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  1. Hey everyone! This is the first chapter in a story that I’m in the middle of writing. All feedback is welcome, but keep in mind that this is the first story that I have decided to make public, so be gentle Let me know if you want to see more! Chapter 1 “Is there anything left in the trunk?” Nico yelled to his mom from inside the house. “No, it looks like we got everything!” she called back. “Finally!” Nico said with a relieved sigh as he sank down onto the couch. He propped his legs up on the coffee table, leaned back, and took a deep breath, relishing the salty smell of the ocean that was wafting in through the open door; it had been too long since he and his mother had visited their beach house. They used to go every summer but had rented it out for the past four years to help cover Nico’s college tuition. Now that he had just graduated though, they could finally enjoy it themselves again. As Nico’s mom came back into the house and started carrying her bags to her bedroom, Nico’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw that he had received a text from his friend Will. Hey, I saw you and your mom drive up a few minutes ago; do you want to come over to my place and hang out? A broad grin stretched across Nico’s face as he hurriedly typed out his response. Sure! I’ll be there in a second! As soon as he hit send, Nico sprang up from the couch. “Mom!” he shouted. “I’m going over to see Will!” And without waiting for a response, he ran out the door. Nico had been excited to come back to the beach house for a lot of reasons. But the most important of those reasons had been Will. Nico met him for the first time twelve years ago when Will’s family bought the beach house across the street from his. There weren’t very many other kids their age in the neighborhood at the time, so it was inevitable that the two boys would end up spending lots of time together, and they eventually became very close friends. For the next eight years, Nico and Will spent their summers practically joined at the hip; they filled their days playing volleyball on the beach, racing each other through the ocean, and doing many other, usually competitive, activities. Part of the reason Nico enjoyed spending time with Will so much was admittedly that Nico pretty much always won regardless of what the contest was; he was two years old than Will, which gave him an advantage in strength and speed that Will always had trouble overcoming. However, Will always accepted his losses with grace and even took Nico’s playful teasing in stride. As Nico walked up to Will’s house and rang the doorbell, he felt his stomach twisting into knots of excited anticipation. It was strange to think that four whole years had passed since they had last seen each other; he could picture Will as if he had just seen him yesterday. At any second, he would be greeted by the sight of a skinny guy with wavy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a radiant smile that could cheer him up even on his worst days. A few seconds later, the door opened, and Nico’s mouth fell open in shock. The guy standing in front of him was not the Will that Nico remembered from four years ago. Sure, his face was the same, and his smile was just as radiant as ever, but that was where the similarities stopped. Gone was the small, skinny guy Nico had once known, replaced by a tall young man with a powerful, muscular build. His once narrow shoulders had widened, his chest broadened, and his arms thickened. The tight t-shirt he was wearing looked almost as if it were begging for mercy from the incredible muscles it was struggling to contain; the fabric was stretched taut against a pair of firm pecs, and the sleeves just barely covered a few inches of his bulging biceps. “Nico!” Will exclaimed with a beaming grin and then pulled him into a bruising bear-hug. Nico felt all of the air rush out of his lungs as a pair of muscular arms crushed his ribcage and pressed him against the firmest torso he had ever felt in his life. He made a feeble attempt to return the hug, but found that his arms could barely reach around the wide expanse of rippling muscle that was Will’s back. It felt like Will would never let him go; Nico was beginning to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen. He tried to extricate himself from the embrace, but Will was astonishingly strong; it felt like his body was made of steel. Nico was completely immobilized and helpless. Just as Nico felt himself beginning to lose consciousness, Will released him. The moment he was free, he collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. “Oh, shit!” Will said, kneeling down and putting his hand on Nico’s shoulder. “Nico, what’s wrong?” Nico shook his head but was unable to reply through his panting and coughing. After a few seconds, he had recovered enough to say, “That hug . . . cough . . . was pretty tight.” “Oh,” Will said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head and causing one of his biceps to swell to the size of a grapefruit. “Sorry about that. Didn’t realize I was crushing you.” “It’s okay,” Nico said with a nervous laugh, getting shakily back to his feet. “I’m fine now.” “Are you sure?” Will asked, still concerned. “Do you want me to get you some water?” “No, I’m okay. Really,” Nico repeated more confidently this time, trying to stand up straight and not wince at the pain of his probably bruised ribs. “Alright, if you’re sure” Will said reluctantly. “Come on; let’s get you inside.” He put an arm around Nico and gently steered him into the house.
  2. CONTENT WARNING: This is a story fundamentally about abuse - how it affects us, and how we recover from it. To do this, it depicts this abuse - not in an especially graphic way, but enough to make me (an abuse survivor) feel uncomfortable writing it. Mostly this is focused around Chapter 2, with the rest of the story focusing on confrontation and rehabilitation. Chapter 1-3 this page Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 AUTHORS'S NOTE: This is a story in seven eight parts. I plan to release the first three today, with a staggered release of parts 4-8. I've finished writing, but there are some extensive re-writes I'd like to put in to those later chapters. The story is inspired by the amazing Elongro by Dredlifter. In fact, it started life as fanfiction of this story. Dred was incredibly supportive of the idea and generous with his time, but ultimately I had made major misunderstandings about his characters that caused my own to be completely different to how he envisioned them. But I was still pretty proud of the story I wanted to tell, and wanted to share it - so I've made it my own. There are basic plot elements that you might find familiar if you've read Elongro - and if you haven't, you probably should, it's great - but these dissipate as the story progresses, and completely changes by Chapter 3. -------------------------------------------------------- “I still want to be friends. But right now there's nobody to be friends with. You need to find yourself, first, Trent.” It isn’t raining. Somehow, it feels like it should be. If this was a movie, he’d be sitting here, still, with those words ringing in his ears, the room long-cold around him. And rain against the glass. But there’s no rain. And the reality of the emptiness in him, that gnawing, festering wound in the pit of his stomach was anything but a movie. It was real. When did it get like this? -------------------------------------------------------- “Hey, what’s good, sh- I mean, Seb?” Sebastian’s expression sours as his taller, stronger roommate bounds in and throws himself on the sofa next to him, jostling him around. He liked the guy - they were best friends, really, ever since rooming together in freshman year. Now sophomores, and still sharing an apartment together, they had become inseparable. Except for… “short stuff”. He wasn’t exactly tiny, but at 5’7” he was definitely one of the shorter guys on campus. He’d always been fine with it. He jogged regularly and had a lithe runner’s frame, a pretty-boy face and, honestly, more interest in his academic studies and nerdier interests for his relative lack of size to bother him. But then Trent came along. It mostly wasn’t his fault - just as Seb wasn’t tiny, Trent wasn’t gigantic, but his 5’10” certainly seemed a lot to his smaller roommate. And he worked hard at the gym; nothing world-beating, but a ripped 180lbs that had become 190lbs during freshman year, of which he was immensely proud. Proximity to that couldn’t help but make Sebastian feel… small. But he was cool with it. Except when Trent called him “short stuff”. “Sorry man…” Trent says, picking up his mistake. His face is one of genuine concern, but then it lights up. “But, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about! I got the answer for you; whaddya know about B825?” Seb rolls his eyes - Trent was always trying anything he could to make himself bigger and stronger, and he’d heard it all before. Though even he had to admit, Trent was more animated than usual, and he’d never tried to get him on board before. He spills on and on about this experimental drug; it was illegal in the US, but most of Europe and even Canada had recently condoned its use in certain cases. It had become a hot topic on most of the forums Trent followed, with stories of its success varying wildly. Some people claimed to bulk up a few pounds, maybe an inch or two in height - others, however, claimed to have experienced much, much more than this, cannoning up in height and gains to unbelievable levels. Trent’s imagination was ablaze. He knew it was probably tall tales, but… the possibility that it could be true? That was worth it to him. “....and it’s all sorted, if we want it. Zenico have a lab just over the border that does appointments, and I have one next Wednesday. What do you say?” “I say; what’s it gonna cost me?” Asks Seb, still sceptical. “$250” “$250?! Come on, Trent. You know it’s probably all bogus right? You won’t even grow an inch.” “But what if it isn’t? Can’t you imagine it? Me and you, big men on campus? And we can grow some friends too, there’s six doses in total. Aren’t you fed up with being the little guy?” Sebastian’s brow furrows again. -------------------------------------------------------- “Ah!” Seb sucks his teeth as the needle enters the cheek of his buttocks. “Easy man, it’ll all be worth it.” says Trent as he carefully depresses the syringe, and removes it. He’d had a hard time getting his hands to stay steady; he’d had a smile on his face the entire drive back over the border, and all but bounded into the apartment, demanding that Sebastian drop trou immediately. Seb still wasn’t convinced, and he was starting to have second thoughts. If Trent was like this now, and this stuff did work - what would a bigger, more boisterous Trent be like? “Alright, now it’s my turn. Time to get big, pal!” The two of them swap places, as Seb buckles up, Trent prepares for his injection. He stands with his pants pulled down slightly and waits - and waits a little longer. “Sorry man, I just want to get this right - I’ve never done it before!” Seb says, before he finally feels the sharp scratch of the needle himself. He grits his teeth, and thinks of everything it’s going to bring him - just as the door opens. “Hey - oh, couldn’t wait for me, huh?” Trent’s girlfriend, Brie, throws her bag onto the sofa and heads on over, going onto tiptoes to plant a kiss on her boyfriend’s lips. Seb removes the needles hurriedly, surprised by the intrusion. “Oh, hey! Trent never mentioned you were coming over. Did you know about…” “The B825? You mean the only thing he’s talked about for the last week? Yeah, I might have heard about it. I swear, it’s like he doesn’t love me anymore…” “As if!” Trent kisses her again, and pulls up his pants. “Brie here’s our third dose. But given where it’s injected, I think I’ll handle this one buddy!” With a smirk and a wink, he turns and takes the vial and fresh syringe from his friend. “Don’t wait up. But remember - tomorrow it all starts. I’m taking you to the gym, and we’re going to start getting huge!” -------------------------------------------------------- “8……….. 9, come on man, push push push…… 10! Alright, good work bro! I’m proud of you.” Trent takes the bar from Seb and racks it. He’d been impressed by Seb’s gains these last few months; he’d taken to lifting like a duck to water, the B825 obviously doing its work. Perhaps because he’d been so small to begin with, Sebastian’s transformation seemed explosive. He was wearing new clothes, the cheapest he could get, and borrowed hand-me-downs from Trent, eating bigger and of course lifting bigger. Trent couldn’t help but notice the difference between him and his little friend getting less and less each day, but he couldn’t be prouder. It felt like his hard work just as much as Seb’s. And the theory of it affecting smaller people quicker certainly held water with Brie. He’d seen her last night for their last meeting before the summer. He’d managed to find work back home, and she had a temporary internship, and they had made sure their last meeting would be memorable. He grinned as he thought about it - she had so much more energy these days, and she could take him like she never could before. He wasn’t huge - a respectable 6.5 inches - but that was more than enough for her previously diminutive, 5’3” frame. She was now up to 5’7”, and the difference was palpable. Whereas for Trent… nothing. No, nothing yet, he reminds himself. It was coming. The stuff worked, obviously. He was bigger, technically - another 5lbs over the months he’d been working hard with Seb, but he hadn’t noticed any change to his height, and there certainly wasn’t the dramatic change to his strength he’d seen with either his girlfriend or best friend. But he couldn’t wait until he did. “God, I’m wiped!” Seb says, wiping himself with a towel. “How much was that, anyway?” “190, that’s 60lbs more than when you started. You’re doing incredible, buddy!” “Naw, man, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this alone. It’s all down to you, Trent.” “Really? I thought it was all down to her…” Trent gives his friend a sly smile and nods his head towards the girl on the treadmill across from them. She’s tall, fit, voluptuous and certainly getting a lot of attention. “Don’t tell me you haven’t been checking her out, I’ve seen you. I think you were digging deep for her, not me…” “Stop being a creep,” Seb says, his cheeks flushing even redder. “Anyway, it’s you I want to strip... Wanna measure me before we head? I want to see how much I grow over the summer!” he jokes. Trent assents, a little bit puzzled by the leap in his chest at the suggestion. Seb, of course, would be going nowhere over the summer break; potentially literally, the way he spoke about it, he had no plans of leaving the gym. Money wasn’t an issue, with an allowance from his parents that was more than generous, and his sights were clearly set on one thing. The boys wash and change, and head back to the apartment, where they strip down to their undies. As requested, Trent begins to measure his friend. “185lbs, bro you’re bulking fast! And… shit, 16.5”, nice guns.” He says, genuinely amazed at Seb’s progress. But that’s not what Seb wants to know. He stands against the wall of the apartment, and Trent dutifully measures his height for him. And it slaps him in the face. “Dude… this says 5’10”” He looks in disbelief at Sebastian, who beams and punches the air, laughing to himself. But he was 5’10”... how could Seb have caught him up so quickly? How could he have not noticed that they were the same height? “That’s awesome, dude! And that means you’ve grown too, right?” Seb says, jubilantly. “Huh?” “Aw, don’t act stupid. You’re definitely taller than me bro. C’mon, we’ll do that first!” Trent nods, and takes Seb’s position. He couldn’t really tell - was he still taller? Seb seemed sure, but to him it seemed- “YEAH! Way to go bro!” “What? I’m taller? What am I, 5’11”?” “Yep. Well, near enough. Say 5’10 and a half? But you know what that means, right? You’ve finally joined the club! Man, I can’t wait to see what the summer brings.” Trent is conflicted. He’d grown. Finally. But nowhere near as much as his friends. Still it had started, and it was only a matter of time. Right?
  3. ChurchOfHarvey

    Slim + Tiny

    I walk through the party, past cousins and other relatives. I don’t really like family reunions, but I do love reminding everyone that I am the biggest in the family. I enjoy making my younger cousins I grew up with squirm. I push past the crowd and bump into one of my uncles I almost didn’t recognize. “Yo, Uncle Dave? How have you been? You look skinny!” I’ve only known my uncle as absolutely jacked. Rough and chiseled from working in construction for 30 years. His sleeves used to hug his biceps and his chest would never let his top buttons close. He was the one other person in the family who could almost size up to me. Now his shirt hangs loosely off his skinny shoulders. “Hey, Petey. Yeah, I lost some weight,” he sighed. “I gotta get you in the gym, Unc. Put some meat back on those bones. I’ll get you looking huge like me again in no time!” I snickered. I spread out my arms and curl my biceps. My thick muscles pack my shirt tight and my sleeves stretch around my girthy arms. I’ve always been a muscle head since I was a kid. I played football and started powerlifting at 13. I was a beast growing up and now I’m twice the size of anyone else in the family, especially now that Uncle Dave is skinny. Fuck, seeing how big I am compared to him now is feeding my ego well. “Of course, you’ll still be tiny compared to these veiny pythons! But it’ll be a start,” I laughed. “Speaking of, have you seen Slim and Tiny around anywhere? Need to find those twigs and put them in their place!” “Slim and Tin—? Oh... Go out and check the shed. I’m sure they’ll find you…” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I walk out into the backyard and make my way past the circles of cousins and uncles all chatting over some beers. In the back corner of the yard by the shed, there are stacks of 45 plates, a bench press, a squat rack, and even some cable rigs to make a rough prison yard gym. Bet those two nerds went all out to try and start working out. I need to go put those boys in their place and show them how a real man lifts! I flex my pecs in anticipation. From the shed, I hear deep grunts and metal plates clanging. Rep after rep, the grunts transform into barks. I turn the corner and my jaw and flex drop as I see what is inside the dark shed. An absolute behemoth of a man stands in a too-small stringer and leggings that squeeze the definition out of his massive quads and put his near-absent bulge on display. He carries a barbell at his chest and reps out more military presses. Three plates are stacked on either side of the bar. His monstrous delts ripple as he barks and lifts. On the bench against the wall sits another hulking beast hunched over with his haunches of forearms resting on his knees. He grunts out in a deep voice, calling out the rep count of his giant friend. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight… He turns and catches a look at me. “Well, shit… look who it is, Tiny!” he growls in a mocking tone. “Looks like little big-shot Petey decided to show up!” Tiny? No, that can’t be. And that would make him… Slim... No, these aren’t my cousins. They had to be actors hired to play a prank on me or something. These can’t be those same little nerds I used to tease back in high school. They’re too fucking big! Tiny drops the barbell to the mat with a clang and turns to face me with a smile. His veiny, pumped-up delts protrude off of his shoulders cartoonishly. His monstrous arms hang out to the sides with his meaty lats grown too big for his ribcage. He is a brick wall of muscle. “You know, I used to remember you were bigger, Pete,” Tiny grins. “Have you lost weight or something? You look skinny!” The two behemoths approach me and I can finally see the tight definition of their terrifying size in the sunlight. These two goliaths tower above me. Must be nearly 7’ feet tall. My eyes are level with their chiseled pecs that squeeze against the tanks they have so clearly outgrown. Slim flexes his pecs intimidatingly and his massive tits free themselves from beneath his tank as the fabric stretches and is squeezed between his pecs. His shirt rides up and reveals his chiseled Adonis belt and I see the thick bulge threatening to fall out from his shorts. “No… no, this isn’t right,” I stammer as I step back from these two behemoths. “Where are my actual little cousins? You’ve got to be fucking with me…” “We’re right here, Petey…” Tiny grins as he approaches and wraps his arms over my shoulders. “We got pretty big, huh, Tiny?” Slim groans with another flex. “Oh, bigger than that… You see Pete, we got tired of ego-fueled meatheads like you walking all over us. Calling us small and weak and pathetic…” “And so we decided to grow… and grow…” “Oh, we fucking grew…” Tiny flexes and crushes my neck between his forearm and chiseled bicep. “Now we’re fucking giants and it’s all thanks to cocky gym rats like you,” Slim pokes into my sternum and pushes me back. “No, this can’t be…” I feel powerless. “What are you gonna do to me? “Hey, Ma! Come take a picture of us and Petey!” Slim roars out across the yard, avoiding my question. “Yeah, we want you to remember how big you used to be before we drain you…” Tiny growls in a whisper. I gulp and try to think of a way out of here. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • After getting a picture, it’s just the three of us again all sitting on the bench in the shed with the two of them crushing me between their massive shoulders. The smell of their musk is overwhelming as they wrap their arms around me and squeeze me between their lats. Their ripe stench stuffs my nose full and for some reason my dick twitches. The two titans stand up, carrying me with them, and pin me into a tight circle between them. Slim looks down and sees my dick jumping against my will. “Oh, ho! Looky here…” Slim chuckles as he flicks my bulge. “Looks like the little man loves being crushed between two superior alphas!” “No wonder little Petey was in the gym all the time,” Tiny guffaws. I had truly never been attracted to men. The thought repulsed me. Even now, the stench of their ripe musk was sickening, but my penis throbs despite my opposition. Slim raises his arms and the wafting musk hits me like a wall. He crunches his thick, bullish abs and flares out his lats to put his pits on display. “Think it’s time for the pit crew!” Slim creaked a smile. Oh shit… Before I can react, Tiny grabs me and forces my face deep between Slim’s muscles and into his hairy pit. Same move I used to pull on them growing up. But fuck, my eyes roll back and I can’t help but moan out. Fuck, this isn’t right. Something about his scent is hypnotizing me. I can’t control my own dick. It twitches and hardens. I remember doing the same thing to Tiny and Slim growing up. I would sneak up behind them and call out for the pit crew before pulling them into a headlock under my arms. Kept them locked in to force them to huff my pit sweat until they squirmed under my superior arms and begged for me to let them go. Never wore deodorant to family gatherings just to really torture them. Fuck, I never expected them to ever get me back for it all. “I can feel his dick getting hard against my quads!” Slim lets out a belly laugh. Fuck, I am getting a boner. I can’t help it. I feel my dick growing and slipping between the muscle definition of his quads. So thick and hard pressed against my boner. Tiny keeps pushing me into Slim, forcing my dick to grind and press against his rock-solid muscle. I feel Slim flexing his quad on purpose to tease my erection. Fuck, I’m so hard… And then I feel something else press into me. A long, thick piece of meat squished against my abs. Oh, fuck… Is that his dick? It’s fucking massive too… I feel it press into my belly button and hang down next to the base of my shaft. It’s still only soft too… What fucking happened to him? “God, he’s so fucking horny! Look! He’s still huffing my pits!” Slim laughs. I didn’t even realize that Tiny had stopped holding my face into it. His pits were a fucking trap I couldn’t pull my nose out of. Fuck, I don’t know if I even wanted to. “Think this little guy is gonna cum off my alpha musk alone, Tiny!” Slim teases. “All right Slim, you’ve had your fun,” Tiny sighs as he let go of me. “I’m hungry and I want to feed while he’s still got those extra inches…” Fuck, what are they going to do to me? Slim grabs the back of my head and pulls me out from his armpit. He cricks my neck back and forces me to look up at him. He just smiles and looks down to scan my physique. There is a hunger in his stare. “Y’know what, I think little Petey has grown a bit since we last saw him,” Slim chuckles. “Not like us muscle freaks,” he flexes, “but I see some extra size on those biceps now. Check him out, Tiny!” I can’t tell if they’re still fucking with me. “Why don’t you flex for us, Pete?” Tiny asks in a stern tone. I step back, but Slim blocks me with his massive body. “Tiny gave you a command, Petey…” I take a heavy breath and follow their orders. I raise my right arm and curl my bicep. My peak pops out and my veins pump. I felt more than satisfied with my muscle and size just a few minutes ago, but now as I stand here beneath my two younger cousins with a boner I can’t control, I feel so weak and small. “Look at that peak! There’s some good meat there,” Tiny smiles. I bring up my other arm and curl it as well. I puff up my chest and flare out my lats to make myself as big as possible, but I know it’s useless. I’m puny compared to them. My cock throbs harder as I flex my muscles like a toy for these two behemoths. “Definitely some good meat…” Slim laughs slowly. Slim steps closer as I hold my flex. He wraps his hand over my bicep, holding my entire peak in his palm. He runs his thumb into the valleys of my muscles and works his thumb into the meat of my arm. He’s so strong… I feel my bicep grow numb as he gropes my muscle. “Oh, yeah… This’ll make me grow nice and big…” What the fuck did he say? Oh, shit… Fuck, my muscles are twitching and flexing compulsively. My bicep aches. And then I turn and see what’s happening. My arm is shrinking! Oh, fuck… my arm deflates with all its muscle mass, looking tiny compared to the rest of my body as Slim keeps groping and squeezing the muscle from my bicep. I look up to Slim with fear in my eyes as he drains me. Slim only chuckles under his breath. Then he begins to grow. His thick chiseled arm throbs even bigger, growing muscle in waves. As my biceps shrink, his swell bigger and bigger. Fuck, his arm is getting so huge… It expands faster and outsizes the rest of his body. Then he takes his other hand and does the same to my deteriorating bicep. He uses every ounce of muscle from my arm to grow two gorilla-huge arms that hang lankily compared to the rest of his body. My right arm is a twig hanging from my still-chiseled torso. It hangs as the drained husk of what once was a 19-inch python of an arm. And then I feel Tiny latch his hand around my left lat and squeeze the muscle up into my pit. “Don’t hog all the good meat, Slim,” Tiny teases. “There’s plenty of him to share.” Tiny squeezes the muscle from me. Stealing pound after pound of muscle from my back. My body shrinks and topples slightly as my balance is thrown off by the mass being stolen from me. My pecs feel too heavy hanging from my chest now. All my mass flows into Tiny’s back and his lats stretch wider with every pulse. He lets out a deep groan and growls as he expands. His lats push his arms further out from his body as they swell. He throbs bigger and bigger until I can hardly see around him. His little tank top stretches and begins to tear as he outgrows it with the muscle he takes from me. Tiny moans in pleasure as his body expands and his shirt is torn to shreds that fall from his chest. His bare torso is chiseled with pure muscle that churns as he steals my mass. Waves of size ripple up his lats and visibly surge with more and more muscle. “Ohh, fuuckk yeahhh… Make me fucking grow, Petey,” Tiny whines. “God, I’m getting so fucking huge!” My two cousins continue to grope and use my muscles to grow. They play with me and steal my size in no particular order, leaving me an asymmetrical mess of muscle as they moan and grow happily. A quad here. A pec there. Taking and taking to fuel their insatiable lust for growth. They stack bigger and bigger above me as I fall more and more powerless to their whims. My clothes drape over my shrinking frame as they take and take. “Oh yeah, this is even better than draining Uncle Dave,” Slim huffs. “It felt so good to finally be bigger than him so we could drain that old man of all that useless muscle. Got fucking huge off of him.” “But Pete has that thick and defined muscle, little body fat, perfect for fucking growing…” Tiny growls. “Oh fuck, look at us… We’re getting so much fucking bigger off him alone.” The two behemoths stretch bigger and bigger, outgrowing everything. Their muscles surge with seemingly endless mass. Slim’s tank begins to tear as his stomach inflates into a gut of pure muscle. He chuckles and flexes his pecs proudly and his shirt is torn apart by his swelling chest. Tiny’s quads pump and swell asymmetrically, practically fighting for dominance as his legs are crushed together by their size. His leggings stretch across his quads and eventually begin to rip. Tears spread across his legs and reveal the throbbing muscle beneath. The elastic of the waistband finally gives and there’s a loud crack as his leggings explode and he’s stood naked above me. His cock throbs, but even hard it barely pushes out past his surging quads and muscle gut. It looks tiny in comparison to his powerful muscles. Slim’s ass expands and overwhelms his shorts much quicker. The fabric tears and falls to reveal much more. As the shorts fall, Slim’s cock unfurls from its hiding spot and swings down his legs. It’s fucking monstrous. 13 inches of veiny cock hangs lazily. And then it starts to grow… It inches bigger as the veins throb. Slim lets out a deep rumbling growl as his cock expands further and further down. He humps forward and makes it rock up and swing under its immense weight. It surges faster. 17 inches. 20 inches. It throbs and bounces on its own, drooling out a thick stream of precum as Slim moans in deep pleasure. His cock grows massive to match his pulsing muscles in contrast to Tiny’s little dick which is dwarfed by his muscles. They tower bigger and bigger above me. Naked behemoths with surging mass. They both hit the ceiling as I shrink down below their hips. Slim’s gargantuan cock hangs in front of my face, drooling like a hungry animal. My clothes drape off my shrunken body. “Fuck…” I mutter under my breath. “I’m fucking puny…” Then Slim grabs me around my entire waist and lifts me off the ground. He brings me closer to eye level with them as they hunch to fit inside the shed. They must be fucking 9’ feet tall… They are fucking freaks of muscle mass. Meanwhile, I’ve been shrunk down to barely 4’ feet of skin and bones. “Puny?!” Slim laughs. “Oh, I fucking love that!” He shakes me in his hand and my shorts fall off of me and down to the ground. My cock springs out, rock hard. My 9” inch dick hangs down in front of me. I had always been proud that my cock was big to match my naturally muscular frame. Now it looks freakishly oversized hanging from my now scrawny frame. It throbs against my will and swings itself between my knees. I’ve always wanted a bigger cock to outsize my build, but not like this. Fuck, it’s too big for my weak body… It feels too heavy swinging from my waist. I can feel it weighing down and pulling my skin tight. My cock is too fucking big… “Hey, Tim,” Slim smirks. “Looks like Puny here has got some last extra meat for you to take!” “About time,” Tim chuckles. “You always take the dicks first, Slater.” Tim takes my throbbing dick in his hand and squishes the shaft. He lifts it up from where it hangs and it feels like a huge relief. Even my 9” cock barely fills his giant hand. It’s so sensitive that even just his crushing grip makes my cock spit up precum. I can’t hold back my moans. My dick spits precum and throbs as he takes my inches from me. Precum pools into his hand as my cock shrinks into his fist. My vision goes blurry from the stimulation, but I can see Tim’s cock expanding. Pushing longer and fatter from behind his muscle gut. It throbs bigger and bigger, hitting double digits as he groans from the growth. It surges and throbs with more girth. It keeps swelling thicker and thicker. Inches pack onto his pulsing cock. Tim moans and laughs as he throbs. He’s growing so big from my cock… “Oh… fuck yes!” Tim groans. “Oh, yeah… my cock is getting so heavy… fuuckk… more!” My dick shrinks until he is just barely holding it between his giant thumb and forefinger. It feels like such a relief to have all that extra weight taken off of me. He rubs my puny cock between his fingers and I can’t take it anymore. I try to hold back my moans, but it’s useless. I whine and moan and beg to cum. My cock spasms between his fingers. Tim smiles and slides his hand under my taint and uses his middle finger to push into my hole. My cock throbs happily. I didn’t think having my ass penetrated could feel so good… My dick looks like a tic tac in his giant palm. It flexes against my will and then it starts to squirt. Shooting my load into his hand as it bounces around. I moan and heave to try and catch my breath from my orgasm. My cock spurts its load across his palm and starts to pool in the middle. My exhausted penis hangs over my balls as the last bit of cum spills out. Tim just chuckles under his breath as he brings his palm up to his mouth. With one lick, what felt like a huge load was slurped up with ease by his giant tongue. With my head starting to clear, I could now see the monster cock he used me to create. It was thick and veins pulsed all along the shaft. The head throbbed to size up to his overwhelming girth. Thick beads of precum oozed down his tip. Then another surge of growth shot up his cock like an aftershock. My cum was giving him even more size! I watched his girth throb bigger and stretch his skin tight. It pulsed past 14” inches and shot up to 19” in just three big spurts of growth. Tim moaned and his cock just began pouring precum. It spasmed on its own and slowly the precum grew milky. “Get ready, Puny,” Slater laughed as he placed me back onto the ground. “Agh, fuuck…” Tim roared. His surging cock jumps and shoots out a thick jet of cum that splatters across my body and onto the wall behind me. His creamy white cum paints my naked body. His cock continues to erupt hands-free. His cock bounces with each shot and swings back and forth on its own accord. Long white ropes spurt over and over as he climaxes. The overwhelming sensation of growth forced him to erupt without warning. The cumshots slow down, but his dick remains rock hard. It continues to ooze precum as it hangs above me. I stand in the aftermath of his orgasm and look up at the two behemoth cocks looming above me and the brutes connected to them. Tim and Slater face each other and their dicks press together. I thought Tim’s 19-inch dick was enormous, but now it was dwarfed beneath Slater’s hulking 27-inch beast of a cock. Slater’s dick was as thick as his arm and just as veiny with his foreskin spilling out precum as well. I stare in awe at their size. I fantasize about how it must feel to be that fucking huge. It must feel fucking amazing to be so big and powerful. I grab my puny 2-inch cock between my fingers and stroke my cock. They are gods above me. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I wanted their size. Slater looks down and sees me touching myself. “Nuh-uh, Puny,” he smiles. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” He bends down and pinches my dick between his fingers. He groans as his dick pulses once and expands slightly from the last bit of my cock. He releases and flicks my precum off his finger. And my dick is gone. All my inches, all my muscles, my height, everything has been taken from me. I was nothing and they were gods. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • They poke me out of the shed with my clothes draped across my body and send me back to the party with my new size while they enjoy theirs. “Wow, they really got you, huh, kid?” Uncle David says as he approaches me. “Yeah…” I sigh. “They’re fucking massive now.” “They did the same thing to me last month. I’m only just now starting to get some muscle mass back.” “I don’t think anything is going to be able to stop them now.” “They won’t stop until… fuck, I don’t think they’ll ever stop.” And then the shed begins to bulge and crack and collapse as Slater breaks through the ceiling.
  4. kurisupei

