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  1. leogrando

    muscle growth Master To Godhood

    Written and Co-Written by : @leogrando and @Biggerbeef The Sub boi aiming a gun at The Master, shouting "No, You can’t control yourself! I won't Give this to you!" The Master slowly walks to the stupid boi. "No Stop.. You Don't want to make me use this... I... I..." The Master smacks his hand and pushes him down, taking over the gun. The boi drops on the floor and starts trembling. The boi staring into the dark hole of the gun. While aiming The Master screams "You Stupid FAGGOT! You dare thinking I'm not in control! I CONTROL EVERYTHING! I'M THE BOSS!! I'm the MASTER!! AND I'M THE ALPHA!" The Master Glances at that shitting boi and starts laughing. "Shit even you couldn't control this gun! The safety is still on! Hahaha. WEAK!! YOU FUCKING WEAK FAGGOT!! You think you can control me boi? "Nahhhh… I CONTROL YOU!!! I OWN YOU LITTLE SHIT!! AND I DECIDE HOW BIG I'M GONNA GET AND YOU GONNA WATCH GROW AND YOU’RE GOING ENJOY IT!!!” He gets to the boi ears and whispers “E-v-e-r-y second of it” "So… shut the hell up! Be a good boi! and Watch! Watch your Glorious Muscular Alpha Growing" The master says. He starts drinking the Serum. He chugs so vigorously that it overflows and drips into his chest. But nothing’s wasted, the serum starts infusing into his body He drinks One bottle... Empty... Second Bottle... Empty... Third Bottle Empty... Forth bottle… Empty… And the Fifth Bottle. He drinks non-stop. Eventually, His Veins start swelling up and slowly become green. "Fifth Bottle's the charm hey... Let’s see what the... SHIT!!!" The Master curses... While he is still pointing the gun at the boi, his body starts to tremble. His legs starting to vibrate and his smile's widening. "I can FEEL IT!!! YES!!!" FUCK! THIS IS THE BEST SHIT I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!!" He Screams and Curses In agony but also in glee. His body twitches, His Muscles moving side to side Bulging from everywhere. The growth was explosive. His Chest widening by the seconds, His shirt pulling upwards and revealing rows of abs start to emerge one row at the time. His biceps is now stretching the shirt sleeves, expanding to its limits. Before they met the Master’s shirt was very loose, but now it clings to his body like a superhero costume. You could see every inch of that body through those pieces of fabric. That 8 Pack Abs bulging; The pecs hanging proudly and those nips peeking waywards through the fabric like it’s ready to shoot some hot thick milk. Those arms covered with enormous thick veins, and running through a glorious 22 Inches Biceps. The boi sizes him up and curses “FUCK!!!” as The Master’s biceps stretching the sleeves to the maximum limit trying to contain the godly power. “You Impressed Little brat?” The Master Asks. The boi gulps. “Well there’s also another thing that you need to see” The Master says while he playfully taps his groin. Then The Master’s dick pokes up from his boxer and rises up until it pokes his pecs. The Master’s dick is the real deal. It’s as big and veiny as his Arms. You won’t need a fisting session if you get impaled by The Master’s glorious cock. " YOU SEE THIS LITTLE BRAT!! I'M A GOD!! I'M A FUCKINGG ALPHA MUSCLE GOD!!" He said with a big grinning smile. He picks up the boi by the head and taunts “You think you deserve these ROUND! BULGING! PECS!? NO! I’M THE MUSCLE GOD!! I DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS A GOD AND WORSHIP AS A GOD” then he smashes and squishes the boys head between his godly pecs Suddenly, his expression changed to rage "BUT YOU!! YOU DARE BLOCK THIS GOD FROM HIS RIGHTEOUS PATH!! YOU FUCKING DARE YOU LITTLE FAGGOT" While aiming the gun on that puny boi "I... I'm..." The boi looks down and is scrambling for words, he tries to search for words and sentences that could save him but also please the Master. A loud bang suddenly scared the little boi. He looks at the floor and it’s an empty bottle canister. The boi slowly looks up, not wanting to look at the master's eyes. But the scenery is just too much for the boi. The boi saw the master drinking and bathing with growth serum. The serum drips and flows between his pecs and abs like a waterfall and splashes down to the godly dick. The Master’s muscles shine and glow, illuminating the whole room and penetrating the boi sight. The boi is just in awe and frozen to take in the moment. " Sorry Little shit, You just bore me... But You know what's not boring… THIS FUCKING SERUM.” The Masters says while he opens another two more bottles and chugs them. The serum went into the master’s mouth and he sucked it all like a black hole. After the bottle is emptied, The Master stares at the serum that clings to his body and says, “This serum… no… this nectar… the power it gives... I could feel it coursing through my body... inch by inch... EXPANDING MY MUSCLE!!! HEIGHTENING MY SENSES!!! MAKING ME THE GOD I DESERVE TO BE!!!" The master screams and his body grows again. The Master’s shirt couldn’t contain him anymore and turn into fibers. The Master’s pecs grow and widen, showing ripple and striation like the world hasn't seen. His boxer also just disintegrates, the massive junk rip the boxer apart trying to find more space and room to grow. He also grows taller and now the rows of abs also start to add. The boi tries to count but stopped at the 12 Abs. The 22 Inch Biceps now turn into 35 Inches, looking like two giant watermelons stuck together. The master’s head bumps the ceiling, so with one swift move he rips the whole room ceiling panel, tearing it down. The boi tries to escape the flying debris and jumps into a work desk . The boi coughs from the dust, but when the dust settles the boi could now see how gigantic The master has become and he could feel it his groin start to wet from the cum that he holds from the moment the master grows. The Master suddenly stops worshiping his beautiful round pecs and looks into the boi eye. He grinned widely and say “See boi those nectar are meant for me! Look at me, I'm so Beautiful! So muscular! So shredded! So.. So godly! You’re now nothing compared to me” The master said while looking down at the boi. “As Punishment for being a bad boi, I’ll give you a task” The Master then puts the gun between his hands and he starts to squeeze the gun. The gun bends and cracks, bending into the master's will turning into a dildo. "See fuck that was only my hand strength! I can turn a gun into a dildo! I mean how godly is that!” The Master smiles proudly of his creation. “Here you go boi!" He tosses the metal dildo to the boi. The boi catches it, but drops into the floor cause of the massive power of the toss " Now Amuse me Boi" The master says while looking right into the boi’s eyes. " TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF AND START TO PREPARE YOUR HOLE FOR ME!!" The boi froze, he’s imagining in a couple of minutes he will be fucked by the hugest dick he had ever seen. It’s almost as thick and tall as him. " BOI!!! IF YOU FREEZE AGAIN, I'LL LOOSEN THAT HOLE MYSELF, BUT BOI YOU DON'T WANT To SEE THAT! No no no... Cause I’LL RAM MY WHOLE DICK INTO YOUR BODY AND I HOPE YOU’RE READY CAUSE maybe you'll end up like that gun. You'll be Squish and Mold into my personal cumrag, You got that brat" The Master taunts The boi nod silently "Good Now amuse me boi" The Master smile and grinning
  2. Chapter 1 Cal was searching frantically in the supply room. “Let’s go, boys! On the field in five!” Shit shit shit.” His first practice and he didn’t have a uniform. He counted himself lucky to be on the football team as a freshman, but being late to his first practice wouldn’t bode well for his future. His parents had helped him buy his own set of pads, pants, and cleats, but he was supposed to get a jersey from the school. If it wasn’t for his ass of a math teacher he would’ve been early to get a jersey, but now he was shit out of luck. Pushing aside old bags of deflated balls and pads that still reeked of B.O., his hopes dashed by a jersey only to find a huge tear in it. He could feel his heartbeat faster as he counted down the seconds. “Fuckin finally!” Pulling a jersey out of the corner, he inspected it quickly. Still sporting the school colors but in an almost retro design. No holes, rips, and it didn’t smell that bad, it was, however, nearly 4 sizes too large. Standing at a proud 6’0 and 183 lbs, Cal was a size large, an xl accounting for his pads. Checking the tag, it was a size 5xl. Putting it on, cursing his luck. Checking in the mirror, the collar and sleeves were disproportionately huge, the waist billowing halfway down his thighs. Still, it was manageable and would probably last until he could get a fresh jersey. Running out to the field, his oversized jersey billowing around him. The other players were already on the field doing warmups, Coach Stevens off to the side talking to the quarterback and a couple of other seniors. Joining everyone else for what seemed like a couple of laps around the field, Cal took the opportunity to check out his fellow teammates. It was hard to tell under everyone’s gear, but it looked like Cal was the biggest freshman there. He was still clearly outmatched by some of the more seasoned athletes. Still, he was proud of how far he’d come. He spent his junior high years playing soccer and only recently started lifting weights in his free time. By the time Summer started, the repeated soccer practices and games started to lose their excitement. It had started out fun, the competition, the training, the wins. But after a few weeks, it didn’t seem as exhilarating. Soon lured by the intensity of football, Cal found himself admiring the lifestyle. The games, the intensive training, the social life. Starting in June, he began working out, increasing his calorie intake, and even started taking supplements. He remembered fondly the thrill of first seeing the fruits of his labor. After two weeks of his regiment, he felt his shirtsleeves starting to bunch up over his biceps. Soon he could feel his pecs start to press out against the fabric. He practiced flexing in the mirror, seeing his muscle tone increase week by week. By the time Fall came around, he proudly marked his progress over the summer in his head: 1 inch taller and 23 lbs of bulk added to his powerful frame. Cal could feel his pulse beginning to rise as he quickened his pace. The excitement of actually being on the field, Cal tried to take it all in. The smell of sweat and fresh grass filling his lungs, his cleats digging into the field as he jogged ahead. Completing their laps, the players gathered round for a quick introduction and an overview of their games for the season. Remorsefully, Cal accepted that he wouldn’t be able to play most of the season’s games. Going out on the field in groups, Cal paired himself up with two other freshman newbies for some beginner tackles. Trusting his size and abilities, Cal prepped himself to rush the faux quarterback and the poor guy protecting him. The ball was thrown and Cal launched himself at the receiver, taking him down in a tumble. Cal could feel his muscles vibrating with energy as he jumped back up, ready to go again. That whole afternoon, it seemed like nothing could tire him. They kept going until sunset. By then everyone was ready to collapse, but Cal felt like he could keep going for hours. Getting home and tossing off his sweaty clothes, he got into the shower. Feeling the heat from his pumped muscles escape into the frigid water, Cal relaxed his energized body. As the water crept up in temperature, he paid close attention to his groin. Proud of what he had for his age, Cal soaped up his schlong and balls. Swinging to its full 6.5 inches, he gently stroked it. Getting out of the shower, his hard on bouncing up and down, Cal started to towel off his muscular torso. Looking down, he could feel something off about his point of view. His normally small but hard pecs looked bigger, protruding further out. Checking himself in the mirror, he could tell his frame was much thicker than it was that morning. Jumping on the scale, it read 195. “195? What the fuck?!” Out of nowhere, a deep voice behind him chuckled, “Awesome right?”
