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Found 21 results

  1. Ripped

    Black Cats

    Black Cats Sequel to Black Cat. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Early Tuesday morning I was awoken by the feeling of a pair of firm tits straddling my left thigh, a hard dick against my right foot and tongues licking my ironwood hard morning erection and pomegranate-sized balls. As I laid on my back with my eyes closed and soaked up the worship of the sister and brother I thought about all those fantastic things that happened to me in the past week. This whole adventure started last Monday when I found a little black cat in an alley downtown. When I picked up, cradled the purring furball in my arms and saw the beautiful electric blue eyes lovingly looking up at me I knew that I would do anything to keep her safe. I took the cat to a downtown veterinarian school for a check up and adopted Brenna, that’s what the vet named her, as soon as her exam was finished. After my long term cheat’n bitch of a girlfriend walked out on me later in the week I found out that Brenna was actually a kind of therianthrope; a being that can shapeshift into any form she chose. I uttered a moan from deep in my chest and put my big hands behind my head as I basked in the sensations emanating from my monster cock. I opened my eyes and looked down. The first thing I saw were my magnificent pecs. I had to lift my head to look over my overpowered hyper-masculine chest to see my ten pack abs and shredded obliques. I flexed and squeezed every muscle and watched as my pecs turned into hemispherical boulders with a deep vertical crevasse and each segment of my abs rose to stretch the thin skin and thick veins covering them. The two bodies covering my legs were raised by my massive quads and hamstrings. “Oh, fuck Bruce,” Brenna moaned. She kept her cat eyes and ears while taking the shape of an ultra-muscled sexy human female. “mmmm, I love it when you do that.” I felt her pussy against my shin leak a copious amount of cunt juice and drank in the rush of lust she emanated. You see, I wasn’t always the pinnacle of masculinity. Just a few days ago I was a 26 year old, short, obese, balding 9-to-5 office drone at an accounting firm in downtown Madison, right next to the capitol. The most exercise I ever got was doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out why a client thought it would be a good idea to try to claim their new Lamborghini as a business expense when they owned a small deli that barely broke even in West Towne Mall. That all changed Friday night. Brenna did something to me that allowed me to capture and store emotional energy directed at me. I can use this energy to change myself; increase height, gain muscle mass, grow stronger and slightly change my appearance. Hell, I can even make my balls large enough to produce gallons of cum and my cock into a telephone pole. To reward Brenna for the delicious pre-breakfast emotion drink I added an inch of length and girth to my cock. She responded appropriately by loudly purring, unhinging her jaw and greedily taking my glans deep down her throat. Not only had Bre changed me physically, she also tweaked my psyche, amplifying my Id. This change allowed me to become the dominant personality I always yearned to be. Then early Saturday morning, she sent me off to Madtown Fitness, a gym on the south side by the beltline, to test my new body. There I broke my limits, both physically and mentally. I exceeded any physical expectation I had as I crushed all house lift records. Took any throat, pussy or ass I wanted. Exerted my dominance over everything and everyone. With one very painful exception, it was a fucking amazing day. “Oh, Gods, Daaaddy. That’s hot. That’s sooo fucking BIG.” Arthur, Brenna’s brother, whimpered into my scrotum between licks with a long, wide, soft dog tongue. Bre’s lips curled into a smile around my cock as I chugged his submission and rolled my eyes. I remembered how I met Art when I came home from the gym late Saturday night. Bre said he was an ex-boy friend that was in need of punishment. So I, now an uber dominant personality, made my physique explode. I must have grown well over seven feet tall and weighed over six hundred pounds, all muscle. I would have looked like a caricature of an over-the-top muscle bound freak if I didn’t have an extremely dangerous looking, three foot long, ten inch thick, rock hard cock sticking straight up from a low hanging scrotum containing testicles the size of a fastpitch softball. I ravaged Art’s throat and ass. I beat him to within an inch of death without realizing it. To save him I had to blow the whale sized load of cum. Consequently, Art says that now more than half of his DNA is from me, ergo, I’m his father. Yeah. That’s what I said, too. ‘Get our lazy ass up! Remember, I got a text last night from Keena saying we have a physical examination and lab work that has to be done before eight o’clock this morning or you can’t start work tomorrow,’ I heard in my head. That was another change. While meeting with Dr. Keena Panthera, the gym’s owner, Saturday the resident muscle head, Terry “Zapp Brannigan” Limppernoodle, attacked her. After I subdued the bastard she told me that he had sexually assaulted her, raped her. Even though I just met Keena that day, I felt an overwhelming instinct to protect her. Learning that she had been violated threw me into an uncontrollable rage. That rage ended with me on a shower floor and in my own vomit. I had snapped both of Terry’s femurs like twigs, ripped his arms off, crushed his head between my hands like it was a paper cup and ripped his genitals off. I tossed the bloody dick and balls at Keena’s feet like a trophy. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to indelibly stamp my dominance and superiority on her. My mom and uncle fought the last war. When my uncle returned he told me of fellow soldiers that were changed after their first kill, especially if it happened in hand-to-hand combat. I guess I changed that way, too. A part of me recoiled from the horror of what I did, splitting my mind into two equal and nearly opposite halves. The voice I just mentally heard calls himself Ego. He has an amplified intellect and is a fucking pain in the ass. He also can’t keep his pronouns straight. ‘I goddamn fucking asshole,’ Ego bitched. ‘I quit your job to work at the gym so he could fuck around all day long. Get my lazy ass out of bed!’ I reminisced about Sunday and Monday as I try to get my legs out from under my worshipers. Saturday night my BFF with benefits, Deb, the maniacal Uber driver, aimed me at a bored wife of a supplements company executive. On Sunday I met the wife and the couple’s maid in their mansion on Lake Mendota’s north shore. I found that not only did the husband have impeccable taste in cars and women, he also was having an affair with, and beat, the petite French maid. The next day, after proving my superiority in every way, impregnating the wife and making him a submissive cuck, I ripped away from him the things he loved the most (in reverse order); his wife, his mistress, his company and his W Motors Lykan HyperSport. Let me say right now that the irony of me owning a car named after a human that can change into a wolf is not lost on me. Art lifted his head from my balls. I was greeted with a big, panting, corgi face. Arthur’s ears wiggled as he said, “Are you gonna fuck me in the shower, Daddy? I’ve been a veeery bad doggy.” Art’s dog breath hit my nose like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick, “Geez, Art! Your breath stinks! What the hell, have you been licking your ass again?” Art tilted his head to the side the way dogs do when you try to explain the symmetrical beauty of double entry accounting. “No,” he replied. “I’ve been licking yours.” Brenna chuckled while I moaned and gruffly commanded, “Get off me and brush your fucking teeth!” He whimpered and gave me puppy-dog eyes, but obeyed. He climbed off me and made his way to the bathroom with his tail between his legs. Literally. Bre pulled my cock out of her throat. The head popped out of her mouth. “Oh, good. You’re all mine now,” Bre murmured just before taking my entire length, down to the root, in her throat. Her mighty neck muscles started to ripple against my unyielding god-rod. I wanted nothing more than her servicing me for the rest of the day, but, as Ego said, I had things to do. “YOU need to make coffee and breakfast while I take a shower,” I declared. Her brow furrowed, eyes pleaded as she shook her head as best she could with a huge titanium rod stretching her esophagus and apple-sized glans in her stomach. I gripped the hair at the back of her head and started to pull her off me. “That wasn’t a request, cat.” At that she tightened her throat around my cock. Her neck muscles bulged, her traps thickened and rose up until they looked like steel I-beams and her back until it looked like an impenetrable mountain range as she fought against me. I smiled, took a drop of the emotional power I kept in reserve (stored somewhere off the Cayman Islands) and slowly pulled her off, easily overpowering her. When my cock head popped out of her mouth and smacked my chest she breathlessly whined, “Pleeeease, Master. I need you. I need your cock!” “Food now, play later,” I said as I rotated my shoulder and brought the 350 pound female bodybuilder, who could easily overpower a middle-weight state bodybuilding champion, to her back like she was a rag doll. While I still held her hair I propped myself up on an elbow and captured her jaw in my free hand. “Here’s a little taste for now,” I said. Then released her jaw, moved my hand slowly over her magnificent, firm breasts. I tweaked a thick nipple between my index and middle fingers, then stroked her brick wall abs and, finally, burried a finger in her sex. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned and gasped for air when I flicked her clit. She was writhing and on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Then I stopped. She hissed and punched my shoulder with enough power to blast a hole in a foot thick solid steel wall. My deltoid only dented a little bit. “Now get going and I might buy you a toy mouse later,” I teased and released her hair. She rolled off the bed and massaged the hand that punched me. With a look of lust, fury, resignation and pointing a finger at me she said, “That better be one hell of a mouse, buddy.” She turned and picked up the button down shirt I wore yesterday. As she shrugged the shirt on I noticed that her back almost filled up the garment that could barely contain me. She lifted the front of the shirt and took a deep breath as she turned back to me. Her breasts pushed the shirt open, revealing her large, firm breasts, deep cleavage and ruggedly segmented abs. Her nipples grew hard, denting the fabric, her lower abs started to powerfully flex, her expression like a predator ready to strike its prey. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I can still smell you on this.” I growled and jabbed a finger at the bedroom door. She scowled and cat-walked, her glutes flexing and rolling against each other, out of my bedroom as her face assumed a more human visage. I laid for a few seconds more, then rolled out of bed. I yawned, raised my arms above my head and stretched to work out all the kinks in my sleepy mountains of muscle. I heard my back crack (twice), my sternum pop and heard Art still brushing his teeth. The urge to urinate was strong, so I willed my raging cock to settle down. It deflated as I moved towards the bathroom and immediately stubbed my foot on the corner of the bed. Cursing and promising for the 1,001st time to rearrange the furniture, I limped to the bathroom. Art was getting ready to spit into the sink when I moved up behind him. I studied the contrast of body types I saw in the mirror. Art morphed from a human/corgi mix into a complete human with the appearance and physique of an average height twenty year old blond, blue-eyed, olympic swimmer. I could see the well toned muscles roll and flex as he bent over the sink to spit as he shifted his weight between his strong legs. When he stood up the top of his head reached the bottom of my chin. His adequately developed chest had wisps of blond hair above a decent six pack. I applied a little emotional power to pack on tens of pounds of muscle and increase my height until his head was below my chest. I proportionally grew the rest of my body, except for my cock. Then I lengthed and thickened it too until I had a baseball bat swinging between my knees. After that I took a half step forward, pinning his narrow pelvis between me and the vanity. I thrust my chest forward, brought my arms up into a double bi pose and flexed. The bathroom vanity lights glinted off my hairless scalp and chest. A weekend’s growth of thick whiskers gave my face a rugged appearance. My traps, delts and pecs grew to insane proportions. My biceps, already big, grew to dwarf Art’s head. I gritted my teeth, growled and squeezed harder. The already apparent striations deepened into crevasses as the superficial veins that criss-crossed my body like a road map tried to burst through my skin. The two heads of each bicep grew and separated, causing a vein filled valley to form from my deltoids to my pronator tres and brachioradialis. Art’s eyes grew wide, his mouth slack and he moaned as he leaned back into me. I think I even saw a little bit of saliva escape the corner of his mouth. He started leaking below too. Next to me, Schwarzenegger and Colman look like they don’t even lift. I AM the Greatest Of All Time. “Oh, fuuuuck, Daddy,” Art moaned as he flexed his ass against my cock. His strong glute muscles gave me more than enough friction stimulation to bring me to erection. “Do me right here. I don’t care if you rip me in half. Please, just fuck me.” I broke the pose and palmed Art’s head, my hand nearly encompassed his skull, and slammed the side of his head against the mirror. A network of spider web cracks appeared under him in the mirror. Even though he whimpered from the pain, I could feel the overwhelming lust and pleasure pulsing off him. I soaked up every drop of that, sending it to my reserves as I caused my cock, which was now the size of his calf, to become harder and cleave Art’s glutes, lifting him off his feet. I leaned in and gave him a predatory snarl, hot breath against his ear and I said, “If I did that, I’d have to blow an even bigger load than last time to bring you back. Then Bre would pound us both to pulp. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” A weak, “uh-huh” escaped his lips as his hips started bucking against me and the vanity. He was about to cum from the mere suggestion of so much agony. I gave him a second or two of that mental image before I released his head, stood straight and stepped back. He barely caught himself before he fell to his knees. “Start my shower,” I ordered. Then I moved to stand over the toilet and relieved myself. It took a moment for Art to realize I issued an order. When he pulled his head away from the mirror I saw that he left a few drops of blood and a sweaty impression of an ear and cheek on the fractured mirror. He gazed upon my infinitely superior physique with a mixture of anger, lust and anticipation and whined, “You’re a fucking tease, you know that?” and punched my back as he passed behind me and into the shower. “Owww! Fuck!” he said and turned the handle. I heard the water cascade out of the shower head and Art yelling, “GODS DAMN this water is COLD!” As I relieved myself I happened to glance at my toothbrush in its holder beside the sink. “Art, did you use my toothbrush?” “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind,” he said. He stuck his head out of the shower and continued, “Dog saliva is very hypoallergenic,” and licked the inside of one of his nostrils with a long dog tongue. I grumbled, flicked off the last drop of urine into the toilet and flushed. I leaned against the wall next to the shower and counted my fingers, waiting for the water to become scalding hot. As usual, right on the count of five Art screams, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” and bolted out of the shower. I grabbed his neck before he got too far and threw him back into the shower. The house shuddered as he was driven into the shower wall. I ducked my head under the bar that holds the shower doors as I stepped into the stall. Then I turned the shower handle a quarter turn towards cold and slid the door closed behind me. Arthur looked at me with wide eyes and a slack jaw as my bulk almost filled the stall. I could feel the lust, pain and want cascading off of him. The delicious treat made me involuntarily flex my pecs against him, pushing him further into the wall. As the tile, drywall and wall frame cracked under him he said in a gasp, “Could you please not take up the entire shower?” I was disappointed he phrased it that way. If he had said, “Make yourself smaller,” I would have given myself a hundred pounds of muscle, flexed everything and pushed him through the wall so hard he would have exploded into the next room. Instead, I compressed my height until the top of his head was just below my chin, just enough height that he'd have to crane his neck to look me in the eyes. I did that without losing any muscle; I looked even more fucking massive. Now that I could maneuver in the shower I grabbed Art by the neck, ripped him out of the wall and forcefully set his feet on the floor of the shower. “You will wash me. If you do a good enough job I might fuck you into next week,” I growled and shoved the bar of soap from the shower caddy that hung from the showerhead into his hands. I then bent my left arm and flexed the bicep. Razor cut striations jutted across the twin peaks of the muscle. I straightened my arm and flexed again, this time including the forearm in the flex. The already insanely huge muscles grew larger and harder as even the smallest superficial vein doubled in size and pulsed with unbridled power. Art, with eyes wide, started to soap my upper left arm. “NO!” I barked. He flinched as if I had flicked a finger against his abs, expelling all air from his lungs and launching him across the room. He looked up timidly into my eyes. “Worship my might, worship the physique you dream about, worship the only true Alpha. Lick the sweat off me. Clean me with your tiny tongue. Then use the soap.” He instantly dropped the soap and started tonguing, kissing and caressing my massive arm. I gulped down each delicious drop his submission and want. He emanated so much I started to get drunk on the power I was soaking up. When I sent most of it to my reserves my head cleared and I felt Art sucking on my anterior delt head. “Grrrrrr! That’s it, little man. Show me how inferior you are,” I said menacingly, then grabbed the back of his head with my right hand and dragged his mouth to the downward pointing left nipple. “You love how I can, how I HAVE, ripped you apart without even breaking a sweat, don’t you?” I didn’t need him to say anything; I already knew the answer. He fucking loved it. I brought my left arm down, put his head in the crook of the elbow and flexed the left side. His mouth yielded to my incredibly hard pec as my bicep and forearm’s titanic brachioradialis and pronator teres bore into his skull. I kept increasing the pressure until I heard cracks and Art whimpering in pain. Then I released him. He fell on his hands and knees to the floor. The shower head sprayed water against the back of my head. What water didn’t flow down my back was cascading off my pecs like Niagara Falls and pummeled his back and head. I clenched my hands into fists and slightly bent my arms while expanding my chest, flexing my arms, pecs and abs. I squeezed the muscles of my legs until they resembled the marble columns of a Greek temple. I looked down my nose at the pathetic excuse for a male at my feet. I am Colossus standing before a teenager. A teenager with an Olympic swimmer muscular body. When Art finally looked up his eyes became as big as saucers. The head of my semi-hard summer sausage sized cock was an inch from his face. When he reached up to my cock I grabbed his hands “Please,” he pleaded. “I want...NEED your cock in me!” I could see his six inch dicklet was as hard as it could get over his inadequate balls. I put his trembling hands on my cinder block abs. “I will NOT repeat myself,” I said in a low menacing voice. He almost cried in frustration as he slid his hands over my abs, down my adonis belt, over each bulging muscle group in my left quad’s rectus femoris, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, then onto the gastrocnemius and peroneus longus, the two halves of my diamond shaped left calf. From there he licked two days worth of sweat and grime off every inch of me. I flexed and squeezed the muscle under Art’s mouth just to remind him how immensely powerful I am. After he tongue bathed both arms and armpits he placed his hands on my mountainous trapezius and stood on his toes to reach my neck. The sensation of his tiny body against my solid granite muscles started to arouse me. My rapidly hardening cock rising against his pintsized six pack made me groan. Thankfully Art finished his makeout session with my traps and neck quickly. I turned around, flared the muscles of my back; trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major and teres, major and minor. Calmly as I could, commanded, “Now my back. Start at the bottom.” I heard him drop to his knees and felt his hands on my hips as he buried his nose and tongue between unbreakable globes of my gluteus maximus. New sensations shot up my spine, ricocheted around my brain, back down my spine, bounced off my testicles, went up my cock and exploded in the glans. I involuntarily threw back my head and grunted as a literal pint of pre splashed against the shower wall. I saw two of the tiles crack after being hit with such pressure. Art must have noticed because he was taking his own sweet fucking time licking off any piece of shit I missed. ‘Shit,’ I thought. ‘I’m going to have to make sure he brushes his teeth again.’ ‘Can’t me think of any better puns than that?’ Ego snidely interjected. ‘Tell him to fucking hurry it up.’ “Boy, if you keep that up there won’t be any cum left for your ass. Move up.” “Yes, Daddy,” Art disappointedly replied. He licked, sucked and kissed up my wide, thick back until he swept the last speck of sweat off my trapezius at the back of my neck. When I felt his pathetic little wee-wee against me I spun around to face him, grabbed his neck and lifted him off his feet. He must have weighed 200 pounds, but it felt like I was lifting a paper marionette. “Are you ready to get FUCKED, boy?!” I growled from deep in my chest. He put his delicate hands on my pectoralis major, caressing them. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck your little boy.” His hands slid downward, over my ten pack abs. “Show me how an Alpha takes what He wants…” He started spreading the pre flowing from the meatus over the shaft, hand over hand, with another eight inches of cock exposed. His hands couldn't even encircle half my girth. “...whenever He wants.” He then slid his right hand up and thumbed the sensitive spot on the shaft. The sensation made my pelvic floor and prostate clench, forcing a heavy blast of pre to splash against his abs and chest. Arthur scooped the emissions off with his right hand while still stroking my rod from base to tip with his left. He brought his cupped hand, completely covered and overflowing with sticky precum, to his mouth and drank. As he drained his hand of the clear, thick liquid, I felt his throat contract four times as he swallowed the goo. “And now I know,” he said with a quiet voice filled with lust and licentious inference, “what the mightiest Alpha on the planet and the last descendant tastes like.” ‘The WHAT?!’ Ego said loudly. ‘SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.’ I internally growled as I flicked my wrist, tossing and twisting this average height, muscular boy in the air. I caught the back of his head when it was facing me and drove it into the tile on the shower wall. Blood, bone and broken tile were blasted out from the crater I created in the wall. Art’s legs were instantly swept aside as my fully engorged cock rammed up into my totally helpless prey. With my cock supporting all his weight I released his head and put him into a Full Nelson hold, both of my hands were thrust under his arms, then I pressed against the back of his neck. As I pulled him away from the wall I saw blood splashing the destroyed tile; I must have crushed his nose. When I thrust up his weak hole he hooked his ankles around my dorsal calves and started to caress the rock-solid muscle. Now that I had him completely under my control I teased the fuck out of him by slowly and repeatedly only penetrating him with the glans. Still, he grunted from each breach of his rectum. “Fuck me...come on!”, he pleaded. “Fuck...grunt..me..aieee!...HARD!” I drew a devilishly evil grin as I did exactly not that. For minutes I teased this boy cunt as he begged louder and louder until he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “FUUUCK MEE! HURT MEE! GODS DAMMIT PUNISH ME!!” Suddenly rage blasted off of him, he unhooked his feet from my legs and planted them on the shower wall. Huge claws exploded out of his toes and heals, fracturing the tile as they were buried deep in the wall. Each of his legs grew thicker than my waist with impossibly huge thighs. In an inhuman voice he bellowed, “I SAID HURT ME!” I could feel his rectum constrict around my cock tighter than any hole I’ve ever had, squeezing down and painfully compressing my shaft. “FUCK ME HARD!” Then he thrust back. I was slammed into the wall under the shower head. I felt the tile behind me fracture as his tight hole forced its way down my cock. I heard tearing sounds and saw his ass rupture. His copious blood provided a little bit of lubrication, but not enough; it felt like the skin on my shaft was being rubbed off. He kept screaming in a sound that shouldn’t come from any living thing, “PUNISH ME!”. When his ass finally impacted my root, faster than I could see, he pulled off and rammed back down. Between his battering assaults I saw my cock distend and almost rupture his abdomen several times. If he kept this up any longer he was going to fuck himself to death. When he was within reach I hooked my right elbow around his neck and clasped hands. “Arthur! You have to stop this!” I yelled. He bucked like a bronco, I almost lost my grip twice before I was able to squeeze and restrict the blood flow in his carotid artery. Just before he passed out he entire body tensed up, his rectum almost ripped my cock off. A blast of cum blew tile off the shower wall in front of us. Then he slowly went limp and I lowered him to the floor. When my cock popped out of him, blood geysered out of him and down the shower drain. I stood up and looked down at him. His face was a mass of shredded skin, broken bone and blood, yet I could see the devastation on his face already healing. My cock looked no better. It was red, swollen, covered with his blood and shit and hurt like hell. As I rinsed off I applied some power to heal myself. By the time I finished Arthur was whimpering in his sleep. ‘What the hell just happened?’ I asked Ego. ‘You have no idea. I better get him in bed. Let him sleep,’ he replied. I picked up Arthur off the shower floor and cradled him in my arms. As I took him to the bed he softly cried, “I’m sorry...I tried…not my fault...forgive...” He immediately went into a fetal position when I laid him down on the bed. He let out a sigh when I brought the comforter over him as, somehow, a large brown teddy bear appeared in his arms. I went back into the bathroom and found a fresh toothbrush under the sink. After unpacking the toothbrush I gazed at my stubble covered cheeks and jaw in the mirror. It had been three days since I last shaved. I rubbed a hand along my jawline; I kinda liked the way this protobeard made me look. I decided to keep it. As I brushed my teeth, Ego said, ‘I don’t like the way he seeks pain. There’s something terribly wrong with him. Why does he feel he needs to be punished?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I mentally replied. ‘Whatever it was, it couldn’t be healthy for him to feel that way.’ “Are you two almost done?” I heard Bre yell from the kitchen. “You had the hell better not let all this food go to waste or I’ll barf a hairball in your shoes!” And I know she would. I exited the bathroom, expanded myself to the height I was earlier, packed on twice the muscle and walked towards the bedroom door leading to the hallway, looking at Arthur calmly lying on the mattress as I passed the bed. The comforter roiled and bulged in ways a human could never cause. I looked up just in time to bash my forehead on the top of the doorframe. ‘Smooth move, dude,’ I heard mockingly in my head. “Will you FUCK OFF!” I yelled aloud. “You had the HELL better not be talking to me, buster!” I heard from the kitchen. I grumbled, ducked my head and started down the hallway to the sun drenched kitchen. Rubbing my forehead I said, “I’m not. I just bashed my forehead on the door frame.” When I entered the kitchen Brenna was right at my side, guiding me to a chair at the kitchen table. As I sat (and the chair creaked under my weight) my mouth started watering from sight and scent of the food overflowing the table; eight three-egg omelettes (four cheese, mushroom & bacon and four veggie), a stack of twenty pancakes smothered in real maple syrup topped with real butter, two pounds of bacon, three pounds of venison sausage (from my uncle), two loaves of whole grain and seed bread and, the pièce de résistance, a two full pound of cheese curds. I love those big chunks of cheese, especially how they squeak when you bite into them. Hey! I’m a Wisconsinite, don’t judge me! Yes, I even have a Cheesehead Cheese Hat. My hungry eyes were torn away from the feast before me by a pair of ultra strong female hands on my cheeks. “Let me see,” Bre said with concern and straddled my lap, the top of her head below my chin. The taste of that emotion was like taking a bite of an orange flavored strawberry. Interesting, but not as interesting as looking down her cleavage, deeply segmented abs and her little exposed clit. “Well, you’re a little red up there,” she motheringly said, “but I don’t see any permanent damage.“ She brushed my forehead with her hand and pieces of wood and gypsum board fell into my line of sight. “You probably hurt the wall more than it hurt you.” “Speaking of hurting, did you hear Arthur and me in the shower.” She tilted her head down and her sad eyes slowly moved from my forehead to my abs. She put her hands lightly on my trapezius, feelings of worry and doubt made bile rise in my throat. “Something long ago…” she snapped her eyes to mine without lifting her chin “...happened to him. He won’t talk about it, no matter how much I ask. I...I just try to emotionally support him...love him the best I can.” Tears started to fall from her eyes. “I just don’t know what to do.” I wrapped my arms around and clutched her to my chest. She began to silently sob. ‘Well, shit. There goes the mood,’ Ego lamented. I silently agreed with him and slowly made myself decrease in size and mass. When Bre’s chin touches my collar bone, her puffy, tear streaked eyes meet mine and she sniffed. “Wha...what are you doing?” “I thought that you wouldn’t be in the mood since…” I said quietly, gently. “Oh, no you don’t you FUCKER!” she interrupted me, jabbed a hard finger into my sternum and exclaimed with all the ferocity of an IRS conducting a multi-year, twenty million dollar audit. “You fucking TEASED ME by making me suck you off ALL FUCKING NIGHT! I had to listen as you got tongue bathed and kissed all over your perfect body! Do you know how hard it was NOT to plunge my fingers up my cunt when I heard that?! Oh, you’re gonna fuck me, pal, and your gonna fuck me HARD! YOU WILL BE as big, as thick and as hard as you were when you walked in and YOU WILL pound me into submission! You’re gonna prove to me that you’re still my Master!” My cock rose against her ass in anticipation of feeling her hot, wet, tight hole and her admission of subservience. Her face then slowly went into the most evil grin I’ve ever seen and said, “But first you're eating all this food.” I groaned and complained, “And I’m called a tease.” “Yup!’ Bre laughed as she rose off my lap to stand beside me. She stood up on her toes, leaned forward, patted the top of my head and said, “I’m the queen Molly of teasing, baby. Now EAT!” My stomach loudly growled as I picked up a fork and spoon and dug into the mountain of protein, carbs and fiber. I kept glancing at Brenna between shoving huge chunks of food in my mouth. She was still in my unbuttoned dress shirt, leaning her perfect, hard gluteus maximus against the kitchen counter and holding one of my biggest ceramic coffee mugs. It’s the one that says, “Accountants take accounting of their accounts.” Before you say ANYTHING, it was a UW graduation gift from my aunt. Every once and a while she would take a sip from the steaming liquid in the mug. A few seconds later she would sigh, tilt her head to the side and her eyelids would almost close. The liquid’s scent wafting in my direction smelled like mint and chamomile. I fucking HATE herbal teas. When I was a teenager I had to help my uncle with bailing hay at the farm. After a whole day of breathing in dust and alfalfa flowers the crap running down my throat tastes exactly like herbal tea. Anyway, I finally shoveled in the last forkful of breakfast, leaned back in the chair and gave a hearty belch. “Now you have a choice, big boy.” Bre was still leaning back against the kitchen counter only now she had a huge stainless steel travel mug in one hand and her tea in the other. “Coffee…” she raised the travel mug “…tea…” she raised the ceramic mug “…or me?” She shrugged her shoulders, the button down shirt fell down to her elbows and waistline revealing a body that a heavy weight bodybuilder dreams of; tight waist, tendinous inscriptions that were three inches thick, shredded serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi that imitated a cobra’s hood, at least twenty-five inch upper arms, deltoids the size and hardness of bowling balls, trapezius that rose two-thirds of the way to her ears and pectorals that were hard and firm. If just those muscles were on a woman her size that woman would be considered pretty stacked. Brenna had those muscles AND incredible breasts with small brown areola and thick, inch long, nipples. Her torso supported by legs thick enough to squat a ton, yet shapely enough to give a guy whiplash as he turned his head for a second or fourth look. All this sculpted marble muscle on a five foot three inch frame made her look freaky...freaky sexy! I locked eyes with her and, deliberately, slowly stood up. As I rose from the chair I made myself grow in height until Bre’s eyes were level with my navel. I flexed first my left bicep, then my right, then my cock, as I walked towards her. I made sure that each footstep made the house rattle. When my glans pressed into her impenetrable abs I raised my hand as if I was to stroke her cheek. She tilted her head in that direction expecting my touch. In the last instant, I grabbed the travel mug, downed the entire contents in two gulps, crushed the container and tossed the now useless scrap metal over my shoulder. If you remember from our first (one-sided) conversation, you know that I can’t function in the mornings without a couple of cups of coffee in me. While the caffeine worked its magic on the A1 and A2A receptors I advanced on my prey. Bre held up a finger and said, “Waitaminute,” and took a deep drink from her tea. Almost instantly her pupils dilated. She set the mug on the countertop behind her and reached up to put both of her muscled, veined, tiny hands on my pecs. Then she extended and dragged feline-like claws from the ends of her fingers across my taut skin. She took a step or two towards me, making my painfully hard cock rise up until it was nestled in her cleavage. “So, are you going to use this big thing to fuck me?” she seductively said. “Plunge it deep into my hot, wet cunt?” She started to slowly bounce her pectorals, making her breasts stroke my leaking cock. “I think you're just going to peter out, “she brought her elbows inward, using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts tighter, “just like the little boy you are.” That did it. Now I was not just sexually aroused, but my dominance was thrown into question. Yes, I know she did that on purpose just to get me to fuck her hard. Well...it worked. I growled as I grabbed her gluteus maximus and lifted her 350 pound weight above my head like she was a feather. I easily squeezed and spread those unbreakable muscles in my hands to expose her ass and pussy. It took me a second or two to properly line up my cock with her leaking hole, then I explosively brought her down. As soon as I felt her hot, wet lips against my glans I flexed my rectus abdominis and thrust up into her. Whether by design or not, she was so virgin tight that I was only able to get the glans and an inch of shaft into her. She threw back her head and screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors would call the cops. Her hands clenched my trapezius hard. Her claws pierced my skin, but couldn’t penetrate the steel-hard muscle. I repeatedly pulled my cock out to the glans using my core muscles, then forced her to take another inch while I roared and she screamed at every fuck, “YOU THINK...” two inches in, pull out “...THAT THIS COCK...three inches in, pull out “...is a BOY’S DICK…” four inches in, pull out “THIS!” five in “IS” six in “A” seven in “MAN’S” eight in “COCK!” I rammed the remainder of my shaft into her as she started to scratch my back with those sharp claws. I still hadn’t touched her cervix, she must have deepened her vagina just to tease me. I wasn’t in the mood for any of that. In the next thrust I lengthen my cock until I felt the entrance to her inner core. The next time I withdrew I packed on five more inches, two more inches in girth and hardened the organ until I could punch a hole through a three inch steel plate. Then I shattered her core with a single devastating ram. She threw back her head, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she used every last molecule of air in her lungs to scream again. At the same time I roared into her face with victory and dominance. I looked down and saw two or three inches of shaft were not buried in her. That would not do. I forced in the final inches until I’m balls deep in the most exquisite pussy on Earth. I removed my left hand from her ass, brought my arm up, bent the elbow and flexed my bicep so big it made Colman’s arms look insignificant. I continued my devastation of her vigina and womb. I dropped my voice three octaves and, with each skewering thrust punctuating each word, said, “I...am...your...ALPHA...your...MASTER!” She grunted and cried out with every word. “Every...other...male...is...insignificant...next...to...ME!” She grabbed my incredibly hard, vein covered arm and threw her mouth onto my shoulder. She bit down as I felt her legs begin to spasm. “I...AM...A...YOUR…GOD!” With the last word I drop my voice into the infrasound level. That word couldn’t be heard, yet windows and plates rattled, the house creaked. Brenna screamed around the muscle in her mouth and explosively squirted a gallon of girl cum on my abs and legs. Now that the natural order of things had been reestablished I lifted her off me and threw her against the kitchen counter in front of the sink and the window to the backyard. Her rectus abdominis shattered the marble countertop and bent the stainless steel sink. I waste no time in pinning her hands to the countertop at her side and ramming myself up her still quivering cunt. I took my time now, relishing each inch of her. While I slowly saw in and out of her I admired her shoulders and back. I ran a hand over her back. Her teres, major and minor, rhomboid major and infraspinatus almost rose above the larger trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Each muscle group was incredibly defined, stirated, thick and hard. She was the apex of muscular beauty. And my blood boiled with testosterone as I broke her. I cupped her chin and slowly pulled her head back. She resisted with all her considerable might, muscles flexed and pumped up with blood and superficial veins popped up under reddening skin. I could see her breasts swinging on her chest when her head met my upper abs. Her nipples were long, thick and diamond hard. I moved my hand down to her neck, slammed into her and demanded, “Who am I?” “AHHHHH!! You’re Bruce Banderole!” She squeezed her eyes shut. I viciously ram up. “Wrong answer. LOOK AT ME!!” Brenna eyes fly open as she grunts from the impact, “You...you’re my MMMaaasterrr!” Again, I smash through her cervix and punch the far wall of her uterus. “Try AGAIN!” “You’re the...the LAST ONE!!” she screamed as another orgasm racked her body and she crushed the marble countertop under her hands. Not exactly what I was working towards. ‘What the FUCK?!’ Ego interjected. I ignored him and released Brenna’s neck. She fell forward into the sink. Her back was covered with sweat and she was breathing like she just finished a marathon. I, however, was breathing like I was sitting in a chair and no moisture appeared on my brow. I looked out the window and saw Fred Metzer holding a hose in his hand in his backyard. His hand was at his side as he was totally engrossed with the carnal spectacle I was giving him. The hose looked like his limp two inch dick. His mischievous son had crimped the hose causing the water pressure to fall. I seized Bre’s hair and lifted her head up so she could see Fred. “See that beta boy? See how limp his dick is?” She started breathing hard again. I released her hair and gave Fred the biggest fucking monster sized double bi flex he would ever see. His life changed forever; his eyes bugged out, he slouched and became the lesser male I always knew he was. Yeah, that’s right, boy. You’re a one, maybe two, on the male scale. I’m a one fucking hundred. “That’s what every other male is next to me.” I drank in the firehose of emotions Fred was directing at me; envy, submission and, wait a minute, need? That little fucker actually thinks I’d let him touch me. I gave him a little taste of what he would never have, never achieve; I bent my head down and licked a throbbing vein on a football-sized bicep. Brenna jerked and cried out when I took that power to thicken my already titanic cock, harden it until I could pulverize diamonds. Fred finally noticed that the water wasn’t coming out of the hose and lifted it up to peer inside. His son chose that exact moment to release the pressure. The poor beta got a face full of water that blasted out of the hose. “And that happens every time those weakling BOYS see me fuck their women, claim their women, TAKE their women!” Her third orgasm hit her like a 10.0 Richter Scale earthquake. She pushed her hands forward, plowing through the two inch thick stone countertop as easily as you would push your hand through clay. When she comes down from the euphoria she’s so out of it that her trembling legs aren’t supporting her weight. The only thing keeping her upright is my cock. I take a step backwards, pulling her away from the countertop. I let her leg dangle in midair for a few seconds, then I lowered my still mind blowingly hard cock. She slid down my cock to lay like a puddle of muscle on the kitchen linoleum. I reached down, grabbed her hair, yanked her to her knees, bellowed, “I’m not done with you yet!” and rammed my cock down her throat. It took a few seconds to come to and realize I was fucking her throat, but when she does, oooh man, she took over. Her tongue lashed and whipped every inch of cock that wasn’t in her throat, bobbed her head up and down my shaft so fast she became a blur. Under that assault it wasn’t long before I reached and shattered my own orgasmic threshold. I arched my back, threw back my head, shoulders and arms and flexed every single muscle cell in my entire body in an effort to blast my very essence through the little slit at the tip of my cock and roared. Brenna grabbed my hips and hung on for dear life as I erupted for five minutes down her throat. She clawed at my legs as she slid down my satisfied cock. She purred when I looked down over my pecs at her. She eventually shifted herself to sit against the cabinet. She reached up and stroked my softening, yet still massive cock. “Feeling better now?” I said. Brenna, my cat, said, “Hmmmm, maybe a little,” and smiled up at me. Bre then reached up and took the mug from the countertop. Somehow it had survived the destruction we wrought against the granite stone and sink. She took a sip and said, “Oooo yeah...that’s better.” She complained as I took the mug out of her hand, held it to my nose and sniffed. Yeah, it definitely smelled like a thirteen hour day of bailing hay, yet there was something else in it...something familiar. “What the hell is this?” I asked Bre. “It’s catnip tea,” Arthur said from the kitchen doorway looking only at his sister. Bre snatched the mug out of my hand and drained the remaining tea in one gulp. Art stood at five feet four inches tall and looked like a pale university freshman. His long brown hair hung over his hazel eyes and he was rail thin. The skinny jeans he wore were baggy, his dirty white shoes untied and his maroon wife beater shirt was three sizes too big. The shirt had a cartoon of Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesota mascot, coming out of a hole in the ground giving a thumbs up. The caption, in a semicircle above the illustration, said, “GO MIGHTY GOPHERS!” “She’s like you with coffee; needs it to start the day.” Bre looked up at me, nodded her head and giggled. “We sometimes like to keep part of the animal when we are human. I, for instance, just like every dog, likes…” Bre perked up, raised herself on one arm while she pointed the mug at her brother. “Oh, no. DON’T YOU DARE say what I think you’re going to say!” Undeterred Art continues “...to suck on a bone and lick some balls every once and awhile.” I chuckled while Bre, who’s probably heard every pun Art has uttered, put her head in her hand, pinched the bridge of her nose and said, “Oh, gods dammit. I was just about to have a good day.” “Anyway, remember that thing that happened four days ago?” Bre immediately sobered up, turned serious, looked up to Art and put a trembling hand on my thigh. “Yeah,” she said, trying to hide the concern in her voice. “I got a text. I have to do the thing. Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be gone for several days.” I didn’t like the sound of this. I turned to face him and returned myself to my default setting, six foot six inches tall, on-season championship bodybuilder with a thick, uncut seven inch flaccid penis and testicles to match. “Arthur, about what happened in the shower,” I started to say. “I won’t be able to contact you Bre...” he ignored and interrupted me. “...so don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” he said, then turned towards the front door and walked away. “Whatever is troubling you...” Art stopped halfway to the door and stood still; his back tensed up. “...I know we can work it out together.” Without acknowledging my offer he continued to the front door. He turned the doorknob and threw the door open. Even before the door slammed into the adjoining wall, he was gone. The door bounced off the wall, only closing half way. From the time Authur entered the kitchen to when he left, I only felt darkness from him. Bre walked up to my side. She slipped under my arm and wrapped her arm around my waist. Her free hand rested on my chest. Staring at the door I quietly said, “I’m worried about him.” “I know.” “He’ll be beaten to a pulp if the football team sees him in that shirt.” “I’m more worried about what he’d do to them.” Bre then looked up, patted my chest and said, “Come on. You’ve got that human physical thing to do and it’s getting late.” She grabbed my hand, went up to the front door to close it then led me back to my bedroom where she proceeded to open my closet and rifled through my clothes. Three wardrobe changes later I’m wearing a tight red polo shirt, blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. Brenna had fastened all the buttons on the shirt. I immediately flexed my pectorals and trapezius, making the buttons burst off of me and ricochet off the walls. I looked down to see the canyon of my chest cleavage. She rolled her eyes and shoved me out the door. “Have fun, and don’t worry about the cum stains everywhere. I’ll lick them up!” she yelled after me and slammed the door. I turned around to get in the Lycan and saw old Ms. Chakancy, with her little white miniature poodle Killer on a leash, giving me an incredulous look. I just looked at her as I walked to the car and opened the door, gave her an award-winning smile and said, “Don’t ya just love weekend long orgies?” and entered the car. “Well, I never!” she exclaimed. Ego snorted and said, ‘No shit lady. You probably couldn’t get laid giving blow jobs at a horny blind man's convention.’ ‘Now, now, let’s be nice to the old bat,’ I internally replied, started the car and burnt rubber rocketing out of the driveway and onto the street. ‘Be nice! She calls the cops every time Debbie drives up with her stereo on!’ Ahh, yes. Deb does love her Norwegian Death Metal music at maximum volume. I get the mental impression of Ego taking a deep breath and calming himself down. ‘Alright. The doctor’s office in Verona. Due to my morning extracurricular activities...” he emphasized the word ‘activities’ ‘…the morning rush is over so it should only take I seventeen minutes to get there. The appointment is forty-five minutes from now so me have plenty of time. And what the fuck is this ‘You’re the last descendent’ and ‘You’re the one’ bullshit?’ I rolled my eyes and said aloud, “How the hell should I know and thanks, Siri.” ‘Oh, so I’m my digital assistant now, eh? In that case…’ and I’m forced to listen to knock knock jokes until, three miles later, in the middle of South Midvale Boulevard, the car backfired and rapidly lost power.
  2. hairymusclemorphs