    A Donation From Big Bro

    Happy New Year, growers! Here's a new story that I wrote, probably the longest one. I took inspiration from "The Lockerroom Thief" by CockTFBoi. I hope you find this good. If this gets good reviews, I'll add pictures. I just reposted this here in the stories section since I accidentally posted it in story archive. Without further ado, here it is. A Donation From Big Bro Having been left by their father since they were kids, half-brothers Jason and Blake grew up separately. Jason, 26, the older of the two, chose to leave the house 10 years ago to try and live independently. Meanwhile Blake, 18, the younger brother, was left to grow up with his mother. Jason got a small job when he left and when he had his first pay, he invested in a gym membership. His investment obviously paid off. Seeming to have gotten some of the best genes, he grew up to be 6'2 and 260 lbs of muscle. His body, partnered with his chiseled face, tan skin, and jet black hair could really make many heads turn whenever he walks by. Blake on the other hand, chose to focus more on his studies. In fact, he just finished high school and is now an incoming college freshman. After moving in his dorm and unpacking, he lied down and scrolled on social media and that's when he saw it, his older brother's profile. He looked through Jason's photos and he was wowed by how his brother looked. At 5'5 and 130 lbs, he was nowhere near the looks of his brother. They do look alike but besides their body, Blake's wavy brown hair separates the two. Blake continued scrolling on Jason's profile and he discovered that Jason is now a personal trainer and is actually the owner of the gym near his college campus. Blake put some thought into it and decided that he wanted to turn his body around in college, he wanted to be the heartthrob of the campus. Jason was about to sleep when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked and saw that someone had messaged him. He immediately recognized the name and photo, it's his little brother and he wants to meet with him. Tomorrow morning came and Blake was nervous as he's about to meet his older brother after 10 years. He looked around and saw huge figure of a man. The man was wearing sweatpants paired with a tank top. His shoulders were wide, his arms defined, his back tapering into a V shape, his legs shaped like boulders. "J-Jason?" Blake called. The man looked behind him and down at Blake. Blake was met with the man's portruding pecs. It was Jason. "Blake? Hey little bro. Wow, you've really grown, young man!" Jason said to his brother. "I can say the same thing to you. Wow, you're huge, man!" Blake replied. "Thanks man, I've put a lotta work into this body" Jason said, flexing his biceps in front of his brother. "So why did you want to meet after all this years?" Jason followed. "I want to be built and jacked, and I think you're the one that can help me." Blake answered, touching his thin arms. "Well, I'm flattered, little man..." Jason smirks. "So, what do you say?" Blake followed up. "Let’s make you huge, lil bro!" Jason exclaimed. Jason really stayed true to his word. He began training Blake intensively. To Blake's surprise, he started gaining weight and really noticed changes happening on his body. After training for 6 months, his weight went from 130 lbs to 150. He saw his abs being visible, his chest starting to portrude, his bicep having a bump. Blake enjoyed these changes. One night after training, Jason and Blake went to the shower room, going into separate cubicles. They were both pumped after working out and Blake was really feeling his body. But Blake wanted to see how Jason looks, so he peeked into Jason's cubicle as Jason was busy showering. Blake saw Jason's wide V tapered back leading down his ass, but the biggest treat was when he saw what was at front. Jason turned, eyes closed, and Blake saw his thick, monstrous 10 inch cock. Blake immediately felt his own cock harden. Blake couldn't help it, he took a picture of his view of Jason and went back to his cubicle. The brothers finished showering. Blake put some shorts on and before he put on a shirt, he flexed a bit in front of the mirror, admiring his progress. Jason enters the room to change, with only a towel on his waist, when he sees Blake flexing. "Feels great huh? Seeing your progress in the mirror." Jason says while smiling. "Yeah but now with you beside me, damn I'm dwarfed." Blake answers. "You'll get there lil bro." Jason says while raising an arm into a bicep pose. Jason flexes his other arm, posing a double bicep. He puts them down and proceeded to flex a couple more poses. Meanwhile Blake can't help but stare at his brother, admiring his frame. Jason sees Blake staring and he smiled. "It's okay bro, you can touch." Jason says to his staring brother. Blake almost instantly reaches for his brother's pecs, feeling the size of it in his small hands. Blake can't help but let out a sigh of amazement. His hands then move to Jason's rounded shoulders, going to his biceps. "Chest is 58 inches, biceps are 24 inches." Jason proudly states, flexing them. He then raises his towel a bit. "Calves 21 inches, Thighs 30 inches" He adds. Jason feels his ego rise, with his little brother admiring his body that he put a lot of effort into. He flexes his abs while Blake rubs his hands on the rock-hard surface, feeling the crevices. Jason turns around, flexing his wide back, tapering into a V-shape. Blake touches the wall-like back of his brother. Blake feels himself getting aroused and his cock starts to harden. He almost let out a moan, but he suppressed it upon realizing. He becomes afraid his brother will see so he stopped and put his shirt on. "I need to go, I gotta pack for the winter break." Blake blurts out. "See you in two weeks, I guess?" He says. "Actually, make that a month. I'll be going out of the country to collaborate with other gym influencers" Jason answers. "Oh, okay then..." Blake says back. "Continue your workouts huh lil bro. I don't want you getting smaller when I get back." Jason cockily teases as Blake leaves. Blake gets home to his dorm, taking his shorts off and letting his hard 4 inch cock out. He takes out his phone and opens the photos he took earlier, looking at his brother’s huge body and monstrous cock. He begins stroking his cock, feeling more and more aroused as he zooms in on his big bro. "Ughhh Jason fuck" He moans. He begins touching his body sensually, making his breaths heavier. He imagines his big bro's enormous pecs, larger-than-grapefruit biceps, washboard abs. He feels himself get closer and closer. "Ughhh sh- shit" "Oh fuck uh- huge" "Ugh ughh" "oH- UGHHHNN!" With a wave of pleasure, he cums. His cum shoots everywhere. "Ughh uhh" Blake moans and breathes heavily. He then passes out. That's when he realizes, he wants Jason's size. He wants his height. He wants his body, from his strong arms, thick legs, to his heavily muscled torso. He wants all of Jason to himself. Immediately, he went looking for a way to gain what he wants to take. He searched books and the web and after three days, he found one. He got it and he was excited to make his fantasies real. But in the meantime, he followed what Jason told him and he continued his workouts extensively. He chased for growth. Finally, a month has passed. Blake was excited to see Jason again. He was thrilled to show how consistent he has been. In a month, he added about 10 lbs. Not just that, being in his teenage years, he grew an inch in height, making him 5'6 and 140 lbs. He might not be as big and lean as his brother, but he is filling out his frame quite nicely. His chest now pushes out his shirt, his abs more fuller looking, and his biceps now fit his sleeves perfectly. But beyond all of that, he was excited for his plan. He knew that in a short period of time, his biggest desire will be reality. Blake went to the gym before the sun could rise. He knew that Jason has arrived and that he would be working out. Blake was right, he saw his brother right away. Jason was even bigger than last time, making Blake want him more. "Hey Jason" Blake greeted. "Hey lil bro! Long time no see. Damn bro, you're filling out quite nicely." Jason greets back. "You're not getting any smaller either... By the way, I got us this sports drink." Blake gives his brother one. "Thanks bro, perfect timing, I'm about to start my workout." Jason takes a few sips and went on to start his workout. "Great, I'll join you then." Blake drinks his own sports drink and grins, following Jason to the weightroom. Jason starts doing push-ups for warm-up. As he approaches 30 reps, he started feeling off. He felt a strange sensation throughout his body, kinda like the feeling when having an orgasm. "Ughh- oh" Jason groans as he stops his push-ups and falls to the ground. "Hey, you okay, big bro?" Blake asked. "I'm fine, I think it's just my amount of sleep catching up on me." Jason answered unsure. "Here, drink up." Blake handed Jason's sports drink to him. Blake made sure Jason drank of all of it, grinning as he does so. "Alright then, let's help you get bigger. Let's do bench press." Jason said to Blake. "Careful with this one, lil bro" Jason loaded 155 lbs plates on the bar and spotted Blake. Blake lifted it and did 10 reps with it. "Too easy!" he said. Jason was surprised. "My turn, little man!" Jason said, loading 460 lbs on the bar. Jason lifted the bar and started repping. As he was doing so, his mind was flooded with sexual images. He started to get turned on. "Ughhh" Jason started to moan and groan with every breath everytime the bar descends. He feels his cock getting hard so he put the bar back into place. "H-hold on a little" Jason stood up, and went to the locker room to avoid Blake from seeing his hard-on. But blake already noticed it, he smirked. Jason went into the locker room, his mind all over the place. He feels so sensitive. All that's in his mind makes him wanna orgasm. Little does he know, Blake's the one behind it. Blake followed into the locker room and saw Jason. "Hey big bro, what's going on? Come on let's continue." Blake said to his brother. "Blake, oh uhm. I- I'm just..." Jason explains, trying to cover his hard-on. Blake gets closer to Jason. "Come on big bro..." Blake said, touching the tent on Jason's shorts. "Ughhhh" Jason lets out a whimper. Jason doesn't understand what he's feeling, he's not gay, but what Blake is doing is really turning him on. Blake took Jason's shirt off and started lowering Jason's shorts. "You want to help me get bigger, right?" Blake said to his brother. "Y-yes" Jason staggeringly answers. "Good, bro" Blake said as he takes Jason's shorts off, revealing Jason's hardened masculinity, growing into 11 inches. Without any warning, Blake put Jason's cock in his mouth, making him moan. Blake started sucking, working his way on Jason's cock. Jason can no longer suppress his moans. Jason feels this sinking feeling as he nears his orgasm. The pleasure was wild and he feels closer and closer as Blake moves up and down his shaft. A shudder ran down his body and his balls start churning. "Ughhhh fuuu-" Jason cums. Blake made sure to swallow every bit of it as it shoots hard into his mouth. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure. He fell into the bench behind him, eyes closed. Blake felt himself get taller, he felt his limbs extending and his view getting higher. As his body gets lengthier, the bulk he had put on disappears, his muscles adjusting into his body. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to Jason. He feels his spine shorten and retract. With that, his muscles enlarge, adjusting to his shortening frame. His pecs and arms bulged out, his legs grew thicker. "Wh-what did you do to me?" Jason said upon opening his eyes and seeing his short frame. "You helped me grow, isn't that what we wanted?" Blake answered. "Y-yes" Jason said, but he felt something was wrong. Seeing his brother's enlarged muscles made Blake more and more excited, so he proceeded to the next step. "I'm gonna get so massive with what we will be doing." He said. Blake lays Jason down the bench and grabbed his brother's still hard cock. He rode it and lowered himself onto it. Blake moved up and down, filling Jason with pleasure. Jason's cock started to spew pre-cum. Blake's body started reacting to it. He felt his body start to swell with muscle. Blake touched Jason's hard pecs and squeezed it as he bounces on his cock. Blake feels his body expand outward as he absorbs more of Jason's precum. His pecs start to form, his biceps tensing into a ball, his abs forming crevices. Jason feels Blake get heavier. "Fuck I'm gonna cum again- ohhh!" Jason finally shoots his load inside Blake. Jason's bulk slowly shrank into him. His biceps slowly thinned out, his treetrunk legs became weak, his torso got drained of its size, his chest on which Blake is grabbing on to lowered slowly from being mountains to a flat surface. "Ohhh fuck- ughh!" Blake can't help but groan as he feels his body fill up. He flexes a double bicep pose as his arms expand into mounds of rock. Meanwhile his legs got thicker and thicker, proportioning into his new height. His pecs grow into boulders, rivaling melons, he touches them and squeezes them. "Fuck, yes!" Blake exclaims as he poses his muscles. He went to the scale and measured his height and weight. "6'4 and 270 lbs, damn. Only one thing left." Blake says to himself as he gets back to Jason. Blake stands Jason up and turns him around. "Hey bro, just one last thing and we're done." Blake said to Jason's ear, caressing Jason's cock in his hand. Jason's cock immediately springs back up to life. Jason whimpers as he feels pleasure build up with Blake stroking his cock. While doing so, Blake slides his 4 incher into Jason's hole. Jason moans as intense pleasure fills hin again, but he can't cum. "You're gonna help me grow right?" Blake says. "Y-yes, anything for you ugh-" Jason answered. "Even my cock?" Blake follows up. "Yes, take it. Take my fucking cock." As pre-cum comes out of Jason's cock, Blake feels it slowly dwindle into his hand while his own cock grows and more and more enters Jason's ass. Blake starts thrusting, making Jason feel more pleasure, all as he strokes Jason's cock. Blake's cock grows and grows inside Jason, going into 12 inches. Jason's, however, retracted into Blake's hand, it shrank into 3 inches. "Ughh, please Blake... I need to cum" Jason whimpers. "Not until I do. Ughhh!" Blake cums into Jason's ass the largest he has ever cum. "Ughhh- shi- ughh!" Jason moans as he experiences being cummed in the ass for the first time. The two brothers experience their greatest orgasm, but one while experiencing his fantasy and one while experiencing loss. Jason shoots cum from his now 3 incher, moaning and passing out in the process. Blake pulls out his brother and admires his new 12 incher shooting more load on his passed out brother. He flexes on the mirror he once flexed on with his brother a month ago, but now being the superior one. "Thanks for the donation... little bro." He said as he leaves his brother in the locker room. Jason gains consciousness and snaps out of the drink's effects, realizing what had just happened.
  5. Hammster

