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  1. Florida20

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2-4 Chapter 5-6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 CHAPTER 10 I felt my gut freeze as the calming hand I had on his shoulder involuntarily squeezed Lewis's delt hard enough to make him wince. "He what?" I asked then waved Lewis off when he tried to repeat himself. "How?" I asked more importantly. Lewis's eyes shifted down. "Damon told him," he said. “And who the fuck is Damon?” I bellowed. Lewis opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off with a more important question. "And why the fuck did he give one to your that deranged psycho?" "It's three AM,” a sleep-ridden voice barked from the door next to mine. “Could you guys shut the fuck u--" The neighbor cut off when it saw the two of us. Apparently seeing two bodybuilders, one visibly naked even in the dim hallway light, was enough to make him reconsider how pissed off he really was. He let his eyes linger on me a little longer than he probably intended before turning and shutting the door behind him. Now wasn't the time for unwanted attention. I pulled Lewis in by the shoulder I was still squeezing and shut the door before turning on the light. After getting over our momentary blindness, I started digging through my drawers for clothes that wouldn’t rip apart the moment I put them on. "Fuck!" I cursed as I settled on a set of Navy-issued sweats. They’d feel like a sauna in the desert heat outside but a little physical discomfort was nothing compared to the mental warfare going on in my head right now. My gut was a ball of ice and fire and, by his stunned expression, so was Lewis's. His stunned and vacant expression while I dressed sent me into a rage. “TALK!” I ordered. Words suddenly began falling out of Lewis’s mouth in torrents, with such little structure or coherency I had to stop him twice and tell him to start over. I slowly pieced together that Damon was one of the three other friends who had taken the canister when Lewis had. Whitaker had found him alone and had pressured the information out of the weak-minded bastard over the course of a couple days. "How could we not know this was happening?" I asked with a grunt as I tried to pull my tennis shoes over feet suddenly too big for them. I heard a snap just before the heel of the shoe ripped in my hand. Fuck, there goes another pair, I thought as I threw the ravaged shoe across the room. I stood, resigned to the fact that whatever path this night took me would be done shoeless. Lewis chewed on his lip before answering. "Damon has been acting strange all month," he said finally. "But I had no idea he did that." "How did Damon allow himself to be bullied like that? He's huge!" I protested. Damon wasn’t as big as me or Lewis but he wasn’t someone who should be cowed by a mere mortal like Whitaker. "Because two months ago he was a hundred and twenty pound dork," Lewis responded. "It's hard to overcome a lifetime of being bullied. Believe me, I know." My heart sank even deeper. He was referencing how I bullied him to show me the canisters. I may not have used fists and violence, but I still made him do something he hadn't wanted to. And now Whitaker had done the same thing to Damon. Suddenly something Lewis had said had finally caught my ear. My heart thudded in my chest so hard it felt like a wild animal was trapped in my ribcage. “Wait, back up. You said Damon has been acting weird...all MONTH?!” Lewis nodded, his eyes glassing over as if about to cry. I stepped forward and did my best to speak calmly. “Lewis, how long ago did Whitaker take that first vial?” Tears finally did start falling down Lewis’s cheeks. “A month ago,” he said, whimpering. It was weird seeing such fear and emotion from such a god-shaped figure. My stomach dropped even further. “And Lewis. Why did Damon choose now to talk to you?” Lewis took a deep breath. “Because Whitaker told him he’s going to take a second canister…tonight. Sir, Whitaker is at the silo right now and if we don’t stop him there’s no telling what he’ll become. We may already be too late.” * * * “Fuck,” I screamed at the windshield for the tenth time. I pressed the accelerator through one of the base's stop signs, ignoring the honk of a slow rolling Humvee intending to turn in front of me. Lewis was beside me, a dark shadow filling the passenger seat with only the glint of his tear-filled eyes visible. I took a sharp left without even breaking and my black Suburban lurched as it screeched onto the side road. The storage warehouses I oversaw sat like hulking tombstones at the end of the darkened path. I had known war in my short time in the Navy, but I was more scared now than I ever had been. The fact Whitaker was somewhere in those silos with another canister of that stuff flowing through his veins isn’t what scared me…it was that him being there meant he was big enough to want the second canister. The euphoria of growth the first canister brought was all I needed or wanted for weeks after taking it. It wasn’t until the growth slowed that I suddenly wanted more. So had Lewis. We both felt our bodies, as monstrous as they were, should have been far bigger. The fact our weight was so much higher than our size would indicate made the coiled spring feeling all the more real. Whitaker must have taken a canister soon after I kicked him out of my unit, meaning he had almost as much time to grow as me! What could a month of this serum do to a guy like Whitaker, who’s body could grow muscle just by looking at a weight even before taking this serum. I looked over at the darkened Lewis and grabbed his shoulder in what was hopefully a comforting gesture. “I’m going to need you, Lewis. If we’re going to win this, it’s going to take both of us.” Lewis remained silent and the hint of a nod I saw in the darkness may have been my imagination. We pulled up to the gate with the headlights turned off and hurriedly exited the car. I peered into the guard shack, ready and, after initially thinking it empty, saw the crumpled form of the guard on the floor. "He’s alright,” I said after checking the poor kid for a pulse and breathing a sigh of relief when I found one. “We need to call the police." For once, Lewis offered no resistance and already had his cell open and to his ear as I stood up. He told them there'd been a break in and a guard had been knocked unconscious. "They said we shouldn't attempt to enter the building," Lewis said as he slid the phone back into his pocket. "Fuck that," I said immediately, and made my way towards the door of silo four. I had to get my hands on those other two canisters before I lost them for good. I was shamed to admit that to myself, especially since that meant risking Lewis’s life too. However, looking at his eyes showed a determination behind that raw fear. He wanted the canisters too. This time the nod wasn’t my imagination. We found the door to silo four open with light pouring out from inside. Strange sounds were emerging from the doorway and, after we crept into the giant warehouse, I recognized them for what they were: the violent and indiscriminate throwing of very heavy objects. We slowly crept in, careful not to disturb the mountains of junk filling the warehouse, following the noises toward the back corner of the room, where we both knew the safe was hidden. While they were one errant disturbance from sounding an alarm, the piles were also a great cover as we crept closer by ducking from one pile to the next. I peeked around a final mass and found myself twenty feet behind Whitaker's back as he continued to clear the rubble blocking his way to the safe. He wore his camo pants and his brown military undershirt. And fuck he was big. Giant bouldered traps rose all the way to his skull and his lats flared as wide as most people could extend their arms. The rolling plains of his back practically boiled with twisting cords of muscle as he threw items weighing hundreds of pounds around like they were pillows. Bent over as he was, the bottom of his strained undershirt rose multiple inches above the waist of his pants, revealing an incredibly striated Christmas tree of his lower back and a hint of his gorged glutes. Sweat stains were growing from his armpits and lower back and his breathless grunts were deep and primordial with the effort. He let out a grunt of triumph when he revealed the safe. Whitaker's giant form stared down the chest high safe before he reached down and began entering the combination with his bear sized hands. I looked over at Lewis, his face white with fear as he hid behind another pile. I looked back just as Whitaker finished the combination and moved his hand to the lever and gave it a twist. Nothing. There was no click. The combination didn't work and I breath I was holding finally released. Undaunted, Whitaker tried the combination again. Again there was nothing. He tried again. And again. Each time his skin grew a little redder and the veins in his neck grew a little bolder. He was getting mad. After his sixth try, Whitaker roared with rage, picked up the safe with both hands and threw it to the ground. The room seemed to shake as the safe crashed on top of the scattered debris, door facing up but otherwise undamaged. Whitaker turned to the side and put a foot on top of the door. Reaching down with lips peeled back in a snarl he dug his fingers into the joint between the safe's door and the body, trying to get a hold. If there was a seed of doubt we could stop Whitaker before, seeing him in profile turned that seat into a giant oak. Whitaker was a god. He easily outsized both me and Lewis. His shirt was likely the largest size the military made but it still fit him like a medium shirt on a professional bodybuilder. His pecs bulged like striated slabs of beef over deeply chiseled abs that each stretched the shirt’s fabric like a balloon ready to burst. His shirt sleeves crept most of their way up his volleyball sized shoulders revealing an equally sized upper arm that appeared flexed even while hanging limply at his side. Pencil-thick veins snaked their way across his bicep like rivers and a giant cable thick one cut its way across the center of each. All told, he stood about 6'6" and looked well over three hundred pounds and still had that overly dense look about him that Lewis and I did. He weighed way more than he looked. As if to exclaim that point, Lewis absent mindedly stepped on a metal tin as he shifted his footing. The half of his bodyweight he applied didn’t simply dent it, it crushed it, flattening it like it was a beer can. Whitaker didn’t seem to even notice as he bent over the safe. It was worse than I imagined. Lewis was a runt before the serum. I was merely average. Whitaker was likely a muscle tank before he even hit high school. Where we had to try to gain mass before, Whitaker seemed to only have to think about working out to grow. His body probably took to that serum like a fish took to water. A creaking sound snapped me back into the moment. Lewis’s fingers had successfully dug themselves into the lip of the safe's door and he was now pulling on it with all his might in an effort to rip the door off its hinges. Muscles all over his body bulged and thick veins pulsed against his paper thin skin. His neck expanded in a swell of veined muscle as it grew deep red with the strain. He let his head roll back, teeth bared and eyes clenched shut as he roared. I saw the muscle fibers in his shredded 24 inch arms writhing and shuddering. The muscles in his shoulder and thick back strained in high definition against a shirt that was beginning to give up all hope of holding together. Then it happened. A giant bulge grew from the right side of Whitaker's already giant back. First it was a single muscle along the side of his lat, then another, and another. Each muscle seemed to double in size in rapid succession and combined to effectively double the size of his back. His right deltoid ballooned and tore through the already pitiful excuse of a sleeve. The fabric parted like stretched dough over the mountainous fibers of his shoulder and parted along the seam of his lat as it grew out of his side like molten lava. At the same time, the safe gave a pained groan as the hinges finally failed. Whitaker gave a deep roar of triumph as the door flew from the safe and landed against one of the piles of flotsam behind him. Whitaker stood and looked at his enormous right arm hanging wide over his new tortoise shell of a lat. He smiled and gave his lat a good flex and let the muscular ripples cascade up his back like waves. But his eyes quickly looked over and down at the newly reveled contents of the safe. He reached in and I saw him pull out one of the white canisters. His eyes grew wide and he rubbed its surface gingerly with his thumb. He didn't even see me coming. Without any thought other than keeping him from using any more of those canisters, I ejected myself from my hiding spot and raced towards him as fast as my body could take me. I barreled into Whitaker before he even looked up. It was like hitting a parked car and I grunted in pain, surprised at how little my momentum seemed to affect the giant. The only affect all my weight had was to momentarily push an unsuspecting Whitaker onto one foot. My eyes forever on the canister, I used what little surprise I had left and yanked it from his hand intending to use it right then and there on myself. But the thud of his bare fist hit my ab wall and pain flared through my body like fire. The force of it pushed me back violently and the canister flew from my hand. Just like that, my advantage was over. I bent over the pain in my gut as an unphased Whitaker stood over me. Holding my throbbing midsection, I looked up and found myself inches from his boulder-like abs. His newly gorged back had pulled at what was left of his shirt, revealing the bottom row of his shredded bricked abs. I stood back up with visible effort, even then barely making it above his heaving chest. Whitaker was taller than 6’6” and he was incredibly wide, more so with his oversized lat still flaring angrily under the gorged mass of his arm. "Well hello there, sir," he said in a deep rumbling voice with a smile that didn't touch his eyes. "Fancy meeting you here. You look healthy." His right hand flashed like lightning and was suddenly wrapped around my bull neck. His mutant delt flared even larger as he lifted me to my tip toes with that single arm and pulled me even closer. "But not as healthy as me." I put both of my hands against his steel-hard forearm and tried to pull him away from me but it was in vain. He just glared at me with those dark blue eyes, radiating power. I felt his hand tighten around my neck, unfazed by the useless resistance I was offering. I kicked him in the gut with enough force to break through drywall but he shrugged it off with barely a grunt. "My body will break yours," he laughed. "I'm unstoppable." He closed his grip, shutting off my air. I was choking. In that moment there was a metallic click followed by an abrupt hissssssss. We both looked over to see Lewis, eyes still wide with fear, standing next to the mangled safe. Our eyes traveled down simultaneously and we both noticed the white canister jammed deeply into Lewis’s thigh. There was a moment after the hiss died down where everything was silent and still. Then Lewis, eyes wider than ever, took a fearful step back once he realized Whitaker now had him in his sights. My captor gave a deep chuckle and began making his way to my scared accomplice, dragging me behind him like a child would his stuffed bear. Lewis took another step back, raising his open hands in surrendered gesture. Then he stopped, gulped, and looked down wide-eyed at his own raised hands. His face grew red and his breathing deepened. "Oh fuck," he said, a hair shy of hyperventilating. "I’m so hot. It…burns.” He gulped air as if starved of it and every exposed part of his body grew a deeper red. Veins bulged across every visible part of his skin and pulsed with his rapid heartbeat. “Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuck." His voice grew deeper as he bent over and gripped at his uniform blouse. "Oh fuck yes," he said again. He wrapped his arms around himself, squirming in his uniform as if unable to get comfortable. It reminded me, appropriately, of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, throwing his head back in a combination of pain and ecstasy, his wide neck flaring in a red mass of veins and muscular bulges. I then noticed that the loose folds of his military uniform were slowly falling and smoothing out. He…he was growing. His back shuddered and his traps began to bulge up. His uniform inflated all over as if being filled with air. Lewis threw his arms wide, the cuffs of his sleeves riding up his wrist to where it got caught by his increasingly swollen forearm. Thighs already the width of a fully grown pine tree ballooned ever wider as the stitches of his pants began popping. A bulge began growing at his crotch and I saw the giant imprint of his dick begin crawling down his thigh, somehow finding room to squeezing between it and the practically painted on uniform. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god." A dark stain grew halfway down his thigh as he came. He reared back, eyes fluttering in ecstasy as his lats pushed violently against his thick ripstop blouse. There was a grunt of pain as the clothing ran out of room or capacity to expand, then every stitch practically exploded from his body, revealing an inhuman monster beneath. Lewis inhaled deeply, his thick plated pecs expanding, each one inches deep and crossed with deep-set fibers. Pulsing veins covered his growing body. He flexed his arm and watched it expand, then flexed again, as it expanded further, growing ever bigger and higher. His feet tore through the tattered remains of his boots and he stepped off their crushed soles. Thigh-sized calves flared as he stumbled forward, unused to his increasing size. Quads the size of hundred-year-old tree trunks shook and rippled with each step. His dick stood hard and erect, well over a foot long. Eyes still glazed and inwardly focused, he touched it as another growth spurt hit and he came again in a flood. He grew taller as his body grew wider. He looked down again and felt the ever-deepening abs he could no longer see over his gargantuan chest. When the growth seemed to be over, Lewis stood at nearly eight feet tall and was so incredibly big I couldn't even estimate how much he weighed. 500 pounds? A thousand? He steadied himself, still breathless, each heave of his chest stretched the skin pulled across it, making the individual muscle fibers beneath swell enough to cast their own shadows. He stared down at himself and tested his body, flexing his arms and chest and legs, he and I both taken in completely by the sheer size and power that radiated from the former runt. A stray sound broke our fixation; he and I both looking over to see Whitaker diving for the white canister I dropped when he punched me in the gut. “Oh no you don’t,” Lewis bellowed in a newly baritone voice. In a handful of lumbering steps, he closed the gap with Whitaker and grabbed his wrist just as the bully wrapped his hand around the canister. Lewis pulled him up by that wrist and glared down at his tormenter, whom he now towered over by nearly two feet. The canister shook uselessly in Whitakers trapped fist. “What should we do with him, sir?” Lewis asked. Whitaker roared and balled the fist of his free arm, the same arm that was still so gorged and oversized from tearing apart the safe. His pumped arm flared, the stretched skin around it growing shiny with sweat. He then pulled his balled fist back and with another guttural shout threw a punch so hard into Lewis’s side, I could hear the breath knock out of him. Although clearly stronger, Lewis wasn’t as invincible as he thought. He grunted and shuddered over in pain, releasing Whitaker in the process. “Get…guhp…get him!” he moaned in desperation as he fell on a knee and steadied himself over the upturned safe with his hand. Without thinking through it, I ran forward and tackled Whitaker again. This time he was ready for me and clotheslined me with his forearm, knocking me on my back. I coughed and blinked to steady my vision and I looked up just in time to see Whitaker thrust the canister into his leg. “No,” I heard myself moan and Whitaker himself began to laugh. At that moment, Lewis’ hulking form flew into view as he now tackled Whitaker to the ground. The larger Lewis pinned the Whitaker to the floor by his neck. “Got him,” Lewis said through gasps, victory showing on his face. I tried to speak through my throbbing throat but only coughs came out. Whitaker continued to laugh, pinned as he was, as his face started to grow red.
  2. Part One: Brock and Ben (a five part story of sex, romance, and outrageously muscular male bodies. This first part is something of a bildungsroman for the gay muscle set - a lot of growth, but only some of it physical. Originally written and posted on my tumblr. Part two to follow tomorrow..... I hope you enjoy) Ben waved from the sidewalk as his parents’ car pulled out of the parking lot, turned right on the avenue, and disappeared behind the gleaming anonymity of the newly-built student center, handily adjacent to the handsome Edwardian dormitory that would be his home for the next eight months. They had safely ensconced their son in his dorm room, had taken him out to supper at a chain restaurant, and were now making the five hour drive back to their tiny hometown. It was early evening, pleasantly cool,that period of September when the days still feel like summer but the nights carry the hint of autumn. The distant sound of frosh parties called to him, but Ben stood still on the mercifully empty sidewalk, took long slow breaths of the cool fresh air. He wanted a minute to collect himself, to think. Ben had never been away from home for more than a week. His parents were so protective of their eldest son, so talented, so intelligent, so polite, so perfect – it was exhausting. Stifling. Ben had purposefully selected a University some distance from his home town so that he could grow, explore, be dumb, be rude, be flawed. Really, though, Ben’s big plan was to gay it up big time. His little hometown, surrounded for dozens of miles by sparsely populated wilderness, had few if any possibilities for a horny closeted teen with low self-esteem and overprotective parents. But he was at University now, in a city now – his heart galloped when he considered the possibilities, equal forces of hope and fear warring across the vast battleground of thwarted adolescent desire. He timidly came out to his parents in the weeks before the move. His mother reacted as if some precious object had been dropped to the floor, cracked in some irreparable way – not angry, but so, so unhappy, which was worse. Ben could have dealt with anger – could have responded to it with anger of his own, could have cloaked himself in righteousness. This terrible grief? It opened an unspeakable gulf, a great chasm. It couldn’t be answered. After that conversation the topic never came up again, but the tension in the house was palpable. But now Ben was free. Free to do … what, though? For years now he’d been waiting for this moment. Here he stood, alone in the city, free to be himself, to recreate his identity, to follow his pleasure – but in those daydreams of this moment, he’d never actually imagined whatspecifically he would do. It was just abstract – “I want to be free!” And so now he was free. So now what. Back home, he’d stand before the full-length mirror late at night, after everyone had gone to bed, stand shirtless, or naked even, and assess himself. A furnace-like teenaged metabolism kept him slim, about 145 lbs at 5’11”, but a life of limited physical activity kept him mostly toneless – his body was a long, thin column of pale flesh, his limbs graceful but exceedingly slender, his tummy soft. He had striking features, though – not cute, but powerful, a sharp roman nose, piercing blue eyes, thick black hair, firm full lips that added an attractive quality to smiles and sneers alike. His female friends, most of whom knew he was gay, always told him he was handsome – regal, noble, prince-like, languid, words of that nature. But Ben had trouble believing it. In those midnight self-assessments, he felt great anxiety – would this be enough for anyone? Would anyone ever desire this portion of flesh that he called his own? He was struck by a dilemma unique to homosexuality. Unlike their straight counterparts, gay people can (and frequently will) look at their own image and ask themselves that dreadful question: “would I fuck me?” And Ben, in his heart of hearts, knew the painful answer was “no.” Ben liked big men. Ben liked really, really big men – muscular men. Ben’s dirty secret was that he jacked off to bodybuilders, browsing incognito on his laptop after everyone else had gone to bed. And what muscle man would want an inexperienced skinny-fat twink full of neuroses? Enough. It was time to head inside. He had a new life to build – and potentially a room-mate to meet. He was assigned a double room, two twin beds on opposite sides of a cinderblock shoebox, but when he and his parents had moved his belongings in, earlier in the day, the other side of the room appeared vacant, unclaimed. * Ben turned the key, opened the door, and stopped in his tracks as he laid eyes on his roommate for the first time. He was sleeping. He was face down on the tiny twin bed and he was sleeping. He filled the bed. He overfilled the bed. He was wearing a jock and nothing else. Ben’s eyes darted all over the gigantic sleeping form but continually came to rest on the ass, like a compass needle finding north. That ass! Twin marble peaks, a work of art, jutting high and proud into the air, spherical, taut, framed perfectly by the bands of the jockstrap. The rest of him, though! He was too tall for the bed, too wide for the bed. Not just his big bare feet, but his calves – the size of those calves! Like cantaloupes but covered in hair and veins, even at rest! – his calves in the air past the foot of the bed, his elbows in the air off the side – his forearms angled back towards his body, his hands buried under the pillow beneath his head. Ben could see him taking slow, even breaths, could watch his massive back, overfilled with gnarled knots of muscle, rise and fall. His back was so thick and overmuscled that there was cleavage over parts of his spine. He was definitely asleep. Ben’s mouth was dry. He still hadn’t moved from the doorway, his hand still on the knob. Ben was painfully, throbbingly, aching erect. The air smelled of … it was like a spice, like an unusual wood, a little musky but not unpleasant. Ben realized that he was smelling him. This was what pure potent masculinity must smell like. It was only about 8:30 at night. There was a big frosh party, involving the whole house, in the common room on the ground floor. Should he wake this guy? No, not until he took care of this boner. A guy this big – probably a football jock. Probably straight. Possibly cool with gay guys, but possibly not – but in either case, probably not cool with being perved over. In any case, perving out on this guy would be a … . suboptimal first impression. Ben very, very silently shut the door behind him, slowly and silently crept across the floor to the closet-like ensuite bathroom, quietly shut and locked the door, turned on the fan to create some background noise, dropped his pants, and began furiously masturbating his average-sized but nicely-shaped uncut cock. It barely took him twenty seconds to cum. He had to stifle his moans. But still his mind was flooded with images of his unconscious roommate. Fuck, you pervert, you don’t even know his name, what the fuck is wrong with you? But he couldn’t stop thinking about that alabaster mountain of ass. It was so big, so round. It looked so firm, yet so inviting … . Ben couldn’t believe it – his cock was still a mess of semen from the first orgasm, but he hadn’t softened one bit – if anything, he was harder than ever, his mind flooded with images of the musclebeast asleep on the other side of the door. Oh fuck. It had been, what, two or three minutes? But he had to go again. He began beating his meat once more, churning his still-fresh cum into a froth, using it as lube. This time he managed to last for maybe ninety seconds, but the orgasm was, if anything, more intense than the last. He tried his best to stay silent, but he couldn’t help it – a single groan escaped his lips as he shuddered, his dick spasming in an orgasmic variant of dry heaves, contracting with all its might to force more cum out when his balls were already drained dry. Ben was panting, trembling, couldn’t catch his breath. “Oh shit,” he muttered to himself. “Shit.” And then there was a tap on the door. A deep, friendly baritone voice rumbled through. “You OK in there, buddy?” “Yeah! I’m good!” Ben said, immediately cursing how high and strangled his voice sounded in comparison. “Uh, sorry to wake you.” He surreptitiously flicked his hand into the sink, shaking gobs of cum free. This was a surreal introduction, through a locked door. Not ideal. But maybe for the best – face to face, Ben could never have kept his composure. “No biggie, man, I fell asleep by accident anyway. Name’s Brock. I take it you’re the roomie? All that theatre stuff belongs to you?” “Uh, y-yeah,” Ben said, trying to quietly rip off some toilet paper to wipe away the rest of the evidence of his double orgasm. “Kinda a theatre dork. I’m not studying it though. I guess you’re a sports guy.” Ben heard Brock chuckle through the door. “What makes you say that?” “Dude, I saw you.” “Oh yes? Well, why don’t you finish up in there and me and you can get a late dinner, get to know each other a bit better.” Ben had, of course, already eaten, but he wasn’t about to say no to a guy like Brock. “Absolutely. Just, uh, give me a couple of minutes to finish cleaning myself up.” “Take your time, dude.” Ben leaned over the sink and slowly exhaled. He looked in the mirror, stared in his own piercing blue eyes. “Hoo boy,” he muttered to himself, breaking his gaze to turn on the water, wash away the cum, splash some cold water on his face. “Woah.” * Brock turned out to be a great room-mate. He was very friendly, very relaxed. He was indeed a “sports guy,” a football player and a powerlifter, but he was academically gifted, wasn’t interested in coasting on his abilities on the football field. “Besides, this school’s football team isn’t great,” Brock said, giving his yard-wide shoulders a little shrug. “I just like playing. It’s not a career. I’m thinking PhD – maybe history? Or maybe something with a bit more real world application, but still in the liberal arts. Oh, don’t look so surprised, Ben. You know they assign roommates by SAT scores?” “I did not know that,” Ben said. “But it makes sense. Sorry. I’m just … I come from a pretty remote area, pretty small town. I’m the first person in my family to go to college, I don’t know how any of this works. And all the football players at my high school were goons. No offense.” “Hey, I used to be pretty goonish, too. Came to my senses probably about halfway through high school. Glad I did.” The student center food court was nearly empty, maybe ten or fifteen people scattered through an area that could seat three hundred. Ben kept darting his eyes out the window, or to the dark Dairy Queen counter, closed for the day, or to the janitor slowly approaching with his floor-buffing machine. He was hyper aware of looking at Brock the correct amount but not more than the correct amount. “Jeez dude, you’re jumpy,” Brock said with a kind smile, leaning back in his chair, stretching his arms over his head. Ben allowed himself to look briefly at his roommate. The thin cotton t-shirt he had on stretched to its limit to contain his bowling-ball biceps, the thick corded ropes that were his triceps, the twin mounds of pecs, their uppermost cleft visible above the poor tortured collar, a collar that had already given way in places to Brock’s thick traps and wider-than-it-was-tall neck. This shirt lifted up as Brock stretched, revealing his stomach, thick bloated abs bowing out in a luxurious curve, a cute little innie belly-button almost lost in the crevice between his abs, a faint trail of blonde hair leading down into his shorts. Brock laughed and the abs snapped to attention, his midsection suddenly a tight six-pack. “Eyes up here, dude,” he said. “Oh god, sorry, sorry, sorry,” Ben stammered, gaze shooting back to the distant janitor. “Dude, relax. I’m playing with you. I don’t mind. Hey. Hey. Look at me. In the face, heh. Serious though, look at me.” Ben did as he was asked, making eye contact with his new room-mate for the first time. His eyes were ice blue, paler than Ben’s, but just as intense. Almost a wolf’s eyes. He had close-cropped fair hair, thick features, a heavy brow, but his mouth was curved into a friendly smile. “I know I’m big. It didn’t happen by accident, trust me. I like being big. I like it a lot. And I like being looked at. You’re not going to offend me, OK? So, you know, relax. We’re going to be sharing pretty close quarters for a long while,” he said, throwing up a double bicep. The thick glob of muscle jumped into a hard ball; his skin was noticeably paler around the peak, where it stretched to its maximum to contain the burgeoning muscle. “You’ll get sick of seeing me do this pretty soon, I’m sure,” “Never,” Ben said before he could stop himself. He felt his face flush crimson, but Brock only laughed. “OK, then, you can help me track my progress. Hey, speaking of – you gonna eat that?” Brock’s hamburger had long ago disappeared, while more than two-thirds of Ben’s remained on his tray. “I actually had supper with my parents earlier,” Ben said. “Hey, so did I,” Brock said, grinning. “So, uh, you don’t mind …?” Ben shook his head ‘no,’ and Brock’s grin broke into a full smile as he slid Ben’s tray over to his side of the table. “Great. Gotta keep my calories up if I wanna grow.” Ben felt his mouth go dry again. He had the urge to start looking all over the vast empty food court, but he forced himself to keep his eyes on Brock, as instructed. “You, uh, you want to get bigger?” “Mmf,” Brock said, his mouth full of burger. He swallowed. “Fuck yes. But in all honesty, this size is basically ideal for football. So I shouldn’t get more than five or ten pounds heavier than I am right now. 285, if you’re curious. But yeah, dude, when I quit ball, I wanna grow. No such thing as too big,” he said, tearing into the burger again. “Woah,” Ben said, overwhelmed again. “You’re, ah, you’re almost double my weight.” “What’s double your weight?” “290.” “Gimme a couple of weeks.” The hamburger finished, Brock wiped his mouth with a paper napkin then grinned at his roommate. “I think we’re gonna get along real well, roomie.” * It was Halloween. Ben was drunk. The dormitory party was winding down. He’d come as Dream, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, but it really wasn’t much of a costume for him – the diaphanous black clothes came from his own wardrobe, the spiky black hair was his own, the white facepaint was from the campus drugstore – the only elaborate flourish was the black contact lenses, from a costume store downtown. But people kept thinking he was dressed as “that guy from Limp Bizkit,” and Ben had stopped explaining after the first few times. Ben had made some other friends, but his roommate Brock was the only one he felt any sense of closeness to. Brock had, naturally, come as the Incredible Hulk, but Ben had lost track of him midway through the party, and he hadn’t seen him for a few hours now. The party was dying. It was late and Ben was drunk. Time to leave. The stupid black contact lenses were bugging his eyes, anyway. He tossed his plastic cup into the overflowing garbage bin and called out goodbyes to the remaining people he knew, exiting the dormitory’s ground floor common room. Brock and Ben lived on the top floor – Ben now knew that not only were roommates assigned by SAT scores, but that the floors were divided that way, too, with the smartest kids on the top floor. Ben waited by the elevator for several minutes, eventually losing patience and deciding that seven flights of stairs wasn’t all that bad. Probably someone was passed out in the elevator doorway on some floor between the bottom and the top, Ben figured. He was winded by the time he reached the top of the staircase. “Fuck,” he thought, “am I that out of shape?” The truth was that the freshman fifteen was slowly creeping up on sedentary Ben, whose metabolism was slowing, as it inevitably would. In clothes he still appeared lean and lithe, but shirtless, in the mirror, he was soft, pasty – still thin, at about 155 lbs, but with no muscle to speak of. It disheartened him more than he let on, especially when Brock paraded around shirtless (he was almost always in some state of undress), his skin stretched taut over the massive boulders he called his pecs, his delts, his biceps. Ben finally reached the door to their room, unlocked it, opened it, and saw Brock’s naked back, the green body paint half worn away, his enormous round glutes in the air, looking even paler because they were untouched by green – but this time Brock wasn’t sleeping, and the glutes weren’t still, weren’t reminiscent of a marble statue, some Grecian hero in repose. This time, Brock was straddling a second figure, and those massive marble glutes shifted and flexed as he thrusted. Ben let out a strangled squawk, yelled “sorry!” and turned to hastily exit. Then his drunken brain finally processed some other key piece of visual information. Brock was not fucking a woman. Brock was slamming his thick veiny cock into Wolverine’s hairy, meaty butt – or rather, James from Third Floor who’d shown up to the Halloween party as Wolverine, with big veiny biceps and thick hairy forearms that looked the part, to his credit. “Sorry!” Ben squawked again, regaining his composure, beating a quick retreat. His heart was thumping faster than when he’d finished climbing the stairs. Brock was gay?! Brock’s voice from inside the room, calling to him. “Dude, you OK? I forgot to put a sock on the handle, I’m an idiot.” “Yeah!” Ben answered. “Just, uh, take your time finishing, I’ll go for a walk, be back in a half hour or something, yeah. Um. OK! Bye! Have fun!” What. ‘Have fun?’ Why say that? Ben rushed to the elevator. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot. Then he remembered that the elevator was apparently broken. He turned on his heel and rushed in the opposite direction, to the stairs.Fuck. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot IDIOT. Ben walked out of the dorm. It was a little chilly outside, but not too bad. It was a black night, no moon, no stars. He walked down to the little duck pond halfway across campus. Drunken Halloween revelers passed occasionally, hooting and hollering. Ben smiled and did his best to respond in kind, but his heart wasn’t in it. When he arrived at the pond, he sat down on a bench. He could see some people toking up in the gazebo on the other side of the pond, but mercifully he seemed to be alone. He stretched out on the bench and looked at the sky, giving a long, slow exhale. OK. So your friendly musclebound roommate is also gay. It’s like a big gay fantasy, just like the kind you’d have daydreaming in Grade Twelve math class. Except it’s real. But you are not in love with this guy. You are not allowed to be. If he was interested in you, he’d have made a move already. He’s confident. He knows you’re turned on by his body. If he wanted you he’d have taken you by now. So you need to put that thought out of your mind right now. Immediately. Crush that thought under your heel. Do it for your own good. OK. Ben’s stomach was doing flip-flops. How would this change the comfortable room-mate dynamic that he and Brock had established over the previous eight weeks? Ben didn’t want that dynamic to change. He liked it. It was nice. The little shoebox of a room he shared with Brock – it was maybe the first place in the world where he felt more or less comfortable, more or less at ease. And now he probably wouldn’t feel comfortable there, would he? Ben let out another long sigh as he lay on his back by the pond. The sky was absolutely featureless and awful-looking. “So, who are you supposed to be, that guy from Limp Bizkit?” asked a voice. Ben sighed. “No. Not to be rude, but please leave me alone.” “Doofus, it’s me. I’m not going to leave you alone.” Ben sat up. Brock stood nearby, arms crossed. He was wearing his 4XL peacoat but appeared to have only underwear on underneath it. His face was still smeared with Hulk green. “Look, dude, you’re upset, and I wanna talk it out with you so it doesn’t ruin our friendship. Or our living situation.” Ben blinked. He had come to think of Brock as a friend, but this was the first time either of them had used the word. “But what about James?” Brock snorted. “He’s a dumb fuck,” he said, “but boy does he have a hot ass. Sorry. Don’t repeat that. All I mean is, he’s not a boyfriend or a friend or anything. We were just, yanno,fucking. Something I notice you don’t do, by the way.” “I didn’t know you were gay,” Ben said. “Um, I don’t think I could have been more blatant on the day we met,” Brock said. “I didn’t get that. You have to remember, I was basically raised by wolves.” “Funny, I’ve seen your mother on Skype, she doesn’t look like a wolf.” “Haha. You know what I mean. I, uh, I don’t know these rules that everyone else seems to know. I don’t get what people mean half the time. I swear I’m not an idiot. This is just all new to me. Anyway. No. I did not know you were gay. I thought you were just a friendly non-homophobe straight dude. This is legitimately new information for me.” “Dude, I invited you to leer at me all you wanted and told you I like it – OK, but whatever, I believe you. Miscommunication happened. We’re getting sidetracked.” Brock sighed. “OK, so what has you upset then? I think I know but if I guess wrong I’ll sound like an arrogant prick.” Ben looked away, at the guys smoking pot in the distant gazebo. The faintest acrid whiff of weed reached his nose. If mother dearest could see me now. He screwed up his courage. “You’re absolutely everything I ever wanted in a man, Brock.” “I know. That’s why I’ve never done anything with you.” “What?!” Ben’s heart jumped. “Isn’t that cruel?” “No, it’s kind,” Brock said. “Look, OK, this is real talk. I say this as a friend – and we are friends – and I care for my friends. You have a lot of work to do. You need to become more self-confident, to become the man you want to be, rather than the frightened boy your parents and your hometown created. And this isn’t an insult or a criticism! You’re doing that work, and that’s one of the reasons I really admire you. But if we got together, it’d be a disaster. Either you’d hate me by Christmas, or you’d become absolutely devoted to me, suffocatingly devoted, which isn’t something I want in a partner. I mean, I’m not even looking for a partner of any description right now. But if I fucked around with you, like I fuck around with guys like James, well, it’d break your heart, I think. And I’m not going to do that.” There was silence as Ben processed what Brock had said. “I get it,” Ben said. “But it still hurts a little to hear.” “Growing always hurts,” Brock said, not unkindly. “Is it going to be weird between us now?” Ben asked. “Yeah, for a little while,” Brock said. “But we’ll get over it. We’ll be better friends because we had this conversation. Underneath all that anxiety you’re scrappy. You’re gonna grow from this.” Ben sighed again, looking out over the black lake. ‘Scrappy.’ It wasn’t a word he’d ever applied to himself. He tried it on for size, found he kind of liked how it felt. Scrappy. “You’re right,” he said. “About everything. I guess you really are smart. OK. Let’s go home. I need to take these fucking black contact lenses out before they blind me.” “Alright, let’s get out of here, Wes Borland.” “Oh, fuck you!” Ben joked, punching Brock’s massive shoulder, then pretending he’d hurt his knuckles on those massive meaty deltoids. “Mosquitos out tonight,” Brock remarked neutrally, looking in the opposite direction, pretending not to notice, scratching his shoulder where he’d been punched. He looked back toward Ben. “Oh, did you hurt your hand somehow?” And so the roommates walked home. * It was January now. Ben stood shirtless in the tiny ensuite bathroom in the dorm room he shared with his massive football-playing roommate Brock. He stared at his pasty, unimpressive body in the mirror. A term of cafeteria food, frosh boozing, and little physical activity had left him deeply unhappy with his body. Usually, Ben never allowed anyone to see him shirtless, but this time he’d left the bathroom door open. Brock sat at the desk, reading a book about the Russian revolution for his history class. The difficult aftermath of Halloween had passed. Ben was fairly confident that he now felt a brotherly affection toward Brock, that their social dynamic was much healthier, something approaching an easy equality. He had a question to ask Brock. It was an important one. He had wanted to ask for some time now. But in previous months he’d been too nervous, too worried. Now, he was trying to be ‘scrappy,’ was trying to be the kind of man he wanted to be. So he screwed up his courage, walked out of the bathroom, still shirtless, and stood facing Brock expectantly. Sensing his presence, Brock looked up. “Woah, dude, the glare. Warn me before you do that so I can put on my sunglasses.” “Brock, I want… I would like you to show me how to work out. I don’t like my body and I want to do something about it.” Brock grinned. “Good for you, guy. I was wondering when you’d ask me that. I’d be more than happy to help. Oh, what’s that look for?” Ben scowled. “You knew I wanted you to show me how to lift?” “I can read you like a book. Actually, I can read you easier than a book,” Brock said, casting an evil glance at the thick, jargon-heavy academic tome on his desk. “Seriously though, it’s obvious you love muscle on other guys. Why shouldn’t you want some for yourself?” “Well, yeah, exactly. But if you knew, why didn’t you invite me without me asking?” “Uh, because I want you to grow as a person, maybe? You can’t be timid when you enter the iron game. You gotta have some grit, some spine.” “OK, OK, I get it. So I’ve grown as a person. I screwed up the courage to ask. So are you gonna do it?” “Already said yes, didn’t I? You’re rolling out with me at 630 tomorrow morning. No complaints about the time. I want you to be wearing your game face. You’re gonna feel weak and small but if you give it your all and push yourself people will respect you. You got decent shoes, gym clothes? Good. OK. You’ve got your marching orders. Now let me get back to the fucking Romanovs.” Brock picked up the book, his tricep forming a giant sleeve-straining horseshoe as he hefted the tome. He opened the book, appeared to begin reading – god, the way his chest mounded up towards his face when he held the book in that position, chin down, like he could scratch an itch on his pecs with his stubble – but then he paused, looked up, made eye contact. Fierce blue eye met fierce blue eye. “I’m proud of you, bro. I want you to know that. Today’s the first step on a long journey for you.” * Ben took to the gym like he was born for it. All the anxiety and neuroses melted away when he was under the bar. He’d clamp his fingers around the iron like he intended to break the bar in two. Those intense blue eyes, that strong roman nose, those proud full lips, would all curl into a snarl. He had a scholar’s approach, too – sometimes overthinking things, but always, always doing his homework, always striving to improve his form. He was brutally meticulous with his diet. “Newbie gains” was a phrase that entered his lexicon. Firm lumps sprouted on his arms; his thighs and butt started to fill his jeans in new, surprising ways. Just a few weeks in, he was brushing his teeth and was startled to see his tricep and forearm twitch in time to his brushstrokes. “You’re doing real well,” Brock said. He’d coached him for the first few weeks, but then allowed him to go his own way, more for scheduling reasons than anything else – between maintaining a 4.0 GPA, football practice, and his own lifting sessions, Brock didn’t really have time to babysit Ben in the weight room. But the regulars soon accepted Ben as one of their own. His dedication and focus could not go unnoticed. As January turned to February turned to March turned to April, it became clear that Ben wasn’t going anywhere – he became a regular in his own right, trading nods with other regulars who lifted when he lifted, sometimes even having brief chats about nutrition and form in the longer rests between heavy sets. The first time someone asked him to spot them on a bench press, Ben played it cool, but he could barely contain his pride – it was like a sign that he belonged there, now. It was nearly the end of term. Ben’s pudgy middle had melted away, and he had added a solid 30 lbs of lean mass to his once-slender frame. He was still far from a mass monster – far even from a bodybuilder – but, even clothed, anyone with a trained eye could see that he lifted pretty seriously. Brock was in the bathroom, shirt off, designer briefs straining to contain the double boulders of his ass, his thick cock and generous balls stretching the pouch. His stance was wide to accommodate his freaky-big quads, which, nevertheless, pressed together midway down to his knees. He was throwing poses into the mirror, crunching his abs, flexing his arms. “Dude,” he said, sticking his head into the room he shared with Ben, “whatcha weighing these days?” “Uh, I dunno, like 175, 178. Why?” “Get in here.” Ben set aside his book, stood up, and walked over. “What?” “Shirt off,” Brock said, gesturing at Ben’s chest. Ben shrugged. Four months of changing in the locker room had erased most of his former modesty. He shucked his shirt, which offered surprising resistance as he tugged it off – he realized, with a surprise, that maybe he was getting too big for it. “Look at us, bro,” Brock said, shuffling so he stood behind Ben. Wider and taller by a fair margin, Brock filled the mirror’s frame without even trying. But, Ben was shocked to see that he held his own. Brock’s pecs were enormous, bulbous really, like two halves of a beachball pushing out from his ribcage, his big nipples pointing toward the ground. But Ben’s pecs were square, high and tight, with a little cleavage between them – and they were particularly full towards his collarbone. Brock grunted his approval. “You’ve been hitting that incline press, haven’t you? Your pecs are really coming in, nice and full. Throw me a bi.” Ben grinned and flexed his right arm. Brock reached over, adjusted the angle. “What, are you teaching me to pose?” Ben asked, joking. “Yes,” Brock said, quite seriously. “Oh! Uh, this OK?” Brock nodded. “Throw up the other arm, now.” Ben did, and Brock similarly adjusted it. “Try and remember this angle. Makes the arms look bigger from the front.” “Dude, I thought you weren’t a bodybuilder.” Brock often corrected people who mistook him as a bodybuilder – he was a powerlifter. “No, I’m not a bodybuilder. But you are.” “What.” “Don’t believe me? Just look in the mirror, bro.” Ben cast a critical eye in the mirror. He let the double bi fall and experimentally flexed a few other areas. Wherever he flexed, a muscle jumped in obedient response. But he was hardlybig. “I guess,” he said, skeptically. “But I’m still really small.” Brock smirked. “And the fact that you said that is what tells me that you’re gonna get huge,my friend. Look at you. You look like an underwear model. You’ve got that small-boned frame, those striking facial features, a perfect 5’11” height, and now you’ve got nice, toned, ‘not too big’ muscles – in most people’s eyes, you’re almost an ideal male specimen.” Ben caught Brock’s gaze in the mirror, held it for a moment. “But we’re not ‘most people,’ are we?” “No sir, we are not,” Brock said. “Like I said. You’re a bodybuilder. Lat spread.” Ben did his best attempt. Brock’s serious demeanor broke a little. “Hoo boy,” he said, “we’re gonna have to work on this one. Flare the lats. Bring the shoulder-blades down. Better. Not there yet but better.” Ben grinned. “Well, why don’t you show me how it’s done, big guy?” Wordlessly, Brock turned. There was barely enough room in the small bathroom for both of them; his huge glutes and his ultra-thick back thrust into Ben’s face, pushed him back against the sink. Brock’s back was jam-packed with more meat than his frame could handle. He brought his arms and shoulders up, and then back and down, flaring his lats out out out out out, wider and wider and wider. “Fuck!” Ben heard himself say. “Dude, I haven’t noticed, but can you even fit through our door?” “Gotta angle myself sideways a little bit,” Brock grunted, flexing. He shifted into a rear double bicep pose, the caps of his deltoids crowding up towards his face, the peaks of his biceps reaching up towards his fist. “Not that I’m complaining.” “Holy shit,” Ben said, taking it all in. He was so close to Brock that he could see the beads of sweat forming on his lightly tanned skin, could see the angry red stretch marks where Brock’s muscles had grown faster than his skin could handle. “How big are your arms, even?” Brock exhaled forcefully. “Haven’t measured for a little while. Almost 24” last time I did.” Ben whistled. “Dude, I thought you couldn’t get any bigger because of ball.” Brock dropped the bicep pose and turned to face Ben. “Watching you grow this term, I guess I got inspired. I made a decision. I love football. But it’s a distraction. What I really want in life is this: to be the most massive muscular motherfucker I can possibly be. So I’m quitting the team. Which brings me to something else.” “What’s that?” “You’re not going back to that Podunk shithole for the summer, are you?” “What else can I do?” “Me and you. Let’s rent a little house – I got a friend who’s moving out and we can take his place. Spend the summer lifting and eating. Let’s grow, you fucker. Let’s get absolutely fucking massive. Blow some minds when we show up for the start of term in September. Whaddya say?” Ben’s head was spinning. “That’d be the best thing in the world,” he said. “But I don’t know if I can afford it.” “Talk to Tom at the gym. They need a student to work the front desk over the summer. It pays OK. He’s seen you working out, sees how dedicated you are, how you’re a no bullshit kind of person. You even rack weights other people leave on the floor, you fucking boyscout. He says the job’s yours if you want it. I’ve got an offer to bounce at a club. Maybe when you get a little bigger you can join me there, if you want. Money won’t be a problem. So whaddya say?” Ben turned to the mirror, took a long look at Brock’s massive, pumped frame, the way his skin stretched paper thin over every unbelievably bloated muscle. Ben popped his pecs. He liked how they had a bit of swell and sweep to them, the beginnings of roundness, the littlest line of cleavage. But he had so much more to grow, so much more size to gain. He wanted to be as big as Brock. No. He wanted to be bigger than Brock. He wanted to have trouble fitting through doors, to have people stare when he walked past – he wanted to be a 320 lbs superheavyweight bodybuilder. Become the man you want to be. And that’s what you want to be. So that’s what you’re gonna be. “What do I say?,” Ben finally answered, a grin splitting his face. “Big brother, do you even have to ask? This summer. Me and you. Four month grow-a-thon. Fuck yes. Let’s do it. Let’s get huge.”
  3. rmorris

    The Arab Prince

    This is my first ever written story published here. I have actually written one story before, but it was lost when my old laptop gave up. I've been hesitant to put anything here as I don't want my story telling getting too judged, but, this is an idea which is so hot to me, I just had to share. I hope you all enjoy, and any feedback is much appreciated, or feel free to drop me a message. “So, anything else that needs discussing before the next news meeting?” My editor asks. “Umm, well, is there anything I can be focussing on?” My voice slightly cracks, I’ve only been at the BBC offices for a few weeks but I’m trying to make myself come off as keen, but not too keen that everyone around me hates me and thinks I’m going to gun for their job. The World Service has been through some really, really tough months, job cuts, redundancies, people moving abroad to other networks, the BBC was not the place everyone wanted to work anymore, and certainly a young 25 year old upstart like me joining the most respected name in news worldwide might rub some up the wrong way. My game plan was simple, move in the right direction but slowly, and never appear too fast or eager. I genuinely wasn’t there to steal anyone’s job, certainly not deliberately. “Actually, there’s something we want you to do, wait behind.” The room vacated, everyone doing awkward British nods and smiles at each other as they left to complete their tasks. “We’re impressed, you’re progressing well,” she says, “so we’ve got a small interview we’d like you to do, but it is an important one, and it’s a foreign assignment so it’s a good first job.” “Oh wow, okay,” I pause, “go on.” “Prince Abdul Al-Aziz Al-Hamza is shortly to take over the small island nation of Thazzan,” she starts. “Isn’t that the country which has insanely high oil revenues but doesn’t really look after its people?” “Oh yes,” she says, “we’d like you to go there and interview him. His father’s in his dying days and he’s willing to give one radio interview, specifically radio, we don’t know why, to discuss what’s next for his country.” This was a perfect scoop, I mean, it was going to be boring as hell, but good. By boring as hell, I mean there would be no chance for real questions. Interviews with dictators and their sons always followed the same format and went on the same lines, how thrilled the people are to have them and how many changes they have planned for the country. No-one actually ever takes these kinds of things seriously. “I’m a bit concerned about LGBT rights,” I say, after a few moments of pondering. “They’re inviting you, it’s not going to be a problem, in fact I’ve already checked that,” she replies. “Wait you what?” I ask, rather startled. “You’re our only free reporter, so I was upfront about it,” she replies, calmly, I forget my editor has been doing this for years, “we used to check this kind of thing with reporters in other slightly homophobic countries nearby, it’s standard practice.” “How is that, remotely standard practice?” I ask, blood pressure raised. “Because then there’s a record that we checked that it was fine for you to go as a gay man, actually it protects you from being arrested for debauchery if they were to find out you were while you’re there.” “The last thing I’m going to do is hook up with some guy from a country where it’s so repressed and I can get thrown in jail for it,” I say, almost losing my temper, but, then remembering this is the person in charge of assignments, “but thank you for your concern,” I add, through slightly gritted teeth. “Can you leave this evening? It’s either this evening or an early morning flight I’m afraid. You can leave the office now. We’ve planned around 4 days for you there, there’s a visit to some oil refineries, some oil treatment works, some oil fields, and then the final day is the interview itself,” she says, “did you know the country’s economy is almost entirely dependent on oil?” She asks, with a wry smile. “I could have guessed.” I say. ******************************************** 24 hours later and I wake up my first day in Thazzan. The air conditioning perfect, the hotel nice, the BBC could never afford a really, really nice hotel, especially for an inexperienced reporter like me, but it was comfortable. Certainly more comfortable than most hotels around the M25, although that’s not saying much. My first visit to an oil field was boring, as I guessed all the visits would be. I ended up having a chat with the manager as we were wrapping up. Oil was booming, he was telling me, no he wasn’t concerned about the sudden drop in oil in the coming decades as the country was investing now, yes he was very confident in the new Prince. “He telephones in to our board meetings across the company,” he said, excitedly. “Oh so he is more hands on than most bosses?” I ask. “Oh, absolutely,” he says, “much better than in neighbouring countries. He always dials in and he’s very good at giving direction, after all, the country shares the oil wealth so we have to do it for the benefit of all.” He replies. It’s worth pointing out at this point that corruption indexes but Thazzan at one of the worst in the world for corruption, and the UN has repeatedly said that even though they have all this oil wealth, it is not trickling down to the people. Pleas have been made repeatedly to have the wealth shared more effectively, it’s all gone unheeded. I look up from his desk, sure enough, there was a smiling Prince Al-Hamza, probably embezzling huge amounts of this money for himself, not that the people would ever know. I hated myself for thinking this, in a country of such poor gay rights, but he was hot. The guy was hot. His Excellency, or whatever his formal title was, was hot. He had the kind of manicured facial hair and beautiful dark brown eyes that really turned me on to Arab men. Not one guy so far had really piqued my interest, but the Prince did. “Ah yes, it is his official portrait, we are all very pleased with him,” the manager grinned. I notice the date mark in the plaque next to his smiling image. “2008?” I ask. “Yes, why?” he asks. “That’s ten years ago.” “It is the most recent official portrait, he is twenty there, if something more recent comes, then we all have to change. We used to change them once every six months.” “Oh right, so does he look like that now? I mean, during your teleconferences?” “Oh no, you misunderstand, we never see him, he calls in on the phone.” This struck me as odd. I sat back in my chair and looked at the image of the attractive Prince in full Thazzan flowing white robes of national dress. It also made me wonder why the man had specifically asked for a radio interview with the World Service, any Prince on a good PR job would be after BBC World News on TV, not radio. TV had a better reach and could be used on YouTube, radio, not so much. “Have you ever seen him? Met him? He’s nice?” I ask, digging. “Nope, but he is a very kind man, he cares deeply about the people,” says the manager, “sometimes when oil revenues fall, he will call me personally and discuss.” “So he’s never visited your oil field?” “A Prince is far too busy for something like that, he has many diplomatic things to attend and people to look after, I would not expect him to come visit.” “But it’s your country’s main source of revenue?” I ask. “Of course!” He replies, he’s not going to comment further. I let his last two words hang in the air briefly, most interviewees will almost always talk more when you leave the room quiet, this man, not so. Perfectly trained in PR. The two officials standing near the exit to the office probably didn’t help either, while they were there ostensibly to help me around, they were almost certainly there to make sure all my visits were perfect. With that, I left the facility. ************************************** My final day had arrived, this afternoon I was told I had an hour with the Prince, to ask him what I wanted. He wouldn’t answer any question we hadn’t planned from the news team, but we could at least try. He would give highly scripted answers to complex questions and that would be done. I didn’t know why the BBC was going through with this total farce of an interview, but there we are. I was taken to the royal palace at 1pm. The huge, vast building opened up like an oasis in the desert as we drove nearer. An enormous monolith dedicated to housing the ruling family, it had hundreds of acres of perfectly manicured grounds and guards every few metres. I was shown into a big room, then another big room, and finally another big room. I was sat down at a table with a phone on it. “The Prince will talk shortly.” I was assured by a small man in perfectly fitted attire. I got ready to read through my notes for the upcoming questions, I got out my radio microphone, I worked out the best lines of attack. I thought I’d start out slow and ask about oil revenues, then start asking why the country was still not dealing with its poverty effectively. The phone rang. I looked around, but I was in this empty space alone. I gingerly picked up the receiver. “Hello?” I asked, my voice cracked slightly, I needed to drink more, the country was too hot. “Hello, I believe you have some questions for me,” came a slightly deep, immaculately accented English from the other end of the phone. My mouth went immediately dry. “Your Excellency! I didn’t realise we weren’t doing this in person?” “I am a very busy man. You must understand.” “I do, I do,” I say, biting my tongue, before realising I needed to state the obvious, “how am I supposed to do a radio interview over the phone?” “My people will record it,” he says, assuredly, here’s a man no-one has ever said no to. “I can’t do that,” I say, holding back a frog in my throat, “BBC guidelines, I have to record it myself.” “Why?” “You could tamper with the recording, it has happened.” A deep laugh came from the other end of the receiver. “Surely not?” he asks. “Yes.” I reply. “But you would know if it had been edited, you’ll have done the interview.” “Yes but that isn’t the point.” “Okay so what is your first question?” He asks, pointedly. “No, no, I’m really sorry, I have to insist, I have to interview you in person. There’s no point in me being sent all the way here in order to get audio from a telephone recording, I could do that in London.” “London is a beautiful city,” he said, randomly. “Yes,” I say, slightly caught off guard, “it is.” “I have many houses there, would you like to know how many?” “Yes, actually,” I say. “A few, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, all of my neighbouring royal families have houses in the same areas, you know, it’s a second home for us, so many of us in the Middle East are educated in London or around London, we like the UK.” Whilst this is interesting, I get what he’s trying to do. Distraction techniques don’t work with me. “I can’t do the interview like this. It has to be in person.” There’s a loud sigh let out on the other end. Then, some barking of Arabic at an assistant. “Wait,” he says. More Arabic is exchanged. A second voice enters his room and more Arabic is discussed. They have a slightly politer form of Arabic in Thazzan, clearly, more like Lebanese, softer, not the harsh guttural tones of Saudi Arabia. A new voice joins the line. “Hello, I am chief lawyer and legal officer here at the palace.” “Oh hello,” I say, just a trifle taken aback from this new development in proceedings. “It is highly against protocol to let people meet the Prince himself.” “I know, but it is also highly against protocol to even invite foreign journalists to talk to your officials, so this is a rather new day for you, isn’t it?” I say, smirking slightly at the way I am holding myself, surprising myself, really. A long sigh is let out. “We can let you see him,” he continues, “but you don’t have a camera, do you?” “Well I’ve got my phone.” “Surrender the phone, you need to hand us everything bar the microphone and any notes you may need.” “Okay.” “There’s also a contract you need to sign, what you in the west call a non-disclosure agreement, you do not discuss the Prince’s appearance with anyone, not even your colleagues or direct bosses.” “What?” “It is radio isn’t it?” “Yes.” “Then this is not a problem, the contract should be there now, it’s standard royal protocol to not discuss the Prince’s appearance.” “Why?” I struggled to hold back laughter, this was bizarre protocol. “I cannot comment, sign the form, you will see him.” “Thank you.” I say, to his rather curt previous remark. The perfectly dressed assistant who showed me to the table comes back in, this time a gold tray with a piece of paper is handed over, as well as a fountain pen. “Please sign,” he says, bowing. I read through it, it is literally nothing else other than that I must not discuss his appearance with anyone, no hidden clauses, nothing confusing, just that one stipulation. I shrug and sign, if this is going to give me the high quality audio interview we need, that’ll be it. “Please,” he gestures frantically, “leave this room, turn right, walk to the end of the corridor, it is the last door on the right.” I really didn’t need those instructions as a man had now come to stand next to me, and started walking very closely beside me. He was hot, too. I needed to focus. ******************************************************** The doors clicked open upon my approach, but no-one else was going into the room with me. They swung open and I walked in. The room was markedly cooler than the rest of the palace. To the left, at least twenty floor to ceiling windows looked over a perfectly manicured garden being tended to by a multitude of staff. I walked in, distracted by the windows and what they had to show. There didn’t appear to be anyone in the room, I meandered slowly towards the vast view of the courtyard, and the gardens beyond. “Hello?” I ask. My voice dying in the room as it bounced off the walls and marble floors. Nothing. “Hello?” I say, voice slightly raised. I hear footsteps and two men are now leaving the room behind me, the doors click shut. I frown. I hear heavy footsteps, ones more sounding like a rhino crossing the perfectly varnished, clean, white floor. I see a broad man approaching in a beautiful crisp, white national dress. I say broad, he’s across the room and I can see that he is built like a tank. He continues to walk heavily toward me, each step making a noticeable sound on the floor. This is a man who works out. I see it is the Prince, he has barely changed facially, but there are some noticeable changes. He extends an arm to shake my hand and smiles broadly, at which point I notice his neck is almost thicker than his head. Even under the free-flowing gowns of the Arabian Peninsula, it is obvious that this man works out, all the time. He places his large hand into mine and says the Arabic for welcome, I extend the same courtesy back. As he walks towards me, one leg is being placed purposefully in front of the other, clearly due to huge legs. The arms are stretching at his national dress, and it is by no means small. “It is nicer to see you in person,” he says, “my people were very talkative with your editor, I have heard much about you, you have been in the BBC long?” That perfectly accented English makes me weak at the knees, he has a perfectly manicured beard and immaculate teeth, the deep brown eyes make me melt and that thick neck makes me swoon, I wonder what he’s packing underneath the robes. “A couple of years,” I say, looking solidly at his neck. “You will see I am different to portraits, I am more of a man now,” he smiles. “I can see there have been some changes,” I reply. ***************************************** He turned his back to me, his huge, broad back stretching at the seams of the otherwise flowing robe. He walks off to a couple of extremely comfortable looking chairs at the other side of the room, still near the windows. I’m focusing on how heavy his footfall is with each step, his purposeful gait gives the air of someone who is used to dominating a room. He sits down, the chair creaks under his weight, I pretend not to notice. “I don’t have much time, I’m sure you’ll appreciate I am a busy man,” he says, straight away, rubbing his left hand with his right. “That’s fine, I want about half an hour with you, if that’s okay? Just to clear up all the questions the world media have.” “I completely understand, please, I will answer the best I can.” I look through my notes. “May we begin?” I ask. He nods and smiles. “Oil revenues are increasing, aren’t they, how do you use these to pay for the infrastructure of Thazzan?” “My kingdom is very fortunate to have been blessed with such resources to help us out. We have historically always struggled with our economy, imports and exports. It is just one huge export, but it helps out my country hugely, we are moving into the 21st century.” “Do you think the country could be doing any better?” I ask, trying to look at his arm slyly while he rubs his mouth with his right hand in thinking. “I think we have historically had problems with corruption, from previous administrations before my branch of the family came to power, we had big problems.” “What do you say to people who say that the country still has too many problems, too much poverty, for one which last year was estimated to make a few billion dollars a day in selling oil?” He shifts in his chair, it creaks again, he pushes his head back, his neck looks as though he just flexed it, is he trying to intimidate me? “Of course there will always be these problems, but in a Muslim society, we do the best we can to help those in need, I hope that these problems will continue to be eradicated, any poverty is too much poverty.” He shifts in his chair again, he looks uncomfortable. I think he doesn’t like asking questions from a media which actually searches. This is not the fawning state media he’ll be used to. “What are you doing to promote tourism? I understand you are bidding for worldwide sporting events?” He looks relieved at this question. “We are bidding for the World Cup, and for more sports to take place here, we need to boost our economy further with tourism and to show the correct Arab culture around the world, you know, Arabs are seen as so hospitable, yet everyone just associates us with terror attacks, it is awful.” The chair lets out a larger creak as he shifts again, he takes a deep breath. “In terms of your tourism economy, what -“ “Stop,” he interrupts. I momentarily pause, still looking at my notes, rather taken aback by his interjection. He reaches forward and rips the batteries out of my recorder, his huge arms at work under that national dress make me do a double take. “I am sorry, I am not feeling well, I had a brief illness last week, and I thought I would be okay, but I just need to get some water. This is off the record, illness is something my people would not associate with me.” I’m rather taken aback by the admission here, but pause. It’s highly unusual, but if he wasn’t feeling that well at the beginning of the interview then why did he proceed anyway? I ask him this. “I thought I’d be okay, but…” he lets out a long sigh, I notice the chair is creaking again, surely he can afford better chairs, “pass me some water.” He gestures at an ornate table, about five metres away, it has two huge pitchers of water on it and seven glasses. I walk over and pour some out. Hopefully we can bond over me helping him. I have my back turned to him and I hear another creak, he lets out a low groan. He isn’t going to be unwell is he? I can’t be accused of trying to poison him, can I? Is this a trap? I suddenly realise this man knows I’m gay in a highly homophobic country, is asking me to pour him water and hand him it, he could accuse me of all kinds of things, there are literally no staff in here. I don’t carry poison, but what can they accuse me of? I turn back around to face him, he’s sweating. “Are you okay? Should I get staff?” “No, honestly,” he lets out a huge burp, covering his mouth, swearing under his breath in Arabic, “I need some water.” He shifts back in his chair, then more upright, both times the chair makes the loudest squeaks and creaks yet. I rush back with two glasses of water. He has some beads of sweat forming on his forehead. This has to be real, he can’t be faking it at this point. He gulps down both glasses. His face is red, sweaty. “Can you stay longer? We may have to reschedule, I think,” he says. “Yes of course I can, what -“ I’m interrupted by the sound of ripping fabric. His eyes let out a look of panic, briefly, locking straight on to mine. I have no idea what to say, the pause hangs there immediately after the ripping. He continues to stare at me, rabbit in the headlights, as I notice the seams on his shoulders are giving way, the previous flowing robe now bursting at the seams. We both continue to stare at each other. In the corner of my eye I can see the seams getting wider on his shoulders. “Are you -“ I’m speechless beyond that, I don’t know what to say. I’m standing in front of him in the chair, staring. He continues to stare at me, almost completely vacantly at this point, but still panic-stricken. There’s no more words to be formed, I fantasise about this kind of thing all the time, every day, but is it actually happening? Had I finally gained the ability I had always wanted to have? This is the kind of thing I read about on muscle fantasy forums every night, night after night, after work, one handed typing, as I read hot stories of men growing. But this guy is doing it actually in front of me. This isn’t a wet dream. He lets out a deep breath and burps again, says something else under his breath in Arabic. I, automatically, in my British sentiment, excuse him. He thanks me under his breath. The pregnant pause continues, it’s unbearable, I want to watch him grow but I can’t believe it’s happening. There’s no batteries in my microphone, I can’t take notes. I just continue to look at his face. He continues to take in great gulps of air, a bead of sweat forming at the end of his nose and another trickling down the left side of his face. Finally, both stretches of fabric covering his shoulders give way and tear. At this point I sit down, my burgeoning erection had been going since I realised that this was happening, and that he wasn’t actually unwell. He smirks, gently. “You like this, don’t you?” He says, absent-mindedly rubbing his exposed left shoulder with his right hand. I can’t reply. I am staring. My boxers are wet. “Being trapped in such a small, island nation with only a few hundred thousand people and such bad gay rights, I was thrilled to find out a gay reporter was coming.” My mouth is dry. The chair creaks again, he didn’t shift in it this time. “Imagine how surprised I was to find that the security detail provided to you by my security services included that you were a member of the muscle growth forum?” Rumbled. I feel the colour drain from my face. I really want a glass of water now. “When we got into your account, had a look through, you’ve always dreamed of being the guy who encourages, stays the same while his partner gets bigger,” he continues. “I have to say, when I was handed the report by my special security services, and I came across that section in the online activity chapter, I knew I had found the man for me,” he groans under his breath and throws his head back, closing his eyes while something else rips elsewhere. My mouth is as dry as the desert outside. I struggle to prevent my hands shaking wildly. “I bet you want to know why poverty is so bad in my country, why healthcare is so bad,” he says, opening his eyes, staring at me again, those deep, beautiful eyes. I nod, mouth open, catching flies. “I have always wanted this,” he says, grunting a bit at the ‘this’, “ever since I was a child, I wanted to be bigger and better than everyone, I went to school at a private institution in England, I could never become the rugby player I wanted to be. “I have always felt like the only one in the world, who wanted this, like you do, but for me. But then I realised, I’m coming to power, let’s spend my family wealth on the one thing I want, I can be in charge of the government, let’s change government research and development from medical research to muscle.” The chair underneath him lets out two staccatos of creaking. He groans a bit. “My family makes billions per day, of course I use it for the people, and some offshore, but at least one billion of that goes into this.” He stands up, the robe falls to the floor, I involuntarily make a sound like the slut for muscle I’ve always known I have been. “You are literally looking at the only guy in the world who can grow, and grow on command. I have pills, I popped some before you came in, I take them when I want, they’re not perfect, I rarely go out in public, sometimes the growth takes over, so I rule from my palaces.” I look at the striations of muscle across his body, the tensing and flexing, the beads of sweat dripping down his hairy chest and arms, the only clothing he still has on are his undergarments, sandals and his headwear. He reaches out a hand to me, and pulls me out of the chair, I’m weak at the knees. His hands lead me to put my left hand on his chest, my right on his left arm, he tenses both areas. I feel a wet patch forming. “No-one is allowed to touch me except family, that’s a sackable offence in royal palaces,” he continues, “but you, you have always wanted this, you don’t want to admit it but a multi-billionaire prince who can also grow must also be something you want.” He flexes his left arm, I realise my voice box is involuntarily engaged as I let out a huge, sudden breath, I feel my body tense all over. I came. He looks at my now sticky trousers. “Well, well, well, your profile was not fake.” “I’m so sorry,” I say, shakily, sweating, barely able to get a word out, voice cracking. “Why are you apologising?” I stare, dumbly, I can’t take the situation in. “When you came in I was around 270lbs, I’m around 6’3, at this point I’m usually 100lbs more than that, there’s more to go, yet.” This makes me acknowledge the current situation and regain some ground. “How big do you,” I say, I pause to run my tongue round my mouth, “how big do you go?” “Well I only took a couple, so, erm, 200lbs more? I’ll end up somewhere around 500, it’s not an exact science.” My dick is hard again. Throughout all of this, I have noticed how huge his penis is, but there’s been so much else to take in. “And you’re hard again! Oh this will be fun,” he playfully states. He lowers his under robe, a huge, footlong, and thick as a wrist dick springs out, balls the size of small lemons. “You may touch elsewhere, I have no intention of firing you,” he flashes a shark-like grin. ********************************** I gingerly touch his huge, throbbing cock with my hands, left hand towards the hilt, right hand towards the head. I push the skin back towards the hilt and forth towards me, I start gently jacking him. “I love that you’re into this,” he grunts, “I usually have to get prostitutes, no-one likes a man to be this size.” I try and steady my breath, I want to have a calm conversation and not get too ahead of myself. “This is something I’ve noticed, there’s some sizes that most people just think are too much -“ I start to say. “As if there’s a too much,” he says, before groaning again under his breath. “I couldn’t agree with you more,” I say. I grip his huge dick slightly more with my right hand, keeping the rhythm going, while playing with his enormous balls. “Once I finish I usually start shrinking a bit back to my normal size,” he says, “sometimes it takes a few extra hours to reduce down.” “Your normal size is something I was impressed by,” I reply. “Oh believe me, it can go so much more than that,” he says, smirking, “actually, I’m taking the stuff so often it seems to have a residual effect, my smaller sizes are much larger than they used to be.” He flexes his hairy pecs, I moan and bury my face in them. He lets out a moan of approval. As I rub the left side of my face into his pecs, he raises his left arm and shows me its progress. I groan involuntarily, lean over and start kissing the huge growing bicep and tree trunk arm. He’s even thicker and bigger than he was before. “I like food too much to be a ripped god, but I guess from your messages on your muscle growth profile you like men beefier anyway,” he says, his voice has now definitely dropped an octave. “Size and mass are my thing,” I say, leaning over to kiss his now much enlarged arms. “You’re perfect,” he says. I hear a low rumble come out of his chest as his body expands further. “I must be getting close to the 400lb mark,” he adds. I step back, my hand still working his huge, perfectly cut and girthy footlong. He has expanded. He’s now starting to seriously take up my view of the room behind him, even when I step back. “Oh my god,” i whimper, under my breath. “So you’re enjoying this?” He flashes me a grin with those beautiful, perfect teeth. His eyes catch the light streaming in through the windows. The dark brown gets turned to a slightly reflective brown in the sun. He’s perfect. He lets out a low moan as I run my tongue along my lips. His huge arms envelope my back and he holds me tight to his huge chest. My face is buried in between the crevice of his impossible pecs. His slabs of abs, not super defined, but there, press into my stomach beneath my shirt. He squeezes me harder and I let out an involuntary whine. He gets his big hands under my armpits and lifts me just above the ground so we are eye to eye. “I told you I get bigger,” he says, his eyes looking at his enormous biceps. I can see them actually swelling, now that he’s holding me. Every pump of his heart is leading the muscles to engorge slightly more. In this position, hovering just a foot above the ground, his huge body visibly expanding in front of me, I feel something I didn’t want to feel again this quickly. My dick starts tensing incredibly hard, and before I know it, my cream trousers are once again coated on the inside. He looks at me closely as I groan under my breath. Then he realises. “Again?” He says, his voice even deeper than before. Those perfect teeth make another appearance in between smiling lips. My face flushes and I nod. He puts me down and starts unbuttoning my shirt and undoes my belt as I take off my clothes hurriedly. He gets to my boxers and runs his fingers along the huge wet patch. I’ve always been proud of how much I can cum. He rubs his fingers into it, and takes them to his mouth, and licks gingerly. “You taste good, actually,” he says, hesitantly. I hear him groan slightly under his breath. The traps and his neck now have no definite start or end point. He reaches out his hands and forces off my shoes, boxers and socks. I stand naked, in front of the Prince of Thazzan, he at around 450lbs I must guess by now, just his undergarments on, torn clothes on the floor, sandals and head garment still on. He holds me close to him again, my back clicks slightly as he squeezes me, I whine again. He kicks off his sandals and pushes me to my knees. He bends his huge body down slightly to lower the undergarment to his ankles and slaps his heavy dick across my face. His hands connected to his huge swelling arms wrap around the back of my head and force the dick between my lips. He gets two thirds in and I gag. My jaw is fully relaxed as it’s the only way to ensure I don’t bite any part of it. He pulls my head back and then fully back into his dick. It gets around 9” in. I gag again. I look up at him, eyes watering, his eyes and eyebrows just visible beyond his pec shelf and huge stomach. “I’m going to have to train you,” he growls. I feel my dick start to helplessly tense again. It’s looking up at his huge body that’s doing it. I beg internally for it not to happen as his huge dick tries to explore my mouth further and work further down my throat. I try and pull my head back but it’s useless to try something like that when there’s a 480lbs muscle guy restraining you. I close my eyes as they water, tears streaming down my face as I let out a moan on his dick and I shoot across the marble. I open my eyes and look up at him through the tears, dick still firmly lodged down my throat, my breathing partially constricted on it. He smirks, “you’re passing all my tests.” He grabs me under the armpits again and lifts me up, puts me down on the ground and my feet land in my own sticky mess. Great. He takes two steps back and I can feel every bit through the marble. “It’s solid foundations beneath this, you know,” he boasts, “that’s how heavy I am.” He gets on to the floor, when his hands touch the floor I feel reverberations too. “Pass me a pillow,” he says, I dumbly oblige, standing in my own cum. “Lie down, head on the pillow,” he growls. I get on my front on the cool marble floor as he stands up. Bones and joints click in his body. “On your back. I want to see you when I do this.” I dread what’s coming. He’s a monster. I knew this was going to happen but I’m still not prepared for it in the slightest. He lifts me legs with such effort as he gets on his knees, and the floor shakes, that I feel my ass and body being lifted up, up to my neck. “Oops,” he grunts, “you weigh nothing now.” He sits my feet on his shoulders and look up. I’ve never been more turned on. If I tilt my head left or right he still dominates my view. I feel the pain as my hole is stretched beyond belief. His now 500lb body lowering into me. Every inch feels like six with the added girth and pain. I am paralytic from pain and can’t even scream. My mouth is open but no sound comes out. He lowers his head right up to mine, forcing my legs back into a position I didn’t think possible, but his weight made inevitable. He kisses me on the lips, before moving his mouth to my ear. “This is my biggest, do you like?” he rumbles. He raises himself back up as his dick starts working in and out of my hole. I just want it to be over. He can train me, but the pain is too much. It would take years to adjust to a dick like this. I finally find my breath and let out a yelp of pain. He puts his right hand beside my head, I feel the ground shake, and his left hand covers my mouth entirely. “Shhhh,” he says, “I thought you liked guys my size,” he smiles. He removes his left hand from my mouth and flexes his left arm in front of me. My hands reach out for his arm like a thirsty person reaching for water and I realise both of my hands have no chance of ever being able to reach around his huge tree trunk arms. One hand barely covers a quarter of the circumference. “Do you like guys my size?” He asks, flexing his hulk-like left arm as I reach at it like a pathetic kitten. “Yes,” I moan, in between trying to breathe when not all of the 12 inches are inside. “This is two pills,” he gives me a wide grin, “I’ve got an unlimited supply,” he continues. I moan in approval, my hands now roaming over his impossibly huge, hairy chest and body. “I can grow like this any time I want,” he continues, as I continue to feel his burgeoning form, “any time,” he repeats. His thrusts get stronger, heavier, I feel his dick tensing inside my hole. “If it were up to me I’d be big like this all the time,” he says, I feel my dick starting to tense again involuntarily, I know what’s coming. “I want to be bigger than this, and I can get bigger than this any time I want, I only want to be this kind of size, only you understand,” he lets out a load groan and I feel what’s coming. His dick is pulsing hard deep inside my gut. “I have no limit!” I yell. I feel my hole suddenly flooded with sperm, his orgasms seem to actually be getting stronger. He lets out a deep, masculine roar as he collapses onto me, my legs flexed fully back beside my head. My dick tenses again and pumps out what it can from the very active half an hour it’s had. His orgasms seem to subside slightly before he groans into the pillow again, his full 500lbs of weight is seriously restricting my breathing and I start to panic slightly. I feel his huge strong dick continue to pump and tense inside me before he lets out a slightly higher pitched grunt and he feels less heavy on me. We lie there, breathing heavily.
  4. lazlostrange