    Wrote a small story about a delivery man. Its more like a raw manuscript (just ignore the mistakes in some of the parts). Day 1 It was my second month working for the shady delivery company in my city. And it was the first time that I found my way around town without any navigation or maps. It was insane what people ordered and how huge and heavy some of these packages could get. But I couldn’t complain. After all I never made my way in the industry. I was a nobody. And I was built to lift heavy stuff. I stand around 6’2 and my jockish physique is quite handy in my field. To be honest it always was a fucking kink of mine to work out and feel the burning sensation in my guns each time the weights competed with my endurance. Probably one of the reasons why I never managed to start an academic career. It was just way more tempting for me to spend my time in the gym all day long with lifting, instead of reading books all day long. So there I stood in the beaming heat. My olive green shirt drenched in sweat. The outlines of my 8 inch cock grinding against my uniforms shorts while I stared at my next delivery… To be exact… It was the last delivery on my tour. The box looked regular sized. But I remembered when I had to lift that thing into the truck. It had to be above 100 lbs. Maybe even more like a whopping 140 lbs. I ran my arm over my forehead to get rid of the build up sweat before I slowly grabbed the package with both of my hands. My muscles were already sore from my workday and it made me slightly hard when I imagined how Jack, my colleague would probably give up immediately, after he’s the one in our team who was built like a twig compared to myself. I slowly left my truck behind, making my way into the expensive looking apartment complex. I rang the bell. “Delivery for Mr. O’ Connor”. There was no feedback, no answer. The door just buzzed and opened up. It was the Penthouse on the 10th floor of the building. And just when I stopped in front of the elevator I found the “OUT OF ORDER” sign. The second red flag. I should’ve probably just thrown the package down and leave without another word like my colleagues usually did. But my cock was slightly aroused just by the weight of the box alone. I could feel the challenge in my bones. And fuck. I could smell my own musk and my fucking pits soaking the fabric with my sweat. And on top of that I needed the money. That rich bastard would probably tip me for making my way all the way up. I opened the door for the stairs and slowly started making my way up. I tried to focus on something else than my throbbing cock and my bulging muscles. I was pumped by the weight of the package. I could feel the testosterone in my blood and the fucking lust running through my veins. It didn’t even bother me that the light in here were dim. I wasn’t built for cardio. Probably the reason why when I made it to the 10th floor and towered in front of the doorway which lead to the hallway, my shirt was wet and completely soaked in my sweat. I slightly adjusted my belt, forcing my raging boner in between it and under my shirt to cover it up somehow before I made my way inside the hallway towards the only, prominent door. Everything looked expensive, even the material of the wooden floor boards. I knocked on the door slowly, already squatting down to place the package in front of the door when it swung open and the biggest fucking bear of a man just glared down at me. His voice already boomed when I was about to stand back upright. “Fuck boy…. Time for your reward for your delivery, right?” His voice was deep and masculine. Fuck I felt like a runt compared to his hypermasculine body. My eyes widened when he grabbed his package. It had to be at least above 10 inches and thicker than a beercan when it slowly grew harder. His scent drove me wild when I muttered a weak “Sry sir. I’m not into men” He grabbed the package out of my hands like a fucking toy with one arm before he pulled me into his flat down on my knees and up against his massive hairy nuts. I tried to edge away with all my bodyweight but my resistance just made him harder. “You’re fucking boning boy…. Love submissive whores like you” He grinned when he just forced my lips up against his massive cockbase. The musk flooding my nostrils. My own cock pulsating while I let out a weak attempt to get off the hook: “Can’t ruin my uniform, sir” He just laughed, pulling me back onto my feet before he lifted me in a wrestling manner and tossed me through his flat onto his couch like a fucking toy. He still held the package under one of his pumped arms while his other started stroking his fat cock. “Can’t ruin your uniform… huh? Your only fear right now?” He got even cockier than before while thick strands of pre started flowing out of his fat member down onto his massive feet and calves. His hairy quads and calves probably powerful enough to crush anything in between. “Take care of it then” His low voice rumbled when he started to jerk his cock rougher. His massive nuts pushing outwards, swelling bigger before he tossed the package onto the ground to lift his second arm up in the air for a flex. He took a good whiff of his pit while his nipples pushed out fully erect. I just stared at him dazzled for a long moment while my brain struggled with my next decision. I couldn’t run off. He was a fucking berserker of a man. A monster. He could probably break me in half if needed. I could feel my hands run over my belt slowly unbuckling it. My throbbing cock already visible when I slowly got out of my shoes and shorts. My shirt fighting with my pecs for a long moment before I stood in front of him. I felt like a fucking twink. My body mainly shaved. The exact opposite to his display of power and destruction. “Not gay, huh? Your cock tells me you like what you see…. And can’t complain about the sight either…. Fuck boy you’re the jackpot” He grinned when he slowly advanced in my direction. I wanted to open my mouth and got slapped by his massive cock on my cheeks. He just grabbed me like a fucking twig, lifting me off the couch and into midair…. “Fuck boy… You really took your time coming all the way up here…. Already had a bit of foreplay.” His hands were wrapping around my biceps, holding me in position while he slowly licked over my sweaty abs and pecs. His tongue running over my nipples before he let out a low chuckle when he saw my cock twiching desperately. “Looks like you aren’t used to that type of foreplay, huh?” He slowly forced my cock in between his massive hairy pecs. “Come on…. Tell Papa that you like his monstrous pecs way more than any of your sluts tits” He flexed his pecs full mast, grinning when my cock just unloaded its complete shot all inside them at once. My abs slightly crunching in the process. “Good boy” He licked over my abs once again before he forced his small finger inside my hole after his rough hands started spreading my cheeks apart. My hands cramped around his hair on his head, slightly tugging on it but he just rammed in another one of his thick fingers down to his knuckles in exchange… I wasn’t horny any longer…. But I could feel the stimulation rise again when he hit the right spot in my ass as if he never made anything else. My cock twiched again but my balls were fucking dry…. He continued before he slowly let me slide down in his massive arms…. Grinning cockily at me before he forced his tongue inside my mouth. I could feel my cock grind against his abs now instead. They were hairy… Sculpted like small fucking mountains…. And they were pulsating. I could feel his abs flex and relax in a rythmic perfection while his fat anaconda slapped up against my back and cheeks…. “Now be a good whore and take my whole load” He lowered one of his hands to help his shaft inside my unfucked hole. I could feel the dimensions of it…. My muscles slightly cramping at the inhuman size…. “Don’t worry…. I’ll be gentle today” His low voice whispered in my ear before he forced me in for another kiss and slammed a third of his massive cock inside my ass, slowly advancing in further. My eyes widened…. My hands tugged on his skin, squeezed harder than I ever squeezed anything. I could feel my fucking quads and calves cramp around his body when he started humping his hip forward to force another inch inside my ass. His pre alone was enough to push my abs out slightly. My whole body felt…. Fucking good……. My cock suddenly erupted with another load…. *NNNNGHH FUOOOCK* My moans muffled by his tongue when my cock came a athird time. Almost as if his pre was refilling my nuts…. He just grinned when he stopped halfway in…. “Can’t ruin your hole on the first visit” his low voice was sending shivers through my body. I could feel my slightly dried cum up on my abs when my eyes widened when I felt his hot semen enter my whole. Forcing its way all inside my body. Pushing my gut outwards… *NNNNNNGHH FUOOOOCK* My eyes slightly blacked out when I clung to his arms. He pulled out after a while, tossing me on his couch… But his cock wasn’t done yet. He was still masturbating. Massive valleys of cum splashing over my body and against my face. I swallowed gallons of it while he continued, before his cock finally relaxed… He ignored me like a used toy. I just laid there for a while. Listening while the shower ran in the other room… My uniform covered in his jizz along with my whole body and got. I used the chance and pushed myself up… My muscles felt…. Fucking good. Only my ass was fucking sore. I felt cum run out of it. I found a blanket and just cleaned off as much cum as I could before I pushed myself back in my jizz-covered uniform…. I felt my sticky briefs. But I couldn’t stay here… I wouldn’t let him fuck me for a second round….. I charged back outside…. Still struggling with my pants when I already made my way down the staircase. I could feel how sticky my skin was. Like fucking glue all over me. And the fucking scent. As if he just marked his property. My cock was hard again….. I wasn’t hungry any longer…. Instead I could see my roid gut push out underneath my shirt slightly. “That fucker…” I inhaled the air…. But somehow…. I could lift a bear right now…. I rarely visited the gym, because my job usually took over tha tpart…. But this night….. I spent it all lifting and working out instead. Day 2 I felt great when I finished my workout that night. I felt like a beast, ready to breed any women in my way. But somehow I couldn’t think about tits that night. I tried masturbating to some porn. But each time when I saw it I revisited the scene from work…. How he forced me to breed his massive, hairy pecs. How he fucking used me like a toy. My cock was getting rock hard when I sprayed my load all over my chest and abs. I wiped it off, tasting a bit on my fingers tip before I focused on my abs. They looked sculpted tonight. The prominent happy trail catching my attention when I slowly ran my finger over my cum-soaked hairy abs. … Fuck’s sake… I never had visible abs…. But now there they were. A perfect six pack pumped enough to be visible even with my cum-filled roid gut. I ran my fingers further upwards over my pecs…. They felt fucking pumped. My mind was wandering and I imagined how it would’ve been if I was the fucking monster instead…. My cock got hard again, throbbing when I imagined how it was if I was the fucking hulking beast of a man towering in his doorway instead…. Crushing his fucking heavy delivery with my biceps before I return his favor… My chest so fucking dense and hairy that his cum would be just absorbed by my frame…. Fuck… I imagined how it would’ve been if he was the fucking runt barely reaching my abs. I let out a low moan before my cock exploded all over me again. I edged slightly back when it even hit my fucking face this time. “Fuck…. Probably need a shower, huh?” I grinned when I lifted my arm for a flex to inhale my stinking, weaty pits…. The workout really paid off in all aspects…. It was the first morning in weeks that I had a morning wood. To be exact…. A fucking throbbing morning wood that needed attention. But I was already late for my fucking shift when I rushed out my bed and towards my closet. I could still smell my musk…. Even forgot to shower the day before. I grimaced slightly… But there was no fucking way I’d make it on time. I forced my boxer briefs over my package. My fat anaconda fighting with my rough hands and abs before I decided to just stuff it between my belt and under my shirt. My uniform was clean again…. But the stench… It smelled like him. Like the testosterone filled air in his flat. I felt my ass cheeks flex at that thought before I forced my body inside my uniform. Struggling with my shirt and quads - Luckily we could wear shorts in the summer. I must’ve used the wrong cleaning program because I could see my hairy abs sticking out under the shirt…. And even worse… My plan to cover up my hard rod with it was turned upside down when I saw my fat member greeting me instead….. “Fuck was I always that gifted?” I ran my finger over my shivering cock and slightly grinned, before I grabbed its beercan thick mushroom-head to just force it inside my briefs with force…. “I’m in a rush fucker…” I looked in the mirror. I could see my fucking boner through the uniform…. But somehow… Today I didn’t give a fuck about it. I squeezed one of my juicy pecs before I ran my hand over my slight 3-day beard… When was the last time I shaved?... Right…. Yesterday… I could see my neck and cleavage pushing the uniform to its limits. My adam apple looked sculpted. Even greek statues would be jealous…. I never really had a jizzled jawline…. But today… I looked good… I rushed into my bathroom to brush my teeth, my cock slowly relaxing again when I finally grabbed my keys and charged out the house. My first stop was at the small lokal bakery. Jonny, a young 25 year old twunk of a man leant against the counter when I charged inside. “The usual Jonny” I let out a low grunt in my rush. I saw him stare at me… Then slowly at my cleavage, abs and bulge before he slowly wanted to open his jaw for a speech and decided to just shut up instead. It was more than obvious that he was hard again. I still remembered how many times he tried to get my number. And how often I’d turned him down. “Eyes up here” I grinned slightly before I grabbed the order and tossed him his charge. Jonny opened his mouth for a second attempt… “When did you…” “I’m already late… Gotta talk another time” I bounced my pecs slightly like I usual did, revealing even more of my hairy abs before I charged back outside. Jonny just stood there behind the counter. His 6 inches of cock throbbing in his pants. His nuts aching while he saw his best customer leave. He could see his glutes fight with the fabric. His wide shoulders and his fucking arms slightly kissing the doorway…. How…. When…. He couldn’t recall that Luke had to duck to get through their small entrance. And that scent… Fuck he smelled like a whole wrestling team. “Finally” Adam grinned when he spotted my truck on the large areal. He gaped when I swung myself out the driver seat. “Holy shit…” He stared at me like I was out of his world… “Don’t give me that look man…. I’ll help you out, no worries” I ran my hand through his hair, pinning him against my side to tease him like I usually did…. Before I remembered that I missed my shower the day before… I could feel his wiggling body, his weak fists slightly slamming against my abs… And fuck the size comparision made me slightly hard when I slowly released him to make my way to his truck. Adam was a twink… He only managed to fullfil his deliveries by begging his customers for help all day long. And couldn’t blame him. After all he was able to seduce me to lift the heavier packages into his truck since day one. Today was fucking off. The packages were all way lighter than usual. “Damn… Next time call me only if there’s something heavier to lift” I groaned and slightly adjusted my bulge while glaring down at him. He just opened his jaw again. Thinking for a long while… “I I can’t lift them Luke… You know I’m a fucking twig…. And there was even a fucking fridge for the tour…” I stopped in my haze for a moment… I just lifted a fridge and it felt like a fucking cardbox filled with beginner weights…. “Well…. In that case…. You better make it more tempting for me to help you out next time” I pinned him up against my body, squeezing his ass slightly through his jeans while I couldn’t resist the urge to compare my size to his twig-like frame…. He wanted to get away… But I just bearhugged him up against my body, muffled his words with my musky pits before I lifted him slightly off the ground just to see how heavy his body felt compared to the fridge I lifted earlier… “Damn you really should eat more” I let him back down and watched him edge away to his truck. “Fucking demon” he muttered, trying to cover up his throbbing boner. I grinned slightly. I stared filling my own truck for my tour. Just stopping when I felt my muscles strain like hell with another smaller box. This time it looked even more pathetic than the box yesterday. Two packages for the monster…. For the fucking alpha in the huge apartment complex…. My cock hardened full mast when I barely could lift both at the same time…. Whatever it was… It had to be a fucking dense material. My cockhead was forcing its way out of my shorts’ left leg, leaking pre down my hairy leg while I slowly manouvered the two packages into the truck. That fucker… The whole Tour was a fucking wet dream for me. I delivered a fucking fridge into the fifth floor and carried it like a fucking toy on one of my arms - And I could swear the man who opened me up had a boner next to his drooling girlfriend. It was strange… Each fucking package felt lighter than the package before. And after each house I visited…. I felt hornier…. I felt needier… I still remember how I took my lunchbreak to jerk off five massive loads into the woods….. Fuck I could blast another five any moment. I didn’t even bother to pull my shirt back down as my second row of hairy abs started showing during the day. It was no use…. And it didn’t bother me. Instead they tipped me for my service when I did what I was best at…. Lift heavy stuff…. My muscles burned after 8 hours of delivering heavy stuff around the town. And there I stood at the last house…. My cock throbbing already. Pre leaking from my cock’s tip onto my sneakers, soaking the fabric mesh. “Time for the last client today, huh?” I ran my hand over my package to give my greedy cock a good squeeze…. “Time to return his favor, huh?” I grinned, slowly grabbing both the packages in my truck. They were heavy…. But it just made me hornier than before when I made my way towards the apartment complex. “Delivery” my low voice growled towards the microphone before the door buzzed open. Everything exactly the same…. The elevator was out of order again when I made my way up the stairs…. I could feel the sensation of my rock hard cock, rubbing against the fabric of my way too tight shorts with each step. I could feel my hot pre drip down onto my sweaty feet every few seconds. And I could feel my hard nipples grinding against my shirt while I made sure to carry both packages directly under my stinking pits…. If I had to deliver to that fucker I wanted to make sure that his packages stank like a true man…. I felt cockier than ever when I made my way down the hallway…. Towering in front of his door again before I knocked against the door with my foot….. “Finally…” his low voice boomed when he opened up the door…. I could only see a massive set of hairy pecs, abs and a cock when he opened up the door. He stepped back a bit, grinning even cockier than yesterday when he saw me….. “Knew you’d come back for service” I just stared, not backing off this time. I made my way inside, feeling my cock screaming for release while I slowly handed him both boxes. He let them drop to the ground when he eyed me slowly…. “Fuck boy…. Can’t remember I ordered a confident bastard” He flexed a most muscular right in front of me. His hairy pecs bulging in front of my face before He let out a low chuckle. “Wanted to impress me by wearing a shirt two sizes smaller, huh?” His hand wrapped around my glutes, pulling me in against his body. I used all the strenght I had, slamming my fists against his abs…. Fuck it wasn’t like I imagined. I didn’t want to end up as his fucking toy again…. “Looks like you need a fucking lecture by your Master, huh?” He slammed me against the ground, ripping my clothes off with a single movemet. My cock was crushed against the floor and my body. He let his massive cock slap up against my ass cheeks again. Against my sculpted back… But this time…. It felt smaller… Or was I bigger? I wanted to scream but he just muffled me by wrapping his rough hand around my mouth, lifting my head slightly before I felt his hairy pecs up against my head. His cock slowly getting into position…. “You made me wait, runt” His cock got heavier. Slowly filling with blood when he slowly got it into position. “EIGHT HOURS TO BE EXACT” He slammed his mast down my hole until my cock exploded against the ground and my abs… I felt fucking defeated but he wasn’t done. His arms rippled when he wrapped his arma round my upper body, upa gainst his monstrous, sculpted frame. Hi cock pulsating inside my hole…. “Don’t even think that I’ll be gentle tonight….” His low voice whispering when I zoned out. I felt muscles…. Destruction… And I heard the sound of his slapping nuts against my pumped quads. I caughed up dense semen now and then… But he just continued. He shifted into different positions after some while…. And the worse part was his bedroom. When he decided it would be better to spend the rest of the night in his bedroom instead I was fucking done. His master bedroom was a fucking mancave. My musk was nothing compared to his stench. I still remember how my cock exploded on my way through the doorframe. And how it only made him even hornier in return. How he fucking rubbed his nuts against my chest and abs at some point to force his fat cockhead in my mouth instead. And at no point…. At no fucking point I was in charge…. He was… He used me like his personal sex slave. He fucking showed me that I was just a worm in his eyes. A fucking runt… Even when night break in he just bearhugged me up against our cum soaked bodies. He didn’t care that the fucking bed was soaked with this thick semen. He just forced me into a fucking bearhug against his pits for the night. Ignoring my weak attempts to break free….. I still remember how I woke up in the middle of the night, trying my way out of his arms again but he just thanked me for the weak attempt by another round with his fuckrod, filling me up once again with his hot seed. To be fair… It warmed me up from the inside before his bearish frame froced me back up against his pits…. He knew I wouldn’t be missed on a Sunday. And he couldn’t care less about my weak escape attempts. Even if I went to the fucking police… He’d probably just breed them instead. It was hard dreaming about outgrowing that fucker…. Because he showed me the whole time how a real man had to behave. How strong he was… And how less of a thread I was…. Each time when I tried to squeeze his glutes during the night to fill my fantasy more he just forced me back up against his sweaty pits or forced one of his thick fingers inside my hole for revenge. . . ----- I could feel my cock throbbing the moment I woke up. His massive cock grinding against my ass and quads. His sweaty pecs were kissing my shoulder blades and neck while one of his rough hand were kneeded one of my juicy pecs. I tried getting up but his second arm made sure I was locked in place. Forcing me back up against his frame into another fucking tight bearhug. I shifted…. But I couldn’t deny it…. I fucking loved the scent in his bedroom. The fucking smell of cum, sweat and masculinity in the air. I felt my boner lube up against my abs…. Fuck…. I couldn’t recall that my cock ever reached my abs while boning….. I tried to take a look…. And was greeted by my pumped, slightly hairy pecs…. Fuck…. I couldn’t recall them to be that juicy either…. I could see the peaks of my biceps slightly before his massive arms blocked my sight further down. *NNNGH* I groaned, shifting slightly in his grip when I felt his cock awaken. It was subtle at first…. His fat anaconda slowly hardening up against my quads, forcing its way in between my legs and up against my hairy nuts before it was lifting my cock up slightly…. “Morning runt” His low voice boomed in my ear when he just bearhugged me from behind like a stuffed animal. I didn’t say a word. Still pissed about our last encounter and how I ended up bottom again. “Makes you even hotter when you’re mad at me” his voice sent fucking shivers through my bones. “I’m not mad” my voice was rougher…. Lower…. It felt unfamiliar…. But in a good way…. “You’re not? Huh?” He squeeezed my nipple harder, slowly squeezing my fat cock with one of his rough hands…. “In that case…. Don’t mind me” He growled before he slowly losened his grip around my pecs. He slowly got up…. Towering besides the bed… He was tall…. But not really intimidating any longer. I slowly made my way to the edge of the mattress when his rough hands just wrapped around my ankles, pulling me all the way towards his massive throbbing anaconda. “If you’re not mad…. You won’t mind if I claim that ass a third time, right?” He didn’t wait for an answer. I felt my cock squirm without any control again when I felt my hairy nuts, nipples and cock rubbing against the fabric of the mattress on my way towards the edge. My eyes widened when I felt his cock slap against my cheeks again, this time feeling… Smaller…. But still…. The way he moved…. His rough hands on my hips before he forced my upper body off the mattress in for a kiss…. He still turned me on…… But the fucking magic was missing that I felt on our first meet up…. I could feel his fat member thrust inside my ass…. He wanted to make me squirm…. He wanted to fucking ruin my ass….. But today I felt hungrier than ever… My glutes almost acted on their own when they started massaging his giant anaconda…. I could feel my own lust level rising steadily. But I couldn’t cum. Perhaps it was the fact that I was way smaller when he fucked me the first time. Or it was the reason that he fingerd my hole all night long. He trained me…. He fucking created me…. I was already getting cocky when his low voice suddenly stopped my thoughts and I felt his body lean in. His rough arms wrapping around my body…. “Guess you’re ready for the last few inches then, huh?” His thick fingers found their way in my mouth when I suddenly felt another 3 to 4 inches thrust into my ass until I felt his hairy nuts slapping against my glutes and quads. My eyes widened. My cock exploded all over my hairy pecs and abs. Ruining the fabric on the sheets. “Fuck boy… Papa just got started” My eyes widened when I felt my glutes struggling against his cock. His cock base was way thicker than I expected. Fucking splitting me apart when I felt his cockhead fight with my hairy abs from the inside. I felt my legs losing the ground underneath when he slowly lifted me off the bed. His hands just wrapping around my pumped frame, slowly going over to breed me mid air. He wanted to show me that he was still in charge… That he was the fucking alpha. *NNNGHH FUOOOOCK* I let out a deep grunt when he continued breeding me mid air. I could feel him struggle. He was clearly exhausted. His whole body sweating all over while he tried to play his role of the invincible Alpha. My eyes widened when I felt his arms slightly push the air out of my abs when he started to thrust his hips in harder, faster…. The beat of his nuts slapping against my ass speeding up…. My balls hurt, pumped from all the pressure in between. He repositioned me after a while, forcing me to face his sweaty front instead…. My cock was fucking his hairy abs and pecs…. But this time…. I was bigger…. I slowly wrapped my pumped quads around his waist and hips. Stabilizing my body when I slowly ran my pumped arms around his neck and shoulders, pulling myself in for a kiss…. I slightly grinned when I saw how he tried to avoid my gaze. How he shifted slightly uncomfortable before I just flexed my glutes with all my strenght. Hearing his uncontrolled moan under our kiss. I could feel his hot semen fill me up…. But this time it didn’t spurt out of my mouth. It just gave me a slight roid gut after my body just absorbed it all into my system. I kept kissing him. I ignored the fact that he had to sit down on the edge of his bed after he couldn’t hold my weight upright any longer. He was almost cute when he let his body sink into cum-soaked mattress. My ass still milking the last drips off his fat anaconda before I slowly pulled myself off his cock, licking over his massive abs and pecs to get a taste of his sweaty frame…. He looked almost innocent while he laid there. Eyes closed, exhausted by our fuck session. I kept sitting on his body a while longer until I felt his hardon slowly get soft again, hearing his heavy breaths while he was asleep again… I slowly got off his frame and stared into the full-length mirror on his wall…. “Fuck….” I flexed my right arm while grabbing my massive cock with my left hand…. I was huge…. I grinned cockier when I slowly forced my nose under my hairy pit to take a whiff of my new musk….. Feeling my cock ripple in my hands, thicken underneath my grip while pre started to pour down over my hairy quads and calves….. “Fuck…. Would love to ruin his ass already….. But first I need a workout…. It’s best to work out while you’re horny after all, right?” I squeezed my fat member and slowly looked around his flat. He was huge… Pumped and roided. There was no way he’d make a long way to the gym each day. I made myself slightly at home while looking through his cabinet first. He had tons of suits hanging inside. One looked more expensive than the other. I slowly closed it back down again when I found a cum-stained red jockstrap resting on the side of his bed. I slowly lifted it up to take a good whiff before I slowly pushed it over my legs. My cock got even harder when I realized that it almost fit… Still a bit too big… But fuck it made me feel like the dominant part for once…. I slowly made my way outside the bedroom. His flat was massive. I only saw a fraction. There was the entrance and living room area. The master bedroom… A massive bathroom with walk in showers and quite an amount of cum dripping off the mirrors…. But apparently it wasn’t his main kink room in his flat. His kitchen was a fucking arsenal of growth powder, supplements and - to my surprise – high quality food… Even prepped for a week or two. Well he wouldn’t mind if I made myself at home… I took one of the packed portions and started downing the portion. Rice with chicken and veggies. Nothing special… But it didn’t taste normal… Almost as if he mixed protein powder into the recept. Behind the kitchen was a long hallway leading to a massive roof area. A garden, a massive pool and even a fucking hot tub. A few more rooms on the side. One of it looked like a guest room. And another like his office. Just when I thought there was nothing more to discover I found it…. His gym… It was as big as the rest of the fucking flat. And it was separated into different rooms. Each equipment had its own fucking spotlight. Massive weight racks. He even had machines without visible weights. Just fucking cords and a computer monitor who displayed a weight count instead. It stank like musk and cum… And it turned me on… Fuck I could understand his lust for muscle and growth…. But the real fucking mess was inside the gym lockerroom. He had his own gym lockers in his personal home gym…. And it was covered with jizz, ripped jockstraps and clothes. The showerdrain still fought with a glue-like substance and I couldn’t blame him…. He just lived the fucking dream…. He even had a small protein bar at one of the walls with a fucking automat for protein shakes. I let it dispense a shake. The buttons had morphed studs on the outside. I downed the thick substance and slowly walked towards the machine where I found the most ripped jocks resting on its side. “Fucking hightech shit, huh?” I slowly stared at the cable cords. It was a weight bench. But it had cable cords instead of real weights… Just when I sat down on the bench the monitor started to light up. It took a short moment before I heard the walls slightly vibrate. “Welcome back, Master” a deep, masculine voice hummed through the air…. – “Fuck that kinky motherfucker” I muttered when I slowly grabbed the cable cords. “You lost weight, master. Your workout routine will take that into consideration” I laid down and stared at the ceiling when a number was projected onto it… 35 reps a 5. I started lifting my arms for a bench press. I held it for a fucking toy at first…. The numbers didn’t change for the first 15 reps before the text briefly changed. “Warm up complete” The weight slowly got heavier…. Heavier…. *NNNNGH* I growled under the fucking weights… I never lifted anything that heavy on work…. But fuck… I could feel my cock fight against the fabric of my jockstrap. It still kept going. I heard the machine rattling while the 35 still lit up and I hadn’t managed a single rep. I klenched my teeth when I put all I’ve got into it. My muscles rippled underneath my skin. My veins pumped more blood into my muscles while my bones slowly got denser. Tried to adapt and grow to give my body the fucking stature needed for the job. My muscle fibers slowly got denser. Thicker and tried to enhance my body further. “Should I decrease the weights further, master?” The deep voice asked again but I just growled back in an even deeper tone. “Add… More…” I heard my jockstrap ripping apart, felt my cock slapping against my abs while I slowly pushed out the first rep. Feeling my muscles fucking burn…. I grinned cockier… hornier… FUOOOCK I Loved that feeling. The fucking sensation in my muscle fibers… The fucking pain in my system…. I felt my calves slightly cramp underneath all the lust and pleasure. My thick veins pushing out even bigger. With each rep… With each set I could feel the urge to add on even more weights to the machine. It was so fucking easy. Just an order and I could feel the resistance rise further. Just when I finished the last repetition I heard the low voice. “You finished your last set with a weight of 650 lbs” My cock almost exploded under that last line…. I barely lifted 200 just three days ago…. But now…. Could lift a whopping 650 without maxing out….. I jerked my massive cock slowly in front of the mirror…. I wanted to cum so bad…. I wanted to cover the whole mirror with my seed…. But fuck….. I still had more workouts ahead of me…. /// It was already late afternoon when he woke back up. His balls aching… Emptied to the last drop of cum. His muscles burning from his fuck session earlier. He slowly pushed his upper body off the mattress, clenching his teeth slightly when he felt his burning abs. . . That fucker….. That runt…. He slowly got up, running his hand over his hairy abs and soft shaft before he slowly stepped out of his room to grab something to eat. He found the empty container, which made him slightly pissed… “He shoul’ve begged on all fours for that” He kneeded one of his pecs slightly, before he slowly started digging down another container and a huge protien shaker. /// Almost two hours had passed since I started my workout at the bench press. And somehow my muscles didn’t feel sore… Almost as if my muscle fibers just healed in mere seconds afte reach repetition. I finished the last biceps curl and felt my cock stir when I heard the announcer again. The max weight was 200 lbs”. “Fuck’s sake… I usually lifted with 75 at my old gym…. And now I just managed to push out above 30 with a fucking inhuman weight of 200?” I stroked my cock slightly while I slowly made my way back out of his home gym… I heard the shower running in his master bedroom…. My massive cock was fighting with my senses…. I wanted to breed him… Wanted to fucking break him…. I grinned when more pre rushed out of my shaft…. But fuck…. First I want him to get cocky again. I wanna see his cocky grin fade when he opens the door for his next delivery…. I made my way in his bedroom, slowly grabbing a pair of his cum-soaked jockstraps. My semi-hard cock was fighting with the urge to just snap them apart. I searched through his cabinet and threw over one of his bigger hoodies and a pair of grey sweat pants. I grabbed a few more speedos and a few more shirts and sweat pants under my arm before I made my way out of his flat, cursing slightly when I bumped my forehead against the frame. I was surprised to see the elevator working again when I made my way back down to the entrance. My delivery truck stood still in the driveway… Well… Have to give tham that bit. Probably a plus that these rich bastards have private security around all day long… Else I could’ve searched for an excuse why my truck was stolen. . . I tossed the clothes which I borrowed onto the passenger side before I left him alone for the night.
  3. hairymusclemorphs