  3. Chilis

    muscle growth Pirate Adventures

    Hello everyone! This story will take a different twist after part 1. Oliver is 18 years old. Marcus is 39. The Captain is 20. This story takes place in an old time when pirates were still a thing. Hope you all like it! Feel free to leave suggestions and comments! ------------------ Part 1 The sky was clear, the tides appeared to be calm and the temperature was… well, bearable. Oliver thought that luck was finally on their side. He had boarded this ship weeks ago, and since then only disaster had followed him and the crew. Terrible storms, huge waves, assaulting rival pirates, killing mermaids and even a giant kraken. It had been days of tiring work and lots of dead, but it looked like he could finally have a break from disaster and relax. The boy pulled out a small mirror from his bag and tried to fix his hair. He had messy blonde hair, freckles and a small nose. His green eyes glanced over his face, satisfied with being somewhat adorable looking. He then looked down through the reflection and sighed. Regardless of his attractive facade, Oliver was very disappointed with his body. He was slightly athletic thanks to his sailing job, yet he still felt very skinny. If he wasn’t wearing any clothes, he could’ve seen his thin arms, his flat chest, and his rib bones showing a little. At least he had some decent abs… “What ya doin’, pretty eyes?” Oliver blinked and lost the attention on his mirror. His pal Marcus had showed up out of nowhere, putting an arm around his shoulders. The man was middle aged, ugly as they come. He was missing several teeth, had a dirty beard, and a belly so inflated that Oliver thought it would pop like a bubble at any moment. But despite his disgusting looks, the blonde boy and the hideous pirate had become friends even before boarding the ship. Marcus was fun to be around, and he had a gentle heart, always willing to help his smaller companion. “Looks like our problems are finally over, eh?” Marcus said, extending his arm towards the vast ocean. Oliver chuckled “We shouldn’t let our hopes get too high. I bet another disaster is about to hit us. This is just the sea making fun of us before it does”. “Eerr… aren’t ya a positive one” Marcus went serious all the sudden, observing the horizon “The tide Gods haven’t been generous with us this trip. But I assure you, we will reach the new lands in no time now. The Captain is making sure of it”. The blonde boy frowned “The Captain…”. Oliver had mixed feelings about the Captain. The guy was only a few years older than him, and both of them were younger than everybody in the ship. Still, Oliver was treated like a subordinate, while everyone respected the Captain in an almost religious manner. The blonde boy could see why though… The Captain’s only presence imposed respect and fear. The young man was two heads taller than Oliver, and his body was built with gigantic muscle able to crush anybody that opposed him. The Captain’s frame was lean, yet large enough to stretch out his clothes. He had long dark hair, and piercing blue eyes that sent shivers down your spine whenever you looked at them directly. One large scar went across his nose, while a smaller one decorated his chin. He was a gorgeous, yet terrifying person. Oliver had admired the Captain at first. However, as time passed in the sea, the blonde boy began to envy him. Whenever they were in trouble, the muscular man would save everyone with his powerful body. The Captain was the one that defeated all of their invading enemy pirates with merely his fists. He was the one that wrestled the kraken down. And the one that made the mermaids forget about eating them by making them fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Oliver was sent to clean and cook, unable to defend himself from all the threats, or to help his dying crew friends. “He is a brave man, that one..” said Marcus all the sudden, burping before continuing talking “I have to admit, when I met him I doubted someone so young would be able to navigate the seas. I didn’t even think he could control a whole crew!” “Well, he hasn’t gotten us to the new lands yet…” said Oliver in a low tone, but Marcus didn’t listen to him. “But I am telling ya! After seeing how heroic and strong the Captain is, I have no more doubts about him! I would follow him to the end of the world, ya know! We could all learn more from him…” Marcus seemed to be daydreaming about the young man, and that made Oliver uncomfortable. “Are you in love with him or something?” the blonde guy said, teasing his friend. Instead of being offended, Marcus bursted out laughing “HAH! Aren’t we all on this ship!? Some are saying he is even a demigod, I’m telling ya!” Oliver didn’t expect that answer. He rolled his eyes and walked away. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you later, I am not done mopping the main deck” More weeks passed without anything eventful happening. Oliver cleaned, mopped, and cooked as always. He felt relieved that there were no more life threatening things going on, but a new problem was starting to arise. The crew was feeling uneasy; they should've been approaching the new lands by now. However, the ship was still sailing across the vast open ocean, with no shore to be seen anytime soon. Oliver’s friends began to fear that they were going in the wrong direction, but everybody respected (or feared) the Captain too much to demand answers. Besides, the Captain was not seen around the ship much anymore, as he stayed in his cabin most of the time, unless he came out to give orders. Oliver mostly felt unbothered by the situation. Or that was until one night the crew organized a meeting to see who would go ask the Captain about the trajectory of the ship. The filthy pirates started to discuss what to do calmly at first, yet the conversation quickly turned into a heated discussion. “I am not going over there! Have you seen the arm of that man!? It’s bigger than my leg!” someone said. “You are a coward! He is our Captain, he wouldn’t hurt us for a simple question” someone else argued. “Then why don’t you go ask him!?” a third one demanded. “Anyone know if we have more whisky?” added Marcus, clearly drunk. “He deserves respect, he is a demigod! Didn’t you see how he beated up that kraken!?” another one yelled. People kept screaming and pointing fingers. Oliver was just sitting in the corner, cleaning his tiny mirror with some cloth. He listened for a while and tried to ignore the noise. The accusations and demands kept getting louder, and Oliver was feeling more frustrated by the second. The boy clenched his teeth. “Be quiet!” he said, but he was so small that nobody noticed him. He grunted in rage and stood up. “SHUT UP!” he yelled “You are all pathetic! I’ll go talk to him!!!”. This time the crew heard him, and they went silent. All eyes were on Oliver, and he immediately felt embarrassed. Then everyone started laughing. “You!? The Captain will crush you with his finger alone” one person said. “Hah! The Captain is three times your size!” another mentioned. “Seriously guys, where is the whisky?” Marcus commented, scratching his head. “Go back to the kitchen, boy!” someone yelled. Oliver’s face turned red and he clenched his fists in rage. He gave the crew a defiant expression, and stormed out. The crew just kept laughing behind him, thinking that the blonde boy had gone to cry in his room. But Oliver felt a bright flame inside him, and he headed to the Captain’s cabin. “Stupid pirates, you’ll see” Oliver stood in front of the cabin’s door for a moment. He raised his fist with hesitation, doubting if he should do this after all. Then he remembered the crew laughing at him, and he knocked the door with rage. No answer. He knocked again, and again. Only the sound of the waves against the ship could be heard. Oliver was about to knock a fourth time when the door opened. The blond boy almost fell down on his butt as the huge frame appeared in front of him. “C-captain. A-ahoy!” Oliver managed to stutter. The Captain was so tall that his wide chest was facing Oliver’s face. The young man was wearing elegant sailor clothes, but he had ripped his shirt’s sleeves off to reveal his enormous arms. He looked down at the blonde boy, and Oliver felt some kind of hatred and admiration towards him. The Captain had a youthful face, almost the same as Oliver, but that was the only similar aspect between the two. The large pirate had a prominent beard that was trimmed short with a knife. His hair was bushy and heroic looking. He was bigger, stronger, and more attractive than anyone on the ship. Oliver frowned, frustrated with the idea that this guy was almost his same age, yet more of a man he would ever be. The Captain tilted his head without saying anything, awaiting for Oliver to speak. His chest was raising up and down, his breath clearly displaying the power his body possessed. Oliver swallowed, and then stood firmly “T-t-the- c-c-rew...” He shut his mouth, enraged that he was too nervous to talk. The Captain simply chuckled and turned his back to him. “Come in” Oliver looked at the back of the Captain, twice his own torso. He walked inside and observed the cabin. The place was filled with mirrors, way too many for a normal room. The desk was full of maps and other sailing objects. From the window, the moonlight sprayed it’s brightness over the frame of the large Captain. The man was looking at one of the many reflective glasses, his blue eyes locked on his own body. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the Captain. Oliver raised an eyebrow, unsure of what he was talking about. “What is?” The Captain raised his arm and flexed. His biceps rose up like a mountain, muscle stretching his skin thin. The blonde boy couldn’t stop staring, amazed by how hard and strong the muscle looked. “My body, of course…” commented the Captain. Oliver narrowed his eyes, confused. He looked away and pretended that he was not drooling over the sculpted body of the Captain. “S-sure…” Oliver answered “Um… s-sir. The crew has b-been wondering…” Suddenly Oliver felt a stream of courage running through his being “The crew… The crew has been wondering if we are going in the right direction! We should be arriving in the new land by now, but there is nothing out there except for the ocean! We are starting to question if you are actually capable of navigating this ship. After all, you are just a boy like me” Oliver spoke so quickly he felt almost out of breath when he finished. He looked at the Captain with an exhilarating smile, and instantly felt regret as the man turned to face him. “We are not going to the new land” said the Captain blandly. “W-what?” Oliver felt even smaller while the muscular man approached him. The Captain snatched him by the neck and lifted up his body. He wasn’t choking him, but he was still grabbing him firmly like a puppet. “Was I not clear? We are not going to the new land” the Captain smiled. His smirk would’ve looked terrifying, if his face wasn’t so perfectly handsome... “I have other goals in mind... I might be stronger than anyone in this pathetic ship, but I still can’t navigate a ship on my own. You silly pirates were a great help to get me across the sea though. Thank you” The man flexed the arm he was holding Oliver with, muscle bulging out everywhere. He grinned more “I suppose there is no need to pretend I care about you all anymore, as we are approaching our destination” Oliver started shaking, trying to set himself free “W-what are you doing!? The crew respects you, why are you betraying them like that!? Where are we even going!” The blonde boy grabbed the Captain’s arm, trying to push away. It was like holding a pillar of rock, and Oliver wasn’t sure if he was aroused or scared. He was envious, for sure. He also felt so helpless. The Captain chuckled. He moved Oliver, pulling him towards him. He was now carrying him in his arms. The blonde boy could feel all the hard muscle around him, while the Captain hugged him with his mighty arms like a baby. “Don’t worry, I do not intend to hurt any of you” he locked his blue eyes with Oliver’s “Aren’t you pretty? I might keep you around... I bet you’d like it” Then he walked to one large mirror and smashed Oliver against it. The Captain pushed his frame against his, and started thrusting with his whole figure. Oliver felt like a beast was smashing him, muscle pressing against his own body, pure raw strength overpowering him. The Captain was simply looking at himself flexing, almost making out with his reflection, while Oliver was getting squished. “I am such perfection. Look at my muscles, so strong, so powerful. You are feeling the full power of a perfect being!” Oliver tried to push him away or escape, but it was useless. The Captain’s body was too large and muscular for him to do anything. Nevertheless, the blonde boy soon was now longer scared; he was moaning, his hand grabbing and touching every part of the muscular man. Oliver felt so much admiration, and so much rage and envy… “That 's right. You know your place now” said the Captain, still observing himself instead of the blonde boy “I’ve been watching you, you know? You are the only pretty thing in this hideous ship. Except for me, obviously. You’ll be a great pet” The Captain started thrusting harder, his huge bulge rubbing against Oliver, evidently hard. The mirror started to crack, unable to contain the muscle strength “We are going to a place where I will obtain all the power I deserve. A forgotten place by many, but not me. I will take what’s mine” “I-I… I will not let you get away with his” Oliver managed to yell “I’ll tell the crew. They won’t accept this” The Captain laughed out loud. He then began kissing his reflection, flexing his muscles all over Oliver, pushing him harder and harder against the surface. The mirror finally gave in and broke in pieces. The blonde boy let out a scream of pain, arousal and surprise. The Captain stepped back with a proud grin, breathing intensely, and with his sweaty muscle shining under the moonlight. Oliver just dropped to his knees, and noticed that his crotch was wet. He looked up to the captain, feeling pathetic and defeated. The Captain was still full of energy, and he continued flexing his big muscles while watching them bulge up and harden. Without even bothering to look at Oliver, he said “What is the crew going to do about it? They think I am a demigod! And to be honest, they might be right…” The muscle man grabbed the blonde boy by the shirt and lifted him up. Without warning, he kissed him softly “You and everyone in this ship will keep doing what I say. And you are staying here, with me. There’s nothing you can do about it, my pet” Oliver wanted to run away, to punch him, to scream for help. But he felt so tired, so weak. His vision got blurry, and before he could say anything, he passed out.
