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  1. Hi folks. Just found this on an old cd disc from 2004. Don't know who the author is/was,but thought some of you might like to read it? Jasen with an E Jake was a short nerdy looking kid. He liked music such as classical and The Beatles which no cool jock liked… it also didn’t help much that he was in his School Orchestra and he was as skinny and as tall as a rail. He was always picked on and had a few friends but they were all in the Orchestra or Chorus. One day he was walking into his gym class (aka. His least favorite class) he got pined on the ground by someone big but he really didn’t see whoever it was because he got blindfolded pretty much right after he was pinned. He felt himself being carried somewhere. After about five minutes he finally heard a door close. He got sat into a chair and got his blindfold taken off. When he got in off it looked really bright in the room, even though it was quite dark, he couldn’t see anyone though. Finally he saw someone, he really couldn’t distinct him though. “Jake… Jake…” Jake could hear the person talking to him but he was talking very quietly. Jake… You are getting very relaxed and obedient…” Right before Jake’s vision blurred away he could see it was the star Quarterback for the football team. They hadn’t won in three years and they were always complaining how they needed a good football player. After every thing went black became tried and fell asleep but still could hear the person talk. He kinda thought it was strange. “Jake you will listen to my every command and shall obey my every word…” *All of a sudden I feel very in-tune with this person’s voice.* “I want you to listen, your name from now on shall be Jasen with an E. J-A-S-E-N and when anyone spells it or says it wrong you get real mad” *Jasen… but my name is Jake wait no it isn’t it is Jasen with an E and I get pissed of when anyone spells in wrong. * “I also have never been in the Orchestra in fact you hate the Orchestra because they are all nerds, dork, and gay. You have been in the football team instead for as long as you used to be in Orchestra. But for four years after second grade you were in the swim team…” *On the swim team… football… I was never part of any of those things or was I? Yes I was on the swim team till Fifth Grade and on the Football team for three years when I entered High school… ya! I am a real jock.* “Jasen… when you woke up this morning you didn’t look like an Orch Dork you looked like a swimmer and a football player. You had big strong arms and thick legs and calves for swimming. You had an eight pack. And you were so tall you couldn’t see your face in the mirror. You had to bend over to see your face because you are 6’ 7” and you have all the muscles to match. When you saw your face you had handsome features… big strong square jaw. And you had big Aquamarine eyes that any girl would die for. You had puffy cheeks and a rather large but fitting nose.” After he was done saying this Jasen (Jake) felt a large burning all over his body. First he felt and heard his arms and legs growing. It hurt so bad he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. It was like all his work to get those muscles was happening to him in five seconds. Then he felt the same pain I his abs. He could almost feel each ab forming as the pain increased. He again felt pain in his legs and torso but it was different. It was like he was being reshaped. He knew what was happening as he felt the back of his chair become lower. Then he felt extra muscles form from swimming under his football muscles. Then he felt a burning in his eyes and face as his face rearranged. “Lastly Jasen you are growing to have your hair grow longer and with each 1/2 of an inch of hair you will gain 1 inch to your Cock. It will stop after 3 inches are added to your hair.” Jasen felt a large sensation in his head and penis… no wait cock… and felt his pants get tight, really tight. “I see you are about to burst out of those clothes, so take them off” Slowly Jasen took of his clothes and when he got it all off. He could feel a difference in the way his parts moved. “Know we need to change your grammar… okay you are an honors student at the moment and you are really smart. Now I want you to take ¾ of that knowledge and change it into football knowledge. You know everything there is about football but you don’t know any thing about your academics.” Jasen could feel a difference from that one but not much. “Know Jasen I want you to open your eyes and look at your self. Also you can talk” Slowly Jasen opened his eyes he looked at himself and saw a huge difference. His perspective was much different in everyway. Everything seems smaller and farther away. He guessed it was from growing seven inches. He then looked at his arms. They were huge he could tell he had done both swimming and football because of how huge his arms were compared to other football players. He then looked farther down and saw his fuckstick which was also huge he had a seven incher soft but now it was at least 13 inches soft, 18 inches hard and 3 inches thick. He then looked at his abs and saw a thick stab of perfectly carved metal. It looked like an 8 pack but he could see two more forming making an almost ten pack. He then looked farther down and saw his feet, which were a size 14 before now they had to at least be 17. Then he saw his legs… oh the legs… the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Perfectly sculpted in every way. They were beautiful. “Man… this is fucking awesome!” Oh my god He had never said fuck in his life, what is going on, “Holy fuck, why am I fucking talking like this?” “Ok Jasen, what ….” The quarterback asked a bunch of football questions and a bunch of science and math questions. He got all the Science and Math questions wrong and all the Football questions right. “What the fuckin’ hell is happen’ to me!?!?!” he screamed, “I hav’ n’ver talk’d like tis befor’!” “Now Jasen I would like you to go back to sleep. I want you to now start thinking you have always been like this and that you think changes have never happened to you. And I will make sure that everyone else thinks you were always like this…” “You will now wake up in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Awake!” “Sup homey, Paul, I haven’t fuckin’ seen you since a week ago!” “I’m Good Jason” “Hey! Fuck You Paul my NAME is JasEn with a fuckin’ E! Never get it wrong again!” “Hey it’s time to got to football practice, Jasen, now go and don’t be late… you’re the new quarterback this year and you can’t be late on coach will be Fuckin’ mad! I can get there late because I’m the Center.” “Fuck you and see you later. Oh and hey where the fuck is my clothes!?” “On the Ground” Jasen picked up his clothes and looked at them… they looked too small but when he put them on the fit perfectly. On his way to Football practice he got looks by the ladies. That felt somehow strange for him but all he did was nod and say “What the Fuck up, whore?” and kept on walking as Jasen with and E!
  2. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13a - 13b - 13c - 13d] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  3. mmvmgo2011

    Vaccinated - A Continuation

    Hi all. Been offline for WAY too long now. I hopefully have a bit of spare time again, so I’ve revisited some of the characters and continuing Vaccinated. (And, yes, I have other stories on the go - haven't forgotten.) If you haven’t read it, you’ll almost certainly get more out of this one if you read that one first. A refresher might be helpful too, as there will probably be lots of callbacks and interwoven story lines. Obviously heavy spoilers here if you haven’t yet read the first one. Consider this a continuation following on immediately from the events in the first story, before the Epilogue. Events here may or may not progress matters to the same point in that Epilogue - so a sort of alternate history. Hope you enjoy. As before, I only have a vague outline of a story - I’m making the rest of it up as I go along, so fair warning, the story could include almost anything. If you’re easily offended or triggered, then maybe avoid this one. I welcome any feedback and will work in any suggestions you might have as it goes along. Delivery will likely be a fair bit slower than in the past, but I’ll try my best to keep chapters coming in on the regular. ~~ONE~~ Jake’s timing was exquisite; perfection. He could feel the crescendo, the approaching tsunami about to break, and he wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to experience the pleasure his partner’s ejaculation was about to unleash on his dick. Undulating, peristaltic waves of muscular contractions milking his shaft, coaxing the breeding load from deep within his heaving, roiling balls. Jake’s cock fully plugged the tunnel, his cock’s sensitivity heightened by the tight embrace along the entire shaft from tip to pubic bone. He pulled back slowly, deliberately, the head of his massive cock raking against the tunnel’s walls, tweaking the prostate, eliciting a deep, resonant growl in his partner that vibrated throughout his entire body, increasing the sensations and bringing the coming flood to the brink. He stopped as the head reached the opening, enjoying the feeling of the ring of muscle quivering against his fraenulum, his partner’s growl increasing. Jake’s heavy, pendulous balls seethed, ready to unleash their prodigious load. Squatting slightly, he adjusted the angle of his cock so the head would smash his partner’s prostate as he rammed in all fourteen inches down to the pubic bone. The separate muscles of his massive quads stood out in stark relief, vascularity pulsating and engorged, the massive root running along his inner thigh branching out to feed power to every muscle. He flexed his cock, watching, enraptured, as it swelled even bigger, became even harder, the veins flooding it with blood, steeling the shaft and sending bolts of exquisite pleasure spreading throughout his godly body. Jake’s core tightened, the globes of his perfect arse contracting and squeezing as he slammed his cock in as far as it would go, and then further. As he smashed past the prostate, the tsunami was triggered. It was Jake’s turn to groan, as his partner’s orgasm and ejaculation began, massive waves spreading up his shaft, tingling, more bolts of electric pleasure sending him wild. As Jake slammed in as far as it would go, his balls slapped into his partner’s arse, his orgasm contracting and pulsating muscles throughout his pelvic floor. The hole clamped shut around the base of Jake’s shaft, a natural cock ring further swelling and hardening the already diamond-hard cock. As it swelled, his massive cock pushed harder against the walls of the tunnel, increasing the strength of the muscular contractions as it struggled to contain and eject the monster invading its depths. Jake’s eyes rolled back as his partner’s cock pumped out splashes of thick, creamy cum. As the first few arcs of cum splattered against his partner’s pecs and abs, a large glob settling in his thick, dark beard, Jake allowed himself to ejaculate, his own muscular contractions mingling with those of his partner, heightening their ecstasy. Jake’s balls, so eager to unleash their load, rose up, and his cock somehow swelled and hardened even more as his ejaculation began. The pressure exerted along the length of his cock, and especially by the ring of muscles clamped around the base of his shaft made it more difficult for his cum to make it through all fourteen inches, causing high pressure spurting jets of cum to spray deep within, the massive load contained by the swollen head plugging the tunnel. Even as they both continued ejaculating, Jake leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss, the taste of cum on his lips adding to his explosive wave of orgasms. *** “Get out,” Jake said, as he stood up and went to shower. “Fuck, mate,” he breathed heavily, still recovering from the orgasm, “you were mind blowi–” “I said, get out.” He didn’t even turn back. “Can I at least get your number? I don’t even know your name…” He trailed off, distracted by the incredible view of Jake’s naked body walking to the en suite. The X shape, his glorious arse cheeks, sitting atop massive ham-hock hamstrings, the sweep of his quads visible even from behind, his back muscles mounding and rippling as he walked, roadmap veins - everywhere he looked, splendour upon perfection. Jake ignored him. The cumrag, having served his purpose, already forgotten. Despite his swelling dick - how could you not get hard at that view, he thought? - he hurriedly dressed, the cum covering his abs and chest already drying, sticking to his shirt, and left. **** Brad, Amber and HE were sitting in Brad’s living room, regrouping and discussing the recent events and the fallout. “Can you still sense him?” Amber asked. They all knew which 'him' she was referring to. “Yes…” He hesitated, “…he’s having sex.” It was a very odd sensation, having his best friend’s subconscious as a stream in part of his brain. Despite everything, Amber and HE both blushed. Amber, in particular, was still trying to process her feelings about Jake. She could not let go of the fact that they meshed perfectly, their sex on a level she had never, and almost certainly would never, experience again. But, equally, she could not forget his treatment of her. His callous disregard, the violence against her without so much as a second thought. Yes, he was under the effects of the vaccine, but was that merely amplifying an existing tendency? She did not know, and the conflict was gnawing at her. What made it worse, she could never discuss it with him. Jake could not - must not! - ever know or be reminded of his rampage. They all feared if he learned what they did – what he did – that he would try to regain his abilities, and his reign of terror would resume. She nuzzled into Brad’s strong, comforting embrace, his Herculean arm around her. He was no Jake, it was true, but he was kind and loving, the sex was fantastic (though, of course, not the perfection she had with Jake), and his body was phenomenal. And, yet, she still could not shake the thought and feelings - he was no Jake. **** As Jake’s orgasm erupted in a corner of Brad’s brain, his own dick chubbed, and his mind wandered, lustful thoughts – of tits, of arse, of legs for days, of vascularity and muscle – flooded his brain, like cumshots pumping hot man cream, flooding holes. Amber nuzzled into him, the feel of her pert, luscious tits pressing into him causing lustful fire to tingle through him, making a beeline for his cock. He smiled. Not for the first time he silently thanked Jake, his best friend and, in many ways, his saviour. If Jake had not convinced him to break his vow of celibacy, he would not have met Amber. Not since Angelina had he felt such feelings for a woman. Amber would never replace Angelina - nobody ever could - but Amber was a mighty fine substitute.
  4. Hey everyone! This chapter gets DARKER and MORE EXPLICIT. All tags definitely observed and more. I appreciate the positive feedback! Thinking probably 2 more chapters after this to conclude the story. CHAPTER 6 Evan took care to clean up the alley as best as he could. Luckily, a major thunderstorm hit about 20 minutes into the clean up and finished the job naturally. Evan dashed inside and then turned around, watching Corey stand in the pouring rain, unmoving, getting his new clothes drenched. “Corey! Get inside!” Evan screamed. Corey took a few calm steps and walked back into the gym, dripping onto the carpet. Evan was overwhelmed with emotions. Some guilt, some disgust, some fear of repercussions, but mostly exhilaration, adrenaline, and unadulterated power. Corey was more than an infatuation, a lover, or a sex machine – he was now a full fledged immortal weapon. Evan looked Corey up and down. Did he have any of the old Corey left in him? Or was he entirely clay for Evan to mold. Evan drove Corey home and got comfortable in the living room. Now that he was feeling somewhat settled, he decided to figure out the extent of his new powers. “Corey, I want you to have free will and your original personality and memories with the addition of the memories of everything that’s happened the last few months.” Corey’s face hardened. He started breathing heavily and looking up and down at himself. Then he looked at Evan. Evan hadn’t seen that look in his eyes before, it was a mix of anger, disappointment, and…was that fear? Finally, he spoke: “Evan….please stop this.” “Stop what?” “You need help, something is so wrong with you, please let me be and go see a doctor or…” “Corey, stop talking.” Suddenly, sound stopped coming out of Corey’s mouth and he grabbed at his throat like he was trying to figure out how to use his vocal chords. Evan was very displeased. After all the sex and worship Evan had provided for months, and growing Corey into a muscle god, Corey was so ungrateful. Evan had wanted Corey to be his partner, his Bonnie to Evan’s Clyde, but it looked like Evan would have to continue being the only brain for the both of them. “Corey, besides normal bodily functions such as breathing, eating, and sleeping, you will only do what I say and think of nothing else.” Corey was immediately still and his eyes returned to their vacant and blank state. Evan had a few other tests in mind. “Corey, punch the wall as hard as you can.” Corey punched the wall and flinched only slightly as Evan heard a boom and a crack. There was a dent in the wall but Evan also noticed Corey’s hand was mangled and broken. He quickly asked Corey to heal his hand. “Corey, don’t get any bigger but adjust the density in your muscle so that you weigh 2,000 pounds.” Corey blinked but nothing looked different to Evan. He asked Corey to take a few steps and sure enough, the floor was creaking and shaking with every step. He asked Corey to stand on the scale and watched as the needle spun around 3 times before hearing a sickening crunch and snap as the scale broke. He “reset” Corey again. “Corey, I want you to float in the air.” Evan wasn’t sure how that was going to work. He watched as powerful hairy wings suddenly ripped out of Corey’s back and started flapping until Corey was hovering about 3ft above the ground. Of course….Evan had asked Corey’s body to always compensate and adjust to his needs so it must have rewritten his DNA to include wings. Evan couldn’t believe it. He had more experiments. “Corey, you can teleport anywhere you wish, meaning – if I ask you to rematerialize 100 miles away, you can immediately be there.” Of course, nothing happened. Evan had simply given Corey the power. He had to try it out….but he wasn’t about to send Corey 100 miles and then drive for 2 hours to retrieve him. “Corey, rematerialize in the kitchen.” And all of a sudden, Corey was just gone. As if he had always been a hallucination and Evan had finally woken up. He frantically ran to the kitchen and there Corey was, standing facing the refrigerator. Evan was waiting for him to do something else, but he was just standing there, awaiting next orders. Evan realized he had to give Corey another power in case things got out of hand. “Corey, you can hear me and my commands from anywhere in the world.” Evan now started to think about what he should do next…he knew he could pretty much take over the world if he wanted to but he wanted to take his time. He realized he hadn’t even cum when he was jerking off watching Corey annihilate big Al. But he still felt a little guilty for killing someone….he wanted to try something else. “Corey, when you kiss me, you will make me 100 times hornier than I’ve ever been and you’ll multiply my cum production by 100.” He wasn’t sure it was going to work but he damn well was gonna try. He then added impulsively “And you’ll make me 100 times more turned on by your power and violence” “Corey, kiss me.” Corey leaned in and put his mouth on Evan’s. At first, it seemed like a normal passionate kiss, but then Corey’s tongue somehow latched onto Evan’s mouth and wouldn’t let go. Evan started pushing on Corey trying to get him off, but even at Corey’s “normal” state of 300+ pounds, Evan was no match for him. Evan felt Corey’s tongue lengthen and start traveling down Evan’s throat. Somehow, Evan didn’t choke as the tongue continued down, through his stomach and suddenly winding its way into Evan’s groin. Evan inhaled sharply as he felt Corey stimulating Evan’s balls from the inside. The sensation was unlike anything Evan had experienced before, as if someone was sounding his testicles, if that were possible. Then Evan felt it…a series of substances started expelling from Corey’s tongue, and he watched wide-eyed as his balls began to inflate. Then a mist started washing over his head and he realized…he was horny. He was REALLY horny. Even though Corey’s mouth was still latched, he was able to utter a guttural roar as his cock hardened and started leaking pre as if he was peeing. Corey’s tongue continued its work as Evan’s testicles grew to baseballs, then grapefruits, then small melons. Evan didn’t even notice as Corey’s tongue slowly curled back up through his body and Corey unlatched himself from Evan’s mouth. He stood there, drooling from his mouth and from his cock. He only cared about one thing. Getting release. And the only thing that would give him release would be watching Corey destroy someone again with his strength. He NEEDED Corey to destroy someone. He needed it so bad it was painful. “Corey,” Evan could barely talk without shaking as every breath he took turned him on and made him spew more from his cock “when you rematerialize, you can bring people with you wherever you’re going.” He knew who he needed to unleash Corey on next. His ex-boyfriend, Alan. Alan had dated Evan for a few months and Evan had gotten attached quick and hard. Alan was ripped with icy blue eyes and Evan couldn’t believe Alan was attracted to him. Turns out…he wasn’t. After a few months, Alan admitted to Evan that he really appreciated his admiration and devotion but realized the feelings were one-sided. He added that Evan was too small and scrawny to really arouse him. Evan had never really recovered from the breakup, even though it was now 2 years ago. He had given Alan everything…and Alan broke his heart mercilessly. Well, now it was time to get revenge. “Corey, rematerialize with me in the living room of 567 Border st, apartment #7.” Evan blinked and suddenly…they were there. Evan collapsed to the floor, dizzy and disoriented. He breathed heavily as his head spun and slowly he grew accustomed to his surroundings. This was the apartment…the last place he and Alan had spoken when Alan had dumped him. He looked over and jumped back in fright at seeing Corey standing right next to him, staring into space. Corey seemed so out of place here…not a part of this gay melodrama at all but now…he was going to be a tool of Evan’s revenge. Evan heard sounds coming from the bedroom. Moaning and groaning…clearly Alan was having some fun. Growing bold with Corey by his side, Evan threw the door open and stood in the doorway, looking at Alan’s naked form on top of a slightly bigger than Evan but still twunk-ish looking fuckboy. “WHAT THE FUCK? EVAN??” “Hello, Alan. I see you have company.” “How the fuck did you get into my apartment? And what are you doing here?” “My, my, that’s no way to treat a guest. If you’re not going to invite me to join your little sex-capade, the least you could do is offer me a drink.” “Get out, Evan. Get out or I’ll call the cops.” “I don’t think that’s wise. Besides, you haven’t even met my new boyfriend. Corey, come in here.” Corey lumbered through the doorway and stood awkwardly at the foot of the bed. Even at 300 pounds, he was still impressive and about the size of Alan and his boy-toy combined. Alan’s friend started gathering his things. “Uhh….maybe I’ll catch you later, man. Seems like you got some things to work out.” “No, Bradley, wait!” Alan cried desperately. “Yes, Bradley…why don’t you wait. We’re about to have some fun.” Evan spoke softly with a cruel smile. “Uh…no thanks, guys. This is a lot. I don’t want to be a part of this.” Bradley was growing more anxious by the minute; he was hastily trying to get his socks and underwear on. He threw on his shorts and tank and started making his way to the door. “Tsk, tsk. So rude to leave so early.” Evan quipped. “Corey, don’t let Bradley leave.” Bradley started for the door but Corey was all of a sudden right in his path. Bradley kept trying to move left and right but Corey would compensate. He then tried to make a run for it but Corey grabbed him and pushed him back. He even tried to punch Corey in the chest but upon he felt a massive pain in his fist and realized he hadn’t even made a dent in Corey. Corey stood emotionlessly looking at Bradley or more like through Bradley. “Guys….just let me go. This has nothing to do with me.” Bradley was ashy white and trembling. He had just met Alan on Grindr and this situation was way more than he bargained for. “Alan, I really leveled up after you. Do you want to see some cool stuff Corey can do?” “I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m calling 9-1-1” Alan started reaching for his phone. “Corey, take Alan’s phone.” Corey walked over and grabbed the phone out of Alan’s hand. He did it so quickly and forcefully that Alan was too stunned to react. “Corey, squeeze the phone and grow your muscles until you crush the phone.” Alan and Bradley stared dumbfounded as they watched what happened next. Corey started to grow. He became 350, 360, 370, and within a minute he was 400 pounds. All the while he was squeezing the phone hard in his right hand. His clothes started shredding from his body, veins and bulging muscle peaking out from all sides. At 450 pounds, the phone cracked in half. Evan thought that would be the end but Corey kept growing. He realized he had asked Corey to do more than snap the phone…he had asked Corey to crush it. At 500 pounds, the phone started to break into smaller pieces. Corey made sure he had a grip on all of them as he continued to squeeze. Alan started pissing himself. At 567 pounds (Evan found out the exact number), Corey opened his hand to reveal the phone was a mass of little pieces and powder. At this moment, Bradley made another run for it. Evan had never asked Corey to stop his command not to let Bradley leave, so Corey quickly stood in his path, now much wider and more imposing. “Bradley, I’m getting tired of your audacity. I don’t want you to leave but you’re right, this is between me and Alan. So I’m going to just shut you up. Corey, punch Bradley in the face with 40% power.” Corey wound his arm back and swung at Bradley. Bradley tried to duck but Corey compensated, fulfilling Evan’s commands at any cost. When he made impact with his face, Evan heard a sickening crunch, Corey had broken his nose. When he pulled his fist back, Bradley also had a black eye and it looked like he was missing a tooth. He started letting out a high pitched wail Evan didn’t want to alert the neighbors. He remembered his horniness and his thirst for violence. “Corey, rip out Bradley’s vocal chords” Even though Bradley was still moaning and clutching at his face trying to figure out what was happening, he registered enough to start really screaming and running around. Corey easily pinned him against the wall. Bradley flailed at Corey, trying to hit him or scratch him or do anything to end the abuse. Corey simply grabbed Bradley’s arm and twisted it back til it started crackling. He had dislocated his shoulder and separated the muscle. Now Bradley’s arm was hanging limply at a weird angle. Just as Bradley opened his mouth to scream louder, Corey grabbed his gaping mouth and stretched it open, wider and wider until he had broken his jaw and torn his mouth from ear to ear. He then thrust his fist hard and deep inside Bradley’s mouth going deeper and deeper into his throat until Bradley was coughing and sputtering, unable to breathe. Evan could see Corey’s fist bulging in Bradley’s throat. Corey then found what he was looking for. He grabbed onto Bradley’s vocal chords and pulled, retracting his arm and fist out of the gaping hole that was Bradley’s mouth. Bradley started bleeding profusely and fell to the floor, grabbing at his throat with his one good arm and coughing trying to get his airways clear. But he wasn’t screaming. His face was just contorted in pain. He curled up in a ball and lay in the corner heaving, bleeding, and clutching at his arm and his throat. Alan leaned over the bed and puked while Evan simply took out his cock and monster balls and started stroking. Corey stood there with pieces of Bradley’s chords in his hand. “Wow, a real life Ursula/Ariel situation” Evan quipped, maniacally. Alan finally spoke up. “What are you going to do to me? Why are you doing this?” “Why? WHY?” Evan grew simultaneously hornier and angrier, his cock now gushing pre. “Because I gave you everything. I gave you gifts, and love, and attention, and you gave me nothing in return. You have a part of me that I will never get back. And I can’t let you break any more hearts.” “Evan, this is insane. You can’t be mad at me for not being in love with you.” “I’m not. I’m mad at you for making me fall in love with you.” Alan didn’t respond but Evan didn’t wait too long before turning his attention back to Corey. “Corey, drop whatever’s in your hands.” The bloody pieces of flesh fell to the floor. “Corey, get on top of Alan. Pin him down so he can’t move.” Alan was so stunned, he didn’t even bother moving. He watched, frozen in fear, as Corey quickly got on the bed and pinned down his arms and legs. “What, are you going to make your drone rape me?” Alan shrieked. “No, you’ve had more than enough random sex, Alan. None of this should be fun for you.” Evan continued, “Corey, lay down on Alan and put all of your weight on him.” Corey lay down obediently and Alan felt his body uncomfortably mushed into the mattress. It didn’t feel great but it was more annoying than anything else. Evan smirked and stroked his leaking cock harder. “Corey, gain 5 pounds every second.” Within 10 seconds, Corey was over 600 pounds. His muscle definition was slowly fading and he was getting a bigger roid gut. Evan hadn’t specified what kind of weight to gain so Corey was basically just getting fatter with every second. Alan was starting to feel really crushed by Corey’s ballooning weight. Evan watched as Corey got bigger and bigger, arms turning into giant sausages and belly beginning to spill over the bed. At 750 pounds, Alan began to moan through Corey’s blubber. He was actually trying to punch it but he was so feeble in comparison that it felt like nothing more than light vibrations to Corey. The mattress was soft so Alan wasn’t being physically injured apart from now feeling more and more suffocated. That all changed when Corey hit 900 pounds. At 900 pounds, the metal bedframe began to creak. The sounds became more and more ominous and the mattress was being forced deeper and deeper into a v-shape. At 1050 pounds, the bedframe collapsed and Alan dropped 2 feet to the wooden floor with Corey and his humongous amount of flab dropping right on top of him. The impact was enough to crush his nose, break a few ribs, and splinter his sternum. He was now breathing erratically and sputtering but still alive. Evan was getting close to orgasm and growing impatient. “Corey, stand up.” Corey slowly rolled over and helped himself to his feet. It was a miracle he could stand at now being over 1100 pounds, but his base of almost 600 pounds of muscle was enough to support him. Evan looked over at Alan and he almost looked two dimensional. Still in one piece but kinda….flattened. “Corey, jump and land as hard as you can on your feet.” Corey jumped up and landed so hard, it sounded like a nuclear bomb. The wood splintered under him and he sank a few inches into the concrete that was the foundation of the building. Evan’s dick gushed pre faster. He was getting close. “Corey, stop growing when you reach 2,000 pounds.” Corey did as he asked and now stood almost like a whale with two feet. Evan had never fetishized intense fat gain but seeing Corey at 2,000 pounds made him rethink his turn-ons. Corey looked almost more intimidating, his stomach was like an angry cascading wave that would drown many a sailor in its wake. His chest was so big, Evan was pretty sure he could shove Alan into his pecs and complete envelop his body. But Evan had different plans. “Corey, jump up and land as hard as you can on top of Alan.” Alan’s eyes grew wide. He made one last feeble attempt to crawl away. But Corey didn’t hesitate or give him any time. He immediately jumped up and belly flopped on top of Alan. He fell right through the floorboards and hit the concrete below. If Evan hadn’t made him basically immortal he’d be worried Corey might be hurt from that impact belly-first. Whatever was left of Alan was underneath Corey. Evan had to see. “Corey, stand up.” And Corey stood. To say that Alan was a puddle would be an understatement. Half of whatever could be called “Alan” was glued to Corey’s torso and the other half was a smear on the concrete. There were no bones or limbs or features to be discerned. Corey had obliterated every bit of him. Evan suddenly felt himself stiffen as his cock shot out the most massive load yet, shooting into the ceiling and covering the entire apartment in cum. He stood there for a minute in satisfaction. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He screamed and fell to the floor. He turned around and saw that Bradley had crawled over to his bag and taken out a swiss army knife. He had stabbed Evan right in ankle and was now crawling with one arm trying to get to Evan’s neck. The pain was excruciating be Evan knew he had to act. “Corey, get Bradley’s knife.” Corey moved surprisingly quickly for someone so obese. He ripped the knife right out of Bradley’s hands. He didn’t need superhuman strength for that, Bradley was badly injured and he didn’t have the strongest grip on the blade. He lay there with his arm outstretched dejectedly, still unable to utter a single word. Evan looked down at his ankle, it was gushing blood. He hobbled over to the couch and put his foot on a chair. “Corey, grab me some paper towels, please.” For a second, he forgot Corey wasn’t exactly sentient and didn’t care whether you said “please” or not but Evan was in too much pain to think clearly. Corey handed him paper towels and Evan applied pressure to the wound. He had never been knifed before and it seemed pretty deep but he was sure he could figure out a way to get Corey to help heal him. But first he had to take care of Bradley. “You know Bradley, I was going to possibly spare your life. But you’ve become pretty nasty without your voice, I can’t have you going around stabbing people just because you aren’t getting enough attention.” Bradley lay motionlessly on the floor. He knew it was futile to fight this. Evan’s mind was racing. Even though his ankle hurt like hell, he was still in his demonically elated state, having just cum to the sight of someone being obliterated. With every murder, he was growing more and more twisted in his fantasies and desires. He finally settled on what he wanted to see Corey do next. “Corey, transform your body to be 1000 pounds of shredded muscle.” Slowly, Corey’s flab melted off as his muscle simultaneously inflated and grew. His sausage arms turned into freakish biceps, with each sinew monstrously defined and veins 5 inches thick. His pecs became like hammers and Evan imagined Corey could probably crush steel between his pecs. His quads became 80 inches around, each an unbreakable pillar of titanium. It was fun to see Corey enormously fat, but this was Evan’s true fetish. His cock immediately hardened again. “We’re going to play a game Bradley. It’s called stay alive! Here are the rules:” He turned to face Corey. “Corey, when I say “go”, for the next hour, unless I stop you sooner, you will have free will with the exception of these conditions: One, you cannot leave this room. Two, you cannot let Bradley leave this room. And three, you aren’t aware of my presence. Do you understand?” “Yes, Evan.” “And Corey…on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been, you will get one point hungrier every 5 minutes.” “Yes, Evan.” Then Evan whispered something in Corey’s ear that Bradley couldn’t hear. “Yes, Evan.” “Ok Corey….GO” Corey turned to Bradley, his face pale and frightened. “Fuck, I’m so sorry I did this to you, dude. It’s like I had no control over myself. We need to get you to a hospital. We gotta figure out a way to get out of here…I just wish we weren’t surrounded by flames on all sides.” Bradley tried to drag himself out of the doorway but Corey rushed in and grabbed him, throwing him back. “Dude! I know its dire but don’t kill yourself!” Corey panted. “We’ll figure out what to do, we just gotta think.” Bradley wanted to scream. He wanted to tell Corey that there were no flames. But he had no voice. He saw a pen and piece of paper in the corner. He slowly started to drag his way over to the counter. Evan stood outside the doorway, smirking and stroking again. Corey looked over at Bradley. “What are you writing man? There……are…..no……flames. Dude, what are you talking about? Your vision must have gone too. Its ok, I’m here to protect you.” Bradley shook his head in despair. He tried to write again but he was in so much pain he couldn’t get too many words down. “You…..are….being….tricked….no….flames. Dude, I don’t understand. All I know is, we gotta get out of here soon because there’s no food and I’m starting to get hungry.” Bradley looked at the clock – 14 minutes had passed. He knew Corey was about to hit 3 on the hunger scale. And he didn’t know what Evan had whispered in his ear. He needed a plan, quick. He wrote a little note on another piece of paper, ripped it up, crumpled it in a fist and threw it over to Corey. Corey was confused, he started trying to put the pieces back together. “Oh, you’re worried we’re being watched? Yeah, good idea, I’ll put this back together,” Corey reasoned. Bradley resumed his slow drag to the doorway. He had almost got his fingers through the threshold when he felt Corey grab his legs and pull. “DUDE! Stop. I can’t try to reconstruct this note while you’re trying to jump into flames.” Then Bradley heard a terrifying noise. It was Corey’s stomach growling. He looked at the clock…23 minutes. Corey was about to hit a 5/10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been. “Man, I’m getting so fucking hungry. I can’t believe they left us here with no food.” Corey’s stomach kept rumbling, getting louder and louder. He started clawing at his hair and rocking back and forth. “So…fucking….hungry…” Bradley gathered up all his energy and made one final attempt to leap through the threshold. Maybe if he made it through the doorway, Corey wouldn’t be able to follow him. He got on his legs and just as he was about to jump, Corey grabbed him and pulled him close. Bradley looked up at the clock: 32 minutes…Corey was now at 6/10 in hunger. He looked over at Corey, his eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was watering. His stomach was now a perpetual growl that grew louder with every second. Corey spoke softly and waveringly. “They left us…with no food….and I’m so….fucking….hungry….” He pulled Bradley in closer and started smelling his neck. Bradley felt saliva drip from Corey’s mouth. Bradley tried to scream again but no sound came out. Evan was close to cumming again. He decided to give Bradley the extra tidbit he had whispered into Corey’s ear. “I’m so sorry Bradley, but the hungrier Corey gets, the more he has a desire for human flesh. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.” Bradley started writhing frantically in Corey’s grasp….it was now 41 minutes. Corey was at an 8/10 in hunger. He started licking Bradley’s neck, tasting his sweat. “Fuck…so hungry…and you taste so delicious….fuck” He then let go of Bradley and stood over him. “I don’t want to hurt you but….I just need something to carry me over...just let me have a taste.” Corey put his hands on Bradley’s shoulder. With a rapid movement, he pulled with his left hand, ripping Bradley’s arm right out of its socket. Blood spurted everywhere and Bradley’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Corey stared at the ripped out arm and took a huge bite as if it were a drumstick. It tasted AMAZING to Corey. His cock started waking up as he took another big bite. Evan has strengthened his teeth so he was biting through bone like it was a graham cracker. Bones tasted even better to Corey, the marrow was sweet and the more Corey ate, the hungrier he became. He devoured the arm in a few minutes and then he looked back at Bradley, longingly. Despite consuming Bradley’s arm, his hunger had finally reached 10/10. Corey knew what he wanted. He punched Bradley hard in the sternum, his arm bursting through his skin and grabbing Bradley’s weakly pounding heart. He then tore the organ out of his body and stuffed it in his mouth, taking massive bites and spewing blood everywhere. Bradley was dead now so Corey felt no inhibitions ripping through his carcass piece by piece, consuming every bit of flesh he could find. He kept eating ravenously, tearing through muscle and bone, until nothing was left of Bradley but specs of blood that had spurted out of Corey’s mouth due to his messy eating. At the end of one hour, Corey stood up emotionlessly and stared at Evan. Evan walked back into the room. “Good job, my pet. Let’s go. Rematerialize both of us back in my bedroom in my house” Evan and Corey disappeared from the apartment – a very confusing crime scene with lots of blood but almost nothing to identify either victim. As Evan went to bed that night, he thought about the full day he had planned for tomorrow.
  5. Chapter 1 Cal was searching frantically in the supply room. “Let’s go, boys! On the field in five!” Shit shit shit.” His first practice and he didn’t have a uniform. He counted himself lucky to be on the football team as a freshman, but being late to his first practice wouldn’t bode well for his future. His parents had helped him buy his own set of pads, pants, and cleats, but he was supposed to get a jersey from the school. If it wasn’t for his ass of a math teacher he would’ve been early to get a jersey, but now he was shit out of luck. Pushing aside old bags of deflated balls and pads that still reeked of B.O., his hopes dashed by a jersey only to find a huge tear in it. He could feel his heartbeat faster as he counted down the seconds. “Fuckin finally!” Pulling a jersey out of the corner, he inspected it quickly. Still sporting the school colors but in an almost retro design. No holes, rips, and it didn’t smell that bad, it was, however, nearly 4 sizes too large. Standing at a proud 6’0 and 183 lbs, Cal was a size large, an xl accounting for his pads. Checking the tag, it was a size 5xl. Putting it on, cursing his luck. Checking in the mirror, the collar and sleeves were disproportionately huge, the waist billowing halfway down his thighs. Still, it was manageable and would probably last until he could get a fresh jersey. Running out to the field, his oversized jersey billowing around him. The other players were already on the field doing warmups, Coach Stevens off to the side talking to the quarterback and a couple of other seniors. Joining everyone else for what seemed like a couple of laps around the field, Cal took the opportunity to check out his fellow teammates. It was hard to tell under everyone’s gear, but it looked like Cal was the biggest freshman there. He was still clearly outmatched by some of the more seasoned athletes. Still, he was proud of how far he’d come. He spent his junior high years playing soccer and only recently started lifting weights in his free time. By the time Summer started, the repeated soccer practices and games started to lose their excitement. It had started out fun, the competition, the training, the wins. But after a few weeks, it didn’t seem as exhilarating. Soon lured by the intensity of football, Cal found himself admiring the lifestyle. The games, the intensive training, the social life. Starting in June, he began working out, increasing his calorie intake, and even started taking supplements. He remembered fondly the thrill of first seeing the fruits of his labor. After two weeks of his regiment, he felt his shirtsleeves starting to bunch up over his biceps. Soon he could feel his pecs start to press out against the fabric. He practiced flexing in the mirror, seeing his muscle tone increase week by week. By the time Fall came around, he proudly marked his progress over the summer in his head: 1 inch taller and 23 lbs of bulk added to his powerful frame. Cal could feel his pulse beginning to rise as he quickened his pace. The excitement of actually being on the field, Cal tried to take it all in. The smell of sweat and fresh grass filling his lungs, his cleats digging into the field as he jogged ahead. Completing their laps, the players gathered round for a quick introduction and an overview of their games for the season. Remorsefully, Cal accepted that he wouldn’t be able to play most of the season’s games. Going out on the field in groups, Cal paired himself up with two other freshman newbies for some beginner tackles. Trusting his size and abilities, Cal prepped himself to rush the faux quarterback and the poor guy protecting him. The ball was thrown and Cal launched himself at the receiver, taking him down in a tumble. Cal could feel his muscles vibrating with energy as he jumped back up, ready to go again. That whole afternoon, it seemed like nothing could tire him. They kept going until sunset. By then everyone was ready to collapse, but Cal felt like he could keep going for hours. Getting home and tossing off his sweaty clothes, he got into the shower. Feeling the heat from his pumped muscles escape into the frigid water, Cal relaxed his energized body. As the water crept up in temperature, he paid close attention to his groin. Proud of what he had for his age, Cal soaped up his schlong and balls. Swinging to its full 6.5 inches, he gently stroked it. Getting out of the shower, his hard on bouncing up and down, Cal started to towel off his muscular torso. Looking down, he could feel something off about his point of view. His normally small but hard pecs looked bigger, protruding further out. Checking himself in the mirror, he could tell his frame was much thicker than it was that morning. Jumping on the scale, it read 195. “195? What the fuck?!” Out of nowhere, a deep voice behind him chuckled, “Awesome right?”
  6. londonboy