    On the wrong track

    1 University It was the first week in a new town. Lectures startet at eight in the morning. There I was, waiting for the classes to start. I was early. An hour early to be exact. I leant against the cold metal bench in the large hall. There were no other students around. Just a few workers and professors making their way throughout the great hall. It was late autumn. I was wearing a hoodie which was slightly too large for my frame. My jeans slightly lose, only held in place by a tight leather belt. I was average. I only stood around 6 feet and I couldn’t gain any muscle mass. I tried it for over three years, yet I never got any closer to my dream size. I slowly stood up, feeling the call of nature. Or in other words. I needed to piss and this place was a fucking maze. I slowly made my way through the large hall towards one of the dim lit hallways. It was slightly creepy to be all alone. The lights barely lighting the paths. It looked like it was pulled out of a postapocalyptic game. There even were a few hallways which were just blocked with wooden plates and a slightly shifted door with a sign. “Construction ongoing”. – For me it looked more like they just prepared to tear that whole place apart instead of repairing anything in here. I found the restrooms at the end of one of the corridors. It was pitch black inside before I found the scrawny switch next to the door. The lights buzzed in a yellowish color when I slowly made my way through the Anteroom where two sinks were mounted. The second room was also pitch black. The halogen lights needed a few moments, flickering for a few heartbeats before it showed the inside. Two pissuars were mounted onto the walls. This was definitely not the main restroom. There was no way that thousands of students would make all the way up to this place for a fucking stroll. I slowly came to a halt in front of the second pissuar next to the wall when I pulled out my 6 inches of cock. It wasn’t long but thick, even in soft state. I relaxed a little when I heard the beam splatter against the ceramic. I got nervous when I heard steps approaching. I tried hurrying up when the door swung open. I didn’t dare glancing towards the entrance. But it was enough to spot his physique out of the corner of my eyes. He was huge. If I was average… That man had to be a giant. I could smell the potent air. The musk filling my nose. I relaxed slightly. He was probably a construction worker based on his outfit. He took the spot right next to me. His arms were massive. I felt them grind against my side slightly. “Sorry man… Tight space in here” his voice was low. I felt it vibrating throughout the air. “Don’t worry” I heard my voice. It was higher than usual. Fuck… I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t relax when such a freak of a man towered next to me. I let out a slight sigh when I started shaking my cock to get rid of the last drips of piss when I glanced towards his package. He was packing… He had to tower somewhere around 7’5… more like 7’8… Fuck I was barely on eyelevel with his massive pecs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his rough hands while he slowly started opening his fly. He forced his monstrous anaconda through the opening. It had to be above 10 inches… Fuck was he hard? The scent just got even stronger in the air. He let lose. His massive member grinding against the metal of his zipper. He was massive… And he wasn’t hard at all. I could feel my own cock harden full mast while my eyes widened slowly. His cock was massive enough that he didn’t need to stabilize it all. It just rested over his monstrous nuts. Hot piss blasting out against the cold ceramic when I realized… He was staring down at me the whole time. I tried fidgeting with my cock… Tried stuffing it inside my pants when he just wrapped his monstrous arm around my shoulders, pulling me in against his body. Right up against his musky pits. He was wearing a white tank top. His sweaty, hairy pits pushing against my face when I heard his low masculine voice vibrating throughout my body while he spoke. “Finally a fucking stud who likes what he sees” He pushed me in rougher against his side… “Come on boy… I know you’re here to study some shit… But deep down in your heart… You crave for muscle and mass” He ran his arm and hand slowly further down my back until I felt it squeezing my ass throughout my jeans. I couldn’t deny it…. “I I’m straight” I blasted out like an idiot when I heard his low chuckle… “Fuck boy… I don’t care if you are… But I know that you like what you see… Come on boy… Just admit it” He grabbed my hair with his rough hand before he pushed me to my knees. I was eyelevel with his monstrous shaft. I could see the veins. The outlines. The pubic hair which fought with his fly. The hot piss blasting against the ceramic while I couldn’t even see his face when glancing up. His massive pecs just blocking my sight. I could see his lower abs. A prominent happy trail leading down into his worker pants. “Y… Yeah…. I do”. He pinned me against his massive soft shaft. My cheek grinding against the hot skin while I felt the piss running through. Damn how much was he leaking… “I’m working on construction for years…. But you’re the first runt who is turned on by my stench… By my size… Damn boy you even crave to lick my hairy, sweaty nuts, don’t you?” I had no time for an answer when he pushed my lips closer to his massive mushroom head until he pushed his pissing member inside my mouth. My eyes widened slightly. I wanted to gag but he just pushed it further inside. Clearly getting aroused when I felt the blood pumping throughout his member. I felt the hot fluid rush down my throat. I just tasted his sweaty, musky shaft on my tongue. Feeling the hot sensation inside my throat when his hand started rubbing over my backhead. “Fuck boy… You really are a pervert…” My eyes widened when he rammed his cock further inside my throat. I barely could breath through my nose… His shaft slowly thickened, lengthening while a new sensation slowly took over. Pre started mixing with his piss before I saw his abs flexing… tensing… I heard low grunts when he let out a low moan. “Damn you really like Daddy’s shaft don’t ya?” He grabbed my backhead and forced me all the way down until my lips reached his hairy nuts… I wanted to gag but he didn’t give me a chance to… Instead he just pulled his hips back out and rammed his monstrous cock back in until my lips ran against his pubic hair. His musk was intoxicating. Hot pre was filling me up like a balloon. I skipped breakfast today… But I already felt as if I ate a whole weeks ration of food… “Cum for Daddy” His voice ordered when I felt his steelcapped boots pushing my hard cock down against the floor tiles. I wanted to moan… But he rammed his cock back in all the way. My eyes widened. Smelling his powerful musk when I heard voices outside… “Damn where’s mike…” My cock was exploding underneath his heavy boots before he unloaded his massive load inside my throat… My eyes wide… I couldn’t swallow it all. I tried… But fuck… I felt my gut pressed outwards… My hands cramped around his huge quads when I felt cum just running down my cheeks onto the ground and his shoes…. I felt as if I was drowning when he pulled it out. Just aiming his monstrous cock onto my body. Covering my whole frame with his jizz. I couldn’t talk… My throat was fucking destroyed by his freakish size… I just leant against the wall. Hot cum covering my hoodie and jeans before he slowly shook his monstrous cock to get rid of the last drips of jizz before he wiped his shoes clean against my jeans. “Call me Mike” his low voice boomed before he slowly made his way out. His musk was still in my nose when I heard his low voice in the distance. “I’m coming boys… Just had a piss” he slammed the door shut behind him. I stared down onto myself… I was covered in his thick jizz. I ran my finger slightly through a puddle, licking it off my sweater… But it was no use… I couldn’t go out like that, could I?
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    Guard duty

