shorter than any of them. His body was thin, except for the spare tire around this waist. He looked frail with no noticeable muscle tone; the previously skin tight spandex shorts, were baggy everywhere except his bloated waist. His skin was pale and flaky, and hung loose from his body like a deflated balloon. His once handsome face was covered with acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. His beautiful eyes were hidden behind the thick glasses. He cried uncontrollably, while trying to catch his breath. He felt like he was drowning unable to get enough oxygen. The dull pain in his chest made him feel so weak. Bill gave him his inhaler and said, “I think you need this now. And a man in your physical condition really shouldn’t work out. You better find another job”. Diego grabbed onto his necklace and started to speak. Harold slapped his hand away and pulled the necklace over his head. “Oh no, you don’t”. Harold went into Diego’s office to get the small box; he put Diego’s and his own necklace into the box. While there he found one of Diego’s string bikinis and slipped into it. He admired the reflection of his flawless body in the barely there swimsuit as he gave the box to Bill. Ryan and Bill put their necklaces into the box and walked toward the door. “I can’t wait to fuck the brains out of my wife” Bill said, “then tell her I’m getting a divorce.” “My wife wanted a husband with a big cock, now she has one. I’ll make her beg me to fill her cunt with my huge rod” Ryan smirked. “Katrina likes to play it rough, wait till she sees how strong I am now. She enjoys muscle and pain, she’ll get plenty of both tonight” Harold said flexing his bulging biceps. The three husbands left the gym eager to punish their wives for cheating on them in their own way. Diego just stared into the mirror expressionless not knowing what to do next. There had to be a way to get his body back.
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