    The Factory

    First story, so feedback wanted Part 1 Max quickly perked up as he heard the knock on the door. Ever since he heard that his neighborhood was next, he sat right on view of the front door; not wanting to waste any second. Why wouldn't he be excited? Class president, captain of sports teams, volunteer, and of course, tall, buff, and handsome. If someone's a lock to be an enhanced, it's him. "You're one, where's the other?" The buff officer said as he taps on his tablet. Max's look of excitement falters a little as he's hit with worry. He had hoped a clerical error or a stroke of luck hit, and his brother didn't have to go through the procedure. Who'd want to see the one he cares the most fall to the bottom rung of society? But now that the officer specifically called for him, Max has to cooperate. With hesitation, Max points towards a door on the of the hallway. =================== 10 deaths, 11 deaths, 12 deaths Timmy bangs his desk in frustration. Seems like the only thing he's good at is failing. School, romance, family, and now, games. Not that he'll quit gaming though; at least not until the government assigns his place. He knows he's destined for the lows, unlike his brother. That's why he's pouring everything into gaming; there might not be time to play when the only thing he's allowed to do is serve the enhanced. Max, that fuck. Always pretending to care. Always pushing me to go to the gym. Always inviting me to volunteer and shit. Probably wants me there to laugh at me. At least I wo... Suddenly Timmy's door breaks. Two imposing men here to collect the new shit-scraper. They look at Timmy with disgust. A smelly, short and pudgy mess, a pig sty for a room, and practically no achievements of note. Even if Timmy was never someone of note intelligence wise, he still knew what was going on. He knew this was inevitable, but he's not going down without a fight. ================ From the truck outside, Max hears screams coming from inside the house. Then, just a minute later, out come Timmy trying his best to hold back his tears. "YOU BROKE MY PC!" He screamed as he angrily stomps towards the truck. In his haste, he sat right in front of Max, the person he hates the most. Max tried to calm him down, but it was only met with silence. Max knew he had to do something to fix this. On the horizon they saw the machine. As wide as factories, as tall as skyscrapers. The motor of modern society, the factory. ======================= What started out as an idea thrown around pre-war, it quickly gained steam after the great war. Famine, deaths, and lack of skill made it hard for society to rebuild, so they turned to an old idea as a solution. A machine to determine and set ones role in society. One who gives or takes intelligence, skill, and size according to ones role. Within the first few runs, it was clear that the machine creates a clear social ladder. The rich, beautiful, and powerful, and the meek, stupid and poor. All determined by weights and algorithms of the machine. At first people protested, although once the enhanced people gained power, resistance got slowly squashed. And once the social ladder was set for the whole society, no one dared to question the continuation of the program. ====================== "Get your card and Lineup!" Max stood right in front of Timmy as the group they're in slowly enters the chamber underneath the machine. The pattern was obvious. The accomplished gets enhanced, the failures gets devolved, while the average ones are more of a crapshoot. In the line itself, there were two clear outliers. Max, who towered above everyone in both accomplishments and physicality, and Timmy, who is towered above by everyone else in both accomplishments and physicality. Timmy nervously fidgets and Max sees it. Max couldn't help but hate the thought of Timmy being so far underneath him while he becomes a leader among leaders. Max then did the unthinkable, switching both of their cards without Timmy knowing. His thinking was that the card holds the information for ones accomplishments, and if Timmy's body was combined with Max's accomplishments he'd also be enhanced. Max didn't care if he was just a regular enhanced, he just wants both of them to be equal. ==================== A project lead once realized a problem. A person's current body may not hold the true potential of themselves. Either through issues ranging from socio-economic, accidental, even to an unexpected disease. It is not uncommon to see someone not hitting their physical potential. Thankfully, the enhanced age has brought a new realm of science. Now, ones genetic potential is coded into their cards. No longer must the machine slowly scan ones body. All they need is ones card to acquire all their genetic information and their complete real-life resume. ================ Finally, the line arrived at Max. Timmy's card in hand, he entered the tube.
  6. Tranquilos, no voy a abandonar la otra historia, sino que el cuerpo me pedía una historia así para ayer xb. Está historia no va a tener encuesta aunque se agradece si dejan comentarios. Espero que les guste porque yo estaba urgente de una historia de cambio de rol más aya de músculos que si habrá (;3) solo esperen. Seguiré con esta historia cuando acabé [El resurgir de una leyenda] con poco tiempo de espera entre cada nuevo capítulo, espero ver bastantes comentarios de como se desarrollará está historia. Capitulo 1: una nueva vida Un 7 de noviembre del 2022, la pandemia se está controlando y ya muchos no se preocupan del virus, los negocios van abriendo y lss compañías vuelven a necesitar contratar mano de obra. Una de esas compañías era Dyhigh-tech una empresa que se dedica al desarrollo, diseño y construcción de nuevas tegnologias; ahí trabaja uno de nuestros protagonistas, Luis Javier García, o solo Javier para abreviar. Él era un hombre de finanzas, siempre sentado en el computador registrando las ganancias y perdida de la empresa, a dónde se dirige el dinero y así, pero no era de importancia ahora y menos en un puesto tan abajo en gestionar los sueldos de los empleados del almacén, la vida de Javier era aburrida y en decadencia, sus años de gloria como deportista acabaron cuando la futura esposa y madre de su hijo toca su puerta con un test de embarazo a sus 17 años de ambos, desde ahí hasta sus ya 35 años su vida se está yendo al desagüe, su hijo adolecente no le respeta y siempre se reviere a su padre como cerdo fracasado, aunque su esposa Nancy siempre está corrigiendo a su hijo Gabriel, ella no podía justificarlo mucho pues era verdad que a Javier lo podías disfrazar de cerdo y le quedaría el papel, siendo un hombre de pocos modales, peludo, algo descuidado y sobretodo con sobrepeso que mantenía comiendo como un cerdo. A Javier no le preocupaba mucho su futuro, estaba cómodo en un empleo que no requiere tanto esfuerzo y tener una esposa que se a conservado muy bien le sube un poco el ego, pero eso cambio con la pandemia y ahora descubrió lo alejado que estaba de si familia y que ya no se entendían como antes, antes de terminar el 2021 su esposa Nancy le dió el m documento y le pido directo sin dudar que quiere el divorcio, él extendió todo lo posible pero tenía un ultimátum para antes de la primavera del 2022. Para el colmo la compañía dónde trabaja aún siguen recortando personal y él está casi en la mira así que tiene que salir de su zona de confort y empezar a trabajar de más. Lo de su hijo ya era un caso perdido, casi que él prefería pasar el tiempo con el padre de su mejor amigo que con él. Pero las cosas iban a cambiar con la llegada de un pariente que busca una oportunidad en la ciudad, su sobrino Alexander hijo de su hermana mayor, venía a la ciudad a buscar empleo, Alexander no pudo estudiar en la universidad por falta de dinero aunque sabía que podría sacarle provecho, no aplicó para una beca por su historial académico y de mala conducta, si el chico era alguien intenso que no querías molestar, podrá parecer un alto flacucho pero sabía dar una buena pelea sin importar que le superes por varios centímetros y peso, él era rápido y no dudaba en lo que hacía. Pero ya esos tiempos de institutos quedaron atrás y el joven está dispuesto a conseguir empleo, su madre convenció a su tío Javier para que le consiga algún trabajo y también hospitalidad en la gran ciudad, Alexander no estaba cómodo con la idea, no por su tío sino por su primo Gabriel que desde niños el pequeño Gabriel era el más fastidioso e inquieto de la familia. Alexander llegó un 10 de enero a la casa de Javier quien ya lo esperaba con una habitación de huéspedes lista para él aunque demasiado cerca de la habitación de Gabriel, para suerte de Alexander el pequeño Gabriel ya se había calmado un poco y tenía videojuegos para entretenerse el mismo. Nuestro Alexander aceptó la oferta de empleo que pudo darle su tío Javier, no es que fuera realmente algo que le daría una independencia económica pero gracias al alojamiento puede ahorrar para algo más y mientras gana experiencias buscar un mejor empleo, ¿Que cuál fue el empleo? Boguedista de la misma compañía de Javier, así también se ahorra el viaje. Paso una semana y se podría decir que Alexander se está empezando a adaptar a su nueva vida en la ciudad, el trabajo era pesado si pero le daba el tiempo para al menos también intentar hacer vida, conocer sus alrededores, no era mala la experiencia fuera del trabajo y la casa de Javier, la cosa cambia dentro. Pasando una semana con la familia de su tío es imposible no enterarse de los problemas más evidentes, trató de no involucrar se pero el viaje al trabajo casi atrapado en el tráfico, dos hombres en un auto y claramente la incomodidad del silencio, era preferible hablar de algo aunque sea de los problemas en casa y del fútbol que la verdad ninguno de los dos veía pero nunca se lo dijeron al otro. Parecía que iba a ser otro viernes más en la vida de ambos pero estaban completamente equivocados, hoy tocaba unas horas extra, ambos claramente no estaban felices con ello pero ¿qué podían hacer realmente? Alexander estaba moviendo equipo de la bodega a uno de los laboratorios de las plantas bajas, algo ya parte de la rutina de mover aparatos y cosas que no entendía bien del todo, la cosa es que tuvo un pequeño descuido con una caja la cual se cayó de sus manos en un tropiezo y las piezas salieron volando por todas las direcciones, una de esas piezas llegó a impactar contra una máquina extraña la cual ahora estaba dañada por una pieza que llegó a atravesar el tablero de control de alguna manera. El joven pudo limpiar el desastre pero no sabía que hacer con esa máquina, algo apanicado por pensar que iba a perder su empleo y tener que volver al pequeño pueblo con su madre, una idea se pasó por su mente, Javier, él posiblemente sabrá que hacer tenía la esperanza que así fuera. Javier llegó con Alexander y vió claramente cuál era el problema desde que entró al laboratorio, estuvieron discutiendo que hacer unos minutos hasta que simplemente llegaron a la conclusión de que al menos no dejen ese fierro clavado ahí y que ya alguien más se de cuenta del daño. Los dos empezaron a hacer fuerza para sacar la pieza de metal que estaba más atascada ee lo que pensaban, fue en un descuido que activaron la máquina y no solo eso sino que estaban en la mira del rayo que salió antes de que lograrán quitar la pieza. Ellos solo vieron casi que un flash de luz azul que los cegó momentáneamente, la cosa es que no sabían es que esa máquina no era una cámara muy costosa, sino un cambiador de mentes y que sin querer ellos dos cambiaron de cuerpo. Alexander fue el primero en despertarse, se sentía pesado, cansado y curiosamente con hambre, estaba algo sudado y sus pies lo estaban matando, él pudo reconocer a alguien más en el suelo, fue rápido pero un escalofrío recorrió su cuerpo cuando se dió cuenta de qué era su cuerpo ahí tirado, levanto lentamente sus manos las cuales ya no eran esas manos que vieron varias peleas y con unas pocas venas marcadas, ahora eran manos grandes y gruesas pero más que nada gordas y con mucho vello que recorría desde laano hasta casi sus hombros. Corrió a un tanque metálico que funcionaba como espejo y ahí se vio mejor, tenía el pelo negro, una barba descuidada pero abundante, un casi inexistente cuello, hombros flácidos y brazos regordetes, pechos de hombre un poco colgantes, una gran barriga semi cervecera, una cadera y piernas demasiado anchas que no cabría bien en un asiento, además de llevar unos zapatos que se sentían 2 tallas más pequeños de lo que deberían, era su Tío Javier, mejor dicho él tenía el cuerpo de su tío Javier. El siguiente en despertarse fue el mismo Javier quién se extraño de verse a si mismo de espaldas, hizo caso lo mismo, miro sus manos flacas de dedos largos, venas marcadas y parecia que tenía los nudillos endurecidos, se levantó y fue al lado de su cuerpo y se vio a si mismo también, un joven alto para su anterior estatura de 1.75 m ahora tiene 1.85 m, era flaco pero no sé sentía para nada débil, su pelo ahora era castaño y no tenía mi un pelo más aya de su cabeza, podía ver si piel un poco más bronceada por dónde se asomaban de la ropa ajustada que hacía notar un poco su pecho y su cintura pequeña, unas piernas largas que terminaban en tenis sin plataforma algo grandes pero de la talla adecuada. — ¿Que fue lo que pasó? ¿Por qué estoy en tu cuerpo? — Dijo Javier a Alexander que aún estaba aturdido e incrédulo por lo que veía. — No… no lo sé. ¿Que vamos hacer ahora? ¡¿Que le diremos a tu familia?! — Expresó con preocupación y enojo Alexander. — Mira, no tengo ni la más remota idea que pasó, pero no debemos decirle a nadie, si se enteran de ésto sólo va a empeorar las cosas, ya tengo demasiadas preocupaciones como para lidiar con esto. — ¡¿Qué?! ¿Acaso quieres callarte y pretender que nada paso? — Toma de la camisa de Javier que sería su antigua camisa y lo pone contra ese mismo tanque. — ¿Se te ocurre forma de justificar ésto a alguien? Si es así te escucho, sino, no nos queda de otra que estar así y averiguar cómo volver a cambiar. Alex se queda callado un momento pensando, luego recuerda la máquina pero para su desgracia y por más que intentara, ya no encendía, al fin ese daño del fierro cobro factura y quemó los circuitos internos al usar la máquina. — No… ¡No! No puedes hacerme esto… ¡No!.... — Empieza a golpear un poco la máquina. — Hey ¡Hey! Para, no la destroces más de lo que ya está, tenemos que irnos de aquí. Aún enojado pero claramente aún cuerdo solo es un último golpe y cierra su puño con fuerza antes de sólo acentir e ir con Javier al auto. Ya en el auto se sentaron ambos adelante, solo que Javier en el cuerpo de Alex se fue al lado del conductor y Alex en el cuerpo de Javier en el del copiloto. — Mira, tanto tú cómo yo está claro que no queremos esto, ya tengo problemas en mi matrimonio, mi hijo me odia, mi empelo está en riesgo y no quiero preocuparme ahora por ésto. Pero no podemos hacer nada por ahora… — Dijo Javier apoyándose contra el respaldo y mirando al techo del coche. — Se que no se puede hacer nada… pero ¡Mierda! No quiero esta vida, lo siento pero realmente tenía planes, quería un trabajo que pagara bien pero me deje tiempo para… cosas. ¿Cómo voy a manejar tu vida? — preguntó Alexander. — Te ayudaré con éso, a manejar mi empleo y no te preocupes por mi familia, mi esposa se quiere divorciarse y mi hijo no me obedece por más que le digo que haga las cosas, por lo menos céntrate en el trabajo, porque si me corren no sé cómo podré mantenerte en casa. — más bien, que no me corran para mantenerte a ti en casa… maldición, esto va a ser un desastre. — Nos empezaremos a llamar con el nombre del otro, tú serás Javier y yo seré Alexander, trataremos de usarlos incluso cuando hablemos sobre este asunto de cambio de cuerpos, ¿Qué dices? Javier.— le extiende su mano como si se fueran a conocer por primera vez. — Pues… no hay realmente otra alternativa, Alex. — le da un apretón de manos y ambos aceptan de momento intentar vivir la vida del otro. Pero mi momento como narrador a terminado, es hora de que ellos mismos describan sus experiencias en los próximos capitulos, la nueva situación que vino a cambiar sus vidas literalmente.
  7. Jed couldn't believe it. Dexter was eating again. Jed's locker was just down the hall from Dexter's. He watched as Dexter, his face buried in his locker, cracked open a canned protein shake and with the ferocity of someone who hasn't eaten in days, glugged it down in three giant gulps. Dexter then grabbed a handful of snack bars, slammed his locker shut, and loped past Jed towards the study hall they both had next period. Dexter was wearing baggy jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. Jed watched Dexter as he passed. Something wasn't right. Jed was used to looking down on Dexter as were most of the other students at school. But now, Jed realized that he could not see the top of Dexter's head as he shuffled passed eyes fixed on the floor. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. He couldn't get to his locker fast enough. He was starving! That morning he had eaten even more than usual -- a three egg omelet, two breakfast sausages, and a bowl of grits. Thankfully his mother still enjoyed cooking for him. He was full when he finished, but that lasted barely an hour. By 9, his stomach felt empty. By 9:30, he was hungry. By 9:45, he was counting the seconds till the period was over and he could rush to his locker where he knew he had snacks waiting. Dexter felt Jed eyeing him. He hated that he had so many classes with Jed. Many people picked on Dexter, but Jed was the worst. Of course, that hadn't happened recently. Things were changing. The bell rang and Dexter leapt from his seat and tore across the room and down the hall to reach his locker as quickly as possible. He had finished his protein shake before he realized he even had his locker open. It felt so good to drink it. His body calmed a bit. He took a breath and grabbed three of the healthy snack bars that his mom started buying for him. He knew the protein shake wasn't going to be near enough. Three snack bars would hopefully do it. Lunch was an hour and a half away. He raced past Jed without looking up at him. Even from his periphery, Dexter noticed that Jed was seeming less and less tall. Soon, Dexter thought, I'll be the taller one. Maybe very soon. Dexter was asleep in class again. Jed didn't know how he got away with it. Dexter was sitting in his usual front corner desk when Jed entered the room. Before Jed could settle in a seat, Dexter opened a book like he was going to study, then quickly unwrapped three snack bars. A disinterested Mr. Bowman sat behind his desk facing the class. He never cared what the students did as long as they kept quiet. Each student took a seat, the room quieted, and Dexter methodically and silently ate three snack bars, one after the other, appearing to savor each bite. He then put his head down on his desk and seemed to fall asleep instantly. Again, Jed thought something wasn't right. Dexter's sweatshirt was baggy and oversized, but Jed could not convince himself that Dexter wasn't almost filling it out. In his position leaning forward, the sweatshirt appeared to be stretched somewhat tightly across Dexter's shoulders and upper back. As he slept, Dexter's chest expanded and contracted with each slow breath. With each expansion, Jed swore he could see Dexter's lat muscles coming further into focus under the sweatshirt. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Dexter's back couldn't be that wide, his back muscles couldn't be that pronounced, and there is no way those could possibly be Dexter’s shoulders and upper arms filling out the sweatshirt. He must be wearing a thick shirt underneath. Maybe it was even a second sweatshirt. That had to be it. Dexter shifted slightly, his arms changing position, the creases in what to Jed increasingly seemed like a stretched sweatshirt changing to accommodate the shifting mysterious bulk beneath. Jed looked away. He must be going crazy. Dexter made sure his book was opened and his snack bars unwrapped before the normal classroom noises died down. He liked sitting in the front corner of the classroom -- close enough to the teacher that no one would mess with him, far enough from the teacher not to draw his attention. The snack bars were so inviting. He was still very hungry. He wanted to wolf them down but knew that would be a bad idea. So, he ate them as slowly as he could manage. Each bite was delicious. He knew each mouthful he swallowed would go towards his growing body. It felt so good. He wasn't wearing anything under the sweatshirt. Each time he brought a bar to his mouth to take a bite, he could feel the tightness of his sweatshirt as it stretched ever so slightly over his shoulder and arms. He resisted the temptation to flex. His biceps and triceps bulged now even without flexing. Could he see the peak of his bicep through the sweatshirt even now? Was the sweatshirt that tight on him? It couldn't be. He took another bite. Then another. Then another until he was finished. He got tired right away as he often did after eating these days. The weight of the snack bars and protein shake felt good in his stomach. His body was happy. Maybe he would grow. He realized he should bury that thought. The thought of growing excited him. Sometimes he got hard just thinking about it. His jeans were very baggy, but now he was starting to worry they were not baggy enough. He looked down at the folds of the jeans over his lap. The bulge of his penis was obvious to him. It was so big now. People couldn't tell, though, right? He wasn't sure he wanted anybody to notice. Except maybe Cindy. People would just see bunched baggy jeans. Maybe he should try to stay awake. If he fell asleep, he might get an erection. He was so tired, though. Before he could register just how tired, he was asleep. Forty minutes went by slowly for Jed. People kept trying to pass him notes mostly to ask about his girlfriend Cindy. Jed refused to write back. Cindy was fine and yes, she was still his girlfriend and people needed to stop asking him about it or he was going to get mad. All the while, his mind kept coming back to Dexter who was dead to the world asleep. Jed's friends finally gave up on him. Left alone, Jed was drawn once again to Dexter's sleeping form. With each passing moment, Jed became more and more convinced that Dexter did seem to be the wrong size. He was too big. Something was definitely wrong. Jed scanned Dexter from head to toe taking in everything that looked wrong -- thick arms, rounded shoulders, a wide back, and... was that a giant bulge in Dexter's crotch? Jed tried to look away -- this was disgusting -- but he couldn't. It could be a trick of his jeans, which were every bit as baggy as his sweatshirt, but was it? Jed watched with fascination and horror as the bulge at Dexter's crotch started to grow. It grew, pushing outward, a dome bigger than Jed's eyes wanted him to believe. There was a pause, then abruptly the bulge changed and began snaking its way down Dexter's right leg. One inch, then another, then another until a bulge as thick as a can of energy drink and twice as long snaked more than halfway to Dexter's knee! It was enormous! Dexter's breathing became deeper and faster. What was clearly a giant erection pulsed against Dexter's increasingly tight jeans. Moment after moment, breath after breath, the bulge in Dexter's pants seemed to swell towards its full size. Could Jed see the head of Dexter's cock inflating under his jeans? It looked the size of a baseball! Suddenly, Dexter shot awake. He sat up, looked down at his lap, and immediately flushed. Jed forced his eyes to the front of the room. He tried to forget what he just saw. Finally, the bell rang, and Jed left the room with the class. Dexter was having a dream about Cindy. Fuck it was good. She was so damn hot. Her tits huge and so soft. He was about to kiss them. Cindy moaned, her pink nipples swelling towards his waiting mouth... Derek bolted awake. Fuck, he’d fallen asleep. He was immediately aware of the giant erection straining against his jeans. Fuck, it was huge! People would see! He repositioned his legs and shifted his sweatshirt, so it covered as much of his leg as possible. Fuck, stop thinking of Cindy. Think of something else. Anything else. Did anyone notice? Dexter scanned the room. Nobody seemed to have noticed, but Dexter thought Jed seemed to be making a point of looking straight ahead at the empty whiteboard. Mercifully, the bell rang. Dexter stayed seated as the rest of the class left the room. He felt his cock deflate slightly. "Ok there Dexter?" Mr. Bowman asked with an inquisitive look? "Yes, I'm fine Mr. Bowman", Dexter responded gathering his things. He stood to leave. When he reached his full height, he realized things looked different. The angles were off. Things looked lower. Was he taller? He had had a few tall mornings recently, waking up realizing he had grown overnight. It couldn't have happened while he was napping during class, could it? Mr. Bowman raised an eyebrow. Dexter hurried out of the classroom. Jed couldn't believe what he'd seen. Or what he'd thought he'd seen. What was happening? Trying to appear calm to anybody who was watching, he walked towards his locker. Cindy was supposed to meet him there. He rounded the corner of the hall where his locker was. No Cindy. Jed just kept walking. People were watching him. He just kept walking. He arrived early to his next class -- physical education. He walked straight to his locker and started to change. One more period to go till lunch. He would probably see Cindy there, unless she was making a point to avoid him, which she might be. He thought back to two weeks ago when things really started to go bad with them. Jed was messing with Dexter as he had done countless times before. He had twisted Dexter's arm behind his back and was slowly raising it higher as Dexter squealed in pain. A small crowd had gathered to watch the entertainment. Jed's friends were goading him on. Then Cindy was there. "Why do you always have to pick on him?!" Cindy shrieked at him. "Why shouldn't I?!" Jed shot back. But what he was thinking was, "Because I saw you looking at him! Again!" What was worse is there was something wrong with Dexter. He was putting up much more of a fight than he ever had before. He screamed at Jed in his squeaky voice, "Let me go!" and tried furiously to break Jed's grip. Jed's left hand was clutching Dexter's upper left arm, Jed's right hand forced Dexter's right arm up his back, well past the point of pain. Suddenly, Dexter grunted, really more of a squeak, and tried to escape, forcing his right arm downward and lurching forward to break Jed's grip on his left arm. Even through his oversized sweatshirt, Jed felt Dexter's left arm swell with hard muscle as his biceps and triceps flexed violently. His right arm forced Jed’s down an inch or two before Jed, throwing all his strength into it, managed to stop Dexter's escape attempt... just barely. Dexter struggled for a few more seconds before giving up. Jed had won again, but just barely. Jed was shocked at Dexter's seemingly brand new strength and the way his arm had swelled when he tried to escape. Jed looked back at Cindy to find her glaring at him. Her arms were crossed under very ample breasts. Her eyes were points of anger aimed directly at Jed. Jed let Dexter go and he shuffled off, eyes down, tears streaming down his face. Cindy broke her gaze with Jed to watch Dexter as he left. Things had been bad with Cindy ever since. Everything in the hallway looked just the slightest bit shorter to Dexter. The lockers, the classroom doors, and even the other students. Could this really be happening? He did have not time to dwell on it. The friction of his jeans against his cock as he hurried down the hall caused his erection to return in full force and then some. His swollen cock had escaped his underwear, he knew. As he walked, his cock head pushed closer and closer to his knee. It strained against his increasingly tight jeans, his quadricep muscles flexing against his swollen erection. The thought of his cock growing caused it to swell that much more. He had to find someplace private and deal with this situation. He had to get to gym class though. There was no way he could walk into the changing room like this. Frantically, he ducked into a bathroom and into an empty stall quickly closing the door behind him. There were two other guys in the bathroom. A bead of sweat ran down Dexter's forehead as he waited desperately for them to leave. The instant they were out the door, Dexter unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His dick was straining against his over-matched underwear. His cock head and at least two inches of shaft had escaped the bottom edge of his underwear. Dexter marveled at it for half a heartbeat before ripping his underwear down. His cock surged and sprang upward thickening and lengthening by inches. Fuck, it must be ten inches long! Dexter put both his hands on his cock and instantly it exploded in an intense orgasm. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from his dick and splattered against the door of the stall. Dexter became lost in the orgasm as he ejaculated over and over. He finally came to his senses almost a minute later. The door was slathered with cum, which was dripping and pooling on the floor. How was he going to clean all that up? His dick was still half hard. Wondering how he would stuff it back in his pants, he reached down to pull them up, and saw his legs. His quads looked muscular! And big! It was only a couple of days ago doing leg presses that he noticed how crazy strong they had become. The silence surrounding him reminded Dexter that he was late to class. With some effort, he stuffed himself into his pants, used fistfuls of paper towels to clean his cum off the stall door and floor, and rushed off to gym class. Jed was the first person dressed and ready for class. Today's class was about proper bench press technique. It was a valuable exercise, but if done wrong could lead to shoulder problems. The teacher, Mr. Greer, asked Jed to demonstrate proper technique and then spot other students as they demonstrated theirs. Jed demonstrated first with just the bar to show perfect technique. To show how things can go wrong, Mr. Greer asked Jed to do additional sets progressively adding more and more weight. Jed started with 25 lbs. on either side, which was still easy for him. He then put 45-pound weights on either side for a total of 135 lbs., not his max, but definitely something he could feel. Jed did a full set of 10 as Mr. Greer pointed out how Jed was still maintaining proper form despite the fact that he was working harder to move the weights. "Are you up to push yourself further?" Mr. Greer asked Jed. "Of course, Mr. Greer. Let's go to 185." Pleaser, Mr. Greer added a 25 lb. plate to either side of the bar. Jed took a deep breath and pushed the bar upward. He proceeded to execute 7 repetitions, the last two of which were a little shaky. Mr. Greer pointed out how Jed's form started to loosen as he reached the end of the set. "Let's go up a little more, Jed. Just for a couple of reps to show the class why it's smart to be aware of your limits. I'll spot you. You'll be safe." Mr. Greer put 10 lbs on either side of the bar bringing the total weight to 195 lbs. Jed wasn't very worried. He had maxed at this level before. He took another deep breath and pushed the bar upwards. Be lowered the bar to his chest and could feel his form loosening. His back was arching slightly, his elbows shaking a little as he slowly thrust the weight up to complete his first rep. He lowered the bar again and struggled through a second rep. Mr. Greer started to say, "That's enough, Jed", but Jed lowered the bar for a third rep. As it touched his chest, he knew he made a mistake. He struggled with all his might, but the bar raised only a few inches before Mr. Greer grabbed the bar and re-racked it. "That is a great demonstration, class, of why you do not want to push yourself too far." Mr. Greer looked across the room to the door. "Ah. Dexter. So kind of you to join us. Perhaps you should be next to show the class your technique on the bench." Jed looked over and saw Dexter in the doorway of the gym. He was wearing an oversized tee shirt and shorts. Jed thought his forearms looked oddly thick. So did his calves. Mr. Greer turned to Jed. "Jed", Mr. Greer said, "why don't you spot Dexter while I observe." Jed responded, "Yes, sure, I'll spot." Dammit. Dexter had arrived at just the wrong time. He was hoping to avoid attention at today's class. Instead, he was about to go second behind Jed in a class demonstration. To Dexter's dismay, Mr. Greer asked Jed to spot. Jed agreed quickly, but Dexter thought his voice sounded shaky somehow. Dexter actually loved lifting weights. His muscles had grown so much over the past couple of months, it was insane. On top of which, bench was one of his favorites. His pecs always pumped incredibly from a good chest workout. They actually felt pumped right now as did his entire body from the strenuous activities of the bathroom just a few minutes ago. Dexter tried to ignore the fact that Jed would be his spotter and took his place on the bench. They started with just the bar. God, it was so light. Dexter complete 10 repetitions like it was nothing. When he started a couple months ago, even just the bar was pushing it for him. Things were so different now. "Ok, that was obviously too easy for Dex. Slow down son! And keep your form tight. Let's throw on some 25's." Jed put 25 lbs. on either side of the bar bringing the weight to 95 lbs. Dexter knew it would be easy. He completed 10 steady reps with barely any effort. He could feel his pecs and arms beginning to swell. "Looking good, son." Mr. Greer said. "Let's go up to 45's." Dexter was surprised. Mr. Greer had never jumped him up so quickly. Jed replaced the 25's with 45's and took his place behind the bench. Dexter wrapped his hands around the bar. A couple weeks ago, this was his max weight. He pushed upward lifting the bar off the rack rather easily. He steadied the weight and then lowered it to his chest. It felt light! He pressed it up with relative ease. God, he'd gotten strong. He completed nine more repetitions without struggling at all. "Wow, son, these weights have worked wonders on you, haven't they? Think you're ready to jump right to 185?" Dexter started to say, "I don't know..." but was interrupted by Mr. Greer. "Sure, you are. You'll be fine." Wordlessly, Jed added 25 lb. weights to either side of the bar. 185 lbs. was a lot for Dexter. In fact, it was his max lift from last week. He had managed only three shaky repetitions. But he felt good. His pecs felt full and pumped. He grabbed the bar and without hesitation lifted it off the rack. It didn't feel as heavy as last week. He lowered it to his chest and fearing it might get stuck there immediately tried to push it back up. It moved! Fast! Before he knew it, his arms were fully extended. Fuck, that was a lot easier than last week! He lowered the bar and did another easy repetition. Then a third and a fourth and a fifth. He slowed down on the sixth and perhaps a little more on the 7th. He was suddenly conscious that the entire class was watching him. He'd forgotten this was a class demo. He still felt he could do more reps, but before he could move, Jed racked the weight, keeping Dexter from attempting an 8th rep. He immediately felt blood surge to his chest. The pump felt amazing. "Very good son! What progress! Let's keep going. Another 10 on each side, Jed." There was a beat where Jed froze, but then he started mechanically loading the additional weight. "I don't know if..." Dexter began. "You can, son" Mr. Greer interrupted. Jed finished and took his place behind the bench. Dexter gripped the bar, took a deep breath, and pushed against the bar. It lifted off the rack. It did feel heavy. He took another breath and lowered it to his pumped swollen chest. He let it rest there just a moment and then pushed with all his might. He felt his pecs, shoulders, and triceps bulge with the effort. The bar went up! He completed a rep. It felt good. He lowers the bar for a second rep. His muscles surged upward for another successful rep, faster than the first, which he completed with a grunt. It escaped his lips before he realized it. Fuck, I can do another, he thought. He lowered the bar for a third rep. His chest felt hot. He could feel he was starting to sweat. He pushed the bar up and with another somewhat louder grunt completed the rep even faster than the second. That was three! He paused with the bar raised, panting. Sweat was beading on his forehead, but he still felt strong. He was about to lower the bar for a fourth repetition when he felt it pulled away from him. Jed had grabbed the bar and re-racked it. "Well, class, that was some textbook form even up to the end. I suspect we could push Dexter further, but we'll let him off the hook for today. Very well done, Dexter. Very well done indeed." Still on the bench, Dexter looked up at Mr. Greer who was beaming. Dexter lifted himself off the bench and slowly stood up. His eyes reached the angle they were used to seeing the world when Dexter was fully standing and then continued to rise, just a little bit. Everything seemed lower, smaller, including Mr. Greer. Dexter was looking down into his eyes. Weren't he and Mr. Greer the same height? "Thank you, Mr. Gr--” Dexter’s voice cracked. He could feel his face flush with embarrassment. He could also feel his chest, shoulders and arms filling with blood, his muscles swelling. His gym shirt was feeling tighter with each passing moment. "Thank you very much, Mr. Greer." Dexter finished. Did his voice sound deeper? "Alright, son, go ahead and finish your workout" Mr. Greer said, placing his hand on Dexter's shoulder. Dexter thought Mr. Greer's hand looked small on his shoulder, which was pumping with blood and clearly muscular under his tee shirt. "I will", Dexter responded in what to his ears sounded like an obviously deeper version of his voice. "Let's thank Jed for being a good sport about spotting." Mr. Greer offered. He and the rest of the class clapped politely. Dexter turned to look at Jed. Dexter found that he was looking Jed level in the eye. Something must be wrong -- the floor must not be level. Jed is way taller than him. Dexter raised his hands to join the clapping and felt the tightness of his tee shirt around his arms. Jed's eyes were everywhere but on Dexter, though Dexter thought he seemed nervous somehow. "Ok, let's find our next victim..." Mr. Greer continued the lesson. Dexter pulled up the lower half of his tee shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead, and then melted into the crowd making his way to the chest press machine to continue his workout. He definitely needed to continue working out. His pecs felt incredible. Dexter looked down at himself and observed how his pecs protruded from his chest like a shelf. He flexed and watched them ripple and bulge under his shirt. Jed watched Dexter take his place on the bench. From this perspective, Jed could not help but notice the bulges of Dexter's body even under his oversized clothing. The way his shorts draped over his legs; it was clear his quads were huge with separated musculature. Not to mention the bulge of his cock. There was a softball sized dome that caused his shorts to stretch and pucker. Jed quickly moved his eyes elsewhere, but things got no better. Dexter's pecs, shoulders, and arms looked big, way bigger than Jed would ever have thought possible. Jed tried to keep his face blank as he watched Dexter do ten reps with the bar like it was nothing. The 25's on each side barely changed things. The domes of Dexter's pecs bulged with each far-too-easy-looking repetition. When Mr. Greer suggested moving to 45's, Jed started to dread what was about to happen. Dexter completed 10 perfect reps at 135 lbs., his muscles swelling just a bit more with each contraction. Jed notices that, while Dexter was working, he had a look of absolute pleasure on his face, snapping back to reality only after the bar was re-racked. Jed was trying to think of a way to stop this, to get Dexter off the bench, when Mr. Greer suggested Dexter move up to 185 lbs. Recognizing that he missed his chance, Jed added a 25 to each side of the bar. Jed remembered seeing Dexter struggle to do a single rep with this weight last week. He was completely shocked to see Dexter push the weight off the rack like it was his normal work weight. Dexter did his first rep so easily that it appeared to surprise Dexter himself as much as it did Jed. Dexter proceeded to pump out six more reps, each perfect, his pecs swelling more and more, muscled rippling under his shirt, veins starting to become visible under the reddening skin of his forearms and neck. His seventh rep was as perfect as his first, if a bit slower. Then Dexter paused for some reason. Jed seized the opportunity to rack the weight. Jed knew he struggled more with that weight than Dexter just did -- in front of the entire class. Jed wanted this to end but didn't know how to end it. When Mr. Greer suggested to go to 195 lbs., it felt like a nightmare coming true. He could think of nothing to do, so he added the weight. Dexter grabbed the bar, pushed it off the rack, and proceed to do a solid repetition with it -- a weight that Jed knew Dexter couldn't even lift at all last week. The grunt Dexter released at the completion of his second rep caused Jed to feel something... it made him nervous. The louder grunt during the third successful rep almost caused Jed to jump. Dexter's eyes were half rolled back in pleasure. When Dexter paused for just a moment to catch his breath, Jed did the only thing he could do, grab the bar and re-rack the weight. Jed knew just as much as Mr. Greer did that Dexter could have kept going. Then Dexter stood up, and up, and up, until Jed thought he almost had to look up to meet Dexter's eyes, not that he wanted to do that. When Dexter started talking, his voice sounded more husky than squeaky, and then it cracked, and when Dexter started talking again, Jed swore Dexter's voice sounded deeper. An anxiety started growing in Jed's mind. Things got worse when Mr. Greer thanked Jed for spotting and Dexter turned towards him. Jed made a point to stretch to his full height as Dexter turned. Jed found his eyes were at best level with Dexter's. The globes of Dexter's pecs and shoulders were stretching his gym shirt. Jed may have said something in response to Mr. Greer's thanks or he may not have. When Dexter pulled up his shirt to wipe his face, he revealed a deep 8-pack of abs. The move also highlighted the way his low-hanging short were draped over the giant bulges of his quad muscles and crotch. Jed tried to unfocus his eyes, to look away, but he could not help but follow Dexter as he tried to disappear into the class. Jed was watching as Dexter flexed his pecs causing them to swell obscenely, rippling and filling his oversized shirt. Dexter felt amazing. He realized his gym shirt, which was absolutely huge on him just a couple of weeks ago, was now almost too tight. He could not stop flexing his pecs feeling them fill and stretch the shirt. He jumped on the pec deck machine and alternated sets on the machine with sets of push-ups. He quickly worked his way up to his max weight from last week and then blew past it by forty pounds. The unweighted push-ups were almost too easy, but they did serve to pump his chest to a level he never thought possible. He then moved to the cables and felt his pecs swell even further. He looked down and saw deep ridges where his upper pecs bulged from his rib cage. With each fly maneuver, his pecs and lats pulsed outward pulling his shirt tight. Dexter then moved to the dip station. He ripped through two sets of unweighted reps like they were nothing. He grabbed his weight belt and hooked 10 lbs. to it. Another set of dips. He added another 10. Another set of dips. He was starting to feel it. He added a third 10 bringing the total to 30 lbs. He proceeded to do three sets with thirty pounds of additional weight. He still felt strong, so he did a final set with a single 45 lb. plate. Fuck it felt good. Dexter realized he was lost in the feeling of it. Was he grunting? He finally looked up and saw that the class was beginning to file out of the gym. Mr. Greer waved to him, "C'mon Dex. That's all for today. You don't want to bust out of your clothes, now do you?" he asked with a smile. Dexter laughed somewhat uncomfortably and shouted back, "No Mr. Greer. Of course not." The deep voice that emanated from Dexter sounded in his ears like someone else's. The way a few class members looked back at him made him think that maybe it really was deeper. Dexter lowered his eyes and trailed the rest of the class out of the gym. He was struck again by the shelf of his pecs. He briefly flexed his upper body as he walked, pecs, lats, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Was that a rip he just heard from his shirt? The rest of the class was a waking nightmare for Jed. Though he tried not to look, he found his eyes continually coming back to Dexter who proceeded to move more weight than Jed had ever seen him move -- in some cases more weight than Jed could probably move. Dexter's muscles bulged while he was exercised, but they bulged even more in between sets as he flexed them brazenly. Dexter was also suddenly not shy about grunting, which he did especially when he was clearly pushing past a previous max weight. What is more, his grunts did not sound right. They were too deep. The squeak in Dexter's voice was gone. Each grunt sounded deeper than the last to Jed. When he grunted during his last set of dips, with 45 lbs. of additional weight, it was so deep that Jed's brain would not accept that it came from Dexter. The rest of the class seemed to notice as well, especially when Dexter responded to Mr. Greer in a baritone that left little doubt that something had changed. Jed was somewhat relieved when Dexter lowered his eyes to follow the class from the gym. But, looking back, he caught glimpses of Dexter flexing his muscles as he walked. At the peak of the flex, Jed swore he heard fabric tearing. Jed hurried to the locker room. He wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. He had spent the entire class spotting other student. He hadn't broken a sweat and did not need to rinse off, Jed decided. He quickly changed into his regular clothes, hoping nobody would notice that he was rushing. Dexter walked in as Jed was about to leave. Jed watched transfixed as Dexter, his eyes still on the floor, stopped in front of his locker, his back to the rest of the class, and flexed again. He expanded his entire upper body -- lats, shoulders, pecs, triceps, and biceps. Jed watched Dexter's lats expand outwards like wings, his shoulders bulged bigger than softballs. Despite the background noise of a full class of students in a changing room, Jed was sure this time he heard Dexter's shirt rip, the sound of which was echoing in Jed's mind as he exited the changing room. Dexter proceeded directly to his locker in the changing room. His body still felt amazing from the workout. He did not look up to see if anyone was paying attention to him. He thought nobody was. He stopped in front of his locker and engaged on one more flex. He could feel every muscle, especially his pecs and triceps, but thought it was his lats that caused his shirt to rip even before he was fully flexed. The ripping sound broke his trance. He aborted the flex before it caused visible damage to his shirt, if it hadn't already. Dexter thought it was a good thing he jerked off just before gym class. Otherwise, he would be getting hard. Dexter had sweat quite a bit during his workout and knew he needed a shower. He grabbed his change of clothes and a towel and entered an empty shower stall. He did not like changing in front of people, so he brought everything into the stall with him, despite the fact that it usually resulted in his putting on his clothes while he was still wet. Removing his shirt in the stall, which was much more confining than Dexter remembered, proved problematic. The sweat soaked short got stuck on his lats and shoulders as he tried to pull it over his head. It was a struggle, and he was sure he heard a rip before he got it off. He looked down at his body, which to him was bulging with muscle. He removed his shorts, turned on the hot water, and began running his hands over his body. Everything felt huge. There was muscle everywhere, especially his pecs, which looked like they were ready to leap from his chest. Fuck, he was going to get hard. He felt his cock swell and stiffen. In moments, it was fully extended pointed straight up. He looked down at his deeply carved abs, comparatively narrow waist, and his extremally large cock and lost control of himself. One hand on his cock, the other steadying against the wall of the stall, he started stroking himself. He could not help it. He hoped he was being quiet. In seconds he exploded like he had in the bathroom, spurt after spurt of his cum splashing against the tiled wall. So much cum that it ran in rivulets down the wall, gathering speed with the shower water, and finally running down the drain. Dexter finally came to his senses enough to finish showering. He took his time to flex each muscle and feel it bulge in his hands. Then came a knock against the stall. "Is that you, Dexter?" It was Mr. Greer. "Better hurry up. The bell is about to ring." "Ok, will do" Dexter responded in a baritone voice that he could still not accept was his own. He turned off the water, dried himself quickly, and then set to dressing in the clothes he had walked in here wearing. It proved much more difficult than he had anticipated. The previously oversized sweatshirt barely fit over his bulging shoulders, pecs, and arms. His pants were even worse. His cock did not want to fully deflate, on top of which he was having a tough time pulling the pant legs over his quads. The fact that his skin was not fully dry only made things worse. The bell rang just as he finally finished dressing. He burst from the stall to find Mr. Greer waiting for him. Dexter found he was looking down at Mr. Greer's eyes. They both seemed taken aback. "Alright, Dex, better make your way to lunch. You don't want to be caught in the halls." "I'll head straight there, Mr. Greer", Dexter responded in his deepening voice. "You really seem to have an aptitude for lifting, Dex" Mr. Greer said, subtly scanning Dexter from head to toe. "You may want to consider a career in the fitness industry." Dexter looked down at himself, conscious of the way his previously baggy sweatshirt was now stretched over his upper body. "Thanks, Mr. Greer. Maybe I will." Dexter suddenly realized he was starving. He practically ran to the lunchroom. Jed thought he felt people's eyes following him as he walked the halls. He reached his locker. No Cindy. He threw his gym clothes inside and headed towards the cafeteria, bracing himself for what he might find there. Sure enough, Cindy was there. She was already seated at a table with food surrounded by her friends. The sight of her stopped Jed in his tracks. She and he locked eyes for half a heartbeat, then she looked away. Her friends noticed Jed and proceeded to huddle around Cindy like they were protecting her from an attacker. Jed was blocking an entrance to the cafeteria and people started pushing around him. He thought he heard Dexter's name floating amongst the chatter in the hallway behind him. "...you seen Dexter today?... huge!... ripped his shirt..." Jed spotted a couple of his friends in line for food. They ended up at their usual table. His friends were peppering him with questions, not just about Cindy, but also Dexter. They heard about gym class. Jed wouldn't say anything. Cindy, only at the far end of the next table over wouldn't even look in his direction. Finally, she did look towards him, but not at him. She was looking past him to the entrance to the cafeteria. Dexter was entering the room, eyes on the floor, almost jogging towards the line for food. The line was short by the time Dexter got there. He kept grabbing food, plate after plate of it, piled precariously high on his tray. It looked like at least three helpings of everything. He threw some money at the cashier then hurried off to his corner table with a handful of other misfits. They might have said a few words to him, but Dexter tore into his food shoveling mouthful after mouthful into his mouth. Jed wasn't sure why, but it was making him anxious watching Dexter wolf down all that food. Bite after bite after bite. Jed looked down at his own barely eaten plate of food and suddenly realized he had no appetite. His anxiety grew into something closer to abstract fear as he watched Dexter spend the next half hour shoveling plate after plate of food into his mouth, his jaw muscles working efficiently and furiously. People started filing out. Lunch was almost over. The entire senior class had to meet in the assembly room for a presentation about graduation. Jed's friends got up to leave and he followed them. As he was exiting the cafeteria, he looked back to see Dexter finishing his lunch by chugging an entire bottle of water in one unbroken gulp. Food! Every step towards the cafeteria caused Dexter's hunger to increase. It reached an overwhelming crescendo just as he reached the front of the cafeteria line. Everything looked so good, and he was so hungry. He piled so much food on his tray, he wasn't sure how much was there. He just hoped it would be enough. The cashier charged him for three full meals, a price Dexter gladly paid. He raced to his corner table where he and the other unpopular kids ate together. They might not be all friends, but they were at least friendly to each other. Not that any of that mattered to Dexter in the current moment. All he wanted to do was eat this food, which he did as soon as he took his seat. For the next half hour, all he could think about was shoveling the food down his throat. He had never been so hungry! He was used to his workouts increasing his appetite, but this was more than he had ever experienced. His body wanted every bite, every morsel of food that he had taken - three Salisbury steaks, a mountain of mashed potato, and piles of steamed vegetables. All of it was overcooked, but he didn't care. His body craved it. When he was finally finished, he up-ended his bottle of water and drank it all down. Dexter realized the rest of the kids at his table were staring at him. The expressions on their faces were somewhat inscrutable. The girls were looking at him in a way that confused Dexter. "What? I was hun..." His voice cracked again. "I was hungry", he finished in what might have been an even deeper version of his voice. "Obviously" one of the guys said. "Well, you've got muscles to feed" one of the girls started, "or so we've... heard." Her eyes were glued to Dexter's chest. "What?" Dexter said, suddenly feeling drowsy. "I've gotta go. We've got an assembly." "Did his voice always sound like that?" he thought he heard a girl ask as Dexter rose from the table, leaving his tray and stack of plates behind, and made his way towards the assembly room. The halls were a blur. Suddenly, all he wanted to do was sleep. Also, his sweatshirt was too tight. It was catching under his armpits and at his chest and he could feel it squeezing his upper arms. He flexed his biceps watching as the peak stretched the sweatshirt to its limit. He finally made it to the assembly room, which was more than half full by the time he got there. There were empty seats up front. He took one near the corner where it was darkest, propped his head on his hand, and melted into sleep. Jed spotted Cindy seated near the middle of the assembly room, flanked by her friends on either side. The seats behind her were empty. Jed pushed his way through the crowd of students and took the seat directly behind her. A few of Jed's friends filtered in his row after him. From this angle, Jed had a perfect view of Cindy's amazing tits jutting almost arrogantly from her chest. She was wearing a tiny top that hugged her fit body in all the right ways. Several inches of well-toned abs were exposed above her tight jeans. She had no right to ignore him. Jed leaned forward and started to say, "You can't ignore me, you..." but before could get it out, Cindy leapt from her seat and stepping over her friends moved almost to the end of her row as far as she could quickly get from Jed. Jed was considering stepping over his friends to get to her when he saw Dexter walk down the far aisle. He passed by Cindy and took a seat near the front, not far from her. Jed watched as Dexter sat and quickly passed out. Jed also noticed two other things. One, he noticed that Dexter's shoulders were a lot wider than his seat back. Two, he noticed that Cindy was also watching Dexter. In fact, she was staring. She was erect in her seat, back arched, stretching to get a better view. Her chest was heaving slightly, her breasts silhouetted in prominent display. Jed was vaguely aware that the assembly presentations had begun. As they droned, the minutes dragged on and on and on. Cindy barely looked away from Dexter. When she did, it appeared as if she was forcing her eyes forward like she was fighting with herself to look away. Each time she did, within moments she was back staring at Dexter. She never once looked back at Jed. Who the fuck did she think she was? She could not treat him this way. Dexter slept through the entire assembly. He shifted every few minutes, the stadium style seating not designed for comfortable sleep. With each repositioning, Jed thought Dexter looked less comfortable, not more, like his body was struggling to fit inside a space too small for it. Dexter stretched in his sleep reaching his arms upward. Jed noticed that there was exposed wrist between the end of Dexter's sweatshirt sleeves and his hands. The assembly proceeded tortuously, Jed's gaze alternating between Dexter and Cindy. Finally, the assembly was over, and the bell rang. Dexter did not stir. Cindy did, the bell seeming to wake her from a reverie. She finally did look back at Jed. Anxiety spread over her previously serene expression. She jumped from her seat and made swiftly for the doors at the back of the assembly room. This time, Jed did step over his friends to follow her. Shoving his way through the crowd, he caught her in the hall outside. Furious, he grabbed her arm and spun her around. She was panting, her breasts rising and falling with each respiration. Her trim abs, tones arms, and shapely athletic legs were evident even through her jeans. Jed's voice caught in his throat for a moment, but he mastered himself and practically yelled, "What the fuck, Cindy? You can't treat me like this. Who the fuck do you think you are??" She did not say a word but glared at him. Suddenly, her eyes widened. She looked past and over Jed, her expression changing from one of anger to one of amazement. Jed felt something behind him. Without looking, he felt he knew what -- who -- it was. Dexter woke slowly from what was a pleasant dreamless slumber. His body felt relaxed. He stood to stretch, bumping his knees on the seat on front of him. Like earlier today, his visual perspective went up and up, past where it was yesterday, still up, past where it was this morning, still up, past even where it was when he fell asleep! He reached for a full stretch and was conscious of his sweatshirt riding up his mid-section, his hands stretching past the ends of the sleeves. He felt cool air around his ankles and looking down noted that his pants did not reach his shoes. His jeans, formerly baggy, were stretched over his calves and even more so over his thighs. Neither his jeans nor sweatshirt were tight at his waist, but when he lowered his arms, he felt the sweatshirt bunch around his chest leaving most of his med-section exposed. He pulled the sweatshirt down and found it would not reach his waist. In fact, it could barely contain his upper body, the globes of his shoulders, twin domes of his pecs, and thick full lats all strained against the nearly over-matched fabric of the sweatshirt. Dexter flexed slightly watched his pecs dance, the sweatshirt clinging to them in a way not wholly different from how Cindy's top clung to her breasts. Dexter was suddenly aware that his cock felt constricted. He looked down and beheld a truly massive bulge at his crotch on obscene display despite his jeans. Dexter looked around and noticed the last of the class leaving the assembly room. They all looked smaller. Everything looked smaller. He followed them outside to find a crowd of students huddled around something. He continued to stride forward and was surprised that the people in his path, when they noticed him, looked at him, looked up at him, and moved quickly out of his way. Dexter found himself walking up behind Jed who seemed to be in an altercation with a furious looking Cindy. As Dexter approached, Cindy locked eyes with him, her expression changing instantly from one of fury to one of eagerness. As he got closer, Dexter realized he was taller than Jed now. Dexter closed the gap coming within inches of Jed, able to look completely over Jed's head to Cindy and the gawking crowd beyond. Jed turned around and found himself staring at what had become his worst nightmare -- Dexter. His eyes were level with Dexter's mouth. Jed's chin was practically resting on a shelf of pec muscle that was so big and perfectly formed as to be almost inhuman. It rose and fell with each of Dexter's slow calm breaths. When Dexter spoke, Jed knew his life was changed forever. "Leaver Cindy alone, Jed." Dexter said in a deep confident voice, which reverberated in Jed's own chest nearly knocking the wind out of him. Dexter was huge! Neither his sweatshirt nor his jeans could hide the protruding muscles beneath. His sleeves, stretched over his muscled arms, did not reach his hands. The gap between Dexter's sweatshirt and jeans revealed inches of muscled abs. Dexter's jeans struggled to contain the immense bulges of Dexter's quads and the obscene bulge at his crotch. Jed, struggling with a growing abject terror, thought that with each breath, Dexter grew a bit more. Soon, his clothes would split revealing a horrifically muscled body. Jed became frantic. His fight instinct kicked in. He panted a foot behind himself, then thrust off it to tackle Dexter to the floor. The collision may have hurt Jed more than it hurt Dexter! Dexter's mid-section was hard as a rock! Whether Dexter was surprised by the attack or simply did not care, Dexter went down with Jed on top of him in a classic school-boy pin, straddling Dexter with his hands on Dexter's wrists to trap his arms. "Fuck you, Dexter! You stay away from us!" There was a brief moment of silence. "Fuck me?" Dexter responded. A smile crept over his face. "Fuck me?" Dexter slowly bent his arms in a double bicep flex. Jed tried to stop him, but found he was easily overpowered. Dexter barely seemed to notice Jed's strained effort. Dexter's upper arms expanded, his bicep peaks pushing against the fabric of his sweatshirt. Halfway through the flex, his sweatshirt began to rip over his emerging biceps. "Fuck me? No Jed." Dexter completed his flex, the entirety of his biceps ripping into view. They were massive and defined with peaks that jutted so high they met with Dexter's mid-forearms at full flex. The sleeves of Dexter's sweatshirt were in tatters. "Fuck you!" Dexter exclaimed as he flipped Jed over as easily as an older brother might toy with a younger sibling, reversing the school-boy pin leaving Dexter on top and Jed on the bottom. "Fuck you, Jed!" Then Dexter's expression changed, a pleasure seeming to wash over it, his eyes rolling back, his eyelids fluttering. Holy Fuck, Dexter was so much stronger than Jed! Jed couldn't do anything to stop him! Jed's pathetic attempt to stop Dexter's bicep flex was barely even noticed! Then, he flipped Jed over like it was nothing! Dexter looked down at Jed cowering beneath him, Dexter's hugely muscled arms flexing and swelling as they held Jed easily and firmly in place. Dexter knew his weight was more than enough to keep Jed's waist pinned to the floor. Dexter could feel the violent bulge of his massive cock pressing into Jed's comparatively soft and yielding stomach. Dexter was so fucking strong! It felt so fucking good! Dexter's cock started to expand, his bulge pressing deeply into Jed's stomach, which yielded before it. Dexter was getting hard, and he didn't even care. His cock bulged more deeply into Jed's stomach. Dexter's cock grew and lengthened, stretching his underwear to its limit. Dexter heard a ripping sound and felt his cock thrust through his underwear and snake down his leg, inexorably making room for itself between Dexter's massive quadricep and Jed's waist. It grew and grew and grew. Dexter was lost in the pleasure of it. He did not even notice the look of abject horror that spread across Jed's face or Jed's frantic attempts to escape. Without realizing it, Dexter began thrusting himself against Jed sending waves of pleasure throughout Dexter's own body. Jed felt something pressing into his stomach and looked down to see Dexter's massive bulge, pressed against him, growing obscenely. Vainly struggling to escape, Jed watched in horror as Dexter's bulge grew and grew. Jed heard the ripping sound of Dexter's underwear and felt Dexter's massive penis expand against his waist. Then, Dexter started thrusting against him! "Get off me! Get off me!!" Jed screamed, flailing violently in a desperate attempt to escape, whose only effect was causing Dexter's pec and arm muscles to flex and bulge as they easily hold Jed in place. Dexter kept thrusting. Jed was about to scream again when Cindy suddenly appeared alongside Dexter. Dexter was snapped to consciousness by a gentle touch on his shoulder and the scent of perfume reaching his nose. Dexter's head whipped to his side to see Cindy crouching beside him, one hand on his shoulder. Her breasts were heaving. A tiny bead of sweat rolled down her neck, then gathering speed, plunged between her more than ample breasts. "Dexter", she said breathlessly. Dexter's eyes were drawn to her nipples, which were suddenly very visible beneath her thin clothing, "Leave him. Let's get out of here. C'mon. Let's go!" Dexter looked down at Jed, who looked absolutely terrified. His eyes were darting from Dexter to Cindy and back. Dexter had Jed by the wrists. Dexter squeezed. His forearms, biceps, and triceps bulged incredibly, his corded forearm muscles, peaked biceps, and striated triceps standing out in bold relief. Jed squealed in pain. Cindy pulled on Dexter's shoulder, and he let her drag him to his feet. She took his hand and led Dexter swiftly down the hall and out the main entrance of the school. Nobody tried to stop them. She ran straight for her car motioning for Dexter to get in the passenger seat. It was a tight fit. Dexter's head nearly brushed up against the roof. Cindy started the car and sped away. She drove out to the main road and followed it for just a minute to the parking lot of a local church, which was unused at this time of day. She pulled around back where there was some relative privacy, shut off the car, and turned to face Dexter. She was panting slightly, her unbelievable breasts, barely contained by her top which seemed painted on, filled Dexter's vision. "Dexter", she said, "You stood up to Jed to protect me." "Of course, I did", Dexter responded in his new baritone, "I would do anything for you." She leapt at him, and they proceeded to devour each other in an overwhelming fit of passion. Dexter had never kissed like this before. Their hands and lips and tongues were all over each other. A metallic creak drew their attention to Dexter's cock, which had just surged, destroying the zipper of his jeans. "Holy fuck" Cindy exclaimed and then ripped Dexter's jeans open in one motion. She extricated Dexter's hardening cock from his tattered underwear and held it as it grew, lengthening and thickening and lengthening inch by inch until it stood straight up, erect, nearly a foot long and still growing. "Oh my god", she breathed as she leaned forward and plunged Dexter's massive erection into her mouth. The moment her lips touched his cock, Dexter experienced a feeling he never had before. Cindy moaned scandalously as she slurped furiously at his dick. It barely fit inside her mouth, but she forced her head downward until Dexter's cock was thrust down her throat. Dexter would have cum instantly had he not done so twice already since he arrived at school. Cindy's head bobbed up and down, Dexter's cock continuing to swell. At the top of each motion, Cindy's head was a fraction higher until Dexter's cock had, reaching its full height and girth, lengthened by inches and become so thick it was impossibly tight inside Cindy's hungry moaning mouth. Cinder broke from Dexter and set to desperately ripping her clothes off. In the blink of an eye, she was out of her top. Her breasts finally set free appeared to float in midair. Her nipples were as erect as Dexter's penis and were every bit as impressive. She then quickly but with some difficulty peeled off her jeans, which caught on her shapely athletic thighs. Her panties came off as well, exposing her trimmed pussy, the inviting smell of which immediately wafted to Dexter's nose. In one graceful movement, she straddled Dexter. With each hand, she grabbed a handful of Dexter's tattered sweatshirt and ripped it fully apart exposing Dexter's insanely muscled torso. She then thrust her boob in Dexter's face. Instinctively, Dexter took her erect nipple in his mouth and sucked. Cindy released a full-throated moan of pleasure as her nipple expanded to full prominence wrapped in the warmth of Dexter's lips. She positioned her now dripping pussy against the head of Dexter's tremendous cock. She paused for just a moment, then thrust herself downward, and Dexter was inside of her. Cindy's second full-throated moan was joined by an equally full-throated, but much deeper one, from Dexter. Dexter's grips on Jed's wrists were like vices. Then he squeezed sending lancing pain through Jed's arms. The cry of pain escaped Jed's lips involuntarily. He thought his bones may have snapped. Then Dexter was gone, being led down the hallway by Cindy. Half the crowd was watching them go, while the other half looked down at Jed with a mixture of pity and horror. The only thing Jed knew was that he needed to get out of there. Now knowing where else to go, he leapt up and raced after Dexter and Cindy. He burst from the main entrance just as Cindy was closing the door of her car behind her. He could see Dexter's massive bulk in the passenger seat. Like he was caught in a nightmare, Jed ran to his car, jumped inside, and raced after Cindy and Dexter to the church parking lot. They did not notice him pull up nearby. He saw everything. He saw Cindy and Dexter kissing passionately. He saw Cindy rip off Dexter's clothing and her own. He saw her bury her head in Dexter's lap, her head momentarily disappearing, then bobbing into view, up and down, higher each time, until at the low point of her motion it almost looked from Jed's vantage point like she was kissing the rim of the car door, then bobbing upward revealing inch after inch of Dexter's massive cock visible over the door's rim. Jed's jaw dropped as Cindy, in one graceful maneuver, positioned herself over Dexter's erect penis and then thrust herself downward, taking all of it inside herself. The next five minutes were filled with the most furious sex Jed had ever beheld. They fucked like wild animals to the soundtrack of Cindy's melodious moans and Dexter's terrifying deep ones. The two of them completely filled the passenger seat of Cindy's car, which was bouncing up and down with the dangerous fury of a streetcar that has careened off-road at full speed. Cindy and Dexter were bracing themselves with their hands against the car door and ceiling. Amidst their moans and grunts and the squealing of the car's shocks and brakes, Jed thought he heard the creaking of metal. He thought he saw the roof of the car and the passenger door buckle outward where Cindy and Dexter were bracing themselves. After the most interminable five minutes of Jed's life, Cindy and Dexter came together, the pair of them roaring in unison for almost another minute. Finally, it was over. Cindy collapsed on Dexter's massive, muscled form, their panting subsiding into the deep slow breathing reserved for those who have just experienced ultimate physical bliss. Jed, overwhelmed, broke into tears, turned his car around, and sped away, sobbing...
  8. “MATT…MATT…MATT…MATT” Matt raised his arms in triumph, savoring the chants of the crowd. He had just pinned his opponent. At 5’8 and weighing 182 pounds of almost entirely muscle, he was one of the star wrestlers of Orchid University. Sure, there where bigger guys on the team and on campus, but his dazzling looks only added to his charisma. He flexed his right arm, making his hefty 16 inch bicep harden and waved a final time to the crowd. He sat down on the bench and felt two strong pats on his shoulders. He looked behind him and grinned at his best friends. “Well done, bro”, Mike said. “Helluva match”, Mitch added. Mike was the star quarterback and was 6’3 and weighed 233 pounds. He was a full-blown, all-American stud. His blond hair, icy blue eyes and hard muscles had earned him the nickname ‘Thor’. Mitch was the fullback and measured 6 feet sharp for 212 pounds. The three of them had been friends ever since they had met in the university gym in their freshman year. Now, as seniors, they spent most of their time together: training, drinking, getting the hottest cheerleaders and some studying. “BLOB!” The three star athletes looked back to the mat and saw Blake, one of the heavyweight wrestlers, moving to the center. The guy weighed 267 pounds but his fat jiggled below his singlet as he walked. “BLOB…BLOB…BLOB…BLOB” The crowd chanted his nickname and the three buddies joined in. Blake’s face reddened with anger and shame as his nickname rolled through the crowd. “I’m gonna get cleaned up”, Matt said, “No interest in seeing blob jiggle his fat ass. Ya guys up for a bite?” Mike and Mitch nodded with a grin. “Come on over to my place”, Mike said. He was the only one that lived off campus, having done some modelling jobs that granted him a certain flow of money. Blake looked at the bench and saw Matt getting up to leave. Even though their coach always wanted everyone to watch every single match of the team, he let Matt simply walk by. Blake also noticed the other two star athletes leaving their place. This distraction was enough to get him pinned: looking at the three stars of Orchid University had made him miss the start of his own match, giving his opponent an opportunity for an easy and quick win. Protesting he hadn’t been ready didn’t help; he’d lost the match and saw his victory streak coming to a sudden end. He left the mat in a foul mood, ignoring the crowd chanting his nickname as he strode out of the hall. A few days later, Mitch was walking back to his dorm room. Late at night, after his second workout of the day, the hallways were completely deserted. He rounded a corner when he walked into someone. He retreated a bit and looked at the other guy. “Geez. Watch where ya’re going, Blob”, he said angrily at the heavyweight wrestler. “What did you call me?”, Blake spat back. His foul mood after his upset defeat still hadn’t wore down completely. “Blob”, Mitch replied. Before Mitch could react, Blake’s fist slammed into his abs, pounding the air from his body. “Umpff”, he groaned half in pain, half in surprise as he folded double from the impact. “What the fuck, dude”, he yelled and looked up at the wrestler. As the other athlete looked up, Blake made a fist and smacked it into the guy’s face, braking his nose. “Aughnpf”, Mitch let out as he heard and felt his nose brake. He felt the wrestler grab the front of his shirt, hold him up a bit higher and then the guy’s fist hit his face again. And again. And again. And again. The blows hit his face relentlessly. He could already feel his face swelling in several places and could hardly see the wrestler through his nearly-shut eyes. His vision began going dark and he was on the brink of passing out as he felt the hand release his shirt and he slumped down to the floor. “I’ve had it with you guys calling me ‘Blob’ these past years”, Blake shouted angrily at the whining jock at his feet. He grabbed Mitch’s collar, hoisted him up onto his shoulder and walked back to his dorm room. Mitch grunted in pain as his body was tossed atop the bed in Blake’s room. He looked aside as he heard the fatso going through one of the drawers, fetching something. The popping sound of a bottle opening and then the rattling sound of pills being tossed out made him blink. He tried getting up, but Blake turned around and moved surprisingly fast toward him. A strong paw placed itself atop his chest and pinned him down onto the bed. The other paw was placed onto his mouth and he felt a pill being pried in between his lips. “Swallow”, Blake ordered harshly. Mitch tried nodding ‘no’, but the paw held his agonizing face in place. Since he couldn’t breathe through his broken nose, he was forced to swallow the pill. The paw remained on his mouth several more seconds and then it was gone. He inhaled deeply to fill his burning lungs. “What… did you gave me?”, he asked, looking up at the grinning fatso next to the bed. “Some recipe my uncle sent me. Something the Russian army is working on. Very experimental”, Blake replied. “What…”, Mitch began, but stopped talking as Blake took off his clothes, leaving him lying naked atop the bed. “Works faster than I thought”, Blake said. Mitch felt a bit dizzy as a strange feeling of weakness spread through his body. His mouth fell open in disbelief as he saw his own muscles shrink before his eyes: his entire body was getting thinner and shorter. Only his cock and balls responded differently: his balls began swelling, quickly doubling in size and his cock got harder and longer than ever before. “What’s happening to me?”, he asked weakly in a more higher-pitched voice. His balls felt like they were on fire as he felt the pressure build up inside them. Blake didn’t reply. He simply kneeled at the end of the bed and took the impossibly large cock into his mouth. His tongue played with it a bit and almost instantly he was rewarded with the first of a series of blasts. Energy coursed through his body as he gulped down more and more cum. Mitch on the other side felt weaker and weaker with every passing second and every blast that escaped his diminishing cock. After what seemed like an eternity, Blake swallowed the last, now meager and watery load from the pathetic cock and stood back up. He stared down at the one intimidatingly looking, 212 pound fullback that now looked like a very, very slender swimmer. Mitch looked up at the wrestler that didn’t look any different under his baggy clothes. The only thing that had changed was the fact that the guy seemed to radiate confidence. “Where’s yar phone?”, Blake barked. Mitch shuddered from the deep voice. “In my pants”, he muttered weakly. “What have you done to me, Blake? Give me back my muscle. I can’t go around looking like 12 year old”, he added. Blake ignored the whining, got the guy’s phone and sent a text message. “Ya got what ya deserve. Bullying me for the past three years”, Blake said while he tied the shrunken fullback to the bed. “Hey”, Mitch yelled as the wrestler crushed his phone in his right paw. He quickly shut up as the huge man glared down on him. “Time for another visit”, Blake said, turned off the lights and locked his door as he left the room. A grin formed on his face as he felt his body change during his walk. The jiggly motion of the layers of fat around his stomach seemed to get calmer with every step he took. He could also still feel the energy surging through him. He shoved open the doors of the wrestle hall and entered. “Blob?” Blake stared at his teammate Matt standing in the center of the wrestle matt. “What are you doing here? Where’s Mitch?”, Matt asked quizzically. “Already took care of him. You’re up next”, Blake replied. “If you hurt Mitch, I’ll swear I’ll make you regret the day you were born”, Matt spat back. “Bring it on, wuss”, Blake simply answered. Matt charged at the bigger man. He knew he was 80 pounds lighter than Blake, but the thought that this guy had hurt his buddy fueled his anger. He drove his shoulder into the other guy’s stomach, while wrapping his arms tightly around Blake’s waist. Blake exhaled with a grunt, more in surprise then in pain from the sudden attack. Past the surprise, he easily withstood the smaller guy's assault. He took a more wide stance, turning his body into an immobile object. He grinned as he felt the useless efforts of the smaller wrestler against his own heavier body. Matt grunted as he upped his efforts to shove back his fat teammate. He flexed his strong legs, summoning as much of strength as he could, but it felt like trying to push back a tree. Blake placed his paws on the smaller guy's shoulders and pushed. His triceps hardened as he slowly put more pressure on Matt. Matt's knees buckled a bit. He felt the paws push down atop his shoulders and shifted his force to resist the attack. His muscular legs shook as the pressure increased. He felt his strength waning and began going down. He felt his hands beginning to slide down along Blake’s waist as his knees buckled more. His hands clawed at the fabric of the fat guy’s shirt, ripping it off as his knees gave out and he crashed down. “There’s yar place, wuss: at my feet”, Blake growled as he looked down on his teammate. Matt looked up. His eyes widened in complete disbelief and a surprised gasp escaped his mouth as he stared at Blake’s torso. A few days earlier, he had seen the guy change in the locker room. Layers of fat had then covered most of his stomach and chest. Not any more: all of his fat had somehow vanished to be replaced with hard, ripped muscle. Blake’s gut was still somewhat protruding from his waist, but it consisted of six large, brick-like abs, separated by deep valleys. Atop his six-pack, his formerly jiggly man-boobs had transformed into two orbs of muscle; huge, hard and protruding from his chest, with striations shooting across their surface with every breath Blake took. Matt could only stare in shocked disbelief at Blake’s freakishly built body. Blake looked down at him and laughed. “Mirin the view, wuss?”, he barked. Matt just swallowed. He saw a large paw reaching down for him and then warning sirens went off in his brain: he knew he was in serious trouble now. The paw grabbed his shirt and lifted him up. Another paw then grabbed his leg and he was hoisted up horizontally in the air. Blake lifted the small wrestler above his head like a barbell and began doing shoulder presses. “Fucking light weight”, he rumbled and kept cranking out reps, his shoulders filling with a nice pump as he pressed his teammate up and down. "Put.. me down… please", Matt pleaded. He felt like a ragdoll in the huge man's grasp. "Ya're the boss", Blake boomed and tossed the wrestler away. He launched the small guy to the center of the mat and took two long strides to get to him. Before Matt could react, a large paw fell over his face, covering his mouth and nose. He felt something being pushed in between his lips. The lack of oxygen made him begin to feel lightheaded. He tried tugging at the thick forearm to get the paw from his face, but it was no use. Instinctively, he swallowed the pill down. A few seconds later, the paw was removed from his face and he inhaled deeply. Blake didn’t lose a second: he ripped open his teammate’s jeans and pushed down his boxers to release the guy’s already swelling cock. Like earlier with Mitch, Matt’s muscles quickly collapsed into themselves and were somehow transferred into his now obscenely long and thick cock that throbbed angrily as it swelled further and further. Blake looked at the now insanely massive cock, and stuck his mouth over the head. Almost immediately, his teammate exploded into his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could, making sure to get every last drop. As the blasts wore down, he grabbed the now tiny balls and crushed them together, squeezing out the very last drop of cum. He pulled his lips from his emaciated teammate’s tiny cock. He stood up, looked down on the boyish wrestler and rumbled: "Time to grow some more!". He tossed his fallen teammate atop his shoulder, returned to his room to get the defeated Mitch and dropped the two boyish looking guys off at campus security, claiming that two underaged high school kids had tried breaking into the university gym. The next day Mike didn’t see his buddies around campus. They didn’t respond to his texts either. Not knowing what to think of it, he sat through classes and decided to get another workout in late that evening. He always enjoyed the empty gym. Two hours later, close to midnight, he stripped off his now sweat-drenched workout gear and went into the shower zone. He let the hot water cascaded down onto his heavily muscled physique. A watery fog began to fill the shower zone. “Mike”. The low, husky voice surprised Mike. He thought he was alone this late. He turned around to face the room but didn't see anyone. He blinked as he saw a big silhouette moving in his direction through the fog. "Who's there?", he said out loud and unafraid being one of the biggest guys in school. He gasped as the silhouette stepped from the fog and he recognized the guy. "Blo… her Blake?", he said in surprise. The silhouette took another step and emerged from the fog. Mike stared as Blake appeared in plain sight. The guy had somehow turned into a hulking mass of muscle. His muscle gut was a protruding eight-pack of cobblestone-sized, grooved abs; his pecs looked like two half watermelons shoved under his skin that was stretched tight across the mass of striated meat; his shoulders were freakishly wide bowling balls capped with thick traps; his arms hung relaxed like hams at his sides; his quads were two strong pillars of corded muscle that obscured his knees and flowed into his thick calves. “How…”, he let out. Blake didn’t respond. He closed the distance between them and shoved his hard pecs into Mike's muscular chest. The force made Mike stumble backward against the tilled wall. Before he could move, Blake pushed his chest against his and pinned him against the wall. He was trapped between the tilled wall and the wall of muscle Blake had become. He gulped again as he realized he had to look up into Blake's eyes. "What the fuck, man?", he let out as loud as possible and reached for the behemoth's shoulders that were half again as wide than his own to shove him aside. Blake noticed the move and grabbed the other guy's wrists, overpowering him easily and pushing his arms against the wall. "Ya're no match for me, Mike", he barked and pushed his chest harder into the meaty pecs, "Yar fucking pretty boy looks mean nothing next to a real man’s muscle. Feel it!". He began flexing his pecs, making them dig into the other guy's chest. Mike felt his strong pecs being pushed together painfully. "Ughn", he groaned in pain. He flexed his own chest in defense. Blake felt some resistance as the other guy tried to defend himself. He hardened his flex some more. Mike felt the pressure against his chest decrease a bit as he flexed his own pecs. A second later he gasped painfully again as Blake's massive pecs crammed his pecs together painfully. He gave up his resistance and felt the protruding rack of hard muscle overpower his own strong chest completely. He saw striations and veins exploded across the behemoth's protruding, thick chest. His mind just couldn’t fathom the sheer strength Blake must have possessed. "Yeagh", Blake grunted as he felt his pecs crushing Mike's protruding chest. "Pretty boys are no match for real men", he said. He felt his dick starting to inflate as he dominated the star quarterback. He released Mike's wrists as the guy's resistance faded completely. He raised his right arm and flexed it. Mike's eyes widened in disbelief as they were drawn to the massive orb of hard muscle that exploded atop the behemoth's arm. The thick, perfectly round bicep had to be at least 26 inches of vein-infested meat pushing against the paper-thin skin. He gulped once more as Blake hardened his flex further and the beastly bicep stretched his skin to the max. “Mirin my muscle, pretty boy?", Blake growled and took a step back. Mike inhaled deeply as the pressure against his chest disappeared when the other guy broke contact. He just stared as the massive Blake threw a most muscular. He didn't know where to look first as muscles exploded into a display of hard, striated and vein-choked meat across the guy's beastly body. His eyes were drawn down to the movement between the massive quads in front of him: the beastly wrestler’s cock was hardening to an evenly intimidating size. Blake moved in incomprehensively fast for a man his size. He grabbed hold of Mike's meaty shoulders and span the athlete around, making him face the wall. Without hesitation, he rammed his now fully engorged 10 incher into the muscular ass. "Aghn", Mike groaned in pain as the meaty snake broke through his defenses and invaded him. His hands clawed at the tilled wall and his back arched as pain mixed with pleasure. Spasms shot through the muscle of his ass that clamped around the searing hot shaft. Blake rumbled a low, guttural sound as the tight ass clenched around his cock. He lowered his paws and placed them on Mike's hips. He began pumping his cock hard in and out of the clenching ass. "Yeaughn", he growled into the athlete's ear. Mike’s mouth hung open in a soundless scream as his ass sent out jolts of stabbing pain. To his own horror, his own cock was getting harder and harder with every passing second. Within half a minute, his 8 incher was at full mast. His own fully erect cock bounced in the air on the rhythm of the assfucking he was receiving. The shower zone echoed with the sounds of the deepening breaths, Blake’s deep, animalistic grunts and the sound of flashy slaps on the violent rhythm that Blake’s cock was driven in and out of Mike’s ass. Blake withdrew his cock completely from the ass and with one hard motion, rammed it back inside. "FUCK YEAUGHN", he bellowed in a deafening roar as his balls exploded. Mike's eyes widened as he was lifted to his toes and the snake began filling him with liquid heat. "Ughn", he grunted as his own cock exploded against the tilled wall. His own 8 incher blasted out 7 loads before his orgasm cooled down. His legs shook from exhaustion but the paws grabbing his hips held him upright. Blake felt the other athlete shudder as he cummed against the tilled wall. Even after Mike had climaxed, he blasted several big loads into the now insanely tight ass dripping with his cum before his own orgasm wore off. He withdrew his cock from the other athlete, a large flow of cum leaking from the guy's ravaged ass as the 10 incher left it. He released his grip on the 230 pound guy's hips and let him fall down to the floor. He noticed the wads of cum sliding down on the tilled wall and looked down into Mike's eyes. "Ya came from being fucked up the ass, pretty boy?", he barked with a grin and left. Mike stared at the insanely wide, muscle-covered back as the behemoth abandoned him in the shower zone. Blake returned to his dorm room with a large grin. He had just reduced the biggest stud, the most popular man on campus to his bitch. More ideas of completely dominating the guy before draining his muscles popped up in his mind. The next day, Blake put on a skin-tight, sleeveless shirt that highlighted the intimidating mass of muscle on his torso as did his jeans with his legs. He walked into the hallway and went straight to Stacy, the top cheerleader and Mike's girlfriend. He looked her in the eye and playfully bounced his chest. "How about dating a real man?", he asked and kissed her on the mouth. Her hands roamed his heavily muscled arms during the kiss, that ended her relation with Mike on the spot. Mike avoided the shower zone altogether those days: he made sure to train when everyone was gone and then rushed back to his apartment to shower and avoid Blake. He had managed to avoid the huge Blake for two days and began feeling more relaxed. It was a strange feeling for him: he was still among the biggest, most muscular guys on campus but he kept glancing over his shoulder every time he walked around campus. Two days later, late at night, Mike was finishing up a grueling chest workout. He was cranking out reps on the bench press. He racked the weight and sat op atop the bench. He gulped as he saw Blake standing at the next machine, casually pumping his forearms up and down. He stared in pure awe at the bulging mammoth biceps Blake grinned at the reaction and rubbed his right bicep. He stared directly into Mike’s eyes as he flexed his right bicep under his own touch. He noticed the loaded bench and moved in. He shoved Mike aside, sending the 100 pound lighter athlete stumbling down to the floor, and pulled off his shirt own shirt. He grabbed hold of the bar and began curling it with perfect control. Mike turned around on his bed and his eyes widened as the shirtless behemoth cranked out rep after rep. His eyes roamed the muscle-crammed torso crossed with hard lines and veins that fed the huge muscles. His mouth went dry as he zoomed in on the bulging biceps that curled the bar. Without blinking or taking his eyes from the monster arms he slowly got up from the bed and walked toward the curling behemoth. Blake didn't bother to look aside, his entire attention was on his own massive biceps. "Feels so fucking awesome", he grunted between his teeth as the pump began spreading through his biceps. "Fuck, Blake. You're curling 250 pounds", he said in disbelief. A grin formed on Blake's face as he heard the awe in the other guy's voice. "250? Thought it felt a bit light", he said and curled the bar up for another perfectly controlled rep. In the meantime Mike had almost closed the distance separating him from the 330 pound freak. He took a final, slow step and stopped a few inches from his beastly wrestler. His eyes drank in the sight of the perfectly round orbs of meat covered in a web of veins that swelled beneath the paper-thin skin as they curled the bar. His painfully hard dick throbbed inside his pants as he cautiously reached for the insanely huge biceps. He felt the heath emanating from the meaty muscles as his fingers closed in on them. A shiver went through his 233 pound body as his right hand made contact with the monster bicep. Blake looked aside as he felt the touch on his arm. An evil grin formed on his face as he saw the awe in the smaller guy's eyes while he touched the granite-like orbs. He made sure to flex his biceps at the top of each rep, making the rock-hard orbs pry open Mike’s hand. “Wow”, Mike muttered in sheer awe as the perfectly round orb of steely meat forced his strong fingers apart. His put his right hand on his own thick and strong quad to compare the hardness of his heavily muscled quad to the monster bicep. His fingers slightly dug into his own flexed quad while the insanely massive bicep easily withstood his pressure. “Fuck, Blake. Your bicep is harder than my quads. Fuck, I can’t even dent your arm”, he uttered in disbelief and lustfully. He let his left hand grope the 25 inch bicep while his right hand unzipped his pants, phished his achingly hard dick from his boxers and began stroking the 8 inch long shaft. Blake looked aside and grinned as he noticed the 230 pound muscular athlete beating off as the guy touched his working bicep. “Yeah”, he grunted as he kept curling the bar and further inflating his arms, “Jerking off while ya feel a real man’s bicep. 26 fucking inches of hard, vein-infested muscle! Have ya ever touched an arm this massive, pretty boy?”. Mike’s mind couldn’t process his gigantic wrestler’s remark: it was trying to process the massiveness, hardness and strength of the monster bicep in his touch. His right hand stroked his painfully hard cock with increasing speed. Blake’s evil grin only got wider as his remark remained unanswered. He saw the look of utter amazement and lust on the 100 pound smaller man’s face and some drool leaking from his mouth. He felt his own dick come to life inside his pants as it began inflating with blood. The burning sensation of a good pump began spreading in his swelling biceps. Mike’s breathing got faster as he was now stroking his 8 incher vigorously without taking his eyes from the monster arm he was groping. The massive bicep felt ready to burst through the paper-thin skin. “Fuck, man. Ya’re not even trying to dent my bicep”, Blake said while he cranked out another, yet slower rep and felt the burning sensation in his biceps starting to get painful. “Don’t grope my arm like a wuss. Grab it like a real man and try to dig in my fucking muscle. NOW!”, he boomed. Mike shuddered as the behemoth’s deep voice filled his room. Automatically, he obeyed the 100 pound of muscle heavier man and closed his left hand powerfully around the meaty bicep while his right hand went in overdrive stroking his 8 incher. He summoned every ounce of force in his own heavily muscled, 233 pound body. His fingers turned white as the full force of his vice-like grip bore down on the bicep. Blake felt the pressure increase around his bicep as he lowered the bar until his arms were fully extended. Even in its weakest position, his bicep withstood the grip that would have snapped a normal guy’s arm. “Can’t ya do any better, boy?”, he sneered. Mike’s heavily muscled body shook from the effort as he summoned more power and clamped his paw tighter around the bicep. His eyes widened in disbelief and drool dripped from his opened mouth as Blake began curling the bar up. The monster bicep in his grueling grasp began balling up and slowly began pushing his fingers apart. “No…uh…”, he grunted as he scraped together his last strength to resist the hardening mound. His fingers slid open further and further as the bicep hardened into the pumped, concrete-like orb it was. After a final struggle, his grip faltered and the steely mound broke through completely. “Fughn”, he roared as the realization of Blake’s superior strength filled his mind and orgasm exploded through his mighty body. His 8 incher jerked violently in his right paw as it spewed load after load of sticky cum that splattered atop the nearby bench of the leg curl machine. Blake pulled his arm from the smaller man’s touch and re-racked the bar. He turned his attention back to his 233 pound wrestler and noticed the final load drip from the guy’s cock. He slowly stepped toward the heavily breathing muscular man. “Yo, Mike. Check this out”, he said. Mike stared as the behemoth brought up his right arm and held it mere inches from his face. He inhaled deeply as the thick forearm covered with corded muscle began rising up slowly. His eyes instantly shot to the upper arm where the beastly bicep began its journey upwards and outwards. The pumped, beastly large orb of steely meat swelled into a perfectly round sphere choked in a web of veins pushed up against the paper-thin skin. “Fuck, yeah”, Blake groaned and tightened his flex. Mike’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as the pumped, beastly bicep swelled to 27 inches of pure muscle. He would have sworn he could hear the behemoth’s skin stretch around the orb of rock-hard beef. “Ughn”, he grunted and felt his cock dribble another watery load of cum. By now, Blake’s cock was fully hard inside his pants. He didn’t waste any time: he grabbed the 100 pound lighter quarterback, tossed him atop the cum-drenched bench and yanked away his pants. He pulled down his own jeans, letting his rock-hard 10 incher smack into his eight-pack. “Blake…”, Mike began but any other sound died in his throat as the behemoth’s thick cock was rammed violently inside his ass. “Ughnf”, he grunted and grabbed the sides of the bench to steady himself against the violence of the thrusts. Blake drove his 10 incher fully inside the tight, muscular ass, grabbed the 233 pound athlete’s hair and pulled the man’s head back. He brought his mouth to the guy’s ear. “Too weak to dent my mighty arms, boy”, he groaned, “Jerking off while ya felt my arms and blowing yar load as ya see me flex. Ya’re a weak, fucking beta. Good to serve as my cum dump, boy”. He released the athlete’s hair, grabbed the man’s muscular waist and began pounding the meaty ass with full force. The force of the thrusts got more violent and Mike felt the bench shudder beneath his muscular body. The cum atop the bench mixed with the sweat on his pecs to form a sticky mess. “Ughnf”, he grunted, half in pain half in ecstasy. He flexed his mighty legs to steady himself but even his fully flexed, heavily muscled quads that held the power of three normal men couldn’t withstand the superhuman force produced by Blake’s monster body. Blake felt the muscular ass tighten around his rock-hard 10 incher as the 233 pound athlete flexed his thick quads. “Ow yeaugh”, he groaned as the increased pressure around his cock sent what felt like an electric discharge through his massive body. He upped the pace and force of his thrusts as more ecstatic pleasure amassed in his brain. “Ughnpf”, Mike grunted once more. His 8 incher smacked painfully against the bench as his heavily muscled body rocked back and forth under the increasingly violent thrusts of the 330 pound muscle beast. Blake felt his balls churn and withdrew his cock from Mike. His paws released the muscular athlete’s waist, grabbed the edge of the bench and he rammed his fully engorged 10 incher hard into the meaty ass, burying it deep inside the 233 pound athlete. “YEAUGHNNNN!!!!!”, he bellowed in a deafening roar that rattled the window as the mightiest orgasm he’d ever felt flooded his body and his lemon-sized balls blasted out the first of a series of loads. “Aughn”, Mike cried out in pain as the muscle beast’s cock slammed inside him and destroyed his clenched defenses. The deafening roar of lust filled the room, hit his ears painfully and vibrated down his own body. His eyes widened as he was lifted to his toes by the beastly wrestler’s cock that began filling him with liquid heat. His own cock leaked a meager load that slid along his shaft while he felt his insides being stuffed with a tsunami of cum. “YEAUGhn”, Blake boomed again as a second wave of orgasm flooded his body. The thought of completely dominating the once star of the team and having reduced a 233 pound athlete to his bitch made him feel more alpha than ever. He grabbed the other athlete’s waist again, withdrew his cock half from the tight, muscular ass and rammed it back in with full force as his 10 incher began shooting out a second round of hefty loads. Mike could only grasp the bench for support. “AUGHN”, he groaned out loud in pain as the fleshy snake was violently rammed deep into him. He felt the muscle beast’s pubes brush against his ass while the thick cock twitched inside him, lifted him back up to his toes and began spewing more spunk into him. “So…ughn…fucking…ughn…tight… Yeaughn”, Blake moaned deeply as sweat trickled along the deep grooves separating the huge mounds of muscle on his torso. He grabbed the waist of the 233 pound athlete firmly as the second, even powerfuller wave of orgasm exploded in full force allover his beastly body. Mike felt the paws digging into his muscular waist. His mind couldn’t fathom the strength of the beastly wrestler. Black dots began dancing before his eyes and he felt his heartbeat pound inside his ears while the fleshy snake kept filling him with more liquid heat. “YEAUGHN”, Blake roared as his 10 incher spewed its final load and he brought up his arms to showcase his magnificent biceps once more. Mike grunted weakly as the wrestler’s cock twitched a final time inside him. His chest heaved intensely on the rhythm of his heavy breathing; he felt worn out like after a long workout. He stared in front of him at their reflection in the mirror, blinking in awe as the behemoth went into a double bicep pose that screamed raw masculinity and pure power. Blake too was breathing heavily but not nearly as deep as the 100 pound lighter quarterback. Within half a minute his body felt recovered after the intense fucking. He grabbed Mike’s hair and pulled the guy up as he bowed forward himself to bring his mouth the other athlete’s ear. “Finally know yar place, pretty boy?”, he growled. Mike grunted a faint ‘yes’ in response. “Yar tight ass is mine now”, Blake went on, “Time for my date with Stacey. See ya around later, pretty boy.” Mike crashed back down atop his cum-drenched bench as the paw released his hair. He groaned as the 10 inch cock was pulled from his worn out ass. He heard Blake pull on his pants, put on his shirt and then his heavy footsteps echoed through the otherwise deserted gym. The following days, Mike avoided getting to campus. He stayed in his apartment and went to a gym on the other side of town: he didn’t want to bump into Blake. Blake on the other hand felt like he was walking on air: he was now the undisputed stud on campus. He could get any girl, or even guy, he wanted and felt like he ruled the place. He had reduced the spots where Mike felt dominant to almost zero. He did feel a bit angry not seeing Mike on campus, but knew he would soon have another step in his domination of the stud quarterback. By the end of the week, Mike felt better and returned for football practice. The few days of rest had done miracles: he simply owned the football field during practice. He dominated the field unlike anyone else. As the coach ended practice, he decided to stay behind and run some extra drills. An hour later, he felt pumped beyond anything and called it a day. He felt sweat rolling down the mounds of muscle on his broad back and over his muscular pecs down along the grooves of his six-pack. He placed his right hand onto the goalpost for support and took a few deep breaths to calm down his breathing. He somehow got the feeling of being watched and turned around. A massive guy was slowly walking across the field in his direction. There was no doubt about the man’s identity: there wasn’t a second man on campus that big. The man radiated confidence and the air around him seemed to be filled with an aura of raw strength. Mike watched the behemoth walk over toward him until the large shadow fell over him. As usual standing this close to the wrestler’s insane bulk, he gulped as he stared up into Blake’s grinning face. ”What’s up, Blake?”, he asked, trying to sound as casually as possible while he felt shivers of fair and even some lust for the guy’s beastly body pull his stomach together. “Great hustle on practice. Saw ya bust over the others. Ya were on fire out there”, Blake said appreciatively. Mike felt his cheeks turn warm underneath his helmet from the compliment. “Thanks”, he replied. “Nothing beats dominating smaller guys, eh”, Blake went on, “Some of them even dropped the ball when ya came near. Big guys don’t have to take shit from smaller guys. Only natural. And ya’re at the top of the food chain here.” Mike relaxed. The beastly wrestler apparently only wanted to talk. And he did feel good out here: the football field was the only place left on campus where he truly dominated. All the other places where he had once dominated, had been claimed by Blake: the shower, where other guys would eye him up after practice; the gym, where the weights he used and his stamina put others to shame. “Off course, ya’re still below me on the food chain”, Blake added while he looked around the football field. “Don’t think I ever dominated on this field. Time to change that. Blow me, pretty boy”, he said. “And ditch this”, he added as he ripped off Mike’s helmet. Mike blinked at the remark. He saw the huge man unzip his jeans. Instinctively, he kneeled as he felt the heavy paw land atop his own muscular shoulder. As soon as his knees were on the ground, he looked straight at the pulsing 10 incher sticking out the opened jeans. He quickly opened his lips as the wrestler rammed his cock inside his mouth. “Umpf yeah”, Blake grunted as the wet, hot mouth engulfed his dick. He felt his cock hit the back of his teammate’s throat. He ignored the quarterback’s gagging sounds, grabbed the side of the athlete’s head and began thrusting his 10 incher in and out of the guy’s throat and mouth. Mike Gagged every time the thick cockhead hit his throat. He placed his hands atop the huge wrestler’s thick quads to ease the force, but his entire muscular torso rocked back and forth on the rhythm imposed to him. “FUARKUGHN”, Blake roared and his deep voice rumbled across the football field like thunder. He grabbed the quarterback’s head firmly at the back and let his cock blast out its loads while his balls exploded. Mike creamed his own pants when the behemoth’s scream vibrated strongly inside his own body. He continued feeling the hot, thick cream being blast down his throat. He felt the hot liquid leak from his nose as his mouth was quickly overstuffed. “FUarkughn”, Blake roared as his final load disappeared down the quarterback’s throat. He inhaled deeply to calm down his heartbeat and catch his breath after the intense orgasm. Half a minute later his extremely fit body had recovered. He shoved the other athlete from his 10 incher, put his cock back inside his boxers, zipped up his pants and looked down grinningly on the 233 pound quarterback.. Mike fell backwards onto the grass when he was shoved away from the hard, hefty cock. He whipped the remains of cum from his lips while he looked up at the beastly wrester. He saw the man grin down on him. “I won this filed now”, Blake barked, “Get lost, pretty boy. Before I decide to fuck ya right here under the goal post!”. Mike rushed to his feet, snatched his helmet from the grass and ran for it, chased by the behemoth’s deep laughter. Mike made it to the safety of his apartment and slumped down onto his couch. He must have sat there for several hours when someone knocked on the door. He got up and opened the door. He took a step back instinctively as he looked up into the huge wrestler’s grinning eyes. “B….Blake?”, he let out incredulously. Blake didn’t respond. He shoved the muscular quarterback aside and entered, turning slightly sideways to get through the opened door. “Nice place ya have”, he said appreciatively as he walked into the living room. “What… what do you want, Blake?”, Mike asked after closing the door and following the behemoth into the living room. “That’s no way to treat a guest. Why don’t ya offer me a drink, pretty boy?”, Blake reacted. Mike quickly went into his kitchen, grabbed a coke from the fridge and returned to the living room. “Got you a coke”, he said and handed the can to his unexpected and unwelcome guest. Blake grabbed the coke from Mike's hand. He brought the can up to his mouth, making sure to make his right bicep swell more than needed, and downed the drink in three gulps. He noticed Mike's gaze being drawn to the orb of muscle atop his arm. He crushed the empty can in his paw and casually rubbed his right bicep. He then proceeded to bouncing his pecs separately beneath his shirt. Mike stared at the masses of muscle dancing beneath the shirt. The rhythm had something mesmerizing. He blinked when the 100 pound heavier wrestler took off his shirt and bounced his now naked pecs a few more times before hardening them in an intimidating flex. He gulped when the behemoth closed the distance between them almost completely, stopping mere inches from him. Even though he was still fully geared up after practice, the half-naked Blake dwarfed him completely. His own wide shoulders, even wider with the pads capping them, came still only halfway Blake’s insanely broad and perfectly round shoulders. The wrestler’s chest was a thick shelf of swollen muscle protruding proudly from his torso even further than his own muscular chest covered with the body cushion inside his equipment. “Thinking how I outsize ya?”, Blake asked. “How…”, Mike asked wondering how the beastly man had read his mind. “Come on, pretty boy. Ya’re practically drooling over my size”, Blake said laughingly, “Can’t blame ya, though. 330 pounds of pure muscle waiting for worship. Ya just can’t wait to feel my hard muscle, can ya?”. Mike gulped at the remark. Part of him still hated Blake for taking his alphaness but the dominant part of him just craved to feel the massive muscles the guy had grown. Blake noticed the look on the 100 pound lighter man. He closed the last distance between them and took the heavily muscled quarterback in a bearhug. Mike grunted in surprise as the anaconda-sized arms wrapped themselves around his torso and pulled him into the wrestler’s massive, hard torso. “Agphf”, he grunted as the embrace tightened around him. He felt his football gear resisting the pressure. Seconds later, cracking sounds were hearable as the hard equipment lost its battle against the beastly muscles. His dick sprang to full hardness inside his pants as he realized that the beastly wrestler was simply and effortlessly crushing his football gear. “Ya’re enjoying this, aren’t ya pretty boy?”, Blake asked as he noticed the look in Mike’ eyes. He tightened his hold some more. “Aughn”, Mike grunted as his felt the 26 inch biceps dig into his flanks through the now destroyed football gear. His face was shoved into the thickly protruding pecs. By instinct, his tongue explored the deep cleavage between the half watermelon-sized muscles, liking the salty-tasting muscle. Blake exhaled sharply in surprise as he felt the hot tongue lick the inside of his pecs. He tightened his hold a final time before releasing the 233 pound athlete from his grasp. Mike stumbled backwards down to the floor. He didn’t move as the beastly wrestler grabbed the front of his shirt, lifted him up and ripped away his football gear to expose him completely. His rock-hard 8 incher left nothing to the imagination. He blinked as he was tossed atop his couch and Blake stripped off his own pants and boxers before he strutted over to him. The next morning Mike awoke groggily. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and inhaled deeply. Immediately, the powerful scent of musk, cum and sweat hit his nostrils. The air in his room was still heavily filled with the stench of sex. Images of last night popped up in his mind: Blake fucking the living daylights out of him and feeling like he was nothing but a ragdoll inside the huge man’s grasp. The beastly wrestler had first fucked him on the couch, then on the table in the kitchen before dragging him into the bedroom. The last thing he remembered was passing out as Blake fucked him a sixth time. He turned around, his overused ass sending a mild sensation of pain to his mind, and scanned the deserted room. There was no sight of the 100 pound heavier wrestler and he fell relieved. He got up and went over to the bathroom to get the shower he needed since football practice the day before. He stared at his reflection in the lengthy mirror that covered the entire left wall of his bathroom: his face looked as worn out as he felt. “Ah. Ya’re awake.” Mike blinked when the deep voice rumbled into the bathroom. A few seconds later, he saw the behemoth wrestler appear behind him in the mirror. The difference between them was unfathomable. His own, heavily muscled, 233 pound body made him look like a professional NFL player: intimidating, carrying the muscle of two ordinary men and plain strong. Despite all the big, hard muscle on his body, he looked average standing before Blake: the 330 pound, behemoth wrestler made him look like a high school football player standing in front of an elite Mr. Olympia winner. Before he could react, Blake’s right paw was placed on his face and he felt something being pushed inside his mouth in between his lips. The paw prevented him from breathing and he was forced to swallow the pill. A few seconds later, the paw released his face and he gulped in a deep breath of fresh air. “What… what did you gave me?”, he asked. Blake, an evil grin on his lips, replied casually: “I took yar friends and drained their muscles. Then, I took over every place where ya were the dominant man. Time for the final part: make yar muscles mine. Check it, Thor: yar muscles are already disappearing.” Mike stared in disbelief and horror at his reflection: the hard lines separating the mounds of muscle on his body were indeed getting softer as his muscles seemed to reel in on themselves. His strong legs felt weaker with every passing second. His beard seemed to get lighter and he would have sworn he saw his chest hair and his treasure trail vanishing right before his eyes. He blinked as he saw his 8 incher throbbing stubbornly hard in front of him. His cock was harder than ever; it even hurt as it pulsed larger. Blake noticed the quarterback starting to get unstable. He span the softening athlete around and kneeled in front of him. Mike let the behemoth wrestler take action without any reaction: he felt totally spent and even had trouble staying upright. Two strong paws grabbed his hips and he felt more stable being held up by the 330 pound man. “Aughn”, he groaned as the wrestler’s mouth took in his now 11 inch cock. Blake took the huge cock in his mouth and sucked. Almost instantly, he was rewarded with the first blast of cum that disappeared down his hungry throat. He kept sucking with al his might, making sure to gulp down every drip of cum from the shrinking cock. When the violence of the blasts subsided, he reached up und crushed the now tiny balls with his left paw, forcing out the very last essence of the depleted quarterback’s manhood. He let go off the passed out Mike and stood up, staring at his own reflection when he felt the effect of the cum on his body: unlike the last two times, his muscles hardened almost instantly. He felt like a tsunami of energy flooded every cell of his body and was forcing his already huge muscles to grow even more. He groped the swelling masses of muscle atop his chest, before his paw slid down to follow the contours of his hardening eight-pack. The pure intoxication of growing into the biggest man alive whirled through his mind. Mike blinked a few times as his sight slowly returns. He felt weaker than ever. The floor felt cold against his now small back. He recognized the floor as his own bathroom. He looked up and his mouth fell open in disbelief. In front of him stood the most massive being he’d ever seen. “B…Blake?”, he muttered in a weak, high-pitched voice. Blake heard the faint mumble and turned away from his reflection to the destroyed quarterback. Pure shock filled Mike’s eyes as he looked up at the new Blake. The wrestler’s had transformed from a muscular behemoth in a total muscle monster, an inhuman mass of hulking, rock-hard muscle. Every protruding mound of muscle seemed to fight for space on Blake’s body threatening to split open his paper-thin and was crisscrossed with veins that throbbed with power. Mike’s mind tried to process the new reality and the impossible size of the wrestler’s muscle mass. Blake's pecs had grown from half watermelon-sized slabs into orbs the size of an entire watermelon shoved in each pec, protruding so far from his chest that his nipples weren’t even visible and the top half of his eight-pack consisting of cobblestone-sized abs were totally obscured. The canyon in between his pecs was deep enough to conceal an entire hand. His thighs looked as broad as they were long, crammed with rock-hard, deeply striated muscle and crisscrossed with a network of veins. His arms were formidable masses of muscle that almost look larger than his relatively tight, eight-pack waist. His awesome V-taper from his waist up to his wider-than-a-doorframe shoulder girdle, capped with perfectly round, basketball-sized delts was simply unreal. His neck was capped with gargantuan traps. Blake grinned down on the now fallen stud of the football team. “Look at me, Mike”, he rumbled in his thunder-like voice, “Look at my body! Look at my huge muscles! Ya made me a muscle monster!”. He started lifting both of his arms straight out to his sides and then slowly raised them up into a double biceps pose. The intimidating muscles in his arms hardened and his biceps began to rise. “Look at how huge my biceps are”, he boomed as the huge muscles continued rising higher and higher. “So fucking big”, he let out in a trance as he watched his own biceps grew harder and harder and rise higher and higher in the mirror. More veins bulged all over the huge mounds as they kept swelling upward and outward. “Oh, FUARK!”, he grunted as he pulled his fists in and flexed his arms completely. His biceps looked like bowling balls crammed under his super tight, paper-thin skin. The perfectly formed mountains of muscle stretched his skin to the breaking point. Mike was overcome with the terrifying sight. His reduced 4 inch cock throbbed hard in between his stick-like legs as he stared up at the muscle monster’s arms. Blake smiled at his own reflection. “Look at my arms! So fuarking huge!”, he said to his reflection. His left arm went down as he reached for his flexed right arm. “Like touching a rock. A hot rock”, he let out as his thick fingers test the resistance of the 40 inch, rock-hard orb. The feeling of his own monster biceps was too much for him: on the spot his throbbing 14 inch cock exploded and spewed its load against the mirror. Mike could only stare at the scene: the muscle monster getting off on his own size. His mind urged him to get away, but before he could move he saw Blake’s gaze transfixed on him in the mirror. He gulped, knowing he was at the mercy of the muscle monster he had just helped to create. The once fat wrestler certainly wasn't a blob any more...
  9. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 4