    Guard duty Part 1 It was already dark outside when I finally arrived at the parking lot of the GRW correctional facility – Or how I prefer to call it… prison. Everything was oversized. There were no trees around, everything was chopped down to the trunks to make it impossible to oversee any prisoners who were on the run. I grabbed my ID card out of the console before I got out of my car. I stood around 6’ (1,8m). I was toned, slightly pumped. A twunk rather than a twig with my 200 lbs (90kg) of mass. It took me around 15 minutes until I surpassed the first three security gates. They didn’t trust anyone. Especially not a new hire like me who wore his uniform only for a few months. I entered the break room, looking for Jake who had the honor to instruct me tonight. It was the first time that they assigned me to guard duty for sector X and I already heard quite a few rumors… Good luck wishes from colleagues. No one liked that job apparently. Except for Jake…. I almost jumped when his low voice hummed right behind me. He towered inside the doorframe in his tight uniform with a wide, joyful grin. “Ready for your first shift?” He was almost too energetic. He was huge… Like… Fucking massive. I could see the outlines of his huge pecs and arms. Even his soft shaft forcing his pants to its limits. “Hey buddy. Eyes up here. You’ll need them for the prisoners and sector X… Trust me…” His low voice was almost hypnotizing when he slowly lead me down past the first safety gate. I tried to focus while he lead the way. His wide shoulders and his bulging ass moving in perfection with each of his strolls. “Rule number one” His low voice echoed through the hallway… “Never interact with the prisoners or their offers” He slowly unlocked the second safety gate towards the elevator. Just when the door swung open he continued his speech. “Rule number two… Never touch prisoners… How tempting it might be” He inserted the key into the lock. The door swung shut and the elevator started humming. “Rule number three… Don’t get close to their cells… Or you might regret it” The cabin came to a stop, the doors opening, revealing another set of solid steel security gates. He slowly advanced, inserting his card until it opened up. There was a stench inside the air. “To be honest boy… This are no regular prisoners…” He advanced towards a huge air sealed gate… “These guys in there… Are… Special…. So don’t look them in the eyes… They’re not human. At least not in my eyes” He unlocked the last gate with his fingerprint. A insane stench was flooding my nose once the gate swung open. My cock hardened inside my pants while I tried to calm myself back down… It was… Almost hypnotizing. I watched Jake slowly laying one of his rough fingers against his lips, before he slowly lead me down the hallway. The lights were currently dimmed down…. A few prisoners were asleep… But I instantly knew something was off… Fuck… These guys all were…. Massive.. The cells were common cells… But the prisoners. There were guys big enough to... - Fuck I believe they could snap me like a twig. Most of them were naked in their cells. I could see shredded clothes. Cum stains on the brickwalls and with pre clogged drains in the ground. It took me a while until I realized it was their musk which flooded the air. Even the huge air vents couldn’t deal with all the odors mixed together. I was already boning when we surpassed the first two sleeping behemoths until I encountered the first man who was awake…. And hell.. I gulped audibly when I saw him jerk off in his cell… He was resting on his bed and he grinned cockily when he saw me inside the hallway…. “Finally some fresh fuckmeat…” . He licked over his juicy lips before he slowly got off his mattress, closer to the cells… “Come on boy… Want a round with Daddy Mike?” He towered in front of the prison bars, easily twice my height. His cock ouzing out pre onto the ground which splashed against my uniform while he stared down onto me… “F Fuck…” I whispered, slightly gasping and it only made him even hornier apparently… “Don’t talk with them” I heard Jake’s voice right behind me until I finally managed to walk further again. I could feel his cocky grin on my back. The lust in his eyes. But he wasn’t the prisoner who catches my eyes the most tonight. It was a prisoner named Luke. He was smaller than Mike… And at the same time… He didn’t say a word. He just locked eyes with me. Grinning cockily while he slowly ran his fingers over his hairy pecs. His pumped, sculpted abs and cock, giving it a good long squeeze until Jake dragged me away from his cell. . . //////////////////// The first few weeks were quite boring. I was always controlled. Jake always made sure I wasn’t tricked. Or rather…. That I never spent too much time in front of the cells. It was almost as if he kept a secret for himself. I knew he enjoyed their sight as much as I did. His cock was massive and often throbbing in his uniform. It had to be above 9 inches and each night I saw him disappear right after his cock started fighting with his belt again. He didn’t make a secret out of it. And now and then I saw his eyes fucking me in his mind. He clearly had a thing for big men… But he wasn’t the type of guy who took action. He had a set pattern. Once his massive cock started throbbing. Once it was fighting with his belt… He disappeared for around 20 to 30 minutes. Usually when we were already in for around 5 hours. It was a stormy day. I could hear the rain and wind through the ventilation system. And it was the first day when I finally had the balls to explore the area a little bit further. I rounded the corner and stopped when I stood in front of Luke’s cell again. He leant against the brickwall, eying me from his position. When he realized I was alone his grin got cockier. His cock slowly got harder until he wrapped his rough hands around the metal bars. His fat cock was almost too thick to fit through… But he managed to shove it through down to his massive hairy nuts…. “Come on boy… I know you want to help me out…. Bet you still need a good protein shake for the night” He bucked his hip forward, pre splashing against my uniform. He was massive… He had to be at least 400+ lbs of muscle and domination… And his cock. That stench. His piss slit big enough that I could just force my finger inside. I couldn’t resist him…. I was so horny, seeing pumped Jake all night long. Seeing him edge right behind me while he keeps me away from all that hot mass and power… “H.. How big is it?” I heard my voice. It was probably too octaves higher than his deep baratone. I felt it vibrate throughout my bones. “Before I entered the cell?... Probably 15?” He started grinding his cock harder against the metal rods. His huge nuts vibrating. Filling with cum… I could already see the thick liquid trying to explode out of his cock… “Come on boy… I’ll even rest my fingers behind my back if it makes you more comfortable” He slowly raised his massive arms up behind his back…. Fuck he was built like a house. His muscles were monstrous. I felt small in front of him. He wasn’t as big as Mike… But…. I felt my hand run over his massive shaft. Not able to resist. It was as a shiver ran through his body while his low voice let out a long moan… “Fuck yeah boy…. Take a taste of my pre” He flexed both his arms for me in a double biceps pose. Bucking his cock slightly forward again. I felt pre splash up against my chest. I couldn’t resist. I felt my second hand wrap around his monstrous mushroom head before I leant in and down. My tongue running over his salty shaft and tried sliding inside his piss slit. He let out another long elongated moan. I could taste the potent pre…. It was…. Fucking good… Way better than any guy who downed a gallon of ananas juice… Way denser than a good protein shake…. And it was just pre… Right? He crunched slightly forward. His cock vibrating. Pulsating…. “Listen boy… I know your fucking runt of a colleague will be back soon… If I cover you in jizz now… You’ll have no excuse… You can’t drink it all…” He slowly ran his massive hand along his shaft from the inside…. “I’ll unload a small shot of my potent jizz for your service tonight…. And then hold back as good as I can” His muscles clenched, flexing while he grinned… “When I give you the sign… You better run if you want to keep your job boy” He flexed his massive muscles for a most muscular when he forced his forearm through the bar and pulled me onto my hair into position. I felt my lips up against his piss slit. My cock raging. I wanted to shout but in that moment his cock exploded. Cum erupted out of the tip and right into my mouth. His grip got stronger. Forcing me rougher against his massive mushroom tip. Pinning me up against the cold bars while his cum had no other way than down my throat. My eyes were wide. My cock was exploding inside my briefs. I only packed 6 inches… I rarely blasted loads that big.. But I could feel the wet feeling in my briefs… The damp sensation while I felt the pain on my hair while he still forced me in for position… I thought he wanted to hold back. I ran my hands around his shaft unable to resist while he kept going. My gut was already pushing out. I felt my uniform fighting with the seams of my dress shirt…. I almost blacked out when he pushed me off his cockhead, turning around when he growled. “NOW”!” I gulped when I slowly backed away off his cell. He sounded serious… I managed to jump around the corner when it happened. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I could feel his lips around my cock… He was sliding his tongue inside, running his hands around my massive shaft when I pinned him up against it. My muscles were fighting with my frame… I could already feel the sensation again. My muscles started growing again.. bigger… Hairier… BIGGER.. *NNNGHH FUOOOCK* I felt him squirm against my cockhead when I slowly regained enough consciousness to push him off my cock. “NOW!” I growled in my deep voice before I turned away from him… Facing the wall. My cock was rippling… Growing in my hands.. My nuts got bigger. Denser… Slowly turned blue while I could feel it. *NNNGHH FUOOOOCK* My low voice boomed when I let my cock explode against the brick wall. I felt my hairy abs pulsate, flex under the stimulation when I crunched slightly under the sensation of my growing muscles. I felt my cock gain another inch of size. My already huge pecs got thicker… I felt my bones stretching slightly… *NNNGHH FUOOOCK YEAH* my low voice growled while I flexed my new biceps up in the air before I just dove my nose into my hairy, musky pit… I grinned when I heard the voice around the corner… “Sorry.. Took a bit longer. Did anything happen out here?” – “Nothing…” I was jerking my growing shaft slightly… Finally… A guardsman who understood what’s good for him… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jake ignored the wet stain on my uniform. After all he was jerking off earlier as well. He didn’t notice my roid gut. Or the fact that my body looked slightly bigger… Almost as if I had a good workout tonight. The rest of the night was constantly sending me over the edge. Each step I took felt like a overstimulation to my nuts and cock. I could feel the fabric of my briefs rub against my cock and nuts. Each step made it worse… The harder I got the worse it felt in there… When I wanted to hide my boner underneath my belt I gulped… My cock was…. Thicker… Even longer… I could see its tip sticking out over my belt. Pulsating while pre soaked out of it. I stuffed it back in my pants without another word to Jake. … I felt good… The fact how my pecs and arms were fighting against the sleeves and fabric of my uniform. How I filled it out to perfection… And how I could see quite a few coworkers glare at my bulge on my way out. . . (More following soon)
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    Part 0 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It was still cold outside when I enter the corridor of the public swimming hall. I was in my second year of university when I decided to join the swimming club. I wasn’t built for swimming. I enjoyed weight lifting and wrestling. Well… and growing in every aspect possible. But my doctor told me I could use the extra cardio to get my blood pumping once a week. Most of the other studs were twunks. Maybe it was just my view of the world. I was tall with my 6’4 (193cm) in height. And no one even got close to my physique. I looked like a muscle freak compared to their slim swimmer bodies. And it wasn’t a bad thing… To be honest – It was a great feeling to outman them with my own image of masculinity. I rummaged through my bag searching for my speedo. But it was no luck. I glanced over to Jake. We weren’t close friends, but I could sense his lust for my body. I catched him checking me out from time to time. And even now he was clearly glancing further down towards my prominent bulge. I was packing close to 10 inches. And I couldn’t hide the fact that my bulge was pushing my jockstrap slightly down, revealing the heavy base of my shaft.. “You don’t happen to have a spare speedo?” He slowly took his opportunity to glance all over my frame. I was pumped from my workout earlier. My pecs were slightly hairy and my cock was pushing my jockstrap out to perfection, revealing a slight trail of pubic hair. I was the only stud inside the swimming group who wasn’t shaved to the bones. Probably because speed didn’t matter in my eyes. He just nodded towards the equipment room. “I don’t have any… But they have a collection of lost speedos. Just pick of them.” He focused on my massive cock and blushed when I slowly adjusted my fat package, pushing my jockstrap further up again… “Thanks man” I slapped him on his athletic back before I slowly steered towards the storage room. The light was dim in there. It stank like chlorine when I searched for lost items. The lost stuff was stored inside a huge wooden chest. *Damn… Looks like no one wants a pair of lost speedos back…* When I opened the heavy box, I found a collection of 30 to 40 speedos, several bodysuits, and swimming caps in all colors and sizes in there. Most looked rather boring. And many were way too small for my physique. I slightly got hard when I just imagined how they wouldn’t even survive my pumped calves or quads by trying them on. I already heard the showers running in the nearby shower room when I grabbed the hottest one out of the pack. It was a signal red one with a white cross over the top. That man had to be a fucking freak, because when I tried it on… It fit. And to my surprise: It was even a few numbers too huge for my 10 incher and my bull nuts. I felt small for once when I had to use the built in Laces to pull it tight around my sculpted hips. I spotted Jake in the shower room and took the spot right next to him. Just when the water hit my sculpted body and the fabric of my speedo I let out a deep, long and uncontrolled moan. I slightly crunched forward under the pleasure… Fuck…. It felt like I just came when the water hit my package… I let out a low grunt, slowly trying to get back control over my lust before I inhaled slowly… Until I realizing everyone in the shower room stared at me. A few were clearly aroused by the sight. Others disgusted. “Care bout your own business already” My voice was deeper.. manlier… I saw Jake gaping when I just forced him into a headlock. I was rock hard. I ignored the other men in the showers who just left as quickly as possible. “Fuck… Whatever you put into my speedo… You clearly knew what was going to happen, right?” I pinned him rougher against my musky pit, ignoring his weak attempts to get out of my grip… “I PROMISE..” His voice was muffled “..NNGH I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR SPEEDOS” He squirmed and gasped for air when I released him. At least he was also popping a boner now… “..I swear I’ll fucking break you if you lied” I saw his red head.. He was still cute with his pumped athletic frame. I Couldn’t be mad about him more than few minutes so I decided to help him with his boner problem in an instance. I pulled him underneath my showerhead and switched the water to the coldest setting. It was winter. And I knew how cold the water could get in public places. The cold stream hit our bodies. He wanted to shift away, tried to shout but I Just muffled his shouts with my rough hand, forcing him up against my sculpted body. It worked for him… But it didn’t work for my part. It only made me even harder when I felt the water hit my massive pecs, rushing down over my sculpted abs and my throbbing boner. It was almost as if my body just adapted to the cold while I felt him shiver in my arms. At least the trick worked for him… When I switched the water back to hot. He was clearly pissed, pushing my arm away before he stomped off into the swimming hall. I sighed, watching his bubble but waddling away while I still waited a few more minutes until I had my fat cock back under control. It still was semi. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t hide my cock even if it was soft. They can stare as long as they want. Because I would do the same if I saw my reflection in a mirror right now.
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    Hi all Long time lurker. I thought I'd start a story that's been mulling around in my head for a while now. I'm still not sure where it's ultimately headed - though I'm hoping it won't go where you think it might. I have some ideas for the direction - but nothing concrete. There could be anything - so fair warning - if you're easily offended, or grossed out, or whatever, this may not be the thread for you. I'm planning on keeping each chapter fairly short, but hoping to post updates more often. It's my first ever story - so be kind, or not ... EDIT: I've purposefully not given our main protagonist a name, but will use uppercase HE/HIM/HIS to refer to HIM. I'm gradually editing each entry to fix this after the fact. Apologies if it's hard to follow. ******* CHAPTER ONE It was over. Well, IT wasn’t over, but the race to find a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that caused COVID-19, was done. The company where HE worked had lost the race. There were five or six vaccine candidates approved worldwide, some mRNA based, some more traditional. HIS company had spent billions of dollars, and would never recoup those R&D losses releasing vaccine number six or seven, even if it was more effective. If only it was even slightly effective. The project was shelved and, indeed, the existence of the company itself was now under threat. Word had come down from on high that afternoon; a Thursday. The staff were shocked, but not particularly surprised. Everyone expected the axe to fall at some point — many surprised it took as long as it did. It was always a radical and ambitious plan. A plan that would pay massive dividends if it paid off - not only in immediate sales of vaccine, but in lucrative patents that would forever change vaccine development and progress medical science as we’d known it. As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true… A vaccine that reprogrammed the patient’s DNA so that the patient’s own immune system would produce the cells and antibodies necessary to fight the virus would not only prevent COVID-19 disease, it would also prevent transmission of the virus causing the disease, ending the pandemic once and for all. But that was small fry compared to future developments. No more influenza, common cold, herpes, HIV, Hepatitis… any infection known to man — virus, bacteria, fungi — would be cured. And even the big C, cancer. Well, it WAS ambitious. But it was not to be. Though the theory seemed sound, putting the theory into practice proved… challenging. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent trying to make it work and, though there was some promising early results in vitro, every single tested animal had resulted in horribly disfigured or dead animals. Not exactly ready for initial human trials, let alone approval for final manufacture and sale. The bean counters and lawyers were still crunching the numbers and considering the options, but it seemed that so little progress had been made converting theory into practice that everything relating to the project, from samples to formulas, from notes to equipment, from methods to specialised equipment — everything — was effectively worthless.
  7. Chapter 1 Cal was searching frantically in the supply room. “Let’s go, boys! On the field in five!” Shit shit shit.” His first practice and he didn’t have a uniform. He counted himself lucky to be on the football team as a freshman, but being late to his first practice wouldn’t bode well for his future. His parents had helped him buy his own set of pads, pants, and cleats, but he was supposed to get a jersey from the school. If it wasn’t for his ass of a math teacher he would’ve been early to get a jersey, but now he was shit out of luck. Pushing aside old bags of deflated balls and pads that still reeked of B.O., his hopes dashed by a jersey only to find a huge tear in it. He could feel his heartbeat faster as he counted down the seconds. “Fuckin finally!” Pulling a jersey out of the corner, he inspected it quickly. Still sporting the school colors but in an almost retro design. No holes, rips, and it didn’t smell that bad, it was, however, nearly 4 sizes too large. Standing at a proud 6’0 and 183 lbs, Cal was a size large, an xl accounting for his pads. Checking the tag, it was a size 5xl. Putting it on, cursing his luck. Checking in the mirror, the collar and sleeves were disproportionately huge, the waist billowing halfway down his thighs. Still, it was manageable and would probably last until he could get a fresh jersey. Running out to the field, his oversized jersey billowing around him. The other players were already on the field doing warmups, Coach Stevens off to the side talking to the quarterback and a couple of other seniors. Joining everyone else for what seemed like a couple of laps around the field, Cal took the opportunity to check out his fellow teammates. It was hard to tell under everyone’s gear, but it looked like Cal was the biggest freshman there. He was still clearly outmatched by some of the more seasoned athletes. Still, he was proud of how far he’d come. He spent his junior high years playing soccer and only recently started lifting weights in his free time. By the time Summer started, the repeated soccer practices and games started to lose their excitement. It had started out fun, the competition, the training, the wins. But after a few weeks, it didn’t seem as exhilarating. Soon lured by the intensity of football, Cal found himself admiring the lifestyle. The games, the intensive training, the social life. Starting in June, he began working out, increasing his calorie intake, and even started taking supplements. He remembered fondly the thrill of first seeing the fruits of his labor. After two weeks of his regiment, he felt his shirtsleeves starting to bunch up over his biceps. Soon he could feel his pecs start to press out against the fabric. He practiced flexing in the mirror, seeing his muscle tone increase week by week. By the time Fall came around, he proudly marked his progress over the summer in his head: 1 inch taller and 23 lbs of bulk added to his powerful frame. Cal could feel his pulse beginning to rise as he quickened his pace. The excitement of actually being on the field, Cal tried to take it all in. The smell of sweat and fresh grass filling his lungs, his cleats digging into the field as he jogged ahead. Completing their laps, the players gathered round for a quick introduction and an overview of their games for the season. Remorsefully, Cal accepted that he wouldn’t be able to play most of the season’s games. Going out on the field in groups, Cal paired himself up with two other freshman newbies for some beginner tackles. Trusting his size and abilities, Cal prepped himself to rush the faux quarterback and the poor guy protecting him. The ball was thrown and Cal launched himself at the receiver, taking him down in a tumble. Cal could feel his muscles vibrating with energy as he jumped back up, ready to go again. That whole afternoon, it seemed like nothing could tire him. They kept going until sunset. By then everyone was ready to collapse, but Cal felt like he could keep going for hours. Getting home and tossing off his sweaty clothes, he got into the shower. Feeling the heat from his pumped muscles escape into the frigid water, Cal relaxed his energized body. As the water crept up in temperature, he paid close attention to his groin. Proud of what he had for his age, Cal soaped up his schlong and balls. Swinging to its full 6.5 inches, he gently stroked it. Getting out of the shower, his hard on bouncing up and down, Cal started to towel off his muscular torso. Looking down, he could feel something off about his point of view. His normally small but hard pecs looked bigger, protruding further out. Checking himself in the mirror, he could tell his frame was much thicker than it was that morning. Jumping on the scale, it read 195. “195? What the fuck?!” Out of nowhere, a deep voice behind him chuckled, “Awesome right?”
  8. Hello all! I have edited the first part of this story after receiving some feedback from the very helpful Mdlftr (THANK YOU SO MUCH!). I feel like I have fleshed these characters out a little better now. Please enjoy! Fine… Be a Brat Andy quickly ran his fingers through his honey blond hair, sweeping it back and out of his emerald eyes. His perfectly maintained lab coat was almost blindingly white, matching the pristine teeth that Dan had so graciously given him last month. Just because. He giggled a little thinking about it, flashing a blinding smile that made Yolanda Ángeles, the lab tech from epigenetics, blush all the way to her ears. She grinned and looked away from him, swiping her nearly perfectly manicured nails through her raven hair. He saw the tiniest of chips in the cerulean polish on her left pointer nail. Once he walked past her and no one could see his face, Andy’s smile got even broader. “Oh honey, I’m much more high maintenance than you. You couldn’t afford me on a lab tech salary. My last facial cost as much as that Sentra you drive.” He thought, in a self-satisfied manner. He didn’t really want to compete with Yolanda, but he didn’t mind flirting with her a little. Andy knew he was gay and he loved powerful, masculine bodies. His partner, on the other hand, was sexually omnivorous and consumed the finest bodies like candies. Andy turned and looked at Yolanda’s tight body in her white lab coat. The garment hugged her every curve, exaggerating her well-endowed femininity. This was not missed by her, and she began to sway her hips a little more, slipping her hands into her pockets to pull the coat tighter to her body. He grinned. Maybe he would invite her to the estate to spend time with his sir. Andy’s smoldering eyes glittered with excitement. All of these: the money, the attitude, the looks, were just a few of the perks of having a man like Danny. Andy’s daily allowance was enough to be considered “fuck you money” by even some of the doctors here, even if he didn’t spend it all. The lab tech had quietly amassed a tidy nest egg. As Andy walked through down the hall, his unbuttoned lab coat fluttered around his thick thighs. His quads rubbed against one another in his slacks, the powerful muscles of his thighs making the fabric rustle. He looked down slightly as he pulled his card key out of his pocket, trying to look over his pecs towards his hand. Carefully, he pulled the plastic card from his pocket, smiling at the way that his legs had made the card warp slightly. With a swipe he pushed the door open. The brilliant white of the lab poured into his eyes as he walked in. He blinked at the overall brightness as his eyes adjusted to the sterile room. Chrome fixtures glittered on the tables and under the chemical hoods that lined the walls. It was totally devoid of all personal character. Professor Luthers, Andy’s biology advisor in college, had encouraged putting one’s own spice on their workspace by putting up pictures or even naming the lab equipment. The man called the centrifuge ‘Shirley Temple’ because of the way it tap-danced across the counter without its little rubber feet, for god’s sake. Andy could almost hear the professor whistling “Animal Crackers in my soup…” But Dr. Chapin, the lab manager here, was a different story. He had split his life into little compartments, quarantining the various aspects of his person into boxes. Everyone here was expected to do the same. Lab life was meant to be neat, tidy, organized. There was no room for humor here. Andy smiled as his eyes adjusted and zeroed in on the only other person in the lab, an elderly man by the name of Lewis Branson who had run their lab section for the past five years. “Oh… Hullo, Andrew. Good to see you today. I wasn’t sure our shifts would line up ever again.” The gray-haired doctor at the counter looked at him and smiled benignly. Andy gave a slightly forced grin. “Hello there, Dr. Branson. Always a pleasure. I’ve recently returned to the morning shift after working afternoons while my partner was doing the same” Andy twiddled his hands a little. “We try to line up our schedules to spend as much time as possible together.” The ancient scientist was the only one in the entire facility that called him ‘Andrew,’ and it slightly irked him. Dr. Branson knew there was also a young lady here that went by the name ‘Andi,’ and somehow the nickname ‘Andy with a y’ didn’t quite stick in his octogenarian head. Being called Andrew reminded him too much of his rich bitch of a mother. Andy could almost see her sniff as she said “Nicknames are unbecoming of a person of your social standing, dear. It’s so terribly middle class.” Well, once he had finished college on her dime, he cut her off and never saw her again. He liked being pretty and rich, but he didn’t fancy being a part of his mother’s collection. He would not be a bauble on the shelf. Thank goodness Danny gave him the life to which he had grown accustomed. And then some. “What are you working on today, sir?” “Well, I believe I may have finally made a breakthrough in the anxiety case…” He held up a vial of liquid that was somehow a lurid pink that even Pepto Bismol couldn’t hope to imitate. “You know I’ve been working on helping people with crippling anxiety correct their brain chemistry so that they can more fully participate in society, yes? I figured that if I can use this to turn half of the four f’s off, and the other half on…” The old man shrugged. “The four f’s? I thought there were only three.” “Quite… fight, flight, or freeze. But we all know the fourth.” The old man was suddenly quite shifty. He looked like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Andy had never known him to be naughty. “Fuuuornication. Fornication.” Andy flashed a winning smile at the doctor, thoroughly amused. “So, this flips off those two switches then.” “Oh yes! Those get turned off and allow the patient to have more fun, loosen up. Not be rolled over by others.” The doctor put the vial back in the small refrigerator, locking it. “Maybe even help them be a little more assertive. We just have to be careful. I’m not entirely sure what it’ll do to a healthy brain yet.” Dr. Branson turned and found himself face to face with Andy’s chest. “Oh… um… you’re a little close there, Andrew.” Andy licked his lips and gave his hard chest a gentle pop in the doctor’s face, keeping his attention focused right on him. It was easy to reach around and slide the coin into the latch to prevent the fridge from sealing completely. “Have you worked out a dosage yet, doctor?” Andy gave his winningest smile, knowing that the doctor was one of those he could easily push around using just his looks and charm. Andy’s brilliant white teeth glittered, reflected in the doctor’s doe eyes. Branson was asexual for all he knew, but he could still be distracted and plied with the right moves. With something as simple as putting his ample chest close to the doctor’s face, Andy managed to fluster his coworker to the point of nearly being a drooling idiot. He grinned. He had that effect on most men. Danny was the only one that seemed capable of resisting his charm. Andy had made sure that everything about his body was sculpted perfection, even before Danny’s money. He pushed his arms together slightly, pushing his pecs forward and making the ample mounds rise and harden. The topmost button, always so loose these days, popped open with ease and revealed another two inches of meaty pec cleavage along with his clean-shaven chest. His chest looked almost grainy with the gooseflesh on it from the chill environment of the lab. The mint green plaid of his shirt bulged out; squares forced to curve by the might of his chest. Andy’s biceps quivered slightly in his tight sleeves as they rose closer to their twenty-one-inch peaked height. He tensed his entire upper body, almost growling with pleasure and intrigue. “I would love to know how you calculate your dosages for trials. I’m always looking for new methods that are healthier for our clients and subjects.” “Well… I… generally do about two milligrams per kilo of bodyweight. I would need a 100mg dose once a day. So, someone like you…” The doctor gulped. “Would probably need about 250mg to 290mg per day.” He gulped again. “And someone bigger than me? Say around…” “It doesn’t matter…” The doctor slipped away. “Two milligrams per kilogram is about what you’ll need.” Andy smiled. Branson hadn’t noticed that the fridge didn’t fully latch. That pink stuff was going to be in his lunchbox this afternoon. He just knew it. As Branson turned away, Andy licked his lips. If it could make someone with anxiety more assertive, then what would it do to him? * * * The car horn honked as Andy pressed the button on the key fob. He had shucked his lab coat in favor of his deerskin leather jacket. The fluffy wool of the collar and cuffs kept him nice and warm in the crisp November air. He loved the way the faun color accentuated his features perfectly. His gaze was opaqued by a pair of mirrored aviator shades that only enhanced his lantern jaw and the perfectly kept stubble. His hair shook a little in the wind, the brilliant blond shimmering as his Tesla pulled up to where he stood. Andy slipped into the driver’s seat and placed his lunchbox on the chair next to him. He made sure to turn the air conditioner down as much as possible, keeping the entire vehicle frigid. Andy gave a little smirk, thinking about the pink tube in his lunchbox. Branson was so easy to distract. One or two pops with his pecs and Andy had been able to pop the latch on the fridge. His smirk turned into a full-on grin as he sped out of the parking lot. His prodigious manhood gave a light twitch in his pants, slowly hardening as he thought about the powerful hands that Dan had made him build, glad he had been able to give the lightest of squeezes on the latch and snap it. Andy gripped the steering wheel a little tighter and watched as his forearms rippled. He licked his lips. Andy was hot. He knew it. His head just barely brushed the roof of his car thanks to his six-foot six height. His thick, 275-pound body filled the space between the steering wheel and the seat. His pecs heaved as the car slowly made its way through the streets and began to drive itself to the highway. He relaxed a little as he took the ramp onto the interstate that would take him home. With a quick twist, he turned on the radio and rock music blared through the speakers. He reached over and grabbed his lunchbox, opening it up and pulling out one of the neon pink vials. He hadn’t noticed inside, but the liquid had an almost crystalline translucence that made it glitter like a pink diamond. Turning it, he saw the potion glimmer, slipping thickly against the glass of the vial. “It’s now or never, I suppose.” With a quick motion, he tipped the contents of the vial down his throat. The taste was… neon. There was not any other way to describe it. It was like cracking open a glowstick and chugging the contents. He could swear that he could see the potion creeping down his throat and into his stomach. His belly grumbled as the potion hit. “Oh god yes… that feels good.” With a quick zip, he closed up the lunch box. “I can’t wait to slip Dan his…” What he had not accounted for was that the 300mL vial was intended to be a concentrate, something to be mixed into fillers to dilute it to the proper dosage. Instead of the 250mg dose he thought he was taking, he had taken almost four full doses. The liquid burned through his veins, surging as his heart pounded in his thick chest. He flicked on the radio, tuning it to one of the local stations. He gave a little cheer as one of his favorite songs came over the speakers. Turning it up until the windows vibrated, he sang along. “OW! He’s a brick… house! He’s mighty-mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out… He’s a brick… house! That boy is stacked and that’s a fact, ain’t holdin’ nothin’ back!” Of course, he had to update the Commodores lyrics a bit to suit his own sensibilities. There was no real way to explain how the twenty-nine-year-old had come to have a favorite song from the nineties. Perhaps it had happened in high school, on those morning rides to school with his dad before he had been able to drive himself. Maybe that class on music appreciation where the professor had shown the video in class and then shown a video of drag queens and beautiful women walking and dancing to the song. The cars speakers shifted as the song ended, the sound of a ring coming over them. The marimba ring echoed as he turned the audio down to a more appropriate level for speaking. With a wicked grin, he pressed the button to answer the call. “Hello, sir. How was your day on the trading floor?” Andy smiled. Dan worked erratic hours from home, meeting with clients all over the world and divesting them of their shares in multi-million-dollar companies. He was a shrewd trader. Somehow, he always knew which deals would pay off the best and would request to be paid in stock rather than in cash if his gut told him a company would do well. He had ridden the market’s bubbles all the way until they had burst and had quietly built a fortune to rival titans like Zuckerberg and Bezos. “Mmm… I like that, baby. The first thing you do is ask me how I’m doing. Didn’t even consider yourself.” “Well… I know I had a good day, babe. So, I gueeeess I can ask about yours.” He giggled, elongating his ‘guess’ with slight sarcasm. Andy licked his lips, thinking about how that would affect him once he got home. The minute long pause was palpable, swelling up like a balloon in his Tesla until it took up all the air. He could swear that he could hear the windows cracking. Andy shifted his feet uncomfortably, feeling the weight of the silence pressing on him. His leather shoes creaked as his toes flexed. “Ahhh… are you feeling a little spicy today? Let’s see if I can’t get that out of you when you get home. I don’t think you need to have an attitude.” “I think I’ve earned the right to be a little spicy, Danny. I had a really awesome day. So, I think I get to be a little bit bratty. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.” “Danny? Not ‘sir’? Not ‘daddy’? Not even ‘Dan’?” Dan chuckled on the other end of the phone. “You’re cruising for a bruising, acting like a brat like that. I think we’re going to have to take away a few privileges.” “Ahh… If you think I need to be punished, Danny, so be it… But I think that you’ll really like what I bring home. I managed to sneak a little something from the lab for us.” The little act of defiance was electric, coursing through his veins. Andy knew that Danny didn’t like when his power was challenged. He grunted and adjusted his collar, feeling the open buttons tighten ever so slightly. He didn’t know it yet, but the thrill… the adrenaline from disobedience… it was doing much more than dance through his brain like Christmas lights. His thick pecs, already swollen from hours spent in the gym, had begun to swell. The round mounds of flesh thickened as power trickled into them. The tiniest bead of sweat began to slip down his neck into the deepening cleavage. His neck cracked a bit and started to swell outwards, corded muscle bulging under the skin. Andy’s delts rippled and swelled out, his shoulders pulling wider as he bit his lower lip. His khaki pants complained as his quads flexed and swelled outwards, pushing the legs tighter. His pant cuffs rose a fraction of an inch as his calves bulged out. His feet ached as his shoes reshaped around his swelling toes. His hair crept closer to the ceiling of the Tesla as his thick glutes swelled up, pushing him higher in the seat. The slight exertion made his cock throb in his slacks. But, no matter how erotic, it was brief. It was a spasm, so he didn’t fully notice. He just felt the need to adjust himself. “Well then, little one…” Andy shivered and practically melted at the growl from his lover. Dan was the only man he knew that had a deeper voice than his own. He swore he could hear the crystals in the library chandelier rattling. “…you might find that you have a fair bit to make up for once you get home if your news isn’t to my liking. Trading today did not go as well as I had hoped.” Dan sighed. “I only managed to make another fifty million today. I was hoping to get a certain deal with EnerTech to go through… but one of the old fogeys on the board wasn’t willing to sell his shares in the company. I only netted forty five percent for my client today, but I’ll be hitting it again tomorrow. He wants majority ownership before the end of the week, and it is a trillion-dollar company. If I land this deal, we’ll be set for life. I also snapped up majority ownership of a supplement company that I’m planning to sell off to the online supplement families… just a temporary acquisition.” Andy could hear his lover’s stress bubbling under the surface. The man had had a long day. He licked his lips, burning with desire. Dan would hopefully be having an even longer evening that led into the wee hours of the morning if he had his way. “I’ll see you soon. I expect you to come home, do your workout, then make me something just as delicious as you are to help make my bitter day sweet. I expect you to bring it to my office at 6:30, as I finish up my trading day.” There was an almost perfunctory click as Dan put the phone down, hanging up. Andy screamed with delight. His blood bubbled as he thought of how he was pushing his dom’s buttons. He was already breathing hard with anticipation. He bit his lower lip and rubbed his crotch, a low moan slipping out. He couldn’t wait to poke the bear… hoping the bear would poke him right back. He took control of the car, pulling up to the gate that led to their shared estate. He pressed the remote on his keys and the heavy motorized gate swung open, iron bars creaking as the motor groaned. He drove in, car slipping down the oak lined driveway like a silver hind unknowingly fleeing into a cougar’s claws. Constructive criticism always welcome!
  9. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero... ¿Y si hubiera alguna forma de apoyar esa regeneración?... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que pudieran ayudar a esos procesos, hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio y a la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estuviera en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estuviera como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle proteínas adicionales al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuviera efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear aquella formula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, empezó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, y a la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que tenía empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  10. Francisco era un hombre ya maduro, alrededor de los 52 años, un hombre de cuerpo lampiño y cabello negro, ya tenía canas en su cabellera, aúnque aún el color oscuro predominaba, bigote bien cuidado, su forma física era buena, era alguien fornido, se veía q en su juventud había sido alguien que siempre estuvo en buena forma, sus brazos robustos aún se veían un poco en forma era el dueño de una empresa farmacéutica, su vida y sus investigaciones las había dedicado por mucho tiempo a encontrar la forma de pelear contra el avance de la edad, había estudiado posibilidades infinitas, la constante de saber el desgaste continuo del cuerpo era la falta de la capacidad célular de regeneración, pero ... Francisco se obsesionó desde joven con ese tema, no paraba de desvelarse durante noches, estudiando componentes que podrían ayudar a esos procesos,hasta que al llegar a la edad de los 30 llegó a la conclusión que era importante darle especial atención al ejercicio ya la alimentación. Darle al cuerpo una dosis extra de proteínas concentradas y también testosterona en el caso de los hombres era esencial para poder hacer que el cuerpo humano estaba en óptimas condiciones, a nivel célular era lo ideal para poder hacer que todo estaba como una máquina perfectamente afinada. Pero no era suficiente, aún el desgaste avanzaba y ahí fue cuando Francisco entendió que el cuerpo humano tenía que tener de forma obligada una ayuda exógena, algún tipo de estimulante que pudiera hacer que el cuerpo produciera más testosterona y al mismo tiempo darle otras proteínas al cuerpo, trabajó años en un esteroide que tuvo efectos, no de hormona exógena, si no más bien hacer que el cerebro obligara al cuerpo a producir 100 veces más testosterona. Francisco consiguió crear esa fórmula que estimulaba el cerebro para la producción de testosterona a los 35 años, realmente algo rápido, comenzó a experimentar con ratas de laboratorio, pero había un problema, aunque la substancia hacia en los sujetos de prueba lo que se suponía, que era un aumento drástico en la masa muscular, también había ciertos efectos secundarios, el menos peligroso era un gran aumento en el deseo sexual, los sujetos de prueba demostraban un gran apetito sexual, si el ratón estaba acompañado no importaba si era macho o hembra el ratón acompañante, el que estaba lleno del suero experimental follaba a su pareja hasta que el ratón normal fallecía. El segundo era que después de unos días el cuerpo del ratón inyectado colapsaba, al parecer el cuerpo de la criatura no aguantaba el ritmo acelerado al generar testosterona de forma tan rápida. Entonces si el cuerpo podía aguantar así por unos días había una posibilidad de que pudiera todo esto tener éxito, solo había que buscar una forma en qué el cuerpo se pudiera aclimatar al cambio desenfrenado de producción de testosterona, ya la aceleración del metabolismo. Francisco pensó en varias opciones, pero una más improbable que la anterior, en este mundo, no había nada parecido a lo que él quisiera recrear, sus investigaciones quedaron estancadas conforme el tiempo pasó y la fórmula de su esteroide la guardó, le dió más importancia otros proyectos para poder sustentar su investigación más adelante, mientras aparecía alguna forma en la cuál cumplir lo que él siempre había deseado. Con el paso del tiempo Francisco se hizo de una gran riqueza, su talento en la rama de la farmacología le ayudó generando bastantes medicamentos innovadores pero costosos que lo catapultaron a la cima, a la edad de 42 años con la trayectoria que ya tenía y toda su experiencia en el ramo, incluso decidió ampliar sus conocimientos a la ingeniería genética. Efectivamente, lo que necesitaba Francisco estaba en esa área, todos los conocimientos que empezó a usarlos en su proyecto que había abandonado, solo tenía que crear un organismo simbionte, no tenía que ser inteligente, solo tenía que poder unirse y ayudar al cuerpo humano con el proceso de aceleración de su suero, y recrear las funciones básicas de cualquier ser vivo con excepción de la reproducción. Fueron años de experimentos hasta que Francisco por fin logró su cometido, en un contenedor yacía una mancha azul obscuro moviéndose de forma rara, arrastrándose por un gran contenedor una criatura viscosa y que parecía haber salido de una película de terror, pero Francisco sabía que no era así, era el siguiente paso para combatir el avance del desgaste del cuerpo humano, esta criatura había sido diseñada por él, y de hecho Francisco había usado algo de su sangre para asegurar la compatibilidad con su nueva creación, así q nadie más que él podría ocupar a aquel ser que había creado.
  11. Anaxagoras