  4. Guest

    dom/sub Dom Day

    I wake up to the sound of deep grunts followed by heavy breathing. I turn over to ignore it, but the grunts continue. They boom through my ears live a heavy drum beat. They were so aggressive, they seemed animalistic. Where am I? The jungle? I peep my eyes open to catch a glimpse of my surroundings. I see tan walls. Okay so I’m not in the jungle, I’m in my apartment and cuddled in bed. But what is making that sound. I lift myself up and through my blurry vision I see something hairy doing pushups -my boyfriend, Mark. “GAAAHH,” he lets out a loud exhale and stands up from his early morning workout. I rub my eyes to clear my blurry morning vision. I’m finally able to look up towards my boyfriend that towers over me. He stands at 6’4, weighing 293 lbs, fur covers his chest and wraps around his shoulders and back. His abs peak through his belly. His arms are covered in modern flower tattoos. He’s in just his dark briefs, with his cock nearly inches from my face. Just past his beard he looks at me, like he’s watching his subject. I completely forgot! “Glad to see you up -you’re just in time, my morning workout is finished. Now you can make me breakfast!” Mark lies back down on the bed. Earlier this week, we had agreed that on our day off we would spend all day together -we call it Dom Day. Mark is dom and I am his sub. I have to be his sub for the whole day. Today, Mark knows best. I get out of the bed to head to the kitchen. “But wait,” I’m not even able to leave our room before he stops me again. “You can only wear this,” Mark pulls out a white apron from a plastic bag. “What are you doing?” I stare at him dumfounded. “Get undressed and put this on!” he is enjoying this, and he knows I am too. Just the thought of a day completely devoted to having Mark order me around gets me excited. But hearing his deep voice barking at me gets my cock stirring in my pajamas. I take off my shirt and let my pajamas fall off of me. I can see him watching me, enjoying the show. I am skinny compared to Mark, though everyone is skinny compared to him. I stand at 6’0 and weigh only about 140 lbs. I look like a twig compared to Mark’s tree trunk frame. There is a wet spot on my underwear. I have been leaking precum already. Mark smiles. As I take off my underwear he sees my semi flapping in the wind. A drop of pre cum starts to fall from the head of my cock. Mark lunges forward from the bed and sticks a finger out. The drop lands on his finger. He pulls the sicky substance up to his lips and sucks it off his finger. “Tastes good,” Mark smiles. “Make sure you add it to my breakfast burritos.” With that I am off to the kitchen in only the white apron. Usually, Mark eats three breakfast burritos, but he might want more because of the dominant mood he’s in. I peel the potatoes, put them in a pot of water, and start boiling them. I chop the peppers and put them on a skillet. On another skillet I start frying the potatoes. I crack the eggs open and start cooking them. The potatoes are crispy, the peppers are soft, and the eggs are scrambled. I lay out four tortillas and put provolone cheese on them. I dump all of the other ingredients on the tortillas and wrap them. “Breakfast is ready, Mark!” I wrap my one tortilla, which would only be a snack for Mark. “Did you make my protein shake?” I had totally forgot. “No sorry,” I rush to get the powder for him, but he grabs my arm. This can’t be good -I don’t know how his newfound dominance will react to my mistake. “It’s okay baby, don’t worry about it,” Mark coos in my ear. His tenderness sends shivers through my body. “Today is all about feeling good. Just make the shake, I’m not mad.” Then he sits down at the table. His chair is thick and big so it can hold his weight. But today it looks like his throne -and I’m his loyal servant. I place the protein shake in front of him and he smiles. “Did you add the secret ingredient?” Oh, he was serious about that. I should’ve known better. I shook my head. In response, Mark lifts my apron off and starts milking my cock. He really wants to taste me. He wants me to make things for him. And I want him to give me as much praise as I give him. So he tugs on my dick more and more. My body is heating up, my breathing starts to become heavier and louder. Mark puts a glob on one burrito. I continue to shudder as he takes what he wants from me. Another glob -and another -and another. He milks me until I put a blob on the last burrito and his protein shake. “Thank you baby,” he kisses me and I sit down next to him. Mark takes one bit of the burrito and it’s almost gone. “Good job, it tastes good baby. You taste good,” he gives me a kiss on the cheek. He continues to eat and I can see his belly filling up. The burritos look so tiny in his big hands. He finishes his food and downs his protein shake. It won’t be long until he’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy. “Let’s watch some tv before I do my workout,” he orders. “But wash the dishes first.” Mark gets up from his throne and -RIIIIIPPP! The black briefs around Mark’s waist become loose. He reaches behind him and notices a tear. Mark pulls at the loose pieces of fabric and pulls the rest of his briefs off of him. Now his stinky, hairy cock is exposed to the world. “Who needs them anyway, right?” Mark laughs and stomps his way to the living room, seeming bigger and prouder than ever. I wash the dishes and join Mark on the couch. “Are we not resting for a bit?” Mark is looking at me with excitement in his eyes. “No! We are working out right now!” Mark grabs me with one hand and starts carrying me to our at home gym. He sets me down in front of all of the workout equipment. He lays himself down on the bench press. “Don’t let me stop. Tell me to keep going until I can’t,” he orders me. Mark needs me to make him feel better. He starts to lift the 375 bench press. He easily does a few reps, but I can see him getting tired. “Come on Mark, don’t give up.” He continues to struggle with the weight. He slows down over the next rep. “Do this for me! Don’t disappoint me!” Then something changes in Mark. “GAAAAHHH!” He screams to lift the weight again -then he gets a second wind. He lifts the weight for a few more reps but tires again. “COME ON!” he screams at me. “No you come on!” I put my head next to his so I scream in his ear. “I need you to be strong. I need you to be big. I need you to look like a god!” And with that Mark continues to lift the weight -but screaming with every rep that he takes. He doesn’t stop! I look down and his chest and its growing! “You told me to make sure you lift more, I am doing what you say! So lift more!” and Mark lets out another scream and pushes out ten more reps. The bar clangs into the rack and Mark jolts up. Mark is sweating and stinking up our apartment. He breathes heavy, his chest rising and falling consistently. His pecs are definitely bigger. “Is my chest bigger, like noticeably?” I walk close to him to get a better look. And they are. My now hard cock drips with precum. “I’m going to take that as a yes.” I look up at him and things seem different as well. I think he is an inch or two taller. “Are you taller too?” Mark knows the answer -and instead there is a dominant look in his eye. “I’m going to squat. Cheer me on like you did before -and don’t stop until I do.” Mark goes under the squat rack and starts pushing the weight rep after rep. I start to see him slow down. “Come on, don’t slow down. Keep lifting!” I can see the strength starting to grow in Mark. He can get through a few more reps but then he starts to tire again. “I’m supposed to be the small one. I’m the one that’s weak.” Something changes in Mark. The veins in his legs start to burst. Mark screams out in pain and pleasure. His legs start to thicken with each rep. “I’m doing this for you! I’m the sub! But you are in control. Grow as big as you want!” And with that Mark starts to get taller. He reaches 6’7…6’8…6’9…now he’s 7 feet tall! His legs are wider than my torso and his voice becomes deeper and deeper. The squat bar clangs down. Mark looks at me with desire in his eyes. He is drunk off of this power he has. “Time to shower” he growls at me. I do what he says. The two of us can barely fit with his new size. The water hits Marks back and trickles down his hairy body. All of the curves of his muscles are accentuated under the water. I see the abs peak out of his muscle gut. His burly arms and thick legs glisten under the water. “Wash me,” he commands. I take the soap and pour a dollop in my hand. “My arms first.” He lifts his right arm and flexes. The size of his arms make my hands look childlike. As I lather up his arm with soap he flexes harder and his veins poke out from under his skin. Mark screams and his arms expand even more. I move to his shoulders and watch as his traps erupt from his next. Then onto his left arm. Each muscle grows in size as I continue to wash him. “Don’t stop,” he commands -I listen. I lather up his chest as they grow in my hands. Then I move down to his gut and his abs pop out even more. I make my way down to his ass which has now grown to be as big as two watermelons. I lather up his legs, as I work my hands in between his thighs he clenches. My hands are pinned in between his thighs. “Ow! Mark, this hurts!” I am trapped. “Suck my cock and I’ll let you go.” I did what he said. I wrapped my mouth around his raging hard on. Mark had been turned on by all the worship I had given him. As I move my mouth up and down his shaft, Mark groans out. Then those groans turn into growls. Mark starts to scream again in his animalistic tone and I feel his cock expanding in my mouth. I didn’t think it could grow anymore! Granted I didn’t think his body to grow more either! “The more you submit to me, the more I grow,” Mark said with a hunger in his tone. I was gagging on his growing cock. “Okay, you can stop.” I release my mouth and he releases my hands from his thighs. I rotate my wrists to get blood circulating to them again. Then I continue to lather up his calves and then his feet. As I soap up his feet they grow almost as big as my chest. Mark can now barely fit in the shower! He lifts his foot and gently pushes on my chest. But his strength pins me down on the shower floor. Mark looks at me, completely in love with his new found control over me. His body flexes with power as he pins me down with his foot. He looks down at my cock as sees that it is flexing just as hard as he is. “And the more you submit to me, the more in love with me you are.” I look at him with astounded love. Never have I ever been able to do this to a man. He’s pushed his limits because of my love for him. He’s never felt more confident because of my love and devotion for him. “How about, instead of one day, we make this a lifestyle?” “I want nothing more.” Mark lifts his foot off of my chest and turns the water off. We dry off and he stops me. I am eye level with his furry muscle gut. I look up past his big chest and hairy beard at his tender eyes. “How about we celebrate our new life together?” I nod my head in excitement. Mark picks me up and sits me on top of his gut. He carries me to our bedroom and lays me down on the bed. His giant body stand before me, nearly twice the size that it was earlier in the day. “Touch yourself as I flex. Worship my body bigger like it deserves. Be subservient to my growth.” I do what he says and start stroking my cock. Mark lifts his arms up into a most muscular pose. He is bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s the strongest man in the world. He can control me with just a few simple words. And I am his. Mark’s body grows as I continue to stroke myself to him. He groans in pain and pleasure as his body fills the room. My cock erupts with pleasure at my dominant boyfriend. My cum splatters across my stomach. I look up and see Mark, who is towering over me. He is wrapping his hand around his cock which looks to be about the size of my leg. Mark scream in pleasure as his gigantic cock covers me in his cum. I am dripping in his hot sticky seed. Mark bends down and cups my head in his hands. “Here’s to a lifetime of your submission.”