    growth Beyond Ascension

    Chapter 1 “We are live now here at St. Dominique Square witnessing a fire incident that happened at early 8:19 this evening. The fire that started from the 27th floor of the tower was now scattered all around burning the rooms nearby. Unfortunately, water hose brought by the firemen are unable to reach the said floor and might result in shortage. In the meantime, helicopters and rescue team were up in the air trying the best they can to save people affected by the fire inside” The whole reporting was shut in silence when a familiar sound of wind whooshing caught my attention. I am Jan Lewis, I am a live news reporter for our City's local TV News station. Right now, I am currently covering a live report about a fire incident but was caught shut by the sudden appearance of a being I consider ascending into godhood. His name was Sean McConley. Right after I heard the sound. I knew who it was. I was expecting him to come right here any soon. Sean came flying very fast breaking any sound barrier on his way to the building covered in fire. To him, this was just as easy as holding back his pee. Sean floated on top of the building based on what we are witnessing down in the ground. Sean crossed his mind as if motioning he was all done for this. He started blowing a strong gust of wind coming from the wide expanse of his chest. A mighty blow that with his complete100th use of force, could break the entire building in half and cause a lot of damage and worst, death. But Sean clearly had the control to not cause this simple mistake. His blows were so strong and quite cold that everyone below felt all of it. It even lifted my tux and nudged my cameraman a bit. Sean continued his blows and flew around the building. The helicopter on top even flew apart from the building to make way for whatever this god is planning on doing. A few minutes, the Fire miraculously slows down and down evaporating only to smoke until the last hint of red fire can no longer be seen from below. When it was all done and everyone began to settle, Sean flew closer to one of the walls in the room. Sean motioned his entire right arm back and coiling his entire fist. When he finally got the momentum, he punched his entire right fist against the building wall. A punch that had already been received by a handful of mountains, asteroids, trucks, buildings, bridges, and all only to break into pieces and disintegrate effortlessly. The wall was no exception to the mighty force of this god and disintegrated immediately upon impact from the hands of Sean's punch. When he was all done. He turned around and spoke towards the rescuer inside the helicopters. 'People are still in there. I'll give the rest of the assignments left with you boys!.' I just don't want to steal any jobs from you guys. After his last instructions he gave to the rescuer team. Sean flew down from the 27th-floor level and landed with a soft thud in the ground. Firemen and Police were circling the area to make sure no citizen gets hurt down near the building. When he came down. Sean rests both his hands in his hips. Posing a bit looking like a proud handsome boy accomplishing another task in school. He was looking for something around the sea of bystanders and finally saw it. He was staring in our direction, or at me. Even after his heroics status, Sean is not your typical humble comic book Superman. He always desires attention. Everything he does, he always makes sure that the media covers it. Sean McConly started treading his feet supporting very heavy big wide thighs and an Adonis of upper body. Truly a Greek god walking amongst mortal men. Well, this statement couldn't get any more lies because on his way towards us, I could get enough size reference between him and the people within the area. I was sure of it. He was tall. Or taller than the last time I saw him. I turned my attention a bit towards the cameraman to queue him 'Are you taking this?'. I asked. To which he replied. 'Yes sir'. Sean was nearing towards us until he was a good 6 feet away. The closest thing people were standing near him. And the rest? All their heads only reached Sean's quite visible bulged in his spandex suit. A suit soon I'll learn to fail in containing a beastly man inside. 'What’s up. Mr. Jan Lewis?'. I suddenly turned around the camera as if Sean's recognition of me was my cue to start doing lie news. ‘Look who saved the evening guys. It's the one and only Sean McConley!. I'm so sorry Mr. McConley but did you happen to grow taller the last time I---we saw you?' I turned back to him but was shortly surprised by his bulge's close proximity to my face. He moved a good foot towards me and even I failed to notice it. 'OH, yeah I'm sorry. Maybe I'll just, wait a minute' Right after my question, Sean must have realized his entire frame was too big to capture by my camera so he decided to kneel down, his left knee on the ground and his right, supported his entire upper body. Even in a kneeling position, Sean's entire body was twice the expanse of mine, and his head a good 2 feet ahead of me. The Cameraman decides to step back a little getting a good and complete frame shot. 'That's it, baby' Sean placed his wide right palm at my back as if assisting me from falling. His palm was as wide as his entire body. Proportioned greatly that it entirely covered the expanse of my back. 'Uhmm about that. Yeah!. I certainly grew. In fact, I might possibly have grown more on the way here. You know, from all that rush, it probably triggered my growth hormones and added a new spurt' He was just talking directly in front of the camera and turned looking towards me in that last sentence. 'Wow. You kept getting magnificent every time we lost a good sight of you. Tell me, where have you been before on your way saving people from the fire?' 'Ohh …Ummm. Hmm, where was I?. O Yeah. I was in in the Philippines. You ever heard of Mayon Volcano?. Yeah. It recently became active. So I had to assist in filtering the volcanic dust and redirected the possible lava flow. But unfortunately, I could have underdone it a bit. Haha. Folks there were pissed. The Mayon didn't look perfectly coned shape after that. I'm sorry?'. Sean motioned a two peace sign on the TV to show his sincerest apologies. 'Ahhh. But I'm pretty sure most of them were grateful from that onslaught of the dust you filtered right?' 'I hope so'. Sean tilted his head to the side. An expression of ‘maybe but who cares right?’ 'So Mr. McConley, what are we expecting from Mr. Superman next time we'll saw him on screen huh?' 'Maybe showing his boyfriend live?. How would you feel about that?'. Sean turned around his entire frame a bit. Making an expression on his face as if waiting for my own answer. 'Well! Hahaha. That would surely intrigue and break millions of hearts of everyone who's got the hots for you Mr. McConley'. My emotions of flutter and can be heard by my speaking voice when I replied back. In the middle of my speaking, I heard Sean gave a silent chuckle and motioned his entire body to stand up and loom around everyone. 'But for now, that would be the entire coverage of this news. This is Jan Lewis, see you next time’. 'And Cut'. The cameraman finished off my entire sentence and queued that the camera was no longer running. I turned around to see a looming Sean McConley in front of me. I looked up to him and met him eye to eye. His deep ocean blue eyes staring right back at me. The blond tips of his fore hair waving from the nightly wind. I saw his entire face coming down on my side of my face. He whispered right in my ear. 'Meet me in the tower, Jan'. And with that he stood up back again straightening his posture and turned around walking towards the place he landed. He placed both his arms in his hips and a strong wind began circling around him then 'boom' Sean McConley flew towards the night sky. Unable to be seen. Chapter 2 Walking towards my Apartment Building is a proven point that finally, I'm coming home ready to burst out of my formal clothing and dive into my bed after a very exhausting day. But I went to the Local Station first after the Fire incident before going home. --------------------------------------------flasback------------------------------------------ I entered the office and met with praise and congratulations after covering another interview of Sean McConley. It's not that it is rare, but my coworkers noticed that I get frequent interviews with him. And it seems he intends to be interviewed by me only Amongst all spoken praises, my boss's words only mattered more to me right now. Her name was Victoria. An old name in the news industry after working as a researcher, documentarist, to a world renown reporter to supervising an entire TV News station. A simple good remark from her smells promotion for me. 'Wow, Lewis, I couldn't get to understand why the odds are always on you when it comes to having interviews with Sean McConley'. Victoria said as I entered her room. 'Thank you. Victoria, Sheer Luck I guess?' 'Oh noo dear, I don't believe that. It's as if you ave a pattern to where Sean McConley might be. I even began thinking you two had something in mutual connection after your asn't for your interview earlier. The Camera caught you blushing by the way'. 'Is that professionally appropriate?' I thought in my head. But instead I replied, 'Huhuh. Believe me, I don't'. 'Lie'. I thought again. The conversation went beyond that until I felt the urge to go home and finally relax. I settle my things on my desk and hopped on my Audi outside the station. -----------------------------------------------present------------------------------------- I finally got to the hallway towards my apartment door that always takes me a good 5-7 minutes from the ground floor up to my room. It took me long because I'm living on the highest level of the entire Tower building. Apparently, I owned the whole level and made an entire house out of it. And not just the top floor but owning a portion of the roof top as well. As per requested by only one person that happened to text me, Late. My phone rang as I nearly reached my door *Want a ride?* I immediately texted back before reaching for the knob *Too Late.Already here* The click of the door informed me that the door was left unlocked. Expecting me to come inside. I entered inside, shut and locked the door. Removed my sandals. Taking a few steps towards my soft couch and threw my bag before slamming my entire body. Everything was sore. I closed my eyes and heard the squealing sound of the shower all the way from my bathroom. 'Really? You really cornered me earlier'. The sound of water splashing on the bathroom floor came down to halt as it was replaced by the turn of the nozzle followed by loud footsteps vibrating across the room. Thud Thud Thud! 'Yeah! What was about earlier?' I opened my already tired eyes and stared at the magnificence right in front of me. It was him, Sean McConley standing here in my home. Top naked and only wearing a bathroom towel that looked like a table napkin barely covering his middle body. A half-naked Greek God. A body covered with less body fat only to be replaced by pure muscle. His 6 shredded and packed abs rightfully placed to the most righteous core in the world. 'I'm saying is, you should reconsider what I said to you about introducing you as my ---' Sean hesitated to finish his sentence while moving his right arm behind his head. Unintendedly flexing his basketball sized biceps striated with all muscled that gave justice to his entire body. One of the aesthetical part of his entire newfound body. --boyfriend?' Yes!I am Jan Lewis and I have a long secret relationship with the Sean McConley. But, Sean and I knew each other even before his new life stature. ---------------------------------------6 years ago------------------------------------------- When we met, Sean was far from what he is. Before he ascended from being a human, from gaining powers and before he was perceived as a god by some, Sean was just my college friend. We met during my first year in the University. I was studying communications back then and he was studying Archeology. We introduced names after we bumped into one of the university nights held by the students after a hell week of exams. It was a typical party where everyone gets drunk and dance. Sean, even in his normal human state was already beyond average. He stood 6 ft. 2, lean and heavy, has toned body after playing for the University's soccer team. A hobby he decided to try out on. I wouldn’t lie when I said Sean was one of the finest athlete in our school. In every game, he would be on the school papers and local news after their victorious streak when it was their time as players. When there was no training, it was either he’s in the gym molding his physique. Sean even when he was an average human, have in mind to project power and intimidation. Being one of the tall and bulk student in campus, everyone has eye on him. And even I. While Sean was living in high profile, I wasn’t. I was a communications student hiding behind baggy clothes and messy hair. I do however attend parties just like the one where Sean and I meet. I was holding my party cup in hand taking sip minute by minute making sure not to empty it soon while I was busy observing every student in this house party I got invited by a friend. Honestly, I am a pretty anxious guy when it comes to people and big events like this where faces are everywhere. There are people I sure know and I don’t but I found it hard to start conversations first. That’s why I decided to head for the house’ wine cellar room maybe I could meet some weird alcoholic guy who would dare to have a conversation with me not sober. I toured around the house to search for that specific room and what surprised me was that everyone was kissing, humping and having physical contacts everywhere. How is Public Display of Affection seems to be okay for everyone now? When I got to the Living room, it was only the sight I noticed and everybody was shouting and 2 poor beings was put on a freak show enjoyed by people. No, this is certainly not it. I turned around immediately when I accidently bumped into a large person spilling my drink all over his white tight shirt. The guy I bumped into was no other than Sean McConley staring at his shirt draped with red wine. His two arms lifting it in the air with a shocking expression in his face. ‘WTH!?’.If I was to interpret it. ‘Ohh shit!. I’m sorry. I didn’t. Oh my gosh’. I began being frantic when my clumsiness for the night finally was activated and I have involved another person with me. And what were the odds that Sean McConley would be that person. ‘Dude!.No it’s okay. Don’t worry. I guess I’ll just go to our frat house to change clothes’. I was caught by surprise by the gentleness of Sean’s attitude. I didn’t know he could be this polite. My prejudice towards Jocks has really poisoned me after seeing lots of jock portrayals in teen movies. But right now, I began to think maybe not all of them. Sean might be the exception. ‘No! Don’t! I live next just one building away and maybe I could just lend you clothes, I really felt the responsible for tainting this. I’m really sorry. While I was speaking, Sean moved his two hands in my shoulders. Surprisingly, this movement has made me to regain composure and became less frantic. This was the safest moment I had ever felt. Even after the commission and noises plus the incident between us two. ‘Okay, If you’ll insist’. Sean smiled back to me. And I smiled back. The two of us headed outside the house, me leading the way and him following me. I rushed outside trying to keep it less subtle and not attract any attention. Unfortunately, the spilled wine over Sean’s white shirt has attracted many. So I tried ducking my head lower and act as if Sean wasn’t following me. I don’t want for everybody to know that I who was a nobody did this to Sean. On our way to the Porch Steps, Sean was stopped by a woman holdingher own red cup. She teasingly stopped Sean on his path and touched his biceps. ‘Who did this to you big boy? You know it’s not that hard to ask me if you want me to clean that up’. The woman said. ‘Oh here it goes again, another innocent man being objectified for being unbelievably pretty. ‘Hahah. Sometime Sam. Sometime’. Sean responded to the woman, named Sam while reaching his hand that was touching his biceps and moved it to the side. Sean continued to follow me down the steps. I led the way towards my dorm building while Sean was still following me behind. I really felt the need to have a conversation but I was too anxious. We finally got into the room. I really hope my roommate wasn’t inside. I opened the room and luckily, the room was all for ours. ‘Dude, you have a pretty neat room. Are you sure this is a guy’s room?’. Sean chuckled. And immediately realized the backhanded message behind what he said. ‘I’m sorry. I mean. That’s purely a compliment. My homies couldn’t get their room as clean as this. You would be a pretty good roommate.’ Fortunately, I was a fan of baggy clothing and I might find few loose shirt that could fit perfectly to Sean’s chiseled body. I finally found a checkered baggy red polo shirt. So far, this was the biggest shirt Upper ware I have and hopefully this fits him. ‘Here, I think this was the biggest shirt I only have here. I think this would fit you’ Before grabbing the shirt I handed, Sean crossed his entire arm at the bottom of his white shirt and pulled it up undressing him. In that fast moment, Sean McConley was naked in front of me. His act of undressing himself has given me millions of ideas battling around my imagination as I saw his muscle moving and crunching accommodating his entire body’s movements. When the white shirt was finally out of her body, he curled it into a ball and wiped the remaining wine on his rippling abs. It’s true, If Sean was magnificent wearing only sweat jerseys, he was beyond now looking naked. While I was admiring all of this sight. I compared my filthy frame to Sean. My 5.6 ft height and thin arms was nowhere to be compared to his. My arms can be broken easily by a matchstick after seeing his flexed arms as he continuously wiped his body. I was completely awestruck that I was at the same position earlier. My admiration to Sean has completely disrupt all my sense of time. Sean finally finished his body and threw his white shirt to the side of my bed. He grabbed my polo shirt and unbuttoned it first before wearing it covering his body. I’ve always thought that shirt was my biggest shirt but when Sean wore it, I didn’t realize how small really I was. Sean’s biceps completely molded the sleeves of my shirt and even when he buttoned the shirt only at his chest, The shirt barely looked baggy in him than when I wore it. A funny realization came into me I reminisce something in my mind. He looked like the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan from children’s book. He had the physique and maybe the proportion if only magnified but with the exemption of beards. Sean pulled the Polo shirt down sending me a message that everything is well. ‘Did that fit?’ I asked. Sean looked into me with those deep blue oceanic eyes and I fell into oblivion as he replied with those red lips and rosy cheeks. ‘Perfectly, it’s surprisingly comfortable. I like tight garments by the way. So don’t worry’. After that, Sean head back to the party but I decided not to. I wouldn’t let everyone see us together. I don’t want any wrong intuitions. Especially that I was being rumored lately of being gay. So I insisted. Sean left my room and closed the door while I sat on my bed. I mysteriously felt my bottom damp and continuously dampen my shorts. I jumped out and looked at my bed. There it was, Sean’s wine spilled shirt. -------------------------------------------present-------------------------------------------- 'No! Sean. We talked about this' I replied still staring at his unconscious flexing. Sean has been asking me to bring me with him and introduce me to the world as his official boyfriend He has grown accustomed of the lustful stares and banter he would always receive from all people, Woman, Man and even the elder ones. But I refused the idea. 'I just don't want to stop people from making moves. I'm starting to get annoyed from all of it Jan' . He would tell me. From my part, I refused the offer since if I am about to achieve my dream of becoming a successfully know anchor like my Boss Victoria, I had to make a name for myself. Not with the influence of Sean. But every time I tried, I am constantly kept on getting pulled towards him . Everywhere I go, he was there. And I always get to interview him giving me an ample hint of the spotlight. But this reason was unbeknownst to him. So I just redirected the conversation. 'How did you get taller?' I said it sounding like I have a lot of questions going on in my mind. Sean gave me an interesting smile and he whoosh!. He disappeared and reappeared less than one second swaying a few hanging picture frames side by side from the wind impact. He came back hugging a stool against the wide expanse of his chest. 'Yeah, about that. Could you measure me first?' He sounded like a kid having excitement before opening his christmas presents. A few months ago, Sean and I decided to attach a measuring tape across the wall after he hs undergonne mysterious growth spurts. Looking from his moment on, we both knew we had to add another tape on top to cater his next growth spurt. He has shown massive additions in height and it frequently happened just in the course from months of change, to weeks to days and even half a day. Just earlier this morning, Sean measured a good 11 ft in height. His entire body parts were proportioned to it as well. So during the time we were on our own errands, I’m guessing he had grown 2 feet alone. And we both knew what the only thing that makes him grow is. The feeling of arousal after an increase of his libido. Standing with a pen and book in my hand while he was setting the stool making sure it's safe for me to stood on, I re-instigate my intentions for asking the question. 'So, won't Mr. McKinley going to tell me what made him grew 2 foot in half a day?' As he finished, he looked down on me. I started standing on the stool and did my job while listening to his explanation 'Okay, so it's true I went saving in the Philippines. Buuutt, I got horny on the way, and I was flying through the Ocean with no man around, no papparazzi, nothing, just the fishes and seagulls.' I pushed his large head towards the wall and leaned it as it keeps on moving with him talking and talking. I took his measurement. I wrote it on the notebook. I made my way through his biceps down to the rest of his body parts. 'And?'. I responded 'And I just felt that I needed good release'. 'Where?'. He unlearned his head and looked at me. 'Are you listening? I said in the middle… of the sea'. He replied with conviction 'What do you mean?. It's all water there' 'Exactly'. And by that, my measurement were put on pause when I felt his entire body moving up. Covering a 2 feet of vertically moving upwards. He's levitating 2 feet from the ground. 'What? You were jerking off flying on top of the ocean?' I was surprised. 'Yeaaahh!!!!!. Honey, It was so cool. Well you know I couldn't just let a large clump of goo if I happen to stop by and jerk off in an island. So, it would be better If I'm near water, for easy cleaning. Dang. Believe me, It feels really good. Jerking off while flying. Maybe you could do it to me while I take you on a ride’. I finished measuring and recording the parts of his upper body and so I hopped off the stool and started measuring frim his soles up to his middle part. The body part I always intend to measure last. 'Yeah, I'm just concerned about the sea creatures who died from that seedy business of yours'. I proceeded in measuring his feet and thighs since I couldn't take this teasing much longer. I am all eager to look the thing everyone has been dying to know about. Sean McConley's hood. I placed the book and pen on the stool and looked up to the giant's face on top of me. The facial features of a perfect sculpted demigod looking right down on me. Give me a look of lust and pure sexual tension. 'Now, down to the last part' I grabbed hold of the bath towel wrapping around his waist. I intently added more smooth gesture on the way touching the towel to make it more sensual. He slowly humped his hips back and humped forward slowly to meet my reaching hands. Offering himself to me. But I decided to tease him a Little more. I parted my hands a short distance from his towel as I saw his erection slowly coming to life. Pushing the very fabric covering it. The Bulge now was bent downward from the restriction, I glided my hands and brushed it up and down. Touching him but not really due to the fabric in between. He let out a loud and soft moan. 'Hmmmppff'. 'But you still haven't told me' I brushed it accelerating the speed. 'why you were'. I stopped brushing his manhood and gripped the base of it. 'Horny'. I gripped it more. Coiling it but surprisingly, I coiled it enough for the tips of my thumb and middle finger to barely touch tip to tip. Sure it's bigger 'Hmmppppff... ooOoh. You tease'. Sean replied. He encircled my arms and chest with his two hands. The span from his index and thumb finger of his two hands was large enough to meet index to index and thumb to thumb. If he wanted to press his hands inwards, there is no doubt he could end my life like a pulp. I could already picture my blood and crushed organs splattering around the house. Sean lifted me up and brought me up. My feet dangling as he walks towards the dining table in the Dinner wood Table. Knocking a few couch and chairs on the way. To him, he felt like wind was knocking him. I heard his footstep's thud so strong and solid. Suddenly, it was replaced by the sounds of cracks from tiles being stepped on by Sean. Sean placed me on top of the Wooden Table 'You really wanna know?' Sean no longer has sweet and exciting and cocky attitude in his voice but has a serious, dominating demeanor. I was frightened a little. He's channeling his dominant persona on me. 'Ye-ah'. 'But you still had one thing to measure left. So stop teasing me'. I was laying down with my butt against the table, with my hands at the back supporting my entire leaning weight. Sean's body was hurdling on top of me. He positioned his hands on the table beside me locking me in place. . His other hand grabbed the towel and unwrapped his erected manhood. What surprised me was not only the elongated state of his shaft but also the widened girth. His cock covered in steel hard veins popping out of its skin. Fueled with blood as high quality as melted gold. 'Come on, grab your fucking tape and measure this thing while it's .... hard' Sean tried his best to maintain the erected state as I work on measuring his shaft. The slight touch of my hands sends Sean to closer deep arousal and climax. He cupped my entire back of my head with his hands. Brushing it up and down. 'Tell me, how long is it'. 'It's 1 ft and 1 inches Sean. Wow, that's just so.... I found it hard to finish my sentence when he started humping his hips. With this motion, the edge of his cock poked my face, my chest, neck, and mouth. ‘I know. The diameter?'. Sean asked. '4….4.16 inches’. I replied. 'Hhhhmmppfff' 'And how tall was I?' Sean began smiling. '13 ft and 5 inches' I replied. Slamming his cock to my face. 'And still fucking growing Jan. You should measure me again after tonight' Sean's fingers came around in front of my face and slamming it around my mouth. Opening it. He then inserted his entire shaft inside my mouth 'Hmmmppff. THAT'S IT. BABY'. Sean rocked it in and out. I really tried my best to swallow an entire foot of cock in my throat and not to gag from the sheer size. 'Now you know why I was so horny earlier Jan?Cause of this' . He rocked it again. I can feel the tip of his cock brushed past my Uvula down to my throat. 'Everything. And I mean every THING around me are so small, so puny, so fragile' He humped his hips much faster now. 'A quarter of my strength and I could easily snap a person like a twig. As I was heading way towards that fire incident. I was just flying on top admiring everything below. And you were just all so Tiny compared to me. Soooo Weak. While me here,' He grabbed hold of my head tighter and pushing it inwards his cock. Burying it deeper and deeper down my neck 'I could begin to imagine that there will come I time where all of you were no longer taller than my pinky finger. So stay with me Jan He rocked it deeper 'As' And deeper ‘I’ And deeper. Sinking himself and pausing right there. I know what's about to happen. He's planning on aiming his cock down my tbroat and expecting me to swallow all of it. But from the time we made consistently made this, I know how handful Sean's cum are. One shot and it's enough to fill half a bucket. What more could it be now that he's grown. I tried to resist it and kept on pushing myself. But failed to do so. 'ascend to' He grabbed leaned his entire body on the table using his free arm and I heard a groan from the wooden table. The hanging chandelier on top of us were and all the picture frame were all swaying back and forth. The lights also were turning on and off. 'godhood... Aaaahhhh Fuuccckk!' I felt Sean's first massive load travelling down my throat forcing its way through. My entire mouth was filled with his cum that it dripped down from my mouth and even stuffed my nose. Sean looked down at me and released his grip. Unplugging his mighty cock from my mouth ready to burst another cum. 'Look at me Jan. Look how I grow'. I wiped a portion of cum around my eyes and tried my best to look at him. He was standing there in front of me. His hands beating his own cock up and down. He wasn't finished yet. Not like me that even I failed to recognize that I already came a while ago. I watched Sean as his entire body expands more and more. Adding more his height as his bone lengthening and becoming more and more solid. His muscled striating, cramping and moving with its own. A sign that all of Sean's cell were splitting half and millions for nanoseconds to accommodate his growth spurt. He pointed his slit in front of me and another load shot me and covered my entire body. Some of the fluid scattered all around the table. This could already fill a bucket. Sean went on and on unleashing the next load. He even pointed his own shaft towards the living room and couch as his head keeps on pushing further up. His entire biceps, bigger and chest pecs wider as ever. Sean finally felt his climax falling down and began to regain consciousness. He looked at my apartment everywhere and had finally noticed the extreme size difference of everything around him . Everything was surrounded with thick white cum. He looked down and searched for the table that was surprisingly covered with white liquid. And a part of it was slightly moving. It's no other than me Sean reached out his hands and coiled his hands around my chest. Comparing his new size with me He brought me up to his face and admired the vast size difference. 'Want to measure me again?' Sean chuckled. Chapter 3 I woke up feeling a bit dizzy from Sean’s onslaught on me last night. Sean even before his Human upgrade was truly a beast in making love. He always exert a dominant character and I the submissive one. A predator to feed on his prey. That’s the very same reason where when we were in college, almost every sorority girls prefer to flirt with Sean over his friends and always tries to win him for a night. A night with him was truly an intense moment of love everyone could ask for. A night serving and worshipping Sean’s herculean body. And to think this was all when Sean were considered normal. Last night was by far the heaviest load he unleashed to me. My body was entirely coated in his cum so I had to take a shower before hopping to bed. While he, grabbed a dirtied cloth and wiped clean the entire dining room barely wiping all his cum. Eating there would never feel the same again. Unfortunately, Sean can’t take a shower since he can't afford to break the bathroom walls from an attempt to enter the room. As for me, I just let the water to cascade in my body and decided to not wash my body with soap so that few scent of his musk will still remain to me even when we’re asleep. After the two of us finished, we went straight to the bedroom and Sean had to duck and squeeze himself into the room and created cracks and a bit of small debris of rocks falling to accommodate his body's passage. I stood up from my bed but noticed Sean is not here. I looked around and saw the wall that was just yesterday, plastered with cracks, now entirely open and bigger chunks of cement wall are on the floor. He broke through again. I moved the blanket and took careful steps to not get my feet hurt from the broken stones scattered around the floor. I headed to the living room near the apartment window overlooking the city skyline. There he was, naked with only a blanket wrapped around his thighs and undeniably taller. He did not notice me at first while he was staring straight to the window mirroring himself with a double bicep pose. Each biceps the size of my entire upper body strained with muscle and strength. A source of power that could move not just cars but entire trucks, planes, ships and undoubtedly, buildings. He followed his stance with a wide lat spread. His back tensed more and more with muscled contracting and taking form. His skin that could survive bullets and hell, missiles even if no one has ever dared to try it on him. All of this owned by the one man I truly adored. Standing too tall in front of me doing poses. The man who almost drowned me with his seed. The sofa beside him barely reached his shin. And his head only 2 or 3 feet apart from the dangling chandelier. The chandelier was surprisingly swaying to and fro in every Sean's movement. A motion that testifies how truly great and omniscient my boyfriend was. But instead of cowering, I decided to interrupt him 'You know I’ve already seen enough of those to hide it with a blanket'. I said. Sean looked at me through my reflection on the window and then turned around giving me a smile. 'Yeah, but I'm afraid few of your neighbors from across the building might see right through this glasses. As much as I want attention, I promised myself that only you could take peek with my dick, so far'. Sean at the end of his sentenced, moved his fingers and slowly unwraps the blanket in his waist. When it untangled, Sean and his entire body immediately disappeared like a blink. 'AHHHHH! SEAN!??' I was caught surprise. Sean was gone. I ran towards the exact place he has been standing earlier but... 'Ughh'. I hit an invisible wall that is so hard, hard as steel. I hit my head first from the impact of my running and I stumbled back falling with my butt and touched my head to ease it from pain. 'Owww' I said. While I was sitting in my butt with the floor, I felt 2 large hands coiling around my waist and I was lifted in the air. Though I felt two hands holding me, it looked like I was floating looking in the glass window’s reflection. I was cradled looking like a baby floating. When I felt another invisible wall in my side, I examined and tried touching it. My sense of touch has sent me a familiar feeling that I didn’t fail to recognize it. It was Sean’s abdomen. I trailed my hand a little and felt the uneven wall that was his steel-hard abs. I couldn't be mistaken. 'I know what this is. Come on, your invisible now??' My surprising guess of his new ability made Sean to reappear into existence. Resting me with his two hands. 'A power I got from last night. Well, actually I think there is more than this one but I can’t really test it here. I might blew up this tower and that would be a lot of work saving the people down streets. He lifted me further up in his face and held my body like I was a cat. ‘I should measure you?' 'Oh, I measured it while you’re asleep. I'm 16.7 ft tall now' Sean smiled widely He coiled me with only one hand and did a bicep pose with his other arm, He moves it closer to me and I can feel the expanse of his arms. So strong and intimidating and I know he could cut me in half with just those. 'Now I can do heavier stuff with this' Sean proudly said. 'Like what?'. 'Uhmm, like lifting this entire tower and move it somewhere else? You want me to try?. I always like that scene in Superman Returns you know when superman lifted the entire krypton island from the sea? I think I can do those, just one hand’. Sean flexed it more harder as he speaks making the veins bulge even more 'Yeah I know baby'. I said while looking at the flexed state of hi biceps. Sean puts me back in the ground. Now that I get a closer look, we really had a large height difference. My field of vision was only leveled with his calf. 'Where you headed too?' I asked him as he wrapped the blanket again. 'Ohh I'm just going to the City’s Military base. I'm just going to ask for some suit. You know, a guy like me who has done lots of service in this city, the world not included, had quite few privileges you see. Like asking for another sponsorship for a new large suit'. Sean lowered himself down and kissed the top of my head. ‘Bye’ 'How will you get out?' Sean flew upwards towards the ceiling and rest his palms underneath the it. 'Babe, with me, outgrowing needs bigger doors’ Sean effortlessly pushed the ceiling up and it created cracks and then a huge hole where his large body could fit through. Sean flew upward and he was up in the sky. I wondered if angels descending from heavens has the same scenery as Sean floating on top of my apartment and breaking the roof. 'I promise I'll fix it. Don't worry, rain won't come while I'm around' Sean gave me a handsome wink. And as if by coincidence, the sky rumbled with Thunder the same time he gave me that wink. His wink simultaneously rumbled the sky reminiscing those thunders whenever the clouds warns the people for an upcoming rain. But the sky looked brighter than day and there were no signs of an upcoming rain. ‘Was that…… you?’ My voice was shaken and rattling from shock. Sean replied with a bit of a smirk. ‘What did I told you about more than one’. Sean’s entire body vanished into thin air. But I was complacent that my boyfriend wasn’t gone. He was just invisible for the sake of people seeing a flying naked man on the sky. ‘Whoosh’. The strong gust of wind informed me that Sean already flew in top speed. Gosh he's so hot -----------------------------------------6 years ago----------------------------------------- The next day after the house party where I spilled a wine and draped it over Sean’s shirt, I was thinking over and over again on what should I do with Sean’s shirt. So the whole day, I just washed the shirt clean with laundry. I had to add extra steps in cleaning this white shirt thanks to my roommate for guiding me on how to properly bleach it. I expected the white shirt to fully dry in the afternoon so I could return the shirt immediately. But odds really weren’t on my side as I went home with the Sean’s shirt wet. So instead of trying hard on drying it. I just let the shirt to completely dry for the night and return it to Sean tomorrow when we met at the hallways. It was already 4:15 in the afternoon and I haven’t seen Sean walking around the campus for the whole day. It has always been a problem for having a wide campus grounds even looking for people in places inside. ‘Where could he be? I waited outside the fountain campus for a while thinking of a chance I could see him since this place is exactly the center place of the entire campus. A few minutes of waiting, I still failed to see Sean walking around. But I saw his group of soccer friends already drenched in sweat or could it be, shower? I’m not exactly sure. These were the people that Sean could be seen hanging out together. They were all wearing their soccer shoes draped in mud and dirt. That’s when realizations kick in. It’s Monday and was always the time of the week where Soccer training are scheduled. Sean must be with them. However, there no Sean, so I redirected my vision to where they came out and it was in the Athlete’s locker room connected to the shower and the University gym. The perfect place where Sean might have been. I knew for a fact that someone was still out there since the lights are still lit. I headed my footsteps there and when I reached the door through the boy’s locker room, the door was barely closed. I heard the metal bench inside still clanging up and down as if someone was putting on weight on it from sitting, standing or any movements. So I decided to push the door open and expect to see Sean there fixing his shoe and fully dressed ready to head home. But the sight right in front of me as I open the door startled me and left me speechless. This was not what I expected to see. I was right. Sean was there but with no shoes and undress completely naked on top only with his Jersey soccer shorts. Sean was sitting in the metal bench, his legs open, but what startled me was Sean was with a woman. The woman was right on top of Sean crossing her legs around Sean’s torso and moving her body up and down, humping it dry while her lips lustfully kissing Sean’s. I recognized it was Sean since the man was entirely huge compared to the woman sitting cross-legged around him. There was no other student who were as huge as him. Sean seems to enjoy this completely as Sean’s reciprocating movement of humping has caused the sound of the metal bench clanging. A sound I mistakenly heard earlier. And the sound of his moans grew louder and louder every time the woman moves sways her hips. ‘HhhmMMMm’ . Then another sound of two lips kissing. I watched as the woman’s other hand were hidden in between Sean;s body and her. I searched for that hand and there I saw it brushing Sean’s already hardened bulge. Brushing it smoothly. Sean responded every stroke with moans that guilty to say, even sent me sexually aroused. Sean was assisting the woman’s motion by resting his palm under the woman’s but lifting it up and down. The butt perfectly cupped by Sean’s huge hands. As if the woman was weightless. I moved my bag in front of me as I felt my dick slowly hardening. How I wished it was me. The two were like wild animals with the woman really wanted to devour Sean’s flesh while caressing Sean’s wet blond hair. This was all a steamy scene to look at that I felt bad interrupting. A thought came into me that I should head outside slowly before Sean caught me peaking like I was staring straight out of a porno scene. Unfortunately, my immediate solution for the situation failed me when I turned back and my entire shoulder bag swayed and hit a corner of the locker that made a loud sound contributed by all the metal zippers that made contact to the steel locker that created a metal banging sound. Sean was the first to hear the sound and he immediately opened his eyes. We met eye to eye and while the woman was still unbothered by the sound I made. She really was a dried whore. I saw Sean’s face with a glint of guilt and so before the woman notices me, I immediately head outside. That’s when I heard Sean shout ‘No!Wait’. Upon hearing his call, I immediately stopped at my attempt to get out of the scene. As if Sean was speaking right through me and I, as one of his soon to be subject willingly obeyed. I should have continued heading outside. I froze for a moment then I heard sandals heading outside the locker room. It was the woman heading outside as I heard the tantrum in her steps after my unintentional interruption of her shot towards Sean Mcconley. The woman walked past me and I cower in my stature as I saw the woman even a good inches taller than me. I immediately recognized the woman as I met her eye to eye. It was the disappointed face of Kelsey Williams, our University’s graduating Student Body President. A senior compared to Sean and I. Kelsey looked at me with pure anger but then decided to continue walking outside still creating those heavy steps. ‘You can come in now’. I heard Sean from inside the room. I went inside and fished out his white shirt. ‘I really am sorry, I should have knock. Gosh, I’m screwed all right?. I….I promise I won’t tell anybody. I’m just here to return you these’. My voice was already shaken afraid of getting Sean pissed. This man could punch me in the face and may left me here with an injured body while I was helpless enough to protect my self. ‘Shhh stop it. Okay relax, I’m not mad. And besides, even if you haven’t interrupted us, the news will still reach everyone. But thanks to you, Kelsey might postpone another rumor to tell’. Again, similar to party night, Sean do have something in him that keeps me calm and reassured whenever he talks. ‘Ohhh, now I recognized you. You were the one who spilled a drink on me. I’m sorry but what was your name again? I’m not quite sure if we’ve introduced already’ Sean held his hands and grabbed the shirt I offered him. And yes, I also realized I haven’t mentioned my name since the first time we met. ‘It’s Jan… Jan Lewis’. I replied. ‘Ohh, thanks Jan. But you know, there is really no need for you to return this. I have 20 of these. So I wouldn’t even know if this were lost. I like these by the way. It’s pretty fit and tight. I always feel bigger in these’. Sean who was still topless, unfolded the shirt and decided to wear it instead of grabbing new clothes in his bag. There was it again, the sight of Sean’s muscle contracting and stretching as he dresses himself. I really felt guilty staring at it like forever. ‘I should probably head home’ I said while Sean was still undone dressing. ‘No! Wait’. Sean said while still struggling to wear the shirt. It must have become tighter. I suddenly felt the urge to move and turn around when my Bag hit another side of the locker and ‘bang’. It was so loud and it vibrated the entire rows of locker. Unknown to me, a 55 pound dumbbell was on top of the locker and my commotion with the locker vibrated it to move it and rolled on the edge where I was exactly standing below. I looked up and everything was like in slow motion as a heavy material was already heading in my direction to hit my head and worse, disfigure my face. But I also felt Sean moved behind me. Sean’s athlete instinct really helped me in this accident when he also saw the dumbbell falling on me as he finished undressing. Sean used his left arm as a Baseball Bat and hit the 50 pound dumbbell redirecting the fall to the side. Sean’s action was so fast that I even failed to see it or was I just closing my eyes as I met my demise?’. ‘BOOM!’ I heard a loud sound that I perceived like a pistol has unloaded near me. I even felt the smallest vibrating sound after a second of closing my eyes. I was still closing my eyes and waiting for that dumbbell to hit my face. After a minute of without any movement. I opened my eyes. I looked around and felt Sean’s right arm as my whole back was leaning against it. His left hand still on the position as he attempted to hit the dumbbell. From my almost bent position after my foolish attempt to shield my self, I can get a good view of Sean’s wide shoulders and arms that miraculously left unharmed even after that hit for the dumbbell. It was truly built well with muscle and meat. I looked at Sean’s face but he wasn’t looking at me. He was staring at where the Dumbbell might head to. I followed his line of sight and I was stunned at what I saw. The locker where I last saw the dumbbell right before I saw Sean move was now disfigured and broken and has a wide hole the size of the dumbbell. It was as if a bullet has passed right through it. But only the size of the dumbbell, Wow! Sean’s hit must have had a huge impact that it created a whole. Was this possible? I stood up from my bent position and looked straight at Sean. I was expecting a surprise look at him as I expect him to be startled by what happened too. This wasn’t natural. Sure the dumbbell might created a dent in the locker but creating a hole?. Sean looked at me with a look of guilt instead. ‘I’m sorry. Are you okay?’ I ran outside unable to process what just happened. I can’t deal with what happened right now. Plus, it was a school property that was damaged. I don’t want any involvement to it. When I head the door outside, I was even more surprised at what I saw. The dumbbell was outside, half buried in the soil ground. I traced the direction of its trajectory and there I saw another hole on the wall. Connected to the Locker inside. This is beyond imaginable. So I continued running. ------------------------------------------present--------------------------------------------- As I was staring on top of the hole on my roof that Sean just effortlessly created, I can’t stop reminiscing the time I discovered the first time Sean showed me one of his powers. That very same hole he created after using his arm as a bat for hitting the dumbbell when we were at freshmen. An incident that started to awoken a hidden desire inside of him. A desire to show the world what he is capable of and how he is continuously developing and discovers the vast extent of his power. A lust for desire and search for greatness that I helped him achieve. ‘Ring! Ring! Ring!’ I heard my phone rang on my bedside table where I placed it last night. I rushed inside and careful to avoid the broken wall. I should call someone to clean this. I luckily got on time before the ringing ends and hit the green button on screen. It could be Victoria. ‘Hello!?’ I said. ‘Hi! Is this Lewis?’ I heard a familiar voice on the other side of the call. ‘Yes, this is me. I’m sorry but is this Dr….’. I reluctantly asked but was cut off when the other person completed my sentence. Now, I’m certain who this could be. ‘Yes Jan, this is Dr. Robert Addams. I have an update about Sean’s last test, but I’m afraid we have to do a new one. I saw your interview with him last night and he seems to look different. You know what I mean. Bigger. Our latest record might be irrelevant after his sudden change. He is off -charts’ ‘Yes Dr. Addams. Thank you, I’ll text you whenever he’s vacant’. I answered back. Off-charts? ‘Sure dear. I assure you, it’ll only the three of us. As it has always been. Bye’ Dr. Addams was the one who ended the call. Shit, another test again. Sean was never delighted in testing him. ‘What for?’ he would say. Oh and by the way, it wasn’t just me who were with Sean all this time. There was also Dr. Addams to witness his greatness even before we met. Chapter 4 There was a buzzling sound of mixed noises of murmuring people, cameras and beeping cars that were gathering around the police barricaded area of the City's Main local Bank. The bank has been the major source of finance and monetary transaction in this city since the early rise of our city's economy. But unfortunately, a long century of safety and silence was broken when a group of 2 thieves came inside and hijacked the bank with almost 76 people working hostage. Their main objective for stealing and keeping hostage? Money. https://casa-del-patio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/koninklijke-munt-e1585753954124.jpg 'Mr. Wellington and accomplice. This is the police and we have barricaded the entire Bank. There would be no way for the two of you to escape. There is only one way for you to go so pleaes release the hostages immediately before it turns NOT good for the rest of us.' The Major Police Officer said speaking behind his megaphone. His attempt for negotiation was just rejected by the two thieves. 'No!.' Wellington said. 'I am not scared of you! Or any of your minions. The hell if even your cheap McConley comes and try to stop me!. Even He! Won’t make me do any shit! BOOM! A loud thundering sound came from the clouds having a resemblance to Lightning Thunder when Sean fell with a huge impact on the ground. To him, it was the least he could do to show a little intimidation to the thieves, especially to Wellington after putting his name in vain. But for the people on the ground, the impact still was catastrophic enough to create a crack on the pavement where Sean’s almost 3 ft sole stood, the gravitational impact of his body weight shattered the car windows and damaged a few eardrums of some people that stood nearby where he landed causing them to loose balance . Everyone felt the ground shake from a 4km radius. Sean was in a kneeling position similar to what Henry Cavill looked like when he first took flight in the movie, Man of Steel. A few seconds for this posture to make sure all people should give him reverence for possessing higher power. A man equivalent to god has descended from heaven to pass judgement on the people inside the Local Bank, that for Sean, only looked smaller than the last time he saw. Sean straightened his back to stood in his superhero pose. His left hands on his hips and the other, holding a scrapped metal molded into a ball of silver and black paint. The metal ball in his hands though would be larger next to a normal sized man was incomparable to Sean. Next to him, the metal ball looked like a Swiss ball. That bouncy rubberized ball used in fitness and yoga classes. He looked like a Fitness trainer but only difference was that, he was only wearing a tight tan colored short spandex. The boxer was so nude it was identical to his skin tone. Unless someone gets a closer look, he was naked from afar. As days goes far, Sean's costume became too revealing and exposing too much skin. A debate we’ll constantly have later but I know he’ll just try to shrug it off and shift to different topic. https://corporate.bjornborg.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/03/BJORN_BORG_PICTURE-04.jpg 'Did I just heard my name?' Sean brought the metal ball in front of him, his two hands on the opposite sides, Sean began adding pressure in the ball as if sandwiching it with his arm strength. A loud sound of metal clicking, twisting, stretching and bending can be heard around the area. Sean started to walk while pressing and twisting the ball. From everybody's viewpoint, they all had a good reference point of how tall and Huge Sean is compared to the Police officers near his way. Similar to mine, they all barely reached is calf. Finally, the metal ball was nowhere looking like a Swiss ball but just a scrap of flattened metal distorted in every angle. Sean placed the entire thing in his left hand. ‘god that made me pump’. I shouldn’t show off too much or I could burst out with this shorts’ he thought after a rush of strength travelled through his spine. The same feeling he would have when his body adds on an ample height. Sean looked at the ball in his hands, Thinking what he should do next. Sean then addressed his message to the thieves ‘You and your company should better look for another ride home Mr. Wellington! Or you could ride with the Police Car… or you could take a ride with me. Though, it’s unequivocal if you could survive riding in Mach Speed. Too bad I saw your Sedona Van a few blocks from here’ The bank was elevated 10 stairs from the ground and Sean stopped at the end of the steps reaching down the bank. Sean flew upwards and was astonished at the height difference with him and the Building. He was half the height of the building. Making the building standing just over 50-60 ft from the stairs. Sean finally has an idea in mind what to do. With his ball in his left hand, he lifted it behind his left ear. As if a Baseball player ready to throw the ball. He used his non-throwing hand to point it at the direction he wanted to hit. Sean glanced for a moment at the people outside to see if everyone was aware of what’ll happen next. To his amusement, he gave a subtle smirk when he saw everyone was already covering their ears afraid to damage their ears further of the next thing Sean will do. In a swift second, Sean threw the ball in a sloped trajectory downward. The metal ball hit right through the wall and created a large hole. Chunks of broken cement wall scattered all inside the building that shocked the entire people hostage. The ball who was travelling faster from the impact hit the tiled floor. The ball was buried halfway in the ground upon impact. A feat of how strong Sean’s throw could be. An unfortunate man on its path would no longer look like human after the great impact. Instead, only a smudged remains of blood and flesh could only survive from the throw. Fortunately, thanks to Sean’s heightened senses that he picked the exact spot to hit no one with precision. Everyone inside the bank shouted from the instant scenery and was replaced by dust and walls being broken and falling. The two thieves including Mr. Wellington who were pointing each of their guns at the hostage earlier was caught off-guard from the commotion. They had no time to retain composure when Sean’s massive body emerged from the hole he created. His broad shoulders enlarged the hole further as his dense skin made contact to the brittle structure. The dust continuously faded unveiling the Nude 17 ft giant. On his way to his landing, Sean spoke 'You see, I would never take pride in dealing problems that involves you, hopeless human, especially now that I'm beyond what I was before. My job was supposed to check in typhoons, earthquakes, falling buildings, bridges, lifting mountains and many worldwide events. And for you? A puny human to pull out such act of defying my name and calling my attention is a challenge I never knew I needed. Until now' Sean's eyes suddenly turned bright red. Sean was right. Wellington defied a god and used his name to no purpose. Sean was slowly only treading slowly towards the Mr. Wellington. Each diamond calves heaving from the striations of his muscle. But the intimidating demeanor of Sean overshadowed the brave attitude Mr. Wellington showed earlier. At that moment, any futile act of escape would look no good in front of this divine being. Wellington only cowered and as he felt his limbs weakening as Sean reached him only feet apart. Wellington tried looking up but could no longer see the full view of Sean’s face when his entire van sized pecs blocked Wellington’s sight. The only thing he could think of was the red flaring gaze of Sean which he already knew what it could do to his flimsy body. He saw the similar red gaze before on television and sometimes on street when he would burn a hole in a building, wield a broken metal and to a few accidents Sean made. When he once accidentally hit the wing of a flying plane when he first unleashed this power a few months ago. Luckily, Sean has stored abilities in hand to assist the falling plane with almost 50 people in ride put to safety. Wellington only teared up from the sight when he felt a large hand coiling around his neck. The grip was barely choking him but enough to lift him upward and met that red glaze up close. Sean even though gritting his teeth in anger only confused Wellington’s state of reaction upon seeing how beautifully sculpted this young god’s face were. He has a truly handsome young features regardless his age. A magical being that came out of greek myth. Wellington’s feet was hanging steadily then attempted to kick it in the air when he felt the grip around his neck getting tighter. He tried looking for any remorse written in Sean’s face only to fail his hopes upon seeing the grin in his face. Sean’s bicep even though revealed his veins and muscle did not look like he was exerting too much force on chocking this human. Sean spoke ‘I’ve lifted entire houses and cars with this arms’. Sean amplified his message when he flexed his other hand as he speak. ‘Then I moved on to lifting an entire bridge, to ships, to houses and to god knows how heavy I could lift. I’ve already broken lots of trunks with just this grip and reshaped your car and to think I would waste just an ample of my strength to lifting and choking another weightless human being is a downgrade and a disrespect to my power’. Sean tightened his grip to Wellington’s neck than resulted in a much reddened skin of the thief’s face. Wellington could already feel his end as slowly, he could no longer feel the air passing in and out of his chest. Wellington’s eyes are already balling out and he could barely talk any word from the struggle. ‘But honestly, I don’t think I’m holding anything right now. So I wouldn’t mind ending your life here without any effort. As I said, you are weightless and so is any of your kind and just like them, you are not a waste of strength’. Wellington already accepted his fate under the hands of this raging god. The grip was getting tighter and Wellington could feel a few of his vocal muscles being damaged from the force. Unbeknown to Wellington, Sean’s other hand was already brushing and stroking Sean’s package as Sean during his toying moment with Wellington only awoken a sexual arousal inside him. As a longtime boyfriend of Sean, he has sometimes shown hints of being a sadist when it comes to making whatever that is making him aroused. It was unknown to any but only to Sean on what made his grip kept on getting tighter. Was it his lust or his anger towards the puny human in his hands? Sean continued to stroke his hidden manhood covered by the tan colored spandex shorts. His red flaring glaze only shone brighter and brighter red that slowly blinded his victim’s eyes. Wellington only struggled more and more but he also heard this young god’s attempt to suppress a soft moan. ‘HmmmHhh’. Fuck’. Sean drank all the ecstasy as he felt another surged of growth coursing through his spine. Sean brushed his package up and down accelerating faster but at the same time tried on storing the feeling to grow for later. There’s only one person right now whom he would want to show this growth. Me Hostages inside the bank was the first people to see what were the deepest desires lurking beyond this reverent hero for a long time he has served their safety. They are among the first few to bear witness of how this once benevolent savior could be the one to possibly make their lives meaningless at the feet of this ascending god. They even compared the entire scenery of what would Zeus look like holding a man only to jerk off from the puny being’s struggle. Who would anticipate a sadist god could both show them how lust and fear could go hand in hand. A mixed of emotions were all that everybody felt. At the meantime Sean was toying Wellington, Wellington’s accomplice already regained composure and also witnessed the struggle of his friend. He slowly positioned himself as he also loaded the gun and point it at the god. An act of defiance to a god only to save whatever hope is left for his friend. He had a perfect shot at the giant’s head when suddenly, he saw Sean’s hand brushing and stroking his package. ‘You fucking shit. I always knew you were never a good deal. You horny piece of’ ‘BANG!’ A sound of shotgun could be heard outside the bank building and that’s the cue for the entire police to intervene. Sean was only disappointed when the sound halted his act of jerking off and choking Wellington. Though he knew a gun had hit his side of the face, he barely felt any pain from the driving bullet. He couldn’t even remember how many guns were pointed at him for the rest of his life only to deform every bullet that made contact anywhere of his skin. The hardest material ever to exist in the world. And only to keep on getting tougher as his body attains extensive heights no human could begin to comprehend. Sean’s face looked smug as another being dared to defy him once again. ‘Damn, what should I do with all of you guys. I’m beyond disappointed.’ The accomplice who was at one moment looking at the god across the other side of the building suddenly shifted his entire view when he felt his feet dangling at air and his face pressing a very hard wall. His entire body was dragged up and down to a protuberant wall of tan colored fabric. He realized the swelling wall his face was being brushed on was no other than the swelling bulge of Sean. He felt his entire back of the head being cupped by a large hand. He looked up but only to see a 2 red glowing eyes looking down at him. Constantly moving up and down as Sean brushed the thief’s face at his bulge. Sean moved his head in the sight of the thief below then to Wellington only to add up to more arousal. ‘Ooohhh fuck. Oh I know why you called my attention. Robbing was the least of your desires. You wanted me to intervene at the first place right? You didn’t robbed any money even when you’ve already hostaged everyone right?Hmmmhhh Bet you want to see me.’ Sean’s hips were pushing it to the other thief’s face. The thief only struggled more as he felt the entire grip of his head compressing more and more. He could already feel his skull ready to burst and explode. All of his life to be wasted only for the excitement of this god. ‘There you have it boys. A premium account. Just savor all this body and muscle while you still can. Hmmmff. Ohhh my. Come on now. You wanna know what’s the prize forpossesing too much power?This. Sean pressed the thief’s head onto his bulge and only to be pressed once again by Sean’s hips. Can you feel this. Huhh? Sean really wanted to reach climax but he already felt the police outside getting in. So instead, he moved his head up to the side and closed his eyes for the last time and unleashed 2 red beams of light that burned upward and hit the rope where the grandiose 9 ft chandelier was hanging. ‘BZZZZ’ ‘AAAAHHHHHH’ This unleashing of beam was enough to fuel out a few of the energy he is already having. Or else, another growth spurt would soon course through his body. But even from his restrain, Wellington in his hands and his friend at Sean’s bulge could feel a sudden addition of size. They felt it, Wellington felt as Sean’s skin expands on the touch of them. This was a short relief for Wellington as he felt Sean’s grip getting loosened from the growth. His friend on the other part of Sean’s body could feel the hardening manhood inside but at the same time, he could feel the fabric stretching and becoming thin. In any moment, ready to be ripped and unleash a hardened mammoth cock. The wheezing sound of Sean’s eye beam continued on for a moment when the thief felt the inner side of the fabric his face were being stroked on was becoming wet. He felt as the wet substance who was Sean’s pre cum oozed out of his spandex shorts and even dampened the fabric that also dampened the thief’s face. The police who were shortly stopped by the falling chandelier after blocking their way inside finally saw Sean holding the two thieves in his hands and the other at his crotch. The Major Police Officer felt the need to interrupt whatever Sean was doing. He was unsure of what was happening so he called out. ‘McConley, that’s enough. The police will take care of them’. Sean just heard the police officer and looked straight at them. At this time, his eyes were no longer flaring. Sean loosened both his grip. The fall of the two were high from the ground especially to Wellington who were lifted up higher. ‘THUD’ Sean looked down at his frightened victims who could no longer move to stand as Wellington was still coughing and the other thief,…. What Sean saw astonished him. The other thief was brushing his wet side of the cheeks after it was dampened by Sean’s pre-cum. The thief then used his hand he used to wipe the scented cum and licked it. Enough cum to taste the manly remains of Sean. And it tasted good. Sean smiled. ‘Geez, I should have shared with you longer instead. You hungry ant. Who’s horny now? Huh?’ Sean placed his both hands at his waist. Sean was finally with himself for a slight moment as he was still holding the same urge of growth earlier. Then he heard a familiar voice from his super sense of hearing. ---‘Dr. Addams, you know he’ll be here soon. We can wait for your test he’s probably on something else right now’ --- Sean only looked to the police officer who ordered him earlier. Sean bent his knees into a low squat then ‘BOOM’ Sean flew upward in a very instant speed. Sean propelled himself with so much force that the two thieves was kicked out from the force and flew outward a good 5 feet away. The motion only adds another injury as parts of their ribs broke upon falling back to the ground ----------------------------------------Dr. Addam’s clinic--------------------------------- After I received Dr. Addam’s call. I immediately dressed up and head on to the parking lot at the ground floor. Like Sean’s Doctor, I am as eager as well to have a scientific insight of what’s with the rapid changes on Sean’s body. I fished out my keys and turned on the built in radio on my way. A habit I developed as a full time news reporter. I wasn’t exactly surprised at what was in the radio. It was Sean, again, mixed with buzzling voices of everyone in the scene. It was a bank robbery that for sure as hell, a very light task for Sean. Well, everything has nowhere to go but to become lighter and lighter when we’re talking about Sean. That man was destined for everything in the world to be futile around him. Luckily, Dr, Addams’ place was located far at the eastern side of the city. His personal clinic and what he also considered as his personal home was standing overlooking the coastline. This secluded place was perfect for Sean and I to temporarily shelter him as he was still on discovery of his powers a few years then. Back when he was more of a Supermanesque being than an actual god. I hopped of my car and rang the bell of Dr. Addam’s 1 story clinic. Though not an impressive building, I knew the big guns were at the back of this property. A very large hangar where lots of equipment that Sean has used to test his strength were stored and developed. Dr. Addams has a real fascination to Sean’s abilities that Sean slowly considered him very obsessed. So obsessed that it was no longer about Sean’s infinite growth and power but as Sean felt the lustful attitude Dr. Addams has shown. The door opened and I was greeted by the 37 year old man bearded with age. Quite honestly, Dr. Robert Addams could be a very fine man when I imagined himself young. He was tall, well-built and has a pretty youthful face even for his age. ‘Jan! I didn’t expect you to be here so soon’ The Dr. hugged me. I accepted his warm welcome and he led me to his office room where we were to have a short chitchat while waiting for the Man to come. ‘I thought Sean will come with you on your way here. Oh, I’m not going to ask you where he is because I already saw it in the news. Actually, I think you came just the right time. The incident was actually about to settle when you rang the bell’ Dr. Addams was fixing his lab coat and grabbed a few of his pen ’Yeah, I know. Uhmm Dr. Addams, you know he’ll be here soon. We can wait for your test he’s probably on something else right now. Why don’t you just explain to me first what was happeni.…’ ‘THUD!’ I didn’t have the chance to finish my sentence when a strong quake rattled the entire ground. All the pictures and apparatus was swaying back and forth. A few glassed Lab equipment were also shattered from the vibrations. The dust in the ceiling fell off from the roof from the impact. A phenomenon that only one nexus being capable to create. We heard another thud of 2 footsteps but only a bit lighter. The first impactful one must have been his landing. But his footsteps already enough to cause nausea to both me and the Doctor. We were holding onto something waiting for the quake to stop but was only put onto another shock as the entire window pane turned dark and as if everything outside was turning dark. But still it was safe to know at the same time, that it was just the wide expanse of Sean’s godly body that was looming over the entire building. ‘Tap Tap’ Both our heads turned toward the sound that came from one window where Sean’s large fingers were tapping. ‘OUTSIDE!’ We both panicked as we heard the loud ominous voice of Sean outside. His voice became louder. We stumbled on our feet on our way outside using the back door exit that would led us to where Sean was standing. When we got out, Dr. Addams and I made a surprised look as we saw no longer an ordinary fit man proportioned to only to accommodate his height. But Sean was instead magnified more and more. From the last time I saw him this morning, he was 16.7 ft. But compared to now? He sure added a good another 5 ft. in my own estimate. Sean was staring at our surprised look as the two of us shrank in front of him. He placed his hands on his hips and I saw how his Spandex shorts that was surprisingly colored with tan were trying its best to contain whatever that python size he was trying to hide. To add my surprise, I saw a darkened round spot in his crotch. I would joke him as a child peeing in his pants but Sean’s statuesque should be taken as a joke. This man, my boyfriend ejaculated on his way or when he dealt with those thieves? Sean looked at us with a very handsome smile. Both radiating a worried eyes but all in all, an amused look. ‘Sean? What the!? I said exasperatedly ‘FUCK?? YEAH, WE’LL HAVE A TALK ABOUT THAT LATER’. Sean looked at me with a bright smile and then turned his look at Dr. Addams. He gave him a very bossy look that only frightened whatever fear the Doctor has in him. ‘AS FOR YOU, WHY DON’T WE GO ON THE TESTS ALREADY? WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT NOT NEEDING ANOTHER ONE? Sean grabbed Dr. Addams by the collar in between his thumb and index finger. Sean brought him to his face. Dr. Addams only looked as tall as Sean’s arm. He has grown a lot just for a few hours. Sean for a brief moment looked with a stern eye. But as he absorbed his current size compared to the ever so tiny Dr. hanging in his fingers. He shifted a stern look to a soft chuckle. ‘DANG! WHY IS EVERYBODY SHRINKING!? YOU’LL JUST KEEP ON GIVING ME REASONS TO GROW’. Sean laughed and Dr. Addams had to cover his ear from this young God’s voice. Chapter 5 ------------------------------------------6 years ago---------------------------------------- ‘You sure you aren’t coming?’ A question my roommate, Matthew, has asked me while I was pretending to skim all my papers scattered on my desk. An act of concealment for my disinterest to attend the unceremonious party held tonight for the victorious feat of our University Soccer’s Team. To which, unsurprisingly, McConley ended the game as this season’s MVP. A notable MVP award for the entire University Soccer’s League history since Sean was the first ever player to be awarded only at his first match as a first year athlete. ‘No. I’ll just pass tonight Matthew. I have stuff to do and it’s on due tomorrow’. Simultaneously raising the paper I was holding in my hand to emphasize what I meant about work. ‘False work’. Matthew meanwhile was grabbing his coat as he listened on my babble while I uttered a false excuse. Honestly, I’m quite unsure of my disinterest. I sure attended several of this events in the past even though I had little to no company in going. A hollow attempt to socialize as an introverted gay guy who just doesn’t want attention. I really am not a fan of procrastination and so the ‘stuff’ I meant earlier was already done a few weeks ago. Maybe I was just drained and unmotivated or was I just using an excuse to deny the invitation so I wouldn’t expose myself to another interaction I would probably have with Sean. It was almost 3 months of me walking around campus only redirecting my way whenever I saw Sean heading to my path. Sometimes, I would see him first or him seeing me that often resulted in the two of us unintentionally meeting eye to eye whenever I pirouette my attention to the surroundings. A stare that would often last long more than 10 seconds. The kind of look a person would give when there’s a gut feeling of talking to someone only to hold back due to humiliation or fright of intimidation. We have been avoiding connection after I witnessed him accidentally creating a hole in the locker room after he saved me from the falling 50 lbs dumbbell falling on my head 3 months ago. The whole campus the next day was in complete shocked of the anonymous hole that just suddenly appeared. Most of the Soccer Team, Sean included, was put in question on the mysterious hole that unsuspectingly, were the ones who used the rooms the evening before. The dumbbell that hits the wall was nowhere to be found either. But all of them denied anything that has to do with it. Sean lied about being there last and his friends backed him up in providing a false alibi that they all left the room in unison. Who would even dare to create a false accusation on a hulking being like Sean that could disentangle a person’s jaw by the expanse of his arm? Kelsey, who I caught having an intimate moment with Sean didn’t spoke any word about it. Afraid of suspension if the campus knows what She and Sean did. As for me, no one would suspect a quiet, invisible, and not athletic nerdy student to walk inside the locker room. Even if I dare to involve myself, I could envision the look of grimaced of everyone. I could hear a possible rumor spreading that a gay student has fed his fetish in the boy’s locker room peaking behind the soccer athletes as they undress and wet themselves of sweat after an entire afternoon practice. Especially that the finest man to ever walk on campus was on the team. I was starting to create a false memory in my head as I saw trickles of water sprawling in the majestic body of Sean. His hands brushing his dampened hair as he tried his best to cleanse the dirt and the virile sweat that I could already smell from a distance. The motion of his lifting arm has caused his biceps to roll in protrude in big ball exposing his hairy pits. Sean moved his palms to the wall letting the smooth flow of shower to fully wet his body. I saw the tiled wall starting to have cracks as he inadvertently pushed more hand mass force to the wall that crumbled the brittle structure. I was having a hard on when Matthew spoke things about what happened to the game that contributed more to my Euphoria. ‘Dude! You should’ve been there earlier. The game was intense. The other team had called more medics than to add more in their scores. Damn! When they said McConley was a beast, it was just an understatement. He literally bulldozed most of the other team player’, man. It’s like everyone who was in his way just kept on breaking another bone or sent flying outwards. There was one time he kicked the ball so strong that it accidentally hit the goal keeper in the head. That poor guy only regained consciousness when he was already strapped in the spinal board’ Matthew’s utterance of the event only added to my already hardened cock. I had to press it between my legs afraid of Matthew seeing a bulge in my pants. The events of the locker room just went on a flashback in my mind. ‘Really?But wasn’t he put on break. I mean, isn’t that inappropriate for a game and for him to continue?’ I asked curiously. ‘Of course man, he was put on break. But Sean didn’t looked exhausted for a break at all. He was just put on pause after one of his kicks exploded the first soccer ball. Coach Parker must have thought Sean was super game faced. That man looked intense. He could injure all the team in there. But fortunately, halfway during the game, the other team realized they should avoid Sean when he’s with the ball. Or else they would need to put those injured players back. They were out of men when Sean returned in the field. Hahha’ I was just left speechless of Matthew’s news. It wasn’t just a coincidence perhaps. Sean must have onto something. There’s no way a normal man could injure another team buy himself. It was just unordinary. Finally, Matthew decided to head outside as he finished his news about Sean. ‘Oh ok Jan. I should probably go by now. I know Sean would be there. He’s the MVP. You sure you don’t want to see him?’ Matthew said teasingly me with a wink giving me that ‘I knew you would give in to that’ look. Matthew was one of the first person who knew I had thing for men. And teasing me against a guy like Sean was the most obvious choice he could use against me. Sean was just that appealing even for guys. Matthew was my roommate. But instead of utter denial, my expression failed me when Matthew saw me blushing red and in silence, I was caught. ‘Whatever, bye Jan’ Matthew said with a giggle closing the door behind. Right at the moment after Matthew closed the door, I stood up and went to the knob and closed it. I ran straight to the bathroom and closed the door again. Matthew’s story had sent my Euphoria to extreme places. I felt my hormones rushing. A spike of my testosterone has boosted my horny state. Putting my fingers in the strap of my pajamas, I pushed it down together with my boxers. My 4-inch cock tried its best to stood up and be in a hardened state. I grabbed hold of the shaft and slowly brushed it up and down from the base along as I continued my lustful imagination earlier where Sean was washing his body and crunching the brittle wall in the boy’s shower room. I moved my hands up to my cock. Imagining how this small cock of mine was so small next to Sean’s. I haven’t seen his once yet but this did not stop me from creating my own version of Sean’s mammoth cock. It’s unequivocal to say Sean had the humungous size of cock given by his height and immense size. Almost everyone had their fair dumbfounded moments as they were put on pause admiring the subtle bulge that was often visible when Sean wears pants, jeans, and even in his soccer jersey shorts for most of the time. I recalled Sean’s moans when I saw him lifting Kelsey up and down his thighs. But I replaced Kelsey with myself. I was the one kissing him, travelling my tongue along his neck. I can feel his pecs hitting my soft and fragile body in every humps he and I both make. Sean continued to moan as we felt all the walls in the locker room shake from his ominous moans. I’m not exactly sure why I included fantasizing about that. I travelled my hand in Sean’s firm bulge the same way I caught Kelsey brushing it. The sensation of my hands stroking my cock helped me in that fantasy and I moved my eyes up my eyelid as a few drops of cum spewed out from my cock slit. By the last tiny drop of cum I unleashed, I was left exhausted and ready to head on the bed for sleep. My body was layed flat in my bed for a good 20 minutes and I felt my consciousness drifting somewhere else. A repercussion of the sudden drop of my endorphin levels after I reach climax. My eyelids started to close gradually when a phone rang across the room. I stood up thinking it was mine or my alarm since I have a different ringtone. Otherwise, Matthew might have left his phone, again. Convincing myself to stood up notwithstanding the drowsy feeling, I head on to Matthew’s side of the bed. There I saw a rectangular light emitting from the blanket sheets. I pulled the blanket and turned it to the side and there was the phone of Matthew ringing with an anonymous number. I hit the green button to answer the call. ‘Sean!!!? Hey man, is this you?’ I heard the familiar voice of Matthew on the other side. I also felt the upbeat music playing a far distance around him. So I had the thought of Matthew being at the party already. ‘Yes. You left your phone’. I replied. ’Oh thank goodness. I thought I lost it again on the way here. This is from my friend’s phone by the way. Uhmm are you still up? I think I’m going back to the dorm and fetch that. I just need to find a ride around here. Uhmm, just wait. Please don’t hang up yet.’ As much as I want to wait for Matthew to come along and grab the phone, my drowsiness has already vanished and It would take the rest of the night to go back to sleep again. So I offered Matthew in return to make use of the remaining time. Besides, I can already hear a drunk Matthew from the way he formulates his words. ‘You know what Matthew? I already finished my homework. Maybe I’ll just head there and give you this instead so you won’t have to ask for ride back and forth’ I willingly offered. ’Really? Are you sure? You know what? I wouldn’t reject that if that’s what you want. I also highly doubt I could find someone to drive me there. Everyone was enjoying the night! WOAAH!’ I pulled the phone distant from my ear after Matthew shouted with a loud voice that broke the stereo. ‘Okay Okay. Just wait, I’ll just change my clothes’ ‘Yeah! Oh and don’t worry, I’ll find us a ride back there. Thank you man’ ----------------------------At the University Gymnasium/Venue------------------------ I didn’t change my sleeping clothes but only over wore it with a coat and boots to cover my body from the shivering cold night as I walk towards the venue. From a distance, I could already hear the music and mixture of people’s voices inside the Gymnasium. Mostly, shouts coming from the soccer players who were the celebrants of the night. I was few steps towards the door when I saw cars and a 24 ft truck used for loading heavy equipment. A truck that can be often seen when another family moves in the neighborhood. The truck has a spray painted white body and a rolling back door. I peeked at the sides only to see the logo of ‘Alice’s catering and events services’. The Dean must have sponsored this victory party with foods and decorations. https://www.movers4you.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/24-Ft-Box-Straight-Truck.jpg Passing the doors in the venue has introduced me with loud voices coming from people and the music. Different colored disco lights were scintillating the entire gym. Thinking that the school has anticipated the victory of the team was a good assumption to make. This looked more prepared than what I expected from an unceremonious party. I spanned out my sight to search for Matthew in the sea of people dancing, drinking and playing in the center floor. And there he was already slightly tripping as he walk heading towards my direction. ‘Lewis! You came! Dude, Thank you. I owe you one now’ I fished out Matthew’s phone from my coat pocket and handed it to him. ‘Here, why don’t you ask for a food, drink, or whatever is in there and you can sit at the bleachers or talk to someone you know. It won’t take long so don’t worry. The party is already ending so we’ll be heading home soon. Thank you very much. Muwahh’ To my surprise, Matthew cupped my cheeks with both his hands and brushed his cheeks in the hind part of his palm that were touching my cheeks. From a different perspective, it would look like Matthew kissed me if it weren’t for the hand in between our cheeks. The scent of alcohol came out of Matthew’s breathe that I attempted to part my face during our cheek to cheek moment. Matthew then turned around and left me in edge of the crowded people. The band and the disco jockey where at the other side of the gym. They were elevated a good feet above the floor so I had a good view from standing near the exit doors. I also saw a few familiar faces of Sean’s teammates up the stage jumping and each wearing a formal wear. I tried to look for a vacant seat on the left and right sides of the gym where guys like me used to stay overlooking the entire population of students as they enjoyed their youthful life while I was ostracized. There I found a perfect spot on the far right side of the bleachers where lights won’t reach me I’ll be the black knight sitting at the edge of the tallest tower in Gotham witnessing the entire people below as they commit the very unusual crimes during the night. A perfect spot. I took just a few steps towards that direction when I felt something immense brushing the underside of my arm. The snake-like sensation went on for a few seconds until I felt a large palm pressing my stomach halting me in place. I tried resisting the force as I knew this was an arm coming from a larger human. I felt the solidity of the palm as it effortlessly coiled my upper body. I looked down and saw the veiny hands of the mysterious guy. I had an initial intuition of who it might be but I was too afraid to process my thought since the other latter could be that I was now in the hands of another school jock to prey on me for the rest of the night. I turned my head around so that the palms where now pressing my back instead. I caught the familiarity as the hands pressed my back. The similar feeling when Sean let me lean on to him during that Locker room incident. And by no mistake, I was right. It was Sean McConley in a tight white polo shirt buttoned up completely. An unprepared necktie is hanging around his cervical area. My thought of process was shut in place when I saw the novice face of Sean. His ocean eyes staring down at me once again recalling that exact moment of feeling I had during the last incident 3 months ago. https://ibb.co/bP4z4MY ‘Sean?’ An expression of shock was all over my face. ‘I’m sorry Jan. But I need to talk to you’. Sean said with a deep masculine voice that I felt vibrating my entire body travelling from his chest to his arms and to his palm that was supporting my spine. ‘No. I’m sorry too but I have to go’. I tried pushing his entire upper body from mine but I was helpless. Sean was unfazed by my repelling movement. The more I push myself outward, his arms would just make my body closer and closer to his until I felt both my front body touching his. I felt it all. From the outlines of his pecs, the ridges of his strong abdomen, his biceps touching my own arm as he flexed a little in exerting a bit force, and even the bulge that touched my naval. It was a short memory as I felt a good 6 inches rod, surely flaccid, sandwiched by his thighs and my stomach. Even in between the fabric, I felt all the immensity of a man could have while hiding barely. Sean brought me up his shoulders as I squirm myself to repulse whatever he was planning on doing. Sean lifted me like a child as I kicked my feet in the air heading outside the venue. I had a good view of his back as he curled his right arm around my body. His shoulder blades supporting my entire body weight like I was nothing. The broad expanse of his back was larger than my own, doubled. I saw hints of stretched fabric. The seams of his white polo short parting in each side. His muscles ready to burst out at any moment. Sean finally found a place so the two of us could talk. He puts me down and stood up in his immense height. In my point of view, my head is few inches lower than his shoulders. I haven’t seen the height difference earlier since Sean was crouching down over my body. Even if this was our 3rd close interaction, I obviously felt Sean was taller the last time I saw him. But that was the least of my concerns now. I observed my surroundings and noticed we were at the back side of the 24 ft truck I passed walking earlier. The perfect hideout for the two of us. Especially for Sean where all other cars parked could not hide his height. The average roof of cars would only rich his elbow. ‘What do you want? If it’s about that locker incident, that was 3 months ago and I assure you, I didn’t mention anything about that day to anyone. Now if you could just go inside and leave …’ I was stuttering most of this words talking in front of Sean. Sean then rested his hands in his pouch listening to me. As I’m nearing to approach the end of my sentence, Sean shushed me through putting his index finger vertically across my lips. A motion I didn’t expect to turn out sexier as I felt Sean’s virile scent coming from his fingers. A scent I began to have familiarity. It’s like Sean has been constantly beating his meat and smearing his pre-cum all over his hands every time we lost sight of him. ‘Quiet! I don’t care whose fault was that, but why were you avoiding me?’ Sean asked still giving me that innocent yet naughty look. ‘Me?’ I pretended to look guilt free ‘Yes, you. So stop your act and answer me’ Sean’s question has left me aghast as I try to think of an excuse. Was it about the incident causing us an unsure punishment after a school property was damaged? Or was I frightened at Sean’s unexplained show of strength? I tried searching for the best answer but formulating single word was hard enough. So instead of lying, I replied. ‘I don’t know. I’m not sure of what I saw that moment Sean. And I promised myself to be left unbothered but I know I’ll just keep on recalling that moment in my head. It was unexplained. So I thought avoiding you was a choice. We weren’t talking before, so I don’t see the point of me not talking to you was any of your concern now’ Sean removed his hands from my mouth when I uttered my first sentence. I was crestfallen as I would prefer to have the divine smell of Sean. He returned his hands at his pouch and stared at me. I just can’t control my feeling as I felt my cock becoming alive hiding behind my pajama shorts. Luckily, if it weren’t for my oversized coat, It would be a hard time both speaking and hiding my erecting dick simultaneously. Sean always had this effect on me. ‘Yes Jan, we’ve barely talked before but I can’t stop thinking about what’s in you either’ I felt blushing in my cheeks. The shadowed night has saved me a lot to hide my reddened face after Sean’s last statement. Was I expecting all this time differently? But no, I had to make sure first. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked having a slight hope. Sean looked at the 24 ft catering truck beside us. He walked closer towards it and my gaze followed his movements. ‘Uhmm, Here, let me show you. Why don’t you just move back a little’ I have no idea what was about to happen. Upon following his order, Sean just bent his knees, squatting lower since his knees were almost the same level as the truck’s bumper. I saw the seams of his Pants rip as the materials could no longer hold the confines as his quads flexed harder and harder as he bent. Sean puts his hands at the bottom edge of the truck. We both heard a squelching sound of metal underneath the truck’s frame the moment he grabbed hold of the bumper. ‘Sean? What are you doing?’ I asked. ’Jan, you’re the first person I will tell and show about this but I was innately stronger than any of you. I mean, I had an abnormality when it comes to my strength. I can lift more than what I’m supposed to lift. Or what an average human my age can. Let’s just say I’m above average? But I don’t think I was just a few exemption until I discovered this after the incident’. I remained a good sight at Sean while he was talking. He was constantly fixing his stance and knees on what the better position should he start on. At the last of his sentence, Sean looked up at the sky. He was exerting a strong immobile force when I saw veins coming out of his throat. The veins were travelling up his head as he flexed harder, stronger. If the weight of the truck were to be reshaped into a heavy weights, Sean was no doubt performing a dead lift. ‘Hmmpff. Ahh come on! I’m there!’ I heard Sean’s voice as he exerted more force. ‘Sean? Are you okay? What are you doing?’ Sean must have felt my footsteps approaching him. ‘No! Stay there. I got this’. The strain in his voice just didn’t help his struggle so I had to trust him in this and avoid disturbance. A few seconds later, I saw the Truck vibrate a bit and the back tires creating a sound as if a good weight was removed on top of them. There I finally saw what was Sean was doing. The back tires were slowly lifting from the ground. Sean was finally bent lesser than before. But I saw something quite noticeable. The ripped seams of his shirt were now bigger than before. As if his body stuffed more mass and volume that the fabric could no longer house it inside. ‘Yeah! Here it is. Are you watching? Jan? Look at this, I’m all settled’ The sight over everything in front of me was overwhelming. It was hard to form any words in response to Sean. Sean was literally lifting the back of the truck. As far as I noticed, the longer he stayed in that position continuously adding more force, Sean’s face was slowly returning into an effortless look. An abatement of his strength. The Tires of the truck was now almost 2 ft from the ground. And Sean now has straightened his back. His entire biceps was flexing during his feat causing his sleeves to rip starting from the selvage. His vainly packed arms could replace my thighs as his arms and my thighs could now have the same girth size. Compared to my thighs, these were full of hard muscles and less fat. Sean turned his head and looked at me. Giving me that sweaty handsome face. Sean’s breathing came from relaxed to breathing continuously and back to the relaxed state. ‘Sean? Okay I get it now. You can put it down. That would injure your back’. I uttered with a voice of concern. But Sean just ignored me. Instead of lowering the entire weight back to the ground. Sean gave me a smile and turned his attention to his arms admiring his own muscle as it struggled from the weight. ‘Damn, I haven’t felt this pumped for a long time. What do you think Jan? Should I lift it more? Huh? Like this? No wonder why all my teammates always praise me for lifting more than they could’ Sean further lifted it up. His arms pivoting up. The entire weight of back of the truck were now supported by Sean’s arms. I felt Sean’s body shake as he lifted the bumper until it was the same level as his chin. ‘Uuuurrghhh. Come on. More. I’m near there. Uuuurggghh’. Sean successfully lifted the entire back of the truck until it was in a diagonal form. The back of the truck at almost 8 ft from the ground. An eight feet difference from Sean’s height added by the 2 arms stretched upward supporting the weight. I can now see the entire bush of Sean’s exposed pit as his shirt failed to contain him any longer. But the silence was completely replaced of utensils, boxes and steel things falling from shifting it unusually from the horizontal position inside the truck. But thanks to the loud music inside the venue, no one heard about the chaos outside where the trucks were parked. ‘Okay that’s it’ With after proving his point, Sean lowered the entire truck back to the ground. But this time, it was different, Sean lowered all that weight he struggled earlier with ease. Sean bent down and removed his hands from the bumper. Sean turned towards me. I tried to move closer to Sean and admire whatever else I could contain more what I just recently discovered. Sean wasn’t huge and muscular. He possessed a strength of more than hundred men. ‘Wow. Not bad for testing a truck for the first time’ Sean gave himself double bicep pose and spreads his entire back. Another sound of fabric ripping can be heard as he did so. Sean kissed his mountainous biceps while my smaller and fragile self was staring endlessly at his posture. Earlier, I was lower than his shoulders, but now, I could clearly see I am leveled at Sean’s human head’s size pecs. I just swallowed a gob of spit as I admire the mythical being in front looming above me. Sean returned his attention at me and smiled. ‘You like this?’ --------------------------------------------present------------------------------------------- ‘YOU LIKE THIS?’ I drifted back to consciousness as I saw my 21.8 ft gigantic boyfriend still dressed in his tan colored boxer shorts, lifting and examining a similar 24 ft catering truck from 6 years ago. Meanwhile, Dr. Addams was setting up his equipment and computers for the test. I remembered it clearly how he was grinding hard in lifting the entire back of the truck when at nearly 7 ft in height. But that version of Sean would cower to what he would become 6 years later. Now, Sean was looking back in the truck he was lifting and continuously lifting and turning it 360°. It’s as if he were lifting the biggest pillow at the store with how easily he was flipping it and examining everything around it. As if Sean were not lifting 13 tons of weight in his hands. Sean looked at me again when he didn’t receive any answer. ‘BABY!? HEY!’ Sean must have noticed me drifting from somewhere else as I was staring intently at my massive boyfriend’s muscle,admiring his strength and endless power. So Sean took a small tiptoeing motion. The softest tap of his toes immediately rattled the entire hangar as I lost my balance a little and felt a slight vibration that made me dizzy for a moment. I looked at him again but with confusion. ‘I SAID, DO YOU LIKE THIS?’ ‘What? Where?’ Sean transferred all the truck’s weight in one hand,lazily sandwiching it between his sideand arm like a pillow. Sean chuckled and rolled his eyes. Sean used his other free hand to point out what he was referring to. ‘I MEANT THIS.’ Then I realized what Sean was talking about. His new costume. His tan colored boxers. I answered, staring at the bulge where the dark wet spot was now slowly drying up. ‘Yes, if only you hadn’t peed on it’. I teasingly replied. ‘WHAT!? THAT’S NOT PEE. YOU KNOW PRETTY DAMN WELL I CAN HOLD BACK PEE. IT’S… UGHHH I CAN’T HELP IT’. Chapter 6 ‘Okay, Sean. As usual, the weights for strength will be tested out later. So first, if you have anything stored for us, you’re free to show it now.’ A soothing voice of Dr. Addams is echoing everywhere as he spoke these words in front of the microphone connected to the speakers that vibrated the entire hangar. Dr. Addams and I are standing inside a control room entirely covered with a specialized glass material hardened to protect us from whatever accidents may occur at any time. Looking at my side where the doctor was crouching in front to reach the microphone, and his palms resting on a table where buttons and screens are visible, I noticed his forehead still sweating after Sean facetiously picked him up by the collar earlier, with only the giant’s fingers. The Doctor is still having that state of shock from Sean’s sudden movements. He unanticipated everything he witnessed. From Sean’s developed physique, Sean’s heightened stature to Sean’s immediate shift of expression. We both remembered Sean looking threatening when he picked up the poor guy only to be replaced by his rumbling laugh after not containing himself as he saw their massive difference in size. ‘DANG! WHY IS EVERYBODY SHRINKING!? YOU’LL JUST KEEP ON GIVING ME REASONS TO GROW’. These were the exact words that almost damaged the Doctor’s ears due to his body’s proximity to Sean. Even if I was standing in the ground, mesmerized by Sean did not guarantee my safety as I also covered my ears from the godly voice. If it hadn't been for the attempt to protect both our hearing, Dr. Addams had probably lost the sense to hear. ‘OKAY, COOL’ I turned my gaze to the person who owned that ground-shaking voice. Sean is on the other side of the glassed wall. He turned around to face us and bent down to put the truck he was holding to the ground. Sean stood up and was not comfortable with the space he was in. The truck in his feet only contributed to the tight feeling of his surroundings so Sean swayed his right leg and kicked the 13 tonne truck to the sides. This action caused the truck to roll on its sides. The thing felt the huge impact from Sean’s kick as it halted in the far side of the hangar with a dented part. It landed in an odd position and did not look functional at all. A look of pride can only be seen in my boyfriend’s face as another fragile thing loses its integrity from his effortless kick. Sean started showing his invisibility. He is like a bulb switching on and off as his body keeps on glitching. It’s like he just erased his existence in reality, every time he went invisible. Dr. Addams asked Sean what it feels like when he uses it. ‘What does it feel like using this Sean? Do you think you can hold it for how long?’ ‘HMMM, ACTUALLY DOC, IT’S LIKE NOTHING, IT’S NOT DRAINING ANY OF MY ENERGY AT ALL. IT’S LIKE TWISTING A KNOB AND HOLDING IT TO KEEP THE DOORS UNLOCKED. AND I THINK I CAN HOLD IT LIKE FOREVER! I COULD JUST REPOSITION MY WRIST SO I CAN KEEP THE KNOB IN A TWISTED PLACE. YOU GET THAT?’ Sean is looking up at the ceiling thinking of the best metaphor he could provide. An ability as usual as this can be barely comprehended by normal humans like us. What are we to perceive anything a god can? Nothing. Sean proceeded on the next power he wanted to show. But Sean couldn’t focus on doing it inside the hangar so he requested to test it outside. Dr. Addams let Sean’s request but the doctor and I instilled it to be inside and watch on screen for another precaution. Starting from lifting his arms at his sides with his biceps and palms facing up the ceiling, Sean looked at us with a sedated face. Every vein in his arms can be seen pumping a strong rush of blood traveling around his body. His shoulder’s striations pulsing from his slight exertion of strength. Sean slowly closed his eyes as he tried to dig deeper in his consciousness on how to activate this power. ‘I HAVEN’T TESTED THIS FOREHAND BUT I FELT IT THIS MORNING. I HAVE NO FAMILIARITY WITH THE ENERGY NEEDED YET BUT I THINK IT’S NOT MUCH……OHHH…..WAIT….. HAHAH…. THAT’S, OKAY. RIGHT, I’M RIGHT, IT’S NOT MUCH Sean’s eyelids opened up unveiling a weird-looking eyeball. Sean still kept that threatening look but it slowly became noticeable. The round pupil in his eyes no longer subsumed that oceanic blue pigment but instead replaced by a grey pupil. The color of his pupil forewarned me of something. It has a similar hue of the clouds coming up together darkening the land below. The grey-colored eyes of my lover resembled the similar sky that darkened the entire land as it signals an upcoming heavy rain. THUGGSSHHH..ZZZZ I jumped in hysteria as I heard bickering sounds of thunder from the sky outside. The skies lighted up for a very brief second brightening the entire land as streaks of lightning emerged from the heavens. I continued staring at Sean who still had that odd eye. He smiled at me as he hinted to me of what was happening. A minute ago, Sean’s arms were just lifted horizontally in a T position doing nothing but flexing a bit. Right now, as if the lights provided by Dr. Addam’s place was impotent to brighten up the area, the veins in his hands prominently towards the tip of his fingers, emit a hint of purplish-blue light. The straw-sized veins of Sean connected to the tiniest path of his arteries shone brighter resembling a streak of lightning as it wrapped around his arms. Sean closes both his fist tightly into a ball that formed 2 orbs of light at the end of his hands. All the bulbs scattered at the ceiling of the hangar did nothing but only somber more as the light in Sean’s fists continued to emit a stronger light. Slowly, the brightness became unbearable to his audience’s eyes as we tried to turn our gaze and shield our eyes with our arms. I could no longer see Sean behind the light but I felt it moving and swaying back and forth accompanied by loud footsteps. THUD THUD THUD! ‘OKAY, THIS COULD BLIND YOU ALREADY, I’LL JUST BE OUTSIDE’ The giant footsteps slowly lose their strength as Sean headed outside. Sean stepped at the grass and looked up at the sky, darkening upon his command. The clouds crumpled together blocking the entire view of the stars. The news weather in the entire country suddenly shifted drastically after an unpredicted climate change occuring at this hour. People in cities living nearby Dr. Addams were ordered to immediately evacuate. Unknown to everyone, their mighty savior was at fault for this alarming event. ‘What is he doing?’ I didn’t let the Doctor’s both confused and alarming voice bother me while I was staring straight at the screen looking at my boyfriend’s back. Sean was standing barefoot in the grass facing the ocean. His arms now were resting at his sides still shining brighter. The light almost damaged the camera from the glitching screen as it became too sensitive from the light my gargantuan boyfriend was producing. Sean faces upward to the sky as he lingers every ounce of energy travelling from something he can’t even explain yet to the tips of his hands. He felt the need to release the surge of energy after building it up. Sean lifted both his hands again and flexed his entire torso. He was performing another one of those bodybuilding aesthetic poses. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7tTzVwHtGRI/maxresdefault.jpg Sean eases off his tight fist and small sparks of lightning come out from his fingertips. He raised it up in the sky while it shone brighter and the small streaks of his own lightning coming out and spanning everything that is conductive. Few screens darkened when one of Sean’s versions of lightning struck the cameras outside. Sean raised his right hand higher than the other, flexing it more and more. The gradual strain he kept on adding in his arms only added to the blinding light. The cameras left could no longer capture the end of Sean’s recital of power. The last clip we only saw on the screen was the flexing posture of Sean while his raised hands illuminate. The screen went white for a short second then it blackened as all the electricity in the entire building went out of power. The entire room we were in was completely obscured by darkness. From outside, the doctor and I heard a loud thunder of lightning. We felt how close the sound originated nearby the hangar and not coming from the clouds up in the sky. Back then, I thought the sound of lightning from the sky was deafening. But it was a different deafening moment when the lightning is sourcing out from a closer distance. When the lightning was produced by someone’s body. The exploding sound did not just weaken our legs but also provided a white noise in our ears. For a moment, I thought I was completely deaf. We would later know that Sean’s act of flexing contributed a lot to unleash the power building up inside him. He described the feeling in detail when a lightning came out at his fingertips hitting the clouds above him. Darkness was what we all saw and we only relied on what we heard outside. The white noise elapsed and everything went silent for a moment. A short second of drizzling rain and then a strong current of rain came after from the clouds. Suddenly, the light in the hangar came back to life. Each light was turned on successively. Every engine roared of power upon receiving a surge of electricity. I was crouching down and shielding my ears when I heard Sean’s footsteps that rumbled the ground. Sean’s fingertips were emitting another of those tiny lightning. I cast around and saw it again inside the hangar. The lightning was now shooting out of Sean’s fingertips like a web of power through pointing his finger in each of the bulbs in the ceiling. He uses his index finger again and whooshes it as it releases a streak of electricity. Sean’s other hand was resting at his hips while his other hand was doing all the work. Sean uses his power to be a human generator providing every equipment inside of the voltages it needs to power it on. If I will compare him to another comic character, he’s more than fit to become Thor, God of Thunder. I looked at my majestic boyfriend’s hair as it was slightly dampened from the rain. He always looks hotter when he is out of the shower and this rain is the closest thing he could have for now. Later on, Dr. Addams would describe this ability of Sean as Electricity and Weather Manipulation. The Weather thing still is just a theory since all of us are unsure of which really depends. It could be that Weather is just a side effect when Sean uses electricity or it can be used separately or both hand in hand. And besides, rain was the only weather Sean has tried. Knowing Sean, he is always up to be challenged. ‘HONESTLY, I WAS JUST THINKING OF RAIN WHEN I FELT THE CLOUDS MOVING CLOSER TOGETHER. I KNEW THAT THE FRICTION CAUSES THE LIGHTNING TO COME OUT AND THAT EXCITED ME A LOT. BUT I BET I COULD CREATE A HAIL STORM OR A SNOW AMIDST THE SEASON, DOCTOR’ As if the damage done by Sean isn’t enough to exhaust his energy, Sean offered to test it again for his amusement. But Dr. Addams had enough for that power and he is too afraid of casualties from the other side of the country. A man could have been hit by one of those lightning. The doctor couldn’t even begin to think of the possibilities if Sean tries it for another one. ‘No, Thank you Sean. That’s enough for today. I think we should stop here for now. You could try your theory about your powers any time you’re going to save a place or whatever. You could send snow to tropical countries next time to test it out. Jokes aside, I’m not sure if my equipment for testing your strength is safe to use after that power interruption. I should check it first. Maybe you could do it in another time while I work on this new….powers you had’ Before heading home, Sean let Dr. Addams and I work on measuring his body Stats. Dr. Addams mentioned a device he is working on. It was a chip he could plant into Sean so we won’t have to measure Sean manually. I thought it was a reasonable alternative since Sean is becoming too tall for me to measure. I would have to stand on top of an entire two story house to measure my boyfriend’s height. ‘YOU GUYS ARE THAT SMALL?’ Sean joked. Dr. Addams walked us out of his clinic. Well, it was only the two of us since Sean couldn’t pass inside the tight confines of Dr. Addams’ place. So he flew up instead and met me on the other side. ‘DOCTOR? I THINK YOU SHOULD RENOVATE AND EXPAND YOUR PLACE. I CAN FIT HERE NO MORE. SAY WHAT? UHMMM JUST ASK ME. I’M UP FOR SOME DEMOLITION’ My boyfriend gave us a front biceps pose as he uttered his offer. There is no doubt he could ruin the Doctor’s place in one stroke. After saying our goodbyes, we are walking towards my car. Sean is behind me, pacing carefully, afraid to accidentally step his tiny lover in a mush. I had to walk faster since Sean had to adjust his footsteps. A little to him is too much for me. He could cover the distance I had to take to reach my car in just 3-4 wide steps. His legs were almost triple my height. If Sean is at normal height and downsizes himself to fit our current proportion, Sean can be mistaken as a guy walking out his puppy. On our way, Sean spoke. ‘YOU STILL REMEMBER OUR FIRST TIME THERE, DO YOU?’ I am constantly looking up at his handsome face while giving my replies. ‘Yes! Of course. Why do you ask?’ Sean must have realized he just puts himself in a hot seat when I ask him back. He raised his right hand at the back of his head and scratched it from his embarrassment. He was like a shy teenage boy asking someone out on a date based on his expression and body language. Even from that Alpha Male persona people always perceive him to, he still sometimes had that cute innocent boy in times he tried to talk to me. ‘UMMM. COME ON! YOU KNOW WHY I’M ASKING JAN. I BET YOU LIKE THAT PLACE MORE THAN THE DOCTOR DO. HAHA I STILL REMEMBER ME FUCKING YOU THERE WHEN YOU FIRST MET ROBERT.’ Sean at first was blushing red telling me all those. He was right, Dr. Addams’ clinic is a special place that helped our relationship grow. Sean and I did our first there. As a matter of fact, that is where I lose my virginity to Sean. ‘DAMN! THAT WAS GOOD OLD TIMES. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT? BACK THEN, I CAN HARDLY FIT MY DICK IN YOUR TINY ASS. BUT NOW? MAN! I COULDN’T EVEN FIT MY BOD IN THAT TINY BUILDING TO FUCK YOU INSIDE. HAHA TALK ABOUT GROWING! I NEED TO PENETRATE MY COCK IN THAT CUBE FIRST BEFORE I GET INTO YOUR HOLE. GGGRRR FUCK!’ I paused my footsteps halfway to my car as I heard Sean’s babble ended up in his stricken voice. When I looked at his face, I was baffled at what I saw. Was he really in pain? Or pleasure? The new boxers of Sean did serve as proof that Sean is having another erection after hearing sounds of stretched fabric accommodating his growing manhood. ‘Sean? Are you okay?’ Sean looked down at me with only one eye as he tried to conceal the feeling of growth. ‘I THINK WE SHOULD GO HOME TOGETHER. RIGHT NOW!I’VE BEEN HOLDING THIS SINCE THAT ROBBERY. UGGHHH. GET IN THE CAR NOW BABE. PLEASE!’ I ran a few steps towards my car and opened the driver seat. ‘PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON JAN! WE’RE MOVING FAST SPEED. NO NEED TO TURN THE CAR ON’ As I fastened my seatbelt, I felt my car swaying sideways a little. I looked at the side windows and saw the ankle of my boyfriend at each side of my car. He was standing on top of my car sandwiching it between his feet. Sean bowed down and grabbed hold of my car’s sides. He is careful enough to not dent the metal sheet as he did so. But even his small tap already damaged a few portions of my car. His momentary euphoria and trying to suppress the feeling of growth did nothing to help him suppress his super strength in control. A second later, Sean finally positioned his grip better. I see the road in front of the car moving down and down until all I see is the entire city skyline. My stomach felt motion sickness when the car not only lifted up but also rotated upwards. Luckily, I fastened my seatbelt as all my weight transferred in my back. Sean rotated my car vertically so that he could get a glimpse of me inside. He just bowed down his head and saw me pressing my back and head at the driver’s seat. The upper portion of my car is in contact with his chest giving me that feeling of heavy breathings as it moves coordinately to his inhales and exhales. My entire front view of the car is replaced by Sean’s still handsome face although with a hint of a stricken feeling. And then, Sean floated himself up and up to the sky. With a blast, Sean flew towards our home. Flying faster than a flying jet. Few trees in the ground swayed and swayed as a strong gust of wind passed on to them. Some even were uprooted from the impact. --------------------------------------In the summer of 1st year---------------------------- Ever since that victory night where Sean showed me lifting the entire back of a 24 ft catering truck, we both have been talking together for the rest of the school year. But we were just only talking in text messages and keeping our friendship out of the sight. Sean would constantly update me about his condition. At first, he thought his increase in strength would just settle there. But no. Sean would often find a bigger truck than the last time and try to lift it more. He would tell me ‘It’s just a way of keeping my strength in check. Lewis, bodybuilding works that way. Weight just keeps on getting lighter and lighter until you’ll finally reach a limit. As for now? Nahh, I haven’t’ One time, Sean sent me a video of him standing at the back of a dump truck. He wrote *Lewis, check this out. I was walking outside campus when I saw this truck parking alone. No worries, there were no people around. Look, it’s bigger than that catering truck* I pressed the play button and saw Sean standing at the back of the truck. He was wearing a tight under armour shirt, exposing his body’s pectorals and bulging veins, tight jogging pants and Nike shoes. By the looks of it, he was on his Saturday morning jog. Going outside alone, he probably stationed his phone next to a pole or stone to lean it, capturing a worm’s view of his entire body. I mysteriously had an erection upon seeing the view so perfect. I was looking up at Sean’s massive body. All drenched in sweat. Sean did that same pre-lifting position he did at the victory night. He settled his palms under the bumper. Then again, as if the weight is not more than that 13 tonnage truck that he lifted the other night, Sean lifted it first with struggle and relaxed his entire muscle halfway of his lifting. During the course of the year, Sean often sends me a small clip of him flexing his arms and chest in front of the gym mirror or just a picture of him top naked inside a bathroom. Accompanied by messages like *Check out this guns Lewis* *Dude. Do you workout? You could watch me lift all these weights like nothing* *Man, I feel shredded us f*ck. Look!* Quite honestly, if it was any other guy but Sean, I may be weirded out from this outlandish. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I even find this as a privilege rather than bizarre. Sean lets himself be free and displays his outstanding body in front of me, nobody. In every video and image, Sean possesses that look of pride. He is proud of what his body has excelled and could get any prouder of what is yet to come. But every time I kept on receiving all these messages, I couldn’t help myself to abstain from masturbating while holding the phone, staring at Sean’s images and playing all his videos, flexing all that herculean muscle. By the end of the school year, the friendship I had with Sean continued to stay in low profile. I thought it was just an acquaintance with him but our relationship has grown more than what I had expected. But still, rumors are still spreading about Sean’s weekly hookups with girls in the sorority and even a few of our middle aged professors. Just weeks before the finals, Sean has asked me something. *Lewis?* *Yes??* *Any plans this summer?* Just a short recap about my life, my parents both died when I was young so I was being fostered at my grandmother’s place for all my life. I have always been a grandma’s boy. But due to age bringing up her memory problems, my grandmother couldn’t live by herself back in our Island town. Right before I headed for college, we both decided to put her in a place for the aged where she could get the assistance she needed instead of staying in our house alone while here I was, an entire sea away from home for the next few years. Therefore, I really don’t have any place to go and spend my summer but only in this tiny cube of my dormitory room. *Umm. I’m not going anywhere this summer. I Have no plans Sean. Why?* . . . Three dots appeared on the screen after I sent that last message. It took a while for Sean to respond since the dots kept on reappearing. I have the intuition that Sean is thinking about what to reply to in my text. Then a message pops out. *Cool!!! Maybe you’d like to go with me and spend summer with my friend. Well, he isn’t just a friend but my doctor! I already told him about my, ‘you know’. And he offered me to stay in his clinic for the rest of summer so he could check up on me. He said he prepared new weights and gym equipment for me there so I could workout. I’m planning on getting bigger for the next season Jan. That dude has enough space for two. It’s overlooking the sea. I remembered you telling me you lived on an Island back in your home. Maybe you’d like to come?