    Daddy's Boy

    Danny hung up the phone, propping his feet up on his desk as he turned to address the rest of the office. “Who’s the best salesman around?!” Most of them rolled their eyes. Thankfully, Jesse the intern knew how to play the game. “You are, Danny.” Danny nodded, chuckling. “Damn right I am, Jesse! Another customer, hook line and sinker!” More eye rolls. Of course Danny had scored another investor. All he had to do was mention dear Daddy’s name and they’d flock from miles. Danny, of course, attributed none of his success to his father’s far-reaching influence or fondness for his son. He merely thought his blond good looks, ravishingly athletic body and killer business instincts had shot him up the totem pole…even if the boy couldn’t talk himself out of a paper bag. But alas, the favoritism was alive and well, and no one could do anything about it. Chuckling to himself, Danny decided his work was done. Yeah, technically he still had the rest of his three hours to do, but he’d reeled in a big enough catch that he could go home. Who was gonna rat him out, anyway? “Yo, Jesse!” The smaller brunette turned, moving back to the toned man’s desk. “Yes, Mr. Howell?” He tapped his papers. Like he had time to finish the reports. That’s what free labor was for! “I’m going home. Make sure these get filed and finished, k?” Jesse nodded tiredly, all too used to the treatment. “Sure thing, Mr. Howell. Delivered to your father, management, or accounting?” But Danny was already out the door. “Figure it out, Jesse! Later!” The intern sighed wearily, tapping the sheets. “Same old, same old.” He looked down, brow furrowing as his lip curled. “Oy…which one does puce go to again?” Danny strutted down the street, quite pleased with himself. Head held high, he barely paid anyone any attention, so lost in his own ego. He was larger than the majority of people on the street, genetic lottery paying big dividends even now. He barely had to do a few pushups every night and he swelled proud and heavy in his shirts. He was damn proud of his height and stature, mistakenly believing his own perfection was the result of hard work or right choices. Such as it was, he relished in every lingering glance to his pecs and held his head a little higher every time another potential alpha walked by. So when the tall but relatively lanky boy passed close to him, nose in his phone, Danny couldn’t resist nudging him with his shoulder. Show the matchstick who the real size was around here. The boy looked up sharply, eyes flashing for the briefest of moments, even if it escaped Danny’s attention entirely. “My goodness, do excuse me, sir! Entirely my fault!” Danny smirked. That was more like it. “Let’s watch where we’re going, sport! Make way for the real man.” The flash returned as the boy let an involuntary smirk cross his impish features, fading to a dull, imperceptible glow in his irises. He clapped a hand to his chest, other hand tipping his bowler hat almost teasingly as he bowed forward slightly. “Of course, sir! Wouldn’t want to slow the, uh…path of the real man. Keep up that raw dominant alpha monstrosity!” Danny came back to reality with that. Might have been the change of tone, perhaps it was the use of a four-syllable word, or maybe it was the obvious teasing in that last comment. But as he opened his mouth and swelled his chest to give the scarecrow a piece of his mind, the boy had vanished. Danny swung his head left and right, but the boy had disappeared into the crowd. The light started blinking and Danny hurried to get to the other side of the street, but his brow furrowed. Little twerp. He was lucky Danny was in such a good mood! Shutting the door to his posh, quite extravagant house, Danny walked into the kitchen to fix himself a glass of something. Normally he’d fix himself some bourbon on the rocks, but he was feeling flushed for some reason, and figured he’d just grab some water. Plenty of time for liquor celebration later, when Dad called to congratulate him on his latest investor. Sitting down and releasing the pressure on his tie, Danny wiped his brow with his glass before taking a swig. Why was he so hot all of a sudden? He rubbed his pec idly, like all good hetero boys seem to do. To his complete surprise, he felt the chest muscle suddenly bloat outward in his hand. Whipping his head downward, Danny let his mouth fall open as he watched his pecs begin to pulse larger, fatter, heavier as he stared at them. Gasping in a joyous shock, he sprang to his feet, the motion making his enlarged pec muscles bounce gently. Grinning dumbly, he bounced again and again, watching each motion send a stronger pulse as his pecs continued to heave. Moaning happily, he flexed an arm teasingly, jaw dropping again as he watched his biceps swell gently. The arm bulge continued to bunch and round, heavy ball of muscle quickly forming from the toned flesh, stretching his dress shirt. Danny let out a chortle of delight, looking down at his now basketball-sized chest muscles. Everything was feeling tight, legs and ass pushing outward in his pants. Grunting in delight, Danny unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it back to watch his abs carve inward, bricks of muscle forming in his stomach. Frowning gently, he furrowed his brow as he rubbed hand over the rapidly growing hair forming on his abs. He’d always prided himself on his smoothness…still, if a treasure trail was the price he had to pay for these muscles, he’d totally pay it. Tracing its path up his stomach to his chest, he watched hair gently prickle across his pecs, nothing forest-y but certainly a fair dusting of stubbly hair! Feeling his ass really start to dig into the fabric of his pants, he decided to shuck his clothes to let his growing muscles breathe. Glancing down, peering over his ballooning pecs, he grinned as he watched his every muscle tone and firm before swelling to generous proportion. He shrugged as he watched the hair thicken on his legs and rear, fuzzy and dense as his pubes bushed outward as well. Worth it…he’d just get it waxed later anyway. His arms began to itch and he lifted them as he felt an odd tweaking under them. His armpit hair thickened and condensed, growing longer and longer. Biting his lip, he let his arms down, hoping to stifle the growth, but the straw colored pit hair just exploded around his torso, thick and bushy. It was gross to Danny, but…oddly, he didn’t mind too much. He couldn’t really remember why he thought it was so gross…in fact, he couldn’t remember much of anything! He just liked his muscles. Grinning dumbly, Danny popped his now-gargantuan pecs hungrily, licking his lips as he eyed his bulging, hairy body. Grunting gently as a tugging caught his attention, he tried to crane his neck to stare over his bulbous chest, but to no avail. But a quick fondling revealed a rapidly growing, thickening cock. Moaning in a bout of involuntary lust, Danny panted hotly, feeling his cock shove higher and fatter in his hand…now his hands, too big to be contained by one mitt. Tongue hanging as he felt his cock sandwich and swell into his ab groove, Danny panted and grunted in animalistic fashion, brain fogging with lust. As he tried to manage his view, he felt his cock spew slimy pre all over the copious underboob he was now sporting. Gasping in pleasure, he finally glimpsed his oozing cock, the head bobbing hypnotically beyond his pecs, drooling pre like a hose. As he eyed his throbbing dick, though, a new swelling caught his attention. His nipples were stiffening…and stiffening…and stiffening! God, they just got harder and harder, to the point where they were just growing! His nips pulsed wider and longer, hardening like diamond, finally settling at almost a half foot long! Gasping in dumb pleasure, Danny gave one a tentative tweak, actually collapsing to his knees with the sensation and ecstasy that blasted through him. He couldn’t help but tweak again, an odd and beautiful pressure building with every gentle twitch of his fingers. As it reached a fever pitch, he glanced down, expecting his cock to spew its load. But instead, a fine stream of milk pushed out of his erect nipple instead! Danny yelled in not-so-subtle delight, milking himself like a cow as he grasped his other nipple, blinding pleasure coursing through him as his pecs leaked cream. He bent forward, a sudden urge compelling him to hump the ground like a dog, nipples slamming into the floor as his cock pushed between his abs. He could feel something deep inside him…his transformation wasn’t over yet! As he continued to hump with more and more frenzy, he glanced back to find his muscular bubble butt pushing even further, widening oddly. Finally, he gasped as he watched his asshole pulse and throb lewdly out of his rear, puckering and swelling like a ring as a fat donut pushed its way out of his ass. Panting in pleasure, Danny kept up his vulgar performance, feeling his anus swell and plump even as he made a total mess on the floor, pre and milk making a sticky puddle around his torso. His climax was cut short by a violent and jarring vibration from his tortured pants. Fishing in the remains of his pocket, he pulled out his phone, looking at the flashing reminder: “Important! Give Jesse the Ava files!! Or Dad will get mad! Due in one hour!” Completely unaware of anything in that sentence but subconsciously knowing what to do, Danny gasped in a panic, trying to salvage his burst clothes. Realizing the lost cause, he went into his bedroom, tugging on his loosest clothes. His odd proportions proved disastrous, pecs and ass straining against the fabric while his cock arched right out of his waistline, unrelenting in its erectness as it pressed visibly against his shirt. Of course, all three were his most sensitive parts as of now. Shivering wildly in bliss, Danny watched his nipples shove and swell against the fabric, asshole slurping hungrily as it slimed up his underwear. Trembling, Danny reached into his shirt, actually managing to shove his cock right up into his cleavage. Instantly his cock began to ooze a river of pre, but it was stable and unnoticeable…for now. Biting his lip, Danny stumbled his way back to work, trying to avoid any unnecessary rubbing. He got a ton of stares…and a few nose wrinkles. Eventually Danny realized that he absolutely reeked! It was his pits, for sure! Those ridiculously hairy, potent bushy forests under his arms! Grimacing, but knowing he could do nothing at the moment, Danny forged bravely ahead. Arriving at the office for the second time that day, Danny tried to find Jesse, hoping to avoid anyone else. He knew who Jesse was, but he didn’t really remember much else about him, or his relationship to him. Just that he had to give him the Ava files! After dodging and ducking through cubicles like some video game level, Danny finally spotted the brunette, hands full of papers. Hissing under his breath, Danny caught his attention. “Jesse!” The intern whirled, spotting Danny in the cubicle. “Mr. Howell?” He lightly stepped into the cubicle, shutting the door (yes, these cubicles had doors. Fancy!) behind him. He turned back, eyes widening as his jaw dropped. “M-Mr. Howell?! What on earth happened?!” Danny tilted his head. “Huh? What do you mean?” Jesse gestured, mouth agape. “L-look at you, sir! Are you having an allergic reaction?” Danny opened his mouth to respond, but something didn’t sit right. Sir? Why was Jesse calling him that? A sudden pulsing of Danny’s cock sent a shudder through him, pitching him forward. Jesse’s hands went to instinctively help the larger male…and landed square on his burgeoning pecs. The impact sent milk streaming from Danny’s swollen nipples, and shot his cock right out of its safety within Danny’s man boobs. Jesse jerked back in horror, Danny moaning like a bitch in heat as he eyed the lovely younger man. “Y-you’re the sir…please…so horny…need release.” Jesse raised an eyebrow, glancing at the door. But in all honesty, he was a somewhat lonely 20-something gay man, and the prime specimen of man meat that had bullied him into service for months was now begging him to make him his bitch. It was too good to pass up. Jesse started to fondle and mold Danny’s chest, grinning as he watched the dumber man gasp and buck, milk streaming from his perky nipples. Pushing his luck, Jesse leaned in, hissing in the bulky man’s ear. “Who’s the big man around here?” Jesse squeezed hard to emphasize his point, and that was the end of the old Danny. His cock shoved right through a gap in his button-down, spewing his long pent-up load all over the cubicle as he moaned out. “You, sir! I’m your bitch boy, please!!” Jesse grinned, rubbing the bigger man’s chest cannons hungrily. “And you’re only mine, got it?” Danny nodded hard. “Yes, sir, of course! I promise to be your bitch, only yours!” Jesse giggled to himself, unused to any displays of dominance. This could be fun! Of course, Mr. Howell Senior would probably be none too pleased at this new development… but who was he to reprimand his precious little boy? Jesse tucked Danny’s cock back into his pec crevasse, tweaking his nipples to elicit a moan from Danny. “Come on…we gotta get those files sorted out. We’re almost late!” He beckoned, Danny following meekly behind. Opening the door, he almost plowed into a passing man. Blushing, Jesse raised his hands as he continued on his way. “Sorry, sorry!” The man tilted his bowler hat, eyes glinting as he grinned toothily at the massive rear departing from his vision, fat pucker sliming up the backside. “Not a worry, sirs! Do please enjoy this lovely day.” He chuckled to himself, whistling a merry tune as he sauntered out of the office.
  12. timovdrow

    Pose for us, Bull (short scene)

    I wrote this short-scene a while back as a caption for the following photo. When I wrote this (and other similar content), I was just diving deeper into bodybuilding and how it articulated with my muscle fetish, especially as it relates to domination and submission; and I really got into imagining my ideal D/S dynamic through this captions, informed by my conversations with different admirers/growers/doms at that time. But as with many things, I let it fall to wayside. It wasn't until this week that I started thinking more intentionally about this again. As I continue to work with my coach and enter a lean bulk, I want to draw from this side of my psychosexuality again to really push my limits day in and day out -- after all, bodybuilding is about consistent dedication and effort. But I didn't know where to pick things up again. So it was a happy coincidence when I came across a topic in the general section on the theme of "growth as submission" the same day I decided to browse some of my blog's older posts. This is a quick edit but if folks are receptive and interesting in the themes, styles, etc here, I would be very motivated to follow through with a longer project to dive deeper. The plan would be to explore the progression of this dynamic using the seven deadly sins as a framework. Anyway, anyway, here's Wonderwall (lol). ___ “Sir, must I really pose like this for your friends?” he asked with stink on his face. You'd just finished a group workout. Some pals from out of town wanted to get a quick sweat session in during their visit, so you suggested a local kickboxing class later that afternoon. You knew that this type of exercise wouldn’t enough for your bull – cardio with a little pump is all it was for him, – but you dragged him along anyway. Your friends would appreciate seeing him in action after all. They had ogled over him the time before, privately commenting to you about him in a fluster: “His arms are so big!” “You get to sleep on that chest at night? So lucky!!” “I wish my boyfriend looked that good.” This time around, you had the devilish idea of giving your lusty friends a show, having your bull go through the post-workout posing routine he usually performs in your bedroom. But, you were sure that your friends wouldn’t see the full scope of what this show meant. They were white-collar types more interested in having fun with a side of fitness. Spin or Crossfit classes and brunch white-collar types. So they'd probably see his posing routine as sensual at first -- and who could blame them. Big man in underwear. Simply groundbreaking. Eventually eyes will start to wander, missing the purpose behind each movement. More muscles? What's next. At least if you know your bull. He'll probably be shy and conservative, giving half-hearted flexes at the top of each pose. Amazing to most but practically limp in your eyes. But you’re prepared to push his boundaries today. “Yes I’m serious. Give us a taste of how you’ve been coming along, big guy,” you demand, taking a seat with the rest of your friends chatting in between sips of Gatorade. He gives a shy double-bi towards the mirror, displaying his 19” arms and robust shoulder-chest tie ins. His tank rides over his belly a good hand-width. Your friend Charlene glances over from her conversation and gives a short hoot, “Looking good!” You catch his eyes, glancing down at his torso and legs, his tank and shorts, and back to his face. You nod and mouth “off.” He grimaces and returns a pained expression; clearly he’d rather not. You mouth “off,” again, knitting your eye brows sternly. Begrudging, Bull begins to pull his shorts down and toss them to his side, the tank following. That left him in just your favorite pair of white briefs, nearly every inch of his growing body exposed to strangers. “He’s going to be preparing for a show, guys, so I think it’s best to have get into the spirit.” The rest of your friends turn to look at the curated specimen in front of them. It was hard not too – without the oversized shirt and basketball shorts, his enhanced development was more than evident. You both had been working diligently to thicken up a lot more before dieting down for his contest, putting extra effort into piling more meat onto those delts and traps. You both wanted a bull with a neck worthy of a yoke. Taking a deep breath, he began anew, locking eye contact with you and only you. He hit pose after pose, never breaking sight despite comments being thrown around: “He’s definitely gotten bigger!” "Oh my god, he must eat for an entire family." "That's kinda cool, I guess." He hit a most muscular as his finisher, bringing in his arms tight over his torso and showcasing the fibers and new vascularity over his shoulders and traps – you both noticed that they had begun to swallow up his neck in the last few weeks, especially in this position. “More,” you mouth. He brings his arms in closer, bulging his traps out higher. “More,” you mouth again. His fists clench harder; his eyes begin to glaze over, and you notice his entire body pulse as he brings his muscles to contract even harder. Just for you. He’s beginning to shake from the effort, small veins snaking higher and higher across his chest and neck. You know what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling. He’s been there before with you: I’m a growing muscle bull, growing bigger and bigger because I need to. Let me show you, sir. Let me show you how big I want to be. Please. “And that’s the end!” you say to your friends, motioning to your bull to stop and get dressed. His eyes widen and cheeks redden, immediately turning around to grab his clothes. Scanning their faces, your initial prediction was correct: they don’t get it. Some were looking at their phones; one gave a fake smile, and another continued to look at him with contorted confusion on his face. “He really looked kind of scary for a second,” one whispers to you. Your bull notices this, throwing you a desperate glance. “We’re planning to come in about 10lbs heavier next year too! Maybe 15 of lean muscle, if we work harder.” “Don’t you think that’s too big?” another asks. Your bull approaches the group, half-dressed and drenched in more sweat after his posing; he looks at you, eyes wide with anticipation for how you’re about to respond. “No. I want him bigger. And he likes that too,” you say boldly, giving his shoulder a tight squeeze. Your fingers can’t dig into his meaty delts anymore; they’re harder than before. He reflexively tights his shoulders even more, pushing your fingers out. His cheeks are fiery red. Is that a little guilt you feel? Bull turns to you, your friends, and back to you, speaking through a quivering but excited voice, “Yeah, he’s right. It’s almost an addiction, but better bodybuilding than smoking.” No, that's pride. __________ “You know that once you hit 240, you’re gonna get more comments like that,” you say. He puts down a shaker bottle full of protein and all sorts of supplements alien to you, responding, “yeah, but I’ll get used to it. My current physique is on the edge of sensibility, but posing for them all today and…losing myself…it felt amazing.” “Because your routine was on point?” “No, because I felt like I didn’t care. I was posing for you, even when you pushed me further and I freaked out your girlfriends,” he murmured looking down at his feet. He sighed, throwing a slight smile at you and finishing the rest of his protein shake. “Though to be honest, I think they were busier looking at your boner than my poses towards the end.”
  13. Black Cat Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 WARNING! Contains snuff. Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 Epilogue Sequel: Black Cats Chapter 1 The wife lays on the bed on her side, passed out. Her long auburn hair covers her sweaty, cummy face, neck and tits. Cum leaks out of her pussy and ass onto the soaked hotel sheets. Sunlight from the window lands on her 36C breasts, her nipples still hard and extended from my manipulations. Those beautiful breasts jiggle, the bed creeks and the headboard hits the wall with each of my thrusts. "Oh, God! Fuuuuck!" the husband moans under me. I pin his head to the bed with my left hand. My right hand grips and lifts his pelvis keeping his ass inline with my cock. For the last twenty minutes I've been pulling all the way out, waiting for his sphincter to close, then, with a low-pitch growl, ramming in deep. "You like that, boy? hmmmggggggrrrrrr. Like getting fucked slow and hard?" The husband moans something that sounds like, "yes, Daddy", as his fists tightly clutch the sheets. I roll my head back and inhale deeply, relishing the musky scent of sex. I spike his ass with a quarter of my rod. "AAAAHHHHHHGGOOOOOODD!" the pitiful excuse for a male wails. "GRRRR! I don't give a FUCK what you like, cunt," I growl. Enough of treading lightly with this virgin ass. I grab his shoulders with both hands and use my abs for countless short hard strokes, smashing into his prostate with every fuck. The bed frame crashes against that wall with a loud BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM as I bore into him. I keep up the rapid-fire assault, grunting with each fuck, until he yells, "I'm cumming!" I wrap my left hand around his throat and lift him off the bed. I stand tall and press the back of his head into my chest. He utters a satisfying scream as he slides father down. A minuscule amount of cum bubbles through the tiny cock cage his little penis is trapped in. His legs swing and bump my shins as I walk to the floor-to-ceiling mirror. By the time I reach the mirror he's panting like a bitch in heat. I turn to face the mirror and look over the "man" impaled on my cock. Mid-twenties, crew-cut blond hair, handsome features. I guess you could say that he's got a middleweight bodybuilder physique. A decent chest above his six pack. An above average limp dick swings off of him. He could probably place in a regional bodybuilding competition if he didn't skip leg days. His eyes are squeezed tightly shut. "Open your eyes. Come on boy," I thump his head with my free hand, "open." When he doesn't obey I forcefully flex my abs, driving my ramrod deeper into his gut. "Aaaarrrg!" his eyes snap open and looks at me in the mirror with fear, lust and fear. He begins to hyperventilate. "Hey, calm down, little man." I slide my hand off of his throat putting him in a choke hold. I lightly squeeze his windpipe between my forearm and bicep. His hands immediately grab my arm and vainly tries to move it. I whisper into his ear, "Take slow deep breaths. That's it. Good boy." With his breathing slowing I find myself involuntarily slow fucking his tight ass and watching my hulking figure in the mirror. The husband's head, his mouth gaping open, is held between a forearm thicker than his upper arm and a bicep bigger than his head. Thick veins under my paper-thin skin look like a metropolitan subway map. Above my bowling ball delts thick traps rise like mountains to meet my corded neck. The husband whimpers when I flex my free arm into a Herculean ball of power. "You like that, puny boy? Grrrr, yeah, I think we both know who's superior." I feel a pair of tits against my wide lats and a sopping wet pussy grinding on my massive rippling leg. "Fuck him, baby." The wife wraps her tiny hands around my torso. One hand slowly strokes my ten-pack, fingers following the perimeter of each thick cobblestone segment. Her other hand travels up to my shelf-like pecs to try to squeeze the rock-hard muscle. Giving that up, she begins to pinch and tweak a downward pointing nipple. "Show him how to use that thing between his legs." She's kissing and licking my back. "He's never satisfied me. You…oh god…you made me cum more than I've ever had. Show him how a real man fucks." Never wanting to disappoint the ladies I break the bi pose and slap the husband's glute. He yelps and calls out for mercy to whatever deity he thinks is listening. I seize a leg and bring it to his chest as I start to pound his ass balls deep. I roar. The husband screams in terror and submission. The wife moans, "Make him your bitch like you made me your whore…Master" *** Good. Now I have your attention. With all the instant gratification, short news cycles and screaming 140 to 280 character dispatches from who-the fuck-cares you have to grab attention by the balls, squeeze and not let go. Even if the owner of said balls slaps you with an injunction. Which never happens to me…usually. Hi, I'm Bruce. Bruce Banderole. Ripped let me hijack his account to tell my story. I didn't used to be this way. The domineering alpha male, not the ball grabber. Well, maybe not that either. Anyway, I was just your typical, average office worker schmuck sitting in a nondescript cube surrounded by sappy inspirational posters from HR in the boring corporate world. To say I was the pinnacle of physical health would be laughable. Twenty-six years old at this time. Under the average height for a male, just under the definition of obese, nearsighted and balding. My idea of exercise was carrying a box of a dozen doughnuts to the office every Friday. The only thing in my life that brought a ray of sunshine into my gloom was my girlfriend, Val. Six weeks ago that would all start to change. On that Monday nothing could brighten my mood. I grabbed two different socks out of the sock drawer, my sandwich was moldy, the printer repeatedly jammed on duplication of a fifty page report and I had my review. See, there's me after work in line at the bus stop waiting for the 5:10 to my house. Hunched shoulders, thinking about the day and mumbling, "How the fuck did I get a 'adequate' on the Reynolds account? I busted my ass for that fucker!" I look up to the guy behind me, "Tell me why a guy that looks like an avocado had sex with an older more disgusting avocado complained?" The old lady behind him stepped back aghast. The guy looked at me and said, "Maybe it's your use of harsh language." When I realized I left my umbrella at home, it started to rain. I sighed defeat to the universe as the bus rolled to a stop. The doors opened and I heard something in the alley. I ignored it and shuffled forward. After a few steps I heard it again. This time I think I heard a cat. I had a cat once. My sister wanted to name it Dog. A few more shuffling steps and I definitely heard a cat. I reached the bus door, looked up at the driver and said "Wait for me, I'll be right back." I think I heard the driver mumble, "Yeah right buddy" as I turned into the ally. "Here, kitty kitty kitty." I heard a reply from the left ten feet down the alley. I called out again, followed the reply and found an average sized undernourished young adult black cat under a piece of cardboard. It looked up at me with pleading electric blue eyes. I knelt down to the cat, and slowly blinked, "Hey, there." I extended a finger in front of its nose. "You don't look too well." The cat sniffed my finger, blinked and replied with a meow that almost sounded like, "Help?" I extended the finger to scratch the cat's chin. I didn't see a collar when the cat lifted its head for more scratches. "Oh, so you're a stray huh? Well we can't have you walking the streets can we?" As I gently lifted the cat it began to purr. I turned around with the cat cradled in my arms just in time to see the back of the bus disappear down the street. I sigh and mutter, "Fuck." "Mew?" "It's just been one of those days, cat. There's a vet school a few blocks from here. How about we get you checked out and get something to eat?" "Purrrrmoowprrrr" "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Two hours later I ordered an Uber and headed for home with a $200 vet bill, a box of stuff and a very groggy cat. When the Uber pulled up I saw my favorite driver, Debbie, in her beat up Hyundai Accent. "What the fuck ya got there, Bruce?" she yelled at me over the blaring death metal as I put the cat carrier and box in the back seat. I closed the squeaky back door and yanked on the front passenger door until it opened. Most people don't like Debbie. It might be that she curses like a sailor or that she'd rather insult you than get a tip. I kinda liked her; the petite figure, the girl-next-door face, the long blond hair in pigtails just went so well with the spiked leather collar, ripped band t-shirt, short shorts and bowie knife strapped to her thigh. Think Harley Quinn without a psychopathic homicidal boyfriend with a pasty complexion. At least I hoped so. "I found a stray cat and decided to adopt her," I replied once I sat down in the seat and turned down the screaming Norwegians. "The vet named her Brenna. Apparently that's Gaelic for 'black hair'." Debbie lifted a single eyebrow when she glanced from the back seat to me, "You, a cat? What's that fucking bitch Val gonna say?" I buckled up and replied, "Yeah, a cat. I'm secure enough in my manhood that I don't need a hundred fifty pound slobbering dog that you have to get up at five o'clock in the morning to walk. Besides, everyone should have a little pussy." She blushed as she pulled the car out into that traffic and replied, "Uh-huh. You got food and a goddamn cat box yet?" I pointed my thumb at the box in the back, "Yeah. The vet gave me a box of stuff. Said it was a CCL Starter Kit." We almost get into an accident when Debbie snorted and started laughing. "You mind not killing us and tell me what's so funny?" She composed herself just enough to reply, "Shit! CCL stands for Crazy Cat Lady." My eyes involuntary rolled heavenwards, "Laugh it up, Deb. One cat doth not a crazy make." "Mrr, aarrr?" came from the back seat. "I didn't ask you." With a snicker she stated, "They say the fucking first step is talking to the them." "And yet you talk to your crappy car." "Hey, don't insult Reggy! He's very sensitive!" The car backfired in agreement. She started stroking the dashboard, winked at me and said, "There, there, Reg. Don't listen to that mean asshole. You still haven't said how your cocksucking bitch-friend's going to react." "A FUCKING CAT!" was the reply I got from Val to a text with a pic of Brenna on my lap. When we got home I set everything up for Brenna. She had some water and cat food from her bowls in the kitchen and used her box in the bathroom. With her belly full she constantly purred while I scratched and rubbed her chin, throat and belly. She held my arm with her paws to make sure I didn't stop. She especially wanted me to scratch under her new orange-red nylon collar. I tried to think why the love of my life would say that as I scrolled up the app and saw all the pics she sent of her Pekingese, Alcaeus. The many, many pictures of Alcaeus dressed in a toga, birthday hat, sunglasses. In a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo. In a Santa beard and stocking cap for Christmas. The pics of Alcaeus with a hair bow on its head, in a Che Guevara t-shirt and beret, dressed as a Minion, lapping up a strawberry smoothie (from MY glass, mind you), wearing a Mario cap and, the worst, with cat ears. I typed out my reply with the thumb the little spoiled shit bit last week when I tried to get him away from my smoothie, "I found her in an alley downtown. I'm not going to walk away from that. Come on over and meet her, babe." A minute later the reply chat bubble started bubbling. Two minutes later I see, "Ugh fine cu soon." "We're going to have company, Brenna," I told the purring ball of fur on my lap as I rubbed behind her ears. Then I noticed the pizza boxes on the coffee table and dirty socks on the sofa. I sighed and said, "Looks like I've got to clean this place up a bit…" "Myeah." "…so you're gonna have to…Wait a minute, did you just say 'yeah'?" She just blinked those beautiful electric blue eyes and purred. "Ooookay then. Let me just set," I lifted her up and settled her on the sofa, "you here while I straighten up the place." The garbage was tossed and a load of laundry started when I heard the familiar sounds of Cadaver's "Cannibalistic Dissection" outside, Val screaming, "You expect a TIP after THAT?!" and a creaky car door slam. I open my front door to Val in a tight blue mid-thigh dress, her auburn hair in a bun, oversized sunglasses and a floppy wide brimmed hat. Behind her I saw a Hyundai peeling rubber and the driver's arm sticking out the window with a middle finger extended. "Ugh! That cabbie is the WORST! I don't know why they don't just fire her ass!" "She's not a cabbie and they can't." I gave Val a kiss on the cheek as she blew past me. "You know she's an independent contractor and the best driver in the city." "WHATEVER. So," she scanned the room, "where's this cat?" When Val set her oversized purse down her "dog" squeaked and poked his head out. "She's on the sofa. Be gentle, she's not used to…" When Val saw Brenna she charged towards her. Loudly, she said, "Oh, aren't you just the cutest thing!" Brenna jumped to the back of the couch, yelled, "Moor? REEEOW!" and hissed. When Val started to reach for her she jumped down and hid under the couch. "Hey! That's not how you act around a new pet, Valerie!" Alcaeus jumped out of the purse and started yapping at the couch. "Pfft, what do you know. It's just a cat." Brenna came out and sat in front of Alcaeus. Alcaeus continued to yap away as if he was a fearsome beast. Brenna, just yawned and cleaned her paw. "Yeah, well, she MY cat and I won't have her becoming neurotic due to…" We both heard a cut off yip and looked down to see Brenna's paw pinning Alcaeus's head to the floor. Her tail swished and she gave a "humph" sound. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DOG!" Val exclaimed. I suppressed a snicker and said pridefully, "I see there's no chance of that." Val reached down to pick up the dog Brenna sniffed her hand. "Get away!" She clutched the shivering dog to her breasts, "That cat is EVIL!" "No she's not. This is all new to her. It'll take time for her to adjust." "Yeah, well…" Val's phone sounded out a notification I haven't heard before. Her face went flush and her eyes widened when she looked at her phone. "Sorry, babe. Gotta go." "You just got here?" I said, my hands outspread. "I know, but somethings come up…at work," Val collected her purse, shoved the shivering mutt in it and headed toward the door. "Can I call you an Uber?" "With HER again. I don't think so. Besides, my ride is already outside. Bye!" And with that Val slammed the front door on her way out. I stood in the middle of the living room wondering what just happened when I felt Brenna winding herself around my legs. "Well, that could have gone better." I said looking down at her. She blinked twice. "She's really very nice, ya know." "Mnoow," was the only reply in the room. Did my cat just say, "No"?
  14. Anaxagoras