    Becoming My Alpha

    “I don’t remember what I had for lunch,” the big man said to me, with a confused look on his face. “You had a salad and some chicken. What was I wearing?” I asked, looking down at the weights between sets. “You looked hot in a green polo and jeans,” he answered, but didn’t notice my grin. “Did I just say you looked hot? Sorry about that, man. I just meant to say you were wearing a green polo and jeans. I don’t know what made me say that.” “No sweat, dude. It’s okay for you to tell me I looked hot. As a matter of fact, I kind of like it,” I replied, not wanting to seem too excited. “Yeah? You don’t find that weird? Okay, good to know. Fuck, I’m feeling swole today, hon,” he said, without even realizing it – then it hit him. “What the hell. I’m sorry, man. I have no idea why I called you hon. It’s like I can’t control my thoughts or something.” “No worries, big guy. You are looking super huge today,” I replied, still not looking him in the face and then I quietly added, “You can call me hon anytime.” “Okay . . . sure. It just sort of feels good to think of you that way. Shit, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I can’t recall anything about yesterday except meeting you for a couple of beers. What day is it?” he asked, puzzled. “Saturday, dude. You sure you’re okay,” I said, returning to the curls of my next set – desperately needing everything to seem natural. “I feel fucking fantastic, man. Super pumped and powerful – even more alpha than usual,” he replied . . . “It’s just that I’m also feeling this strong need to be with you . . . to be there for you. It’s wild. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. For anyone. Even Gina, and I was with her for a few years. Man, I hope I’m not freaking you out or anything . . . hell, it’s freaking me out – but it feels so natural, so good – like it’s almost turning me on, or something. I’m really kind of just wanting to focus on you and only you.” “So, you still think about Gina?” I asked, trying hard to hide the pleasure his other words had given me. “Who?” he asked. “No one,” I replied, finally looking into his eyes and smiling. “I’m glad you took off your shirt.” “I knew it would please you,” he said. “Hell, it pleases me that it pleases you. I’m fucking huge, today.” “It does please me, man,” I answered. “So, you want to grab a few beers after we’re done here?” “Whatever you want, babe. I’m just here to make you happy,” the big guy said and then shook his head hard. “Jesus, what the hell was that? I . . . I . . . don’t know what I’m saying. It just kind of comes out. I’ve never called you ‘babe’ before . . . but it seems right and natural . . . I think.” “What? You saying you don’t mean it?” I asked. “No . . . it’s not that,” he started and then stopped – his face with an expression of total revelation. “I do mean it. I can’t believe I’m saying that . . . but it’s true. I do mean it. I just want to make you happy, man. I want to get big for you. I want to be strong for you. I want to be everything you want or need. Does that sound crazy or offend you in some way?” “Not in the least,” I answered. “It makes me very happy. I like the idea of you getting bigger for me.” “It’s funny . . . that’s all I want . . . you to be happy,” he said, smiling at me. “I can’t remember my name. What’s my name?” “You’re just called Alpha. You’re one of those single-name big fellas. You’re my Alpha,” I replied, looking at him, intently. “Yeah . . . yeah, that’s right. I’m your Alpha. I fucking love being your Alpha. Nobody better mess with you, babe, or they’re going to have to answer to these,” he said, flexing his arms into a double biceps pose. “Come over here and feel your Alpha’s arms, hon. I’ve got them huge today, just for you.” “Here? In the middle of the gym?” I said, coyly. “What will people think?” “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks,” he said, looking around. “Anyone says anything I’ll twist them into a human knot. I just need you touching me, man – right now. I need everyone to know that you’re my Boo and no one should come near you. Alpha needs to claim his man. Give us a kiss, babe. A kiss from you will empower me to knock out about twenty more sets without any problem. Yeah, that’s it – get up close to me, sexy. God, that ass of yours feels so good.” “Calm down, Alpha,” I said as I stood between his legs and let him wrap his arms around me and grope my ass. “You remember anything before today?” “Yeah . . . I remember you,” he replied, pulling up the front of my shirt and kissing my stomach. “I remember wanting you and only you. You make the fucking son rise, dude.” “That’s a good, Alpha. My Alpha,” I answered, fully aware that he truly was becoming mine. “Not so hard on the ass, man. You’ll leave bruises.” “How about we do it right here on this bench, babe. I could care less what people think. Hell, I think everyone in here would probably like to watch. I’ve never done it with a guy before, but I damn sure know what I’m doing when it comes to sex, dude. I’ve never had complaints before. Shit, why have I never grabbed your fucking hot ass before?” the big man said – totally lost in his appreciation of my body. “You were just waiting for the right time to shower me with all your alpha-ness, man,” I replied, softly – enjoying the kisses on my abs and the hard groping on my ass. “I’m yours now, babe. All yours. You want me to flex my alpha body for you?” he asked, staring into my eyes – no longer looking confused, having totally surrendered to his new role. “Alpha wants to show off.” “Yeah, I do,” I answered. “Show me what you’ve got.” He inhaled deeply, causing his chest to inflate and rise dramatically. I placed my hands against the hard, fur-covered pecs and he tensed them even harder. I teased his nips by pinching them with my fingers, loving how it caused him to suck in air in a loud gasp. I reached up and grabbed hold of his stone-like traps, amazed that a man could develop this part of his body to such an incredible size and hardness. His arms bulged to watermelon size while he was just sitting there, but when he flexed his right gun it shot so thick that my own hand couldn’t come close to covering the peak. I looked down and saw that his journey to being my devoted Alpha was complete – his shorts tented majestically at the crotch and I saw immediately that his tool was definitely the main source of his alpha-ness. The thing was obviously huge – just like the rest of him. “Looks like there’s a present in your shorts just for me, Alpha,” I said, teasing him a little. “I’ve never been this hard, hon. I can’t remember anyone ever making me this hard. I can’t believe I’ve never been hard because of you before, but this desire must have been buried deep within me for a long time. You want to see your Alpha’s cock?” he asked, reaching for the waistband of his shorts. “Not here, big guy. Let’s not get banned from the gym. We’re already pushing the boundaries of decency, as it is,” I replied, laughing a little at how far he was now willing to go. “So, what’s on your agenda, tomorrow, Alpha?” “Taking care of you,” he shot back without any hesitation. “Smothering you in big muscles.” “What? Nowhere else you have to be?” I asked, marveling at how he had forgotten everything about his life of thirty minutes ago. “I have to lift to get bigger and I have to make you happy. What else could there possibly be that I have to do?” he replied. “Not a thing, big guy, not a thing. Ready for those beers,” I said, moving away and placing my dumbbells back on the rack. “Can you think of a place where I can go like this . . . you know, shirtless? Your Alpha wants to continue to show off his body for you. I’m not ready to cover all this hugeness up,” my big man asked. “Oh hell yeah, Alpha, there’s a neighborhood gay bar just around the corner. The clientele will love having big shirtless you walking in,” I replied, gathering my stuff. “I’ve never been to a gay bar, but that sounds perfect. I get to keep my shirt off and I can hold you as close as I want to. I’m already dreaming about what it’s going to be like to kiss those hot lips of yours, babe,” he said, grabbing his own bag and standing up – a muscled mountain beside me. “Fucking hell, why haven’t I ever kissed you before? It feels like I’ve been missing out on life?” “Well, we can certainly make up for lost time, right?” I asked, smiling at him. “Hell fucking yeah! Starting right now,” he replied. I really never truly knew if the pills would work. I had known Alpha for a long time – well, the guy who became Alpha. I had lusted after him since day one. He was this hugely built co-worker who took me under his wing on my first day on the job – acting like an older brother or protective cousin as he introduced me to people and explained procedures in the office. Even in his expensive suit, I could tell he was built like a brick shit-house. The seams of his jacket were stretched to the bursting point and through his white dress shirt I could see the dark fur covering his huge manly chest. He had perpetual five o’clock shadow and radiated the kind of confidence that was cocky to some, but to me it was just pure masculinity. The man oozed testosterone the way burning incense could immediately fill a small room. I was instantly overcome by his aura and wanted him more than anything in the world. Images of the guy became fodder for my multiple daily masturbatory sessions. A quick thought about his arms or his chest could make me shoot hard quicker than anything. I dreamed of lying in bed with him, my hand rubbing his furry chest as he teasingly squeezed my head resting on his massive biceps. I lost a lot of my seed in the corner stall of the bathroom at our office – having to often pause, mid-yank, while someone came in to do their business. I had waited for a kiss from him for a very, very long time. He grabbed the front of my t-shirt with one hand, twisted slightly, and then pulled me roughly up on my toes so my face could be even with his. He was a man claiming his mate. His lips pressed strongly into mine and the entire room started to spin. The pressure was assured and pure alpha. It was over quickly, the big man simply temporarily filling an intense need in both of us. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about, babe. Those soft lips taste like honey. I’m going to be begging for about a million of those each day and taking them whether you want me to or not,” the big man said, opening the door to the gym for me to exit first – my gentleman Alpha. “Hey, I don’t remember where I live.” “You live with me,” I quickly replied. “Of course. How could I have forgotten that. Spooning your little body into my giant one every night to keep you warm and safe. Just like a big man should. I never wear a shirt, do I?” he answered, accepting it as fact. “Never, my Alpha,” I laughed. “I like it when you call me that,” he said. “I get fucking horny. It makes me feel big and strong.” “You are big and strong,” I said – laughing even more. “Hell fucking yeah,” he agreed – laughing, as well, and then suddenly adding, “Why can’t I remember us having sex?” “We haven’t done it, yet,” I quickly responded, looking at the ground. “Shut the fuck up! Why not? I love sex. At least, I think I do. No, I definitely love sex. I remember plowing people like a machine. I remember all these muscles glistening with heavy sweat as I pounded away. Why haven’t we done the nasty? I’m pretty sure I need it multiple times a day. I mean, look at me!” he said, stopping on the sidewalk to turn at me. “I’m a fucking muscle monster.” His body actually radiated sex. His bulging arms had veins snaking across them in that ‘I lift really heavy things’ way of strongmen and bodybuilders. His abs were tight as hell and defined like a perfect brick wall. They looked ripe for punching. He had lats that stuck out like wings of an angel. And his meaty pecs hung hard and wide, the evening breeze making his nipples stand at attention. His nubs were begging to be sucked. He had a big honking foreign looking nose, which, alone, could turn me on, so broad and strong. It was the nose of a powerful man. His eyes were brooding and dark, like some kind of mafia henchman you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. And those traps that reached towards the sky on top of solid building-like shoulders – they made me weak in the knees. He exuded the kind of manly cockiness that made other men use the word ‘sir’ or move out of the way, quickly. Sexiness was deeply embedded in every crevice and on every bulge of his humongous body. “We wanted to wait until we were married,” I replied – saying the first thing that popped into my mind and worrying he wouldn’t buy it. “We’re not married!” he shouted. “Why the hell not? I must be yanking big loads out of my giant sausage four or five times a day to prevent me from jumping that hot body of yours. How in the hell do I sleep with you without pounding you silly? I must be a fucking superman.” “Well, you haven’t proposed, yet,” I said – taking this much further than I ever thought I would. Suddenly, I was whisked off my feet as strong arms grabbed my shoulders and lifted me – easily carrying me into the shielded doorway of a closed building. It was already starting to get dark, so we were kind of hidden from people passing by. Before I could respond to my sudden displacement, the big guy was down on one knee and had his face pressed up against my crotch – his big, strong nose nudging my raging hard-on, teasingly. I grabbed his traps, again gasping at how thick and hard they were. His hands held on to my hips as he pulled me into his face – the warmth of his open mouth on my cock being felt even through the fabric of my shorts. He finally pulled his head away and looked up at me, eyes full of devotion. “Marry me, babe. Make an honest muscle man of me. I want to wake up every day for the rest of my life and only use this big body of mine to please you. I want to grow massive for you. I want to come home every night and have you feel my growth with your hands . . . your lips . . . your tongue. I want to be your Alpha forever,” he said – with the kind of puppy-dog look that could melt any heart, instantly. “And I also want to say we can have sex as soon as we’re engaged . . . that is, as soon as you say yes. I want to spend more hours of the day inside of you than out. What do you say to that, too?’ “I say yes to both,” I responded and bent down to kiss him – now completely lost in the new reality I had created for both of us. Alpha’s real name was Seth Davis and we were both junior partners in a pretty well-known law firm in town. Seth was also an amateur bodybuilder – a guy that was so comfortable with his huge body that he showed it off any chance he go. Puffing out his chest through his open suit coat, flexing his guns in tight dress shirts, pulling up the legs of his gym shorts to tense his huge thighs, and other forms of muscle exhibition were daily occurrences. It was like he knew he turned everyone on that was within a twenty-foot radius. I had been Seth’s wing man on so many double dates that I had learned enough about him to easily pass as his lover – if ever that opportunity would present itself. I knew what he liked and what he didn’t like, since he shared so much with our little group each time we went out. I knew he liked his sex rough and sweaty. I knew he liked to be surprised in the morning with a cup of coffee brought to him in bed. I knew he liked to flex his big upper body as he pounded his dates hard. It was amazing what he and his conquests would openly talk about when we were on our double dates. I memorized everything he said or everything some girl mentioned that he liked or that he had done. Usually the tidbits I gathered were fuel for jerking off for months – like the time I learned that Seth got off more from fucking someone while he held them in the air, bouncing them up and down on his long hard log as he stood or walked around the room. Or the time he said a specific date had been a particular favorite because she could ‘suck like a Hoover.’ I knew his nipples were especially sensitive, that he liked long deep-throated kisses, and that kisses to his inner thighs could send him out of control. All of this information came in very handy, when Hannah McIntire came into my life about a month ago. She was a temp hired to replace someone on maternity leave. This new paralegal quickly and intuitively recognized how head-over-heels in love I was with my muscled co-worker. She actually got me to spill the beans last night when we ended up being the last two at a bar during the weekly Friday happy hour after work. I was a pathetic love-sick puppy spilling my guts dramatically into my beer. Hannah quickly told me she could help. It turns out she was a witch, sorceress, wiccan follower – take your pick. The bottom line was she had a pill that could make Seth turn into whatever it was I desired mostly. Before I knew what was happening she had slid a finger across one of my cheeks, snatching up a falling tear, and letting it soak into this vitamin-looking capsule she had quickly produced from her purse. She put it into a plastic container and told me to put this in Seth’s water or coffee one day – warning me that it’s effects would be almost immediate and could last forever, temporarily, or whatever. It was all dependent on how strong my desire was and how much of that need had been in the teardrop. I laughed it all off, until I saw that Hannah’s face was serious – unmoved by my doubt. She told me to trust her and I should try to use it soon so its power wouldn’t diminish. Something in the way she spoke told me this was the opportunity of a lifetime. She also said Seth’s immense size could make the power of the pill even stronger, too. I decided, right then and there, that I would put it in his water when we were working out the next morning. That had been about two hours ago. The opportunity of my plan had presented itself when Seth had to interrupt our workout to go back and get his forgotten towel. I had quickly dropped the capsule in his water bottle and watched him with uncontainable anticipation when he downed his water mid-workout. The rest, as they say, was now history. “Fuck yeah,” Alpha said as strong arms wrapped around my thighs and lifted me in the air – and I kept my body bent over so I could continue kissing him while he looked up. “How about you let me plow you right here – right now. I bet people would stop and pay money to watch. I know seeing my muscled ass, alone, would easily get us about a grand or more. God, I need you so badly, babe. Let’s consummate our engagement in a public place.” “Down there, you big muscled alpha ape. We’ve got a lifetime of you shoving your huge sausage inside of me. Right now, I want to go show my fiancé off in the bar. You’re going to make every man in the joint sticky in the crotch . . . I guarantee it,” I said. “I only care about making one man sticky in the crotch and he’s wrapped up in my arms, right now,” the big man replied. “It’s funny, I have no memory of other men – just you.” “That’s what true love can do,” I said, quickly. “That’s for sure. Come on, babe. Let’s do some quick air fucking, just to celebrate our engagement. We can watch ourselves in the reflection from the windows around us,” he said, tempting me. “As wonderful as that sounds, Alpha, right now, we have to meet some friends at a bar. It’s your duty as a gorgeous muscleman,” I replied – definitely playing on his vanity. “At least let me flip you upside down and let’s suck each other off. Funny, it sounds so strange for me to offer to suck a guy off, but it feels so natural, too. It’s like it’s a totally new sensation. Why do I get the feeling that I’m a virgin in many ways, babe? It must be the way you make me feel,” Alpha said, confused – but very happy with what was to come. “Big guy, put me down and let’s go to the bar before you get us arrested for indecent behavior in public. You’re so horny you’re thinking crazy thoughts. Let’s go have a few beers and then we’ll head home for some fun . . . I promise,” I replied, marveling at how he was quickly forgetting everything about his past and becoming my true one-and-only Alpha. As the pressure on my legs was released and I was allowed to slide down the bulging hard body of Alpha, I noticed the big, thick, stone-like log erect in his shorts. The enormous man was truly infatuated with me. I could tell he desperately didn’t want my body to move more than touching distance from him. His big strong calloused hands stayed connected to me – as if I were a small child that might get lost in the crowd. He reached down and adjusted what I guessed were huge hairy balls within his jock, easing some of the tension I clearly caused for him down south. He bent down to kiss me, again – a sign that he approved of my plan, even though he’d rather have plowed me right then and there. “How alpha can I be at the bar, babe?” he asked as we started to walk. “Well, you can’t hurt anyone . . . if that’s what you mean,” I answered and I detected some slight disappointment in his face – so I quickly added, “But you can certainly show off for me.” “I think I get it . . . no pain, but intimidation is fine,” Alpha said, smiling again. “Exactly,” I shot back. “Intimidation would be great.”
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    Hi all Long time lurker. I thought I'd start a story that's been mulling around in my head for a while now. I'm still not sure where it's ultimately headed - though I'm hoping it won't go where you think it might. I have some ideas for the direction - but nothing concrete. There could be anything - so fair warning - if you're easily offended, or grossed out, or whatever, this may not be the thread for you. I'm planning on keeping each chapter fairly short, but hoping to post updates more often. It's my first ever story - so be kind, or not ... EDIT: I've purposefully not given our main protagonist a name, but will use uppercase HE/HIM/HIS to refer to HIM. I'm gradually editing each entry to fix this after the fact. Apologies if it's hard to follow. ******* CHAPTER ONE It was over. Well, IT wasn’t over, but the race to find a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that caused COVID-19, was done. The company where HE worked had lost the race. There were five or six vaccine candidates approved worldwide, some mRNA based, some more traditional. HIS company had spent billions of dollars, and would never recoup those R&D losses releasing vaccine number six or seven, even if it was more effective. If only it was even slightly effective. The project was shelved and, indeed, the existence of the company itself was now under threat. Word had come down from on high that afternoon; a Thursday. The staff were shocked, but not particularly surprised. Everyone expected the axe to fall at some point — many surprised it took as long as it did. It was always a radical and ambitious plan. A plan that would pay massive dividends if it paid off - not only in immediate sales of vaccine, but in lucrative patents that would forever change vaccine development and progress medical science as we’d known it. As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true… A vaccine that reprogrammed the patient’s DNA so that the patient’s own immune system would produce the cells and antibodies necessary to fight the virus would not only prevent COVID-19 disease, it would also prevent transmission of the virus causing the disease, ending the pandemic once and for all. But that was small fry compared to future developments. No more influenza, common cold, herpes, HIV, Hepatitis… any infection known to man — virus, bacteria, fungi — would be cured. And even the big C, cancer. Well, it WAS ambitious. But it was not to be. Though the theory seemed sound, putting the theory into practice proved… challenging. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent trying to make it work and, though there was some promising early results in vitro, every single tested animal had resulted in horribly disfigured or dead animals. Not exactly ready for initial human trials, let alone approval for final manufacture and sale. The bean counters and lawyers were still crunching the numbers and considering the options, but it seemed that so little progress had been made converting theory into practice that everything relating to the project, from samples to formulas, from notes to equipment, from methods to specialised equipment — everything — was effectively worthless.
  8. ****WARNING!! VERY VIOLENT AND DESCRIPTIVE CHAPTER**** Hey guys! Thanks for your support so far with the story. This chapter definitely takes a deep turn into all of the tags above. I hope it doesn't offend anyone! I'm planning to make a few more chapters and there is definitely an *end* to the story I have in mind but I don't think I'll post here anymore unless enough of you actually want more of this kind of material. Thanks again for reading! CHAPTER 5 At first, there was nothing. Then Corey started to shake a bit. He opened his eyes and suddenly began to scream again. Evan was elated until he saw the muscles in (on) Corey’s arms start to bulge. “Corey, STOP GROWING!” The twitching stopped, but Corey was still in immeasurable pain. “Corey…shrink your muscles down and um…heal all your wounds.” Sure enough, Corey’s muscles started to deflate. Before he was going to get too small, Evan added “Shrink until you reach the size you were before you started growing just now.” Bit by bit, all of Corey’s muscles retracted until he reached his smaller but still impressive 340 pound size. Slowly, his skin started to grow over the tears and rips all over his body and Corey stopped screaming. The whole transformation lasted about 10 minutes. Evan wasn’t sure if he could force him to heal faster but he figured he’d let Corey do it at his own pace. When it was over, Corey was standing perfectly straight and starting at Evan, not a cut anywhere on him. Evan realized he probably had healed himself from Big Al’s onslaught as well. Speaking of Big Al….now was the opportunity to really get revenge. But, first thing’s first. “Corey, you will not die unless I specifically ask you too. You must adapt to any modifications or requests I make of you and your body must compensate to keep you alive and healthy. Is that clear?” “Yes, Evan.” Evan had to test it out. “Corey, grow your right bicep until it is 40 inches in circumference.” Slowly but surely, Corey’s arm began to swell. First he saw the same bulging and veins from the first attempt, but this time there was no screaming or emotions of any kind. Corey’s skin was stretching to accommodate the bicep. There were still some stretch marks, to be sure, but Evan figured it was the difficulty of Corey’s brain understanding the command to grow and stretch fighting his command to stay healthy and adapt. Besides, stretch marks are sexy, Evan thought to himself. Corey’s arm grew bigger than a football, bigger than a basketball, and finally reached almost a beach ball size. It was glorious. Evan immediately ran over to kiss and touch it. It was hard and rough, almost like he had really grown an arm that big from years of lifting and dedication. But his arm was way out of proportion with the rest of his body. “Corey, grow all your other muscles so that they are in ideal bodybuilder proportion with your right bicep.” Five minutes later, and Corey was a sight to behold. His bulging traps surrounded his head in such a way that Evan was almost contemplating asking Corey to grow his skull so it didn’t look so comically tiny. His pecs were each the size and weight of a small child, with striations and stretch marks crossing them all over like a spider web. His abs were almost etched as a 10-pack and each one of his legs could compete in girth with a small bathtub. “Corey, you know all the stats about your body, don’t you?” Corey blinked. “I do, Evan.” “Corey, how much do you weigh?” “576 pounds, Evan.” “Corey, whats the circumference of your chest” “120 inches, Evan.” Holy crap, Corey’s chest was almost twice around what his height was. “Corey, what modifications has your body made to accommodate these changes.” “I now have an extra heart, and extra two lungs, and an extra liver.” So Corey was almost non-human anymore. Evan couldn’t believe the scope of what was happening in front of him. If he asked Corey to be a butterfly or a moose would he just become one? His head was spinning with possibilities. But of course…his stiff leaking tool in his pants led the way. “Corey…your body should produce 10 times the normal amount of testosterone for a man.” Corey stood there, without changing. At first, Evan thought maybe there wouldn’t be changes he could see, but then he realized….Corey probably already adjusted the testosterone level for his new size. “Corey….your body should produce 100 times the normal amount of testosterone” “Yes, Evan….” Corey said in a much deeper voice. Evan watched as more hair sprouted all over his chest, back, arms, legs, and started even showing through the top of his shorts which were almost painted on to his legs. “Corey, your body should produce 10,000 times the normal amount of testosterone” Corey screamed again, but it wasn’t a painful scream like earlier. It was the deepest thickest growl Evan had ever heard. He almost felt it rumble inside his own chest. Hair began to spring from every pore on Corey’s body. His brow became more ridged, and his adam’s apple became more like an adam’s pineapple. With another scream, he flexed as hard as he could, shredding what little was still clinging to his chest and tearing his shorts clean off. Seeing Corey’s bulge in his still barely there underwear, Evan was surprised that his cock and balls hadn’t grown that much. He supposed testosterone didn’t directly correlate with cock size or ball size. “Corey, grow your cock and balls until they are 3 times the length and girth they are now. Your cum production should be 100 times the normal amount.” Evan watched, stroking his own