  5. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 WARNING! Contains snuff. Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Epilogue Black Cat Chapter 1 The wife lays on the bed on her side, passed out. Her long auburn hair covers her sweaty, cummy face, neck and tits. Cum leaks out of her pussy and ass onto the soaked hotel sheets. Sunlight from the window lands on her 36C breasts, her nipples still hard and extended from my manipulations. Those beautiful breasts jiggle, the bed creeks and the headboard hits the wall with each of my thrusts. "Oh, God! Fuuuuck!" the husband moans under me. I pin his head to the bed with my left hand. My right hand grips and lifts his pelvis keeping his ass inline with my cock. For the last twenty minutes I've been pulling all the way out, waiting for his sphincter to close, then, with a low-pitch growl, ramming in deep. "You like that, boy? hmmmggggggrrrrrr. Like getting fucked slow and hard?" The husband moans something that sounds like, "yes, Daddy", as his fists tightly clutch the sheets. I roll my head back and inhale deeply, relishing the musky scent of sex. I spike his ass with a quarter of my rod. "AAAAHHHHHHGGOOOOOODD!" the pitiful excuse for a male wails. "GRRRR! I don't give a FUCK what you like, cunt," I growl. Enough of treading lightly with this virgin ass. I grab his shoulders with both hands and use my abs for countless short hard strokes, smashing into his prostate with every fuck. The bed frame crashes against that wall with a loud BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM as I bore into him. I keep up the rapid-fire assault, grunting with each fuck, until he yells, "I'm cumming!" I wrap my left hand around his throat and lift him off the bed. I stand tall and press the back of his head into my chest. He utters a satisfying scream as he slides father down. A minuscule amount of cum bubbles through the tiny cock cage his little penis is trapped in. His legs swing and bump my shins as I walk to the floor-to-ceiling mirror. By the time I reach the mirror he's panting like a bitch in heat. I turn to face the mirror and look over the "man" impaled on my cock. Mid-twenties, crew-cut blond hair, handsome features. I guess you could say that he's got a middleweight bodybuilder physique. A decent chest above his six pack. An above average limp dick swings off of him. He could probably place in a regional bodybuilding competition if he didn't skip leg days. His eyes are squeezed tightly shut. "Open your eyes. Come on boy," I thump his head with my free hand, "open." When he doesn't obey I forcefully flex my abs, driving my ramrod deeper into his gut. "Aaaarrrg!" his eyes snap open and looks at me in the mirror with fear, lust and fear. He begins to hyperventilate. "Hey, calm down, little man." I slide my hand off of his throat putting him in a choke hold. I lightly squeeze his windpipe between my forearm and bicep. His hands immediately grab my arm and vainly tries to move it. I whisper into his ear, "Take slow deep breaths. That's it. Good boy." With his breathing slowing I find myself involuntarily slow fucking his tight ass and watching my hulking figure in the mirror. The husband's head, his mouth gaping open, is held between a forearm thicker than his upper arm and a bicep bigger than his head. Thick veins under my paper-thin skin look like a metropolitan subway map. Above my bowling ball delts thick traps rise like mountains to meet my corded neck. The husband whimpers when I flex my free arm into a Herculean ball of power. "You like that, puny boy? Grrrr, yeah, I think we both know who's superior." I feel a pair of tits against my wide lats and a sopping wet pussy grinding on my massive rippling leg. "Fuck him, baby." The wife wraps her tiny hands around my torso. One hand slowly strokes my ten-pack, fingers following the perimeter of each thick cobblestone segment. Her other hand travels up to my shelf-like pecs to try to squeeze the rock-hard muscle. Giving that up, she begins to pinch and tweak a downward pointing nipple. "Show him how to use that thing between his legs." She's kissing and licking my back. "He's never satisfied me. You…oh god…you made me cum more than I've ever had. Show him how a real man fucks." Never wanting to disappoint the ladies I break the bi pose and slap the husband's glute. He yelps and calls out for mercy to whatever deity he thinks is listening. I seize a leg and bring it to his chest as I start to pound his ass balls deep. I roar. The husband screams in terror and submission. The wife moans, "Make him your bitch like you made me your whore…Master" *** Good. Now I have your attention. With all the instant gratification, short news cycles and screaming 140 to 280 character dispatches from who-the fuck-cares you have to grab attention by the balls, squeeze and not let go. Even if the owner of said balls slaps you with an injunction. Which never happens to me…usually. Hi, I'm Bruce. Bruce Banderole. Ripped let me hijack his account to tell my story. I didn't used to be this way. The domineering alpha male, not the ball grabber. Well, maybe not that either. Anyway, I was just your typical, average office worker schmuck sitting in a nondescript cube surrounded by sappy inspirational posters from HR in the boring corporate world. To say I was the pinnacle of physical health would be laughable. Twenty-six years old at this time. Under the average height for a male, just under the definition of obese, nearsighted and balding. My idea of exercise was carrying a box of a dozen doughnuts to the office every Friday. The only thing in my life that brought a ray of sunshine into my gloom was my girlfriend, Val. Six weeks ago that would all start to change. On that Monday nothing could brighten my mood. I grabbed two different socks out of the sock drawer, my sandwich was moldy, the printer repeatedly jammed on duplication of a fifty page report and I had my review. See, there's me after work in line at the bus stop waiting for the 5:10 to my house. Hunched shoulders, thinking about the day and mumbling, "How the fuck did I get a 'adequate' on the Reynolds account? I busted my ass for that fucker!" I look up to the guy behind me, "Tell me why a guy that looks like an avocado had sex with an older more disgusting avocado complained?" The old lady behind him stepped back aghast. The guy looked at me and said, "Maybe it's your use of harsh language." When I realized I left my umbrella at home, it started to rain. I sighed defeat to the universe as the bus rolled to a stop. The doors opened and I heard something in the alley. I ignored it and shuffled forward. After a few steps I heard it again. This time I think I heard a cat. I had a cat once. My sister wanted to name it Dog. A few more shuffling steps and I definitely heard a cat. I reached the bus door, looked up at the driver and said "Wait for me, I'll be right back." I think I heard the driver mumble, "Yeah right buddy" as I turned into the ally. "Here, kitty kitty kitty." I heard a reply from the left ten feet down the alley. I called out again, followed the reply and found an average sized undernourished young adult black cat under a piece of cardboard. It looked up at me with pleading electric blue eyes. I knelt down to the cat, and slowly blinked, "Hey, there." I extended a finger in front of its nose. "You don't look too well." The cat sniffed my finger, blinked and replied with a meow that almost sounded like, "Help?" I extended the finger to scratch the cat's chin. I didn't see a collar when the cat lifted its head for more scratches. "Oh, so you're a stray huh? Well we can't have you walking the streets can we?" As I gently lifted the cat it began to purr. I turned around with the cat cradled in my arms just in time to see the back of the bus disappear down the street. I sigh and mutter, "Fuck." "Mew?" "It's just been one of those days, cat. There's a vet school a few blocks from here. How about we get you checked out and get something to eat?" "Purrrrmoowprrrr" "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Two hours later I ordered an Uber and headed for home with a $200 vet bill, a box of stuff and a very groggy cat. When the Uber pulled up I saw my favorite driver, Debbie, in her beat up Hyundai Accent. "What the fuck ya got there, Bruce?" she yelled at me over the blaring death metal as I put the cat carrier and box in the back seat. I closed the squeaky back door and yanked on the front passenger door until it opened. Most people don't like Debbie. It might be that she curses like a sailor or that she'd rather insult you than get a tip. I kinda liked her; the petite figure, the girl-next-door face, the long blond hair in pigtails just went so well with the spiked leather collar, ripped band t-shirt, short shorts and bowie knife strapped to her thigh. Think Harley Quinn without a psychopathic homicidal boyfriend with a pasty complexion. At least I hoped so. "I found a stray cat and decided to adopt her," I replied once I sat down in the seat and turned down the screaming Norwegians. "The vet named her Brenna. Apparently that's Gaelic for 'black hair'." Debbie lifted a single eyebrow when she glanced from the back seat to me, "You, a cat? What's that fucking bitch Val gonna say?" I buckled up and replied, "Yeah, a cat. I'm secure enough in my manhood that I don't need a hundred fifty pound slobbering dog that you have to get up at five o'clock in the morning to walk. Besides, everyone should have a little pussy." She blushed as she pulled the car out into that traffic and replied, "Uh-huh. You got food and a goddamn cat box yet?" I pointed my thumb at the box in the back, "Yeah. The vet gave me a box of stuff. Said it was a CCL Starter Kit." We almost get into an accident when Debbie snorted and started laughing. "You mind not killing us and tell me what's so funny?" She composed herself just enough to reply, "Shit! CCL stands for Crazy Cat Lady." My eyes involuntary rolled heavenwards, "Laugh it up, Deb. One cat doth not a crazy make." "Mrr, aarrr?" came from the back seat. "I didn't ask you." With a snicker she stated, "They say the fucking first step is talking to the them." "And yet you talk to your crappy car." "Hey, don't insult Reggy! He's very sensitive!" The car backfired in agreement. She started stroking the dashboard, winked at me and said, "There, there, Reg. Don't listen to that mean asshole. You still haven't said how your cocksucking bitch-friend's going to react." "A FUCKING CAT!" was the reply I got from Val to a text with a pic of Brenna on my lap. When we got home I set everything up for Brenna. She had some water and cat food from her bowls in the kitchen and used her box in the bathroom. With her belly full she constantly purred while I scratched and rubbed her chin, throat and belly. She held my arm with her paws to make sure I didn't stop. She especially wanted me to scratch under her new orange-red nylon collar. I tried to think why the love of my life would say that as I scrolled up the app and saw all the pics she sent of her Pekingese, Alcaeus. The many, many pictures of Alcaeus dressed in a toga, birthday hat, sunglasses. In a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo. In a Santa beard and stocking cap for Christmas. The pics of Alcaeus with a hair bow on its head, in a Che Guevara t-shirt and beret, dressed as a Minion, lapping up a strawberry smoothie (from MY glass, mind you), wearing a Mario cap and, the worst, with cat ears. I typed out my reply with the thumb the little spoiled shit bit last week when I tried to get him away from my smoothie, "I found her in an alley downtown. I'm not going to walk away from that. Come on over and meet her, babe." A minute later the reply chat bubble started bubbling. Two minutes later I see, "Ugh fine cu soon." "We're going to have company, Brenna," I told the purring ball of fur on my lap as I rubbed behind her ears. Then I noticed the pizza boxes on the coffee table and dirty socks on the sofa. I sighed and said, "Looks like I've got to clean this place up a bit…" "Myeah." "…so you're gonna have to…Wait a minute, did you just say 'yeah'?" She just blinked those beautiful electric blue eyes and purred. "Ooookay then. Let me just set," I lifted her up and settled her on the sofa, "you here while I straighten up the place." The garbage was tossed and a load of laundry started when I heard the familiar sounds of Cadaver's "Cannibalistic Dissection" outside, Val screaming, "You expect a TIP after THAT?!" and a creaky car door slam. I open my front door to Val in a tight blue mid-thigh dress, her auburn hair in a bun, oversized sunglasses and a floppy wide brimmed hat. Behind her I saw a Hyundai peeling rubber and the driver's arm sticking out the window with a middle finger extended. "Ugh! That cabbie is the WORST! I don't know why they don't just fire her ass!" "She's not a cabbie and they can't." I gave Val a kiss on the cheek as she blew past me. "You know she's an independent contractor and the best driver in the city." "WHATEVER. So," she scanned the room, "where's this cat?" When Val set her oversized purse down her "dog" squeaked and poked his head out. "She's on the sofa. Be gentle, she's not used to…" When Val saw Brenna she charged towards her. Loudly, she said, "Oh, aren't you just the cutest thing!" Brenna jumped to the back of the couch, yelled, "Moor? REEEOW!" and hissed. When Val started to reach for her she jumped down and hid under the couch. "Hey! That's not how you act around a new pet, Valerie!" Alcaeus jumped out of the purse and started yapping at the couch. "Pfft, what do you know. It's just a cat." Brenna came out and sat in front of Alcaeus. Alcaeus continued to yap away as if he was a fearsome beast. Brenna, just yawned and cleaned her paw. "Yeah, well, she MY cat and I won't have her becoming neurotic due to…" We both heard a cut off yip and looked down to see Brenna's paw pinning Alcaeus's head to the floor. Her tail swished and she gave a "humph" sound. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DOG!" Val exclaimed. I suppressed a snicker and said pridefully, "I see there's no chance of that." Val reached down to pick up the dog Brenna sniffed her hand. "Get away!" She clutched the shivering dog to her breasts, "That cat is EVIL!" "No she's not. This is all new to her. It'll take time for her to adjust." "Yeah, well…" Val's phone sounded out a notification I haven't heard before. Her face went flush and her eyes widened when she looked at her phone. "Sorry, babe. Gotta go." "You just got here?" I said, my hands outspread. "I know, but somethings come up…at work," Val collected her purse, shoved the shivering mutt in it and headed toward the door. "Can I call you an Uber?" "With HER again. I don't think so. Besides, my ride is already outside. Bye!" And with that Val slammed the front door on her way out. I stood in the middle of the living room wondering what just happened when I felt Brenna winding herself around my legs. "Well, that could have gone better." I said looking down at her. She blinked twice. "She's really very nice, ya know." "Mnoow," was the only reply in the room. Did my cat just say, "No"?