    Chapter 4: I left the gym in so much pain I was surprised I could even bear to sit down in my car seat. The ride home felt way longer than the usual 15 minutes to get to my apartment. Every second felt like it lasted an hour, the pain in my ass only worsening the longer I sat. I tried turning on the radio to distract myself from it, but the clashing noises of my hyperpop playlist were starting to overstimulate me in combination with the pain, so I drove in silence. When I got to my apartment building, I had never been so glad to get out of a vehicle in my entire life. The second I got up, though, I realized my cum-soaked gym shorts left a huge stain on the seat. As if today hadn’t been bad enough already. Fuck. Whatever, it was an issue for tomorrow. I didn’t have the energy to deal with that tonight. I made my way up the stairway to the sixth floor, thankful that I didn’t run into anyone. I probably reeked of sweat and semen. When I finally got to my door, I used what dwindling energy I had left to fumble for my keys and shove them into the knob. I dragged myself inside, shut the door behind me, stripped naked, and immediately went to bed. Fuck a shower, I was exhausted. Right before I drifted off, I started thinking about how I was going to make Ben pay for what he’d done to me. I didn’t care what it took, I was going to one-up him. I needed to get bigger than him, stronger than him. That was a lot coming from a short, scrawny twink like me, but I was going to make it happen. — THE NEXT DAY — I got up early the next morning. My ass was still a little sore when I woke up, but my mind was in a whole different state to the point where that didn’t matter to me. I had better things on my mind. I had plans. By 7:30, I was showered and ready to go in a clean pair of gym clothes. I wasn’t going to let Ben get the best of me today. When I got to the gym, there were only a few other people working out, and no sign of Ben. I figured he only did nights, which worked out perfectly for me. I started by switching things up with some curls. Unsure of where I should start, I optimistically grabbed the 10s. They felt heavier than I originally anticipated, but I refused to start with anything lighter. I had one thing and one thing only on my mind: gains - so I powered through it. After I spent about 45 minutes doing curls, my arms were immensely sore and my body was begging me to focus on something else. I made my way over to an unused space on the floor and started doing sit-ups. I quickly realized it was harder to do them the way you’re supposed to than it looked. I asked one of the guys working out if he could spot me and make sure I wasn’t cheating. He gladly obliged. “Hey, I’m Fred, by the way,” he calmly explained as he walked over. “You new here?” He was hot. And big. Not Ben big, but at least 5’11, and with some decent sized pecs and biceps. I didn’t dare stare further down, but DAMN, what I would give to ride that... My mind was starting to wander. “Yeah, I’m Will. This is only my third day.” I must’ve looked so dumb just zoning out there for a second. “Wanna be training buddies?” he asked. “I just moved here from across town, so I don’t really know anyone, either.” I couldn’t believe the offer I just received. How could I say no to that? “Fuck yeah, sounds great!”
  10. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2: I woke up the next day with a sore throat. I could hardly believe what had happened just a few hours ago. Part of me was traumatized, I had literally been sexually assaulted. God, it was so fucking hot, though. His girthy cock sliding up and down my throat, his muscled body towering over me while he used my mouth as his sex toy. I was scared to go back there but I... wanted more? I guess I did. I wanted more. I wanted him to make my body his own personal cum sock. So back to the gym I went, assigning myself to the same spot as yesterday, the treadmill. I was maybe five minutes into jogging when I caught a glimpse of Ben forcing someone off the bench press. I suppose he wasn’t kidding, Ben really DOES run shit around here. He gets what he wants, when he wants. Nobody in the gym is as big as him. A few other hardcore jocks are probably as tall, but nowhere near as massive. I was barely focusing on my workout anymore. I kept picturing Ben and his sweaty, hot, naked body. I wanted him inside me so fucking badly. I was starting to get hard just thinking about what he was going to do to me once everyone else left for the day.
  11. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 3