dick now, as Corey’s dick became almost 2 ft long, 1 ft around, and his balls grew heavier and heavier until they were the size of volleyballs. Luckily, on top of Corey’s muscle and massive body, they actually seemed proportional, like someone had just morphed all his features together (except for his head). “Corey, how much do you weigh now?” “605 pounds, Evan.” Corey’s voice made Barry White seem like a chipmunk. So there was 30 pounds in his testicles and cock alone. That fact almost drove Evan to shoot his load right there. But he had Big Al on his mind. He led Corey to his car and asked him to shrink back down to a manageable size. Luckily, he had some clothes in his trunk he could lend to Corey so he wouldn’t be walking around naked. “Let’s go back to the gym.” “Yes, Evan.” Corey, now a modest 300 pounds, and Evan walked back into the gym. Evan scoured the floor and immediately spotted Al by the leg press. He and Corey walked back over. Big Al looked up and grimaced. “You, again. What the fuck do you want?” “You know…I think Corey was trying not to make you look bad in front of everyone. If you want a real fight, let’s go around back to the alley and see how tough you really are.” “You fucking losers, if I beat your boyfriend to a pulp will you leave this gym forever and stop bothering me?” “It’s a deal.” “Fine. Let’s go. I got a good pump going and I could use the boxing practice.” Big Al smirked and walked over to the back door. “Corey, let’s go.” Evan muttered. “Yes, Evan.” They exited into the alley – not used much for anything and very secluded. Big Al turned to face Corey. “Wait…what the fuck happened to his face? Why is he so fucking hairy?” Evan realized he had shrunk Corey but he was still producing literally tons of testosterone. Well, it wouldn’t matter for much longer. “Corey, grow again until you’re the 605 pound monster you were before in the parking lot.” Just like before, Corey started to flex and bulge all over, slowly tearing through Evan’s old shirt and pants, becoming wider and wider. Big Al just stared, wide eyed, and started quaking with fear. “What the fuck is this…” Before Corey could finish the transformation, Al turned and started to run. “After him, Corey, as fast as you can. Grab him and bring him back here.” Big Al was trying to run but Corey was literally running at 100% effort per Evan’s command and caught up with him quickly. He awkwardly grabbed him in a bearhug and brought him back to Evan where he unceremoniously dropped him on the ground. Al shakily stood up and rubbed his back, bruised from the impact. Evan wasn’t satisfied. He could order Corey around like a marionette but it was so much effort describing every single action and making sure he accounted for every variable. He needed Corey to lead the show. “Corey, the amount of testosterone flowing through you makes you pretty violent and aggressive, right? Like a wild beast.” Corey started to breathe heavily and his nostrils twitched. He replied in a much more chilling voice, “Yes, Evan.” Big Al was getting freaked out. “Please…I’m over it. Can I just leave?” “Corey, I think you’re the horniest you’ve ever been. Your balls are overproducing so much that you can’t control your need to fuck. The only thing that will give you release is fucking Big Al.” Corey started moaning. As he turned to face Al, his cock was rock hard and spewing precum like a fountain. Big Al looked at Evan pleadingly. Evan sneered. “Corey…do what you have to do for release.” Then, Evan turned quickly to Big Al and muttered “We’ll see who the faggot is now.” Big Al took two steps back but he knew he had little chance of escaping. Corey immediately ran towards him and lunged on him, knocking Al on his back. Corey tore at Al’s clothes, ripping his shirt and shorts off, and easily tearing through his posers. Corey was basically twice Al’s size at this point so “Big Al” was more like “Ragdoll Al” to him. Al tried to punch and kick at Corey, but he was either blocked at every advance or his punches simply didn’t have any effect. Finally, with a frustrated scream, Corey punched Al hard in the stomach, knocking all the air out of him and making him wheeze and clutch his belly. Corey then flipped Al over and leaned over his muscled bodybuilder ass. His cock was spewing pre even more now. Without any ceremony or emotion, Corey plunged his cock deep into Al’s ass. At first, Al screamed at the top of his lungs. “Corey, cover his mouth” Evan quickly chimed in so that no one in the gym was alerted to anything wrong. Corey thrusted the first 6 inches of his 2ft cock in and out of Al’s increasingly gaping asshole. At first Al was squirming and resisting but then Evan noticed in shock…Al started moaning. He looked down and Al’s cock starting to get hard and leak with every thrust from Corey. Evan flew into a rage. Al was not supposed to enjoy this! This was punishment! The only person Corey was supposed to fuck to give pleasure was Evan. Evan let the darkness in his fantasies consume him. “Corey, when you fuck Al you need to thrust your entire cock in and out of his ass.” Corey nodded and tried to thrust his whole cock into Al. He got about a foot in and then he stopped. Both Al and Corey started screaming. “Corey, stop! And tell me why you screamed.” “My cock was bending trying to get all the way in, Evan.” Evan realized another ridiculous shortcoming in his new muscle god. He had given him a 2ft cock but he hadn’t given him a stronger or more resilient cock…and Al’s ass was sculpted and strong from his love of squatting. Big Al uttered one final plea – “Please…you proved your point. Enough…” But Evan was now himself jerking off to what was happening and he needed it to continue escalating. “Corey, when hard, your cock is 10 times harder than steel.” He watched as Corey’s cock grew more rigid and the veins became menacing and jagged. It didn’t look that different, but Evan knew it was a weapon now. “Now Corey, the only way you will cum is to put all 2ft of your cock in Al’s ass. “Yes, Evan.” Al made one final feeble attempt to push Evan off of him before Evan grabbed him roughly around the waist and shoved all 2ft of his cock into him. This time, Al didn’t even scream, but just opened his mouth wide and Evan saw his eyes almost bulge out. When Corey pulled his cock out, Al’s ass was bleeding profusely. But Corey had no reaction and just kept fucking him, tearing his ass more and more. After a few minutes, Corey let out a low moan and started cumming. Then Evan remembered he made Corey overproduce cum 100x more than an average man. In shock, he watched as a mix of blood and cum started pouring out of Al’s ass like a hydrant. After what seemed like an eternity, Corey pulled out and stood up facing Evan. His cock was still covered in cum and blood. Al moaned feebly. Everyone just stood in silence for a moment, absorbing the situation. Evan was so shocked himself that he even forgot he was jerking off. Finally, Al broke the silence. “You may have….won this round faggots…but wait til I call the cops…I’m sure the gym owners can identify you…you better start running.” It was almost comical watching Al try to give threats as he lay in a bloody heap on the concrete but Evan knew he was right. He took a deep breath and grimaced. He knew what he had to do. “Corey, pick up Al and get him in a bearhug.” Al couldn’t believe the abuse wasn’t over. “You fuckers trying to kill me? Are you out of your minds?” Evan replied, coyly and blankly “I’m out of my mind and his mind belongs to me now.” Then he turned to Corey. “Start squeezing at 1% of your effort and increase by 1% every second.” Evan needed to see how strong Corey was at this size. He then added, almost as an afterthought, “And Corey, the harder you squeeze the more pleasure you get.” At first, not much happened. At 1%, Corey’s bearhug was more like warm embrace. Al struggled a bit trying to get out but he was still winded and exhausted from his assault minutes before. At about 10%, Corey’s hug started to be painful. Al wriggled around trying to get in a more comfortable position. He even realized he probably should be screaming for help but it was getting harder to catch a breath. At 30%, Al started to turn red in the face and gasp for air. Evan watched incredulously, realizing how powerful Corey really was at this size, if at 30% he was started to be a real threat. He then looked at Corey and saw him start to smile. It became obvious that Corey was holding back to raise his effort by precisely 1% every second. And the more effort he put in, the more pleasure he felt, and his dick had started to harden again. At 50%, Evan heard a sickening crack. Corey had broken one of Al’s ribs. At 55%, Evan heard a series of cracks. Al’s ribcage was getting slowly crushed. He started coughing up blood. At 60%, Corey started to laugh. Evan realized he hadn’t specified what kind of pleasure Corey was going to get so it seemed like it was a mix of enjoyment and arousal. Corey’s cock began to spew precum and harden into its harder-than-steel state. At 70%, Al’s skin started to burst. Evan could see bones and muscle and guts start to tear through his skin on his stomach, his chest and through his back. Corey was squeezing him like a tube of toothpaste. Al was definitely dead now…but Evan for some sickening reason wanted to see what would happen at 100% At 80%, Corey suddenly let out a guttural moan and started thrusting his cock again into what was left of Al’s ass. The sheer force of Corey’s fucking made Al’s corpse twitch as if he was still alive and feeling things. At 90%, Corey started getting wild and reckless with his fucking. He started making strange sounds and drooling from his mouth. Evan watched as Corey’s cock ripped right through Al’s torso, almost skewering him like a kebab. At 95%, Corey started squeezing Al’s body inward vertically, crunching him together like a trash compactor. He broke every vertebrae in his spine and then continued to mash his arms and legs together into a bundle with his cock still thrusting through his flesh. At 100%, Corey made one final thrust and shot his cock through Al’s skull. He screamed as he unleashed another massive load of cum, covering the surrounding 10 feet in guts and cum. Evan lifted his hands in front of his face to protect himself from being sprayed but luckily he was not hit. He slowly lowered his hands and opened his eyes – Corey was essentially bearhugging his own steel cock. There was nothing left of Al, bits and pieces of him lay scattered around the alley as if he had been blown up from the inside. Corey was continuing to squeeze his own cock as Evan hadn’t told him to stop. Evan was slightly pleased that Corey’s cock was withstanding the bearhug with 100% force. “Corey, stop the bearhug and be in a level state of emotion” Corey immediately put his hands down and turned to stare at Evan dumbly. “You’ve done well, babe. I want you to shrink down to your old size. I’m going to go inside and get you some new clothes.” As Corey began to shrink down, Evan went back into the gym where it seemed luckily no one had heard or noticed anything over the sound of the music and fans. He told the front desk his friend had run out into the alley and puked all over himself, and he was hoping there might be extra clothes for him. The guy at the desk smiled as he leaned over to get a company shirt. “Your friend trained a little too hard, huh?” “Yeah…he definitely hit some PRs today.”
  9. Hey friends! Another chapter for Evan and Corey. This one starts taking a more extreme turn for sure...but I have a feeling Chapter 5 will be the one that has most of you excited CHAPTER 4 Growing up, Evan had loved reading comic books. Batman, Superman, and especially the Hulk. He quickly found himself more fascinated with the villains rather than the heroes. They often had immense power and opportunity and always found some way to squander it. He would fantasize about ways he could succeed in the villain’s shoes and destroy the heroes. When Big Al approached Evan with his rude comment, Evan realized he had more than a giant sex toy to work with in Corey…he had his own personal muscle god to do his bidding. So far, he had asked Corey to flex, rip through clothing, and do feats of strength like crushing a watermelon or tearing a phone book in half. But he had no idea what Corey would do in a fight, especially with someone as big as Big Al. He figured there was only one way to find out. “You’re lucky its free gay porn, asshole. You should be paying us for this performance.” Evan was impressed with himself. Gone was the sniveling anxious admirer, he had power now and he knew it. “What did you say to me, freak? You should be paying me not to beat the shit out of you.” “Have you seen my boyfriend over there? He’s over 340 pounds of muscle and power. I’d think twice before threatening me.” Big Al looked over at Corey, who was staring blankly in another direction. He smirked. “Doesn’t look that scary to me…you wouldn’t want me to damage all his big delicate muscles, would you?” It was now or never. “Corey, I want you to fight Big Al for me.” Corey suddenly awoke from his stupor and looked at Al and then Evan. He started shaking and sweating. Almost like he was trying to fight a deep paralysis. “…why? I don’t….want to…..fight,” Corey managed to mutter. Evan turned red. This was the first time Corey had disobeyed him in a long time. And it was in front of Big Al. Big Al started chuckling. “See? Even your muscle fag doesn’t want to face me. Guess he’s got the brains of the relationship.” Evan wasn’t going to let this go. He hadn’t used the perfume in a long time but there was still plenty left and he always kept it in his pocket in case of emergencies. This was an emergency. He sprayed his neck twice and turned to Corey. “Corey…you really want to fight Big Al for me.” Corey looked at Evan and stood there limply. Almost all the light was gone from his eyes. He responded in a monotone: “Yes, Evan.” He started lumbering over to Big Al awkwardly. He then started swinging his arms left and right – as if he were throwing punches but didn’t know how to punch anyone. Big Al was almost on the floor laughing. “This is amazing, boys. This entertainment I almost want to pay for.” Evan realized he had made Corey grow and get huge but he had no idea if Corey had ever fought anyone or had any fighting skills. He grew more and more frustrated…even he had played enough video games to have an idea of how to throw a punch better than what Corey was doing now. Evan screamed, “C’MON COREY! FIGHT HIM!” Corey replied blankly, but now heaving with exhaustion, “Yes, Evan” He renewed his efforts to punch or tackle Big Al but Al had had enough. He muttered under his breath “Ok this was fun and games but I am over it.” Pulling his arm back he landed a huge punch right in Corey’s stomach. Corey fell to the ground dry heaving. The rest of the gym members looked on stunned, but no one was going to intervene or face Big Al. Big Al was satisfied but annoyed. “Listen boys, you just wasted a good 10 minutes of my workout. I could beat the shit out of you faggots if I wanted to but you’re too pathetic for even that. Just stay out of my way and stop fucking around at the gym.” He walked away to the locker room. Evan ran over to Corey to see if he was ok. “COREY! Are you ok? Can you breathe?” Corey managed to sputter “I’m having trouble breathing, Evan.” “Ok, let’s get out of here. Let’s go outside.” “Yes, Evan.” Evan helped Corey stumble outside. It wasn’t easy trying to help a 340 pound man walk and Corey was severely injured. Evan started to think maybe Big Al had broken some ribs. They got to the parking lot and sat down on a bench. Evan’s head was racing….he had spent all those months growing Corey, grooming Corey, worshipping Corey…and what did he have to show for it? They could never work out at the gym again without people seeing them and knowing how pathetic they really are. Corey was supposed to become his secret weapon and he was instead more of a bumbling Frankenstein. Evan stared at Corey who was still trying to catch his breath…and suddenly felt disgust. Not disgust at himself, for Evan was too drunk with power to even have that much humility left, but disgust at Corey for being so inept and so disappointing. He got so angry…all that perfume…all the potential…..totally wasted. Completely impulsively, Evan grabbed the perfume bottle out of his pocket and unscrewed the top. He stared at the green liquid, swirling around and still slightly musky. Suddenly, he threw the bottle on the concrete, smashing it to pieces. “Fuck this.” He muttered. As he got up, he realized the perfume was wafting all around him, consuming him. It clung to every pore, every inch of skin, every cell in Evan’s body. And all of a sudden, it was gone. He turned to look at Corey. “Um…Corey….?” Corey’s head turned around to face Evan and Evan almost screamed. Corey looked like he had been lobotomized. No expression, no emotion, and some drool escaping from his gaping mouth. For a brief moment, Evan felt guilty. Guilty he had taken over Corey’s life and grown him to a big but not so powerful roided bodybuilder. And now he had deleted his entire personality. Somehow, he didn’t think “Corey, I want you to be normal again” would do much as a command. Evan was about to start crying when he realized…he still had the power. He may not be able to control Big Al or anything else except for Corey. He could always control Corey…now more than ever. Evan was determined to see what limits he could push with Corey. “Corey, stand up.” Corey immediately stood up, no longer heaving or clutching his stomach. Evan wondered how much of it was recovery and how much of it was Evan not giving him permission to express pain. “Corey…I want you to get bigger for me. You really want to get bigger for me.” Corey started sweating and turning red. “I want to get bigger.” “You want more muscle, more size, and you will do whatever it takes to get bigger.” “More muscle, more size…” “MORE! I want you growing! All you care about is growing!” “All I care about is growing…” “MORE MUSCLE MORE POWER!” Evan was shaking now. “GROW FOR ME. GROW NOW” Suddenly Corey screamed at the top of his lungs. It was the loudest shrieking sound Evan had ever heard and it almost sounded like it came from the depths of hell. The next thing Evan saw made him vomit on the spot. All over Corey’s body, muscles started to twitch and contract. Veins appeared all over his body. His arms started pulsing, bulging, getting bigger and bigger. His pec started to strain the straps on his tank, getting veiny and striated. His legs were on the verge of ripping his very stretchy gym shorts. But that’s not the part that made Evan sick…. Corey’s muscles started to tear through his skin. Evan could see his extremely defined bicep rip right through the skin on his arm. His pecs burst out of his chest. His lats started ripping through the skin on his back. Corey became a bloody disjointed mess and then all of a sudden he stopped screaming and fell to the ground. He wasn’t moving. Evan came over and checked for a pulse….nothing. Evan started panicking. Besides the fact that there was a dead person in front of him, and it was someone he loved, he was also aware that they were in the middle of a big parking lot and Corey’s muscles were on the wrong side of his skin. He kept looking around for either help or to make sure no one was there and for better or worse, he saw no one. The perfume had worked so well, he could change Corey’s body just by commanding it to. Corey could grow muscle on demand. It had backfired…but the potential was so enticing to Evan. He thought to himself, “If its powerful enough to kill him just with words, I wonder….” Evan leaned into Corey’s ear and whispered. “I want you to be alive Corey. You’re alive.” Then he leaned back, and waited.
  10. The story definitely picks up speed in this chapter PART 3 It had started mostly innocently. Evan would have Corey over and Corey would let him worship his muscle. Corey had already loved flexing and being admired, so it probably wasn’t only the perfume, but the potion definitely gave Evan the power to feel around wherever he wanted. The bulging rippling pecs, steel-cut abs, veiny bulging quads, and wide-as-a-door lats were probably his favorite. And of course, the massive guns. Evan had always known Corey had massive arms from watching him curl at the gym but when Corey was flexing, they were at an entirely new level – dwarfing his head, veins on all sides. To Evan’s delight, the perfume never wore off. In fact, the two sprays he had given himself seemed pretty potent – most suggestions seemed just fine to Corey. Even when Evan asked Corey to strip out of his undies and jerk off – Corey smiled and said “Sure, sounds fun!” Corey’s cock was nothing extraordinary – an average 6 inches – but on top of that bodybuilder physique, it made Evan’s eyes water. Pretty soon, Evan worked up the courage to take things a step further. “Corey….could you fuck me?” Corey hesitated. “Evan, I love hanging out and fooling around but I am married. I don’t want to cross too many boundaries.” Evan briefly considered grabbing the perfume but he remembered the magician’s warning. He tried another tactic. “But Corey, you’ve been thinking about fucking me this whole time, haven’t you?” “Hehe….yeah I guess I have been” “And it would be so hot to slide the muscle cock inside of me, wouldn’t it?” Corey stared to get hard. Evan licked his lips watching Corey start to sweat and his cock inflate. “I mean…I guess if we don’t tell her…it’s not like I’m fucking another girl” Evan grinned, admiring his own power. “Then fuck me. Hard.” And so, the next week progressed with raucous sex at every turn. Corey was more than happy to oblige any of Evan’s sex fantasies. They all involved being rough and dominating, qualities which Corey already had inside of him. Evan felt a bit guilty and anxious about making him cheat on his wife, but all of that was wiped away as soon as a he felt Corey thrusting his cock through his tight ass, his pecs and traps casting a looming shadow over him as sweat dripped off Corey’s brow into Evan’s thirsty mouth. Everything was great – until one morning about a month into their “relationship.” Evan noticed Corey had been shrinking a bit. Not much, but enough to make Evan concerned that the perfume might have side effects. “Corey, have you noticed anything changing?” “Changing? Whadda ya mean, pal?” “Well, you look amazing as always, I just couldn’t help but notice that um…you seem a bit smaller than you were last week.” Corey chuckled. “Oh yeah, I started a cut a few weeks ago. I’m getting ready for a show.” Evan’s eyes narrowed. He knew Corey competed and cutting was an essential part of getting your physique to competition standards…but he was a fan of big bulky muscle. That’s part of what drew him to Corey in the first place. “How much weight do you think you’re going to lose?” “Well, right now I’m 5’9” and 230 pounds. Think I’m gonna shrink down to about 210 for the show.” Evan was not happy at all. 210 would make Corey just 40 pounds heavier than Evan’s 170. Still bigger, but not at all what Evan fantasized about. And he knew Corey would start feeling tired and weak from eating so much less. Before he could stop himself, he blurted out: “Corey…I don’t think you should do that.” Evan almost couldn’t believe his own gall. Corey faltered. “Why…not?” “Being big is fun, right? I mean, if anything I think you should get bigger.” Corey frowned for the first time in a month. “Evan, bodybuilding is really important to me. I love getting bigger, of course, but cutting is an essential part of the process. I really want to place well, I got 2nd last year so I have a good shot at winning the contest this year.” Evan was torn. He didn’t want to ruin Corey’s dreams but he had gotten so used to being fucked by the big burly man he had been obsessed with for years. He was almost like an addict and someone was threatening to lower his dose. “Corey…you should get bigger. You would like to get bigger, wouldn’t you?” Corey’s lips twitched. He took a deep breath. A few seconds passed and it seemed like an eternity. Finally he spoke. “Evan, I’ll get bigger after the show. But I’ve gotta focus on winning this contest.” Evan was in a rage. He hadn’t been denied by Corey in a long time. He ran to his cabinet and grabbed the perfume, spraying it two more times on his neck. He ran back to the living room and saw Corey packing up his stuff. “Corey, STOP” Corey was suddenly still. He was almost frozen in place, hand in the middle of placing a protein shaker in his bag. “Turn and face towards me.” Corey turned around and looked at Evan. His eyes looked extremely glazed over, like he was high as a kite. “Flex – do a most muscular” With the same dumb face, Corey flexed his entire body as hard as he could. He held the pose for almost 30 seconds until Evan realized he had to tell Corey to stop flexing. “Now, rip your shirt off” Without hesitation, Corey grabbed his shirt by the collar and tore it in half, clean off his body. “Corey, I want you to get bigger. Get as big as you can.” “…get bigger…” Corey mumbled. “I want you to devote all your resources to growing muscle. Find a coach who is committed to always making you bigger. Buy any supplemenets and roids that you need.” “…always bigger…” “All day, you think about how big you’re gonna get. The bigger and stronger you get, the more turned on you are.” “I wanna get bigger.” “Always bigger, Corey, never big enough.” “NEVER BIG ENOUGH” Corey almost growled. That day was a major turning point for Evan and Corey. Almost immediately, Corey dropped out of the contest and starting packing on the pounds. His friends and family were definitely confused. His wife would try to get answers out of him but all he would say was “I just want to get bigger. I’ll never be big enough.” He also quickly fired his coach once he realized he was more motivated to help Corey compete rather than pump him full of drugs. Through Evan’s direction, Corey scoured the internet looking for the right coach to help him through his growth phase. He found someone on the dark web who was wealthy and willing to sponsor a growing beast. As soon as he saw the “before” pics of Corey, he was on board. On a terrifying cocktail of drugs, food, and sheer single-minded drive – Corey exploded. 230 quickly became 240, then 250, 260, 270….within 6 months he was 295 pounds. He had put on 65 pounds in 6 months – not unheard of, but incredibly substantial considering Corey was already huge when he started. Evan was pretty much in a state of constant arousal – it was almost like the bigger Corey got, and the harder he would fuck him, the more Evan would cum. A year later, and Corey’s life was upside down. His wife had left him, claiming he was being selfish pumping himself full of drugs, ruining his life and turning himself into a bloated freak. His friends couldn’t understand his obsession with growth that he had never expressed before, and they distanced himself. Evan couldn’t blame them – Corey was a staggering 340 pounds. At 5’9”, he was definitely wider than he was tall. He waddled through Evan’s living room, making the foundation shake with each stomp. Evan entertained himself by making Corey try on his old wardrobe, watching his bicep shred through every sleeve and his chest popping every button. Even his blocky roid gut started to burst belts and even metal chains Evan would tie around his torso. Corey’s face had changed too. Gone was the youthful cocky muscle jock and in his place was almost a neanderthal. He was hairy all over (Evan had told him to stop shaving) and his brow was constantly furrowed, giving him a caveman look. He was always breathing heavy – probably because his heart and lungs were having trouble keeping up with his mass -but Evan didn’t care. His lust for muscle grew with Corey’s size and the bigger he got, the bigger Evan wanted him. He grew bolder at the gym, too. He would come over to Corey to feel him up during his workouts. Or sit on his lap while he did lat pulldowns. Now that the wife and friends weren’t in the picture, Evan didn’t hesitate to make their relationship public. Most of the other gym members were confused and disgusted, but they didn’t say anything, except for one guy – Big Al. Before Corey had blown up, Big Al was the biggest guy at the gym – 300 pounds at 6ft and strong as hell. Now, Corey made him seem like “almost Big Al.” And seeing Corey and Evan touch each other and get hard around each other made him even angrier. One day, Big Al finally walked over and said something. “Could you fags please do your business somewhere else? I came here to train, not look at gay porn.” Evan smirked in a sinister way as Corey just stared blankly. Ideas started filling Evan’s head…