  6. Hey, all. Wrote this for a friend. There's at least four parts, and the others will be posted over the next few days as they go through final edits. Some of the aspects of consent are a little gray, so if that's not your thing you've been warned. Enjoy : P Part 1 Todd sighed deeply, staring out his window at the calm, cerulean ocean. Lofty palm trees swayed in the wind, towering over the squat native shrubs of San Diego. Even with the air conditioning in his apartment, he felt like his whole body was scorched in the heat of June. The ice cubes in his glass of lemonade clinked together as he brought it to his lips. He slouched further into his papasan, the only furniture in his new apartment, lazily directing the characters of Animal Crossing on his Switch while he let David Attenborough guide him through yet another tropical paradise on screen. Hours passed this way until the shadows of the setting sun found their way into his apartment. Todd had been dozing off when his alarm buzzed at 8p.m. to remind him about the party. He shut his eyes and pretended that he didn’t have to go, but the alarm kept buzzing. He reflexively silenced it and grudgingly lifted his skinny body over to the bathroom to get ready. After a marathon of final exams and hauling his shockingly heavy earthly possessions through six hours of traffic, he had reached the height of mental and physical exhaustion. Despite a slovenly twenty-four hours of television-laden rest and recovery, he still felt like he had been hit by a semi-truck. And it showed in his tired, baggy eyes staring back at him in the mirror. Between his gloomy disposition and his dark grey irises (some would say black), he looked almost skeletal. He scratched at his stubble and figured he should shave. He wasn’t classically handsome enough, at least by his estimation, to pull off the sexy five-o-clock shadow that only studly movie stars and models sported well. He was grateful for his short, dark, curly hair in this particular moment – at least he didn’t have to do anything with it. Todd tossed on the T-shirt and shorts closest to him, grabbed his wallet and phone, and headed out into the balmy night. The palm trees continued their gentle swaying as the street lights flickered on. Hopping on his bike, he cursed the indefatigable wind for working against him pretty much the entire ride over. He just knew he was going to be sweaty when he showed up to the party, and the sweat would make his shirt stick to his already ghastly figure, and his self-conscious brain would pull down his shoulders to show off his already terrible posture. Todd lamented his introversion and social anxiety; clearly, understanding how they worked did nothing to ease his worry over the impending Gatsbyesque soiree. Vanessa, meanwhile, was about as extroverted as humanly possible. While Todd comfortably relied on her personality to carry him through most group-oriented social interactions, he wished that this particular night wasn’t so crowded. He pulled up his bike to her parents’ lavish quasi-mansion and stuffed it behind the gate like he had done since high school. The moment he entered the door she screamed his name and bounced right up to give him a big hug. Todd was grateful to see her. He had forgone any meaningful human contact in the last three weeks, and Vanessa was the only person in the world with whom social interaction didn’t feel like a live taping of WipeOut. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for months, they talked for an hour about the directions their lives had gone and what was coming next. But eventually Vanessa had to spread her social butterfly wings to bestow her graces on the hundreds of other guests at her garish shindig. Todd hoped he could find just one of their mutual high school friends, but apparently Vanessa’s tenure at USCB had been an excuse to amass as many acquaintances as possible for the express purpose of staffing this party. Todd quickly sank into the background between the beer pong table and the marble bust of some long dead white man. He sipped Cactus cooler out of a red solo cup, wondering how the ubiquity of this frat party staple had penetrated the posh wealth of his surroundings. Like, shouldn’t everybody be drinking out of real glasses? Todd was sure there were cupboards full of the things somewhere around here...but no one else was around to confirm or deny this suspicion. He glanced at his phone and pretended to respond to non-existent text messages from imaginary friends. “Hey dude, haven’t seen you around here before. What’s up?” a suave voice interrupted his self-contained electronic session. Todd was astounded to witness the stunningly handsome frat boy who had, without any provocation, come over to talk to him. His muscle tee hugged his lats and traps, and his beefy biceps and triceps were sinfully suspended there for Todd to drool over. Todd just stared up at him for a moment, a bit dumbfounded. “Good. Yeah, you know. Just pretending to socialize, as one does at a party full of strangers.” Todd said, flashing his phone screen in the stud’s direction. His face flushed red as he realized his response held all the grace and civility of a pelican trying to juggle bowling pins. The frat boy smiled. His lips were thick, symmetrical, and perfect, just like every other part of his body. “Cool. So, did you just move here?” His whole body emanated that healthy tan jock-glow. Todd tried to look at his eyes, but his nerves dragged his line of vision down to the deep cleft between the jock’s hefty pecs. Aaaaand now his dick was rising. “I’m from here, but I just graduated and moved back…” Todd continued to spew pleasantries out of his mouth but internally lost track of what he was saying. The stud’s forearms were just so thick and proportionate and covered in just the right amount of light down hair. He’s just a person. Todd thought. Mortal. Made of flesh and bone. He deserves the same level of respect and compassion as any other human, not to be ogled at like a sex object. Also, he definitely doesn’t notice your raging erection. His internal reverie was interrupted by a sales pitch. “Seeing as you’re new around here, you’re probably looking for a gym, yeah? I could train you. The sessions aren’t cheap but I think they’re worth it.” Oh. So this was an advertisement. Todd’s heart sank just a little in his chest. “Yeah, sure.” Todd responded hollowly. “What gym do you work at?” The frat boy, named Kevin, gave Todd his information and winked at him before returning to his group of burly frat boys. Todd took a few seconds to decompress and then found Vanessa to hug her goodbye. She was more than a little drunk at that point, and soon afterwards she was swallowed by her cohort of college pals. Todd stepped out into the night, the air now cool compared to the stuffy effluvium of beer and sweat inside. He opened Vanessa’s back fence and grabbed his bike. The wind carried him back to his dinky little apartment with an ocean view. Todd dropped his wallet on the table and his body on the papasan. He looked at his forearm, basically skeletal in comparison to Kevin, the Zeus in jock’s clothing. He grabbed the card and twirled it in his hand. Even if it was a cash grab, maybe it would be worth going. He had spent a little too much time on the couch. It would be good to force himself to get up and start exercising again. The next day he called and booked a session. -- Todd was, without a doubt, weak. The 25 pound dumbbells currently anchoring down his pathetic arms didn’t used to give him a challenge. Back in his junior year he could have whipped out three sets with ease. But now, after a year of his body withering away behind the desk he had toothpicks where his arms should had been. Kevin seemed accustomed to his newbie status and was tremendously patient while Todd rediscovered what weights were appropriate for his workout. A hot undercurrent of shame rose up inside of him as the most beautiful human he had ever seen watched him flounder repeatedly at picking things up and putting them down. Todd stared at his half reflection in the window. He couldn’t help but compare his body to the other members of the gym at 5 a.m. Excluding the shameless tank-topped septegenarians, most of the guys bothering to come this early were jacked. His face flushed with blood at the prospect of wasting space for someone who actually needed to work out. “Hey,” Kevin interrupted. “Don’t worry about those guys. Just focus on your own growth, dude. Breathe in, then breathe out like I taught you. You’ll be bigger than those guys in not too long. Promise.” Todd couldn’t decide whether or not to roll his eyes at the “inspirational” quotes or curse at the weakness in his body. So instead he just inhaled, shut his eyes, and kept lifting. Slowly, the dumbbells rose again. “That’s it, dude! Keep on it!” As much as he hated the saccharine support, he appreciated that Kevin was pushing him. -- He regretted that thought at the week’s last workout. Kevin made him finish with pushups until failure. What resulted was seven gruesome attempts to fight gravity on a lever. Seven. He hadn’t been that pathetic since the seventh grade. Not to mention his wobbling arms and terrible form. He had never felt lower, figuratively and literally. “Your session’s over, dude. Good work today. Time to get up.” Kevin said. “I can’t move. I think I’ll just die here. Thanks.” Todd groaned. Kevin grabbed Todd by the waist and picked him up off the ground. “Tuckered out, huh bud?” Todd felt this was tad unprofessional but he could hardly complain about being carried to the nearby bench. “Have you been feeling sore after workouts?” Kevin asked. Only endless searing agony every time I move, Todd thought. Instead, he said, “Yeah, a bit.” “I think you’d benefit from a massage. You’ll come around to my place at 7. First one’s included in the training package,” Kevin said. Todd felt what little blood reserve he had left rush from his head to his dick. Kevin probably knew he was gay and intended to profit off it handily. His higher thinking disrupted by the pain coursing through his body, Todd moodily responded, “I’m not looking for a happy ending, thanks.” “Neither am I. This is a real offer. All the bodybuilders need some form of physical therapy to prevent self-injury and increase their gains,” Kevin patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll text you my address. See you then,” he winked. “I’m not a bodybuilder,” Todd groaned after Kevin was already out of earshot. Todd sat there for a good half hour before he summoned the strength to walk to his car. -- Todd pulled up to the address Kevin provided at 6:55 p.m., his heart pounding out of his chest as he reluctantly gave effect to this objectively terrible idea. It was a good four minutes of listening to the gentle swell of the ocean before he got up the nerve to actually knock. Kevin answered the door wearing a tight tank top, of course, his beefy arms on full display and his abs just showing through the taut fabric. Todd just stood there, his mouth slightly agape. “Well come on in, dude. Head straight back and then to your left.” Kevin said. Todd, still silent, followed Kevin’s directions while noting the nearly immaculate nature of his home. For some reason he had imagined a cluttered frat pad with two other roommates, five girthy pit bulls, and a sink absolutely stuffed with moldy dishes. But instead Kevin’s home reflected the discipline he had put into his body. Todd sat on the massage table lamely, as if he were a hospital patient on an exam chair. He had never received a massage before, much less in someone’s home. The thought of being touched so intimately by a relative stranger unnerved him. “You can relax, dude. And take off your shirt and pants.” Todd hesitated. He had assumed he was going to remain clothed, but he realized now that was idiotic. Of course he was going to have to take his shirt off. That’s how massages work. “Look, Todd. I’ve seen guys in way worse shape than you. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. And even if you did, it doesn’t matter what you look like now. We’re gonna make you into a stud.” And with that, Kevin deftly pulled off Todd’s shirt and laid him flat on the table. Todd closed his eyes and tried to relax. His whole body was still shaking violently. Kevin chuckled. “You can calm down, bud. I won’t hurt you, I promise. It’s just a massage to help your muscles relax so they can grow better in the future.” Todd could hear the words Kevin was saying but his body refused to listen. He froze. “Do me a favor. Forget about the rest of the room, about all of your stress from right now and earlier today. Just focus on my hands over your body, making it better,” Kevin said. Todd complied. He breathed in and out heavily, feeling Kevin’s large hands move across him. The tension in his back began to release. “Good, Todd. Now I want you to imagine that you are going down a flight of stairs. Just one step a time, breathing steadily.” Todd suddenly envisioned a dark gray staircase in a black void. Kevin urged him downwards, and so he followed. “Farther and farther down…” Todd descended into the inky darkness, until he fell into a sleep without dreams. -- The next thing Todd remembered was the snap of Kevin’s fingers followed by the wet leaking of precum dribbling down his rock hard member. His instantly panicked when he realized he was still being massaged and apparently on the verge of climax following a wet dream. “Nice to have you back, bud. Seems like you got knocked out there pretty good.” Kevin said. Todd didn’t say anything and let the adrenaline running through his veins kill his erection. He did feel much less sore, however. In fact, his whole body was relaxed in a way it hadn’t been for weeks. “Feeling better?” Kevin said. “Surprisingly, yes.” Todd answered. Kevin chuckled, “Why are you surprised? Told ya I’m a pro. You can trust me, dude.” For once, Todd had no objections.