* A thought of interest came to me as I read those right. Sean Mcconley wanted to spend the entire summer with me. For whatever reason, I couldn’t turn down the offer. I’ll just wilt myself here inside for 3 months. Besides, I felt the need to take a break from the school environment and have time for myself. Myself with Sean. *Sure! Just plan it ahead before finals so I could prepare. Thanks BTW* -----------------------------------------Summer-------------------------------------------- ‘Robert told me he has an emergency out of town. So he said we’ll just stay here for a while. He’ll be here for dinner. Good thing he taught me where his spare keys are. Just wait a second’ Holding my luggage while staring at Sean’s movements as he crouches down in front of a palm tree to search for the hidden spare keys of this clinic building of Doctor Addams, I felt fortunate to have a perfect view of Sean’s ass tightening his denim jeans. Sean had already explained to me how most of his clothing became enduring as time went by. He told me how his muscles get even more swollen. By the looks of it, Sean really looked bigger than when I first saw him at school. I can see Sean struggling to crouch down and bending his legs to reach the keys as his calf muscles just fill up the tight confines of his jeans. If it weren’t for the ripped designs of his Jeans, I would think the muscles of his legs caused the rips. Luckily, my jacket secured the slight erection hidden behind my shorts. Thanks to the warmer weather in this place, earlier, I decided to tangle the sleeves around my waist and created a mini skirt out of my own Jacket. ‘Ahhh here’ Sean and I headed inside and stayed in one of Dr. Addams private rooms where a single bed for patients is stationed in the middle and a couch at the other end of the room. Sean laid down in the bed exhausted from the travel we took. It was late afternoon when we arrived so we had more time for the two of us to talk before night falls. Well, a lot more has happened than talking. Sean told me how he met the Doctor. He said Dr. Robert Addams was his doctor ever since he was an infant. He couldn’t remember when was the first time he saw the doctor since Robert was originally his mother’s friend. This place was older than him, he said. The freshest memory he has was his mother bringing him to this same place when he was a child till he grew up before his mother Rebekka died of cancer at age 10. ‘I’m sorry’ I said in between our conversation. ‘No. It’s good. Since I was a small kid, my mother already told me she would leave this place soon. I didn’t know it at that time but it just happened’. He said. Sean knew just a little detail about his mother’s history. All he knew was that Rebekka has shown signs of cancer upon his birth with Sean. Dr. Addams explained to him that he is a miracle baby considering the rapid effect of cancer spreading in his mother’s body. Sean grew up inside the womb completely unaffected by the disease. The doctor even joked about him about the doctor’s plan on investigating Sean as a fetus. ‘I thought your immunity to cancer was the cure we’ve all been looking for boy! If it wasn’t for your mother’s plea? You could have ended up in my lab sleeping tightly in the bottles’ An old banter that the Doctor used often to threaten the young reprimanding Sean. The doctor ever since thought Sean is a different child. Even within an early age, he was the taller guy in class showing no signs of unhealthiness. Even though he often visits the Doctor, Sean really wasn’t going due to illnesses but because of a few enhanced abnormalities he had as a growing child up to his teenage phase. ‘Remember when I said I was stronger than average Lewis? I meant it. Robert said it to me when I was like 11. Until I reached 15, I would constantly go here every summer since he needed a big hand for lifting a few of his lab equipment. So when I told him I’m planning on bulking up for soccer? He even bought me gym equipment so I could work-out here during summer. That’s why when I told him about what happened in that locker room, the guy was thrilled. He offered to let me to stay for another summer.’ Sean pulled up his shirt up to his chest to reveal those perfectly shaped abs. He partnered it with a single bicep pose with his free arm. For some obvious reason, I was having a hard on in the entire course of our conversation. Sean has something special in him that both of us didn’t know yet. When I went further with his life story to abate my erection, I asked for any information about his father. Sean just replied ‘I never met him or ever knew anything about him. My mother refuses to talk about my old man. But all I knew is that my mother was a nurse in service for the military. But she left the job after she became pregnant with me. I have a guess he was a soldier. I even considered going to the military just so I could look for my father. What do you think of Lewis? Do you think I could pass?’ Sean continued his flexing as he stood up and looked at his reflection at a nearby mirror. There is no doubt of his assumption. Sean truly possesses a military presence in every way. I always thought he had a similar appeal as those hunk soldiers on instagram every time I stumble in images so I can have something else to jerk on. A picture came into my mind of a massive version of Sean wearing a tight military sleeveless undershirt, camouflage pants, a military cap, and boots sitting on top of a queen sized bed. The bed should have been bigger but it only looked smaller beneath Sean’s size. Sean is spreading his legs open and he is working his cock with something else. His one hand holding a bottled beer and the other gripping another human’s torso as he uses the poor human’s body as his own sex toy. The giant version of Sean in my mind pleasured himself as he worked on his cock through inserting it to another person’s human sized anus https://www.coiledfist.org/gallery/album315/IMG_0659 ‘Fuck!! Why the fuck are you all tight!?’ The human felt the entirety of Sean's cock coming in and out of its butthole grinding his organs inside. The puny human at first felt immense pleasure upon the insertion of Sean’s cock. But the person failed to foresee that Sean would insert it all the way. The small human felt the tip of Sean’s cock hitting its rib cage and its hip bone breaking in half after failing to contain the massive cock girth. As if its state isn’t filled with immense pain, the tiny human lingered all life left as it felt Sean’s cum dribbling like a gun from Sean’s cock. The human’s body is not supposed to be a repository of this gallons and gallons of hot viscous liquid so the rest of Sean’s cum went drooling out of the human’s nose, mouth and ears mixed with its blood after Sean’s semen outburst. Sean’s grip to the tiny human’s torso only got tighter. I heard bones popping and breaking from the pressure of Sean’s strong grip. Sean finally reached his climax so he removed the tiny human’s body from his cock and threw it away across the room like a used condom. My imagination just got wilder and wilder as the feeling of needing to beat my meat only grew stronger. I interrupted a flexing Sean in front of a mirror. ‘Uhhh. I’m sorry Sean. But I really need to pee. I need a bathroom’ Sean stopped at flexing and looked at me. He saw me standing up crouching and putting my hands in front of my middle body part. A posture to hide my erection. ‘Ohh sorry. Just the left side of that door and you’ll see the bathroom sign at the end of the hallway. You want me to show you?’ ‘No!! Thanks!’ Refusing Sean’s offer is the best way to hide my true intention in going to the bathroom. I have other plans than pissing in a bowl. When I finally get in the bathroom, I’m in a rush removing my pants and underwear to let loose my so hardened erection. I started beating my cock up and down and trying to recall that erotic imagination I had earlier. Images of Sean’s videos of flexing, lifting both trucks, and including the incident in the locker room almost half a year ago came back to me as it kept on overlaying my imagination. My memories of Sean and this erotic fantasies only added up in my libido. Sean is an aphrodisiac in human form filling all my desires and lust every time I think of him. My reverence for him is so out of this world and I am one of the luckiest people to uphold this privilege. I am thinking of Sean’s bulge forming in between his tight pants or shorts he wore around campus or practice. I recalled the giant Sean using that poor human as a masturbating tool till he wasted its life just to attain his climax. Deeper parts of me wished I was that human. I am all open for the possibility of becoming Sean’s toy for sex even if it costs my life and be turned into a disintegrated human form. Even in my futile ways just so I could serve Sean in every way. When I’m already nearing my climax, I heard Sean speak and his voice sounded on top of me. ‘I knew it!!!Hahaha, You should apologize to your ‘poor little guy’ for lying Lewis! You weren’t going to pee!!! Hhaha I caught you.’ I pulled back my pants in a rush as I was already in humiliation. Sean saw me masturbating right after our conversation. My conscience came back to me and guilt filled my process of thought from what Sean has witnessed. I should have noticed earlier that the cubicle walls only reached 6 ft in height. Though it was enough for my 5’5 ft height to hide, Sean could just effortlessly stand on his toe and take a peek at the cubicle I was in. I only saw Sean’s eyes and forehead beyond the cubicle. ‘Sean!!? I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad’ Feeling the tears already welling up from embarrassment, I covered my face with both my palms and I sat on the bowl. I already was in mixed emotions from halting my orgy and the humiliation I am currently in. Sean removed his head from the cubicle and walked towards the door. Sean knocked at the door, vibrating the wooden material. ‘Come on. Open this Lewis’ To not further add my comeuppance, the best way to avoid that situation is to obey whatever Sean says during this moment. For the entire time of this conversation, Sean spoke with a serious monotonous voice so I am unsure of what his current thought is. Is he angry? Does he feel objectified? While reaching the cubicle lock to open it, I am uttering the exact same words. ‘Sean! I’m sorry. Promise! I’ll just buy a ticket back to school and you can spend your summer here alone. Please. I’m sorry!’ I am pleading in front of Sean and tears are coming out of my eyes. I have nothing else to do but to think of many ways to avoid Sean. Sean looked unbothered by my plea while letting his body lean on to the other side of the door frame. Sean pulled out a phone from his pocket and looked at it. As if my embarrassed-self failed to reach its quota, Sean is holding my phone in front of me and tapping something on screen ‘Shhh! I saw your password when we were sitting side by side in the bus on the way here by the way. Are you jerking….. with my pictures!?’ Sean flipped the phone so I could see what he was saying. I had a habit of saving Sean’s videos and pictures into a separate album on my phone. Sean must have fiddled my phone on my way to the bathroom that led him to see the album dedicated to all his pictures and videos. I just nodded my head as a sign of yes since I could no longer form any words to defend myself. ‘And were you jerking off thinking of me when I caught you?’ Sean gave me an interesting look in the face as I nodded my head again in agreement. I was finally caught in the act and I couldn’t even begin to save myself from the hopes of embarrassment. I am the most horrible friend Sean had and my guilt will always haunt me from that. Thinking back, I was objectifying Sean all along. Maybe that was what I meant about having more than friendship. A tool for masturbation. I only quailed myself and covered my entire view of Sean by hiding behind palms. I felt a strong grip round my arms as Sean pulled me up to stand. He forcefully grabbed me out of the cubicle and turned me around the lavatory across the other side of the bathroom. The lavatory is attached to the wall and a mirror is on top of it. Sean pulled my other hand from hiding my face behind it. I am trying to fight Sean but I am beyond helpless. We both knew how strong Sean has gotten. I would have to learn how to lift a dump truck to level his strength. Sean slowly spoke these words with a deeper huskier tone. ‘You sneaky little shit’ Sean grabbed hold of my two arms sandwiching me in between his massive grip. He lifted my entire body from the ground and pushed my butt on top of the edge of the lavatory. Sean is like a parent making his child sit on top of the dinner table being careful to not let me fall. Due to Sean’s height, the lavatory is in perfect height as his hips. Sean positioned his one leg in between mine so both our legs are in an alternating position. My bent knees felt his bulge crotch as he pushed himself closer to my body. I sensed his manhood growing harder inside that denim fabric. ‘I’m sorry Sean. Please, just tell me how to make it up to you. I’ll do anything you want me to do. Anything’ Sean looked up at the ceiling thinking of what to say. ‘Hmmmm. You naughty boy. I should better teach you a lesson. You know that right?’ I looked down as I finally felt his cock fully erected behind his jeans. His crotch touching my knees proved it all that Sean is in arousal from my revelation. I nodded my head in agreement and looked him in the eye. Sean placed a finger beneath my chin and pushed it up meeting his eyes filled with lust. ‘First?.... You should learn how to ask’ Then as if all my fantasies came to life, Butterflies flew inside my body as Sean lowered down his head and kissed my lips. His massive tongue penetrates my mouth and uvula as he works his way on me. My erection suddenly came back to life as I felt his hips swaying and pushing my knees. Sean grabbed my butt and pulled my entire body towards him. It is real. Sean McConley is humping his massive body towards me. I could almost feel myself losing breath as Sean devoured every air I had in my lungs. He is a beast when it comes to intimacy. Sean would only stop kissing me every time he attempts to undress his clothes. Sean pulled back his head and undressed his tight shirt. Ripping fabric can be heard as the tight sleeves try to get rid of Sean’s underarm. But the fabric just paves the way for the mighty strength that Sean possesses. I worked my kisses down as I felt Sean’s hand on top of my head pushing it down teaching me where I should head to. I saw his other hand unzipping his jeans then I had to halt for a moment. I should tell him about my inexperience. ‘Sean? I haven’t done this before’ Sean jokingly replied. ‘No doubt Lewis! I told you. You’re having lessons with me’ https://ibb.co/X8Vm5Dy Sean successfully unzipped his jeans. His hidden manhood could already breathe a fresher air after being packed in tight clothing. Through stepping the bottom part of his jeans, Sean pulled back his right feet to undress it and the same thing for the other. The primary subject in most of my erotic fantasies is finally standing in front of me, naked with only his white boxer shorts. Similar to Sean’s previous clothing, the boxer also managed his ongoing erection so helplessly. The elastic waistband is being stretched more in front and not completely touching his torso’s v-line. His erection pushes the fabric so much. Sean’s 8 inches angry cock rested itself on top of my thighs. The tip of his cock reached my left thigh. Sean moves his other hand and grabbed mine then positioned it on top his cock hidden in the fabric of his boxers. Sean then coiled his massive hands around his cock with my hand following his motion as it rested in between. Sean then slowly did a push and pull motion from the base of his cock to the tip while pinching it a little along the smooth motion. My cock couldn’t take it anymore as I felt my pre-cum already forming at the tip of my penis. ‘Big right!? Ahhh fuck you’re hands are good little Jan. Maybe I should ask you in my dorm room more often. Now, what do you think first when you masturbate in my pictures huh?’ Sean removed his hands and my motion halted staying on top of his cock. He was pissed at the moment that I stopped massaging his cock. Sean rested his hands again and told me ‘Do it alone. Fuck. Ahhh’ He asked me another question while removing his hands again leaving my hands alone as I continued stroking his hardened manhood. ‘Was it my biceps? Man, it’s the very first bare part of my body that everyone could get a glimpse of. Was it? Did my arms turn you on Lewis?’ Sean positioned his right arm on the mirror behind me to support his body as he leaned just so I could get a closer look of his biceps. Sean flexed it harder and harder. The manly spunk coming out from his armpits only tensed the already hotter atmosphere between us. Every veins in his arms fill up the expanse of his skin. Sean growled a little as he flexed more and more. The mirror behind me suddenly cracked from the unintentional strong force Sean’s hand. The mirror formed cracks surrounding his palm that was resting on the mirror. ‘Ahh shit! Don’t tell the doctor about it or I’ll turn your own body like that. You don’t think I can’t do that to you. Do you? Sean pushed his hips closer to me causing his shaft to slide along my thighs and his cock poking the side of my waist. The feeling of his clock closer to mine heightened my lustful senses. Sean is no doubt gifted in every way. ‘Ohh I know! You must have spilled your wine at me on purpose just so I could undress in front of you huh!?’ The hand he used to form a crack in the mirror lowered down and is touching the back of my Head as commanded my nose to brush one of his nipples. ‘You’re a better tactician than I thought, little boy. Shit! Ugghh. Yeah, I remembered your shirt. I think I packed it together with my things. Haha I should tell you, I liked how absorbent the material is. I’ve been constantly using it to wipe my ahhh…. cum since you gave it to me. That never met the laundry once. But I think I’m not disappointing you. right Lewis?’ I nodded my head in agreement while intentionally brushing my lips in his nipple that caused him to moan. ‘Ahhhh. FUCK’ Sean uses both his arms to cradle me outside the bathroom and back into the patient room where he found the perfect spot for the two of us. He rests me on the bed and my view on top is filled with his entire upper and body looking down at me. Sean pulled down his boxers letting me see in full view the true size of his manhood. It is angrier and more detailed with veins pumping with blood. It wasn’t what I expected since it exceeded more! ‘Turn around!’ Sean said it in an instant way and I obeyed him that easily. I turned around lying on my front on the bed. I felt the tip of Sean’s hand pulling the waist of my shorts revealing my own manhole. He uses his hands to pull my middle body up and I felt his massive cock resting at my back spine for a moment. ‘You’re tight Lewis. I like it. Don’t worry, just like everyone told me, this will definitely hurt. It’s normal’ Just like every thing coming into life, first, I felt the tip of Sean’s cock touching my anus. I could already feel his tip surrounding my butthole sending me to an upcoming feeling of euphoria. Sean was first struggling to place it as it kept on sliding down. His cock accidentally slid and poked my perineum part in between my anus and balls. The poking sensation is stronger than it should be because it automatically causes my hormones to kick in higher gear. Small amounts of pre-cum are already forming again. At first, I was afraid to disappoint myself. I want all of this to last longer. Tired of his attempt, Sean assisted his shaft holding it in place and penetrating my entire hole. The odd sensation was too much for me to take in that I couldn’t suppress a loud moan. ‘AAAHHWW’ ‘Shhhh. Quiet Lewis’ After initially poking my insides, Sean used a minimum of force to not break any part of my body into mush when he humped his hips forwards causing his cock to insert in full length inside my body. Sean securely puts a hand around my mouth to help keep my mouth shut from his unexpected stab of my behind. ‘FucK Lewis! I haven’t fucked anyone this tight. It seems you could give back the pleasure in any way. Fuck. Ahhh’ Sean grinded his entire body while holding my waist in place. Sean had to tighten his hips a bit since my body would just follow the direction of his waist instead of meeting it oppositely. That’s how tight I was. Sean grinded it fast then transitioned to slow and slow motions. Everytime, I could feel Sean’s cock hitting something inside my lower stomach. I could only pray that he won’t damage anything in my body apart from my anus. Sean kept on grinding it back and forth. The bed we were doing it on buckled a little and the metal headboard hitting the walls causing everything that was hanging to sway from the vibrations. But I didn’t bother with everything around me as I can no longer sense everything around aside from the humping and grinding movements of Sean’s body. Also, I could hear the soft moans Sean is giving after feeling that tight body surrounding his manhood. I even failed to recognize that my puny cock is already unleashing cum followed by another pump and last. But Sean wasn’t done yet. He just kept on grinding and grinding until I felt something odd inside. The linings of my butthole slowly kept on getting tighter and being stretched out causing me immense pain. It would seem like Sean’s cock girth is expanding minute by minute. Though wishing it would last long, I can’t help the pain that I spoke to Sean trying to talk him out. ‘AAhhh. Sean please! It’s getting tighter’ I plead. Sean must have heard my foolish request for him to stop since he decelerated his movements. But he shouted in reply ‘SHUT UP!’ After that response, I only tried to hide my struggle waiting for Sean to finish himself. After a few minutes, I felt the inside of my stomach getting hotter and hotter, scattering around inside. Then again, the similar feeling came back followed by another. Sean is pumping his cum inside my body like a milk. I almost threw up from the realization but Sean just finished himself after 6 successive pumps of his cum. I felt Sean’s entire upper body weight resting on top of my back after removing his deflating cock. The two of us were completely out of breath but I was more struggling than him after trying to contain his body pressing me. I felt Sean’s arms inserting below my stomach as he hugged me, locking me with his entire body. Then Sean turned me up and him resting at the side of the bed. I looked him in the face and noticed he was entirely slightly buffer than earlier. But that is just the least of my worries after I found myself shrinking into the unknown while staring at his bright blue eyes. The two of us layed there for a good hour until Sean received a text message from Dr. Addams already coming. -----------------------------------------present---------------------------------------------- ‘HAHAH. YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME WE DID IT DON’T YOU BABE!? HHAHHA YOU’RE A LUCKY GUY AFTER LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY TO ME!!! YOU WERE TIGHTER BEFORE BUT NOW!? YOU CAN’T EVEN WRAP YOUR ENTIRE ARMS AROUND MY COCK GIRTH. HAHAHA. TALK ABOUT GROWING! BUT HANG ON JAN!! AT LEAST YOU COULD STILL GIVE ME EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PLEASURE IN RETURN. YOU OWE ME AFTER I’VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU MORE ORGASMS THAN BEFORE I’LL REACH MINE. RIGHT? YOU COULD JUST LOOK AT ME AND CUM COMES OOZING OUT ALREADY. YOU DON’T THINK I WON’T FEEL IT WITH MY SUPER SENSE?SO YOU CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE’ Sean’s loud babble only rattled my entire building as he continued boasting his growth while pleasuring his cock. I tried to bend my ears to the side since I couldn’t cover it with my own hands. My entire arms and legs are hugging Sean’s human sized shaft as per his order when we got home. He manhandled my entire body like a doll and commanded me to wrap me and hug his erected cock. He told me he was dying to do this to me ever since this morning. ‘UGHHH WRAP IT. HUG IT TIGHTLY. AND THAT’S HOW YOU’LL FEEL ME GROW’ And true enough, during the course of him brushing my wrapping body along his shaft, I felt his girth expanding slowly. Growing and Growing filling up my interlock arms. Until only fingers were left holding together so I wouldn’t fall on the floor. Sean is coiling his fist around his cock with me inside stroking it. Sean tried his best to not exert more force and moan lighter, afraid to break the glass windows in my apartment. The growing sensation of his manhood kept on going until I could barely touch my fingers to wrap it around. Sean must have felt my arms slowly losing grip as his body kept on blowing up to massive proportions. This realization contributed to Sean’s excessive pride. Sean then cupped my back and pulled me out of his growing and lengthening cock. This was it. The day I was too afraid that would come. I can no longer help Sean pleasure himself. No single man could. Sean pulled me up then moved me on top of his very defined ridges of his abs. ‘YOU’RE BETTER SAFE HERE. LOOK AT ME….’ Sean returned his hands in stroking his cock while his other hand resting on top of my body serving as a roof of what is yet to come. I looked to the side while sitting with my legs to the side and felt Sean’s abdomen rising up and lowering down as he breathed air in and out. Looking at Sean masturbated himself without me. His hands flexed more as he added tighter grip around his cock. He never applied more pressure like this when we would do it together. Sean can finally let loose a little for many years of making sure of my safety. I looked to the other side and Saw Sean’s face tilted up looking at me and back to working his cock. ‘AHHHHHHHH!!!! FUCCCK! I’M SORRY BABY. BUT I THINK YOU REALLY HAVE TO RELOCATE SOON!’ Sean could no longer hold it back as he was about to unleash the loudest moan together with a strong blast of cum. His toes curl as an effect of his increase in arousal. I heard his cock firing a strong gallons of hot white liquid shooting upwards to and hitting the kitchen cabinets encased with wooden doors. The doors couldn’t take the strong impact of Sean’s cum as it crumpled and breaking it. Sean redirected the tip of his cock towards the chandelier and fired it with another blast. The impact hit the small bulbs and exploded everything. The broken chandelier sparked a little but only settled after Sean completely covered it with his cum. Sean shot his cum in every part of the room; to my couch, my bedroom walls and even a few gallons splattered in my windows and curtains. He is right, I really need to relocate soon. This place is already a mess. In the middle of it all, here lies my boyfriend. The person responsible for ruining my place, my home. Everything in Earth keeps on shrinking around him including me resting on top of his abdomen. Sean leveled up his game and will keep on getting taller, bigger and powerful as long as he attains his godhood. ‘FUUUUUUUCK!!! AHHHHH’ During his last shot, Sean’s eyes glowed red. The similar threatening glare everybody in the world is most afraid of. That one power where he could easily kill someone just by looking straight at him. The red gaze of Sean only grew brighter and brighter trying to not unleash a strong beam of light that could damage the entire integrity of the building’s roof. He would cause a lot more damage than his cum cannon. Sean squeezed out the last batch of his hot white liquid by gripping his cock. Sean’s red glaze subsided together with his deflating cock. The sound of destruction is slowly replaced by Sean’s heavy breathing. Sean tilted his back looking at me. Everything I witnessed as of this moment really has hit me hard. Sean has been holding back this kind of pleasure for so long. As his body grew, Sean’s needs grew as well. I couldn’t keep up with him anymore. He is growing beyond anything. He needs more than me and I can’t promise himself of that. I should have foreseen it all before going with Sean that Summer. But before I could overthink much further, I looked back at Sean and gave him my smile. ‘I THINK WE SHOULD STAY AT ADDAM’S FOR A WHILE’ ‘Yeah, we should give him a call’ I said in agreement ----------------------------------------------Earlier----------------------------------------- ‘Hello, Doctor’ ‘Hi’ A soft almost whispering voice of Dr. Addams is the only voice that can be heard inside his office. The doctor is holding a telephone in his ears while looking at his 2 guests outside. Me, alongside Sean as I ran towards my car. Thankfully, Dr. Addams secured his office with a noise cancelling device so that this mighty hero standing just outside his office won’t hear this conversation he is about to have with the person on the line. Behind the blinds, Robert stared at Sean’s heavy movements and felt the vibration of his footsteps sending it towards his building. Doctor Addam’s other hand is mysteriously placed inside his pants as he tries to work on his own erection. Ever since Sean returned from 1st year of college and heard news from the TV during his games, he’s been an avid fan and couldn’t wait for every summer to come and ask this young stud to stay in his place again. But the doctor has long been holding his disappointment everytime Sean always brought me along, preventing him from having an intimate time with Sean. Robert looked back at me as I entered the car ‘I shouldn’t have let you in my place before’ Doctor Addams continued to beat his meat tougher this time as he saw every muscle of Sean’s back as the giant walked towards my car. Placing my car in between his legs and lifting it up. The strength that Sean developed is truly outstanding and beyond everything he can comprehend. The doctor savored every last bit of the scenery as he tried to save the picture of Sean’s biceps as it curled into a ball trying to lift the tiny car. The other person heard what the doctor had said and mistakenly thought it was meant for her. ‘Excuse me Doctor!?’ The doctor instantly regained his consciousness back to reality as he heard the disgusted voice of the person on the other end. ‘I’m sorry Miss. I just wanted to say, I have an update about Subject X. And I’m trying to prove out this my theory soon’ The whole building rattled as a strong earthquake came where Sean was standing earlier as the epicenter. Sean would always cause the entire ground every time he propelled and landed himself. The doctor accelerated his stroking motion as he tried to process how strong Sean is becoming through the years. If only he had discovered it first before I did, I wouldn’t be on the way for him and Sean. ‘Good! You better do it fast Addams, this has been going on for too long and that kid just keeps on getting more powerful. We should know how to restrain him soon. Before it gets worst’ Said by a woman’s voice in stereo. ‘Sure Miss. I’ll call you soon. Bye’ The Doctor ended the line and threw his phone on the nearest couch. Robert tilted his head as he kept on playing everything he witnessed earlier at the hanger. He sexualized what just Sean did to her when Seann arrived with a rumbling land in the ground. Robert recalled the strong fingers that collared him and lifted him up to his massive face. He remembered how frightened he was but at the same time his feeling of arousal after the unexpected mass difference between the two. Sean is slowly taking up his rightful place in this world and he is glad enough to oblige in everything that the giant requests. He is no longer a human but more of being deserved to be worshipped. Robert wanted to feel the giant’s close proximity and smell that manly sweat Sean always releases. Robert finally felt the need to unleash and cum filled his entire underwear. But his hands became the primary victim as it drooled and scattered all around his fingers. Robert slowed down his breathing then pulled out his fingers from his pants. The doctor was trying to look for a napkin near his desk but couldn’t find any. He remembered that his water system was probably damaged from the sudden power interruption caused by Sean. So the doctor thought of other ways to clean his hands off and finally thought of something. Doctor Addams grabbed the sides of his lab coat and used it to wipe his cum off his hands. Chapter 7 ‘SMASH’ A sound of shattering glass, as a result of either breaking windows, exploding bulbs, falling vases, or picture frames, resonates across my already dismantled home. The vibrating sound completely pulls me out of my verge of awakening. My lids opened up welcoming me with a view of the sky above while it continuously awaits for the Sun to rise completely. It is no wonder why I awakened with the view, lying my entire back on something dense and imperfectly plain cushion. The mildly inebriated mind of mine lingering the feeling of becoming conscious, for the first few seconds, plucks most of my memory from last night’s events. I started waking up from lying down by dragging my arms up to my sides causing it to rub a slick substance from the cushion. Using my elbows to push my upper torso to rise, I felt the slick substance like a drying glue, resisting my motion, pulling me down due to my back skin’s affixture to the underlying gluing substance. My hair only worsens the struggle when the substance pasted my hair to whatever this thing I was lying all night. Ceaselessly, my memory returns upon spanning around my home. It is wrecked in every way. The expanse of the sky that I foresaw is a result of the massive hole in my ceiling. Broken beams and concrete are visible from the edges of the hole which I remembered, Sean widening it last night as he punched a way for his gargantuan body to enter. The massive hole held no resemblance to the elevated ceiling I admired the first time I moved here. When Sean successfully created a hole with enough size for his legs to get inside and step on the floor, his chest with a size equivalent to double the size of his waist is the next challenge for his complete entrance. My entire view of my boyfriend’s pectorals up to his head was completely blocked by the ceiling as its edges concealed his body. I was staring up closely where Sean’s legs were standing 4 feet away. Sean must have sensed my midget body standing near him so he lifted his toes and pushed me away from being underneath the structure he planned to obliterate. At first, I mistakenly thought his attempt to pry me was foot worship so I tried to hug and licked it on our contact. The toes I was completely infatuated with for a moment wiggled my body causing me to fly a few inches from where I was standing. If Sean wasn’t careful in holding back his super strength, that kick could have thrown me across a wall turning my body into goos of blood and broken bones. My slight dizziness faded away while Sean raised his arms, facing it downwards with a tightened fist. With very ample force, Sean rocked his fist down on the ceiling breaking it like graham biscuits. I saw his fist coming out from the ceilings with the concrete rubble raining down to the floor. My boyfriend continued to widen the space by effortlessly elbowing the edges added by blasting it with his flaming red glaze that molted the metal beams. Looking above my red-eyed boyfriend, my fantasies became more disturbed as I tried to picture him, the god of destruction wrecking my very home. I continued my gaze and circulated it to my surroundings. My kitchen completely looked defeated by the white liquid of Sean’s semen when he launched it towards that direction with a force capable to break the wooden cabinets and shatter the glasses encasing my kitchenware. The sofa beds and coffee table I often used for house guests are completely soaked by Sean’s semen. The softly padded upholstery looked filthy from the shards of glasses and concrete that mixed well with the slimy liquid. The chandelier no longer looked grandiose on the floor as Sean’s red hot eye beams blasted its chord causing it to unhang itself from the ceiling. If not in the walls, the white copious cum of Sean flooded the whole floor of my home. Everywhere I look, the only safest place I could stay for now to avoid broken pieces of glass and stone puncturing my sole is on top of Sean’s pool-sized lower abs where I rested for the whole night. The part of his unearthly body that I mistook as a cushion. In the center of all this destruction lies my giant lover with my tiny body on his abs as he uses his right arm to support his truck-sized head. I can’t hold back an erection after seeing the entire view of Sean’s body spreading everywhere where my eyes could. Due to his size and underlying immense power, it feels like Sean is not here completely based on my limited view of his body as a whole and at the same time, feeling his presence like a god being everywhere near. His folded arms in between his head and the floor cause his biceps to curl into a ball of muscle. It is no doubt that the strength this certain muscle holds could crush everything that stays on top of it. I looked at Sean’s other hand lying straight slightly slanting from his torso. His palms facing down and his fingers slightly curled with each tip plowing the tiled floor serving as 5 pillars of power creating a cavern that could fit a human inside. In the center of the caved-like position of his hands, a broken vase stood helplessly. Pieces of the ceramic structure were scattered everywhere. This must be where the broken sound came that awakened me after Sean unintentionally crushed it in his sleep. My discernment that the vase underneath his palms completely crushed into nothing could have been me if he held grasp of my fragile body instead. I envisioned myself squirming in pain as his legs-sized fingers trap me in and apply the minimum effort to break my bones and organs inside. My helpless body oozing blood from my eyes, nose, and mouth as I continued to be a subject of my own boyfriend’s strength. He could end my life unintentionally. It has always been easy and continuously became easier for him in the passing days. But amidst all dilapidation of the things my ascending boyfriend has caused, the weariness after witnessing all my years of hard work crumbled in just one amorous night is instantly neglected upon seeing the sleepy face of Sean. Resting his eyes completely unbothered of the shards and debris scattered in the floor where he laid. Unlike my sensitive body, his indestructible skin is more than the dangerous sharp objects can wound through. One swift movement in his sleep could just easily break into pieces like a snap. He was right when he told me that the safest place I should stay onto is here in his abdomen. Heaving up and down together lifting my body up then down as he breathed a massive air. I kept looking at Sean’s face abundant with fine young features. He looked like a character coming out of a renaissance painting, something out of a myth or religiously depicted art. Staring intently after a long second, a super dense material fell from above and hit my head pushing me forward with my face dumping into Sean’s naval. Good thing the force that knocked me down was not so heavy to injure the back of my skull. I turned my gaze at what was the thing that hit me. The semi-hardened erection I had earlier completely hardened was caused by the thing that caught my sight. Sean’s cock almost similar to my height or even half a foot taller with a girth size much bigger than my chest knocked me and almost crushed my head after it sprung up and bent down to his abs. Sean is sporting massive morning wood. An erecting dick is caused by the active testosterone rising in the morning. Even in the absence of stimulation, Sean’s dick competes with my petite physique. Urge to touch the angry creature in front of me increases more and more as I continued to stare at it. Figuring I wouldn’t like to disturb a sleeping giant, stimulating my own penis is what I did. My right hand working up and down my shaft while turning my gaze from my fragile dick then next to my boyfriend’s dick standing like a telephone pole shadowing most of my body from the morning sun. Bawdy images played in my imagination as my deepest desires awaken. I was daydreaming and in my dream, I’m in a similar place resting on top of Sean beating my meat. Sean is still snoozing from his unresisting moment of sleep. Images of Sean’s body growing inside my room lying on the floor flash in. My cognitive state slowly slipping away as I passed through the boundaries of my reality. ‘I know you can grow more than this Sean. Please. Grow for me. Destroy my home, this tower if you could. No one will hold you responsible. Just don’t hold back’. The messages I whispered in my thought hoping my boyfriend hears and grants my wish. I felt the skin behind my back started stretching and widening in surface and the cock in front of me grew bigger and wider in size. Blood passes through the veins bringing every cell in Sean’s body to activity. I began to whisper again and again. Worshipping the giant manhood that manifests my boyfriend's size and power. ‘That’s it. Please! Grow! Destroy everything in your wake Sean. Grow for me’ Every praise I stated contributes to Sean’s growing body. His 2 legs lengthening in size. Knocking every piece of furniture that rests along the path where his growth takes place. The 2 feet widening doubling in size after a minute. Sean’s thighs grew bigger as well. Each muscle in his calf emphasizes more and more. The cock growing like a batter in the oven after being heated up of desire and steamy worship his body omits. The torso where I was lying expanded more and more filling the spaces of my apartment. His resting head and curled biceps became a monument of force and power as it tries to keep in proportion to all his body are doing. Sean’s entire body grew from his 30 ft height to 60 ft. The kitchen Island moves to the side pushing it more and more to the dishwashing area attached to the wall as his sole touches it. Knees folding up after the resistance of the furniture it applies to accommodate Sean’s body. His knees stood 10 ft in the air almost reaching the ceilings then after a minute, pushing the ceiling more widening the already widened hole. Debris of concretes falling and traveling along with his Shin before it falls to the ground disintegrating into rubble. The wall that separates my room from the living area buckled, opening it revealing my bed. His elbow reaching the ceiling and also denting it contributing to a bigger hole. Sean’s tip of his head reached the glass windows overlooking the city. My worries began to sneak in when the glass emits a breaking sound. Lines of crack scattering all over the glass windows reaching its edges. Then after the continuous growth, Sean’s head obliterates the glass breaking it into thin pieces, and falls from 200 ft from the ground. The unfortunate cars and people walking on the sidewalk below became the first victim of Sean’s growing presence. Their last hope? Sean McConley appears from the sky and saves 17 people as they stood frozen looking at the glass pieces falling on them. But they all died not knowing the only person they thought could save them from a few seconds before death is the same person that caused it. Sean’s lying head stood almost 7 ft in height. His nose bridge reaching the tip of the window’s edge causes the cement wall to break easily. The part of Sean’s body where I was resting widens from queen size to king size to entirely the size of my bedroom. I moved into a table position with my 3 limbs in pushing myself up and the other hand working on my cock looking at Sean’s face from the far end. His toes push more and more to the kitchen until the wall that supported it could no longer oppose the force. The wall breaks into pieces and another debris falling 200 ft. from the ground. A massive piece of the wall, having a similar size to a taxi car fell on top of a small coffee shop standing across the tower. 2-morning shift cashiers and 3 people having their morning sip of coffee became nothing more than a lifeless bug after a car-size boulder fell from the sky. The crowds below started running away from the building when they saw a massive head covered in blond hair coming out of one end of the tower and 2 feet on the other. Even from the disoriented position of Sean, the growing giant sleeps restfully with his eyes relaxed. The growth did not end however due to my continuous praise. Suddenly, Sean’s straightened hand lying on the floor moved on top of me. His hands reached touched the back of his cock and gripping it, tightening and loosening. His entire arms above me descending and ascending back on top of me as he moved his hands caressing his massive erection. Every time h lowers his hands to his cock’s base, his arm continuous to lower and near my body. I laid on my back again to watch how a giant plays with his endowment. Witnessing the scenery did not disappoint me. A pre-cum drips out of his cock slit. Few drops fell down wetting my face. The smell of Sean’s cock is a divine scent that smells heavenly. Sean’s instinct wiped the liquid oozing from his cock and wiped it up and down his cock. Sean lubricates himself resulting in him moaning louder enough to be heard by me. ‘Ummmpphh’ Sean’s body continues to grow rapidly, doubling in a minute to triple and growing exponentially. The pre-cum kept dripping in my face and Sean’s arms keep on getting bigger. My top view looked like a massive dump truck falling on top of me ready to squish me at any moment. The gooey liquid that came out of Sean’s cock grew proportionally with his body as well. More fluid to lubricate his shaft. My face became entirely wet. A few drops and I can barely breathe from the pre-cum that obstructed my airways. But I tried my best to not be easily defeated by Sean’s cock. The wet pre-cum slid down my back and causing my body to slip to the side of his abdomen. Sean’s breathing contributed as his abdomen raises higher creating a steeper slope to slide. It started slowly but accelerates as I near the edge of his 10 pack abs. I hear Sean moan in his sleep. Or as I thought. ‘AaaaHhhh’ ‘No! Shit’ I frantically uttered as I felt myself falling towards the tiled floor. ‘OOPS’ Before my body gets in contact with the ground beside Sean’s torso, Sean’s massive hand caught my body and cupping me. His hands were now the size of a human bathtub. This is how much his body has grown. But what struck me is that he is conscious this entire time. He knew I was falling and he moves his hand just to trying to catch me. I raised my head higher and there I saw Sean’s massive face looking at me, tilting his head to watch my tiny body resting nervously on his hands. Sean gave me a smile. My boyfriend is awoken this entire time when I thought his growth destroys my apartment unintentionally during his sleep. But I was wrong, Sean must have played along pretending to be still in sleep. His morning wood was an effect of his body’s changes to his growth raising his growth hormones to a higher extent. Sean’s body buckled the floor beneath us. I felt the abrupt feeling of falling off a whole floor. The occupants beneath Sean’s body became a lifeless mush mixed with broken cement and dust. A poop covered in sand. It is disturbing but my boyfriend looked happy. Sean moved me below his cock slit still continuously dripping pre-cum. Then after a few seconds. Sean’s cock pulsated more and more preparing itself to unload a force of the liquid. ‘WHACK’ Sean’s white cum came out like a water hydrant and splashed up in the sky before landing on Sean’s chest and a few in his cheeks. The last drop of his first pump of cum drips to my body coating me entirely. I was bathing in white glue. I searched for air helplessly while wiping the semen around my nose and mouth. Then I felt my body moving up and again and lifting me towards Sean’s face. When I had the vision, I met dazzling eyes. It is half the size of my entire body. Then I was lowered back and saw Sean’s smiling mouth. White liquid dripping at the left side of the cheek. ‘Do it. Please!’ I begged my god to do anything he is pleased. Then without further question, Sean knew what I was pertaining him to do. Sean gave me a smile and he positioned his hands gripping me like a popsicle ice cream. My legs were coiled by his hands and my upper body was still drenched with his cum, outside his coiling hands but closer to his mouth. I looked up at Sean and signaled him to do it. Sean opened his jaw and my gaze shifted from the view of the sky then to his white pearl teeth and then his inner mouth’s lining. My upper body was inside his mouth. Sean closed his mouth and I felt his teeth sandwiching my body. His teeth are so strong that a few of my rib bones cracked with the slightest bite of his teeth. My view darkened as I was stored inside his mouth. My feet still feeling his coiling hands pulls me outward again. His lips moving from my torso then reaching my head as he pulls me in and out like a lollipop. Sean’s tongue licked me inside as he takes a taste of his own cum. ‘Hmmmppp’ I felt the walls of his mouth vibrating in his every moan. Sean pulled me in and out at a much faster rate. Coating me wet. Sean lets go of my feet and pushed my full body inside his mouth. Sean is growing still based on the expanding cave of his mouth. My boyfriend could now swallow my hole. Sean fastened his stroking motion and cum fires out of his cock. Falling outward to the unfortunate bystanders below the ground. Walls still falling from where Sean rests. Everyone is looking up to the sky watching a god work himself. The darkened and weird place I was in resulted in my claustrophobia coming out. My heart rate races up. Sean’s tongue moved to the side putting my head in between his upper and lower molars. Tears welling up in my eyes but I couldn’t feel it dripping due to Sean’s viscous saliva. The molars press both the side of my head holding me in place. If I could see Sean’s face. Sean closes his eyes and moved my body to his side of the mouth like gum. He continuously enjoys the euphoria as he finally decided to push his teeth more. I felt the force becoming tighter. My skull feeling the pressure ready to break. I shouted my muffled cries but no one could hear me. Then in a whim. Sean closes his jaw entirely crushing my head into pieces. Volley and Volley of cum came out of Lover’s cock. Sean rested both his hands at the back of his head as he swirled my body inside his mouth sipping my blood and body liquids. Then Sean finally decided to end my lifeless misery with a gulp. I felt my hands dampened as small amount of cum drips down my cock. ‘THAT’S CUTE!’ I drifted back in reality as I heard the godly voice of my boyfriend on top of me. I looked around and turned my body in all fours. I stared up at my giant boyfriend chuckling. He is making fun of my attempt at short-lived masturbation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I ran panicky towards the News Station for my Job after almost 30 minutes of being late. Sean and I had to secure the Apartment before we part ways. He told me his plans on demanding things in return for his Service from the government. ‘DON’T WORRY, MAYBE I’LL CHECK ON DR. ADDAMS ON MY WAY TO SEE IF HE’LL LET US STAY THERE. I’M PRETTY SURE I WON’T FIT IN THIS YOUR APARTMENT AFTER A WEEK OF GROWING’ Sean said still lying on his back. One supporting his head and the other pinching his abs as he stared at my little frantic movement from getting ready for work. I just nodded in agreement. I really had no time to discuss this further since I’m in rush. I jumped out of the elevator and walk towards my office. Victoria, my boss texted me this morning to meet her. She told me no detail just that it’s a big assignment she loves me to be involved in too. Reaching her office door, I knocked on the wooden material to notify her that I’m already here. I turned the knob and was surprised by her loud welcoming voice. ‘Ahhh! Finally! Come, Sit here. I have a very special assignment for you next week. You better come prepared’ Stabilizing myself after the rush arrival, I sat on the chair in front of Victoria’s desk. Where she stood in heels with her body leaning forward resting her palms on the desk as support. I looked at her but she didn’t meet my gaze. Her gaze staring away across the other side of her office. I followed her line of sight. She was looking straight at the videos of Sean flashing on the screen. It was mixed footage of Sean captured during news, and other people’s phone footage. One footage was of Sean when he was a guest in a bodybuilding show. He flexed for the camera and the gasps of the audience echoed at the back. There were also pictures of him flying above the sky. His using 2 cars as weights for his super strength show off. Sean’s isn’t just occupied by saving the world. He also shows up in shows to perform. Lifting trucks, tanks, showing what his Super Punch could do to almost anything. Also a picture of him that got us into an argument a year ago displays shortly on the screen. It was a magazine picture of him sitting in a wide bed. His legs speeded on the other side together with 5 women, all models, posing around him. Sean’s hands rested at his side while 2 women hug it maliciously. The other one wrapping her arms around his neck and 2 women touching his feet. It was a scandal that compromises our relationship in the past. Just as I realized, the latest images of Sean were during last week where he stood 17 ft. Yes, the world didn’t saw him during the weekends. Everyone is unaware of his current size. Their superhero surpassing every size and strength unimaginable. ‘Umm Victoria? About that assignment you have for me?’ During the course of my job here and working with my boss. Victoria isn’t so subtle in showing her infatuation towards Sean. She has always been fascinated by my Boyfriend. If only she had known what’s going in between me and her Idol, she definitely should tone it down. She told me once that she will die to have at least a short time with Sean and ask questions to interview him. That’s why she always praises me whenever I get to interview him instead. I told Sean about her sometimes. Sean knows that my stupid boss has a thing for him. He just shrugged off the idea every time I tell him. But deep down, I know how he liked being praised and idolized. The very adoration he often receives from people when they saw him is a heroine to Sean’s pride and ego. This secret I told him is the exact reason why Sean wanted me to interview him. He told me we could use it as an advantage for me to be promoted. If I get to interview him more than any other news station, then Victoria will continuously applaud my job. Getting a higher chance for promotion. ‘Yeah! About your assignment, I want you to interview Sean Mcconley ’ ‘What!?’ ‘You heard me Lewis, and since we have no direct contact to him…..You know I’ve been wondering why Sean doesn’t have any manager for him. He could at least hire someone so that we could have a direct line to contact him. So, I suggest the next time you two meet again, you ask him. Or if not, find other ways. Once this project gets complete, I’ll probably talk to the management about your promotion’ Victoria said My mind couldn’t abruptly process every detail she told me. The only thing in my mind as of the moment is that after all reporters in this station, I was chosen. I need to interview Sean, my secret boyfriend. ‘And it will be live’ She further added There is nothing much I could say. Everything Victoria orders must be taken into action. The struggle I will be facing is obviously not on how to contact him but on how I could contain my composure when I’ll soon have to interview him in life where billions of people will be watching. So, I just let the situation pass my worries. I still need that promotion. ‘Okay’ I replied confidently --------------------------------------------Palace------------------------------------------- Tents were lined up along the sides of the country’s palace. The home for Alex Loosevelt, the country’s elected Secretary of Defense. A once image of strength and justice soon changes as he and his men stood outside the palace building awaiting their god’s arrival. He puts on a long-sleeved white shirt for this day trying to look well in his meeting with Sean. Sweats trickled in the sides of his forehead as he held a radiotelephone in his left hand. The static sound emanates from the device before he heard another person’s voice. ‘Sir? Mcconley is already coming. He is 5 miles ahead from your location. He could be down there any second. He’s just flying casually’ Loosevelt raised the RT near his mouth and speaks with a reply. ‘Okay. Thank you’ Loosevelt settled himself first, looking at his sides where 20 armed men line up behind him. The President is nowhere to be found in the palace after he took a special meeting outside the country last week. To Loosevelt, he thought the President was just making an excuse to avoid meeting Mcconley. Afraid of what he could do to him. That’s why in agreement, Loosevelt requested lines of protection as the least the president can do when he bravely welcomes Sean. Loosevelt raised his phone again and pressed the RT and signaled everyone of Sean’s arrival. ‘Okay guys, He is coming any seconds. Make sure you’ve cooked enough food’ Under the roof, tents were filled with at least 28 people wearing culinary uniforms and Hats. Their catering trucks parked outside the palace as they arrived early in the morning to prepare the food Sean has requested before. Yesterday, when Sean arrived at the palace grounds completely naked standing 17 ft in height, everyone working inside was astounded by the sight of his foot and a half long cock swaying side by side as he walked towards the building and knocked the old walls. --------------------------------------------A day ago---------------------------------------- The President including Loosevelt is shocked by the sudden vibrating movements. The President is too afraid to face Sean so Loosevelt took responsibility and came outside to hear what Sean wanted. When he got outside, he saw Sean’s massive stature crossing his forehands in front of his chest. Looking pissed at the time he spent waiting for the bugs to come out of their manhole. If he wasn’t as kind enough, he could just easily punch the roof of the wall just to speak his terms. Sean looked directly at the balcony stated on the 2nd floor of the palace that leveled with Sean’s forehead. Loosevelt rested his hands on the rail and looked at Sean. When the two guys meet, Sean didn’t like how this bug is level with his sight. With the desire to assert his domination, Sean lifted himself up the ground floating in midair putting Loosevelt down him. Loosevelt timidly backed off as he saw Sean’s head rose high in the sky revealing his shoulders then his chest and folded arms in front. But what really took him in silence was the massive organ hanging in front of Sean’s waist. Sean intentionally raised his body higher so that Loosevelt has a perfect sight for his cock. One of his body’s features where he took pride in. Sean notices the staring game Loosevelt is having with his cock so he tried to get his attention back by uncrossing his arms and coiling one hand at his cock swirling it in the air like a rope. Sean gave Loosevelt a handsome grin. ‘QUIT IT MAN, I KNOW YOUR BOSS IS PUSSY COWARD TO MEET ME SO HE SENT YOU. I JUST WANT TO SPEAK MY TERMS IN EXCHANGE OF THE SERVICES I DID. I SAW A BANK ROBBERY ON THE WAY HERE SO THIS SHOULDN’T TAKE LONG’ Loosevelt looked up above and met Sean’s gaze trying his best to listen to the Giant instead of getting distracted at his glorious face. ‘Good morning Sean, Yes! What can we do for you now?’ Sean raised his cock higher emphasizing his point as he spoke. Even the calmest state of Sean’s dick intimidated the tiny human in front of it. ‘THIS!? WHERE ARE THE CLOTHES, I ASKED YOU BEFORE? I NEED TO HIDE THIS GUY UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO GO FLY IN THE AIR NAKED’ Sean’s cock pulsed at the thought of it all. ‘Okay, it’s already finished. I hope it stretches to your size Mcconley. I didn’t know you’ve grown so much. You looked smaller last night when I saw you on news’ ‘AHHH! GOOD, AND YES I’VE GROWN A LOT IN JUST A NIGHT. SURPRISING RIGHT!? SO YOU BETTER MAKE AN EXTRA CLOTHES WITH LARGER SIZES BECAUSE I MIGHT NOT BE AS HUGE AS YOU SEE ME NOW! I’M PLANNING ON GETTING BIGGER! Sean raised his hands and gave Loosevelt a biceps pose. The sight of 2 massive balls flexing harder stripped every manly persona Loosevelt has. He couldn’t compete with this guy in any way imaginable. Loosevelt nodded his head and followed Sean’s talk. ‘BUT ANOTHER REASON OF ME COMING HERE IS TO TELL THAT COWARD PRESIDENT TO PROVIDE MY FOOD FROM NOW ON! I WANT HIM TO SEND ME LOADS OF FOOD. EVERY DAY’ ‘But I thought your body can no longer feel hunger Sean?’ ‘YEAH!!! BUT I MISSED FOOD. I MISSED EATING! AND I THINK THAT’S NOT SO MUCH THING TO ASK. AFTER ALL, I’VE DONE LOTS OF THINGS FOR THIS PLACE AND FOOD IS NOT THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK. RIIGHT? Sean brushed his abs making the movement sexier. Loosevelt agreed. Sean brushed his chin thinking. ’LET’S SEE…….HOW ABOUT WE START TOMORROW HUH? MY FIRST MEAL, HERE? I HAVEN’T FOUND A PLACE TO SHELTER MY SELF SOON AS I GET BIGGER. SO YOU WON’T MIND ME EATING HERE RIGHT?’ Loosevelt nodded again. He was left with no words to negotiate with this god. ‘COOL’ Sean lifted himself slowly before realizing one thing. ‘OHH! AND JUST MAKE SURE YOU’LL COOK ENOUGH FOOD! BECAUSE YOU GUYS WON’T LIKE A GIANT MAN GET HUNGRY’ ‘Yesss!!! Of course Sean. We’ll make sure of that’ Sean gave Loosevelt a wink before he flew outwards the sky and knocked the tiny human on the floor. Loosevelt could no longer keep up with his heart rate as he slowly drifted away from consciousness fainting from nervousness after seeing Sean. ----------------------------------------A day later------------------------------------------- An 8-seater long table is placed at the palace’s front yard just next to the Catering people who were hired to cook for Sean’s special meal that he requested yesterday. Everyone keeps on going from the kitchen tent to the wide table. The chefs cooked meals enough to feed 2 families celebrating Christmas Day. At the center of it all is a massive Roasted Pig. Different kinds of Freshly sliced fruits surrounded the main dish circling the table. Other dishes were also lined up at the edges, Fried chickens, Stakes of Beef, and Tuna Salad all served in 3-5 plates. The preparation for Sean’s meal is so extravagant. The People taking pictures outside the palace notices the large foods catered inside. They all thought there was another celebration being held in the palace. But they are all wrong. Loosevelt kept on asking the persons behind the phone to fasten the things before Sean’s arrival. Loosevelt couldn’t get enough sleep last night after a days-long of overthinking of how much food Sean wanted to eat. The restless face of Loosevelt can be seen from the baggy eyes he has. He couldn’t afford to piss off Sean. He prayed and prayed that this food was budgeted accordingly and that he would satisfy Sean. Loosevelt started to worry again after he created a false outcome in his head if what if Sean thinks the food was not enough to feed his hunger. His heart rate raised higher and higher and just got worst when sounds of parting clouds as Sean punch through the sound barrier and followed it by landing on the palace grounds. Two out of all the tents couldn’t resist the air that hits it after Sean’s landing. Everyone for a 10-mile radius felt the ground quake upon Sean’s arrival. The people nearer to Sean’s location stumbled out of balance. The hot oil that was still on the stove waved inside their cooking stove and overflowed hitting on a chef’s face. The chef shouted in pain after a hot boiling oil washed his face. The medic rushed towards the injured chef after everyone regains balance. Everyone was mesmerized by Sean’s naked body. Every woman brushed their thighs as they saw the flaccid dick of Sean swaying at his footsteps. Sean looks at Loosevelt standing in front of the palace with men in arms protecting him. ‘As if they can stop me’ Sean thought and gave the 20 huge and buff soldier built men holding their pistols ready to get in act if Sean does anything to Loosevelt. Sean paced 11 steps forward to get a closer look at them. His super senses can detect their body slightly shaking from freight. The more he draws himself closer to them, the stronger the nerve impulses rise. He liked it. He likes to bath in every bug’s fear. ‘HELLO LOOSEVELT, WHAT’S WITH THE SOLDIER TOYS YOU GOT THERE? YOU PREPARING FOR SOMETHING? Sean moved his head to point at the men standing behind Loosevelt. He rested his hands at his hips waiting for Loosevelt to respond. Loosevelt swallowed a gob of saliva as he realized how much Sean has grown after just a day. He was in shock. Right now, he felt himself sinking to death as he saw Sean naked in front of them. ‘Shit, his clothes. His clothes weren’t finished yet. I’ve made the wrong calculations. Sean has doubled in size ‘Oh don’t worry about the…them Sean. It’s just my guards in case things went….. went downhill’ Sean expected the answer but didn’t like how backhanded Loosevelt said it. ‘ARE YOU MAKING A POINT LITTLE MAN. YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU AND YOUR GUYS WHAT ‘DOWNHILL’ MEANS?’ Sean moved further igniting his hands with sparks in command. The same lightning threads he unleashed yesterday at Dr. Addam’s Hangar. The first time he let the world see another ability he discovered. Sean’s eyes started to glow white and sparked a little making the people below step back and the soldiers point their guns up at Sean’s face. Sean thought of how foolish these guys could be. Did they know these weapons no longer work to him like years ago?. He was as little as these guys when he realized how thick and bulletproof his skin is. And it has grown thicker and stronger as years go by whenever he added height and power. Nothing has ever punctured or lacerated his skin. He is lucky unlike these men hoping their toys to calm him when things go downhill as Loosevelt says. ‘I could kill you in just one look you shits’ Sean thought. He clearly has the upper hand here. As always. These midgets are just so brave to even try. ‘Noo!!! Sean. Please.I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Ummm It’s just that I…. we still need to guard ourselves in case you don’t like the food’ ‘OKAY….. SO, WHERE’S MY SHORTS?’ Sean looked around and tries to see any large fabric prepared for him. But there was none. ‘I’m so….sorrry Sean, we didn’t expect you to grow double in size in just a day. I’ve sent the wrong sizes and we haven’t even finished it yet’ ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??’ An angry voice of Sean rattles the walls of the palace and few antique glass break inside after Sean shouted in anger. But Sean thought letting Loosevelt pass for his incompetence. The Sparks igniting around Sean settled and shuts off in his command. He has shown better control for this ability in just a short period. ‘WELL, IT’S NOT LIKE I’M ASHAMED OF MY DICK. BUT, YOU GUYS NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING!. BUT FOR NOW? YOU JUST SIT STILL THERE AND PRAY THESE FOODS ARE ROCKIN. LET’S JUST HOPE YOU COOKED ENOUGH FOR A MAN MY SIZE!’ Sean walked towards the table where his foods were prepared. He can’t believe what he saw. From the moment he took notice of the amount of food served for him, he damn well knew Loosevelt is in trouble. But Sean wanted to play along. He can’t wait to put Loosevelt in his place later. Sean first pulled the whole roasted pig and brought it in his mouth. Loosevelt’s face turned in shock. That was supposed to be the heavy meal for Sean. But yet, he just swallowed it in whole like some appetizer. Sean slowly lifted the side dishes and turned the plates over his mouth in just one gallop. Sean had to admit how delicious the foods were. But he isn’t full yet. Sean ate the fruits tossing them like grapes. One by One shooting inside his teeth. The larger fingers of Sean could barely hold a few of the fruits carefully so he just unintentionally crushed a few in upon contact with his super-dense skin. By the time Sean took the last bit of the food, Loosevelt’s heart raises up. Sean looked at the tiny guy who offered him food. ‘THAT’S IT?’ Sean wiped a few food left on his mouth and cheek. ‘Yes …Yess Sean. ….I’m so so sorry. You should have told us you grew double so we could……’ ‘SHHHH SHHH’. Sean walked towards Loosevelt’s direction. The giant bends down and pinched Loosevelt’s back of his shirt. The poor man hangs in the air like a kitten being dragged up. Few Gunmen was frozen in place and the others raised their guns pointing at Sean as he lifted Loosevelt up. But their shaken limbs couldn’t risk pulling the trigger. ‘ARE YOU INSULTING ME? DID YOU JUST BLAME ME OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE HUH. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER’. Sean looked at the gunmen nearest to him. The brave man is one of the guys pointing his rifle directly at his face. Sean thought of how vulnerable this human is. Sean shot a red blast of his gaze in the little guy’s direction. But Sean isn’t aiming for the head. Sean’s hot baring gaze heated up the gun he is holding. The man shouted in pain as he instantly felt the gun heated up then melting metals dripped in his hands causing him to yelp in pain. The guy fell to his knees and Sean halted the blast but still contained the red light and he stared at each of the remaining men. ‘TRY IT AND I’LL TURN YOU TO CRISP’ Sean spoke in a serious and calm voice. Making it more threatening. Loosevelt’s feet are still dangling in the feet when he felt his body swaying side by side as Sean took steps forward heading outside the Palace Gates. He looked up at Sean’s line of direction. ‘No. He can’t’. The realization that Sean plans to bring Loosevelt outside the Palace and Humiliate him in front of the crowd. Loosevelt squirmed and kicked his feet in the air. His hands reached Sean’s fingers holding his shirt and tried to pinch it. Sean grinned at Loosevelt’s attempt of getting loose. The pinches he received from the small fingers feel like a tickle in his hands. Sean reached the gate. The Guards positioned at the Palace Gates were no longer to be found. Sean looked at the gate that just only leveled with his nose. Thought it’s tall, Sean knew well how flimsy and thin the metal of the Gate was. Sean raised his feet and gave the gate a might kick. Loosevelt covered his ears from the denting sound of the metal. The concrete frame of the Palace Gates disintegrated letting the bearing of the Gates get loose. In just one forceful kick, the gate fell in front laying flat on the street. The bystanders ran away from the scene but few people just stared at Sean frozen in place. Admiring his great physique. Sean stepped outside the palace gates and his direction heading to a water fountain where a statue of the first President in the country is standing. The sculpted stone is made from a special granite that originates from the country’s famous volcano. The Statue is a century older than Sean and every building in the country. The granite statue of a man wearing in tux stood the same height as Sean. But the only thinner compared to Sean’s bodybuilder physique. The crowd gasps in shock when they saw the Giant holding loosevelt like a kitten. They all grabbed their phones and captures the scene to be uploaded online. Sean stopped at the foot of the Fountain loosened his hands from gripping Loosevelt’s cloth. The tiny human rolled on the ground just a closer distance to his feet. ‘How tiny’. Sean gave an exchange look to his feet and then to the tiny human next to it. In addition, to assert his dominance, Sean lifted his feet from the ground and placed them on top of Loosevelt. Loosevelt’s view of the sky turned dark as he saw the giant’s sole descending upon him. Sean let a portion of Loosevelt’s head not fully cover it by his pressing tow. He wiggled the toes that cause Loosevelt to sniff his foot. Sean at first was gentle to apply pressure on his victim. But he couldn’t resist applying more and more pressure just to hear Loosevelt yelp in Pain. Loosevelt felt his ribs being pressed to the ground. The puny human suppressed the pain but he can’t longer prolong it after Sean just keeps on adding the pressure while he is still silent. ÁAaahh. Please’ Loosevelt cried as he finally felt his ribs fracture. Sean finally stopped adding weight after he finally heard his scream. ‘That’s it that’s what I wanted. Sean thought. Sean looked at his crying victim and he couldn’t help his cock but pulse slightly signaling an erection. Sean raised his head and looked at all the people surrounding him. Just by standing, Sean can now see everyone’s head. He pretty damn well knows that he is the only view they could all see. Sean flexed his calf muscles turning his feet pressing on Loosevelt to pivot causing his victim's body also to move side by side. Sea raised his biceps higher and flexed them. He could hear all the women including those closeted gays giving a slight moan when they saw him flexing at the center. Sean spoke up addressing everyone. ‘LISTEN YOU GUYS. DON’T GET ANY WRONG IDEA. THIS MAN JUST DID AN UNSATISFACTORY THING I GAVE HIM AND I’M JUST GIVING THIS GUY A DISCIPLINE. YOU GUYS SURE KNEW WHO THIS IS RIGHT?’ One of the bystanders responds to the giant. ‘Yeah!! Good for him. Do everything you want Sean. He really is no use in this country. Pretty sure he and his party hacked the voting system just so they could sit in position’ Sean just chuckled of the thought. ‘OKAY OKAY WOW. I’M SORRY LITTLE DUDE BUT I’M NOT HERE ABOUT THAT. I JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT FROM NOW ON. ALL OF YOU GUYS WILL BY MY WITNESS FOR AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN ME AND THE GOVERNMENT. I’LL JUST LET THIS PUSSY HERE TO PASS FROM WHAT HE DID. WITH THE CITIZEN’S CONSENT, IN EXCHANGE OF MY SERVICES FOR THIS COUNTRY, I WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE ALL MY FOOD FROM NOW ON! THEY WILL ALSO PROVIDE ME MY SUITS AND EVEN A PLACE TO STAY. THAT WON’T BE A PROBLEM RIGHT?’ Sean’s voice rattled the entire ground and made the water on the fountain to ripple. With mixed voices. All the crowds respond to Sean’s terms. They all agreed ”Yeah Sean, you did more for this country. A food is really not so much a request. I could sponsor you. I own a bakery a few streets from here. Julie’s bread and pastries. I saw you buying there when you were. …umm a lot little than your size now’ ‘YEAH DUDE. I KNOW THAT PLACE. THANK YOU. THAT WOULD BE GREAT’ Sean liked the short chitchat with the guys. A lot of stores actually followed the bakery owner’s words saying they want to sponsor him as well. Sean returns his attention to the guy underneath his feet. Any minute from now, Loosevelt could faint from the pressure. Loosevelt saw Sean’s face descending on him. Sean bent down to get a closer look at Loosevelt. Loosevelt couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the size of his predator. Loosevelt felt his heart sunk down as he saw how beautiful Sean’s eyes are. He couldn’t believe that at one point in his life. He saw a face of a god. With eyes mixed with threat and innocence. With his already battling faith, he is ready to plead for this god to end his life’s misery. It would be better to die than to walk on earth after being humiliated. ‘Please Sean’ ‘WWHAT!?’ ‘Just Kill me. You can re elect another person more competent to manage your fo---’ ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ Sean punched the ground just a few feet above Loosevelt’s head. He saw stones and asphalt flying on top of his head as the ground cracked from the impact. Loosevelt saw Sean’s eyes glows red ready to shoot another beam of light to melt Loosevelt’s body along with the ground. ‘I DON’T JUST KILL DIM WIT. YOU’VE JUST INSULTED ME AGAIN. Sean moved his hands that he used for punching. Using his index and Thumb fingers, Sean pinched Loosevelt’s skull. He tried to move it sideways careful not to snap Loosevelt’s neck. ‘Yup, you guys are so brittle’. Loosevelt couldn’t help but bite his jaw from the pressure of his skull being pressed by two large fingers. ‘I COULD STILL USE YOU FOR NOW. A SECOND CHANCE. BUT THE NEXT TIME THIS HAPPENS AGAIN’ Sean stood up and up. Sean finally decided to remove his feet from Loosevelt’s body. The poor guy could now breathe accordingly after the pressure pressing him was removed. Sean looked at the statue beside him. Sean used his one hand and coiled it around the first president’s head. The head is just the same size as Sean’s hand. The difference between his fist and the granite rock looked like a tennis ball inside his hands. With a simple bend to the sides, Sean decapitated the humanoid statue. Sean returned his gaze to Loosevelt still lying on the ground. ‘WATCH’. Sean's eyes were still looking at Loosevelt frightened face. Sean moved his hands with the statue’s head on top of Loosevelt. Sean started to crunch the metal. His eyes started to glow red and directed a red blast on the statue heating it up. The veins of Sean’s fist glowed white adding to the heat he is producing to heat up the rock. Sean pressed the granite rock so hard that it started to shrink in size. The bystanders saw as the once head of the first president’s statue started to glow. Sean just keeps on adding pressure. Loosevelt saw Sean’s face giving off a smile. Sean lingers how easy this thing he is doing could be. He just crunches the rock-like clay in his hands and it started to deform at his will. Pressing it, shrinking it in size. Sean’s red gaze stopped and he lastly pressed the rock with all his might. Veins already popping in his hands. And he only did this with just one hand. When everything settled. And the sound of crunching rocks silenced. Sean used his mouth to blow air to the hot rock. Cooling it in place. Loosevelt felt the hot air followed by cold air hitting his entire body. Sean opened his palm and looked at Loosevelt. Sean placed his hands next to Loosevelt and then let a shiny material slid down from his palm then halt next to Loosevelt’s body. Everyone was surprised by what they saw. A crystal clear rock rolled down on the ground after slipping from Sean’s palm. The rays of the sun hitting the crystal materials blinded most of the bystanders. Sean smiled and raised his body up to a straight position. The crystal material that came from the granite head of the statue was shrunk in size, molded into a different material with Sean’s fingerprints embedded around the new rock structure. It was a diamond, reflecting the light rays of the rainbow. Everyone was shocked. What more could this god not do? ‘THAT, I THINK THAT’S ENOUGH TO BUDGET MY FOOD RIGHT!? IF THAT IS STILL NOT ENOUGH, I CAN DO THAT AGAIN, I’LL JUST MAKE SURE I’LL MIX IT WITH YOUR REMAINS!’ And with a loud bang, Sean flew outwards the sky leaving a lying Loosevelt next to a diamond rock half his size. He stared up in the sky processing everything in his mind. Is this world still a better place?.
  5. QUARY AND THE MUSCLE FAGS OF KURAI by Quote the Raven (c) JANUARY 2021 Of Quarium, all that could be shared I put forward in an ode. Chapter 1 - Desert (Sahra’) In April each year, Kurai temperatures climb to ninety degrees. They stay there and higher for half a year. - The Non-Arabs’ Guide to Kurai. A hollow concrete form in the center of the Narra al Maktoun Solar Farm 43 kilometers south of Kurai City in Kurai fills a structural role — spacing or reinforcement or something similar. The form sits invisibly amongst hundreds of acres of concrete footings and shiny black glass regiments in an otherwise barren landscape. Ejaaz Eud’laat does not know the purpose of the form, only that he has purposefully found it to shelter in its shaded interior. He swelters as he tapes reflective foil sheets to two cement openings at either end, working wall-to-wall, end-to-end, eight layers thick. The sheets block him in making it more suffocating, stifling and hot than this early July day already is. When the changes start though, the layered separation will not increase the heat, but will do the opposite and enable and protect cold. As Ejaaz endeavors at the curtaining, nerves unsteady him. They tremor his hands and intensely roil his gut. But desire pushes coveting in his veins so extreme that the rhythm of his heart pumping almost throbs aloud the needing of his efforts. He talks to himself. “You’ve done this before, Ejaaz. You’ll do this again. You can do it. You will.” When the layers of sheeting hang completed, he thinks, Get out of these clothes. Robes and keffiyeh that served his former obesity swamp off roomily and effortlessly from his coiled composition — a composition that now only strictly-dieted, intense university cricket or endurance athletics or champion swimming would have forged. He’s never done such training, though, has he. He never went for sport, fuck it, some did, but why could he never have taken to it. He does see now and feel now so palpably how worth it it would have been. He’s never put in years of those kinds of workouts — any fucking kind actually — or that disciplined, necessarily regimented, eating — The eating of the cast iron, forged iron will. He’s never cleaved himself to the half decade that would have forged this goddish muscly whippetness. Oh fuck it up, if only he had fucking done exactly that, what a jack he would have been all along, more so month by month, year by year. With the layers of sheeting and the concrete’s one-foot thickness, the space is dark now, it steams with heat. That’s too be expected — he resists the temptation to doubt how it will work. He drips with boiled sheens of fluid. The way he’s prepared the space, the change to the temperature will surely happen — won’t take long. He knows he knows that. Perspiration almost flows from his so recently chiseled jaw and rolls down his so new hard flat brown front. He takes a giant draft of ionized water. It really is the perfect environment now that it’s sealed off — what is to happen in his body will make it work — hard, foot-thick muffling and insulating walls, ultimately remote, and undiscoverable. And just how fucking remote it is, that is the key really — the ultimate reason for choosing here... oh yeah if he could be a betting man why wouldn’t he put money on that. But, fuck, he’s betting much more than money isn’t he anyway. His eyes fall to this body and he is greedy with it. It is indescribably beautiful so shredded and hard and chiseledly trim. Fuck yeah. He knows this is just the start. His eyes go also to his briefs. A snicker disrespects the member there. You’re good, baby, you really are, he thinks, I’ve been ok with you, have made you work, but really, you’re still so nothing. You’ll preen so much more, won’t you baby. Both you and muscle, when you’re both big fuck bold boys, I’ll preen you hard won’t I, fucks, you are both just part of what I’m meant for. Prior use has him to this result — improved from so pitiful, so grossly worse than average, so ignorable or really contemptible — the photo of fucking contemptible — doughy, mr full-on gigantic fat load, obese as a fucking fuck — just twenty-one days ago at 20 years old. Doses have changed him so much already haven’t they though? For sure, but changed him only because of his enduring their evil heinousness, uggghh — abiding the fucking heinous torturing violating heinousness — Allah dammit — oh well, he’s done it now — three times — but he won’t stop now — can only dream now to do it over and over and over and over and over and over again. He mouths, “I. HaVE. to.” He crouches into the wall. Remote, concrete-reduced warmth kisses the hard little sweet curvy sweat ass he has cheated himself to now. He wants it fucked right now, but thinks, Thank you. His ass is so perfectly bubbly, little, rock hard.... round. Ohh. It’s so Hard. Unnh. The location gives desolation — his torture chamber will be effectively and brutally unhearable. This jury-rigged, just-passable buffer will grow to be an ample deep freeze chamber against the outside heat, and will let cold accumulate and oh so drive the compound to work. “Fuck you,” he enunciates, knotted inside.“Fuck the fuck.” Bad language has emerged in him destroying what he was. Self-abuse, even just three doses worth, have rape-assaulted him, roughened him, made it so dirty words vulgarize the changing him — oh how they overthrow his twenty years of prissy, pussy, repressive, Arab-old-lady dictated, fucking mores. Urges ejaculate all over that fucked submissiveness, don’t they? His upper lip curls back from his teeth and his breath makes an exhaling snarl. He reaches out now and eases a vial from a cooler. “Fucker!” he spits. It is this vessel’s transforming compound that births the emerging man’s crudities. Tilting the vial, its liquid shifts between silver, green, gold, and blue. Saliva attempts to gather in his mouth, but his pouty lips crack from heat, and from both the charge and the fears. Opening it, the tube puffs a vapor cloud — a shimmering fog. “Slut,” he seethes, “I hate you,” but also he adds, “I fucking worship you, baby.” He’s so incredibly tempted to snort the Quarium, right then and there, and just have it over, just have it so that he feels...feeeEeeEeels it all here and now — euphoria, greatness, grandeur — everything. But he exerts every last tiny kernel of his too limited willpower — snorting isn’t the way. He needs what’s harder but so much more. So, instead, a syringe draws up the liquid beneath the mist. The liquid is called Quarium. “It’s go time. It is. Now is the time to go. To say go. To do it. Please! Come On. It’s go go go go go fucking go gotime to go.” The dose, Quarium loaded all behind the needle, threatens now and he points the ministration at his so alien taut trim crushingly desirable obliqued side, determined to survive and thrive, but not able to escape feeling totally in danger. He’s engaging in absolute self-deceit when he says, “This is completely safe and easy, Ejj!” What, without exaggeration, would be described as unlimited fear jarringly jitters his hand as he attempts entry and the needle jabs a slashing plunge, nothing that remotely approximates a calm, controlled pin. Nearly no part of Ejaaz’s conscious brain can register anything but anxious terror at this moment. The insertion tolerates the gross inaccuracy of his stab though and offers a still acceptable option for pushing in the dose. Just be fucking brave and do it, dammit, Ejaaz!! a shred of his will finally proffers, penetrating into the haze of his alarm. A workable command, his fingers, almost on auto-pilot, squeeze; rivulets thread continuous cold virulence into his flesh. “Yess,” he hopes to say, but more rawly what comes out is “NOOOoOOOoOoOOO!” — so emotional, so afraid at what he knows in an instant is to be intolerable excruciation. The green-silver squelches in, indifferent to any feeling — particularly the rising pulsing fear. The serum, loosened, oozes. It is irretrievable. The poison takes occupation, assumes its subject territory. Ejaaz clenches.... resistance the definition of fucking futility though. Like his prior uses, it’s possible to feel the liquid chill consuming his veins, spilling everywhere through his flesh, ignoring humanity. The blood’s additive pushes advancements depravedly into his body, pillaging, cold-raping, violating progressive landgrabs as it goes. Panic pushes Ejaaz’s stomach into his throat. Ejaaz prays if it would just spew from his mouth, oh, if only that would possibly carry this bottomless fucking fear and destruction from his body. “Oh AllAH. FUCK the great god Quarium!” he shouts. And then, because his brain is heavy already, he slurs, “You NASTY naStY nassttyt..... fu..fu...fuck-devil...” From the wall, he lists forward and then falls forward. The ripped trim body that is so very very hot — perfect long toned curved legs, cinched ripped waist, jockey shoulders, and rocking swimsuit-model arms, and all still new to him — languors out ravishingly as he smothers into the pillow of the thermic insulating sleeping bag prepared there. A deepening ice age gradually and progressively submerges him, annexing his sylvan flesh, his wiry, whippety torso and limbs, his blood, his bones, his genitals — all that had been obese, fetid, abhorrent just weeks ago. Unconsciousness claims him. **** Twenty hours pass. If unconsciousness cleft the ice shelf of his mind from the main and sank it in North Sea waters, the berg breaching the surface reawakens him. Insulated by foiled layers at the tunnels opening and the sleeping bag, while Ejaaz is gone from this world, his temperature and that in his crafted space dropped to below 0C/32F degrees. In the chamber, rime coats walls and ceiling and everything, even the foiled barrier. It’s a cold dark freezer of isolation — extreme to a degree far eclipsing even any previous shot. Brutally bare except for orange underwear, Ejaaz’s raw skinned body prostrates a heartbreaking, snowstormed, make-model purple corpse — hipbones and ribs and solidified sinews. He’s so abominalized he’s almost beyond aching — but he aches, aches gravitationally. Hoar glazes his skin and the cloth over his tantalizing pubes. Fog streams in and out of his ajar mouth. Invisible Kelvinic blades mutilate his striated flesh in the shoveling thousands. Daggering vectors spear viciously into his drop-dead skull. He can’t move, he’s so ice-tombed. “Noooo,” he whimpers, “enshallah, pleahhe.” Then he gathers his objections and yaps, “No” — A sound agonized and croaky struggles out because his vocal chords both harden in one position and because hour after hour of comatose screaming have sanded them raw. His sublime jaw mainly freezes open in place. Outside, the high unchallenged sun flames. Sand scorches about the foundations of al Maktoum, baked worse than a kiln. Concrete and steel footings sizzle. Four square miles of black glass horde sunlight then dazzle it back into the sky. How can it be so inhospitably hot when the nondescript concrete form hidden in the middle of it all shudders with the nihilation of outer space. In the tunnel, it is Quarium in Ejaaz that generates endothermic extremes, terraforming the concrete to match the exterior of McMurdo Antarctic Scientific Base upon a months-long night. Unabated by searing heat and injected instead of sniffed, Quarium molecules failed to bind to Ejaaz’s cell receptors, instead entering into his cells. Destiny now unfolds. If instead there were heat — i.e., baking direct Arabian sun — and if sniffed, it would be different. In that situation, Ejaaz’s cells’ receptors would have received the Quarium and bonded, then caused a cloning of cells to explode. A warm environment causes Quarium to make fleeting Shadowcells — desirable musculoskeletal replicas. They flourish in ratios of up to two dozen or more for each native cell. With sniffing and heat, before a Quarium user’s eyes, an Arab guy’s sweaty, perspiring body expands in girth and power with growth. Shadowcells in him proliferate as uncontrollably promiscuous as a nation’s worth of bare-assed bubbly-butted submariners occupying every square inch of a sirening 1960s erotic cartoon steamy island poster. The unbridledness of the cells’ replication rams guys’ growth — explodes them into objects of lust — sizeable, full, meaty, snorting, dripping things, like massive studs, like big bull cocks, like brimming djinns — full of libido and power — cut, jacked, huge. It happens in proportion to the Quarium and the thermic source and the guy. With extreme heat and Quarium molecules, any poxy loser becomes gorgeously muscular. Cells mass and magnificate him. They hyper masculinize him — the new found grodiness rages in a metamorphosed rippling gay or bi or even straight fagbeast who has hijacked all the trappings of ultra bodybuilding, porning masculinity while the baking heat persists. But the external heat always abates eventually and the circulatory system’s pace recalibrates, and the shadow cells subside upon loss of energy. So one ought understand: an inhaled administration of Quarium (misted up one’s nose) when done in great heat expands and then subsides. Orgasmic flexing swells into exquisite being, parades conquering raunchy triumphancy, narcisses and exhibits erectionally, ejaculates climaxingly, and then disappears as the dissipation and reabsorption of shadow cells unfold. Contemplate, a wimpy faggot sniffing Quarium with some loser friends in the dazzling Arab summer morning. See their unworked little bodies bulk up and grow fantastic before their lechery eyes. Imagine them narcissistically swept into the lording of the gigantic bodies they receive, ostentatiously wearing bikinis cut so low and so tight that they more than show off what they’ve drugged for themselves, that it reveals every aspect of what they have done on purpose — the hugening of their mountainous chests, bouldering of monumental shoulders, crowding of climbing backs and traps, rising of their incredible biceps, expansion of their enormous curving asses, and the unbelievably thick legs that stage behind awesomely transformed barely-clothed-over himbo dicks and balls. They earthquake their strength and vitality, oozing the enthrallment to feel such vast beef across their bodies, weighting them down, mountaining them up, widening them like the Ranhad T’maad span, arching them toward the sky from the great asses they have, planting them in the ground with their bridge truncheons of legs, expanding torsorally with monolithicality. They feel all these things for every minute of the Sun’s journey across the sky. And then shift to consider the late day sinking disappearance of the sun, the hot blast easing, the moisture-sparse air of an arid land not retaining the heat it has gained. Envision the gentle cooling from that. And, in conjunction, conjure the thought of thumping heart rates that release orgasms the kind of which these fuck-nothings would piss just to realize existed. They would spuge-detonate after eight or thirteen hours of oversized, so-bare-they’re-more-vulgar-than-naked raunchy foreplay. Afterward, their cumming-eased heart-rates back down from porn-horny pace. Understand that a diminished, fever-broken bloodflow brings less energy to cells, tires the hosts of those blood cells, has them doze, and know then that shadow cells in the temporary Mr. Olympians say goodbye. Over hours, the cells aerobate until a quarter day later, neither the Quarium, nor anything the Quarium dingle-servingly wrought in the sniff-poxy-pansies exists any longer. Individuals who for soul-joying hours ass-humped as gluttonous gargantuans, muscling more extremely than Grimes or Kai Greene or baby Forslin or Marcello, revert to exactly the fagstupid putrid nothing fucks they had been. But, that is not Ejaaz here, that is not him now. —————————
  6. Authors Notes: This thread is a replacement for the merged threads that became partially disabled that this story was previously posted in. That thread will be closed upon all the chapters of the story being reposted into this new thread. But, there is quite a bit of discussion in that thread about the story - good feedback, questions answered and such.. So, to find and read that discussion, please follow the following link. Closed To Protect and Serve Thread I wish to emphasize in the beginning - as some feedback over the time of this story has asked or accused concerning this topic - that no political or current events allegory or commentary is being made in this story. It is a story about love between two people and the monumental circumstances that their love must endure. If there is any allegory or commentary or something thought provoking I wish to encourage in this story it is two questions: What makes someone, anyone, human? Is it simply a matter of genes or is it something more? Is the muscle growth scenarios we all love here REALLY something we would choose to do in the real world? Is the fantasy really what the reality would be like? My thanks to everyone who has supported me with encouragement, suggestions and criticism, questions, speculation, tips, etc. Especially @dredlifter who suggested the original idea when I was looking for a new story idea and who has given me suggestions and proofreading help along the way, and @SeaMusc who graciously allowed me to borrow some of his ideas and the universe he has set his stories in for this one. Please give a read to both of their sets of stories. You won't be disappointed. I have included links to various videos, more information, music etc that can enhance the experience and give some explanation to what I am presenting in the chapters. Feel free to use them. I have also included at the end of most chapters a graphic showing the relative size difference between John and Gabriel at that point in the story. I make references to and include characters based on the real world of bodybuilding. Although these persons are real, they are referenced only to enhance the realism of the story. Any actions described as being made by these real world persons is purely fictional. None of these individuals endorse this work. To Protect and Serve - Chapter 1 -The First Morning “Take me to the magic of the moment / On a glory night / When the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change/” ~ Scorpion, Wind of Change Prelude: Just imagine - You’re standing at attention with your peers in your best Class-A Uniform. All around you in the auditorium your friends, family, and fellow officers who can come are here to see the solemn occasion. A freshly earned, freshly shined badge has just been pinned on your chest by the Sheriff. You raise your right hand and take the oath. The oath is a bit different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but we boil its meaning down to one phrase - “To Protect and Serve.” So many have taken the oath. Some who took it did little things that made a big difference, while some risked their lives and paid the ultimate price. And some … well … some are special. This is the story of one of those special ones - no, he is even more than that. Though it was not his intention nor mine, he went beyond special. How do I know? He saved me. He has given me a life I could never have dreamed possible that first early morning. And what happened to him? Well, a transformation that is better in the telling. To those who take the oath as seriously as he did; To those who give it a new and bigger meaning as he did; to those who change more than they can imagine by repeating those words as he did, this story is dedicated. This is the story of what could happen if you could protect and serve many thousands of people, and just one man, me, in ways beyond your wildest imagination. ~ Gabriel York A deceptively small man hung his duty shirt onto a dry cleaners hanger and placed it in his locker. As he stood bare chested in the cool air, he appeared to be hiding his body, but he had nothing to be ashamed of - having a lithe but very tight build under that shirt. Nicely shaped, mounded pecs accompanied hard small orange sized biceps. A tight 6-pack graced his lower abdomen to an impossibly small looking waist. He was way better than most men of his age, no “dad bod” here to be sure. But, the man always felt self-conscious in the locker room despite the room being empty. He wasn’t one of THEM, something that had haunted him since high school. He lifted one booted foot and then the other onto a wooden bench before him. Loosening the laces and pulling the side zipper, he removed each boot. He held them in his hands like precious artifacts for just a moment, remembering the first time he put these on. Soon it would be his last, he mused. His time could go on as long as he wanted. But -- he questioned why. What had he done to stay on? What good had he really done? REALLY made a difference? It took but a few more minutes for him to put on his civilian duty clothes (a departmental polo, slacks, and loafers), secure his badge to his belt, and close his locker. Most locker rooms were replete with all sorts of combination locks, but not here. A few men and most of the women officers used them, but it wasn’t exactly necessary. You couldn’t be in a much safer place after all. Deputy Sergeant John Declann closed his locker for the millionth time and went to collect his personal sidearm from the gun locker clerk. He had no sooner than entered the hallway from the locker room, he heard a truly tremendous booming upper bass voice: “WHOA, ONE SIDE DECLANN.” Declann immediately pulled back into the doorway and looked up … and up, to see 5 men in a tight formation with shields and cell-entry equipment. Each one of them was every bit of 6 foot 4 inches plus - although tactical boots always made you look taller than you were. They were more like 6 foot 2 without them - but still, they all out-weighed John by at least 60 pounds of muscle. At his 5 foot 7 inches in height and in normal shoes, he felt positively TINY seeing them pass by. That was sort of the point of those uniforms - to try and intimidate anyone who saw what was coming - and it always did, at least it did Declann. They were in helmets and wore thick padded vests, under which were black t-shirt with black BDUs and those boots below. While those clothes were technically “loose,” they did little to hide every oversized muscle in their massive bodies. Gigantic arms stretched forth from sleeves that seemed to be straining to the breaking point. 2 pairs of arms were thick, powerlifter looking, and 3 more were supremely cut muscle. The CERT - Cell Extraction and Response Team - blew past him looking like they were heading to Mary-pod - the maximum security section. No doubt it was to remove an offender from a cell for morning counts who did not want to be removed. There was no question, he WOULD be removed, no matter what it took. The injury inflicted was entirely the offender’s choice. And, that amount of muscle and its overwhelming power could do plenty of that. Declann had tried out for both the CERT and SWAT teams years ago. But at his 165 pounds, it was deemed he just did not have the physical size necessary. “You have all the skills needed and more Deputy Declann,” he had been told. “You should be proud of that. But some other officers just beat you out in the scores. And we need you on the streets. That is where you belong.” Funny, he thought in a moment of jealousy. It was always those guys who were of larger than life proportions that got the spots, even if their skills were not as good as his. After the group had passed, Declann walked down the hall toward the sally port and stopped. He always did it at times like this, halting at the Officer’s Gym. He looked inside. It was rather quiet, normal at 0545 and shift change. Still, he could see some of the remnants of workouts by the big guys on the force. 45 pound plates left on the sides of incline bench press rack. What looked like 5 plates on a side on the bar on the squat rack. Dozens on the leg press sled. It was a bit of a mess, in truth, but most well used gyms were. Now, Declann was no physical slouch. He always kept in shape and his skills honed as the primary martial arts instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. He could have done well in that room, even though he was pushing 40 years old. Could have grown. But, he sighed and went on. There was just a part of him that never wanted to face big men in the gym. The injustice of being mocked for his smaller size and unfamiliarity with the equipment the one time he went in blazed in him still all these years later. He guessed the big men thought it was good natured fun, but it hurt Declann deeply. So, he kept to his body weight fitness room and small dojo set up in the garage at home. That made him feel less conspicuous. When it came to them, John always saw himself as a small man in boots that were a size too big. And yet - to so many others, he wasn’t that at all. He was everything that made police work an honorable profession. --- John Declann had wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Since his youngest days, he had been fascinated by police dramas on TV, how they always seemed to catch the bad guy no matter the odds. How they always saved people in distress. In his mind, there was no better calling. No better way to spend his life. He had the mind to be anything he wanted. He excelled in most subjects in school and was a top flight musician. But, those pursuits were not where he heart lay. He was a cop at heart by his teenage years, and he did everything he could to prepare himself. He took JROTC through high school, where he picked up his interest in martial arts and started Aikido lessons. Though he wasn’t the best at team sports, he blasted through the competition at his dojo. He became quite fit from the military style calisthenics workouts he adopted during ROTC summer camps. And, that fitness matched perfectly with his blooming skills with his hands and feet on the mats. Before high school was over, his featured had matured into those of a very fit, handsome young man with striking brown eyes. And he had his first degree black belt, the first degree of many. It took a nearly a year after graduating high school to get his first small town commission to the force. He spent his first 18 months in the jails, and then took and passed his Colorado POST exams. He had been a road officer ever since. Now, he was a Sergeant in the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office - an area not unknown for large scale crimes as it held the University of Colorado. “The Berkeley of the East” though had its full measure of minor offenses. But the area wasn’t exactly the worst gang spots in Denver either. He had for served with true distinction for nearly two decades since - being decorated for bravery multiple times for saving civilians lives under fire. He had saved those intent on suicide. He had even delivered a baby once in a convenience store, and the story made the local news. He had had plenty of hands-on run ins with offenders, but he gave way more than he got, never having much more than a bruise or a black eye on occasion. He just never saw what the community and his immediate superiors did - a good man, serving the people Boulder and the kids of the University the best way he knew how. --- John went out to his car - an unmarked Dodge - cranked it, and began the slow crawl toward the Turnpike then Wheat Ridge. One of the things he learned in his own initial officer training long ago was to never live in the county you worked in. It could always lead to problems with local offenders. So, it was up and over the Flatirons toward home. Even though traffic volume was already increasing as it spread toward Denver in the morning rush, his mind wandered as if on empty roads. He made the necessary turns though the city and came proximate to the University entrances, but was running his schedule through his mind. He was due for a weigh in at the doc’s today. And they usually took his measurements too. Height, waistline, all that stu -- John’s senses caught something in the barely lit dawn. Someone moving way too fast to be normally jogging to the right of his car. Moving toward campus. John slowed his vehicle and his brain went into observation mode. It captured the scene in moments with his practiced eyes and mind. A young man -- looking to be just outside of college age but could still belong to the University. Short, black hair. Trimmed beard. White button down shirt and navy slacks. Looked like there was some money invested in those clothes, certainly not cheap. Behind him, perhaps eight or so paces, was running - and running faster than the first - a white young man, shaved head, jeans and ratty t-shirt, tatted with jailhouse tattoos that stood out even under the fading street lamps. And, then John caught sight of a gun in the rear waistband of the second’s jeans. Semi-auto by the outline. Instinct took over. John turned his car in an instant, hit the flasher toggle for his lights, and wound with wildly fast, yet practiced precision toward the danger. Less than 20 seconds later, John pulled his car to a stop where his instincts said he could cut this off. “Boulder County Sheriff's Office -- ON THE GROUND NOW” John yelled as he leapt from his car and drew his weapon virtually simultaneously. The running suspect didn’t listen, just as John had expected. He instead broke his pursuit of the well-dressed man and taken off toward a side alleyway. But, John was good at his work. The offender was fast, but John - was FASTER. He holstered his weapon as he calculated his movements nearly autonomously. He had chosen his intercept point well. John calculated the takedown, knowing an almost undisputable, universal law - 95 percent of offenders have no idea of how to fight, and the remaining 5% seldom need to fight. And this one looked like the former. It took a few seconds, but just a few, for the whole pursuit to be over. Exactly two PPCT strikes and a normal compliance take down and the suspect wa on his back, with John twisting his arms and putting the handcuffs on. He never even had to hurt more than the punk’s pride. Once secured, John kept his knee in place just under the lower shoulder blades, cuffed arms resting on his quad, knowing a bodyweight advantage and leverage would be critical with this man who slightly outweighed him. “What’s your name?” John demanded as he patted down the suspect and quickly removed a 9mm weapon and several baggies of what looked like methamphetamine. “Fuck you” was the response. John smiled a bit and gave a half chuckle under his breath. He loved this a bit too much when it happened, and some mischievous streak in him just drove him to do it. “OK, Mister Fuk Yu. I am placing you under arrest for possession of an illegal firearm and possession of controlled substances. You have the right to remain silent …” John mirandized the “Mr. Fuck,” pulled him up to his feet, and maneuvered him the few yards to his car. He put the offender in the back seat and locked the door of his unmarked. The guy was going nowhere. Now, to more important matters. John made his way toward the young man being pursued - who had by now stopped and was almost collapsed on the sidewalk. Declann withdrew his cell, called 911, and requested uniformed officers to his location. He was upon the man on the sidewalk just as he hung up. John immediately knelt down to do a quick assessment of his condition. There were no obvious signs of trauma at the first once over. He then took a more careful look at the victim’s features. While he certainly wasn’t of student age, he was still under 30, John guessed. And, he was a very nice looking under 30 to boot. Blue eyes setting off dark, intense features. Old enough to just have the barest hint of a wrinkle at the eye but nothing else. John noted a rather slim body - the size of his own would have been were it not for his training in Aikido and Krav Maga. John felt a twinge of attraction. Yes, John was bisexual, but no one cared among his superiors anymore. Besides, he had always kept that part of himself separate when on duty. “You OK Sir? I can’t see any obvious injuries. Do you need an ambulance? ”John asked as he came and sat down at the man’s level. “Thank you . . . . officer, thank . . . you.” The man panted in reply with a pronounced British accent. “I was . . . just going toward my . . . lab . . . after my tea . . . when this fellow . . . started chasing me screaming at . . me. ” The young man was now gathering his breath, becoming easier to understand. John was a bit surprised to hear that English accent coming from him. Not unheard of, but still unusual in Boulder. “Did he assault you in any way?” The Englishman finally looked up to see John’s slightly older but obviously concerned and kind face. He visibly relaxed as he looked into John’s light brown eyes. “No, he never caught me but he was close. I am not exactly in running shorts and shoes here. But thanks to you, I’ll be OK. I do not know what would have happened if you had not arrived when you did.” “With what I found, I suspect he wanted to mug you. You are rather well dressed for campus, if I may observe. And, forgive me, if he heard you accent, you may have looked like an quick target as a tourist. When the uniform officers get here, you will need to give a statement to them, or you can give it to me if you prefer. We need to make sure this scumbag gets what he deserves.” “Of course. Anything I can do to assist, although I would be much happier speaking to you.” the man said giving just a hint of a smile. It was then that the uniformed officers in their black and white vehicles showed up. John excused himself for a moment, let the uniforms know what was going on, and allowed them to take the offender back to the jail for booking. John then returned to the man still sitting on the sidewalk. Pulling out a notebook he kept on him for times like this, John got all the pertinent information as he had done thousands of times before. Name, description of what happened, when, and why, if he knew. Any details the young man, who he had come to know as Gabriel York, may have remembered before, during, and after. As he took the statement, John became even more convinced this was an attempted mugging, perhaps for more drug money, maybe even more if that weapon came into play. Knowing he had all he needed, John said, “Finally, is there a way we can contact you if we have further questions. The staff from the District Attorney's office will be sure to want to speak with you about testimony if it comes to that. Although with the evidence we have, this one will probably plea. This is not his first time in jail.” Gabriel reached into his pocket for a very expensive-looking leather wallet and removed a business card. “This is my lab contact information. I am easiest to reach either here on campus or with my secretary. My other lab is ...a… well ... it is easier to reach me here. Again I can’t thank you enough, Sergeant.” “Believe me, Dr. York, it was my pleasure. I am just glad you are safe and sound.” John said. “Are you OK to go on your own or would you like me to escort you to your lab? I would be happy to do so.” “Thank you sir, but I think I’ll be fine. My lab is just over the hill in the Biological Sciences building.” Gabriel replied. “OK” John said, handing Gabriel a card of his own with his name, rank, and contact information on it. “This is my card. If you need anything or remember anything else, please do not hesitate to call me anytime, day or night.” “Of course. Sergeant Declann.” The Englishman arose with a friendly hand from John. Almost as an afterthought as he was leaving, York turned around. “Oh, Sergeant Declann, by the way. I do ….ah… certain work down at the Federal Center in Denver. I will have to report this incident to my superiors there and to the British consulate. In case there is testimony or something as you said. They may wish to speak with you. Just to make sure. You understand?” John nodded. Ah, he works with the feds as an international scholar of some kind, and the red tape must be dealt with. “Of course. No problem at all. I’m proximate to the Federal Center half the time anyway.” York nodded an ascent and turned again to walk away. John stood a moment watching - and admiring - Dr. York move until he was sure he was alright AND that he was moving toward the Biology building. He turned around and began to make his way back to his car. As he did, he looked down at the card: Gabriel York, MD. PhD., FACS Research Director/Professor of Medicine Advanced Bio-neurological Applications Project University of Colorado School of Medicine Hmmm, John thought. He looked a damned sight young to be in such a prestigious job, a full professor under 30 and with two doctorates at least. And a fellow of the ACS -- so why talk to the Consulate? John’s “detective sensor” started to sound off in his mind. This advanced applications thing wasn’t a program he was familiar with, but there were so many new research projects on campus these days. But, as soon as the “alert” came, he let it go. Probably a government grant given what he said about the Federal Center. John was reviewing the incident in his mind for his own after action report as he pulled onto the highway. Suddenly, there was a loud roar of a horn and air brakes. John never even saw the tractor trailer that plowed into his car, crumpling it in an instant like so much tissue paper and driving it 30 yards down the highway. Two Hours Later-- Trauma room one at the University of Colorado Hospital was abuzz with activity. At least a dozen doctors, nurses, and specialist technologists in yellow plastic smocks and shields hovered over a trauma bed doing a myriad of tasks to the man laying there. “What do we have?” the lead trauma surgeon said as he came into the room and took up control of the life-saving operation. On of the smocked figures raised up and stepped back, raising his shield. “John Declann, Caucasian male, age 39. Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy. MVA - car versus tractor/trailer. Passenger was in a seatbelt with airbags deployed but required extraction by fire-rescue. Initial assessment shows superficial cranial abrasions, with most likely a simple concussion. No evidence of other cranial, brain, or upper spinal injuries. Seat belt bruising pattern is highly indicative of internal organ disruption, but nothing so far on physical examination and plain films of the abdomen. Lacerated and collapsed left lung, re-inflated with chest tube. Pneumothorax proximate to same lung injury also responding. Initial x-rays show compromised T-12 vertebral body and possible pelvic fracture. No apparent lower limb trauma beyond cuts and bruises from extrication from the vehicle. CT scans are coming up now for the spinal and pelvic injury areas. This was a driver’s side T-bone crash. I think that this guy’s level of fitness is why we’re talking about saving his life and not pronouncing him.” the lead resident efficiently rattled off. The lead surgeon took a look at the patient, and agreed with the resident’s assessment. John was alive because of his trained, flexible, body and more than a little random chance. But what kind of life was it going to be? The doctor walked over to the computer terminal screens and pulled up the CT scans. The pelvis showed a simple left side Ilium fracture. Non-displaced. Something the orthopods could deal with easy enough. He then flipped to the scan of John’s spine -- and frowned. “Fuck,” he said under his breath as he looked. He sat down on a stool and zoomed, in, out, rotated, and closely examined the different views provided by the technology. The burst fracture was unmistakable and at precisely the worst spot for leg function. As he walked back to John, the doctor barked orders to the residents and nurses, while he removed an ink pen from his pocket. He ran the pen up first one foot and then the other. Goddamnit, he thought. The veteran doc’s heart sunk even more. “Get neurosurg here stat. Tell them severe impact, burst fracture at T-12, CT visualization and reflex response indicative of cord injury.” The room went silent for a moment before carrying on. It was always hard to treat an officer. Much less for this. The supervising physician turned and again just looked at the radiology. The soft tissue injuries were no walk in the park, but were easily fixable, recoverable in just a few weeks, the pelvis in a couple of months, except …. that. There was no hope for that, in his experience. This man would be paralyzed. Five minutes later the head of neurosurgery looked at the same CT scans, and came to the same conclusion. No hope. They could do an exploratory, check and see if by some miracle there was just pressure on the cord from a fragment, but not likely. Better to just do a vertebral stabilization with the orthopods, but his chances to recover function … Declann had been stabilized and was ready for transfer to have his lung laceration repaired. As he was about to be moved, another man in a white coat burst into the trauma room. One look from him toward John, and his eyes moistened. “I...I...can’t believe it.” the black haired man wept at the side of the bed. “I had to be sure.” The man almost looked skyward, “Why him?” Gabriel tenderly wiped a finger down John’s cheek. “Gabriel?” the head of neuro looked up. “What are you doing here? Do you know this man?” “This man, he saved my life this morning, not even four hours ago. Kept me from getting mugged by this man with a gun. Everyone heard the crash and when I saw that the wreckage was his car. Is he going to be OK?” Gabriel was out of breath and had obviously lost clinical detachment between the events of this morning and the shock of seeing the officer who had been so kind and patient with him lying there. He would have been removed if treatment were still going on, but it was basically complete save moving him to OR. The two attendings just nodded toward the computer screens with the radiology still on it. Gabriel walked from John’s head side, looked, and was overcome with remorse and guilt. Had he just been at his normal time, 15 minutes later, none of this would have happened. But, he just HAD to check on a minor experiment. And now, this man lay here because of him. Gabriel zoomed in to the machine’s maximum sensitivity. He looked again and again. Through a choking voice, Gabriel looked around and almost whispered. “Jack, can you send me these scans please? To my secondary lab.” The lead neurosurgeon looked horrified, searching for a reason not to. “Gabriel. You can’t be serious. You know I can’t do that. It violates protocol, federal law--” Gabriel cut him off, almost angrily “Jack you know I can take care of that with one call to Washington.” “What are you going to do?” Jack asked, never having seen such anger in the young, brilliant surgeon and scientist. “IF I can, if there is anything I can do, I am going to try and help this man.’ “You can’t have a man as a lab r--. I can’t sanc---” Jack stumbled. Gabriel stood to his full height, taking on an almost military bearing. “You know I can and will go over your head if I have to. I will have him removed if I must.” Gabriel took a breath and seemed to calm a bit. “Jack I am not promising that I can or will do anything, I do not know if there is anything to do. But I have to try. I owe it to him. He is here because of me. I have to try or I’ll never forgive myself.” Jack knew Gabriel could follow through on his threats in an instant. He had seen some small manifestations of Gabriel’s connections to political power before, and he knew that interference in hospital functions was the very least of what he could do. As much as Jack detested it, with this kind of anger Gabriel could bring down the mountain on top of his whole hospital. But, as it was, there was nothing anyone could do for Officer Declann, not even York. Jack just silently waved his fingers in a gesture of defeat, nodded an ascent, and transferred access to Gabriel as primary attending physician. “Thank you Jack. I owe you about 10 times over for this.” “I WILL HOLD YOU TO THAT,” the older surgeon replied, his voice suddenly sharpened. “And I insist on one thing. Before you present him any of those things you do that I do not have a clue about, you will at least get his consent.” Gabriel looked like he had been shot himself and his voice shook, “I would NEVER do anything to harm him.” York turned on a heel and left the room, walking out of the ER doors, and toward his car in the parking lot. As soon as he was in the vehicle with the door closed, he pulled from his pocket an encrypted cell phone with just one number it could access, locked to his fingerprint. A male voice answered in military precision, “Yes, Doctor York?” “Codeword Ariana. I want the full computer network prepped for simulator study based on some CT scans that will be coming from CU Trauma ER shortly. Run the program with emergent parameters and stand by to report when I get there. Not a proof of concept level scan, Don, but full cellular level calculations. I am leaving the hospital now. We have 24 hours at the most to complete simulations. And...ah.. Don. This is important to me, personally.” “Yes SIR,” the sharp voice on the other end said. Gabriel could not quite understand what he was feeling, this pull toward this man. He didn’t know the man existed six hours ago. Sure, there was guilt and anger and sadness. But, he just could not remove from his mind those eyes he saw this morning. Those haunted, caring brown eyes. Something about him. This John Declann. He did not know what. But he saw it in his eyes. He deserved more than this, and Gabriel would find out why. He would make it happen, he willed it to happen as he drove toward the freeway. This good man would walk again.
  7. tereshky