  11. Hey guys! Thanks for all the positive feedback so far! Feel free to DM me any requests for plot evolution. I have the full story in my mind but I'm open to suggestions! Again, no extreme things in this chapter but it starts to get spicier...hopefully each chapter will continue to add suspense and excitement PART 2 Collecting DNA from Corey couldn’t be easier – the big bodybuilder never wiped down any equipment after pushing multiple sets to failure. He would even squeeze out the sweat soaking his tank onto a bench and walk away chuckling. Evan waited for Corey to finish his last set of 425 pound squats before meekly scurrying over with a paper towel. He didn’t want anyone to see what he was doing so he simply wiped down the floor and barbell, easily soaking through the paper towel, and then quietly made his way to the locker room. Evan locked himself in a bathroom stall with the perfume and the paper towel. He carefully removed the sprayer and looked at the red viscuous liquid inside. It didn’t have a smell but it sparkled a bit in the light. He carefully set down the bottle and and held the Paper towel over it. He started to squeeze the paper towel but he was having trouble getting the sweat to drop into the bottle. He gave up, and decided to just rip the paper towel into a million tiny pieces and drop them all into the bottle. That seemed to do the trick – the perfume bubbled lightly and changed from deep red to almost a neon green. It smelled vaguely musky, not like Corey’s sweat but rather more like a wood musk smell that oozed of masculinity. Evan held the bottle in his trembling hand. It’s not that he didn’t believe it was magic, as the dramatic entrance and exit of the wizard was enough to convince him, but he was worried it wouldn’t work or backfire in some way. He gathered his courage and spritzed a bit of it on his neck. He closed his eyes and held his breath…and nothing happened. Taking a deep breath, he pocketed the perfume and cautiously entered back onto the gym floor. He spotted Corey by the leg press machine. He walked over carefully, 50 ft away, 30 ft away, and finally just about 10 ft away. Evan almost drooled at the sight of Corey’s heavy breathing. His massive chest rising and falling, his legs almost pulsing, straining his shorts at every movement. As soon as he crossed the 10ft threshold, he saw Corey pause and turn around for a second. He glanced around until he laid eyes on Evan and just stared for a second. Terrified that Corey might be reading his mind and learning about all his wild fantasies, Evan quickly stammered: “Hey man, just wondering how many sets you have left?” “I’ll actually be done pretty soon, you waiting for me, bro?”, Corey said with a smile. Evan didn’t think he’d ever seen Corey give a natural smile between the grunting grueling workouts and the intense posing he had spied on in the locker room. “Actually, I was wondering how long it took you to get those legs that big” Evan courageously ventured, knowing full well that if the perfume didn’t work, this interaction would turn sour quickly now. “Ha, been training hard for almost 10 years now. Started back in high school. But you look like you have a pretty good foundation yourself!” Corey’s voice was unwaveringly friendly. “Oh, thanks. Trying my best! I’m…um…Evan.” “Corey Johnson - nice to meet ya!” Corey extended his hand. Evan cautiously reached out his hand to shake when Corey suddenly withdrew. “Oh…I….um” “Haha, got you! That was way too easy. You’re a funny guy, Evan.” Corey chuckled raucously. Evan didn’t think it was that funny…but it gave him the proof he needed. The perfume WORKED! His head started spinning. He wondered how far the power extended. “Do you want to….um….hang out sometime?” “Maybe man, that could be fun. We could grab a drink…but you’re not asking me out though, are you?” “Well…not necessarily…I don’t know” Evan suddenly felt panicked. “I’m flattered dude, but I’m not gay. And I’m also married.” Evan started sweating out of all his pores. He took a big gulp of air and tested things further: “Are you maybe a little gay? Slightly into men?” Corey’s face faltered. “No, man, I’m married to a woman. This is starting to get weird. I’ll see you later.” Corey started walking away. Damn it, damn it! Evan thought. He was losing his chance. And now he might have to face Corey avoiding him and being creeped out from now on. Instinct took over. He fumbled for the perfume bottle and sprayed himself one more time. Corey stopped in his tracks. He didn’t turn around. They stood in silence for a moment. Well there was a vague radio playing top 40 in the background but it felt like the quietest moment Evan had ever been in. He took another chance. “Corey, I think it would be fun if we hung out!” Corey turned around and Evan noticed he looked slightly different. His eyes were maybe a bit glazed over and his mouth seemed slightly open, like he was daydreaming. Suddenly, he smiled again. “You do?” “Yeah…we should have some beers at my place. Right now!” Evan didn’t know if the perfume wore off and didn’t want to take the chance. Corey jumped in enthusiastically. “Sounds great, bud! Let me grab my gym bag and we’ll head over to yours.” Evan’s jaw dropped. He stared at Corey and then at the perfume bottle. He started getting hard thinking about the power he held in his hands. Two sprays, and Corey was eating out of the palm of his hand. Corey quickly knocked Evan out of his stupor. “Ready to go, buddy?” “Yeah, lets get in my car. Before we go, would you mind flexing that arm for me?” “No problem” Corey grinned and raised his right arm, giving his bicep a solid flex. “20 inches this morning.” Evan’s mouth watered. Not wanting to make a public scene, Evan led Corey out of the gym and towards his car.
  12. Hey guys! First time posting a story! Probably going to be at least 5-6 parts. I added a lot of extreme tags because the story will head in that direction eventually but there isn't any of that in this first chapter. I know its a lot of exposition but hopefully it will be a worthwhile payoff Any feedback is appreciated! ---------------- CHAPTER 1------------------ Evan looked around Fitness Depot, a bustling brawling gym in a suburb of Chicago. It was crowded as usual, but with membership being $100/month and a distinct aroma of sweat and b.o., it mainly attracted a clientele of big sweaty muscle beasts. Not to say that there weren’t wealthy twinks and chubs who came for the exclusivity, but Evan never paid attention to those guys. He always had his eyes on one man – Corey. Corey was one of the very few professional competitive bodybuilders at the gym. With Evan’s flexible schedule, he’d managed to time out his workouts with Corey many times, considering that Corey went at the exact same time every day. To be clear – Evan had never spoken to Corey and Corey would probably struggle to identify Evan out of a lineup. But watching Corey lift was like free porn to Evan. He’d watch Corey bench 150 pound dumbbells while he pushed as hard as he could with the 50s in his hands across the gym floor. Corey would deadlift 7 plates on each side while Evan would shakily manage 2. Evan wasn’t weak but Corey was at the peak of his game – a true muscle god. Evan desperately wanted Corey to notice him but there were two huge obstacles. One – Corey was straight. Of course, any bodybuilder has to have a certain amount of “appreciation” for another male’s “physique” but Corey would go as far as to block gay followers on Instagram who would solicit him and would most certainly be disgusted if Evan made an advance. The second obstacle…Corey was married. His wife was a fitness model, not jacked like Corey but toned and always ready for swimsuit season. Sometimes his wife would come to train with him even, and she would sit on the leg press sled while he pushed. Or grab his waist while he did pullups. This made Evan insanely jealous. But all that was about to change. Recently, Evan’s grandfather had passed away, and while sorting through his belongings, Evan found a slip of paper that read “Watson’s Shop of Spells, Potions, and Miracles.” There was an address – Evan had plugged it into google maps and it led to an empty field in Illinois. But curiosity got the best of him, and he had headed out to the rural farmland, cautiously parking his car under the shade of a few trees. Getting out of the car, Evan could see there was no sign of any activity around him. He took out the piece of paper and held it to the light to make sure he had gotten the address correct. Suddenly, the paper grew hotter and hotter and eventually lit on fire. Evan jumped back and screamed, throwing the paper on the ground. As the piece of paper hit the ground, the ground around him began to shake. Evan started walking back towards his car, tempted to just jump in and get the hell out of there, when he saw pillars begin to emerge from the ground. He looked around, as if to see if anyone else could vouch for what was happening, but he was about 5 miles from the main road so there was truly no one around. Eventually, a little one story shopfront made its way from under the earth and he could see a neon sign light up – “Watson’s.” The shaking stopped and Evan just stared at the shop, mouth gaping and drooling. An old man emerged from the shop and waved with a big smile. “Hello, Evan! Glad to see you made it out here! Come on in!” Evan was too stunned for words. He took one cautious step towards the shop. “That’s it – one foot after the other. Come over and let me pinch you, I promise you’re not dreaming.” “You…know who I am?” Evan sputtered. “Yes, I’ve been expecting you. It’s been a long time since your grandfather came to visit…I was hoping there would be more of the family line to come.” “So you knew my grandfather?” Evan asked. “Yes…in fact I’ve known every male in your bloodline for the past two thousand years!” That would explain why Evan’s mother never mentioned this, Evan mused to himself. “But why?” “Your ancestor sacrificed his life to save mine a long time ago. I’m immortal now, but I wasn’t then. Since I couldn’t return the favor to him, I made it a mission to grant one favor to every generation of your family forever.” “One…favor?” “Come on in, Evan. I’ll help explain.” Watson held the door open and Evan slowly walked in. What he saw inside almost made him faint. Although the shopfront looked pretty meager on the outside, it was sprawling and infinite inside. Rows and rows of books, vials, syringes, pills, plants, even some strange living animals, lined the sides. And the ceiling was so high, Evan couldn’t see the top. He even took several steps in and out of the shop to confirm that it was 15ft tall on the outside, and at least several thousand feet tall inside. “Don’t hurt your brain trying to figure this out – I’m a magician and wizard and that’s all you need to worry about” Watson said with a wink. “So…what now?” Evan asked. Part of him still wanted to run out of there but for some reason every word out of Watson’s mouth calmed and soothed him. “Well, let’s figure out what I can do for you. I gave your grandfather a lot of business success. Made sure he made a profit every year, and it seems to have paid off. You look healthy.” He chuckled to himself with satisfaction. So that’s why Evan’s grandfather had made such a huge fortune selling something as innocuous as pens and pencils. It had always seemed a fluke, but Evan had just thought his grandfather was a uniquely talented salesman. In a way, it disappointed him that magic was behind the family finances, but he quickly let go of the thought once he realized something good was potentially waiting for him. “Ah, I see that you’ve realized it’s your lucky day, Evan.” Watson observed. “Should I…browse?” Evan stammered. “Well you could, but you’d probably be here for decades trying to sort through what I’ve got. It may be easier if you tell me something you want or need.” An image of Corey appeared in Evan’s mind. “Well there’s this guy at the gym…” “Yes, Corey. He’s been in the back of your mind this whole conversation, I’ve noticed.” “You can read my mind? “Oh it’s not so complicated. You ever think out loud? Well, it’s just like that only I hear your thoughts that you don’t say out loud too.” “I mean, its dumb, he’s straight and married so it doesn’t even matter…” “Nonsense. I can fix any problem for you Evan. I actually know just the thing…” Watson winked and suddenly disappeared. Evan stood there for a second, suddenly becoming afraid of the silence and the distant shrieks of strange creatures. But Watson was only gone for 10 seconds, and he poofed back into existence right in front of Evan. He was holding something that looked like a red perfume bottle. “This will fix your Corey problem easily.” “What…what is it?” “It’s a potion that makes you irresistible, even to a brick wall. One or two sprays of this, and Corey will cum at the sight of you.” Evan blushed hearing Watson be so vulgar. “We already established I can read your mind, boy. So no need to be ashamed of any stray thoughts.” Evan tried to think through the dangers. “But won’t it make everyone around me attracted to me? I don’t want everyone’s attention.” “Don’t worry, it only works on someone when you mix their DNA into the potion.” “Their DNA?” “Yeah, we’re talking spit, sweat, hair, urine, sometimes even a fingerprint can have some DNA. Shouldn’t be too hard to collect something like that at the gym, no?” Watson grinned. Evan thought about how Corey never wipes down his equipment and in fact, he had used a bench after Corey for the sole purpose of basking in his sweat, so it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Watson gave one warning: “You don’t need to use too much of it, or there might be some erratic consequences.” “Consequences?” “Well, lust and attraction have many depths to them. Too much, and he might start to lose his individuality.” Evan pondered that explanation for a moment. Watson quickly chimed back in – “I have no judgement of what you do with this potion. I’m not a good or evil entity. I am simply fulfilling a debt I owe your family. So the power is quite literally in your hands now.” All of a sudden there was a huge lightning flash and Evan found himself standing in front of his car by an empty field as if nothing had happened. That was two days ago. Evan looked around the gym as he clutched the bottle of perfume in his hand. He finally found what he needed – Corey doing squats in the corner. “Bingo.”
  13. Alex opened the door to his shared dorm room, immediately wincing as he took in the smell of sweat and harsh BO. Christ, why had he been forced to room with such a frat boy?! Yeah, Quinn was a nice enough guy, but he was so much of a partier that it made the space almost unlivable, and he didn’t even bring the party home with him! Ugh, they both tolerated each other, but that was about it. He knew Quinn couldn’t stand his ethic…wasn’t his fault if he didn’t go out! Alex much preferred to stay in college with acceptable grades, thank you. And speak of the devil, Quinn walked out of the shower, towel snug around his waist. The total hetero loved to walk around shirtless, showing off his toned, impressive musculature. Alex was straight too, but even he had to admit Quinn did deserve to show off his body. The boy worked out almost every day, so yeah he could be proud of himself! But there was a limit…Quinn’s ego was so full that Alex feared that one more narcissistic comment would pop the whole thing like a balloon. “Hey, Alex! Just finished working out! Have you SEEN my bicep pump?” He flexed more for himself, growling in mock arousal. Alex completely expected his head to explode, but alas, no such luck presented itself. “Looking fine as always, Quinn.” Quinn pouted gently, huffing at his roommate’s apathetic response. God, the little dweeb never gave him his due credit! Didn’t he realize just how BIG Quinn was looking recently? God, only girls and fellow hunks got it. What a shame. Well, actually…maybe that was the key! He needed a fellow hunk! Whipping out his phone, he called up his newly installed app, unable to stop a massive smirk from creeping onto his features. “Yo, Little Al!” Alex sighed, Quinn knowing just how much he hated that nickname. “Yeah, Quinn?” “You ever head of I-See-Ya?” Alex barely looked up from his laptop. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” Quinn chuckled, aiming his phone’s camera at Alex. Instantly, the app began flashing information across the screen…height, weight, body specifics…even some basic personality traits that Quinn had customized and added! “It’s an app where you can just take one snapshot and then customize someone to your liking!” Alex raised an eyebrow, barely listening. “Customize, huh?” Quinn nodded, waiting as the app finally registered fully, dozens of options popping up. Let’s see if the app worked as advertised! “Yeah! For example…if I want to boost your height by…I dunno, eleven inches…” Alex huffed gently. “Then I’d be six foot four…” Quinn flicked open Alex’s “Height” tab, sliding the bar slowly. “You’re right. Let’s go sixteen!” Alex started to roll his eyes, but stopped short as he felt his very bones begin to ache, popping sounds emanating through the room as his limbs began to crack and spasm longer, larger, lankier. His mouth dropped open, a gasp stalling on his lips as his body pushed and creaked taller, taller, taller! His clothes shrank as his limbs erupted with length, pushing well past what Alex was used to! His body didn’t grow too lanky, adapting more mass to keep up Alex’s usual lanky self. But in no time, sixteen enormous inches had been added to his frame, his clothes tight and disproportionate on his now whopping 6’9 body! He shakily turned to his roommate, body trembling. “Q-Quinn…what did you…I’m so uneven…” Quinn grinned, tapping his phone again. “Uneven is right! Gotta make it a nice and pretty number!” Alex squeezed his eyes shut as he swelled upward yet again. Another inch grew into his body…then another…and then one more, leaving him cramped, constrained, and a full seven feet tall! Lifting his head to stare at his out-of-control roommate, his head bumped the ceiling. Gasping in dismay and shock, he shook his head, looking MUCH further down than he was used to! There was Quinn, grinning like a loon, barely up to Alex’s enormously long torso. “Wowww…looking mad good, Al! Great start!” Alex tried to do something…anything…but his new frame was so strange that he could barely stand upright. But he was getting the hang of it, and soon he’d show Quinn just how he really felt. Quinn, however, had other ideas. Nodding to himself as he looked his new toy up and down, he smirked as he began to dial in another, slightly more drastic change. “Now…I think I’ve gotten to the cause of your stupid attitude. You can’t appreciate how BIG I am because you’re a freakin’ toothpick! Gotta have size to respect size.” He hit a few more commands, grinning as he watched Alex jerk and stumble like he’d been shocked by a few thousand volts. His body continued to spasm and heave, frame twisting and quivering as a low moan burst from the taller man’s mouth. Quinn’s eyes widened as he watched Alex’s neck begin to inflate, muscle bulging out of the lean surface. His jawline firmed and hardened tremendously as a bull neck swelled beneath it. Alex’s shoulders began to swell and engorge, huge peaks bursting from his traps as the jerking motion spread down his arms, biceps and triceps clenching and balling into massive, mountainous, basketball sized cannons! His lats gorged and inflated, gentle wings pushing his arms out as his back tripled in width to handle all his new torso mass! His stomach crunched and grooved, abs condensing into brick-like slabs; a formidable washboard set into a solid base. His legs grew and grew, thigh gap slowly vanishing as solid muscle erupted his thighs into meaty teardrops, calves heaving into heavy bulges. And his butt bulked into a massive bubble, huge and meaty and thick! But as huge as all that was, nothing compared to the raw, ridiculous spurt his pecs got. Erupting into huge watermelons of flesh, the firm round muscles sloped downward, popping involuntarily as the huge pec-tits gorged even thicker, nipples swelling to fit his new man melons. Alex moaned loudly as pleasure shot through him, wincing and spasming as his cock spurted and flopped lower, thickening and fattening as it rocketed outward. Even soft, his new dick sagged and swayed just below his knees, balls dropping heavily as pre began to drool from Alex’s tip like a leaky hose. Dropping to his knees as orgasmic delight surged through his brain, Alex couldn’t help but shudder as his ass began to wobble and bounce, cheeks pushing to the side as his asshole flowered and puffed, thick donut evolving rapidly as it gorged visibly between his cheeks. A slimy sheen engulfed the pucker, huge anal ring gorging even further as Alex moaned feebly. His hair curled upward at the end, a cliche coif puffing up at the front as his sides whittled down into a handsome fade. Alex clenched his teeth as his jaw firmed and hardened even further, dense stubble crackling across his cheeks and chin. To finish the deal, a heavy jungle of armpit hair bushed from Alex’s pits as his limbs and torso developed a very healthy dusting of hair across them. Panting in exhaustion, Alex could only drool gently as his body began to relax, aching and sore from its sudden reconfiguration. Quinn, on the other hand, was ecstatic. Licking his lips as he tried to control his joy, he began to fiddle some more. “Oh, this is working so well. Just gotta put…the final…touches in. There! Goodbye, Alex the nerd! Hello Alex the STUD!” Alex gasped gently, but could barely move his body let alone stop his crazed roommate. As Quinn hit the button for a final time, Alex felt his brain quiver. An odd sensation, it felt like a heavy drunkenness was settling on Alex’s mind. But the more he tried to focus on something, the less sense it made. Eventually he found his mind going completely blank! But as quickly as his entire life slipped out from his brain, a new one was rapidly replacing it. Shock over his new freakazoid body was substituted for acceptance: of course he was a giant! He’d always been this massive! And the disgusting ego-maniac in front of him? Naw, he was Alex’s plaything! Always had been. Slowly getting to his feet, Alex grunted as he eyed the essay on his computer. The fuck was that? English work? Bro, he’d gotten this far on his sports ability…no fucking way in hell he was an academic! Eying Quinn, Alex smirked cockily, palming one massive pec idly. “Jesus fuck, you shrink again? Aw no wait, I just got BIGGER.” He flexed hard for the smaller man, bicep heaving to life. Quinn shuddered visibly, eying his phone. “Oh you’re so HOT, Alex. But…I hear that name and I just think of a wuss. How about…?” Alex shuddered, entire identity rewritten in an instant. Quinn wiggled his eyebrows. “What’s your name again?” The massive man furrowed his brow at his roommate. “You fucking stupid, bro? It’s Parker. Par…ker. Sound it out, dumbass.” Quinn feigned smacking his head. “Oh, silly me!” Parker rubbed a hand down his abs, closing a ham-sized fist on his cock shaft. “But I’ve been thinking. I’m at the point where I need constant praise.” Quinn nodded, smirking. With luck, the two of them would just endlessly flatter the other into a cycle of narcissism and growth. That was the plan, anyway! “So I think we need to start awarding me some titles! Let’s start adding things before my name, all right?” Quinn tilted his head, trying to catch on. “So…like, Big Parker?” Parker moaned gently, stroking harder. “Yeah, that’s it. Never wanna fucking hear my name alone again, got it bitch boy?” Quinn chuckled, but it was forced. Bitch boy? Oh no, he needed the same deal. “Gotta do it to me too, Buff Parker! I need the praise too.” Parker chuckled deeply, balls bobbing as he wanked. “I’m the only one in this relationship who gets praise, little man. You’re a fucking pipsqueak.” Quinn grimaced. Probably went a bit too far. As he started to fiddle with his phone, it was suddenly plucked out of his hands by the giant Parker. “The fuck you so obsessed with this thing for?” Quinn’s face paled. No no no! “C-come on, Big Parker! Give it back, not cool.” Parker raised an eyebrow as he eyed the app. “Fucking A, tiny…this for real?” He aimed the camera at Quinn, chuckling. Quinn was helpless, only coming up to the boy’s nipples. Parker smirked wickedly, tapping with some difficulty due to his sausage sized fingers. “Hehe, let’s see…” Quinn gulped. “Parker, please. I-It’s just a joke app. Please give me my phone back…” Parker growled, tapping hard. “TITLE, bitch!! Don’t make me tell you again!!” Quinn gasped hard, feeling his body spasm upward. Again and again he shot up, until he was even with Parker’s chin. God, he had to be six foot eight! Maybe taller! Parker nodded curtly. “Yeah…baby boy’s gotta be small, but not too small. Needs to be able to take a railing.” Quinn blanched at that, but his new height made him unsteady…he still couldn’t grab his phone back. “I-I ain’t a fag, dude!” Parker winked slyly. “Neither am I, but you’re gonna need to love taking my donkey dick. Cuz you’re gonna get it every fucking hour.” Quinn lunged for the phone, but Parker held him back with no effort at all. “Whoa, chill! My new babe’s gonna need to trust me with everything if we’re gonna get along!” He tapped a few more times and Quinn began to relax, feeling his mind grow calmer. Why did he mind if Big Parker had his phone? They shared everything! And he trusted no-one more than the big man! “That’s better…now then, let’s see.” Quinn closed his eyes, moaning as he felt his body beginning to change, spurred on by Giant Parker’s wishes. Shoulders broadened and thickened, arms filled out into gorged cannons, lats flaring gently as his back bulged into a door filler to match Huge Parker’s! His abs shrunk slightly, waist crunching into a tiny little wasp waist even as his pecs ballooned larger, heavier, thicker! They surpassed even Big Parker’s in size, gorging to be visible even from the back! His ass began to follow suit, huge fleshy cheeks heaving with mass as his thighs thickened and bulged tremendously. And just like his new giga-pecs, his ass didn’t stop until it wobbly, bouncy, and visible from the front! Quinn cooed gently, running his hands over his now view-obscuring pecs. “W-wow, Big Parker…” Parker smirked, tapping a few more times. “But wait, there’s more!” Quinn gasped as he watched his areola puff and swell, huge fleshy mountains erupting off his chest as his nipples thickened and fattened, wobbly nubs bobbing with every deep breath! A sudden bloat filled his vision, and a moist juiciness made his touch his mouth. To his shock and joy, he found his lips nearly quadruple their normal size, huge upper and bottom lip fat and kissable in the extreme! Throwing his head back, Quinn couldn’t help but toss his head as he felt a prickling down his neck…down his shoulders…down to his collarbone. Oh fuck, it was his hair! Long and silky, a veritable waterfall cascading down his head, draping over his shoulders and resting just above his burgeoning breast-pecs. And it was blond?! Oh, a beautiful platinum blond. So nice…so nice… “Ohhh…B-Big Parker, you’re the best.” Parker smirked again, tapping away with no hesitation. “You still sound way too straight. Let’s fix that.” Quinn’s Adam’s apple shrank instantly, his mind altering as new vocabulary filled his head, a new identity blossoming inside of him. “Ooooooh…like, that feels so weird, Sexy Parker!” Parker growled teasingly, tapping again. “Yeahhhh…MORE.” Quinn gasped, nails growing longer and longer as his hair crept just long enough to flit over his giant nipples. His eyes lightened to a deep blue, and his wrists got a tad limp. “Mmmmmf fuck me HARD, Big Beefy Parker baby!!” Parker laughed happily, tapping a final button before pocketing the phone. Quinn’s cock grew just a hair, tiny on his now giant frame! A hard blink made him tap his fat lip. Parker feigned confusion. “What’s wrong, honey?” Quinn sighed, running a perfectly manicured hand through his lush hair. “Ummmm like, I know you’re my…ohhh….” He pitched a bit, panting as he bit his lip, cock painfully erect. “My DADDY…oh yeah, that’s it. Like, my Big Daddy Parker. Who am…I again?” Parker grinned. “You’re my pretty Sammy!” Sam cooed happily, clapping his hands together. “Oh, that’s right, Thick Daddy! I’m your pretty girl!” Parker nodded, putting a hand through his new bitch boy’s hair, kissing him on those gigantic DSLs. Patting his blubbery ass happily, Parker sighed as he pulled back. “I think I need to take my lovely toy shopping. Too big for your clothes now.” Sam nodded, daintily placing a hand on his hip as he looked around. “Like, so true, Sexy Daddy Parker. Gotta get a wardrobe change, ASAP! And some new decor…gotta decorate for my Amazing Daddy~” Parker nodded, patting Sam’s quivering mega-pecs. “Damn fucking right. I’m thinking a good tight crop top for those giant super tits…booty shorts and a thong for the mega ass…and some nice high tops. Maybe we can get you a hair tie or two. I love your hair down, but we can experiment.” Sam nodded happily. “Whatever my Perfect Handsome Daddy Parker wants!” Parker smiled widely. “Yeah…you’re mine, aren’t you, my beautiful femme Sammy?” Sam nodded eagerly. “You’re my everything, Pectacular Parker Daddy!” Parker shuddered. “Fuck, I like that one. For me? Can only fucking fit in a tank top now, I’d imagine. Some loose shorts to show off this horse dick…and beer. Jesus FUCK, we’re gonna need lots of beer for me.” Sam giggled, rubbing Parker’s carved abs. “Mmmmmm careful Gigantic Daddy! You may just grow a big beer tummy!” Parker smirked. “You like that, slut boy? Daddy growing a big thick belly?” Sam flushed a bit, rubbing his long hair. “I-It does sound pretty hot~ as much as I love my Shredded Daddy, a Bulky Daddy would be so cuddly and sexy! B-but I want whatever you want, my Pectacular Alpha Daddy Parker!” Parker rubbed his long hair, kissing him on those plush lips again. “I know, doll. All right…I say we go get some clothes, I’m gonna work out like a fucking animal, and then drink my way to a beer gut! What do you say?” Sam giggled happily, rubbing his alpha’s huge arm. “Like, I can’t wait!! Ohhhhh I love you so much, my HUGE, SEXY, MONSTROUS, BEEFY, PERFECT, ALPHA DADDY PARKER!! DADDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!” Just the thought of serving his giant man sent Sam’s cock firing like a hose, jets spurting out as he moaned loudly in bliss, huge lips parted as he orgasmed. Panting hard, he glanced up, grinning sheepishly. “S-sorry, Big Daddy. I promise I’ll wait for permission next time.” Parker grinned, kissing his boytoy happily. “It’s fine, Sammy baby. Let’s go…and if you’re good, I’ll let you sniff my musky pits after the workout.” Sam moaned, already starting to erect again. “Oh my god, yes please, my Perfect Parker Daddy!” Parker possessively put a hand on Sam’s ass, guiding him out. “Hehehe let’s fucking go, my eager little toy!” Sam could only lick his lips, tossing his hair as his whole frame jiggled alongside his gigantic alpha, both having to duck to get out the dorm.
  14. BigZargo12