  7. GEOFF and jim: Camp Avslapning Part 1 June 2010 I’d been looking forward to this trip for a while. A bunch of my friends – several from work and a few others – and I were heading to the mountains for a week. We had rented a hike-in-only camp comprising five sleeping cabins (each slept two to four adults), a mess hall, a washroom building divided into two – for men and women – with toilet stalls and gang style showers, and a bunch of outdoor facilities including a sauna (everyone and every place had one here), a wood burning cedar hot tub, and a cold dunk. The place was billed as a rustic retreat where you can get away from it all. The camp warned that there was no cell signal and so our mobile devices would not connect with our data plans. This sounded PERFECT for me. Typically I (and most of my co-workers) worked 60 hour weeks; we felt like we were always on call and expected to be on our email constantly. But, we had just finished a huge deal and several of us were getting away to celebrate. What better way than to be off the grid for 8 days? I got out of town late. A few things came up at work on Friday morning and I was driving out at 5 (I intended to leave at noon) – typical. Fortunately, it was the middle of June and the days were long (albeit cool given how far north we lived). I got to the trail head at 730p and while it didn’t ever get pitch black up here – it did get dark and I had a 7 kilometer hike ahead of me and knew that I had to hoof it. Although it was a bit cool (10 degrees or so) I only had a long sleeve shirt from REI on and some hiking pants – my jacket was in the outer pocket of my backpack. I parked my car, got out and headed to the back to get my pack on and get going. I caught my reflection in the car window and – I have to confess – I liked what I saw. At 45, I had a lean athletic build that filled out my shirt nicely. You could see the mounds of my pecs through my shirt, my muscular shoulders capped my 16.5” arms which filled out the sleeves, and my broad shoulders tapered down to a tight 29” waist. You couldn’t see my legs because of my pants, but my ass was perky (I turned around to catch a glimpse) from my hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats. AT 5-10 and 175 pounds I was an athletic middle aged man with a silver beard. And I relished the opportunity to show off my physical dominance over other men – whether it was at my box (its what we called our functional fitness gym), the gym where I lifted weights, or wrestling around in my gay wrestling league. I put my backpack on, took one final quick look at myself in the reflection (damn I’m a hot alpha) and headed to the trail. At the trail head was a sign 7K to Camp Avslapning. Attached to the sign was a note: Hey Jim, sorry you had to get a late start. As an FYI – you’ll be bunking with Geoff. See you when you get here. “Huh,” I thought, “I haven’t seen Geoff in 5 years. It’ll be good to catch up.” And with that I headed off. It was a challenging trail – even for me. But that didn’t stop my mind from wondering a bit. I was thinking back to the last time Geoff and I had hung out. He was Jane’s (my co-worker) younger brother. I had just moved here and Jane was hosting a welcome party for me at her flat. Geoff was visiting her from the US. He was 20 years old and in the middle of his engineering degree. He had just come out and I could tell he had a crush on me. He was tall, 6’3”, handsome face with a sharp jaw line, curly blond hair, but skinny. Sopping weight he weighed - at most – 150lbs. We chatted most of the night – we both got a little bit tipsy – and agreed to meet up a couple days later. We had brunch and I told him I liked to wrestle (was part of a wrestling league in University). He said that he always found it interesting and I invited him back to my place to roll around. I’m ashamed to admit that I took quite a bit of pleasure in wiping the floor with him. I know I walked the line – almost pushed it too far – his exclamations of agony let me know that I was effectively using my muscular body to inflict a bit of pain… and I may have held some holds just a bit longer than I should have; but, it was all in good fun and he assured me that he enjoyed himself. His semi-hardon confirmed that for me, too. We hung out quite a bit that summer, five years ago. We wrestled a lot – I dominated him, we had lunch and dinners together on the weekend, hiked in the mountains just outside of town, and went rock climbing quite a bit. I could see in his blue eyes that he was smitten for me. He’d ask me to flex my arms for him, for permission to rub his hands on my washboard abs, and would even request a pec bounce or two. I told him the price of admission was that he had to allow me to squeeze out a few wrestling submissions from his lips… he always agreed and I always took it right up to the line. I even taught him some safe words to let me know if I was approaching his limit or had crossed over (I only crossed over a couple of times). But, he was 20 years younger and was just a rail. I like my subs to have some meat on them – some ability to fight back. A sub that is tough to control is just more fun. I wonder how Geoff’s been. I may even wipe the cabin floor with him again. I smirked and headed off at a fast pace. Two and a half hours later I was hiking into camp. It was dusk and cool – maybe 5 degrees. In spite of this, I was sweaty and felt exhilarated. At the entrance to cap was a map with a note attached to it. Hey Jim, you’ll be with Geoff in Cabin 2. Figured with your love of fitness and activity, you’d appreciate the hike to it. Geoff is game, too. I looked at the map – Cabin 2 was way up the hill, isolated and out of the way. It was the furthest from any of the camp’s amenities. Probably a 10 minute walk from the nearest cabin and 15 from the showers. I walked into camp. It looked like everyone had headed to bed already. I was kinda surprised – I expected folks to be in the sauna or the hot tub. And I began my hike up to the Cabin. Cabin 2 was the only one with the light on. A few minutes later I was opening the door. I looked around – yup this is rustic. A concrete floor with a throw rug in the middle. And a single bunk bed. On the bottom bunk was what looked to be a bigger version of Geoff. He was spread out over the bed – it barely contained him – wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. He was reading a book. I saw him and thought “oh man the boy got fat, too bad.” On the top bunk he had spread out all of his stuff. Geoff looked up from his book a great big smile on his face. He saw me looking at the top bunk – with his stuff strewn all over it – and his smile took on a slightly different look. “JIM! Hey! It is so good to see you!” Geoff didn’t get up. “Geoff, wow man. Good to see you too! You’ve…… changed.” “Yeah, I’ve put on a bit of weight. Once I turned 21, I found it hard to keep the weight off… but what can you do?” “Yeah, well….. hey, there’s only one bunk bed in here. I thought all the cabins had two.” “Yeah” Geoff said, “we decided to move the other bunk that was in here down to Cabin 1 for Jane. She brought some friends with her and they all wanted to bunk together. I said you’d be game.” “Yeah sure.” I said, “Well, why don’t you help me move your stuff off the top bunk and we can catch up.” “I’ve got a better idea, Jim. Let’s wrestle for the top bunk. Whoever gets five submissions first can claim the top bunk.” “Well, I just hiked 7 K with a 20kilo pack on… but sure… it will probably be a bit more of a fair match that way.” Geoff just smiled. He stood up and removed his sweatshirt. My jaw dropped. What I had assumed to be a fat flabby body beneath that sweatshirt was the muscular body of a powerlifter. Only, Geoff had hardly any fat on him. I took in the sight – he was a gorilla. He had a thick powerful waist – probably 34” or so, but I could easily see his abs on his stomach as he breathed in and out. His pecs were massive – so much so that his nipples pointed down to the cold concrete floor. While I was taking in their sheer size, the left pec twitched – seemingly unbeknownst to Geoff. As it did so, ripples emerged just under his tight skin. He had veins running up and down his arms and shoulders and a couple across his pecs. His traps were like mounds sitting on either side of his massive neck. He bent over to remove his sweat pants. I got quick flash of his massive and muscular back. It was thick with mounds of muscle – powerful. When his sweat pants were removed, he revealed massive legs that were proportionate to the rest of his powerful body; he was wearing briefs that barely contained his glutes. His thighs were at least 30” of muscle, his calves bulged and dwarfed my upper arms. And, as with his upper body, hardly any fat was visible. It was all granite muscle. And across his entire body was a thick mound of body hair – almost fur. Geoffrey was a beast. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself. I loved to dominate muscle subs. And what stood before me was the epitome of muscle subs. Geoff saw that I was taking in his body with a greedy delight. He smiled. “You like what you see, now?” As he spoke he reached up and ran his right hand through his hair, his right bicep bulged as he did so (he wasn’t flexing). “Yeah Geoff, you’ve been working out!” “I have. I’m up to 260 pounds now. My arms were 22” when I measured them a couple months ago. But with my supplements they may be 22.5” by now.” He flexed his right bicep as he said this and it erupted in a mountain of muscle. He lowered his arm and bounced his pecs. He bounced them in sync and then one at a time. They were so hefty I could almost hear them as they lifted and dropped with each flex. And, striations beneath his chest hair appeared and disappeared with each contraction. He smiled. “Now, Jim, before we begin, remind me what were the safe words again?” I smiled, this is going to be fun – I LOVE pushing muscle subs to the limit and sometimes guiding them to just beyond. And from the stable of subs I’ve collected, they love it too. “Yellow when you’re at the limit but don’t want the scene to end. Red when the lines’ been crossed and we need stop.” “Ahh yes. That’s right. I’d forgotten how dull your safety words were. With my subs, I have a different set of words. Water for when you need a break but don’t want the scene to end and rock if I’ve taken you over the limit and you need the scene to end, immediately. I guess I should tell you, Jim - in the last five years, in addition to putting on mass, I’ve been training in martial arts. I just received my brown belt in Jujitsu fastest progression ever seen at my school. I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 5 years.” “Fuck” I thought. I had been in a wrestling league for years but never had any formal training. It was all erotic fun for me. The only times that I ever lost were to someone with formal training and the most humiliating losses were handed to me by blue and purple belts in jujitsu. Now, standing in front of me was massive bodybuilder/power lifter, someone with grappling training, and someone who had just announced that he was an alpha with a stable of subs of his own. What was even more frightening in that moment was all the recollections that came flooding back to me – times when I had used my athletic prowess to dominate a young skinny sub – and push him beyond his submission point – forced him to beg me to end a scene through cries of pain. I looked at him, his massive chest rising and falling with each breath, his powerful core showcasing a set of washboard abs, his quads, arms, and neck. I could see the strength in every fiber of his body and wondered if his claim of grappling training was true. If it was, I was about to have my ass handed to me. And given that we were in the cabin furthest from the rest of camp, no one was likely to hear my screams. His mouth was partially open - a look of hunger, like a snake about to eat its prey. He slowly licked his lips. Geoffrey raised his arms in a double bicep pose. Mountains of granite on both arms. And then into a most muscular pose. His face turned from a devilish grin into an aggressive show of dominance. “Ready for some pain old man?” I took in this muscular alpha with a look of aggressive, killer lust in his eyes. I noted that his briefs had filled and it looked like his cock was hard. A wet spot was forming on the front. Geoffrey was getting turned on by his show of dominance and we had not even begun. Fuck what was about to happen to me?
  8. Guest

    dom/sub The Piercing

    I scheduled my appointment with Danny at 6 o clock to get my ears pierced. I had always wanted to get them done because I wanted them to make me look tougher. I am a dorky guy who stands at 5’10 and only weighs about 120 lbs. I wear glasses and have a long and lanky build. I finally mustered up the courage to make an appointment. Now I’m sitting in the piercing shop and tapping my feet anxiously. From behind a door in walks a ginormous man. He is about 6’4, and I’d say about 200 lbs of our muscle. He was wearing a white tank top that showed off his tattoos that ran down his arms. He wore jeans that looked like they were painted onto his legs. “Michael,” he calls calmly. “Yep!” I stand up frantically. “That’s me.” “You’re here for on ear lobe piercing?” “Yep.” “Great. Just fill out this paperwork and we will get you started.” His voice was deep and calming. But I was nervous as hell, not because of the piercing. But because of the tattooed muscle monster standing in front of me. I filled out the paper work quickly and frantically. He took the paperwork in his meaty hand. “Follow me,” he says. I gladly did. His traps stretch the top of the tank top. I can trace the curves of his back muscles. The tank top is tucked into his jeans to show his muscle ass that stretches the fabric with every step. “Sit in here,” he extends his tattooed arm toward the room. I see his bicep start to peak out and a vein exploding in his arm. “I’m just gonna tell you now, I’m kind of nervous.” I am shaking in front of him. “You’re going to be fine.” He says. “take a deep breath.” I do what he says. “I’m going to measure the spot with this instrument. He takes a clamp to my ear and marks it up. “Now I’m going to do the same with the other ear.” Danny didn’t really care about my nerves. He took control of the situation. He said what he was going to do and did it. I had to follow his orders. “Now I’m going to take the needle and pierce your ear. Breathe in for me.” Next thing I knew he was done with my right ear. “And now the other ear.” And he was done with the left. “That’s it?” “That’s it. You did great.” But for some reason I was still shaking. I don’t know why my adrenaline was still through the roof. “Are you okay?” Danny asked. “I don’t know why but I’m still nervous around you.” I saw him look down at my crotch that had formed in my pants. A tiny wet spot had formed. “Why are you so nervous around me?” He asked. “I don’t know!” “Don’t lie to me,” Danny said calmly. I had to do what he said, Danny was in control and starring at me with a furious intensity. “I am nervous around you because of your muscles,” I caved. “What about them?” He asked. “I- I want to touch them,” I admitted. “Then touch them,” Danny says. But I hesitated. “Touch them,” he orders. I reached out toward his tattooed arm. I couldn’t wrap my arm around it. The veins bulged out in excitement. “Touch my chest,” I move my hands over to Danny’s chest. He bounces his pecs in my hands and my erection starts to grow. “Take off my shirt.” I peel off Danny’s tank top to reveal his perfectly sculpted torso. “Touch my abs.” I run my fingers along his 8 pack. He raises his arms up and gives me a double bicep pose! His tattoos and bicep explode with size as he flexes. “Touch my biceps.” I barely wrap my hand around the bicep peak. “Kiss my biceps.” I do what he says and bring my lips to his biceps. I message his arms with my mouth. “Stop” he says and I do. “You’re not nervous about pain.” I shake head in response. “Punch me. In the chest.” I follow his order and I punch him in the chest. I thought I would see him flinch but it was me who flinched! Danny’s chest was so hard that it hurt me! “Punch me again.” I followed his ordered and punched him again and again until my hands were sore. “You’re not scared of pain you like it.” Suddenly Danny flips me on my stomach and pulls down my pants. He slaps his big meaty hand on my ass and smacks me! I was filled with intense pleasure as I felt the sting. SMACK! Again he left his mark on my ass. “You’re not scared of pain, you’re scared of pleasure. But I can change that.” Danny climbs on the table. I hear him unzip his pants. Suddenly I feel the size of his cock stretch through my tight hole. I moan in uncontrollable pleasure as Danny lays on top of me. “Give in,” Danny says. “Don’t be afraid.” His mass crushes me as he thrusts harder. His cock sends shivers throughout my body. He continues to pleasure himself more as he takes what it is his. I am completely controlled by Danny. I can’t control myself. I get nervous just seeing him. He continues to slap my ass as he thrusts into me. Pressure grows in my cock as I can no longer sustain the pleasure and pain of Danny. Danny growls and cums inside of me. As the same time I soak my pants with all my submissive cum. Danny pulls out of me and gets dressed. “Well you did great. You took it like a champ. Make sure you clean you’re ears twice a day. And call me if you have any questions.”