    growth Loads of Success (Chapter 2)

    A strange man in a grey hat and coat walks into people's lives. With a quip and a smirk and little white card, the darkest desires of your heart can be yours. But be careful what you ask, some dreams might be best left untrue. (If you are new to Jack and his perverse wish fulfillment, buckle up for a wild ride. For those of you familiar with the original series, I've turned it into a novel with even more intrigue, sex and growth.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: Guys Are Going to Notice. A skinny kid gets a chance to make his ultimate dream come true but learns a lesson about saying too much. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CJ slammed the door to his dorm room. “Pathetic… that’s what that was…. Just pathetic...” He didn’t understand, he was a nice guy, he had career ambitions, but all the girls wanted from him was friendship. He was particularly desolated today. He’d just asked Carly if she wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. They’d been hanging out so much recently, she’d be so nice, he just knew he was doing everything right. He also knew that she had nothing to do when she told him she’d be busy. She’d told him a few days ago that she never did anything during the school week and here she was suddenly busy every day. “What is it about me that they hate?” He said looking into a mirror. In truth he knew. His t-shirt sagged over his bony shoulders. His stick thin arms, rather than filling the sleeves, rattled around inside of them like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. His torso had no shape what so ever. It was just a wiry frame that clothes were draped over rather than fitted to, as if they were hanging out to dry. People liked him. He had a great sense of humor. It’s just that they always wanted to be his friend and never anything more. Every time a girl rejected him it just sent his confidence tumbling to the ground in shattered pieces. He felt sure it would work this time. He’d been working on Carly for a month. She had begun texting him to hang out after class when she was bored. Surely if anyone would say yes it’d be her. His phone began to buzz from his best friend Tom. He’d told him about the rejection. Tom was always there to swoop in and pick up the shattered pieces. “Hey man, why don’t we go out tonight, get your mind off Carly.” He texted. CJ sighed, he probably should, he thought. But for now he needed to lie down. Later that night he and Tom were at a local dive bar. It was the only one that would take CJ’s fake ID. He was almost 21 but he had the face of a 17 year old. “Don’t worry about her man.” Tom said. “There’s plenty of chicks out there. You just gotta find the right one!” CJ looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Yeah, I just have to find one who’s into adopting lost puppies.” He said, thinking he looked like a stray that had been out on the streets for too long. “Don’t worry man, you’ve got this. I know this girl who just turned single. She may need a shoulder to cry on!” “Every time girls lean on my shoulder they complain that’s too bony and poking them in the head.” CJ said getting tipsy. “Well let her cry on your back. You’ve got to keep trying man.” Tom said, realizing it was time for his friend to get back to his dorm. The two paid up and made their way out to the street then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened occurred. Carly walked past arm and arm with Mike, a lacrosse player from their dorm. CJ looked at his bulging biceps that stretched his t-shirt realizing he’d never have that kind of frame. “Awww fuck...” Was all he said. It was bad enough getting rejected but then getting showed all the ways he didn’t measure up in so clear a way was devastating. Suddenly the alcohol hit and he ran to a bush to throw up. He got back to the dorm alone around eleven that night a complete mess. He kicked his work table, causing the ceramic mascot to fall to the floor and break in half. “Jesus CJ, you should be more careful. That little guy had sentimental value after all,” came a voice from behind. CJ whipped around, and then quickly stabilized himself as he was still very tipsy. He was staring at a large, olive skinned man, wearing a grey stetson, leather gloves, and a dark overcoat, open at the front, revealing a matching three piece suit. The man was staring at him with piercing green eyes. “What’re you? The Mafia?” “Well I suppose that would be one way to end your misery but no, your life isn’t quite that interesting.” The figure said in reply. “Well then who’re you and how’d you get in here?” CJ asked. “The name’s Jack. But I believe the question you should be asking is what I can do for you.” He walked up to the lopsided student. “All your life people have looked down on you for your size. People tease you, call you a refugee, even your family pokes fun at how many of your ribs they can see. You must be tired of that, but fortunately for you, I can help.” “Look I don’t know what yer sellin but...” CJ was suddenly interrupted as Jack leaned forward and put gloved finger to his mouth. “Clarence John Stevens, you should listen more than you speak. Why do you think Carly chose that man over you?” Jack asked. “Well because he’s got muscles and I’m… wait how do you know my name or any of this?” “I know everything about you Clarence. I also know how to help. It’s your lucky night. I can give you anything you ask for.” He reached into his suit and pulled out a card that simply had the name Jack the Giver, written on it in fine flowing script. “Just take the card and make a wish.” CJ took the card and stared at it. “Uhhhh…. What?” “Just make a wish, unless you’d rather spend the rest of your life like this.” Jack replied pointing to CJ’s emaciated frame. “Fine then I wish I had muscles… like crazy muscles… like a sex machine." His mind flashed to Mike and how easy it was for him to get girls. "So big that all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice! Guys like Mike!” CJ said as his mind wandered drunkenly. As soon as he finished the card burst into flame and disappeared without a trace burning his fingertips. “What the hell man!” He shouted to Jack but when he looked up the room was empty. The only evidence that anything had just happened was the tingling pain in his fingers. “Jesus I need to stop with the tequila...” He said, pulling his shirt off and collapsing on his bed and passing out. The next morning CJ woke up with a splitting headache. His body felt funny and he told himself that he should probably take the morning to recoup from last night. Sitting up in bed he stared at the mirror hanging on his wall and gasped. Instead of ribs he was looking at a pair of pecs. His arms were thick and shapely. He looked like a swimmer. “Oh shit… I’m having a stroke…” He said, thinking he was hallucinating. He looked down and felt his torso, the abs he was seeing were real. He could feel them individually. He cupped his right pec in his hand, feeling it’s size and weight. “Jesus I look like a model. That crackpot wasn’t joking.” He stood up and pulled his jeans off, his lower body was toned too and the bulge in his briefs was impressive too. He got ready and put his clothes on for the day. For the first time in his life they fit him beautifully. Things were going to be different now. He couldn’t wait to show his friends, what would they say? He couldn’t wait to see. He didn’t have long to wait before he ran into Tom who was waiting for him on his way to class. “Hey man.” He said to Tom, who was startled at this stranger who came up to him. “Uh… hey...” Tom replied, feeling like he looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before. “You don’t recognize me? It’s CJ.” Tom squinted, he did look a lot like CJ, particularly the face but… it couldn’t be. His voice was deeper and… that body. “Ha ha, nice try man. Is he hiding in the bushes somewhere? I’m impressed, the two of you could be twins almost.” “No seriously… it’s me… I uhhh… something happened last night after you dropped me off at the dorm.” “What…?” The two went back and forth for a few minutes until Tom felt like testing it. “Ok if it’s really you tell me one thing that I’ve only told to you that you’d never tell to anyone else on this campus.” “You mean that you’re secretly into guys?” CJ whispered. “You know I’d never tell anyone that without your permission.” “Shit man!” Tom stared blankly at his now hot friend. “Is this some new protein supplement or something?” “It’s much much weirder.” CJ said and he told him what happened. Then he pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs. “Well… I guess some people get all the luck.” Tom said, feeling up his friend’s six pack to see that it was real. CJ flexed it for him which made Tom’s cock twitch. He quickly pulled away. “So… are you going to try it again with Carly now?” “Fuck her man.” CJ said. “There are plenty of chicks on this campus that didn’t break my fucking heart.” They walked together to the meal hall CJ noticed people checking him out. Curious girls and jealous guys, and dudes looking to measure up were all eyeing him. Not to mention Tom. He could see his friend checking him out whenever he thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t know what to make of that. More pressing on his mind however, was a table of hot girls. One was particularly hot and she’d been seriously checking him out since he sat down. “Excuse me Tom.” He said walking over to her. “Hey, my name’s CJ, I was wondering if you were busy tonight.” “Uh yeah, we’ve having a girls night...” one of her friends started to talk and the girl gave her a stone glare to shut her up. “My name’s Briana, you have something in mind?” She said. “Dinner at 6?” And they exchanged numbers. CJ’s mind was blown how easy it was with the right body. He couldn’t think of anything else but his date until they arrived arrived at the Italian restaurant at the same time. They walked in together and started to chat away. He’d never had anyone look at him the way she was staring and realized he was actually going to get laid tonight for the first time. The idea made him horny and a strange thing happened. His balls seemed to vibrate and gurgle as if they were hungry for action. They began to swell. He could feel them getting tighter in his briefs. “Yeah so I’ve been into sports all my life. I’m just too busy to sign up for anything varsity...” He lied. Suddenly he felt his pecs bounce in his shirt. “Whoah sorry I guess I just...” It happened again this time his biceps flexed with his pecs. “What the...” Suddenly his entire torso was flexing in unison. But each time his shirt felt a little tighter. He was beginning to grow again. “What’s happening… to you?” Briana said. “I uhh… don’t...” Suddenly his polo shirt began to rip at the V. “Sorry, I have to” RIIIIP another convulsive burst of growth ripped his shirt right in half in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ve got to run.” He said, jumping up, nearly knocking over the table. He reached in his wallet and threw some cash down and ran out. He tugged at the shirt that was pinned on his arms but another flex caused his sleeves to pop off, leaving him shirtless. Every massive rounded muscle was on display. His unfulfilled balls continued to vibrate and swell until they grew to the size of large lemons and caused his 8’’ soft cock to soak cum into his jeans. He ran into his dorm in a blind panic and struggled to pull off his tight jeans before they ripped apart. “Uhhh hello?” CJ looked up to see Tom sitting at his desk staring at him. “What are you doing here?” CJ asked in a panic. “Studying? You said I could study here while you were out.” Tom looked at him. “What were you doing without your shir… woah you’ve been growing again.” He looked at his friend’s completely jacked bod as he struggled with his jeans. He looked bigger than an NFL quarterback. His giant package bounced around in his briefs as he struggled to get them off before they burst. Tom blushed. “Maybe I should leave if you’ve got company coming.” “No! Please stay! I don’t know what’s happening!” He said as he finally got his pants off and collapsed on the bed. “I was eating with Briana and my body started swelling again… in the restaurant… god I was so close to getting laid!” He said banging the wall in frustration. “I’m so fucking horny and I have to hide back here!” Tom watched CJ stretch himself out on the bed, his large semi-hard cock poked out of the top of his briefs and one of the lemon sized nuts bulged from one of the leg holes. CJ had gone from someone he wouldn’t have looked twice at to a complete fantasy just laying there. “I mean there are worse problems...” “God these briefs are killing me.” CJ groaned. “Then why don’t I leave and you can take them off.” Tom said trying to do his best to be supportive but he felt like if he staid in the room much longer he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. “No, please, don’t leave me. I… don’t want to be more alone than I was before this started.” CJ said. He pulled his briefs off and looked at his huge package. “Fuck man this is crazy...” “Uh… yeah… crazy” Tom couldn’t control his throbbing hard on as his friend checked himself out completely naked. CJ was so horny from his unfulfilled date that he couldn’t help but touch his 10’’ member. Some cum started to flow when suddenly he was interrupted. “Awww fuck man, you can’t just do that in front of me.” Tom said going down on his massive cock, flipping his ball cap on backwards to suck it properly. CJ was shocked by the suddenness of it and he grabbed his friend to push him off but it felt so good having his cock sucked. No one had ever given him a blow job before and Tom was clearly an expert. “Woah… you’re really good at this...” “I go to this basement club in the city. I’ve got lots of practice.” Tom said taking his mouth off the swollen cock for just long enough to talk before diving back down on it. That only made CJ’s balls more excited and they began to swell again, flooding his brain with sex hormones. His entire body felt incredible as his muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the pounds slowly piled on again. This time less violently. Tom pulled his shirt off. He’d been working out since highschool, his body was pretty fit. CJ watched his toned friend work on his cock, the hormones and endorphins were imprinting this as hot into his malleable brain that had never done anything sexual with anyone before. He let out some groans… Tom was encouraged and pulled the rest of his clothes off. Fucking his towering friend was going to be the hottest night of his life. He didn’t realize that CJ had grown five pounds since they started. Tom clambered up on top of the massive bod in front of him and wedged the cock between his ass cheeks and started to jerk it with his ass. Fit as Tom was their differences in size were pretty stark. The toned twink was climbing all over a mountain of a man. “Woah… what are we doing?” CJ groaned. “I’m not gay.” “Nobody said you were, stud. We can stop if you want.” He said, slowing down. He’d dealt with virgins before. It was always good to take things slowly. “No… it’s just not how I imagined my first time.” “I think you’re just too much man for just one gender. The girls are gonna love riding that massive pole.” Tom said to egg him on. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah that’s right.” Tom said as he placed his hole on the tip of CJ’s cock. “Just like this.” He said as he sank down on that massive member. As his cheeks got spread apart his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. “Fuck yeah!” They both grunted. Tom looked amazing going up and down on that huge member wearing nothing but a choker necklace and a backwards cap. That vision along with the feeling of Tom's ass wrapping itself around his massive meat wear seared into CJ’s brain as the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Tom reached for his phone and started snapping pics of him riding that huge monster, getting as much of CJ in the frame as possible. It wasn’t long until he came inside Tom. There was so much cum Tom could feel it pumping him up as he reached down and felt his abs curving around his filling belly. Without warning he came too and pulled out, gushing cum flowed out of his ass as he did. They looked at each other and blushed. “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had.” Tom said, looking down, “I was going to go eat but I think I’m full now.” He said holding his ab lined food/cum baby. The two of them cuddled for the rest of the night and Tom helped him clean up in the morning. “I think we should shower off now.” Tom whispered to his 250 lb friend but the showers were out in the hall. Tom grabbed two towels and they wrapped them around their waists and went out to shower. Tom didn’t give a fuck about what anybody thought about his sexuality anymore, he’d just had his mind blown by a massive virgin. They went out into the hall wearing towels so they could shower off in the communal bathrooms. CJ picked the largest shower stall for himself and began to lather up but soon Tom poked his head in. “Mind if I join?” He asked without really waiting for an answer. He just went down on that massive cock as the water poured all over them. Fortunately for them it was 10 am by this point and most people had already showered. CJ gripped the sides of the stall as his body started to add on a few more pounds of raw muscle. Tom looked so small in comparison. However the bathroom wasn’t completely empty and it wasn’t difficult to see what they were doing. Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and to their shock it was Mike, the lacrosse player that they had seen two nights earlier wearing nothing but a towel. “What’s going on in here?” “Uhh… nothing man… we just...” CJ was at a loss for words at being caught like this. “A bit risky isn’t it? I know the RA really well and she reports shit like this.” He said sternly. Then he whipped off his towel. “I also know she wont be out of class until three.” He said with a grin. Pushing the two of them back into the stall and closing the curtain. Tom gasped “I didn’t know you were into guys, Mike.” He grinned, “I didn’t know I was either… but this seemed super hot, who’s your friend?” He said stroking CJ’s enormous dick. “Uh… Mike… this is… Chris...” Tom said realizing that they didn’t really have any other explanation than to re-introduce him as someone new. “He just enrolled.” “Fuck yeah...” Mike said before licking CJ’s enormous pecs. “Damn that’s fuckin hot.” Tom got doubly aroused by what was happening and began to play with Mike’s nips while putting his cock head against Mike’s ass hole. Mike began to thrust against Tom’s cock as he went down on CJ who dwarfed even this ripped athlete. Three weeks later there was a new attraction at the Tom’s favorite club. CJ or “Chris” as he now went by was the new stripper / rent boy. People paid all kinds of money to fuck him in the back room. All kinds of guys got turned on by Chris which is why you should be careful what you wish for. One drunken line about your male rivals could alter how it comes true. "...all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice!” And they did.
  8. Chapter 1 Cal was searching frantically in the supply room. “Let’s go, boys! On the field in five!” Shit shit shit.” His first practice and he didn’t have a uniform. He counted himself lucky to be on the football team as a freshman, but being late to his first practice wouldn’t bode well for his future. His parents had helped him buy his own set of pads, pants, and cleats, but he was supposed to get a jersey from the school. If it wasn’t for his ass of a math teacher he would’ve been early to get a jersey, but now he was shit out of luck. Pushing aside old bags of deflated balls and pads that still reeked of B.O., his hopes dashed by a jersey only to find a huge tear in it. He could feel his heartbeat faster as he counted down the seconds. “Fuckin finally!” Pulling a jersey out of the corner, he inspected it quickly. Still sporting the school colors but in an almost retro design. No holes, rips, and it didn’t smell that bad, it was, however, nearly 4 sizes too large. Standing at a proud 6’0 and 183 lbs, Cal was a size large, an xl accounting for his pads. Checking the tag, it was a size 5xl. Putting it on, cursing his luck. Checking in the mirror, the collar and sleeves were disproportionately huge, the waist billowing halfway down his thighs. Still, it was manageable and would probably last until he could get a fresh jersey. Running out to the field, his oversized jersey billowing around him. The other players were already on the field doing warmups, Coach Stevens off to the side talking to the quarterback and a couple of other seniors. Joining everyone else for what seemed like a couple of laps around the field, Cal took the opportunity to check out his fellow teammates. It was hard to tell under everyone’s gear, but it looked like Cal was the biggest freshman there. He was still clearly outmatched by some of the more seasoned athletes. Still, he was proud of how far he’d come. He spent his junior high years playing soccer and only recently started lifting weights in his free time. By the time Summer started, the repeated soccer practices and games started to lose their excitement. It had started out fun, the competition, the training, the wins. But after a few weeks, it didn’t seem as exhilarating. Soon lured by the intensity of football, Cal found himself admiring the lifestyle. The games, the intensive training, the social life. Starting in June, he began working out, increasing his calorie intake, and even started taking supplements. He remembered fondly the thrill of first seeing the fruits of his labor. After two weeks of his regiment, he felt his shirtsleeves starting to bunch up over his biceps. Soon he could feel his pecs start to press out against the fabric. He practiced flexing in the mirror, seeing his muscle tone increase week by week. By the time Fall came around, he proudly marked his progress over the summer in his head: 1 inch taller and 23 lbs of bulk added to his powerful frame. Cal could feel his pulse beginning to rise as he quickened his pace. The excitement of actually being on the field, Cal tried to take it all in. The smell of sweat and fresh grass filling his lungs, his cleats digging into the field as he jogged ahead. Completing their laps, the players gathered round for a quick introduction and an overview of their games for the season. Remorsefully, Cal accepted that he wouldn’t be able to play most of the season’s games. Going out on the field in groups, Cal paired himself up with two other freshman newbies for some beginner tackles. Trusting his size and abilities, Cal prepped himself to rush the faux quarterback and the poor guy protecting him. The ball was thrown and Cal launched himself at the receiver, taking him down in a tumble. Cal could feel his muscles vibrating with energy as he jumped back up, ready to go again. That whole afternoon, it seemed like nothing could tire him. They kept going until sunset. By then everyone was ready to collapse, but Cal felt like he could keep going for hours. Getting home and tossing off his sweaty clothes, he got into the shower. Feeling the heat from his pumped muscles escape into the frigid water, Cal relaxed his energized body. As the water crept up in temperature, he paid close attention to his groin. Proud of what he had for his age, Cal soaped up his schlong and balls. Swinging to its full 6.5 inches, he gently stroked it. Getting out of the shower, his hard on bouncing up and down, Cal started to towel off his muscular torso. Looking down, he could feel something off about his point of view. His normally small but hard pecs looked bigger, protruding further out. Checking himself in the mirror, he could tell his frame was much thicker than it was that morning. Jumping on the scale, it read 195. “195? What the fuck?!” Out of nowhere, a deep voice behind him chuckled, “Awesome right?”
  9. Absdisplay