    An App for the Ages

    Alex opened the door to his shared dorm room, immediately wincing as he took in the smell of sweat and harsh BO. Christ, why had he been forced to room with such a frat boy?! Yeah, Quinn was a nice enough guy, but he was so much of a partier that it made the space almost unlivable, and he didn’t even bring the party home with him! Ugh, they both tolerated each other, but that was about it. He knew Quinn couldn’t stand his ethic…wasn’t his fault if he didn’t go out! Alex much preferred to stay in college with acceptable grades, thank you. And speak of the devil, Quinn walked out of the shower, towel snug around his waist. The total hetero loved to walk around shirtless, showing off his toned, impressive musculature. Alex was straight too, but even he had to admit Quinn did deserve to show off his body. The boy worked out almost every day, so yeah he could be proud of himself! But there was a limit…Quinn’s ego was so full that Alex feared that one more narcissistic comment would pop the whole thing like a balloon. “Hey, Alex! Just finished working out! Have you SEEN my bicep pump?” He flexed more for himself, growling in mock arousal. Alex completely expected his head to explode, but alas, no such luck presented itself. “Looking fine as always, Quinn.” Quinn pouted gently, huffing at his roommate’s apathetic response. God, the little dweeb never gave him his due credit! Didn’t he realize just how BIG Quinn was looking recently? God, only girls and fellow hunks got it. What a shame. Well, actually…maybe that was the key! He needed a fellow hunk! Whipping out his phone, he called up his newly installed app, unable to stop a massive smirk from creeping onto his features. “Yo, Little Al!” Alex sighed, Quinn knowing just how much he hated that nickname. “Yeah, Quinn?” “You ever head of I-See-Ya?” Alex barely looked up from his laptop. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” Quinn chuckled, aiming his phone’s camera at Alex. Instantly, the app began flashing information across the screen…height, weight, body specifics…even some basic personality traits that Quinn had customized and added! “It’s an app where you can just take one snapshot and then customize someone to your liking!” Alex raised an eyebrow, barely listening. “Customize, huh?” Quinn nodded, waiting as the app finally registered fully, dozens of options popping up. Let’s see if the app worked as advertised! “Yeah! For example…if I want to boost your height by…I dunno, eleven inches…” Alex huffed gently. “Then I’d be six foot four…” Quinn flicked open Alex’s “Height” tab, sliding the bar slowly. “You’re right. Let’s go sixteen!” Alex started to roll his eyes, but stopped short as he felt his very bones begin to ache, popping sounds emanating through the room as his limbs began to crack and spasm longer, larger, lankier. His mouth dropped open, a gasp stalling on his lips as his body pushed and creaked taller, taller, taller! His clothes shrank as his limbs erupted with length, pushing well past what Alex was used to! His body didn’t grow too lanky, adapting more mass to keep up Alex’s usual lanky self. But in no time, sixteen enormous inches had been added to his frame, his clothes tight and disproportionate on his now whopping 6’9 body! He shakily turned to his roommate, body trembling. “Q-Quinn…what did you…I’m so uneven…” Quinn grinned, tapping his phone again. “Uneven is right! Gotta make it a nice and pretty number!” Alex squeezed his eyes shut as he swelled upward yet again. Another inch grew into his body…then another…and then one more, leaving him cramped, constrained, and a full seven feet tall! Lifting his head to stare at his out-of-control roommate, his head bumped the ceiling. Gasping in dismay and shock, he shook his head, looking MUCH further down than he was used to! There was Quinn, grinning like a loon, barely up to Alex’s enormously long torso. “Wowww…looking mad good, Al! Great start!” Alex tried to do something…anything…but his new frame was so strange that he could barely stand upright. But he was getting the hang of it, and soon he’d show Quinn just how he really felt. Quinn, however, had other ideas. Nodding to himself as he looked his new toy up and down, he smirked as he began to dial in another, slightly more drastic change. “Now…I think I’ve gotten to the cause of your stupid attitude. You can’t appreciate how BIG I am because you’re a freakin’ toothpick! Gotta have size to respect size.” He hit a few more commands, grinning as he watched Alex jerk and stumble like he’d been shocked by a few thousand volts. His body continued to spasm and heave, frame twisting and quivering as a low moan burst from the taller man’s mouth. Quinn’s eyes widened as he watched Alex’s neck begin to inflate, muscle bulging out of the lean surface. His jawline firmed and hardened tremendously as a bull neck swelled beneath it. Alex’s shoulders began to swell and engorge, huge peaks bursting from his traps as the jerking motion spread down his arms, biceps and triceps clenching and balling into massive, mountainous, basketball sized cannons! His lats gorged and inflated, gentle wings pushing his arms out as his back tripled in width to handle all his new torso mass! His stomach crunched and grooved, abs condensing into brick-like slabs; a formidable washboard set into a solid base. His legs grew and grew, thigh gap slowly vanishing as solid muscle erupted his thighs into meaty teardrops, calves heaving into heavy bulges. And his butt bulked into a massive bubble, huge and meaty and thick! But as huge as all that was, nothing compared to the raw, ridiculous spurt his pecs got. Erupting into huge watermelons of flesh, the firm round muscles sloped downward, popping involuntarily as the huge pec-tits gorged even thicker, nipples swelling to fit his new man melons. Alex moaned loudly as pleasure shot through him, wincing and spasming as his cock spurted and flopped lower, thickening and fattening as it rocketed outward. Even soft, his new dick sagged and swayed just below his knees, balls dropping heavily as pre began to drool from Alex’s tip like a leaky hose. Dropping to his knees as orgasmic delight surged through his brain, Alex couldn’t help but shudder as his ass began to wobble and bounce, cheeks pushing to the side as his asshole flowered and puffed, thick donut evolving rapidly as it gorged visibly between his cheeks. A slimy sheen engulfed the pucker, huge anal ring gorging even further as Alex moaned feebly. His hair curled upward at the end, a cliche coif puffing up at the front as his sides whittled down into a handsome fade. Alex clenched his teeth as his jaw firmed and hardened even further, dense stubble crackling across his cheeks and chin. To finish the deal, a heavy jungle of armpit hair bushed from Alex’s pits as his limbs and torso developed a very healthy dusting of hair across them. Panting in exhaustion, Alex could only drool gently as his body began to relax, aching and sore from its sudden reconfiguration. Quinn, on the other hand, was ecstatic. Licking his lips as he tried to control his joy, he began to fiddle some more. “Oh, this is working so well. Just gotta put…the final…touches in. There! Goodbye, Alex the nerd! Hello Alex the STUD!” Alex gasped gently, but could barely move his body let alone stop his crazed roommate. As Quinn hit the button for a final time, Alex felt his brain quiver. An odd sensation, it felt like a heavy drunkenness was settling on Alex’s mind. But the more he tried to focus on something, the less sense it made. Eventually he found his mind going completely blank! But as quickly as his entire life slipped out from his brain, a new one was rapidly replacing it. Shock over his new freakazoid body was substituted for acceptance: of course he was a giant! He’d always been this massive! And the disgusting ego-maniac in front of him? Naw, he was Alex’s plaything! Always had been. Slowly getting to his feet, Alex grunted as he eyed the essay on his computer. The fuck was that? English work? Bro, he’d gotten this far on his sports ability…no fucking way in hell he was an academic! Eying Quinn, Alex smirked cockily, palming one massive pec idly. “Jesus fuck, you shrink again? Aw no wait, I just got BIGGER.” He flexed hard for the smaller man, bicep heaving to life. Quinn shuddered visibly, eying his phone. “Oh you’re so HOT, Alex. But…I hear that name and I just think of a wuss. How about…?” Alex shuddered, entire identity rewritten in an instant. Quinn wiggled his eyebrows. “What’s your name again?” The massive man furrowed his brow at his roommate. “You fucking stupid, bro? It’s Parker. Par…ker. Sound it out, dumbass.” Quinn feigned smacking his head. “Oh, silly me!” Parker rubbed a hand down his abs, closing a ham-sized fist on his cock shaft. “But I’ve been thinking. I’m at the point where I need constant praise.” Quinn nodded, smirking. With luck, the two of them would just endlessly flatter the other into a cycle of narcissism and growth. That was the plan, anyway! “So I think we need to start awarding me some titles! Let’s start adding things before my name, all right?” Quinn tilted his head, trying to catch on. “So…like, Big Parker?” Parker moaned gently, stroking harder. “Yeah, that’s it. Never wanna fucking hear my name alone again, got it bitch boy?” Quinn chuckled, but it was forced. Bitch boy? Oh no, he needed the same deal. “Gotta do it to me too, Buff Parker! I need the praise too.” Parker chuckled deeply, balls bobbing as he wanked. “I’m the only one in this relationship who gets praise, little man. You’re a fucking pipsqueak.” Quinn grimaced. Probably went a bit too far. As he started to fiddle with his phone, it was suddenly plucked out of his hands by the giant Parker. “The fuck you so obsessed with this thing for?” Quinn’s face paled. No no no! “C-come on, Big Parker! Give it back, not cool.” Parker raised an eyebrow as he eyed the app. “Fucking A, tiny…this for real?” He aimed the camera at Quinn, chuckling. Quinn was helpless, only coming up to the boy’s nipples. Parker smirked wickedly, tapping with some difficulty due to his sausage sized fingers. “Hehe, let’s see…” Quinn gulped. “Parker, please. I-It’s just a joke app. Please give me my phone back…” Parker growled, tapping hard. “TITLE, bitch!! Don’t make me tell you again!!” Quinn gasped hard, feeling his body spasm upward. Again and again he shot up, until he was even with Parker’s chin. God, he had to be six foot eight! Maybe taller! Parker nodded curtly. “Yeah…baby boy’s gotta be small, but not too small. Needs to be able to take a railing.” Quinn blanched at that, but his new height made him unsteady…he still couldn’t grab his phone back. “I-I ain’t a fag, dude!” Parker winked slyly. “Neither am I, but you’re gonna need to love taking my donkey dick. Cuz you’re gonna get it every fucking hour.” Quinn lunged for the phone, but Parker held him back with no effort at all. “Whoa, chill! My new babe’s gonna need to trust me with everything if we’re gonna get along!” He tapped a few more times and Quinn began to relax, feeling his mind grow calmer. Why did he mind if Big Parker had his phone? They shared everything! And he trusted no-one more than the big man! “That’s better…now then, let’s see.” Quinn closed his eyes, moaning as he felt his body beginning to change, spurred on by Giant Parker’s wishes. Shoulders broadened and thickened, arms filled out into gorged cannons, lats flaring gently as his back bulged into a door filler to match Huge Parker’s! His abs shrunk slightly, waist crunching into a tiny little wasp waist even as his pecs ballooned larger, heavier, thicker! They surpassed even Big Parker’s in size, gorging to be visible even from the back! His ass began to follow suit, huge fleshy cheeks heaving with mass as his thighs thickened and bulged tremendously. And just like his new giga-pecs, his ass didn’t stop until it wobbly, bouncy, and visible from the front! Quinn cooed gently, running his hands over his now view-obscuring pecs. “W-wow, Big Parker…” Parker smirked, tapping a few more times. “But wait, there’s more!” Quinn gasped as he watched his areola puff and swell, huge fleshy mountains erupting off his chest as his nipples thickened and fattened, wobbly nubs bobbing with every deep breath! A sudden bloat filled his vision, and a moist juiciness made his touch his mouth. To his shock and joy, he found his lips nearly quadruple their normal size, huge upper and bottom lip fat and kissable in the extreme! Throwing his head back, Quinn couldn’t help but toss his head as he felt a prickling down his neck…down his shoulders…down to his collarbone. Oh fuck, it was his hair! Long and silky, a veritable waterfall cascading down his head, draping over his shoulders and resting just above his burgeoning breast-pecs. And it was blond?! Oh, a beautiful platinum blond. So nice…so nice… “Ohhh…B-Big Parker, you’re the best.” Parker smirked again, tapping away with no hesitation. “You still sound way too straight. Let’s fix that.” Quinn’s Adam’s apple shrank instantly, his mind altering as new vocabulary filled his head, a new identity blossoming inside of him. “Ooooooh…like, that feels so weird, Sexy Parker!” Parker growled teasingly, tapping again. “Yeahhhh…MORE.” Quinn gasped, nails growing longer and longer as his hair crept just long enough to flit over his giant nipples. His eyes lightened to a deep blue, and his wrists got a tad limp. “Mmmmmf fuck me HARD, Big Beefy Parker baby!!” Parker laughed happily, tapping a final button before pocketing the phone. Quinn’s cock grew just a hair, tiny on his now giant frame! A hard blink made him tap his fat lip. Parker feigned confusion. “What’s wrong, honey?” Quinn sighed, running a perfectly manicured hand through his lush hair. “Ummmm like, I know you’re my…ohhh….” He pitched a bit, panting as he bit his lip, cock painfully erect. “My DADDY…oh yeah, that’s it. Like, my Big Daddy Parker. Who am…I again?” Parker grinned. “You’re my pretty Sammy!” Sam cooed happily, clapping his hands together. “Oh, that’s right, Thick Daddy! I’m your pretty girl!” Parker nodded, putting a hand through his new bitch boy’s hair, kissing him on those gigantic DSLs. Patting his blubbery ass happily, Parker sighed as he pulled back. “I think I need to take my lovely toy shopping. Too big for your clothes now.” Sam nodded, daintily placing a hand on his hip as he looked around. “Like, so true, Sexy Daddy Parker. Gotta get a wardrobe change, ASAP! And some new decor…gotta decorate for my Amazing Daddy~” Parker nodded, patting Sam’s quivering mega-pecs. “Damn fucking right. I’m thinking a good tight crop top for those giant super tits…booty shorts and a thong for the mega ass…and some nice high tops. Maybe we can get you a hair tie or two. I love your hair down, but we can experiment.” Sam nodded happily. “Whatever my Perfect Handsome Daddy Parker wants!” Parker smiled widely. “Yeah…you’re mine, aren’t you, my beautiful femme Sammy?” Sam nodded eagerly. “You’re my everything, Pectacular Parker Daddy!” Parker shuddered. “Fuck, I like that one. For me? Can only fucking fit in a tank top now, I’d imagine. Some loose shorts to show off this horse dick…and beer. Jesus FUCK, we’re gonna need lots of beer for me.” Sam giggled, rubbing Parker’s carved abs. “Mmmmmm careful Gigantic Daddy! You may just grow a big beer tummy!” Parker smirked. “You like that, slut boy? Daddy growing a big thick belly?” Sam flushed a bit, rubbing his long hair. “I-It does sound pretty hot~ as much as I love my Shredded Daddy, a Bulky Daddy would be so cuddly and sexy! B-but I want whatever you want, my Pectacular Alpha Daddy Parker!” Parker rubbed his long hair, kissing him on those plush lips again. “I know, doll. All right…I say we go get some clothes, I’m gonna work out like a fucking animal, and then drink my way to a beer gut! What do you say?” Sam giggled happily, rubbing his alpha’s huge arm. “Like, I can’t wait!! Ohhhhh I love you so much, my HUGE, SEXY, MONSTROUS, BEEFY, PERFECT, ALPHA DADDY PARKER!! DADDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!” Just the thought of serving his giant man sent Sam’s cock firing like a hose, jets spurting out as he moaned loudly in bliss, huge lips parted as he orgasmed. Panting hard, he glanced up, grinning sheepishly. “S-sorry, Big Daddy. I promise I’ll wait for permission next time.” Parker grinned, kissing his boytoy happily. “It’s fine, Sammy baby. Let’s go…and if you’re good, I’ll let you sniff my musky pits after the workout.” Sam moaned, already starting to erect again. “Oh my god, yes please, my Perfect Parker Daddy!” Parker possessively put a hand on Sam’s ass, guiding him out. “Hehehe let’s fucking go, my eager little toy!” Sam could only lick his lips, tossing his hair as his whole frame jiggled alongside his gigantic alpha, both having to duck to get out the dorm.
  15. leogrando

    Master To Godhood

    Written and Co-Written by : @leogrando and @Biggerbeef The Sub boi aiming a gun at The Master, shouting "No, You can’t control yourself! I won't Give this to you!" The Master slowly walks to the stupid boi. "No Stop.. You Don't want to make me use this... I... I..." The Master smacks his hand and pushes him down, taking over the gun. The boi drops on the floor and starts trembling. The boi staring into the dark hole of the gun. While aiming The Master screams "You Stupid FAGGOT! You dare thinking I'm not in control! I CONTROL EVERYTHING! I'M THE BOSS!! I'm the MASTER!! AND I'M THE ALPHA!" The Master Glances at that shitting boi and starts laughing. "Shit even you couldn't control this gun! The safety is still on! Hahaha. WEAK!! YOU FUCKING WEAK FAGGOT!! You think you can control me boi? "Nahhhh… I CONTROL YOU!!! I OWN YOU LITTLE SHIT!! AND I DECIDE HOW BIG I'M GONNA GET AND YOU GONNA WATCH GROW AND YOU’RE GOING ENJOY IT!!!” He gets to the boi ears and whispers “E-v-e-r-y second of it” "So… shut the hell up! Be a good boi! and Watch! Watch your Glorious Muscular Alpha Growing" The master says. He starts drinking the Serum. He chugs so vigorously that it overflows and drips into his chest. But nothing’s wasted, the serum starts infusing into his body He drinks One bottle... Empty... Second Bottle... Empty... Third Bottle Empty... Forth bottle… Empty… And the Fifth Bottle. He drinks non-stop. Eventually, His Veins start swelling up and slowly become green. "Fifth Bottle's the charm hey... Let’s see what the... SHIT!!!" The Master curses... While he is still pointing the gun at the boi, his body starts to tremble. His legs starting to vibrate and his smile's widening. "I can FEEL IT!!! YES!!!" FUCK! THIS IS THE BEST SHIT I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!!" He Screams and Curses In agony but also in glee. His body twitches, His Muscles moving side to side Bulging from everywhere. The growth was explosive. His Chest widening by the seconds, His shirt pulling upwards and revealing rows of abs start to emerge one row at the time. His biceps is now stretching the shirt sleeves, expanding to its limits. Before they met the Master’s shirt was very loose, but now it clings to his body like a superhero costume. You could see every inch of that body through those pieces of fabric. That 8 Pack Abs bulging; The pecs hanging proudly and those nips peeking waywards through the fabric like it’s ready to shoot some hot thick milk. Those arms covered with enormous thick veins, and running through a glorious 22 Inches Biceps. The boi sizes him up and curses “FUCK!!!” as The Master’s biceps stretching the sleeves to the maximum limit trying to contain the godly power. “You Impressed Little brat?” The Master Asks. The boi gulps. “Well there’s also another thing that you need to see” The Master says while he playfully taps his groin. Then The Master’s dick pokes up from his boxer and rises up until it pokes his pecs. The Master’s dick is the real deal. It’s as big and veiny as his Arms. You won’t need a fisting session if you get impaled by The Master’s glorious cock. " YOU SEE THIS LITTLE BRAT!! I'M A GOD!! I'M A FUCKINGG ALPHA MUSCLE GOD!!" He said with a big grinning smile. He picks up the boi by the head and taunts “You think you deserve these ROUND! BULGING! PECS!? NO! I’M THE MUSCLE GOD!! I DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS A GOD AND WORSHIP AS A GOD” then he smashes and squishes the boys head between his godly pecs Suddenly, his expression changed to rage "BUT YOU!! YOU DARE BLOCK THIS GOD FROM HIS RIGHTEOUS PATH!! YOU FUCKING DARE YOU LITTLE FAGGOT" While aiming the gun on that puny boi "I... I'm..." The boi looks down and is scrambling for words, he tries to search for words and sentences that could save him but also please the Master. A loud bang suddenly scared the little boi. He looks at the floor and it’s an empty bottle canister. The boi slowly looks up, not wanting to look at the master's eyes. But the scenery is just too much for the boi. The boi saw the master drinking and bathing with growth serum. The serum drips and flows between his pecs and abs like a waterfall and splashes down to the godly dick. The Master’s muscles shine and glow, illuminating the whole room and penetrating the boi sight. The boi is just in awe and frozen to take in the moment. " Sorry Little shit, You just bore me... But You know what's not boring… THIS FUCKING SERUM.” The Masters says while he opens another two more bottles and chugs them. The serum went into the master’s mouth and he sucked it all like a black hole. After the bottle is emptied, The Master stares at the serum that clings to his body and says, “This serum… no… this nectar… the power it gives... I could feel it coursing through my body... inch by inch... EXPANDING MY MUSCLE!!! HEIGHTENING MY SENSES!!! MAKING ME THE GOD I DESERVE TO BE!!!" The master screams and his body grows again. The Master’s shirt couldn’t contain him anymore and turn into fibers. The Master’s pecs grow and widen, showing ripple and striation like the world hasn't seen. His boxer also just disintegrates, the massive junk rip the boxer apart trying to find more space and room to grow. He also grows taller and now the rows of abs also start to add. The boi tries to count but stopped at the 12 Abs. The 22 Inch Biceps now turn into 35 Inches, looking like two giant watermelons stuck together. The master’s head bumps the ceiling, so with one swift move he rips the whole room ceiling panel, tearing it down. The boi tries to escape the flying debris and jumps into a work desk . The boi coughs from the dust, but when the dust settles the boi could now see how gigantic The master has become and he could feel it his groin start to wet from the cum that he holds from the moment the master grows. The Master suddenly stops worshiping his beautiful round pecs and looks into the boi eye. He grinned widely and say “See boi those nectar are meant for me! Look at me, I'm so Beautiful! So muscular! So shredded! So.. So godly! You’re now nothing compared to me” The master said while looking down at the boi. “As Punishment for being a bad boi, I’ll give you a task” The Master then puts the gun between his hands and he starts to squeeze the gun. The gun bends and cracks, bending into the master's will turning into a dildo. "See fuck that was only my hand strength! I can turn a gun into a dildo! I mean how godly is that!” The Master smiles proudly of his creation. “Here you go boi!" He tosses the metal dildo to the boi. The boi catches it, but drops into the floor cause of the massive power of the toss " Now Amuse me Boi" The master says while looking right into the boi’s eyes. " TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF AND START TO PREPARE YOUR HOLE FOR ME!!" The boi froze, he’s imagining in a couple of minutes he will be fucked by the hugest dick he had ever seen. It’s almost as thick and tall as him. " BOI!!! IF YOU FREEZE AGAIN, I'LL LOOSEN THAT HOLE MYSELF, BUT BOI YOU DON'T WANT To SEE THAT! No no no... Cause I’LL RAM MY WHOLE DICK INTO YOUR BODY AND I HOPE YOU’RE READY CAUSE maybe you'll end up like that gun. You'll be Squish and Mold into my personal cumrag, You got that brat" The Master taunts The boi nod silently "Good Now amuse me boi" The Master smile and grinning
  16. Chilis

    Pirate Adventures

    Hello everyone! This story will take a different twist after part 1. Oliver is 18 years old. Marcus is 39. The Captain is 20. This story takes place in an old time when pirates were still a thing. Hope you all like it! Feel free to leave suggestions and comments! ------------------ Part 1 The sky was clear, the tides appeared to be calm and the temperature was… well, bearable. Oliver thought that luck was finally on their side. He had boarded this ship weeks ago, and since then only disaster had followed him and the crew. Terrible storms, huge waves, assaulting rival pirates, killing mermaids and even a giant kraken. It had been days of tiring work and lots of dead, but it looked like he could finally have a break from disaster and relax. The boy pulled out a small mirror from his bag and tried to fix his hair. He had messy blonde hair, freckles and a small nose. His green eyes glanced over his face, satisfied with being somewhat adorable looking. He then looked down through the reflection and sighed. Regardless of his attractive facade, Oliver was very disappointed with his body. He was slightly athletic thanks to his sailing job, yet he still felt very skinny. If he wasn’t wearing any clothes, he could’ve seen his thin arms, his flat chest, and his rib bones showing a little. At least he had some decent abs… “What ya doin’, pretty eyes?” Oliver blinked and lost the attention on his mirror. His pal Marcus had showed up out of nowhere, putting an arm around his shoulders. The man was middle aged, ugly as they come. He was missing several teeth, had a dirty beard, and a belly so inflated that Oliver thought it would pop like a bubble at any moment. But despite his disgusting looks, the blonde boy and the hideous pirate had become friends even before boarding the ship. Marcus was fun to be around, and he had a gentle heart, always willing to help his smaller companion. “Looks like our problems are finally over, eh?” Marcus said, extending his arm towards the vast ocean. Oliver chuckled “We shouldn’t let our hopes get too high. I bet another disaster is about to hit us. This is just the sea making fun of us before it does”. “Eerr… aren’t ya a positive one” Marcus went serious all the sudden, observing the horizon “The tide Gods haven’t been generous with us this trip. But I assure you, we will reach the new lands in no time now. The Captain is making sure of it”. The blonde boy frowned “The Captain…”. Oliver had mixed feelings about the Captain. The guy was only a few years older than him, and both of them were younger than everybody in the ship. Still, Oliver was treated like a subordinate, while everyone respected the Captain in an almost religious manner. The blonde boy could see why though… The Captain’s only presence imposed respect and fear. The young man was two heads taller than Oliver, and his body was built with gigantic muscle able to crush anybody that opposed him. The Captain’s frame was lean, yet large enough to stretch out his clothes. He had long dark hair, and piercing blue eyes that sent shivers down your spine whenever you looked at them directly. One large scar went across his nose, while a smaller one decorated his chin. He was a gorgeous, yet terrifying person. Oliver had admired the Captain at first. However, as time passed in the sea, the blonde boy began to envy him. Whenever they were in trouble, the muscular man would save everyone with his powerful body. The Captain was the one that defeated all of their invading enemy pirates with merely his fists. He was the one that wrestled the kraken down. And the one that made the mermaids forget about eating them by making them fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Oliver was sent to clean and cook, unable to defend himself from all the threats, or to help his dying crew friends. “He is a brave man, that one..” said Marcus all the sudden, burping before continuing talking “I have to admit, when I met him I doubted someone so young would be able to navigate the seas. I didn’t even think he could control a whole crew!” “Well, he hasn’t gotten us to the new lands yet…” said Oliver in a low tone, but Marcus didn’t listen to him. “But I am telling ya! After seeing how heroic and strong the Captain is, I have no more doubts about him! I would follow him to the end of the world, ya know! We could all learn more from him…” Marcus seemed to be daydreaming about the young man, and that made Oliver uncomfortable. “Are you in love with him or something?” the blonde guy said, teasing his friend. Instead of being offended, Marcus bursted out laughing “HAH! Aren’t we all on this ship!? Some are saying he is even a demigod, I’m telling ya!” Oliver didn’t expect that answer. He rolled his eyes and walked away. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you later, I am not done mopping the main deck” More weeks passed without anything eventful happening. Oliver cleaned, mopped, and cooked as always. He felt relieved that there were no more life threatening things going on, but a new problem was starting to arise. The crew was feeling uneasy; they should've been approaching the new lands by now. However, the ship was still sailing across the vast open ocean, with no shore to be seen anytime soon. Oliver’s friends began to fear that they were going in the wrong direction, but everybody respected (or feared) the Captain too much to demand answers. Besides, the Captain was not seen around the ship much anymore, as he stayed in his cabin most of the time, unless he came out to give orders. Oliver mostly felt unbothered by the situation. Or that was until one night the crew organized a meeting to see who would go ask the Captain about the trajectory of the ship. The filthy pirates started to discuss what to do calmly at first, yet the conversation quickly turned into a heated discussion. “I am not going over there! Have you seen the arm of that man!? It’s bigger than my leg!” someone said. “You are a coward! He is our Captain, he wouldn’t hurt us for a simple question” someone else argued. “Then why don’t you go ask him!?” a third one demanded. “Anyone know if we have more whisky?” added Marcus, clearly drunk. “He deserves respect, he is a demigod! Didn’t you see how he beated up that kraken!?” another one yelled. People kept screaming and pointing fingers. Oliver was just sitting in the corner, cleaning his tiny mirror with some cloth. He listened for a while and tried to ignore the noise. The accusations and demands kept getting louder, and Oliver was feeling more frustrated by the second. The boy clenched his teeth. “Be quiet!” he said, but he was so small that nobody noticed him. He grunted in rage and stood up. “SHUT UP!” he yelled “You are all pathetic! I’ll go talk to him!!!”. This time the crew heard him, and they went silent. All eyes were on Oliver, and he immediately felt embarrassed. Then everyone started laughing. “You!? The Captain will crush you with his finger alone” one person said. “Hah! The Captain is three times your size!” another mentioned. “Seriously guys, where is the whisky?” Marcus commented, scratching his head. “Go back to the kitchen, boy!” someone yelled. Oliver’s face turned red and he clenched his fists in rage. He gave the crew a defiant expression, and stormed out. The crew just kept laughing behind him, thinking that the blonde boy had gone to cry in his room. But Oliver felt a bright flame inside him, and he headed to the Captain’s cabin. “Stupid pirates, you’ll see” Oliver stood in front of the cabin’s door for a moment. He raised his fist with hesitation, doubting if he should do this after all. Then he remembered the crew laughing at him, and he knocked the door with rage. No answer. He knocked again, and again. Only the sound of the waves against the ship could be heard. Oliver was about to knock a fourth time when the door opened. The blond boy almost fell down on his butt as the huge frame appeared in front of him. “C-captain. A-ahoy!” Oliver managed to stutter. The Captain was so tall that his wide chest was facing Oliver’s face. The young man was wearing elegant sailor clothes, but he had ripped his shirt’s sleeves off to reveal his enormous arms. He looked down at the blonde boy, and Oliver felt some kind of hatred and admiration towards him. The Captain had a youthful face, almost the same as Oliver, but that was the only similar aspect between the two. The large pirate had a prominent beard that was trimmed short with a knife. His hair was bushy and heroic looking. He was bigger, stronger, and more attractive than anyone on the ship. Oliver frowned, frustrated with the idea that this guy was almost his same age, yet more of a man he would ever be. The Captain tilted his head without saying anything, awaiting for Oliver to speak. His chest was raising up and down, his breath clearly displaying the power his body possessed. Oliver swallowed, and then stood firmly “T-t-the- c-c-rew...” He shut his mouth, enraged that he was too nervous to talk. The Captain simply chuckled and turned his back to him. “Come in” Oliver looked at the back of the Captain, twice his own torso. He walked inside and observed the cabin. The place was filled with mirrors, way too many for a normal room. The desk was full of maps and other sailing objects. From the window, the moonlight sprayed it’s brightness over the frame of the large Captain. The man was looking at one of the many reflective glasses, his blue eyes locked on his own body. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the Captain. Oliver raised an eyebrow, unsure of what he was talking about. “What is?” The Captain raised his arm and flexed. His biceps rose up like a mountain, muscle stretching his skin thin. The blonde boy couldn’t stop staring, amazed by how hard and strong the muscle looked. “My body, of course…” commented the Captain. Oliver narrowed his eyes, confused. He looked away and pretended that he was not drooling over the sculpted body of the Captain. “S-sure…” Oliver answered “Um… s-sir. The crew has b-been wondering…” Suddenly Oliver felt a stream of courage running through his being “The crew… The crew has been wondering if we are going in the right direction! We should be arriving in the new land by now, but there is nothing out there except for the ocean! We are starting to question if you are actually capable of navigating this ship. After all, you are just a boy like me” Oliver spoke so quickly he felt almost out of breath when he finished. He looked at the Captain with an exhilarating smile, and instantly felt regret as the man turned to face him. “We are not going to the new land” said the Captain blandly. “W-what?” Oliver felt even smaller while the muscular man approached him. The Captain snatched him by the neck and lifted up his body. He wasn’t choking him, but he was still grabbing him firmly like a puppet. “Was I not clear? We are not going to the new land” the Captain smiled. His smirk would’ve looked terrifying, if his face wasn’t so perfectly handsome... “I have other goals in mind... I might be stronger than anyone in this pathetic ship, but I still can’t navigate a ship on my own. You silly pirates were a great help to get me across the sea though. Thank you” The man flexed the arm he was holding Oliver with, muscle bulging out everywhere. He grinned more “I suppose there is no need to pretend I care about you all anymore, as we are approaching our destination” Oliver started shaking, trying to set himself free “W-what are you doing!? The crew respects you, why are you betraying them like that!? Where are we even going!” The blonde boy grabbed the Captain’s arm, trying to push away. It was like holding a pillar of rock, and Oliver wasn’t sure if he was aroused or scared. He was envious, for sure. He also felt so helpless. The Captain chuckled. He moved Oliver, pulling him towards him. He was now carrying him in his arms. The blonde boy could feel all the hard muscle around him, while the Captain hugged him with his mighty arms like a baby. “Don’t worry, I do not intend to hurt any of you” he locked his blue eyes with Oliver’s “Aren’t you pretty? I might keep you around... I bet you’d like it” Then he walked to one large mirror and smashed Oliver against it. The Captain pushed his frame against his, and started thrusting with his whole figure. Oliver felt like a beast was smashing him, muscle pressing against his own body, pure raw strength overpowering him. The Captain was simply looking at himself flexing, almost making out with his reflection, while Oliver was getting squished. “I am such perfection. Look at my muscles, so strong, so powerful. You are feeling the full power of a perfect being!” Oliver tried to push him away or escape, but it was useless. The Captain’s body was too large and muscular for him to do anything. Nevertheless, the blonde boy soon was now longer scared; he was moaning, his hand grabbing and touching every part of the muscular man. Oliver felt so much admiration, and so much rage and envy… “That 's right. You know your place now” said the Captain, still observing himself instead of the blonde boy “I’ve been watching you, you know? You are the only pretty thing in this hideous ship. Except for me, obviously. You’ll be a great pet” The Captain started thrusting harder, his huge bulge rubbing against Oliver, evidently hard. The mirror started to crack, unable to contain the muscle strength “We are going to a place where I will obtain all the power I deserve. A forgotten place by many, but not me. I will take what’s mine” “I-I… I will not let you get away with his” Oliver managed to yell “I’ll tell the crew. They won’t accept this” The Captain laughed out loud. He then began kissing his reflection, flexing his muscles all over Oliver, pushing him harder and harder against the surface. The mirror finally gave in and broke in pieces. The blonde boy let out a scream of pain, arousal and surprise. The Captain stepped back with a proud grin, breathing intensely, and with his sweaty muscle shining under the moonlight. Oliver just dropped to his knees, and noticed that his crotch was wet. He looked up to the captain, feeling pathetic and defeated. The Captain was still full of energy, and he continued flexing his big muscles while watching them bulge up and harden. Without even bothering to look at Oliver, he said “What is the crew going to do about it? They think I am a demigod! And to be honest, they might be right…” The muscle man grabbed the blonde boy by the shirt and lifted him up. Without warning, he kissed him softly “You and everyone in this ship will keep doing what I say. And you are staying here, with me. There’s nothing you can do about it, my pet” Oliver wanted to run away, to punch him, to scream for help. But he felt so tired, so weak. His vision got blurry, and before he could say anything, he passed out.
  17. Guest