    Joining the iron devils gym

    Joining the iron devils gym Me and Dominic were both bored and frustrated while exploring the town looking for a place to stay after our parents kicked us out. The good news was we were over 21 and had plenty of money. The bad news was we had no plans for college or any high aspiration for our lives and had no place to stay. While I was pondering our situation Dominic said,” do you smell something weird, Nikolai.” “What smell” I said confused, then I smell it. The smell was like spicy musk making me feel warm for some reason. The spicy musk smell was coming from the building next to us. With its worn appearance and it blackened windows and no sign on the outside, I fought this place abandoned. We started to walk towards the blackened glass door of the building. I had no idea why I was going inside this strange building, but it was like my body was on autopilot. “It must be a special restaurant or a spice shop,” Dominic said nervously, trying to rationalize why in hell we were going into this mysterious building. What We saw shocked us, extremely huge beefy men exercising and lifting huge Weights. We just stood there for a couple seconds stunned at the site of these huge men. When we heard a deep voice behind us. “Do you like what you see boys. Real strong men lifting shit and taking no crap from anyone.” The huge burly man who said that was standing in front of the door, our exit from this place. His short black hair, chinstrap beard, hard gray eyes, blunted nose, and round face. Wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a red demon lifting weights as its logo, with black shorts, with black and red shoes and holding a black and red gym bag. His huge bulging muscles stood out against his huge tight sleeveless shirt making him look intimidating. I heard Dominic gulp in fear at the site of this hulking man. The spicy musky smell coming off of this masculine man was starting to make my nose water. “Look what we have here twig and blogger”, another deep voice coming from behind us. Me and Dominic turned around to see another huge man with a handlebar mustache shaved head brown eyes and dark brown skin wearing the same clothes as the first one. “Who are you calling blogger,” Dominic said with a timidly stutter. The big burly dark skin man went out to Dominic’s face and said, “I did, what you’re going to do about it, fat boy.” Dominic wilting against this man’s stare, has the big man with is huge sausage like fingers flicked Dominic’s pudgy nose. I said,” hey you dumb big beefcake leaves my friend alone.” He turned to me with a wicked smile and said. “You two have fallen into the abyss and now you are in the Iron Devil gym.” The one in front of us grabbed Dominic and lifted him like a child, while the other one behind us and in front of the door grabbed me and said.” These two will make a great addition to the iron devil gym. Before I knew what happened, me and Dominic were wearing black sleeveless shirts and black and red shorts with the gym logo on it and lifting weights to demonic sounding heavy metal music. Both of our shirts were huge, mines barely fit on my skinny frame, while Dominic’s was quite filled in. My coach name was Roman the one who grabbed be in the one who was blocking the door. While Dominic’s coach was Matt the one who called me twig and Dominic blubber. At first Roman’s insults made me angry and or sad but the more I exercise the more I channeled my emotions into the next lifted. The more I lifted the better I felt the more I wanted to feel my muscles burn. I sat up from lifting weights from the workbench trends in sweat. as Roman handed me a water bottle, taking a swig from it, I saw myself in the mirror. For a second, I didn’t even recognize myself. My black hair was longer, and I was starting to grow a 5 o’clock shadow on my face. My wants flat hairless chest now had some muscle, my pecs were starting to stick out, my arms were larger and defined, and I could see that my had armpit hair and chest hair drenched with sweat. With my muscular legs I got up following Roman to a special lunchroom. Roman and Matt led to me and Dominic to a table with two plates filled with food. When I sat down, I began to eat, when Dominic asked me. “What in hell happened to you Nikolai. Forgive me for saying that you were skinny guy this morning but now your starting to look like a regular gym regular Gower.” I just stared at him and noticed that he had tears and a bruise on his face. As soon as our lunch break was over I immediately without prompting from Roman, hopped on an exercise machine. Then before I could start, I noticed that Dominic was being dragged towards an exercise machine as well. Dominic somehow slipped from Romans and Matt’s strong grip and ran towards me. Dominic panting said,” Nikolai we need to leave this place. It’s trying to change us into muscle beast or gym zombie or something.” I got off the exercise machine that I was using and punch Dominic in the gut causing him to double over in pain, as Roman and Matt grabbed, and we placed him in the machine that I was using. Dominic was crying and pleading for me to snap out of it. I slapped his fat belly and said,” come on fatso you have weights to crunch.” Dominic had a sad, and shocked looked, as me, Roman and Matt tied him to the exercise machine. Two more huge gym members watched Dominic has, me Roman and Matt began seriously exercising. Every exercise machine I use causes me to grow huge with muscles, causing me slowly filling out this the gym clothes that Roman gave to me. I felt Every muscle in my body burn with exertion. I was driven by an unholy desire to become bigger and stronger, to see my muscles grow. Every insult that Roman and Matt gave felt like encouragement for me to keep going. The loud demonic metal music used to annoy me but now it makes my body feel pump to exercise as I nod to the rhythm of it, and the ones spicy musk smell that would’ve made me gag now smell better than fresh air. I could feel my clothes become tight because of my growing muscles, if I was still wearing my old shoes and clothes they would’ve been shredded to bits by now. Eventually Roman told me that I was done for the day. I got up from the exercise machine and started to head towards the locker room when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was huge and hairy; my black hair reaches back of my neck while my beard was starting to reach the tops of my big hairy pecs. The black sleeveless shirt that barely fit me was now tying against my huge muscular body. My skinny arms were replaced by two huge hairy arms that sported huge biceps cover with lots of vein and pepper with black hair, and my thighs were now like the tree trunks. I eventually stopped looking at myself and started to walk toward locker room. I was in one of the showers stalls letting the hot water soothing my aching muscles. When the I heard the stall door opening, I turned around thinking that I must have forgotten to lock the shower stall, when I saw a huge hairy man. at first, I didn’t recognize him, then I asked, “Dominic is that you?”, He just smiled for his answer and came closer to me. The one fat nerd was now a behemoth of a man, like me his brown hair grew out, slightly covering his eyes and his unkept beard reached his huge hairy pecs. He still had fat but instead of his belly sagging because of it, now it was a firm beef belly. His arms and legs were now huge and hairy with muscle, with arms like bowling balls and tree trunk like legs. Then I noticed his huge fat hard cock sticking out and his huge hairy balls, inviting me to partake. I wanted to stick my fat hard cock into his thick ass, but I kneeled instead as a form of peace offering. Dominic came closer, accepting my peace offering for punching him in the gut, as I’d open my mouth to receive his juicy beef stick, he placed both of his big hands behind back of my head. The me from this morning with a gag at the site two men sucking each other’s cocks, but the feeling and taste of Dominic’s fat cock and balls was so intoxicating. I began to feel Dominic’s thick beefy cock move, thrusting his thick hips back and forth as he began to face fuck me hard. I enjoyed the taste of his salty cum and the way his hard-fat cock stuffed down my throat. I love how Every thrust of his cock made me want more of his manly cum. Dominic began to thrust faster as he climaxed as his came closer. Eventually his muscular back straight, and is hard cock stiffen as it shot his hot sticky cum into my thirsty mouth. Dominic smile as I got up from sucking his fat cock. With no words Dominic kneeled and began to suck me off. Like me Dominic was thirsty for my cum. Feeling his thick tongue on my cock made me moan and pleasure. It didn’t take me long for my balls to stiffen up and for me to shoot my load into Dominic’s mouth. Dominic got up from sucking my fat cock. We eventually finished showering and headed back into locker room where Roman and Matt was waiting for us. Bonus Hell-Daddy watched as his gym gained two new members. He loved watching his gym turned week kids into big strong men and soon these two men will become his muscle demons. That is the fate of all men who enter his gym.
  15. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch 1 part four by Big Zargo Every Ogre Lord needs his court wizard When Samuel woke up, He thought he was in a stinky locker room, for all he can smell was musk; But then the memories hit. All Samuel can do was moan in exhaustion. “By the beard of my master I have failed.” He moaned in exhaustion. In all of Samuel’s life he thought being a guardian for some old forgotten entity, would be an easy career choice. No wizard politics, no demons, no Eldridge abomination and, no agent God’s just him, his wife, his three children, and one bumbling apprentice. Now more than half the people in town are missing. The town is covered by a mysterious fog generated by the entity and, his apprentice is off taking his magical exam. All that he can remember was leaving his house and he tries to remember how he got into this dark room. “Fuck! My bag he thought with donning horror.” Samuel’s bag is where he holds all magical supplies. On instinct he tries to recall it, only to moan in pain as he feels his pool of magic was near empty. Samuel would have tried to draw in the surrounding magic, but it was contaminated with something. He remembers how one of his allies to demon contaminated magic and got possessed by it. He feels that all the magic being used up trying to protect him and 2 others from the contaminated magic he guessed. All Samuel knows is that he erases some of his own mind with his own spell on purpose. Getting his bearings while in the room he discovers that, he is trapped in a magic cage with two other people. The contaminated magic forming an outline on the cage, thanks to his magic site letting him know. In order for Samuel to escape he would have to remove spell protecting the other two with him, but it will most certainly lead to their deaths if he do so. “That smell again,” he thought to himself. Samuel stops his thinking as the small musk became stronger and as he starting to hear some noises coming outside of his cloth cage. With no ceremony the cloth covering the case have been removed form Samuel’s and the two other men’s cages. “Time to wake up some sunshine’s,” deep mysteriously voice said. The light blinding Samuel as he regains his site. He and the other two men found themselves brought to a clearing filled with huge gray camping tents. It’s village of gray tents was next to the main library of Holmes top Borough letting Samuel know that they must be somewhere downtown, in the early morning. Samuel was disturbed site of huge hairy muscular caveman to round 10 feet tall like creatures; Most if not all were bare chested and they were wearing kilts, thong, loincloth, and some were just completely naked. Smell of sex is permeating the air as Samuel could literally see some of the creatures having sex. There have been place next to the largest tent among the village of tents; this large had a golden symbol of circle with two wavelike passing through it and one line passing vertically. Then Samuel noticed the creatures in leather arm and among them was the entity named Owen sitting on a huge chair reading a book with his huge hands. Samuel just knew that Owen was the one sitting on the chair he also discovered that he, for he was naked. Like the other caveman like creatures Owen had a pelt of black body hair, a 11 feet tall body with refilling muscle that reminded Samuel of the incredible hulk, a big cock, with a pair of huge hairy balls. As Samuel got closer, he could see that Owen had a strong square jaw, a bushy black mustache, a big round nose, a sideburn, brown eyes under a pronounce eyebrow ridge, with thick bushy eyebrows, a bald orange head. Owen marked and closest to the book he was reading. Owen smiles at the site of his three prisoners. the wizard was a fat middle-age short white man with black graying hair, grayish blue eyes and a round nose. One of other man had average body type and an average height tan skin, short graying hair black, sternum brown eyes, hawkish nose, a mustache, and a triangle face. While the other man had an average body type as well but was little bit taller than all three of them and had white skin, short hair black, thin mustache, green eyes, and the average nose. “It was a shame that the fourth person died he would have the made a great ogre. Still though why in the world would this wizard try to kill his allies, he didn’t know? Maybe the wizard thought that he was a powerful demon so decided to give his friends a swift death rather than being tortured by a demon. Still it took a lot of power to capture all three of them, he would have to send a couple ogres to pick up the body and all the other dead humans in Holmes top Borough. A few hours does wonders for him and his magic. With this pool of power being nearly full he should be to turn this Guardian into his ogres; Especially sense the wizard pool power was low to nonexistent. He must subconsciously had protected the other two men from my muscle fog with his magic,” Owen thought. “Now having his prize, a guardian Owen just have to locate the other Two guardians before he can be completely free from his magical shackles. He could have gone with making the wizard watch as he turns his two friends into ogres, but he might be able to escape while he was distracted. No, the wizard must be the first to receive his blessing, he will make a fine court mage.” Owen thought to himself. “Grabbed the wizard and hold them down on his back.” Owen commanded. With the snap of his fingers the part of cage holding the wizard vanish before re-appearing around the other two prisoners, as the wizard fall on his fat ass. Owen - “Let me see the key on you.” Before the wizard could try anything, Samuel was quickly grabbed by one of the Owens ogres in leather armor, before he can escape. With no prompting from Owen another ogre quickly stripped off the wizard’s clothes leaving him butt naked. “There is no key my Lord.” The other ogres said. “Seems I misplaced my key.” the wizard said. Lesson learned Owen thought secure the key first then attempt to corrupt them after. Owen smile did not waver at the news of the key’s disappearance. “You still going to tell me where it is, even if your dead. Once you die the protections on this key slack in and I could track where is, am I’m correct with this assumption?” All that Owen got for an answer for was a grunt from the wizard. “Of course, I’m not planning to kill you. Otherwise you would already be dead.” He says with a toothy grain. Owen got up from his chair, walking towards the restrained wizard. The ogre who had stripped the wizard of his clothes having begun to move back giving his lord plenty of room. “You may kill me or break me for your sick purposes, but the Council will seal you monster and banish all your friends back to whatever dimension they came from.” The wizard said with hatred. Owen - “Those are tough words coming from a fat powerless wizard. Although now you have my curiosity about this Council. When I’m done with you, you’ll tell me everything you know about this Council of yours.” Owen Places his huge hand on to the wizard’s fat belly and said. “Nice to meet you Samuel.” Samuel’s face pales as he felt Owen’s mind break through his defenses; Like a burglar breaking through his house breaking and stealing Samuel’s stuff. Samuel’s throat quickly became rough from screaming. “Don’t worry Samuel this won’t take long, you’ll be good as new when I’m done with you, no! even better than your old self.” Owen said in delight. If Samuel had his pool of magic filled, he would be able to resist Owen’s power. But as it stands now the absence of power in Samuel’s body allows Owen’s corruption to seeped through. Samuel could literally feel his humanity being washed away by Owen primal magic. Richard and Joseph slowed woke up because of Samuel screaming. “What the hell is all that noise?” The short black hair man said, whose name was Joseph. “When the world hit me.” The man with short grayish hair with some black in it said whose name was Richard. Both of them quickly woke up with the noise of Samuel screams. Each of them getting up and turning their faces to Samuel’s location. “Dear God.” Richard whispered in horror. At the site of Samuel’s apparent torture. Eventually Samuel stopped screaming and just lay there with his blank gray blue eyes and his mouth hanging open and saliva leaking out of it. The man known as Samuel was now a blank vessel for Owen to fill with power and manipulation. “Like breaking old chair to make the new stool. Now here’s the fun part.” Owen said. Owen starts to fill Samuel’s body with primal power. Forcing his once less than average pool of magic to grow. Samuel’s broken mind starting to repair at Owen’s direction. With Courage he did not know he had Richard said. “What in hell are you doing to Samuel, you giant Beefed up roid monster.” “I'm remaking him into a sexy ogre.” Owen said. Owen looks at Richard for a second then his gaze moves towards Joseph where he meets Joseph’s eyes and where he quickly loses the contest of wills. Samuel’s fat body grew wider and taller, right in front of Richard’s and Joseph’s eyes. His arms and legs grew with huge muscle. His hands grew into huge mitts with sausage like fingers. His biceps grew into huge bowling balls. His shoulders grew into huge boulders. His back grew muscle as his neck swelling up giving him a bull’s neck and deeper voice. His pecs grew into beefy pillows. His sagging belly grew straighter until it became tough gut. His ass grew into two huge soccer balls. His thighs grew larger than tree trunk. His calves grew into huge cannonballs, as his feet grew into huge pads with thick toes. His cock grew into a fat 12-inch-long monster, as his balls grew into huge oranges. His round jaw became a square jaw, his pointed nose having swells and rounds out. His eyebrows ridge became more pronounce giving them a caveman look. His slightly hairy body grew more hair as his face grew a huge-long beard going down to is now hairy pecs. Seeing that Samuel’s rebirth, it’s now complete Owen lifts his hand off of Samuel’s big tough gut. Backing off to see Samuel the ogre. Owen -“That a Hot daddy, you turn out well. With your slightly peppered long beard, a mustache and bald head.” The ogre that was still holding Samuel’s help lifted Samuel’s 10 feet tall orange ogreish body off the ground. Owen sat back in his chair looking a little bit drained. While the other ogres around him had hard dicks at the site of Samuel’s rebirth. “Come suck off daddies’ cock.” Samuel said to the ogre who stripped his clothes off. The ogre kneeled down and starts licking and sucking Samuel’s thick cock, while the other one who was holding him starts rubbing his cock near Samuel big ass. “This fat ass is your reward,” Samuel says in hunger. “Serving Owen is my reward daddy wizard. Besides your ass just looks so lonely and I figured my cock could keep it company.” The ogre behind him said. “You’re a good-looking cub. You’re welcome it in my ass.” Samuel said. “Thank you, sir, but don’t call me cub.” the ogre behind Samuel said. With those words the ogre behind Samuel plunges his fat cock into Samuel’s ass and starts moving his hips back and forth. Both Richard and Joseph stood there in shock, seeing Samuel a wizard be broken then turn into a sex crazed daddy ogre, filled them with dread. “Joseph, we need to find a way out here and a need to find it quickly. We need one of the other guardians and tell what happened here. Look for a weak spot in his cage while they’re all distracted.” Richard said. “Damn that ogres pounding Samuel’s ass real hard. I wonder if I can have sloppy seconds on Samuel’s plump ass.” Joseph said while rubbing his crotch. Joseph’s mind already succumbing to Owens influence. Richard slowly turns towards Joseph and whispers. “No.” Joseph is starting to look taller and a little bit wider, his white skin beginning to turn oranges. Richard see that Joseph muscle on body starts to grow while his clothes starts to become tighter. “No, no, no,” Richard repeated as he backed away from the changing Joseph. As he begins moving away to a corner of the cage Richard tries looking for an exit. The Smell of sex was in the air as the guard ogres start to masturbate when ogre Samuel starts is three-way with the two other ogres. The familiar smell of sex having been making Joseph feel a live. His cock and balls for the first to grow; they serve out slowly but as they grew so did his body. This feeling of primal energy going through his body was intoxicating to Joseph. so, he was himself go. Letting the power of Owen’s gift pass right through. His memories of his wife fade away as he changes into an ogre. He knew as an ogre that he would be strong that his libido would be fire that would help Ignite his soul burning away his humanity. Joseph was a man ruled by his libido, making Owens gifts so in resistible to him. Some part of his very soul urine for Owen’s touch. Joseph grew and grew stretching out his clothes with his growing muscles. His pants and shirt gain tears before falling off his growing body. “Oh yeah.” Joseph moaned out as his body grew. His now big bodybuilding’s body starts to rumble with ogreish might, as once human skin tone completely turning orange. “Fuck Yeah!” Joseph yelled out, while rubbing his growing cock. Joseph’s body grew taller and wider as his head eventually reach the ceiling of the cage. “This is getting too tight.” Joseph said while forcing to hunch his head. Now feeling the cage was being too small he stopped his masturbating with his growing body he began destroying the confining cage with his growing arms. With a mighty roar from Joseph, the top of the cage was forced out words as it was smashed to pieces. The once straight bars that were holding the cage now bands like metal hangers against Joseph’s growing ogreish body Cage that was hold them. The now 10 feet tall Joseph resumed his masturbating as he got out of the remains of the destroyed cage. His once clean-shaven face, with thin black mustache and short black hair was now covered with a 5 o’clock shadow with a big bushy mustache and wild black hair. His once average body was now like the other ogres big, wide, and tall, brimming with muscle and sharing the caveman look with hair peppering his huge body. Joseph masturbation began to pick up pace as well the other ogres, because of Samuel’s three-way sex was near its climax. Unscathed by the destruction of cage and seeing the ogres were distracted by Samuel’s three-way sex, Richard tried to escape. Richard was in a forest of huge giant man, each masturbating to site of Samuel’s three-way sex, but one the master of these creatures Owen. Sadly, for Richard he made the mistake of gazing at Owen’s eyes. “Oh yeah that’s hot,” one ogre said. “Fuck I’m about to bust my nuts,” another ogres said. With a single glance of Owens piercing brown eyes Richard froze like a deer in headlights. Within that second of eye to eye contact Owen challenge Richard to a contest of wills, Owens will be being like a tidal wave of lust and domination, compared to Richards Sandcastle of will. Richard’s mouth starts to drool, his cock becomes erect and his mind becomes foggy with lust. All that he can see is Owen’s fat juicy erect cock, beckoning to him to come and taste it. Owen- “Come take of my seed.” Samuel had never felt this good in his life. The primal magic flowing through his veins was making his three-way feel extremely good. “FUUUUCK!” Each thrust of the ogre that was behind Samuel gave a jolt of energy and pleasure to him. He felt the magic power inside him swell and swell with each thrust. Knowing that the excess energy is being sent to Owen, gave Samuel great joy. The ogres around Samuel starts to pick up their pace with their masturbating, as they felt Samuel’s climax coming near, some even coming early with a roar of pleasure, starting a chain reaction of coming. One by one each ogre offers their tribute to master and tell eventually Samuel and his two partners came. Each of the ogres drenches their seed across the clearing pelting the ground with their come. None of this ogreish rain spills upon Owen, but sadly for Richard he is soaking with the stuff. Each drop of white ogreish cum stains Richards skin oranges, like a bad chemical reaction to his skin, as he makes his way towards Owen. Slowly stretching his clothes to the breaking point by the time his tongue starts licking at Owen’s meat. One taste of Owen’s cock is enough for Richard to lose it. Licking and slipping at Owen’s cock, he starts to swell like a muscle balloon. From slightly standing to kneeling on all fours Richard body grew bigger and hairier as his became an ogre. His humanity fell as quickly as his clothes fell off his growing body. Richard Quickly grew into a huge 10 feet tall monster with freakishly huge well proportion muscles and his skin quickly and completely turns to an orange hue. Within the first minutes of sucking off Owen’s fat cock Richard became a musclebound ogre, With a caveman look with his hairy body, cum drenched graying black beard, wild hair and his big hairy ass up in the air just begging to be plowed. Richard’s fat cock is leaking out the remains of his humanity. Padding and rubbing Richard’s head Owen took great delight at Richard’s blow job. Owen thought, how easily they fall when the leader succumbs to my power. I must admit that that possums spell that Samuel cast was pretty clever for a ritual type mage. If I just had killed them instead of making them into ogres, he may have gotten away with it. Now that key that Samuel had will begin to deteriorate because of his transformation. Now that Samuel is mine, he will lead me to Noah and other two guardians, and when I turned them into ogres this prison, this town will become my sanctuary, my fortress. Looking down at Richard, Owen said, “you’re good cock sucker aren’t you? Let me reunite you with your son.” In answer he knew and felt Richard come, shooting out the rest of his humanity and signify the of his transformation into an ogre. A couple of seconds later after Richard came, Owen felt his climax coming as well. Closing his eyes Owen enjoys Richard’s work on his fat cock. Eventually Owen came shooting down ogreish cum through Richard’s throat. Unexpectedly Richard’s body grew with a nether growth spurt as if turning into an ogre again. He got up revealing to Owen his now 11feet tall ogreish body. “Did I please you, my Lord?” Richard said with cum and slobber drooling from his mouth. Richards once kind stern brown eyes now became a harsh glowing gray. He was much bigger than the average ogre, and much more loyal. His hawkish nose was blunted down, his triangle chin was smashed into a square jaw and he was now mist leaked from his body as if he were constantly sweating. With a nod of Owen’s head, the huge hulking Richard left Owens site; following his will Richard went to Owen’s tent. “Come to me Samuel we must talk.” Owen commanded. Walking towards Owen with Joseph behind his heels, Samuel bowed at Owen’s huge feet, a good sign of loyalty Owen thought. Owen -“First we need to find the other guardians as soon as possible. When that task is complete come and find me and tell me where they are. Joseph, I have a task you as well. You will find Jacob tell him to find the specialists as soon as possible, I can feel the deterioration of your brother’s minds. You two are dismissed.” I’m was looking for ways to improve my work. Feel free to leave your opinion down below. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  16. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 part three B by Big-Zargo Story B Muscle Blast Terrence and his friends were walking out the sports bar called Marty’s Elixir. Terrence being the designated driver was sober while his friend Christopher and Kenneth were drunk off their ass. “Come on you two, let’s go. This Friday night is almost over. We have to head back to school by Monday.” Terrence said, well dragging his two drunken friends. “Come on Terrence, it will only take us about six hours to drive back to our dorms. And we have …. hiccup sound… two more days.” Christopher Said, in a drunken stupor. “You Promise your girlfriend Carla that you would pick her up on Saturday evening, from her parents. And you made me promise to help you with your promise to her. I’m helping you do that by making sure you hit the hay and not stay up all night drinking and tell you pass out in the morning.” Terrence said. “He’s right you know if you don’t pick her up… Hiccup sound…. She will dump your ass. You have too many broken promises to afford one more…. Belching sound… and although she understands you are not perfect… Hiccup sound…. She is willing to give you one more chance to change yourself…. Hiccup sound… Like you promise her that you would.” Kenneth said, drunkenly. “With the always this foggy, I.I.I can barely see. I don’t remember it being foggy when we entered the b,b,b, bar.” Christopher said. “You’re right Christopher, it is strange”. Terrence said. “Hey what’s that blue light.” Christopher said before he got hit by it. Falling to the ground by the force of the blue light. As Terrence and Kenneth said, “What the hell.” at the same time.” Terrence realized that Christopher was literally blasted off his feet and that Terrence’s hand was completely empty where he was holding Christopher’s wrist. Looking down at Christopher they notice that his body was starting to shake, like he was vibrating. Right in front of Terrence’s and Kenneth’s eyes, Christopher grew like the incredible hulk. First his clothes having started out by tightening before stretching, showing off his growing body. before their eyes Christopher’s clothes that have been already stretched to their limits and now begun their process of ripping and tearing into pieces. Huge beefy pecs grew and grew as hair began popping up all over his body. Arms and legs quickly grew larger than a human’s head, and feet that grew twice as long as wide, completely bursting his shoes and shedding his socks. “What the fuck!” Kenneth yelled out. Christopher’s shredded clothes falling to the ground revealing his new huge muscular body. With his new huge 10-inch-long cock, he shot his load of cum into the night moaning while he did so. Christopher was now a huge muscular giant. He must have been around 10 feet tall by Terrence estimation. His once chubby arms and legs were now jacked up with huge muscle. He was wide as he was tall, and with those shoulders and a waste twice as wider than a human. It seemed that most of his fat must the move towards his belly and pecs. his big belly did not sag but was firm, for He must have a tight muscle gut underneath that layer of fat that covers his belly. His pecs did not sag either, but they look plump and somehow his thick skin was oranges it was hard to tell the dark. Is normally shaved to face now had short beard on and his hair was more spiker. With facial features like a brute and hair peppering his muscular body he was rocking the giant caveman look. Christopher sat up from the ground, blinking before yawning revealing his new huge sharp canines. Now noticing his friend Cameron gave a smile before doing a double bicep pose. “Do you guys like what you see. I am fucking huge, and I feel fucking amazing to. Come on Kenneth feel my fucking bicep there just so fucking huge. Come on Terrence don’t be shy I have to arms so there’s plenty of me to go around.” Christopher said jovially. Kenneth being drunk, curious, and just disbelieving placed his outstretched right hand on to Christopher’s huge bicep. “Feels so hard and warn, man.” Kenneth said, in wonder. Kenneth back off from the huge Christopher and said. “Why do I feel so warm, all the sudden?” As his body began to shake. Like Christopher, Kenneth’s body grew with muscle and with no chance of holding on against his body grew, Kenneth’s clothes tightening and then tearing before bursting off of his growing body. In no time Kenneth’s shredded clothes fell on to the ground and before Terrence’s eyes can flat belly grew a pair of six-pack abs and his cock became erect as it grew fat and long. Roaring as he came, he shot his on to Christopher’s hairy chest. “That looks delicious.” Christopher said. Using one of his Fingers as a spin Christopher licked at Kenneth’s cum, like a man tasting ice cream. What the fuck. Terrence said in discuss. Never seeing a disgusting gay act like that before. Terrence refocused on Kenneth. Kenneth was now a huge 10 feet tall giant like Christopher. Now twice as large as the biggest human man Kenneth and Christopher towered over Terrence with height and muscle. Kenneth once skinny body was now beef up like Christopher’s body, with huge muscular arms and legs a thick 9-inch cock with orange size balls, a nice set of six pack abs. Kenneth was also sharing the caveman look Christopher, with a long black beard reaching his hairy huge beefy pecs and with surprisingly similar facial features they could pass for two hairy brothers. “Wow this is fucking amazing.” Kenneth said, while flexing his huge muscular body. Grabbing Christopher’s arm and lifting him off the ground, Kenneth gave a toothy grin, at his immense strength. “I’m all for you guys getting some exercise but this is ridiculous. Christopher how going to explain this to Carla let alone your parents .” Terrence said, with a concerned voice. “I don’t know who this Carla you are talking about, but all I care about are my two brothers, you and Kenneth. We’re going to show those puny humans in the bar are big sexy muscles.” Christopher said. “We’re going to watch them puny human transform into big strong sexy ogres. Then we are going to drink and fuck all night before heading to my dad’s house and if he’s not big strong sexy by the time we get back, I’ll stuff fat cock in his pale white ass, before heading to bed.” Kenneth said. “That isn’t you speaking. It’s whoever or whatever turned you into that that musclebound monster. You guys aren’t gay. You guys aren’t this sex and muscle crazed monster. We just need to take you guys to the hospital, we just……..” Terrence said as his mind fell upon a blank. Terrence’s body began to shake. Like Christopher and Kenneth, Terrence’s body grew with muscles, and size. Feeling his bones go hot and cold, hot, and cold as they grew to compensate his growing body. Trying to resist this foreign influence with the last of his lingering will, Terrence’s felt his cock grow and swell as it became the erect. Terrence felt his humanity leak out of his throbbing hard cock as well as the air of the night on his naked body. His clothes already in tatters and on the ground, his muscles already huge and his humanity almost gone. Eventually like the others he came, shooting his cum and the last of his humanity onto the ground. “Damn look quite sexy Terrence.” Christopher said “don’t I know it.” Terrence said, while flexing huge hairy pecs. Terrence was now an ogre like his two friends; 10 feet tall, rippling with muscles, a firm muscle gut more defined than Christopher’s, black curly hair peppering body, a bushy beard, a fat foot-long cock, with orange size hairy balls, dark brown skin, and surprisingly he kept his short haircut. “Can you feel Owen’s blessing?” Christopher said to Terrence. “I can feel it Christopher. Can you Kenneth?” Terrence said. “Hell, yeah I can.” Kenneth said. The other two ogres began to flex showing off their muscles, with Terrence. Each of their cocks re-hardened as they became more aroused at the site of their muscles. Eventually they stopped flexing their muscles to begin masturbating. All three ogres rubbed at their hard-fat cocks with their big muscular hands. “So how are we going to transform all those humans into ogres.” Terrence said “I think we should just bust down the door and just start fucking all those people.” Kenneth said “Don’t be daft, Kenneth. Some of the humans might be able to getaway and I don’t want to chase them down.” Christopher said. “Maybe we should just wait outside the door and take turns as we grabbed the humans one by one.” Terrence said. “yeah but if you do that the humans might scream or moan to loudly giving us away. Plus, how are we going to hide are big sexy bodies from the front windows we would probably be too close to the windows to hide in the fog.” Kenneth said. “What I want to do is just go inside and start flexing my huge muscles. I want to see them drool at the site of my meat. I want them to start begging me for my fat cock.” Christopher said. “Damn that’s making thirsty. Kenneth said. “Know what guys all three plans are really sexy maybe we can just a little bit of all three of them. Christopher barge in and get their attention, then you Kenneth headed towards the back blocking off the exit and having a way that one of them. I’ll stay out here and grab any stragglers that attempt to leave Christopher’s show.” Terrence said. “Damn that sexy.” Christopher said. All three ogres started picking up their pace as they imagine the humans transforming into ogres. The three ogres came all at once. Each ogre roaring as their load came out of their fat cocks. “That that was fucking amazing.” Terrence said, in his afterglow of his orgasm. “I think I could do this all night.” Christopher said, while panting. “Damn my ass is starting to itch. I think I need one of you guys the stuff your fat cock in it.” Kenneth said, hungrily. “I’m am thirsty you guys; you want to go back in the bar and get a few drinks?” Christopher asked. “That was a good show you guy. Here have a drink, it’s on. You guys are going to need it.” Said a mysterious voice. All three ogres turned around to see five other ogres. One was wearing a barbarian like armor, a 5 o’clock shadow with a big thick mustache and long brown hair reaching his shoulders. The other one had black wild hair beard and, on his head, a retirement muscle gut, oranges brown skin, and a tattoo. Another one had a wild black shaggy hair, a mustache complemented with a 5 o’clock shadow and sharp gray eyes. Another one had pepper hair all over his body, a wild beard, and wild shorthair. The final one was just hairy. All sharing the square jaw rounded no pronounce eyebrow ridge and all sharing the caveman look like Terrence and his friends. The ogre wearing a barbarian armor gave the three sweating ogres 3 huge gallon of bottled water. “My name is Jackson, a mighty guardian and warrior of Lord Owen.” said the armored ogre. "And I love your muscle show and Lord Owen as well." The three ogres smile with pride. “Here take the three bowties, a gift from our Lord. With these three magical bowties all the humans in the bar will not be able to resist you guys and all those who see your guys show will be blessed by Lord Owen’s gift. Besides,” Jackson points to the ogre with the tattoo. “He needs to go inside and speak with the bartender and the owner if he is around.” Jackson said. The Three ogres pick their colors bowties and nodded their heads in thanks, before heading to Marty’s elixir for their big show.
  17. Preface: I had a depressive episode shortly into writing this story. It took days to get back on track. I don't feel the story is that good and it's not my best work. I tried to improve it but the spark was gone. I apologize for any errors or problems. Theme Park by Cutlerfan It had been closed for over ten years but power was still hooked up so local frats and their pledges went to spend a night inside as a dare. Not much happened usually but there were times when things took a turn for the weird. This was one of those times. The indoor amusement park was small but completely inside so bad weather, cold, or heat did not hamper a day of fun. Heart’s Desire was originally intended to be a park for lovers but had grown over the years to include the usual rides and attractions one would expect for a fun park. As the group of brothers from Delta Iota Kappa fraternity and their pledges approached the chained main entrance all that could be read of the sign was H ART’S AMUSEMENT PARK. The E in HEART’S and the DESIRE lettering having fallen off after years of disuse. Since the little people remembered about the park was that the owner was Eli Hart no one thought the name was strange. Eli had disappeared shortly after the park closed for unknown reasons. It had been a popular attraction in it’s day in the brutally cold Minnesota winters. The group got to the entrance and one frat guy used a lock pick to remove the lock from the rust encrusted chain. It was odd that the lock had no rust but the chain was heavily flaked with iron oxide. The heavy chain came free and landed with an echoing crunch that sent bits of dirt and rust particles into the air. In the group were Brad, Eric, Chuck, Mike, Barry, and Seth representing the fraternity. The pledges were Dane, Ian, Peter, and James. Brad was 6’2” and a college Quarterback. His good looks had allowed him to bed many women who seldom stayed after the first night. He was exceedingly arrogant and that drove women away more often than not. He was well hung with average sized balls. Chuck and Seth were also on the football team. Seth was a Safety and Chuck a Lineman. Both were pretty bulky and hairy although Seth was leaner and more agile with Chuck relishing his chances to butt heads with his opponents. Neither had girlfriends although they both played the proverbial dating field. Barry was thin and lithe; the perfect swimmer’s body. He enjoyed tight clothes and speedos to show off his body and large endowment. Eric was the second string quarterback. He was an inch taller than Brad but less cocky. His cerulean eyes showed a lot of his inner emotion although he rarely let it show otherwise. He was buff but wanted more muscle to make him stand out more. Dane was an English major and he was a handsome man at 5’11” but he’d be the first to call himself a nerd since he preferred reading books to dating. He had just finished Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome and wasn’t happy about this frat initiation. His dad has suggested he get his head out of books, join a frat, and enjoy himself but he wasn’t sure. He felt that his olive skin tone disguised some of his geekiness since he did not do many outdoors sports. Ian was 6’0’ and very overweight. He was bright but shy and wore glasses. He had zero sexual experience and had hoped joining a frat would help him with his social awkwardness. He had a love of muscle but assumed he'd never be a muscle man. It hadn’t occurred to him that he might be gay but his homelife was pretty crazy so he’d never had the time. Peter was a business major who hoped to run a company one day. He knew it took determination to succeed in business but he worried he lacked that quality. Joining a frat would help him network for possible future business deals.He was tall, of average build, and had a fine bulge. James was a Biology major who hoped to study genetic disorders one day. He was lean and lithe and had been on the Crew team his freshman year and was a good Coxswain. He decided to try a frat to give him an idea where he fit in the world of introverts and extroverts. Few people knew how well hung he was because he didn’t wear tight clothes very often. “Ok plebes time to go inside. Remember if you leave before dawn you fail your initiation, understand? It’s now nine pm and sunrise is in about ten and a half hours. Just stay inside the entire time and you’ll be fine.” The frat boys firmly push the four pledges into the doorway. “There’s a powerbox next to the door on the right. Flip the switch and you won’t be in the dark all night, ok? Now go!” The foursome entered the door and turned on their flashlights. After a few moments a click was heard and all the lights came on. Carnival music was heard so the frat guys relocked the chain on the door and went around back to a somewhat secret entrance the frat used to get inside to torment the pledges. “We’re gonna scare them shitless!” said Brad. “Hell yeah we’ll show those fairies who’s boss alright!” added Barry. “Give it a rest guys!” muttered Eric. “Not every pledge is gay you know.” “It’s best just to assume so to weed out the fags!” replied Chuck. Eric sighed as he trailed behind the other guys. He knew if the guys found out about his orientation they’d kick him out of the frat for sure; assuming they didn’t beat him while doing so. He dated and slept with girls to keep up appearances but he knew he was really a Bisexual guy who preferred other guys. Sex with women was fine but he never felt a strong bond with any of his dates. This worked to his advantage since his reputation as a lady's man made it easy for him to date and sleep with many women without any commitments. Eric had come along to make sure the other bros didn’t do anything dangerous. He sighed and went inside. The pledges were enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. Automated music poured out of the loudspeakers but it wasn’t too loud to annoy them It was more like a distant buzz in their ears. The group found spots to bunk down in and unrolled their sleeping bags. After they were ready for any sleep they might want they explored the area around them. There was a Cupid themed fountain that turned on when the power came back. It quickly filled with a bluish tinted water that smelled sweet. Dane took a tiny sip from it that he gathered in his flask and said it tasted sort of like liquid cotton candy. He had a full drink and headed off to the games area. His hair slowly turned a light pastel blue tint as he walked. As was the tradition, all five guys took time near where they had entered to stop by an odd statue. Brad bowed at the statue of a hearty looking male holding a goblet in one hand with his other hand out palm open.. A sign above him read “An offering allows you passage. In the right spot grants you a wish” Brad poured a libation of beer into the goblet and he and three of the guys left. Eric stood before the statue and spotted something on the floor. He picked it up and held it in his hand. It was heavy and embossed with an image of a smiling swarthy man. He looked like a genie or djinn from the tales of Arabian Nights.Looking a bit puzzled Eric placed the coin in the statue’s open palm and said “I wish I could be myself to my friends and that we could all get along.” Eric sighed and headed off to the others. After he was gone the eyes of the statue glowed for a moment and a voice boomed “Wish Granted.” The frat brothers began laying out their props and equipment. Spooky sound effects recordings on portable wi-fi speakers, fake blood, and other pranks were in their bag of tricks. They spread out leaving fake signs of death around as they went; a skull here or there, blood droplets, and a few pieces of rotting fish. It was childish at best but the bros apart from Eric were enjoying themselves when they reached the hall of mirrors. The five pranksters stood together in the hall of mirrors. Each saw his distorted figure reflected in the glass. Barry smirked as he saw his huge expanded belly in the mirror. “Whoa, I guess I had too many cheeseburgers at lunch.” The other bros laughed and showed off their reflections. Barry saw a burly man far bigger than his slim physique. Brad scowled seeing his shorter, more feminine body in the mirror. “What is this gay crap?” The others chuckled and agreed they’re images were messed up too. Seth looked about the same in height but more handsome. “Damn! I didn’t know a mirror could shrink your package!” he commented while pointing at Brad’s reflection. “Who says it shrunk?” replied Brad. “you’ve never been well hung.” As Brad smirked Seth replied. “Well princess I think you should look at yours again, a micro bulge and a huge ass is what I see!” Brad saw it was true, the image did give him a very pronounced set of glutes like he has been a cyclist for decades. “EFF you Seth, it’s just some kind of smart mirror warping our images. Plenty of ladies can attest to the size of my manhood!” Chuck cried “Weird I'm taller but where’s my scruff and body hair?” The hirsute Chuck looked barely eighteen with no facial hair. “Guys it looks like I’ve been eating my Wheaties or doing roids! He flexed his arms revealing the enormous muscle man in the reflection. “Eh it’s all fake anyway” said Brad. “You three get started with the other prank stuff we brought while Barry and I get set up here!” Eric, Seth, and Chuck all left with the supplies. Barry and Brad began to set up some drone controlled ghost puppets on strings. “Hey man.” Brad asked Barry. Is my ass really huge in the mirror?” Barry looked and said “no looks normal to me. Oh crap! Uh Brad your ass is huge!” Barry cried. “Yeah I know in the mirror right?” Brad said annoyed. “No like for real, your ass is like two beach balls, feel it!” “What the hell are you...Fuck! What the hell happened? I have a ginormous double bubble butt ass! Wait? How did I know that’s what I have? Like what’s wrong with my voice? I sound so wimpish!” Brad was panicking when Barry walked over. And hugged him. “It’s okay Brad I like your voice and bubble butt!” Barry rubbed Brad’s enormous bouncy glutes and Brad suddenly moaned. ‘Oh Fuck me that feels so good… I mean... why the hell did you do that? Are you a fairy or something?” Brad slapped Barry hand off his ass but it was a weak slap. Don’t touch me you freak!” Brad stomped off leaving Barry confused but he relaxed as he stood posing in the mirror and seeing his lean body swell with muscle and size. He thought he was at least six foot six and three hundred fifty pounds. “Looks like I should quit the swimming team and join Football. I like that idea!” He cupped his big bulge and was soon masturbating. A few minutes later his cum hit the mirror and he moaned as a heavy orgasm caused his body to spasm.Over an hour later he emerged a mammoth bear of a man. Brad looked for and found a bathroom mirror to look at himself in. Thinking to himself. ‘He looked the same, right? Very sexy for the ladies. That was all just a trick of the light in the Hall of Mirrors’. As Brad turned to leave he didn’t notice his now regular sized ass begin to grow. It was just a bit but noticeable. Soon Eric found Chuck after he had just run out of pranks. As they were chatting Brad saw something out of the corner of his eye. He spotted Ian and Dane heading to the House of Horror. He motioned for Chuck to follow him and the two quietly follow the pledges. After letting them look around inside for a few moments they caught up with the pair inside the Mad Scientist’s Lair. “You come here to get scared, fairies?” asked Brad and the two pledges turned to run. Easily outracing them Brad and Chuck grabbed them. Brad saw Dane’s tinted hair and reached out to punch him. At this point Chuck saw the experiment chambers and gestured to them. Four tiny plastic ‘treatment’ chambers each the size of a porta potty. “Perfect signs for them huh Chuck?” Chuck laughed as he read the signs above two of the chambers which read ‘Twink’ and ‘Slaveboy.’ “Let’s throw them in there!” cried Brad and he pushed Dane into the Twink chamber and Chuck shoved Ian into the Slaveboy one. They closed the doors and looked around for some controls. They were standing in front of two chambers labeled ‘Real Man’ and ‘Alpha Male’. They failed to notice some pressure pads in the floor and as they moved around Chuck stepped on one and the chambers powered up with flashing lights and weird electrical sounds Brad was smiling and stepped on another control and gears began to grind as the small metal pads the duo were standing on were pulled into the remaining chambers; Brad into the ‘Alpha Male’ chamber and Chuck into the ‘Real Man’ one. Automatic doors closed on them before they could get out. A mist of fog enveloped the group of four and electrical discharges filled the air. The chambers began to shake and the four signs started to fall off the displays one after the other revealing different placards underneath. The ‘Alpha Male’ now read ‘Twink’ and the Real Man read “Slaveboy.’ The machines began to shut down and a rush of steam filled the air as the chambers opened. Brad staggered out first. His body felt unstable and he soon understood why. He had shrunk somehow! He knew he couldn't be taller than 5’2” and ‘Holy Shit! What happened to my ass?’ he thought as he felt the ballooned glutes sticking out a good seven or eight inches from his waist. He realized he had a “bubble butt” but wasn’t sure how he knew that. Dane was next and he was huge! He stepped out completely naked. He stood around 6’10’ and was a whopping 360-70 pounds of dense muscle. He had grown a beard in the scant 45 seconds in the chamber and he began to stroke it. “Damn this feels good! Brad? Is that you?” He asked and smirked. “You look soo cute that way and such a fine ass.” He swatted Brad’s posterior and Brad moaned and was aroused like he had never been before. Brad knew he should have been offended but it did feel good and he couldn’t help but be attracted to this, this, this Adonis in front of him. “Thanks Dane, you look pretty incredible as well. Can I touch you, please? I just need to feel that stud bod of yours, I mean eh I… can’t resist you? How can this be?” Dane smiled and replied “It’s because I’m an Alpha Male and you’re a Twink!” Dane bent down and kissed Brad and though small his erection was visible in the spandex shorts he now wore. A patch of wetness was obvious.“Oh GAWD I’m gonna cum! Kiss me again sweetie!” Dane did so and Brad’s small body spasmed as he cummed. Brad suddenly frowned. “Look, Dane, I’m sorry for saying you were a fag. I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry please forgive me! I’m a joke. I was so mean and all because I was insecure in my masculinity. I deserve this punishment! I’ll do whatever you want.. I’ll suck you off or you can fuck me but don’t leave me alone… I feel so safe with you! I never realized how cowardly I’ve been until now. Hiding behind a mask of toxic masculinity. But that’s been stripped away and I don’t know what to do. Would you help me please?” Chuck came out next. He was wearing a leather studded collar and a harness. He was taller, almost as tall as Dane but he had no body hair any more. There was a cock cage around his rod and he looked unsure how to deal with that. He noticed his now heavy grapefruit balls and felt better. He looked around as if searching for something or someone but gave up and went back to rubbing his balls. Ian stepped out and he was massive! At least 7 feet tall and he had a huge chest and cock. He was so muscled that he looked like a living morph. His hairy chest must have been over 70 inches and biceps 30”. His lats forced his arms up and the colossal quads rubbed together like two tanned diamond striated carvings of marble. With each step his cock and balls bounced, forced in front by the lack of space between his legs. A Muir cap was on his head and he wore a leather vest and kilt. His obscenely huge balls hung out of the short kilt and The two foot soft cock popped over the waistband. Chuck jumped up and began to suck Ian’s cock as Ian rubbed Chuck’s buzz cut head playfully. “That’s a good slave boy. Do your duty for your Master!” Ian chuckled and had no idea how things had turned out like this but he wasn’t complaining. He spotted Dane and the twinkified Brad. “You two make a cute couple. Damn you’re hot Dane!” “Likewise.” replied Dane. “You’re so huge! You could be a World’s Strongest Man contestant!” Ian laughed and rubbed his now bearded chin. “Definitely something to think about. We should find the others and see if they changed as well. Elsewhere in the park. Peter and James were looking around a ride called ‘Wild Thing.’ “Release Your Inner Beast!” was on the large poster outside the venue. Seth suddenly leaped out at them and grabbed them by their arms. He dragged them into the ride loading area and used plastic zip ties to bind their wrists to the pressure bar on the ride after he shoved them in. He started up the ride but it took a couple minutes for the automatic circuits to check the ride. Seth got in the lead car and snapped down the lap bar over his wide chest. His face was a snarl as the hair of his lush beard stood out at all angles from the plane of his face. The controls had broken so an attendant was not required to start the ride. The timer began to count down the 20 seconds before the car would pull away. Suddenly a pair of strong hands managed to snap the bindings on James’ wrists and he was pulled off the car. Eric had seen Seth drag the two pledges inside and he had hurried to catch up. The binds on Peter’s wrists were extra tight. Eric almost had them off then the ride lurched forward and to avoid being pulled into the track Eric had to jump into the seat behind Peter. The car shot down a deep ramp and then over a few corkscrews. Another tunnel was ahead and as the train lunged into the darkness everything went black. Eric, Peter and Seth were blind for a moment then visions of animals appeared for them. Pete saw a multitude of different bears. Eric saw huge thick bulls and oxen. Seth, unlike the others, saw dolphins and porpoises. A massive flash of light and they came out of the tunnel and the ride was over. Peter snapped the zip ties and he roared breaking the lap bar as he stood up. Already a light beard was growing and he was gaining height and strength. His body hair and beard thickened as he hit 6’8” then 6’10”. Eric was moaning as over 300 pounds of muscle piled on his frame and his spine elongated. He ended up over 7’4” and almost 600 pounds of thick muscle. He rubbed his new muscle gut and chuckled, realizing his voice was much deeper. He too had grown a beard and it felt amazing to him. He exited the ride and saw the new Peter. “Hey looking hot Peter!” he said. “You’re hot too and It’s Pete now!.” The two had a feel of one another’s colossal forms then they cummed in unison. A thick pool of their combined seed was on the ground. They heard a moan and realized Seth was still seated. They walked down and found Seth in a very different body.He had gotten somewhat shorter, down 5 inches from 6’3” and his generous beard was no more. His obvious chest hair tufts no longer poked through his now oversized tee. His face was more angular and attractive with a straighter nose and higher cheekbones. As he stood Eric and Pete saw his large round bubble butt and slightly narrowed shoulders. “What happened? He asked in a higher octave of voice than before. His buzz cut was now a wavy mass of hair. He rushed over to a mirror next to the height limitation chart and yelped “What am I?” “Dude, it’s okay we were all changed!” said Eric walking over and placed an enormous hand on Seth’s shoulder. “Not all of us” proclaimed James who stood in his usual tall lithe body. “Some wild body morphs, huh?” Pete and Eric smiled and nodded in agreement. I think we should regroup” said James. “How many frat guys followed us in?” he asked Eric. “Me and 4 others; Barry, Brad, Seth, and Chuck” was Eric’s reply. ”I wonder what happened to them?” said Eric thinking out loud. Pete smiled and spoke “let’s find out shall we?” The four men head off to find the others with Pete carrying Seth who seemed very drained from his transformation. Eventually the group of seven frat members and pledges met up in a vending machine area.the machines were on auto dispense so no one had to find quarters or other cash. They quickly feasted on packaged sandwiches and snacks that, oddly, did not have expired Use By dates. There was even a pizza vending machine and popcorn maker. The quickly got food and sat around the grand entrance to the park. Just after he slammed down his bottled protein shake Ian asked how everyone was. Dane and Brad sat together kissing on and off while Barry and Pete were discussing lifting techniques. Chuck was at Ian’s feet enjoying some french fries as James eyed him quizzically. Eric reached a hand around and tweaked Ian’s titanic left nip and Ian groped him back. Seth sat and swirled his hand in the Cupid fountain. Everyone was in good spirits. Time seems to stand still for the group. The equivalent of days and days of relative time seemed to pass for the nine men. An indeterminate amount of time later the first rays of daylight shined into the main hall of the park. The guys woke up and knew it was time to head home. As the beams reached Brad in an embrace with Dane his small body expanded back to its original size. He looked at Dane with a tear in his eye. Dane said “It’s okay babe, even in your old body I know you’re a twink at heart and I’ll always be here for you.” He then kissed Brad who returned the kiss. Seth was shocked to find himself back in his brutish hairy body but he knew some shaving and exercise could get him back to the swimmer’s build he wanted. His face retained his new more handsome contours. Chuck found his body hair back as well but he found it irritating as it rubbed against his original clothes. His cock ring was still there and it made him happy to know he’d find a new master to train him right. He kept a few inches of the gained height but he knew he was now and forever a sub slave boy. Barry and Peter didn’t change back at all. They both enjoyed their new bodies and were glad to keep them. A fast grope session became something more as the pair walked off for some more private time alone. Ian and Eric also kept their enormous forms and Eric in particular was happy that he could be openly gay now. The two muscle men snuggled for a little longer before they gathered Ian’s stuff and his now comically small sleeping bag. James sat on a marble bench looking down at the group. He had decided to go to Med school and perhaps become a surgeon to help people make more real life transformations. The men walked out the now open main door into the day and smiled. Each had been transformed in new and unexpected yet wanted ways. The physical morphing of their bodies had been temporary for some but their inner selves were permanently transformed; becoming happier and more open individuals. When the group reached the frat house the pledges were asked to join formally and all did. Over time people asked about what had happened at the park but they never told. “Go check it out yourselves, it’s quite the trip. Many members did so in the following weeks and left similarly transformed. Months later the frat changed its name to Chi Omega Kappa and was an openly gay frat. No one noticed or questioned the new massive sizes of some of the frat brothers. Everyone thought that they had always been like that which saved many hours of explanations. The original nine guys went on with their lives. Over time Eric’s glutes grew to bubble butt proportions as more of the twink in him became evident. Dane and Eric remained a couple even as Eric was recruited for the National Football League. Dane stayed an English major and became a novelist. The two settled down to a happy life and traveled often after Eric’s NFL time was over. Seth became a champion swimmer who glided through the water like a dolphin. He kept his body shaved for swimming and because he liked feeling smooth. He discovered a love of acting and met his future partner in Drama class and went on to become well known on Broadway and the Theater in general. Chuck found a new master who he adored. The big man helped him become the perfect slave boy. Chuck knew his master loved him and the master/slave routine was eventually dropped when they started to live together. Chuck also went to the NFL along with Barry who he remained friends with. Barry and Pete moved in together after college. After Barry got drafted into the football league Pete followed him around and they eventually got married. A few years later they bought a home and Barry became a college coach and Pete a master carpenter and sculptor. His strong hands helped him easily work stone and wood into amazing forms. Ian and Eric were a happy couple and Eric did pursue Strongman competitions and became a popular winner and advocate for gay rights. Ian got degrees in English and Biology, A Master’s in English Literature and Technical Writing, and a Doctorate in Education. He wrote science articles and gay fantasy fiction on the side or perhaps it was vice versa? Eric opened a gym to train young LBGTQ youth and adults to be physically able to protect themselves and live their lives unafraid. James went to medical school and became a doctor specializing in reconstructive surgery and prosthetics. He wanted to help people recover from body altering trauma and he was good at it. He developed several new skin graft and wound healing technologies as well as advanced muscle connectors to bypass paralysis and help people to walk again. Some of his friends called him the Bionic Doc. He found a partner and had a happy home life More people found their way into the old theme park for more than a decade after the frat guys visited before it was demolished to add more buildings to the University. Even today rumors persist that anyone living in one of the dorms on the spot may find himself changed. The End
  18. BigZargo12

    Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 Part Two

    Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 Part 2 By Big Zargo12 Back Alley Sausage Officer Jackson had a long boring day of nothing. He wasn’t sure that a boring day was a blessing or a curse. A day of peace was quite rare in this growing small town, not even a call to the police station. Which kind of made him uneasy for some reason, or maybe it was just this thick fog that came out of nowhere, that was covering His path to the station. “Where in the hell did this fog come from. The weather app on my phone said it was supposed to be a clear night.” Officer Jack thought to himself. Hearing A loud scream coming from the alleyway next to the butcher shop, broke through his thoughts. Wasting no time Jackson Stop the car and ran towards the fog covered alley. “FUCK I forgot to call the station. Fuck it, Al contact the station after I investigate the situation.” Jackson thought to himself. Running in the fog covered alley felt like walking through molasses to Jackson, He had to just stop and try to breathe. “What the hell, is going on.” Jackson thought. Jackson was not fat or skinny, but neither was the completely average especially with his potbelly. Jackson knew that he could run for much faster and longer but for some strange reason he felt tired and worn. “NO!!!” The voice sounded familiar to Jackson, thinking for a second, he recognized that it was Cameron’s voice; one of the local butchers of Holmes top Borough. “I’m coming Cameron!” Jackson Yelled out. Running through the fog, he came upon a disturbing site. Behind the butcher shop a huge hulking 10 feet tall monster with a dirty old hat, giving poor Cameron a face fucking with his huge fat cock. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew Cameron voice and recognize his tattoo on his left bicep, Jackson may never have recognized him, with the monsters hand grabbing his head forcing him to swallow his fat cock. Jackson’s Shook off his shock at the strange site. “You’re under arrest, Put your hands up.” Jackson said. “How in the world am I going to handcuff this monster, let alone fit him inside the back of his car?” Jackson thought to himself. Turning his head in response to hearing officer Jackson voice. The monster gave one last thrust to Cameron’s face, shooting his thick cum down Cameron’s throat. Falling to the ground Cameron gave a gurgle moan as the monster gave officer Jackson his full attention. “This is will by last warning now stand there and put your hands.” Jackson shouted out. The second the monster took its first step, Jackson shot out all of his ammo. Looking in horror as the monster’s thick skin deflected all of Jackson’s bullets, and Seeing no damage on the monster’s orange colored skin. Grabbing at his radio Jackson said. “I’m going to meet back up at 3432 parsley Lane back of Cameron’s butcher shop brings some heavy weapon. Roger” hearing no reply from his radio and seeing the monster coming closer, Officer Jackson ran. “Dammit, dammit, what the hell’s is going on with the radio. It was working fine this morning.” Jackson said with a fearful voice. Jackson known this alley wasn’t very long; it should have taken about five minutes to walk through the whole thing. Feeling lost, Jackson kept on Running hoping to make it back to his car. Jackson somehow found himself back in the alley behind the butcher shop where he first seen the monster and Cameron. seeing only the dirty old hat and Cameron’s clothes, in the medium size clearing behind the butcher shop. Grabbing at the familiar dirty old hat that he thought the monster was wearing, Jackson took a closer inspection of it. “My God,” Jackson whispered, Dropping the hat in horror. This hat had belonged to Liam, an old man who had lost his home last week after his grandson was arrested for making drugs in Liam’s basement. “How could this skinny senile old man become this huge muscle-bound monster?” Jackson said to himself. Looking closer at Cameron’s clothes, he sees that they were shredded. Jackson wonder what happened to Cameron, when he felt a huge fat cock grazing the left side of his face. Slowly turning around while moving backwards, Jackson eventually backups again the wall. an another musclebound monster whose 9 feet tall, huge barrel chest with two huge meaty pecs, over a tight belly, a thick around waist, attached to huge tree trunk like thighs, supported by two huge feet, a thick bulls’ neck, a pair of titans’ shoulders with huge bowling ball biceps, with two big beefy hands, a strong square jaw with a wild beard and an equally wild black hair on his head, big round nose, Brown almond colored eyes over a pronounce brow ridge, oranges brown skin, with very hairy armpits and luscious treasure trail that reached down towards his huge 10 inch cock, orange size hairy balls and a small tattoo on his left bicep; standing before Jackson. “Cameron that you?” Jackson said in shock, recognizing the tattoo. Hearing his name Cameron stop advancing towards Jackson and said. “Hello, Officer Jackson, I have your order of a thick fat sausage.” Grabbing and giving his huge fat cock a tug, well licking his lips. “What the hell happened to you Cameron?” Jackson said while looking pale. In answer Cameron applied. “I was just packing up after a late-night of chopping meat. When I heard strange sounds coming from the back of my shop. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate the strange noise, before heading home. When I opened the back door of my shop, I could barely see the back alley, it was so foggy. I should have just closed the door and walked back home through the front entrance. But my curiosity was always my weakness, so I grabbed my flashlight and headed out the door into the alley. It didn’t take me long to reach the alley gate, that is when I saw him. old Liam was in the process of transforming into an ogre. At first, I didn’t recognize him because He was huge, like a large heavyweight bodybuilder. Then it happened, some kind of growth spurt kicked in, that is when Liam’s change truly started. He swelled out like a growing balloon with muscle, completely destroying any scraps of clothes he was wearing. When he grew to 10 feet tall muscle monster, it was then I saw the look of hunger in his dark brown eyes, and I ran. I didn’t get a chance to reach the door, he completely destroyed the gate. grabbed me like a small child, forced his fat cock downline my throat, I tried to resist at first but the more I tasted it the more I came to love it. Then you came, I thought for a second that you would deprive me of my delicious sustenance, but I must’ve done my work well for Liam came, shooting his ogreish cum inside my mouth, kickstarting my transformation into an ogre.” Cameron said as he began to slobber. “now I’m going to make you worship me, before I stuffed my hot sausage down throat or stuffing up your ass, your choice.” Jackson could not hold his curiosity anymore and asked. “How do you know you and Liam are ogres? I mean you and Liam are ridiculously big but how in the would know that? I didn’t think you read fantasy.” “When you are blessed by Owen’s gift all will be clear.” Cameron said. “You can’t do this Cameron, what would Alina think of this. What you become. Don’t you want to find a cure for this transformation?” Jackson said pleadingly. Cameron pause after hearing Alina’s name coming from Jackson’s lips. “Alina…” Cameron whispered back, as his brown eyes began to water with sadness. But as quickly as the sadness came it soon left, leaving Cameron more hungrier for sex and worship. “Come to daddy.” Cameron said as he grabbed and lifted Jackson for a big sloppy French kiss. Jackson tried to keep his mouth close, but Cameron’s thick lips were just so warm and inviting. Against his will Jackson’s mouth parted letting Cameron’s thick tongue through, the taste of Cameron mouth was just so intoxicating. Jackson felt like he was in some kind of sexy dream. Jackson felt at Cameron’s huge back muscles; Cameron back felt so strong and powerful to Jackson. Stopping his passion, Cameron asked the enthralled Jackson. “How would you like your sausage officer Jackson?” “Up my ass with a smattering of your juicy pecs.” Jackson said as he placed his face between Cameron’s huge hairy pecs. Jackson’s body grew with every breath of Cameron’s huge pillow like pecs. Skinny arms and legs slowly gain muscular definition. Jackson chest and back growing, slowly stretching out his officers’ uniform. Then a thought flew through Cameron’s head; a foreign thought giving him an inspiration. “A growing boy needs his milk.” Cameron said. Looking up at Cameron’s words, Jackson felt Cameron’s hairy pecs swell. Like a magnet Jackson’s face move towards Cameron’s plump nipples. Cameron moans, as he felt Jackson’s lips wrap around his magically swollen nipples. Cameron felt the power of Lord Owen pass through him into Jackson through the medium of his milk. Hearing tearing sound from Jackson’s clothes, Cameron knew that Jackson will be ready for his sausage delivery soon. “OOO… That’s a good boy keep drinking daddies’ milk.” Cameron said with pleasure. Jackson’s body was now reach heavyweight bodybuilder levels of muscle, and his officer uniform riddled with holes began to completely fall apart because of his growing body. By the time Jackson was done with the first of Cameron’s nipples, all of his clothes and gear were now on the ground. And by the second nipple, Jackson was now pre-Cuming through his hard cock. “Here’s your delivery of a fat hot sausage.” Cameron said in horny delight. The enthralled Jackson nodded his enhancer, to Cameron’s question. Turning around in Cameron’s arms, so that Jackson’s ass was now facing Cameron’s cock. Jackson Said, “I’m ready to accept my delivery.” Accepting Jackson’s words, Cameron’s huge cock plunges into Jackson’s hungry ass, causing both them to moan in pleasure. Starting out slowly, with his hip’s movement; Cameron’s back and forth motion, slowly ramp up, as Jackson body grew with each of his thrust. Cameron liking the feeling of Jackson’s growing abs on his hand and seeing Jackson’s back widen and swell with muscles. Human moans of pleasure became more bestial as Jackson’s body grew wider and taller. Cameron felt Jackson’s weight increasing to the point where he couldn’t lift him with one arm. Now big enough to support his own weight Jackson stood on his own 2 feet. “Can you feel are Lord’s gift Jackson?” Cameron said. “Yes, I can,” Jackson said, while moving in a rhythm with Cameron. The mostly ogreish Jackson and ogreish Cameron were now in their sexual rhythm. With both huge hands on the wall, Jackson turned his face around, revealing his ogreish facial features. Like Cameron, Jackson had a big round, pronounced eyebrow ridge, strong jaw and had a caveman look, but Jackson had strong a 5 o’clock shadow with a big thick mustache and long brown hair reaching his shoulders. “Don’t stop keep, keep going faster, stuffing your thick sausage up my ass.” Jackson commanded with his new deep voice. Abiding Jackson’s command Cameron began moving even faster than before. Jackson’s new foot-long cock and his orange size balls jiggled, at the speed of Cameron’s thrusting, as last of his human pre-cum was flowing out like a stream. “I’m about to come.” Cameron roared out. “me to,” Jackson roared out as well. With a mighty roar both ogres came. basking in the afterglow of their orgasm, the two ogres got off from each other. Turning around Jackson said, “That was fucking awesome.” Cameron could see that Jackson was huge, more masculine than Cameron and taller and wider as well. “You turned out well Jackson,” Cameron said. “You think so.” Jackson said, while flexing his huge hairy pecs. Sweeping away all his old shredded clothes, the magic fog encircles around Jackson’s body creating a barbarian like armor. Grabbing at his small police baton, it transforms into a medium-size club for an ogre. Then hearing the noise of a man struggling the two ogres turn around to see Liam holding a struggling man with one arm. placing his hat back on his head, it stretches out to magically fit snugly on Liam’s ogreish head. Forcing the man on to his needs with his ogreish strength Liam gave a bearded grin to Jackson and Cameron. Pointing his club at the kneeling man because Jackson felt a strange compulsion to so. A blue energy flew out of Jackson’s club into the man’s face, Liam somehow knew to let go as the man. Completely bursting out from his clothes, the man’s muscles grew out. Growing wider and taller than a human. The man’s cock reach 9 inches and his balls swell to oranges. Now reaching 10 feet the newly reborn ogre came, his cum out of his fat cock. Bathing in the afterglow the ogre said. “You guys want to go for a drink I know a great bar.” he smiling as the last of his humanity leaked out of his cock Later that night three of the re-meaning Guardians of Owen seal felt a disturbance. Each of them waking up in a cold sweat as they realize that the fourth Guardian was dead and worst of all the two of five seal, which hold the powerful entity named Owen were broken.
  19. Muscle fog ogre’s gift: Ch 1 part one by Big Zargo A Heroes Reward Rising towards the heavens and covering the night sky over a small town. A mysterious fog swept across the homes of this sleeping town, carrying off those who are not men, to a realm of eternal dream. Those who are left will find that they can no longer leave Holmes Top Borough the same, but visitors are always welcome. A ball of condensed fog fell from the sky and landed in a backyard of a vacant home. All that was in this backyard was a lonely tree, a dying fire pit and a patio with a table covered with food preserved with magic. Placing down the two tied up thieves that it was caring next to a tree. Smelling through the magic it floated towards the table and dispelled the magic that was protecting the food, the ball of fog began to feast upon it. Meanwhile the two unconscious thieves began to wake up. One thief was skinny and had shaggy brown hair, a pointed nose, on a Triangle like face, strong cheekbones giving him an elfish like look. While the other one had short black hair a round face, a Roman nose and fat body. The skinny thief was the first one to open his green eyes, see two ski masks on the grassy ground and feeling the breeze of air on his face, He began to panic. “Where are we and what the hell’s going on?” The skinny thief said in a jittering voice while looking around frantically. “Jack will you shut up; I’m trying to get some sleep.” the fat thief said tiredly. “Wake up Tom, we are captured. Somehow, we ended up ended up in some guys backyard.” Jack said. Coming to, Tom’s gray eyes shot out with a start, finding himself tied up next to a tree with Jack. “Dear God, what’s going on.” Tom said. “ I….I do not know.” Jack said. Finally done eating all of the food on the table, the ball of fog set about greeting it saviors. Seeing a giant moving ball of fog form into a humanoid shape, made the two thieves pause in shock at the site of this mystical phenomenon. Creating a ball of light and dispelling its fog while walking towards the two thieves. Viewing the site of a 11 feet tall hairy ogre with huge hairy feet, calves like huge basketballs, thighs like a large tree trunk, with a waste wider than a mini fridge, an ass like to huge soccer balls squeeze together, a thick soda can of a cock package with balls the size of oranges, with a huge hairy muscle gut, a barrel chest, with pecs like pillows with quarter size nipples pointing downwards, shoulders like huge boulders, a pair of biceps bigger than bowling balls, huge hands like baseball mitt, a face like a brute, sideburns with a strong square jaw, a fluffy black mustache under a big round nose, intelligence brown eyes under thick hairy eyebrows, bald head and, a naked orange skin body; The two thieves sat there in silence not believing their eyes. Stopping near the two stunned thieves the ogre spoke. “My name is Owen. And I must thank you for releasing me from my ghastly prison under Mrs. Parsley’s basement.” “What the hell, I thought there was supposed to be some type of treasure. Dammit Pete you lied to us!” Said the Jack, who was trembling with anger. “I told you this was a bad idea Jack. But no, you just had to spite Mrs. parsley by stealing from her. Now we have unleashed some kind of monster upon the world. I knew your mysterious pal Pete bad news.” Said Tom with fearful gray eyes. “Whatever Tom were both tired up Here. Besides Pete paid for your sister’s surgery. You owe him.” Jack said in angry annoyance.” “What do you mean my sister? I have no sister. I only went along with this plan to make sure you didn’t get arrested and thrown in jail.” Tom said in confusion. “What do you mean you don’t have a sister?” Jack said while looking confused. “I never had a sister Jack; I was the only child remember.” Tom said in exasperation. “But, But, But….” Jack sputtered “I think Pete was some kind of sorcerer or wizard; He must have cast a spell on you. how else could you mix up my debt to Larry the loan shark with me having a sister.” Tom said. “Indeed, he did.” Owen said while nodding his head. “By the smell of it, Pete’s spell is starting to fade away. For a mediocre mage Pete was able to do a lot for last. I mean subverting Mrs. parsley’s defenses, whose power was three times as strong, but course he had help from me. Even Still he smart able to predict what I would do when I got out of my prison. Hm now how I’m going to give him his reward for releasing me.” While Owen was contemplating his plans, Jack spoke up. “I don’t know, Know, what your plans are Mr. Owen Sir, Sir. But can you just let us gO.” looking down at the shivering Jack, Owen saw that Jack’s frail mind was starting to fall apart. “Apparently, Pete’s deteriorating glamour is doing damage to your mind Jack. He could have been because he was sloppy, or he didn’t really care what happened to you, or even that he wanted you dead.” Owen said in amusement. Jack’s slow shivering, and purplish complexion, where the two out of five signs of magical mental deterioration. “I wonder how long you will last with Pete’s deteriorating spell Jack. Hm I think a month at the most a week at least assuming your friend Tom took care of you. But you do not have to worry I cannot let my Savior die, because of a sloppy spell.” Owen said in a weird form of concern. “Your Savior?” Tom said looking at Owen with concern on his face. Smiling at Tom’s words, Owen began walking backwards magically dragging Jack with him. Stopping a couple feet from the dead fire pit and Turning Jack around so that Tom could see them both sides. “It’s been so long since I had someone suck off my fat cock. You may have the honor of being reborn as an ogre.” Owen said in glee. Forcing Jack’s face into his crotch, Owen took great delight at Jack’s struggle for air. “Just breathe it in Jack. Let my ogreish musk open your mouth to receive my gift.” Owen said while moaning out. Jack’s already frail mind could not resist against Owen’s tantalizing musk. Opening his mouth against his conscious will, Jack began to lick at Owen’s huge balls. “Oh yeah that’s the spot. Keeps licking my balls off good. Yeah that’s it.” Owen said in pleasure. Owen felt good with Jack’s hard work, on making his soft fat cock grow into a 12-inch hard monster. Reaching towards Owen’s fat cock with his tongue, Jack felt like a kid licking a jawbreaker trying to reach the delicious core. Grabbing Owen’s hard fat cock with his unbound arms, Jack gave the tip of Owen’s cock a kiss before devouring with his thirsty mouth. “What the hell.” Tom said in a whisper of absolute terror. Tom knew that Jack was not gay. “He had even seen Jack’s porn collection. He remembered all the time that Jack tried to ask out all the popular girls in high school. He just couldn’t believe that Jack was now this monster’s cock slut. That him and Jack unleashed this monster upon their hometown.” Jack, rubbed and squeezed at Owen’s large cock and balls for the last couple of minutes trying to entice Owen to shoot out his tasty cum. While Owen in response started to thrust his fat cock deeper into Jack’s mouth. Back and forth, and back and forth Owens muscular hips moved to the rhythm they made. “Work for it, puny man. Squeeze my balls for the prize you seek. Make me come, so that you can become a huge masculine ogre.” Owen roared out in a commanding voice. Grabbing Jack’s head with his huge hand, Owen came with a roar. Shooting his ogreish cum down jack’s throat and tell his belly pop out of his shirt. Jack sat down on the grass with his legs stretching out. “That was awesome.” Jack said as he burped out. On the onset of his huge belly gurgling; Jack produce a moan of extreme pleasure. Feeling like a balloon expanding, Jack’s body found new might, kick starting its new growth. Jack’s skinny arms and legs set about the process of swelling out with muscles. Jack’s feet slowly grew out of his shoes splitting them into two halves before eventually falling off because the growth of his lower legs. Jack’s bulging belly flatten and then grew 8 pack abs of steel under his slowly tightening shirt. With the sound of tearing fabric, Jack’s clothing could not handle his growing body. Then a new ogreish growth spurt spread across his growing body. Clothes with growing tars completely blew off of Jack’s expanding body. Thighs that quickly grew out into large trees trunks. Two Biceps that blew out into huge bowling balls. pecs that grew into huge meaty pillows with plump nipples. Shoulders that grew into huge boulders which widen out as well as his waist. Balls plumping up to the size of oranges, a rising cock reaching for a fat 9 inch in length, a new huge bubble butt. Jack’s jaw change from a triangle into a square, his nose grew more bigger and wider, his brow ridge grew more prominent, his normal human skin became a yellowish ochre, his shaggy brown hair grew more longer, as he grew a nice beard and mustache, and finally hair grew all over his new huge ogreish body. Tom blanched at the sight of his once skinny friend transform into a huge hulking ogre. “Isn’t he a sexy ogre?” Owen said, as he walked towards the prone Jack. Owen grabbed Jack’s muscular arm and lifted him off the ground, so that he was standing in front of Tom, Owen said. “This is my gift to you to be reborn as an ogre.” Jack gave a double bicep pose in response to Owen words and gave a thrust of his hips as he came, shooting out the last of his humanity through his human cum onto the grass. “Oh yeah now that is good a sight.” Owen said. “What are you?” Tom said in shock and horror. Owen looked towards Tom and said. “Are you daft I already said, my name is Owen…? Oh, let me rephrase it. I am Owen an ogre demigod of mist, fog, change and magic.” “A demigod?” Tom Said in disbelief. “Yes, I am a demigod,” Owen said in exasperation. “for you see, a long time ago I was summoned to your world to help a village by being its Guardian. You know protecting at from rival villages, other tribes and/or threats. Well let’s just say I was betrayed, village I was protecting got destroyed and before I could get my revenge on the perpetrators five wizards imprisoned me. But Thanks to you and your friend and Pete, two of my bindings are unlocked. Just three more to go and I will be completely free.” “So, you’re saying if I just gave you these three other keys, you would change my friend back to normal and leave this world peacefully.” Tom said with hope. “Why would I make a deal with you?” Owen said in curiosity. “Because I could track them down for you. You cannot walk in the middle of the street in broad daylight, that would track a lot of attention to yourself. Those holding the other keys might be able to flee, or words they might be able to re-imprison you. Plus, the FBI might be able to capture you as well.” Tom tried to say convincingly. “How cute to think that you have leverage to bargain with me.” Owen said gleefully “Through the help of Pete, I’ve transformed the power of my prison and made it my own. Now this town has become my domain from which I would prosper. Even as we speak my influence is spreading across town soon there will be no more humans in Holmes top Borough only big strong ogres.” So, fixated by the conversation with Owen, Tom did not notice that Jack had moved beside him. Being grabbed by his once human friend Tom began to struggle. The magic bindings plus Jack’s huge muscular arms prevented him from escaping. Being slowly moved towards Owen’s face; Seeing Owen’s deep brown eyes Tom felt his will to resist starting to wane. “What are you doing to me?” Tom said in a trance “Nothing yet,” Owen said while lifting his rights eyebrow. “You see Jack will take some time to start being useful to me. At this point he can do basic commands and not shit himself, but I need someone who can do more who I can give more. If I were to try to give Jack magic and the knowledge to use that magic, he would most likely become a living vegetable or would just die from the mental imprinting.” Looking at tom more seriously. “We can’t have that Tom. So, this is how it is going to go down, you will become an ogre. What kind of ogre you will become is your choice? Will you become my lieutenant enforcing my will with the powers I give you or will you become an 8 feet tall dumb and fat ogre who will worship me as my living toy? By the way 8 feet tall is short for an ogre. So, what’s it going to be Tom?” The beauty of Owen’s deep brown eyes made Tom want to say yes, there on the spot, but he had to think. “If he were to say yes, he would gain magical power but be in Owen’s service and if he were to lose, he would be complicit in Owen’s plans and may face unknown consequences. On the other hand, if he were to refuse, he would probably become a mindless slave to Owens will doing whatever he wanted, and if Owen were to lose than he would be free from Owens influence. Then what, everything would turn back to normal and if so, he would be back where he started a man desperate for a job, and about to lose his home to Larry the shark.” Using all this will Tom said, “What kind of powers I get for saying yes to your offer?” Owen’s eyebrows narrowed and for a second, Tom thought Owen was going to be turned into a fat mindless ogre. But Owen the answer him. “As my enforcer I would impart a piece of my personal power to you. This will grant you tremendous strength, magical powers, vast intelligence and semi immortality but in return you will serve me as a vassal. For the most part you will have the autonomy, but you will be forced to do if I command. You may interpret my command, but you will do them consciously or unconsciously. Also, as my vassal you will not be able to betray me, so do not think to do so, no matter how powerful you become. So, I going to ask you one more time will you be my enforcer or not? I need you to be willing Tom.” Owen said. Tom simply nodded his head in confirmation of Owen’s offer. “Good then, let your friend go Jack. We need to solidify our deal with a handshake.” Owen said with a smile. The ogreish Jack place Tom back on to the ground, removing his huge meaty hands from Tom’s side. Now free from Jack’s hold and Owen’s magical binding, Tom initiate the deal with Owen by lifting his right hand in attempt to shake Owen’s hand. Tom’s entire body felt like lead, making Tom’s attempt shake Owen’s hand very difficult. If Tom were to falter now, Owen may interpret it as Tom refusing his offer of power. It felt like an eternity, for Tom’s hand to finally make contact with Owen’s hand. With a strong but firm grip Tom felt power flow into his body, flowing from his hand to his heart Tom knew power. Feeling his hands swell in Owen’s grip Tom let go, to feel how his right glove starting to become tight. Attempting to remove it with his left hand, Tom felt a jolt of energy pass through his right hand on to his left hand causing it to start growing as well. Stretching and popping through his gloves, Tom felt his clothes tightening around his growing body. Fire flew through his bulging veins making Tom a roar in ecstasy. Grabbing his tight clothes, Tom rip them into pieces with his growing ogreish strength. First were his gloves, with his growing canines he tore at his straining gloves. Then with his growing hand, he tears at his jacket and shirt, revealing his bare chest. Tom’s Fat belly produce a gurgle sound, as it grew into a strong firm muscle gut. Tom’s Man boobs grew into hard pecs with quarter size nipples facing the ground. Tom Feeling his growing shoulders and a waste starting to become wider, tear at his pants with his growing muscular arms. Ripping his blue jeans to reveal his growing erect cock and his muscular legs. Tom shoes tear as his feet grew out of them. Now the Growing Tom starting to look like a well-endowed strong man when Tom felt his ogreish growth spurt. Bursting out of his torn shoes Tom’s feet grew out. Tom’s body grow wider and taller as his, big strong thighs grew even larger tree trunks. Moaning as his balls grew to the size of huge oranges, and as his cock grew out into a fat 9 inches. Bulging shoulders that grow into huge boulders holding up biceps the size of bowling balls. Tom’s chest grew even more bulkier with his new ogreish, while his muscular neck grew even further giving him a strong case of bull’s neck with a complementary, of growing an extremely muscular back and nice firm bubble butt. Like Jack, Tom’s face change, starting with his eyebrow ridges became more pronounce, his nose grew bigger, wider and more rounder, his clean-shaven face grew a new thick black beard while the hair on his body became more wilder and thicker, his skin became more thick change to a shade orange and his intelligence grew. Grabbing and rubbing his fat cock, Tom took pleasure in the act of masturbating, for his master Owen. the Feel of Jack’s breath on his back muscular, while rubbing Tom’s muscle gut, Tom said a deep voice. “Still horny Jack.” In answer to Tom question, Jack places his fat cock into Tom’s hungry ass hole making him moan in pleasure. “It hurts at first but, damn it feels so good. Oooow, keep pounding my ass Jack, in fact go wild on it.” Tom yelled out. Moaning and grunting Jack took Tom’s words to heart and gave out harder and faster thrusts into Tom’s ass. In a rhythm of hard fucking, Jack gave what Tom asked for, a hard ass pounding. Fuck. That is the spot. Keep pounding my ass.” Tom said while moaning in pleasure. Lifting his arm and making a double bicep pose Tom felt close to coming. With one last roar Tom came, shooting all this humanity on to Owens hairy chest. Owen not breaking a beat use his left finger place some of Tom’s human cum into his mouth tasting it. Then Jack came, roaring as he did so, shooting his ogreish cum into Tom’s plump ass. The two musclebound ogres bast in their afterglow of sex. Owen made clapping sound: “Bravo Bravo. What an excellent show. You guys got me hard again. Now the night truly begins. We have lots of things we need to do before we can have our fun. The first thing you need to do for me Tom destroy a few buildings.”
  20. BigZargo12