    growth Shopping for new clothes

    (I threw a few visuals in the story. The pictures are all of my own bod btw) Shopping was never really my thing, I never really put too much effort into my wardrobe. I was the kind of nerd, even at 19, whose mom bought him his clothes, and although she always made sure to select matching outfits, I was never able to guarantee that they would match on any given day. Today I wore a checkered shirt with a striped pair of shorts. My friend Aaron was quick to comment. "Dude, I'm no runway model but stripes and checkered patterns is a no go." I looked at him like he was my nagging mother. "Don't need to tell me how to dress. At least I can find clothing that fits without stretching." I looked over to a nearby table directly at Mike, a comparatively fit jock who wore 2 sizes too small to show off. I mean he sure had a bit of muscle, much more than I had, but nothing to be impressed about. "You shouldn't be talking, you can't even do 10 pushups." "Hey!" I replied defensively. In fact I could do 10 rather easily, maybe 20. But okay, I didn't really know the first thing about a gym. But hey, the interest was there, I'd pick it up if I wasn't so embarrassed and self-conscious about myself. Lunch ended faster than I had hoped, and everyone scuddled out like ants in a waterfall. "I'm going to take you shopping, Steve." I looked up at Aaron. "No way! I wanted to finish this escort mission, tonight. It's probably going to be the whole night..." "C'mon! That can wait. I'll drag you there if I have to." I was reluctant but after several minutes of annoying me, Aaron managed to get his way. I was pretty easy to persuade if you asked enough times. "All right, just get on my bus after phys ed. I'm in walking distance of the outlets." Physical education was the last class of the day. And I was dreading it. Today, climbing was on the plan, and while that sounded pretty cool, it was rather frustrating for someone with no technique and no biceps to compensate, plus a number of rowdy students egging on their peers at every opportunity. Candace was one of the best climbers in the class. She weighed no more than a feather and had been climbing avidly since her early childhood. Samuel was a lean dude with some good skills, but he was certainly full of himself. He'd made sure everyone was aware of the new abdominal muscles that were becoming visible. But Mike of course would mention it didn't count on a skinny dude. Still much more than I could imagine... As Samuel was finishing up a relatively difficult trail, I was watching the clock edge toward 2:45. And although the final seconds were excruciatingly slow, time did not in fact stop, and we were all released promptly to change before the buses left. I hurried into the locker room and changed as quickly as I could, back into my never matching outfit. I must have been in too much of a hurry, because I knocked over my backpack, spilling all my books and pencils onto the ground. Damn, I thought, as I noticed my bottle of allergy pills had fell out inconveniently and the contents had spilled out onto the floor. Fuck it, I thought. I need these today, or I am going to be suffering at the mall... I quickly collected the scattered pills and, somewhat embarrassed, hurried out of the locker room into the halls. It didn't take long before I ran into Aaron and we were making our way over to bus 7. I had a car and had really wished I had taken it now, since bus 7 is the worst of all. It stops literally everywhere and the bus driver is too frail to prevent chaos running loose on the bus. But it didn't take all that long before we were approaching Aaron's street. I was feeling a bit uneasy from the ride and my nose a bit stuffy, so I took an allergy pill or two for good measure. We didn't even bother stopping by Aaron's place once we left the bus. I was just hoping we'd be through ASAP so I could still fit in my escort mission tonight... Achoo! "I thought you took an allergy pill in the bus," Aaron said dishearteningly as I swallowed another one. "Yeah, but it didn't seem to help very much, what's another going to hurt?" "Can you OD on them?" "Fuck if I know! I don't think a handful of allergy pills is going to kill me, though. Don't scare me, dude!" "You're fine!" Aaron said reassuringly. "Let's check out this store here, I haven't been in here before." "All right, fine." We hopped into the next shop and Aaron started to compare styles and price tags. I was a bit overwhelmed to be perfectly honest, but Aaron assured me that he would take on the burdon. "Your clothing is baggy as shit. Get with the times. Slim fit or skinny?" "Ummm I don't know. Slim." "Have you tried to wear skinny before? It might look good on you." I rolled my eyes. Why did he even bother asking? "C'mon, give it a shot. Just try it on." "All right, but hey Aaron, I'm not feeling so great. I am feeling... Idk I'm like sore everywhere." "Maybe from the climbing? Stop trying to get out of this. Would you rather have your mom buy you clothes til your retired?" "Okay, okay just give me the jeans. I'll go find a changing room." A nice woman who had clearly overheard much of our conversation had then pointed me toward the next changing room. There was a line of three but it was bearable. The one guy in front of me was just checking his phone and in front of him was a young couple. They were rather cute and looked fairly athletic. *BUUURP* Oh fuck! I quickly raised my hands to cover my mouth. That was embarrassing. The dude in front of me clearly noticed my gassiness, but the couple seemed unphased. Aaron came over with a couple of shirts and a laugh on his face. "Dude, use your manners. Never heard something like that come from you!" I became a bit red in the face. "XS? Don't you think that's a bit small on me?" "You are small Steve! I got an XS and an S, just see what fits you and what your comfortable in." "Looks like just a plain white tee to me, you call that fashion?" "Sometimes less is more, just get your ass in there and try it on!" And so I did. I unbuttoned my striped shorts and carefully removed my plaid shirt. I don't recall it being so difficult this morning... I put on the skinny jeans - damn, now I get why they call them that - followed by the XS T-shirt. But before I could walk out to show Aaron, I heard a worrisome noise come from the jeans. No! Did they just tear?? These must have been really skinny. Oh no! What am I supposed to do now? They're going to make me buy them and I don't even really got in them. This is just turning out splendid! I cried inwardly. Maybe no one will notice? I looked up at the mirror to identify where the tear could be. But I was not braced for what I saw. Holy fuck! I think I said this aloud, quietly but nonetheless... I looked up and saw how the white XS T-shirt clung helplessly to my body, wrapping itself through what appeared to be deep crevices criss-crossing across my torso. Since when did I have a six pack? I lifted up my shirt and indeed underneath "hid" six blocky abdominals made of dense muscle. Above them were two massive chest muscles that I had never seen before. And there was no chance at hiding my nipples. This shirt was definitely a few sizes too small. You could even see veins snaking their way viscously down my enlarged arms. I looked like a normal size dude with a serious pump. And there it came again! The sound of fabric giving way to my growing muscular body. What the hell do I do now? My legs look ridiculous. "Aaron! Can you give me the slim fit? And some baggy jeans to try on?" "Dude, show me how it looks. It can't be that tight on you." Aaron tried to open the non-lockable door to the changing room, but I used all my new found strength to counter his attempt. "Dude I need my privacy!" RIIIP. "What was that?" Aaron asked, rather worrisome. That was the T-shirt... I looked up at my rock hard body. Oh wow, what is happening?? Everything looked denser and thicker with every moment. Under the direct overhead lighting, my abdominals were casting unbelievable shadows to reveal what could be mistaken for an 8-pack. Yes, that's 8, at least when I flex them tight. Riiiiiiiiip No, no, no! I squealed audibly. The jeans were no more. I stood there now in just a skimpy pair of boxer briefs that I recall used to cover much more of my lower body than they did now. "Steve, is everything all right?" "Um yeah, everything is fine." I was a bit enchanted by my new form. "Please Aaron, get me a size 40." "Are you kidding me? I'm getting you a size 32. Don't fuck with me." Aaron headed off and I peeked out through the door to examine the battleground. Thank God, no one was waiting in line. Just an older woman a ways off in the corner, too busy with her phone to notice anything real. Now's my chance! I scurried out of the changing room, nearly naked and ran down the hall to where the bathroom was. As I forcefully slammed open the door, a younger guy turned around, clearly startled to see the 135 turned 180lb shredded beast slam open the door in undersized boxer shorts. I rushed to the stall and locked myself in. Fuck, what am I going to do now? Is this going to go away? Maybe I should just wait? Great, and my backpack is still in the changing room.... Wait the backpack! The pills? Did they do this to me? What the hell is going on here? "Steve!" Aaron shouted, peeking into the men's bathroom. "Are you in here? Are you ok dude?" I decided to answer. At least I could lock the door here. "Yeah, um I think it's my allergies. Could you give me the pills in my backpack?" "Sure... Back in the changing room?" "Yeah, I forgot them there." Aaron hurried off to the changing room, while I ran my hand over my bodybuilder torso. It felt hard as fuck. How did I become this built? I stretched my leg and watched the fibres form along my quads. They were turning blue with veins. Ew! But to be perfectly honest, I was noticing myself get hard everywhere... It wasn't long before Aaron has returned with my backpack. I rummaged through my bag hectically until I found the pills. I examined them briefly and noticed that there were two different types of pills in the bottle. What the -? "What the fuck did you do to these jeans? Do you dislike shopping that much?" It took me a bit before registering Aaron. "Um, Aaron, I don't know what to say." "Hey, you have to pay for them, not me. Dude just get out, take another pill and let's get back to shopping like normal people." "Normal people? There isn't anything normal about this!" "What are you talking about dude? What's up with you today." "Aaron, don't be startled. I'm going to show you what's up." Aaron murmured an okay and braced himself for the worst. I gathered my senses and prepared myself for who knows what. Then I unlocked the bathroom stall door and stepped out into full exposure. "Oh my - you're hot! Wow what happened to you, dude? I'm - I'm - I'm out of words." I blushed. "Now you get why I ran out of the store like that, I'm not ok." "Not OK? You look like a muscle freak," bewildered, Aaron reached over for a reality check. He gently placed a finger on my taut abs. I was a bit sensitive and backed up a bit at the touch. He was in utter amazement. "Have you already flexed? Your body looks so crazy." I was still a bit shy, but I raised up my bicep and formed it into a thick ball of veiny muscle. The muscle separation was astounding. "Dude, that's incredible. What did you do?" "I have no clue what happened." I considered telling him about the pills but decided to keep that my little secret for the time being. "Um can you please buy me some larger clothes now?" "All right, all right. I can't promise they'll fit right if you don't want to come and try them on, but I can promise they won't rip." I reassured him that my growth had appeared to stop, at least for now. He came back with a black T-Shirt and a loose pair of jeans and a belt. They didn't fit well, but they weren't really tight either. Your couldn't even tell I was a shredded beast, I looked more like a regular jock type that could be more fat than you hoped. We silently made our way out of the mall, making a quick pit stop at the next restaurant to quell my rumbling stomach, and then continued to the downtown train station. Aaron said he'd accompany me on my way home. While we waited on the train, Aaron then brought up my transformation again. "Do you think you've grown at all since we were at the mall?" "Um no I don't think so." "Show me what's underneath again, it's just crazy." "I'm not going to lift up my shirt here with all these people!" I was being shy. Once or twice, Aaron lifted up my baggy sleeves to peek at my arms, but I was quick to hide them again. Why was he doing this? I didn't ever think he could be gay. Maybe he's just a bit taken aback, I know I am! We sat for around twenty some odd minutes in the train. I caught a few stares and even a pleasant smile from a handsome man in his early thirties. I tried to smile back, much unlike me to be frank. About 15 minutes into the ride, the wagon fills up with loud rumbling sounds. I blushed immediately. "Was that your stomach?" Aaron whispered. "Um, yea. I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm hungry as hell again!" "I'm not so surprised, you got muscles to feed." Again I blushed as the thirty or so year old man clearly heard Aaron confirm my musclehead status. "Dude, why so shy about it? If I suddenly had your shreds, I'd have walked out of that store shirtless." The man across the isle was definitely looking intently on me. And although I had avoided direct eye contact at any cost, I felt that I had looked him up and down a bit too inconspicuously. Aaron tugged again at my shirt and this time succeeded in lifting it up, at least enough to reveal half of my eight pack to the guy sitting across from me. I think his jaw dropped. I blushed now more than ever before and quickly re-adjusted my shirt so that my body was no longer on display. I elbowed Aaron, slightly frustrated. "Stop that," I whispered nervously to him. "What are you going to tell your mom when you get back home?" "Huh? Um, I don't know. I didn't really think of that yet..." Damn, Aaron's right. There is no hiding 50+ lbs. of near instant muscle gains. "I'll have to sneak into my room, I don't know!" "And avoid her until you move to college or what? And school tomorrow?" I think the guy across the isle was a bit taken aback by the word 'school'. I had a young face, sure, but the way I filled out this relatively baggy clothing seemed to indicate I could have been a college jock. The rest of the ride, we remained silent and, no, I didn't talk to the man in the train. We made it back home and I said my goodbyes to Aaron. Then I braced myself for my entrance. It was rather anticlimactic, in fact. I hurried upstairs without really being noticed, since my mother was too involved in trying out some new dinner recipe. It definitely smelled delicious... And to be honest, I was starved! Nonetheless, I decided to skip out on dinner. I told mom that I wasn't feeling well and hid my mysterious monstrous body under my sheets as she walked in with a portion. "You don't have to eat it now, but you have to eat it! I worked hard to get this recipe right!" "Thanks mom," I did begrudgingly, trying my best to shop her as quickly as possible from my room. "At least change into pijamas, Stevie. I don't want you falling asleep again in your jeans." I was getting impatient. What would she say to this!? "Mom, I'm tired." "All right, all right I'm heading out. Get your rest. Sleep well, dear." As soon as she left, I garbage collected the meal in what seemed like a single motion. Fuck, I was really starved. I then played a bunch of video games until I dozed off for the night. The best morning, I had waken up to the bright rays of sunlight gleaming through the windows right behind me. I rubbed my eyes into the focus and was quite amazed by the mountain range of abdominals before me. The way the sun shone on my abs - oh my god, I've never seen anything like that before. I ran my hand down my shredded core. As I flexed them, they popped out like never before. I grabbed my unit down below and began to pleasure myself at the view of my washboard abs. I have to admit, my abs are HOT! "Steve, how are you feeling? If you don't get down here, your sister is going to get the car." What!? No. I need the car, there's no way I'm taking the bus today. I hurried out of bed and showered like my life depended on it. Out of habit, I attempted to slide on a plaid shirt of mine, but just a tug of the fabric left it in two, buttons flying across the room. I rushed over to my bed and investigated the area. "Mom, where's my clothes?" "Are you kidding me? I did a load of laundry just yesterday, do you really need me to come up and pick out matching clothing?" "No, mom it's fine, I found some nice dress shirts to wear." That was the right answer that kept her at bay. But alas, I was still empty handed and unable to fit into anything I owned without it looking like compression gear. I rushed down the staircase, making more noise than ever due to my shear size, in nothing but my stretched out boxer briefs. Unfortunately, my dad was just as slim as I used to be, meaning there was little improvement to find in his closet. So I rushed out of the front door and across the front lawn into hiding. "Aaron, I need new clothing." I texted. He replied immediately. "Did you grow again?" "No. The same size will do." "Okay, my brother has some that might fit, but he's not quite your size." "Ok." It had to suffice. "See you soon!" Once again, my stomach grunted in dissatisfaction. I was hungry, my god! I rushed into the house, snuck quietly into the kitchen and rummaged what I could find from the fridge. I noticed mom had made me some breakfast and downed that while I was at it. Plus the water she had filled for me. "Thanks mom!" I shouted. "Erin can have the car, Aaron is picking me up in 10 minutes." "Don't forget your allergy meds," she cried back. "I put one in your water, by the way." "Thanks! Um -" that's when it hit me. There's a good 50-50 chance that whatever I just downed was not my allergy pill. Oh no! I hurried over to my backpack and checked that the pills were still there. How many of these strange pills were there? Oh no, oh no! Did I just take another one? I locked myself, stressed out to the max, in the downstairs bathroom and waited till either my muscle mass exploded once again or till Aaron texted me that's he's arrived. Luckily, the latter happened first, at which point I darted out of the house and into Aaron's car. "Hey hey!" He held out a fist for me to bump. "What's up, big guy?" "Can you just give me the clothes?" "Yea, they're in the back seat. Here. It should fit ok, as long as you don't get any bigger!" He chuckled a bout of irony. "A white shirt, great....You're a great help." I said sarcastically, knowing that if I fit into the clothing, I would look like Mike from lunch, except shredded as fuck. I struggled exorbitantly to get into the clothes, but indeed they "fit". My abs weren't really visible yet through the shirt, it still had a bit of room left. But my nipples are full on display. Same with my biceps. There was no hiding my body. "Enjoy it dude, I don't get why you want to hide yourself. So what, you're a fitness freak now." "Overnight? What are people going to think of me?" "If they're like me, they'll probably just think, damn he's got a hot body." I blushed profusely at Aaron's comment. "You don't have a sweater or anything? Nothing bigger I can wear?" Aaron grinned with approval as he looked my outfit up and down. "Why don't you keep your eyes on the road," I said, trying to be witty. As Aaron drove us to school, I was looking primarily in the side-view mirror. I could see the reflection of my arms, filled with thick veins beyond belief. I swear it looked like I was starting to get a pump. I flexed the arms a bit and watched as the fibres shot up and down beneath my fatless skin. My arms were truly staining the seems of my white shirt, but I was not worried it would tear today. We still had a ways to go before that would happen. "Hey Steve, are you zoning out?" "Um what?" "Did you complete the mission last night?" "No, I wish. It's a long ass mission. It's fine, tonight I'm in. Do you want to join?" "Sure, no shopping tonight," Aaron laughed wholeheartedly. "But maybe you want to go to the gym?" "To the gym? Since when do you lift?" "I don't, but don't you want to put your muscles to the test, Steve?" I hadn't thought of it really, but I certainly noticed that my strength and alertness were through the roof since yesterday. "Um I don't know. I don't really belong in the gym." "Have you looked in the mirror dude? You could step on stage with your body." "But I have no clue how to even lift! And I don't want this to get worse." "Worse?" Aaron said, taken aback. "Dude, everyone wants a body like you, why are you acting like a victim?" "Aaron!" "Flex that arm!" "Aaron, what the fuck?" "Flex! Show me those guns!" "Aaron, stop!" "Biceps pose, c'mon. Now!" Then, despite my unwillingness, my rose my thick arm up and solidified my biceps into a vascular ball of dense muscle mass. Fuck, my arm was seriously huge! And look at Aaron, his mouth was wide open and filled with pride in me. "Dude, check that out, your arm is absolutely shredded." "It's so strange." I bounced the bicep up and then down with rhythm. "Get used to it, I don't think your body is going to change anytime soon." I gently placed my finger on my massive arm and followed the disgustingly thick vein down from my shoulder to my forearm. It felt pretty good, not going to lie. "Chest out, head up. Let's go, Steve." And there we were, stepping foot out of Aaron's hammy down Jeep and onto the school grounds. I got looks for sure as I walked alongside Aaron to the side entrance. Not so surprising to be perfectly honest. I found my locker and stuffed my backpack into it forcefully. I hesitated for a moment, took out my bottle of mixed pills and stared at it briefly. I didn't take any but stuffed the bottle back into my backpack and left my locker without another thought. "Steve? Is that -um- you?" I turned around to greet Samuel. I blushed right away. "Wow, I'm impressed!" You could see he was overwhelmed and didn't know which body part to focus on. It all looked so spectacular. He lifted up his shirt to reveal his abs. They weren't all too bad, a 6-pack in good lighting or a 4-pack in the usual setting. "Check these babies out," he said, smacking his abs. "How about you? You on your way to a sixpack?" I was a bit flustered. "Well, not really. I don't have a six pack." I didn't lie at least. "Seriously? Let's see it." 5 minutes since school started and I've already got people asking me to flex. So much for subtle. "Come on, show us what you got." At this point it was becoming more and more difficult, as more bystanders were gathering around for the big reveal. "All right, I'll show you what I got." I don't think I had much of a choice anymore. Stop I lifted up my shirt in agreement and tightened my abs for good measure. I heard a number of gasps and moans of astonishment. "The dude's peeled!" "O M G, I don't think I've ever seen an eight pack before!" "Can I feel it?" And after a brief moment of fame, my shirt returned to its starting position. And before I could really process anything that had just occurred, I found myself sitting in the back of Mr. Aldrich's math lesson. I was a bit bored today, even though I usually enjoyed math. I was a bit distracted I guess, and I kept getting strange pings in my stomach, like something was missing. I want really hungry yet, but I could definitely eat. But it just felt strange, I guess. It got worse and worse as the lecture continued, to the point where I had to excuse myself from class. I hurried to the bathroom, feeling a bit confined in my gait, due to the sheer muscle mass in my legs. I washed my face and took a brief look in the mirror. I smiled as I bounced the mass in my chest, one after the other. Damn, that's pretty neat. I kept the rhythm going and increased the amplitude. My shirt tightened briefly with each jumping movement of my chest. I kept at it, enjoying the muscle dance egregiously. "What are you doing?" I heard a voice approach behind me and see Li appear in the mirror. Li was a jock himself, one of the best in school. He didn't have my level of muscle definition but he was a bit bigger and sported a six pack himself. "Whatever it was, keep going!" He said. "I'm sorry, I'm -" "It's all good, I do the same shit when I go to the bathroom." He pulled up his sleeves and then raised both biceps into a double biceps pose right behind me. "Wow," I cried, "you're strong." His biceps were perhaps slightly bigger than mine, but didn't have the insane vascularity mine had. "What's wrong?" He asked me, as I motioned my head to my forehead in pain. "Headaches... Cramps... I don't know what's going on." I tried to rush to the toilet, but Li held me back. "Everything okay?" My expression clearly said no. My clothing felt tight to the extreme. If I was right in my intuition, the fabric wouldn't hold much longer. "Ooooohhhhhhhh" I moaned. I felt a jolt of pleasure rush through my body. I turned to look into the mirror and watch what I knew to be my next transformation. Li stood directly behind me, watching in amazement as my lats started to flare to unknown extremes. My shoulders put on instant mass. My body felt heavier and denser. I twitched my pecs in unison and kept them flexed while I heard the fabric stretching to no return. I could see the chest fibres tighten into dense dried out mutant almonds. My upper chest was blue with cords of unfathomable vascularity. My nipples were on edge. I then looked down to see what was going down below my chest - tried to at least. My chest was starting to get in the way of my view. But the view I had was spectacular, as soon as my body busted through my shirt. "Oh my God!" I heard Li proclaim. He was already so free as to start exploring my growing muscles with his hands, cupping my massive boobs and grabbing at my shredded as fuck 8-pack. My pants managed not to burst but I could see nonetheless the absurd definition of my legs. And my third member was bigger and harder than I've ever seen it. I just couldn't help it anymore. "You're a total muscle freak," Li said in admiration, as I outgrew him in every way. I would have blushed at his muscle worship if I wasn't extremely turned on by it. "Thanks," I murmured. "I want to lick your biceps clean!" I don't know what came over me in that moment, but I didn't hold back. I struck a biceps pose and watched how my worshipper buried his face into my muscle. His warm tongue felt fantastic along my shredded arms. I flexed harder and harder until Li felt as if he were overpowered. "What a muscle God!" He squealed.
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    dominance (Un)even rivals (9)

    Nine Three days had gone since Jeremy had taken the beating from Ted. His heavily muscled, 265 pound body felt better with every passing hour; his recuperation working overtime to repair the damage. He actually felt capable of getting up from the mattress for the first time since his confrontation with the teen beast. A faint sound made him look aside and he saw his smaller former rival, now trainer awake. Chris opened his eyes and looked straight at the huge bodybuilder on the mattress next to his. A faint smile highlighted the muscle god's face and he asked: "How do you feel today, Jeremy?". "Way better, man. My body has nearly recovered", Jeremy replied and sat up. "Is it true that you stole my muscles?", Chris asked as he got up, walked over to the other mattress and sat down, facing the 100 pound heavier man. Jeremy stared down to avoid his former rival's gaze. "I… ehm…", he mumbled. "Is it?", Chris asked again as he put his hand under the muscle god's chin and gently lifted up his head to make eye contact. "Yes", Jeremy muttered ashamed. "Why?", Chris inquired. "I… I was tired of coming in second behind you. I mean, you're a year younger than me and still outclassed me during our competitions. I tried bulking up but lacked the vascularity to even face you in the final. Roids weren't an option. I found a website about voodoo, with a spell to realize my greatest desire: grow freaking huge. You were the only one that stood between me and dominating the sport…", Jeremy told. "And what about my cousin?", Chris interjected. "I needed some body fluid for the spell. Your cousin wanted to get back on you and needed a clean urine sample to get his gym membership. So we made a deal: he would get me a sweat drenched shirt of you and I would hand him one of my urine samples.", Jeremy continued. "That's why he wanted to arm wrestle. And why he stretched the struggle on purpose", Chris shouted in his higher pitched voice. Jeremy nodded. "You know what happened then: I used the spell and grew huge on your size. I even gain muscle more easily from my workouts now." "You probably stole my good genetics too", Chris added, "I always hated working out, but my muscles responded insanely fast. I only train twice a week and got this body. Well, not this one, but you know what I mean". "Can you forgive me, Chris?", Jeremy asked softly. "Off course, man. I no longer have to work out any more. And your body looks way better than mine ever did. Drives me mad just to look at you", Chris said and kissed the muscle god on his lips. The kiss surprised Jeremy, but he instinctively returned it, making his strong tongue snake into the smaller guy's mouth. He put his hands underneath his lover's ass to lift him up but felt the small guy shiver. "What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you", he said as he broke the kiss. "I know", Chris replied, "It's my cousin. He's been raping my ass the past days. He made me chose between him beating you up every day or dominating me." "You let him rape you just to protect me? He's 200 pounds heavier than you. I'll protect you from now on", Jeremy said and took his smaller lover gently in his arms in a protective reflex. "Would you dare to take him on again?", Chris asked and let his frail hands roam the thick muscles of the wide torso he was pressed against. "I wouldn't stand a chance, but to protect you, yes", Jeremy said, enjoying the feeling of his muscles being groped. "And what if we would even the odds a bit?", Chris stated and wormed himself free from his bigger lover's hold. "How?", Jeremy asked and watched the smaller guy walk over to his own mattress. "My cousin left the papers with your voodoo stuff in here to make me see how you stole my muscles", Chris said as he took the papers from underneath his mattress, "but he forgot to take out the page with the spell on it. I've read and reread the entire text. As I get it, the spell is still active in me but apparently your current size is what you want to be". "I don't want to take any more muscle from you. Not after everything you did for me", Jeremy replied abruptly. "Not what's left of my muscle, I like my current size too. Not having to bother to go to the gym anymore", Chris stated, "But I could use the spell to take tom's muscle and pass them to you through me." "Why not your cousin's muscles? I'ld be freaking massive!", Jeremy asked. "He's too big to control him during the transfer. He would beat you up before you could match him. You're already bigger than Tom so you can easily dominate him. Then you'll be big enough to take on my cousin", Chris said. "Off to the gym", Ted boomed in his deep baritone voice. He roughly pulled Tom's head from his cock and shoved the 205 pound bodybuilder away. He got dressed and strutted out off the bathroom. Tom waited to get up from the tilled floor until he heard the door slam shut and the beastly teen's car race off. He wiped the sticky remnants of the teen beast's orgasm from his face and wrapped a towel around his muscular waist. He walked through the hallway on his way to grab some breakfast when the small Chris emerged from his room. "You have to see this, man", Chris said to the 40 pounds heavier bodybuilder and went back in his room. "What?", Tom asked and stepped inside. "ME!", Jeremy boomed and grabbed the bodybuilder's wrists. Tom struggled with all his might but his opponent outsized him by 60 pounds of pure muscle. He tried resisting but the bigger god head-butted him and he crashed down. "Put him on the bed", Chris said to his huge lover. Jeremy did as he was told and swiftly tossed the knocked out bodybuilder atop his mattress. "Now strip", Chris said. He pulled away Tom's towel and took off his own clothes. He looked at how the nude Tom eclipsed him completely. He looked up and stared at the naked, muscular perfection as Jeremy stood next to the bed and dwarfed the other bodybuilder. "Go stand at the end of the mattress", he said to Jeremy as he laid down and put his head against the naked Tom. Jeremy moved as instructed and looked down on the two smaller men lying on the mattress, his dick plump at the thought of growing even bigger. "What are you waiting for, big guy? Get your cock in me. I want to feel you grow massive", Chris said. Jeremy blinked at the remark but noticed the determined look in his smaller lover's eyes. He slowly sat down on his knees at the end of the mattress and pulled the smaller guy toward him. He gently eased his now fully hard 7 incher inside his lover without removing his gaze from the smaller guy's blue eyes. "Fuck ", Chris grunted in pleasure as he felt the huge bodybuilder's pubes brush against his ass. His back arched up in sheer bliss and he fell back down, his head touching the knocked out Tom's torso. "Ready to grow beastly?", he asked and looked into his already huge lover's eyes. Jeremy nodded, his lust as strong as his smaller lover's one. "Here we go", Chris said, " Gargak Profundis atque venerabilis, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku! Translatio vigoris mei et essentiae meae, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku!". A surge of power shot through his 159 pound body as a wave of hotness flowed from the knocked out bodybuilder into him. At the same time a coldish weakness formed in his stomach and a draining feeling formed in his ass. "Yeah", Jeremy grunted as he felt a jolt of hotness tingle along his rock-hard 7 incher and flow into him. The feeling spread across his 265 pound physique. He closed his eyes and threw back his head in pleasure. The mixed feelings of warmth and cold, strength and weakness whirled through Chris. His lust for turning his lover into beastly perfection intensified the spell and he felt the power flowing from his ass into the throbbing cock inside him. Jeremy's eyes were still closed in pleasure as he felt a warm pump flow from his rock-hard 7 incher into his stomach and spreading across his thickly muscled frame. "Mugh", he groaned as he felt his steely muscles harden all over his godly body. . His body surged with growth, powered by Tom's muscles and Chris' desire to make him colossal. Chris' eyes widened in lust and admiration as he stared at the unbelievably hot scene unfolding in front of him: his huge lover evolved into sheer, colossal muscular perfection. Veins exploded across the growing masses of hard, meaty muscles as the 265 pound bodybuilder swelled beyond huge. His already broad shoulders doubled in width as his delts turned into cannonballs; his meaty pecs tripled in size, forming half-watermelon-sized slabs of beef that made his nipples point straight down and formed a rack that obscured half of his developing six-pack; his six-pack evolved accordingly and his abs grew into cobblestone-sized, hard bricks and turned into an armor-hard eight-pack; his 22 inch arms ballooned to 35 inches in mere seconds, turning his thick arms into meaty hams hanging at his sides; his heavily muscled quads that were positioned beside Chris' torso, thickened into tree-sized pillars of muscle and pushed into the smaller guy's sides. Chris' legs, wrapped around his swelling lover's torso, were pushed open as the strong lower back broadened and overpowered them. His ass, stretched tight around the growing cock deep inside it, was pulled up as the huge bodybuilder also grew in height. The sight and feeling of his heavily muscled lover growing in front and inside of him was too much for Chris. His own throbbing 7 incher twitched and smacked against the corrugated landscape that was the beastly eight-pack. "Jeremy!", he yelled out in lust as he exploded against the cobblestone-sized abs, his meager load squirting into the deep ridges between the thick, hard muscles. Jeremy opened his eyes as he felt the liquid rub against his stomach and heard his former rival groan his name. He gazed down and noted how childishly small His lover looked next to him. A grin spread across his face as an idea crossed his mind. "Wrap your legs around me. tight", he rumbled in his deepened baritone. The muscle god's deep voice vibrated in Chris' body and made him blow another load against the steely eight-pack. Instinctively, he did as he was told and tightened his legs around the marble-like hard torso. Jeremy felt the legs tighten against his more-than-hard lower back. He then stood up in a swift motion, his tree-sized quads flexing in the process. With his ham-like arms hanging at his sides, he supported the small guy's weight with his rock-hard cock. The pleasure combined with the look of utter reverence in the small guy's eyes sent him over the edge. He grabbed hold of his lover with his right paw, covering half his torso as his cock exploded hard and violently inside the tight ass. He saw his lover's stomach bloat as load after load of his thick spunk blasted in him. After ten heavy shots, his orgasm cooled down and he slowly pulled the small guy from his cock. His eyes widened as inch after inch of thick, meaty cock appeared from the frail ass. "Like it? I thought your cock should match your colossal muscle. So I adapted the spell a bit", Chris said with a grin and let his hands roam the stony mass of the muscle god's 35 inch right arm. Jeremy simply stared at his now 15 incher that protruded proudly in front of his majestic body. "Yeah! Huge like Ted!", he boomed in his deepened voice and put his lover gently down on the mattress. "But way better looking. Your proportions are perfect. Seems like you grew taller to match your new size", Chris said in utter amazement. Unlike his bulky looking cousin, Jeremy still maintained his perfect symmetry, looking like a colossal, yet capable-of-swift-movements athlete. Jeremy simply looked contest ready: his paper-thin skin was wrapped tightly around his bulging muscles; striations were visible on every mound of hard beef even though he stood fully relaxed. Jeremy threw a few poses to showcase his new physique, his skin stretching to accommodate the new girth of his massive, vein-decorated muscles. "Fuck! Look at my bi's! Boulders of beef!, he said as he raised his arms in a double bicep pose, making the meaty mounds swell into their now 35 inches. He lowered his arms and bounced his pecs. The protruding rack of muscles danced atop his chest, striations and veins undulating across the half watermelons crammed under his stretched skin. He shook his tree-sized left leg, making the incredible mass of his quads role from left to right, and flexed it: deep canyons exploded aside the thick heads of muscle fed by veins snaking over them. His slowly deflating, still half-hard cock jolted and smacked against the steely hard leg. "Thanks man", he said as he relaxed his leg and looked down at his small lover on the mattress, "you made my bigger beyond my wildest dreams. Even after I stole your size. How can I ever repay you?". He gently grabbed hold of the smaller guy's armpits and lifted him off the mattress. "We'll figure something out, big guy", Chris said, enjoying the feeling of being hoisted up by the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. He wrapped his arm around the muscle god, or tried to. His huge lover's back was so wide that his arms didn't make it past the massive, cannonball-sized delts: his frail hands grabbed the meaty mass of the rear delt, unable to dent the hard surface. He leaned into the massive body, the protruding rack of pecs pleasurably pressing against his own weak chest, and kissed the muscle god's lips. Jeremy returned his smaller lover's kiss. He wrapped one anaconda-like arm gently around the 159 pound guy to support him, his free paw grabbed the back of the guy's head and pulled him in; at the same time, his tongue invaded his lover's mouth. Chris was overwhelmed with pleasure and his cock raced back to hardness between his own softened abs and the concrete-like eight-pack. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the muscle god kept kissing him. He tapped the rear delts with all his might to make clear he was in need of air. Jeremy grumbled at the soft tickles of his small lover against his shoulders. He opened his eyes and noticed the dark red color of the guy's face, realizing he was suffocating. He broke the kiss. Chris inhaled deeply as he let his body rest against the hot, hard surface of the now colossal Jeremy. The sound of the back door slam shut signaled Ted's return. "Yo, Tom!", the beastly teen boomed as he tossed his gym bag on the floor. "Where ya hidding, ya runt?", he yelled as he took a gallon of milk from the fridge, mixed it with an insane amount of protein powder and gulped down the impossibly large drink in three long gulps. "My cousin's bony ass will have to do", he said to himself and strutted out off the kitchen. The sound of the heavy footsteps slowly climbing the stairs vibrated through the house as the teen beast went up. Chris jumped up on his mattress as the door of his room was ripped open violently. He instinctively crawled back against the wall as his massive cousin swaggered inside. A smug grin formed on Ted's lips at his weak cousin's reaction and at the look of fear in his eyes. He slowly walked toward the mattress against the furthest wall of the room. His cock twitched in anticipation inside his boxers. Despite having jerked three times in the shower after his workout, he was ready for another round. "STOP TIGHT THERE!" A deep, booming command filled the room, rolled against the walls and rattled the windows. Ted turned around in surprise. The grin disappeared from his face as a huge man worked his way through the door. "Who the fuck…?", he asked without taking his eyes off the colossal bodybuilder. "Don't you recognize me?", Jeremy asked and stood still just inside the room, "I did get a little bigger since our last meeting". He clenched his right fist, making his forearm ripple with strength as its corded muscles tensed and his upper arm harden in the process. Ted's eyes glistened as he recognized Jeremy. He scanned the massive muscles on the guy's bare torso and noticed he was wearing a pair of his sweatpants that were nicely filled out by his legs. "Let's ditch this", Jeremy said and moved toward the teen beast with one long stride. He grabbed the guy's shirt and tore if off his beastly body in a swift motion, exposing the other giant's torso. Standing 6 feet tall, Ted had to look up to look in the now massive Jeremy's eyes. He took an instinctive step backward. Chris stared at the two giant's. At 6'5, Jeremy towered above his cousin, but the beastly teen's muscles looked bigger on his more compact frame. Coming direct from the gym, his cousin's shoulders and arms were still pumped. "No longer the biggest stud", Jeremy said to Ted and bounced his pecs as he spoke, "Let's go and don't bother us ever again!". Ted looked at the half watermelons dance atop the other giant's chest. He closed his right paw in a fist, pulled back his massive arm and slammed it with all his might into the deeply grooved eight-pack in front of him. Jeremy blinked in surprise: the sledgehammer-like fist had hit his cobblestone-sized abs at full force with a loud smack but the punch had bounced off the steely hard surface without even denting it. "That all you got?", he asked mockingly and returned the favor. Ted couldn't believe that his devastating blow hadn't done any damage. Before he could react, the other giant slammed his own fist into his six-pack. He grunted faintly as he felt his strong abs give in slightly. He threw another punch against the eight-pack, but Jeremy clenched his abs just in time, making the punch bounce off once more. Jeremy saw the look of disbelieve on the beastly teen's face and hit the guy's six-pack a second time. This time his fist encountered a fully flexed brick-like wall, not giving in the slightest. Ted didn't give the huge bodybuilder any time to pull back his thick arm: he grabbed hold of the guy's massive shoulders and pulled him down. Chris saw the two giants slump down and continue their fight on the floor. It was a pile of heaving, sweaty muscle that rolled back and forth, paws locked into each other and straining as the two muscle gods fought for dominance. Ted somehow ended up on top and threw a hard punch in Jeremy's face, bruising his left cheek as the bodybuilder turned his head to avoid the punch. Ted grabbed hold of Jeremy's clawing arms and pushed them down to the floor behind the guy's head. "Not so tough after all", he grunted as he tried to bring down the massive arms completely. Jeremy fought back and managed to block the teen beast's advance. His tree-sized arms shook with effort against the inhumane strength of his opponent. He suddenly gave in and pulled with all his force, making the beastly teen lose his balance and fall forward over him. Ted rolled over the other giant and quickly jumped back on his feet. He turned around and saw Jeremy charge at him. He braced his 367 pound body for the impact but the momentum of the bodybuilder's 365 pound body threw him backward against the wall. The wall cracked with a loud sound and in a cloud of dust, the two giants knocked through it and crashed into the master bedroom. Ted blinked his eyes in mild pain: his back ached a bit from breaking through the wall. He looked around and a hard punch slammed into his six-pack. "Ugh", he grunted as some air was forced out of him and his abs dented in. "Get up!", Jeremy groaned as he withdrew his fist and took a step back. Ted stared up at his colossal opponent. He closed his paw around a thick, wooden beam between the debris from the wall. He sprang up and smacked the beam hard against the massive Jeremy's protruding chest, shattering it to shreds as it made contact with the slabs of muscle. "ugh", Jeremy grunted in surprise and pain at the impact. He stumbled back a bit, more in surprise than in pain. Ted moved in and punched the huge bodybuilder's lower back, hitting him in the kidneys. "Ugh", Jeremy groaned a bit louder and sank down on one knee as a second sucker punch hit him in the kidneys. He felt the beastly teen's hands pass underneath his armpits to take him in a full nelson. He leaned forward, pulling the teen beast off balance. Ted released his grip to regain his balance and his opponent was up in a flash. He reached for the massive Jeremy but the guy made the same move and their hands locked together. Chris didn't dare to move. He followed the fight by the sounds coming from the other room. He knew the two giants would crush him, even by accident, if he got in their way. Jeremy and Ted stood fighting to get the upper hand, their huge anaconda-sized arms straining and bulging from the effort and their hands moving back and forth. Ted threw everything he got into the fight, but the other muscle god did the same. Their faces were red from the effort, their chests heaving and their mounds of muscles pumped with blood. Ted felt his strength fading slightly: he'd worn out his muscles in the gym earlier. His legs started to shake slightly as he summoned more power to stand his ground. Jeremy noticed the hardening strain on the beastly teen's face and felt the faint quiver go through the guy's 35 inch arms. He suddenly stopped pushing. Ted was taken by surprise by the other muscle god's maneuver: he lost his balance and fell forward, smacking into the massive torso in front of him. Jeremy had anticipated this and unlocked his hands from the other bodybuilder's. He wrapped his arms around the beastly teen's torso and applied a bone crushing bear hug. Ted squirmed in the vice-like grasp. He clenched his fist to make his arms swell and harden. He summoned every ounce of strength and managed to loosen the hold. Jeremy felt his hands slide apart as the beastly teen squirmed and flexed in his grasp. The 367 pound guy's power couldn't be denied and he had to release his bear hug. Ted inhaled deeply to refill his lungs with oxygen. He didn't allow his opponent to recover: he quickly wrapped his own 35 inch arms around the bodybuilder's torso and pressed with all his remaining strength. "Ugh", Jeremy grunted more in surprise than pain. Despite the beastly teen's efforts, his own muscles withstood the attack. He could even feel the 367 pound guy's power wear off. "YEAH!", he roared deeply as he broke free from the hold and shoved the teen beast back hard. Ted was caught by surprise as he was overpowered for the first time in years. "No", he blurted in disbelief and fell backward. It felt like juvy all over again: for an instant he was once again the wimpy, skinny boy being picked on by the bigger guys. Jeremy moved in: het grabbed the beastly teen's sweatpants and lifted the 367 pound guy up. "Now leave us alone!", he roared and threw the teen beast through the door, sending him crashing into the bathroom. He felt all powerful after taking down his colossal opponent and began flexing his superb physique in the large mirrors against the furthest wall. Ted shook his head and blinked his eyes. He was lying in the middle of the bathroom along with the contents of the cupboard he'd knocked down when he flew in. He noticed a familiar, black, little box amidst the heap. He opened it with shaking hands and 6 doses of the new designer steroids he was on, rolled in his paw. He grabbed an empty syringe and filled it with three doses. He lowered his skintight sweatpants and overstuffed boxers and injected the thick fluid in his left testicle. He repeated the process for his right testicle. A rush of warmth, energy and adrenaline radiated from his balls into his body. He pulled his boxers and pants back up and got up. He turned around and saw the other colossal bodybuilder flexing in the lengthy mirror inside the master bedroom. Jeremy ogled his majestic physique in the mirror: he couldn't wait to get on stage and crush his puny competitors. He couldn't even call them 'rivals': he would outclass them in every way possible. He closed his eyes as feelings of dominance and victory filled his mind. A hard blow on his lower back made him come back to reality. A second one knocked the wind from him and made him slump down on one knee. In the mirror he saw Ted standing there. "Didn't have enough?", he asked as he got up. Two heavy punches on his upper back made him sink back down. Ted saw the look of pain on the massive Jeremy's face and stepped back, motioning him to get up. Jeremy got up and turned to face the beastly teen. He moved in and once more, their hands locked into each other to fight for dominance. His 35 inch arms bulged and shook as he pushed with all his might. His pumped muscles started to burn from the earlier fight. Ted 's equally meaty arms shivered also but he could feel the designer steroid doing its work: the massive dose injected into his balls was forcing them to produce testosterone beyond human levels. He felt his arms pulse with power as the tremendous amount of testosterone began releasing into his bloodstream. Jeremy felt fatigue and cramp spreading slowly across his bulging arms. He would swear that the beastly teen's resistance was stronger than before he'd beaten the guy and seemed to get stronger with every passing second. Ted saw the increased strain on his huge opponent's face and felt the mild, but now steady shiver go through the 365 pound bodybuilder's massive arms. More energy flowed into his own anaconda-like arms with every surge of testosterone his balls released into his bloodstream. He felt his own strength increasing and the resistance in his grasp grow weaker and weaker. Jeremy couldn't prevent the shaking of his mighty arms: fatigue and cramps tormented his bulging biceps and corded forearms. Sweat was rolling from his forehead over his cheeks from the effort. He flexed his tree-sized quads, his legs hardening into an impressive sight, to summon every bit of strength left inside him. Ted felt the increased power of his opponent against his grasp, but his freshly energized and continually fed arms repelled the attack. Jeremy's entire body was starting to tremble as he fought with everything he had against the beastly teen. He suddenly stopped pushing and pulled to throw the teen beast off balance. Ted's colossal body didn't budge an inch as the 365 pound bodybuilder tried pulling him in. Jeremy knew he was in trouble as his maneuver failed: spasms and cramps shot through his body as he felt his strength waning further and further. "My turn", Ted said in a somehow deeper voice and yanked at his opponent's hands. Jeremy instantly lost his balance and smacked against the rock-hard torso of the teen beast. His head shot back and he groaned in pain as the beastly teen's meaty arms closed around his own hyper-muscled torso. Ted didn't flex his arms or clench them together: he simply held the 365 pound bodybuilder in his steely grasp. By now, the testosterone was flowing rapidly into his muscles, making them swell and harden. Jeremy tried squirming free, but his fatigued muscles protested. He knew he had to let them recover and pretended he passed out to fool his opponent. He felt the steely grasp tighten and harden with every passing second. He inhaled deeply and made his move. He summoned every ounce of strength he could scrape together in his 365 pound body and squirmed with everything he had. Ted felt the massive Jeremy's resistance, but it was no use: it felt feeble and didn't budge his hardening arms a bit. The testosterone coursing through his body and now flooding his muscles had totally refreshed his energy levels. The time Jeremy had taken to make his own muscles recover, Ted had grown 20 pounds heavier. Jeremy opened his eyes and a look of pure horror filled his face: the beastly teen that held him tightly secured in his grasp was clearly growing. He tried resisting, but his own majestic body didn't move an inch inside the vice-like hold. An evil grin spread across Ted's lips at the look on the huge bodybuilder's face. It felt like the guy was getting lighter and lighter in his grasp, but he knew it was his own body that grew beastlier with every passing second. His once 35 inch arms were rounding the 40 inch mark as he felt his growth slowdown. His body now matched Jeremy's exactly in height, but he outsized the 365 pound muscle god by 50 pounds of pure, hard muscle. Jeremy howled in pain as the teen beast hardened his biceps and made the stony boulders dig into his own heavily muscled flanks. "Let's end this once and for all", Ted growled in an insanely deep baritone that rattled the windows and hardened his flex. Jeremy flexed with all his remaining might to withstand the crushing power but it was no use: he passed out as his ribs gave in with a sickening, cracking sound. "Yeah!", Ted boomed as he crushed the 365 pound bodybuilder's ribs. He pulled back his right arm, made a huge fist and smacked it hard into the muscle god's face. The stony fist sank deep into the once epitome of male beauty and now bloody mess that was Jeremy's face. "NO!" The weak cry made the beyond colossal Ted turn around. He saw his puny cousin standing in the opening of the shattered wall. He tossed the now lifeless Jeremy hard on the floor and moved toward his childish-looking cousin. "Ya're next!"… The end?
  11. GiganticBeast

    m/m/f Camping

    Another INCREDIBLE story by the man who brought you Caffeine another AMAZING growth story, and this one is the most incredible ego stroke I've had in a very long time!! A take on how my recent Camping Trip should have turned out God I have read this over and over and over again! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Again, I didn't write this, but it's..it's almost like it's MY words, he wrote it so goddamned well it's like I'm listening to things I've said but have no memory of saying it! I'm ranting, but only because I'm bordering on SPEECHLESS from this! Are you in the mood for INCREDIBLE M/M action? What about M/M/F Cuck/worship sessions as a growing egotistical muscle god gets his big beastly self worshiped! Every single thing you read here is a kink or particular fetish that I am in LOVE with. This represents the look into my deep psyche that I'm sure you're all going to enjoy! ALSO if you want to follow this BEAST MAKER of an author, he's Armagedon2dm on Twitter! GO, GIVE him a FOLLOW! Tell him how much you LOVED THIS STORY! Seriously. DO IT. He managed to create a snapshot of my best fantasies, written in the glorious stream of consciousness! Oh my GOD. This ALMOST RUINED 3 months of edging!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 1 Finally a vacation, if you could call it that. Stuck in the backseat of a Prius with packs and camping supplies shoved in spilling over in my lap. Friends told me about the wonders of camping in the wild Canadian wilderness. Not the cramped confines of a small ass car. Oh, and did I mention that we are driving 3 hours to the campsite? 3.5 hours later: Bald head scrapes the roof of the car as I clamber out. Oddities of camping gear that fell in my lap while driving spill on the ground. *Stretching noises as I flex and finally able to take full breaths* I spin around looking at the scenery and find no cabins, or outhouses or porta potties. “Guys where are the bathrooms?” Carl and Wendy looked at me quizzically. Him dressed all in green camo, and her all in pink camo. Carl reached in a duffel bag and pulled out a collapsible spade. Handing it to me he said, “Anywhere you want it to be.” My eyes widened at the realization that my first camping trip ment no modern conveniences. Especially going on twitter to read my *AHEM* interest in growth ideas. My grip around my phone in my hand tightens, as the battery is already almost dead and there will be no way to charge it for three days. “Uh, oh. Ok. Well where should I go...dig?” They just point to the distance saying someplace not too close. No explanations of how big of a hole to dig or how far out. So, I put one foot in front of the other and start walking to explore. 15 minutes of wandering around: So I just wander off in 34C weather trying to stick to the shades of the trees. Tennis shoes getting grass stains. And beads of streaming down off my head. Even the muscle shirt isn't faring too well. Pro tip, do not bring white clothes to nature. Swatting away some black flies buzzing around my head. “This isn't what I expected when they said come camping with us. This beast doesn't do well in the hot damn weather.” “Well, there are plenty of beasts out here in the wild you might want to steer clear of.” The voice startled me not expecting anyone else to be crazy enough to be out in this heat camping in the middle of nowhere Canada. There leaning against a pine tree was ranger Joe! Talking about beasts, this guy was jacked for lack of a better word. More than two meters tall, still more than a head above my own height. Not like saying 6 feet tall is big, but certainly more than average. Been lifting for a few years and this guys' arms were bigger around than my legs were thick! A few days of growth coating his face in a rugged beard. What was rugged on his face left nothing to the imagination of a thick carpet of fur poking out from his collar. His very light green, almost a tan uniform, was pulled tight to his muscles. Very form fitting if not skin tight, probably on purpose. You should see veins snaking all over his arms and up into his sleeves as he carried his hands crossed below on his muscle gut as he wouldn't even be able to cross his arms around his own chest. Between his biceps and pecs, the only way they meet is with force. “There are bears and cougars in the lower part of the ridge. So that's off limits.” He states as he points past a tree line leading down to a valley with his thumb. To call that digit a thumb is far from the truth. Even calling it a sausage was a great understatement. I think he caught me gawking or my eyes were bugging out from my head. Pushing off from the tree he actually causes it to sway. “Now keep to your site up here, you and your friends. I'm stationed in the area if there's trouble. But let's face it, when I'm around there won't be.” He over stated that last bit with a flex. Fuck, this guy was so jacked his clothes protested. He walked away with a swagger waving those hairy thick “fingers.” Mind you while he was moving away I was checking out that thick muscled ass. Goal I thought. I wanted that ass before leaving this crap hole. If I was going to have one good thing here, I was going to be getting a piece of that! Waddling back to camp with my cock almost poking out the waist band. Glad my cargo shorts were sweat stained to cover up the globs of pre running down my thigh. Carl and Wendy glanced in my direction knowing something was up but didn’t say anything. Which I appreciated, as we got to work to finish up setting up camp. 4 hours later After changing, cleaning up, I plopped down ready to eat while the campfire was burning hot. Wendy pulls out a few bags from the cooler. My tummy rumbles ready for some meat to be cooked to satisfy the beast inside. Mushrooms, broccoli, onions going into a skillet for frying. Spices from another bag. Oh man, my mouth is watering from the smell. Holding the last bag over the aroma of cooking veggies as two big fish plop into the pan. My eyes widen in horror, fish! My nose reels from the acrid smell as my stomach lurches in anger. The wonderful delectable meal ruined. Not wanting to show face, I excuse myself for not feeling well and retreat to my own tent. I pulled out a pepsi from my backpack and downed the whole thing, grumbling. Staring over at my dead phone, I couldn't even browse twitter. I unzipped the flap on the other side of the tent to get the cooler nights air flowing though. It opened up towards the lower ridge of the forest. The moon was bright that night throwing shadows everywhere. I was hungry, tired, and irritated. So I decided to strip down and get into the sleeping bag. I stopped momentarily as I thought I'd heard rustling a bit way in the bush. Granted looking from the outside watching a big dude's bald head push out the tent fabric on top, while trying to get my clothes off would have been whimsical. I couldn’t even hear my friends comment. So they must have gone to sleep too. Crouching down to peer through the screen, I thought I'd heard an animal growling that was decently large. The breeze rustled the trees, as they swayed back and forth in the moonlight. Then eyes, glowing blue eyes. They bore directly into my soul, into my fantasies, into my wants, my needs. This large figure, this large beast. I felt energized inside but my eyes drooped overcome with exhaustion. I caught one last look in the area I saw the eyes, only to see moving shadows and branches glinting in the pale blue rays of moon shine. I dropped to my knees and had enough movement to faceplant into the pillow. My last conscious thought was how rock hard my cock was straining my boxer briefs. DAY 2 My dreams last night were wild glimpses of crashing through the forest. More like over the forest. Flocks of birds flying away, animals scampering away on the forest floor in swaths. I could almost hear and feel the forest floor shake as I slept. A bestial roar in the distance… Woke up at the crack of dawn with my erection just about bursting out of the tent. I need to take care of the issue now before the others work up. If I stayed in camp, then I'd definitely wake them up, so I threw on just a shirt and shoes I had on yesterday, climbed out of the tent as quietly as I could, and trudged down the closest path to my tent. Which so happened to be the path to the lower ridge. My brain addled with that dream, not fully awake, and my beast cock pointing skywards. This beast only had one thing on his immediate mind, and it was just getting far enough away to take care of it! Tumbling down the trail, I didn't even bother to keep to myself. Out in the middle of fuck no where, who was going to come around. My hand groped the bulge through the underwear as it throbbed. Was it my imagination or did it feel like it had a bit more heft to it, a bit more thickness. “Ugh, fuck! I needed to… I NEED A HOT… ” and then I fell, down the ravene I tumbled. Ass over teakettle, through the brush. Scraping my legs on thorns and underbrush, the blood trickled down the hairy on my legs. After a bit I tumbled over the river embankment, my head slammed hard against the river rocks before blacking out. Sometime late morning The sun was so bright, so hot shining overhead attacking me with its irritated heat. Blazing hot heat, flies buzzing around. Cold wet water brushing my hand, washing over it. Using the water to wash the blood, sweat, and dirt off my face. I sit up and crawl over to the water for drink. Thirsty, taking gulping mouthfuls of water till I start to hiccup. I notice the dried blood on my bald head from the gash I got while falling. Reaching up, I expected pain to the touch but there wasn’t. Scooped up more water to wash away the dried blood and there was no longer a gash. In fact, all my cuts and scrapes were healed as well too. The shirt had so many rips and holes, it just disintegrated with a tug. And the underwear was lost, must be, somewhere on the tumble down here. Only thing I was left wearing were my socks and shoes and they felt about ready to burst. Welp, while next to the river, might as well bathe and clean all this dirt off myself. So off come the shoes and socks putting them on a big rock. Walked out into the river and washed up. “Now you were warned about coming down here, and now I have to also cite you for indecent exposure! What are you doing down here?” Came a familiar stern deep gruff voice from the banks. Turning around there stood the forest ranger, with his hands balled into fists pressed on his thighs. He looked like he was carved out of pure stone and placed precariously and posed like a Greecian statue. Although since yesterday it looked like he shrunk his uniform in the wash. The top two buttons were open showing the undershirt below. Even from 20 meters away that chest looked like it’d crush a small car. His full beard touching the top of those pecs. That neck looked like it was contending an arena battle with the traps beside them. The sleeves were folded so far up his arms, it might as well have been considered sleeveless. The forearms bulged with hairy veins, a finger thick vein leading up to melon sized biceps pushing against the side of his striated pecs. Forget the statue of a human, this was a demigod in the flesh! The muscle gut straing the buttons on top of it, showed the undershirt riding up that hairy grooved flesh. His calf high brown leather boots straining to contain those feet. You could almost see each individual toe stretching the leather, pushing out. Not to toot this beast's own horn but I've got a good sized beast cock. But the shadow I saw from that far away of the ragers package is so much more sizable. It was like a litre pop bottle and two grapefruits shoved inside. And no, the waistband wasn't holding but bulging out. The jock fabric spilling over and showing dark fur sprouting out. Those muscle thighs pushing those testosterone laden fruit forwards, like they would burst forwards any second with a vengeance. Still wading in the river he yells a bit more sternly, “I asked you a question boy!” A bit shocked from embarrassment but also from irritation. Boy?! My Six-foot muscled frame, bald head, and beard that’d choke a lumberjack and I'm being called boy? I puffed out my chest and marched towards shore, fists clenched, vein throbbing from my forehead ready to rip off the ranger's arm and beat him with it. Rushing the shore, trudging through the water growling right up to the ranger. Pusing my chest right against his, ready to brawl. I can feel our cocks twitch between us, throbbing against our torsos. Glaring back up at his face and flexing my arms. Snapping back, “What fucking crap is this boy?” A silence fell over the forest. It seemed even the breeze was waiting with bated breath. Awaiting the clash of beasts. With a bellowing laugh, the forester relaxed and belted out a boisterous stutter of jubilation. “You're one hell of a man there!” As he slaps the back of Will shoulders with the hand the size of a half sheet pan. Almost sending Will toppling to the ground. Extending out that same hand the ranger finally introduces himself, “Gord.” He states flatly. Stunned from disillusion, Will shakes the gruff calloused hand and stutters out, “Will…” “Well, Will. Let's get you back to your camp. This place isn't safe. I'd hate to have to give you a ticket for self endangerment. As well as (ranger clears his throat), public nudity.” Quotes Ranger Gord. “Grab what's left of your clothes there. Hmm, I guess just your shoes and socks. Then i’ll guide you back to your camp to rejoin your friends.” I blush a bit. Well, not so much as blush as my entire head turns the shade of scarlett. I rushed over to grab my shoes and socks from the rock. I glanced past the tree line to see a darkened cavern or grotto. Faintly glowing with that eerily pale blue light I saw last night, I shifted to put on my socks and shoes to get a better look at the surrounding area to get back down here tonight to check it out. Trying to not show Gord my intentions just as I’m about to put on the last shoe, down on the ground next to the boulder is a little glowing blue stone. I picked it up and threw it in the sole of my shoe before putting it on\. Gord hadn't noticed, and asks if I’m ready to go back to camp and I nod. The ranger drops me back at camp with Carl and Wendy not there. Their backpacks are missing so they must have gone for a hike. I sigh in relief, that means I don’t have to explain my lack of clothing. After putting on clothes and thanking Gord for the escort back, the ranger sets off. I relax back in my tent bored, hungry, but atleast clean. Wondering where that light was coming from and why the ranger was warning me against that lower ridge. There didn't seem to be any bears or cougars in the area or signs of them. I’ll have to check it out later tonight. I could look up a map of the area if I had my damned cell phone. I yawned, man what a fucked up day, my cock giving a reminding lurch. I forgot to take care of this beastly need this morning. And now I’m too tired all of a sudden, and hungry too. My mind racing, man what about that cave. What about that blue rock in my shoe. Ah well, time for a nap. I’ll deal with it later. Closed my eyes, wrapping my hand around my bulge. What I wouldn't give to grow big like that ranger. No, BIGGER! A fucking giant of a man! I drift off to sleep. Supper Time I awoke to a sizzling meat smell dancing in the air. Puffs of smoke surrounding the tents, dancing in the setting sun. Wafting sensual aromas that made me jump right up, ready for food. I pulled a Kool-Aid man, bursting out of the tent with a “OH YEAH!” Bellowed hungrily, grabbing a plate and and in a few mouthfuls two burgers are inhaled. With a loud belch, and a long hunger finally satiated batting my belly. RIIPPP A rip of clothing renders the air, as the sides of the shirt tore down from the armpits. My lats spread out like wings of a bird. Pecs swollen from a good chest day exercise, heaving, straining the neck of the Shirt. The v-neck shirt, stretching thin riding up my roid gut as it filled with rock hard granite muscles. The waistline and neckline grow closer beginning to fray. My eyes glance up to my friends expecting awe and confusion. Except that's what peppers my face instead. There they are next to the fire, sprawled out on a blanket passionately making out against a fallen log. My beast log throbbed, and spilled over the waistband of my boxer briefs in lurches. Growing, thickening, throbbing bigger and bigger. Legs spreading, lengthening as testosterone inflated my balls into large apples. There were sharp cracking sounds as the threads of the shoes tore themselves apart from the leather. Sending leather flying as my toes and heel burst from forth from the confines. The little blue glowing rock fades, as it's crushed into dust below my foot covered by scraps of the sock tugged apart as my feet lurch larger. Rising up and bursting the scraps of clothes left over, my frame lauding over the campfire. The hot flames dance, as I heft my muscles in self exploration. Pumping the muscles up with blood and testosterone. Making each beastly muscle group pop with veins and hair. So big, so primal, bigger! “HHGGG, come on more. MORE! Grow!” As I roar as nothing happens. Well, other than the friends finally breaking away from each other as they each take a leg to start worshiping the musclebeast before them! Wendy gropes my beast cock in her little lithe hands, unable to wrap both hands around its girth. Trying to pull it into her chest. Which all she succeeds in doing is making it rigid and rock hard, with a flex it tugs her closer. Her husband's hands work his way up my calf muscles, already bigger than his thighs. Covered in spindles of thick beast hair, the thick diamond calf muscles could set new marathon records. Wendy pushes her supple breasts against my beast cock while moaning how big I am. Her husband pawed at my ass cheeks trying to make a dent in them as I laugh like a super villain. I glare over my chest at them with a primal need, as they see the wildfire reflected in my eyes as they backpedal back onto the blanket. Their back pursed against the log, as each stomp towards them heightened my arousal. I bend down, towards Wendy, ripping off her clothes as I tower over the both of them. Flipping her over as she hikes her ass in the air, pulling her underneath my kneeling frame. My ‘smaller’ sized friend shaking, cowering next to me. “You,” I state flatley. My voice thunderous on an over two meter frame. “You want a man to show you how to pleasure a woman?” It was Rhetorical question not meant to be answered, albeit verbally. My girthy length throbbing over her backside, spurting copious cup fulls of pre over her torso. Her body moaning hotly in anticipation. While her husband looks on in horror and bated breath. To watch this monster, this beastly man show his wife pleasure that he’s never brought her. “Now little man, you’re going to worship this beast. While you watch me pleasure your wife in every position till you both pass out from exhaustion!” I laugh deeply. My smaller friend stands up shakily, approaching the brute I’ve become for worship. While my beastly brute’s cock enters the woman to screams of pleasure. Day 3 It was hours that this beast pleasured her. In many ways, and so many positions that it caused her to pass out in exhaustion. Not only did I fulfil the deepest pleasures of this woman, but after she drifted off to slumber, I dominated her smaller hubby. Muscle worship from toes to head. Before I was finally sated, coating both of my friends in my testosterone filled beast seed. Chuckling to myself, I swear I could have drowned them in it. The whole night had passed us by! With the start of the twilight hour, I set out for the cave in the lower ridge to see what more I could find, what else there was in this woods for me, this growing monstrous beast. my eyes accustomed to the pitch dark of the countryside, could just make out that faint blue glow from down below. Leaving my two companions tucked away in their tents, I made my way down the trail below. Just Before Sunrise Heading down the path below this time, was made so much easier with longer limbs and larger hands, able to palm forest trees trunks to prevent myself from tumbling down the steep ridge. It took just a few minutes this time to reach the edge of the river. My strides were so much longer now with my own tree trunks, these thickly muscled legs. The skin seemed thicker or more resilient to the underbrush or thorns. There were no scratches, nor weeping stabbings of blood. Was it that the beastly hair that dusted my larger frame that protected me from the scratchings. Thick heavy trees and cover the entrance of this cave/grotto. Steep, high calcified walls adorn the cave. It must have taken eyons to carve this out from the river. The small blue glowing rocks produce their own faint light, thinly adorn the entrance. Many covered in grime, mineral deposits or look worn out.Millenia old stalactites and stalagmites pepper the area as it reaches far back into the rocky mountains. The farther back the cave reaches the larger and more common the rocks appear. Deciding to explore the cave just as the pastel morning colors start to appear in the sky outside, I turn deeper into the cave. The warm breeze outside turns into a wet cold haze the deeper in I explore. It seems that the rocks react to my presence by glowing brighter, leading me, directing me inwards. I felt energized at the mouth of the cave, and spelunking deeper, I can feel a deeper welling of energy building inside. My pace quickened, faster. Blood pumping faster through my veins. My virility renewed and the beast throbs, pointing forwards leaving a trail of pre deeper into the depths. Until the crag of the cave opened up on a small waterfall pouring out from the center of the ceiling high above. Dropping into the center of this crystal blue cavern. It reminded me of superman's fortress of solitude. But with faintly blue glowing crystal pillars surrounding the entire area. The water in the center of the pool, looked so welcoming and inviting. The bottom of it is littered with sand, made out of the surrounding crystals. “Well against my warnings, looks like you still found your way down here.” Bellowed a pissed off looking Gord. Whose body seems to be blocking the only way back out. And when i say blocking, i mean filling up the tunnel. How he followed me down here without making a sound seemed improbable. The ranger didn't look any taller from across the room, but thick would have been an understatement. Bull in a China shop never seemed more an appropriate analogy. If the bull was on steroids and HGH combined with some testosterone enhancement that would make the powerlifters look like anorexic twinks. He looked like those morphed pictures on those porn sites, but even more rugged. I was wading in the shallows of the pool on the opposite end of the cave room. The ranger started moving, circling around the edge keeping his distance and eyeing me. Like he was studying me. While he moved it seemed that the gems dimed just around him, matching his movements. I put my hand on one of the growing crystals in the pool, moving around it. Keep it between Gord and myself. Once I touched it, I noticed that it brightened upon touch. The water around my ankles ripple just a bit, only enough to feel it vibrate against the leg hair. “You aren't welcome here and need leave, NOW!” His voice went from one of stern lecture to a threatening command. His brow furrowed and eyes narrowed with a scowl. Without a chance to respond, he charged towards me just like a bull. Breaking right though the crystal formation, his forearms up for added strength. He hit hard enough to wedge me into the wall behind. Limbs splayed in the craigs and cracks of the broken crystals, like a marionette with its strings cut. I was stunned out of surprise but not hurt, and no pain either. I just held still, unsure of what to do. “This is MY cave! I found it, and it gave me… this!” As he motions to his body. “Its taken me months to get this far, and you won't share in its gifts! He spat towards me. His cock rising, thickening between his hairy pecs, as he stepped closer. “And I will be taking back what's mine!” My eyes widened in horror at what his words ment. Just as he was about to reach back with a fist and punch me farther into the wall, I was able to scream out a “NO!” My fists clenched as the blue crystal around me glowed brightly. It felt so warm, and the blue light was glowing brighter. Cracks suddenly started growing from around me in the crystals as I was being pushed out from the wall with a stumble to the ground. Landing in front of the ranger on my hands and knees, his feet right below my face. For a second, I thought I had a concussion the way his feet were suddenly falling away. Gord had stumbled back, tripping over the broken pillar crystal and landed in the water. His face losing color from horror. It took me longer to realize I was growing again, until my feet hit the wall behind. My body was lurched forwards over the top of Gord… well that wasn't the only thing that was lurching forwards over the ranger. His eyes glazed over, reaching out to touch my beast cock thicker than a telephone pole and about 5 feet high. Just as his mits are around to touch my cockflesh, he pulls away and tries to scamper from out underneath. Backpedaling through the water as he tries to crawl away. A rumble from my chest shook the cavern, as I easily reached out and drug the ranger back though the water underneath my god cock. “No, no, no. You're not getting away that easily you little fucker!” The cavern shook with my powerful voice. You wanted the power and NOW you're going to get it. Unfortunately, not from where you expect it.” The ranger is screaming below me, “Please, no you can't. You're too much. You're too BIG!” “Again. Say that again.” I demand His body trembles under me, clawing at the ground. Almost whispering, “too big..” My body still is lurching larger, muscles thickening, frame widening to make way for more muscles to pile on my frame. So much thicker than the ranger was before as my torso takes up half the space in the cavern. The water is running over my shoulders at this point. My beast cock as thick as his waist now. My balls push my thighs apart. That ass i had admired earlier that i swore i was going to make mine, was now here underneath me. I had to force the head down with my hand, as my cock had started growing faster than my body. It felt so hot to the touch, so aroused, so fucking hard! Just as I forced the head inside his ass, we both screamed out in pleasure. The crystals glowing so brightly, almost enveloping us in pure blue light. 07:13 AM Carl and Wendy wake up next to a smoking fire pit. Wrapped up in the plaid blanket from the previous night. Both beyond exhausted, physically and mentally. They look at each other with wide eyes, questioning whether the events of the previous night even happened. They stood up with no signs of the night's activities. Both in perfect health, albeit naked and in the ruins of a destroyed campsite. Without a word to each other, they get dressed and start packing up the car. Worried about Wills whereabouts since he wasn't there this morning. They talk after the car is packed and decide to go look for him. Just as they are about to leave the car, cracks in the earth open up as an earthquake hits the area. Fissures open up as all the animals run from the area. The earth rumbled for miles around. Trees toppled all around them, sinkholes appeared as destruction rained. Thunder sounded without a cloud in the sky, which was strange. There was a rumble from the ridge as a landslide opened from an upper ridge. Rushing water bubbled like a hot spring from underground, rushing out like a slurry as it emptied into the river below. They ran to their car and drove off to escape the destruction. As they got a good distance away, there was an eruption from beneath the mountain. There in the rear view mirror, a bald head emerged from the dust. It rose higher and higher into the air, soaring above the surrounding trees, hills and mountains. Fists larger than cities pushed into the sky, attached to godly sized muscles. My head was nestled between traps so muscled, they pushed into my ears. A neck so thick, that the deep voice that emanated from within caused knees to buckle to all in range. “YES, BIGGER. MORE… MMOOORRRREEE!” Growing bigger, taller, thicker rising higher. I rubbed my pecs and muscle gut as I grew. Biceps and pecs fighting for ranges of movement as they swelled with power. A forest grew on the giant of hair, as he expanded. My beard cascading down over my chest, a thickening pelt of hair creeping over my skin. Watching it ripple and flex as highways of veins snaked all over. It was then that a foot emerged, swinging out and over the mountains. Crushing an entire mountain range flat, like a toddler stomping on a sand castle. But that wasn't the reason to be worried. They were deafened by my moaning, so lewdly, a pillar of cock that emerged from between the chasm, could only be described as godly. The ground crumples beneath my balls that contained a sea of sperm, and that could span multiple counties. And my cock, that pointed skywards well over my own big beastly head, was fighting a thickness battle with my waist, over which would be the victor. As soon as I locked eyes with my own beastly god hood, I switched to rubbing and groping the growing monolith, grunting from the self pleasure. My cock and balls lurch larger with every stroke, pushing me up higher into the sky. My legs and feet stretching over the horizon in the distance as my rumbles became inaudible growlings of pleasure. The entire tectonic place of the country buckled under the weight of my growing godly beastly body. Unending miles of muscles surged and flexed as my balls churned larger than my body, damn I was close. What had to be Russia was being flooded with my pre. Just as my bald head and traps pushed through the clouds, an eruption of lighting and my thunderous voice rattled the globe. “BEEEAAAASSSTTTT” Bellowed a boom resonating inside my enormous chest, towering above as the earth was flooded with my seed.
  12. Artizek

    hyper muscle My Dad the Hulk

    Longtime reader, first time posting. PART ONE Growing up, I never questioned how my Dad was so immense. I just always remember him being huge. Even in my earliest memories he was a veritable mountain. I know kids tend to exaggerate, but my Dad was absolutely massive. In our family album, he towers over everyone else. He doesn’t have his full beard yet, just some stubble on his lantern jaw. His chest hair isn’t the bear’s pelt it would later become. In the photo, we’ve moved into our house and dad is just in a stringer tank top. The photo’s just a grainy, yellowed polaroid, but still I can see the uncompromising mass in his arms, his bicep bigger than mom’s head, a finger-thick vein running down the middle, his forearms like Christmas hams. And there I am, a toddler perched on his broad shoulder. He’s got a hand on my hip to hold me there and it’s practically the size of my whole torso. Dad is 23 in the photo but already pushing 300 lbs. I’m ashamed to say I never remember him being this...small. All my memories of him are great. For his colossal size and strength, he was a caring and doting dad. His rumbling baritone was comforting instead of frightening, and he never raised his voice to Mom and I. He was quick to smile and laughed easily. Though he had a full-time job and spent most of his free time in his gym, he always found the opportunity to play with me. He’d help me build a fort in the woods and then take up the entire thing with his tremendous body. He’d read me adventure stories while I drifted to sleep on his broad chest. In one of my favorite games he’d pretend to be a bear. Snarling, he’d go shirtless, his chest and forearms covered in brown hair, and chase me about the house on all fours. I’d hit him on the head, which somehow tamed the bear, and then I’d ride on his back until bedtime. It was my favorite game until I discovered The Incredible Hulk. Dad went along as I painted my room green, covered it in posters, bought all the toys, and even talked Dad into painting himself green for my Hulk-themed birthday party. His only condition was that he’d keep his beard. I still remember a friend’s little sister crying as Dad lumbered over, gave a most muscular pose, and growled. I really can’t blame her. I was 8, so at 29, Dad must have been 6’7” and 450 lbs. His chest could stop a car and his arms resembled great knotted ropes like those used on ships. Dad’s neck was bullish and even when fully relaxed, I could spot a vein popping from it. As a kid, I just assumed all dads were gigantic. Didn’t all dads devour 20,000 calories a day? Didn’t all dads have to buy new clothes twice a year to accommodate their swelling muscles? Most of Dad’s friends were powerfully built muscle men (I would later learn he slept with half of them). I just thought that’s what men looked like. I remember going to a friend’s house and meeting my best friend’s dad, a thin wisp of a man, whom I mistook for an older brother. It blew my mind. Meanwhile, the friends I invited over were always awestruck at my dad’s sheer size and strength, something I took for granted. There were moments of jealousy as my friends flocked to him instead of me, but I soon realized I could show my dad off like a new toy. Five fifth-graders would dangle from his one extended arm. They’d ask him to crush watermelons or burst out of a shirt and he’d happily oblige. Most of the town knew my Dad (there were only a few thousand people and how could you miss a man of his stature?), but it wasn’t long before every boy in my school was talking about him like an action hero or football star. I admit I made a lot of friends that year. I did notice certain things, but I didn’t realize how strange they were until years later. For example, once a year Dad would disappear into a black van and be gone for a week. Mom always said he went to the hospital, but the men in black suits and sunglasses who ushered him into the van never looked like doctors to me. When Dad returned he would always, always be bigger and over the next few weeks he would fill out even more. He’d arrive on the doorstep with a big smile, his tank top and jeans reduced to ribbons, his toes poking out of his socks, his sneakers gone. At 10, I remembered Mom screaming in shock once she saw him. He was a few inches taller and his shoulders wider. He must have packed on over a hundred pounds. His delts, triceps, and traps looked like huge bags of flour. Freakish biceps pressed into his pecs, which were now the size of couch cushions. His quads were as big around as the trees in our yard, and his calves were bigger around than most men’s waists. Seeing him grow every year was second only to Christmas for me, but I’d have to wait before he showed me his gains. The day he came home I’d always have to go play in the yard or at a friend’s house. That was “mom and dad” time. “Mom and dad” time was right after I went to school, most days at noon when Dad would come home on his lunch break, and then at night. My parents weren’t particularly strict, but this was the one thing they couldn’t bend on. I was not to be in the house. Even at 10, I didn’t know what they did. I had my hunches, of course. Kids on the bus talked about it. It was some kind of wrestling. Now Mom was a powerhouse in her own right. She wasn’t a bodybuilder herself but she’d played rugby and volleyball in college. A friend called Mom “stacked,” which I think meant she lifted weights. In any case, she could keep up with Dad, or at least she did at first. Knowing what I know now, I can’t begin to imagine how they did the deed. I’d seen him getting out of the shower before he wrapped the towel around himself. Everything was proportionate: that is to say beyond human proportions. Maybe it was great at first. They did make me after all. I’d see her feel his arms and the look they gave each other was something I couldn’t describe at the time, but as he grew and grew and grew, it must have become too much. He needed release more often. Dad always made noises during those times, the same noises he made while working out, but over the years they became louder and more animalistic until my windows began to rattle and I thought we were having a small earthquake. One day I saw him pulling their giant bed frame to a dumpster. It was in pieces. So was a dresser and a nightstand. Things fell apart when I was 15. We’d moved to an enormous new house with vaulted ceilings, castle-sized doors, a huge yard, five refrigerators, a pool, and a basement that Dad would convert to a gym. As a teenager, I never wondered where the money came from to buy it all. I wouldn’t find out for years. Dad and I loved the place but Mom could only force a smile when I showed her how Dad wouldn’t have to duck to get through the door anymore. They started eating and sleeping in separate rooms. When Mom picked me up from school and explained her and Dad were getting a divorce, I was disappointed but not shocked. I didn’t blame her back then and still don’t. She didn’t expect her husband to triple in size. She hadn’t signed up for this. At that point, Dad was a goddamn behemoth: 7’4” and 900 lbs. His shoulders were four feet wide but the way his arms stuck out, his triceps pushed that to five feet. He started measuring his biceps in three digits, and it was a miracle he could even bend his arm. Even relaxed, those biceps resembled beach balls. One day, Dad accidentally tore the door off his truck. I remember him standing there dumbfounded, holding it as if it were lighter than a sheet of styrofoam. It took him less than a week to landscape our yard. He ripped a dead maple tree out of the earth like it was a weed, and he rolled boulders across the yard like soccer balls. How could a woman sleep with a man that powerful four or five times a day? Believe it or not, I think there was a lot Dad held back. Because once she left, his growth went into overdrive. Maybe “hospital” injections were more potent or maybe Dad had given himself permission to go all in? Whatever the reason, he quit his job as a construction foreman and devoted himself to growth. Every day a whole car full of groceries was delivered to our doorstep. Whey powders and supplements filled an entire wall of our walk-in pantry. No gym was enough of a challenge, so he had to build his own. A dozen construction buddies helped him weld a series of machines that looked like medieval torture devices: the benches were as wide as a double mattress, the weights went up to 15,000 lbs. They had to reinforce the house’s foundation. Even then finishing a set could make the ground rumble. Half a block away a car alarm would go off. Dad channeled all his sadness and frustration from the divorce into working out. He smiled less and hardly went into town, but he still participated in my life as best he could. He was ecstatic when the high school football team picked me as linebacker. Even now I chuckle at the memory of this 7 ½ foot colossus, shirtless and painted in our school colors, cheering me on at our games. I’d have friends over to the pool and half the talk centered on how gargantuan my Dad had become, especially a crotch that practically hung to his knees. “Your Dad could sit in his bedroom and fuck a chick in China,” and all that sort of thing. I laughed it off, trying to hide how conflicted I felt. Truly, I loved my Dad. I admired him and he was a great friend. But ever since puberty, something felt wrong. Friends would pass around copies of Hustler or pull up porn on their phones, but it never did much for me. While I used to stare in awe at my Dad’s column-like legs and the contours of his teardrop quads, I now cleared my throat and forced myself to look away from his dense, rotund glutes as he walked by. He’d lean over to check my homework and I’d seize up as his bare chest caressed the back of my head. Our playful wrestling came to a halt. We had the best gym imaginable downstairs but I always exercised at school, afraid the sight of my hulking beast of a dad, all pumped and sweaty would make me spray my gym shorts. We hung out less and less. I’m sure Dad assumed I was being an aloof teenager or perhaps still hung up on the divorce. We never said anything, but he gave me the space I needed. I couldn’t help but worry I was breaking his heart. Of course, I was growing, too. Looking in my bathroom’s full length mirror, I could see the beginning of my Dad’s thick jaw. I was 6’0” and 190 lbs with a stocky, muscular build. I was bulking, so the outline of summer abs had vanished, but that was fine. I was after mass. I had pubic hair but nothing on my chest or jaw. I was huge for a high school junior, but I longed for real growth. I wanted to be a leviathan like Dad. He went through so many tank tops, it was easy to take one without him noticing. The damn thing could have been a tent on me. It hadn’t been washed and some nights I would drape it over myself, breathing in Dad’s musk, imagining my naked body hulking out enough to fill the shirt, maybe even tear it. There were other guys I fancied in school. Being on the football and wrestling teams, I got to see all the biggest men working out, stripping down, washing themselves. We all jerked off together, never thinking anything of it. I don’t want to come across as vain, but because I was big for my age I got a lot of attention. Behind the bleachers, the quarterback and I sucked each other off after practice. During wrestling season, everyone was popping boners. After pinning a particularly strong guy, I realized I was raging hard. So was he. He was leaking through his lycra. Luckily the coach was distracted. We drove to my opponent’s house that night and repeated a version of our match. After watching people rub my Dad’s bulging muscles, it was strange to have someone do the same for me. Especially, since I was a toothpick next to him. In the midst of passion, my wrestler friend moaned how big my cock was. It was only ten inches, I thought. I’m ashamed to say I always thought of Dad during sex. My friends were hot, but I was always comparing their anatomy to Dad’s. It’s not fair, I know, but I couldn’t help it. When I finished on my wrestler friend’s chest, I imagined it was Dad’s mountainous pecs. I pictured them shredding out of his tank top, the striations dancing in each lobe, a forest of dark hair trapping the sweat, and the saucer-sized nipples pointing at his feet. Then I imagined my dick disappearing in his cleavage. I spent whole days locked in my room just beating off over and over, Dad’s old tank top pressed to my nostrils. I pictured him lifting the entire house, his cock rock hard as he crushed his truck into a ball of shrapnel no bigger than my head. Things only got worse after that year’s injection. With no wife to come home to, he spent a week with his construction buddies. No one will admit where the orgy took place, but we didn’t have to look far. No one was buying the “industrial accident” at a work site out of town. The explanation kept changing for how all those steel beams were bent, how entire concrete walls were leveled, and how half the surrounding trees were felled like in a hurricane. These were hundred year oaks, too. The place had a pungent ocean smell for days. Afterward, all the biggest, brawniest men in town were walking funny, though each and every one of them feigned ignorance. That whole week I couldn’t stop theorizing how much he’d grown. Each growth spurt was bigger than the last. Two hundred pounds? Three hundred? Maybe a few inches of height? The anticipation was unbearable. I felt like a little boy counting down the days before a trip to Disneyland. Bigger and bigger shipments of food had arrived in his absence and I’d spend hours putting it away. I was hoisting half sides of beef in our walk-in freezer when a knock came at the front door. I hesitated when I saw it rattle. This door was ten feet tall, six wide, and nearly a foot thick. Mom and I struggled to open and close it. From the way it shook, there must have been a battering ram on the opposite side. I opened it and couldn’t believe what I saw. A set of hairy deep-cut abs stared me in the face. I had to look up to see Dad’s colossal chest. Wider than a car, it bulged two feet over those abs. I could have buried an arm between those pecs. They rose and fell with his breath. His saucer-sized nipples were all but lost in the dense pelt of hair that now coated his stomach and shoulders. I say shoulders, but those delts were more like wrecking balls. His freakish arms hung at 45 degree angles, pushed out by lats that nearly started at his waist. Dad’s biceps were just as big as his delts, bigger even. They pushed into his pecs, fighting for space. A brachial vein thicker than my wrist snaked down the middle of his guns, and even relaxed, each head was prominent. His hairy forearms were two feet across at the widest point, covered in a lattice of veins. His hands put the Incredible Hulk’s to shame. They radiated strength. I could see them ripping train engines apart. Dad’s bare feet were just as immense, the soles caked in dirt from walking through fields and woods. It was a miracle there weren’t cracks in the front step. His calves should have been called bulls. I’m certain they were wider than a probodybuilder’s quads. Oh yes, quads. Dad’s were outlandishly developed, but I couldn’t appreciate them because they were so damn big they pushed forward his monstrous manhood and that’s where all my focus went. Look, I knew my Dad was hung, but this was something else entirely. Had they used a gamma ray on this crotch? A stretched and tattered jockstrap struggled to contain a mass that hung to his knees. Pumpkin-sized balls peeked from the open sides of the jock, so heavy they tugged the underwear down and exposed the base of Dad’s penis, itself obscured in a jungle of pubes. Alarmed, dumbstruck, and horny beyond belief, I looked up at Dad’s face and realized it too had changed. His neck had pretty much been swallowed up by his traps, though I could spot some tendons like steel cables. Stubble covered the majority of it. Dad’s hair was longer, shaggier, and though his beard was full, I could see his jaw had grown wider, bulkier. His cheekbones were more pronounced, too, not a ridiculous amount, but enough to give him a brutal, hypermasculine look. Though when he smiled, he still retained that friendly and loving demeanor. Always the gentle giant. “What’d’ya think, kiddo?” his bass boomed, deep and gravelly.
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    growth Twin Devil