    Chapter 3: It was almost 6pm. The usual loudness of the gym had died down, and the last person aside from me and Ben had just gone out the door. I finished up on the treadmill and headed for the locker room. I placed my water bottle in my locker and changed into something clean. It was strangely silent throughout the entire room. Maybe Ben had left? I didn’t see him leave... “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I hear from behind me. “Headed home for the night?” Ben taunted as he looked down at me hungrily, his half-hard cock making a noticeable imprint on his shorts. I didn’t really know how to answer, so I stayed silent until he spoke again. “You’re not going anywhere yet, I haven’t had my fill, and since you seem to be the only one here this late recently, you’re my bitch now. Got it?” I slowly nodded as he pulled down his waistband. I got down on my knees and assumed my position again. “And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Ben angrily boomed so loud it echoed through the locker room. “Get back up, you little slut. This 9-incher needs to be satisfied, and that’s just not gonna cut it today.” I gulped. Maybe I had bit off more than I could chew with Ben. I mean, I had bottomed before, plenty of times. I kind of went through a whore phase in high school. But, none of those guys were nearly as big as Ben - and 9 inches! With my 5’5 body I’d be lucky if I was able to walk the next day. I knew there was no going back. There was no way I was getting out that door until my ass was pounded. ”Turn around,” Ben demanded. I halted for a second, involuntarily. “NOW!” Fuck, he really wasn’t taking no for an answer. I reluctantly turned so my back was to him. It was a matter of seconds before I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my prostate. Most guys ease it in during sex, but Ben had zero fucks to give about anyone’s pleasure aside from his own. He rammed his cock in and out of me angrily, each time adding more force than the last. He kept pounding me for what felt like forever, my moans eventually going silent because of how much pain I was experiencing. Just when I thought it would never stop, Ben’s girthy flesh rod pulsed and my ass was flooded with his cum. He yanked his cock out of me shortly after and started cleaning himself up. As I struggled to get up, he looked down and spat on me before walking away. I hated Ben. I fucking hated him. I didn’t know how, but I was going to make him pay.
  12. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: I hated Ben. More than I hated myself for going back to that gym day after day knowing what I was in for. I was always kind of small. At 19, I was only 5’5, and barely 130 pounds. That’s why I started going to the gym. Some half-assed attempt at bulking up, I guess. It didn’t make much of a difference - my body was never really fond of gaining any weight. At the end of my first day, I was getting ready to leave when someone came up to me while I was changing. “Looks like we’re the only two left in here.” I hear from behind. I whip my head around to see an orgasmic figure. He had to be at least 6’3, towering over me with broad, muscled shoulders and pecs that looked like they would break my nose if I tried to motorboat them. I looked down to see a package so big his shorts were struggling to contain it. ”Name’s Ben,” I looked back up. “You new here?” He stood there for almost a whole minute before I was able to respond. “Yeah, hi, I guess. I’m Will.” I said sheepishly. “Well Will,” he started again. “I pretty much run shit around here. ESPECIALLY in the locker rooms. And since we’re all alone, how about you help me out and get this beast to calm down a bit?” Before I could say no, Ben’s shorts were at his ankles and I was on my knees. I tried to struggle away, but Ben made it clear there was no way in hell he was letting that happen. He rammed his 9-inch cock into my mouth, not even letting me help suck it. With one hand, he started forcefully bobbing my head up and down his meat as he got closer to climaxing. A few moments later, I felt a warm sensation build in my throat as he blew his load in me. There was so much that some of it started gushing out of my mouth before he was even done. I don’t know why I kept going back after that. I had just been assaulted. But the truth is, it kind of turned me on.
  13. GEOFF and jim: Camp Avslapning Part 1 June 2010 I’d been looking forward to this trip for a while. A bunch of my friends – several from work and a few others – and I were heading to the mountains for a week. We had rented a hike-in-only camp comprising five sleeping cabins (each slept two to four adults), a mess hall, a washroom building divided into two – for men and women – with toilet stalls and gang style showers, and a bunch of outdoor facilities including a sauna (everyone and every place had one here), a wood burning cedar hot tub, and a cold dunk. The place was billed as a rustic retreat where you can get away from it all. The camp warned that there was no cell signal and so our mobile devices would not connect with our data plans. This sounded PERFECT for me. Typically I (and most of my co-workers) worked 60 hour weeks; we felt like we were always on call and expected to be on our email constantly. But, we had just finished a huge deal and several of us were getting away to celebrate. What better way than to be off the grid for 8 days? I got out of town late. A few things came up at work on Friday morning and I was driving out at 5 (I intended to leave at noon) – typical. Fortunately, it was the middle of June and the days were long (albeit cool given how far north we lived). I got to the trail head at 730p and while it didn’t ever get pitch black up here – it did get dark and I had a 7 kilometer hike ahead of me and knew that I had to hoof it. Although it was a bit cool (10 degrees or so) I only had a long sleeve shirt from REI on and some hiking pants – my jacket was in the outer pocket of my backpack. I parked my car, got out and headed to the back to get my pack on and get going. I caught my reflection in the car window and – I have to confess – I liked what I saw. At 45, I had a lean athletic build that filled out my shirt nicely. You could see the mounds of my pecs through my shirt, my muscular shoulders capped my 16.5” arms which filled out the sleeves, and my broad shoulders tapered down to a tight 29” waist. You couldn’t see my legs because of my pants, but my ass was perky (I turned around to catch a glimpse) from my hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats. AT 5-10 and 175 pounds I was an athletic middle aged man with a silver beard. And I relished the opportunity to show off my physical dominance over other men – whether it was at my box (its what we called our functional fitness gym), the gym where I lifted weights, or wrestling around in my gay wrestling league. I put my backpack on, took one final quick look at myself in the reflection (damn I’m a hot alpha) and headed to the trail. At the trail head was a sign 7K to Camp Avslapning. Attached to the sign was a note: Hey Jim, sorry you had to get a late start. As an FYI – you’ll be bunking with Geoff. See you when you get here. “Huh,” I thought, “I haven’t seen Geoff in 5 years. It’ll be good to catch up.” And with that I headed off. It was a challenging trail – even for me. But that didn’t stop my mind from wondering a bit. I was thinking back to the last time Geoff and I had hung out. He was Jane’s (my co-worker) younger brother. I had just moved here and Jane was hosting a welcome party for me at her flat. Geoff was visiting her from the US. He was 20 years old and in the middle of his engineering degree. He had just come out and I could tell he had a crush on me. He was tall, 6’3”, handsome face with a sharp jaw line, curly blond hair, but skinny. Sopping weight he weighed - at most – 150lbs. We chatted most of the night – we both got a little bit tipsy – and agreed to meet up a couple days later. We had brunch and I told him I liked to wrestle (was part of a wrestling league in University). He said that he always found it interesting and I invited him back to my place to roll around. I’m ashamed to admit that I took quite a bit of pleasure in wiping the floor with him. I know I walked the line – almost pushed it too far – his exclamations of agony let me know that I was effectively using my muscular body to inflict a bit of pain… and I may have held some holds just a bit longer than I should have; but, it was all in good fun and he assured me that he enjoyed himself. His semi-hardon confirmed that for me, too. We hung out quite a bit that summer, five years ago. We wrestled a lot – I dominated him, we had lunch and dinners together on the weekend, hiked in the mountains just outside of town, and went rock climbing quite a bit. I could see in his blue eyes that he was smitten for me. He’d ask me to flex my arms for him, for permission to rub his hands on my washboard abs, and would even request a pec bounce or two. I told him the price of admission was that he had to allow me to squeeze out a few wrestling submissions from his lips… he always agreed and I always took it right up to the line. I even taught him some safe words to let me know if I was approaching his limit or had crossed over (I only crossed over a couple of times). But, he was 20 years younger and was just a rail. I like my subs to have some meat on them – some ability to fight back. A sub that is tough to control is just more fun. I wonder how Geoff’s been. I may even wipe the cabin floor with him again. I smirked and headed off at a fast pace. Two and a half hours later I was hiking into camp. It was dusk and cool – maybe 5 degrees. In spite of this, I was sweaty and felt exhilarated. At the entrance to cap was a map with a note attached to it. Hey Jim, you’ll be with Geoff in Cabin 2. Figured with your love of fitness and activity, you’d appreciate the hike to it. Geoff is game, too. I looked at the map – Cabin 2 was way up the hill, isolated and out of the way. It was the furthest from any of the camp’s amenities. Probably a 10 minute walk from the nearest cabin and 15 from the showers. I walked into camp. It looked like everyone had headed to bed already. I was kinda surprised – I expected folks to be in the sauna or the hot tub. And I began my hike up to the Cabin. Cabin 2 was the only one with the light on. A few minutes later I was opening the door. I looked around – yup this is rustic. A concrete floor with a throw rug in the middle. And a single bunk bed. On the bottom bunk was what looked to be a bigger version of Geoff. He was spread out over the bed – it barely contained him – wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. He was reading a book. I saw him and thought “oh man the boy got fat, too bad.” On the top bunk he had spread out all of his stuff. Geoff looked up from his book a great big smile on his face. He saw me looking at the top bunk – with his stuff strewn all over it – and his smile took on a slightly different look. “JIM! Hey! It is so good to see you!” Geoff didn’t get up. “Geoff, wow man. Good to see you too! You’ve…… changed.” “Yeah, I’ve put on a bit of weight. Once I turned 21, I found it hard to keep the weight off… but what can you do?” “Yeah, well….. hey, there’s only one bunk bed in here. I thought all the cabins had two.” “Yeah” Geoff said, “we decided to move the other bunk that was in here down to Cabin 1 for Jane. She brought some friends with her and they all wanted to bunk together. I said you’d be game.” “Yeah sure.” I said, “Well, why don’t you help me move your stuff off the top bunk and we can catch up.” “I’ve got a better idea, Jim. Let’s wrestle for the top bunk. Whoever gets five submissions first can claim the top bunk.” “Well, I just hiked 7 K with a 20kilo pack on… but sure… it will probably be a bit more of a fair match that way.” Geoff just smiled. He stood up and removed his sweatshirt. My jaw dropped. What I had assumed to be a fat flabby body beneath that sweatshirt was the muscular body of a powerlifter. Only, Geoff had hardly any fat on him. I took in the sight – he was a gorilla. He had a thick powerful waist – probably 34” or so, but I could easily see his abs on his stomach as he breathed in and out. His pecs were massive – so much so that his nipples pointed down to the cold concrete floor. While I was taking in their sheer size, the left pec twitched – seemingly unbeknownst to Geoff. As it did so, ripples emerged just under his tight skin. He had veins running up and down his arms and shoulders and a couple across his pecs. His traps were like mounds sitting on either side of his massive neck. He bent over to remove his sweat pants. I got quick flash of his massive and muscular back. It was thick with mounds of muscle – powerful. When his sweat pants were removed, he revealed massive legs that were proportionate to the rest of his powerful body; he was wearing briefs that barely contained his glutes. His thighs were at least 30” of muscle, his calves bulged and dwarfed my upper arms. And, as with his upper body, hardly any fat was visible. It was all granite muscle. And across his entire body was a thick mound of body hair – almost fur. Geoffrey was a beast. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself. I loved to dominate muscle subs. And what stood before me was the epitome of muscle subs. Geoff saw that I was taking in his body with a greedy delight. He smiled. “You like what you see, now?” As he spoke he reached up and ran his right hand through his hair, his right bicep bulged as he did so (he wasn’t flexing). “Yeah Geoff, you’ve been working out!” “I have. I’m up to 260 pounds now. My arms were 22” when I measured them a couple months ago. But with my supplements they may be 22.5” by now.” He flexed his right bicep as he said this and it erupted in a mountain of muscle. He lowered his arm and bounced his pecs. He bounced them in sync and then one at a time. They were so hefty I could almost hear them as they lifted and dropped with each flex. And, striations beneath his chest hair appeared and disappeared with each contraction. He smiled. “Now, Jim, before we begin, remind me what were the safe words again?” I smiled, this is going to be fun – I LOVE pushing muscle subs to the limit and sometimes guiding them to just beyond. And from the stable of subs I’ve collected, they love it too. “Yellow when you’re at the limit but don’t want the scene to end. Red when the lines’ been crossed and we need stop.” “Ahh yes. That’s right. I’d forgotten how dull your safety words were. With my subs, I have a different set of words. Water for when you need a break but don’t want the scene to end and rock if I’ve taken you over the limit and you need the scene to end, immediately. I guess I should tell you, Jim - in the last five years, in addition to putting on mass, I’ve been training in martial arts. I just received my brown belt in Jujitsu fastest progression ever seen at my school. I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 5 years.” “Fuck” I thought. I had been in a wrestling league for years but never had any formal training. It was all erotic fun for me. The only times that I ever lost were to someone with formal training and the most humiliating losses were handed to me by blue and purple belts in jujitsu. Now, standing in front of me was massive bodybuilder/power lifter, someone with grappling training, and someone who had just announced that he was an alpha with a stable of subs of his own. What was even more frightening in that moment was all the recollections that came flooding back to me – times when I had used my athletic prowess to dominate a young skinny sub – and push him beyond his submission point – forced him to beg me to end a scene through cries of pain. I looked at him, his massive chest rising and falling with each breath, his powerful core showcasing a set of washboard abs, his quads, arms, and neck. I could see the strength in every fiber of his body and wondered if his claim of grappling training was true. If it was, I was about to have my ass handed to me. And given that we were in the cabin furthest from the rest of camp, no one was likely to hear my screams. His mouth was partially open - a look of hunger, like a snake about to eat its prey. He slowly licked his lips. Geoffrey raised his arms in a double bicep pose. Mountains of granite on both arms. And then into a most muscular pose. His face turned from a devilish grin into an aggressive show of dominance. “Ready for some pain old man?” I took in this muscular alpha with a look of aggressive, killer lust in his eyes. I noted that his briefs had filled and it looked like his cock was hard. A wet spot was forming on the front. Geoffrey was getting turned on by his show of dominance and we had not even begun. Fuck what was about to happen to me?
  14. cropsey23