  9. "Hey sexy man, how are you this morning?” He coos to me with his sexy brogue as he leans up on his side of the king-sized bed. He’s facing me, leaning on his left elbow, with his palm on his jaw, propping up his head. His 20 inch unflexed biceps right in front of my face. “We certainly set off quite a few fireworks last night.” He says grinning at me. I smile back at him. “What do you want to do for the 5th of July?” He slyly asks as his right hand is casually tracing a line from my rock-hard abs down to my pajama covered upper thigh. As he comes north, his right hand brushes my semi-hard dick thru my PJ’s. His pinky nudges it as is passes. My unit spasms due to his familiar touch. His fingers then play with the drawstring untying the knot. As they move further north, his fingertips caress my goodie trail and then linger over my bellybutton, teasing the light hair there. I glance up and down his 250-pound taut muscular body. I see he is still completely naked. Cum drying on his hairy body from our session a few hours ago. No PJ’s for my sexy beast. His unit, at a wonderful 6-inches flaccid, lies limp on his vein covered, muscular, hairy left thigh. A gnarl of curly orange hair surrounding it. One of my rules for my sexy muscle man is that he is not allowed to shave his balls and crotch area. I have too much fun with his hairy area, which includes deeply inhaling his incredibly sexy musk as he sits on my face and I lap at his balls and hole. He shaved it once, during an especially hot and humid summer and I had to withhold sex from him and forbid him from jerking off until it grew back to a length, which I deemed acceptable. For 2 months, my man had the worst case of blue balls ever. At the end of the two months, I carefully inspected him and approved the denseness and coarseness of his area. My fingers rolled his hirsute balls and gently massaged his skin. My nose inhaled his sweat and musk. I licked my lips. His joy and excitement at my touch showed on his face like a 16-year gay boy’s, as they watched Ridder Rivera ravage a twink on X-tube. As he sat on my face, I latched my hands to his hips and pulled him down onto me, so he would not be able to lift himself off me, but given his excited state, I doubt he wanted to. My tongue savagely washed his hairy musky balls. He yanked his unit like there was no tomorrow and came within 2 minutes spraying his load on the headboard of our bed. Then I moved my tongue to his hole. I inserted it, he was hard instantly, and due to my ministrations, he blasted another load within 3 minutes of the first. I let him rest for 2 minutes while I toyed with his tangled mess of chest hair. I climbed up his body, latched my mouth and teeth onto his right nipple and sucked. He started to writhe with pleasure. I wrapped my left hand around his unit, and using a mere fraction of my strength, jerked him and then squeezed to prevent his impending load from erupting. As his agony grew, I stopped sucking him, looked into his pained green eyes and gently asked, “Will you be shaving your body again without my consent?” He quickly nodded no. I released my grip on his unit just enough that his load shot out like a geyser thru a pin hole. His groaning was a mixture of intense pain and even more intense pleasure. He came for 4 full minutes, his muscular body thrashing around the bed, and spraying both our bodies with a load he has never matched. We spent the next hour in the shower cleaning each other. I maneuver my right hand to his face and gently stroke his neatly trimmed, luscious orange beard. His dark green eyes look into my brown eyes with love and excitement. He continues to move his hand tenderly up and down my mid-section and thigh. He winks at me. I lean up and we kiss. Soft. Tender. My clean-shaven face against his beard. My unit spasms again. He senses it. I rest my head back onto my pillow and move my right hand to the back of his neck. I pull him closer to me and down on top of me. He slowly lowers himself. He outweighs me by 100lbs. He curls his left hand under my neck and I rest on his muscular forearm. He moves his other hand under my knees and effortlessly lifts me off the sheets of the bed. He winks at me and I smile back. He proceeds to curl me like a straight bar. He easily does this 50 times, no sign of strain or fatigue. I am aroused at seeing his arms bulge and chest heave, but concentrate on keeping my unit flaccid. His, on the other hand, I can feel poking my back every time he lowers me. After he does his reps, he brings me in for a kiss. I see a bead of sweat on his furry face. Before we kiss, I lick the salty sweat off him and savor his taste. I moan to myself. He lowers my body back to the bed and his hairy chest rests on my hairless chest. My super sensitive nipples are protruding and poking into the hair covering his muscular pecs. He flexes his pecs and they become hard as granite. He rubs them against my nipples, knowing the eroticism it causes me. The nerves in my nips send shock waves to my brain. I kiss him harder and pull him closer. He responds by slipping his right hand under my PJ’s and playing with my scant pubic hair. His fingers rake the hair. My unit jumps again and I feel him smile through our kiss. His fingers encircle my hardening steel unit and jerk it a few times. He flexes his bicep and tries to bring my cock perpendicular to my body, but I twitch it and slam it back into my abs, trapping his hand. He outsmarts me by using his thumb to massage the top of my unit. It runs across the pulsing veins and light hair causing me to moan. I release my hold on his hand and he continues to jerk me, bicep flexing the whole time. We come up for air. He leans back a bit and continues to smile at me. My right hand moves toward his abs. Boulder like and covered in the same orange tangle of hair as his groin, chest, and face. My Irish muscle God. I stroke his hairy abs. His unit bobs up and down with anticipation. He flexes his abs and I run my fingers thru the cervices between each one. Now it’s my turn to smile. He pulls his arm out from behind my head and moves to straddle me. He puts his paws on either side of my chest, lifts his right leg over my body, looks down at me and grins. It’s my turn to wink back to him. He’s as ready for part 5 as I am. He lowers his bulk onto me. His 250lbs presses down on my abs and body. I tense them and his movement stops. His full weight being supported by them. He sighs, leans his head back, and lets out a roar that will surely wake our neighbors, if they haven’t been up all-night listening to our shenanigans. His unit continues its ascent, protruding from his gnarly haired groin. He reaches his hands behind him and grasps my PJ’s to pull them off me. I buck my hips up, easily lifting his bulk into the air. He uses one hand to hold my rigid unit down and gently pulls the PJ’s down my legs, exposing my dick. I let him think he’s holding it down. I love my sexy muscle God, so I treat him well. Once my unit is free, he lets go and I jerk it to an upright position and starts to grow on its own accord. I gently thump it against his hairy lower back. My muscle man got all the hair I did not. He rests his body back down onto mine. I sigh. Next, he lowers his chest to mine. I let his weight sink us into the soft white sheets of the bed. He leans down and starts to kiss me again with sloppy, saliva filled kisses. His unit tries to expand, but is crushed between our bodies. I wrap my wiry thin arms around his bulky lats but cannot join my hands as his body is too huge and muscular. I decide to gently apply pressure to his lats, squeezing them together. My hands finally meet and I lock my hands with each other. I squeeze again and he lets out a moan. I cannot tell if he is in pain or experiencing an intense amount of pleasure due to the pressure. Until he tells me otherwise, I’ll assume he’s enjoying it. I tense my skinny arms again and my biceps start to expand, growing to their full 10 inches. I sigh and take a deep breath, sucking the air from my beast’s lungs. He struggles to suck some air back into his body. I feel him start to shake and gently exhale into his mouth. My warm breath fills his lungs and his chest expands. His huge pecs rub against my sensitive nipples again and another shock wave travels down my body to my ever-growing unit. It now stands at 11 inches. Pre-cum oozes out and snakes down my cylinder. I flex my unit toward my abs and it hits his lower back with an audible thud. I will my dick to move left and right and I slather his body with copious amounts of pre-cum. It’s warm, sticky, and flowing from my body at a constant rate. He feels my python and the new found treasure I am depositing on him. He pushes his face to mine and ravages my lips and mouth. I allow his tongue to enter my mouth. He lashes it around, left, right, up, down, leaving more saliva as he goes. I moan to myself and feel his unit try expand. I hug him a bit tighter, squeezing his body closer to him, halting its expansion. He groans in agony. I’m just saving my sexy beasts load for the appropriate time to be released. He loves when I control his releases. He may be 100lbs heavier, 6 inches taller, have more visible muscularity, and be the object of everyone’s ogling, but my sexy man knows who’s in charge at the end of the day. When we met for the first time at the bar, he walked in with all the swagger and bravado of a well-known porn star. Him, in a bright blue tank top two sizes too small, with his Joey Sullivan sized arms hanging off his lats, his meaty chest and protruding nipples oozing out of the strained material, bouncing as he walked, and his black nylon gym shorts leaving nothing to the imagination as to what he was packing below the beltline. He walked up to me, introduced himself as the man of my dreams and proceeded to sit next to me. He started off by flexing his left bicep. I ran my fingers over it, and played with the hair which covered it. I feigned amazement at its size and rubbed it lovingly. He winked at me and flexed it harder. To my amazement, the arm got bigger. He put his left hand on one of the legs of my bar stool, smiled at me, and lifted the chair up. His arm swelled. I touched it again and felt the heat radiating from it. I caressed it as he started to lift and lower it, like he was curling a 125-pound weight. I thought to myself, I’ve found my new muscle beast. After 40 reps, he set my stool down and I could see sweat dripping from his shoulder, down his arm. I had to refrain myself from tackling him off his stool and licking every part of his body. He saw me eying him up and he tried to shove his huge knee between my legs. I let him have some fun by letting his leg part my thighs. When he was about half way up, I tensed my muscles and his leg came to an immediate stop. His face contorted in pain as I applied a bit of pressure. He looked into my eyes and I winked at him. His left hand fell to my right thigh and he felt my muscle. He could feel the strength I possessed as he tried to dent my leg. His eyes grew wide as he began to understand who was really in charge. He was mine and he knew it. We left the bar, went back to my place, and I ravaged him like he had never known. He runs his hands thru my crew cut brown hair and massages the super sensitive area behind my ears. His fingers come forward and caress my jaw line and cheeks with such amazing softness, which, if I didn’t know he could crush steel bars with them, would think they were kitten’s paws. We kiss again. Long and heavily. Our bodies roll around on the bed. The springs creaking due to our movements. He’s on top of me with his arms wrapped around my back. He is nibbling my neck and I’m running my hands thru the knotty hair on his head and then down his muscular back. I lift my right leg and bend it at the knee. I brace it on the bed and push, rolling us over so I’m on top. He smiles, knowing what is next. He releases my body and I move down his, licking, sucking, pulling on every crevice and pore I come across. I can tell his body is overly excited and he is waiting for my approval to blow his load. I suckle a nipple, lap at it with my coarse tongue. He shivers. I move lower and coat his hairy mid-section with copious amount of spit. Once he is sufficiently wet, I move to his belly button. I love that he has an innie. The night after our first meeting, he showed up at my door with a 50lb weight and a smile. He already had a massive hard-on and his blue nylon shorts were tented to the point of tearing. I eyed him up and down as if I were bored it was him at the door and not the pizza guy, but was secretly excited he came back. I’ve scared too many muscle guys off when I show them a bit of my power. Not this stud. He’s back for more. I leave the door open and walk away. I sense he’d hesitated, waiting for my approval for him to enter. I turned and nodded. He entered. He followed me. I led him down to my basement workout and pleasure room. He did not get a chance to see it yesterday. I stop in the middle of the room and hold my hand out. He puts the weight in it. I drop the weight and grab his t-shirt which has a picture of the Hulk on it. I think to myself, cute. I tug on the shirt and pull him towards me. He’s looming over my body. I grab the shirt again and raise it up his body, revealing his hairy body. He takes ahold of the shirt and I spread my fingers out on his body, gently caressing the hair, luxuriating in its softness. He moans with pleasure. I move closer to him and breath in his sweaty smell. My man went to the gym today, I can smell it and approve. My unit twitches. I lap at the area under his shelf-like pecs, pulling hair into my mouth, pulling his sweat off, dampening it with my spit, and letting is slide out. I feel like I’m marking my territory. I move south and almost lose my load when I see his belly button. Hairy as the rest of him, but a deep cavernous hole. My tongue swirls around the outside edge, enjoying the rough manly skin and soft hair. I feel him remove his shirt. I let my hands wander up his body. They latch on to his nipples and gently twist. He groans. He puts his hands a top of mine and increases the pressure. Ah, he also has sensitive nipples, file that away for later. Back to his navel. After depositing a copious amount of spit in the area, I dip my tongue into it. It seems like a bottomless pit. I’m in heaven. I push further in, still no bottom. I press my face to his rock-hard abs, and then some, forcing him to relax them or get hurt. I finally bottom out. My unit swells. He lets out a loud groan of pleasure. I maneuver my tongue around the entire area, pushing more spit into it, and then scooping it out and swallowing the mixture of sweat and spit. My unit is quickly growing. I release his nipples; he groans at the loss. I lower my shorts and free my monster. I grab his shorts and, as gently as possible, lower them. No underwear, good man, make my job easier. I keep moving my tongue in and out of his navel. He’s put his hands on the back of my head and is forcing me to dig deeper. I tense my body and he