    Metal muscle 5

    Metal muscle five After a long day of working out Oliver was heading towards the showers. With his aching muscles he needed some hot water to loosen up the knots in them. Opening the shower stall Oliver step through reaching out with his right-hand towards diverter valve in an attempt to turn on the shower when he heard a scream. Immediately Oliver went into action heading towards the sound which was coming from the gym’s locker room. What he saw caused him to stop in his tracts, huge muscular metal people gleefully attacking people with brutal efficiency. One of these muscular metal men whose thick metal arm was stabbing a big fat man belly looked at as Oliver and said. "Look what we have here boys, an old man.” Oliver quickly looked around trying to seek an opportunity to help the gym goers. But all of them were incapacitated with different states of damage, some were so bruised badly that they couldn’t even move, while others had broken limbs, were knocked out on the floor and others were being handled by a muscular metal man or just flat out dead. Oliver seeing that the situation was hopeless and that he could not help anyone, attempted to grab a towel in the hopes of blinding one of these metal monstrosities so that he may retreat to fight another day. But it was not to be, before Oliver could even a grab a towel from a nearby bench, a metal man ran up to him with such speed that Oliver perceived the metal man as a blur. With his huge muscular arm, the metal man grabbed Oliver by his throat lifting him up in the air and strangling him at the same time. Oliver’s skin felt like it was on fire at the touch of the metal man. “Tell my Lord Emperor maximum I said hello.” The metal man said. As he clenched his huge hand into a fist. “what in hell are you talking about,” Oliver croaked while gasping for air. As the metal man punched Oliver’s face leaving a big bloodied crater in it. Oliver woke up in the dark room with four metal like stone pillars on each side with ambient red as light. When he got up, he found that he was naked, and he was in some kind of place there was only the hard-stone floor and pillars the rest was a black void. Then Oliver heard a powerful voice, “you will do.” He Suddenly felt a powerful presence begin to invade his mind. He was like an open book to this presence. His years as a child, a young adult and as an old man came to him in a flash. “Daisy,” Oliver said. As a teardrop fell from his eyes. The powerful voice gave a grunt, as if rifling through his memories was nothing. That grunt of apathy cost Oliver to get angry and with a roar yelled out. “I don’t know who you are but get the hell out of my head.” “Who am I you say said?” It said in a bemused tone. “I am your father, I am your Lord, I am your master, I am Emperor maximum you puny warm, but I shall fix that.” Oliver got the impression of Emperor maximum giving him an evil smile. Oliver screamed as he felt his mind being torn apart by Emperor maximum. Some of Oliver’s memories were devalued others were destroyed and others were altered, and worst of all new memories, and thoughts like how to serve Emperor maximum were planted in their place. Through the power of Emperor maximum Oliver’s wiry old body began to grow with new life and muscle. With every breath His pecs grew out, his biceps grew, his abs popped in the place, his back straightened and widen, his thighs swelled out, his feet grew longer, and he became taller. Oliver was growing, reaching light, medium and, then heavy weight bodybuilding levels growing out even more, Eventually Oliver’s human skin began to change into metal. Oliver was in now a 10 feet tall metal beast with insanely huge muscles, with pecs so big at the nipples point down words, biceps like bowling balls, thighs like thick tree trunks with lower legs to match, huge meaty hands, with a wide waste with a strong V to surround his eight pack ads, a strong square jaw, a huge 12 inches long erect cock, a pair of orange size balls, glowing red eyes, metallic coppery hair peppered all over his body with a beard and mustache and a bald head. Oliver came shooting hot metallic cum as red lightning surrounded his metallic body. The week Oliver was no more now there was only the general. The general opened his eyes to find himself back in the locker room. He lifted his huge body up his head nearly touching the ceiling and left the locker room. When he got to the weight room it was filled up with huge metal men each taller than a man but who were shorter than him. He looked upon these men who were once patron of this establishment who are now warriors of Emperor maximum and said. “Come with me my brothers we will conquer this world in the name of our master Emperor maximum.” “For Emperor maximum,” The rest of the metal men said, as they saluted. The general began to walk towards the exit with the other metal men following smashing anything that gone their way. Couple days later a small military base was being assaulted by the sons of Emperor maximum. Their metal bullets were useless against the metal man. The soldiers made a terrible discover for each male human slain or touched would slowly turn into a metal man joining the invaders by the time anyone discovered their weakness to a special type laser it was too late the base was overrun. Although two soldiers escaped the slaughter, the surrounding towns and cities were not so lucky and now in the hands of Emperor maximum making his army grow even further. Chapter end Authors note: The series is been fun, but I am going to take a break from Metal Muscle for now. Let me know what you thought of the Metal Muscle series so far and let me know ways to improving my works for the future stories. I am planning two another series: “Muscle mist ogre’s gift” and “Beef up the world ultra-bear”. I’m not going to say that “Muscle mist ogre’s gift” done but got all the ideas for the stories listed out for the first chapter. I just have to get the character bios made like what the characters look like that sort of thing for “Muscle mist ogre’s gift”. For “Beef up the world ultra-bear” I have the ideas for the first two part already typed up. Muscle mist ogre’s gift: a small town is enveloped by magical mist which causes people’s muscles to grow and eventually transformed them into big hairy musclebound ogres. Beef up the world ultra-bear: Bobby Brooker is running away from the enforcers when he its saved by a mysterious benefactor, who offers him a deal. Beef up all the men in the world and attain power and wealth or sit back and watch his world become enslaved by the triumvirate. Let me know what you think about these two-story ideas in the Reply section.
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    Metal muscle 3

    Metal muscle part three Metal cabin crash The four middle-age men were playing cards and drinking. Ryan, Paul, Huber, and Lee were all drunk and ready to pass out. As the fireplace began to dim all four men suddenly felt a cold wave of fear and a sense of doom, but that was the only warning they had as the cabin door was forcibly slammed open. The wooden chips shattering everywhere, peppering the four men. Then four huge 8 feet tall metal muscular men stepped through the demolished cabin door, destroying some of the doorframe as they passed through. Each man was overcome by a supernatural wave of fear, causing them to pee their pants. The four sons of Emperor maximum did not wait for these four men to overcome their fear. The first metal man went up to Huber whose back was closest to the destroyed cabins door. With a strong grip the metal man yanked Huber, onto the floor, dislocating his arm in the process. Then swiftly one by one Huber’s arms and legs were broken each making a snapping sound as Huber screamed in pain as the metal man stopped on them. The screams of the pudgy Huber snap others from their feared induced shock but by then it was too late for the other metal men were upon, each yanking them off their chairs and crushing their limbs preventing them from resisting. The sons of Emperor maximum grabbed their victim’s pants and slowly transmuted it into metal. Once the victim’s pants and undergarments became metal it flowed into the metal men revealing the victims naked lower half flaked with bits of metal that were slowly spreading on the skin. Each of the victim’s broken limb began to heal but as they did so metal began to spread slowly covering the broken area. Huber’s arms and legs no longer hurt but now felt heavy and limp. A string feeling was coming from his arms and legs, he tried to lift his right arm only the fine it not responding. When Huber with a tiered full glanced at his right hand, saw and felt the metal slowly spreading from the spot that was broken by this man covered in metal. He drunkenly realizes that he was turning into a metal man. He and his other friends try to resist as each of their legs spread out. Huber saw his metal assailant smiling with the evil grin and glowing red eyes as he felt his virgin ass hole being stuffed by his assailant monsters metal cock. At First Huber felt pain as his fat ass was being stuffed but then that pain transformed into pleasure. He started to feel the metal man move his hips back and forth pulling and plunging his fat metal cock in Huber’s fat ass. Huber could feel corruption spreading across his body slowly changing him. Huber couldn’t resist the pleasurable metallic corruption as he was one of the first to praise the name of Emperor maximum, and with those words spoken Huber’s cock already hard because of the pleasure began to fatten and swell as it was being coded in metal. “By Emperor maximum please keep stuff your hard-fat metal cock into this fat pig’s ass.” Hubert said As He squealed and panted in pleasure. Huber and his friend’s transformation started to pick up. Huber’s fat pudgy body began to swell and harden with growing muscles as metal started to completely cover him. First, he started to stretch out growing tall and tell reaching 8 feet. Then his chest began to widen out words as his pecs started to harden and balloon out pushing his nipples downwards. Bursting his shirt as it slowly became metal and was the absorbed by Huber’s growing body. His neck thickened with muscle; his biceps swelled with growth; His thighs grew until they were larger than tree trunks; His pudgy belly transformed into a huge muscle gut, and as his face was covered in metal his jaw squared out his face became more hard and his eyes turned red. Huber’s body was now completely covered in metal, with no hair insight and extremely muscular. The newly changed Huber moaned as he said, “that the spot,” has he felt his brother of Emperor maximum thrusting began to speed up. Huber grabbed his hard-throbbing metal cock and started to rub it in the rhythm with his partner. Several moments later Huber felt hot metallic cum blast up his ass, and a couple seconds later he came shooting there metallic cum all over himself. Huber felt the cock in his beefy metal ass leave as his partner stood up. When Huber got up from the floor, he saw that most of his friends were converted into huge muscular metal men. Lee was resisting the blessing of Emperor maximum but his will was a waning as half of his once skinny body was covered in metal. The rest of the sons of Emperor maximum surrounded the prone Lee, as his ass was being fucked. Lee tried to plead with his friends. but it fell on deaf ears. The presence of the other metal men began to speed up Lee’s conversion. Lee moaned and then roared as his muscles grew and metal covered the rest of his skin. Several seconds later the man that was Lee panted as his hot metallic cum was reabsorbed back into his metallic skin. Once there were four sons of Emperor maximum now, they were eight. It did not take Ryan, Paul, Huber, and Lee, very long to slowly lose their memories of being human. Their human names no longer meeting anything to them as the sons of Emperor maximum had little of their past lives. Then they heard the voice of the Crystal heart. “Yes, my little brothers spread the blessings of our father Emperor maximum. Once I nearly claimed this world in the name of our father, but 12 Shaman stopped me. This time I will not do this alone, And I will not stop until this world is covered in metal and every man praises the name of our father Emperor maximum.”
  22. BigZargo12

    Metal muscle 2

    Metal muscle part two breaking and entering Samuel Fornes woke up from the sounds of his wife Grace Fornes screaming. Causing Samuel to send up, he might be Old, but no one will hurt his Grace. Samuel saw three pairs of malevolent red eyes and suddenly he knew fear. Before he could muster up the strength to act, he was grabbed and yanked off of his bed. The vice like grip on his shoulder hurt like hell, as he felt a huge cold hand grab his left arm crushing it. Samuel cried out after felt his bones from his left lower arm break. His shoulder was not spared as well as he heard the snapping sound. He heard deep grunts of laughter at his pain. Samuel thought what kind of monsters have invaded my home. Then he felt two hands grab both of his legs, slowly crushing them. Samuel screaming in pain as his bones were being crushed, nearly passed out when he felt a jolt. Then he was lifted up by two arms, belly facing the ceiling and his back facing the floor, failing to use his good arm to escape. When he felt himself crashing down on his assailant’s knee breaking his back with a loud snap. Grace started to scream when she heard her husband’s back being broken. She couldn’t see anything as she tried reaching for the lamp, only to find that the lamp did not turn on when she twisted the knob. Then suddenly she a felt a big hand grab the back of her neck lifting her off her bed, she could barely breathe. Then slowly the room began to light up as the monster who was holding the back of her neck and her lifted up in the air had a glowing lightbulb and its other hand. She saw two huge extremely muscular metal skin man with red eyes completely bald and had wicked grins on their strong faces. Then she saw a broken Samuel on the floor ignoring the fact that the metallic skin men’s huge cocks were erect. To her horror she saw metal slowly covering her husband’s skin. When the metal completely covered Samuels skin he began to grow with metallic muscles. First his body became more defined and trim melting away his jelly belly. Then he began to swell all over with muscle causing his nightgown to tighten and stretch showing off the growing muscles beneath. Eventually his nightgown began to tear showing off his new metal muscular back, then his pants legs showing off some of his huge muscular thighs. Then his striped nightshirt’s sleeves completely burst off showing off his huge veiny biceps as he slowly got up from the floor. With a deep roar he completely destroyed his favorite nightgown. When he turned around Grace saw her husband was now 8 feet tall had, huge beefy pecs, was erect, had Mental skin and had glowing red eyes with a strong square jaw. Samuel walked slowly towards his wife reaching out with his new huge metallic right hand cupping her right cheek. Samuel saw that she was scared with tears in her eyes and a look of pleading hope for her husband to recognize her. Samuel gave her a warm smile and a look of recognition. Grace calm down a little at the site of her husband’s signature smile but her face turned to horror as she felt herself getting stabbed by Samuel whose left hand form into a giant mental knife. Rather than bleed to death she felt metal slowly crept all over her body devouring her and slowly flowing back into Samuel. When Samuel was done consuming his wife, he felt powerful. His hand returned to normal and as one of his new brother who is holding the ones glowing lightbulb crushed it with one hand. The three sons of maximum came up to Samuel and began to feel his new huge metal muscle body. Closing his eyes, he felt his body being fondled. He felt every lick, every squeeze and he liked it. He loved the look in grace’s eyes as he stabbed her. He loved how his bones were broken and reformed. he going to love breaking the bodies men with his muscular arms and legs and see them be reborn as the sons of maximum. He began to masturbate grabbing his huge hard metal cock with his huge right hand and began to rub it. Moaning and grunting at all of the worship of his new metal muscular body. He felt a thick tongue on his muscular back, his huge thigh and left flexing bicep. Eventually he came shooting his thick metallic cum from his huge fat veiny cock. Then all of them heard the voice of the Crystal heart.” They are four more men around to the east of here. Conquer in the name of Emperor maximum.” All four of them could see in the dark all four them could sense life in the unchanged.
  23. BigZargo12

    Metal muscle

    Metal muscle part one The crystal heart Theodore Copper and his friends/roommate Jackson Stars were just returning home with their nerdy friend, Miles Towers with a heavy chest, that they found in the woods. Once they made room on their table. All three of them lifted the heavy chest onto the table and as they did the old rusty lock fell apart, allowing them access to its contents. Jackson out of blatant curiosity open the chest, to the exhausted protests of Theodore and Miles. Inside the chest was a red crystal heart, not a crystal in a 2-D heart-shaped, it was a literal crystal in the shape of a human heart with veins. The beauty of this crystal heart enthralled, all three of them, who simply stare at it, even while it started to glow and beat, and as it did their hearts began to beat and rhythm with it. Every second Theodore, Jackson and Miles began to feel their hearts crystallize. Each of them falling on to the floor as blood no longer flew through their veins. Then like magic, there newly crystallize hearts began to beat and as it did a metal substance began to flow in their bodies. There veins darkened as the magic of Emperor Maximum started to change them into his metal men, his soldiers, his servants, his children. All three of their souls were heated, crushed and remade, in the image of Emperor Maximum. Every beat of the crystal heart pump liquid metal in their veins, which eventually led into their internal organs. Anything that the liquid metal blood touched became living metal. When it reached their bodies muscle system then the magic started to kick into gear. Each of their right pec was the first to swell with new growth as the skin slowly turned into a type of flexible silver metal. Each beat of their hearts causes them to grow with metal muscle. There shirts and pants started to become tight as patches of skin turned into metal. Each of them grew taller until they each reached 8 feet. Their bodies widening and growing to compensate for the new growth. There once flat chest began to balloon with muscle. There left pec quickly caught up to the growing right pec as both kept growing with size and girth. All three of their bellies began to develop abs, but Miles belly was already fat, so it simply ballooned out. While Theodore and Jackson’s belly developed a hard eight pack abs of steel while Miles was developing a metal muscle gut. Their legs and arms were already started to tone as their wastes widen and trimmed. There thighs swell with muscle like growing tree trunks. Their strain clothes began to rip and tier, revealing their swelling muscular metal skin. There shoes burst from their huge growing metal feet as their shredded shirts and pants completely fell off of their huge hard muscular metal bodies. With Veins full of liquid metal pumping into the huge biceps and lower arms, making them grow freakishly huge. Eventually their metallic blood reached their cock and balls, causing their cocks to become hard, as its swell with girth as liquid metal covered their cocks and growing balls. Their jaws squared out; their noses became more blunt, there eyebrows became more pronounced, and their faces became more harder. All their hair was gone, and their eye became red and the white of their eyes turned black. The three son the maximum got up from the floor using their new strength. Each of them trying to remember who they are. “Is that you Miles” Theodore said as he began to walk towards the changed Miles, who was now huge, like a heavyweight bodybuilder with a case of muscle gut. Theodore placed his right huge metal hand on one of Miles huge muscular metal shoulder. Miles shoulder felt strangely soft, hard, firm and strong. Theodore came closer to Miles as he so did, so he begin to fondle miles huge metallic pecs. Meanwhile, Jackson began to walk towards Theodore’s huge muscular metallic back, with swagger. Miles love the feeling of Theodore rubbing his huge pecs. He loved it when Theodore started touching and rubbing his metal nipples. Miles hands drifted towards the sides of Theodore’s huge thighs, eventually drifting towards Theodore’s muscular metal ass. Jackson began to feel Theodore strong back, feeling all of crevices of Theodore’s back muscles. Theodore stopped fondling miles pecs as miles began to fondle Theodore’s huge metallic arms starting with his shoulders. Miles,” with those metal guns you can properly bend metal.” “More like breaks some bones.” Theodore said with an evil grin eyes glowing red. Miles had a look of concern for a second then his eyes glowed as well, and then he had an evil smile, he said.” With this tool,” Miles pointed to his thick hard metallic cock. “I could spit roast a man to death. Better yet I could break his back with a thrust of my cock, and with my balls, I could smash a person’s ass to dust.” All three of them stopped and looked confused. Their actions didn’t feel normal or like themselves. But as the influence of Emperor maximum grew their attitudes change. Jackson did a double bicep pose and said. “With these guns, I bet I could probably rip a man’s arms off all by myself.” Theodore with enthusiasm said,” I could probably rip a man in half, with mine,”. Miles grabbed his hard metal cock and began to rub it in pleasure at the thought of his masculinity at the thought of crushing things with his huge metallic muscles at the thought of men being broken by his muscles. Living, dead and broken men will become the sons of maximum. This world will belong to Emperor maximum. Theodore and Jackson also began to masturbate. As the thoughts of Emperor maximum completely took hold over all three of them. Eventually miles came, then Theodore and finally Jackson spilling their hot metallic seed everywhere. The thoughts of conquest on their minds.
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