    Quarantine Bros Chapter 1

    Not much muscle here, this is setup for a longer story. As always, comments/feedback are welcomed and motivate me to write more. Forming the Pod “Tyrell, the campus is closing down this week due to the pandemic. I’ve spoken to your parents, and you’ll have to go stay with your step brother since all the flights are cancelled too,” Coach Levi told his star long-distance runner. “I went to college with your step brother, and we were on the wrestling team together. I’m still in touch with him, and he’s looking forward to having you come over.” “That’s a bummer Coach,” replied Tyrell. “I’m fully recovered from the virus, and I’ve set new 5k records every day this week. I’m probably the fastest collegiate distance runner in the entire country now. I was really hoping to start training for discus throwing too.” Tyrell had a very brief bout with the virus, but was fully recovered in just a few days. The team physician said his fast recovery was due to his excellent physical condition. Tyrell accepted the scholarship on the long distance track team, on the hopes he could eventually become a field athlete. As fast as he was, Tyrell hated being a long-distance runner. It was soooo boring, and it kept him too skinny. At 20 years old, he stood 5’7” and weighed 140lbs. All his life, he heard people say, “Look at how fast that skinny kid can run” and it made him cringe. Tyrell had always idolized athletes like Sam Mattis, who stood 6’1” and weighed 245lbs, and was training to dominate in the Olympics. Tyrell would go through Sam’s Instagram account everyday, and just marvel at his size, muscle and power. He could probably toss a bowling ball a full mile, and Tyrell craved that power as well. “Coach, I know I can add some muscle with the right training, but I wlll have to cut back on the running,” pleaded Tyrell. “After the regionals, Tyrell, assuming they aren’t cancelled, you can train with the field athletes.” Coach Levi handed Tyrell a vial with 60 tablets in it. “Take one tablet a day Tyrell. This will help with your recovery from the virus. Your brother Kyle, he was very athletic too, and I’m sure he has some weights at home you can use.” “My STEP brother Kyle,” Tyrell corrected the Coach. Tyrell and Kyle weren’t blood related, and didn’t even grow up together. At 32 years old, Kyle had already moved out before their parents met and married, and they had only spent a couple of summer vacations together. But he seemed like a good guy, and his friendship with Coach Levi helped him secure the track scholarship. “You have my number, stay in touch. Keep running, and I’ll check in on your training. Hopefully we’ll be back here soon,” said Coach Levi. Tyrell spent the rest of the afternoon packing his things and preparing for the 2 hour drive to Kyle’s house, where he lived with his wife Kelly. Kyle and Kelly, Tyrell thought. How much whiter and blander can you get? He looked at Kyle’s Instagram account and his suspicions were confirmed: photos of Kyle and Kelly apple picking, at a winery, out to dinner with friends, were peppered in with plenty of shirtless photos of Kyle working out in his garage gym. Tyrell looked at those closely: Kyle had a fully functioning gym in his garage. And at 32 years old, 5’11”, he looked to weigh a solid, athletic 185lbs. Tyrell was impressed, especially since he hadn’t seen Kyle in over a year. The drive to Kyle and Kelly’s house went fast, and he pulled up to their big colonial house in the afternoon. Kyle was working out in his garage, shirtless, and he bounded out to greet Tyrell, keeping a safe 20 feet distance. Tyrell was impressed – Kyle looked even more jacked than in his photos. His shorts hung low on his waist, revealing a defined 6-pack and Apollo’s belt, and his muscular torso was glistening was sweat. Tyrell's eyes were drawn down to Kyle's powerful legs, and the enviable bulge in between them. "Damn," thought Tyrell to himself, "he's really won the genetic jackpot." Tyrell couldn't help but feel small and inferior around his powerhouse step-brother. “Hey Tyrell, sorry I’m going to keep a distance for now. Can’t be too safe these days,” said Kyle. “And Kelly and I are trying to conceive a baby, so we’re being extra careful.” Kyle pointed to the porch, where Kelly stood, waving at Tyrell. Kelly was fit as well, stood about 5’7” tall, same as Tyrell, and had a svelte figure. “There’s a loft above the garage, I’ve set everything up for you,” said Kyle. “You can stay there for the first seven days, then we can officially form a pod,” he said, laughing. “Thanks Kyle. Sorry for coming here like this, but I had no other option,” said Ty. “And man, looks like you have an awesome gym in there,” said Ty, looking past Kyle’s broad shoulders. “Coach Levi said I could start lifting, maybe you can help me.” “Sure thing, Ty. There’s nothing else to do these days, so I’ve been lifting like a madman! I’ve gained 10lbs of muscle so far, finally closing in on 200lbs!” he said, pushing out his big chest. Then, whispering so Kelly couldn’t hear him, Kyle said, “She LOVES muscle, and that helps with the baby making, haha!” “Well thanks again, I’m kinda beat, so I’m going to head up to the loft now.” Kyle directed him up the stairs, telling him the pantry was fully stocked, and to help himself to anything. Ty got settled in as he heard Kyle finish his workout in the garage below him. He walked over to the window, holding the vial that Coach Levi had given him. As he watched as a shirtless, muscled Kyle bounded up the steps into his house, Ty popped open the vial and swallowed one of the tablets. Tyrell: Kyle: Coach Levi:
  15. Caution: this story contains furry/kemono and muscle theft. If you don't like it, please ignore it. And I'm sorry to my poor English. XP **** - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. Elvin was very proud of this, and people around him praised him. But the grandmother was very worried about her grandson. Essentially, the stronger the magic power, the harder it becomes to control, which means the side effects are also larger in scale. However, Elvin didn't listen to her warnings at all. On the contrary, he firmly believed that he could control it all enough. - But with or without talent, the wizard was a secret being. Therefore, Elvin usually pretended to be an ordinary person. It was a duty that must be kept to protect the magical world. This duty made Elvin feel strong belonging and superiority, but sometimes frustrated. The 'ordinary' Elvin was just a little smart and weak black cat. But there was one flaw in this duty. If he could hide that he was a wizard, he could use magic with the public. So Elvin secretly retaliated with magic if he was the target of bullying. The method worked until middle school. But things changed when he entered high school, because of Jonas and Simon. - Jonas the lions and Simon the tiger were capable athletes who paid attention to high school sports. Muscular bodies as big as bodybuilders, excellent sports skills and good looks. Besides, they were active and curious. Having all the things they needed to have as athletes, they were very popular with ordinary students. But at the same time, they were so arrogant that they would easily ignore others. Jonas and Simon naturally led the gang, bulling the "good" student. That included Elvin. - At first, Elvin used magic the same way as before, but strangely, magic didn't work properly. After five or six failures, he soon realized what the problem was. So far, bullies have filled their low self-esteem with bullying, but they were different. They based the idea of 'we are absolutely superior to others,' and showing off this was a bullying. Elvin's magic kept failing because it was wrong from the most fundamental problem. So what if I made a better student than them? Thinking that far, he stumbled upon a student. It was Ben, a student in the same class. - Ben the white bear was just an ordinary student. He was very nice enough to admit even Elvin, unexpectedly with a pretty cute face, and moderately smart. But he was too introverted and hated sports. On top of that, he was very fat. The children rejected Ben for being fat, whether he was good or cute, so Ben had no friends since he was a child. But still, he was so nice that he was sometimes bullied by bad guys. - Elvin changed his mind as soon as he saw Ben. Originally, he planned around himself, but using Ben, who was worse than him, seemed to be far more effective to them. He arranged the plan and approached Ben cautiously. Getting close to Ben was easier than he thought. Elvin used magic to easily gain favor, but most importantly, spending time with Ben. At first they went to the cafeteria together. Then Elvin took a walk with Ben from time to time and spent time talking to each other about games. Later, they went to school together every morning. - For Ben, who was lonely without friends, Elvin became the only haven. Elvin knew it, too, so he tried to make sure Ben could rely on himself mentally. But there was only one thing Elvin didn't expect: Ben began to love him. Then one day, Jonas and Simon began to bully Ben again. Realizing that the time had come to execute the plan, Elvin pulled them away from Ben and deliberately provoked an argument. He talks about a city festival in the middle of summer vacation and declares that Ben will also participate in the bodybuilding competition. He also says he can easily beat contestants Jonas and Simon. - Ben is very embarrassed. Elvin reassures him and encourages him, saying he can win if he tries. First, he makes a six-week work out and diet for Ben. Then, as his trainer, he teaches work out hard. It also uses fur from Jonas, Simon and Ben to secretly execute the magic that it had prepared. He gives all of Jonas and Simon's physical attributes (muscle characteristics, constitution, metabolism, etc.) to Ben and then distributes Ben's physical attributes to Jonas and Simon. This magic has a temporary effect and breaks itself after the competition. - The first week. Two weeks before the vacation started. Ben does a lot of training every day. At first Ben complained that he was really going to die, but contrary to his worries his body endured it all. In the first week, Ben lost more than half of his weight. That's how fast it was to get muscles. Jonas and Simon, on the other hand, worked out as they usually did, but somehow got tired easily. Eventually, they can't work out for a long time and rest. - Second week. A week before vacation starts. The amount of training has increased a little. Ben lost enough weight to reveal his abs. The face also hardens. The body as a whole becomes as firm as a swimmer. Jonas and Simon, meanwhile, had a little less work out. The muscles slowly lose weight and start to gain weight very little by little. - Third week. Summer vacation started. Ben is worried about working out too much, but Elvin says he's fine. Contrary to Ben's worries, his body grew rapidly. This was because the muscles quickly filled up the places where all the weight was lost. The body grew bigger and firmer, and the face gradually matured. Jonas and Simon work out far fewer times than before. They lost a lot of muscle and gained some weight. - Fourth week. All the useless body fat that remained in Ben's body is removed. Muscle shapes become clearer and more beautiful. And during this time, Elvin starts to give him supplements, which makes growth even faster. Now he's in the body between a fitness model and a bodybuilder, and he's the same height as Jonas and Simon. On the other hand, Jonas and Simon have not lost any more muscle, but they gain a lot of weight and become fat. - The fifth week. Ben's body no longer loses weight, but keeps the right amount. Now that his athletic ability and knowledge have grown rapidly, he works out himself without Elvin. He also grew taller than Jonas and Simon. He became a perfect amateur bodybuilder, and around this time he began to take an interest in various sports. There is no change on Jonas and Simon's side. - The sixth week. The competition finally started. The fat Ben is reborn as an elite bodybuilder who stands 6'9" tall. He has great athletic ability and knowledge, as well as physical strength to match. It also became a player with enormous potential that all athletes dream of. - On the day of the competition. Jonas and Simon were forced to head to the stadium with fat bodies. However, the employees who checked their bodies just kicked them out, saying that they were not allowed to participate in the competition. Then Ben came in there, and they were shocked. Ben had a better body than himself before! Eventually, the bodybuilding competition ended up with Ben's overwhelming victory, and Jonas and Simon, who were watching it, ended up bawling with tremendous shame. Elvin secretly watches this and thinks the plan is successful and likes it. Without knowing that problems would arise soon. - The vacation is over and the second semester has started. Ben quickly became the idol of the students. He was even more popular than Jonas and Simon because he had a good personality. It protected bullied students with strong physical strength and showed the best grades in physical education. Many coaches showed interest in him, the best athlete. Ben smiled brightly as if this interest were not bad. But Elvin thought it was very strange. Because he broke the magic he used on them. As he expected, Ben had to return to his fat body at the end of the vacation. But Ben's body reacted as if it still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. - So the magic didn't break? No. Elvin shook his head. After the competition, he saw Jonas and Simon return to their original muscular form, working out again. Magic is definitely broken. So what happened to Ben's body? While investigating it, he somehow found that Ben's body still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. No, it was copied. Ben's body copied their physical attributes! Moreover, it wielded powerful influence enough 'to erase' Ben's original physical attributes. Elvin was shocked. Yes, it was a magical side effect. That's also a permanent side effect. - And soon there was another "side effect" that even Elvin didn't expect. It was love. Ben, who had a crush on Elvin, began to express love to him little by little. On the day he decided to stay overnight to help Ben with his assignment, Elvin realized that Ben's love for him was abnormally huge. When Ben overwhelmed Elvin with a huge muscular body, he finally realized that his grandmother was right. The powerful magic was beyond Elvin's control. - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. In the past, he was very proud of it. But not now. This time spent with Ben, the most handsome and powerful lover in the world, was the result of uncontrolled magic. He knew he couldn't get out of this. Any time, whatever it was, he had to be responsible for forever changing Ben's fate. That was the price of overconfidence in magical powers. END!
  16. Caution: this story contains furry/kemono and muscle theft. If you don't like it, please ignore it. And I'm sorry to my poor English. XP **** - There is a boy in a famous high school. He is a black and purple dragon. He is 8 feet tall and has a huge muscular body that even professional bodybuilders feel ashamed of. By contrast, he has a very soft and handsome face, which exudes mysterious charm. he is good at both studying and exercising, even very kind and righteous. He is the idol of other students. - And there is another boy in this famous high school. He is a black leopard. He is 5 feet tall and has a very skinny body. Also, there is no attraction to his ordinary appearance. Studying is medium, but he hardly exercises, and he doesn't even have friends. He admires the dragon, which is completely the opposite of him, and at the same time strongly envies him. He wants to be like a dragon. - Then one day, when he was studying in the local library, he finds dusty old books in quite a corner. It was an ancient spell book. The black leopard gets interested in it and starts reading. Then, he finds a spell that exchanges his physical characteristics(muscle, height, manly beauty, sports ability, and so on...) with the other person. The black leopard decides to do this magic to be like a dragon. - The black leopard starts to collect things quickly for this spell. Gathering and combining various herbs, mastering necessary skills, and finally barely getting underwear that is full of Dragon's "body fluid" from the school locker room. At last he is all set, and one full moon night he working the spell. Then he immediately feels connected to someone. He quickly realizes that it is a dragon. - The exchanges spell worked fast over a week. The black leopard gradually realized that his body was growing. His muscles and height have suddenly increased and his face is getting handsome. As reality changed accordingly, the number of people approaching him began to increase. On the other hand, the dragon’s body became shrinking. The black leopard notices it. - At first, the black leopard was very worried that the dragon, a magical species, could invalidate the spell. However, as time goes by, the worries are less and less, and the bigger the body gets and the more popular it becomes, the more confident it gets. Even the dragon seems not notice to magic. - In the end, magic is complete, and the dragon and the black leopard are completely reversed in position. The black leopard is now a famous student, and the dragon is just an ordinary student. He fascinates many people with his good looks and powerful muscular body. He was able to have everything he wanted, and he was content with this fate. He thinks everything will turn out the way he wants it. - But soon there was a problem. The black leopard began to immerse himself in 'his' talent and strength, and soon he began to be arrogant to people. Other students criticize his rudeness and bad manners, but he ignores them all because he thinks he is always right. After all, everyone who liked him leaves him. Also, his parents constantly began to interfere to raise him who was talented. Things are getting worse. - The black leopard is embarrassed in this situation. He was clearly of the same build as the former dragon, but he was totally different from when everyone liked the dragon. In a situation full of stress and worry, suddenly the black leopard wondered what the dragon was doing now. He is very surprised to find the dragon. Despite being in the same situation as former black leopard, Dragon was doing well with other students, unlike him. It was much brighter than ever! - The black leopard, who was confused by this, is getting more and more mentally weak. He is pessimistic about his situation, which is only getting worse. From where is something wrong? In the end, the black leopard once again envies the dragon, who stays in peace. Then the dragon appears in front of the black leopard and asks, "How does it feel to be in my place?" When the black leopard is surprised, the dragon answers that "I had already noticed but left it on purpose." He tells the black leopard that he thought this was the only way to convince you. - Soon the black leopard replies that he didn't want to do this. Then the dragon asks, "Do you want to go back to the original?" If he choose to get back to normal, everything that's happening now will be gone, but he has to give up his muscles and strength. If he doesn't want to go back, he can live with a strong body and strength. However, he has to suffer from a situation that will continue to deteriorate like a thread that cannot be solved. Eventually, the black leopard chooses to go back to its original form. Then the dragon breaks his spell easily. - A week goes on again. Having fully recovered original form, they return to their original position. Dragon became the school's representative student again, and the black leopard became an ordinary student again. The difference is that the dragon taught black leopards to study and exercise and helped him get along with other students. In particular, he was the best workout partner for a black leopard. They became best friends! END!
  17. TheId