    Dom Day

    I wake up to the sound of deep grunts followed by heavy breathing. I turn over to ignore it, but the grunts continue. They boom through my ears live a heavy drum beat. They were so aggressive, they seemed animalistic. Where am I? The jungle? I peep my eyes open to catch a glimpse of my surroundings. I see tan walls. Okay so I’m not in the jungle, I’m in my apartment and cuddled in bed. But what is making that sound. I lift myself up and through my blurry vision I see something hairy doing pushups -my boyfriend, Mark. “GAAAHH,” he lets out a loud exhale and stands up from his early morning workout. I rub my eyes to clear my blurry morning vision. I’m finally able to look up towards my boyfriend that towers over me. He stands at 6’4, weighing 293 lbs, fur covers his chest and wraps around his shoulders and back. His abs peak through his belly. His arms are covered in modern flower tattoos. He’s in just his dark briefs, with his cock nearly inches from my face. Just past his beard he looks at me, like he’s watching his subject. I completely forgot! “Glad to see you up -you’re just in time, my morning workout is finished. Now you can make me breakfast!” Mark lies back down on the bed. Earlier this week, we had agreed that on our day off we would spend all day together -we call it Dom Day. Mark is dom and I am his sub. I have to be his sub for the whole day. Today, Mark knows best. I get out of the bed to head to the kitchen. “But wait,” I’m not even able to leave our room before he stops me again. “You can only wear this,” Mark pulls out a white apron from a plastic bag. “What are you doing?” I stare at him dumfounded. “Get undressed and put this on!” he is enjoying this, and he knows I am too. Just the thought of a day completely devoted to having Mark order me around gets me excited. But hearing his deep voice barking at me gets my cock stirring in my pajamas. I take off my shirt and let my pajamas fall off of me. I can see him watching me, enjoying the show. I am skinny compared to Mark, though everyone is skinny compared to him. I stand at 6’0 and weigh only about 140 lbs. I look like a twig compared to Mark’s tree trunk frame. There is a wet spot on my underwear. I have been leaking precum already. Mark smiles. As I take off my underwear he sees my semi flapping in the wind. A drop of pre cum starts to fall from the head of my cock. Mark lunges forward from the bed and sticks a finger out. The drop lands on his finger. He pulls the sicky substance up to his lips and sucks it off his finger. “Tastes good,” Mark smiles. “Make sure you add it to my breakfast burritos.” With that I am off to the kitchen in only the white apron. Usually, Mark eats three breakfast burritos, but he might want more because of the dominant mood he’s in. I peel the potatoes, put them in a pot of water, and start boiling them. I chop the peppers and put them on a skillet. On another skillet I start frying the potatoes. I crack the eggs open and start cooking them. The potatoes are crispy, the peppers are soft, and the eggs are scrambled. I lay out four tortillas and put provolone cheese on them. I dump all of the other ingredients on the tortillas and wrap them. “Breakfast is ready, Mark!” I wrap my one tortilla, which would only be a snack for Mark. “Did you make my protein shake?” I had totally forgot. “No sorry,” I rush to get the powder for him, but he grabs my arm. This can’t be good -I don’t know how his newfound dominance will react to my mistake. “It’s okay baby, don’t worry about it,” Mark coos in my ear. His tenderness sends shivers through my body. “Today is all about feeling good. Just make the shake, I’m not mad.” Then he sits down at the table. His chair is thick and big so it can hold his weight. But today it looks like his throne -and I’m his loyal servant. I place the protein shake in front of him and he smiles. “Did you add the secret ingredient?” Oh, he was serious about that. I should’ve known better. I shook my head. In response, Mark lifts my apron off and starts milking my cock. He really wants to taste me. He wants me to make things for him. And I want him to give me as much praise as I give him. So he tugs on my dick more and more. My body is heating up, my breathing starts to become heavier and louder. Mark puts a glob on one burrito. I continue to shudder as he takes what he wants from me. Another glob -and another -and another. He milks me until I put a blob on the last burrito and his protein shake. “Thank you baby,” he kisses me and I sit down next to him. Mark takes one bit of the burrito and it’s almost gone. “Good job, it tastes good baby. You taste good,” he gives me a kiss on the cheek. He continues to eat and I can see his belly filling up. The burritos look so tiny in his big hands. He finishes his food and downs his protein shake. It won’t be long until he’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy. “Let’s watch some tv before I do my workout,” he orders. “But wash the dishes first.” Mark gets up from his throne and -RIIIIIPPP! The black briefs around Mark’s waist become loose. He reaches behind him and notices a tear. Mark pulls at the loose pieces of fabric and pulls the rest of his briefs off of him. Now his stinky, hairy cock is exposed to the world. “Who needs them anyway, right?” Mark laughs and stomps his way to the living room, seeming bigger and prouder than ever. I wash the dishes and join Mark on the couch. “Are we not resting for a bit?” Mark is looking at me with excitement in his eyes. “No! We are working out right now!” Mark grabs me with one hand and starts carrying me to our at home gym. He sets me down in front of all of the workout equipment. He lays himself down on the bench press. “Don’t let me stop. Tell me to keep going until I can’t,” he orders me. Mark needs me to make him feel better. He starts to lift the 375 bench press. He easily does a few reps, but I can see him getting tired. “Come on Mark, don’t give up.” He continues to struggle with the weight. He slows down over the next rep. “Do this for me! Don’t disappoint me!” Then something changes in Mark. “GAAAAHHH!” He screams to lift the weight again -then he gets a second wind. He lifts the weight for a few more reps but tires again. “COME ON!” he screams at me. “No you come on!” I put my head next to his so I scream in his ear. “I need you to be strong. I need you to be big. I need you to look like a god!” And with that Mark continues to lift the weight -but screaming with every rep that he takes. He doesn’t stop! I look down and his chest and its growing! “You told me to make sure you lift more, I am doing what you say! So lift more!” and Mark lets out another scream and pushes out ten more reps. The bar clangs into the rack and Mark jolts up. Mark is sweating and stinking up our apartment. He breathes heavy, his chest rising and falling consistently. His pecs are definitely bigger. “Is my chest bigger, like noticeably?” I walk close to him to get a better look. And they are. My now hard cock drips with precum. “I’m going to take that as a yes.” I look up at him and things seem different as well. I think he is an inch or two taller. “Are you taller too?” Mark knows the answer -and instead there is a dominant look in his eye. “I’m going to squat. Cheer me on like you did before -and don’t stop until I do.” Mark goes under the squat rack and starts pushing the weight rep after rep. I start to see him slow down. “Come on, don’t slow down. Keep lifting!” I can see the strength starting to grow in Mark. He can get through a few more reps but then he starts to tire again. “I’m supposed to be the small one. I’m the one that’s weak.” Something changes in Mark. The veins in his legs start to burst. Mark screams out in pain and pleasure. His legs start to thicken with each rep. “I’m doing this for you! I’m the sub! But you are in control. Grow as big as you want!” And with that Mark starts to get taller. He reaches 6’7…6’8…6’9…now he’s 7 feet tall! His legs are wider than my torso and his voice becomes deeper and deeper. The squat bar clangs down. Mark looks at me with desire in his eyes. He is drunk off of this power he has. “Time to shower” he growls at me. I do what he says. The two of us can barely fit with his new size. The water hits Marks back and trickles down his hairy body. All of the curves of his muscles are accentuated under the water. I see the abs peak out of his muscle gut. His burly arms and thick legs glisten under the water. “Wash me,” he commands. I take the soap and pour a dollop in my hand. “My arms first.” He lifts his right arm and flexes. The size of his arms make my hands look childlike. As I lather up his arm with soap he flexes harder and his veins poke out from under his skin. Mark screams and his arms expand even more. I move to his shoulders and watch as his traps erupt from his next. Then onto his left arm. Each muscle grows in size as I continue to wash him. “Don’t stop,” he commands -I listen. I lather up his chest as they grow in my hands. Then I move down to his gut and his abs pop out even more. I make my way down to his ass which has now grown to be as big as two watermelons. I lather up his legs, as I work my hands in between his thighs he clenches. My hands are pinned in between his thighs. “Ow! Mark, this hurts!” I am trapped. “Suck my cock and I’ll let you go.” I did what he said. I wrapped my mouth around his raging hard on. Mark had been turned on by all the worship I had given him. As I move my mouth up and down his shaft, Mark groans out. Then those groans turn into growls. Mark starts to scream again in his animalistic tone and I feel his cock expanding in my mouth. I didn’t think it could grow anymore! Granted I didn’t think his body to grow more either! “The more you submit to me, the more I grow,” Mark said with a hunger in his tone. I was gagging on his growing cock. “Okay, you can stop.” I release my mouth and he releases my hands from his thighs. I rotate my wrists to get blood circulating to them again. Then I continue to lather up his calves and then his feet. As I soap up his feet they grow almost as big as my chest. Mark can now barely fit in the shower! He lifts his foot and gently pushes on my chest. But his strength pins me down on the shower floor. Mark looks at me, completely in love with his new found control over me. His body flexes with power as he pins me down with his foot. He looks down at my cock as sees that it is flexing just as hard as he is. “And the more you submit to me, the more in love with me you are.” I look at him with astounded love. Never have I ever been able to do this to a man. He’s pushed his limits because of my love for him. He’s never felt more confident because of my love and devotion for him. “How about, instead of one day, we make this a lifestyle?” “I want nothing more.” Mark lifts his foot off of my chest and turns the water off. We dry off and he stops me. I am eye level with his furry muscle gut. I look up past his big chest and hairy beard at his tender eyes. “How about we celebrate our new life together?” I nod my head in excitement. Mark picks me up and sits me on top of his gut. He carries me to our bedroom and lays me down on the bed. His giant body stand before me, nearly twice the size that it was earlier in the day. “Touch yourself as I flex. Worship my body bigger like it deserves. Be subservient to my growth.” I do what he says and start stroking my cock. Mark lifts his arms up into a most muscular pose. He is bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s the strongest man in the world. He can control me with just a few simple words. And I am his. Mark’s body grows as I continue to stroke myself to him. He groans in pain and pleasure as his body fills the room. My cock erupts with pleasure at my dominant boyfriend. My cum splatters across my stomach. I look up and see Mark, who is towering over me. He is wrapping his hand around his cock which looks to be about the size of my leg. Mark scream in pleasure as his gigantic cock covers me in his cum. I am dripping in his hot sticky seed. Mark bends down and cups my head in his hands. “Here’s to a lifetime of your submission.”
  18. Hey, all. Wrote this for a friend. There's at least four parts, and the others will be posted over the next few days as they go through final edits. Some of the aspects of consent are a little gray, so if that's not your thing you've been warned. Enjoy : P Part 1 Todd sighed deeply, staring out his window at the calm, cerulean ocean. Lofty palm trees swayed in the wind, towering over the squat native shrubs of San Diego. Even with the air conditioning in his apartment, he felt like his whole body was scorched in the heat of June. The ice cubes in his glass of lemonade clinked together as he brought it to his lips. He slouched further into his papasan, the only furniture in his new apartment, lazily directing the characters of Animal Crossing on his Switch while he let David Attenborough guide him through yet another tropical paradise on screen. Hours passed this way until the shadows of the setting sun found their way into his apartment. Todd had been dozing off when his alarm buzzed at 8p.m. to remind him about the party. He shut his eyes and pretended that he didn’t have to go, but the alarm kept buzzing. He reflexively silenced it and grudgingly lifted his skinny body over to the bathroom to get ready. After a marathon of final exams and hauling his shockingly heavy earthly possessions through six hours of traffic, he had reached the height of mental and physical exhaustion. Despite a slovenly twenty-four hours of television-laden rest and recovery, he still felt like he had been hit by a semi-truck. And it showed in his tired, baggy eyes staring back at him in the mirror. Between his gloomy disposition and his dark grey irises (some would say black), he looked almost skeletal. He scratched at his stubble and figured he should shave. He wasn’t classically handsome enough, at least by his estimation, to pull off the sexy five-o-clock shadow that only studly movie stars and models sported well. He was grateful for his short, dark, curly hair in this particular moment – at least he didn’t have to do anything with it. Todd tossed on the T-shirt and shorts closest to him, grabbed his wallet and phone, and headed out into the balmy night. The palm trees continued their gentle swaying as the street lights flickered on. Hopping on his bike, he cursed the indefatigable wind for working against him pretty much the entire ride over. He just knew he was going to be sweaty when he showed up to the party, and the sweat would make his shirt stick to his already ghastly figure, and his self-conscious brain would pull down his shoulders to show off his already terrible posture. Todd lamented his introversion and social anxiety; clearly, understanding how they worked did nothing to ease his worry over the impending Gatsbyesque soiree. Vanessa, meanwhile, was about as extroverted as humanly possible. While Todd comfortably relied on her personality to carry him through most group-oriented social interactions, he wished that this particular night wasn’t so crowded. He pulled up his bike to her parents’ lavish quasi-mansion and stuffed it behind the gate like he had done since high school. The moment he entered the door she screamed his name and bounced right up to give him a big hug. Todd was grateful to see her. He had forgone any meaningful human contact in the last three weeks, and Vanessa was the only person in the world with whom social interaction didn’t feel like a live taping of WipeOut. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for months, they talked for an hour about the directions their lives had gone and what was coming next. But eventually Vanessa had to spread her social butterfly wings to bestow her graces on the hundreds of other guests at her garish shindig. Todd hoped he could find just one of their mutual high school friends, but apparently Vanessa’s tenure at USCB had been an excuse to amass as many acquaintances as possible for the express purpose of staffing this party. Todd quickly sank into the background between the beer pong table and the marble bust of some long dead white man. He sipped Cactus cooler out of a red solo cup, wondering how the ubiquity of this frat party staple had penetrated the posh wealth of his surroundings. Like, shouldn’t everybody be drinking out of real glasses? Todd was sure there were cupboards full of the things somewhere around here...but no one else was around to confirm or deny this suspicion. He glanced at his phone and pretended to respond to non-existent text messages from imaginary friends. “Hey dude, haven’t seen you around here before. What’s up?” a suave voice interrupted his self-contained electronic session. Todd was astounded to witness the stunningly handsome frat boy who had, without any provocation, come over to talk to him. His muscle tee hugged his lats and traps, and his beefy biceps and triceps were sinfully suspended there for Todd to drool over. Todd just stared up at him for a moment, a bit dumbfounded. “Good. Yeah, you know. Just pretending to socialize, as one does at a party full of strangers.” Todd said, flashing his phone screen in the stud’s direction. His face flushed red as he realized his response held all the grace and civility of a pelican trying to juggle bowling pins. The frat boy smiled. His lips were thick, symmetrical, and perfect, just like every other part of his body. “Cool. So, did you just move here?” His whole body emanated that healthy tan jock-glow. Todd tried to look at his eyes, but his nerves dragged his line of vision down to the deep cleft between the jock’s hefty pecs. Aaaaand now his dick was rising. “I’m from here, but I just graduated and moved back…” Todd continued to spew pleasantries out of his mouth but internally lost track of what he was saying. The stud’s forearms were just so thick and proportionate and covered in just the right amount of light down hair. He’s just a person. Todd thought. Mortal. Made of flesh and bone. He deserves the same level of respect and compassion as any other human, not to be ogled at like a sex object. Also, he definitely doesn’t notice your raging erection. His internal reverie was interrupted by a sales pitch. “Seeing as you’re new around here, you’re probably looking for a gym, yeah? I could train you. The sessions aren’t cheap but I think they’re worth it.” Oh. So this was an advertisement. Todd’s heart sank just a little in his chest. “Yeah, sure.” Todd responded hollowly. “What gym do you work at?” The frat boy, named Kevin, gave Todd his information and winked at him before returning to his group of burly frat boys. Todd took a few seconds to decompress and then found Vanessa to hug her goodbye. She was more than a little drunk at that point, and soon afterwards she was swallowed by her cohort of college pals. Todd stepped out into the night, the air now cool compared to the stuffy effluvium of beer and sweat inside. He opened Vanessa’s back fence and grabbed his bike. The wind carried him back to his dinky little apartment with an ocean view. Todd dropped his wallet on the table and his body on the papasan. He looked at his forearm, basically skeletal in comparison to Kevin, the Zeus in jock’s clothing. He grabbed the card and twirled it in his hand. Even if it was a cash grab, maybe it would be worth going. He had spent a little too much time on the couch. It would be good to force himself to get up and start exercising again. The next day he called and booked a session. -- Todd was, without a doubt, weak. The 25 pound dumbbells currently anchoring down his pathetic arms didn’t used to give him a challenge. Back in his junior year he could have whipped out three sets with ease. But now, after a year of his body withering away behind the desk he had toothpicks where his arms should had been. Kevin seemed accustomed to his newbie status and was tremendously patient while Todd rediscovered what weights were appropriate for his workout. A hot undercurrent of shame rose up inside of him as the most beautiful human he had ever seen watched him flounder repeatedly at picking things up and putting them down. Todd stared at his half reflection in the window. He couldn’t help but compare his body to the other members of the gym at 5 a.m. Excluding the shameless tank-topped septegenarians, most of the guys bothering to come this early were jacked. His face flushed with blood at the prospect of wasting space for someone who actually needed to work out. “Hey,” Kevin interrupted. “Don’t worry about those guys. Just focus on your own growth, dude. Breathe in, then breathe out like I taught you. You’ll be bigger than those guys in not too long. Promise.” Todd couldn’t decide whether or not to roll his eyes at the “inspirational” quotes or curse at the weakness in his body. So instead he just inhaled, shut his eyes, and kept lifting. Slowly, the dumbbells rose again. “That’s it, dude! Keep on it!” As much as he hated the saccharine support, he appreciated that Kevin was pushing him. -- He regretted that thought at the week’s last workout. Kevin made him finish with pushups until failure. What resulted was seven gruesome attempts to fight gravity on a lever. Seven. He hadn’t been that pathetic since the seventh grade. Not to mention his wobbling arms and terrible form. He had never felt lower, figuratively and literally. “Your session’s over, dude. Good work today. Time to get up.” Kevin said. “I can’t move. I think I’ll just die here. Thanks.” Todd groaned. Kevin grabbed Todd by the waist and picked him up off the ground. “Tuckered out, huh bud?” Todd felt this was tad unprofessional but he could hardly complain about being carried to the nearby bench. “Have you been feeling sore after workouts?” Kevin asked. Only endless searing agony every time I move, Todd thought. Instead, he said, “Yeah, a bit.” “I think you’d benefit from a massage. You’ll come around to my place at 7. First one’s included in the training package,” Kevin said. Todd felt what little blood reserve he had left rush from his head to his dick. Kevin probably knew he was gay and intended to profit off it handily. His higher thinking disrupted by the pain coursing through his body, Todd moodily responded, “I’m not looking for a happy ending, thanks.” “Neither am I. This is a real offer. All the bodybuilders need some form of physical therapy to prevent self-injury and increase their gains,” Kevin patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll text you my address. See you then,” he winked. “I’m not a bodybuilder,” Todd groaned after Kevin was already out of earshot. Todd sat there for a good half hour before he summoned the strength to walk to his car. -- Todd pulled up to the address Kevin provided at 6:55 p.m., his heart pounding out of his chest as he reluctantly gave effect to this objectively terrible idea. It was a good four minutes of listening to the gentle swell of the ocean before he got up the nerve to actually knock. Kevin answered the door wearing a tight tank top, of course, his beefy arms on full display and his abs just showing through the taut fabric. Todd just stood there, his mouth slightly agape. “Well come on in, dude. Head straight back and then to your left.” Kevin said. Todd, still silent, followed Kevin’s directions while noting the nearly immaculate nature of his home. For some reason he had imagined a cluttered frat pad with two other roommates, five girthy pit bulls, and a sink absolutely stuffed with moldy dishes. But instead Kevin’s home reflected the discipline he had put into his body. Todd sat on the massage table lamely, as if he were a hospital patient on an exam chair. He had never received a massage before, much less in someone’s home. The thought of being touched so intimately by a relative stranger unnerved him. “You can relax, dude. And take off your shirt and pants.” Todd hesitated. He had assumed he was going to remain clothed, but he realized now that was idiotic. Of course he was going to have to take his shirt off. That’s how massages work. “Look, Todd. I’ve seen guys in way worse shape than you. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. And even if you did, it doesn’t matter what you look like now. We’re gonna make you into a stud.” And with that, Kevin deftly pulled off Todd’s shirt and laid him flat on the table. Todd closed his eyes and tried to relax. His whole body was still shaking violently. Kevin chuckled. “You can calm down, bud. I won’t hurt you, I promise. It’s just a massage to help your muscles relax so they can grow better in the future.” Todd could hear the words Kevin was saying but his body refused to listen. He froze. “Do me a favor. Forget about the rest of the room, about all of your stress from right now and earlier today. Just focus on my hands over your body, making it better,” Kevin said. Todd complied. He breathed in and out heavily, feeling Kevin’s large hands move across him. The tension in his back began to release. “Good, Todd. Now I want you to imagine that you are going down a flight of stairs. Just one step a time, breathing steadily.” Todd suddenly envisioned a dark gray staircase in a black void. Kevin urged him downwards, and so he followed. “Farther and farther down…” Todd descended into the inky darkness, until he fell into a sleep without dreams. -- The next thing Todd remembered was the snap of Kevin’s fingers followed by the wet leaking of precum dribbling down his rock hard member. His instantly panicked when he realized he was still being massaged and apparently on the verge of climax following a wet dream. “Nice to have you back, bud. Seems like you got knocked out there pretty good.” Kevin said. Todd didn’t say anything and let the adrenaline running through his veins kill his erection. He did feel much less sore, however. In fact, his whole body was relaxed in a way it hadn’t been for weeks. “Feeling better?” Kevin said. “Surprisingly, yes.” Todd answered. Kevin chuckled, “Why are you surprised? Told ya I’m a pro. You can trust me, dude.” For once, Todd had no objections.
  19. GEOFF and jim: Camp Avslapning Part 1 June 2010 I’d been looking forward to this trip for a while. A bunch of my friends – several from work and a few others – and I were heading to the mountains for a week. We had rented a hike-in-only camp comprising five sleeping cabins (each slept two to four adults), a mess hall, a washroom building divided into two – for men and women – with toilet stalls and gang style showers, and a bunch of outdoor facilities including a sauna (everyone and every place had one here), a wood burning cedar hot tub, and a cold dunk. The place was billed as a rustic retreat where you can get away from it all. The camp warned that there was no cell signal and so our mobile devices would not connect with our data plans. This sounded PERFECT for me. Typically I (and most of my co-workers) worked 60 hour weeks; we felt like we were always on call and expected to be on our email constantly. But, we had just finished a huge deal and several of us were getting away to celebrate. What better way than to be off the grid for 8 days? I got out of town late. A few things came up at work on Friday morning and I was driving out at 5 (I intended to leave at noon) – typical. Fortunately, it was the middle of June and the days were long (albeit cool given how far north we lived). I got to the trail head at 730p and while it didn’t ever get pitch black up here – it did get dark and I had a 7 kilometer hike ahead of me and knew that I had to hoof it. Although it was a bit cool (10 degrees or so) I only had a long sleeve shirt from REI on and some hiking pants – my jacket was in the outer pocket of my backpack. I parked my car, got out and headed to the back to get my pack on and get going. I caught my reflection in the car window and – I have to confess – I liked what I saw. At 45, I had a lean athletic build that filled out my shirt nicely. You could see the mounds of my pecs through my shirt, my muscular shoulders capped my 16.5” arms which filled out the sleeves, and my broad shoulders tapered down to a tight 29” waist. You couldn’t see my legs because of my pants, but my ass was perky (I turned around to catch a glimpse) from my hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats. AT 5-10 and 175 pounds I was an athletic middle aged man with a silver beard. And I relished the opportunity to show off my physical dominance over other men – whether it was at my box (its what we called our functional fitness gym), the gym where I lifted weights, or wrestling around in my gay wrestling league. I put my backpack on, took one final quick look at myself in the reflection (damn I’m a hot alpha) and headed to the trail. At the trail head was a sign 7K to Camp Avslapning. Attached to the sign was a note: Hey Jim, sorry you had to get a late start. As an FYI – you’ll be bunking with Geoff. See you when you get here. “Huh,” I thought, “I haven’t seen Geoff in 5 years. It’ll be good to catch up.” And with that I headed off. It was a challenging trail – even for me. But that didn’t stop my mind from wondering a bit. I was thinking back to the last time Geoff and I had hung out. He was Jane’s (my co-worker) younger brother. I had just moved here and Jane was hosting a welcome party for me at her flat. Geoff was visiting her from the US. He was 20 years old and in the middle of his engineering degree. He had just come out and I could tell he had a crush on me. He was tall, 6’3”, handsome face with a sharp jaw line, curly blond hair, but skinny. Sopping weight he weighed - at most – 150lbs. We chatted most of the night – we both got a little bit tipsy – and agreed to meet up a couple days later. We had brunch and I told him I liked to wrestle (was part of a wrestling league in University). He said that he always found it interesting and I invited him back to my place to roll around. I’m ashamed to admit that I took quite a bit of pleasure in wiping the floor with him. I know I walked the line – almost pushed it too far – his exclamations of agony let me know that I was effectively using my muscular body to inflict a bit of pain… and I may have held some holds just a bit longer than I should have; but, it was all in good fun and he assured me that he enjoyed himself. His semi-hardon confirmed that for me, too. We hung out quite a bit that summer, five years ago. We wrestled a lot – I dominated him, we had lunch and dinners together on the weekend, hiked in the mountains just outside of town, and went rock climbing quite a bit. I could see in his blue eyes that he was smitten for me. He’d ask me to flex my arms for him, for permission to rub his hands on my washboard abs, and would even request a pec bounce or two. I told him the price of admission was that he had to allow me to squeeze out a few wrestling submissions from his lips… he always agreed and I always took it right up to the line. I even taught him some safe words to let me know if I was approaching his limit or had crossed over (I only crossed over a couple of times). But, he was 20 years younger and was just a rail. I like my subs to have some meat on them – some ability to fight back. A sub that is tough to control is just more fun. I wonder how Geoff’s been. I may even wipe the cabin floor with him again. I smirked and headed off at a fast pace. Two and a half hours later I was hiking into camp. It was dusk and cool – maybe 5 degrees. In spite of this, I was sweaty and felt exhilarated. At the entrance to cap was a map with a note attached to it. Hey Jim, you’ll be with Geoff in Cabin 2. Figured with your love of fitness and activity, you’d appreciate the hike to it. Geoff is game, too. I looked at the map – Cabin 2 was way up the hill, isolated and out of the way. It was the furthest from any of the camp’s amenities. Probably a 10 minute walk from the nearest cabin and 15 from the showers. I walked into camp. It looked like everyone had headed to bed already. I was kinda surprised – I expected folks to be in the sauna or the hot tub. And I began my hike up to the Cabin. Cabin 2 was the only one with the light on. A few minutes later I was opening the door. I looked around – yup this is rustic. A concrete floor with a throw rug in the middle. And a single bunk bed. On the bottom bunk was what looked to be a bigger version of Geoff. He was spread out over the bed – it barely contained him – wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. He was reading a book. I saw him and thought “oh man the boy got fat, too bad.” On the top bunk he had spread out all of his stuff. Geoff looked up from his book a great big smile on his face. He saw me looking at the top bunk – with his stuff strewn all over it – and his smile took on a slightly different look. “JIM! Hey! It is so good to see you!” Geoff didn’t get up. “Geoff, wow man. Good to see you too! You’ve…… changed.” “Yeah, I’ve put on a bit of weight. Once I turned 21, I found it hard to keep the weight off… but what can you do?” “Yeah, well….. hey, there’s only one bunk bed in here. I thought all the cabins had two.” “Yeah” Geoff said, “we decided to move the other bunk that was in here down to Cabin 1 for Jane. She brought some friends with her and they all wanted to bunk together. I said you’d be game.” “Yeah sure.” I said, “Well, why don’t you help me move your stuff off the top bunk and we can catch up.” “I’ve got a better idea, Jim. Let’s wrestle for the top bunk. Whoever gets five submissions first can claim the top bunk.” “Well, I just hiked 7 K with a 20kilo pack on… but sure… it will probably be a bit more of a fair match that way.” Geoff just smiled. He stood up and removed his sweatshirt. My jaw dropped. What I had assumed to be a fat flabby body beneath that sweatshirt was the muscular body of a powerlifter. Only, Geoff had hardly any fat on him. I took in the sight – he was a gorilla. He had a thick powerful waist – probably 34” or so, but I could easily see his abs on his stomach as he breathed in and out. His pecs were massive – so much so that his nipples pointed down to the cold concrete floor. While I was taking in their sheer size, the left pec twitched – seemingly unbeknownst to Geoff. As it did so, ripples emerged just under his tight skin. He had veins running up and down his arms and shoulders and a couple across his pecs. His traps were like mounds sitting on either side of his massive neck. He bent over to remove his sweat pants. I got quick flash of his massive and muscular back. It was thick with mounds of muscle – powerful. When his sweat pants were removed, he revealed massive legs that were proportionate to the rest of his powerful body; he was wearing briefs that barely contained his glutes. His thighs were at least 30” of muscle, his calves bulged and dwarfed my upper arms. And, as with his upper body, hardly any fat was visible. It was all granite muscle. And across his entire body was a thick mound of body hair – almost fur. Geoffrey was a beast. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself. I loved to dominate muscle subs. And what stood before me was the epitome of muscle subs. Geoff saw that I was taking in his body with a greedy delight. He smiled. “You like what you see, now?” As he spoke he reached up and ran his right hand through his hair, his right bicep bulged as he did so (he wasn’t flexing). “Yeah Geoff, you’ve been working out!” “I have. I’m up to 260 pounds now. My arms were 22” when I measured them a couple months ago. But with my supplements they may be 22.5” by now.” He flexed his right bicep as he said this and it erupted in a mountain of muscle. He lowered his arm and bounced his pecs. He bounced them in sync and then one at a time. They were so hefty I could almost hear them as they lifted and dropped with each flex. And, striations beneath his chest hair appeared and disappeared with each contraction. He smiled. “Now, Jim, before we begin, remind me what were the safe words again?” I smiled, this is going to be fun – I LOVE pushing muscle subs to the limit and sometimes guiding them to just beyond. And from the stable of subs I’ve collected, they love it too. “Yellow when you’re at the limit but don’t want the scene to end. Red when the lines’ been crossed and we need stop.” “Ahh yes. That’s right. I’d forgotten how dull your safety words were. With my subs, I have a different set of words. Water for when you need a break but don’t want the scene to end and rock if I’ve taken you over the limit and you need the scene to end, immediately. I guess I should tell you, Jim - in the last five years, in addition to putting on mass, I’ve been training in martial arts. I just received my brown belt in Jujitsu fastest progression ever seen at my school. I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 5 years.” “Fuck” I thought. I had been in a wrestling league for years but never had any formal training. It was all erotic fun for me. The only times that I ever lost were to someone with formal training and the most humiliating losses were handed to me by blue and purple belts in jujitsu. Now, standing in front of me was massive bodybuilder/power lifter, someone with grappling training, and someone who had just announced that he was an alpha with a stable of subs of his own. What was even more frightening in that moment was all the recollections that came flooding back to me – times when I had used my athletic prowess to dominate a young skinny sub – and push him beyond his submission point – forced him to beg me to end a scene through cries of pain. I looked at him, his massive chest rising and falling with each breath, his powerful core showcasing a set of washboard abs, his quads, arms, and neck. I could see the strength in every fiber of his body and wondered if his claim of grappling training was true. If it was, I was about to have my ass handed to me. And given that we were in the cabin furthest from the rest of camp, no one was likely to hear my screams. His mouth was partially open - a look of hunger, like a snake about to eat its prey. He slowly licked his lips. Geoffrey raised his arms in a double bicep pose. Mountains of granite on both arms. And then into a most muscular pose. His face turned from a devilish grin into an aggressive show of dominance. “Ready for some pain old man?” I took in this muscular alpha with a look of aggressive, killer lust in his eyes. I noted that his briefs had filled and it looked like his cock was hard. A wet spot was forming on the front. Geoffrey was getting turned on by his show of dominance and we had not even begun. Fuck what was about to happen to me?
  20. Guest