    Hey there! It’s been a while. Just got a little short one for you! Oh and I’ve been building together a story archive on my Patreon for those of you interested. With stories included from my all 9,000+ usernames (musclegod300, teenmusclegod, soccerstud88, etc...) Enjoy! TWIN DEVIL “God damn, bro... Why am I growing so much bigger than you!?” Joseph, boasted in front of his twin brother, Alex. Flexing his hugely eclipsing bicep. High above their small gawking heads. A whopping 20-INCHES now! Not just one-inch bigger… not just two-inches bigger, but THREE whole inches BIGGER than his supposedly identical twin brother. “Just look at all this fucking muscle!” Joseph, chuckled with power. Even his voice was a little deeper. Rumbling Alex’s ear drums in its sultry resonance. “But you’re growing bigger than EVERYONE Joe!” Alex, whimpered a bit. Given the fact that they were barely 18-years old. Compared to everyone their age, Joe was a freakin monster. Besides their height, five-foot-eleven, he was the muscle alpha king of the school! With history breaking proportions. A size that most guys wouldn’t achieve until their college years. “Haha, that’s true… But you’re supposed to be my twin, right? I mean, what happened there?” Joseph, mocked a bit. Especially now that he was close to 25-pounds heavier. All muscles too! Alex swelled with envy, jealousy and confusion. His brother had always enjoyed working out more. And he had been trying just as hard at the gym. But the five extra pounds of muscle on Joe a few months back, quickly turned in 10-pounds. And then 10-pounds, into 15-pounds! And then once his brother started eating way more, lifting hugely bigger, it was simply all over. He just couldn’t seem to keep up! “Well, I’m trying as hard as I can!” Alex finally admitted. Practically whining at this point. Flexing his comparatively small 17-inch bicep. “We’re supposed to be identical...” And that’s when he really whimpered a bit. A line that, Joseph, was repeatedly beginning to love. “Haha, I guess not anymore, bro...” Joseph, chuckled. Really rubbing salt in the wound. “Like seriously, do you see anything identical about this!?” He continued and suddenly widening his stance, deploying his grossly huge wing-sized muscle lats! With a wider back, shoulders and chest. His huge spherical pecs pumping and swelling across his broad manly chest. His arrogant comment only seemed just that much more cemented. There wasn’t really anything identical about them at all anymore! Joseph's abs had been growing more chiseled, rippled, unbelievably powerful. With more heads of muscle then you could count. And his legs had turned into these testosterone raging powerhouses of skull crushing devastation, big as an APES. Twice the size of his brothers. Even his butt had grown to an unreal global horse crushing proportions. Big enough to snuff some girls face out. “Just imagine if I keep growing like this...” Joseph, relentlessly boasted. Tickling his own overflowing teenage ego. His wild imagination. “We won’t even look like brothers, let alone twins!” He chuckled powerfully. Finding it honestly hilarious. “Would you WANT that!?” Alex, squealed like some little girl. But his question went unanswered. As his literal twin devil flexed and posed. Relishing on his own fantastical changes. “I mean, my armpits are hairier than yours...” And then, Joseph, really hammered it in. “I’ve got more chest hair...” Lifting up his ready to burst bulging muscle-shirt. Showing off more and more of their dramatic comparisons. “And you won’t BELIEVE what else is growing…” Joseph, powerfully chuckled. Reaching for his zipper. Alex, just thought his brother was going to show off his freakishly growing diamond cut muscle thighs. Or maybe his super massive veiny bulging bodybuilder calves. But then as he pulled the zipper down, unbuckling his button, this huge white mound of brief fabric fell out from the zipper hole opening. “O-OH F-Fuck, JOE!” Alex, practically squealed. Watching this snake, an African python of a penis, with one huge gross gushing eye. The biggest cock-head and piss slit he had ever seen. Clearly painted on his nearly transparent tortured briefs. The same ones Alex was currently wearing. Joe, snickered sinisterly as he continued to pull down his jeans completely. Giving his big dick a couple ruthless pumps, right in front his brother. Almost dreaming about this moment. “Aw, yeah bro…” Joseph, groaned in deep lust. “You ever seen a dick this big?!” He proudly stroked himself a couple more times. Making himself bulge up a little. Just to give a real sense of its size. Leaving Alex absolutely frozen. They had seen each other naked so many times. More than you could count! But now it was like staring at another man entirely. Not even a relative, let alone a brother or twin. This unrecognizable monster penis among mortal men. At least a FOOT LONG! Thicker than a BEER can! Not just 2x, 3x, or even 4x bigger than Alex’s, but in a whole different league! “HOW is this POSSIBLE!!?” Alex really began to weep. With actual tears of envy in his eyes. His twin brother really was some sort of male muscle alpha predator! The truly superior twin. “Jesus, Joe... It’s like you’re going through some kind of growth spurt again!” Alex, suddenly stated. Seconds away from blubbering up from overwhelming envy. A line that he would instantly regret saying. As he watched a light bulb go off in his brother's head. “Haha! Fuck yeah!” Joseph, laughed. “A growth spurt!? That’s just what I NEED!!” And then he exclaimed. Unexpectedly loving the idea. “That means I would start growing everywhere!” He chuckled delightfully. Playing into his brothers outlandish words. His freakiest of fantasies. “Not just muscle... But I would grow taller!” Joseph, wildly grinned. Adding his own fantasies to the mix. Feeling his dick really began to bulge. “I’ve always wanted to be over 6-feet tall...” Joseph, happily admitted. “Y-YOU have!?“ Alex, squealed once more. “Well yeah! Haven’t you? I mean, we’re so close already! OR maybe 6-foot-five, Haha!” And yet his twin brother continued. With his dick throbbing, twisting and turning like some big snake. “All the way up to 7-FEET TALL!” Jospeh, roared shockingly. With his cock throbbing out of control! “O-Oh, g-god....... 7-FEET tall!? How could ANYONE want to grow SO BIG!?” Alex was absolutely baffled. Still weeping. As he watched his twin brothers raise his colossal 20-inch volcanic muscle arms, high above their heads. Displaying his future dream height. With his MUCH BIGGER cock suddenly springing the biggest leak against his briefs. “DEAL with it, BRO!” Gushing torrent after torrent of pre-cum. “I’m just clearly meant for BIGGER THINGS!” ***************** And then later that night... “Oh man... 7-feet tall...” Joseph, almost felt haunted by the impossible fantasy. Standing there in the bathroom mirror. All while brushing his teeth. Feeling his cock bulge and tingle again. All that blood surging just to fill his enormous member. As he thought about that rush of power he felt earlier... “I want it SO bad...” He groaned. Feeling his cock actually begin to leak. Fuck, he was so horny. “Alex, already looks like such a DWEEB!” And then he continued. Chuckling out loud. Drooling out some toothpaste as he fantasized. He just loved being bigger so much. “I wonder how small he’ll look in a few months...” He chuckled devilishly. As his dick really began to bloat up. 8-inches… 9-inches… 10-inches… Already straining his undersized briefs to their limits. “Or even in a few years!” Joseph, groaned with lust. With his cock reaching its full foot long pussy crushing power. As he imagined growing not just 40-pounds bigger, or even 50-pounds bigger... But 100-POUNDS BIGGER! “Unnghh, fuck. 100-POUNDS!? Why does this turn me on so much!?” Joseph, grunted. Feeling queer as fuck. Almost trying to control himself. But the level of power he felt was next level. He wasn’t just boning harder then he ever had before. But he was about to cum! Totally hands free! “And at 7-FEET TALL, Alex, would be standing no bigger than the TOP of my PECS!” His cock gushed and rumbled over the awesome idea. Harder and harder as if it was somehow making room to grow bigger. 12-inches… 13-inches… 14-inches! “ARGGH, and then I’d still want BIGGER! 8-FEET TALL! UNGGHHH!!” Joseph, roared. With his dick looking 15-INCHES! Causing his briefs to suddenly SNAP under the enormous pressure. “More and more and MORE until the little RUNT is staring at my belly button!!” Joseph, groaned in ecstasy. “With so much muscle and power I could lift a SEMI-TRUCK!” Tilting his neck back and letting his cock EXPLODE a fucking GALLON huge load of CUM all over his bathroom mirror. Rope after rope. His cock throbbed and throbbed. It just wouldn’t stop. Joseph could only laugh at his display of alpha manliness. “UNGH, yeah… I WANT it so BAD...” He grunted it sheer bliss. Finally squeezing out the last huge drop. Experiencing the biggest orgasm of his life. “Better get ready Alex…” END
  14. Hello guys, it's been a long time since I posted a story, I was very busy latest months and hard to hold on to writing (imagining a story is easy, writing it is more difficult) but the desire to post a new hot story was stronger. So this story was a commission that someone asked me few months ago. But the story will probably more longer than I previewed so for to avoid to make you wait again for several months or me to loose motivation, I decided to split it in several parts. I hope you will still enjoy this first chapter. As usual, all reviews are welcome, even negatives. This story is based on the character of Harvey Kinkle of the old cartoon "Sabrina The Animated Series". In one of episodes (called Harvzilla because at the end, he tranforms himself in a dragon like Godzilla), he uses a magical spray and becomes more and more muscular. Fun fact, I saw this series when I was younger and weirdly, I remembered perfectly of this episode in particular, I wonder me why..... mmmmmh maybe because of that ). Oh yes and of course, this story takes times several years after the official series (so yes, Harvey is over 18y old !) I also warn than when it's a commission, so I try to respect the desire of the one who asked me this commission (so here, he wanted a gay relationship even if in the serie Harvey was in love of Sabrina, so don't be surprised if it diverges from the serie) Again, don't hesitate to give me your opinions, it will allow me to make the following parts even better. Enjoy ! ========================= Part 1: The promise ========================= I was preparing myself for my wrestling match. I practice this sport for a few years now. However, I don't have the body of a wrestler. I was skinny, average tall, 5'10", and weak. Fun fact: my nickname was Harvzilla but I didn't have anything of "Godzilla", on the contrary, I should have been called "Weakzilla". But I don't know, I love this sport. Even if I lose often. And for not to change... I will probably lose again today: I heard my opponent was new in this college, but he was already famous. I really ask me why. Ok, this is time. I put my white shirt and my green tank top and I went to the field. When I arrived on the field, the hall was crowded. What the fuck ? Usually, there weren't as many people... and I don't think there were here for me. I was starting to warm up when I heard the public shouting. What the fuck ? I looked the entrance. I don't know describe what I felt at this moment... I was immediately hypnotized by those blue eyes, this perfect nose, this amazing jawline, with a perfect mouth, his blond hair seemed divine. And his skin... Gooosh, he had a natural tan. Never I had seen a so beautiful face like this. And it was just the beginning... because there was not only his face which was incredibly beautiful. His body... HO-LY FUCK...HOLY MOTHER FUCKING FUCK ! We were almost same tall mmmmh although not, he was taller but what was sure, that was we didn't have the same weight and for cause: below this angelic face, there is a fucking muscular neck, which was almost wider than his head and this neck was surrounded by two mountains that came out of his back, his shoulders were canonballs, his sleeves were very tight cause his two big ripped guns, probably 18 inches, nice veins were browsing them, his forearms were so fucking muscular and venous, and fuuuuuuuuuuuck: bigger than my arms, his pecs were two enormous balloons, which pushed clearly against his shirt and tank top, his nipples were clearly visible and were obviously pointing down. Despite his singlet, I could see clearly six bumps (and they were not flexed !), perfectly symmetricals. Gooosh ! I'm going to avoid kicking this brick wall muscle. I could also see his adonis betl, cut to the axe. Below, his bulges suggested the size of his "package" and obviously, it was an XXL package. Next then came his legs, hem sorry, his tree trunks. I could see the bumps of his quads trought his short. And his calves were like two boulders implanted under his skin. Goooooooosh ! It was not possible, I must have been in the wrong sports hall. Was I to a wrestling match or a bodybuilding contest ? Because this god could clearly participate and win the first place very easily. The referee started the match. I caught his hands and I tried to push him but fuuuuuck he didn't move, even not only one inch. Personally, I used my whole strength but him, he seemed to not provide the slightest effort. Goooosh, I was totally surpassed by his strength. Then, very easily he started to push me backward. I tried to resist but nothing to do. He seemed amused by the situation because he fixed me, in smiling abut not badly, rather interested. He stopped, did one or two steps back; waited few seconds, then he smiled and restarted to push me. But now, he forced really. I couldn't do nothing, I was absolutely overwhelmed... and the next second I was out of circle. Shit, one point for him... The second round started, I tried to put him on the ground, so I surrounded him. And shiiiit, his muscles were so fucking hard, so warm. I couldn't help to feel his amazing abs. I'm sure he noticed because he has had a little laugh. Of course, he didn't move, not even a bit. And suddenly... I was on the ground. I didn't understand what happened. He lifted me as I weighted absolutely nothing and the second after, I was on the ground. Then he belted me. I tried to escape me but nothing do. I could feel his enormous weight on me, I was a fucking stick compared to him. And my shoulders touched the ground. The match was over... Of course, I already lost but never like this. I was absolutely powerless against him. He could have crush me if he wanted. I had lost but weirdly, I had loved this match. Really loved. I had loved to feel his body, this amazing and powerful body and I don't know but I think he noticed it and... I think he loved too. He walked towards me and shooked my hand, welll, more exactly, he broke my hand. Shit, his strength was so incredible. "Nice match !" he said in smiling. Oh fucking god, even his voice was amazing. Strong and deep, like his godlike body. "Eeehh... thanks..." Nice match ? I have been pulverized. He has literally played with me like a cat with a mouse. "Don't worry hahaha. You will win maybe one day" he said in laughing. "What ?" "You reaction. I know what you think: I have been pulverized isn't ?" "Wha...But how do you..." "I'm used to it. And don't worry, it will not be our last match. You can still enjoy hahaha !" Oh shit, he has noticed. I turned all red. Then he added. "And sooner than you think..." with a strange look. "What ?" "Don't worry, you will see... very soon" And he went with his coach. "Well Harvey... you are sorely lacking in training, as usual" said my coach, disappointed. "Yeah......" "Well, go shower, we talk about this ... carnage... later" Ten minutes later, I was in the showers. Weirdly, I should be disappointed by this match, one more defeat, however I don't know why but I was only able to think about one thing: Pedro. I remembered the moment where I saw him, his godlike body, his godlike muscles, his angelic face. Goooosh. My heart was beating quickly, I felt hot. But why ? Why did I feel this for this guy ? The only time I felt the same thing, it was when I saw Sabrina for the first time. And then I understood: was I just... in love ? In love of Pedro ? But... I mean, Pedro is a boy and... No, it's not possible, I can't... but I couldn't finish my phase when I heard: "Hello !" Th...this voice ?! I was so in my thoughts that I didn't hear him coming. Pedro ? Pedro was here, next to me ? I turned my head and...... HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT OF FUCKING GOD OF FUCKING SHIT OF FUCKING GOD. Yes, Pedro was next to me, under the shower and obviously... naked. And yes, I was not wrong, really not: this guy was a FUCKING GOD ! Blue eyes His head was surrounding by huge traps, his shoulders were canonballs, his arms were so huge, 18 inches at least, with a big vein, and in talking of veins, his forearms were covered with it. His pecs were two balloons and below, there was six fucking boulders which exploded out of his stomach, perfectly symetrical. His adonis belt seemed to be cut with an ax, with an incredible set of veins. My eyes widened when I saw his "monster". Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck ! Look this dick ! Look this FUCKING DICK ! It...it wasn't humanly possible... Holy crap ! His legs looked like trees, ripped, venous, covered of muscular bumps and his calves were two fucking boulders. Even his feet was inhuman. "This too, I'm used to it hahaha" he said in laughing. "What ?" "You've been looking at me from head to toe for 2 minutes" he said in smiling. Oh crap ! I turned all red again. "But yeah, I understand you, it's amazing isn't ?" "What ?" "This one, it's amazing isn't ?" he said in flexing his 18" gun. Holy shit, I could feel my heart beat very quickly and above all, I was totally horny... but how can you not be horny by this perfection ? And what he says didn't help me. "Do you want to feel ?" Oh crap, oh fucking crap. I was hard instantly ! Shit Harvey, calm down, calm down, he must not notice it. "Y...Y...Yeah". I swallow and approached to him. My hand landed on his amazing mountain. Oh crap, I was right: hard as steel. "So, do you like ?" he said in smiling. Shit ! Shit shit shit ! I was going to cum ! But no Harvey, out of the question, you must no cum, you must no cum you MUST NO c... Unfortunately, I saw three milky jets come to smash against his brick wall abs. At this moment, I think i turned redder than a tomato. Oh crap, oh fucking crap, oh fucking shit of fucking crap ! "........................." he looked me in saying nothing. Crap, I'm dead. I'm fucking dead. Then he approached to me. You are dead Harvey, you are fucking dead. From red I went to blue. But what happened next, I would never have imagined it. He placed hi hands behind my head, he looked me, right in the eyes and... he kissed me. I remained stoic during few seconds. He was kissing me ? HE was kissing ME ? Pedro WAS KISSING ME ??? My whole body was shaking, but not of fear, no it was joy and hapiness. Fuuuuuuck, the most improbable scene I had imagined was happening !!!! He broke the kiss. "I told you that you would see soon haha" Oh crap, never I would imagine this. "Well, do you want to continue ?" he said me. I looked him for few seconds... and I threw myself on him. Honestly, I wasn't myself at this moment. My hand was everywhere, I felt his traps, I went down to his incredible shoulders, feeling each striations, I followed the pipe which roamed his humongous guns then his incredible forearms. I put my hands on his two muscular balloons and he made them bounce ! Oh crap ! I devoured his nipples then my tongue went down, going through every crevice of his amazing sixpack. I followed the incredible markdown of his adonis belt. And finally, I arrived to the boss. I had never sucked a boy. I didn't think I would ever do it. But here, I was in automatic mode. I swallowed mythe head in my mouth and I began to suck. Pedro started to moan. "Oh shit it's so GOOD !" he yelled. I sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Pedro moaned then roared, louder and louder. "OH SHIT OH FUCK AAAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAH OOOOOOH NNNNNNNGGGGGGHHH OOOOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!" And Pedro came, and came, dand came. I felt a sticky warm liquid flow down in my throat. Gosh, even his cum was so delicious. He shot about 15 charges before stopping. "Oh fuuuuck.. ha...ha...ha...ha..ha...shit....it...it...was.... absolutely...ha ...ha...ha...ha....amazing" said Pedro in panting. I was going to answer him when suddenly he lifted me, stuck me against the wall and kissed me again. I had still cum in my mouth but he didn't care. Our tongue intertwined. Gosh, evenThen, he turned me to face the wall. "What the fnnnnnnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". I didn't have time to understand when his huge python entered into me. OH FUCK, OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK ! It was the first time that I was getting fucked. And gosh, it felt so FUCKING GOOD ! My eyes rolled back, my mouth was open and I was moaning and drooling. The feeling was just unbelievable. Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fucking fuck ! Quickly Pedro accelerated the pace and started to groan, slowy at the beginning then more louder and quickly. I don't know how long it lasted, or how many times I felt his monster enter and leave my ass but each penetration sent me a wave of pure pleasure. It was the most intense feeling I felt of my life and it could continue like that for the eternity. But the pleasure was very too much, fortunately when I was about to pass out, Pedro came. "nnnngggaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" I felt again a warm liquid fill my rectum. I was just able to do glutural moans, lost in an extreme pleasure, my eyes were rolling back. It was so INCREDIBLE ! Yes, I would never have imagined that I would live this today. for a moment I thought I was even in a dream but no, it was the reality. Pedro, the most amazing muscle god I have seen of my life, had just fucked me. And then it was over. Pedro was panting. "ha....ha....ha...ha...you see ? I told you you will see soon ! And gosh, you know very well suck dude hahaha !" "Honestly... I didn't know it myself..." Pedro laughed. "But I don't understand, you love me ? Really ? But why ?" "Honestly, I don't know how to explain it either. But when I saw you, instantly, I knew it; I knew it that I wanted to fuck you, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly... and I have to admit that I did not expect the blowjob. It was a true surprise and shit Harvey but you are really fucking good for that" "Haha maybe. So next time could swap places no ?" "Ah ? You want to fuck me ? Interesting" said Pedro with a little smile. "Ok ! But at one condition... "One condition ?" "You will have to earn your place ! You want my ass ? Okay, no problem: we will determine that by a wrestling match, the winner will have the right to claim his trophy ? Ok for these rules ?" "A wrestling match ? But... Pedro, I could never win against you. I mean, you have literally pulverized me today, never I could win against you..." "To be honest, without training, no, you will not to be able to win. Never" he said in flexing his huge 18". Fuck, if I wasn't empty, I'm sure I would have ejaculated again. "But... if you train hard, maybe you will have a chance. So now Harvey, you know what you have to do. Beat me and this ass will be yours... but if you lose I will claim my trophy. Okay ?" "............ Pedro ?" "Yes Harvey ?" "I will fuck you... I will fuck you like you've never been" "Hahaha, I don't want to scare you but nobody ever succeeded. I am always the one who fuck" "Not for longer. I will succeed, I promise you !" "Well, I can't wait to see this hahaha" said Pedro in smiling maliciously. From this moment, I had only one desire: fuck him. Pedro, I promise you that I will claim my trophy, by any way !
  15. There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity. This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believe. Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of it as well. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Roommate Rivals CHAPTER ONE: “So, Rory, are you gonna live on your own now? Enjoy the bachelor life a little?” Amy questions me as I help her box up her things. Amy is my roommate, my soon to be former roommate to be exact, and also great friend from college. “I don’t think so, I’ll probably get another roommate. Maybe even two. I’m only 24 so that extra income really helps with the mortgage.” “I would guess, I still can’t believe you were able to get a house like this.” “Yeah, perk of living in the Midwest and buying in a down market. Big houses that are cheap. You’re not going to get that out in Denver.” “Oh trust me, I know,” Amy rolls her eyes in exasperation. “I’ll have to get used to a 400 sq ft apartment. You got it lucky here.” I purchased my home a little under three years ago when I was just out of college. I like my city and knew I had a very safe position in my job even back then, so I bit the bullet and bought my first home. Certainly no mansion, but as Amy mentioned it had a lot of space for a starter home. Two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths upstairs with a fully finished walkout basement with two more bedrooms and another full bath downstairs. A little of 2500 square feet, no too shabby, even though half of that is a basement. That being said, purchasing a house so young I knew I some assistance with the mortgage would be needed. So since I bought my house I’ve had a handful of roommates over the years and it had worked out great. The house was perfect to rent rooms out with the walkout. It gave me my privacy upstairs when I wanted it and it’s hard to argue with the extra income. Plus, I was still young and more than happy to stay connected as much as I could to my college friends, many of whom were still undergrads. With a big open backyard as well, my home made for a good place to have the occasional shindig as well. Amy offers a lead as I carry some boxes upstairs, “Well if you don’t have anyone lined up yet, my cousin just graduated and is looking for a place. He’s a business major, works for the air conditioner manufacturing plant across town.” “Oh yeah? That’s cool. I already put out a feeler among my buddies on Facebook. I’d much prefer to find roommates from friends like you rather than sift through the weirdos on Craigslist and such. Then if he sucks I can blame you." Amy giggles as we load the boxes into her car. “He’s cool. He’s a frat boy, Theta Chi.” I give her skeptical look. “I know, I know! But he’s alright. Yeah, a little bit of a tool but all fratties are. If he gives you shit let me know and I’ll kick his ass.” We share a laugh and Amy tells me she’ll get me in touch with him. “Sweet, I’ll let Grif know.” “Grif? Really?” “Shut up!” Amy then gives me a devious look, “Plus Rory, regardless of their personalities, don’t act like you haven’t told me that you think frat guys are hot.” I smirk back at her, “Ok, you sold me. As long as he wears a polo. If he’s ok living with a gay dude then I could give it a try." - Seven days later I’m sitting at a BWW’s reading a menu when I see a hand reach out to me in my peripheral vision. I look up and see a stunning young man smiling down to me. “Are you Rory?” I nod. “Hey bro, I’m Griffin, nice to meet you.” I shake his hand and my eyes trace up the defined forearm, past his elbow to nicely pumped biceps which are encased in snug sleeves. I take in his torso…oh yeah, he’s even rocking a polo. I laugh inwardly wondering if Amy told him to do so to make a good impression on me. Either way it’s working. I can make just out his pecs through the polo and note how his waist is still hiding in the loose fabric, indicating its tightness. He has very broad and round shoulders, perhaps he was a swimmer back in high school. Standing there I judge him to be about 5’10 with a nicely gym built body. Far from huge, but he definitely uses the weight room on a regular basis. I look up to his face. Oh yeah, typical frat boy, but I can’t deny I’m temporarily smitten. Strong jaw, full lips, Roman nose. His face is a perfect combination of masculinity mixed with a still maturing, yet boyish face. On top of his head is neatly styled dirty blond hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. My stomach flutters as I attempt to regain my voice. “Hi Griffin. Have a seat, I already ordered a beer, the waitress should be back soon. You like wings?” “Hell yeah man, who doesn’t! The hotter the better.” We chat and I do my best to get a feel for the guy. The waitress comes by and takes our order and Griffin orders himself a beer as well. “So I guess that means you’re 21?” I ask. “Yep, just turned two months ago.” “Are you a big drinker, Griffin?” “Call me Grif, bro. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to party, yeah.” Grif chuckles, sensing my apprehension. “But I promise I’m not one of those alcoholic frat boys. I like to party, but I keep it reasonable. Only the weekends. Plus, too much booze is bad for the abs.” Griffin smiles, leans back and pats his stomach. The fibers of his tanned forearms undulate as he does. Inside I’m wishing he would pull up the shirt and give me a glimpse. As we chat more I quickly catch on that he has the frat boy charm. He’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants, but it also becomes clear he’s worked for what he has too. He came to college with minimal scholarships and worked part time for most his undergrad. I can respect that. He lets me know he’s got a typical 8-5 job so our work schedules would be the same. We are both into watching sports even though I’m not nearly as athletic as him. It seems like a good fit, and I trust Amy’s judgement. “Well, Grif, I think this could work out if you still want to rent out my room?” “Sweet, dude! Yeah man, if those rates you told Amy are still good then I’m in for sure. Amy told me about the basement and I trust her. Sounds like you got a great setup.” “Great! Oh…um…I don’t know if Amy mentioned this, but-” Grif cuts me off “You’re gay right, bro? Amy already told me.” “Um…yeah. Is that a problem?” Grif smiles and takes a drink of his beer. “Fuck no, dude. Some of my favorite guys from Theta Chi were gay. Is it gonna be a problem that I’m a breeder?” I laugh out loud and Grif raises his glass to mine and we cheers. - It’s just three days later when Grif starts moving in. He has a couple of his frat bros helping him and I’m swooning at all the hot young men in my home. They are all boisterous and playful but I can tell they are good dudes. And their muscle definitely comes in handy and not just for my eyes and spank-bank. All the bros are wearing cutoff shirts exposing their rock arms and giving me glimpses of pecs. Their strong bodies easily handle the big items. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to help Grif move in his dresser, the thing was massive. Luckily I got to stand by and hold the door open as these jacked frat boys move Grif’s stuff in. Grif and his bros are impressed with my house as well, which I take pride in. I can tell Grif is excited, “Damn dude, Amy didn’t do this basement justice. This living room down here is HUGE! And you even got a bar down here? With fridge and microwave? This is awesome!” Grif throws his meaty arm around my shoulder, “Whenever you bring over a hot stud I got all I need to stay down here and let you have at him!” I laugh and reciprocate, “Yeah Grif. And if you have a chick down here you got all you need.” “Not ‘IF’, Rory-boy. WHEN!” Grif squeezes my shoulder and pats me on the back. I reward the guys with pizza and beer which only cements my endearment to Grif’s buddies. They ask if I ever host parties and I tell them occasionally. “But you guys can certainly come over anytime you want to hang with Grif.” Grif smiles and adds, “And to hang with you too, buddy!” Late that night after Griffin’s friends have left I leave him alone to get settled in. As he does I notice a new message on my phone from my mother. [Hi Rory. My coworker Wendy has a son who is looking for a room. He’s in his last year at the University. He was always a good kid in high school. Here is his Facebook page if you’re interested. Love you!] [Thanks mom. Give me a few days to think about it. New guy seems cool. I prefer one roommate but let me think it over. Love ya too.] The next day the decision becomes easier. I find out that all annual merit raises as work have been frozen since business is down. I grumble but I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t one of the 15% who were laid off last month. All of sudden the income of another roommate is very enticing so I let my mother know I’ll set something up. I bring it up with Grif too. “That’s up to you, Rory-boy. I’m good with another roommate if you are. I lived in a frat house with 40 other guys, just 2 other roommates is a huge improvement. Just please don’t bring in a weirdo.” “I won’t Grif. He’s a bartender, I’m meeting up with him tonight.” “A bartender, huh? Well that’s a good sign. Plus if he can get me free or reduced drinks at his bar then I’m in for sure!” I’ve arranged to meet up with the new prospect at his bar. He works most nights so this was the only way I could see him during my normal hours. Being a college town and with it still being summer, the bar shouldn't be too busy so he assures me via text that he’ll be able to talk. I ask the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, is Osbourne here?” She looks at me before shouting down the bar, “Oz! Someone’s here for you!” A man comes from behind the wall of booze wiping his hands on a towel and approaches me. His is a fine specimen of man I must say. He is long and lean with dark complexion that goes perfectly with his short black hair. He either has some Mediterranean genes or he has spent a considerable amount of time tanning this summer. I take in his dark piercing eyes, he is one of those guys who looks like they are wearing eyeliner. He’s a got a couple small tattoos on his forearms which look like black flames but I don’t look too closely. His has a very tight and lithe body, sort of like a male runway model. I can tell he has some power in his taut muscles, he gives me the impression of a compressed spring. A man with a lot more power than he looks. I peg him at about 5’11, maybe 170 lbs. He’s wearing a snug black shirt which gives an impression of the firm muscles underneath. The dark jeans he’s wearing show off a surprising ample ass, which no doubt gets worked a lot, either in the gym or with the women he picks up. All in all, the guy is smoldering. The type of guys that gives ‘dark and mysterious’ its appeal. He smiles at me, “Hey man, are you Rory? I’m Oz. What can I get you, it’s on the house.” “Top shelf it is!” I joke and he grins. “Kidding, any hefeweizen will do.” “Got just the thing for ya, man.” Like any good bartender he is charming and engaging. He makes me feel like he genuinely interesting getting to know me, even if he isn’t. I certainly want to get to know him better, especially sans clothes, but I keep this to myself. “Just got a few classes left before I can graduate with my business degree,” he lets me know. “This bartending job pays pretty well so I’m not in a huge hurry to get my degree, honestly. So instead of one tough final semester I’m going to stretch what I have left over two semesters and graduate next Spring.” “Smart man. So I already have one roommate, is that cool?” “If it’s not a problem with him its not a problem with me. I just gotta get out of my current place. I currently live with four other dudes. Five guys in one big house is way too many. The place is a pigsty and I’m a very clean person.” “I like hearing that, Oz. So you’ll still be bartending for the next year then?” “At least. I’d be a great roommate. We wouldn’t even really cross paths too often. I work afternoons and nights until closing and my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. So most of the time I won’t see you. We wouldn’t be in each others way too much.” This revelation gives me conflicting feelings, I love the idea that the second roommate will almost be invisible…yet at the same time I WANT to see as much of this gorgeous man as I could. “One last thing, Oz. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m gay, I hope that’s alright.” Oz chuckles as he smiles at me. “She didn’t tell me but honestly I pegged you as gay right away.” “You did? How!?” Oz smirks at me, “Because I’m hot, dude. And Erica, the girl who called me over. She’s smokin’ hot too, but you were only looking at me.” I hide my face, embarrassed and Oz laughs. “No worries man. It wasn’t obvious. It’s a skill I’ve picked up being a bartender. And to answer your question, I don’t care at all that you’re gay. Love is love, man. Here, have another free beer since I embarrassed ya.” He sets a new bottle down on the bar in front of me and gives me a smoldering wink. - The following weekend Oz pulls into my driveway on Saturday morning with the back of his pickup full of of his belongings. I welcome him inside where Grif and I have been eating breakfast. Grif and Oz lock eyes for the first time in my home. Grif drops his cereal spoon, rolls his eyes and moans dramatically. “Awww man, Rory? You’re letting this loser live here?” I’m taken aback by Grif’s rudeness but turn to see Osbourne smirking at Grif. “I take it you two know each other?” Oz approaches Grif and slaps him on the shoulder with a grin. “Griffin of Theta Chi! How’s it going man? Still salty about how we beat you guys for the flag football crown?” Grif huffs, “That was a lucky fuckin’ fluke play and you know it!” “We still won!” Oz grins brightly. “So you two do know each other.” “Yeah, Grif and I here were in the top two frats at the university. Our frats were big rivals. My frat, Phi Delta Theta has won the most intramural Greek trophies in the last few years. We usually beat the little Theta Chi boys here like Grif. But hey man, 2nd place is still pretty good,” Oz says patronizingly. “The Phi Delts always got the calls by the refs, some shady shit if you ask me,” Grif grumbles. “But my frat was known for having WAY better parties with MUCH hotter girls. Can’t deny that, Oz! Sorry you guys were never invited.” The two continue to banter and I watch them close. While it’s clear they are both proud members of their frats and both extremely competitive, I don’t get the sense that they hate each other. They seem to have a frenemies relationship. Regardless I decide I better make sure this is the case. “So boys, is this gonna be a problem? You two are going to start coming to blows are you? Because you guys are both a lot bigger than me, I can’t stop you.” The two laugh and Grif answers, “Naw boss, we’ll be fine. Plus, if we fought, Oz here would be in trouble since I’m clearly bigger and stronger.” Grif smirks and quickly throws up a single arm flex. A well developed biceps muscle pops up. Oz grins and turns to Grif. He stands right up to him, “Are you sure your bigger, Grif? I’ve got a couple of inches of height on you, little guy.” “Couple of inches my ass! You are maybe an inch taller, bro. I still weigh more than you, skinny.” “Barely. Well I’m still taller!” “And I’m still bigger!” - Oz takes the day to get settled in. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt as we hauls his stuff in and I enjoy his caramel skin which is stretched tight over his very lean muscles as I suspected. Oz is much more vascular and lean than I previously thought. He’s not as bulky as Grif but has that wiry look, almost like a wrestler. I catch a glimpse of his abs through he side of his very loose cutoff tank…and it’s very nice. By that evening Oz is settled into his room in the basement next to Grif’s. With a big sigh Oz joins us on the couch in the living room. “No plans tonight, Grif?” he asks. “Did you lose all your friends or what?" “No, twat. Just a low key Saturday tonight. I went out last night.” “Got it. No friends.” Oz teases and Grif chucks a pillow at his face. Later that night their intensely competitive streak comes out again as I hear screaming coming from the basement living room. I tromp down the stairs to find the two studs playing Call of Duty. “What the hell are you guys doing down here?” “Well, Oz here is fucking CHEATING, that’s what’s happening.” Oz just laughs, “Sorry, boss. Grif here just can’t handle losing to the better man. You’d think he’d better at coping by now, poor guy.” “Fuck off!” Grif slams his controller down and stomps to his room. I laugh as I watch him sulk off, “It’s not that big of a deal, Grif,” but he just huffs as he walks by. I may have underestimated the intensity of their rivalry.
  16. FREaky

    m/m Pleasure Growth Part 9

    Enjoying getting super freaky with this story, which is what I always wanted to do with it. Hope you all are enjoying it. Cheers. - Frank Pleasure Growth 9 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1116-pleasure-growth/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1117-pleasure-growth-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1118-pleasure-growth-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1256-pleasure-growth-part-4/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1257-pleasure-growth-part-5/ Part 6: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1389-pleasure-growth-6/ Part 7: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1489-pleasure-growth-part-7/ Part 8: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1551-pleasure-growth-part-8/ KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Zeke rolled his 6' 4" frame over in his bed. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Grabbing a pillow lightly in his sleep he mummbled, "Damn, honey, you're makin' the head board knock the wall. We're gonna wake the neighbors, Aaron." POUND POUND POUND POUND! Zeke awoke with a start. The room he was in didn't look familiar at all. Where the hell was he. Then it came flashing back to him in his mind. Him and Sanjay had left the college to head out and find Aaron. They had to pull over to get some sleep in a town just inside the Arizona boarder. POUND POUND POUND POUND! "Zeke! GET UP MAN! WE NEED TO TALK!" Shaking his head, Zeke go up and pulled on some sweatpants and fumbled his way to the door. He undid the chains and locks and opened it up. "Zeke... we need to talk, I got two reports we need to look a..... GOOD LORD! Zeke! Did you take the same thing as Aaron? Has Aaron's...uhm well, cum infected you with the same testosterone treatment he's on?" "What?! What do you mean? What are you talking about? Why are you looking at me like...I'm some kind of freak?" "You mean that is normal for you?" "What?" "That!" and Sanjay pointed down to a large bulge bouncing in Zeke's left sweat pants leg. "Oh!.... Sorry... you just woke me up and I was.... well...having a dream. I sleep nude and had to throw something on." "Ok...but again... is this from a..." "No! I'm naturally hung. 11 inches fully erect. Let me go take a piss. That'll deflate it, and then I can put on some underpants too, to stuff it in, ok?" "Sure.. sorry... just kind of surprised me there. Huge rod...nearly poking through your pants... No wonder Aaron likes you." "About Aaron..." Zeke called through the bathroom as he drained his python. "You said you had two things to tell me about him?" "Yeah. The first is, the concoction is worse than we feared. It seams, Wylie had even given it timing properties." "Meaning?" "Meaning, that when he gets approximately half way through his growth spurt, it'll kick in harder. In his case it means, he can suddenly become arosed again, almost immediately, and have another growth spurt right on top of one. He could keep having the spurt until he finishes." "Oh my God... we might not be able to get to him in time before..." "Before he's actually the size of a mountain." Zeke came out of the bathroom, cock making a large bulge in his underwear and sweatpants as he sat down on the bed. There was a bit of a pause before he looked up to Sanjay and asked, "Do we know how big he is currently?" "I'm not sure.... the reports from the circus had said around twenty-five feet tall when he left, but there are some reports around town located, here..." and Sanjay pulled out a map. "they reported rumors of a man...a god...around seventy-five feet tall, but that was at a cavern, and now.... my friends at the geological society have forwarded me pictures of one set of rock formations... they're all collapsed, crumbled, but the pattern the show is almost as if they came up and out of the earth, not breaking apart and rolling down. The worst part though is there was some data recorded on the richter scale, but that didn't happen until after the cavern had collapsed. The tremers were recorded here and down into Mexio." "If that's Aaron that's making those tremers..." "He'd have to be over one hundred feet tall now." "Do we know where the area is?" "Yes, not that far from here. An hour or two." "Alright, let's get packed up an moving...." ***************************************************************************** Meanwhile at that location an hour or so away, Aaron was waking up from his nap beside the river bed. The river bed didn't really hold him, and he had caused the river to rise up several feet from its normal bank perameters, but it was enough to help him get cleaned up from the cavern yesterday. Having been able to move and wash, feel his new olympian sized muscles in action, felt really good and comforting, Aaron felt sleepy. But now it was morning, and he was starting to stir, particularly because he began to here very strange whooshing noises. ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh CRRRRRRCK "Angel One to base, we have reached target and flying over head. Over." CRRRRRRCK "Roger, Angel One. You and Angel Two scan area and see if you can locate the cause for what is being called, Lumberjack, for now." "Roger that base, we'll do a fly by and..." "HOLY SHIT! Mercury! On your fly back, three o'clock. We have him!" "Uhm... one moment base, Angel two apparently has a confirmational visual of Lumberjack. Have turned around for a fly back and will veriffffffffffSON OF BITCH THAT MOTHER FUCKER IS HUGE!" "Uhm. Can not copy Angel One. Are you referring to the Lumberjack as being huge?" "Major, I am verifying. Lumberjack is a man, the size of the Lumberjack we're referencing and he's jacked up worse than Hercules heading for a Mr. Olympia competition with all the precursor steroids to bulk him up!" "Angel One, how big exactly is big? Are we talking like Marvel's 'Angry Man' big?" "Bigger, Major. I mean to tell you he's so tall, his weapon of mass destruction is not only bigger than the weapon Angel Two and I carry, it might be bigger than our plane. Over." "Does the subject seem to be moving?" "He's apparently just waking up at the sound of our planes. Over." "Alright you and Angel Two proceed with caution. We want you to fight the special equipped concusive missles right at Lumberjacks head. Do you copy?" "Roger that, Base." "Once he is out, fly by until ground forces can get in and secure him." "Roger. Angel Two and I commencing firing pass on target. Stand by." ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh Flying from the east the two airplane came fast and furious upon Aaron. Aaron still seated, was having to look up directly into the sun to try and see what they were doing. It was to late to move his hand to block the first round of missles from Angel One by the time he saw them. Direct hit to his forhead, right above the nose bridge, on the brow between the eyes. Aaron made some kind of soft moan and winced his eyes as the missles exploded. Thinking he could simply shake it off, he let his guard down, and the missles from Angel Two flew in and made their mark exactly as well. "OOooh!" Aaron's voice rumbled as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his supporting arm gave way, and his torso collapsed to the ground with an ominous, resounding, THUD Thud thud thud... "Angel One to base. The Lumberjack is down and out. Repeat: Lumberjack is down and out. Over." "Copy that Angel One. You and Angel Two stay on fly by in location until ground forces can come in and secure Lumberjack. Copy." "Affirmative, Base. Stay on fly by at location until ground forces secure Lumberjack. Angel One out." The plays continued to fly by for several minutes overhead, appearing at the motionless body of Aaron. But Aaron was a young man, in his late teens, going, or growing, through a tremoundous horomonal change and one that had been jacked up quite a bit. It was the morning time. He was just waking up, and now he was put back to sleep. Most everyone knows what happens to a young man early in the morning just before he wakes up, and they all know what he's thinking of to make him that way. Aaron was no different, but the blows from the concussion missles had jostled his memory. Zeke was flooding back into his dreams, his longings, his desires. He began to dream of his boyfriend once again. Of the man being taller than him once again, like he used to be, caressing his body, kissing him deeply, carrying him to a bed or a couch, hoisting his ass into the air..... and plunging his nearly foot long cock deep within Aaron's hole..... "Mercury, I think we have a problem. There's movement down below." "Whadddya mean, there's movement down below, Wingnut?" "His body is moving..." "Hold on let me do another pass..." ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh "It's nothing, Wignut. I just saw his eyes. He's so far gone in deep stages of R.E.M. He might move a little titch or twich here, but he's out cold." "No, man. I tell you some how he's moving. There's something....DID YOU SEE THAT! His foot just pushed in part of the river bank wall!" "Copy that, Wingnut. But I didn't see his leg nor his foot move." "Oh...shit.... Mercury, his feet are closer to the river bank, almost in the river now, but his head is getting further away. I think Lumberjack is growing." "I think you're right man. He already looked like a Mr. Olympia contender, but he's looking more like the fuckin' Hulk now. Good gawd, how swole he's getting. I don't there's a part of his body lying actually fully flat on the ground, his muscles are so thick. "Angel One to Base. Base we may have a slight problem. Lumberjack is out, but he might be growing." "What do you mean, 'he might be growing?'" "His muscles are getting even fuller, broader, and thicker, since we knocked him out. Angel Two thinks he's getting taller. And sweet gawd almighty, he missle is certain getting an upgrade." "Angel One, this is Angel Two, doing a fly by over Lumberjack to confirm increase in size..." "Roger that, Angel Two. Make sure you get the computer scan on...what the? Oh my gawd! His missle head just serious got larger and redder. He's going to.... ANGEL TWO VERE HARD THREE O'CLOCK NOW! YOU'RE FLYING INTO TRAJECTED FIRING PATH OF HIS CUM CANNON! WINGNUT! WINGNUT MOVE!" But Angel Two couldn't change his flight path as quickly as Aaron climaxed. Aaron's cock become a gyser that spooed forth a torent of cum which hit Wingnut's plane from behind, splattering it with copius gallons and gallons of cum. "I'M HIT! LUMBERJACK'S CUM HAS GUMMED UP THE JETS! THEY'RE BURNING OUT!" "EJECT OUTTA THERE NOW, WINGNUT! DO YOU HEAR ME? ANGELTWO, EJECT NOW!" Angel Two just barely managed to eject from the cock pit in time. Meanwhile Aaron was waking up and seeing the crash of Angel Two and the sound of Angel One flying overhead.... "Oh...yeah! I feel so much better....bigger....stronger....hornier! I need Zeke.... Oh...Zzzzzeke...." Aaron began to try and stroke his cock, but it wasn't doing much for him. He stood up, staggering a couple of steps getting used to his new weight and the new girth of his thighs, not to mention the side of his arms, delts, pecs, calves..... Kneeling down for a moment, Aaron looked around the landscape. Finally something caught his eye as he mindlessly fondled and stroked his burgeoning manhood. It was an entrance to an old abondoned mine shaft. "Ooooh yeah...." Getting up again, Aaron made his way to the river and scooping up hundreds of gallons of water with his hand, began to splash his cock and balls making sure they were soaked and coated with water. Then strutting over to the entrance, because his frame no longer allowed him to walk, Aaron hefted his huge schlong up and placed the tip into the mine shaft. He then began to grip a hold of the mesa any which way he could as he began to pound his member into and out of the shaft at a glorious pace. "Ooooh....Z...zz....zeeeeke..... my love..... oooh where are....OOOH YEAH! THAT'S GOOOOOOD! Where are you!" Aaron's body began to pulse and swell, stretch and broader, thicken and harder, further....further...more and more and more as his cock lengthen and gathered girth inside the mine shaft and he fucked the ancient mine hard pretending it was his lover, Zeke. But he was already so full of muscle. His body had to compensate. He could hear and feel some bones cracking, snapping, reshaping, to accomodate the extra weight, heft, and girth of his mounding muscles. First his feet lengthened and widened, then his shoulders broke and widened, spreading out farther and farther apart. His bones were lengthening and thicking in density and girth to become like iron, steal, titanium in order to hold the increasing mass of muscle being placed up on him. Traps pushing into neck, delts pushing into traps, biceps & tricpes pushing into delts, forearms pushing into biceps & triceps, while the back and lats were pushing into the traps, delts, biceps & triceps. The abs bunched more and more thickening, hardening, becoming more defined as Aaron grew up and up and up, becomign an eight back of solid stone, more the size of castle bricks than cobblestone ones. His ankles thicken a bit and so to did the areas around his shins, pushing into the mounding, pulsating, throbbing globes of muscle that were his calves, which in turn were fighting and pressing into hamstrings, which pushed into the biceps femoris and the semitendinosis, which then grew and pushed into the adductir longus, the rectus femoris, and the vastus lateralis, the three gigantic and ever increasing tear drop shapes on Aaron's thighs. That whole mess, pushed up and hard in the back on the gluteus maximus causing it round firmer and bubble harder, while it front it pushed up and out on the scrotum and cock both of which were increasing in size as Aaron plugged away at the mine entrance. Finally Aaron halted a bit in his ramming, then continued the motion jerkily and slowly... "UUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGH!" Cum shot down the corridors of the ancient mine traveling for miles a super speed, finally spurts of cum were shooting out other minor entraces and air passages connected to the mine itself. Aaron pulled his cock out with a most difficult and ominous pop, and the mine shaft then began to collapse in on itself, ancient timbers and roofs caving in everywhere. ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOO-SMACK! Aaron turned around, by accident, his hand smacking the side of Angel One and swatting it like it was a fly. Mercury managed to somehow gain control, but just barely. A wing and engine damaged, he had to bring the plane down on the mesa top. "OOOOOOHHHH YEAH! You sought to knock me out. To keep me down. To subdue me, and now I'm even bigger than before! FUCK! Everything is too small for me now. Including.....Zeke.... I need to find Zeke. But I'm not sure where I am.... Shit! Pick a direction. Won't take me long to walk to a city now! I'll find out which way to go once I get there. Find Zeke... my love.... he'll know what to do." "Angel One to Base. Lumberjack is awake and on the move. He accidentally took out Angel Two. Pilot successfully ejected. Will need emergency pick up. Accidentally took out Angel One too, but I managed to bring her down safely. Sending my coordinates." "Roger, Angel One. Emergency crews on the way." "Also, data from last pass still intact. Computer estimates...Major...we have a bigger problem now. It estimates Lumberjack to be around five hundred twenty feet tall."
  17. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 20

    Sorry for the wait, in case you need a refresher here is Blue Pill Part 19 And without further ado I give to you Blue Pill Part 20 Although she had just fed, Sarah was hungrier than she had ever been before. The smell that hit her as soon as she opened the door to the gym was intoxicating, like pure male essence. It was the aroma of sweat and testosterone that caused her newly formed dick to harden down the leg of her short running shorts. The head of her dick just barely held within the confines of her shorts. She began to sniff the air, walking down the hallway, following the smell to where it was the strongest. This led Sarah to a heavy steel door, which she quickly pushed open to reveal an even more intense cloud of the stench that led here there from the hallway. It was so thick it was almost as if you could swim in it. Sarah felt something wet drip onto her foot and as she looked down to inspect where it came from, she saw another drop forming at the edge of her boxers. The smell had her so turned on that she was hornier than she ever remembered being before. Sarah was surprised to find the locker room was practically empty, minus the few gym bags sitting outside of their lockers. She walked up to one of the gym bags that was setting open atop the bench. She looked in and found a used jock sitting on top. Sarah reached into the gym bag and pulled out the jock. It was still warm and sweaty from the previous wearer, as if it had just been discarded. She brought the jock up to her nose, smelling the amazing aroma of sweat and testosterone with a hint of cum. Sarah stuck the jock in her mouth sucking on the sweat and cum. As she was sucking she felt a surge of strength run through her body and felt her dick pulse in her running shorts. She looked down to see that the head of her dick was now just barely peeking out of the edge of her shorts. As she was looking down at her dick, she noticed that her entire body looked pumped. She ran her hand along the shaft of her penis, earning her a glob of pre-cum once she reached the head. Hormones were racing through her brain telling her she needed to get off and soon. Sarah heard the sound of a shower turning on through the doorway at the end of the row of lockers. She headed towards the doorway with a hunger in her eyes and a raging hardon in her shorts. " Time to feed" she growled to herself... When Riley had first arrived to the gym, his gut was full and swollen with Derek's cum. He knew he needed to do something to get the size of his beach ball belly to go down and after reading the note that was left for Derek about how it would be beneficial for him to work out, he decided the best place for that would be Frank's Gym. It was always filled with meatheads and hardcore weights. Riley was in his jock and a pair of sweats he had found in the school locker room and He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Fletcher Valley Athletic Department'. It was a little loose on him, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long. He looked out across the gym floor and found a handful of guys lifting. They ranged in size from amateur bodybuilder to Olympia sized. The biggest being Damien, he was easily a 300-pound wall of shredded beef, ready to dominate his next bodybuilding competition. He was a 6-foot-tall wall of dark chocolate and he was walking straight towards Riley. Riley began to panic. He wondered if the behemoth had seen him staring or if he was just overthinking. Jason's heart began racing faster and faster as each titanic footfall of the giant caused his meaty pecs to bounce. His massive Quads rolling over each other as they fought for space inside the weak confines of his gym shorts. Riley couldn't believe his eyes when they finally fell upon the obscene bulge in Damien's shorts. He had seen some decent sized packages in the school locker room. Chris's came to mind right away, but what was in front of him now had to be as big as Chris's cock was when it was hard, and it was completely soft. As Damien got right up next to me he leaned down to say something in my ear. His deep baritone filled my soul, as I had a hard time registering what he was saying. "Yeah, I saw you lookin. You're gonna need about another 100 pounds before you can handle what I got to give. Come find me when you do though, I'd love to fill your bowl with my cream." He stood back up to his full height and I watched his face as a huge toothy grin formed on his face as he gave me a wink. He reached down to adjust his package which Jason swore was bigger than just a moment ago. As Damien walked past Riley, He turned to watch Damien as he stared directly at Riley's ass. He seductively licked his lips as he headed into the gym locker room. To say that Riley felt on fire would be an understatement, he felt like hormones were flooding his entire being. Not only that, but his cock was rock hard. He knew he needed to focus. If what the note said was true, he needed to start lifting so he could absorb all the muscle cum that was in his belly. Riley decided to start with arms, so he headed over to a long row of dumbbells in front of a large gym mirror. He grabbed the 25's to start as a warm up and headed over to the isolation bench. As he was walking over to the bench Riley watched his arms in the mirror as the sinewy muscle lightly flexed to support the weight in his hands. He flexed his arm straight down causing a slight bulge to appear on the back of his arm from his triceps. Riley sat at the isolation bench and began doing curls. At first the weight was a little heavy, but began to get easier to lift as he did more reps. Once he had 25 reps done he switched to his other arm and began lifting again. Riley watched as veins began to surface on his arm and his goose egg of a bicep began expanding, just a little bit more with each rep. With his biceps now feeling warmed up, he brought the weight behind his head and began one armed triceps-extensions. He really had to push at the beginning to get the weight up, but as he continued it got easier and easier with each rep. Riley did 25 with each arm and stood up to take the weights back. This time as he passed himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but gawk at his reflection. His arms were pumped just from his warm-up. Riley started the work out with 15-inch arms, but they were looking much closer to the 15-inch range and this time when he flexed his arm straight down, he was rewarded with an actual horse-shoe bulge on the back of his arm. The boner that had started to go down during his lifts sprang back to life as he admired his pump in the mirror. "Fuck yeah! I'm getting pumped" Riley growled to himself in the mirror. "So fucking hot!" Riley put the weights back and walked further down the row of weights, this time picking up the 50's. Riley had never done anything heavier for isolation curls than 35. He could feel the heaviness of the weight in his hands as he headed back to the bench. Riley sat down and began pumping out rep after rep. As the weight got lighter with each rep, his arm began to bulge with some serious muscle. Veins that had appeared during his warm-up were now thickening and branching out all across his swollen bicep. The hard knot on his arm was now about the size of a baseball. Riley then continued the same process with his other arm. During this entire process Riley's raging hard on had begun leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into his jock. Knowing that he was going to have some difficulty doing single arm triceps extensions with 50 pounds, He decided to do just a regular triceps extension using both arms and the 50-pound dumbbell. It was a struggle at first, but just like with his biceps it got easier with every rep he did. Riley lost track of how many extensions he did until he realized that the weight he was using felt as light as the 25 pounders. Riley stood up to take the weight back. This time what he saw in the mirror was a complete and total surprise, the arms that he now possessed were at least 16 inches and wrapped in veins. He couldn't believe how big he was getting. The thought caused his cock to flex in his sweats, which brought his attention to a wet spot that had begun to form where the head of his dick was. Riley reached down and ran his hand along his shaft, as he flexed his cock in his hand. He continued flexing his cock in his hand, as he brought his other arm up into a flex as well. This caused his cock to react by surging in his hand, the head of his cock was now poking out of his jock and shot a wad of precum on the inside of his sweat pants. More turned on then he ever remembered being in his life, Riley headed over to the bench press and loaded the bar with weight for a warm-up. He laid under the bar and brought the weight down to graze his nipples. He then pushed the weight back up. Riley cranked out rep after rep as he began to get a pump from his warm up. Riley began losing sight of his erect nipples as his pecs began inflating with blood. Riley decided it was time to put some serious weight on the bar. He got up and loaded the bar with 300 pounds and got back under the bar. The most Riley had ever benched before this was 150 and that was a struggle. Riley felt confident this time as he lifted the bar, he slowly brought the bar down, feeling the muscle fibers in his pecs stretch and scream in pain as they were forced to lift twice as much as they ever had before. The weight finally reached his pecs and he pushed with all his might to get the weight back up. Once it was back at the top, he brought the weight back down, this time not as much resistance from his pecs. Every time Riley brought the weight down he didn't have to go as far as his pecs swelled thicker with each rep. After what felt like an eternity, Riley finally re-racked the weight and sat up on the bench. Right away Riley could tell a huge difference in his pecs, the weight of his bulbous man breasts pulled heavily on the fabric of his shirt. Riley stood to look at himself in the mirror. "OH SHIT" Riley couldn't believe how big his pecs had become. "I might have done too many bench presses." Riley realized, too late of course, that his pecs were out of proportion with the rest of his body. They almost looked like breasts if it weren't for his slight pouch of a belly he had left. Riley ran his hand up along the curve of his bulbous pec muscle and moaned out loud on the gym floor as his hand rubbed across his pert nipple. A couple of the muscle heads turned to catch a glimpse of Riley and his increasing wet spot in his sweat pants. Realizing that he needed to balance out his body, Riley headed over to the squat rack last. One of the big meat heads must have been using it last, because they didn't take their weights off the bar. The bar was loaded with 500 pounds. Riley was feeling stronger than he ever felt and his rock-hard cock told him that he could lift that fucking weight. Riley braced himself underneath the bar and went to lift the weight up when the big muscle head that had been lifting there headed over to stop Riley. "Hey bro, that weight is way too heavy for your chicken legs, how about we start you off with something a little lighter?" "I'm going to crush this weight!" Riley growled with a fire in his eyes. "Well then, I'm at least going to spot you, I would hate for you to crush yourself under my watch. Names Ben by the way, I'm the manager of Frank's gym." "Enough talk Ben, let's lift some fucking weight." Riley lifted the bar up before Ben was positioned behind him. Riley could feel Ben's hard biceps against the back of his newly minted triceps. The breath on the back of his neck made him even hornier if that was even possible. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Riley moaned/yelled as he squatted down with the weight, he could feel Ben's crotch against his ass as he pushed back in the bottom of the lift, then Riley began pushing the unbelievably heavy weight back up. At the top of the lift, Riley could feel Ben's biceps tense against his triceps as he was trying to get Riley to re-rack the weight. "Great job man, I..." "Did I say I was done yet?!?" As Riley squatted down again, with Ben following him down. The legs of Riley's sweatpants were becoming increasingly tight around his ever-enlarging thighs and he could feel his ass pushing back more into Ben's crotch. Riley flexed his ass at the bottom of the squat. This elicited a moan out of his spotter as he could feel Ben's dick hardening against his rock-hard ass cheeks. Once at the top of the lift, Riley started another squat. Riley could feel the power in his legs increasing as they blew up in size. He could feel his sweat pants becoming too tight against his straining cock and his ballooning ass. Before he could stop himself from humiliation, he heard the ass of his sweats give out with a loud rip. He could feel cool air hit his hole as it was exposed between the straps of his jock. Ben felt the head of his cock through his gym shorts push past Riley's rock-hard ass cheeks to his exposed hole. Riley felt Ben's cockhead through his shorts as it pushed against his hole. Riley decided to hold the weight there for a little longer. Ben rubber the head of his cock against Riley's hole. Riley's legs strained to hold the weight, but they grew larger by the second during the strain, making it easier the longer he held it. "Fuck man, I can't. You have got a really hot ass and I have never had these feelings for another guy before. I'm straight man I'm sorry." Ben pulled his cock head back from Riley's ass and stepped back. Riley stood back up with the weight and re-racked it. Riley turned around to face Ben. He stood almost eye to eye with Ben. Ben had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short military cut hair. His face was chiseled and manly looking. He had to be about 260 pounds. He was a big boy. Riley looked down and realized that’s not all that was big on Ben. His arms and pecs were massive, but what really pulled Riley's attention is what was poking at his hole just moments ago. Riley reached down and wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head. Ben moaned loudly as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Riley leaned his body in against Ben's, "Wh..what are you doing?" Ben stuttered as Riley leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Ben moaned into Riley's mouth as Riley felt Ben's cock swell in his hand as it anticipated releasing its load. Riley stepped away from Ben before he could cum. Ben's eyes were still closed in a moment of bliss."FUCK! That was so fucking hot! Why did you stop?" "You're straight remember." Riley replied with a devilish grin." Besides, I'm done with my workout. Thanks for the spot Ben. Hopefully we can lift together again." Riley gave Ben a wink as he headed for the lockers, holding the ass of his sweats together as best he could. "HEY, WAIT! I never got your name!" Ben shouted after Riley. "If you want my name you'll have to see me again to get it." Riley headed into the locker room and began taking off all his clothes. He admired the way he struggled to get his shirt up over his massive pecs. Riley moaned as the hem of the shirt snagged on his nipples. Riley removed the remains of his sweats to reveal a raging hard on he wasn't expecting. It was about a half inch bigger than he was used to and quite a bit thicker. "Well this isn't covering anything anymore." Riley said as he removed his jockstrap and set it on top of his gym bag. Riley couldn't believe how big he had gotten. He must weigh at least 190 now. He heard the locker room door open on the other side of his lockers. Riley thought it might be Ben, so he wanted to make Ben work for it a little bit, so he turned and quietly slipped into the sauna before he came around the lockers. "God I can't wait to make love to the beautiful man!"
  18. DPump