    Coach and the Tutor

    I don't write very often because I feel like I have nothing new to contribute to the genre, but I start to feel guilty about just consuming, once in a while, and want to write something. Here goes. It was almost 5:30 and I was starting to get steamed again. I’d been the wrestling coach at this college for almost 10 years and I’d never been shown so much disrespect. I was more than ready to show the little pipsqueak not to fuck with my authority ever again. It all started a few weeks ago when my star wrestler, Cory, flunked an important test and got his stupid ass at risk for academic ineligibility. I managed to ‘persuade’ his professor to change the grade—he was used to being the big man around campus, bet he thought he was pretty tough always grading the athletes in his class so severely. He was about 6’1” and pretty muscular, but he nothing compared to me. When I visited his class one day as all the students shuffled, I could see his eyes get wide. I’m pretty used to getting that reaction, I’m 6’5”, got wide fucking shoulders and boulders under the skin for biceps. My chest is huge, and juts out in front of me and leads the way when I need to deal with some little man who’s trying to pull one over on me. I could see the cocky professor watching my chest with wide eyes as I stepped up to him. I heaved both my pecs under my tight white tank, let him really get a look. “Up here,” I said, my chest practically pressing against his. He looked UP into my eyes and visibly gulped. I’ve got a chiseled jaw and just the faintest hint of a beard, thick, scratchy stubble, and right now I was scowling down on him. “C-can I help you?” “You might be new around here, I’m Coach Peterson. Wrestling head coach.” “N-nice to… umm,” his eyes again traveled down my body. I knew he could see my rock hard stomach through the fabric of my tank. Was he trying to look at my bulge? “M-m-meet you… Sir.” Sir? Nice. This was going to be easy. Who am I kidding, it’s always easy. “Let’s cut the bullshit. You failed one of my wrestlers on the last test. You’re going to give him a ‘D’ and he’s going to pass this class. Am I understood?” “B-but I c-c-can’t…” He stuttered. I grabbed him around the waist and, easy as anything, lifted him up, practically throwing him down to sit on the desk. He gasped and I saw his hand drift down to his crotch. “I’m not going to tell you again. I’m going to get what I want, and I don’t want to hear any more about the wrestling team getting failing grades. Otherwise I’m going to get hostile, and you don’t want me to get hostile.” I looked down at the bulge hardening in his slacks. “Or maybe you would.” But I didn’t come here to fuck some bitch, although it would’ve been easy with this muscled up professor. I just strut out of the room, flexing my shoulders as I walked, letting him see the muscle on my back explode. In the end? He gave Cory a ‘B’. Pathetic. So what’s got me so pissed off today? Well, the brush with losing his eligibility meant that Cory needed to take mandatory tutoring. That meant he had to leave practice 10 minutes early to meet his one-on-one tutor: already bad enough. To make matters work, I received a formal request from his tutor that he wouldn’t see any improvement in his grades without a lighter work load on the team. I ignored it, of course. Some pip squeak college nerd tutor wasn’t going to pull away my best wrestler. But then the little pip squeak (Stephen was his name, if I remembered right) filed an official request with the director of athletics for the college, and I was going to be under all kinds of scrutiny unless this kid dropped his request. So “in the interest of helping Cory’s grades,” I invited the tutor kid to meet with me in my office at 5:30 when he was done with Cory’s session. Of course, I was going to ‘persuade’ the kid to drop his request. There was a knock on my door promptly at 5:30. I shouted a gruff “Come in” in as deep a voice as I could. If he wasn’t shaking already, I wanted him intimidated by the time he walked in. In walked the pip squeak. He was small, about 5’9” and skinny. He wore khakis and a tucked in polo that was obviously too big on him. It looked like he was wearing his big brother’s clothes. For what a pip squeak he was, he had a handsome face, I had to admit. Face still smooth from youth, but something about the little smirk on his face made me want to wipe it right off. “Thanks for meeting with me,” he held out his hand to shake mine. I grabbed his hand and squeezed. Hard. Not hard enough to cripple the kid, but hard enough to let him know he wasn’t dealing with some weedy academic types like he was used to. “My name’s Stephen Solis.” “I’m Coach Peterson,” I answered. I tightened my grip, since it didn’t seem he was reacting to the squeeze. His hand was so fucking small in mine, it’s a wonder I didn’t crush him. He took a seat across the desk from me, didn’t even check to see if his hand was alright. Usually a guy has to kinda wave it out when I shake his hand. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Peterson.” This kid had some nerve. Getting off on the power of his position as a fucking student tutor. I was going to show him real power. “Coach,” I growled. “Let’s cut the bullshit. You filed a request with the head of athletics, isn’t that right?” “Yes, it certainly is.” “You’re going to drop it. You’re going to tell anyone asking that Cory is doing great on his schoolwork and doesn’t need any tutoring. Am I understood?” He took a moment to breathe in, rested his elbows on the chair’s arms and folding his hands. He seemed like he was sizing me up, trying to figure out how serious I was. He probably was trying to decide if I’d actually beat him to a pulp if he said ‘no’. He didn’t look scared, though. I honestly couldn’t read him. I got more frustrated. “No. I can’t do that, Mr. Peterson. Cory was done a huge disservice in his high school education, and I won’t let that to happen to his college education, as well. It’s my responsibility to make sure students are doing the best they can. That’s why I tried to put in my initial request with you.” “Listen here,” I was practically shaking I was so mad. “You don’t understand how this works. This kid is the reason we’re going to win the title this year. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s on the mats.” “I’m sorry Mr. Peterson, but no. I’ve made my decision. It’s the best for Cory. That’s my concern.” It had been years since anyone said ‘no’ to me. It surprised me, then it infuriated me. If the kid wasn’t going to obey, I’m pretty sure I could control anyone coming to ask questions about my hurting this pip squeak. “You little pip squeak, this isn’t a discussion—“ “You’re right. I’ve made up my mind. Goodbye, Mr. Peterson.” He stood up and made for the door. I was up like a shot, taking the walk to the door in three big strides. I slammed it back closed just as he tried to open it, I held it closed. My chest was right in his face, and I was standing so much taller than him. When he looked up at me, he was still smirking. Not for long. “I don’t joke around, pip squeak.” “No. I’m sure you don’t.” He grinned up at me. “I like that. You know what? I think you’ll do.” “What the fuck are you—“ There was a sudden squeal of metal. I guess I must have gotten lost looking him in the eye, I didn’t even realize when he reached out, grabbed the metal frame of the door and bent it in, effectively pinning the door closed. I blinked twice. I tried to pull the door open, it wouldn’t budge an inch. I put my hip against the wall and tried wrenching it open. Nothing. I looked at the twisted metal, I could see the individual indents where his fingers had sunk into the metal. I touch the metal. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “I have a feeling you have a need deep inside you, Coach.” He said the word so dismissively. Who the fuck did this little pip squeak think he was. I tried to bend the metal back, my biceps bulged and my forearms became a map of blood vessels and hard muscle. The metal wouldn’t bend at all. The pip squeak had walked back over to my desk while my mind tried to make sense of what had just happened. “You get so much out of having those big, show-off muscles. Bet it’s a long time since you’ve even had to give that body a challenge. Long time since you had to think about what real strength was.” “You piece of shit, I’m gonna choke the shit out of you.” I started after him. Was honestly going to punch the smirk off this kid’s handsome face. I barely had time to process what happened. With the most casual laugh, he stooped down, grabbed the leg of my desk, then he stood back up, bringing the entire desk with him, lifting it into the air so smoothly it might had been pulled up on wires. Then he swung the desk, one handed, like it was some kind of baseball bat. The impact threw me across the room and splintered the desk! He dropped what he was still holding and stepped over all the papers and things that had spilled off my desk. “I have a way I’d like to choke you, Coach,” there was that tone again. “I don’t usually do things like this, you know.” I scrambled up and threw the hardest punch I could. He caught it easily before it could connect with his jaw. That tiny hand against my big fist was… so fucking strong. I grimaced as it felt like that hand was going to crush my fist. “Augh!” I screamed, thought the bones in my hand were going to break. I tried to knee him with all my strength. He just batted my knee back down to the ground, causing me to collapse into a puddle on the floor. Except my torso was being held up by that rock-hard grip still holding my aching fist. “L-let go of me.” “That’s not a very polite way of asking for something, is it?” He squeezed harder and I couldn’t help the shout that came out of me. “Fuck you.” “You see Coach, I’m pretty strong. Insanely strong, actually. But I don’t feel the need to go around trying to push people around.” He walked towards a chair, dragging me behind him by my fist and outstretched arm. I couldn’t seem to find my legs, tried hard as I could to pull away. Instead, my body just slid across the floor. “Though I’ve got to admit, it feels fucking awesome to be able to show off, once in a while.” “Who the fuck are you?” I finally found my feet and tried to stand up and wrench my fist away. It didn’t budge. He chuckled. “I told you who I am, dummy.” “Wh-what are you?” All I could think about was getting my fist out of the crushing pain it was experiencing. He smiled for a minute and stepped up to me, wrenching my fist so it raised up above my head and then pushed me back to my knees. My poor fist! I would do anything, I couldn’t afford to lose my hand! “I’m the Man,” he answered, simply. I looked UP at him from down on my knees, up into that fucking smirk splitting that handsome face. “P-please let go…” I said quietly, the pain causing my voice to shake. “I can’t hear you.” “Please let go of me!” “You’re new to begging, so I’ll give you one more chance.” With that, the pressure on my fist must have doubled and I cried out in pain. “Please let go of me, Sir! Pleeeeaase!” “If I let go of you, you’re going to do what I say, or you’re going to feel this power of this hand crushing something else.” He put the toe of his dress shoe between my thighs and lightly tapped against my balls through my gym shorts. “Are you going to do what I say?” “What the fuck do you want---AUUUGHHH!” He squeezed again. “’Yes Sir’ is the answer we’re looking for here, Coach.” “Y-yes Sir! Fine! Yes Sir! Just let me go!” “Tell me your name. Your first name.” “Curtis!” “Hmm. I’ll call you ‘boy’ instead.” With that he let me go and I cradled my sore hand to my chest. I didn’t even get off my knees, trying to process what had just happened. The pain went away pretty swiftly, and I could suddenly realize that a bruise was forming on my side where I’d been hit by the desk. Also, I felt a stirring in my pants. What the fuck? “I see that excited you. Good. I knew you’d be the one.” “I’m not excited you fucking pervert!” I growled, but still didn’t get off my knees. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself yet that it was a lie: I’d been rock hard in my pants the minute I realized I couldn’t pull my hand free of his grip. “Oh, my poor little boy.” He strode over to the other side of the room and plucked one of my college wrestling trophies off the shelf. It was a big golden cup attached to a thick marble base. I kept it polished to a shine. “Don’t be shy, it’s a perfectly natural reaction to realizing you’re over-powered.” I looked away when he tried to catch my eye, afraid to stand up because my big hard cock was tenting my shorts. One of his small hands took my chin between thumb and forefinger and I flinched. He tipped my head up to look him in the eyes. My neck strained against him, but it was like he didn’t even feel the resistance. Once he was sure he had my attention, he held up the big golden trophy. He put both small hands on it, and then he crushed it. Not just crushed it, rolled the metal up into a ball like it was so much aluminum foil. The gold plated metal squelched and squeezed between his fingers like it was made of putty. He took the marble base in hand “Watch your eyes,” he said softly. Then the marble exploded under his grip, crushed to absolute dust and letting it fall to the floor. The whole remains of the trophy could fit in one of his palms. “Holy fuck,” I felt my big cock lurch in my pants. I didn’t like that feeling: I got hard dominating other muscle brutes. This little college pip—er, guy was not getting me hard. He wasn’t! But damn fuck, he was so strong. It was unbelievable. “Like I said, boy.” He reached out and started feeling my chest, rubbing his hand over the broad expanse of my pecs. “All this muscle is just for show, and I’m going to teach you some respect. And you’re going to thank me for it.” He pinched a nipple and I gasped, my hard cock dribbling some pre-cum into my shorts. “You’ve got some pretty tits, boy.” “I-I’m not… I don’t’… I don’t swing that way. I’m no queer.” I tried to call him pip-squeak but the word died on my tongue when I met his eye and saw the look of total possession in his eyes. I felt like I was going to come. “Now now,” he gently slapped my hand and I flinched again. This guy could have probably knocked my head off. “I don’t like it when my boys lie to me. You might try to hide it from your team, but I can see how much you like men. Probably never thought what you really needed was a real man to take control. I’m going to do that for you.” “No… I…” I gulped, he was now running his thumb over my lips, holding my face in one hand. I couldn’t budge, he was pushing me down so hard. Not that I could’ve stood up if I wanted to, my legs were still jello with how hard my cock was. “I’m a top…” “Not for long.” He stuck his thumb in my mouth. It pushed past my lips despite me keeping my mouth shut tight. He stroked the pad of his tongue gently over the tip of my tongue. My eyes started to close. No! I wasn’t going to put up with this! I bit down hard, at the same time I punched up with all my strength to nail him in the crotch. It wasn’t a clean fight, but I was fighting for my survival, here! My fist was again trapped, this time between his thighs. God, they felt like granite! It was the first time I happened to look at his crotch. Something in his loose khakis jumped. I thought I could just barely make out something snaking down his leg. This was all foreplay to him. Oh Christ! My eyes closed, my cock strained, leaking a wider wet spot on the front of my shorts. “No, no, boy.” He released my fist from between his rock hard thighs and resumed pushing his thumb into my mouth. I no longer tried to fight him, sucking on the thumb as a familiar feeling built up in my balls. “You don’t cum without permission.” “Can’t… can’t help it… gonna cum,” I said past the thumb in my mouth. “You mean this little pip-squeak is going to make you cum without even touching yourself?” “I’m sorry! Sorry I called you…. Unnnnf… pip-squeak!” “So you’re going to be a good boy, now?” It was so degrading, I was sucking on his thumb like it was the last thing I’d ever do, on my knees in my own office, harder than I’d ever been. I was so humiliated. I was so turned on. A part of me screamed to get up! I tried to spit the thumb out of my mouth, but of course I couldn’t. My big cock strained. “You can beat the shit out of me, but I’m never going to be your boy!” I said, though I couldn’t believe the voice that came out of me. I didn’t sound certain at all. But I could take a licking, my muscles weren’t for show. They weren’t! If I can’t beat this guy, I can take whatever he throws at me… couldn’t I? “You’re already my boy,” he laughed. He lightly slapped my face again. “You’re going to like this a lot more once you submit.” “Never!” Never? He pushed my head down till my face was right in the crotch of his slacks. I could catch his scent, being this close. God, it smelled like muscle sex. The kind of scent that takes over everything else in the room, the scent that sticks around when a powerful man’s gotten what he wants, whether it be a hard workout or a tight ass to fuck. My head was swimming, I couldn’t take my eyes off what I thought might be his cock, my shoulders relaxed and I sagged. I wanted to bury my nose between his legs, but I was so afraid to touch him. Partly because I was afraid what it would say about me, but I have to admit, it was mostly because I hadn’t been given permission. “I think you can be a good boy,” he lectured. “I’m the man to show you what a good boy you can be. I always get what I want, but I know you want it, too.” I didn’t even notice he had taken his hand off my head, I just stayed exactly where he put me. He stroked my hair. Like I was a fucking pet. “Don’t you?” I grunted, I didn’t know what I wanted, anymore. My grunt came out more as a gasp as his small hand massaged the back of my neck. “Use your words, boy. You want me.” “I… I…” “You what, boy?” “I do. I want it. Fuck, what the fuck is happening to me?” “You’re finding your place,” he chuckled. “And good boys get rewarded.” He pushed my face roughly into his crotch, I buried my nose in the fabric drawn tight by his hard-on. Fuck, that scent! I had my mouth open, gasping in the stud’s scent. I’d never felt anything like this. “You’re going to be a good boy?” “Yes. Yes!” My tongue lolled out of my mouth and I licked at his balls beneath the khakis. “Yes Sir!” “Tell me that you’re going to be a good boy.” “I’m going to be your good boy!” I said, loathe to take my mouth off his package. The next thing I knew, he was pulling back, I chased him with my tongue, but he held me back with a hand on my forehead. There was no way I could move, now. I whimpered. I whimpered? Oh fuck. “Stand up.” He stepped back and sat himself down in one of my chairs. I slowly got to my feet, I felt self-conscious. I felt defeated. I felt horny as hell. I tried to straighten my shoulders as I came to my full height, but looking at the stud smirking up at me made me cower a little bit. My big cock was peeking out the top of my shorts, and the wet spot had spread to the hem of my tight tank. “Time to learn how to show off those muscles for your man. Take off your clothes.” I stammered, but my hands were already working to pull my tank off of my torso. “Stop,” he said calmly, and I stopped immediately. “You’re going to show off. Don’t make me repeat myself, boy.” “Yes Sir.” The words just came out. I started again, running my hands over my rock hard stomach as it was exposed. This stud got turned on dominating me. Dominating me! I wanted to show him I was still hot, even if he was the better man in the room. I needed to prove I was worth something, even though I couldn’t match his strength. He had called me a show-off… god, he was right. Everything I wore, every way I acted, all to show off this body. This weak fucking body that had never been defeated before on the mat or otherwise. When my pecs were exposed, I cupped them each in my hands and flexed, running my fingers through the thick hair. He looked pleased and my cock jumped in excitement. I hadn’t had to impress anyone since I started wrestling in high school, wanting to prove myself to my coach. This was like that, but different. I always wanted my coach to respect me. I knew the stud sitting in front of me could never respect me like that. So what did I want? “You’re going to earn this cock after all, boy.” Fuck. His cock. My mouth started to water, but I couldn’t admit it to myself. “Turn around and take off those shorts.” “Yes Sir,” I said, turning around. I didn’t know what to do, if I wanted to earn his cock, I needed to show off. I’d never shown off my muscle ass before. Everyone was always focused on my huge cock. I pulled down the waistband of my shorts and sort of rocked my hips. God, would he be pleased by my ass? I had never felt so shy. But I’d been ordered. I slid the waistband down below my ass cheeks, the were being held up just by my powerful thighs. I reached back with a trembling hand and took hold of one of my muscled ass cheeks, giving it a squeeze. “All the way off, boy.” I slid my shorts the rest of the way down, I wasn’t wearing underwear, so now I stood in my own office buck naked at the command of the 5’9” stud who had to be the strongest person in the world. The stud who had made me his boy. I looked down and saw how red and hard my cock was. I just knew he’d be impressed by my cock… maybe he’d just want to suck it and then he’d let me get dressed. I could still pretend like this never happened. “Everything’s changed, now, boy.” His voice gave me chills. He was right. There was no going back. This man was going to lead me wherever he wanted me to be. “Turn around.” I slowly turned around. He was leaning back in his chair, running his hand over the fat bulge in his pants. He looked me up and down like he was choosing a steak. Then he stood up. He pointed to the ground in front of him and I scrambled to kneel there, back in range of his manly fucking scent. “Guess what this man is going to have his little boy do next?” He said, voice low with lust. “S-suck your cock?” I asked, almost begging. “Good boy.” He unzipped his pants and pushed them down, pulling aside the band off his underwear too. I could see the base of his cock, bent uncomfortably into his pants. He was… thick. He was so fucking thick! He had to fish into his pants and cant his hips to free the rest of his cock, hauling it out and letting it bob in front of my face. He wasn’t fully hard yet, and his cock was the biggest I’d ever seen. Even in porn. Even in my wildest dreams, I didn’t have a cock that big. “Holy fuck…” I gasped. There was a glimmer of pre-cum on the tip where it was peeking out of his foreskin. As I watched in awe, his cock raised up to finally harden at an angle to his torso. How the fuck could he even hold that thing up? I reached up to touch it, mesmerized. “Not till your told.” And I lowered my hand again. I moved to take hold of my own dick, but stopped because I hadn’t been ordered to. Instead I tried to focus on that scent, flooding my senses now that his pants were open. He took his cock in hand, his small hands couldn’t even close around the base. How did he jack off? I gulped when I realized he probably didn’t need to jerk off. This man used a boy when he needed to get off. I was the latest conquest. Fuck! He lifted his cock and slapped my face with it, hard, five times. The fleshy bat whacked against my cheeks, left a streak of pre-cum in my stubble. I didn’t realize I had opened my mouth until his cock slapped against my tongue. “If I wanted to, I could knock you across the room just by swinging my big cock at your face.” I didn’t feel threatened, I felt electrified. Imagined what it’d be like to be knocked to the ground just by a real man’s cock. “You know what to do.” Oh god, I did know what to do! “Please, Sir, can I suck—can I worship your fucking huge fucking cock?” I bravely looked up into his eyes, he was smiling at me affectionately. There was no challenge in his gaze. I was no challenge to him at all. “That mouth is mine,” he declared. I stuck out my tongue and nodded hastily. “Prove it.” I fell on his cock like I was starving for it, trying to fit the head in my mouth. It was hard as steel and pulsing against my tongue once I got it in. But the head wasn’t even the thickest part of his cock, and my lips were stretched as he pushed in. There was nothing I could do to stop him, so I tried to please him. Tried to wriggle my tongue into his foreskin, I got a thick taste of this MAN. The head of his cock battered into the back of my throat and I whimpered. I wanted to prove I could take him all the way. I wanted him to make me take him all the way. He was taking pleasure from me faster than I could willingly give it to him. It was true domination. My little dick lurched and my balls churned. He lifted the hem of his loose polo and I balked. The incredible hair at the base of his monster cock led up into a treasure trail of blonde hairs up to his belly button, and what appeared to be the deepest cut abs I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe it, he was so small and looked so skinny. I reached up to brace myself on his thighs and once against felt the steel hard strands of his muscle there too. I whined because I thought I was going to cum right there. But I couldn’t: I hadn’t been ordered! “Starting to get an idea of what real power looks like, little boy,” he lectured, taking control and pushing his cock into my throat, gagging me. “Who’s choking whom, now, boy?” I choked and gasped and my eyes watered as that big head pushed deeper in my throat. “You’re pretty inexperienced at giving blow-jobs, but the enthusiasm is appreciated. Don’t worry. This Man’s going to make sure you learn what you need to learn. No matter how long it takes.” My head was swimming and I was almost losing consciousness, but I was so grateful he was going to train me how to take his cock. He pulled out and I hollowed out my cheeks trying to keep his monster cock in my mouth desperately, but of course I was no match for him. He pulled out and his cock was now shining with spit. He reached his hand down, gently collected one of my tears on his thumb, then fed it to me. I sucked onto his thumb like I was auditioning to be his cocksucker. “That’s a good boy. Crying around my cock.” He pulled out his thumb and put his leaking cockhead back against my lips. “If your team could see you now. Showed you your place.” God imagining my team watching me! It wasn’t fair, though! They didn’t know what it was like to serve a real man! Anyone would go to his knees for this stud! I was lucky he chose me as his next notch. Team be damned if they couldn’t understand that! I sucked his cock again vigorously, but it wasn’t long before he took control again, fucking my face. Tracing the outline of his cockhead in my throat with one teasing finger. I just drooled and cried and whined. “Not a man. Just a fucktoy,” he laughed after a few minutes, once I finally pressed my wet face against his steel hard hips, his cock completely inside me. We stayed like that for a moment, him grinding my nose into his pubes, that scent causing my throat to lock down and massage his shaft. “I know just how to play with you to get what I want.” He reached down and twisted my nipple on my bigger but weaker tits with his small fingers. I whimpered and tried to stick out my tongue to wash his balls while he dominated my mouth. He pulled out and left me coughing, but staring him in the eye, tongue out, ready to be used again. “There’s something you want to say to me, isn’t there, bitch boy?” “Yes Sir…” “Say it.” “Th-thank you, Sir! Thank you for making me your f-f-fuck toy.” “And what else?” “Use me however you want,” my chest heaved as I took in sharp breaths. My naked body was coated in a sheen of sweat, big tits rising up and down, muscle packed stomach pushing in and out. “Didn’t I tell you I get what I want?” “Yes Sir!” Despite being so much bigger, I had never felt so small. This freshman college kid, barely had stubble on his face, was using me as his private fuck toy, and I loved it! In the next moment he had hauled me to my feet. He pulled his shirt off and I marveled at his body. He was rock hard everywhere. His biceps were small and cut, his chest was so hard I could see every striation of his taut muscle. It looked like his nipples could cut glass. I mumbled out a feeble ‘Oh Sir!’ and longed to touch him, but I hadn’t been ordered. He stooped and put his arm between my legs, flexing his rock solid bi against my taint, lifting me off the ground with one arm like I was lighter than a feather. “I’m going to use that hole, boy. Going to make sure that pussy I own is trained before I go.” “Oh fuck!” He carried me across the room, my feet dangling between his legs. I was going to cum! I was going to cum! But I couldn’t, I had to impress him, I had to prove myself to be a good bitch. I knew I’d never cum again without thinking about this stud. He set me down on the remainders of my desk, laid me on my back like a Daddy putting down his baby boy. “Want to see your face the first time I use my fuck hole.” I screamed when his lubed up cockhead slid past the ring of my ass. He was moving so slow, but his entry was totally inevitable. I clenched down my hole, I tried so hard to open up for him, but my body knew what he really wanted: to conquer my ass the same way he conquered my muscles. And he did, he slid into me without stopping until he was buried to the hilt. My world exploded with pain, but my cock drooled more pre onto my hairy abs. “That’s what I like to see. Don’t worry, bitch, your Daddy’s got you.” He laughed and slid his cock slowly out before pushing back in. All of the sudden the pain disappeared. I felt full. So incredibly full, like I’d never been. God what had I been missing not bottoming before now? But it didn’t matter, I knew nobody could ever fill me up like this ever again. What use was there bottoming to inferior men? But what use was there pretending to be a top anymore, either? Oh god, he changed me! The head of his cock brushed against my prostate with each push in, and I moaned like a whore. I fought to keep my eyes open—he wanted to see my eyes while he plowed me—but it was so hard. He reached up and twisted my nips again, I clenched down hard on his shaft. He was playing me like an instrument, knew just how to make me give him more pressure, knew how to open me up. He knew me better than I knew myself, he knew how to make sure he got what he wanted out of a willing bitch. That was me. Christ, that was me! I was his bitch! “Thank you Sir!” I shouted out as he powered in and out of me. “I know, bitch boy. I know.” God I loved that cocky smirk, it made me blush and made my hole pulse just seeing it. God I’d dream about looking down the length of my built body to see this Alpha smirking down on me. He fucked me for what felt like hours. It got dark outside and he was still coaching me on how to be a better bitch for him, still twisting my nips and slapping my face, spanking my ass until it was red. Anything he had to do to make me tighten my pussy here or open it up here. No matter how much I clenched down it must feel like nothing to that strongman cock, but I tried anyway. “Lucky you can’t get pregnant, boy. Cuz I’m going to shoot such a load in you.” “Breed me! Please Sir!” “I know you want it, my dirty little whore. Know what a slut you are for my big cock and huge load.” He stroked the fur on my abs. I was sobbing now, eyes foggy with tears. I’d never felt anything so good. “I fucking need it, Sir! Need it… need it…” “I know. Trust Daddy.” “Yes, Daddy!” God he was everything. He changed his angle and started ramming into a new spot inside me. My little dick lurched, my balls drew up. “Cum, bitch. Now,” he commanded. I obeyed. It felt so good to obey! I shouted and hit myself in the face with the load that rocketed out of my dick. My face was dripping and I was crying softly and trying to catch my breath when the last spurt landed on my tits. “Little load from a little boy,” he growled, every muscle on his perfect torso was flexing in sharp relief. Maybe someday he would let me worship his chest… “Here I cum, bitch.” “Please, Daddy! His body went rigid and his eyes closed, then I felt a warm, wet pressure in my pussy as he bred me. God he was shooting so hard, buried to the hilt inside me, making room for his cum. He thrust as he came, making the desk screech across the floor with me on it. If I felt full before, it was nothing compared to this. After nine hard shots, he pulled his cock out of my pussy and it fountained cum up into the air and down onto my chest, my face, into my mouth. I could feel the cum pouring out of my stretched hole while cum rained down on me, burning hot. I clenched my hole to keep it inside, and I stuck out my tongue. When he stopped shooting, his cock was still hard, rampant and huge compared to my own softening little dick. He chuckled again and smirked down at me. He let my legs fall and strode over to the other side of the desk. He yanked me so my head hung down off the desk upside down, then he put the wet head of his cock between my lips and I sucked and sucked and tried to clean him as best I could. He played with my nipples like I’d been a good pet. When he pulled his cock from between my lips, he strode over to where I’d dropped my clothes. He picked up my tank top and used it to dry the rest of the spit and cum off his cock, dried off his sweaty balls. “You’ll wear that tank tomorrow to work. I suspect you’re never going to want to wash this thing, anymore.” I was so weak I could barely muster a ‘yes sir.’ But I did, because that’s what my owner expected. “I plan on using that pussy again, bitch boy. And I might not be so gentle next time. Keep that pussy ready for me.” With that, he walked back to the door and bent the frame back into place, opening the door and walking out like nothing had happened. He left the door open. It was good almost everyone had gone home, otherwise they would have seen me lying naked and soaked and leaking cum, without the strength to even cross the floor of my ruined office and close the door.
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    Poker Face

    The giant creature was right in front of my face. I couldn't believe i was face to face with it. I looked at it firmly with my eye wondering how i was going to fit it all in my mouth. As impossible as i thought it was, I knew I could definitely be able to do it. Because after all, this giant piece of meat used to be my meat. I stared up at the man before me. He looked at me with a stern poker face hiding all his emotions behind a pair of sunglasses. I could only stare back at the reflection from his sunglass reflection looking at the pathetic skinny loser that is me right now. All I could make out was my pale skin covering my bony nerd body. Oh how i miss my old body as i glace from side to side looking at his broad muscular shoulders and buldgind pecs. At least I know he was still going to the gym regularly, thats a relief he's not wasting my hard earned body away. As you can probably tell i wasn't always this pathetic. I was once a champion sportsman as well as a top poker player representing my frat brothers. Oh at least i thought i was the top poker player. A week ago I got way too overconfident at a party where i was eyeing this hot chick. She was however attached to a skinny loser whom i challenged to a game of poker. If i win I get to fuck his girlfriend while he watches and i asked him what he wanted if he won. He said he wanted to be me. I thought it was a fucking retarded request. How the hell do you swap bodies with people? If i only knew..... I have to admit though. He was pretty good at the game. But most impressively was his poker face. He was good at hiding his emotions and he would only give his emotions away when he knew he won. Which was way too late for me. I dont know how he did it but after losing the game i was stripped of my entire body. My muscles, my good looks, my height...everything. And i did become him. It was terrible watching him pretending to be me. No one would believe that we swapped bodies and I had to watch him live the frat life i was meant to live. As much as he was great at his "poker face" he was also a fast learner and he literally became me. Walking down the school hallway with my iconic swag and speaking in my cocky tone of voice. I however couldn't get used to my new lower status as a loser nerd at the bottom of the college food chain. But i wasn't about to give up. I did whatever i could to get people to notice and help me. I contacted my frat brothers and tried to convince them, I tried talking to the girls who used to wanna be fucked by me so bad. They don't believe me now. But if i keep telling people someone will be bound to help me out! My luck started to turn around however when he approached me just 15mins ago. I was shocked because he told me he wasn't feeling happy in his new body and really wanted his old life back. Its almost like he was trying to beg me to swap our bodies back. The only way he claimed however we could transfer our essence was for me to suck the "muscles" out of him. From his cock. I had to ingest as much of his cum as i could. As disgusting as it sounded i was not about to let this opportunity slip me by. I want my body back no matter the cost. I couldn't see his eyes through his reflective sunglasses but by the sound of his sad emotions he seem like he really meant it. He dropped his pants and revealed the monster meat i had missed so much. Only this time i was pleasuring it. And oh do i know where all the sweet spots were. I fixated my eyes on the head and reach my tongue out gently making sure i got my saliva all over it. I lathered the head slowly occasionally wiggling my tongue resulting in soft moans from him. Stretching my mouth as large as i could i tried pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. Not even half way through and i already felt a slight urge to gag and i tried making muffled noises hoping to catch his attention. He calmly placed one arm over my head and the other on my already stretched mouth. "You do want your body back right stud boy? You do wanna go back to living your frat life again dont cha??" I tried saying it was too big but it came out as a few muffled noises as he now forcefully used the arm on my head to ruffle my hair before pushing my head deeper in. His other arm moved close to my lips as he squeezed a few fingers into my lips and tried to stretch my mouth larger. His pushes were starting to get faster and i was almost chocking on both his giant cock and my own saliva. He was pretty good at reassuring me with "c'mon stud boy, a little bit of pain for the high life again. Don cha miss the gym and your muscle life??" He was now pushing me deep down . I could feel with every thrust my urge to chock was greater. I closed my eyes and tear alittle from the heavy imapct of him pushing my head. It was seriously a rape. He was raping my face and all i could do was to kneel there powerless to stop him with my muffled noises that could only be directed at his monster cock. His moans got louder, faster and might i say sexier with every thrust and speed increase. With one final roar i could tell the floodgates were open. I braced myself for the eruption of mount vesuvius. His never ending cum envelop my mouth in ropes after ropes of creamy ambrosia filling my mouth up. I tried to let go of his cock and pull out. But he felt my resistance and pushed me further back in. "Now now stud boy you need to take as much of my monster cum for you to go back to what you were. You miss those days where everyone boy or girl were begging you to fuck them right? I was tearing and my mouth was as stretched as it could be. I could only protest with noises as i swallowed everything down. After what seemed like an eternity, he released my head and i fell backwards and collapsed from the entire ordeal with saliva, cum and sweat dripping all over my face. I finally awoke from my deep sleep. I was feeling groggy and my sight was still slightly blurry. As my vision sharpened i look down at myself. I then turned right and left to look at my arms. These skinny bony arms and pale white skin certainly wasn't my body. Hearing a sound from behind me I saw my old body doing a double bicep pose as he looked in the mirror. He noticed me and turned around "Hey youre awake bro. Just testing out my guns. Been missing em. How you doing in your old body?" I stared back at him in shock as i tried to get back on my feet. "Wait but this can't be happening! Im you! And you're me! We haven't swapped back!!" He shook his head slighly and walked towards me before patting my back "Bro the swap is done. You're just having fragments of my memory when you were inside my body. I have fragments of your memory too and i thought i was you" I scratched my head still confused. He was hard to tell as he was still wearing his sunglasses. I couldnt see his eyes but he sounded pretty convincing. I nodded back "Alright then. So is this swap finally permanent or will our memories continue to overlap?" He looked sternly back at me "The blowjob is what makes the swap permanent" He gave of a subtle but noticeable smirk after that comment. Looking back at him curiously i replied "What so funny?" Removing his sunglasses to reveal a completely smug and cocky face. "Nothing. Nothing funny at all.... " Thanks for reading Lemme know what you think of the story and the characters
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    Happy Father's Day

    "You can't be serious son!" Yelling at my 19 year old son I tried to dissuade him from what he was about to do. "I can't lose this competition dad! It means the world to me! You gotta help me!" My boy was always headstrong. A born Alpha Male with my genetics he was designed for greatness. He inherited my masculine good looks, tall height and large cock. The only thing he did not seem to inherit from me was my muscle mass. My son was a champion cyclist. He was fast like lightning and even faster to flash his dashing smile whenever he crossed the finishing line in cocky victory. Being a cyclist he was naturally scrawny in frame. Being tall and lanky did make him look smaller too. In contrast I was a champion bodybuilder in my youth and had won countless competitions. And now, even though i do not compete, my muscles have mostly stayed intact, and my looks never seemed to age. Good genetics i guess. Alas another thing my son did not inherit from me was my sportsmanship. You see, my son was a champion. He was addicted to winning and he would want to win at all cost. The rush of victory, the adrenaline of getting to the finishing line first. The attention he would get from winning, and all the girls who would want to feel his muscled cyclist torso was what drove him to win. Even if that meant cheating. "Look i've already planned this for ages. I know i cant win against those new guys from New york. But ive got tricks up my sleeve dad." He smirked a wicked smile as he continued. "I will be hiding in a secret location halfway in the race. But the person who will take my identity and go first at the start line will be our little slave..." Pulling a metal chain towards his dirty feet, a pathetic looking skinny slave crawls towards my son's stinky feet. The blindfolded slave than silently proceeds to clean my son's toes and shoes with his tongue, always making sure to lick up every spot. My son than gestures at the slaves naked body particularly his arms and feet. "Check out his body dad. Notice any difference? I've been training him to cycle on my behalf. I whip him early in the morning and make sure he cycles with me and trains under my routine daily. He will take my place at the starting line as me and swap places with me just before we cross the finishing line where i can win this race victoriously...like i always do" "I mean after all no one should be able to tell the difference between me and him. We are practicaly the same age, we're both skinny tall lanky dudes. And we have almost the same face! No one will know!" He puts both his arms behind his head and lies back in a cocky position while he opens his legs wide like an Alpha Male. "All i need you to do dad, is to watch my slave at the swap point to make sure he stays in bondage. Shaking my head I disagreed with my Son's actions "You can carry on with your plans if you want. I won't stop you boy. But I won't take part in your plans. You'll have to get someone else to watch your slave" Getting up calmly, my son simply shurugged. "Fine dad. Keep your morals and virtues. I'll just add more chains to this little slave bitch." Kicking the naked slave on the ground in his caged up balls, my Son then left the room. I sat down disappointing on how i failed at being a dad. Having a Champion son meant nothing if he only became a champion from cheating. Looking at the naked slave kneeling on the ground, i shook my head and patted the poor little guy on the head. He was still moaning in pain from getting his balls kicked and i could tell my Son was harsh to this little guy. He was malnourished and had some scars around his body from the constant abuse from my son. We bought this slave from the market years ago and he had been with us for years and him being the same age as my son, I would talk to him when i had no one else to confide in. Of course he didn't reply me. He couldn't. He was a slave and he either had his mouth gag on or was only allowed to say yes sir. "Poor little guy. I sometimes wish my son was different. I wished he could follow in my footsteps as a bodybuilder instead of a cyclist. That he wouldn't be a cheat and just be a good sportsman..." "I can only wish for a better son huh?" Hanging my head down, i ruffled the slave's hair before I left the room with the slave kneeling on the ground. The day of the Race The Finishing Line Watching from the stands, i watched as my Son rode into victory through the finishing line. He looked as confident as he had always been. Too confident... He was starting to get extra cocky by showing everyone his trophy... It was almost as if he was making up for something.. I couldnt't understand... Greeting me at the stands i couldn't help but secretly telling him he cheated. He was a cheat. To my surprise he told me he didnt. "No dad, I did not cheat. I started at the starting line and ended up at the finishing line all on my own. I trained hard for this for months. I am a champion." "If you don't believe me, i'll take you to the swap location where the maste......erm... i mean the slave is held at." Leading me to the secret location I found our slave bound up head to feet. Blindfolded, gagged, tied up like a pig, he was struggling intensely. I had never seen our slave so active, he was trying to yell through his mouth gag and trying to untie himself. Watching the little guy rolling around on the dirt in vain made me laugh alittle. It was quite pathetic. oy But what i realized was my son's slave was never dressed for the cycling competition and his leg muscles did not look like he had a workout. For once i was so proud of my Son. He was telling the truth! He really did win the competition on his own! Home Getting home my son was so excited, telling me about very unusual things. Like how the wind felt so natural on his face. And how he never felt so free before. It was weird but i was just proud that for once my son did not cheat and was a good sportsman. He was giving me so much attention, telling me how much he loved being my son and how great a father i was. I never felt so appreciated by my Son! And on top of that he said he would begin to pursue bodybuilding together with cycling. I was such a proud father! Dragging his slave into a small cage, my son whispered into the slaves ear while i watched the slave struggle even more violently. The slave was kicking and trying so hard to make pig like squeals and noises through his mouth gag. I asked my son what he told the slave. He smirked to himself before replying "I told him not to struggle. After all he's gonna be a slave for the rest of his life. Theres no point struggling" Poor little slave dude, i thought to myself. Maybe a cock cage strapped on his balls might make him struggle less. 1 Year Later See this good looking muscled 20 year old boy in his sexual prime? He's my pride and joy. He's my Son. Its been a full year since he begin his career as a pro aesthetic bodybuilder. And look just how fucking aesthetic he is now. He gyms every day, he eats pure protein and he shoots 100% white creamy semen. He is every bit the Alpha Male he was born to be. But im impressed that even with so much time spent in the gym getting his hot bulky body he still competes in cycling races and hes crazy fast. But the best thing is that he has completely given up on being a cheat. I'm such a proud sports dad. My son has really become the muscled young hot blooded sportsman i always believed he would be. Alot of things have changed too, he has gotten alot more cocky, alot more arrogant and a hell load more sexy. Hell i even let him bring chicks home to fuck. And i don't mind. Im so proud at how many chicks he has fucked since. Thats my stud boy! As much as my son has changed, our slave has also become alot more subservient and submissive to his commands now. The slave has since struggled alot less and has been more accepting of his lowly place in life. Its all thanks to my Son's efforts too. Hes a great slave master, shaving off his head to make him look less human. Forcing him to eat less nutritious food and making him lose all his previous muscle mass. The slave has really been put in his place. While my son has been pumping iron at the gym transforming his body into the monster muscled hunk he is now, the slave has languished in captivity for a year. There are days my son has even denied the slave free from his arm chains and constantly locks his slaves cock up in a dick cage. And i can't really remember but i think our little slave has not seen light for at least a month now. Hes been blindfolded full 2 months as punishment for trying to escape. What a poor sad little fucker. He really enjoys bringing his slave to gym sessions with him too. The slave provides tongue cleaning for my Son's stinky feet. And for some reason my Son really enjoys that service! Look how happy he is! Strangely though, there was one particular incident that seriously caught my attention regarding the slave we own. You see, a few days ago on Father's day I came to my son's slave boy in private again. In the past i would confide in my Son's slave about how disappointing and sad i was. But now i would spend hours telling the slave how proud i was of my Son now. How muscular and strong he was now. How many bodybuilding competitions he had been winning. And not to mention also the cycling marathons he has been winning without cheating! How much of a man he was compared to a year ago. How proud i was of him now. And it was then i thought i saw a tear fall from behind the slave's blindfold. And strangely if i listen closely enough i could hear him say in a muffled voice through his gag "Happy Father's Day......" Weird huh? Just then my son stepped in. He had just arrived home from another one of those long adventure cycling trips. I could see what a free spirited boy my son had become. Muscualr, cocky and full of energy "Did the slave just called you father?" My son looked curiously at me. It was weird how cautious he suddenly become. But i just took that as a joke. "How can this little bitch be my Son? My son is a free alpha man. He's cock is large, hanging and free to conquer the world. He's a champion bodybuilder and cyclist both at the same time. My son is a slave master. He is tall, good looking, muscular and every bit like his old man." I then looked at the slave groveling below my feet looking around in complete agony at his bondage "This. This is not my son. How can this slave be my son. He is skinny, weak and ugly. His cock is small and caged up. He was born a slave and he shall remain one for the rest of his life" My son then laughed before he patted the slave's head condescendingly. Then he wished me.. "Happy Father's day DAD!"
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    Prison Break