    The Piercing

    I scheduled my appointment with Danny at 6 o clock to get my ears pierced. I had always wanted to get them done because I wanted them to make me look tougher. I am a dorky guy who stands at 5’10 and only weighs about 120 lbs. I wear glasses and have a long and lanky build. I finally mustered up the courage to make an appointment. Now I’m sitting in the piercing shop and tapping my feet anxiously. From behind a door in walks a ginormous man. He is about 6’4, and I’d say about 200 lbs of our muscle. He was wearing a white tank top that showed off his tattoos that ran down his arms. He wore jeans that looked like they were painted onto his legs. “Michael,” he calls calmly. “Yep!” I stand up frantically. “That’s me.” “You’re here for on ear lobe piercing?” “Yep.” “Great. Just fill out this paperwork and we will get you started.” His voice was deep and calming. But I was nervous as hell, not because of the piercing. But because of the tattooed muscle monster standing in front of me. I filled out the paper work quickly and frantically. He took the paperwork in his meaty hand. “Follow me,” he says. I gladly did. His traps stretch the top of the tank top. I can trace the curves of his back muscles. The tank top is tucked into his jeans to show his muscle ass that stretches the fabric with every step. “Sit in here,” he extends his tattooed arm toward the room. I see his bicep start to peak out and a vein exploding in his arm. “I’m just gonna tell you now, I’m kind of nervous.” I am shaking in front of him. “You’re going to be fine.” He says. “take a deep breath.” I do what he says. “I’m going to measure the spot with this instrument. He takes a clamp to my ear and marks it up. “Now I’m going to do the same with the other ear.” Danny didn’t really care about my nerves. He took control of the situation. He said what he was going to do and did it. I had to follow his orders. “Now I’m going to take the needle and pierce your ear. Breathe in for me.” Next thing I knew he was done with my right ear. “And now the other ear.” And he was done with the left. “That’s it?” “That’s it. You did great.” But for some reason I was still shaking. I don’t know why my adrenaline was still through the roof. “Are you okay?” Danny asked. “I don’t know why but I’m still nervous around you.” I saw him look down at my crotch that had formed in my pants. A tiny wet spot had formed. “Why are you so nervous around me?” He asked. “I don’t know!” “Don’t lie to me,” Danny said calmly. I had to do what he said, Danny was in control and starring at me with a furious intensity. “I am nervous around you because of your muscles,” I caved. “What about them?” He asked. “I- I want to touch them,” I admitted. “Then touch them,” Danny says. But I hesitated. “Touch them,” he orders. I reached out toward his tattooed arm. I couldn’t wrap my arm around it. The veins bulged out in excitement. “Touch my chest,” I move my hands over to Danny’s chest. He bounces his pecs in my hands and my erection starts to grow. “Take off my shirt.” I peel off Danny’s tank top to reveal his perfectly sculpted torso. “Touch my abs.” I run my fingers along his 8 pack. He raises his arms up and gives me a double bicep pose! His tattoos and bicep explode with size as he flexes. “Touch my biceps.” I barely wrap my hand around the bicep peak. “Kiss my biceps.” I do what he says and bring my lips to his biceps. I message his arms with my mouth. “Stop” he says and I do. “You’re not nervous about pain.” I shake head in response. “Punch me. In the chest.” I follow his order and I punch him in the chest. I thought I would see him flinch but it was me who flinched! Danny’s chest was so hard that it hurt me! “Punch me again.” I followed his ordered and punched him again and again until my hands were sore. “You’re not scared of pain you like it.” Suddenly Danny flips me on my stomach and pulls down my pants. He slaps his big meaty hand on my ass and smacks me! I was filled with intense pleasure as I felt the sting. SMACK! Again he left his mark on my ass. “You’re not scared of pain, you’re scared of pleasure. But I can change that.” Danny climbs on the table. I hear him unzip his pants. Suddenly I feel the size of his cock stretch through my tight hole. I moan in uncontrollable pleasure as Danny lays on top of me. “Give in,” Danny says. “Don’t be afraid.” His mass crushes me as he thrusts harder. His cock sends shivers throughout my body. He continues to pleasure himself more as he takes what it is his. I am completely controlled by Danny. I can’t control myself. I get nervous just seeing him. He continues to slap my ass as he thrusts into me. Pressure grows in my cock as I can no longer sustain the pleasure and pain of Danny. Danny growls and cums inside of me. As the same time I soak my pants with all my submissive cum. Danny pulls out of me and gets dressed. “Well you did great. You took it like a champ. Make sure you clean you’re ears twice a day. And call me if you have any questions.”
  21. "Hey sexy man, how are you this morning?” He coos to me with his sexy brogue as he leans up on his side of the king-sized bed. He’s facing me, leaning on his left elbow, with his palm on his jaw, propping up his head. His 20 inch unflexed biceps right in front of my face. “We certainly set off quite a few fireworks last night.” He says grinning at me. I smile back at him. “What do you want to do for the 5th of July?” He slyly asks as his right hand is casually tracing a line from my rock-hard abs down to my pajama covered upper thigh. As he comes north, his right hand brushes my semi-hard dick thru my PJ’s. His pinky nudges it as is passes. My unit spasms due to his familiar touch. His fingers then play with the drawstring untying the knot. As they move further north, his fingertips caress my goodie trail and then linger over my bellybutton, teasing the light hair there. I glance up and down his 250-pound taut muscular body. I see he is still completely naked. Cum drying on his hairy body from our session a few hours ago. No PJ’s for my sexy beast. His unit, at a wonderful 6-inches flaccid, lies limp on his vein covered, muscular, hairy left thigh. A gnarl of curly orange hair surrounding it. One of my rules for my sexy muscle man is that he is not allowed to shave his balls and crotch area. I have too much fun with his hairy area, which includes deeply inhaling his incredibly sexy musk as he sits on my face and I lap at his balls and hole. He shaved it once, during an especially hot and humid summer and I had to withhold sex from him and forbid him from jerking off until it grew back to a length, which I deemed acceptable. For 2 months, my man had the worst case of blue balls ever. At the end of the two months, I carefully inspected him and approved the denseness and coarseness of his area. My fingers rolled his hirsute balls and gently massaged his skin. My nose inhaled his sweat and musk. I licked my lips. His joy and excitement at my touch showed on his face like a 16-year gay boy’s, as they watched Ridder Rivera ravage a twink on X-tube. As he sat on my face, I latched my hands to his hips and pulled him down onto me, so he would not be able to lift himself off me, but given his excited state, I doubt he wanted to. My tongue savagely washed his hairy musky balls. He yanked his unit like there was no tomorrow and came within 2 minutes spraying his load on the headboard of our bed. Then I moved my tongue to his hole. I inserted it, he was hard instantly, and due to my ministrations, he blasted another load within 3 minutes of the first. I let him rest for 2 minutes while I toyed with his tangled mess of chest hair. I climbed up his body, latched my mouth and teeth onto his right nipple and sucked. He started to writhe with pleasure. I wrapped my left hand around his unit, and using a mere fraction of my strength, jerked him and then squeezed to prevent his impending load from erupting. As his agony grew, I stopped sucking him, looked into his pained green eyes and gently asked, “Will you be shaving your body again without my consent?” He quickly nodded no. I released my grip on his unit just enough that his load shot out like a geyser thru a pin hole. His groaning was a mixture of intense pain and even more intense pleasure. He came for 4 full minutes, his muscular body thrashing around the bed, and spraying both our bodies with a load he has never matched. We spent the next hour in the shower cleaning each other. I maneuver my right hand to his face and gently stroke his neatly trimmed, luscious orange beard. His dark green eyes look into my brown eyes with love and excitement. He continues to move his hand tenderly up and down my mid-section and thigh. He winks at me. I lean up and we kiss. Soft. Tender. My clean-shaven face against his beard. My unit spasms again. He senses it. I rest my head back onto my pillow and move my right hand to the back of his neck. I pull him closer to me and down on top of me. He slowly lowers himself. He outweighs me by 100lbs. He curls his left hand under my neck and I rest on his muscular forearm. He moves his other hand under my knees and effortlessly lifts me off the sheets of the bed. He winks at me and I smile back. He proceeds to curl me like a straight bar. He easily does this 50 times, no sign of strain or fatigue. I am aroused at seeing his arms bulge and chest heave, but concentrate on keeping my unit flaccid. His, on the other hand, I can feel poking my back every time he lowers me. After he does his reps, he brings me in for a kiss. I see a bead of sweat on his furry face. Before we kiss, I lick the salty sweat off him and savor his taste. I moan to myself. He lowers my body back to the bed and his hairy chest rests on my hairless chest. My super sensitive nipples are protruding and poking into the hair covering his muscular pecs. He flexes his pecs and they become hard as granite. He rubs them against my nipples, knowing the eroticism it causes me. The nerves in my nips send shock waves to my brain. I kiss him harder and pull him closer. He responds by slipping his right hand under my PJ’s and playing with my scant pubic hair. His fingers rake the hair. My unit jumps again and I feel him smile through our kiss. His fingers encircle my hardening steel unit and jerk it a few times. He flexes his bicep and tries to bring my cock perpendicular to my body, but I twitch it and slam it back into my abs, trapping his hand. He outsmarts me by using his thumb to massage the top of my unit. It runs across the pulsing veins and light hair causing me to moan. I release my hold on his hand and he continues to jerk me, bicep flexing the whole time. We come up for air. He leans back a bit and continues to smile at me. My right hand moves toward his abs. Boulder like and covered in the same orange tangle of hair as his groin, chest, and face. My Irish muscle God. I stroke his hairy abs. His unit bobs up and down with anticipation. He flexes his abs and I run my fingers thru the cervices between each one. Now it’s my turn to smile. He pulls his arm out from behind my head and moves to straddle me. He puts his paws on either side of my chest, lifts his right leg over my body, looks down at me and grins. It’s my turn to wink back to him. He’s as ready for part 5 as I am. He lowers his bulk onto me. His 250lbs presses down on my abs and body. I tense them and his movement stops. His full weight being supported by them. He sighs, leans his head back, and lets out a roar that will surely wake our neighbors, if they haven’t been up all-night listening to our shenanigans. His unit continues its ascent, protruding from his gnarly haired groin. He reaches his hands behind him and grasps my PJ’s to pull them off me. I buck my hips up, easily lifting his bulk into the air. He uses one hand to hold my rigid unit down and gently pulls the PJ’s down my legs, exposing my dick. I let him think he’s holding it down. I love my sexy muscle God, so I treat him well. Once my unit is free, he lets go and I jerk it to an upright position and starts to grow on its own accord. I gently thump it against his hairy lower back. My muscle man got all the hair I did not. He rests his body back down onto mine. I sigh. Next, he lowers his chest to mine. I let his weight sink us into the soft white sheets of the bed. He leans down and starts to kiss me again with sloppy, saliva filled kisses. His unit tries to expand, but is crushed between our bodies. I wrap my wiry thin arms around his bulky lats but cannot join my hands as his body is too huge and muscular. I decide to gently apply pressure to his lats, squeezing them together. My hands finally meet and I lock my hands with each other. I squeeze again and he lets out a moan. I cannot tell if he is in pain or experiencing an intense amount of pleasure due to the pressure. Until he tells me otherwise, I’ll assume he’s enjoying it. I tense my skinny arms again and my biceps start to expand, growing to their full 10 inches. I sigh and take a deep breath, sucking the air from my beast’s lungs. He struggles to suck some air back into his body. I feel him start to shake and gently exhale into his mouth. My warm breath fills his lungs and his chest expands. His huge pecs rub against my sensitive nipples again and another shock wave travels down my body to my ever-growing unit. It now stands at 11 inches. Pre-cum oozes out and snakes down my cylinder. I flex my unit toward my abs and it hits his lower back with an audible thud. I will my dick to move left and right and I slather his body with copious amounts of pre-cum. It’s warm, sticky, and flowing from my body at a constant rate. He feels my python and the new found treasure I am depositing on him. He pushes his face to mine and ravages my lips and mouth. I allow his tongue to enter my mouth. He lashes it around, left, right, up, down, leaving more saliva as he goes. I moan to myself and feel his unit try expand. I hug him a bit tighter, squeezing his body closer to him, halting its expansion. He groans in agony. I’m just saving my sexy beasts load for the appropriate time to be released. He loves when I control his releases. He may be 100lbs heavier, 6 inches taller, have more visible muscularity, and be the object of everyone’s ogling, but my sexy man knows who’s in charge at the end of the day. When we met for the first time at the bar, he walked in with all the swagger and bravado of a well-known porn star. Him, in a bright blue tank top two sizes too small, with his Joey Sullivan sized arms hanging off his lats, his meaty chest and protruding nipples oozing out of the strained material, bouncing as he walked, and his black nylon gym shorts leaving nothing to the imagination as to what he was packing below the beltline. He walked up to me, introduced himself as the man of my dreams and proceeded to sit next to me. He started off by flexing his left bicep. I ran my fingers over it, and played with the hair which covered it. I feigned amazement at its size and rubbed it lovingly. He winked at me and flexed it harder. To my amazement, the arm got bigger. He put his left hand on one of the legs of my bar stool, smiled at me, and lifted the chair up. His arm swelled. I touched it again and felt the heat radiating from it. I caressed it as he started to lift and lower it, like he was curling a 125-pound weight. I thought to myself, I’ve found my new muscle beast. After 40 reps, he set my stool down and I could see sweat dripping from his shoulder, down his arm. I had to refrain myself from tackling him off his stool and licking every part of his body. He saw me eying him up and he tried to shove his huge knee between my legs. I let him have some fun by letting his leg part my thighs. When he was about half way up, I tensed my muscles and his leg came to an immediate stop. His face contorted in pain as I applied a bit of pressure. He looked into my eyes and I winked at him. His left hand fell to my right thigh and he felt my muscle. He could feel the strength I possessed as he tried to dent my leg. His eyes grew wide as he began to understand who was really in charge. He was mine and he knew it. We left the bar, went back to my place, and I ravaged him like he had never known. He runs his hands thru my crew cut brown hair and massages the super sensitive area behind my ears. His fingers come forward and caress my jaw line and cheeks with such amazing softness, which, if I didn’t know he could crush steel bars with them, would think they were kitten’s paws. We kiss again. Long and heavily. Our bodies roll around on the bed. The springs creaking due to our movements. He’s on top of me with his arms wrapped around my back. He is nibbling my neck and I’m running my hands thru the knotty hair on his head and then down his muscular back. I lift my right leg and bend it at the knee. I brace it on the bed and push, rolling us over so I’m on top. He smiles, knowing what is next. He releases my body and I move down his, licking, sucking, pulling on every crevice and pore I come across. I can tell his body is overly excited and he is waiting for my approval to blow his load. I suckle a nipple, lap at it with my coarse tongue. He shivers. I move lower and coat his hairy mid-section with copious amount of spit. Once he is sufficiently wet, I move to his belly button. I love that he has an innie. The night after our first meeting, he showed up at my door with a 50lb weight and a smile. He already had a massive hard-on and his blue nylon shorts were tented to the point of tearing. I eyed him up and down as if I were bored it was him at the door and not the pizza guy, but was secretly excited he came back. I’ve scared too many muscle guys off when I show them a bit of my power. Not this stud. He’s back for more. I leave the door open and walk away. I sense he’d hesitated, waiting for my approval for him to enter. I turned and nodded. He entered. He followed me. I led him down to my basement workout and pleasure room. He did not get a chance to see it yesterday. I stop in the middle of the room and hold my hand out. He puts the weight in it. I drop the weight and grab his t-shirt which has a picture of the Hulk on it. I think to myself, cute. I tug on the shirt and pull him towards me. He’s looming over my body. I grab the shirt again and raise it up his body, revealing his hairy body. He takes ahold of the shirt and I spread my fingers out on his body, gently caressing the hair, luxuriating in its softness. He moans with pleasure. I move closer to him and breath in his sweaty smell. My man went to the gym today, I can smell it and approve. My unit twitches. I lap at the area under his shelf-like pecs, pulling hair into my mouth, pulling his sweat off, dampening it with my spit, and letting is slide out. I feel like I’m marking my territory. I move south and almost lose my load when I see his belly button. Hairy as the rest of him, but a deep cavernous hole. My tongue swirls around the outside edge, enjoying the rough manly skin and soft hair. I feel him remove his shirt. I let my hands wander up his body. They latch on to his nipples and gently twist. He groans. He puts his hands a top of mine and increases the pressure. Ah, he also has sensitive nipples, file that away for later. Back to his navel. After depositing a copious amount of spit in the area, I dip my tongue into it. It seems like a bottomless pit. I’m in heaven. I push further in, still no bottom. I press my face to his rock-hard abs, and then some, forcing him to relax them or get hurt. I finally bottom out. My unit swells. He lets out a loud groan of pleasure. I maneuver my tongue around the entire area, pushing more spit into it, and then scooping it out and swallowing the mixture of sweat and spit. My unit is quickly growing. I release his nipples; he groans at the loss. I lower my shorts and free my monster. I grab his shorts and, as gently as possible, lower them. No underwear, good man, make my job easier. I keep moving my tongue in and out of his navel. He’s put his hands on the back of my head and is forcing me to dig deeper. I tense my body and he can no longer move me. He releases my head. I go back to bobbing back and forth. I curl his balls in my left hand and judge their weight. Not too bad. I feel a heavy load in them waiting to be unleashed. I start to massage them, while finishing up with his belly button. I extract my tongue, look up to face him and see his eyes have glassed over. He sways a bit and starts to topple. I release his balls, and quickly catch him in my arms. He doesn’t notice. I kneel onto the floor and lay him on the ground. He’s still foggy. I spread his legs and move between them. I lift his balls and place my unit at his hole. I gently push. He immediately comes out of the fog, looks down his hairy muscular body at me. I wink and smile. He smiles back and flexes his biceps. I lick my lips. I push harder, but he’s still tight. I take his balls back into my hand and gently roll them around. I also lean down and swallow his 10-inch unit to the hilt. He moans loudly, melts due to my touch, and his hole opens. I push my 11-inch steel pipe into him in one fell swoop. He grunts when I bottom out. Now the fun begins. I tense my body and lean back. His back comes off the ground. His eyes go wide. I continue to fall backward onto my hunches and he’s now at a 30-degree angle. I’m smiling. He’s got a scared smile on his face. I wink at him and blow him a kiss. I put my hands under his lower back to make him feel secure, then I stand up. I’ve got my muscle man in a suspended congress position. I love it. He seems to be terrified. I can sense his questions, how, why, HOW? I gently grip his lower back and begin to thrust him back and forth, like he’s my own private flesh light. My body does not move. His is now wildly gyrating on my steel bar and his eyes are manic. His head is swiveling around looking for a place for him to put his arms for stability. My sexy boy doesn’t get it yet. I flex my dick and move him from a 30-degree angle to 45-degrees. I keep moving him off and on my bar. His unit swells and I can sense he’s close. He’s still staring at me. I decide this is as good a time as any for him to erupt. I want him to get a better sense of my power. I release my hands from his sides and move them into a double bicep pose. It’s nothing special compared to his boulders, but it does the trick. I thrust my hips once more, bottom out, and his cum explodes out of his body. His dick thrashes all over the place, like a wild fire hose. Cum lands everywhere, me, him, the floor, and a few splotches on the ceiling. I hold back my load. His eyes glaze over again after his 2 minute eruption. I lower him back to the floor and carefully extract myself. I walk over to a steel reinforced bucket I keep in the corner of the basement, pick it up, put my dick in it and yank it twice. Cum rockets out, denting the bottom. After a minute I finish. The bottom third of the bucket is filled. I set it down for later. I walk back to my stud. He’s up on his elbows and grinning at me. Guess he saw my release. I shake my head no. He frowns. I pick up the 50-pound weight, toss it in the air, catch it, and proceed to close my fist around it. I compact the weight to the size of a lacrosse ball. He cums again just watching me. I toss the weight back to him and smile. I move my face lower and bump into his unit. I nudge it aside. I inhale his groin musk. Sweat and cum, ah, the nectar of life. I go to work dampening the whole area. My tongue works overtime getting him sufficiently wet. I push my index finger into his waiting hole. He’s nice and loose from last night. I wiggle it around and he squirms a bit. I take his left ball into my mouth. It’s as big as a lemon. I slurp on it, pulling the hairs with my teeth, nibbling on his sensitive skin. He squirms again. I release the left and take the right one into my mouth and do the same. He’s beginning to writhe around. I put my left hand on his dick and gently tug the swelling unit. He calms down. My fingers play with his piss slit and I coax a dollop of pre-cum out of him. He sighs. I release his ball from my mouth and move the pre-cum coated hand to it. I slurp my fingers, pulling every drop of his fluid into my mouth, but do not swallow. I remove my finger from his hole and climb up his body. I straddle him. He smiles. I lean down and he willingly opens his mouth. I shove half the load of pre-cum into his mouth. His tongue laps at mine for more. I grin at his need. He swallows what I allow him to have. His eyes plead with me for more. I scoot my body down his, his sweaty hair getting my body wet. I reach his unit and grasp it. I look up to him and his eyes light up in anticipation. I slide further down and off his body. I’m between his legs again. I easily lift them up. He reaches his huge hands down and grabs his ankles and pulls back, lifting his backside up off the bed a bit. This gives me easy access. I’m at full mast, but keep it bent downward for now. He winks his hole at me. I look up over his balls and down his body, past his heaving chest. He’s smiling. I wink at him and bend back down. I carefully place my hands on his quads and lower my mouth to his waiting hole. I lap at it. He sighs. I coat his whole hairy hole with enough spit to fill a canteen. Some dribbles onto his back, some towards his balls. He’s moaning the whole time. The third night after we met, I surprised him by showing up at his condo. I knocked on the door, but he did not answer. I tested the knob and found it to be locked. I thought maybe he isn’t home. I pressed my ear to the door and could faintly hear him. I knew what he was up to. I grabbed the knob again, looked around, did not see anyone, and twisted. The knob and lock caved to my power. I gently pushed the door in and once inside closed it and twisted again, smashing the lock back into place. He’ll need to replace it before he moves out and in with me. I casually walk around and check out the recent bodybuilding magazines he has on his sofa. I see a few photos of Jeff Nippard too. God, that Canadian bodybuilder is a stud. Muscular, smart, and an absolutely gorgeous beard. The fun I could have with him. I start to tent, but remember, my muscle beast is here somewhere. I check the kitchen because you never know where some people prefer to rock their boat. Not there, nor any of the downstairs rooms. I head up the steps. I see his bedroom door at the far end of the hall and it’s closed. I pad down to it and put my ear to the door. I hear heavy breathing and the springs on the bed are creaking. Yup, my hairy stud is in there. I listen for another second and hear a second voice moaning. Hmmm, wonder what’s up. I quietly open the door and there is my Irish God, going to town on another stud. I watch from the door. I get hard. Two studs. The muscles, the strength, the hair. Number 2 is black god with huge biceps and dreadlocks cascading down around his face. I can see chest hair and a full black beard. My unit immediately tears thru my shorts and pre-cum is dripping out. I groan. They both turn to me. Irish is shocked, but a smile quickly comes over his face. Black stud just stares at me with a ‘who the fuck are you?’ look. I wink to them. I wander over and grab the black stud’s 9-inch cock. I grip it with the slightest pressure in my right hand. His eyes bulge out and his face shows immediate pain. Both his hands move to my one in an attempt to pry it off. No go. Irish just smiles and keeps pounding, sweat coating his hairy muscles and dripping onto the black muscle stud. The black beast attempts to lean up and move. I place my left hand on his chest and push him down onto the bed and hold him still. He’s groaning with fear. I release some of the pressure from his chest. He nods in appreciation and removes his hands from the one I have on his unit. I jerk him gently. His eyes glaze over. He involuntarily flexes his right bicep and my mouth waters. My left hand reaches out and caresses the muscle. He flexes harder. I continue to massage it and my fingers wander over the prominent veins. I softly squeeze and his muscle instantly caves to my power. Damn, I thought he would have move resilience. He stares at me with a ‘what did you just do look’. I shrug my shoulders. I release him. His body relaxes. I move to the end of the bed and gently pull my Irish stud out of him. He does not resist. I then reach a hand out to the black stud and as he grabs it, I pull him toward me. I gesture for him to stand up. He does. I maneuver both studs so one is on either side of me. They’re looking at each other and then down at me. I rub their impressive abs and smile. I move my right hand under Irish’s balls and caress them. I move my left under Black’s and do the same. They moan, lean to each other, and start to kiss. After a few minutes of warm up, I move both index fingers to their holes. Both are loose and wet which makes the next part easy. I insert and wiggle. They moan louder and kiss each other harder. I feel slobber dripping on my head. I like it. Their units start to bob wildly. The next part should send them over the edge fairly quickly. I bend down a bit, splay my hands so I create a nice base for their asses in the palm of my hands, push my fingers in to the hilt, then stand up. I hear them both let out an expletive. I sense they are looking down at me. I start to gyrate my fingers in and out of the holes, slowly at first, but quickly increasing the speed. I hear them kissing again. Their magnificently hard steel rods are bobbing around my face. I turn and catch Irish’s first. I bob on his hairy 10 inches a few times to lather it up. I release, catch the other guy’s 9 inches, and do the same. Both studs are moaning and I can tell they are close. I move my arms from my sides to the front of me. The boys are now in front of me and are still kissing, but are now hugging each other. Both rods are right in front of me. I raise my arms a bit and they are now at mouth level. I bring my arms toward my body and when the studs are close enough, I inhale both rods at the same time. I just stretch my jaw to accommodate both. A 9-incher and a 10-incher. Their girth is nothing to sneeze at either. They stop kissing and look down. I glance up and wink. I wash my tongue under both units at the same time and rub the prominent veins a few times. They go back to intensely kissing each other. I apply just a bit more pressure and boom, they both let out deep long groans and reward me with mouthful of thick salty cum. I open my throat and let it slide down. Now it’s my turn to moan. It’s a low guttural moan. My body shakes, causing theirs to shake too. I savagely pump fingers in and out of them and am rewarded with another, weaker, load from both. To say these muscle studs look tired, would be an understatement. I walk to the bed, bend down a bit and set them on it. I extract my fingers and hear them groan at the vacancy. I climb onto the bed with them and get between them. They turn so they are facing me. I glance down at my 11-inch rod and both guys get the hint. I close my eyes and next thing I know; I have four hands massaging and caressing my dick and balls. I can feel their units start to expand. I curl my arms under their shoulders and bring them closer to me. We are one big messy love sandwich with me in the middle. My studs keep yanking me like there is no tomorrow. I just let them have their fun. After 5 minutes, they begin to slow. I can sense their units are fading. It’s time to reward my beasts. I buck my hips twice and they jerk me harder at the prospect of me finishing. I turn to kiss them one at a time. I then hug them fiercely, roar, and let my load explode out. I take control of my dick, flex it upward a bit, and shoot the load over our heads. It splatters into the wall behind us almost at the ceiling. I continue to cum for over a minute. As my last shot is rolling up my tube, I exhale, flex my abs and push the load out just hard enough to impress my studs. It flies thru the air, hits the wall, and I can hear the drywall crack. I smile and release the hug. I feel wetness, glance down, and see my muscle studs have cum again. I gently kiss each one in appreciation. I carefully insert my tongue. Don’t want to bruise him there again. I push in and out a few times. He immediately loosens up. I dive deeper, he moans. I massage the inside edges of his hole. My nose is right there and I inhale his scent. My dick throbs. As I maneuver my body over his, he releases his ankles. I put my left hand on his lower back, keeping his body crunched up so we are in a modified 69. I force my dick to flex down toward his waiting mouth. My mouth now has easy access to his 10 inches, his balls, and his hole. I feel his tongue lap at my piss slit. I allow a drop of pre-cum to boil up my rod and seep out. I feel his body lean up and his mouth attaches to my unit and begins an intense sucking motion. He bobs his head as much as he can. I continue to have fun with his bottom area. I insert my right pinkie and thumb into his hole and very gently widen it. He tenses with pain and releases my unit. His body becomes rigid. I ease off and feel his body relax. His mouth comes back up to my unit. I lower my body to meet him. He inhales me and starts suck again. God he’s good. I put only my right thumb in his hole and move it in a circular motion, widening him. He moans, but this time in pleasure. I stop the circular motion and start to push in and out. He moans and it vibrates around my unit. I sigh. I’m doing something right. Stud is getting me close. I think I’ll let him enjoy my load today. I dip my tongue to his hole and insert some spit. I keep my thumb in him and continue to pound him. He groans and his body tenses. I lick his balls and feel his load travel out and down his tube. I quickly grab his iron rod and move my head to inhale him. I get it just in time. His load explodes into my mouth, with some dripping out onto his fur covered body. I pull my thumb out of him and his legs fall to the bed. I continue to suck him as he does me. I gently push my unit further into his throat and soften it just enough so it can fit the contours of his throat and slide down. He doesn’t choke or gag. My stud. I release his cock and move to his hairy abs and start to lick up any cum that dripped out of my mouth. I run my hands up and down his hairy abs and sides. I see a few drops in his bellybutton. I dive in. My brain goes into overload. I inhale his scent again, snort a few drops of cum by accident, let my body loosen, and release a load for him to enjoy. I make sure it does not rocket out of me and hurt him. It’s just forceful enough to push him down into the bedding. He moans again and slurps down every drop. When I finish, he sucks me feverishly for more. I allow a partial load out and hear him sigh with gratitude. He rubs my back with love. I feel his unit jerk and spasm. His body tightens. I hold him and his load sprays my hair and face. After we’ve both calmed down, I twist around and lay next to him. I lean over and we kiss. He puts his hand on my cheek and pulls us closer together.
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