    A Thing Called Curiosity

    Hi, this will be my first story posted on here, this is my story called 'A Thing Called Curiosity' which i had originally posted on metabods.com a couple of years ago It involves forced muscle growth and absorption, the story also contains a few images in order to help with the visualisation, please tell me if the images add or take away from the story. I hope you guys like it and any feedback would be appreciated! - A Thing Called Curiosity - It was a late Autumn day, and it was a particularly cool day, about 27 degrees Celsius, and quite dry wind a lot of wind so it felt like 24 degrees, Cameron liked going out on jogs in the morning, and it was a perfect day for it with this nice cool weather, so he put on a hoodie and just compression shorts and headed out, since it was still 4am he guessed there wouldn’t be many people on the street so he could wear whatever he wanted, especially on a holiday and in the weekend, everyone would be sleeping in anyways. Cameron was a 19 year old young man from a town called Willemstad in the country of Curaçao, Kingdom of Larousse, it was a very small country, only about 150.000 inhabitants, and it was a generally hot and a very humid place since it was an island surrounded by water, but during the Autumn and Winter seasons it would rain a great amount and it would make the island a generally quite cool place. Cameron was still in High School, he was an average boy in every sense, average grades, average at sports, had normal friends, but he was quite a handsome lad, he was mixed race from having both side of the mother and father coming from already mixed lineages, which gave him a very unique look, he looked Iranian but with golden tanned skin, jet black semi-wavy hair, great eyebrows and grey coloured eyes, he had those naturally pink full lips. He had no facial hair whatsoever, but he did have medium/long hair with a slight wave, it was jet black but with a few patches that grew brown naturally and he kept it in a simple pompadour hairstyle, he also had a generally hairy body, but it looked good, he had long thin soft jet black hairs on his arms and between his pecs, the rest of his pecs were hairless naturally, he also has a treasure trail that started just above belly button and went down to his crotch, and his legs were covered with long semi-wavy long black hair that was thicker on the lower legs and thinned out as it went up to the crotch area. His body was athletic, nothing too special but he certainly didn’t need it, he was tone and was 175cm tall (5’7”) and weighed a decent 68,9kg (152lbs) so he was quite the eye candy but he was humble so he never became the arrogant type of dreamboat in High School although it didn’t stop girls (and a few guys) from wanting him. One thing he was always fascinated by were the physique of world class body builders though, he wanted to be one, or meet one and be able to touch those incredible muscles but he didn’t know why, he didn’t have a particular desire to be one except he just felt like he needed to, but with school, family, job and etc. he didn’t have the luxury to invest time in body building, besides he was content with body as it was, or so he told himself, with the images of body builder physiques always in the back of his mind at all times. Back on the jog, it was 4:59am, you could barely start seeing the sky on the horizon turning orange/red as the sunrise was approaching, he had been jogging for almost an hour, when he decided it was time to start heading back, he quite sweaty and his hoodie and compression shorts were soaked, so he decided to take off the hoodie to try and dry off a bit. He decided to take a short cut through the wilderness, he was by the beach and going up back through the jogging path would take too long, so he just cut through the wood to get home faster. As he was walking through the plants after about 20 minutes the sun was almost out and the light made everything much clearer when he noticed a tiled rooftop over the plants to his right, he was a curious boy who liked exploring so he couldn’t resist and decided to go check out the old building. As he approached the little house he could clearly see it was 17th century house, Curaçao had many old colonial buildings and some smaller ruins were still in the wild lost and forgotten to time, but this one seemed in decent shape but the doorway was bricked up. “Strange,” he thought, “if it’s bricked up, then someone used it not too long ago.” That only sparked his curiosity even more, so he looked for a way in, the windows were also sealed shut except for one where it seemed to have given away, so jumped on the ledge and then stepped inside the little house. It was dusty and smelled like it had been closed off for a while but with the little light that entered through the window he could see a bit of furniture, and a bookcase filled with books, he saw a kitchen but not pans and dishes but beakers, so he thought, “Maybe a doctor lived here.” It certainly looked old, at least 30 years, so he grabbed one of the books from the bookshelf, and read, it was about genes, hormones, tissue transplants and drugs. “Hmm, it seems more like a biochemist then a medical doctor,” he thought to himself when he heard some creaking and the rotted old bookcase he took the book from sank into the floor on the right side, it surprised him since the floor seemed like it was made from concrete covered with tiles, but he noticed that only under the bookcase it was a wooden plank floor “so there’s something more under the house?” again curiosity got the best of Cameron and pulled the bookshelf out the hole and moved it to one side. “If i take out 3 more planks I should be able to fit through there,” he thought to himself as he shined a light from his phone down the hole. After taking out the needed planks before he jumped in the whole he heard some voices, it were people and they were near, he didn’t want someone to find him and ruin his fun since he doubted he should be in the, so he jumped in the hole where a staircase awaited him to his surprise, he shined with phone and the staircase seemed to go down a few more steps, he couldn’t see far since the phone’s screen isn’t as bright as a flashlight would be, then he turned back and peaked out the hole and he heard the voices of the other morning joggers and decided to just drag the small cabinet against the wall over the hole, the cabinet was bigger and hid the entire hole so if someone also got curious of the house they wouldn’t find this secret passageway. He then turned his attention to where he was, it seemed the little house had a basement, so he walked down the stairs, it was about 16 steps which lead him to steal door. “This door doesn’t look 30 years old, it’s dusty but must be 15 years old at best,” he said out loud as he examined the door with his phone. “The plot thickens,” he said as he found the 2 latches that held the door closed, he pulled one back and then the other, and he opened the door so a very dark room, the room felt hot, about 29 degrees but very humid so it felt like 31 degrees or a summer day. “Good thing I took off my hoodie,” he said. He couldn’t see anything and he guessed the room was quite expansive since he couldn’t shine at anything with lights except an industrial looking steel pathway that lead forwards, so he touched around the sides of the door looking for a switch but couldn’t find one, so he decided to walk forward on the pathway, albeit carefully, which after a few steps he found a stand with switches on it from what he could make out and he could barely see something a little more ahead, so he went for and said, “What the hell, hope this is it,” and flicked 1 switch then the second one, and third, and fourth and fifth switches up, he heard the flicker of an old light then one grid of lights from behind him turned on then another over his head and so on towards the front, and he saw what he had discovered. “this is incredible!” he yelled out with a grin on his face. The lights showed the pathway that lead to a central octagonal shaped part which looked like a research or control station for something, and there was a bundle of pipes that lead to it and then a huge amount of different wires and pipes then lead out of it so another part further in front which he could somewhat see but it was still in the only dark part of the room. He walked over to the control station where there was a ring of monitors that turned on in the inner circumference of the octagon, and in the middle and tower where all the pipes and wires lead in and the back out. The screens slowly booted up one by one. He looked at the largest monitor and saw different buttons and controls. “I guess this one controls other things,” and he looked at one that read ‘illuminate tanks’ he couldn’t guess what that could mean so he pressed it because the only places still needing illumination was the dark unclear part further back from the octagon. What he saw made his jaw drop, it was an area a staircase down from the octagonal platform where he was standing, and there is where he saw 5 large glass vessels filled with a transparent liquid, they were each illuminated by individual internal lights and a central large overhead lighting system over the central floor area with the glass vessels in a circular array around it. But the truly shocking thing he saw was the contents of the glass vessels, it was 5 enormous men, it was 5 men with the physiques he always admired and craved, it was 5 body builders with incredible muscle size, one in each tank. Cameron was awestruck and walked down the steel stairs that lead to the tank area, he managed to get his head to come back to earth as he started to analyse the area where the tanks were situated. There were large wire bundles and various tubes that lead from the control platform over to the tank are which split overhead and came down over each of tanks. “I guess they feed power and that liquid to the tanks and I guess transport information to, and from the tanks to the computers up there,” he said speaking out loud. But there were other wires and tubes that lead other places, like from each of the tanks a tube went overhead and converged into a single pipeline which lead overhead to the middle of the area and then had a different tube that came down and it had an oddly shaped nozzle. There were also tubes that come from under the floor and up to 2 stands, one had 1 tube and the other held 2 tubes about 3meters (10ft) apart from each other and in between them on the floor there was a part of the floor made from metal and was an odd shape, kind of like the silhouette of a dolphin seen from above or the reclining dentist chairs but this was just flat so just the contour. And there were 3 little openings on the metal plate on the floor, one at the top, and two, one on each side about halfway down. His attention shifted to the men in the tanks so he approached the first one to the right, he read what a plate on the glass read “Subject number 5  –  NEN code: 300977  –  Height: 179cm (5’10”  –  Weight: 106,2kg (234lbs)  –  BF percentage: 11%  –  Age: 31” “Wow that is enormous, and so heavy.” Cameron found it even more appealing when a body builder wasn’t just big but also quite heavy for their size. He further examined the man in the tank, he was naked and suspended in the liquid in a limp posture like he was just floating under water, and he had two tubes probing his body, a thin one went inside his mouth which he guess provided life support, a very large one just laid on the bottom of the tank, and there was one that came down his back and went into his anus, the tube was transparent and rather thick, the diameter must have been about 4cm (1.5inches) or 14cm circumference (5inches), Cameron didn’t know why but looking at the huge pipe enter the body builder anus made him feel warmer and his heart started racing, and he also got quite the hard on and since he was wear compression shorts, the hard on was quite evident, Cameron never really felt any attraction to other men, but then again not much towards a woman either, the only that made his heart race was thinking about muscled physiques, he confused as to what he was feeling and how to interpret it but one he was sure about is that he liked it. Still with a hard on Cameron looked around him to see that all the men also had the same tubes probing them in them in the same places and the one at the bottom of the tanks, and all of them had information plates describing their weight, age, size etc. He really wanted to know what this place was so turned around and went back up the stairs to the control platform. He researched and looked, he went to books, papers and file after file on the monitors, he saw formulas, designs for machines, plans, schematics, theories and read document after document. He figured out that this place was built by a doctor L. J. Andrews privately and he was obsessed with ever larger muscular physiques, and he was designing a machine that could take muscles from one person and give it to another person, namely himself, and he went through a lot of research and development to design the method to achieve his goal, but ultimately although he finished successfully his research a couple of years ago he had to abandon it, even though the machine and formulas were done and correct, and he had “acquired” the donators for the muscle (acquired here meaning he kidnapped the 5 body builders) there was a major downside to the experiment, no matter how much he crunched the data and recalculated, there was only a 0.7% chance a subject could survive the muscle impregnation “there is less then 1% chance of survival?” Cameron muttered, a chill running down his spine. “There is more than 99% chance of dying if someone used this machine, no wonder the doctor abandoned it, I guess I should leave this buried away as I found it.” With that Cameron decided to leave that place. As he put the books and papers back into their places and closed the files on the various monitors, as he was closing the last file on the monitor next to the staircase that lead to down to the tanks, he accidently opened a control panel as he looked down at the tanks and pondered what it would be like to have a physique like that. Then as he was turning around he slipped on a patch of grease on the floor that he didn’t notice before, lunged his had forward to grab anything to keep him from falling down the stair, and he grabbed the screen he was working on but his hand slipped off of it and he tumbled down the stairs and rolled onto the floor below, he was dazed and disoriented from the bumps his head took and he didn’t notice he was laid out over the metal plate on the floor, as he was recollecting his thoughts and trying to figure out what happen he heard an audible *beep* and he felt a cold band stretch over his forehead and adjust tightly, he didn’t understand what was happening, suddenly two other cold bands also stretched over both his wrists and tightening down holding his arms in place just as the forehead band held his head down. As this was happening he finally came back to his senses, and then it hit him “fuck!! I must have pressed something when I grabbed the monitor!!”. He realised he might have turned on the machine with a less then 1% survival rate, and now he was stuck in it with no way to escaped! As he came to this morbid conclusion he felt something else happening which he directed his attention to. The plate on the floor he was strapped to started rising from the ground, it stopped at about 1m (about 3ft) above the floor, then one of the two tubes in the direction his feet were, started moving, it was the slender tube and it had a needle attachment, Cameron was scared but there was nothing he could do, he struggled and struggle and fought with the bands restraining him as the needle got closer to his body, but they wouldn’t come loose, so he had no choice but to resign himself to the situation and hope that he somehow makes it out alive as he laid on the cold examination table-like thing he was strapped to. The tube and needle reached up to about halfway to the side of his right thigh and pricked him and inject a small amount of a liquid with a blue hue to it and then receded back to its original position, the prick didn’t hurt too much and he was feeling drowsy or drugged Cameron wondered “well what is it going to do?” just as he finished that sentenced he felt the bands on wrists and head loosen up, and then they receded as well into the table. “Maybe the process takes place in stages, maybe I’ll be okay if I leave right now,” but after saying that and trying to get off the table he found himself unable to move his limbs. “What the fuck is going on here? Move. Move!” he yelled at his body but it didn’t he could only move his neck freely, his extremities seem to have been numbed by the injection, they felt normal in every way except they felt incredibly weak, like when your muscles are fatigued after you have worked them out extensively and you can’t even lift them up afterwards, that’s how they felt, and so he started worrying again and he remembered. “I forsake myself to it, guess I was just too happy that it stopped but I guess it’s not done yet with me yet,” he laid there for about a minute before something else happened. The second tube that was next to the one with the needle started moving, it was a much bigger tube, it was a dark grey colour, and it was as thick as the ones in the tanks that went in the anus of the body builders, and it had a strange attachment, and as it got closer he could make out what that attachment was, it was in the shape of a penis head, and the rest of the tube was ribbed with lines and bumps, making the whole length of the tube resemble the shaft of a penis, as it got closer to his body Cameron felt the table shifting, it moved his legs up from under the calves, into a position that resemble the position of sitting on a chair but on his back, and he realised the tube really was meant for his anus, he was scared just like before for the needle but a little voice in the back of his mind told him he wanted to try and know what it felt like, and his penis became erect in a second as he remembered what he felt when he saw it inside the bodybuilder, he was afraid but he wanted to feel it, the desire to experience it grew and grew, and before he knew he felt the cold tube shaped like a penis touch the outside of his anus, it was cold and sent shivers down his body. When the tube reached the outside of the anus it secreted a little bit of liquid that felt like gel so Cameron assumed it was lubrication, and then it really started, the machine started apply more pressure to open up the sphincter muscle, and it did, it finally reached the point where the anus couldn’t stay closed and the head popped right in and Cameron felt like something he never knew he could feel, it hurt a lot as it worked its way inside but it felt so good at the same time, it pried open his hole because of how wide the tube was but Cameron was enjoying and for a moment even thought, “Maybe this isn’t so bad,” a thought that quickly vanished as he felt the tube go deeper and deeper, it only hurt at the anus but he certainly felt it in his insides as it straightened the curves in his colon onto it until he was shocked to see it start to show as it protruded through his abs, and it protruded more and more till it finally stopped, it was pushing out onto his skin a full inch if not a little bit more, it didn’t hurt or feel like it hurt him in any ways but it was very incredible, Cameron sighed a sigh of relief since he thought the worst was over, but how wrong he was. A few minutes went by and nothing happened, but then out of nowhere he heard a machine start to make sound, it sounded like a pump to be exact, and he felt a little vibration inside from the tube he had in his abdomen, he knew something else was going to happen. And that’s when it really started. He saw body builder number 2 to his left side twitch slightly, and then the calf of the man suddenly shrunk down to just skin and bones! He gasped, it was unbelievable, the man’s huge left calf muscle, which looked to be at least 54cm (21inches) suddenly deflated, but then he noticed the tube that went into the man’s anus engorge at the anus, it was carrying a lump and transported it up until he couldn’t see it anymore, after a few seconds suddenly a lump appeared at the base of the tube that went inside Cameron “what is that?….” he thought to himself and the lump moved up the tube and it went inside him and he saw it then come the head that he could clearly see through his abdomen and the lump moved down his left leg and where his calf was and then suddenly engorged to four times the size of the lump in an very painful wave which made him cringe but he noticed suddenly he had developed calves that were about 41cm big (6 inches) and that’s when it hit him, the lump was the man’s calf and it transported it to his own body, albeit some of the size is lost in the process, then he noticed 4 other lumps consecutively show up moving up the tube and into his ass, which aroused him more as each one penetrated him, then he saw them come out the head of the tube into his abdomen and he watched as they started moving towards his left leg again under his skin, when he raised his head and looked at the legs of the other body builders he noticed they had all lost all the muscle mass in their left lower legs, and when he turned his view back to his left leg it was just as the 4 lumps merged and with a wave of pain started fusing and becoming his own muscle, the pain was like that of having a bone broken but localised to where the muscle was being absorbed only while at the same time feeling like having multiple orgasms one after another. It made Cameron grind his teeth and arch back with a tear flowing out of his eye, and his cock so hard and going wild ripped right through his compression shorts to full mast! And as the wave of pain and arousal subsided after about 6 seconds (the longest of his entire life) he was left breathing heavily and sweating profusely, then he looked down to be amazed at what happened, there was his left lower leg, with a 76cm (30inch) mass of muscle, he was amazed, awestruck by the sheer size, the striated muscle fibres visible through the skin, and the large bulging pumped up veins that covered it, it made his cock rage like a wild animal. It was beautiful. But as he was preoccupied admiring the beauty that had become part of his body the machine seemed to pick up the pace and started working faster. The sound of the machine working faster finally got Cam’s attention, as he looked up at the men he saw body builder 1 through 4 had deflated left upper legs, and as he reached body builder 5 he saw his left upper leg suddenly deflate too, all his thigh muscles just disappeared and he noticed the lump again exit his body through the tube, then he saw it start happening to the man’s right lower leg, then upper leg, and as he turned around it had happened to the other men as well, he knew what was coming next and he feared it yet desperately wanted to go through with it, the voice in his head that told him he wanted it had grown louder and louder and was overpowering the fear. Then the lumps started appearing, 4 of them in a file came up the tube and flowed into his asshole, arousing him and making his cock jerk, he saw them then protrude through his abdomen and start making their way to his left upper leg where they merged and again a surge of pain and pleasure flooded his system driving him wild as the muscle expanded and became part of his body, but Cam’s desire for the muscle was making him bare the pain so he could watch the wonderful thing that was happening to his body, his fear almost entirely subdued by the erotic desire to have those muscles. Cameron’s eyes were marvelled at what he saw, the muscle expanded and became his now 109cm (43 inch) left thigh, the sight made him reach orgasm and he cummed all over himself with more cum the he had ever seen before, then even though still partially lost in the pleasure more lumps appeared and started making their way to his right lower legs, then more lumps and at a faster rate started appearing, going to his upper legs, lower legs, left glute, right glute, each of his 8 individual abs, Apollo’s belt, left then his right pec, forearms, biceps, triceps, lats, delts, traps, each time making the muscle, or arms or legs contract with the expanding muscles. Every single individual muscle group, one after another, he saw as the muscles disappeared off of the bodies of the once body builders around him and come into his body and start being absorbed by him, every surge of unbelievable pain, every wave of erotic pleasure, he came again, and again, and again as the pleasure was unbearable as he saw his body parts engorge with monstrous mass, the muscle inflating like balloons, the muscle fibres showing through the paper-thin stretched skin, the veins growing, engorging and spreading all over his muscles, thickening with blood and testosterone from those 5 men, it was a sight to behold. When Cameron finally managed to came back to his senses after the thrill ride of pleasure he took, he was, needless to say, overjoyed by his body, muscles with size beyond what any mister Olympia could ever dream of achieving, veins as thick as ropes spread all over his muscles protruding and pulsating with blood, feeding them, all glistening from all the cum he shot over himself which only made his body more attractive, and the compression shorts you ask? Nowhere to be seen, they had exploded off of his engorging muscled body with only a few tatters stuck under his enormous glutes. Cameron was more than amazed and he was especially enjoying the huge veins that appear all over his muscles, he was covered in them, and they were massive and pulsated with testosterone, and the clearly visible muscle fibres that were clear as day to the eye, he loved it with all his might, but the ride wasn’t over just yet….. While Cam appreciated his new given body he noticed something weird start happening, the five tanks holding the now anorexic looking men that were once beautiful examples of muscle at its best. The five men started dissolving into the liquid and the liquid changed from transparent to a really thick-looking white almost gel-like substance. Then he heard an automated sounding voice from the computer say ‘DNA impregnation complete, beginning stage 2’ “WHAT? I’ve only gone through stage one yet, after all of this?!” he exclaimed, when he saw two much larger bulges move up the pipe that went inside of him, they were coming together in a pair, one next to each other and he felt them stop right at his anus, he then turned his attention up above his head where he heard rattling and as he turned his eyes upwards he saw the pipe dangling from above with the weird attachment, which was just like the cock head attachment the one inside him has, start moving down. He was again afraid yet again uncertain of what might happen next, his heart racing, and him body sweating profusely yet again. He tried to move his head since the pipe was coming straight down at his face when the band which had previously retracted appeared again and held his forehead firmly down, there was no avoiding it. The cockhead shaped nozzle of the tube touched Cam’s lips after it made its way down next to Cam’s head then up again to meet his mouth which he refused to open and allow it to enter, so the pressure increased more and more and his lips finally gave way, the long, thick, rubbery tube made its way into his mouth, reach the back of his throat, but before his gag reflects could even kick in it made its way down his throat and it kept going down, more and more as he saw more of it disappear in front of him into his mouth, he guessed he had swallowed about 30cm (1 foot) of it before it stopped, then like in unison both machines started doing something…… The one that had violated his now rock hard bubble ass and protruded through his now steel cut solid 8-pack abs started retreating from his ass, he was relieved thinking the approximately 40cm (16 inches) of tube that was inside of him was finally leaving his body, but as the head was just about to leave his hole, the machine re-adjusted itself to a more pronounced 90° angle and started making its way back inside, until it reached the base of Cam’s hard cock with a painful pressure, then the pressure increased and it hurt more and more, then he felt a really hot sensation in his crotch like he was in a hot bath, and although in pain he saw something amazing, the tube’s cockhead started expanding and entering the base of his cock, his eyes couldn’t believe it, as he bit his lips from the pain, but he wouldn’t stop looking at what was happening, it made its way painfully up the shaft stretching it to the 14cm (5 inch) circumference of the tube, and he saw the thicker and wider head leading the way, stretching and engorging it until it reach and stretched the 7inch cockhead of Cam’s penis, then the pain increased as it started stretched longer, and longer, it went on and on but it did so while sending waves of pleasure to Cam’s brain, it was delicious, it stretched to a full rock hard, massive length of 40cm (16inches) then stopped when the two large bulges, each about the size of an orange, were absorbed into the ball sack, and as it was absorbed, ropes of veins grew onto them and he started feeling the breeze on his stiff hot dick, it had become part of his body as well Cameron realised in a disbelieving yet still joyous shock. This huge, thick, hot, hard piece of man meat, was all his, he jerked it to see if it was true and it jerked, it was more than he ever dreamed off. The rest of the tube that was behind the huge bulges that became his balls, retreated outside to their original position next to the needle. That’s when a different noise caught Cam’s attention “There is still more?” he thought to himself, but without any fear now, he was now determined to see this through, this accident had given him the muscles and the cock he could only ever dream off, he wants it all now and he going to thoroughly enjoy it. It seems the muscles and cock not only enhanced his body but also his ego had been boosted up, and he liked it. Then he noticed the white liquid that formed from the men who were once in the tanks starting draining, the level was going down inside the tanks, when he felt the tube that went down his throat start vibrating a little and so he looked up. He saw through the transparent tube a white liquid moved downwards in the tube and it went into his mouth and he felt the flow of the liquid through his throat and as it pumped out into his chest, and he felt something strange, but in his pecs, so he looked at them and saw them swelling and pulsating and it plunge him into an orgasmic thrill ride of pleasure, it was a magnificent sensation, and he arched back from how erotic it felt while his mammoth dick jerked up and down. The tube kept pumping the liquid inside of him and into his pecs and the pecs swelled to twice their size then stop swelling but kept contracting with every massive pump into them, and Cam’s from the corner of his eye even though he was barely able to think from the pleasure he was in could see the tanks slowly drain empty, which took he could only guess was around half an hour, half an hour of toe curling, orgasmic bliss, when it started to subside he was surprised he managed to stay sane after en experience like that, and slowly the pleasure started dying down and the pumps became less intense, which is when he finally noticed that his pecs did not shrink down, but stayed at the doubled size, and looked gorgeously tight and hard, but his nipples had grown to almost triple their thickness and protruded more than 2 cm (1 inch) now and were as stiff as a hot cock. As he admired them he felt the tube retreating from him and as the head left his mouth the last bit of the liquid that was left in the tube, about a litre, pour into his mouth filling it up and then pour all over his face, and it tasted like warm, deliciously sweet and salty honey as he swallowed it down, and he recognised the smell and knew it right away that it was steamy cum, he never tasted it before or anything that tasted as delicious, it was all over his rosy lips and felt good on his face. At the same time the part of the table holding his legs up in the air lowered back down, and as it did he was regaining the feeling back in his legs and arms, and he tried to move, and he did, he managed to get off of the table and the first thing he could bring himself to do was touch himself, touch himself all over, feel the muscles up, grasp his beastly pecs and dig his fingers into the solid flesh, slide his fingers over the striations on his legs, to pas his hand over his marble abs, to feel up the ropes of veins on his 40 cm (16 inch) cock, to grope his massive balls bigger than a baseball each. All of this massively aroused him which is when he felt his chest and abs start getting wet and he looked down at his shelf-like pecs and saw something fantastic, cum was coming out of his nipples in a stream, and grabbed his left pec and squeezed and a long squirt came out of it, more than 10 times as cum in that squirt then in a regular man’s ejaculation. He squeezed again this time catching the cum and he doesn’t know why but an almost euphoric hunger came from within him for that cum and licked it all clean off of his hand, and it was delicious, so he squeezed again, and again, and again, licking it up each time, and each time the quantity increased until every squirt released about half a cup of cum, yet his pecs didn’t shrink down, nor did it feel like it was running out of cum, it just kept producing more until it satisfied his hunger. As he finished up his meal Cameron looked to the stairs for a way out, to go out into the world as a new man, and enjoy every moment of his new life. His new life of monstrous muscles, that no man would ever be able to match or surpass again, and to be the epitome of lust, beauty and strength. The End........ ?
  19. Akiha Gongen has grown massive. How massive? Well the story below will explain everything. Spoiler alert, he becomes the ultimate biggest and most powerful hyper muscle macro to ever lived. Will contain infinite limbs, infinite size and hyper muscles, noodling cocks and nipples, infinite tauring. Basically just a LOT of it. Alongside that, here is an art piece i also made of Akiha Gongen that's related to the end of the story in terms of his final size. It may look weird because he seems small from the what i just described, but read to find out. I promise it will be worth your time. High resolution version! https://twitter.com/Void_Spectral/s.....882612229?s=19 Word Count: 9550 Many chairs dragged loudly as the many university students rushed out of their seats to go home. The final lesson for the day had concluded. The Dragon Summoner, slow as they always were, took the longest to pack their things before exiting their classroom. Today was just another day. While university would be considered extremely stressful to the average adult, the Summoner was more or less bored of everything. When the world was still stuck in infinite loops, with countless life or death battles and traumatic experiences, a little bit of college work isn’t all that bad. Though life was boring and very dull, the Summoner didn’t mind. Life was now much more peaceful after the loops had ended. But as always, the Summoner was slower to respond. It had been difficult to function normally after a life of death and trauma. They were slow to respond, mind wandering, like their first role when coming to Tokyo. They walked out of class, taking slow strides. The infinite thoughts, rushing in their mind like a forest fire, burning through the acres quickly. A lot of intrusive thoughts came to the poor Summoner. While the world was kinder to all, the Summoner had a lot of baggage to deal with. While therapy had certainly helped, and their medication working wonders with little side effects, the poor Summoner clearly needed more time to heal. The summoner kept taking slow strides across the cooling spring weather. The flowers are blooming and dancing. The cooling winds brushing across. Thankfully the Summoner doesn’t have a pollen allergy or else this walk home would have been insanely difficult to handle. As the minutes passed, the poor summoner had begun to feel lightheaded. The wild thoughts and utter low mood had tired the poor human beyond repair. The cooling weather didn’t help either as they wanted to sleep right on the sidewalk. Their vision blurred, but they kept going. While they could have called someone to help, or just sat down on a bench, they were too stubborn to do so. Their constant attitude of resilience had made them too stubborn to give up. But nothing did stop their blurring vision until… ‘BONK’. The summoner collided straight into another figure. It felt human enough to not be a transient, much too smooth and definitely not scaly. Then again, there were probably tons of transients that didn't fit the anthropomorphic classification. The summoner tried to stand firm so as to not fall. They looked down, trying to grasp their senses. And yet the summoner's vision was still foggy, even hearing became indistinguishable. As the Summoner nearly fell again, the mysterious figure supported them, preventing them from falling. The summoner instead fell straight into their arms. Soft yet firm muscles all across the figure’s large, comforting arms. Heat radiating from the figure created a cozy sensation as opposed to the cold weather. The firm chest muscles cushioned their fall, the large pair of pecs were almost like a bed. They could fall asleep on such a comfy chest… But, this sleepy temptation was interrupted when the figure called to them, the summoner’s senses coming back as the figure's voice grew clearer. Opening their eyes again, they looked up to see their hero. Akiha Gongen, the tengu god, a personification and living embodiment of the Akiha Mountain, towering over with a worried look at his summoner. "Summoner! Are you alright?" His deep voice echoing, the vibrato of his voice and chest being comforting to the summoners ears. It was pleasant. Everything about this encounter was pleasant. But once again, the Summoner had fallen back into a daydream state and had to force themselves out of it, trying to answer his familiar. "Yes… I’m alright thank you..." The tone being so obvious that even the most socially unaware would be able to understand it was false. “Summoner, don’t lie to me… You feel cold and weak. I can sense that in you…” The Tengu God spoke, correctly summarizing how the summoner felt in the moment, Akiha’s Sacred Artifact allowing him to dampen the burning flames, either material, or immaterial, giving akiha to visualize the summoner’s state. Due to this, coupled with his acute sensitivity to emotions, he could easily determine his summoner was in need of emotional help. He couldn't bear to see the one he loved in any more pain. “Come on now. Let me take you home. You must be exhausted!” And before the summoner could even reply, they were being carried bridal style by Akiha. His large body being able to carry the smaller human with ease. Like any firefighter who needs to save people, he was well prepared to carry anyone, no matter their mass. The summoner was filled with embarrassment. To be carried like this in public. It was mortifying to say the least. But they were too weak to fight back against the sheer size of the Tengu God. Additionally, Akiha’s massive chest did provide a comfy resting place for them. And within seconds, they fell asleep against the towering tengu. After several hours, the human had awoken in their bed, feeling slightly rested. They took a while to remember what happened. But after gaining full consciousness, they turned their head to try to find Akiha. They still felt fatigued and stayed in bed, They then checked their phone to see what time it was, and to check their social media accounts. After browsing for several minutes, the door opened. It was Akiha Gongen, checking in on their summoner. A large grin plastered on the huge man as he saw his summoner fully awake. “You’re up! How are you feeling?” A loud boom followed by a soft and gentle question exited the Tengu’s mouth. The human was shocked at first, but knew that this was commonplace with the Tengu God. “I’m alright… Feeling a little better from just now. Did you carry me all the way home?” “Yeah! It was no biggie! Anything for my dear summoner.” The large man seemed proud that he was able to serve his summoner usefully. The large stupid grin appearing once again. In fact, maybe the summoner was still hazy, but they could have sworn that they saw the Tengu blushing for a moment. “But summoner, you’ve been so out of it lately. Not responsive, quiet, feeble. Are you still troubled by everything in the past?” The smile faded as his demeanor changed to worry. “To be frank… Yes… While therapy and medication have certainly helped, it would take me ages to recover from all the mental pain. Thousands of loops, thousands of years… While everything is peaceful, my body sure seems chaotic…” Hearing the soft and sad voice of his summoner, Akiha could feel nothing but grief and worry. He sat down to the right of his summoner’s bed, placing his right hand on his summoner’s right leg. “I could use my Sacred Artifact to further heal your mental wounds. It may not be instant due to all the pain. But it should help to at least wash away some of the burning pain inside!” The large man said excitingly. “Oh you’re so sweet. I do suppose your Sacred Artifact could help me, I’d really appreciate it. Actually...do you suppose there is a faster way to speed the process?” “Actually yes! If you’d like, my powers would be most active, on the mountain I came from, Mount Akiha! It would be like a cool and fun vacation, just the two of us! And if need be, I’ll do anything you want just to make this trip as fun as possible!” “That would be… absolutely wonderful… Thank you.” As the summoner stared longingly into Akiha’s smile, the summoner fell for the wonderful Tengu God. Akiha had always piqued the summoner’s interest. The Tengu God was a God of a mountain, which clearly showed from his massive body and thick muscles. It was a wonder how he had clothes that fit him, even school clothes. His huge muscles constantly stretched the fabrics of his shirt. The summoner’s mind wandered, imagining a scenario where Akiha Gongen kept growing bigger and bigger, Akiha’s clothes stretched past their limits. Their mind kept filling up with thoughts of the large man, drowning out the rest of the mental pain even without the supernatural help. After all, ‘anything to make their trip as fun as possible’ was a phrase that really set in stone the Summoner’s need to grow Akiha. It had been a while since the Summoner had grown a man to their liking. All of them consented, and they always had a blast growing bigger. As long as they saw their summoner happy, that was all they needed. Coupled with the fact that most of the men seemed to adore the idea of getting bigger anyways. And the summoner seemed to always find a way to fuel each growth beyond anything. What people perceive to be the biggest, the universe, was always out shadowed by the summoner’s ability to make men grow. The summoner had gained all sorts of powers throughout the endless loops. And after winning the game altogether, the Summoner was able to wield most powers that one could think of. And since the game no longer exists, there was no longer any limit and no exception territory to those who are deemed overpowered. And as always, the Summoner craved for someone to be big. Bigger than big. As big as possible. It didn’t matter how big, or how many rules need to be broken. They had to see what was the true size, what could be the true infinite size that a being can be. During their whirlpool of lustful, growth-filled thoughts, an idea struck that could allow Akiha to reach the true maximum height. They just needed to find the perfect method and catalyst to do so. It didn’t matter what, they had to find a way. Suddenly, their thought process was broken when Akiha snapped his fingers. “Hey summoner, you there? Hello?” “Oh sorry Akiha, I was just lost in thoughts. Trying to think of what to bring for the trip, that's all aha.” “No worries. Since it is the last day of school for the semester, do you want to start the trip tomorrow?” “Wait. It’s the last day of the semester?” “Now we really need to have this trip...” “Sure sure, but just give me several days to prepare. I still want to do some stuff before going on the trip you know. I want to be able to enjoy it as much as I want to, so I need time...” “No worries, summoner. Anything for you!” With that, Akiha left the summoner’s house. And now they had some time to prepare for the coming trip. The summoner had spent many months crafting various ways to make men grow. During those months, they had also thought of other ways to make men grow besides general size or muscle increase. Fats, multi, length and power increase were things that they had taken into account. After all, when wanting to create the ultimate biggest man, you must make sure he would reach apotheosis of infinite proportions. During the next few days, Akiha had been calling his summoner to ask for a date to set their journey. While worried due to all the delays, his summoner would always reassure him that everything was going according to plan. During the past few days, the summoner had rented a lab in the Kamata Crafters headquarters to create the ultimate growth product, with some consultation from other various friends and contacts the summoner had. They had spent countless hours studying, theorizing, crafting and testing hundreds of failed attempts. While their past successes with previous transient growths had given them the confidence to experiment, creating the absolute largest beast was a task not to be underestimated. The theory was foolproof, the difficult part, even with the unbound powers of the summoner, was putting it into practice. The prevailing theory was using Akiha Gongen’s sacred artifact against him. His sacred artifact creates water that could nullify any flames. In order to create the perfect, infinite lasting growth, the limiting product had to last forever as well. Which would mean that they would have to craft a sort of energy creating product that constantly produces energy from thin air. As it reacts with the cooling water, a sort of exception level paradox. It would also have to be a product that would continuously create energy to combat the water trying to remove energy. After days of trying, lots of rule breaking and physics bending tests, the deed had been done. The ultimate growth pill. It was a tiny capsule. One that even the most scared to swallow could ingest the pill without water or notice. In order to prevent losing the pill, it was kept in a special device to encase it. And as a last resort, should the pill be lost or lose its effects, the summoner had crafted a spare pill for use. Finally, it was time to journey into the mountains. Akiha had appeared right on schedule. The early quiet mornings of Tokyo were pleasant nonetheless. But the two headed westward from Tokyo, all the way to Mount Akiha. The thousands of years and loops had made each exit from Tokyo a breath of fresh air. The summoner had experienced every inch of Tokyo that they grew bored of. Tired from experiencing the same 23 wards, it was always nice to leave the place. After all, Japan itself was much larger. Passing by the ruins of the Tokyo walls, the two drove with their car, out from the city, and into the mountain ranges. After many hours of driving, they had finally appeared at the base of Mount Akiha. The two got out of their car, and set up a small campsite to rest for a while. The peaceful nature of the surrounding forest and mountain provided a huge relief for the Summoner. Akiha was more than welcome to let the summoner rest while he set up everything. The summoner walked around, taking as much of nature as possible. “Enjoying the view summoner?” “Yes… It’s absolutely breathtaking! Who knew you had so much beautiful land…” “What are you talking about, this isn’t my land haha!” “Well it is Mount Akiha. And you are, well, Akiha Gongen.” “True, but I’m just a personification of the Mountain. A spirit of this mountain. But people come and go from this place all the time” “I suppose, but can’t I just compliment you from time to time!” “Aha, sorry my summoner. Just got a bit confused is all hehe.” “Ugh, you absolute dingus…” The summoner jumped onto Akiha, who was still busy pitching up a tent. The tent immediately got ruined. But it didn’t matter. The two had an amazing time roughhousing. Afterwards, the two lied down on the grassy plains. Akiha at the bottom with the summoner resting on top of him. Akiha’s huge body yet again provides a comfy bed for the Summoner to rest on. As the two lied in the cooling breeze, the summoner shivered. They held onto Akiha tighter for warmth, gripping his clothes. Akiha sensing this, wrapped his arms around his smaller summoner in a tight embrace. “Are you comfortable, my summoner?” “Yes I am… I could just… sleep like this forever…” “As long as you are happy, then I am too…” “I am… Happy… Happier than I’ve ever been.” “That’s good isn’t it. Few days ago you were white as a ghost!” “And now… I don’t want this to end...” “Well we can stay here for as long as you need to. Even until the next semester starts if you’d like” “That is… a nice… thought… *snooze*” “Oh? Well… Goodnight my dear summoner. I can finish the set up later. For now, I can be your bed...” Several hours passed, and the summoner woke up. Not realizing they were not on a bed, they accidentally fell off Akiha’s body before jumping up again. Akiha noticed and immediately got up to check, before seeing his summoner all refreshed and stretching their body. It was around 2pm by now. While Akiha was busy setting up the tent and unpacking their things, the summoner went ahead and began cooking food. While cooking, the summoner kept looking in Akiha’s direction, trying to not get his attention. It was the perfect time to drop a pill into his food. The summoner was cooking simple noodle soup. After finishing the soup, they poured the contents into two bowls, one for each of the two. While placing Akiha’s bowl on a rock, the summoner dropped a growth pill into the soup and watched as it was hidden in the soup in plain sight. The pill didn’t dissolve as the energy from the pill kept getting created to prevent the effects of water from drenching it out. The summoner had begun to eat their soup while waiting. As Akiha was done setting up everything, he quickly grabbed his bowl, obviously hungry and swallowed the entire bowl in one single gulp. The summoner quickly checked Akiha’s bowl, relieved to see that the pill was nowhere to be found. Akiha didn’t even spill a single drop of noodle or soup either, so it was impossible for the pill to fall off. After quickly surveying Akiha’s surroundings, the summoner concluded that indeed, Akiha had consumed the pill. After setting up the entire campsite, the two decided to head up the mountain. Doing small treks on the dirt path. While hiking, the two were blessed with incredible forest views, flowers, and the cooling breeze. The summoner began to shiver a bit from the cold. Akiha sensing this, brought his summoner closer to him. The summoner felt the warmth of Akiha’s body. And on closer inspection, the summoner realized that Akiha’s body was getting steadily warmer, before cooling down. The cycle of heating and cooling kept going. It was clear the pill’s effects were starting. The two had walked a bit longer, crossing paths with a large river. Seeing as there was no bridge nearby, and that the river was wide and deep, the two walked along the river to find a safe way across. Akiha began to slow down a bit, as the constant temperature fluctuations caused him to feel a bit woozy. Akiha let go of his summoner, and told him that he was okay, but that he needed to slow down a bit. The summoner, realizing this, wanted to ask Akiha something. “Hey Akiha, I’ve been… meaning to ask something.” “Oh? Shoot for it!” *groan*” “You said that um… You would do anything to make me happy right?” “Ugh, Yeah? Why do you ask?” “Does that really mean, everything? And anything?” “Yeah why not? Is there something that… *groan* sorry… what do you want me to do?” “Remember how I’ve been experimenting with growth formulas?” “Yeah. You’re so obsessed with growing men. Something about reaching the fullest potential and size and- wait.” “Yes?” “You want… to grow me too?” “Is that a bad thing?” “Not at all my dear… *moan* summoner… Anything you want me to do, to make… *groan* you happy… I’d do it...” “I see… Well then… I just want to say that-” “No need to Summoner… I can see that you already did something to me...*groan* Just one question… Will I be the biggest among everyone that you’ve grown...?” “The absolute biggest size possible. Nothing can ever be bigger than you, that I’m very confident about...” “That’s what… *moan* I’d like to hear… I’m ready to grow for you my summoner. As big as I possibly can...” With that, the tengu god roared as mightily as possible. In an instant, Akiha began to grow larger than the planets, larger than the stars, larger than anything ever. In fact, he had grown to the size of the Ultimatum in just an infinite fraction of Planck time. The Planck time is the smallest division of time possible, and yet he had grown to the size of the Ultimatum in an infinite fraction of that time. The summoner stumbled from the sheer force of Akiha’s growth. They fell to the ground, not realizing what just happened. The second spare pill had dropped into the river water. As the mountain itself is Akiha Gongen, whatever happens to the mountain, will affect Akiha himself. With now two infinite growth pills, drenched in two infinite water sources, Akiha’s growth is at an all-time high. A double high as it were. Even more in fact. An exponential high. In the smallest infinith division of the smallest division of time, the Planck length, Akiha had grown to an immense size of the Ultimatum. But the Ultimatum, in all its glorious size, is incomprehensible to the human mind. How huge it is, will be explained. The speed of light is about 300 million Meters per second and a light year is the travel distance of light for a year. So if a single second is 300 million meters, a whole light year is unimaginably long. The observable universe is 93 billion light years in diameter which is a lot of space. It's incredibly hard to grasp the sheer size of the observable universe. But the observable universe is not the true size of the universe. The reason the universe could be much bigger is that space expands faster than light. So the light we see is just at most 46 billion light years from a radial stand point. We can assume the actual universe may have an actual limit or that the universe is infinite. Scientists presume that it's infinite because space itself is infinite in general. But we still have yet to cover The Multiverse Theory and there are many variations of the multiverse theory. The most popular version is that each decision you make, Will split the universe in two. Any decision, like for example, ‘Do you choose to eat bread or cereal today?’ When you make that choice, a new universe is made so that two universes exist for each choice. Because of this, there could be infinite universes in our multiverse. If a universe is infinite in size, imagine a multiverse’s size. But each multiverse is different, because multiverses can have different types of physics. Each multiverse can contain infinite amounts of universes, but they could have vastly different physics and chemistry. In some multiverses, an equation like ‘2+2=5’ would make complete sense to the people who live there,because their physics works differently. But for now, our main focus is on dimensional multiverses. In a sense, each higher spatial dimension universe/multiverse seems to be... More "powerful" than the lower spatial dimension ones. Because of how higher dimension beings are able to interact with more of the universe than lower dimensional beings, 4D beings can see and understand more of the universe than us, because they have one more dimension to see. It's the case with size in my understanding. And when I mean 4D beings, I mean those who live in 4 spatial dimensions. We live in 3 spatial dimensions. But since we also live in a 1 temporal dimension. We technically are living in a 4D universe, but we are 3D beings as we only live in 3 spatial dimensions. The 4D beings, on the other hand, are living in 4 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal dimension, which totals to a universe with 5 dimensions, a 5D universe. On a slight tangent, there is such a thing as 2 or more temporal dimensions. 2 temporal dimensions allow for time travel to exist. Since we have yet to prove time travel is possible for us, we assume we live in 1 temporal dimension. But either way, we live in a 4D universe, with 3 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal dimension. We are inside a 4D multiverse, which is only 1 of infinite 4D multiverses inside a 5D universe. In turn, said 5D universes are one in infinite 5D universes inside a 5D multiverse. And this process repeats on and on. Each new layer above, a whole other infinity and beyond. Like marbles in a marble. Only to realize that marble is one in many inside another marble, with each marble is infinite in size and volume. But of course, there's the infinite Dimension Multiverse, also known as the Omniverse. Omni meaning All, so an All-encompassing multiverse that contains everything. An Infinite Dimension multiverse, it would contain all dimensions. The Omniverse contains everything, from every universe and multiverse. In reality, this infinity would have nothing outside, since everything is inside. But for a macro growing outside the omniverse and bigger. A living being bigger than the object that holds all. That would be the true definition of a god. But since a multiverse is infinitely bigger than a universe, what would be infinitely bigger than an omniverse? In order to create an easier scale, a unit of measurement chart was created, to help make things easier. U meaning 4D universe M meaning 4D Multiverse 2U = 5D universe M = 5D multiverse InfiniteM = Infinite Multiverse InfiniteM = Omniverse Omniverse = O So an ‘InfiniteO’, that means ‘O’ powered by infinity, would be called ‘I’. ‘I’ means infinitum. In the past, my previous largest macros were ‘O’ sized. From ‘I’ sized, and beyond. So a bigger size would be An Infinite ‘I’ is called an ‘I+’. An Infinite ‘I+’ is then called ‘I++’, then ‘I+++’, and so on and so forth. So what if, A number that is ‘I’ but it contains an infinite number of ‘+’s behind the I. I[∞+]. Or I++++... [infinite +s]. So what if you multiply that number by infinity. Well then, you can only create a new unit of measurement. Here comes the next limit, The Ultimatum. A size so massive the Omniverse is nothing compared to it Concurrently, Akiha Gongen is growing at a rate of the Ultimatum in a second. That is already a speedy growth process. If growing in a linear fashion with a growth time span of 10 seconds long, after 10 seconds, he would be 10x the size of the Ultimatum when the growth finishes. So this is where I will factor in time. But instead, Akiha was growing for a longer period of time. The universe is 13 billion years old. That's 13 with 9 zeros. 13,000,000,000. But the universe is expected to die at 10¹⁰⁰ years old. That's 10 with 100 zeros. Instead of 9 zeroes, it's 100. That's how long the universe will last before it dies. As theorized, that's just the total age of a universe. Just one. A multiverse could be infinitely long. Greater than a googolplex. A googolplex is 10 to the power of a googol which is 10 to the power of 100. Which looks like 10^10^100. So the age of the multiverse is infinitely longer than a universe, infinitely longer than a googolplex years old. If the omniverse was much longer, then the age of the Omniverse could be [Infinity power by infinity, power by infinity, power by infinity…], and this repeats for an infinite number of times. Assuming that the omniverses age is infinite powered by infinite (repeat for an infinite time). That's so infinite that one would expect it to end there. But it can go further. Instead of a growth rate timespan of an omniverses age, his growth rate would be of Infinities of omniverses ages long. From the birth of the first Omniverse, to the death of the last Omniverse, with infinites and infinities of omniverses in between. But it can go even bigger. So for the time being, Akiha's growth time span is 1 ultimatum per second, with a duration of the birth of the first Omniverse to the death of the last omniverse. That's big already, but it can go further. But to grow further, we need to look smaller because, what if instead of growing 1 UM per second, it's 1 UM per millisecond, or microsecond, or even a picosecond. That adds more size in less time. So how does one add the most size in the least amount of time? We find the smallest division of time ever, which is called planck time. So now, Akiha grows at a rate of 1 UM [Ultimatum] per Planck time. [1 UM/PT], with a duration of the birth of the first omniverse to the death of the last omniverse. But it can go even bigger. Now the idea of acceleration can be inserted. So instead of just 1 UM per Planck time, we can accelerate the growth per Planck time, by powers of infinity. So for the first Planck second, his size would be UM. In the second planck second, its UM size + [UM powered by infinity]. On the third Planck second, it's then taking the Previous number, powered by (infinity that is accelerated by infinity). On the forth Planck second, it's taking the Previous number, powered by (previous accelerated infinity, that is accelerated by infinity). And from the forth Planck second and beyond, the equation stays the same because it takes into account the previous number, powered even further by infinity. In a summarized format, ‘Infinity^Infinity^Infinity^Infinity[...]’ for an infinite number of times. Now for the hyper portion. We have already reached the maximum for Akiha’s height and macro growth. Now to talk about the Hyper portion. Hyper would mean, muscle, and other individual parts. Usually, most hypers have something like 'width = height'. Which would mean that the usual max size is that the hyper muscles would be so large the back muscles, the width, would be the same length as the height. The muscles would be even bigger than usual. Usually, the biggest is that the muscles are so huge the person is immobile, with muscles pushing against one another to fight for space to grow. The head, hands, and feet would also disappear due to how overwhelmingly big the muscles are. For ‘width = height’, the height being the macro part, and the width being hyper. So it can do that and just say the hyper is as long as the macro. But that's not all. It can do better, bigger. So instead, Instead of width = height which is hyper = macro,his body became, Hyper = infinite (macro). But that's still not all. As always, he can grow even bigger. We can use the idea of powers on top of powers. So he can just go Hyper = macro^macro^macro... For an infinite number of times. Akiha's muscles were massive. Immense. It was unlike any Brutish, godly, muscle-consumed beast that came before. For his muscles extend in length and width far greater than his own height, he became a primal beast so large that any other muscle bound brute god couldn't even face against his all-mighty muscles. Each muscle, bigger and longer than his own height, riddled with veins stretching across the vast empty planes of his body. Each infinite number of muscles, piling on top of one another, creating a cascade of endless muscle lands to explore. His body was incomprehensibly big and muscular. Such brutish form couldn't even be drawn to match. His stacks of muscles, pilling one another, a freakish beast that humanity can't decipher between head and bottom. It was a sight to behold to say the least. The infinite muscles were too consumed by infinite layers of hair. The large infinitely long hairs jutting from his skin, shades of brown and black flowing all over his body. His body, hidden in muscle and hair, made it even harder to decipher his true form. So that settles the hyper part, but there’s still more. We settle Macro and Hyper. Now the focus can be on the Multi side of things. Aka multi limbs. Like how a centaur has 4 legs and 2 arms. Akiha can have multiple limbs as well. But again, he can grow more. Instead of multi limbs, his body can multiply literally every part of his body. And how many times can we multiply, of course infinity. Infinite arms, wings, heads, legs, pecs, torso. You name it. Everything. Every single part of the body is infinite. In terms of tauring, each taur is an addition of a new torso. So an infinite taur is infinite torsos on the body. With this, you can add as many limbs as you need to. So Akiha will not only have infinite macro and infinite hyper, he would have infinite multi as well. Infinite torsos to hold all his infinite limbs. But since multi is an add on to the body, the macro and hyper will also be added on. So an Infinite macro with infinite multi would add an infinite amount of hyper and macro. The extensions of his infinitely sized body created an even endless being as his body continues to grow and stack. Copies and copies of torsos, limbs, and other body parts, creating an infinitely long centipede or a train with ultimate cars. The incomprehensible number of extensions of his body would allow the already godly Akiha Gongen to ascend to an even higher, and even bigger status of godhood. As his body curls and twists, his main torso, with the original parts before duplication, now rests on the infinite expanse of his ever increasing body, watching a snake grow ever longer in the vast emptiness of space. So now we focus on individual parts, instead of multi as a whole. A dick, balls and nipples tend to be limited right. Instead of each infinite nipples being small numbs, why not make them infinite in length. Instead of dicks being only partly the size of the human body, why not each infinite dicks become infinitely longer than the body. Same goes for the balls too. Instead of each infinite ball being smaller than the body, each ball would be infinitely bigger than the main infinite torso body, by powers of infinity for an infinite amount of times. Each cock would be infinitely bigger and longer than each ball by powers of infinity for an infinite amount of times, to the point where each cock would be as long as every infinite testicle stacked in a single file line. So this is where the next part comes into play. Having each nipple and cock be infinitely long. They would noodle around. Like a bowl of noodles, it’s long strings covering everything in the bowl. So it would be the same thing with the cock and nipples. So have the Infinite amounts of cock and nipples, be infinitely long, curling around the body like noodles. Not only that, each typical pectoral muscle is usually associated with 1 nipple. However with Akiha gongen, each pectoral muscle has 3 nipples growing out from the areolas. This tripled the expected amount of nipples that Akiha Gongen has. Alongside that, all nipples were infinitely long as well. So that’s 3 times the amount of nipples that he has, as he has 3 nipples on each areola on each pectoral as opposed to one per areola and pectoral, as well as all nipples, even the 2 extra, all 3 times the amount of nipples, all of which were infinitely long. The infinite curls of his infinite nipples and cocks copied the exact duplication and lengthening process of his body. This created an even bigger and more expansive cascade of growth for Akiha to indulge in. And indulge he did, for his sensitive nipples and cocks because even more so as they continue to grow and lengthen. More surface area to pleasure and rub against one another as they grow, already sending the already orgasmic Akiha Gongen into a true infinite nirvana of epic proportions. In addition to the individual aspect of the growth of the body. There’s still the gut growth. So for each torso, there's a stomach, and when there’s a stomach, there’s a gut. And gut growths will happen. While a typical muscle gut or fat gut would be huge, sometimes taking up 50% of the body, and hyper guts, taking up about maybe at most twice the body size. As usual, Each infinite gut that Akiha has on his infinite torso would grow powers infinitely bigger than every other body part of his combined, including everything we previously talked about, for an infinite amount of times. Next is fats. Instead of just infinite hyper muscle, why not include infinite hyper fat. As fat stores as a layer above muscle, while the body may appear fat to the outsider, the dense muscle can still exist and he can still be extremely strong. To create a proper equilibrium, the volume of both hyper muscle and hyper fat, while infinite, will be equal to one another. The equal amount of muscle and fats created a truly powerful entity. Akiha's muscles were still all powerful, almighty, with nothing to beat him. While the typical stereotype of fats on a vessel would be seen as weak and frail, the extra fat didn't hinder Akiha at all. Instead it made him even more powerful. As size determines his power, the extra fat provided a much more powerful godly body for Akiha to manifest his full potential. The soft fatty layer would also create a proper shield for his muscles to ready in case of Intrusion. Not like it would matter due to his immense size. Now we’ve already settled, Hyper, Macro, Multi and Individual parts to make someone bigger. But there is another way to add mass. Instead of looking outwards, we look inwards. An atom is about 99.9999999999996% empty space. Which is not good when wanting Akiha to be the one with all. So to fix this, Akiha would now have particles to fill in the space in-between each atom. Infinites of protons, neutrons and elementary particles are created and squeezed extremely tightly to form as little space as possible, making Akiha as dense and massive as possible. But what if we go further. As particles are spherical, there's still possible empty space in between particles. So instead, why not have Akiha as one giant particle. His human form can still remain how it is. His properties as a human stay the same, but it's just that all his particles merge to form one massive particle. He is all and all is one. During Akiha’s state of growth, it was known by him that his growth would last an impossibly infinite amount of time. But knowing this, his summoner would die before he would finish his growth. After all, without the loops to help, life would go on as per normal, and the process of death shall soon follow. In an effort to combat this, to be able to grow and live his life with his precious summoner, he used all his might to bend spacetime. Using his infinite powers, he slowed the perception of time for those around him, such that his growth would only be about a single second to everyone. While he will live through infinites of Omniversal births and deaths, his summoner would only spend a single second before they would reunite with Akiha. So with all the macro and the hyper and the multi and the particle, what's there to add. Cloning. Akiha has reached infinite macro, hyper, multi, length, and particles. But he still has energy to grow. How does one grow bigger from there? By creating a new vessel to grow. But what if that new vessel reaches the same size. What do you do? Make even more. Make a new one. As the main vessel has reached true apotheosis, it has arrived to a size where it couldn't truly grow bigger. A size that any other hyper muscle macro god couldn't even dream of reaching. A size so incomprehensibly huge that even with Akiha's infinite wisdom and intelligence from his infinite growth, couldn't even comprehend. Despite infinite knowledge, he had reached a point where he couldn't comprehend his true size and power. Soon enough his body failed to comprehend the final size either, unable to grow much bigger without a force inhibiting his growth. The force of gravity had finally run equal with the force of his growth. His mind, matter and force, in an all out battle to grow. A true standstill had occurred. A true natural limit reached. His mind can't comprehend growing, neither could his body. His body is unable to grow bigger due to that, as well as the force of gravity fighting. But he still had energy to grow. Energy not spent. As his body urged to grow bigger, a new vessel was formed. A clone, with part of his soul transferred into it, thus becoming like him, was made. The vessel was created to be the original size before his growth. The new vessel was placed right where the previous Akiha stood. While the summoner tried to interact with the new vessel, it was all in vain. The second vessel had taken the remaining energy from the first Akiha and grew exponentially once again. With each new vessel he makes, it gets smaller than the previous by 1 quark. A quark is the smallest particle in the universe. Over time, he will create infinite vessels, 1 smaller than the other by the size of a quark. And over time, over infinite vessels, he would be able to eventually reach human levels of size. A height and weight where he would be able to somewhat live a normal life on earth. His final size is 20 feet tall, tall enough to be considered macro, but still, be able to live a somewhat normal life on earth. As he finally stops growing, his last vessel descends onto the ground. The earth below him, cracked from the sheer pressure of his footsteps. The now 20-foot tall Akiha, standing naked in front of his dear summoner. His dear summoner, shocked about everything, walked slowly towards the ultimate hyper god. The now Ultimate Hyper Tengu God smirking at his summoner, flexing his gigantic hyper muscles. His final vessel,the one that held the summoner, and also the smallest among the infinite others, looked like his original body. Except that he now stood at 20 feet tall and his muscles were extraordinarily huge. Like the typical hyper muscle god, his muscles were densely packed, fighting for space. His movements were limited and near immobile. His muscles were so huge that every muscle was bigger than his own head. His cock was so long that it was as long as he was tall, while 5 feet in diameter. “Akiha? Is that you? Has your growth reached its end?” “Yes, my beloved summoner. Are you happy now?” “Yes… very much so… Are you… really the biggest?” “Yup! Outgrew all of reality and then some.” “So I was right… It did work, all my calculations…” “So summoner, do you want to feel me up?” “Y-yes…” “You’re so cute when you blush, come here!” The summoner was quickly picked up by Akiha, and placed on top of the base of his cock. The summoner quickly blushed. Being held and placed onto Akiha’s warm body. It was a sensation unlike anything they had ever felt before. It was amazing, mesmerizing. The ultimate biggest man was created. A true godly man of their dreams. When they sat down on Akiha’s cock, they felt completely surrounded, but safe. Their backs leaning against the thick muscular walls of Akiha’s abs. Their vision, covered by the mammoth cock in front of them. Feeling utterly consumed by lust, they start to rub Akiha’s giant cock. “Mmph… S-summoner… You really already are going for it aren’t ya~” “Oh sorry!” The summoner jumped a bit, thinking they had offended their new found god. “Haha! You’re so cute. It’s alright, I already did say that I’d do anything to make you happy~” “So… can I continue?” “Anything you desire~” “Well then, shall we head back to Tokyo while I help you relieve yourself?” “Sure thing~” Akiha began walking all off the mountains. He traveled kilometers within minutes. Meanwhile, the summoner had a blast massaging Akiha’s massive cock. Working up with the hot, hard skin of his body was such a dream come true. While their hands were minuscule in comparison to the massive cock, it appeared that Akiha’s cock was so sensitive that it still pleasured him. Perhaps a bit too much as His moans and groans traveled all across the mountain ranges. Any passerby was able to hear, able to see the giant man’s nirvana. Drops of pre began to fall from the cock slit, falling and creating small earthquakes around the vicinity. His body shuddering from the pleasure,, each drop making small ponds of tengu precum. Soon the pre-leaking turned to short spurts, which already displayed how full of liquid the Tengu God had been. It was a race against the clock. Knowing how much cum was stored and ready to blow, the summoner had to quickly make him cum before they reached back into Tokyo. As they kept it up, the spurts of pre became longer and longer. Eventually, they lasted around 10 seconds per spurt. Akiha wanting to share his joy and pleasure with his summoner, he decided to use his newfound powers to let his summoner be able to hear and see every single infinite amount of Akiha in the infinite reaches of space moaning and pre from all their pleasure. This had completely excited the summoner, ecstasy rushing into their mind. This thankfully, motivated them to keep trying to make him cum as fast as possible. But there was one thing the two of them didn’t expect, and neither did the space around the infinite Akihas did. It appeared that Akiha was slowly getting taller and taller. His final size had reached a whopping 50 feet tall. Not only that, but his muscles were growing too. But it wasn’t just the final akiha vessel. Every vessel above him was growing too! The size increase for each vessel going up from smallest to biggest is calculated as, the size increase for the final smallest form, powered by infinity. But with each vessel backward, the number gets powered by infinity again. In other words, the smallest body had grown by 30 feet tall. The next smallest vessel is 30 feet powered by infinity. The next after that takes the previous size and powers it by infinity. And the case remains the same for the one after that, and for every vessel moving up. However, due to the sudden infinite size increase of each vessel, the inbetweens of each vessel are no longer a 1 quark difference. As the infinite powers of growth want to take advantage of every amount of space, more clones were created and split from the infinite bodies, taking up the remaining space, thus the 1 quark difference has been met. It would seem that this new growth from the smallest had allowed the biggest to break through the barriers that were in place as the true size limit. But it didn’t seem to last long as Akiha stopped at 50 feet tall. But still, it was an interesting new discovery. After minutes passed by, the view of Tokyo had appeared. With the newfound 50 feet Akiha was now able to walk much faster than usual. The summoner had to find a way to make him cum before Akiha reached Tokyo. Rubbing Akiha’s cock furiously, the two were in absolute horny bliss, one trying to make the other cum. They couldn’t let Akiha flood Tokyo in cum. Who knows how much cum is stored within those hefty balls. Akiha was even trying to edge and not cum. He could read his summoner’s mind and wanted to see how much cum would spew out from maximum edging. It was a battle of willpower for the two. Not long after, Akiha was starting to be beaten. His body was starting to struggle containing all of his cum. His body was starting to react slightly due to an overabundance of cum welling up inside his body. His nipple bumps began to swell bigger like small warts. His nipples too. His height slightly pushed up to 51 feet tall instead of 50. His body hair started to develop more, letting his once hairless skin be surrounded by a thick layer of dense hair. His nipple bumps, while bigger now, were still small compared to the thickness of his nips. His nips flared and puffed up. His large pectoral muscles were churning with what seems to be milk. It appeared that his body was producing milk due to all the hormones of his cum causing it so. His body desperately wanted to release the liquids, but Akiha held on. His balls inflating, his crotch area too. His pectorals swelling, filling with milk, nips puffing up further. He stopped moving, trying to regain his balance. His movements slowed down as his balls reached the floor. His gut began to swell slightly when his cum began to expand the sexual organs. His pecs were blocking his view, as they grew to rest on his gut. His balls were pushed behind his legs, swelling quickly as the diameter of his balls quickly outgrew his entire height. But as always, with the final vessel growing, the previous vessels soon followed. Each one of the infinite Akiha’s began to grow once more, and new clones were created in between each Akiha in order to maintain the 1 quark difference between each Akiha. And as always, the growth exponential rate, the previous number powered by infinity, has stayed the same, if not greater due to it being the second time Akiha grows. He finally gave up, letting his summoner win this round. After all, it seemed that the amount of liquids stored in his body would soon destroy everything around him. He tried to aim it away from the vicinity of Tokyo, pointing Eastward so that he would dump all his liquids into the ocean, but his body wouldn’t allow it. This time, he had to hold on until he could cum away from Tokyo. But it was too late, he couldn’t hold on. Bucking his hips, clenching his fists and legs, shutting his eyes, he let out a huge roar as all his cum and milk spewed in tremendous fashion and speeds. Millions and millions of cum and milk exploded from his cock and nips as they launched at near light speed, breaking the sound barrier in the process. His body kept churning out. His infinite bodies follow suit. All the Akiha’s in space came and milked everywhere, filling the dark space with pure white bliss. The smaller Akihas were completely drenched in fluid from the larger ones. Meanwhile back on Earth, the fluids from Akiha were pushing through all the fields and mountains of Japan. His orgasm lasted nearly an hour, his body kept pumping out fluids. Soon enough, his fluids had reached the walls of tokyo. In an instant, the West half of Tokyo had been completely soaked in fluids. Some of his cum and milk went towards Tokyo harbor and drenched the ocean instead. And soon enough, his body had calmed down from the storm. His once endless pumps slowed down to small spurts, eventually ending as his pecs, gut, and balls deflated back to their original size. As he sat down on the now flooded Japan, he rubbed his cock a bit to rid his body of any leftover cum. He shuddered, feeling everything leaving his body. But a sudden wave of stored energy came rushing from deep within his body. Like as though an excess energy from all the stored cum and milk had been lying dormant the whole hour. A familiar presence filled him. A feeling that took lifetimes of Omniverses to finish. Once releasing all the energy. Another infinitely big growth had consumed him once again. This time, the rates were far larger. The base size, the final body, instead of 1 UM per infinith of a Planck length, was the size of every Akiha Gongen combined, per infinith of a Planck length. The exponential rates continued from where it left off, increasing even higher by powers of infinity per infinith of a Planck time then when it first started. The duration of his growth, like with his growth rate, took the combined total time that it took for all his vessels to grow, powered by infinity. With this in mind, it would create infinite new amounts of vessels as the bodies reach a totally new limit before cloning itself. Alongside that, all the previous bodies would grow at an even faster rate, at an even longer time. But after all is said and done, the growth is finished. The bodies split themselves and clone, to fill in the gaps to maintain the 1 quark difference once more. After everything that has happened, Akiha Gongen had once again created the smallest vessel he could create while living on Earth. A true end, a true final smallest vessel. Standing at 51 feet tall, copying that of his previous smallest before he grew once more, he sat down, on the floor, looking at his masterpiece that he created. A fully white coated landscape, drenched in seed. After a while of sitting, using his infinite powers and a snap of his fingers, all the liquid disappeared from Japan. All the rubble and destruction were fixed. It was as though it was the game when it still ran in Tokyo. The end of a battle resetting and healing all wounds and damages in the vicinity. Afterwards, he picked up his summoner from the grounds below him. The summoner had fallen asleep as hours had passed since Akiha grew a second time. He picked up his dear summoner, remembered that this happened only several days ago, quite the coincidence, and headed his way back to Tokyo. Knowing full well his 51 feet tall naked body with incredibly huge and hyper muscles would scare everyone around him, he took it upon himself to summon his old clothes he would always wear, and match it to fit his current body type. He went back to his summoner’s home. Their house was actually an apartment on a high rise flat. It was about a 20 storey tall flat, and his summoner had stayed on the 15th floor. Which coincidentally landed perfectly. The summoner’s apartment was actually eye level with Akiha, allowing him to watch his summoner sleep and protect them from any danger. After several hours of sleeping, the summoner had awoken from their slumber. They massaged their eyes, thinking that everything that had transpired was all just one big lucid dream. It wasn’t until they heard their name. It sounded familiar, but VERY loud. It came from outside the window. Opening their curtains, they were proven that it wasn’t all a dream. Everything had come through. Their dearest transient. Their closest companion. The biggest man in all of reality. Akiha Gongen was standing, watching. The summoner was shocked at first, but they were relieved to find out that it was his dear Akiha. Akiha gave the biggest smile towards his summoner. The summoner opened the windows, and climbed onto Akiha’s index finger. Climbing all the way, sitting on his monstrous traps. “So summoner, are you happy now?” He said, grinning at them with a most cute and gigantic smile. “Yes, I am, nothing could be more perfect than this!” “Well I’m glad you said that. Now that it’s night time, do you want to grab dinner with me?” “You mean… like a date?” “Yes of course! A date!” “You’re asking me out on a date???” “Why not?” “Well you’re now the most powerful and biggest being in all of existence. Meanwhile I’m just merely nothing in comparison to you…” “If you’re nothing, then why can I see and feel you? I’ve made it clear that I will always be there for you, to protect you, to make you happy. Didn’t I promise you that?” “Well… yeah… you did…” “Then what’s the matter!” “Well nothing I suppose… But what are you going to eat! You’re so big! How will you fit anywhere!” “I’m sure there’s a way. Gyumao would probably know of some place given how big he can grow too!” “You’re right.” “Well then, it’s a date!~” “I guess it is a date…” The summoner lay closer onto his Akiha’s neck, once again feeling the warmth of his body. The giant man walked through Tokyo to find Gyumao. As they watched the city lights and the stars dance beautifully, their passion for one another sparked like wildfire. “Hey Akiha?” “Hmm?” “I guess, if we are on a date… and everything that you promised me. I guess we are a couple now?” “Do you want us to be a couple?” “More than anything in the whole world…” “Well then… I’ll be proud to be your lover~” “I love you Akiha…” “And I love you too… my dear sweet summoner…” -End-
  20. VoidSpectral