    I love mornings. Its the very moment when I put on my uniform which i love the most I can’t describe that feeling , Its something that can only be felt. You suddenly feel a rush of power and invulnerability. Like nothing can hurt you. And as you put on your sunglasses and stare at your own reflection you cant help but see yourself as an Alpha god. My name is Officer Branson and I’ve been a prison warden for a few years since i left school. But the best part of being a prison warden is actually entering the prison. Here. You are the Alpha Master. Here. You are god. With my officer rank I can make these little prison bitches do anything i want. They get stripped down every morning as i get dressed. We give them some health checkups to make sure they’re doing alright. We make sure they have good oral hygiene And that their private parts are well taken cared off. They are then ushered to have they’re meals. Throughout the day these prisoners are to queue up properly for anything they need. Of course you can tell by now. We abuse our inmates. Whats the fun in being a warden if you don’t abuse your power? The power trip was amazing. There would be new inmates every few weeks and these would be my new favorites. They come in to prison, buffed and muscular. And our job was to deprive them of the nutrition that made them the muscular hunks they have become. To bend them in whatever way we pleased to break they’re spirits. To turn these former Alpha criminals into something that would be more easily controlled in prison. They usually struggle and try to escape. But we tie them up. We deny them any means of free will. We fuck them simultaneously in both they’re holes. We degrade them and make them think of themselves as lesser beings. And we succeed all the time… I loved my job. The power rush it gave me was incredible beyond words. But there was something else i always wanted. All these mindless fucking and humiliation of my prisoners have just made me more lonely inside. I craved to be loved. To find a man whom i could share a passionate kiss with. And that was something my job could never give me… Until now….. We never call our prisoners by they’re actual names. In fact we are never even told of their real names. These prisoners are to be treated as less than human. And their names would reflect that. Number 309 came in to prison during the early morning. We took a mugshot of him before we proceeded to hull him into his cell. He however wasn’t like the other inmates. He was tall and lean but already skinny like a twig and didn’t look as strong as the other thug Alpha inmates we had. His skin was pale but looked healthy otherwise. Even though i was wearing my dark sunglasses I could see there was something special about his eyes. It sparkled as i looked directly into his eyes. As if he was flirting with me. I have to say. I was pretty attracted to his pretty boy good looks. And i requested to be the one to give him the “health checkup” Pointing at him he stared back at me and if i didnt mistake it. He gave me a subtle grin. I couldn’t wait to abuse him. I entered the checkup room in complete darkness as i stripped my pants. He was seated on a chair bound and blindfolded like all the other inmates before him. I would usually have forced open his mouth to gag him with my cock had he been like the other struggling inmates. But he was different. He did not yell at me or plead or threatened me to be set free. He did not struggle or squirm. He took all the humiliating acts i did with vigor. He even willingly tasted my stinky underwear and licked his lips. I then subtly placed my quickly erecting cock near his shoulder to see his reaction. He was getting even harder. It was the most passionate face fuck i had ever administered. That night I couldnt sleep thinking about number 309. That passion. That balance of rough and gentle touches. It was amazing. I had hoped to stop thinking about him the next day. But I couldn’t. On the drive to work the only think on my mind was his thick sexy lips and the warm touch of his tongue. I needed more. I spent most of the next week hanging around his cell. As we weren’t allowed to enter the prisoner’s cell during certain times number 309 would suck me off from behind his cell. It was incredibly erotic. We never really spoke but he gave me the passion I had always wanted. And i think he knew he was pleasing me greatly but i wasn’t sure why he would continue doing this. The face fucking would eventually evolve into full on fucking. The prison cell did not stop us from fucking. And soon even it did not stop me from entering the cell illegally. But now he was beginning to make simple conversations with me. He told me alittle about his likes and dislikes. How he yearned to be allowed out of his prison cell every once in awhile. To take a walk in the garden and look at the sky. And to have better food than the disgusting crap we served. But most importantly and surprisingly, number 309 told me “He loved me” And how could i refuse his love? I wanted to give him the simple freedom he desired so much. But there always has to be a person in the cell or the higher ups would know something was amiss. So we made simple plans to swap our clothing every few days. I would wear his orange uniform and sit quietly in his cell pretending to be him. While he would wear my uniform and have a a few short minutes of freedom walking near the corridor of his cell. Those short minutes slowly turned into a few hours. And those few hours slowly became as much as half a day. Our swaps became more sophisticated and I would watch him wax up his hair into badboy spikes and have him use my sunglasses to further disguise his identity as he begin to walk further and further away from his cell every time. I soon begin to realize he was doing more than just walking around the compound. He would leave me in his prison cell as he spent hours in the gym reserved for prison wardens such as myself. And i could slowly see his body change every time we swapped back out of our clothes. He used to come back for his meals. But now he eats at the prison warden’s cafeteria where they have steak and other protein rich food while i get on my knees naked and eat out of a bowl with my mouth. And after some time on his diet I could already begin to feel the effects on my own body. I was getting smaller. My arms were losing its muscle mass and i was getting physically weaker. My body wasted away as i couldn’t freely use the gym and had to sit in a little cell doing nothing everyday. But what really killed me was the loneliness. There were times i felt so lonely without him but i knew he would come back every evening without fail before the night ended. He would give me the passionate kiss i yearned so much for. We would swap back our roles for the night and the cycle would repeat itself. But as time went on. There were days he would not come back. Those days grew more and more as i noticed his body becoming bigger and his skin glowing with a dark golden tanned glow. He was spending his days heading to the beach to achieve this as i saw the photos of him being circulated by other prisoners. But i knew he wouldn’t betray me. He said he loved me. And sometimes he would still come back to swap our identities. But at some point he stopped coming back altogether. Leaving me wondering about him. I was hoping he wasn’t in danger or if he was formulating a plan to get us both out of prison so we can be together forever. But still I would keep his cell warm and be a good prisoner in his absence. I had to play pretend as well as i could. I would endure all humiliation and pain for him. Once i was the Officer. Now i was the prisoner. I spent every morning as I had for the longest time being paraded by other officer warden who were more human than me as they stripped me of all my clothing. They would then administer a health checkup for me. Starting with oral health To full body inspections. Sometimes they would humiliate and laugh at me for their own entertainment But more often than not, most days now I’m being used as furniture And it was on one of these days that as i was kneeling on the cold hard ground with my naked body stripped of all my dignity and respect that i heard a loud motor sound. I looked up and saw a huge tall muscular golden hunk shirtless and riding a motorbike. I heard the other officers saying "Officer Branson" had quit his job as a prison officer and has decided to pursue his freedom to travel on his cocky new motorbike. Getting of his bike, the tall muscular officer approached me. His face was cold and emotionless and i couldn’t tell what he was thinking behind his dark sunglasses. He than removed his sunglasses. Looked down upon me and spat on my face…
  21. Link for part 1 A full week later Sun 20 Aug The next afternoon Mon 21 Aug As a way of saying thanks, Scott picked me up during the late afternoon and drove me with my luggage to the frat house. He didn't speak much during the journey except to say he enjoyed his 2 weeks immensely. He seemed nervous and at times shaky but I assured him that once he got his body back i will try my best to bulk him up to my standards too. As we arrived we could see the typical frat building. In all its grandness it looked incredibly imposing. Not surprising tho, this fraternity has been popular for producing not only smart boys but also guys who became future fitness models, star sportsman and coaches who brought their teams to victory. It was a frat where members were chosen based on an overall combination of good looks and athletic potential and rumor has it that they preferred guys who possessed a cocky or alpha personality trait as well. We were greeted at the door by a group of senior boys who were all imposingly tall and large. You could tell a number of them were professional bodybuilders with their large bodies. Some of them were swimmers with broad shoulders and golden tann lines. A few were baseball players with they're mighty arms and thick muscular legs. But all of them had godly faces. And i mean absolutely Adonis faces. Is it no wonder this is one of the richest frats on campus? These boys can easily take a few modeling photos and sell them as year calendars with demand coming from other states and even overseas. We were ushered in through the main door where a huge mirror stood beside us. For the first time in 2 weeks i could see both me and Scott side by side and it was then i realized how big the differences in our size had become. Because i wasn't used to his skinny genes i had actually been losing alot of his mass since i took control of his body. He on the other hand having taken control of my body with the determination and regular gym visits had become absolutely pumped. I couldn't help but think how lucky i was that Scott managed to help me bulk my body up so much. I would be having alot of fun once im back to being me. I snicked to myself. Looking around i realized there were no one else around. It was just the seniors and us both. Scott eyed one of the seniors before he nodded his head. The senior opened another door to a smaller room and gestured us both in. Looking down at me Scott lifted a brow before saying "I didnt tell you but they called us both in earlier before the other newer members arrived. They said they wanted to settle the swap first before the other members arrived. Guess i can return your sunglasses and cap now huh?" I felt pity for him "Nah bro, i'll let you stay a hot stud for a few more moments" He smiled slightly asking again "Can i do the honors of clicking the button that will swap us back later?" I nodded and handed him the Chonovic app. 15mins later A group of seniors no more than 12 or 13 begin to fill the room and take they're seats. They all stared at us curiously before one of them, a broad shouldered handsome swimmer type stood up and begin to speak. 'Welcome Scott and Greg to our fraternity. I'll cut to the chase. We understand both of you were involved in some cheating related to the admission of members to our frat house 2 weeks ago. Are you both aware of this?" Both me and Scott nodded our heads The swimmer continued "Alright. We have already discussed our course of action. Helping another frat brother is one of the most important traits all frat boys here should have. And as ironic as it would seem this was a clear test of brotherhood. However the main cheater will continue to face punishment as he tried to impersonate someone else in our admissions and will be subjected to the official punishment. I will leave the unofficial punishments such as hazing for the other junior members to decide later. He then yelled loudly "Scott! Do what must be done." Without looking at Scott I breathed heavily feeling terrible for him thinking about what must be going through his mind now. A full 3 seconds passed as i fixated my eyes on the senior members and heard the sound of Scott picking up the app. "BANG!!!!" A loud crashing noise filled the room shocking me to the core. I turned to face Scott before looking at the ground The Chovonic app was just lying on the ground completely crashed and destroyed In a moment of shock i was so stunned I couldnt even look or hear what was going on "Thank you senior members for the kind compliments. I have always tried my best to help my brothers around me. But after Greg's successful audition he refused to swap back. It was only because of the safety mechanism which allowed the host to switch back that I got my body back and was able to make it for my own audition." My jaw dropped as I finally gained control of my nerves and looked back at Scott. He had just finished his speech and turned to look at me similarly. I watched as his previously nervous face was swept away almost instantly revealing the smug cocky face I had never seen before. I could see the arrogance in him spread like the plague, from his eyes to his mouth as his tongue licked his lips in a show of dominance and finally to his body posture. He assumed a more relaxed stance before speaking again. "I always knew bad characters existed in the world but i never thought it was my own buddy. Greg your'e really a disappointment. I willingly swapped my body with you so that you could finally live out the life you always wanted and join the best frat house in school and you threatened not to return my body. Seriously Greg wtf...." "no...nooo....NOOO NOO PLEASE NOO. THATS NOT TRUE!" I yelled as i turned around to face the other seniors who looked at me negatively. "I WAS THE ONE T....." Scott interrupted me "What? What you gonna say again? That it was actually you who swapped bodies with me? And that you were actually the real bodybuilder? If you wanna lie Greg you should at least not lie in my face" "FUCK YOU SCOTT! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU SET ME UP!!!" I replied wildly. Turning to the main senior speaker hoping for some understanding "I HAVE PROOF MAN, SEE MY PHONE. I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ASKING HIM TO RETURN MY BODY! FOR 2 FUCKING WEEKSSS!!!" Scott eyed me for a moment before tuning to the main speaker "Yes Greg i set you up. Because i had no choice anymore. You were constantly hounding me to swap back our bodies and even threatened to destroy the chovonic app once we swapped again. I had no choice but to bring this up to the higher authority. I always thought you were my brother Greg. Why would you do this to me?" We both hurled insults at each other for a moment before the main senior speaker yelled for silence. When the room was quiet again he spoke again. "Greg you are an insult to the honour of this frat house. You will be automatically expelled as of tml. But because on official school papers you have been admitted to this frat house you are allowed to stay for tonight" The senior than looked at Scott as i stood there still stunned. "Scott. Because of your selflessness to help a bro in need you will automatically be allowed access to the frat house's private pool area even though you are a junior here. I see that you also have a large and powerful body. I know some people who are in need of a fitness model. If your'e interested i could introduce them to you." Scott smirked before looking back at me. The council of seniors than started to get excited and there was alot of commotion. The swimmer senior than continued "However there is also the unofficial punishment to hand out" He lifted his brow as if in delight. "We have decided that you Greg, are a fucking dirty asshole that needs to be cleaned up properly. Scott, you have the honour. Let the punishment begin" The group of seniors went crazy with they're yelling while I looked at at Scott in total disbelieve. He simply raised his head and gave me a cocky smug. I was suddenly yanked from behind me. I tried to yell and resist but there wasn't much my small and weak body could do. I was pushed on a sofa where a group of boys clamped my arms and legs down with they're powerful thighs. I shook my head from left to right struggling as hard as i could. The guys were all moving around me laughing at my expense as i was quickly stripped naked. My pale skinny body lying there in humiliation. I tried to yell again but this time something squishy was forced into my mouth. I couldnt really see above me but it tasted salty. It came in and out of my mouth repeatedly. Before i can make sense of what was happening. I gazed up to see Scott, naked too in all his grandness doing a double bicep pose while sitting on my chest leaving me immobile and unable to escape while he continued to use his balls to put in my mouth or put it over my eyes. He than slapped my face with his giant cock and forced in down my throat shortly after. I swore i could choke at any moment. Saliva and precum was flowing out of my moth everytime he plunged his monster cock in. His moans got so loud that he eventually pulled out and while doing an aesthetically pleasing double bicep pose his cock burst out in the most powerful cum shot i had ever seen. Ropes after ropes of cum spilled out while he maintained his pose. Letting out a powerful roar his cum spilled all over the room including a large portion on my face while the seniors cheered enthusiastically. "CLEAN HIM CLEAN HIM CLEAN HIM!" The seniors chanted. Scott with his powerful thighs still pushing my body down came closer to my face. I couldn't help but cry while his hot breathe was felt on my face. It was so dominating and emasculating for me. I couldnt take the humiliation anymore. He than spread the cum all over my face symbolically cleaning me up and pushed his finger into my mouth making me suck it dry while i helplessly watched him smirk. With his face so close to mine i whispered like the pathetic pussy i was now with saliva and cum leaking all over my face "I helped you get the life and body you wanted....why would you betray me??" He blew another hot breathe onto my skin as his mainly scent filled my nose. "Well thats what bros are for.... Unfortunately Im not one." Lemme know your thoughts I think Scott is def gonna win Asshole of the year award tho
  22. Guest

    Yes Sir

    This wasn’t any other day. It was the day I finally got posted to a new unit as a military officer. It had been a tough year previously training in cadet school. We had to endure mental and physical challenges as part of the training. But there were some things I clearly enjoyed more than others. Being the oldest son in the family, leadership was a very natural thing. This might sound sadistic but pushing cadets of a lower rank around made me feel so good. To command someone else to do your bidding, looking down at their miserable faces in the dirt as you hold your head high and forcing them to address you as SIR! Damm I can’t wait to go to my military camp. But for all that anticipation, I had one more thing to do… Sending my brat of a younger brother to military camp. And as coincidental as that might be, he would be going to the same camp as me. And I would be his new military officer Like me, he had signed on into the military. But the fact is, we will be worlds apart. He was a rebellious soldier and was rude to his superiors. Even though he was a sporty kid the army made sure he would never be promoted to a high rank and most likely he will never be an officer like be. Being still considered a recruit in the military. He was the lowest in the system and I will literally be his boss. While i would be pushing others around he would most likely be doing the dirty work like cleaning toilets and serving dishes to officers like myself. He was always the playful one. He was even termed the neighborhood fuckboy. The one taking risks and coming home drunk. He liked to experiment with everything. Some were dangerous, some were taboo and some were just plain stupid. But being smaller and shorter than me I was always physically able to overpower him whenever he got too mischievous. Secretly I liked bullying him too! Driving the car towards the front porch of our house I noticed a man infront with a suitcase. But for some reason he did not look like my brother. Coming out I realized how much a year had changed him. He seemed to have grown an 2 or 3 inches taller than me. And his frame looked overall bigger. His shoulders were broad, his pecs were showing through his tight shirt and his arms were veiny and bulging. I had to do a double take. No way could that be my little bro! I was shocked to say the least. I knew he was an athletic kid but he was seriously buffed out! He must have been taking drugs or steroids or some shit. No way that little punk could have grown so much in just a year! Pretending to not notice anything I spoke to my brother in my usual tone. An in-charge Big Brother voice and a commanding officer’s tone. “Get in loser, I wanna get to camp as soon as possible” He was a jocked out soldier now. But the fact remains the same. I was still his superior military officer. I can’t wait to start yelling at him and bossing him around when we reached the military camp. To my surprise, he didn’t say anything like how he would usually complain. But this time he gave me a smug and just placed his suitcase in the car before entering the front seat quietly. Not caring I simply put on my dark sunglasses and prepared to drive away. First stop was the barbershop to shave his head. Although I now spot a full head of hair, a lowly recruit like my brother had to shave off his heads first. On the way there, we did not speak. Nothing unusual. Our relationship had always been cold. With me being the domineering one obviously. But this time felt different. He seemed to emit a sense of awe that I could not stop but notice silently. I did not want to ask but I knew there was something different about him besides his larger and taller physique. I didnt want to admit it, but even his hot breath smelling of protein as he breathed was intimidating me. I just tried to stay cool. After parking the car we both left and walked towards the direction of the barbershop. He suddenly came up to me. I clinched my palms nervously for I had never had to look up at my own “little” brother who now was looking down at me. “Your military officer top looks really cool. Can I try it on? Without thinking or saying anything I just took of my top right there at the carpark. And exchanged mine for his civilian tee. His tee hanged off my smaller frame. But my military top hugged on to his body perfectly showing off his pecs and huge arms. But his body was just way too muscular. he could not button up his shirt and smirked at me before he just left his shirt unbuttoned. It was amazing looking at his pecs and abs in its full glory. His shoulders were so huge that it was stretching the top part of my military top. We continued walking down the path like this to the shop when we passed a public toilet. He suddenly said he needed to pee badly and suggested we use the toilet first. There while pulling my pants down to pee he asked again “Bro, I think I’ll look better with your military pants and boots as well” Again! What was I thinking? I immediately took off my boots followed by my pants and exchanged mine for his sweat pants and track shoes. I was feeling very uncomfortable now. And there was small sense of humiliation as he walked down the street showing off my uniform in his perfect body while letting everyone know what a great body he had with his unbuttoned shirt. He looked more like a soldier than me now. And that intimidated me so much. At the barbershop just before he sat down on the chair to shave his hair he looked back at me and looked me deep in the eye. “I think you need a haircut more than me” He got off the chair, moved behind me and ushered me instead to the chair. This was starting to freak me out so badly. I did’nt know why, but I had not the slightest urge to rebel against his actions. I just stared there blankly at the mirror as the barber cut off my locks. Leaving me with a bald head instead. He climbed on to a different chair and asked not for a haircut but a hairstyle change that was strangely close to mine before i had it cut off. He smiled at me and asked. “You look good bro. Why not you try carrying my backpack?” For some reason I felt inclined to actually carry the backpack. Slipping on the heavy bag. I suddenly felt this strange sense of being normal. The uncomfortable feeling I had previously vanished into thin air. In fact i felt so natural. Getting back to the car, I Instinctively never even felt like I should drive the car and I simply went to the other seat. He naturally and casually walked to the driver’s seat and made himself comfortable. He gave me a cocky smirk before taking off the dark sunglasses on my face and slipped them over his own eyes. From the reflection of the dark shades he was wearing I could look at myself. There was a huge sense of humiliation now. How much I looked like a lowly recruit now. But at the same time this feeling of how natural everything seemed to be. I was so confused…… He drove the car down to the military camp in silence while I looked blankly at my surroundings. Things were different… Just after we reached the camp and he parked the car in my allocated officer’s spot I naturally reached for my backpack and pulled out my recruit’s shirt. “Stop bro. I need to wear my recruit shirt first” He snicked while nodding his head giving me the time to wear my shirt. It was so natural. He stared at me for a second before taking off his sunglasses and with an intimidating tone he commanded me “Get your ass back into camp recruit…” This was all wrong. I was supposed to be the officer. I was supposed to be the one giving the orders. But my mouth betrayed me and i gave up fighting. I replied my officer like the lowly recruit I was now…. “YESSSSIRRRRR!!”
  23. Guest


    I've been busy setting up my tumblr blog but i'll still try to come back to post stories here occasionally for readers here This is a new story i recently did. Hope you guys like it Jul 3 JUL 4 MORNING 7AM JOSH AND ZACH DORM ROOM Zach slept peacefully under his blanket. It was a cold morning and the sun was still barely out to warm the air. The room was quiet except for the hush hush sounds of Josh getting out of his bed. He made sure not to make any noise and crept across the room where Zach was sleeping soundly. Putting on a shirt and a jacket he quickly left the room only to pass by a picture of him and Zach together. He gazed longingly at the photo and closed his eyes thinking about last night. Both he and Zach had decided after the drama yesterday that they would forget about the offer by that sick lifeguard Devin. Who knew the neighborhood hunk was actually an asshole sicko who got off to people’s misery. Both he and Zach made a pact to ignore Devin and just sleep through the morning. Unfortunately for Zach, pacts were created to be broken. MORNING 8.59AM SWIMMING POOL LOCKER ROOM Josh had to admit to himself that he was half expecting that there would be no such locker named 69. He was still prepared that at 9am the locker would open to nothing and he would realize that he was being pranked by that sicko the whole time. He was however thankful that he arrived on time. Although most people would come to the neighborhood pool in the afternoon, Josh would take no chances. As the clock striked 9am he gazed upon the closed locker and was surprised that the mechanical lock had just automatically opened on its own. There was no doubt that this was not a joke now. Everything was there. The shorts, the whistle on the lanyard, the sunglasses and the red bottle… It was all there. Josh felt his hands on the shorts and he could even smell the stinky musk of sweat and sunblock lotion on it. It was such a turn on. He knew his life was about to change. Grabbing the red bottle he felt so overpowered. He could still see the fresh cum, white, thick and milky. He licked his lips as he looked around the room noticing the beach chair Devin and other lifeguards before him would seat like a king on a thrown as they gazed out at they’re kingdom of popularity. Still holding the bottle he walked towards the chair and calmly sat down. The suntann oil grease rubbed on his skin, the jock sweat smells filled his lungs and the arrogance of a bodybuilder lifeguard body swept across him. It was incredible. He placed the red bottle down on the ground near the chair to allow his full immersion He could feel his mind getting cockier. he could hear his thoughts getting prouder, he could feel that confidence in him growing. The power was overwhelming. It was at that moment he knew he was supposed to be the king he was always meant to be. The cocky lifeguard posing his well oiled body by the pool with everyone glancing over. The muscled bodybuilder at the gym everyone was afraid to talk too. Josh took off his shirt and his shorts as he moved his fingers to gently circle his small cock head. His moans got louder and louder as he begin to pound on his cock harder and harder. His heartbeat pumped faster and faster as thoughts filled his mind. A muscled future A popular future A cocky future A sensual future His thoughts ran wild across his imagination and wildest fantasies knowing full well it would all soon become reality. His pumping was so fast now that his moans were more like suppressed screams. With a final climax he shot all over himself like he had never done before. All that pressure that had accumulated inside him made him erupt with creamy white lava as he opened his mouth to gasp for air and express his uncontrollable pleasure The climax finally led to a slow sensation as his tired arms relaxed down. His shoulders sloped down and his fantasies took control and his thoughts faded away…. 10AM SWIMMING POOL LOCKER ROOM The sound of splashing water and girls giggling finally awoke him. He was still groggy as he grabbed his underwear to put back on. He looked around him thinking what an incredible dream he had. It was a perfect dream, filled with his fantasies….. And it suddenly dawned on him. THE RED BOTTLE. He frantically looked at the last spot where he had placed the bottle. It was gone Nothing. He ran out as a fear begin to grow in his heart. His nervousness was coming back and his heart was beating faster and faster. He opened locker 69 to find everything inside gone. Putting his hands on his head as he turned around the room hoping to find it somewhere. Praying he had accidentally misplaced it somewhere and that he would find it hiding under a random table to chair. Nothing. Nothing at all. SWIMMING POOL MAIN AREA Running out to the pool area he found 2 girls in a skimpy bikini giggling at each other. Before looking at Josh with a curious face. “Are you alright” they asked . “NO, I LOST SOMETHING IMPORTANT! DID YOU SEE A RED BOTTLE ANYWHERE?” Josh was losing it hoping the girls had somehow seen it. The girls shrugged to each other before one of them replied “No……. “ “But the new lifeguard might have seen it. Its his first day on the job tho.” One of the girls pointed her finger at the direction behind josh “Hes so hot….aren’t you glad we live in this town?” The girls continued to giggle at each other as Josh looked behind him. THE NEXT DAY JUL 5 Think this is the first story where majority of the story is told in image and social media text form haha. Hope you guys like it. Lemme know what you think of the characters too. Oh and lemme end this one with a quote "Don't count your chickens before they hatch"
  24. Thedemon1906

    Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Primera historia que posteo en español espero que la disfruten. Si quieren que la siga por favor muestren su apoyo Hace mucho tiempo que estoy enamorado de mi compañero de clase heterosexual, pero no fue hasta hace unos días que decidí tomar cartas en el asunto. Joaquín es de los deportistas del colegio, juega un juego famoso aca llamado Rugby. Muchos lo deben conocer por sus jugadores fornidos y masculinos y él no era la excepción. Aunque no tan grande como los de la televisión, Joaquin a sus dieciséis años ya medía un metro noventa y sus músculos empezaban a notarse. Tenía unos ojos negros impresionantes que combinaban con su pelo y el tono oscuro de su piel latina. Joaquín y yo nunca fuimos amigos cercanos, aunque algunas raras veces vino a mi casa. Pertenecemos a mundos diferentes, él era deportista y yo todo lo contrario. Aunque solo tenía quince mi cuerpo estaba fuera del promedio. Conocía que eran los bíceps y abdominales solo por verlos en otros hombres pero por mi parte nunca los tuve. Media un metro ochenta ,y aunque no era bajo, me mantenía en el promedio. Mi pelo era marrón y mis ojos verdes, pero lo que más destacaba de mi era mi casi inexistente pene de dos cm y mi culo mas que prominente, monstruoso. Fue hace unos días buscando por internet porno, una pagina de publicidad se me abrio. “Pócimas para el amor y la vida Avenida libertador 386” Fue en ese momento cuando decidí en ir a investigar. Un dia despues de clases me desvie un poco de mi ruta normal para ir a mi casa. Mientras caminaba recordé el incidente que había tenido devuelta hoy en el vestuario. Las risas de mis compañeros al ver mi paquete desnudo se había hecho costumbre, junto con los golpes y empujones que siempre lo acompañaban. Javier era el q mas me molestaba. De casi un metro noventa y ocho y un cuerpo bien tallado yo siempre era su presa. Todo se calmaba cuando llegaba Joaquín a separarnos. Cuando me conecte otra vez con la realidad me dí cuenta de que había llegado. El negocio en cuestión consiste en una puerta muy chiquita y cero ventanas. Empuje la puerta para encontrarme en una habitación circular con aspecto muy lúgubre. Estantes de lo que parecían ser líquidos de colores se encontraban a lo largo de las paredes. En el centro una mesa redonda se erguía y en la cima una bola de cristal con una campanita de hotel al lado. Toque la campana y me senté a esperar en uno de los cojines de la mesa. “Ya lo atiendo” gritó una señora que a juzgar por su voz cargaba muchos años de vida. Una puerta q se encontraba detrás mío se abrió y de ella salió una mujer de por lo menos ochenta años vestida con una túnica negra hasta el piso y unos collares con gemas que parecían antiquísimos. -¿Qué es lo q desea?- -Necesito una poción para volver gay a mi amigo heterosexual- -JAJAJAJAJAJAJA- Rió la vieja mujer - eso es lo que todos los homosexuales de tu edad quieren. Ven, toma, pon tu mano encima de ls esfera primero veamos tu destino- Hice lo q la mujer pidió incrédulo y por dentro de la espera un humo empezó a salir. Ahí es cuando lo vi todo. Yo era alto y estaba jugando al rugby con Joaquín. Mis músculos se notaban a través de mi uniforme transpirado. Era heterosexual y tenía una novia. Pero de repente pusieron la decisión de ser capitán del equipo entre Joaquín y yo. Joaquín sabia que yo ganaría entonces vino a la misma bruja que yo y le compró dos pócimas. Una para que yo y el resto de personas no se den cuenta de mi cambio y otra para volverme lo que soy un estúpido, débil y sumiso pasivo quien nadie recuerda quien era antes. Cerré mis ojos y los volvi a abrir, no creyéndome los flashes de memoria que recien habia experimentado. -¡El me lo robo todo solo por ser capitán!- grité mientras mi percepción de mi compañero cambiaba. Me sentía frustrado y dolido, especialmente defraudado. - Es verdad, pero estas en suerte querido porque con la poca plata que poseía tu Ex amigo no llegó a comprar el seguro. Por un módico precio te puedo vender la poción para convertirte en un viril activo y la pocion para convertirlo a el en un pasivo y si quieres tambien te regalo una para enamorarlo. La única que te saldría cara seria la que utilizarias para que nadie se de cuenta de los cambios.- Me quedé unos segundos absorbiendo toda la información y contesté. -Me llevo todas menos la del olvido, no la voy a necesitar- Una sonrisa se marcó en los labios de la mujer al entregarme las pocimas y la sonrisa suya se me contagió a mi. “Cambio de planes”
  25. Guest

    Donation (Part 2)

    Link for Part 1 below , i tried to write it in a way where you didn't need to read Part 1 but not sure if it works. Anyways after posting the short story(Part 1) i had people asking me to continue it via a different character POV / continuation on their characters, so thought ill give it a try I looked around me carefully first. I had to make sure no one else was in the room watching me. After a few seconds of confirmation that i was the only person in the locker room i excitedly opened the bag before me. I didn't have much time so i had to be as quick as i could. I knew Vince took quick showers after the gym. I could smell the distinctive musky gym and protein powder smell coming from his bag. It was such a turn on. I could see all his jock equipment inside together with his clothes. I brought his stringers and boxers to my nose and took a few deep breathes. How it smelt like heaven, what an honor to rub your face on the clothes that a champion Mr Olympia bodybuilder wore daily. Simply heaven! An idea poped up in my mind and I searched around the room and found a mirror. Never in my wildest fantasies would i thought of giving this a try. I took of my sweaty underwear and shirt and instead put on his clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I tried striking the hottest pose i could do. Squeezing my small cock into his jockstrap that made my dick look huge i tried to look as sexy as possible in the mirror. "Damm do i look great. If only i could have his body... Well since im in his clothes i can fantasize that i am in his body right?" Still not satisfied, i rummaged through his bag and spotted his flashy iconic sunglasses. I put them on too and tried striking a double bicep pose while admiring myself in the mirror. I tried squeezing my biceps as hard as i could hoping, just hoping that i could even at the slightest, look as identical as Vince as i could. To be a champion bodybuilder Mr Olympia just like Vince... As i stared back at the image before me i tried to imagine what i would look like without all the fat and blob and what i would look like having a champion bodybuilder's body, or rather Vince's bodybuilder body... Its a strange feeling, but i felt so complete wearing Vince's clothing. I was always a large kid and growing up i became even larger. Not on the muscle side but on the fat side. I always felt that this wasn't my body. And recently in the past month i had been obsessed with the bodybuilder lifestyle. For some reason or another i desired to wear what those beastly bodybuilders wore in the gym, i tried to mimic their cocky attitudes and speak to myself in the mirror. When i walk past the gym im so tempted to go in there and do a few sets of bicep curls. I didn't understand why but I felt so at home being in a bodybuilders clothes surrounded by his stink and sweat. It was amazing. It felt so natural... So engaged i was being in Vince's clothes that i didnt realize his reflection in the mirror. I turned around looking shocked and my jaw dropped. He looked at me curiously for a moment eyeing me up and down. Before asking "The hell you doing in my clothes you fat fuck?" I froze and started to shake, terrified of what he was going to do to me. To incur the wrath of a Mr Olympia bodybuilder was something on a completely different level. I placed my hands on my face hoping not to get hit and closed my eyes. It was a terrifying few seconds of silence. "Get the fuck out of my clothes you fat fuck" spoke Vince in the most arrogant way he could put it. I opened my eyes to see him raise a brow. I quickly lifted the stringers off my flabby body and took of the boxers before handing it back to him. He took the boxers and immediately threw them into the bin a few inches away. "If you think im gonna wear that after being in contact with your shrimp of a dick you are solely mistaken" I gulped while watching him wear the stringers over his body. He was a total god. A total muscle god. I just wished i could touch his shoulders, feel his thick pecs and lay my fingers on his abs. It just felt so right. His body was just perfect. Staying silent i hurriedly wore my own underwear trying not to show him too much of my baby dick. "I know youve been following me for the past month you crazy stalker.... And i don't blame you." said Vince in his typical calm voice. I stayed silent still unknowing what he wants. Vince flexed his right bicep and gave it an awesome kiss. He then licked his overgrown bicep in the most cocky way he could letting it shimmer in the light. He then stared me down arrogantly "You want this don't you fat boy" I blew my load. Trying to contain my moan, my eyes betrayed me as they rolled back in ecstasy. The stain on my underwear grew quickly as Vince begin noticing. I shot my last rope of cum before i came back to my senses and realizing what an embarrassment i was watching Vince tearing me apart with his arrogant laughter. I broke into tears as i dropped whatever i had to grab my belongings attempting to make a run for it. "Thats for wearing my clothes you sick fuck. Dont you ever dare touch my stuff ever again fucking fatso!" To hear him say and act in such a demeaning way was the last humiliation straw i could take. "How could anyone play such a cruel prank on another human being? Knowing full well I would be turned on by your body. Youre such a cruel person, you dont deserve this body..." I yelled back at him He showed little emotion before revealing a smirk "Believe me fatty you want cruel pranks? I'll give you cruel pranks... 2 Hours Later I spent close to an hour crying in my own bathroom. To survive under such a cruel prank was no easy feat. I had never before face such humiliation and degradation. It was even worst when you receive that treatment from someone whom you idolize. It was a terrible feeling... A ring came from my phone and i realized it was from an app called SWAPER. It was an app that helped find people willing to "donate" bodies to others as well as people who wanted a different body. Both parties however had to agree to having their bodies swaped. It could take ages, even years to find someone willing to swap because lets face it. Which fashion model with the perfect face or gym bodybuilder with the broad shoulders would wanna swap with any loser out there? I just shrugged that thought out wondering who it could be.. I open the app and was shocked.... It was him. It was Vince! But why would this mother fucker be so willing to trade bodies with me? I just didn't understand.... He said liked cruel pranks. But the only cruel prank that could happen from this is him... It was a risk i was willing to take. I took a deep breathe and pressed the swap button..... "BEEP! BEEP!! BEEP!!!" Never intended to create a part 2 so not too sure if the story flowed. But lemme know... Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed
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