can no longer move me. He releases my head. I go back to bobbing back and forth. I curl his balls in my left hand and judge their weight. Not too bad. I feel a heavy load in them waiting to be unleashed. I start to massage them, while finishing up with his belly button. I extract my tongue, look up to face him and see his eyes have glassed over. He sways a bit and starts to topple. I release his balls, and quickly catch him in my arms. He doesn’t notice. I kneel onto the floor and lay him on the ground. He’s still foggy. I spread his legs and move between them. I lift his balls and place my unit at his hole. I gently push. He immediately comes out of the fog, looks down his hairy muscular body at me. I wink and smile. He smiles back and flexes his biceps. I lick my lips. I push harder, but he’s still tight. I take his balls back into my hand and gently roll them around. I also lean down and swallow his 10-inch unit to the hilt. He moans loudly, melts due to my touch, and his hole opens. I push my 11-inch steel pipe into him in one fell swoop. He grunts when I bottom out. Now the fun begins. I tense my body and lean back. His back comes off the ground. His eyes go wide. I continue to fall backward onto my hunches and he’s now at a 30-degree angle. I’m smiling. He’s got a scared smile on his face. I wink at him and blow him a kiss. I put my hands under his lower back to make him feel secure, then I stand up. I’ve got my muscle man in a suspended congress position. I love it. He seems to be terrified. I can sense his questions, how, why, HOW? I gently grip his lower back and begin to thrust him back and forth, like he’s my own private flesh light. My body does not move. His is now wildly gyrating on my steel bar and his eyes are manic. His head is swiveling around looking for a place for him to put his arms for stability. My sexy boy doesn’t get it yet. I flex my dick and move him from a 30-degree angle to 45-degrees. I keep moving him off and on my bar. His unit swells and I can sense he’s close. He’s still staring at me. I decide this is as good a time as any for him to erupt. I want him to get a better sense of my power. I release my hands from his sides and move them into a double bicep pose. It’s nothing special compared to his boulders, but it does the trick. I thrust my hips once more, bottom out, and his cum explodes out of his body. His dick thrashes all over the place, like a wild fire hose. Cum lands everywhere, me, him, the floor, and a few splotches on the ceiling. I hold back my load. His eyes glaze over again after his 2 minute eruption. I lower him back to the floor and carefully extract myself. I walk over to a steel reinforced bucket I keep in the corner of the basement, pick it up, put my dick in it and yank it twice. Cum rockets out, denting the bottom. After a minute I finish. The bottom third of the bucket is filled. I set it down for later. I walk back to my stud. He’s up on his elbows and grinning at me. Guess he saw my release. I shake my head no. He frowns. I pick up the 50-pound weight, toss it in the air, catch it, and proceed to close my fist around it. I compact the weight to the size of a lacrosse ball. He cums again just watching me. I toss the weight back to him and smile. I move my face lower and bump into his unit. I nudge it aside. I inhale his groin musk. Sweat and cum, ah, the nectar of life. I go to work dampening the whole area. My tongue works overtime getting him sufficiently wet. I push my index finger into his waiting hole. He’s nice and loose from last night. I wiggle it around and he squirms a bit. I take his left ball into my mouth. It’s as big as a lemon. I slurp on it, pulling the hairs with my teeth, nibbling on his sensitive skin. He squirms again. I release the left and take the right one into my mouth and do the same. He’s beginning to writhe around. I put my left hand on his dick and gently tug the swelling unit. He calms down. My fingers play with his piss slit and I coax a dollop of pre-cum out of him. He sighs. I release his ball from my mouth and move the pre-cum coated hand to it. I slurp my fingers, pulling every drop of his fluid into my mouth, but do not swallow. I remove my finger from his hole and climb up his body. I straddle him. He smiles. I lean down and he willingly opens his mouth. I shove half the load of pre-cum into his mouth. His tongue laps at mine for more. I grin at his need. He swallows what I allow him to have. His eyes plead with me for more. I scoot my body down his, his sweaty hair getting my body wet. I reach his unit and grasp it. I look up to him and his eyes light up in anticipation. I slide further down and off his body. I’m between his legs again. I easily lift them up. He reaches his huge hands down and grabs his ankles and pulls back, lifting his backside up off the bed a bit. This gives me easy access. I’m at full mast, but keep it bent downward for now. He winks his hole at me. I look up over his balls and down his body, past his heaving chest. He’s smiling. I wink at him and bend back down. I carefully place my hands on his quads and lower my mouth to his waiting hole. I lap at it. He sighs. I coat his whole hairy hole with enough spit to fill a canteen. Some dribbles onto his back, some towards his balls. He’s moaning the whole time. The third night after we met, I surprised him by showing up at his condo. I knocked on the door, but he did not answer. I tested the knob and found it to be locked. I thought maybe he isn’t home. I pressed my ear to the door and could faintly hear him. I knew what he was up to. I grabbed the knob again, looked around, did not see anyone, and twisted. The knob and lock caved to my power. I gently pushed the door in and once inside closed it and twisted again, smashing the lock back into place. He’ll need to replace it before he moves out and in with me. I casually walk around and check out the recent bodybuilding magazines he has on his sofa. I see a few photos of Jeff Nippard too. God, that Canadian bodybuilder is a stud. Muscular, smart, and an absolutely gorgeous beard. The fun I could have with him. I start to tent, but remember, my muscle beast is here somewhere. I check the kitchen because you never know where some people prefer to rock their boat. Not there, nor any of the downstairs rooms. I head up the steps. I see his bedroom door at the far end of the hall and it’s closed. I pad down to it and put my ear to the door. I hear heavy breathing and the springs on the bed are creaking. Yup, my hairy stud is in there. I listen for another second and hear a second voice moaning. Hmmm, wonder what’s up. I quietly open the door and there is my Irish God, going to town on another stud. I watch from the door. I get hard. Two studs. The muscles, the strength, the hair. Number 2 is black god with huge biceps and dreadlocks cascading down around his face. I can see chest hair and a full black beard. My unit immediately tears thru my shorts and pre-cum is dripping out. I groan. They both turn to me. Irish is shocked, but a smile quickly comes over his face. Black stud just stares at me with a ‘who the fuck are you?’ look. I wink to them. I wander over and grab the black stud’s 9-inch cock. I grip it with the slightest pressure in my right hand. His eyes bulge out and his face shows immediate pain. Both his hands move to my one in an attempt to pry it off. No go. Irish just smiles and keeps pounding, sweat coating his hairy muscles and dripping onto the black muscle stud. The black beast attempts to lean up and move. I place my left hand on his chest and push him down onto the bed and hold him still. He’s groaning with fear. I release some of the pressure from his chest. He nods in appreciation and removes his hands from the one I have on his unit. I jerk him gently. His eyes glaze over. He involuntarily flexes his right bicep and my mouth waters. My left hand reaches out and caresses the muscle. He flexes harder. I continue to massage it and my fingers wander over the prominent veins. I softly squeeze and his muscle instantly caves to my power. Damn, I thought he would have move resilience. He stares at me with a ‘what did you just do look’. I shrug my shoulders. I release him. His body relaxes. I move to the end of the bed and gently pull my Irish stud out of him. He does not resist. I then reach a hand out to the black stud and as he grabs it, I pull him toward me. I gesture for him to stand up. He does. I maneuver both studs so one is on either side of me. They’re looking at each other and then down at me. I rub their impressive abs and smile. I move my right hand under Irish’s balls and caress them. I move my left under Black’s and do the same. They moan, lean to each other, and start to kiss. After a few minutes of warm up, I move both index fingers to their holes. Both are loose and wet which makes the next part easy. I insert and wiggle. They moan louder and kiss each other harder. I feel slobber dripping on my head. I like it. Their units start to bob wildly. The next part should send them over the edge fairly quickly. I bend down a bit, splay my hands so I create a nice base for their asses in the palm of my hands, push my fingers in to the hilt, then stand up. I hear them both let out an expletive. I sense they are looking down at me. I start to gyrate my fingers in and out of the holes, slowly at first, but quickly increasing the speed. I hear them kissing again. Their magnificently hard steel rods are bobbing around my face. I turn and catch Irish’s first. I bob on his hairy 10 inches a few times to lather it up. I release, catch the other guy’s 9 inches, and do the same. Both studs are moaning and I can tell they are close. I move my arms from my sides to the front of me. The boys are now in front of me and are still kissing, but are now hugging each other. Both rods are right in front of me. I raise my arms a bit and they are now at mouth level. I bring my arms toward my body and when the studs are close enough, I inhale both rods at the same time. I just stretch my jaw to accommodate both. A 9-incher and a 10-incher. Their girth is nothing to sneeze at either. They stop kissing and look down. I glance up and wink. I wash my tongue under both units at the same time and rub the prominent veins a few times. They go back to intensely kissing each other. I apply just a bit more pressure and boom, they both let out deep long groans and reward me with mouthful of thick salty cum. I open my throat and let it slide down. Now it’s my turn to moan. It’s a low guttural moan. My body shakes, causing theirs to shake too. I savagely pump fingers in and out of them and am rewarded with another, weaker, load from both. To say these muscle studs look tired, would be an understatement. I walk to the bed, bend down a bit and set them on it. I extract my fingers and hear them groan at the vacancy. I climb onto the bed with them and get between them. They turn so they are facing me. I glance down at my 11-inch rod and both guys get the hint. I close my eyes and next thing I know; I have four hands massaging and caressing my dick and balls. I can feel their units start to expand. I curl my arms under their shoulders and bring them closer to me. We are one big messy love sandwich with me in the middle. My studs keep yanking me like there is no tomorrow. I just let them have their fun. After 5 minutes, they begin to slow. I can sense their units are fading. It’s time to reward my beasts. I buck my hips twice and they jerk me harder at the prospect of me finishing. I turn to kiss them one at a time. I then hug them fiercely, roar, and let my load explode out. I take control of my dick, flex it upward a bit, and shoot the load over our heads. It splatters into the wall behind us almost at the ceiling. I continue to cum for over a minute. As my last shot is rolling up my tube, I exhale, flex my abs and push the load out just hard enough to impress my studs. It flies thru the air, hits the wall, and I can hear the drywall crack. I smile and release the hug. I feel wetness, glance down, and see my muscle studs have cum again. I gently kiss each one in appreciation. I carefully insert my tongue. Don’t want to bruise him there again. I push in and out a few times. He immediately loosens up. I dive deeper, he moans. I massage the inside edges of his hole. My nose is right there and I inhale his scent. My dick throbs. As I maneuver my body over his, he releases his ankles. I put my left hand on his lower back, keeping his body crunched up so we are in a modified 69. I force my dick to flex down toward his waiting mouth. My mouth now has easy access to his 10 inches, his balls, and his hole. I feel his tongue lap at my piss slit. I allow a drop of pre-cum to boil up my rod and seep out. I feel his body lean up and his mouth attaches to my unit and begins an intense sucking motion. He bobs his head as much as he can. I continue to have fun with his bottom area. I insert my right pinkie and thumb into his hole and very gently widen it. He tenses with pain and releases my unit. His body becomes rigid. I ease off and feel his body relax. His mouth comes back up to my unit. I lower my body to meet him. He inhales me and starts suck again. God he’s good. I put only my right thumb in his hole and move it in a circular motion, widening him. He moans, but this time in pleasure. I stop the circular motion and start to push in and out. He moans and it vibrates around my unit. I sigh. I’m doing something right. Stud is getting me close. I think I’ll let him enjoy my load today. I dip my tongue to his hole and insert some spit. I keep my thumb in him and continue to pound him. He groans and his body tenses. I lick his balls and feel his load travel out and down his tube. I quickly grab his iron rod and move my head to inhale him. I get it just in time. His load explodes into my mouth, with some dripping out onto his fur covered body. I pull my thumb out of him and his legs fall to the bed. I continue to suck him as he does me. I gently push my unit further into his throat and soften it just enough so it can fit the contours of his throat and slide down. He doesn’t choke or gag. My stud. I release his cock and move to his hairy abs and start to lick up any cum that dripped out of my mouth. I run my hands up and down his hairy abs and sides. I see a few drops in his bellybutton. I dive in. My brain goes into overload. I inhale his scent again, snort a few drops of cum by accident, let my body loosen, and release a load for him to enjoy. I make sure it does not rocket out of me and hurt him. It’s just forceful enough to push him down into the bedding. He moans again and slurps down every drop. When I finish, he sucks me feverishly for more. I allow a partial load out and hear him sigh with gratitude. He rubs my back with love. I feel his unit jerk and spasm. His body tightens. I hold him and his load sprays my hair and face. After we’ve both calmed down, I twist around and lay next to him. I lean over and we kiss. He puts his hand on my cheek and pulls us closer together.
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