    growth without effort Marfik's Treasure

    Another new story following the current saga i'm writing, this time of Marfik from Live A Hero. Hope you all enjoy~ Word Count: 5473 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cooling Autumn breeze has finally arrived. The sun’s heat was much milder than the past few months. The orange leaves provide beautiful landscapes as they fall from the trees. But the temperature hadn’t dropped too much. It was the perfect time to go out for some exploring. Marfik had been enjoying his time travelling the world. This time he had found himself in the autumn forests of Europe. He decided to make this adventure interesting, packing only what he needed to survive, and travelling without a proper guide. He had hoped to find any abandoned mines, treasure troves, cave systems, anything to satisfy his cravings for archaeological findings. Several days ago he had found himself a nice rural village to stay in for a couple of days. It was a cozy little town. A small village of about 100 people, but the warm cottages, lively people, rich meat and vegetables provide a hospitable stay for Marfik. It was much more relaxing than the last town he had visited. Remembering it still gives him chills. As he stayed in the town, each day he would travel towards different directions for about several miles to find anything interesting. Sometimes he would stumble across bountiful caves, others nothing. Sometimes he would even ask the locals if anything peculiar happens to their homes and most of the time nothing. But today, this little adventure would have an impact of astronomical consequences. He had packed all the necessary items for his quest, and set eastward of the town. The weather had been the same as the previous days, albeit a little warmer than usual, but nothing blasting due to the season. He had travelled for several miles, but a lot longer than the previous days. The east had provided much more to Marfik than he realised. He passed through gorgeous floral fields of yellow, orange and red flowers. Then a forest of every shade of orange you can find. And lastly, the destination that would change him forever, the base of a mountain. It was quite a peculiar mountain, it was the only one ever around the whole area, but it didn’t have the right elements to be a volcano either. Marfik walked around the base of the mountain for a while, admiring the beautiful surrounding forest beside him. Soon, he heard rushing water. A waterfall! He had run out of water for several hours and needed to refill. He soon located the waterfall and the river connecting it. As he began refilling, he noticed small crystalline particles flowing from the river. He never saw any signs of it from the waterfall, and it looked like it came from the middle of the river and the currents diverged it to spread evenly across the river. Marfik deduced that there is a tiny cave entrance somewhere behind the waterfall. Marfik packed up his things and began to tread around the waterfall carefully, stepping onto the rocks, trying to not fall or get himself wet. Who knows what those crystal particles in the river are. After trudging carefully clinging onto the walls, he noticed the wall had ended on a sharp degree. He walked a bit more. With his intuition correct, he found the entrance to the cave. It was so small it could only fit one person. He took a deep breath, and ventured into the cave. The floor was wet, as it flowed opposite the way Marfik was walking. Each step he took, he could hear the crunching sounds of the crystals he was stepping on. As he walked through the cave, the area widened, giving his massive body more room to breathe. He took out his flashlight, and shone into the cave. The walls were blue, likely made of lapis lazuli, but they shimmer as the light bounced off of them. After a while of walking, the crunching crystal floors sort of phased out. Marfik had passed by the source of the leaking crystallized water without realizing. The walls were now so far apart that echoes could bounce off the wall. Hard to believe the walls once squeezed Marfik. Soon, he realized that the walls and floor were completely smooth, with some intricate patterns carved within them. He had entered a labyrinth of sorts. Jackpot he thought. Finally a worthy exploration for the mighty Marfik. But what does this labyrinth have to offer? Marfik had come across many different rooms. All of which seemed to be remnants from the past. Giants square rooms in the caves, each room containing different things. One room looked like it hosted the residential area of those that lived here. With old rotting wood buildings within the caves, tons of piping systems that carried water, and farm plots which used the light of the crystals as ways for the plants to photosynthesize. While Marfik was studying these ancient ruins, he deduced that these ruins were thousands of years old. Likely the very first human civilisations to walk this earth. And yet, they had the capabilities that far surpassed the technologies that the town Marfik was at, had. There was another question in his mind. Why was there only one entrance to this cave of the past? Why are there wooden items and farmlands in the caves? Couldn’t they have lived outside the caves? Perhaps this culture of humans was driven into the caves by some unknown circumstance. He may never know, but damn would he try to figure it out. Studying a long lost human culture had peaked his interest. He had to know more. As he strolled along the rooms, he had noticed that this wasn’t just a small village. It was a city. There were so many square rooms, stretching across beyond his vision. Maybe it was a Kingdom. Studying the residential cave rooms, he deduced that there were probably ten thousand plus humans that had lived here. Sure they may look small compared to modern skyscraper cities, but with the civilization being as old as time, where humanity never even reached over 1 billion total humans, this was remarkable. But as he travelled more inward, he noticed something odd. While the ceilings remained the same height all throughout, the floor seemed to get deeper and deeper with each room. The rooms also got even larger. Even the residential houses got bigger. He entered one house which was intact, to find furniture as tall as he was. He felt so miniscule. Tables which end on his chin, chairs where the seat reached his torso level, giant ovens. It looked like the deeper he went, the bigger the past humans lived here. The relics were still of the same age as the previous rooms. Meaning that both giants and regular humans had lived peacefully within this mountain, perhaps even sharing the same culture. Soon he ventured for what felt like hours, entering bigger and bigger rooms, feeling smaller than ever. More of the same cultural relics remained, but they were increasing in size exponentially. Once he thought he saw a regular sized house with a cracked entrance, but after some inspection, it was a giant teapot that had shattered. How big were these humans? After a while, he reached the end of the kingdom. The grid-like kingdom had its borders, and Marfik could finally relax. His legs sore, muscles aching from all the traveling. It was cold in the caves but he was still sweating a lot. He decided to lean against the smooth rocky walls. Perhaps he could sleep at night. And so he did, passing out the moment he sat and closed his eyes. The next day he woke up, refreshed, and ate his breakfast that he saved in his pack. As he ate, he began to study the patterns on the walls he was leaning on. It was remarkable. It contained paintings from people his size. In fact, there were paintings that only giants could make as well. It appeared that even though the humans and the giants were separated by the square rooms, some humans seem to freely roam into the giant rooms and even paint on the walls with them. As he walked along the walls, he noticed a small pathway. A human sized pathway. Was there another room beyond the giant’s dens? He walked into it. The pathway was long and dark. His flashlight illuminates the straight and narrow path. More paintings can be found on the walls. It seemed to depict the history of this culture. A strange artifact that belonged to them was capable of making humans into giants. But other cultures fear that power, so a war broke out but this culture hid into the caves. The kingdom seemed to be their home for a long while. The artifact was sealed away to prevent its power from being misused. The culture split the humans and the giants, but they were still able to roam freely. And that was it. That was all Marfik could decipher. He was utterly fascinated. How could a culture as interesting as this be so forgotten? Or perhaps they want to be forgotten to hide the powers of the artifact. It was sad to see the culture lost forever, extinct. Oh how he would love to meet the giants. As he walked further into the corridor, he saw a light. He must be reaching a room soon. And he did. His eyes widened as he saw the most beautiful room he had ever seen. A spectacle if you will. Shining crystals of every colour forming an illuminating rainbow across the ceiling. Streams of clean mountain water pour from the walls onto the floor, creating a small pool of water around ankle deep. Lots of beautiful foliage lines the walls and well crafted pillars in the room. He had never seen plants like these before. But the most interesting thing he was, was a pedestal. A pedestal that held a glowing crystal. It was shaped like a dodecahedron, with some spikes protruding from some of the faces of the crystal. It glowed and changed colour slowly. Marfik was utterly drawn to it. He thought it could possibly be the artifact that was long forgotten. Would he dare touch it? Would it give him the means to be a giant? Never once did he ever think of being a giant. But with the power sitting right in front of him. He got hard. He wanted to know what it was like. He was lured by the powerful aura of the artifact. His rational side knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences, after all, how would he live his life as a giant. But it was all too late, somehow, subconsciously, he was already holding the artifact in his hand… The glow of the crystal wafted around his body. His body now glowing the same hues as the crystal. Marfik felt the power and energy from the crystal itself. He had never felt this much power coursing into his body. He knew he had found the lost relic. But how big was he going to get? Soon he felt his clothes tighten. His body was stretching. He could feel himself growing bigger. And he loved every minute of it. His body began to sweat. He groaned and moaned. Some surges of growth gritted his teeth. He tried to hold on to the crystal as much as he could. His growth was quite painful, maybe it was why some giants stopped growing at certain sizes, maybe the growth was too painful. But he had to know what the crystal had to offer. His muscles started bulging. They were already massive. He'd receive compliments and stares from random passersby of his muscles. But they were much larger now. He limped forward, trying to stand close to the walls. The crystalline walls showed his reflection. He wanted to see how big he was becoming. His body ached, he groaned louder, noticing his voice getting deeper too. Surprising since he already had such a husky voice. He could feel his mind numbing, his vision blurring slightly. Soon, his muscles were starting to grow faster. It seemed to accelerate the more he held onto it. Soon he couldn't breathe properly. His rapidly expanding muscles were starting to press and stretch the fabric of his clothes. Soon his ears caught the sound of tears. The seams of his clothes were beginning to lose the battle. His muscles far outpower the strength of his clothes. Each surge of growth, more of the seams tore. The painful growth worsened, but a feeling of pleasure started appearing as he grew. Which kept him holding onto the crystal longer. Soon his grunts and moans had a pleasurable tone to them. He could feel his dick throbbing and growing in his pants. He knew how uncomfortable it gets when he's at his max length. This discomfort was much worse. He looked down to find his dick almost twice as long and wide as his previous max. He held the crystal with his left hand, and decided to give his bulge a nudge with his right. The utter sensitivity of his cock made him moan louder than ever. It also made his growth accelerate faster... Soon his muscles started bursting out of his clothes. The pain intensified as his muscles grew bigger and bigger. The buttons on his shirt burst off, flying with such high velocities it shattered a crystal hanging from the walls. He bent down slightly from the pain. Looking down, he saw his heaving pecs swelling larger and larger. His sweat began to soak up into his chest hair. The smell of pec hair and musk was delightful to his nose. His nips began to thicken and harden too. The cold wind blowing onto his nips pleasured him. He was still holding the crystal with one hand and his cock with the other, but he so desperately needed to work his nipples too. He placed the crystal onto his cleavage and secured it. Thankfully his thick pecs could hold on to it, and the crystal was still able to transfer its power into him. Now he was able to work his left nip with his hand. He squeezed it hard, pinching the fat nipple as it swelled. The strokes on his cock became more violent. His bulging muscles were now tearing through his clothes. Loud rips can be heard everywhere. Pieces of his clothes dropped onto the floor. His muscles had grown so huge, he was as thick as he was tall, and his growth kept on accelerating. His pants began to tear apart as well, revealing his trunk size legs. So thick and hard that every time he lost balance, the floor cracked with each step. His cock had gotten so huge and thick, it tore through his pants and underwear. He moaned loud as that happened, and it kept on inflating. His cock was growing faster than the rest of his body. It rose up, smacking onto the slabs of abs. He could barely hold his own cock with one hand. His cock rose higher and higher, coating his furry body with his precum. The hairs on his body started to grow longer. His once carpet-like body hair turned into a full forest. His chest hair now covers more of his pecs. His happy trail fur grew longer too as with his pubic hair. More regions of his torso became covered in thick, sweaty, grey fur. Soon, his happy trail connected to his pubic regions, creating a long growing forest from his pecs down to his cock. His armpit hair too grew longer, creating a trail down to his lats. His arms, back and legs were now sprouting a small layer of grey fur too. His body was becoming hairier by the minute. His entire body was now covered in hair. Even his hair and facial hair began to grow longer. His beard now connects to his sideburns, creating a thick coat of hair, falling all the way meeting his chest hair. The rubberband holding his ponytail together snapped as long luscious hair began to grow, falling all the way down, ending around 3 quarters of his back. As he sweated more, it glistened his newly forming hair, making it grow faster and longer. The heat generated and stored by his fur made him hotter and sweat more, repeating the process. His musk wafted all across the crystal room, stinking it up a lot. The scent, the sweat, the heat, the energy, the pleasure, all culminating together into a concoction of growth. The thickening giant pulsing and growing. Shockwaves of growth surged across his body. His muscles are building up and up, violently thickening. His muscles were so thick and large, he finally tore through every piece of clothing. Ripped fabric either fell onto the floor or stuck right onto his thick muscles, then coated with his sweat. His mind was getting all woozy. His growth was getting faster and faster. His mind couldn’t handle such growth. His body is pumping up. His biceps were bigger than his entire head. His massive pecs the size of beach balls. His enormous legs are now thicker than redwood trunks. His muscles were so huge that they were now fighting for space, pushing each other just to find space to grow. He was barely mobile, but his sheer strength was still able to carry all of that weight. His thickening muscles were now being covered with a forest of white fur. Covering so much skin that you couldn’t see any of it anymore. But his bulging muscles still managed to be seen amongst all that fur. He had truly become quite a beast. Veins also began to pulse out everywhere across his paper thin skin. He moaned and groaned, as the pleasure from his growth was sending him to nirvana. His dick had grown bigger, its head meeting his own. His dripping pre soaking his beard. In no time, he began to shove it into his mouth. He stroked his cock with all his might as it thickened more and more. His cock growing so heavy, he was being pushed down, like gravity got stronger. With his cock touching the floor, he decided to thrust forward, the friction providing extra pleasure and growth to him. He kept squeezing his nipple with his other hand, sending shockwaves of growth all over his body. His nipple is so fat, that his hand can no longer completely surround it. But he squeezed as hard as he could. He worked his cock and nipples as hard as he could. His rational mind, lost in the growth. He wanted more. The growth, accelerating. The cave space around him felt smaller and tighter. His once interest in discovering the history of this cave, filled with only lust and the urge to grow. His mind was nearly consumed by growth. The little rationality he had left, he thought about how this crystal was how the hidden society of men were able to grow into giants. They probably had kept the crystal hidden in order for men to not grow any bigger. But here he is, the next bearer of the crystal. He wanted to know more about the crystal, and more about himself. How much more was he capable of growing? Marfik kept on sucking his cock. His sweaty body created small pools of sweat, only to drip into the cave river near him. His cock bent more, as the length of his rod was growing faster than the rest of his body. He was standing on all fours, unable to stand up. His cock moved and cracked across the stone floors, creating a massive dent. Not wanting his cock to burst free from his mouth and grow, Marfik rolled on his back. His cock was still chubbing. Hard yet he was able to move it around. He bent his now body length cock around in order to keep working on his cock. His balls, moreover, were growing at the same rate as his cock. His balls inflate bigger than his glutes, providing a soft cushion for him to sit on instead of the hard rocky floor. He was turning into a full beast. His body hair had grown so outrageously long and condense that it was hard to even see him as human. The entire front of his torso, pecs, abs and all, were coated in at least 5 inches of grey hair. And it was spreading fast. His back muscles soon followed, pasted by thick grey hair. Eventually they were growing to the sides, slower as humans don’t grow hair on the sides of their bodies. His armpit hairs kept growing longer and longer, reaching downwards all the way to his quads. His arms and legs too were starting to coat with fur. While not as dense as the rest of his body, it was nearly impossible to see the skin underneath all that hair. His torso however was completely hidden in grey fur. His pubic and ass hair were growing much faster than the rest of his body, almost like it was as long as the hair on one’s head. But Marfik’s hair was much longer than that. His facial hair grew a dense bush of fur, his sideburns meeting with his moustache and beard. His beard grew long and reached his pectoral muscles. His man bun grew longer and denser. The now ponytail kept growing, eventually reaching the floor tiles. The increased density of hair snapped the band that tied it together, allowing a cascade of hair to flow freely all over the cave floor. He was now like a yeti. A huge hulking monster covered in beastly fur. His body surged more and more. If it weren’t for all that fur, he would have noticed his body completely covered by veins. His body pulsed with growth. The slow growth became large spurts followed by fast growths. This coincided with how brightly the crystal pulsed. His mind whirred. His brain was being filled with new information. Information that the crustal was sending to Marfik. His mind was blessed with the knowledge of the ancient humans who lived in the caves. His rational mind snapped back as he was entranced by his special interest in archeology and history. He would have never thought that this was how he was able to learn about the history of this place. But coupled with growth powers, who could say no? The crystal spoke to him about its infinite powers. It was a blessing from a higher power to the ancient people on Earth. It would bless them with growth and powers beyond what they can imagine. However, the power can only be given so much. The crystal, following the graces of the higher power that created it, would give a limiting amount of power to individuals. Those who sought only power, or the destruction of others will only receive so much. Those who wish to discover the powers of the crystal were only given so much. Till now the crystal has yet to create a man of true godly proportions. Marfik asked why, and was answered. The higher power craved men who want to grow big only for the sole reason of growing bigger, to fuel the higher power’s certain niche. Marfik asks if he was a suitable candidate… The crystal pauses for a moment and accesses Marfik. He didn’t desire power or destruction, he only seeked knowledge. But he also liked growing bigger, in a much more sexual slant and wanted to be bigger due to his fueling his kink of growing huge. The crystal shines, a beacon of hope has arrived. “You are almost worthy. But to test if you are truly worthy… Will your vessel be able to grow and handle all the power and growth?” “I won’t know if I don’t try.” “Then so be it. Marfik, you will be the first human to satisfy my creator using me” “What do you mean by using you?” “The creator is actually human, but they crave to see men grow as big as possible. In any universe, and any method, the human want to see men bigger.” “So… If a lot of men grew bigger, who would be the biggest?” “A tengu god named Akiha Gongen. You wouldn’t know him, he’s from a different universe” “Then I’ll aim to be even bigger!” “Impossible, he’s far too massive, and I can’t grow someone that large either…” “Then at the very least, make me as big as possible!” “As you wish...” The crystal shined, greater than ever before. The power of the crystal flowing into Marfik’s body. He sweats. His fingers and toes clenched. He gritted his teeth. His eyes rolling back, his body shuddering. The veins on his body rippled. His body growing in pulses, one after another, sending shockwaves of growth all throughout his body. The cave shook with each pulse. His muscles, bloating with size. He writhed around as his body kept getting bigger. The pain, the pleasure, overwhelmed him. As he pushed around, his limbs smacked hard against the cave walls and ceilings, causing massive cracks around. The tremors kept getting worse as his body continued to swell. His balls inflating so quickly that it pushed Marfik’s body upwards. His balls too pushed against the entrance to the crystal room, blocking anyone else from entering. The river water around him was now cut off as his body interrupted the peaceful path. The colossal man was now around 50 foot tall of pure beef, with his back wider than he is tall. His muscles swelling past mobility, Marfik could only sit on his testicles trying helplessly to move. His pectoral muscles covered nearly 60 percent of his view, with his chest hair obstructing another 20 percent. His body hair continued to grow and flow all around. His body was now completely covered in thick, dense fur. He looked like a complete beast. His hairs began to flood the cave floor, creating a knee level pool of grey fur. His face also had changes as well. The once chiseled, rectangular face now morphing into a more brutish state. His jawline expanded and thickened. His facial hair is becoming more dense. His head morphing into a whole new level of masculinity. He groaned and moaned as his jaw cracked and moved. His lips slightly thickened, and his teeth sharpened slightly. Soon enough his body was filling the whole cave system. His muscles pushed against every inch of the cave walls. It cracked. Rocks were falling onto Marfik, only to not damage his skin at all. He moved his body around, trying to find any space, but it was all in vain. He grunted and moaned harder as the walls began to press against his body. The pleasure and pain from his skin rubbing across the cave walls only made him hornier. His growth accelerated from there. As no more space was left to grow in, the cave began to crack. The walls were losing the battle as Marfik’s body was far stronger. “MORE!” He yelled, as he stood up. “BIGGER!” He cried, as his cock slammed into the entrance wall, its length reaching the other side immediately. “STRONGER!!!” He moaned he punched through the walls with both of his fists. “MORE POWER!!!” He bellowed at the top of his lungs as he had the biggest growth spurt he had ever experienced. The crystal room was immediately demolished to rubble and dust, leaving nothing behind. Marfik walked with what little mobility he had left in him. Entering the previous gigantic room, the once massive city hosting hundreds of giants felt extremely small and tight. As he walked, he could feel the power surging more and more. His body gained more height and mass with each step he took. The magnitudes getting worse with each step. His hairs were not moving as he walked as they grew longer, remaining the same length as it did. “MMMmmmphhh…” He grunted, feeling the weight and length of his massive cock. His cock was already thicker than his waist, and 3 times as long as his entire body height, soft. He kept working that huge cock, feeling it chub in his hands. His balls swelled larger behind his body. The diameter of each testicle had exceeded the height of his own body. Two giant boulders stood behind the behemoth. He coiled and twirled his cock around, trying to get the head to reach his own mouth. He first slung his cock behind his back, before carrying the remaining length onto his hands. Then he twirled it into a loop before shoving the cock head in his mouth. He now sucked and worked on his cock. Precum oozes from his lips, hitting the floor. To the average human, this drop would be a death sentence. As he writhed around, his growth accelerated, and a similar feeling occurred. His body was now bigger than the surrounding buildings of the giants who onced lived here. His fluids began to pour out immensely. Waterfalls of precum and milk gushed out at sonic speeds, flooding the entire cave system. His mouth wasn’t able to handle all the gushing pre. Letting go, his cock fired like a hose on the loose. “FUUUuuuckkkkk… AhhhAHHH… ARRGGHHHH!” He screamed as his body continued to gain in size. His cock danced around, smashing across all the buildings around him. His balls reached the ceiling, cracking it open revealing the bright sun. His hair grew so long it was impossible to distinguish any part of his body. His muscles had swelled so fast that his height was not able to keep up. Marfik’s mobility was really starting to take a huge toll. But that didn’t matter in the long run. His body stacked up more height and muscle. In almost an instant, his body touched the ceiling. And in another instant, his body broke through the entire cave. His body rose, faster and faster. The mountain beneath him utterly destroyed. His cock grew harder and longer. The once 3 times height soft cock now reached an incredible 15 times long hard cock. Everything around him became smaller and smaller. “MMM...MMRRRHHOAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!” A sound barrier breaking roar shook the whole earth. Marfik had ascended to a godly state. His cock pulsed out solar systems worth of cum into the vast emptiness of outer space. It kept on going and going. And Marfik kept on growing and growing. In the infinite vastness of space, his body still absorbed the crystal’s powers. From solar systems to galaxies, galaxies to clusters of them, he kept growing. His mind was utterly consumed in deep growing bliss. It was impossible to even think anymore. Universes to Multiverses, Multiveses to the Omniverse. The great walls of reality broke as Marfik kept on growing. Each layer like the cave, he kept breaking out of it with ease. As he broke the barriers, he finally saw what the crystal had shown him. Akiha Gongen, well, the many infinite versions of him. Some were smaller, but some were bigger. In fact, most of them were infinitely bigger than Marfik. He felt puny, but it all made sense now. The grandiose display of pure brute godhood that is Akiha, he couldn’t compare. The crystal started to lose its powers. Overtime, all of it had been given to Marfik. And soon, the new god’s growth had come to a close. As he finished, he opened his eyes to see one of the Akiha Gongens. This one was exactly Marfik’s size, muscles, height, cock, hairs and all. It was like looking in a mirror. Though Marfik and that one of infinite Akiha Gongen’s looked to be the same size in muscle mass and size, of course they both look different in general. The white furred beast talked to the black furred beast. “You must be the biggest one…” “Indeed I am sorry for my summoner, they wanted men to keep getting bigger.” “Oh don’t worry about it too much. I enjoy this size… And frankly, you’re not so bad yourself~” “Well this is just one of the infinite amounts of me that exist” “I like this one the most~” “Aww shucks” “So how big are we?” “I would say, probably the size of the Ultimatum, powered by infinity” “The what now?” “I’ll explain everything later~” “Well then, how big is your real body” “Even I can’t comprehend that, not even the real body does. And to be frank, all the bodies are the real just, just split because of how much we grow, but i get ya” “So do we just keep sitting like this as big?” “Pretty much~” “Can we fuck?” “Oh yes~”
  21. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  22. This story is a conversion of an old RP I did with a friend, @jsmith230. It was one of my favorite RPs so I thought I would convert it and share. While my first preference is muscle growth with a secondary love of height growth, you could say his preferences are the inverse of mine. So that will give you a hint of what this story will entail. Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13 *************************************************************************** Elongro “Dude, have you heard of that new 'Elongro' drug? I have to get my hands on it. I want to get huge this year!” Seth rolls his eyes as he listens to Trevor ramble on about the new miracle drug that has been making a splash among the young adult community worldwide. Trevor and Seth are college roommates and best buddies currently in their second year of college. The two were paired up as dormmates during Freshman year and their friendship blossomed from there. Both 19 years old, the two share a small apartment just off campus. To the outsider, Trevor is the alpha of the friendship, much more confident, outgoing and outspoken than his counterpart. He has always been very athletic and since coming to college has fully invested his free time into fitness and working out. He's obsessed with trying to put on mass and is always trying the latest supplements, pills and powders, along with constantly reading articles on new exercises programs to try. He has built himself up to a nice, ripped, 185 lbs on a 5’10.5 frame. His body fat hovers around 10-12% and he sports a nice 6-pack. But, like any true wannabe bodybuilder, it wasn't, deep down he wanted more. Much more. Seth is Trevor's roommate and while he also has a natural athleticism to him, he hasn't pursued it nearly to the degree that Trevor has, though few people could really say that. Some of the reason behind this is that Seth always felt just a bit too small to ever have great success in sports. He was one of those people who were content to be good enough to make the high school baseball team though he only saw limited playing time. Since college began, Seth exercised a couple times a week, mainly by just jogging, leaving him with a naturally slim and toned 145 lbs on his 5’8 body. The pair were pursuing business degrees although Trevor wasn't quite sold on the idea after his first year. While Seth fully intends to pursue a sales and marketing career, Trevor has considered switching to a more body-centric physical therapy program that would work well in parallel with his pursuit of fitness excellence. What currently has Trevor excited is the discovery of a new drug that offered an exciting possibility. Within the past year, a new compound was developed and released in Korea that is commonly known as “Elongro”. It's use had begun to spread across the developed world. However, due the USA’s overly strict drug testing protocol, the drug is still not legally available in the USA though it is available in most of Asia, Europe and Canada. The drug has caused excitement for people who are small in stature, either height or build. What the drug does is that it basically freezes a young adult growth rate, including hormonal levels, where that rate might be starting to wane. Along with enhancing the sex characteristics, it also keeps their growth plates open for an extended amount of time, allowing an individual to continue to grow for much longer than they normally would. Seth shakes his head as he listens to his roommate explain the drug. “What that means, Seth, is that if you naturally had, say, one more month of growth before your plates fused, you might keep growing at the same rate for another 2-3 months instead with Elongro. But, just think, if you were in the middle of a big growth spurt and originally had many months, or year left, you could potential retain that growth rate for a few more years! Isn't that awesome!” “Uh huh. Sure man. Sounds cool man,” Seth replied cooly. “Sounds a bit too good to be true, really.” “Well, it's not perfect, you're right.” Trevor pulls up his phone to read the details of the drug from the website he'd been researching. “The major drawback of the drug is that it has been shown to cause devastating side effects if a person is still showing any signs of puberty. Most humans complete puberty by the time they are 16 or 17 but keep growing in size for another 1 to 4 years. Because of this risk, most countries that allow the sale of the drug ban it from being used on any person under the age of 19. Also, the drug will not work if a person’s growth plates have already fused, which for many people has already occurred by the time they are 19. Thus, the window for success for the drug is very limited, if open at all. The reports say that only about one-quarter of the people who try to drug experience any results.” Trevor looks away from his phone at his disinterested roommate, but his own excitement cannot be interrupted and he keeps scrolling through the information showing on his phone. “For those that it does work, though, the results have been significant! Bro, this website says there are online rumors from the drug’s testing phase of people putting on 40-50 lbs of muscle and growing up to 6 to 8 inches taller well into their 20s! Shit dude, that would ROCK! I read that for those who are lucky enough to still be growing, the average success rate has been 15 lbs and 2-3 inches over an additional 6 months to 1 year of growing. I would give anything to put on some more size like that! My training has really stalled lately.” “That is pretty sweet, Trev. But you said it yourself, it may not even work. If you've finished your natural growth you're S.O.L.” Trevor huffs as Seth downplays Elongro. Tervor can't help but imagine the possibilities. Though he never mentioned it, while focused on growing his muscles, he secretly always wanted to be taller as well. He hadn't told Seth, but he had already started the process of obtaining the Elongro. He had already set up a quick weekend trip to Canada where a close friend was to obtain a prescription and then supply him with a vial of Elongro. He's aware of the illegality but the chance to put on some size even if it's just a few pounds or an inch in height, is too much to pass up. Because of the drug’s scarcity and the fact he has to obtain it illegally, it will cost Trevor over $1200, a huge amount for a poor college kid. “Seth, from my doctor’s appointment this summer I found out that I had grown another ½” to my current 5’10-1/2 height. So I'm positive I'm on my final growth spurt! I just KNOW it will work. But I got to get started soon before my growth stops.” “Ok, man, whatever. Man, you really are obsessed with size. You've got that dysmorphia thing, haha. I men, you are already jacked, you should be happy.” “Never big enough, bro!” the handsome stud chuckled in reply. “So how does it work? Is it a pill or something?” “Naw, it's an injection. It works from just one single injection. Each vial contain enough liquid for 5 injections, even though only one is needed. This is where you come in, bro!” “Me? What for?” “Well, the thing is, this shit is really expensive. And, like I said you only need one injection, but each vial has enough for five injections. So, I wanted to ask, If I get the Elongro, could I sell you an injection too? It would help me out and I would appreciate it. My girlfriend already said she'd take one of the injections too. Help a brother out, it's fuckin' expensive stuff. I'm not even asking for the full price of a dose, just $200 to help me cover.” “C'mon Trev, don't ask me that. I don't... Man, I don’t think I’ve grown in a couple of years, it would most likely be a waste on me.” “But, Bro, even if you had the slimmest chance to be just a little taller and stronger, wouldn’t you want to take it?” Trevor tries his best to pitch the idea. Seth rebuffs his approaches but he knows what will get Seth on board. “Hey, you know that girl that works at the rec center you’ve been crushing of the past year? Remember how you told me you overheard her talking with her friends that she said she would never date a guy under 5’10 and 175 lbs? She says that because she's pretty tall for a girl, like 5'9 or so. Just think, buddy! If you put some size maybe she’ll give you a second look!” Trevor sees the gears turning in Seth's head. He still seems unconvinced but he can tell he's touched a nerve. “C’mon man, you always told me how you felt like you were too small in high school to be one of the jocks on campus even though you were on the baseball team. This could be your chance to put on some size and least be average height. Wouldn’t you want that, little buddy?” Trevor tosses in ‘little buddy’ because he knows Seth hates when bigger dudes call him that. And that seals the deal. “Ugh. Fine, bro. Whatever," he says with annoyed defeat. "And hey, I’m way past puberty so there’s no risk, right? Other than I’ll be out $200." “That’s the spirit, pal! I promise this will be worth the investment!” * Seth walks to his room to collect the cash. He can't help but shake his head at Trevor's crazy antics. "This stuff is never going to work on me," he says to himself. But, knowing how into this Trevor is he knows that the right thing to do is to support his roomie and at least give it a try. Plus, that way when it doesn't work, he can hold that over his head! Or at least Trev will give it up and move onto something different, just like he always does. The following weekend Trevor makes five hour drive up North to Canada. Upon his return he excitedly enters their apartment and makes himself known. That night, the two friends administer the shot. They both have it their our heads that the effect would be immediate, even though all of the documentation says they won't know right away whether or not it works. But the placebo effect is very real those first few days and it drives the two crazy not knowing for sure if they will see an impact, but the excitement builds. That night Seth dream of growing taller, standing over guys who always made fun of his short height and pushing his skinny body around... being seen as tall... growing again... finally becoming the man he'd always wanted to be. Not being relegated to playing right field in baseball having never hit a home run. All those guys looking down at Seth! He jolts awake and realizes his dick is tenting the sheets. Even though he was skeptical at first, he can't help but think how deep down he must want this injection to work. How badly he needs to become bigger and stronger. He chuckles, knowing how slim the odds are and fades back to sleep. After the first few days of no noticeable changes the two both act as if nothing has happened. Although they both seem to be constantly checking themselves against the heights of familiar landmarks and people, including each other. Inside Trevor is still stoked, convinced that he will reap significant gains. Knowing that Seth hasn't grown upwards in years, he knows it likely won't work for his friend, but he was happy he at least he got $200 out of Seth. Truthfully, Trevor loved having Seth as his roommate. Not only from a personality standpoint, but he loved being the bigger and more dominant man compared to Seth. It was nothing against Seth, it just fed well into Trevor's desire to get bigger and build up his physique. Whenever they went out, Seth always demurred to Trevor when choosing which movies to watch, with parties to go to, what girls to hang with. Trevor was the alpha apparent. Two weeks after the injections the two are eating dinner and Trevor notices Seth is wolfing down a ton of food. "Hungry, there Seth?" "Dude," he says between mouthfuls of grilled chicken, "I can't remember the last time I was this hungry. I just can't get to feeling full lately... it's so weird..." Trevor chuckles as he watches Seth go back to finishing his chicken before starting on some brats. Trevor shakes his head, teasing Seth that “the freshman 15 is real, just delayed for you" before getting up to do the dishes. A bit later the two are hanging out watching TV and chatting about classes and wanting to catch the new Spiderman movie. Seth rubs his full round belly and ponders, pausing, before finally asking his roomie a surprising question. "Have you been making any gains in the gym? I was thinking rather than just running maybe I would try lifting some." Trevor is taken off guard. He knew Seth never went to the rec center other than to run, and certainly never made his way into the weight room. "I was thinking... maybe... I could like... join you sometime?" While Seth has managed to stay relatively thin, having a fitness obsessed roommate might be starting to rub off on him a bit. "Its just, with how I've been eating... maybe I should," he jokes. "I'll get fat if I keep eating like this. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more muscle for the ladies... maybe get some attention for once. It seems to have worked out well for you!" "Hell yeah buddy! I would love to be your training partner. Hell, I was thinking I might want to make a career out of it in the future, either personal training or physical therapy. I'd love to show you the ropes, you could be my first client! But, don't worry, little buddy, I won't charge you." Seth's face tightens at the words 'little buddy' and Trevor instantly feels bad. "Er...sorry, Seth. But yeah, even though you haven't been lifting I can tell you are a little bit thicker lately, just from all the food you've been eating. I'm still making gains, but it's slow going." The next day Trevor takes Seth to the gym for his first weightlifting workout. Seth marvels at the poundages that Trevor buddy can lift. Trevor boasts that he can bench 225 lbs ten times and Seth seems to be in shock when he performs the feat. On his turn, Seth can barely do 135 lbs five times. He is disappointed but his new trainer props him up. "Hey, dude, honestly that's a great weight, especially for your first workout. When I started I couldn't even bench 95 lbs once!" Seth perks up at that. As the two leave the weight room Seth notices the hot girl at the towel desk, Stacy. He is understandably smitten as he steals glances. “Fuck, Trevor. That Stacy is one super hot chick.” "Oh I hear ya man. I certainly don't mind the eye candy when I come here to lift everyday. Would love to get into that...if I weren't currently dating Brooke, that is, haha." Grinning stupidly, Seth replies. "Yeah, she's so hot Trev.... but I doubt she'd pay much attention to a guy like me." Seth can't help but notice her height, not too far off from Trevor's. Noticeably taller than he is, certainly. That seems to be the case with a lot of girls on campus. So many of the college girls and guys seem so tall lately. Trevor laughs and reminds his friend that time in the gym won't hurt and that if he stays consistent and pushes himself that she won't care how tall he is. "Muscles always seal the deal!" Trevor chuckles and throws up a double bicep pose, flexing his impressive exposed arms, grinning cockily, causing Seth to roll his eyes. "Trev, doubt you'll be saying that when you are a six footer with me looking WAY up at you!” Seth jokes. "Then you will be tall AND muscular. I'm going to look like a little kid next to you.... so yeah, I better start lifting more I guess!" * A few weeks go by and Seth has been sticking with the gym, much to the surprise of his roommate. While it wasn't like Trevor had no faith in his buddy, he just knew the dropout rates for new lifters was very high. Trevor continues to coach and direct Seth, both in the weight room and giving him advice on his diet . His training advice is sound, and both can already see an improvement in Seth's physique, though it's not been easy for the new gymrat. "Ugh, Trevor, is it normal to ache all the time? I can never seem to really recover..." “Haha, buddy that's part of the deal. Though the more you lift the less sore you should be. It could be that you're not taking enough time to recover. Could be that your muscles are actually growing or any number of reasons. Just growing pains. But, it means that you are actually working and growing, so be excited, man!” Before long, Seth begins to notice that his shoes are uncomfortably tight. He'd worn size 9s since he finished growing taller a few years prior. At first he figures it's the workout. One day after class he hits the mall to get a new pair. While Trevor hangs out at their apartment he gets a text from Seth: [Trev, you won't believe it. I had to get new shoes! Size 10.5!! Crazy!!] Tervor's mind races, trying to process Seth's text. He'd been denying Seth's progress, playing it off as beginner gains. But could his smaller buddy actually be growing? A hint of fear and jealousy permeates his mind. He thinks to himself how his size 11 shoes haven't been feeling any tighter. He calms down and rationalizes that maybe the little guy is going to have one small growth spurt. There is still no way Seth will ever catch him. He convinces himself that must be growing too, even if his shoes still fit. I mean, your feet don't HAVE to get bigger to increase your height, right? Trevor remembers how he is up 7 lbs to 192 lbs, the biggest he's ever been and he doesn't seem any more muscular or more fat, so he assumes that extra weight is coming from added height. The thought calms his nerves and he smiles to himself, excited for the growth that lies ahead. * It is now six weeks after the shot and the two are once again in the gym working out. Seth has been make even more noteworthy progress and has settled into a dedicated routine. This time Trevor brings a notebook. In the locker room after the lifting session Trevor confronts his protege. "Dude, I am a terrible trainer! I forgot to take your initial stats to see how you are coming along. So let's start now, better late than never. We'll use this notebook to make sure you keep progressing. It's good motivation too to see your lifts go up week after week. Ok, how tall again?” "5 ft 8" Seth says, slightly annoyed. "Well, just a bit under actually." “Really? Are you sure?” Trevor looks at Seth, unconvinced. At first he is apprehensive to find out for sure, but he can't deny that Seth looks at least a little taller. Wanting to be a trainer though, he knows he needs to be accurate and thorough with his log books. "Nah, dude, let's find out for sure." Trevor directs Seth to stand against the wall while he takes a tape measure out of his bag. He measures his buddy. "Just a hair under 5 ft 9, dude!" Seth eyes widen and he looks at Trevor excitedly. He shouts, "Maybe that stuff is working for me! I've never been over 5'8 before!” “Dude, that's awesome! You're not quite AS tiny as before, haha. Ok c'mon let's take your weight.” Next, Seth hops on the scale. It reads 160 lbs. “Great job, Seth. That's a 15 lb gain in just 6 weeks. Those are pretty good beginner gains, dude!” Seth can't be more excited as Trevor notes his huge grin. He is thrilled! “Ok man, let's get your other measurements for the log.” Trevor tapes all of Seth's a major muscles groups and writes them in the notebook. Arms: 14.5” Chest: 38.5” Waist: 31” Quads: 21.5” Calves: 14” Trevor can't help but mentally compare his own stats to feed his ego. While Seth may have crept up in height he took solace that he still had him beat everywhere. He knew his 17” guns, 42” pecs, 24.5” legs and 15.5” calves were all well bigger while his tight 30” waist was even more ripped than his little buddy's. Not to mention, from what he had seen of his roommate in the showers, he had more 'down there' as well, the thought of which gave him a reassuring grin. “Not bad, dude! You've got some really big arms compared to the rest of you, definitely a strength. A good one to have too. Chicks dig big guns.” "I still can't believe it, Dude. I grew! I grew!" he keeps saying, trying not to draw a ton of attention to himself. "This is awesome. If it's working for me, it MUST be working for you too! Do you want me to measure your height too?" Tervor shifts a bit, clearly looking uncomfortable and conflicted. "It'll only take a minute... come on... this is exciting!!" Trevor shrugs and submits. Seth grabs and extends the tape measure, coming in closer to take his height. As he does, Trevor can't help but notice how much Seth seems to have closed that gap. The difference between 5ft8 and 5ft10.5 is noticeable, but an inch and a half really isn't. From a distance the two could look the same height! The thought causes the competitive trainer to shudder at the thought. He's always been bigger and taller than his roommate. "And it'll stay that way," he thinks to himself as he stands as straight as you can. The wait for Seth to declare the number feels like hours. Finally, he speaks. "Five Ten, Trev. Still." Seth pauses and watches for Trevor's reaction. He seems deflated momentarily before regaining composure. Seth attempts to reassure him. "Maybe it works different on people depending on their growth stage... I'm sure your growth will come soon!!" Seth says, slapping his back, "Hell, you've made great gains in the gym so something is happening!" Trevor seems to take this to heart, but Seth can tell he isn't completely convinced. Even so, while Seth is jubilant about his growth, he keeps it to myself to not offend his roommate. "Hey Trev, how about you have Brooke come over? I can cook us dinner tonight. I'm starved!!" he says as they grab their bags and head for the door. On the way back to their condo Trevor is obviously dejected but does his best to hide it. He can't believe that Seth is only about an inch shorter than him. And what happened to 5'10 and a HALF? Seth must've missed that last ½ inch, he tells himself. Still, it hurts not feeling as big. With the overall presence of his ripped muscles on his frame Trevor always felt like he towered over his smaller roommate. Not so much anymore. That night Brooke comes over as Seth is whipping up a feast in the kitchen. Having listened to Trevor go on an on about how important a big diet is for big muscles, Seth knew a big nutritious meal would cheer his friend up, let alone sate his own growing hunger. By now the two are well into the second semester of the school year. Everyone is deep into their studies neither had seen Brooke in about three weeks. When she comes in Trevor is stunned at how gorgeous she looks, even more beautiful than he remembered. He felt a stirring in his crotch as his girlfriend made her entrance. The FaceTime chats that they had been relegated to just didn't do her justice. She comes in wearing heels and is almost as tall as Seth! Trevor remembered her being about three inches shorter than Seth when he first introduced her. He now realizes she must be about 5'7 now! Seth too was stunned, noting how tall and sleek she looked. He recalled how Trevor told him he gave her the shot too and it seemed it was working on her too, maybe even more so than Seth! "Hey boys!", she said as she entered. “Hey babe! Damn, I've missed you. You are smokin'!” She goes over to her boyfriend gave him a kiss. Seth notices that Trevor didn't have to bend over like he used to, or at all to kiss her on the lips. She looks over at her boyfriend's roomie. "Hey Seth! You are looking good! I can tell you've been hitting the gym. Trevor said you'd been lifting with him lately. I can see that you've put on some muscle. You're going to have to move up size large, that medium shirt is looking a little tight! Trev, Babe, you must be a fantastic trainer!" The trio have a great evening catching up with each other and enjoying the grilled Caribbean chicken dish that Seth prepared. That night, after the friends retire to their rooms, Trevor goes to town fucking Brooke. All night long he had been staring at his girl full of lust. She just looked so fit and healthy. She was always fit, but she seemed to be on a another level tonight. Maybe it was the longer legs. He also couldn't deny that he was in much need of some release due to the frustration that he seemingly wasn't growing nearly fast enough. * Over the next few weeks, Seth is like a demon in the gym, pushing himself harder and harder and harder. Trevor watches and celebrates his gains, proud that his training techniques are working so effectively. And yet jealously, he see's his buddy making gains so quickly. While Seth started out benching 135, he's now pushing 185 for the same number of reps easily. It's an astounding change. And his shirts keep getting tighter and tighter, to the point now that he's started borrowing old shirts from Trevor! Trevor shakes his head, barely believing that his supposed small roommate needed them now. The duo keep pushing themselves in the gym, even during finals. They can hardly believe that the semester is almost over. It's even harder to believe that two are both getting summer jobs, though Trevor's will be out of state. "Sucks I won't be able to train with you for a couple of months, Trev... it's really been awesome. I've never been so buff in my life." Trevor has recently noticed that Seth's voice has gotten deeper over the last few weeks. Luckily, though, Seth hasn't seemed to have caught him in height. It's something they both have been watching for out of the corners of their eyes. During their last lift together for the school year Seth points to his notebook in Trevor's bag. "Maybe we should take stats again so that I can keep track of the progress myself?" “Erm...yeah man. Of course. Let's see how much mass you've put on, bro!” he says, purposely not mentioning height. The two head to the locker room and strip to their skivvies. Trevor notes how's Seth's body has developed so much that he's not too far behind himself, a thought that worries him. Seth steps on the scale first. The two watch it, with widening eyes, as it swings to 175 pounds. Seth's face brightens excitedly. "Dude... that's another 15 pounds in five weeks. NO WONDER none of my clothes fit!!! Oh wow I could tell I was getting some muscles when I look in the mirror, but this is awesome! Ok, let's take my other measurements. Bro, you are an awesome trainer!" The two high five and Trevor grabs the tape and steps up to Trevor. “Ok. Arms...16 and a quarter”. Woah dude. You are still rocking those huge guns, damn! And they are so defined, crazy, man.” Seth flexes his arm and Trevor watches, stunned, as the ball of muscle leaps into relief. It isn't huge, but a big, solid, undeniable lump of muscle bulges. It is the first time he has seen his roommate flex in any way. “Holy shit, Seth. Your peaks is sweet. Geezus. Ok, let's get the rest. Chest is...41”. Big gain of over two inches, wow. Waist is still 31”, so you're not getting fatter. It seems to be all muscle, dude! Legs...now 23”. Calves...another inch at 15. Those are some studly gains, dude! You're beginner gains won't quit!” “Thanks Trevor, I owe a ton of it to you bro!” “Any time, roomie! Ok move out the way so I can check my weight.” “Hey Trev, can you take my height?” “Erm...um yeah I suppose. You think you are still growing?” “I think so. I hope so.” It's the moment Trevor been dreading. Seth steps against the wall, standing as straight as he can. The anticipation is killing him. He WANTS to be bigger. HE WANT to be taller, even if it seems like he hasn't quite matched Trevor yet. Trevor measures him once... then again... and again. "Dude, what's up?" Seth asks. Trevor grins at him. Internally, Seth worries that he's hasn't grown anymore. Then shares the news. "You are five-ten now!" Now Seth understands the grin on Trevor's face. If he's 5ft10, that means... "Dude! Trevor, you must have grown TOO!!" The two high five, both ecstatic at each others' growth. "I told you, Trevor! It was only a matter of time!!" Trevor looks thrilled, FINALLY this drug was WORKING. Seth steps aside and readies his measurements without a word. It's clear he wants to know. He NEEDS to know. Seth first takes his weight, "200 pounds! Swole man, damn!!" And then he measures his height. "Almost 6ft, dude! You are nearly there!!!" * Trevor is so excited he could almost cry. He bear hugs Seth and lifts him off the ground, taking note of how newly solid and heavy Seth now feels. "Hell yeah buddy! We've both put on about an inch!” He sets his friend down. “But wait, you said 'almost 6 ft'. What was it really?” "Oh,...um...it was right at 5ft11.5. Maybe just a hair under.” Trevor's smile slightly wanes but he certainly can't be disappointed after the last measurement turned up no discernible growth. "But still, Seth, that's just about an inch of growth. I am totally going to hit 6 ft, I just know it!" “Hell yeah man, and maybe I can at least get to 'almost 6 ft' like you said, haha. Starting out at 5'8” I'd be more than happy being 'almost 6 ft'!” “I guess you were right, Seth. It does affect everyone a bit different. I mean, Brooke actually grew the fastest out of all us so far, she's put on like two and half inches.” “Sorta makes sense, I remember back in Junior High that the girls often grew faster at first compared to the boys. But yeah, man, it's working for Brooke though. She looks extra hot lately. Hope you don't mind me sayin'.” “Haha. No prob, dude. You can look, just don't touch!” The two laugh and high five again. Even though Trevor discovered that he is just slightly shorter than what Seth had originally let on, he is still joyous. His confidence that he always remain the bigger roommate returns. That night after the measurements Trevor meets up with Brooke for their last night together before they break from summer. Like him, she will also be away for the summer so they plan a last special night together. After eating at their favorite restaurant the two head home for some intimate time. Back at Trevor's condo, his excitement in the bedroom is palpable and spills over into his performance. “Woah there, tiger. What's gotten into you? I like it, stud.” Brooke asks, pleased at the sensations he is giving her. Brooke is also looking taller and more voluptuous than ever, further revving up the horny college stud. He proceeds to give her a heavy dicking from all the excitement at finally growing and making some noticeable muscle gains. He relays the news to Brooke and in the middle of their fucking she wants to be measured too. Trevor excitedly obeys and measure her now at 5 ft 8.5! He thinks to himself how his girlfriend is becoming quite the vixen before the two return to the bed for another round. The two, both enhanced and excited by the results of the Elongro, are able to go longer than they ever had before. The couple drift asleep in each other arms, Trevor dreaming of growing stronger, more muscular and taller than he could've ever imagined. To Be Continued... Jump to Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro/?do=findComment&comment=207069
  23. Several years ago, i wrote many stories of bodybuilders growing on here. I also morphed pictures of bodybuilders to be bigger. I left it do die. Now I decided to bring it back, rewritten in a new format, with more detail and a proper story, but no morphs. Enjoy part one. Most stories will be semi connected to one another, so this story is also tangentially related to the Housamo stories. Word count: 2103 “If you can see this, hear this, then Humanity has somewhat survived. Thank goodness. If not, then maybe you’re an alien being who has discovered the ruins of our Planet Earth. Unless, these aren’t ruins, and humanity has survived. Has the future prospered even as everything happened? Has the once mass chaos and destruction from my time been fixed, and we were able to break free of this great wall and advance? I wouldn’t know, but I hope the future is great.” The man had a deep voice. A soothing one. I’ve been studying his recordings for quite some time now. I had no idea what happened in the last 5 to 7 years. But it would seem a great apocalypse had taken place within those 5 to 7 years… The man introduced himself as Dr. Strong. A man of great physique and mind. He dedicated his life studying one of humanity’s greatest mysteries. A mystery that I’m continuing the legacy of. “Date, 15th September 2020. I think it is… I can’t remember quite right. I’ve been hiding in this bunker for a long while. Even though the date is only 15th September, and the last of my research happened in August, it feels like it has been 30 whole years since then. Which is why I’m hoping, whoever survived this ordeal, continues my research for me. A lot more questions than answers have been created since my involvement. I hope one day humanity finds an answer to everything.” The man spoke true words. Many strong gravitational forces have caused Earth’s sphere of spacetime to go haywire. While the outside regions of the solar system remained normal. Anyone on Earth has experienced a strong difference of time. I discovered his tapes on the 10th May of 2021. Today is the 15th May and yet, on my clock, it's been a whole year that has passed. Time on Earth has dilated and slowed. Anyone here would ask why. Well let’s hear Doctor Strong’s answer. “Back in 2012, I began my research into humanity, a specific research, on males. This world is vaster than we knew, but it appeared that we never researched it because it involved myths. And lack of evidence made it hard to prove anything. But there was a reason why I knew, why I wasn’t blind by it all. Maybe I had gone insane back in 2012, but after years of research and proof. All my efforts proved true. But I messed up, and now humanity has to pay the price. My research yielded fascinating results. Many men grew much bigger than we once thought capable. But some grew bigger than expected. Some even grew bigger than the Earth. But it appeared that the amount of men growing increased greater, at rates faster than one could imagine. Due to the extreme sizes these men grew, their gravitational influence warped the fabric of spacetime, and time on Earth, from our perspective, has slowed tremendously. But we still followed our calendars, for our planet was still affected by the Sun…” Thankfully, Dr. Strong’s research did not fail that terribly. While most of the Earth had been destroyed. Over the course of 2020-2021, humanity has spent the now warped time fixing everything up. While only a few months passed on our calendar and the outside universe, it had been nearly a decade or two within our perspective. Humanity has started anew, back on its feet, we regained back to 7 billion humans, if not 8 or more. And while many damages have caused the continents to change, we survived, and our technologies advanced. If only Dr. Strong knew that his technologies, while causing the end, started a new beginning. And I can’t fault him. It wasn’t his intention. He only wanted to know more about this world… “In my years of research, I had found something grand about humanity. There aren’t 7.8 billion of us. There were more. Hidden in plain sight. Trapped in bubble universes hidden on Earth, unreachable to the average human. These bubbled dimensions hosted tones of humans. Only men, and these men were huge. Beyond massive. Bigger than any bodybuilders on Earth. In fact, these places leaked into our natural world. Because men from our world grew bigger, and escaped into the bubbled dimensions to avoid being killed or killing others.” His research sounds like a lot of bullshit. And it probably was back then. But he kept finding new things. Travelling the world, he found artifacts, walls of texts, writings and symbols. And in every country, every culture, one thing stayed the same. Men had been growing bigger than natural, since the dawn of humanity. From our earliest ancestors hunting animals with spears, to the early agricultural settlers, to the egyptian and mayan periods, to the dark ages, and until now, men had been growing. “Robert Wadlow, famous for being the tallest man alive at 8’11” was actually on the cusp of being like those other men I’ve researched. But these men were much stranger. They were a minimum of 9 feet tall. But unlike Robert, they were built. Very built. Their muscles were much bigger, much denser than even the biggest bodybuilders. Bigger than the biggest powerlifters. Larger than even the largest man alive. And that’s what they had in common. They broke the natural laws of human growth. They were taller, bigger and stronger than the common man. And if they appear to be bigger than what society deems acceptable to live, they would vanish into the bubble dimensions.” Dr. Strong’s adventures were quite interesting. I have all the artifacts and writings he found while seeking knowledge. That’s also how I came across these tapes of his. And really, not a single culture was left out. Every corner of humanity had at least one case of men growing so huge they disappeared. It seemed that these occurrences were more common than realized. But how common were they. If there were more than 7.8 billion natural people on Earth, how many men were added. How much was the total population of humanity. Well it appeared that it was more than we realized. In fact, there were 50 billion men that were phased into the new bubbles. “Despite countless evidence of these bubbled dimensions. Despite countless evidence of the existence of 50 billion other men, who were either born in the bubble dimensions, or outgrew our own planet, no one seemed to know anything but me. But I knew the reason why. While it knew what I saw was real, I knew no one wouldn’t believe me. So instead of trying to prove the existence of the cause, I need only to prove the existence of the effects. The cause can come later. Because I knew the cause of it only was a sneaky little thing that probably went into hiding.” The sneaky thing was something I never saw for myself. And I doubt I would ever. But what Dr. Strong described was unexpected. A young looking person of unknown gender. Long black hair and brown skin. But that’s what he thought he saw anyways. The figure seemed to move quickly, dashing constantly. Mists of black surround the figure, and their eyes were always covered as the figure always cloaked themselves to prevent others from seeing them. The mists didn’t seem to endanger anyone. It was probably another way to cloak themselves. “I saw how the figure moved. Like light they bounced, but when standing alone, silent and unmoving. They stare everywhere, probably so that people don’t see them. And that’s when I saw it. They either touched a man swiftly, or used some sort of other method, like magic or pills. They never seemed to use the same method twice to grow their men. But one thing always stayed the same. They were capable of erasing memories. But I had a proper cloaking technique, so I was never caught. But the first time I saw them, I somehow wasn’t a target of their mind erasing, so I always remembered their existence.” However, during Dr. Strong’s last few tapes, it seemed to tell me that the figure had either been caught, or made a huge mistake. For the tapes after that made no mention of the figure and the apocalypse began to occur. I can only theorize that the figure had screwed up so badly from growing too many men that they escaped. Probably out of this planet or whatever. Or maybe even escape in one of the bubble dimensions. I wouldn’t know, I have never been able to go in one myself. “The figure had grown too many men at once, and at such a fast rate. This was the cause of the apocalypse. Too many cities destroyed all at once. I saw the figure, looking nervous. It was like they knew they had done it. They knew they had gone too far. While they tried to escape, I tried to stop them. I needed to confront them. I had a lot of questions to ask. But before I could even reach them, I was stopped. A large man had come to protect them. A tall, dark skinned man, with blue wings, a black horn, and white hair. He was hulking, around 51 feet tall. He took the figure by his hands, scolded the figure. I could only hear one word from the figure. ‘Akiha’. But that was it. With a dimensional spell, as I could only describe it. The two disappeared, never to be seen again. And that’s when the apocalypse started…” We know the cause, but we don’t know the reason. Still, I hope to be able to see the person that started it all. There’s billions of men trapped in their pockets of universes. I wonder what they are doing now. The figure seemed to have godlike powers, but they seemed to act like a human on impulse. A type of all powerful human with no care for what goes on. Was this all a fetish to the person? Was growing men the only thing they liked? Because the person who saved the person from Dr. Strong was another gigantic man. But with monstrous traits. I could only imagine who this Akiha is… Somewhere in another Universe, another Tokyo- “My summoner what were you thinking! Have you been doing this the whole time?” “Akiha… I didn’t mean to…” “Just tell me what happened, the damage has already been done.” “Well… Seeing as how I spent countless loops, thousands of years in this Tokyo. After finally beating the game, I could finally go back to my home, the other universe, the other Earth. But my home Earth isn’t the same as this Earth. There are no mythologies becoming reality. No giant buff dudes roaming around. I forgot how boring my universe was. So I decided to go back in time and just, mess around. Make men who I think were hot and make them extremely huge!” “Wasn’t growing men in this universe not enough for you. Look at me! I’m already the biggest of your growth creations! What more could you ask for!” “I just had to… I don’t have a proper reason. I just wanted to…” “Well you’re going to fix this somehow.” “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure humanity is able to fix itself while I’m gone. I’ve written a proper history such that the Earth would go back to the way it was, as though I had never messed around in the first place. It would take a couple of years, but the gravity of all the men I grew would slow down time. Once everything is fixed, I will move time back to its original speed. And life will go on as per usual.” “I’ll take your word for it. But one last question.” “Hmm?” “Were there any other universes that you travelled to in order to grow more men?” “Yes…” “Any of them grew bigger than me?” “Of course not! You will always be my biggest creation. With your infinite size, infinite hyper muscles and fats, infinite multi body parts, infinitely huge balls, guts and pecs bigger than your main body, infinitely long balls and nipples, 3 nipples on each areola on each pectoral muscle, with each areola also having extremely huge bumps, infinite density making you one particle, and infinite cloning with infinite bodies floating all in space, each 1 quark difference in size, no one can ever be bigger than you, or even come close to your size and stature!” “Thank you, that’s all I need to know…”
  24. Tracking back to my very first art pieces on this site, I decided to work on a Kengo and Gunzo hyper muscle growth fanfic, hope yall like it. Story takes place many years into the future because it takes place after the Game ends and the Tokyo Walls destroyed. Just like with my Akiha Gongen story, this story takes place in the same universe. MC is the same as the one in the Akiha story. But this story is a prequel to the Akiha story. Word Count: 9520 In Tokyo on a perfectly cooling day. It was the perfect day for MC to go out and have some fun. But oh what to do? Luckily for MC, they seem to have received two messages. One from Kengo, the other from Gunzo. MC was kinda sad that they may have to abandon one of the two men for the day. But coincidentally, both men wanted to meet and hang out with MC at the same place! A local gym located not too far away from MC house! MC blushed. They had quite a huge crush on the two men. But then again, MC had crushes on a lot of people. What a lucky day for MC. But MC is gonna experience a very BIG DAY! In the following hours, MC got ready and went on their merry way to the gym. The short bus trip went smooth. MC got everything they needed. Everything went smooth sailing. MC wondered what Kengo and Gunzo had to show them at the gym. It was already a strange request coming from one person, but the two of them? How odd of a situation. But no matter, MC got to hang out with 2 of the hottest humans they had ever laid their eyes on. Hours before the text messages were sent, Kengo stared at his phone. There it was, a message asking MC to hang out alone in the Gym on his phone. He was nervous. While Kengo appeared stoic and brave, he didn’t realise how much he had fallen for MC. It was clear that Kengo was dedicated to helping his partner in any way he could. But since Kengo and MC always hang out with the rest of the Summoners, having some alone time made Kengo very nervous. What if MC didn’t have time? What if MC was not in the mood? Thoughts clouded his mind. But he wanted to hang out with MC that day. He was already at the gym. Nothing is stopping him. With a heavy sigh, he pressed the ‘send’ button. Meanwhile, Gunzo was standing outside of the gym. He was eager to show MC his progress. Mc and Gunzo had been hanging out with each for quite a while now. The two tend to play Rugby together as Gunzo was very fond of the game, while MC just wanted to play it to see Gunzo happy, even when sports really isn’t MC’s cup of tea, they just wanted to see their friends happy. However, recently, Gunzo had partaken in another activity. MC had accidentally admitted that they are really into big and buff guys. As Gunzo wanted to impress MC, he had taken up lifting weights as a side thing. Although he was already buff, he wanted to be bigger to please MC. Now each time he notices progress, he invites MC to show it off. Kengo expected either no response from MC or maybe a no from them. It was a Saturday, and MC did sometimes get pretty lazy during the weekends. But to Kengo’s surprise, MC had agreed to meet up with Kengo at the gym. He breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped his forehead. It was quite a warm day. Kengo tried to calm down. This was his first time truly being alone with MC. He could not afford to mess it up. Kengo tried to remember everything he wanted to say. He had been playing on this day for quite a while now. He wanted to profess his love for MC. And what better way to profess than in the middle of the gym. While a stupid idea at first, Kengo thought harder and thought it was perfect. MC has quite a thing for buff guys and Kengo had been packing more muscle as of late. He was beginning to look like a true bodybuilder. In fact more, nearly reaching 375lbs worth of muscle and 25lbs of fat. All for the sake of looking bigger to impress and hopefully win over MC. But a sudden chill went up his spine when MC replied with “Cool! We can hang out with Gunzo too since he wants to hang out with me at the gym as well!” Gunzo sent the message with full confidence. While Gunzo sex life was still nothing, and he is still a virgin, he thinks he could win over MC. Gunzo knew of MC’s fetish for giant muscular guys when they accidentally slipped it out during a conversation, and ever since then, Gunzo wanted to become the biggest man ever. His work eventually paid off. As the weeks went by, he invited MC to see his progress, and Gunzo had packed on a lot of muscle. There was so much that even mild roughhousing from him hurts his friends. He was nearly 375 lbs worth of muscle. While his hang outs with MC, he noticed that their relationship was strengthening. Gunzo had fallen for MC when during one of his flexing sessions, he did a double bicep pose in only his underwear and made MC blush. The soft look of MC’s face had also made Gunzo blush. It was then when he realized it was nearly time to profess his love to MC. Today would be that day. He was big and strong enough and was kind to MC. He was ready. However a message struck him to his core. “Kengo wants to hang out with me at the gym too! Let's all hang out there together!” MC had suspected this day would come. As the Tokyo Vessel to the Human, it was obvious that they would grow the men they crushed on. While it may seem that this day was a planned manipulation tactic, it was more nuanced than that. While MC did crush on the two men and wanted to see them grow, none of the steps it took to lead to this day was planned. All of it was genuine. Their feelings towards the two men, their interactions with them, all of it genuine. And the fact that all of it was genuine added to the fact that the two men actually had interest in the MC. Even if MC wasn’t planning to grow them, it was pretty obvious that the two men had crushed on MC. Kengo had always been particularly close with MC. During their constant adventures, Kengo was always by MC’s side. It was also pretty sweet of him to call MC his partner. While they had not hung out alone, MC did notice the many times Kengo tried to be alone with MC to invite them for lunch or to hang out. In fact, to see if Kengo was genuinely crushing on MC, MC would try their very best to make Kengo blush. Either by a simple smile, compliments, kind gestures like helping Kengo with homework, and even complimenting his muscles. There was even one time, while the rest of the Summoners were distracted, MC used that time to try to get to Kengo. First, MC showered Kengo in appreciation. Afterwards, MC began complimenting Kengo on various things. Soon it shifted to complimenting on only his muscles. It worked. MC had told Kengo that they were very fond of huge muscles. Kengo blushed as asked how big. MC said as big as possible. Soon, Kengo began to get super flustered. Trying to hide it, he stupidly decided to flex his muscles. He immediately regretted it when MC decided to start rubbing his pecs. Kengo blushed and immediately grabbed MC's hands. They both looked at each other in the eyes for about 3 seconds before promptly looking in the opposite direction. They were to never speak of this again. Gunzo is very close to MC. While dealing with some things in Yoyogi Academy pertaining to a certain gryphon, MC met Gunzo. They had a great time playing Rugby till dusk. After some shenanigans, the two promised each other they would continue to play Rugby. In one Rugby session, the two were sitting alone on a bench after they finished playing. It was quite a warm day and Gunzo decided to remove his shirt for a bit. MC could barely resist the temptation and began rubbing their hand onto Gunzo’s sweaty pecs. Gunzo was stunned and fell from the bench backwards, landing onto his back. MC stood up and immediately apologized. MC sat back down, facing away from Gunzo while cupping their face with their hands. Gunzo didn’t know how to respond. Anything negative action would result in MC feeling bad, and words in general would do the same. It was hard for Gunzo too, as he really never experienced love as he was a single virgin, but the only solution was a hug. Shocked, MC tried to get up, but the tight yet warm hug made MC turn around and reciprocated the hug back. It was then that MC had mentioned about loving Gunzo’s massive body. How MC would dream of seeing guys grow bigger. As MC realised what they said, they ran away as fast as possible. Knowing what MC said, Gunzo tried his hardest to be the biggest and strongest man alive, for MC. As Gunzo entered the gym to feel the cold air of the building, he met eyes with Kengo. Both of them frowned at each other, knowing full well what was supposed to be a date with MC, turned into a weird love triangle hang out session. They both sat far from each other, thinking of all the curse words to throw at the other guy. It was embarrassing, frustrating and sad. To have their whole plans ruined because of some other buff guy. They knew MC all too well that MC would never want to see plans cancelled or postponed, so they had to deal with having out with MC and some other dude together. As the minutes tick, all the negative thoughts flood more and more. However, a familiar voice had soothed their hearts immediately. It was MC! They came into the gym carrying 3 bags. Oh how typical of MC, to hand out gifts each time they hung out with someone. Well as the winner of The App itself thus ending the Time Loops, MC won an infinite supply of money. So they used it to shower their friends in gifts. Kengo and Gunzo walked slowly to MC, while MC rushed towards them to give a big group hug. While MC was busy burying their face in the men’s pectoral muscles, the two men glanced at each other with seething hatred. As MC pulled away from the hug, the time for fun will commence! “So, what made you both want to hang out with me today?” MC asked curiously, while pacing about. Both Kengo and Gunzo immediately tried to brush off the question. This kinda set off MC for a bit. It was mildly irritating to MC. The worst part was, not even Kengo and Gunzo wanted to be close to each other. MC thought this would be a great day, to have the trio hang out. But not even the two men wanted to talk, not even look at each other. They tried to get at least one of the guy’s attention, but it led to the jealousy of the other. This peeved MC off a bit more. As they realise that Kengo and Gunzo may not interact, they decide that they will take matters into their own hands. They decided that they were gonna switch between hanging out with Kengo and Gunzo. But due to their intense jealousy, they were gonna switch with them every 2 minutes. This is to help make them want to settle their differences quickly cause there is no way that they are able to hang out with MC with that kind of time limit. MC planned that this idea would irritate the two men so much that they’d have to hang out with each other so that they could have a normal day. This idea might be crazy enough to work! As they tell their plan to the two men, their face lights up. Perhaps the two men were now thinking of the best possible ways to use up their time. As MC finally finished explaining their plan, they were waiting for the men. The men seemed to agree on MC’s plan and they went their separate ways. The two men were now preparing their time with MC. It was now or never. MC began to approach Kengo first. They wonder what was in store for them. Kengo sat quietly by the pec deck machines. He decided to do some reps. Hopefully, with MC love of big buff guys, Kengo would be able to woo the MC into liking him more than Gunzo. Kengo probably figured that Gunzo wanted to admit his feelings to MC. So he must do whatever he can to get MC to like him. Even if it means growing as big as he can. Gunzo was disappointed that MC went to Kengo first. He wanted to show off his muscles and admit his feelings. He knew that Kengo wanted to admit his feelings for MC. So Gunzo, knowing full well of MC’s taste in huge men, went off to the bench press machines and just began to work out as fast as he could. He and Kengo were as big as one another. He couldn’t afford to lose. He had to be bigger than Kengo, no matter what it takes. Now the two are at odds with one another. Both trying to grow for the sake of impressing and swooning their crush. Who shall prevail in this growth story? MC approached Kengo and called out his name. But he couldn’t hear them. MC tried to call for his name again, but to no avail, a lack of response from him. They tried waving their hands in front of him, snapping their fingers, anything. But no response. MC saw a deeply concentrated Kengo trying to work out as fast as possible. What was that man doing? MC was extremely puzzled. One moment, Kengo was excited to hang out with MC, but as soon as he saw Gunzo, went into angry mode. Furthermore, while being able to talk to MC first made him happy, now he’s just concentrating on working out. A little down, MC went towards Gunzo. Maybe Gunzo would pay attention to them. However, after walking towards where Gunzo was, the same thing happened. Gunzo was utterly entranced in working out. Now MC was getting both pissed off, upset and confused. What was even going on? They began to walk back and forth trying to think of a reason as to why this was happening. Could it be? They wanted to admit their love for MC but because of the other person, they couldn’t? And to win, they wanted to grow bigger? Perhaps… Maybe they should test out something… MC decided to go to Kengo first. Maybe this would snap Kengo from his working out session. As they walked up to Kengo, they noticed that he was still deep in his trance. He seemed so determined to win over their heart. But now it was time to see if MC's idea would work. MC stood beside him and with their right hand, he held Kengo's right pec and gave it a quick rub and squish. Meanwhile, with their other hand into Kengo's ear, they whispered in a soft yet lustful voice, "I love you". Kengo immediately stopped and finally snapped back into reality. He looked down to see his right pec being caressed, then turned to his right to see MC. He immediately blushed. He was about to start speaking before his lips met with MC. A long and intense kiss happened between the two. As they broke it off, MC left while giving Kengo a small stroke to the chin, "Get bigger for me". Afterwards, MC did the same to Gunzo. MC got near Gunzo and began stroking his pec and whispered the same thing. He stopped and got up, only to find himself kissing MC. As the two broke off the kiss, MC walked away once again. MC's plan had worked. Now to see why each guy was so hellbent on having MC… MC approached Kengo who was taking deep breaths to cool down from the exercise. He was sweating profusely. His shirt was soaked. MC took a small chair and sat right in front of him. As Kengo finally cooled down, he could finally pay attention to MC. His vision cleared and he saw the cutest smile on MC’s face. He blushed and tried looking away. But MC moved the chair closed to Kengo, and placed a hand onto Kengo’s left thigh. Kengo tingled, and sat still, then slowly, he moved his head to face MC. As he finally faced MC, he took a deep breath “Hey partner. Sorry about what happened.” “What are you sorry for? It’s okay! I know you're only doing this for me. It’s sweet of you Kengo. In fact, I should be the one apologizing.” “For what? I was the one not paying attention to you, even though I wanted to hang out with you the whole day!” “That’s just it Kengo. You wanted to hang out with me, and Gunzo did too, but instead of having individual days to hang out, I brought along you both. And I know why…” “Y-you d-do?” Kengo shuddered after hearing those words. “I see how during the past few weeks, you basically have been trying your best to please me. You were always trying to grow bigger to be able to handle your Rule of Infinitude, so that you can be there to help me. I noticed you are also always trying to ask me out alone. But I was too nervous to tell you that. I also know that you know that I'm into large men and you were trying to win me over from Gunzo by working out to be bigger. I know that both of you have a crush on me. And I like the both of you too. And I know both of y’all don’t seem to like each other. I will decide later…” “And how will you decide…” “After both of you take a shower, whichever of you is bigger, will be allowed 1 date with me. Now go take that shower, you smell awful!” “Oh haha, sorry!” Kengo smiled and scratched his back. He got up to take that shower. Now it was Gunzo’s turn. As MC approached Gunzo, he stood up from his seat with his hands up in the air. “I hear you, I hear you.” “You did? Was I that loud…” “A little bit. But that’s okay. We’ve spent weeks together as I showed you my growth progress. And I think I’m much bigger than Kengo. I-is that right-t?” “I’ll see it for myself later. But thanks for growing bigger for me, you're a real hot sweetheart!” Gunzo after hearing those words, began to get super flustered and red all over. Not wanting to embarrass himself further, he quickly took his things and headed to the showers. In the toilet, it was incredibly empty. It seemed to be a slow day at the gym. There were about 4 other people alongside them, but now the gym was empty. As the two men made their way to the stalls they realized how empty and quiet it was. Tensions rise as the two mens disdain for one another quickly adds on. While typical gym toilets have separate stalls for each shower, this gym has an open shower. They were frustrated that they would have to see each other and have no privacy. While they could shower at opposite ends of the toilet, it turns out only 2 of the shower heads worked. And they were right beside each other. This peeved them off a lot. But no matter, it was all to please MC. So they had to endure the pain of seeing their rival. They took off all their clothes, threw them onto the bench and turned the showers on. Hot water rushed to fill the open showers. Thankfully the mist from the hot water was able to fog their view of each other. Hopefully now they are able to have decent showers without the other to annoy them.. The time spent showering had a lot of tension. Only the sounds of water falling and mist rising can be heard. Not a single sound came from any of the men. The mist did quite a good job covering them. However there was some amount of light passing through. Thankfully, their faces were fully covered, so one person can’t see the other person staring at their bodies. As they were showering, Gunzo was cleaning his legs when he suddenly saw Kengo’s body in full glory. He was checking Kengo out unintentionally. He saw Kengo’s huge body. Kengo truly looked huge, especially since he was 375lbs of pure muscle while 25lbs of fat. Kengo truly looked like one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. And with that fat, he boasted quite a big muscle gut too. It had been a while since Gunzo had last seen Kengo. Back when The Game was still up, both Gunzo and Kengo were 17. But after 2 years had passed, who knew how much had changed. When the Game was won by MC and the game ended, Gunzo had not seen Kengo at all. Who knew how much 2 years can affect someone? Only at 19 years old, Kengo was the size of a true bodybuilder with a muscle gut. Standing at 6’7” he truly was the most dominating guy ever. His huge muscles, his tall height, his incredibly hairy. Though Gunzo had the exact same measurements, he still felt dominated by Kengo. But at the same time, he felt different. Though they were competing for the same person, it appeared that Gunzo was getting hard. After staring at Kengo’s massive body, what made him hard was Kengo’s cock. Gunzo was pretty surprised to see that Kengo was hard as well. He boasted what looked like 13 inches while hard. Gunzo had become quite horny. Gunzo touched his cock and moaned softly and for the first time within the past 10 minutes, a noise was made by one of the men. Kengo was suddenly attracted to the noise while Gunzo tried to hide within the mist. Kengo looked to his right to see Gunzo’s back in full view. He thought he heard Gunzo moan. Maybe it was something minor. While he wanted to get back to cleaning himself, he found that he was still starting as Gunzo’s massive back. As Kengo and Gunzo had almost the same stats, it was cool to see how Kengo’s back actually looks like. But furthermore, looking at Gunzo’s back made him harder than ever. He didn’t want to admit it, but seeing Gunzo’s body right before they showered immediately made him hard. He had hoped that Gunzo didn’t notice his hard on before the mist had appeared. Looking at Gunzo's huge ass, it turned him on even further. He tried resisting but Gunzo was too sexy. He had to fap right then and there. He began to stroke his massive 13 incher and held his breath, trying to not make a sound. Meanwhile, Gunzo, who was thinking about Kengo’s massive, hairy body, was also pleasuring his cock to the thought of it. The two men continued stroking their members, trying their best to keep quiet. Even if they did make noise, they tried to be softer than the rushing water from the showers. They got harder and harder. The sight of Gunzo muscles was arousing Kengo, and the thought of Kengo's beefy and hair muscles had aroused Gunzo. They kept at it, stroking faster and harder. Their muscles are squeezing. They closed their hands worked their cocks harder. Soon, they were so engrossed at the thought of their hot rival that the moans were now completely audible. The sounds to 2 giant bodybuilders echo throughout the showers. Their deep masculine voice reverberated in the room. The sweat accumulating was then washed down from the showers. Soon enough they were getting so hard, so horny from their fap session, they were nearly close. The grunts got louder, strokes harder, they were panting, and they were close. Soon, with a violent roar, Kengo had unleashed a massive torrent of seed right onto Gunzo's back. Meanwhile, Gunzo, shocked from the sudden cum on his back and the roar, turned to face Kengo, while still stroking his cock. But the sight of Kengo's sexy body, his roar, and his constant ejaculation was the straw that broke the camel's back. In an instant, Gunzo moaned the loudest he could and unleashed his own torrent of seed onto Kengo. As the minute passed, and they finally calmed down, they came to a realisation. As they stared into each other's eyes, mortified, they had realized they masturbated to one another… When the two men watched in horror as they saw the other man’s cum on their bodies, they quickly went to shower to rid the cum of them. They quickly washed as fast as possible, trying to rid their brains of what had happened. Both men were distraught. How could the other possibly fap to themselves? And could each man possibly fap to the other? They were just fighting to win the heart of MC. While their feelings for MC had not waned since what happened, their feelings for each other had turned slightly positive. Both men were still blushing and wondering. Could a polyamourous relationship between MC and the two men work. Maybe they were just crushing on each other but their feelings on MC were still genuine? Maybe nothing is genuine? Lots of questions filled the minds of both hulking men. While trying to wash off everything, both men were still hard from the thoughts of the other. How could they still be hard from all that cum? It was even hard to wash the cum off the cock as they were extremely hard and sensitive. It wasn’t long until Kengo began to cum and groan again while trying to wash off the cum from his cock. His cum splattered the walls and his legs. He groaned, then got frustrated as he still got hard and the cum wouldn’t stop. Gunzo, seeing this, got extremely horny too and immediately came again. This time, both men didn’t even care. They were so horny, so sexually charged, both men knew something had to be done. Gunzo kneeled onto the floor and licked his lips. His mouth is close to Kengo’s cock. He looked up to see Kengo, panting, begging for a quick oral. Soon, Gunzo began working on it. He shoved about 8 inches of Kengo’s mighty rod into his mouth. His mouth moved gracefully. Though Gunzo was a first-timer when it comes to sexual experiences, he was quite the natural. He managed to hit all the right spots such that Kengo kept on groaning and moaning. Kengo arched his back, groaning louder. Gunzo began to feel something grow. It appeared Kengo’s cock was getting bigger and longer. Filling his mouth, Gunzo began to work Kengo’s cock faster. With the added length of Kengo’s cock, Gunzo used his hands to massage the rest that couldn’t fit his mouth. Gunzo's first sexual experience also made his cock extremely hard. What he once thought was the longest his cock would be at 13 inches, also grew alongside Kengo. His cock thickened and grew. He quickly began to use his left hand to start pumping his own cock. It felt just as big and as hard as Kengo’s. Soon enough, things got a bit more savage. Their lust, getting so strong, their intercourse had gotten rougher. Kengo began thrusting his massive 16 incher deep into Gunzo, while Gunzo began to furiously masturbate his own 16 incher as hard as he could. They kept this up, speeding up. Kengo’s moans and groans got louder and deeper. Meanwhile, Gunzo tried his best to contain Kengo’s rod while concentrating on his own. They kept it up, for about 2 more minutes until both men felt like they were about to unleash their storm. As they kept it up, their balls churned, their torsos readying for the biggest bust ever. Both men closed their eyes. Kengo clenched his mouth, hands and feet. Meanwhile, Gunzo gripped his cock tighter. And almost in an instant, both men released the biggest orgasm humanity had ever seen. Ropes exploded and sloshed out of Gunzo’s cock, while a massive waterfall rushed into Gunzo’s mouth from Kengo’s dick. Their orgasm lasted a whole minute. Gunzo tried swallowing as much as he could, but fell short as he choked and gagged, pulling his mouth away from Kengo’s cock to release some of it out. The floor was absolutely drenched in cum. Kengo kept splattering volumes of semen onto Gunzo’s face. Meanwhile, Gunzo was trying to swallow all the cum he had in his mouth. After a minute, the two had calmed down enough to concentrate for a bit. Their cocks had stopped leaking of cum, yet they remained hard. It appeared that they still craved more. Kengo put out his right hand to Gunzo to pull him up. Gunzo grabbed on and stood up. But due to the slippery cum filled floor, he fell straight onto Kengo. Luckily, Kengo’s strength was enough to stop them from falling. They were basically hugging each other right now. Previously, they would have mauled each other, but right now, they embraced the hug. They closed their eyes, feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies. The feeling of sticky seed glueing them together. Their long cocks pressing on their abs. The hot shower waters cleansing their bodies while providing more warmth. It was a blissful moment. But they were still hard, they needed to cum one more time. As Gunzo had submitted to Kengo by sucking his cock, it was time for Kengo to be dominated by Gunzo. Kengo turned around and bent forwards. Gunzo’s cock was extremely hungry, shaking violently while close to Kengo’s ass. Gunzo was a bit scared, while he was a natural at oral, he was afraid that he might be bad at sex. But he couldn’t hold onto it anymore, and Kengo was begging for Gunzo’s cock. Gunzo pushed his cock in slowly. The tightness of Kengo’s ass, and the sensitivity of his Gunzo’s cock, made him immediately squirt precum into Kengo. Kengo felt the liquid spurt. Kengo had experience anal before, but never has he had precum that contained more volume than regular cum in his ass. This made Kengo begin to leak his own pre. Gunzo then pulled out his cock. That one thrust was enough to send the men leaking. Gunzo then begins his second thrust, then third. With each new thrust, Gunzo became more comfortable and Kengo moaned louder. Soon, each thrust became faster and more violent. Somehow Kengo was able to handle all 16 inches. The two men are getting sweatier and hornier. Their panting and moaning and groaning are getting heavier and deeper. It was all too much. Soon, Gunzo began to wrap his hands around Kengo and started lifting him off the ground. Gunzo was now thrusting him while Kengo was off the ground. Gunzo pulled and pushed Kengo as hard and as deep as he could, trying to pump as much of his cock into Kengo. Each thrust was powerful enough to create sound. Each thrust caused both men to leak more and more cum. The two men were sweating profusely. Their eyes clenched, teeth gritted. Gunzo gripping harder onto Kengo’s muscular and hairy body. Their moans and groans are getting louder. The floor was piling up with precum and cum mixture. Kengo, already pleased by Gunzo’s cock, now decided to stroke his own cock. He grabbed his own cock with both his hands and began working it. It was so huge, he was unable to fully wrap it around with his cock. He worked on it while Gunzo pumped his ass. Gunzo had never felt this dominant before. Usually he was a nervous jock who was scared of romance. Now here he is, destroying Kengo’s asshole. Minutes pass by as their never ending sex continues. They were so horny, so utterly entranced, they couldn’t possibly be able to relieve themselves. They kept going and going. While pressure built up within their churning balls and stomach, it was still long before they would cum. More minutes passed as they continued. Soon, the pressure building up was almost at their limit. They could feel it coming. What happened during their time with oral now pales in comparison to the chaos that is about to erupt. Both of them knew it. The churning of the balls, the pressure in the body, the pleasure from the sex. It was all too much. And during one last thrust, both men roared out the loudest moan in the world, sending a shockwave across the toilet. Both Kengo and Gunzo’s cocks were like a dam had exploded. Thick, violent streams of cum had burst out from their cocks. Kengo began spraying his cum 3 meters forward, with pressures so violent it cracked the wall. Meanwhile, Gunzo was polluting Kengo’s ass with his seed. Their orgasm lasted well over 5 minutes. They could not stop cumming. So much viral seed had covered the showers. The room smelled so toxic from the high concentrations of cum. As their orgasm ended, Gunzo pulled Kengo from his cock. Kengo held against the wall, weak from the anal. Gunzo wrapped his hands around Kengo’s body and gave a sweet kiss onto his cheek. Their cocks had finally settled down. They were okay. Now to finally wash the room of their cum and actually finish their shower. The two men decided to clean the cum first. It was a much harder task than expected. They hadn’t realised how much cum they had produced. It appeared that they produced more cum in those 3 sessions than the amount of volume in their body. The floor and walls were completely drenched in cum. Their feet were not even visible on the ground. Luckily there were cleaning supplies around. It took them a while, but eventually they managed to clean all of it. While doing so, they had a nice time bonding. They hadn’t realised how much they had in common. Mostly the conversation was about their time while The Game was still happening. After all, they had different experiences with MC while the game was running. As they finished, they went for their shower. This time, actually cleaning their bodies properly. As soon as they were done, they finally dried up, and went off. But while they were busy fucking and talking, they had completely forgotten about MC, who fell asleep on one of the benches. It appeared that about 2 hours had passed by since they were in the toilet. Still no one else in the building. They felt bad for abandoning MC for that long when it really should have been a 20 minute shower. The two hulking men decided to wake MC up, who, from the shock, immediately fell from the bench and hurt their back. MC was grumpy. They got up and rubbed their eyes, trying to access their location. Once their mind was slightly clear, they saw the two men, looking refreshed. They shook their heads, trying to defog their brain. Once fully alert, they noticed the clock that moved 2 hours ahead. They got confused, then confused. They started scolding the two men, asking where they were. All they got from the men were flushed faces and said they had to fix the plumbing. MC was extremely skeptical. These two men weren’t exactly the brightest people, so they didn’t create a very convincing lie. Their blushes indicate something embarrassing happened. But MC didn’t want to possibly bring up any bad memories, so they brushed the thought away. They thought whatever that happened probably wasn’t even all that interesting anyways. MC then announced it was time to decide which one of the two men that MC is going to date, in the loudest possible voice they could muster. It was after all, a huge momentous occasion. However, the recent happenings in the showers had made the men forget about why they came to the gym in the first place. Their eyes widened and looked at each other. None of the men wanted to explain anything. Both men thought that a polyamourous relationship could work out between the two of them. But neither had the guts to even say it to MC. The sheer embarrassment, and the weeks of non stop poking fun, it was all too much to bear. So the two men kept their mouths shut. Maybe the other can try to explain to MC. But as MC began to investigate the final sizes of the two men, they had realised the other wasn’t going to speak. And they were probably too deep into stopping MC. Once MC is focused on one thing, they aren’t gonna stop until it’s done. As the inspection came to a close, MC had made their final decision. Gunzo was going to be the one they dated… Kengo looked appalled. Gunzo looked happy on the outside but had some feelings of sadness. Kengo felt a burning anger building inside him. All feelings of warmth and love from that shower session were immediately drowned with hate and jealousy. Gunzo, noticing this rage, felt that maybe the shower sex was also a one time thing. After all, they were just rivals. The whole point of going to the gym was for MC. But it appeared that Gunzo had won. And he fully embraced it. Pumping out his chest with a smirk, he was proud to be declared winner. MC clapped and cheered for Gunzo, meanwhile trying to reassure Kengo that it was alright. Kengo looked away, clenching his fists. There must be a way to be bigger than Gunzo. Somehow. He had to find a solution as quickly as possible before he loses his partner to his rival. Suddenly, an idea popped up. It was a crazy one, but one that might work. He quickly summoned his sacred artifact, his belt and began reciting. "Role of the Barbarian, Rule of Infinitude, I call upon your infinite power, give me all of it! Give me infinite size, strength and power!!!" With that, a flash of light glowed from his belt. Kengo tried his best to come up with a fitting spell that would allow his Rule to grow him. But as it turns out, the incantation proved to be a lot more potent than he realised. Electricity sparked from the Sacred Artifact. It appears that the Rule is malfunctioning. The Rule and Sacred Artifact was now using all of its infinite energy to grow Kengo. He knew something went wrong. He only wanted to grow slightly bigger just to beat Gunzo, but now, with all the power surging through him, he felt like he was going to explode. MC and Gunzo were shocked to witness what was happening. They thought the incantation wouldn't work. But as the sparks grew brighter and Kengo screamed louder, it was clear that the infinite energy and therefore, infinite growth, was leaking out. Gunzo immediately pushed MC away behind a wall. Kengo's sacred artifact blew up, covering Gunzo with Kengo's infinite spell. It appeared that Gunzo was to grow as infinite as Kengo. But Kengo, as the original wielder, will grow much bigger. As the light dimmed, MC took a peak. Both men were glowing yellow before it too faded. MC was unaffected by the blast. But it was clear both men were hit. Soon, the two men were breathing heavily. Sweat coming from their bodies. They were panting and groaning. Their dicks were hardening. It was an all too familiar feeling. Their growth shall finally commence. MC stood up and stared in awe. The two men were growing extremely fast. The seams of their clothes were tearing quickly. Their groans got deeper and deeper. Their muscles were swelling so fast, it tore and popped out from their clothes. Their shoulders touched each other from how big they were growing. Their muscles fought for space as they expanded as much as they could. They kept growing, pushing through all the gym equipment away easily as though they were just toys. Meanwhile, MC was fearing to get smacked by any of those heavy gym equipment. Kengo and Gunzo were growing too fast. Among all the Growers that The Human, now MC, had created, they knew that these two were going to grow bigger than the Natural Limit. A new loophole had to be found. It appeared that the Rule of Infinitude’s effects had malfunctioned. Due to its nature, it was meant to give infinite power to the user. However, based on the size of the vessel which hosts it, only a fraction of its power can be used. But as Kengo wished for a bigger body, the Rule had cast an infinite growing spell on Kengo, thus making him not only grow infinitely big, but infinitely powerful. MC may have found the loophole as when Kengo grows to be as big as the Natural Limit, the Rule may be able to overtake it and make him grow bigger than the Natural Limit, for as infinitely as possible. Because of this, there could be a bigger Natural Limit. As Gunzo isn’t the wielder of the Sacred Artifact and Rule of Infinitude, he would be affected less and thus won’t grow as big. As the men grew bigger and faster, more gym equipment was thrown from the force of their growth like sand. It was a sight to see. Not wanting to be hit by the Equipment, MC quickly tried to find the safest spot to hide in. They quickly accessed their surroundings. While a weird idea in concept, if MC were to climb onto the men, they would be safe from any damage. After all, nothing can hit MC if the men’s bodies shielded MC from any destroyed objects. But the men had grown so fast, so thick and beefy, and so tall, it was hard to spot any place to climb on them. Fortunately, their cocks had grown so much that it had provided MC the perfect ledge to climb on. Their cocks were so long, they fully tore off their pants and underwear, quickly exposing them. MC had to be quick, before their cocks start hardening to the point where MC can’t reach them. MC quickly rushed to Kengo’s cock. He seemed to be growing slightly faster than Gunzo, and so did his cock. This created a better climbing space for MC. MC began to reach onto Kengo’s cock. Even though it completely rested on the floor, the thickness was almost twice as long as MC’s height. MC grabbed on, feeling the heat of Kengo’s cock. They could hear Kengo moaning louder as his cock stiffened. The sound of Kengo’s deep groan had made MC hard too. But MC was losing their grip with the stiffened cock of Kengo had made it much harder to climb. MC quickly tried to climb as fast as they could. But the pressure they put onto Kengo’s cock had made it harder than ever. In a split second, Kengo’s massive cock had risen up as far as possible, with the cock head reaching Kengo’s own head. Due to the sudden movement, MC was thrown quite high into the sky, and fell down onto Gunzo’s cock. As MC fell onto Gunzo’s cock, he too felt extremely pleasured from it. His cock immediately hardened. It swelled and grew. Not nearly as instant as Kengo's growth. So MC wasn't thrown around like a ragdoll. MC held on tight as Gunzo cock expanded and rose. Like Kengo, Gunzo's cock head had met his own head. MC As the two men watched as their cocks were very much in sucking range, they got hungry. While their sudden growth has made it super hard to move around, they barely need to move in order to suck. They stared at their cocks, trying to not fall for it. They were trying to not think about how sexy it was. How powerful they feel. How big they were. How much they feel like growing more. But those thoughts kept rising in, their lust ever increasing, their growth speeding up. Soon enough, their cocks started rumbling and leaking of precum. It looked so good… As their brain rewired such that the thought of growing bigger, stronger and more powerful escalated, they two men craved more growth, and grew. As their cocks swelled in girth, and sexual desires running rampant, their cocks rumbled further, leaking more precum than ever. They began salivating. While Gunzo was fond of swallowing Kengo's seed, he never thought to try out his own. And while Kengo had multiple sexual experiences after he turned 18, he too never tried his own cum. It was now or never. The two men dug in, shoving their cock heads right into their mouths. They sucked as hard as they could, while also stroking as hard as they could too. MC was on the base of Gunzo's cock watching above in awe as they saw the self oral in action. MC got harder too. It was an extremely hot sighting to see. The two men sucked and stroked faster and faster, their growths accelerating. They hadn't realised how much they grew. They were too busy sucking themselves off to notice anything. And neither did MC, who too was lost in their own thoughts. The men's growths had begun to cause slight destruction in the gym. Their muscles heaving and swelling so much that the seams of their clothes began to rip apart. For now their cocks only burst through their pants. But now their growth has caused massive damage. Their clothes hung onto dear life, trying their best to contain the growing beastly muscles from within. The space in the gym had begun to feel tight. Their heads reached the ceiling. Both men had to bend down not to cause more damage. But they could feel their growth accelerating. They both stood on opposite walls, trying to give each other room to grow. Their moans grew louder as they kept feeding on their cocks, sucking and stroking as hard and as fast as they could muster. Pre violently spilled from the cocks. Their mouths, faces, cocks and bodies coated in the translucent serum. The gym floors and equipment too were being soaked by their pre. They kept going, faster and faster. Their cocks began to bend as they grew faster than the rest of their beefy bodies. But that didn’t mean their bodies weren’t growing that much. Their muscles had grown so big that their wide back and lats began to hit the other ends of the gym. Their pecs were growing so massive that they heaved and drooped forwards. Each pectoral muscle was stretching twice as long as MC was tall. Their nipples, hard and leaking out milk, were as big as MC’s head. Their pecs also covered half of their stomachs, shielding the view of their boulder sized abs. They were hard as steel, and took up MC’s torso each. As their lats spread out far, their arms were massive as well. Their biceps were almost as thick as their pecs. Their triceps are just as big. Their forearms swelling so huge that MC couldn’t even wrap their whole body around them. Their traps and neck rose higher and higher, reaching above their own heads. Their heads begin to drown within all that mass. Their view being blocked by the surrounding muscles. Their thick legs were 1.5 times thicker than their triceps and biceps combined, allowing them to at least be able to carry themselves when they stood up. But their muscles and height were not the only thing that grew. As MC was sitting down on the base of Gunzo’s cock, they marvelled at the growing man. They held onto Gunzo’s body, so that they would not fall. But Gunzo’s skin felt off for a moment. Suddenly, MC’s hand felt like it was enveloped by something bushy. As they looked down, they were surprised. Gunzo, a man with absolutely no body or facial hair, was beginning to bush up tremendously. MC watched as their surroundings were now growing bushes of pubic hair, creating a sort of grassy field but with red hair. They turned around and witnessed that it wasn't the pubic region alone that was affected. Gunzo was going through a bigfoot phase. Happy trails began to form along the crevices of his abs, trailing upwards onto his beefy pecs. Those massive shelves spouted dense layers of hair, utterly covering the skin completely. From underneath his pits, he was growing dense armpit hairs too. His arms and legs were also beginning to fluff up as well. And it wasn’t just him. Kengo was growing hair as well. And because Kengo was already somewhat hairy in the first place, he outbeat Gunzo on the hair part as well. His entire body is completely coated in lush brown hair, making him appear very barbaric. It added to his size as his hair kept growing longer and longer. It was completely unreal. The hairs were growing faster and faster, trapping heat and sweat into their bodies, causing them to be hotter. Their musk too began to waft all through the entire gym. Their musk caused them to become hornier and hornier. Their growth accelerated from it. Soon enough their bodies were starting to touch each other. Their bodies began to push all the gym equipment out the building. Pedestrians outside quickly noticed the cracking walls of the gym. The glass windows break, only seeing skin and hair. Everyone began to run away from the scene, fearing for the worst. An evacuation plan had gone underway. Every native and transient running from the scene as the Rule of Infinitude began to malfunction worse. Many rescue teams teleported all the residents away from the scene, possibly away from the entire Shinjuku ward itself. The power levels radiating from the gym are unprecedentedly high. As the Game had already ended, no one would be tossed to the exception plane once their powers were too much. As there wasn’t a system to limit infinite powers, and the enclosed space of the Tokyo walls was gone, only time can tell how powerful the malfunction can get. The two men were growing faster than ever, and the spaces left to grow within the gym were getting smaller. Both Kengo and Gunzo were moaning and groaning. They were so completely lost in their thoughts that they forgot what was happening. The once competitive state they were, to fight for MC’s love forgotten. The once hatred for each other dissipated. The two stared at each other, mouths dripping with cum. Their cocks touched, and that alone set them off. The pleasure from their cocks rubbing sent another surge of growth. They moaned again, utterly unaware that MC was still there. MC was getting terrified. While their growths sure were hot, they were getting scared that they might drown. They could feel the pre levels rising slowly, hitting their ankles. It startled MC because they were already high up on Gunzo’s pubic region. The pre level was probably twice as deep as they were tall. And since pre is somewhat viscous, MC would probably not be able to swim properly. They tried to climb onto Gunzo, using the thick bushes of his happy trail to climb up the body. It was hard to climb. It was like climbing a steep mountain, but it constantly rumbles as well, causing you to lose balance at the same time. As the two men grew, they got closer and closer together. The space is getting tighter and tighter. Their cocks touched each other, growing and rubbing against one another, only making it more pleasurable, causing their growths to accelerate. The cocks at full mast, stretching upwards. Their cocks grew bigger and thicker, pulsing higher and higher. Despite them bending down to not crack the ceiling, their cocks couldn’t be bent. So their cocks smashed straight through the ceiling, bursting towards the second level. Higher and higher, both of them smashed through the third level, then finally, bursting out of the building itself, sending torrents of pre onto the streets. The two men goan, their voices getting deeper and deeper. Their moans sounded like screams of pain, but it was all pleasure. Soon, it wasn't only their cocks that were touching one another. As their pecs swelled to insane sizes, their cocks were jammed right into the cleavages of their pecs. Their pecs smush against one another as well. With very little space to grow, their pecs only crash harder against one another. The squeezing of their pecs unleashes something new that the two had never had before. From their fat nipples, milk started to pour from it. Their jugular was producing so much milk, and the pressing is causing it to pour out. The two men moaned. Their nips were extremely hard and sensitive. The rush of milk pouring from their tits was like if they were cumming from their cocks. The two men screamed. Their pecs were growing much faster than the rest of their bodies. Their pecs swell with muscles, fats and milk. Their skin stretches to their very limits. Their nipples were getting more sensitive. The rush of milk only pleasured their nips more. It grew longer and harder. It was becoming extremely obvious they were not proportional to the rest of their bodies. Gunzo began to work on his nips, squeezing them as hard as possible, trying to push the milk out. Meanwhile, Kengo wasn’t able to reach his nipples at all. His pecs were much bigger than Gunzo’s. In a desperate attempt of rushing milk out, he used all his force from his mighty arms, and crushed both of his pecs against each other, trying to send torrents of milk from his hefty tits. As always, the pleasure from their cocks and nipples only skyrocketed their growths. And it wasn’t just that as well. The malfunction of Kengo’s Rule was starting to worsen. As it stands, Kengo is able to wield more of the Rule’s power the bigger he gets. Due to the malfunction causing him to grow, he was able to receive more power. But with Gunzo affected too, his growth accelerated as well. The lighting shooting out of Kengo’s Sacred Artifact was getting more potent and more frequent. The sparks shoot and surround both bodies causing them to surge higher and higher. No doubt if any transient or native was around the gym they would have been struck too and grown. But MC was safe due to them being able to rend away the effects of Infinitude. Soon their bodies had amassed so much growth, that they couldn’t hold on any longer. The walls cracked. Their muscles pushing out of the walls. The chilling breeze on their skin sends a cold chill against their bodies. Meanwhile the central point of the gym was extremely hot from all the growing. Kengo grew much faster, and his head began to hit the second floor first, utterly destroying his half of the second floor. Gunzo soon joined in, and the second floor was demolished. All the gym equipment fell off onto them. The weight of steel, feeling like mere pebbles dropping on their skin as they dropped down to the first floor. Meanwhile MC was trying their hardest not to get hit by anything. It was hard to see how Gunzo’s sweat and hair was making it impossible to move around without tripping. Soon more of their bodies broke out of the gym. Then entire walls utterly decimated. But it left their bodies room to breathe and grow. Meanwhile their heads broke through the third floor, then the ceiling. Suddenly, with all their force, they pushed out of the gym, sending every bit of wall, ceiling, floor, and objects careening across multiple buildings. Cars were smashed, windows broken, walkways cracked and dented. But at least now the two men were free. They stood up slowly, trying to gain movement. But they were nearly immobile. Their muscles were so utterly huge they could barely move, let alone turn around. Their legs were spread apart far because their balls and cocks were taking up most of the spaces below. But slowly and surely, the two safely stood up. Not before destroying more property along the way...
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